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Vegan Chocolate Pie

4.99 from 53 votes

This shockingly rich and creamy vegan chocolate pie recipe is the ultimate healthy dessert. Just one taste of the silky smooth chocolate filling, and you will absolutely never believe the ingredients!

No Bake Vegan Chocolate Pie Recipe

Rich, creamy, luxurious, fudgy, velvety, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious…

If you can think of any more extravagant description words, go ahead and add them to the above, because this homemade chocolate pie is deserving of ALL THE WORDS.

And even better, the delightfully simple vegan pie recipe can be gluten free, oil free, egg free, and dairy free, with no cashews and NO coconut milk required!

Serve it at your next party, and don’t be surprised at all when everyone begs you for the recipe. With fewer than 150 calories per slice, this unbelievably creamy chocolate pie is a chocolate lover’s dream come true!

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The Best Secretly Vegan Chocolate Pie Recipe

The best vegan chocolate pie recipe

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few of the positive reviews on Pinterest and other social media from readers who have tried the easy vegan recipe:

This tastes like traditional french silk pie… it’s one of our family’s favorite recipes, and we’re not even vegan!

The flavor and texture of this secretly healthy chocolate pie is like fudge chocolate.

I have been making this recipe for years, and if I had to choose any one healthy dessert to convince people that vegan desserts can taste amazing, this would be the first recipe I’d choose. No one—seriously no one—ever believes me when I tell them the ingredients. Highly highly recommended.

This chocolate vegan pie is freakin’ delicious!!!

Made my own crust with dates and oatmeal, and I love that it’s high in protein. The vegan chocolate pie was a hit, even the non vegan devoured it.

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Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

Tofu chocolate pie ingredients

Just like with the popular Avocado Smoothie Recipe, no one will ever guess the secret ingredient. Only this time, the secret ingredient is not avocado…

For the tofu: My favorite tofu to use for this recipe is the Mori-Nu shelf stable tofu in firm or extra firm. The pie also works with refrigerated firm tofu or with silken tofu if you prefer a softer vegan pie.

For the chocolate: To make the pie vegan, look for dairy free chocolate chips or chocolate bars, which should be available even at many major grocery stores. Companies sometimes change formulas, so always consult the package for most up to date ingredients. Here’s a list of just a few options you may find:

Enjoy Life Foods, Evolved Chocolate, Simple Truth Organic, Target Simply Balanced, Lily’s Sweet Stevia Sweetened, Kirkland semi sweet (Costco brand), Guittard extra dark, Scharffen Berger dark chocolate baking chunks, Trader Joe’s semi sweet chips, Sprouts semi sweet, or Pascha.

To make a sugar free pie, use store bought or homemade Sugar Free Chocolate Chips.

For the sweetener: You can use any all purpose liquid or granulated sweetener, such as regular or brown sugar, pure maple syrup or agave, coconut sugar or date sugar, or erythritol or xylitol for a low carb chocolate pie.

For a low carb and keto version, try this Keto Chocolate Pie

Tofu Chocolate Pie Recipe

How to make dairy free chocolate pie

Start by carefully melting the chocolate chips. This step can be done either on the stovetop or in the microwave.

Add all of the pie ingredients to a good food processor, and blend until the mixture is completely smooth.

Pour the contents of the food processor into a prepared pie crust. Or you can opt for a crustless chocolate pie. The chocolate filling also makes a fabulous chocolate mousse if you smooth it into ramekins. Refrigerate the pie or ramekins until firm.

It tastes like a classic old fashioned chocolate pie and is especially good topped with thick homemade Coconut Whipped Cream!

Vegan Tart Crust

Vegan pie crust options

If you are using a crust, feel free to go with a packaged or homemade pie crust.

The chocolate pie in the pictures shows the raw crust from this Vegan Chocolate Tart recipe. Other options include a traditional flour crust, graham cracker crust, Oreo cookie crust, or a keto almond flour crust.

I like an eight or eight and a half inch dish for a deeper pie. A nine inch pie pan is also fine. Or double the recipe to fill a ten inch pan.

If you want to make it crustless, just use firm tofu instead of silken (there’s also a soy free option below). Or spoon the filling into ramekins or fancy bowls for a coconut free version of Vegan Chocolate Mousse.

Above – Watch the video of how to make vegan chocolate pie

The Best Creamy Vegan Chocolate Pie Recipe
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Vegan Chocolate Pie

This creamy vegan chocolate pie recipe is the ultimate party dessert recipe!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 8 – 10 slices
5 from 53 votes


  • 12.3 oz firm tofu (for soy-free, try this Brownie Cheesecake)
  • 2 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 cup chocolate chips, or 10 oz broken-up chocolate bars
  • scant 1/8 tsp salt
  • 2 1/2 tbsp milk of choice
  • 2-3 tbsp sweetener of choice
  • optional 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • optional pinch instant coffee


  • *For a sugar free version, use Sugar Free Chocolate Chips.
    Carefully melt the chocolate, either on the stovetop or in the microwave. If using refrigerated tofu, let it come to room temperature. Combine all ingredients in a food processor (I use this food processor) until completely smooth. Pour into a pie crust if desired, or keep it crustless or pour into ramekins to make chocolate mousse. Refrigerate until firm.
    View Nutrition Facts


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Have you made this recipe?

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Published on March 20, 2022

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  1. Holly says

    Hi there – to make this soy free it says to follow your brownie cheesecake recipe. Will that also be mousse like or will it be cheesecake? I’d love to make a silk chocolate pie that’s clean and healthy, but I’m allergic to soy and I don’t eat dairy or gluten.

  2. Andrea says

    Hi, This looks great! Can you freeze leftovers? Even if it’s healthy, I want to make sure I don’t binge eat it. 🙂

    • CCK Media Team says

      We haven’t tried, but that sounds like a delicious experiment. Be sure to report back if you try it!

  3. Avra says

    The ingredient list only says to use firm tofu but the blog post says if you want crustless, use firm instead of silken . . . should the ingredient list say silken?

    Also, 12.3 oz seems like it’s the package size of a particular brand. Do you know how much wiggle room there is in that amount? Has anyone written to say they’ve had success with a different package size?

    • CCK Media Team says

      Either works! 12.3oz is MoriNu tofu, but I believe most tofu packages are 14 oz. Many readers have used other brands and not mentioned cutting any off, so I’d suspect it would be fine with 14 oz.

    • Cathy says

      I used 14 oz, and not sure if I mis-measured my combination of chocolate chips and chocolate bar, but I ended up adding just a bit more date syrup for sweetener and about a 1/4 cup more chocolate chips to cover some of the tofu taste. None of those who tried the pie could guess it was made with tofu though! I also topped it with some of Katie’s healthy oreos, made a really impressive presentation.

  4. Barb says

    Hi Katie! This pie looks awesome! I’m wondering if I’m just missing something, but I don’t find the recipe for the crust, using oatmeal and dates, anywhere on your site. Could you please direct me to it? Thank you so much!!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi sorry for the confusion – it looks like that comment was from a reader on Pinterest who made it with an oatmeal date crust.

    • Cathy says

      I used 1 cup walnuts, around 3/4- 1 cup pitted dates, 1/4 cup cocoa, and a bit of vanilla and salt to essentially turn Katie’s fudge babies recipe into a crust. Just put it all into a food processor and tweak the amount of dates if you want a different consistency

  5. Kari says

    Which sweetener did you use or do you recommend? And is the 2-3 T recommendation for sugar and not for something that’s much sweeter than sugar?

    • CCK Media Team says

      Yes if using something like stevia, you’d use much less. Sugar, agave, maple syrup… honestly anything you wish (maybe not molasses, but anything neutral) will work!

  6. Lucy says

    This pie is AHMAZINGGG!! SO easy, super delicious, & completely fooled my bf into thinking it’s cheat food muahaha!! Thank you!!

  7. Leigh says

    When I made the filling, it was fairly solid, definitely not pourable. I spooned it in but not the texture I imagined. What do I do about this? How do I correct? Perhaps it should have been silken? Or add more soy milk?

    • Laura says

      I just made this and had the same issue. I think it’s that my tofu was fridge cold so the chocolate solidied instantly when I started to blend. Whole mixture too cold. I used katie’s GF almond flour crust and just like pressed it in and was ready to eat instantly. Was still amazing to be fair. So rich and love the texture but would leave tofu at room temp next time or might try with a softer tofu.

  8. Jamie says

    This was really good. I made a pie crust from oatmeal, walnuts, cocoa powder and dates.

    The neighbors raved about how good it was. My mom spit it out and said my crust tasted like dirt. Lol! She’s not a fan of healthy foods. I think she would have liked it if she just ate your filling.

    • Nancy Smith-Weir says

      I made The date walnut chocolate recipe crust. Am I supposed to cook it before I put my chocolate tofu filling inside it? Nancy

  9. Christy says

    I finally made this with an Oreo crumb crust. It turned out very delicious!
    I’m very impressed at the texture and taste. It was a hit in my house!

  10. Katie O. says

    OMG. So delicious! Not too sweet. Super creamy smooth texture. I used a store bought vegan graham pie crust and topped it with coco whip,
    dark chocolate shavings and strawberries. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this pie sooner. My friend just asked me to make it again! Great job! Thank you!

  11. Wendyl Clemens says

    This is outstanding!!

    Made this with my two boys and it was an instant hit.

    Used mostly semi sweet chocolate chips about 1 and 1/4 cups, but we also put in a large Hersheys kiss and a little one !!

    This recipe is a keeper! It’s worth the wait!

  12. Taylor says

    I’ve been searching desperately on the site to try to find the pie crust pictured in these images! Please let me know if you have a link to it somewhere 🙂 it looks like a chocolate no-bake kind of vibe with hemp hearts? Let me know how to make/where to find 🙂

  13. June says

    Hi, Katie, this chocolate pie looks so delicious! I want to make it along with the pie crust on the photo, too… Do you have recipe for that, too? The pie crust on the photos also look sooooo delicious!!! I’m very curious???

  14. Denyse says

    Hello, I want to try this recipe, but I would like the pie crust recipe as well. Can you provide the link to the crust recipe?
    Also, should I use regular firm tofu, or silken dessert tofu for better texture and taste?

  15. Emily says

    5 stars
    This recipe is killer! I put it in a vegan graham cracker cinnamon crust, topped with some dairy free whipped cream & loved it! I will not eat tofu any other way!

  16. Margarete says

    5 stars
    This pie is delicious! It was all gone in a few mins. at Thanksgiving. I did not add any peanut butter. Making another one right now. Next shopping trip I will get Lily’s sugar free choc. chips to try. Thank you.

  17. Kirsten Perez says

    Hi there! You are absolutely right- the taste of this pie is spot on! Sooo good. I did however end up with a tiny bit of grittiness and I’m wondering why. I used a stevia/sugar blend for the sweetener, organic silken tofu, and guittard chips. Has anyone else had grittiness? Any suggestions for preventing it? THANK YOU!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! Was the tofu cold when you added it to the blender? This could have caused the chocolate chips to re-harden after being melted. If you let the tofu come to room temperature first, it should solve that issue 🙂

  18. Rozzi says

    5 stars
    Simple and delicious! Took it to a dinner party and the non-vegans loved it. I’ve tried a couple other tofu based mousse recipes but they’ve had a residual tofu flavour, whereas this one was just perfection – rich chocolate mousse. I made my own pie crust with cookie crumbs, nuts and dates. Will definitely make again!

  19. Janice says

    5 stars
    I made this this weekend for a friend’s birthday and we were all blown away at how tasty it was. We couldn’t believe this was made of tofu.

    My friend took the leftovers with him when he left. 😆

    I will definitely be making this again. Thank you for this delicious and healthy recipe!

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