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Banana Split Pancakes for One

Breakfast just got 1,000 times more fun.

banana split pancakes

Make that a million times more fun.

In elementary school, my sister and I looked forward to every “report card” day when our mom treated us to ice cream sundaes at Friendly’s (not for getting a specific letter grade, but just for working hard in general).

Sometimes I’d order the Monster sundae: mint-chocolate-chip ice cream with a cone head and M&M eyes. Sometimes I’d get two scoops of black raspberry ice cream with gummy worms. And sometimes I’d get… the most gargantuan sundae on the menu: the banana split.

Stuffed with juicy strawberries, caramelized banana, and sweet chocolate chips, the following recipe is like the breakfast version of a banana-split sundae. All that’s missing is the ice cream!

Like eating dessert for breakfast... & less than 200 calories for the entire stack of pancakes! Recipe here:

Banana Split Pancakes

Inspired by Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes and Vegan Banana Pancakes.

  • 1/3 cup flour (spelt, white, or Arrowhead Mills gf mix all work)
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/8 plus 1/16 tsp salt
  • 1 packet stevia or 1 tbsp sugar (you can omit if you’re planning to top with syrup and don’t want the actual pancakes to taste sweet.)
  • handful chocolate chips
  • 4 cherries or strawberries, chopped
  • 1/2 a medium banana
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup milk of choice
  • 1 tbsp coconut or veg oil, or 1 more tbsp milk of choice (Personally, I use oil because I don’t like the texture of fat-free pancakes. But I know a lot of you don’t mind, so feel free to use the second option if you’d prefer!)

In a bowl, mash the banana and combine it with wet ingredients (including berries). In a separate bowl, combine all dry ingredients and stir very well. Preheat a greased or oiled pan to medium, then pour wet ingredients into dry and stir to combine. Drop 5-6 dollops onto pan once it’s hot (I did it in two batches), and cook on medium-low. Flip once per pancake.

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vegan pancakes

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What do you think about the idea of rewarding kids for getting all As?

I think it’s important to acknowledge kids’ hard work, as opposed to rewarding all As. A struggled-for C should be applauded, not condemned, as it’s more meaningful than an A in a blow-off class. Then again, I can’t say I never wished to be like some of my friends who got $5 for every A they earned!

Edited to add: That’s Barleans’ chocolate syrup in the photos.

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Published on May 9, 2012

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  1. CaroD. says

    I really love this recipe because it reminds me of my childhood. When I was little and it was Wednesday my mom always baked pancakes for me and my friends because in the afternoon there were always friends who came with me to play. Now I’m older and I can make my own pancakes because my mom taught me how to make them. This recipe was written very well, so I understood everything I had to do really quick. I also eat a lot of fruit, particularly bananas, but I never tried bananas on a pancake. My friend told me I had to try it because she knows how much I love fruit. I was really surprised because I didn’t know that it was so tasty. In this recipe they also put chocolate sauce on the pancake, so I also tried that and I have to say normally I don’t like chocolate sauce but it was a great finishing touch. I think I will make these pancakes a lot because they were delicious!

  2. Liv says

    LOVE these pancakes! I used raspberries in place of strawberries/cherries and chocolate syrup on top in place of chocolate chips. The pancakes soak it right up giving it more chocolately flavor for fewer calories! They were amaaaaazing thank you so much!

  3. Chloé says

    I’ve just made them and they are delicious! I was worried they wouldn’t rise because since I am not vegan I am used to making them with eggs. However they turned out to be very fluffy and soft. I didn’t put berries in the batter but instead topped them with strawberries and added chia seeds. Thank you for the recipe!

  4. Anj says

    Your recipes look so delicious. I am going to make the berry overnight casserole this weekend.

    I find it extremely helpful when you include the nutritional breakdown but one request…please include the sugar content. A lot of us, including myself, are watching our sugar intake and I track all of my food so the sugar content would be extra helpful. Thank you 🙂

  5. Kristen says

    Hi Katie!
    So these have been my go-to for a WHILE now — I recently had some of what was suppose to be Philly’s “best pancakes” – and it doesn’t even come close to being as good as these! The first thing I eat when I wake up is chocolate-and this totally justifies that.
    QUICK QUESTION though – I usually make them for myself, and they end up being super filling. Recently I doubled up on the recipe to make it for a friend and I, but it seemed like there was still the same amount of batter, and I didn’t get twice as many pancakes out of it as I thought I would. I am going to my friend’s bridal shower that requested everyone bring a recipe they love, and I want to bring this, but want to make sure it’s enough for her and her new hubby! Do I triple the recipe? I am afraid it might change the outcome and don’t have the time to experiment! ah!

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