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Chocolate Bar Pie

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I’m thinking of starting a new blog.

chocolate mousse pie

The blog will be called: I love Chocolate Pies.

It’ll focus solely on variations of my Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie.

I’m pretty sure that chocolate pie is my favorite recipe on the entire blog. There’s just one problem: I love the pie so much that I keep making more and more, which caused me to completely run out of chocolate chips. So yesterday, I had to get creative. Luckily, there’s always some form of chocolate lurking in my pantry.

vegan chocolate pie

Searching for a chocolate-chip replacement, I found: Whole Foods’ mini dark chocolate chunks, an 88% chocolate Endangered Species chocolate bar, Ghirardelli 100% chocolate discs, and an Endangered Species chocolate-raspberry bar. So I threw all of these into my pie. Here’s a modified recipe:

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  • 1 (12.3-oz) package silken or firm tofu (Mori-Nu is recommended for best taste)
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 2 1/2 chocolate bars, in the flavor of your choice (3-oz bars) (or 1 and 1/3c chocolate chips)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp milk of choice
  • scant 1/8 tsp salt
  • 2-3 tbsp pure maple syrup, agave or other sweetener


Break up the chocolate bars, and melt (either on the stove or in the microwave). Then throw everything into a food processor and blend until super-smooth. Pour into a pie crust if desired. (I hate pie crust and therefore usually keep it crustless.) Fridge until chilled. This gets firmer and firmer, the longer it sits. (It’s firmer if you use firm tofu and more like mousse pie if you use silken.) Have fun trying out different-flavored chocolate bars!

*View Chocolate Bar Pie Nutrition Facts*

milk chocolate pie

Above, topped with my favorite Coconut Cool Whip.

P.S. Thanks to all who now follow me on Pinterest!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. LOTS!!! Of bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a large carton of cocoa powder. Oreos in the cookie jar. :-( That reminds me… I need to get restocked in chocolate bars department…

    PS: Your photography and the beauty of the things to make continues to amaze me 😀 (Gee I always seem to say the same thing. The next time I say something like this I’ll be using a thesaurus)

  2. Jen says:

    Of course there is chocolate lurking in my pantry! Actually, it’s lurking in my fridge. I like to prevent my chocolate bars from getting melty on warm days. Must protect chocolate.

  3. Ok, you’ve persuaded me. Your fave recipe EVER?! It must me amazing then!! Of course I’m gonna trust you on this one and make it tonight! 😀

  4. Albizia says:

    There is always some chocolate lurking in the pantry (that I actually don’t have). But sometimes it lasts extraordinarily long. Like the bar of white chocolate that’s been hiding in the fridge for more than a month now. I love it. I am just not in a mood for it. Its younger brother – the dark Lindt bar with cranberries and almond pieces has better luck :)

  5. Definitely chocolate in my pantry! Vegan chocolate chips and Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter which I can’t keep my fingers out of!

  6. Ashley says:

    I always have something chocolately in my pantry, and mostly, I keep it dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate– anything 70 percent or darker is perfectly fine with me;)

  7. Jennifer JCD says:

    Of course we have chocolate in our pantry: PC The Decadent chocolate chips and Enjoy Life mini chcoolate chips are in there right now, along with some unsweetened chocolate baking squares (which aren’t very good quality chocolate, sadly.) It’s really difficult to find vegan and nut-free chocolate bars in Canada.

    Mmm… I’m definitely making chocolate pie for our anniversary next week! Yummy!

  8. I think there are five different dark chocolate bars and a few bags of chocolate chips lurking in my pantry for when the chocolate monster strikes (aka every night!).

  9. There is ALWAYS chocolate in my pantry-unsweetened, that is. Whenever I start getting low, I buy some, so there is a constant supply in my cupboard. Right now I have a few Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate bars, extra dark Hershey’s cocoa powder, and some raw cacao nibs.

    1. Alexa – I can’t eat sugar either so I was wondering about your Unsweetened Chocolate bars from Baker’s. Are they a really high percentage of cocoa or are they literally unsweetened?? I can pretty much cope with anything over 70% but I usually buy 85% myself. Wanted to know if this was something different though. Thanks!

      1. Hey Anna!
        The Bakers bars ARE 100% cocoa and completely unsweetened. Some other good unsweetened bars are Ghirardelli or Dagoba… Ghirardelli even makes discs, which I sometimes use in place of chocolate chips!

      2. Yes, Like Katie said, they are 100% chocolate and unsweetened. I love them. It takes a bit to get used to. Just roll it around in your mouth and really taste the flavor-you’ll never go back to sweetened chocolate again.

        1. Thanks to you both! And Katie, shock horror when I realized you weren’t on my blogroll. Horrible omission on my part – corrected now :). And you’re welcome about Pinterest. They just look so darn good, your pics were made for Pinterest! xx

  10. This looks so good! :)

    I’m actually a bit low on chocolate – just a few squares of 70% and some cocoa powder.

  11. Megan says:

    YUM!!! That looks absolutely amazing Katie! Everyday I am absolutely astounded at the delicious treats you think up! Like others, I am thinking of the different chocolate things I have in my pantry…dark cocoa powder, Endangered Species dark chocolate bar with cocoa nibs, Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips, cocoa nibs…(notice a dark chocolate theme??) Have a blessed day!

  12. There isn’t as much chocolate as I wish there was! I have some Baker’s chocolate and that is about it! Usually I have a few bags of choc chips but I must have eaten them all, oops!

  13. Kim says:

    If there is, it doesn’t lurk for long!

  14. Lenna says:

    Currently there´s only one small lonely chocolate bar in my pantry (well, it wasn´t that small in the morning, but then snack times hit two or three times :). I need to go shopping and stock up!

  15. Amy says:

    You bet there are chocolate bars in my pantry! At least 5 of them. :)

  16. Looks amazing! I saw a similar recipe recently from Alton Brown and I’m so intrigued by the idea that something healthy can be so delicious! Besides, anything with lots of chocolate is awesome in my book!


  17. Great recipe! Chocolate is ALWAYS lurking in my pantry! :o)

  18. YES! I have white chocolate chips, although my stash is dwindling and I have a chocolate bar from a local bakery in New Orleans .. Sucree. It is milk chocolate with pistachios crumbled on top and crystalized rose. Yea … that won’t last much longer either 😉

  19. My chocolate stash is dwindled so badly right now! I usually have several bars in my freezer, choc chips in the cupboard and a few chocolate candies in my snack drawer, but it’s been a definitely chocolate-needy week so I’m down to just some lone cocoa powder!

  20. Yasmeen says:

    I always have a big container of Cocoa and Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter in the cupboard.

    I also have 5 GIANT chocolate bars in my freezer from my last trip to Norway. I guess I should get started on one of those babies soon! :0)

  21. Jenny says:

    I am in the process of attempting to eat everything on one shelf of my fridge to make room for this pie. I. NEED. It. As if the pictures from the initial appearance of the recipe weren’t enough… you post more? Love/hate you for that. 😛 But love how you have so many different types of chocolate in your pantry!

    What do you let it set in, by the way, since you don’t use pie crusts? I don’t like them either, thus I usually avoid pies altogether. This looks too good to pass up, however. And does it set well in the freezer, or does the texture become funky because of the tofu?

    Anyway… Have a great Thursday. :) Haven’t been commenting as awesome because classes started again last week over here in Canada, but I’m definitely still reading and appreciating your recipes [by making + eating more of them…] and wonderful enthusiasm for delicious, healthy desserts!

    1. It works really well in a springform pan :).

      Do NOT put it in the freezer lol… it turns really weird!

  22. ahh yum! I love pie – beats cake every time! And yes, there is always chocolate lurking the the pantry. Unsweetened baker’s chocolate, and right now some extra dark chocolate covered ginger :-)

  23. I bet that Chocolate raspberry bar was delicious in there! Topped with some fresh raspberries too… Mmmmm deliciousness!!

    I have a dark chocolate bar + mini chocolate chips in my fridge. Need more!

  24. I have TONS of chocolate chips right now – both dark and vegan white chocolate ones. I’ve been stockpiling. I totally need to go on a baking spree!

  25. Michaela says:

    omg! seriously, I want to make all of your recipes!! with every post I am like “I want to make this”, bc your recipes are fab! always delicious and soooo easy to throw together. I am already thinking on which recipes to choose for my birthday party… NOT an easy task!
    I always have some chocolate in my pantry, though it´s always either 70 or 80 or 85% chocolate bars from a brand that is vegan, great for baking (I am only eating chocolate in baked goods) and also cheap :)

  26. This looks much softer than the original version – is this just because it hasn’t set yet?

    1. Actually, it’s because I wanted to try it with silken tofu this time. Originally, I’d specified “firm” in the recipe, but I changed it because it DOES work with silken–it’s just more of a mousse-like pie than a fudge one.

      1. Oh, I’m glad I like the version with firm tofu better, haha, because silken tofu is a bit harder to get. Most dessert recipes tend to use silken tofu, so now I’m even more excited about your original fudge pie crecipe! 😀

        1. Megan says:

          So your first pie uses just regular firm tofu and the second you tried silken, correct?

          1. In the first one, I used Mori Nu silken-firm. I also didn’t add any agave (I think it’s denser without the agave). In the second, yes, I used silken.

  27. Kate says:


    Quick question – what is the “mousse” set in if it’s not pie crust?



    1. Hi Kate,
      If you use firm tofu, you can put it in a springform pan. If you use silken, you’ll either want a pie crust or you’ll want to eat it like mousse.

  28. Eric Jaffa says:

    Did you make it with pie crust for those pictures even though you “hate pie crust and therefore usually keep it crustless”?

    1. I used silken tofu this time. If you use silken tofu, it needs a crust or needs to be eaten like mousse. (I just ate around the crust.)

      1. Eric Jaffa says:

        What happened to the crust on your plate afterwards?

  29. Kim says:

    Katie! Katie! Katie!!! I don’t know you at all, and I don’t want you to think I am a weirdo, but if I was anywhere near you, I would hug you!! This looks amazing!! I can’ wait to get off work. I’m going straight to the grocery store, buy these items and make this pie. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to COMPLETELY indulge my chocolate craving without any feelings of guilt or without totally wrecking my efforts to eat healthier.

    Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you for your blog!! Please stay with it…keep on blogging!!! You are a wonder!!

    1. Can I hug you right back??? What, I’m not allowed to be a weirdo too? 😉

      Sending you lots and lots (and lots) of chocolate hugs!

  30. Amber K says:

    I actually just used up all of the Enjoy Life chips I have in the house and the only thing I have left is cocoa powder, lol!

  31. For a minute I thought you were being serious about the new blog! haha
    It does look really amazing, I might have to make that before I leave :-)

    1. Oh but I WAS being serious. 😉 What, it wouldn’t be a good idea? A blog all about chocolate pie? I’d read one of those for sure! (Hehe yeah I was kidding… but still, it sounds like a delicious blog idea.)

  32. Lauren says:

    I have a chocolate board on Pinterest with a ton of your recipes! That way I can look at a whole bunch of chocolate at once.

    1. I have restrained myself from making a pintrest account… I could see myself wanting to be on there all day! LOL

  33. MANDEE says:

    hey! do you think i could use plain greek yogurt instead of the silken tofu?

      1. I often use Greek yogurt as a replacement for silken tofu – works wonders :) Just be careful of how much you use compared to tofu as Greek yogurt can have a strong taste. :)

  34. YUM. THis is what I am making tonight now :)

  35. Omigosh this looks so yummy! I really have to try using tofu in a pie- it’s such an interesting idea! I like how fluffy and this delicious this looks! And how great that you were able to make something this delicious from the assortment of chocolate bars you had around! YUM!

  36. When I don’t have a dark chocolate bar waning in my freezer I feel incomplete. Right now it’s a lindt 90%, and I also usually have a box of bakers unsweetened, but I opted out this week to save a bit of money- those are expensive!

  37. Janet Miller says:

    A quick glance at any of your Blog photo’s gets me in the mood to stir up something chocolatey. A staple of anyones kitchen, Chocolate is a neccesity of life. :o)

  38. There is ALWAYS chocolate lurking my pantry! :) Your pie looks delish!

  39. Synne says:

    just wondering what you used as pie crust for the pictures, and also I have to say that if you ever stop blogging eating chocolate will never be the same!

    1. LOL I don’t actually have a pie crust recipe (I never bothered to make one up, because I don’t like crust). So this was store-bought–oreo. It’s vegan, though :).

  40. Geez, I was going to make a tofu sandwich from JL’s blog, but I read this afterwards, and I’m screwed. Hmmmmmm


  41. I want to give this a whirl SOOOO bad! ….I always have chocolate somewhere within 10 feet of me. Only wish I were kidding. (or maybe not… :) ) Purse, pantry, desk, car. You name it, it’s there!

  42. Katherine says:

    Hmm…let’s do a chocolate rundown here…chocolate almond milk in the fridge, Dark Chocolate Dreams and Special Dark cocoa powder on my shelves (next to Heavenly Cocoa granola), and the remainder of a dark chocolate mint bar in my drawers. I also have an 85% dark bar and a Mexican-spiced dark chocolate bar waiting for me when I finish those.

    Oh man, cinnamon-chai spiced chocolate pie would be delicious!

    1. Woah, hold the phone. I will be right over ;).

  43. Can I just say I love how this crust looks like it’s made out of Oreos, but it’s actually SO much healthier?! I also love the cream to crust ratio…more crust for me please!

  44. Is there any chocolate lurking in your pantry? = Yes, just a wee bit :)

    The pie looks delish! I loved french silk pie as a kid and haven’t had it in years. I need to give your version a whirl. You know, I’ve never tried tofu in sweets. Need to change that it looks like :)

  45. Oh yes- there is chocolate in my pantry. And, about 25 pound of chocolate in my 2nd bedroom! Most important though, are the 3 bars of chocolate in my purse :)

  46. Yum!!! I bet this would be great with a minty chocolate bar. Or PEANUT BUTTER!

  47. Nathalie says:

    Whole chocolate I tend to be lacking, but I always have a hefty supply of cocoa powder! I have at least two kinds sitting in my cabinet. Also the crust in the picture looks amazing!

  48. I love TJ’s 85% dark chocolate- their 72% is great too. Also have their unsweetened chocolate disks for baking which melt really easily. And of course a couple containers of cocoa. I can never find the hershey’s special dark though!

  49. There is always chocolate lurking… It doesn’t last too long… Except this block of white chocolate I found this week that had been there for a year. Probably some kind of record.

  50. Omg this looks incredible! It reminds me of the pudding pie in an oreo crust that my mom always makes!!! What kind of crust did you use?! It looks so yummy and crumbly!

    1. LOL there’s a reason it looks like an oreo crust… it IS an oreo crust! I hate crust, so I never bothered to develop my own recipe for one. This one was store-bought. But it is vegan, surprisingly enough!

  51. Brittney says:

    Oh my goodness Katie, I made this recipe subbing the chocolate chips and with a chocolate crust last night! It’s almost like you read my mind! It was incredibly delicious :)

    1. I’m so excited you made it!!! :) :)

  52. Mellie says:

    We are out of chocolate chips too! It is a stinking HERESY. Fortunately we have baking chocolate, cocoa powder, and Nutella.

  53. I love how you improvised!! :) That first picture reminds me of my mom’s chocolate cream pie – my fave dessert ever!! (followed by chili’s molten lava cake – again chocolate-y 😛 ) And that crust looks incredible! It looks just like the oreo crust my mom uses for her pie!

    And to answer the question, I ALWAYS have chocolate in my pantry! Baker’s unsweetened, chiradelli 60% chips, endangered species 88% (my fave!), and even some ginger chocolate! Plus some other random bars… one can never have too much chocolate 😉

    Love you!! <3 <3

  54. Dawn W. says:

    Guess I’m late getting around to reading today’s post.I’m new to your blog,and already I look forward to the e-mails everyday.I have Enjoy Life (I think that’s the brand,too lazy to go look)vegan chocolate chips,baking cocoa,and a partially used bar of Ghirardelli bittersweet baking chocolate.That’s on top of my ready-to-eat sweet stash (pb cups,choc. bars).Yes,I’m a choco fiend :) BTW,do you have a single-serving recipe for a chocolate cupcake?I searched but didn’t find one.If you come up with a recipe,you’ll be my new best friend!Please & thank you!

    1. Oh my word, how could I not have a single chocolate cupcake recipe?! I need to get on that! Thanks for telling me :).

  55. BroccoliHut says:

    I have some chocolate chips lurking in my pantry…from which I periodically grab a handful :)

  56. Moni'sMeals says:

    Chocolate in my panty? Trick question right!?
    I HAVE A flippin CHOCOLATE DRAWER! It is stocked always with…white, milk,dark, raw, peanut butter chips, toffee chips… you get the idea!

    :) :) :)

  57. Moni'sMeals says:

    oh and…this looks like one SPECTACULAR Pie Katie!

  58. Tina says:

    Oh yum!!! Do you have any ways/ideas of making this without soy?

    1. Hi Tina,

      Try this one:
      (or the banana version)

      It is another chocolate fudge cake recipe. It’s not the same, but it’s just as good in its own right.

  59. Kathy says:

    Of course I have chocolate in my pantry! If I didn’t…well…then I wouldn’t be me! And some odd creature is lurking in me if I don’t have a chocolate fix everyday o.e…ooh that isn’t good. Haha!

  60. Patricia says:

    Holy Moly (is that a real term?) I made this tonight. It is FABULOUS. Rich, decadent and no one would ever suspect the tofu. Bless your chocolate covered heart for sharing this recipe. Love the blog and look forward to it everyday. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for trying it! And for such sweet words! Chocolate hugs :) :).

  61. Marianne says:

    I may have just bought a couple of new chocolate bars at Whole Foods after school today to ensure my chocolate stash is well stocked.

  62. Robin says:

    I’ve actually run out of most all of my chocolate. Big shock, I know. This afternoon will be chocolate-hunting!

  63. reid says:

    I’m so glad I’m not alone on the crust hating thing. (especially the buttery ones with pumpkin pie). People look at me like I’m nuts… This recipe is getting made tonight ! I have all the ingredients lurking in my fridge, plus one piece of Godiva from my boss. :)

  64. Oh boy is there! I have 100% cacao disks, 96% cacao lindt bar-my fave, carob chips, and semisweet chips :) I loooovvveeee very dark chocolate. Dark like night sky, dark !

  65. Leashieloo says:

    Chocolate pie is my absolute faaavorite. That picture probably doesn’t even do it justice, it sounds TOO amazing!

  66. i nearly fell off my chair the last time you posted the fudge pie… this should come with a warning girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Megan E. says:

    Just made this without the pie crust – how do you keep it from falling apart trying to get it out?? I have it in the freezer now to try and firm up more, what tips do you have though for cutting it up without a crust?

    1. Hey Megan,

      I wouldn’t put it in the freezer! It might make the tofu turn really weird!!
      As for the firmness issue, what kind of tofu did you use? And how much agave?

      1. Megan E. says:

        Oops – too late for the freezer and I’m at work now…I’ll see how it turns out! :-/

        I used firm tofu and 1 tbsp honey since we were out of agave…

        I did put gluten free ginger cookies crunched up on the bottom of the pan, but some of those got mixed in when I tried to put in the mix.

        We can eat it from the pan, but I didn’t know if there was a way to make it hard enough to slice…?

        1. Hmmm… I wonder why it didn’t firm up for you :(. Did you use Mori-Nu? That’s the only one I’ve tried it with. Also, maybe it has something to do with the percentage of chocolate in the chips? I can’t figure it out! When I make it with the firm Mori Nu, it’s SO dense… I don’t know why yours didn’t firm up :(.

          1. Megan E. says:

            The pie was fine after being frozen (phew!) and everyone liked it. Getting it out without a crust was more like scooping than pie slices – but it’s the taste that really matters!

            I used Azumaya firm tofu, as it was 4/$5 (16 oz per pack) and I don’t have a lot to spend on “extra foods” – plus it was all the store had!

            I also used special dark hershey’s chocolate bars (4.25 oz each x 2 bars) so maybe that was too cheap of a chocolate to use??

            I think I’ll try a crust next time, but the recipe flavor was great -even the “I don’t eat tofu” person enjoyed it!

          2. Aww yay! I am so glad it worked! I really want to try it as mousse, putting it in fancy-schmancy cups with raspberries :).

  68. My mom is known for her chocolate pie (and Snickerdoodles) … around here that is. I just wish she’d make hers vegan, too.

  69. Holly says:

    I love this pie! I just made it, so delicious. I added a bit of banana, because I’m not used to the tofu-ish flavor (it was barely there anyway)

    I can’t wait for it to firm up in the fridge

  70. I swear half of my food pinboard has you on it:) and I made the other pie last week and my mom couldn’t stop eating it (she can only eat gluten free) there was barely any left for me! It was so stinking good. And oops, I ended up eating it for breakfast too….

    1. Maybe there’s something about the name “Katie” that forces us to eat the cake for breakfast. When it is in my fridge, I just can’t stay away from it :).

  71. Anna says:

    I have dark chocolate from TJ lurking in my home. It usually doesn’t last very long though 😉

  72. Kim says:

    Hi Katie!
    Love your blog! I was wondering if the nutritional information you’ve listed includes pie crust or just the mousse?

    PS: I fully support your choco-holism! :)

    1. Hi Kim,
      The crust is not included. I didn’t give a recipe for crust, so I couldn’t calculate any numbers in there for it. I usually eat it crustless anyway .

  73. Maple says:

    Reading your post made me crave for CHOCOLATE PIES(<-because they deserve the capitals). But the thing is, I haven't got any blender. Is there anyway to make one without 'em? It had been Such a long time since I've had any decent vegan chocolate pie… and sadly it's not often you could find one outside where I live.

    1. Hmmm… I don’t know… maybe if you use silken tofu and whip everything together VERY well with a fork? 😕

      Let me know how it goes if you try this!

  74. Christine says:

    Awesome! Just made this over an hour ago. I was always interested in trying silken tofu in my dessert! I blended everything in my blender and couldnt help taking a spoonful to try before I let it set up! So thick and creamy! I love it! CCK have u thought of makin a pumpkin mousse to satisfy those pie cravings without the guilt? I would love to see ur spin on that!

  75. Wendy says:

    I make a pie similar to this one. It’s called moo-less chocolate pie from Alton Brown. No dairy only silken tofu, coffee, honey, bag of chocolate chips and vanilla.

    1. I love the idea to add coffee. Also, I wish I knew as much about the science of cooking as Alton Brown. That guy is amazing!

  76. Alice says:

    Sounds amazing!! You have to come up with a healthy version of pecan pie!! :)

    1. Ooh agreed! I actually tried a few weeks ago… but it ws a HUGE failure! (Never try to make a pecan pie with blackstrap molasses subbed for the corn syrup lol!)

      1. Alice says:

        Aww! ): I saw a recipe for one that had maple syrup instead of corn syrup!

  77. Just passing by! (again) says:

    I have nothing BUT chocolate in my pantry — I work for a chocolate company in the UK! I buy it every week! I have lots of Green and Blacks.

    1. Ah, you have my dream job! I always thought it’d be cool to work for Willy Wonka (the one in the story, in the actual chocolate factory, not Cadbury). I would eat chocolate all day. Oh wait, I do that anyway ;).

  78. Jodi Theisen says:

    Hi Chocolate Covered Katie!
    It’s Jodi from down-under again… one of your biggest fans I’m sure (I made your ultimate fudge pie this weekend and… I adore my husband, but I’m thinking of leaving him and running away with said pie… Anyway, it’s Jewish New Year on Wednesday night and I’m making dessert for my gluten/dairy/sugar-eating family – I can’t wait to blow their socks off with one of your divine vegan creations and later reveal the sugar/dairy/gluten-free ingredients!! If I was to make a crust for this pie, is there one which you could please recommend?
    Thanks heaps, can’t wait to tell you how it goes!
    Luv Jodi

    1. Hi Jodi!!!! :)

      I actually don’t have any pie crust recipes :(. I hate crust, and so I just have never gotten around to making one. For the photos, I just used a store-bought graham-cracker crust. But I’m sure you can find some good recipes if you google it. Sorry I can’t be more helpful! Ooh but Happy Jewish New Year!! :)

      1. Jodi Theisen says:

        Hmmm, I’ll have to get my patisserie chef’s hat on this week and give it a crack! Thanks again for your heavenly blog, since I started reading it, I have to regularly wipe my laptop screen from my drool! Oh, and “L’shana Tova” to you too :)

  79. tasha says:

    Wanting to give this a try soon, as I have some tofu chillin’ in my fridge at the moment. I don’t do much with tofu, so I’m wondering if you “drain” the tofu before throwing it into the blender?

    1. Yes, definitely drain it first. But also be sure that you don’t use the whole package if it’s a 16oz package. My package is only 12.3oz.

  80. Kathleen says:

    If I win the giveaway, I will use the chocolate to reward my 2 year old for good behavior….and for mommy’s good behavior too!

  81. Angela McCluskey says:

    id like to use the bars to SHOVE DIRECTLY IN AND AROUND MY MOUTH :)

  82. Michelle says:

    Hmmm….other than just eating it straight up…maybe make some vegan chocolate fudge or melting some on my sweet potato (sounds strange-tastes delicious), or make some chocolate coconut butter. The possibilities are endless:). Awesome giveaway!

  83. Leigh says:

    yum! Endangered Species is my favorite chocolate too! I wish they made chocolate chips for even easier baking solutions. If I win the Box-of-Chocolates Giveaway I would love to try this Chocolate Pie and of course, I’d likely just eat much of this delicious, enviro-conscious chocolate just as it is! Since these bars are a bit of a splurge, I haven’t tried all the flavors in the giveaway box (I usually stick to the Supreme Dark and Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans). I would love to win this!

  84. Bee says:

    I’d share the chocolate at my next book club meeting! (It’s a small group, so I’d still get a good amount myself, too).

  85. Aly says:

    Yum. I think I’d use the Endangered Species chocolate to make that pie too…and maybe some delicious vegan hot chocolate (especially with the Raspberry bar!). And I’d probably just eat some too :)

  86. I would use the chocolate bars for orange chocolate chip cookies!

  87. a says:

    these bars sound SO yummy!
    to be honest, we’d probably hold off for a month (while trying to resist the urge to eat all of the chocolate) and melt a bunch for our very first chocolate fondue in our very first place together!
    that’s what i want to do. what the boyfriend wants me to do is let him pick 10 recipes from your delicious website & make them all.
    decisions, decisions haha.

  88. Allie says:

    If I were to win, well, I’d love to say I’d try some fancy cooking, but I’d just plain ol’ eat that chocolate! Endangered Species is my favorite brand, no lie, but I haven’t tried a few of those flavors yet! Raspberry and blueberry? Yumm.

  89. carmen says:

    yum, chocolate. :)

  90. Amy J says:

    I definitely have chocolate in my cupboard. Amano right now, my current favorite. :) I just found your blog from pinterest and can’t wait to try some recipes.

  91. Is it wrong to just to want to eat it plain?! Yes, I’d bake cookies and brownies with it, but mostly, I’d just eat it straight up. 😀

  92. Dyanna says:

    I would love to try the dark chocolate mint in the above pie

  93. maija says:

    this looks great. maybe with a layer of peanut butter?!

  94. Christine says:

    I’d use it to make some more of that chocolate bar pie.. I chilled it in my magic bullet for a couple hours and dolloped it in a bowl with some sliced strawberries.. DELICIOUS!!!

  95. Tiffany A. says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I have never tried this brand but have always wanted to. If I won I would probably eat a couple of the bars but with the rest I would make cookies and your chocolate bar pie!!!!

  96. Molly Armstrong says:

    Oh, I have seen that chocolate once before– and would love to win a sample set of it! I would probably just save it to eat alone–or make the chocolate pie you posted for your birthday. I have made that three times since you posted! However, not liking crust, I just eat it like a mousse! Even my roommates like it and don’t think it tastes “too healthy” haha (even though it is not bad for you at all!).

  97. Amy says:

    If I won, I’d probably just devour the chocolate like the cookie monster would with his cookies.
    Hahaha, but of course I’d have to try it with this recipe too! 😉

  98. OOO OOOO OOO I want the chocolate bars! Pick me! Not going to lie, I would probably eat most of them straight up! I could definitely see myself melting some for drizzling over ice cream..or oatmeal…or bananas…or popcorn.


  99. Kristi says:

    I would use it in baking… OK, let’s be honest, I would just eat it.

  100. Melody says:

    I really need to get on this pie and make some myself! But I would probably just end up freezing it until a bad day and eating an entire bar!

  101. PBnJ Fam says:

    MMMMmmm I LOVE endangered species chocolate!! It has been a long time since I have had any… no one in the near vicinity carries it :( If I won… I would make your chocolate pie!! (with the dark chocolate and mint chocolate) My FAVORITE chocolate combination (along with chocolate and rasberry, oooh and chocolate and PB, and chocolate and coconut…) Uh – I guess I don’t have a favorite!

  102. Colleen says:

    I would use the Endangered Species Chocolate bars IN MY BELLY!!!

  103. Most likely eating it straight and making this pie and a thousand of ur other recipes b.c. everyday when I read ur blog I drool and want to make everything!

  104. Aisatsana says:

    If I won those amazing chocolate bars I would definitely try the recipe above with _some_ of them….but mostly, I just like eating chocolate. :) I love your blog, Katie; your pictures, which have always been amazing, keep getting better and better!

  105. Crystal says:

    I would definitely make this chocolate pie….how could I not?

  106. evan says:

    i will use the chocolate to convince my husband to go vegan with me!

  107. Bethany I. says:

    Oh that looks so delicious! I would definitely have to use one of the Endangered Species bars for this or I might just eat the whole bar before it could make it into this…oh well at least I’d still get my chocolate fix :)

  108. Kelly J. R. says:

    I would really love to win the Endangered Species chocolate giveaway. How would I use the chocolate? I would keep it hidden in my desk at work and use it to lower my blood pressure after dealing with irritating customers. Yes, chocolate, GOOD chocolate, has healing properties.

  109. Amanda says:

    that pie looks DELICIOUS!

    the chocolate in my pantry consists of every type of chocolate chip available (mini, regular, dark, white) along with larabars, chocolate syrup and bakers chocolate, and a bar of dark chocolate with sea salt in the fridge for nightly treats after dinner…is that too much ?)

  110. Morgan says:

    If I won the endangered species chocolate I would serve it at my next football Sunday party!

  111. Kristin says:

    If I won the chocolate bars…hmmm, I COULD bake something with them, but in reality I’d probably just end up eating them. :)

  112. Maura says:

    I would use the Endangered Species chocolate as a mental vacation on days when work is too stressful! Because chocolate answers emails and phone calls right!?

  113. Amanda says:

    oh, and i would use the chocolate to get some sweetness into my husbands life…he was not a fan of sweets until i introduced him to dark chocolate !!!

  114. Rachel says:

    I like my dark chocolate straight up, savored slowly after dinner or with a glass or red wine at night =)

  115. Mary says:

    Yum! I will def. have to try this pie sometime soon. I’d love to use the winning chocolate to try it out :) I would also probably just eat the chocolate straight off the bar! I’m not picky how I eat my chocolate, I just like to eat it often :)

  116. Emilie says:

    I think some decadent brownies would be in order if I won the chocolate!

  117. Yin says:

    Besides eating them on their own, I would make brownies with the Endangered Species chocolate.

  118. Raina says:

    I’ll use the winnings as a secret splurge, a prize for being 3 months vegan this weekend to make cupcakes and brownies for my almost-cOnverted husband.

  119. Nicky says:

    LOVE this recipe Katie! But nothing new there! You’re a true inspiration for my vegan baking!
    The chocolate bars you’re giving away would be either eaten straight up because chocolate is the perfect snack and I may use some to make muffins and cookies :) I love dark chocolate with cherries and orange – my two faves!

  120. In addition to eating the Edangered Species chocolate bars straight-up (yum!), I’d love to try your chocolate bar pie recipe!!!

  121. Kendra says:

    Hi Katie, wow those chocolate bars look amazing!! I have never tried Endangered Species chocolate before, but I would love to win some:) I would probably use some of the chocolate in recipes calling for vegan chocolate (if they are vegan chocolate bars….), and I would share the rest with my mom, dad, and four siblings, all who love chocolate! We rarely buy chocolate because it tends to be pricey, so it would be a wonderful treat to win this giveaway:)

  122. Lenna says:

    I would use a couple of squares into my oatmeal and I would give the rest to my best friend who just have had a baby and who is the biggest chocolate lover ever (maybe after you, Katie :). Now she really deserves all the chocolate in the world :)

  123. If I had that box of chocolates I’d eat them plain, durh!

  124. Oh boy, winning chocolate?? What would I do with it?? Perhaps this! Or…eat it? All? Without sharing? Of course, if you came to visit I might share a little. If you get here in time.

    1. New plan. How to rig the giveaway so Kaitlyn wins… Hmmm…

  125. Katherine says:

    Does eating all the chocolate plain count as a use? :) It just looks so good I don’t think I’d have the willpower to actually make a recipe before gobbling it up.

  126. Inge says:

    I would love to win the chocolate and if I win I would it plain just as it is with a nice cup of tea while enjoying a nice book :)

  127. I would EAT those chocolate bars! 😀
    KATIE — I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

  128. Danielle says:

    hmm that chocolate bar box looks scrumptious!! I would use the chocolate to enjoy with a nice glass of red wine, or shaved over a chocolate martini :)

  129. ok i was going to say i would probably just eat the chocolate plain, but that pie looks amazing and i might just have to make it!!

  130. Shaunna Ulrick says:

    I would just eat it…and happily

  131. Ashley says:

    If I win the giveaway, I will share my chocolate with my boyfriend (a chocolate lover like me as well) and give some to my baby sister who is turning 20 in a week! And then of course, I’d eat the rest or make that chocolate pie!

  132. Sarah says:

    Hmmmmm… If i get this chocolate, what would i do? Sorta like if i get that Dolce and Gabbana dress what would i do? I would wear it. So if i get this chocolate, what would i do? I would eat it. Plain and simlpe. And if you are nice to me, i might give you a millipiece. And if you’re nicer, you upgrade to a centipiece. I am a generous person by nature :) Seriously though, i work in my church nursery every Tueday while the mothers have a Bible study and chat. I would bring in the chocolates to share with my fellow nursery workers! There are 4 babies and 10 toddlers! Oh, and there are us 4 teens ( and 1 hip adult :) ) who could seriously use it!

    1. Sarah says:

      Oh, Katie i forgot to ask something. It’s a special request i hope you will grant by November 15 (my bday). I was wondering if you could choose your fave or most popular recipe and do a video tutorial? I mean, if its fine with you. I would absolutely love it for my 15th birthday! I found your blog on my 14th birthday, which is one reason i’m asking! Please don’t feel you HAVE to do it- if you ever find time that’s all. As commercials put it ” You have no obligation” :) I REALLY hope you consider this but even if you don’t i love you all the same :)

      1. LOL I actually don’t know how to do video posts! But happy early birthday! You’re almost birthday twins with my sister (Nov. 18th)!

        1. Sarah says:

          That’s totally fine! And so cool that im almost bday twins with her! Actually, im called the Great Divide because my bday is the week between Miley Cyrus’ and Billy Graham’s bday weeks. Two people who are SO different having bdays in the same month! It’s sorta funny :)

  133. Allyson says:

    I just found your site, and am really excited to make my favorite desserts more healthy, I could use any and all ways to make chocolate better for me since it’s one of my food groups. :)

  134. What would I do with the chocolate if I won the giveaway?

    Unwrap foil, break off a piece, and savor it in my mouth. 😉 I love dark chocolate at its simplest!

  135. RIANN says:

    I would love to win the Endangered Species chocolates so I can make the choc bar pie!!
    I just discovered your site 2 wks ago and I’m havin a hard time deciding what to bake first! I hope I win!
    Thank you!!!

  136. Shiloh says:

    hmm… I think I’d use the chocolate in some gourmet cookies I’m making for a friend’s birthday. Fancy chocolate chunks would be the perfect touch :)

  137. Vanessa says:

    If I win the Endangered Species giveaway, I’ll use chocolate in vegan cookie dough balls – yummm!!!

  138. Elise says:

    I’d probably just eat the chocolate bars plain :) Nothing to detract from their chocolatey goodness!

  139. adria biasi says:

    I would use this chocolate in everyway possible!!! I loveeeeeeeeee dark chocolate

  140. Stephanie M. says:

    Katie – I can’t believe you are giving these away!! It has to be difficult to part with those beautiful bars of pure joy! If I won, I would eat them in my PJ’s while watching Gossip Girl and Heart of Dixie :)

  141. Emma says:

    oh my oh my oh my. If I win, I think i’ll use it by just eating it. Dark chocolate + green tea + a jane austen book = pure contentment.

    Although I will definitely use some chocolate to make that crazy-good looking pie!

  142. If I won the giveaway I think I’d run into a corner with my new chocolate stash and sniff all the chocolate still in the wrappers. Then I would carefully analyze each flavor, testing the bars for weight and heft, contemplating the chocolate deliciousness inside.

    Once the first chocolate victim, err chocolate choice, had been selected I would rip open the bar and nibble a delectable bite – no doubt moaning in delight.

    Assuming I ever got over it, I would try and put the rest away and then use some as decorative shavings on top of sweet eats, some to nibble on here and there, and I think some would be melted down into some icing or chocolate ganache of goodness.

    This is a good plan. I really need to win now!

  143. i would use all of the chocolate to make huge piles of fancy smores! dark chocolate raspberry and orange smores, i swoon!

  144. Barb says:

    well , if I win your chocolate giveaway I will absolutely make this pie. and eat the chocolate, obviously! chocolate gets me through my long days in lab!

  145. VeggieGirl says:

    I will use the chocolate in a special batch of blondies.

  146. endangered species chocolate… I WANT IT! I love that it is sweetened with beet sugar and it is one of the best tasting chocolate’s ever.. I hope I win!! (carrie — gingerlemongirl @ gmail dot com)

  147. Priscilla says:

    Wow, that is a fine-looking box of chocolates! If I won the chocolates, I would share them with others so everyone could know how yummy vegan chocolate is!!

  148. Alex says:

    I’m just going to eat that chocolate everyday with my nightly mug of tea

  149. Morgan says:

    How I would use the Endangered Species chocolate:

    Easy answer: devour a few of the darkest bars and share the rest with my chocoholic friends!

    More motivated answer: I COULD make a multi-flavor chocolate bar pie–with different layers for each type of chocolate bar. Which I’ve made with *chips* so far…it would be a difficult choice. :)

  150. Whitney says:

    Recently changing my diet because of health reasons has made it VERY difficult to find things I can eat and enjoy at the same time… These chocolate bars are a God-send not only in the companies ethical business ways, but also on my tummy :) First of all, I would enjoy these bars for simply what they are because I LOVE nothing more than coffee and a good bar of chocolate. I’m also passionate about wine (which has also been a difficult thing to love after getting sick), so I would sample what flavors go best with my favorite wines!

    I really do love your site, it really has been a major help enjoying things I can eat and that taste just like the “real” thing :) Thank you so much.

  151. oops – I meant to tell you how I would USE the endangered species chocolate… I would simply eat it as is! I’m watching carbs/sugar, so I would just enjoy it plain right from the package! lol (carrie — gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com)

  152. Barb says:

    OMG please give me some chocolate! then I can use it to make all your wonderful delicious recipes that are on my list to try (when I get some free time!)

  153. Machelle says:

    Of course I have chocolate! I always have chocolate! I like to keep it in the freezer- dark, milk, semi-sweet, and more! I love, love, love, to make frozen chocolate pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mine have lots of dairy, though, with the Cool Whip and cream cheese, so unless you have an awesome one without dairy, that tastes like chocolate cheesecake, I’ll have to stick with old faithful for now.

  154. Merrill says:

    I will use it to make this pie!! looks sooo delicious!

  155. Alicia says:

    I love chocolate. I use chocolate in almost every dessert I make. Especially lately. I have a secret stash of chocolate chips in my pantry and I love to just grab a handful as I walk by. MMMMMM.

  156. Lita says:

    If I win the giveaway I’ll probably just eat some of the chocolate, yes, I love chocolate that much. And I might experiment adding it to a recipe I have for a fat free angel chocolate cake, this chocolate may not be fat free, but I think it will add some nice rich flavor to the cake :)

  157. VeggieGirl says:

    I would use the chocolate in a special batch of blondies. Sorry if this comment is shown twice! The connection got lost :(

  158. Amy S says:

    I think I would just eat it. I love dark chocolate!

  159. Leah says:

    (Hopefully this is the right place to post for the giveaway?)

    I’d use the chocolate in some black bean brownies….but I think mostly I’d try to savor them on their own – the best way!!

  160. Fernanda says:

    Oh my goodness these chocolate bars sounds like heaven!! If I win it, I’ll eat it as a reward after my long runs…yummmmm

  161. Katie says:

    I’d use it to eat and bake with! :)

  162. Heather says:

    If I won the chocolate bars I would enjoy them slowly as a relaxation treat after work. And probably try chopping some and throwing it into the chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.

  163. Becca says:

    If I won, I’d cut up the chocolate to make chunks for cookies and brownies … and eat it plain, of course.

  164. Nizzy says:

    Yum Yum! I want to win some chocolate!! How would I use the Endangered Species chocolate? Simply unwrap and place in my mouth! :)

  165. Shannon C. says:

    I would use shavings of it to adorn a tiramisu I am making at an upcoming supper club with friends!

  166. Abeer e says:

    I would definitely try to make a dark chocolate pie with the chocolate and eat the rest within a minute, or maybe give some to my mom an sister… :)

  167. Whit says:

    I’d stuff it in my mouth all at once like Augustus Gloop!

  168. Taylor says:

    If I win the chocolate, I want to try experimenting more with making chocolate cream pies!! I also always have a nibble of chocolate once or twice a day to satisfy my sweet tooth! I would LOVE these!

  169. Ally says:

    That looks INCREDIBLE! Goodness, if I recieved ES chocolate bars, I don’t know whether I’d do that, whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies, or just savor them to get over exam stress!

  170. chantelle says:

    Totally making gourmet smores with them! We’ve been having some sweet bonfires this Fall and I’d love to spice (sweeten?) Things up!

  171. Whit says:

    I’d pretend I was Augustus Gloop and I would stuff it in my mouth all at once.

  172. jc says:

    i love to use chocolate as dessert (obviously) hahah

  173. Kelly says:

    Let’s be real – I’m just gonna eat these babies straight up! I might also share them to win friends… maybe… 😛

  174. ellen says:

    wow, the chocolate giveaway sounds amazing! i would probably eat all of those chocolate bars just as they are =)

  175. Whitney says:

    Recently having to change my diet for my health has made it difficult to find things I can eat AND enjoy… Products like these bars have been a God-send.. not only in the ethical business they run, but also on my tummy :) There is nothing I love more than finding good chocolate and snacking on it with a glass of wine (which I am very passionate about!), so for my entry, I’m keeping it simple and I plan on experimenting with the different flavors to find which ones go best with my favorite wines!!

    Thank you so much for all your yummy recipes. They have been such a help in getting through all the changes I have to make! Side note: just made the pumpkin cream cheese bars and FELL IN LOVE!

    1. Aww I’m so excited you made them!!

  176. Hmmm…if I win all of those chocolate bars, I think I’m going to throw myself a little chocoholic party! I would definitely make some cookies or brownies. YUM!

  177. Rhiannon W. says:

    Entering for the chocolate bar giveaway!
    It’ll take a lot of effort not to just eat all of them haha, but I definitely want to try making this pie! The rest of my family isn’t vegan like I am, but they love when I cook for them. I’m positive this will definitely not be an exception, we adore anything chocolate over here!

  178. Krysten says:

    You know, I very rarely CRAVE chocolate. I usually crave the really bad for you sweets like Sweettarts, etc., or I want fruit for a sweet tooth. But when I get a chocolate craving, watch out!! My favorite in the whole wide world is chocolate chip cookies, which is why I’m in love with your cookie dough dip. I’m ready to start experimenting with it using chocolate other than just chips!

  179. Whitney says:

    P.s. ignore the double comment (or don’t and enjoy both!) I didn’t know it already posted :)

  180. Susie says:

    Those sound delicious–I’ve been wanting to try endangered species chocolate for quite some time now! I’m sure some of the chocolate would make its way into a recipe, but chocolate on its own isn’t half bad either :)

  181. andy says:

    Mmm. Chocolate pie sounds delicious, however, using those Endangered Species Bars, I would make dark chocolate vegan mousse or your ultimate fudge brownies 😀

  182. Um….it’s a G rated blog, right??? So I can’t tell you here how I would use the chocolate, but it may involve melting it, of course at “low” temperatures to maintain the integrity of the chocolate.
    And it would involve a lot of pleasure, indeed, “mulltiple pleasures” of course because it would be compounded knowing that it was helping all the animals!

  183. Ally says:

    (I think my previous comment isn’t showing up?)
    I am dying to make this! Trying recipes like this, whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, and stashing it for exam week are what I would do if I won ES chocolate!

  184. Cindy says:

    I like to melt chocolate bars into my hot cocoa!

  185. rachel says:

    i LOVE this chocolate. i usually buy a bar a week. never tried those little square ones though. i would probably just eat them as is, as that is my favorite way. or i would try this pie, looks amazing ;D

  186. AJ says:

    Hi CCK!! If I win your glorious giveaway, besides obviously eating most of the chocolate straight-up, I will break up the chocolate and use it in place of chocolate chips in your wonderful cookie dough dip, in chocolate chip cookies, in various oatmeal and oat-bran concoctions, in raw cookie dough bars, AND to make this delicious pie for my family — I made it for my dad last time I was home (he LOVES chocolate pudding pie, but is a steak and potatoes kind of guy so I neglected to tell him it was vegan until after he ate it) and he couldn’t get enough!

  187. Susie says:

    Those look delicious! I’m sure some of the chocolate would make its way into a recipe, but chocolate on its own isn’t half bad either :)

  188. Katherine D. says:

    I would made a huge bowl of chocolate brownie oats if I win the chocolate bars :)

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (Dot) com

  189. Maya says:

    I love this chocolate! And guess what? I happened to wander into a free sample festival and got a free bar of it. Yummm. But I would love a free box too, of course :)

    PS: I posted vegan spicy queso on my blog that I think you will like!

  190. Samantha says:

    If I win the chocolate bars I’d save one (for me!) and give the rest to my father in law. He’s vegan and loves chocolate. We always try to give him some type of chocolate during the holidays.

  191. AJ says:

    Hi CCK!! If I win your glorious giveaway, besides obviously eating most of the chocolate straight-up, I will break up the chocolate and use it in place of chocolate chips in your wonderful cookie dough dip, in chocolate chip cookies, in various oatmeal and oat-bran concoctions, in raw cookie dough bars, AND to make this delicious pie for my family — I made it for my dad last time I was home (he LOVES chocolate pudding pie, but is a steak and potatoes kind of guy so I neglected to tell him it was vegan until after he ate it) and he couldn’t get enough! :)

  192. Heather says:

    If I win the giveaway I will bring some into work to share, eat it mixed/melted in my oatmeal in the morning!, and try to make some of these delicious looking recipes on your site! I love this brand of chocolate bars!!

  193. Katherine D. says:

    I would make a huge batch of chocolate brownie oats if I win the chocolate :)

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  194. Pricilla says:

    If I were to win the giveaway I’d definitely use part of it to make this chocolate pie but the rest I would probably eat plain savoring each and every bite!

  195. Taylor says:

    I would share all of (more realistically, some of) this delicious chocolate with my college cross country teammates after an exhausting workout! We need the fuel!

  196. Maya says:

    Not sure if my previous comment made it??? I can’t find it anywhere…but anyhow- LOVE this chocolate :)

  197. Dina says:

    Use it? Why I’d just eat it! The best way to enjoy chocolate in my opinion.

  198. jc says:

    love your recipes katie!
    i love dark chocolates !!!!!! especially mixed in baking.

  199. Kim says:

    I’m not familiar with this particular brand, however I’m hoping that the bars would be edible right out of the package. The flavor combinations sound really delicious. I’m not sure if I could resist them long enough to put them into a recipe. I’m thinking that I would rip the packages open and eat them right away.

  200. Jenna says:

    I am a chocoholic! If I see it, I eat it. I’d love the chance to try some new flavors (I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, so we don’t have the availability of some of the neat products you use). If I win the giveaway, I’ll do one of two things with the prize:

    1. Drive to see my sister (loves dark chocolate), and share with her over some wine, pedicures and girly movies.

    2. Keep it all to myself (muah-ha-ha). Freeze it, so it isn’t in my face and I eat the whole kit-n-caboodle in one sitting. Savor every piece in moderation.

  201. Jessoca Lawhern says:

    I’ll probably eat them right out of the package…with some red wine of course!!

  202. Maya says:

    Wow. I am slow this morning. 2 comments and I haven’t answered your question yet :) Sorry for the bombard-ment.

    I would use this chocolate to feed my face. While I love chocolate in desserts/recipes, when there’s a reeeally good chocolate bar I just like it plain. I would also post it on my blog, because it’s such a great cause.

  203. Emily says:

    Chocolate is always EXTRA good around the beginning of the month and if my hunch is true this prize pack will save my hubby from some late night preggo craving runs to the store!

  204. Oooh, pick me! Chocolate mint would go into chocolate mint brownies, chocolate raspberry into chocolate raspberry pie, and chocolate cherry would be melted into my next bowl of cherry walnut oatmeal! YUM!!!

  205. OMG I LOVEEEE endangered species chocolate! Their bars are DELICIOUS! I’m so glad my local Hannaford occasionally stocks them. Of course, my own gift box of bars would be much, MUCH better to have! I would probably keep most of them for myself to snack on, but the chocolate mint would definitely be used to make some chocolate mint black bean brownie cupcakes, and the chocolate with cranberries and almonds (and probably a few of the other fruit-added flavors) would get chopped up and baked into some dark chocolate “chip” oatmeal cookies!

  206. Endangered species is my favorite chocolate too! What a cool giveaway… I’d totally go overboard adding chocolate to everything… Pop corn, pb cookies, smoothies, oatmeal, granola bars… Anything!

  207. Laura says:

    If I win those bars I am so using it for this recipe and many others. Thanks for this blog!!

  208. Jae says:

    I’d eat that endangered species chocolate :)

  209. Lindsey says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’d probably just eat most of it right out of the package instead of incorporating it into a recipe! I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate!

  210. Emily says:

    If I win the giveaway I would have to save a few bars for those days when I just need a bite of pure chocolate. I would use the rest to bake some comforting fall desserts! Who doesn’t love pumpkin and chocolate?

  211. Lori Z. says:

    Well, I would have to eat some of the Endangered Chocolate alone to see just how good it really is! And then I would make a Chocolate Bar Pie. I just made your Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie and absolutely love it! Now I have to try another chocolate pie…

  212. Danielle says:

    that chocolate pie is practically screaming my name. i don’t know how i’ve resisted this long. if i won those candy bars, that is exactly what i would make.

  213. I have seen this chocolate and always wanted to try it!!!! I think i’ll start by snacking on one, and then eat another while making this pie. :)

  214. samantha says:

    I would make vegan chcolate chip pancakes, and just eat it! ; )

  215. Katie says:

    I’d probably end up just eating them as is! But your candy bar pie looks fabulous… I have a stash of Ghirardelli in the fridge right now and I keep telling myself I’m going to make it…

  216. Katrina Cox says:

    I would LOVE to win the vegan chocolate bar giveaway… and if I win, I’ll obviously be using the chocolate to make your chocolate pie! I haven’t tried it yet but something tells me I will love it!

    I’m brand new at this vegan dessert thing; just went plant-based a week or two ago. I’ve been scouring your blog for ideas and I love it. :) Thanks Katie!

  217. Breanne says:

    Umm… USING the chocolate might be a little bit of a struggle. I might want to just, you know, eat it.

    But that Chocolate Bar Pie looks pretty tasty 😉 I could give that a try!

  218. Christine says:

    Headed to the kitchen and whipping this up! The kids will never know about the tofu!! Mwahhahaha!!!!

  219. Emily says:

    I’m pretty sure that if I had endangered species chocolate, I’d eat it all pretty quickly. If there was any left after a few days, then I’d try this 😉

  220. Heather says:

    If I won the vegan chocolate bars giveaway, I promise to use the chocolate for good, not evil. I would share with my friends by having a chocolate tasting party! (And maybe throw in a wine tasting too). I bet they would also make delicious truffles.

  221. Heather says:

    If I win the vegan chocolate bars giveaway, I promise to use the chocolate for good, not evil. I would share with my friends by having a chocolate tasting party! (And maybe throw in a wine tasting too). I bet they would also make delicious truffles.

  222. yum! Endangered species chocolate is one of my favorite brands too! I would most likely eat most of it straight out of the package…

  223. dana says:

    mmm I would just eat them straight up (and share, of course!)

  224. Rose says:

    If I were to win, I’d use the chocolate bars in single serving recipes or in my oatmeal … or you know, just on it’s own 😉

  225. Crystal says:

    Um, if I win your giveaway I’ll use the chocolate by eating it, because I’m simple like that. I love Endangered Species!

  226. Amy Bounds says:

    My daughter recently had to give up all dairy products. It has been a rough journey for everyone. UNTIL! we discovered your blog. We would use the candy as a treat and to make some of these delicious recipes. Thanks Katie for all your great recipes.

  227. Diana says:

    Yum! I would just eat them. A square of really good dark chocolate is the perfect dessert.

  228. Does eating the chocolate straight count? That dark chocolate and orange bar is calling my name!

  229. Natasha says:

    Do I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0

    Ok – I would take some of the chocolate to my friends dad who is 78 – he can’t really have sweets too often, and he is an animal lover to boot.
    With the rest – I would like to try making chocolate dipped orange peel that has been candied, and have some dipped strawberries as well.
    THEN – I would make my vegan Tiramisu (of which I would share the recipe with you of course!), and finally….savour a piece each evening with my nightly glass of vino!

    – Natasha

  230. LIBBY HOLL says:

    If I had all those chocolate bars…I make as many of your recipes as I could with it….starting with this one! I wish I could be your official taste-tester!!!

  231. Emilia says:

    If I won the giveway, I’d eat some of the chocolate myself and share the rest with friends and family :)

  232. Jenn says:

    If I won the chocolate, I would love to use it at our next wine tasting party to pair with wine! Also, your chocolate mouse pie (made with tofu) was a hit, so that will be repeated often:)

  233. This is the best giveaway EVER! I’ve never tried their bars and really need to get my hands on some. I think I’m going to have to make THIS pie if I win! I’m drooling over the picture right now!

  234. if i win, i will eat chocolate until my stomach hurts 😉

  235. I love endangered species chocolate! In college I was a bioloical anthropology minor so I studied primates i.e. monkeys and apes so this chocolate is near and dear to me. I would totally make something monkey inspired like chocolate banana pie or chocolate banana cake! Yum!

  236. Tricia says:

    I would love to try the chocolate pie recipe above with the chocolate bar giveaway and see if I could fool my in-laws at Thanksgiving with a healthy chocolate pie. Any time I try making something healthy for them (and they know before hand), I get many strange looks and very few takers. This recipe just might do the trick. For any of the “extra” bars, I will allow my husband first chance at them. He is a chocolate freak!!!

  237. Anne says:

    Yum, endangered species chocolate is delish! I’d eat them straight up…but this pie might tempt me into saving a bar or two to make it!

  238. Meredith says:

    I’ve never had endangered species chocolate! Usually with fancy chocolates, I save it for straight up eating. But perhaps I will make some peanut butter cups :)

  239. Jocelyn says:

    I would use the chocolate for the monthly emergencies… girls nights… and i might even be nice enough to give some as a gift… ok… maybe not THAT nice! GREAT GIVEAWAY OFFER! hope I win!!!

  240. Kim Sullivan says:

    Heck yeah there’s chocolate!!!!!! Love baking with it, shaving it and just plain ole eating it!!

  241. Elle says:

    I would definitely have to share the chocolate with family and friends … what an awesome giveaway!

  242. JEnny says:

    Lick lick it

  243. Ashley B. says:

    I would probably eat them straight from the packaging, right from the box upon arrival….but I would definitely share with my dark-chocolate-loving-hubby, and would hopefully save enough to melt for the coating on my favorite bukeye babies!

  244. Leanna C says:

    If I were to win the Endangered Species chocolate bars, I would probably just eat them, LOL! Gradually, of course, but since I lack a food processor (and, sadly, a working oven), a lot of your amazingly delicious-sounding chocolate recipes are things I can’t actually make! But things I can and very likely WOULD do include:
    -dark chocolate pancakes (yum!)
    -perhaps dark chocolate BANANA pancakes (even yummier!)
    -dark hot chocolate with soy or almond milk (SUPER YUM)
    -oh hey, I could put it into my coffee 😀
    -take it to a friend’s house and go bake something there (because misery isn’t the only one who loves company… so does joy in the form of AMAZING free trade chocolate!)
    -give it as a gift (October 5th is the most common birthday in the US. So not only do I know 4 October 5th birthdays… I know a whole lot of other people who missed the mark, but still landed in October and November! Not to mention Christmas is coming up!)
    -find some savory recipes and shave it into something unexpected, such as spaghetti

    …Wow, I guess I could do a lot more with them than I thought! :) Mmm, now I’m really in the mood for your banana pancakes for one… with some dark chocolate added in… I think I’m going to have to try that, and soon!

  245. Caitlin says:

    If I’d win I would probably keep it in my cupboard for months, because I wouldn’t want my super special chocolate stash to end..but then on a rainy day I’d probably break some chocolate in teeny tiny pieces and sprinkle them on my oatmeal, because I think we all can agree that oats+chocolate= comfort food!

  246. Janice says:

    Maybe I would try to make this pie….if only they weren’t eaten before I could make a pie! Mmm

  247. Kalyn says:

    If I won, I would eat some of the chocolate plain…and use the rest of it for baking! Probably in a combination of cookies and bars. Yum!

  248. Amanda says:

    Ooooh chocolate bar contest! I think I’d either snack on them plain (seriously one of the best ways to enjoy chocolate IMO) or I’d give this pie a try!

  249. Mindy Lord says:

    I would definitely use the chocolate in your giveaway to make this as I have a package of silken tofu in the fridge patiently waiting. I also would grate some up and make chocolate pancakes and cookies. Whew chocolate overload- no complaints here :)

  250. Alyssa says:

    Ooooh, chocolate heaven!

  251. How I’ll use the chocolate if I win . . . hmmmmmm . . . stuff it in my mouth and chew?! :)

  252. Jill says:

    I would either eat the chocolate or make something from my chocolate cookbook with it!

  253. Caroline says:

    Re: The vegan chocolate giveaway:

    If I won the box ‘o chocolate, I would finally buy the vegan marshmallows I’ve been eyeing at Whole Foods and pair them w/ the chocolate for my first s’mores in over 8 years! Yum! ….And, of course, I’d make 1 or 2 (or 7) of your desserts. :)

  254. Kris says:

    I love to have chocolate available in my pantry, but I sometimes find it hard to KEEP it there. If I were to receive the Endangered Species chocolate, I’d use some in my Christmas cookies this year.
    : )
    Thanks for the great recipes…found you on Pinterest and I’m addicted now!

  255. How would I NOT use this chocolate might be a better question! I’ll eat probably half of it, then chop it up to add to brownies & cookies, and sprinkle some on top of pancakes.

    I’ll definitely keep a bar on hand to gift to my friends on our bad days

  256. Tara Beaird says:

    If I win, I will use my winnings to give my taste buds an indulgent chocolate bath! I recently found your blog Katie and I’m hooked! Instead of perusing my typical online haunts, I find myself chasing your chocolate links into the late-night hours! I really do have to resist the urge to lick the screen. Thanks for your amazing blog and making it fun to read too! :)

    1. Haha I’ve tried licking the screen before… it doesn’t taste very good ;).

      (Ok not really, but I’ve come close!)

  257. If I’d be the lucky winner of this awesome chocolate,I’d use it in many different ways!
    Some of it would be used for baking (flourless) chocolate-chip cookies,
    some of it would be topping my oatmeal,
    some of it would give my cereal an extra-kick
    & the rest,I’d just enjoy on its own! 😛

  258. Erin H. says:

    I would use the Endangered chocolate for a little cooking and a little eating. I would totally make some frozen hot chocolate, grate it over some delicious chocolate cream pie, and then eat the rest! Oh, and I guess I could share with my husband…

  259. Elyssa says:

    break them up and use them in cookie and brownie recipes

  260. I’d love to enter the giveaway! I’d use it crushed on the top of oatmeal for an extra sweet, chocolatey bite!

  261. Beth says:

    If I won the chocolate I would save it to eat a piece at a time, except for the orange chocolate bar, which I would probably melt and make almond bark with.

  262. I savor a piece of dark chocolate daily after lunch, so that would definitely be my preferred way to enjoy it! :)

  263. Anonymous says:

    I would use the chocolate to make desserts that I can actually eat at family get-togethers! …If it makes it that long in my pantry… :-)

  264. Lauren says:

    I’d use the chocolate to eat with a little almond butter on top!

  265. Robyn says:

    not sure if this is the right place to post regarding the endangered species chocolate giveaway, but it’s worth a shot! i’m studying abroad in Chile this semester, and have been without chocolate (since none of it is vegan here) the whole time! thus, i’d use some of it as therapy/a welcome gift to myself when i return to sweet home USA, and would share it with the family. I’d experiment with different flavors-perhaps using some for hot chocolate and shaving it on top of some coconut cool whip=]. the espresso bean one is my fave!

  266. Natalie says:

    Endangered Species chocolate is THE BEST! I’ve always got tons of chocolate lurking in my dorm – Endangered Species, Divine chocolate, Dagoba (which I was devastated to discover isn’t vegan :( ), etc. I’d love to win the Endangered Species giveaway and try some of the chocolate in this pie recipe (my best friend and I made the pie a few weeks ago using bittersweet chocolate chips and it was AMAZING, but I think it could be really fun to try with mint chocolate). Honestly though, is there anything you CAN’T add chocolate to? Cakes, cookies, ice cream, pancakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, oatmeal… the list goes on and on :)

  267. melanie says:

    I’d use the chocolate to make all of your yummy chocolate recipes! =)

  268. I would use the chocolate to make desserts that I can actually eat at family get-togethers! …If it makes it that long in my pantry… :-)

  269. Sherry G says:

    I would definitely just start eating them. Also, I’d make s’mores with them! yummmm

  270. Allison says:

    I absolutely love Endangered Species dark chocolate with blueberries…makes me feel like I’m getting in my daily dose of antioxidants! Besides just eating it plain (obvi!), I would use the chocolate from the giveaway as mix-ins for yogurt and protein shakes.

  271. Renata says:

    I would LOVE to win the chocolate…and what would I do with it? melt it, cook it, eat it, smell it, love it….

  272. SheilaBmarie says:

    Soo much chocolate!!! Vegan chocolate heaven!!!!

    ………chocolate bananas, oatmeal, baked chocolate with blueberry oatmeal! double chocolate brownies( turning blondies into brunettes 😉
    ohhh min spinach chocolate swirl ice cream, raspberry chocolate almond granola……ahhh, the possibilities are endless!!!!!

  273. Angela says:

    I’d use the chocolate to make lots of cookies or just eat it straight up to power me through studying for the MCAT!

  274. Theresa says:

    If I win the chocolate bar giveaway, I will use them to make the raspberry chocolate bar pie. Next weekend is FAMILY WEEKEND!! at my college and my parents are coming to visit! I want to impress them with this yummmmy pie! :)

  275. Leah says:

    I would make chocolate dipped ginger snaps, and eat a bunch straight up.

  276. Martha Jane says:

    I would LOVE to win the chocolate bars!

    I can think of lots of ways to use them – but the first thing that pops to mind is Chocolate Banana Nut Muffins!

    Hope you have a great day!

  277. Soo says:

    I want to make this chocolate pie if i get to win!

  278. krystle says:

    I will use the chocolate to satisfy my insane pregnancy cravings. Bring it on!

  279. OOOOHhhhhhhh how I love Endangered Species chocolate! They are the only organic dark chocolate bar I can find over 70%. I would use them for some of YOUR recipes, for sure!!! Awesome giveaway!

  280. For the giveaway, I’d eat the chocolate by itself!! Mmm love me some chocolate!!

  281. Doreen Goodhue says:

    I would eat one a day and just enjoy each and every one. I may use one to make chocolate truffles too. :o) Thank you for this yummy opportunity and for your delicous and healthy recipes.

  282. Tiffany says:

    If I won the chocolate bars, I would make s’mores! And chocolate chip cookies. And eat them by themselves. :)

  283. Ashley says:

    I <3 chocolate lol def not as much as you but I'm ok with that! Now as far as how I'd use the chocolate bars….my hubby is about to deploy next week for 7 months so some yummy and fair trade and well come on CHOCOLATE would help when I wanna drown my sadness lol isn't chocolate good for loneliness? Hahaha kidding but a nice bar of chocolate would def make me feel better! :)

  284. Kianni says:

    I actually just made this recipe! Lol, I’d probably use the chocoalte bar for this and just to eat! lol. or any other recipe that may require chocolate! I never have chocoalte bars or anything in my house, just cocoa powder xP; so when I made the chocolate bar pie I went to three different stores looking at chocolate bars to find the best prices, hehe^_^

  285. Trina says:

    I’d EAT it silly 😉

  286. julia says:

    If I won the box of chocolate, I would eat it! I make a popcorn trail mix and break up pieces of chocolate bar and put it in the mix. I also like adding chocolate bars to my pumpkin oatmeal raisin cookies. Sometimes, I just eat the candy bar with a glass of wine, which is nice too!

  287. Faith Stromback says:

    I would eat a lot of it plain and make some yummy cookies from it as well.

  288. Hannah says:

    I might try to make this pie…if I don’t just cram all the chocolate in my mouth first!

  289. Lauren says:

    I would use chocolate in everything….really. Oatmeal, smoothies, vegetable stir frys ;), cookies, the list is endless. By the way, that pie looks devine!

  290. Lisa says:

    That pie looks so yummy!

    I would use the chocolate for hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sauce, and oh man many other things!

  291. Hanna says:

    Can I just eat all of it as is? But if you want me to get creative, I could make some fancy smores with it!

  292. Vegyogini says:

    I’d just eat them straight up! Thank you for the giveaway!

  293. bebe says:

    is this right? leave a post here for a chance to recieve The endangeresd species chocolate? Oh man it’s a question as to whether or not i would share them with the family! Yum, i keep seeing these and rarely splurge on chocolate. hope i win.

  294. Dixie says:

    I’d try this pie first, then I would save the rest to enjoy by itself….. unless you present me with another delicious recipe to use it is :)

  295. Shelby says:

    I’d use my chocolate in oatmeal, in your frozen hot chocolate recipe (which I have yet to try! :0), and just straight up as a snack! :)

  296. melanie says:

    I would use the chocolate to make all of your yummy recipes! =)

  297. Valorie says:

    Hi! I first found your recipes on Pinterest and I am hooked! I sure love a good chocolate pie (was seriously considering having a wedding PIE instead of cake for my wedding!) and my husband and I love to use fine chocolate bars, especially origin chocolates, as the primary ingredient for our pies. The bars in the giveaway (and I am hoping this counts as my entry!!) look delicious and would be great to use for the many chocolate desserts I make on a regular basis. Thanks for all your posts!

  298. Katy says:

    I have been craving chocolate for the past few days, and have none. Nothing! Nada. Zilch. It’s a crime, actually, but I cannot for the life of me find any “real” chocolate around here. So now you’ve introduced me to Endangered Species chocolate bars – and OMG! Certified gluten free and vegan? Raspberry filling? It’s almost too good to be true. That one will probably be eaten the moment the box is opened, not going to lie. Cherry, though, or cranberry almond – those want to go in some kind of brownie based dessert. Yummmmm. If I don’t win the giveaway, at least I have a jumpstart on my birthday wish list! Thanks.

  299. Cari says:

    If I won the giveaway, I think this pie would definitely be at the top of my list of what to make with it! Looks delicious :)

  300. Mandee says:

    I’d eat them! Straight up 😉

  301. MJD says:

    I will share the chocolate with my college dormmates!! And, of course, make multiple recipes of yours…

  302. Steph says:

    I think the question should be, what WOULDN’T I use this chocolate for! mmmm mmm would love to win the chocolate!

  303. Meredith Bessey says:

    If I win, I will eat most of it plain… and make this pie with the rest :).

  304. Tram says:

    Eat them straight from the box and wrapper!

  305. lillian says:

    If I won I would maybe use them for baking some cookies or vegan chocolate pudding. But I probably would just end up wanting to eat the bars instead!

  306. Sarah says:

    I’d eat some straight up and hand some out to my chocolate-loving buddies.

  307. Eve B says:

    Aaaah chocolate, my kryptonite… XD

    How I’d use the chocolate : knowing myself, I’d simply eat it square by square, letting and melt and appreciating the flavor. If I had to cook it in a recipe, it would either be this one (the chocolate bar pie) or plain little cupcakes. Anything that would not mask the flavor :3

  308. Alicia K says:

    mmmm i’d use the chocolate to make this scrumptious thing!

  309. Miranda says:

    I would make vegan chocolate chip (chocolate bar) cookies and brownies. I would also save some of the bars to eat by themselves (with a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine). Yum!

  310. Alyssa says:

    hmmm….I would eat probably a bar on its own and the rest would go to baking some really delicious cookies, brownies, perhaps cupcakes, I don’t know the ideas are endless!!!! I just know I would reeeallly love to try this brand since I’ve never had it and it looks really delicious, if I did win I would probably try and make the chocolate last for as long as possible but not too long, wouldn’t want it to go bad:/

  311. Thank you for talking about the chocolate bars. I found some a few weeks ago on sale at the grocery and picked up a few (still over $1 each…on sale!) but really wasn’t sure if it was good or not so it’s still sitting in my cupboard. So…I think I’ll head out and get some tofu and then make your pie! And…I’d love to win more chocolate :-)

  312. We’re adopting from China and honestly…as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE their chocolate (like a bunch) I’d figure out a way to use this for a fundraiser for us. Ok, we might keep a LITTLE wittle bit for us to enjoy…Let the bidding begin?

  313. Cellabella says:

    Wonderful giveaway! Aside from eating the chocolate straight from the package 😉 I’d also chop them up to put in cookies and brownies!

  314. Abbie says:

    If I win this chocolate I will probably eat half and make this yummy pie with the other half. :)

  315. Jodi S. says:

    I love those endangered species chocolate bars and would love to win. The chocolate mousse sounds interesting.

  316. Jodi S. says:

    I love those endangered species chocolate bars and would love to win. The chocolate mousse sounds interesting. I would eat them yummy

  317. I’m gonna be honest with you; if I won that chocolate, I wouldn’t do a thing with it except savor it piece by piece for like two weeks. Sometimes good chocolate deserves to be left alone and just loved :p

  318. I’m so excited for your chocolate bar giveaway! I’m in the process of going vegan right now, in fact this week was our first meatless grocery trip. I’m still trying to figure out what to cook (and how to cook it, um tofu???) so I can’t say that I’d use the bars for anything fancy. Not yet at least! I have big dreams of making everything from scratch but for now I’m just trying to make sure my husband and two kids are full and satisfied and not missing the comforts of our old lifestyle. If I win I will definitely savor every bite, and maybe even be brave enough to try out one of your amazing looking recipes :)

  319. Lisa Fine says:

    I love to put chocolate on the table for dessert when friends come over. It’s the perfect accompaniment to wine, and it’s perfect for sharing!

  320. Angela says:

    I’m thinking the chips would turn into chocolate ganache for my daughter’s birthday and the bars would end up in my belly!!

  321. MirandaK says:

    If I won the chocolates, I would make the chocolate bar pie. or some hot chocolate. or some fudge babies. or some chocolate cake. or some brownie batter pancakes.
    Or potentially I’d just eat them all plain 😉

  322. Renee says:

    The mint one – you’re pie, like a grasshopper version! The cranberry one sounds good in a cookie. The cherry one should go in a pumpkin biscotti or maybe scone? Oh now that I said the orange one could go in this muffin recipe I found on foodgawker the other day (it was an orange muffin with chocolate chips). The raspberry one might make a good truffle. And the blueberry one should be in pancakes! Man now I think I’ll have to find those bars and purchase them if I don’t win. I think I saw them at Target once? Whole Foods or TJ’s I’m sure has them right?

  323. Kristie says:

    I don’t usually melt chocolate into things… I savour each piece all by itself! Yum!
    I think my favourite of the Endangered bars is the mint.

  324. Alyssa S says:

    I definitely would use the chocolate to make this pie! And I’m fairly sure it would be divine!

  325. Angie says:

    I would love to try this recipe, but honestly, I see myself eating all of these chocolate bars before they make it to the pie :). I think I would probably eat them with a giant cup of coffee…sounds like a great way to start the day!

  326. Robin says:

    I LOVE Endangered Species bars! Especially the blueberry. My favorite way to eat them? Straight up.

  327. Melissa says:

    I might just have to make your chocolate bar pie . . . but honestly? I would probably make an individual coconut lava cake. It’s my absolute favorite way to use chocolate in a recipe and it makes me happy every time! :)

  328. Christine says:

    Mmmm – I would have lots of good intentions to make some brownies or drizzle it over some fancy cookies or blend it into a smoothie. But honestly, I would probably just eat them right out of the wrapper. :-)

  329. Meredith says:

    If I don’t eat all the chocolate as it is by myself, I’ll use it in your lovely recipes! :)

  330. Sara says:

    I would use the chocolate to get me through midterms. Nothing fixes stress like a chocolate bar!

  331. Tina says:

    Is this really where the entries for the giveaway go? If so, the way I’d use the chocolate is to selfishly hoard it and tell the rest of my family who can eat chocolate with milk in it to go get their own!!! :)

  332. Steph says:

    Endangered Species is my favorite chocolate also! I didn’t realize you used it in this delicious pie. I will definitely be trying it soon! I also may or may not eat it straight 😉

  333. Heather says:

    Fellow chocoholics unite! =)

    I’m entering to win all that delicious Endangered Special chocolate. Most likely they will all end up in my mouth (and maybe all at the same time), but I make these AMAZING cayenne pepper brownies, and I think that a few of the flavors would be delicious if they got mixed in the batter or sprinkled on top as soon as they came out of the oven.

    I also have a recipe for some S’mores bars that I’ve been dying to try… methinks these would take them to the next level.

    Mostly though, I’d probably just eat them :)

  334. Tracie says:

    I would eat them just as they are!

  335. Honestly, I would probably just straight up eat the chocolate! If there is any left, I might use it to try your chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes. Or your fudge pie!

  336. Iridium says:

    Wow what a give away! If I won, I would like to eat everything with chocolate: chocolate oatmeal, chocolate cookie dough dip (of course following your recipe!), chocolate pancakes… I have been struggling eating chocolate during past couple years, but now I’m learning to eat it again – and I’m yearning it! So this give away would help a lot! :)
    (ps. and I would also share some bites with my friends and relatives, food is good when shared)

  337. Mary Kate says:

    I loved Endangered Species chocolate, especially their Supreme Dark Chocolate bar. I always have a bar of dark chocolate at my desk at work. Snacking on a couple of squares is helpful when afternoons get especially slow.

  338. Yang says:

    Will give half of them to my lovely roommate and gorge on the rest right out of the package! 😀

  339. Kalynn says:

    I highly doubt I’d be able to wait and use the chocolate as an actual ingredient. I’d probably just end up eating the bars by themselves! But this pie does look delicious, so I’d try to save enough chocolate to make this pie!

  340. Endangered Species Chocolate!! oh my, well the first thing i would do i probably break off a piece of each one to taste and then figure out which would be best in pancakes, muffins, cookies, and which would be good crumbled on top of cereal or oatmeal. And if i was feeling nice, I MAY let my mom have a little piece 😉

    xoxo <3

  341. Maryz says:

    I think I’ll use the chocolate to make this pie….or some brownies!

  342. Rachael says:

    If I won the Endangered Species chocolate giveaway, I would crumble a piece or two over my slice banana with peanut butter. Or I would melt them and make some sort of chocolate mousse! So good. I absolutely love this brand!

  343. Anna says:

    I plan on making a vegan chocolate silk pie with this chocolate, saving some for cuddles and movie time with my hubby. I might even give some to my fellow vegan friends if they’re nice :)

    This giveaway rocks, hope i win!


  344. Anna Healey says:

    Love it!!! Chocolate rocks, especially dark chocolate…

  345. April says:

    The giveaway chocolate looks delish! I don’t normally just eat chocolate in bar form, but I would melt this down into hot chocolate or chop it up for some blondies!

  346. Katie K says:

    How will I use that chocolate? I’ll put it right in my belly 😛

  347. stephocracy says:

    This pie and the endagered spcies chocolate look AMAZING. I just want to eat it straight up. A lot of the time I’m not quite patient enough to ‘do something’ with the chocolate before it’s gone.

  348. Mary says:

    Must try this soon!! Love me some chocolate pie!

  349. Jen says:

    I love to melt the chocolate and add it to my almond butter or coconut butter and spread it on anything!

  350. meredith says:

    Chocolate (and wine) are my favorite guilty pleasures! If I were to win this fantabulous gift basket full of ES bars I would try to contain myself from eating them all in one sitting and instead enjoy some every night during our next IVF (in vitro) cycle. I can’t have wine during a cycle (especially after transfer when we’re waiting anxiously to see if it worked – which it hasn’t yet), but i can have chocolate. And, it’s one of the only things that actually does make me feel better during that time. Love your blog!

  351. Donna says:

    I would eat the Endangered Species chocolate bars as is to truly enjoy each flavor, along with some almond milk. I would also break off small pieces of the bars and put into Coconut Bliss frozen non-dairy “ice cream”.

  352. Molly says:

    I would love to use the chocolate bars to crumble in some brownies to fancy them up a bit! Or eat them straight out of the package when pregnancy cravings hit :)

  353. Leah says:

    Sign me up to win some chocolate! I’d probably use it to make Molly Wizenberg’s Winning Hearts and Minds chocolate cake, from her book “A Homemade Life”. I’ve been dying to try it since reading the book over a year ago, and this would be a perfect excuse!

  354. Sonyanijntje says:

    (Box-of-Chocolates Giveaway.)
    How would I use the chocolate… difficult question >.< …
    I have never had that chocolate before (they don't sell it here), so for starters; I'd save a bit of each flavour to enjoy fully on its own. Then think of ways to use the chocolate were each flavour comes out the best (what makes the chocolate feel most proud of itself ;P ). Whether that's a cookie, pudding, cake, bread, icecream, hot chocolate, or maybe just shaved to sprinkle on top of something.. I don't know yet. Maybe I'll just do all the things I've just mentioned! But I'm planning to enjoy and savour every bit(e) of it :D.

  355. Sarah says:

    This is a comment for the Endangered Species Chocolate Bar Giveaway…

    I would probably use the chocolate in things like the Chocolate Bar Pie. I would also maybe try a chocolate cheesecake. I would definately eat some by itself, but I am planning a road trip, so I might incorporate some into some road snacks, like coat some granola.

    It’s so hard to decide, I think I might love chocolate as much as you do Katie! :)

  356. Sammy says:

    If I won, I would be in chocolate heaven. It would be necessary to ration out the bars of chocolate to make them last as long as possible!

  357. Jane says:

    Hi Katie,
    In regards to the chocolate give away…..I am a grandma who has been a carnivore for years and my son is a vegan. I am trying to wean myself and eat more healthy. Okay when Rob comes to visit it is always a dilema for me to feed him and I thought if I had some wonderful chocolate to feed my poor dear vegan then he could eat better when he comes down and not have to eat bean burritos at Moms every time……..okay I love chocolate too.

  358. Adele says:

    In theory, I would use these bars in my recipes requiring chocolate, but I’m sure I would eat them right out of the wrappers before I got a chance to do that!

  359. Chappie says:

    Chocolate in the pantry, check! Chocolate in the fridge, check! Chocolate in the bedroom, check! Chocolate stashed in various other places in the house, double check!
    I enjoy using chocolate mostly in my homemade chocolate ricotta pie. FABULOUS! Chocolate, ricotta, and toasted pine nuts. Can’t go wrong there!

  360. Shiona says:

    I would use it for breakfasts (might as well start the day off right, with chocolate in my oatmeal!), and for baking treats for lunches for myself and my husband :)

  361. tracy says:

    i would use the chocolate to eat of course.

  362. I’m obsessed with (good quality!) chocolate. IF the bars lasted long enough (since I eat multiple squares of chocolate throughout the day – every day), then I’d make chocolate chip pancakes and *definitely* this amazing looking pie in this post. Mmmmm!

  363. Dalai Lina says:

    After finishing the 3 bars of Endangered Species chocolate ALREADY IN MY PANTRY (raspberries, blueberries, and coffee) I would chop some of them up and use them in in favorite raw cookie dough ball recipe :)

  364. Hannah says:

    I will likely eat the chocolate by itself to power through long nights of studying or in oatmeal, hot chocolate or chocolate bar pie(which I made with chocolate chips for the first time last week). Everyone at my bible study loved it!

  365. kayleigh says:

    i would just eat it plain!

  366. Dalai Lina says:

    After consuming the 3 bars of Endangered Species chocolate that I ALREADY HAVE IN MY PANTRY (specifically raspberry, blueberry and coffee) I will promptly chop some up and put them in my favorite vegan raw cookie dough ball recipe!!!

  367. Endangered species is probably my favorite vegan chocolate! I probably would not be able to stop myself from just eating at least a few bites before I could do anything else with it. Then I would probably make homemade nutella. Or brownies. Or this fabulous pie!

  368. grace says:

    If I won, I’d just eat each of them by the bar!

  369. Stefany says:

    Endangered Species is my FAVORITE! If I won the chocolate giveaway, I would definitely be making this pie… plus some delish chocolate chip cookies (my Dad’s recipe) and I might even give some to my non-vegan friends. (I don’t think they know what they’re missing!)

  370. Jessica K says:

    Re: Giveaway
    I’d probably start out by trying this recipe! And just chocolate with blueberries? Yes!
    PS – I retweeted your giveaway post for an extra entry.

  371. Roxanna Myers says:

    I love your blog!!!! Thank you so much for the amazing recipes. We have 5 kiddos and I have recently made the decision to get even healthier in our eating. They love sweets and the health concerns that are facing children today are scary. So I went on the search for healthy yummy food and since finding you several weeks ago we have tried just about everything and love it all. I was shocked that they could love something with very little sugar and beans (giant chocolate chip cookie)!! You have, without a doubt, brought yummy to our house! We love the cookies, fudge, cookie dough, peanut butter bars, and so much more without compromising the health of my little ones. Thank you so much!
    I decided to comment in hopes to win the box of amazing chocolate, but I got carried away with thankfulness in finding you! I should have told you this much earlier. But if I won the chocolate I would share it with my family just giving them one more reason as to why good for the environment and others is good for you too. And I have a dear elderly friend who is in the hospital and I would love to share some with her. And of course I’ll have plenty to make the chocolate pie I have been wanting to try forever I just haven’t bought any tofu yet and there might be some left over for me to hide in the closet and eat all by myself!! Thanks for all you do to bring health and yumminess to us all!
    Roxanna :)

  372. nanabella says:

    I was born with a chocolate bar in my mouth!!! I LOVE CHOCOLATE and really love your site – lots of inspiration for healthy indulgence of my favorite flavor… I wouldn’t do a thing with those chocolate bars until I tasted a bit from each bar – first, because I am laying claim to them as MINE! And second, because I want to taste each flavor to decide what to do with them … which, in my case, would most likely be to just outright EAT THEM!!! Keep those recipes and great photos coming! Nanabella :)

  373. Avi D says:

    I have never tried Endangered Species chocolate before, and it sounds and looks amazing! I will likely bake with it and share the wealth with friends.

  374. Holly says:

    I would use some of the chocolate to make this pie! Yummy! The rest I would keep in my several chocolate emergency hiding spots. Don’t worry though, I share emergency chocolate with others in crisis :)

  375. Patricia says:

    HELP. I’ve gotten over 200 emails from this thread in my inbox. I tried to unsubscribe but they won’t stop. HELP. I don’t want 200 emails from folks telling me what they’d do with chocolate bars. Please please help.

    1. Patricia says:

      Oh thank goodness, they’ve stopped. I love the blog but not that volume of emails LOL. :) BTW folks: MAKE THIS PIE. It’s awesome!

  376. Anne Raustol says:

    This looks really good! If I win I am going to share this chocolate with my sister-in-law who said I should check out your blog! And now I am a big fan!

  377. becky says:

    I’d like to say i’d be nice and share the chocolate if I won (that’s a lot of chocolate) but most likely I’d go to town on it myself!

  378. you are killing me…i am dyingggggg 😉

  379. claudia says:

    i would use it for this pie. YUM :)

  380. Audrey says:

    Oops! I think I posted this on the wrong link. Here is the comment on the hopefully-correct post…

    Is this the post we leave the comments on for the chocolate giveaway? If so, my answer to the question is: I’ll eat the chocolate! That’s how I’ll use it. I also might chop it up for baking or something.

  381. Kayla says:

    Hi Katie! I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog! I only just found it last weekend through Pinterest when your Cookie Dough Dip went viral. I’ve been sugar-free on and off for the last year due to some research I’ve done on sugar’s negative effects on the body. I’m still young and don’t have health problems, but I’m motivated to start healthy habits now. My friends think I’m crazy, but I say I enjoy life more without refined sugar. Your blog is beautiful proof that there IS hope for the healthy and sugar-free! Thank you so much for giving me a new plethora of amazing recipes to try! :)

    I would absolutely love to win some chocolate! If I did, I’d savor it one bite at a time… or maybe I’d melt it and drizzle over some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pancakes! Yum!

  382. Arabella says:

    I think I would just eat it. And maybe share some with my husband 😀

  383. Audrey says:

    I also retweeted the giveaway.

  384. Kathy says:

    This recipe looks so good. I’m going to try this soon (maybe with Endangered Spcies Chocolate which is also one of my favourite brands). I will also need to look at the other recipes on your site.

  385. I would melt them to make your Chocolate Bar Pie, chop them up to use in Chocolate Chunk Cookies, or just eat them as is!! They all look sooo delicious – great giveaway!

  386. Jennifer says:

    I’d probably end up just eating the chocolate…..though I have wanted to try this pie since I saw you post it. I even bought all the ingredients. Just have to get my act together…

  387. Tori Gamble says:

    We totally love to use chocolate in everything. This fall we are pretty excited to make some new recipes from this blog for our fall/winter family gatherings. Ah and not to mention it’s finally hot cocoa season again-love it! This blog is a fav now for sure =) Pinning it now!

  388. Cathy says:

    well, you said to leave a comment on this post for your Sept 28 giveaway of the chocolate package, but I don’t see anyone else’s comments, but blog on Sept 29 says comments are closed, so I’ll try!

    If I win, I’d try your Chocolate Pie recipe. Sounds yummy!

    1. I had to divide comments into pages, so you only see the first comments first. Otherwise the page would never load for you! But you’re in the right place!

  389. Rebecca says:

    Some people collect bottles of wine, but I seem to collect bars of chocolate! Most of them get eaten square by square as dessert, but I’d love to try this recipe if I win all that chocolate!

  390. I would eat it straight from the fridge!! No better way to enjoy chocolate!

  391. Eva says:

    I don’t mean to be boring, but I’d totally eat it straight up. Chocolate is perfect the way it is.

  392. I absolutely love Endangered Species Chocolate, especially the Organic 70% dark, mmmm…OK now for my reason to win, besides keeping a bar or two for my own personal indulgence. I’d (gasp) yes, give the others away to friends who have never tried an Endangered Species bar and they most certainly will be hooked! Hershey will not ever get a penny from me, even buying Dagoba didn’t sway my opinion of them….slave masters need to be the endangered species…actually extinct, they need to be extinct.

  393. Ilene says:

    I’d eat a square of it whenever I needed a piece of chocolate…which is at least a couple of times a day!

  394. Jen says:

    I love Endangered Species chocolate! I would use the chocolate to make healthier bon bons, and to try out this pie!

  395. christie says:

    oh my gosh, I too am obsessed with chocolate. I love to win the chocolate giveaway to make chocolate-covered frozen banana bites! the best!

  396. Kristie says:

    Holy MOLY what a wonderful giveaway Miss Katie. Look at all that chocolate! First I’d use it to get a massive chocolate buzz…. and then I’d probably bake some lovely chocolate chunk cookies with some of it! I’d also have to savour SOME for after dinner treats… if I could keep it hanging around long enough!

  397. Jennifer says:

    I would like to say I would bake a bunch of amazing vegan treats, but I don’t know if the bars would last that long. I would probably just eat them straight up!

  398. Cat says:

    I would use the Vegan Chocolate bars to make chocolate pie. Yum! And I would probably eat some of it just…um…plain. And I am open to other suggestions!

  399. Wendy says:

    If I won the Endangered Species box of chocolate, I would definitely make several of your recipes: this pie, buckeye babies, mint chocolate chip ice cream…

  400. Esther says:

    I would just eat it straight up :)

  401. Colleen says:

    I plan to make this pie asap w/ the endangered chocolate. I may top it w/ your cookie dough dip!

  402. nadia says:

    I would use the chocolate from the giveaway to make myself some chocolate fondue with all the nice seasonal fruit that is still groing where I live : )

  403. Gen says:

    If I won, I’d first, EAT the chocolate bars, and then use some for baking! 😀

  404. Erica says:

    I can’t have chocolate lurking in my pantry b/c I have no self control. LOL I love sweets esp chocolate too much. :)

  405. sarah s says:

    quality dark chocolate is the kind of sweet treat that i savor and enjoy! i don’t find myself having trouble controlling myself around it since it’s so rich and even a small piece does the trick! so i’d use this giveaway to restock my stash of bars for my daily indulgence :)

  406. Danielle says:

    I would share SOME of it with my 4 kids and then stash the rest away to use with voluminous ice cream and to just eat plain. (I like to sneak a handful of choc chips while the kids aren’t looking-it helps me get through the day and feel like an adult) :)

  407. Callie Roper says:

    If I were to win the box of delicious chocolate, I would run to my room, hide myself in a corner and stuff my face until every last morsel was devoured….*sigh*. Ok, but for real, I would make myself a large helping of that deep dish cookie pie, and would quite possibly put several bars of the chopped chocolate in there. Hey, you can never have too much chocolate, right??

  408. First off, let me say how much I love your blog! Being the chocolate lover that I am I would probably just eat the chocolate straight out of the package if I won it! I’ve never tried that brand before but it looks amazing!

  409. Christina says:

    Vegan chocolate bars:
    I will: a) eat it by the bar, and b) have my boyfriend bake me some delicious treats with it. Hopefully that amazing looking chocolate pie! He takes care of me while I am in vet school <3

  410. Cassandra says:

    I would use the chocolate to share the love of fair trade chocolate of course! I just stumbled across your blog and I think it is fantastic! WOW to the cookie dough dip and this chocolate bar pie looks amazing!

  411. Jennifer says:

    If I win, I’d make two ingredient chocolate mousse! H2O and good chocolate is all you need..crazy how it works :)

  412. Linda Gabrilo says:

    Katie, you are adorable and it is hard to believe you eat all those scrumptious looking treats and stay so slender and beautiful!
    I adore chocolate as well and look forward to trying out some of your recipes.
    If I were to win the Endangered Species Chocolate Bars, I would eat as is, share with others and experiment with your recipes and some of my own!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs and great recipes.
    Take care,

    1. Awww thank you so much, Linda!!

  413. Maegan says:

    CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY: I would probably eat most of the chocolate bars right out of their pretty little wrappers, but I would definitely make at least ONE chocolate bar pie. I love melting a square of dark chocolate into my morning oatmeal, too!!

  414. Grace says:

    Wow, I love all of the meaning behind the vegan chocolate bars. If I win the giveaway, I would mostly just gobble up the chocolate, perhaps sharing with my husband and friends. With the rest, I would definitely be trying out this recipe. Looks delicious!

  415. Samantha says:

    The endangered species chocolate is my favorite too!!! My favorite way to use the different flavors is chopping them up and adding them to my cookie recipes! I’ve gotten some of my best cookie combos that way!

  416. Ruthiey says:

    I would probably eat it plain or with pb. :)

  417. Samantha says:

    I also follow you on Twitter

  418. Nancy says:

    What would I do with the endangered species chocolate….hmmmmmm….eat it plain of course, I love eating my chocolate just by itself so I can appreciate its richness and deliciousness without any other flavors that might cover it. ^.^

  419. Maegan says:

    My internet went out so I don’t know if my comment went through. But I would mostly eat these babies straight from the wrapper! I would also make a least one chocolate bar pie. And I love melting squares of dark chocolate into my morning oatmeal. :)

  420. Maegan says:

    Also, I retweeted this on twitter!!

  421. Taylor Lynn Bump says:

    For the giveaway I’d use my bars to promote fair trade! By eating it in front of all my friends of course :)

  422. Beth says:

    I would put the chocolate in oatmeal!!

  423. I would chop them up and melt them into a chocolate pecan pie (vegan, of course). A good fall recipe! : )

  424. EJ says:

    This looks so delicious! I’ll have to make it sometime. More chocolate please! :)

  425. EJ says:

    PS – If I win that Endangered Species chocolate (fingers crossed!) I may very well make this with it…or just eat it on its own!

  426. Shelley says:

    If I win this delicious chocolate I will share it with the other soldiers I am currently serving with in Iraq.

    1. Wow, if this contest weren’t random, I think I would definitely pick you as the winner for the incredible sacrifice you are making so that people like me can feel safe and secure. Thank you so much for all you do!!

  427. Amanda says:

    I’ve just found your site and I’m wondering where it’s been all my life?!?!?!? If I won the Endangered Species chocolate giveaway, I’d have to (a) munch on some on it’s own because it’s delicious and (b) try out some of your amazing recipes! Hope I win!!

    1. hehe I’m so glad you found me!! :)

  428. How I’d use the Endangered Species…I’d just…eat it :) Or bake with it.

  429. Woah those chocolate flavours sound amazing. I would eat them as a snack with some tea (not all at once, for several snacks!)- I might use some in some brownies or special chocolate chip cookies, something like that.

  430. Jenna says:

    Yummmm….!!!! Wow! What a gift!! If I won, I would most definitely make your amazing looking chocolate bar pie! And then, since I got my Dad hooked in the Endangered Species Chocolate, that cute little box with the bars I didn’t use for the pie would be a perfect birthday present for him in December! :)

  431. What I would do with the chocolate if I won it…. I would hide it from my family in the fridge because # 1, I like my chocolate cold, and # 2 If they knew that the chocolate was in the house I would be lucky to get any!

  432. Kaity says:

    omgg if i won id make prob every recipe on your blog! lol i will def make that chocolate chip pie and most definatly just eat it itself! lol i just made your cookie dough for my bday tonight and so excited to see how my fam likes it, even if they dont i am already obsessed more for me! thank you<3

  433. If I won the giveaway, I would simply eat it, and savor every.single.piece!!!!!

  434. kathleen says:

    firm believer in sharing is caring. I’d love to share with friends!! :)

  435. Lauren says:

    If I won, I would eat some of each bar plain, so I know which I like the most. Then, I would try this recipe!

  436. megan says:

    Hey Katie I am a big fan of your blog and wanted to say that I love chocolate too(but maybe not as much as you) but I really would love to win your chocolate give away with the chocolate bars because I would make the best hot chocolate ever with chocolate flavors like that. Plus they would make great desserts by themselves. Keep your blog sweet and chocolaty!

  437. Jen says:

    If I win the chocolate bars, I’ll definitely eat them straight up. No question. I love that brand!

  438. Natasha says:

    Hi Katie!

    I absolutely love your recipes! I would use the Endangered Species chocolate instead of chocolate chips for your chocolate chip cookie dough dip recipe. It’s my fave!! I’ve shared it with friends and they are also in love. I’m actually lactose-intolerant, so I’ve enjoyed that most of your recipes are dairy-free.
    Have a great day!

  439. Grace says:

    (giveaway entry)
    I think I would break them up to use in trail mix, and also put in my oatmeal–yum! :)

  440. VegAlexandra says:

    I would use the Endangered Species chocolate in SO many ways!

    My number one priority would be to use them in your chocolate recipes, such as chocolate chips in the chocolate chip cookie dough dip (Endangered Species Chocolate-Raspberry-Cookie-Dough-Dip??? YES!) or even as a flavor enhancer to your frozen hot chocolate, or for the recipe above!!!!!!!!

    I’d also probably experiment with recipes myself, hmmm….. chocolate raspberry vegan truffles?
    Or chop em’ up and put them in my favorite banana soft serve. <3


  441. Grace says:

    Also, I re-tweeted on twitter!

  442. Gloria says:

    I would eat those bars the way they are, and in my oatmeal! Mmm melty goodness! I would also use them for chocolate chip cookies :)

  443. Tara Beaird says:

    following you on twitter too! pinkatilly 😀

  444. Stefanie says:

    I would skip the baking and just eat the chocolate plain. Although, that chocolate pie looks tasty. 😀

  445. Alexa says:

    I don’t know if this is the post where I am supposed to enter to win the endangered species chocolate, but the other post said comment are closed???
    Anyways I would like to enter the giveaway and I would use it to make a vegan chocolate cake for my mom!

  446. JJ says:

    I will savor them! Sometimes I have a nibble after breakfast, MANY times after dinner…but almost daily I have a chocolate treat, so THAT’s how I will use them…the GOOD chocolate is best just savored on the palate, letting it melt slowly, followed by an ice cold glass of milk!

  447. carrie says:

    Love the endangered species bars! And i just got some molds to make my own pretty chocolates! Love to melt and make “unique-ish” flavored truffles… mmm. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  448. Sünne says:

    Great giveaway! I’d enjoy the chocolate with some of my favourite Sweet Chili Tea so it gets all melty in my mouth. Sooo good!

  449. Jordan says:

    Oh, boy!! I am the oldest of 10 at 18 years old, but instead of sharing… I’d hide under my bed and eat it all in one sitting 😀 (OK, I might share just a little bit) It would be awesome though! Chocolate is the Bomb-digity! 😀

    Love you’re blog btw! <3

  450. Sünne says:

    I’ve already been following you and tweeted the giveaway a second ago.

  451. Amie Hutton says:

    How wouldn’t I use this big ol’ box of chocolate!?

    I would use it in oatmeal, in smoothies, in cookies, in cakes, and eat some at every. single. meal!

    Chocolate is a food group for me <3

  452. Charvel says:

    I would definitely just straight up eat the chocolate… I’ve had Endangered Species chocolate once before, and haven’t been able to find it since then! Maybe I will make a vegan chocolate dessert for Thanksgiving…

  453. Sophie says:

    Oooh! Chocolate! My favorite :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  454. Rachel says:

    Yummmm! Their chocolate IS fantastic. Honestly, I’d probably end up eating most of it plain…but I’ll use at least a little bit in tofu pudding for my fiance–one of his favorite desserts! :) Great giveaway!

  455. I’d have to assume I’d be using the chocolate for this pie…right?
    No, I’d probably use for straight from wrapper to face :)

  456. Ellie says:

    I’ll probably smoosh it all over my face

  457. Katie F. says:

    Yum I’d probably eat it all before getting the chance to make something

  458. Christina says:

    Oh my goodness! I would use the Endangered Species chocolate to eat by itself or to make your delicious recipes!!

  459. katysparrow says:

    OHMYGAHH I <3 ES chocolate! Just finished a bar of my fav black leapard 88% bar last night (which I ate with a bowl of your 5-min chocolate stovetop oatmeal cuz I was totally feelin the chocolate for dinner love…"If I win this giveaway, I pledge to share some with people who have never had and ES bar, spreadin the love.. and savor each delicious square. And I will make the wrappers into bookmarks instead of throwing them away.

  460. Lacey says:

    Honestly, i would likely just eat the bars as is. They sound delicious!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  461. Loving this chocolate, would love to try it!

  462. I think I’d just like to wolf it all down – does that count as a way to use it?!

  463. Laura says:

    If I win the chocolate, I will first give a bar to each of my room mates and then I will use the remaining bars to make every recipe on your blog that requires a chocolate bar/ chocolate chips. Sound good?

  464. Jackie says:

    I would likely just eat the bars… they have tasty chocolate! I could say I would use the chocolate in baking if I won, but most likely I would just eat it. Yum.

  465. Victoria says:

    If I win a big box of chocolate, I’d nibble away at them til they’re all gone! …so like within a week. This pie looks amazing, though! I want to make a mini version of this!

  466. Laura says:

    If I win, I will first give a bar to each of my room mates and then I will proceed to make every recipe on your blog that has chocolate as an ingredient. :DDD

  467. Sandra Burkett says:

    I would make some of these delicious recipes you have on your website if I won the chocolate.

  468. caroline says:

    if i get this chocolate, im going to melt it, an pour it over EVERYTHING I EAT
    then, what i have left over i am going to stuff it in my mouth as fast as possible i hope i win this!

  469. Um, I think I’d use the chocolate bars to make this pie! Helloo!!! I also RTed your giveaway for an extra entry :). I love Endangered Species chocolate! Their dark is the best (behind Lindt, maybe…)!

  470. extreme banana bread says:

    I would use the chocolate for multiple my oatmeal in the morning ( have to have some form of chocolate when I wake up :)..then I would add some to my trail mix for lunch…baking wise I’d add some to my banana bread and I really wanna try to make your deep dish cookie pie and health chocolate chip cookies for some of my friends/family instead of using the “unhealthy” recipes I use to follow. And I have to say I agree… I definitely like some chocolate better than others…shhhh :)

  471. Katie says:

    Yum!! I would love to make the Chocolate Bar Pie…sounds delish! But in all truthfulness, it may not make it that long – I love chocolate bars by themselves

  472. Jo says:

    Mmmm, chocolate! Well, it would be a good excuse to bake chocolate loaded cookies and brownies.. and this pie looks bloody delicious too.

  473. Anu says:

    For thhe giveaway: I would eat the chocolate straight up! Yum!

  474. Tess says:

    Yum Eat it straight up!!!!!

  475. Lisa says:

    I only like chocolate on its own, so I would just eat these straight from their wrappings.

  476. I would either bathe in the chocolate or hide in a corner and eat it all by myself – no sharing. 😉

  477. Joshua says:

    i like a really dark sipping chocolate, or even better in bar form 85 % is the best.

  478. Jialin Zhang says:

    I’m probably going to end up eating them ALL if I win, hahaha :) No baking for me, just straight up chocolate. 😀

  479. Kerryne says:


  480. Jess says:


    I’ve been wanting to make this -so badly- since I first saw it posted.
    And… ifIwinthedraw might have a good excuse? Other than that I have a house full of males who will make quick work of any I don’t devour..

    Otherwise I’m a total chocaholic and would probably eat it straight or as a ganache (I love making dipped chocolates – especially peanut butter balls~!)

    Good luck with the giveaway!

  481. Jaime Tyler says:

    I’ve been secretly stalking your blog for a month or so now, printing off most of your recipes so when I have a quiet moment (wait, I have 2 kids, that won’t happen) I can try them out! :) They look incredible and I’m so impressed with your ability to use healthy ingredients, perfect for “unsuspecting” little ones! Ha ha!

    As for the giveaway, well I’m pretty much trying to keep from drooling on the couch. Dark chocolate is my weakness and those flavors sound so scrumptious! I would use them in their purest form…straight from wrapper to my mouth. Oh and I might share with my sister and Mom cause they love dark chocolate too! Thanks for your hard work, makes eating yummy, healthy desserts on my end so much easier.

  482. liz says:

    How I will use my chocolate? To sneak away to my “happy place” during long afternoons in my office 😉

  483. Angel says:

    Hope this comment is in the right place. I would enjoy the chocolate a little bit at a time in the evening after my children go to bed. It would be an indulgence just for me ; ) – and I would savor every single bite! Well, it wouldn’t be bites – it would be pieces slowly melting on my tongue. Wouldn’t BITE gourmet chocolate… that’d be too much like gobbling, and it’d be gone way too fast that way.

  484. Andrea says:

    I’m not all that fancy. I would have girlfriends over to drink wine, eat chocolate and talk the night away.

    1. Lisa says:

      Andrea, I like the way you think :)

  485. Lisa says:

    I’ve tried several of your recipes and I’d like to experiment with the vegan chocolate, perhaps in red velvet brownies, a compromise for my husband (who loves red velvet cake) and me (I love brownies).

  486. Courtney says:

    There’s so many things I could do with that chocolate. Like making the pie above for instance. And fudge chocolately fudge babies. LOTS of fudge babies. But I love just sticking it in the microwave for a minute and letting it get all nice and melty, then dipping my fingers in it and sucking it off. So good, even plain. I NEED THAT CHOCOLATE!! :)

  487. alissa says:

    I would use the endangered species chocolate for my hot chocolate :]

  488. Katherine says:

    No other comments on this page about it, but it is where the link lead.
    I would use the chocolate to celebrate my birthday(which is today) and share it with others – and probably make a little something to enjoy :)

  489. hey! I’m sure you relate….but I for some reason I HAVE TO HAVE really dark chocolate right when I wake up in the morning. My craving starts from the second I open my eyes…hahah SO that’s how I will use it. For breakfast haha

  490. sally says:

    I would simply shove it in my mouth as is : D haha they all sound so yum!

  491. Lorin says:

    I would use the chocolate to eat by itself. I like eating chocolate bars by themselves.

  492. Rachel says:

    Well, I’d say I would definitely eat this kind of chocolate straight up:) Love the dark stuff!

  493. Heather says:

    That chocolate doesn’t stand a chance to go through the dessert making process! I will eat it a piece at a time!

  494. Kady says:

    I would share my chocolate with friends who are having a bad day!

  495. Sophie says:

    Ooooh! I love chocolate :)

    Thanks for this great opportunity!