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Homemade Chocolate Bars

Homemade Chocolate Bars

Three ingredients.

Five minutes.

Make your own healthy chocolate bars with just 3 ingredients!

These homemade chocolate bars pretty much make themselves. It’s especially fun to customize the flavor, and they taste like eating the coating right off of a chocolate Dove bar.

healthy chocolate bars

Homemade Chocolate Bars

Homemade Chocolate Bars

Or you can make homemade chocolate chips!


  • 1/2 cup plus 1 tbsp cacao or cocoa powder
  • 4 tbsp unrefined coconut oil, melted
  • NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops to taste (If you'd prefer to use a liquid sweetener, such as agave or pure maple syrup, use this ratio instead: 1/4 cup cocoa powder, 1/4 cup coconut oil, 3 tbsp of your liquid sweetener.)
  • optional extracts, cocoa nibs, or other add-ins
  • optional 1 extra tbsp oil or water, if it needs to be thinner


Homemade Chocolate Bars: Combine coconut oil with the liquid sweetener or stevia drops. (For the stevia version, I recommend NuNaturals because I find other brands to have an aftertaste.) Stir, then add the cacao powder. Stir stir stir! Stir until it gets thick. Pour into any flat container (or candy molds or smush between layers of wax paper or in ziploc bags). Freeze until solid, and store in the freezer. Once hardened, you can also opt to melt the bars again for chocolate sauce. Or chop them up for healthy 100% sugar-free chocolate chips! If you use the stevia option, these bars are sugar-free.

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Homemade Chocolate Bars - just 3 ingredients!

Updated Recipes: I’m trying to make the recipe pages easier to navigate… A few readers have said it’s confusing—with links going everywhere—and I’m truly sorry for that! There are just so many recipes, it’s hard to organize them all.

I’ve updated the following page: 100+ Healthy Meal Ideas & Recipes.

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  1. I am thinking about trying this recipe with some puffed rice cereal. My daughter’s favorite candy bar used to be Nestle Crunch!

    • I made some with pepitas; they have the nice crispy quality of cereal, but they’re whole foods. The saltiness is a nice contrast, too.

      I also made some topped with chopped almonds and unsweetened coconut — that was our fave!

      I just make them as bark, though. Spread out on parchment. (pics on my blog)

      • Ericka R. says:

        I loved your idea Jana but took some raw pepitas “popped” them in a dry skillet and seasoned them with a little cayenne and sea salt before mixing with the chocolate. Heaven! Did some just with the pepitas plain and it was fantastic too. Just be careful because they really do pop and they will pop right out of the pan and you can get a nasty burn.

  2. Yum! I made the with hazelnut extract once, it was pretty good. How about a cherry extract?
    Or tiny pieces of diced fruit like cherry or blueberry.
    Coffee beans? Rice puffs?

  3. How about adding some brown rice cereal? Crunchy fun!

  4. You should do a Turtle bar! With Nuts and Caramel Yummy Or a S’more one… with Marshmallow Cream swirled in!

  5. dried mango with spice…wow~!

    • Christine in ND says:

      We just made this with half Stevie half maple syrup and raw cacao powder….tastes like the most delicious deep dark chocolate bar. Fantastic and healthy indulgence.

  6. Woah, how simple! You should totally use these to make some kind of s’mores dessert!

  7. How cool – make your own chocolate bars! You could do something with blood orange, maybe maple syrup, salted caramel?

  8. I love the simplicity of your recipes! These look like really expensive, fancy chocolate bars!

  9. Oh my YUM! And the photos are just stellar, as always :).

  10. Right now I am a big fan of citrusy chocolate. I think using some orange liqueur would be a good touch. Also, maybe stirring in some nuts such as pistachios for an added crunch would be great too. Love that this recipe is so customizable. What a great idea for hostess gifts, or DIY valentine’s candies!

  11. I’ve never thought of making my own chocolate bar, what a great idea.

    How about cayanne or a similar spice for chocolate with a kick?! Or someone make a vegan bacon version – that seems to be all the rage and I haven’t gotten to try it? Or a salty chocolate version?

  12. Nicole K. says:

    I like the thought of adding In different spices like chai, pumpkin pie spice/apple pie sice (you could mix in dried apple slices) and I’m always intrigued with rosemary!

    • noah farrer says:

      I discovered using rosemary in desserts in culinary school and love to use it, people do not expect to see it. Great idea it would be awesome.

  13. I think cinnamon would be a great addition! I also love the idea other commenters have had of adding rice cereal: I love the krackle and crunch bars. Maybe add some caramel bits too? Mini marshmallows? Graham cracker crumbs? Peanuts? The possibilities are endless!

  14. :-(
    I like them opening in a new window so I can keep them aside and don’t have to ‘back button’ to look at another one. But, alas, we can’t all like the same things. Good thing your fans do agree on the deliciousness of the recipes!

    I think I’ll be making these chocolate bars today. I’m going to make chili-chocolate bars. I tried one recently — homemade will be better, I’m sure! It had a slight chili bite that made my mouth go, mmmmmmm.

  15. This looks delicious! Making these today!

  16. Tara page says:

    for some healthy additions, you can add hemp seeds. In high portions, they actually make it kind of crunchy and add great nutritional value!

  17. Love this idea! 3 ingredients and you’ve made your own! Such a cute gift idea too, thanks Katie!

  18. I use Recipage for my blog and LOVE it! They keep making Recipage easier to use too, and there is a free version if you don’t want to pay for the elite service. They added a few new tools at the beginning of the year making it even cooler You should definitely check it out! It might be a lot of work on the front in (importing everything), but I think it would be worth it in the long run!

  19. This is awesome and potentially a huge money saver! b/c I spend way too much of it on chocolate! haha

  20. Heather Brandt says:

    What mold did you use?

  21. Clearly these call for some crystallized ginger, dried cranberries, and pistachios!

  22. What a great idea even for a small little gift for people. Where do you find unrefined coconut oil and the agave or unnatural vanilla stevia. How much of the optional add ins would you put in like nuts or brown rice cereal?

    • Hmmm, I guess I’d just sprinkle it in til it looked good. I don’t know about specific measurements.

      • Valerie: I’m probably 30 miles from a big health food store, where you can definitely find it, but I found agave at a local grocery store (Publix). I get the coconut oil from tropical traditions at their online store – they have sales with free shipping sometimes (once a quarter?) and free coconut oil sometimes- right now! (and usually every couple of months). You could look there for the vanilla stevia too :) You get some free stuff if you use my code as a friend who referred you: it’s seven seven nine six three one five, in letters just in case autobots are trolling for numbers LOL :)

  23. Renee Allen says:

    Oh Katie! I think you’ve come up with a gold mine here! How exciting!!! Do you have a peanut butter version? That would be fun with peanut butter swirls amidst! Almonds are always good with chocolate bars too. Or toffee. Is there a possibility for healthy toffee? That would be great too!

  24. Curry powder would go great with the coconut theme – I’ve had a curry-flavored bar by Vosges before and it was fantastic. Also, rosemary or sage. I love rosemary and I know sage sounds weird but I’ve had one before and it was delicious! Also, dried lavender and some Earl Grey ground up tea leaves. I love creatively-flavored chocolates, if you can’t tell =D

  25. How delicious! I need to get my paws on some of those drops! I don’t have any but have heard such great things! Mmmmmm!

  26. chocolate raspberry sounds delicious! maybe chocolate layer -> freeze -> raspberry jam layer -> freeze -> chocolate layer. Or do the same with coconut butter. Or any other fruit jam. Endless possibilities…

  27. That looks delicious. I like orange and chocolate, but mint and chocolate is awesome too.

  28. You. Are. A. Genius! I’m out of the country and my daughter really wants to make cookies for her new friends but we don’t have chocolate chips, but we do have these 3 ingredients! Thank you!!! Adding cinnamon would be yummy to make cinnamon flavored chips. Cinnamon chips are awesome in your banana bread recipe!

  29. Omigosh, I never thought about making my own chocolate but I love how you can make it healthy and sugar free! Must try this asap! Recipe wise, sea salt or nuts or heath bar would all be amazing!!

  30. For those of us that like the hot stuff what about a chilli powder or chili flake version?

  31. I’ve not been on here for a long while, and these look ab fab. totally yummy. might give them a go tonight even, with raw cacao and raw honey to make a raw food treat. yumkins.

  32. oh, i vote for something crazy like lavendar, rose petals, or ginger!

  33. i saw it!! but not the pictures.. was kinda wondering what was going on. looks GREAT

  34. As far as recipe organization, I keep hearing great things about bloggers using RECIpage, although I have no experience with it.

  35. These sound so yummy!

  36. I love making my own chocolate! What about something with caramel? or almonds? I agree with other readers, you have so many delicious recipes, but sometimes it’s hard to navigate. Thanks for keeping your site so user friendly and awesome!

  37. I use a mold and add natural peanut butter between layers! I also like to ad macadamia nuts

  38. ooooo I think I’ll make these before Valentine’s Day to give to my fellow teachers! Maybe with some orange zest

  39. I wish I had more stevia! That stuff is so expensive!

    • Why not grow your own plants and just use the ground up dried leaves – it’s the same thing without the cost. there are numerous places selling the seeds, and it grows well in any reasonably warm place

  40. Sarah the official CCK drooler says:

    These bars look great and we all probably have everything! I’m gonna do the mint as i have both extract and leaves to garnish. Maybe something with strawberries? I have tons of those. And maybe some coffee flavor too! I’m getting excited Have a great day Katie

  41. I was wondering where this recipe went! I saw it in my reader the other day and thought I HAVE to make these! I’m curious, though, do you think I could use regular sugar instead of agave or stevia?

  42. I’d love to make these Mexican chocolate! With the addition of a touch of cayenne and cinnamon . Also orange-cardamom mocha sounds good! With orange zest or extract, fresh ground cardamom and instant espresso powder.
    Or sea salt & almond. Always wins, as well.

  43. I did see the original post and pix……….then wondered where it went!!!!!! I had recently tried it when looking through the older recipes, it is so tasty! I vote for some spicy, chili flavoured ones!!!

  44. Amazing what just 3 ingredients can do!

  45. yum, can’t wait to try this!

  46. I really like simple recipes.

    I too think orange extract would be really good. Or maybe almond?? I wonder if some peanut butter could be added for either a second layer or mixed in. I <3 chocolate and peanut butter!

  47. So good with mint…my favorite flavor!!! Why not add some chopped nuts or crispies?

  48. I saw your website and was like “What?” then I went to your facebook page and was like “Ah…” So glad everything worked out alright!

    I make my own chocolate by mixing one banana with 1/4 cup cocoa powder, rolling out and freezing. Yours look like real chocolate bars though!

    Do you know what would be awesome? If you got a stamp that said “CCK or Chocolate-Covered Katie” on it. You could have your own chocolate bars :)

    • Wow, that WOULD be awesome!! I wonder how they make plastic chocolate molds…
      I’ve also been thinking it’d be really cool to find molds shaped like Hershey kisses!

      • Pam Siegler says:

        I am a cake decorator/candy maker. Molds are available for everything under the sun. There are MANY mold companies that manufacture molds to your design such as CCK. There is an ICES convention every year in August in a different state ICES stands for International Cake Exploration Sociality. There are mold suppliers/manufacturers there. If you are in a hurry you can just type candy mold suppliers in your search engine and many will come up. Check your phone book for candy making suppliers they may have the hershey kiss mold in stock both the large kiss as well as the small kiss and maybe a medium. This time of year (Valentines Day) is a really good time to find them available.

  49. Penny Lane Knight says:

    I know it isn’t Vegan, but I used raw honey to sweeten, with crushed Almonds with honey with a little sea salt and some cinnamon. It is the bomb diggity, I am also thinking about trying it with Maple Syrup sweetener and a little Maple Syrup extract.

  50. I’m not sure if it’s your thing, but I think that this bar spiced up with some type of chili or cayenne would be a stellar combo. I love the simplicity of this recipe!

  51. Hi katie! I just made it!! Way good! Try using to index your recipes. It’s really, really great. And they just added a new tool that lets you embed the recipe into your post with share links. It’s awesome!

  52. I like to add coconut sugar…I’m still figuring it out, sometimes I try to turn it into a paste (I have the crystallized kind), but even if it doesnt work, it gives each bite teeeeeeny crunchies that I just LOVE. Regular sugar works too but then that’s more sugar so, yeah. But yummmmmy!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS RECIPE!!

  53. Love! What a great idea!

  54. I think some peanut butter, or almonds would be great!

  55. Well, aside from plain chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate is my all time fave….so how about adding peanut butter? Or what about a chocolate and cream swirl? Don’t know if these are possible, I’ll let you (the expert) decide! :)

  56. Mmm I made my own chocolate a few weeks back for homemade reeses. Love the cunchy factor the coconut oil gives to these, just like a shell you’re right.

  57. I have all the ingredients!!!

    *Happy dance*

  58. I never knew making a chocolate bar could so simple! :D

  59. Add a second layer made up of coconut oil, sweetener of choice, shredded coconut and chopped almonds. Viola! Healthy Mounds Bars.:)

  60. YOU ARE A GENIUS!! I mean, make your own sugar free chocolate! Amazing kudos to you!!!
    I really think just adding chopped peanuts would make it divine!

  61. As always, Katie, awesome job on the recipe! I think a Nutella version would be great — I recently bought organic hazelnut extract and it’s amazing with lattes, but I need to cook/bake with it more! I’ll report back with the hazelnut-chocolate bar results!
    P.S., I used 10 drops of stevia as I found it pretty sweet after that – sometimes it’s hard to believe that most tastebuds are acclimated to sweeter than that!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Snow has showed up here in Seattle!

    • Enjoy the snow for me… We’re having 60-degree weather here, and I don’t miss that snow one bit ;).

      • I’m from Minnesota, and I hate the snow and the cold but I know one thing- hot chocolate is 20 times more decadent when its below 0 and snowing. Especially if you’re outside while drinking it. You don’t get to just taste and smell the chocolate, you get to FEEL the warm chocolate vapors caressing your skin and entering through your pores- its like a chocolate spa for your face! (dermal chocolate ingestion ftw!)

  62. oh i was so confused when i checked your blog the next day and this post was gone and the format was back to normal- i thought i had dreamt this post!

    what about adding coffee and toffee?!

  63. Mmm can’t wait to try these with all sorts of mix-ins!

  64. Katie, I just made these for my husband and I and they turned out fabulously! I mixed up a little bit of pb frosting (peanut butter, agave, almond milk) for the tops and it totally took it over the edge. DELICIOUS! And so quick and easy.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  65. awww bummer about the crash! :( I saw your post in Google Reader, but when I clicked over to comment, the site looked really funny. (but obvs you knew that.) I’m glad it’s fixed now!!

    I have a stash of mini Lindt chocolate bars in my cupboard…once they’re gone, I’m making these :D

    • Haha the worst thing was that all these people were bashing my “new header” and telling me how ugly it looked. I wanted to reply that I knew… and that I hated it too! But it wouldn’t even allow me to comment on my own blog :-?.

  66. They look great! I’m guessing you don’t suggest subbing anything for the coconut oil?
    ~ Adrienne

  67. Oh believe me… I still saw this recipe and whipped it up shortly afterward. For some reason, I wasn’t a huge fan or the agave in the chocolate. I think it drowned out the bitterness to the chocolate that I enjoy so much. I’m going to play around with the recipe to see if I can come up with something a little different.

  68. Wow, that looks delicious and so easy to make! I’m going to try them right now!

  69. My favourite dark chocolate at the moment has dried sweetened cranberries in it, so I would give that a try.

  70. Chocolate orange is one of my favorite combos!! I’d love to recreate some of the Vosges Chocolate flavors at home, like the gingerbread toffee one. They are really funky and unique, but soooo expensive!

  71. So sorry for the blog troubles! Chocolate and orange is amazing, like another commenter said.

  72. Heidi Lynn says:

    I love lemon extract in chocolate! How about almonds and coconut, or freeze dried strawberries or bananas, or Low sugar fruit preserves, or raisins. Maybe even PB & freeze dried bananas. Oh there are so many possibilities!

  73. Wow, I’d never have thought to make homemade chocolate bars…until now, bwahahahah!
    As for flavoring ideas, vanilla bean, almond extract, or amaretto come to mind:)

  74. How did you get yours in that shape bar? I would love to do that for friends.

  75. Oh my wow…just made these and I’m in heaven :) I topped mine with chopped pistachios (would have used hazelnuts if I had any). Thanks Katie!

  76. Glad your blog is restored and that things are back to normal. That had to be super stressful for you as blog stuff is when things go wrong.

    The bars look great. You could use lots of chocolate after all that!

  77. What about gingerbread chocolate? :) Or a combination of white and dark chocolate in swirlies, like marble. Or coffee. Or cranberry. Or caramel.

    Or all of the above XD

  78. I loved the sauce version of this and am loving orange chocolate at the moment so might have to add some orange zest… :-)

  79. Ok, just tried it and it tastes extra yummy! Thanks for all those brilliant recipes! I added some hemp seeds and cinnamon. Delicious!

  80. Aubre Rice says:

    This would be good with some almond flavoring!

  81. Could you use something else in place of the coconut oil? or just omit it entirely?

  82. When I saw the words, “bar” I thought it’d be the typical date-and-nuts-with-cocoa-powder bar then when I saw these, I was about ready to jump out of my seat.
    Instead of putting them into molds, can you pipe them out so they can freeze as little chips? Oh, and do you think regular olive oil can work, too? I only saw coconut oil in my grocery store once and I’m not even sure if it’s still there!
    (PS. some great add-ins can be cookies n cream, coffee, chocolate + pb, different types of berries, adding in white chocolate to the bars)

  83. Good for you for being so receptive to your readers’ needs. As for the chocolate, you can never go wrong with nuts and raisins, or brown rice crispies. PS, if you add almond or soy milk, will this make it a milk chocolate or a shameful mess?

  84. Is everything going to be back to normal soon? I am getting a “404 error” on every recipe I try to look up. Deep dish cookie pie, fudge babies, all 404’d :( It did not do this the other day when I made the pb cookie things, sigh!

    • I’m really (really!!!) sorry. I have no idea why some people are getting 404 messages on posts that DO exist. I’ve asked my host, my wordpress guru friend, and even the wordpress forums… no one knows why this is happening :(.

  85. Dried pineapple and cayenne would be yummy!!!

  86. Oh, goodness, this has made my day! I’ve been looking for an easy homemade chocolate recipe for ages, and voila! Thank you so much, Katie! <33

  87. Mexican, with cinnamon and cayenne added, yum! Or chocolate-mint with a couple drops of mint extract. Maybe chocolate orange? (with drops of orange extract) On the same lines you could add hazelnut essence/extract, or roasted chopped hazelnuts. chocolate + hazelnuts are so good!
    So many ideas :-)

  88. Where can I buy unrefined coconut oil and setvia drops?

  89. More suggestions: bee pollen, goji berries, crushed up nuts, hemp seeds…

  90. Try making a “Mr. Good Bar”!
    Or a “CRUNCH” Krackle bar!
    What do you think?

  91. Oh Katie- you are just fabulous. I can’t wait to try these. Can’t WAIT!!!!!!! I’m sure mine won’t look anything like yours, but I know they’ll taste good because you’re, well, just amazing. If I didn’t just polish off a mocha I would be making these right now. Dangerous. :)

  92. DONNA DEWS says:

    I found my heart candy mold. I am going to make this into chocolate candy hearts. Little early before Valentines Day, but gives me time to experiment with different flavors and options with the chocolate hearts!

  93. Jessica Hope says:

    Hi Katie,

    What a wonderful site!!!! I just made these bars.. and there was a lot of oil still left over in my pot, even as the chocolate got thicker. I put it in the freezer and fingers crossed they will come out.. Is there suppose to be left over oil?
    Thanks a bunch..

  94. Hey Katie, have you heard of Recipage? As an avid blog reader, I can attest that it’s definitely the easiest way to find my way around a blog’s recipes. I’m not a blogger and therefore can’t vouch for its ease of use on your end, but I’d imagine it can’t be too difficult!

  95. I love orange flavors in dark chocolate…maybe some orange juice? And chile and cinnamon are excellent to add into chocolate for a spicy kick; try some cayenne and cinnamon! Sounds awesome. Oh, and P.S. I’m visiting Costa Rica all this month, and I got to tour an organic cacao farm. We got to make chocolate by hand from the roasted beans to the final product, which we scooped up with chopped-up bananas (also from the farm). DELICIOUS.

  96. I totally saw this post! I was wondering where it went…regardless, it looks delicious!

  97. Hi,Katie! I just discovered your blog recently, and am already a HUGE FAN! these chocolate bars look really tasty! so glad to find a HEALTHY CHOCOLATE BAR! As for flavor ideas, I have got a ton:
    mexican (chile)
    chocolate-covered strawberry
    chocolate-peanut butter
    cookies ‘n’ cream
    trail mix

  98. Idea 1-

    “Skinny reese’s bars (pb sauce based of pms sauce)” (tested and loved)

    Mix up 3 tbs peanut butter, 2 tbs coconut oil, and 2 tsp raw honey (or amber agave nectar if you don’t eat honey) spread on parchment paper, and freeze for a few seconds, when firm, coat with chocolate sauce and freeze again, enjoy or go wild and do a few more layers!

    Idea 2- (not exactly an add in but really yummy!)

    Make up smore’s ready graham crackers. Top with a spread of coconut butter and a dollop of vegan cool whip (coconut cream version.) freeze for about 30 minutes, or until cool whip has firm coating. Drizzle on chocolate sauce and freeze again if necessary. Enjoy and expect mess.

    Idea 3- (haven’t tried this one, but if you come up with the amounts to add, please let me know Katie, because I would really like to try this one.

    Mix in cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger for Chocolate Chai bar, or just add in chopped up bits of candied ginger. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate and ginger together, yum!)

  99. Desiccated coconut and curry powder, like Theo and Vosges! Yummmmmm!

  100. Katie! This recipe is heaven-sent! I discovered your blog in my quest for edible sugar-free desserts, as I have been battling thrush since before we brought our new baby home from the hospital. Not only is this sugar-free, BUT it contains the coconut oil I’m supposed to be consuming in increasing amounts as an anti-fungal! I’ve got to get my hands on these stevia drops so I can make chocolate chips for your yummy triple chocolate muffins! Thanks SO much!

  101. Katie, please do a raspberry chocolate bar – or even a peanut butter chocolate bar.

  102. Ugh. Blog problems are so frustrating! I have a programmer friend who uses WP to host his store’s site, and even he has problems fixing bugs. And that’s what he does (and has done for years) for a living! Anyway….*breath in/breath out*

    Love, love, love the chocolate bars. I’ve been casually thinking I needed to come up with a chocolate bar recipe, but it hadn’t made it past the thinking stage. Now I don’t have to think about it; I can just do it! Woohoo.

    I can think of endless add-ins: extracts, cereal, dried fruit, nut butters, nuts, layers…yum!

  103. YAY for CHOCOLATE BARS!!!! It is so hard to find chocolate bars that don’t have milk in them. I love this! Thank you so much! :D

  104. how great and simple!! you rule :)

    i have traditional powdered stevia, but have never tried substituting it for recipes calling for stevia drops..would it be a similar result or would it change the consistency, do you know?

    thanks katie!

    • I don’t know… but if you try it, please do report back!

      • OH!!! i KNOW NOW what the deal is! I used LouAna coconut oil (it’s what i had) and it doesn’t say whether it is refined or unrefined. Through the magic of Google, and someone else’s hard work, i found that it is refined oil, and will not work for this process. Gotta go back to the store and get some good quality coconut oil!

  105. So I saw this earlier and I’m starting to eat healthier and SWEETs are my weakness so I I bought the stuff for this and made it. few things.
    1: I couldn’t find unrefined coconut oil will that be an issue?
    2: its really difficult to get out of the jar, what do you recommend for this?
    3: I used Agave but added Stevia to sweeten it some more but I couldn’t find Stevia drops and used 1 packet of pre measured Stevia, is that going to cause an issue?
    4: It got thick FAST and almost looked like chocolate does when it ‘burns’? any tips to help? like what temp for the heat, how long ect?

    • Heat the entire container of coconut oil to liquify it. Mine comes in a glass container, so I just take the lid off and put the whole thing in the microwave for about a minute. Sometimes it only takes 30 seconds. Keep an eye on it. It wll become clear when it’s melted.

      If you don’t use unrefined coconut oil, you’ll be able to taste coconut. Refined coconut oil doesn’t really taste like anything. There may be a very slight coconut flavor, but it’s practically undetectable.

      I mixed maple syrup and powdered Stevia, and mine also got very thick – like fudge. I’m hoping to find a solution to that. Maybe add water? I tried adding about 2 TBSP water, but it didn’t really help, and I was worried about ruining it, (I hate wasting expensive ingredients like coconut oil), so I just went with it and squished my fudge into a thin layer between parchment paper and froze it. Came out OK…

    • Cara Virostko says:

      I measured the solid coconut oil into a pyrex bowl which I then floated in a bowl of boiling water. Melted like a charm and didn’t have to mess with the whole container.

  106. I’m addicted to your blog- Seriously!
    I check it every day and love seeing what recipes you’ve created.

    I’ve been contemplating making homemade chocolate for soooo long now. Seeing this recipe has helped make up my mind… I’m gunna do it!

    I was just wondering tho, do you think this recipe would work with coconut butter instead of oil?

    Thanks Katie! Keep up the awesome work :D

  107. how do I un-subscribe to the “notify me of followup comments via email??

  108. Such a great and simple recipe! Yum! I will have to try these.

  109. I added a bit of almond extract(1/2 t or so) and topped my bars with chopped toasted almonds and shredded coconut….. SO YUMMY and so easy and quick!

  110. What size container do you put these in to harden? Is a large cookie sheet too large? Would love to make them, but I’m not sure if I used something too big, would cover the pan and I’m fairly lazy :-) so would like to know ALL the directions before I start so I’m not mixing up more batches if my pan is too big.

  111. Pam Siegler says:

    For your 3 ingredient chocolate bar. Orange oil flavoring. Orange flavored chocolate is so delish!

  112. Not a big fan of milk or dark chocolate. BUT hide the white chocolate or it will be gone in second. Any ideas on white chocolate bars?

    • I don’t :(. I actually don’t like white chocolate. Weird for a chocoholic, I know!

    • Tanja Funk says:

      White Chocolate isn’t actually chocolate at all because it does not have cocoa solids in it. But I bet you could make your own if you switched out the coconut oil and used cocoa butter. OR maybe even just adding some sort of milk solid. The stuff you buy in the store for baking has sugar, cocoa butter, milk products, vanilla, and usually soy lecithin.

  113. Been loving the peppermint kisses that hershey puts out at christmas. Would love a candy bar like that.

  114. The best chocolate bar I have had lately was a milk chocolate bar infused with basil and topped with toasted sesame seeds. It might play well with the darker chocolate too? I’m excited too try!

  115. Stephanie says:

    I made these last night and substituted honey for the agave nector. They are amazing, perfect, fantastic. There just aren’t enough descriptive words to describe how awesome they are. I think maybe chocolate coma is the best I can come up with! I don’t know if anyone suggested it, but I think they would be good with some espresso or coffee flavor added. Thanks for the great recipe :)

    • Stephanie says:

      Oh, and I used the Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder, since I love dark chocolate!

    • Tiffany says:

      I used honey for my sweetener thinking it was similar enough to agave that it should work. I also didn’t have coconut oil so I substituted butter. If your honey sweetened bars worked it must be the butter that messed mine up. It tastes good it just isn’t solidifying, it has more of a soft fudge texture than a chocolate bar texture.

  116. YUM! Totally think I’m gonna try these for valentines day…just need some cute little heart molds. I want to try them spicy…maybe some cayenne pepper for a kick?

    For your recipe navigation, have you heard of I believe it’s a free service, and it allows for very easy navigation of recipes on a blog. I follow many blogs that use it and I am very thankful for it when I want a blogger’s specific recipe. Just an idea though!

  117. Delicious! A great idea! What about chocolate au poivre rose?

  118. Oh, thank you for this recipe! Fantastic. How about orange and cardamom with a hint of cinnamon? Or chilli? Or a few drops of peppermint oil? Lovely, can’t wait to try it. Thanks again.

  119. These sound great! My daughter is allergic to milk and the dairy free chocolates are so expensive at the store. This sounds like a great alternative so she doesn’t miss out on chocolate!!

  120. I saw this recipe before the crash and thought “I HAVE to show someone!” when my mother came over i tried getting onto the site and it had gone down. It was a sad day, but glad that everything is back!

  121. best. thing. ever.

  122. Rose cardamom? Or some kind of wine-sugar syrup to mix in? basil or thyme or sage?or some kind of balsamic reduction to mix in? Oh the possibilities are endless! It looks great and I plan on giving it a try. Thanks for the recipe!

  123. I’m living abroad and only have baker’s chocolate. Could I melt that and use it for the recipe?

    • I guess you probably could… but do they not sell cocoa powder (just the plain Hershey’s-type stuff) where you are? I know they sold it in China when I lived there, but I’m not sure where you are, so I obviously don’t know about your specific situation lol.

  124. I actually live close to Richardson– where is this store with the room of moulds??? Thank you!

  125. I added some peppermint extract and ~1.5 T granulated sugar (I don’t really do substitutes..) and some prune puree, and OH LORD is it good. I thought it might be too dark for me (and I’m a DARK chocolate kind of girl) and it did toe the line, but I’m glad I didn’t add more sugar because it was amazing! So bitter with a hint of sweetness at the end. OMNOMNOM

    Also, for people looking for candy molds, if you have a Michaels near you, they usually have molds in the cake decorating section!

  126. Help! I’ve made this twice, thinking I somehow messed up the first batch, because my chocolate bars came out more like chocolate chewy bars…even after being frozen they weren’t solid like a regular chocolate bar, I could still bend it without breaking it. Is this how it’s supposed to be, or am I doing something wrong? Both times I made it with agave, if that matters.


    • Yikes, no they should get hard! Are you adding the water and agave, by any chance?

      • Nope! I don’t understand! Would the amount of time/heat when stirring make a difference? Could I be stirring too long/not long enough or not taking the mixture off the heat fast enough or something?

        (Thanks for responding, by the way!)

        • I think I figured out what you’re doing wrong. It says to melt the coconut oil, but once the coconut oil is liquid, you don’t want to heat everything else at all! :)
          After the coconut is liquid, take it off the heat (or out of the microwave). Then add everything else.

          • It still didn’t work :( It’s a little better, it tears easier haha, it doesn’t just bend and stretch like my other two attempts, but it definitely isn’t hard and doesn’t break. I did turn the heat completely off after the oil was melted, but do I need to let the coconut oil sit and cool down more after melting it before adding the other ingredients? I feel dumb that I am apparently the only one having this problem LOL!

            • Anonymous says:

              Maybe just don’t use the stove at all. I just melted the coconut oil in a little Pyrex measuring cup and it only took 30 seconds in the microwave. Then I added honey, (I don’t have any of the agave or stevia) and the cocoa powder. Worked fine!

            • Wendy, you are not dumb! I did the same thing! The directions didn’t not say remove the oil from heat once melted, so my chocolate became “gloppy” and gooey. :( They are in the freezer now for a party I have in 3 hours. I hope they turn out OK! I’m glad I found your comment so I can know what I did wrong! :)

              Katie, could you maybe add to the recipe directions to remove the oil from heat? Thank you and I’m so excited I just found your site! I have a whole Super Bowl party menu planned from your recipes!

              • Done! :)

                • 3 times a charm! I think I know what I did wrong. I melted the oil over the stove until it was liquified and clear. The first two times my bars came out chewy and glopy and the mixture would not pour. I had to pat in into the molds with a scraper. Today, I melted it in a glass bowl in the microwave just a little and it was still white and a thicker texture than before. I mixed in the other ingredients and it turned out like thick syrup!! Yay! I also added a little square of baker’s chocolate instead of the last tablespoon of cocoa powder. I am hoping this helps them not get mushy and melt when they come out of the freezer for a while. :) Thanks again! Oh and I sent you a little link via facebook to my own post on my personal blog making these yummy chocolates for Vday! I hope you enjoy. :)

                  • I’ve tried this twice with the chewy results too and I’m not using any heat at all! Our house is warm enough that the coconut oil is already liquid… I’m not sure how to fix the problem since I’m just mixing the three ingredients together – I don’t know what to try differently?? Any suggestions?

  127. I don’t know if anyone suggested yet or not but . . . craisins, or even dried pomegranate for a fun fruity chocolate.

  128. it sounds weird but some chili powder and crushed almonds are really good in these

  129. Hi, this is such an impressive recipe!! I have one question though, is is absolutely necessary to use coconut oil?? Why not any other oil??

  130. why dont you use chili?
    and sea salt?
    the contrast in taste is sublime.

  131. Hi, I just made this.
    First i tasted it after it was all mixed- OMG was it delicious!!!
    But it was so thin ad spreadable to put on something and freeze so i then think i made a mistake…
    I put it all back into the microwave for a few seconds, when i took it out it was all clumpy. Still tasted good though.
    I tried to thin it out and put in the freezer. Its there now, but i’m assuming i shouldnt have done what i did.
    I’m going to try it again the right way and i’m sure it’ll be great. Thanks!!!

  132. I have made stevia chocolate similar to this for years. Because a couple of posters asked, I always make mine with meltable Baker’s chocolate and powdered NuNaturals NuStevia. Both work great.

    • Kim,
      Would you be open to sharing how you make stevia chocolate? I need to find how to make chocolate without any malitol or erithyol. Thank you!

  133. I put almonds on the tray then put the chocolate over them! Tasted like an almond Hershey bar…but better! Great recipe! Thanks!

  134. I made this as soon as I saw the recipe.AMAZING.

    Thank you!!


    I just kept mine plain, and they were terrific! I think I’ll be making them every single day from now on :).

  136. Barefootcookingirl says:

    Can’t wait to make some of these bars! You should try Capella drops. They come in fantastic flavors like NY Cheesecake, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Blueberry, Peaches and Cream… calories! I use them to flavor my morning coffees…

  137. Raspberry and dark chocolate are made for each other.

  138. I followed this recipe last night and when I pulled my chocolate out of the fridge this morning to chop it up, it was still soft, kinda like a fudge texture. It taste amazing and melts in your mouth, but I wanted to make some as gifts and I want it to be more of solid bars like yours turned out, so what did I do wrong?! I stirred it until it was pretty thick, like a batter texture, is that too long? any suggestions on what I did wrong or how to make it more solid?!

    also if you were gonna add something, like rice cereal or chopped nuts how much do you think would be a good amount to add?

    • It’s definitely softer with the agave… but try freezing it. When I freeze the ones with agave, it’s much firmer–like a chocolate bar. Or if you can find the stevia drops and use those, it’s VERY crispy/snap-able.

  139. SO delicious!! I made mine with honey (not the full amount of sweetener) and it turned out like fudge :)

  140. Would this work for melting and coating ‘cake balls’? Friend’s son is dairy free and she is trying to make these treats for his birthday.

  141. I just got some coconut oil at the store and am very excited to try these out!! Thanks for what looks to be another winning dessert! Oh- any other desserts you recommend to use the coconut oil in? I know I’ve seen other recipes you have with it in them…can I search your recipes by ingredient anywhere? Thanks!!

    • I do have some ingredients tagged (such as beans or coconut butter or peanut butter), but not coconut oil. The tags are at the bottom of each post, right before the comments. For coconut oil, you can pretty much use it in almost any baked good dessert that calls for oil. It’s especially good in the strawberry shortcake pancakes! :)

  142. Hi
    Lavender in chocolate is amazing and sophisticated tasting. Got the idea from Ani Phyo’s Raw Desserts cookbook (awesome book).
    Can use dried lavender that you find in bulk tea bins.
    Highly recommend!

  143. Does it have to be unrefined coconut oil? I made this and loved it, better with the agave for my taste but much easier to find the refined oil in my area… just wondering! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sorry, I’m not sure. I’ve only tried it with the unrefined. If you try it with the refined, do report back! :)

    • Cara Virostko says:

      I used Spectrum organic expeller pressed refined coconut oil. Worked fine. I used 1 T of Xylitol instead of stevia. Only suggestion would be to dissolve xylitol in liquid first.

      • Cara Virostko says:

        Oops… I should qualify this statement. I used 1 T of xylitol to 2T of coconut oil and 1/4 cup cocoa powder (I halved the original recipe!).

        • Cara Virostko says:

          I tried to dissolve xylitol tonight with no luck. Decided to just accept the slight crunch or the crystals.

          • Cara Virostko says:

            I made this recipe with the agave today. Absolutely fantastic. However, it’s worth noting that the agave version has more of a truffle texture, whereas the xylitol (or stevia I imagine) has a crisper texture like a chocolate bar that will snap when you break it.

      • Cara Virostko says:

        I made this with agave tonight. Absolutely fantastic. However, it’s worth noting that the agave version is has more of a truffle texture, whereas the xylitol (or stevia I imagine) creates a crisper version that snaps when you break it.

  144. These were lovely with maple syrup + a touch of stevia instead of the agave. Made chocolate chips for adding to the deep dish cookie pie.

  145. I was thinking Cocoa Krispies , raisins, chocolate covered almonds or shaved coconut.

  146. My bars came out a bit soft if they’re left at room temperature. Do they need to be refrigerated?

  147. Do you use light or amber agave?

  148. I made these yesterday, with the agave, and they turned out pretty soft, like fudgey. I know i did everything right, im not sure why their like this. i was going to make chocolate lollipops but their too soft. would using the stevia help it be more like chocolate chocolate?

    • Yes, they’re snappier with stevia… but they should be pretty hard with agave too. Did you put them in the fridge or freezer? Try to get them as cold as possible. I could definitely make lollipops with the agave version.

      • i did freeze them, they were still a bit soft. I’m making the stevia version today so hopefully this is the winning batch!

  149. Hi, I was just wondering if I use the 10 drops of stevia if it was kind of like 70% cocoa bars? or more bitter than that? I just found your website last week. I LOVE your ice cream recipes! Even my husband who does not like anything healthy loved it! So it has to be really good, to get get his approval! thanks so much!

  150. I love the combination of chocolate and orange – yum! Have you tried these with the special dark cocoa? I’d be curious how those compare. Pinned these!

  151. I mixed in some orange extract and it was divine! Everyone (including the always-sceptical-toward-vegan-food husband) gobbled it up in no time flat, and then raved and raved about it. Awesome recipe!

  152. Hi Katie,
    Love the chocolate bars but I made them and mine didn’t get super hard. They taste great though ( I used Agave). Did I do something wrong? Is there something to watch out for to make sure they get really hard? Thanks so much, love the site!

    • Just saw that someone posted something similar above. I tried some in the freezer and some in the fridge. Both were about the same, kind of fudge-like. Any other suggestions besides using stevia?

      • As I said, mine are always firm. The only other thing I could possibly think it could be is a difference in freezer temps. I really can’t think of any other reason why my bars are bars (and many other commenters are having no trouble getting firm bars) and yet yours are fudge. I’m truly sorry I can’t be more helpful. :(

        • That’s okay! It tastes great even like fudge. I will try some with stevia drops and see if that makes a difference. Maybe it depends on where you live??? Thanks so much ;)

  153. These are great and I love how they remain *slightly* soft and truffle-like. I tried a few combinations but my favorite was definitely orange zest. Just mixed the zest of one orange in with the stovetop mix. Amazing.

  154. I just made some, but I kept it on the stove after melting the coconut oil and once I added the rest, it got very clumpy and separated :( I am now assuming that nothing but the coconut oil should be heated! I pressed it between parchment paper to freeze. We’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully it’s good!

    • Yes, only melt the coconut oil. I hope it still tastes ok!!

      • They definitely are delicious! The second batch turned out better, no separation – yay! :) We have been doing Daniel fast and my husband is so excited that I found this awesome recipe that allows us a healthy and allowable treat! I did have a question though… you mention “pouring” it into a container to harden, but mine is so thick (even after adding 3-4 TBS of almond milk with the stevia drops) that I have to spread it with a spatula. Should it be thinner? I’m having trouble making it look as “pretty” as yours! lol

  155. Katie…. i adore you. i can’t say it enough. i had no idea…. this is the best recipe ever! i’m a cake decorator, and i TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS as i use coconut oil to thin out chocolate for dipping when doing cakeballs or cupcakes dipped in chocolate…but pouring it into molds?! Holy moley, i never even realized you could. DUH! You’re my hero. I feel like as much as you’ve changed my life (for the better, by allowing me to be ok with putting chocolate back into my diet) i should pay you… or send you a gift, or give you a really big hug! You’re fantastic. Keep it up! You’ve got a fan for life. :)

  156. What a great recipe! Fits right into my type of homecooking! Would love to include it in my next eCookbook. Of course, with your permission and your name/website included. Is that possible?
    Also, after making some with just these 3 ingredients, I would add almond chips to have choc almond bar. I would also make some with Peppermint essential oil or other essential oils like, Orange or Cinnamon (has to be the kind you can eat/take by mouth). YUM!

  157. I have taste tested and determined that these make amazing “reese’s”. I used crunch PB because thats all i had, they were amazing!

  158. I just made these with regular nu naturals stevia drops and didn’t see the note about adding water or nut milk-they turned out perfectly! Thank you so much, you’re a genius!

  159. love your stuff! So does this make 1 average sized chocolate bar?

  160. love it! but do you think I could replace brown rice syrup for agave? it’s all i’ve got on me right now.

  161. Can i use honey instead of agave? i’m from the netherlands, so agave is really hard to get. And does this recipe yield one bar?

  162. Anonymous says:

    on the HCG diet boards, they make a version of this and it’s affectionately known as “cocoa crack,” and for good reason! i love making it with shredded coconut sprinkled on top or mixed in.

    One thing to note is that these do not stay very firm at room temp (or in hot little hungry hands!) because of the coconut oil, which is soooo melty if it’s not cold. i don’t know if you’ve had this experience, but i’ve always had to keep mine in the fridge/freezer or they become a chocolate puddle in no time.

  163. Is it okay to say that I love you? Not in a weird, creepy way but in a “oh my gosh your site is going to change my life in a delicious chocolatey goodness for which I will be eternally grateful” sort of way.

  164. Add Bacon!! My FAVE chocolate bar in the world is Mo’s Bacon Bar. I might have a problem now that I can make it at home rather than paying the $6. Oh crap!

  165. I made these the other day and they were absolutely incredible. It is so nice to fine tune your own chocolate bar! A couple days later, I made a peanut butter filled version by allowing 1/2 of the mixture to solidify in the bottom of a pan, then spreading peanut butter (natural PB mixed with a little coconut oil) and the other half of the chocolate poured on top before freezing. It was really yummy and I think you could probably make really cute cups filled with PB or caramel or whatever else if you could find a mold. I think these would be amazing with chopped almonds and toasted coconut – I would make them now but I used up all my coconut oil making chocolate bars!

  166. Would corn syrup or honey work in place of agave?

  167. What amount would I use of organic sugar? I’m not into the liquid sugar substitute flavors :)

  168. now i’m dying to try this recipe along with every other recipe you post!!!!

  169. I love that you use stevia in your recipes! I have been a fan of this all natural sweetener for years.

  170. I made this with agave and powdered chai tea. Now my hubby wants to try Mexican chili powder. Love all your recipes. I look forward to trying more of them. What is your favourite brand of cocoa powder?

  171. I am blown away! The thought to make my own chocolate bars never once occurred to me. I used to buy $5 per bag chocolate chips that were gluten and dairy free— but this works in a pinch and costs a mere fraction to make!! And the best part…….. It tastes like magic shell…. Omg I almost cried. Thanks Katie!


  172. Sea salt in chocolate is so good. Can’t wait to try this.

  173. would stevia powder work? I had never thought about making my own chocolate! wow.

  174. You could add coarse sea salt… it really makes the chocolate flavor pop!

  175. SweetIndi says:

    Do you have to use Stevia drops…can you just use sugar? Or what else could I sub for them???

  176. Chocolatefan says:

    WOW! I just tried making these today- I was so blown away by how easy and delicious they are that I had to say thank you! The only bad thing is, it’s going to be hard keeping myself from making these every day now that I know how!
    Just a tip, everyone- as far as “stir until it gets thick” goes, I stirred until my arm was sore and the chocolate was starting to congeal into a huge blob in my bowl before I poured it, and I think it set up faster as a result.
    Gonna try adding some cinnamon into my next batch, as that usually makes any sweet even better!

  177. Sea Salt!

  178. PoP-Rocks! I know it sounds crazy, but when I was in Israel they were everyone’s favorite. We tried to bring back as many bars as possible, but I have run out.

  179. oh wow, thank you for this! I exchanged 2 of 3 ingredients drastically, because i don’t know where to buy them in my country, but it turned out great anyways! chocolate is in the freezer and i need to wash my face after eating every little drop from the mixing bowl, haha. Success indeed! ^^

  180. Hello katie, You have a lovely website! I tried to make the 3 ingredient chocolate bar. First time i tried it with stevia. It looked good until i added a tablespoon of water and it turned out very mate and dry. Second time I tried it with agave and it was pretty good. Third time I made it, it wasn’t as good and I don’t understand why. It was somehow more of a fudge than chocolate. Do you know why or anyone what could be the reason.

  181. I guess it must be that the freezer isnt cold enough. I really would want to try it with stevia. But every time i buy stevia it has a very bad after taste. Only one time i bought it and it was perfect. Do you have any tips on stevia?

  182. Thanks, but I am afraid we don’t have that in the Netherlands. I made it again last night and it was as hard as a chocolate bar. I looked at the previous messages and noticed what you said about agave. I only had to put in less agave and it was just right. Thank you!

  183. I made these today, I was wondering how long it should take for them to harden? I put them in freezer about 5 hours ago and they are just a fudge like consistency. They taste super yummy but hoping they harden.
    Oh and I chopped up almonds and pistachio and made a bar of each!

  184. i made it yesterday, super easy.
    I didnt use any sweetener because i couldnt find stevia or agave
    it tastes well, very dark and strong cocoa flavor ( i love dark chocolate)
    it hardened well, but it melts very quickly once out of the freezer or in my hand

  185. I’ve been wanting to make this for a while and just didn’t have the chance. OMG – I’m so sorry I waited!! This is why I love you!! So simple yet so decadently delicious!! I had drips of chocolate on the front of my shirt from licking the spoon that I used to stir it with… I think about half (or so) made it into the frig to turn into chocolate bars. ;) Mmmmmm!

  186. I am currently obsessed with the bitter(ish) dark chocolate with sea salt. Oh-so-yum!

  187. I made this recipe today, and it was amazing! I am so happy I found this super simple and healthy recipe for sugar free dark chocolate! :) Valentine’s day is going to be so Delicious! XD

  188. I made these and put them in the freezer, but when i take them out they soften to about the consistency of cake frosting. do you have any tips or know how to keep them hard when they are not in the freezer/fridge? they are delicious!

  189. Hello friends,
    After reading all posts, I could not find the answer to my question. When stirring, does it ever get smooth and satiny or is it slightly chalky from the powdered cocoa? I stirred it forever and it still was the same. Perhaps once frozen or refrigerated, you won’t notice the chalkiness? Sorry, I am one of those that hates making mistakes. LOL. Thanks.
    Ps. I added 1/2 tsp cayenne and dusting with cinnamon.

    • It is slightly chalky if you use the stevia/water… Shouldn’t be at all if you use agave. But either way it should get bar-like when frozen. (You can also try using less cocoa if you don’t want as bitter of a chocolate taste)

  190. Just made this and it literally took me under 5 minutes! Thank you for the recipe!!

  191. So what did I do wrong? My chocolate never hardened….it’s somewhat hard when in the fridge, but becomes soft again when left out. I am not sure if my coconut oil is unrefined, could that be the problem?

  192. Maybe a little dehydrated Orange zest. Thanks for recipe.

  193. Rita Johnson says:

    I tried the Hot Chocolate Butter and loved it! Since my one vice is Iced Mochas I thought I’d use the Hot Chocolate Butter as my chocolate sweetener…… and you already know what the coconut oil did when it hit the ice! The flavor was still wonderful, and the little bits of chocolate that came up through the straw melted like well…like butta in my mouth. So what other healthy fat would work in this recipe?
    Thanks for all your chocolatey goodness recipes.

  194. Made it with xylitol and dark chocolate. It is so good!
    WARNING: if you use xylitol- IT WILL KILL YOUR DOG if ingested! This chocolate bar is a double whammy for them- chocolate and xylitol.

  195. I think this is pretty awesome and I will have to try it sometime. My son is allergic to peanuts and we avoid tree nuts so that means I have to buy “special” chocolates, usually online (though I have found a store locally that carries one brand of allergen friendly chocolate bars), but this would be so much easier for me to make and have on hand and probably much much cheaper!

  196. Thank you Katie!! This chocolate is sooo rich and so quick to make. It is seriously decadent. Thank you so much for your recipes. I have had to go on a gluten and sugar free diet and I’m glad I don’t have to eliminate dessert. Your blog is my favorite. :-)

  197. coconut extract would be good for a coconutty flavor or spiced chocolate using garam masala or candied ginger!

  198. This looks amazing, can’t wait to try! Just one question, will plain Stevia packets work instead of the drops? I’ve never seen them at the store. Thank you!

    • Yes. Stevia powder should work just fine! I use it all the time. However, you might not like the aftertaste. you can get the drops online. I got my Nunaturals on Amazon. Really quick shipping!

  199. Just made these! I ran out of cocoa the other day but I had some bakers chocolate that had been in my pantry awhile. I will probably break the bars up to make choc. chips. Having a hard time finding dairy free ones. I had no idea it would be so easy and taste so good! (Had to lick the spoon!) Thanks for such a great idea! :)

    • Hello! Did you use these to bake with? I’m tempted to put the pieces in a recipe but don’t want them to get too melted and not work right… Thanks!

  200. Can you use canola oil instead of coconut?