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Healthy Desserts for Your Super Bowl Party

Guy Stereotypes: Guys like football. Guys like meat. So what if you want to throw a Super Bowl party without meat? Simple! You distract the guys with chocolate. And beer. Guys like beer! (Stereotypes aside, many girls like football too… and girls love chocolate. Bring chocolate to your Super Bowl party, and everyone will be happy!) […]

Melty Pizza Hummus

It’s hummus. But it tastes like pizza. This initially started out as regular hummus. I’d never made my own hummus before, so I trusted a recipe from Vegnews. It was easy enough to make, but the finished product tasted quite bland. In an effort to jazz up the flavor, I turned to Hunts (as I often […]

Whipped Cream Cereal

Sleep? What’s that? Please forgive me if this post makes no sense. I went out dancing with a few friends last night, and we didn’t get home until after two in the morning. But, of course, my body decides it’s a great idea to wake up at 6. So here I am, full of energy… […]

Want to take a Chocolate Quiz?

Don’t worry; it’s not graded! The above is a compilation of all the chocolate various relatives and friends sent me for Christmas. They know me so well . I haven’t tried the face mask yet, but the strawberry-chocolate tea is really fun. (Apparently, it comes in a red velvet flavor, too.) And the Endangered Species […]

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Healthy hot Chocolate. Chocolate is the answer to every problem. No seriously, it is. —-Boyfriend broke up with you? Chocolate! —-No time to make dinner? Chocolate! —-Spilled red wine all over your tablecloth? Baking soda! Baking soda??? Okay, maybe chocolate is the answer to almost every problem. (Please don’t try putting chocolate on your red […]

Happy, Healthy, and… Hot??

How to stay warm in the winter: Option One: Hats and scarves! I must have about a billion scarves (and lots of winter hats as well). To me, scarves are the only fun part of cold weather. Otherwise I’d be happy if it were 75 degrees all year long. And they double as photography props, […]

Healthy Peanut Butter Recipes

Healthy Peanut Butter Recipes!                           Happy Peanut Butter Day! If I’d known it was National Peanut Butter Day earlier than last night, I would’ve made you an awesome new recipe. Instead, I’ll highlight some of my previously-posted healthy peanut butter recipes… and I’ll […]

Copycat Nature Valley Granola Bars

Imagine yourself eating your favorite granola… Now imagine eating your favorite granola… in the form of a granola bar! Nature Valley Granola Bars… Do you know the ones I’m talking about? Those crunchy bars in the green wrappers? My friend Sarah calls them “horse food” because they’re made up of oats and sugar—things that horses […]

Sugar Free Powdered Sugar

How to make sugar free powdered sugar, which works for any recipe that calls for regular powdered sugar. It’s SO easy! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… Is it snowing where you are? As usual, Dallas weather doesn’t know what it wants to do. So it vacillates from 25 to 75 and back […]

Single Serving Mocha Chocolate Cake

The rich chocolate mug cake displayed before your very eyes can be made in under 5 minutes. And it serves just one person. Unless you’re crazy and decide to share… You’re not crazy, are you? Yeah, me neither. 😉 When I heard today was National Coffee Break Day, my first thought was to write a post highlighting […]