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Chickpea Blondies

4.98 from 283 votes

These shockingly rich and gooey chocolate chip chickpea blondies are one of the most popular recipes I’ve ever posted!

Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondie Recipe

Even readers who don’t normally like healthy desserts LOVE these blondies!

Have you tried them yet???

In the years since first coming up with the recipe, I’ve served it probably over a hundred times to both strangers and friends, always with rave reviews.

No one can ever believe the ingredients or resist the charms of the moist and fudgy secretly healthy blondies.

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Gooey Chocolate Chip Vegan Blondies

No dairy

No butter

No eggs!

White Bean Blondies

White Bean Blondies

The recipe works with either chickpeas (garbanzo beans) or white beans like cannellini (white kidney beans) or great northern beans.

I like both versions equally, but many readers say they prefer using white beans because the resulting batter is smoother.

*Sugar note: You can use regular sugar, coconut sugar or date sugar, brown sugar, evaporated cane juice, or xylitol or granulated erythritol for sugar free blondies.

I once made a batch using stevia, which I thought were delicious. But my friends informed me they tasted like bars of soap. So make that substitution at your own risk!

For refined-sugar-free blondies, try these Sweet Potato Blondies

Above, watch the chickpea blondie recipe video

How to make chickpea blondies

Start by gathering all of the required ingredients.

If using canned beans instead of cooked, be sure to rinse and drain them very well.

(The drained liquid can actually be used to make Vegan Marshmallow Fluff!)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Blend everything together except the chocolate chips until it resembles cookie dough.

I use and recommend a food processor for smoothest blending and best texture, but some readers say they’ve used a blender (making sure to stop the machine and stir the contents occasionally) with good results.

Stir the chocolate chips into the batter, and smooth into a greased or parchment-lined 8-inch pan. Add a few chocolate chips to the top if desired.

Bake 30 minutes on the oven’s center rack, then remove while they’re still a bit gooey, because they will firm up as they cool.

The Original Healthy Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondie Recipe
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Chickpea Blondies

These secretly healthy chocolate chip chickpea blondies are so soft and gooey!
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Yield 9 – 15 blondies
5 from 283 votes


  • 1 can chickpeas or white beans, or 1 1/2 cups cooked
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp each: salt and baking soda
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar of choice (Substitutions are listed above)
  • 1/3 cup flour (white, oat, spelt, sorghum, or 1/2 cup almond flour)
  • 1/4 cup applesauce, mashed banana, or yogurt
  • 3 tbsp oil or 1/4 cup nut butter
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips, or more if desired


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Drain and rinse beans very well. Blend all ingredients (except chips) until very smooth in a good food processor (see not above about using a blender). Mix in chips, and scoop into a greased or parchment-lined 8×8 pan. Optional: you can stick some chocolate chips on top of the batter as well. Bake for 30 minutes. They'll look a little undercooked when you take them out, but they firm up as they cool.
    View Nutrition Facts


Readers also love these popular Black Bean Brownies.

Have you made this recipe?

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Published on March 28, 2021

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  1. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says

    A) These are amazing. You could just add cocoa powder and have a healthy PB brownie too!

    B) I definitely agree the these famously dumb blondes are smart. They have to be to have made a fortune by being dumb! 🙂 Those girls in HS drove me nuts. My reunion is next month and I cannot wait to see what they’re doing now. Watch them be aerospace engineers or something. LOL!

  2. Lenna says

    Those blondies are really genius!! I love chickpeas, I love healthy sweets, so you really made my day:)
    I´ve met many “not-that-bright” blonde girls, who were actually pretty clever, but they realized something I never got right – that men have a weak spot for naive, airheaded and a little dumb, but attractive girls. They make them feel more like the strong, protective huntsmen they want to be:)

  3. Vicki says

    Quick question – do just throw in the can of drained/rinsed chickpeas or should I blend them up in the food processor first?

    Thanks for the great recipe – on my “to bake” list this weekend.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I don’t bother blending them first. Just throw all the ingredients in at the same time and then blend :). But perhaps if you blend the chickpeas separately first, it’ll speed up the time it takes to get the mixture smooth? So really, you can do it either way!

  4. Emily says

    Mmmmmmmm!!! I’ve used chickpea flour in brownies but never chickpeas! I bet these are so much more moist. And uh, blondies have more fun! If I make them I’m calling them Lady GaGarbanzo Bean Blondies.

  5. Picky Nicky says

    I’ve fallen into the ditzy trap… 🙁 I was always pretty smart but I was so insecure about it because it really set me apart from all my friends. I remember when we were just learning about exponents in school the question was what is 5 to the power of 2. Everyone wrote 10, except me who wrote 25 but I ended up being so shy about being the only one with the right answer that I erased it and wrote 10…….
    Now that I’m more mature I’ve learned to embrace my brain 🙂 And smart girls can be cute too!! I wish I knew that in 6th grade though!

      • Sheena says

        I used palm sugar today (and coconut butter instead of PB) and they turned out ready crumbly. Do they stay together better with brown sugar and PB… or stevia and PB?

        I still don’t mind eating them though 🙂

          • Liz H says

            I’ve made these multiple times with coconut sugar and peanut butter and they were delicious and not at all crumbly!

          • Erin says

            It’s probably the coconut butter. When you bake with coconut flour, you have to increase the liquid as the coconut flour absorbs A LOT. If you want to keep using the coconut based products, I’d up your liquid by maybe half again as much.

        • Melissa says

          5 stars
          Made these for the second time this week. My daughter is dairy free and really liked them. The second time I added about 3 TBS of cacao powder to make more of a chocolate brownie and they were also really great! Next I’m going to try applesauce instead of the banana to try a different flavor. Thanks for the great recipe!

  6. Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies) says

    AHH this is possibly one of my FAV recipes ever on CCK!!
    YES i do know those dumb blondes… I can only think of one.. and Im actually really good friends with her and shes REALLY smart and An amazing person! idk why she acts dumb sometimes- it used to be worse!

  7. Leslie says

    I hate that stereotype! And I get so mad when girls perpetuate it by acting so dumb. I AM a blonde, and I’ve struggled to prove that we can be smart and to be taken seriously my WHOLE life!

    Oh, and I agree with everyone else. These blondies are gorgeous and I am going to have to make them! And your photography gets better by the MINUTE!

  8. Emily says

    I honestly can’t stand girls and women who behave that way. I have to argue though, that there are plenty of men who are looking for women of the same intellect level as them. Especially those who want a serious relationship, it’s no fun if you can’t discuss current events or world issues with your significant other! In my opinions at least. 🙂

    Anyway, those blondies look great! I’m a little skeptical to be honest but I’m intrigued enough that I will probably make them! This is the same way I felt about cookie dough hummus and that turned out well. 😀

  9. lauren says

    I’ve called the “dumb blonde” act since it started. Especially when Jessica Simpson coined it. I’d think anyone that successful couldn’t be that dumb. However, as I’ve gone through my college career, I have noticed that legitimately bright people seem to be few and far between :/

    Love your blog!

  10. Kate says

    Hmm… I’d debate if these “blonde moments” are put on. I have a PhD in Chemistry and I still sometimes find the simplest of tasks such as constructing coherent sentences, crossing roads and simple mental arithmetic a little tricky.

    Brilliant recipe though – can’t wait to get out of the lab to try it!

    • Vivian says

      These are delicious! I added a whole teaspoon of cinnamon to mine. I also found that the texture and flavor only get better after sitting out for a day (and up to three so far), especially if they seem underbaked at first. I tried modifying to make brownies, and accidentally overbaked them; definitely err on the side of underdone as Katie suggested.

    • Jess from Midwest Vegan says

      I am in the same boat as you. I’m about to start a PhD in Biology but everyone always makes fun of how I talk. I’m always smashing sentences together or flipping nouns around or (worse yet) talking like I’m from Missour-ah.

      I usually just tell people my brain works faster than my mouth. 🙂

        • CCK Media Team says

          They’re fine to leave out a few hours if you’re serving to guests. Longer term, we do recommend refrigeration for freshness because of some of the perishable ingredients.

    • Lenore says

      I agree; we all have our dumb moments. I have a graduate degree, earned straight As, but when I’m just not thinking along certain lines, the obvious is NOT so obvious! And by the way, I was about 30 years old before I understood that you had to peel an onion. I never cooked with them until then (very picky eater until later in life; now I eat everything and can cook much better) so how would I know!
      However, most of the time I am quite brilliant in my creative problem-solving skills. Einstein was a social idiot, ya know…We all have our moments. Let’s embrace them and use them for a good laugh!

    • Alexis says

      LOL! I love this comment! I totally agree, I’m a civil engineer, graduated 7th in my class, and some things just fly right over my head :-/ Not dumb, but I’ve definitely fallen victim to “dumb blonde” comments and remarks. (Which by the way blonde haters, are hurtful!) I’m willing to bet that females of every hair color can be just as air-headed. Women should support women, no matter what hair color, body type, ethnicity, or whatever you are!

  11. Kat says

    I admit to sometimes having “dumb blonde” moments. And when I was younger I definitely did use my blondness to get attention. But I’m trying to learn that the types of guys who pay attention to my “dumbness” aren’t even the types of guys I WANT to attract!
    Now those smart blondies of yours, I could really get on board with those. All I need are the flaxseeds, and I just put them on my grocery list! 🙂

      • Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

        WHAAAAAAAT aaaah I am so so so so so so so so excited EXCITED!!! I did NOT know this!! Seriously Katie I am actually bursting with excitement right now you have NO IDEA!! I think I need to lie down! AAAAAH SO EXCITING I can’t wait to hear more!!! 😀

  12. Liz @ Tip Top Shape says

    I hate when girls dumb themselves down for guys. In the long run, it really does you no good. I totally agree that people like Jessica Simpson only put on an act with their so-called “dumbness”. Pretty brilliant ploy seeing how much she made off of it.

    Those blondies look absolutely fantastic!!! Could they be made without the flax?? I have everything on hand except for that.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Maybe you could use flour in place of the flax? I’m not sure… but hey, if it doesn’t firm up you’ll still be left with a yummy gooey mess to devour! Let me know how it goes, if you do try it!

      • Elizabeth says

        I guess you ended up trying it yourself, Katie? The current version of the recipe has flour and no flax. Curious why you changed the recipe and what else you changed from the original recipe…

  13. Jenny says

    I’m. Making. These. They look and sound awesome, so I bet they are. Thanks AGAIN for another new recipe!

    I’m a blonde myself – one of the studious ones, though I’ve never been labelled as “nerdy”, I’ve probably scared off a few guys with my previous, unfortunate dedication to school. 😛

    I did know a couple of “dumb blonde”-type girls in middle school that were quite sought after. I guess guys like to feel a certain superiority over their girlfriends/wives/significant other? I think there’ve been studies into that sort of thing, actually, haha! I’ve heard it can put a bit of strain on a relationship if the two involved aren’t on equal footing (in terms of education, income, whatever), though…

    For me, Paris Hilton is a bona fide dumb blonde, though I’ve wondered about Jessica Simpson myself…

    • Astrology for Humanity ~ Vegan Foodie (Barb) says

      5 stars
      I AM a natural blonde… Scandinavian (Norwegian & Swedish) from Minnesota, like Daisy on the Bachelor with Joey 😉 So when I worked in marketing traveling the country with a bunch of guys my favorite ‘Blonde joke’ comeback joke (said w/ a straight face) is –
      Q: “Why did the the blonde wake up with a bruise on her belly-button?”
      A: “Because her boyfriend was blonde”.
      Me and the guys all traveled together back in the ’70’s & would usually end up at the hotel bar at the end of the day & that’s how I would stop them in their tracks from endless blonde jokes with their mouths gaping open! Haha!

  14. Kristie says

    Fudgy HEALTHY blondies? Count me in. Saved. Bumped to the top of the To Make list. Will be made asap. Will likely try a stevia and a sugar version. Or maybe half and half?! I’m a little excited right now 🙂

    I do think that some girls play up the “dumb blonde” thing and are much more clever than they come across. As a way to get attention, or maybe as a way to be more approachable in a sense, since smarts can definitely be intimidating and unfortunately a turn off to some? Some guys just don’t seem to want to tackle the intelligence challenge! But in those cases, they defintiely aren’t worth the time anyway. It’s sad that some girls feel the need to dumb themselves down to get attention. I’d like to think that that’s going a bit more by the wayside though, intelligence in women is receiving a much greater spotlight these days. Finally!

      • Donna says

        I think Stevia is one of those things like cilantro … there are some of us who find the taste of cilantro (and stevia) to be like soap. I read an article that there is a particular gene (?) that does make something in the cilantro (and I’m guessing stevia) taste very detergent-like!

  15. Barefootcookingirl says

    Gotta make these tonight! I’ve been making the black bean brownies for awhile and why couldn’t I think of doing a white version? I’m blonde, but that can’t be it, ………..I guess I only think of any white bean as dip? Which reminds me, I’m almost out of hummus…and Fudge Babies….my, my, cooking in the kitchen tonight… 🙂
    Thanks Katie!

  16. s says

    these look awesome!
    do you think i could use chickpea flour (mixed with water?) instead of garbanzo beans?

  17. Liz @ IHeartVegetables says

    ahhh I totally knew girls in high school who would play to the dumb blonde thing. But I think they’ve grown out of it. Thank goodness! It drives me crazy! We ladies need to be proud of our intelligence! 🙂

    These blondies look AWESOME! I can’t wait to try this!

  18. Ella says

    I am a “smart blonde” but lack common sense. Like I do some of the dumbest things/say some of the dumbest things ever but somehow I’ve made it 3 years into my premed degree haha. I do think some girls play it up.

    Bahh those look so yummy!

  19. McKella says

    I’m not blonde, but I have my share of dumb blonde moments. Everybody does. For me, it’s usually an overabundance of booksmarts coupled with a lack of street smarts, but everyone has those moments where they don’t put two and two together.
    Also, I love that my husband likes brainy girls. His biggest celebrity crushes are Ellen Page, Felicia Day and Emma Watson. He has a definite type I think.

  20. Kelsey @ CleanTeenKelsey says

    Katie, I am so excited to try these! My friend made some chickpea blondies once and they were so good! The recipe is really similar to yours, except hers had jam in them. I can’t wait to try your blondies. 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      As I told another commenter, I’ve never tried these with flour in place of the beans. But I want to! I want to try spelt flour or maybe even ww pastry. If you do try it with chickpea flour, I’d be VERY interested to know the results! 🙂

        • Sue says

          I am the only one who will be eating this so is this freezer friendly if the sugar is Erythritol? How long in fridge and how long will it keep in freezer?
          I can’t wait to try these having for dinner dessert tonight!

  21. Victoria says

    I am a blond, and believe me I have seen some dumb people in high school. Sadly enough, It wasn’t limited to just blonds. On girl (brunette) said that she thought turkey “came from the ground” like a plant, not that it was an animal. She was also in AP English. Umm, if your going to act dumb, at least say something halfway believable.

  22. Kayla (Little Miss Healthify) says

    Oh yes, the “dumb blonde” in our grade was in my Honors classes with me. She just said dumb things to get attention. She said stuff like the “wood” thing you mentioned plus other annoying things! Hated it!

    On a lighter note, these look DELICIOUS!

  23. Alyssa Lemus says

    I’m new to following your blog and not only do I want to thank you for making HEALTHY DESSERTS HELLO! but….thank you for including nutritional stats. Not alot of blogs do that they just portion control eat and eat healthy but I still believe calories matter because thats how Ive been able to lose 50 pounds and keep it off, now I am 110 and feel great! 🙂 Thanks a gain love your desserts!

  24. Amy says

    These looks great! I can only hope Paris Hilton is only playing dumb.. And I don’t see why everyone doesn’t love nerds!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Honestly, I love nerds… maybe I’m weird, but intelligence attracts me! Like guys who know how to use proper grammar and use big SAT words without thinking (i.e. not just doing it to show off)? Way more impressive than a motorcycle ;).

  25. Gen says

    Can’t WAIT to make these!!! 😀 Great recipes!
    And by the way, I agree with you on dumb blondes not being dumb. Its a stereotype and I guess some people figure that they’ll be more popular if they live up to it……but really do they want to be known as the airhead for life?

  26. Pxoxo says

    Yum can’t wait to try these! About the “dumb blonde” thing, even though I am a brunette and booksmart I often speak without thinking so I can come across as kinda stupid even though I get As all the time. I don’t try to sound dumb so while I do think some people purposely act dumb for attention, not everyone does if you get me. Love all your recipes btw!

  27. Hannah says

    Katie you are amazing. I wouldn’t mind if you moved to san francisco and just baked me stuff all the time, haha. Eh, those type of girls followed me to college. I go to fashion school, and some girls are just dense.

  28. Mari says

    These look delicious! I bet the stevia ones wouldn’t taste like soap to me. 🙂

    As for the “dumb blonde” thing, I have to agree with you. I think people are more likely to want to be around you if you’re a bit dim, because there seems to be this notion that smarter people will just sit around and judge you and your wits.

    As a brunette who is constantly reminded of how smart she is (or at least, how smart people perceive her to be) I do admit to having said some purposefully dumb things to get a laugh out of people. But it’s not as though I want attention; I just want people to loosen up around me! I was once told by my friends that I was intimidating because I act too old for my age and that they get nervous when they speak with me, so I try to… tone it down, I guess? But I’d never go so far as to claim that I thought wood came from trees unless I was being facetious! I happen to enjoy my intelligence and integrity; it just doesn’t hurt to show people once in a while that I’m not an automaton. 😉

  29. Sandra says

    I tried this recipe today but blending everything was a hassle since they are all dry ingredients. I added some rice milk in order to get the blender going. The result was pretty good, it tastes very good and I used stevia :p

  30. Meghan says

    I really want to try making these with just stevia. I saw above that you don’t want to give out that recipe, but I was just wondering if it changed he consistency a lot. I use liquid stevia extract so I’m not sure if it would be necessary to add something else to them for the missing sugar. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

  31. Ragnhild says

    Katie, Katie, where do you get your ideas? These looks totaly yummi, and i love that they are fudgey!
    Haha, that girl in your class was smart! Boys seems to like us a little.. short 😛

  32. Lauren says

    I definitely agree some blondes definitely play up the “dumb blonde” for attention even if they are smart. I know that some people can just be really smart but lack common sense too.

  33. Little Bookworm says

    These blondies sound really interesting – love the idea of using nut butter and chocolate in them! For your ‘Hug a Vegan Dessert’ post, do pancake recipes count?

  34. Brandi says

    I will definitely be trying these, is it possible they could be sweetened with brown rice syrup or would that be to mushy of a mixture?

    I completely agree on your suspicion. Although I have met some people that can be a little slower(not dumb, but has those moments), but I’ve known girls with all different hair colors that are like that.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey Brandi! I would’ve thought it would be too mushy… but apparently a commenter after you said she did make it with liquid syrup (agave, if I remember correctly) and it was fine! If you do try it, let me know how it works out! 🙂

  35. Jeanie says


    Yummo! Now, you are talking my language! I will switch up a little (because of food/diet restrictions) and then be able to eat these! I’m sure that they are good!
    I agree with Emily K. You are a genius!

  36. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    No joke, I am making these RIGHT NOW!! I’ll tell you how much I love them in a bit… 😀

  37. Lisa says

    yum! I do like blondies, but i made some the other day and they came out so yucky. i felt so bad for wasting all that perfectly good flour and brown sugar!!
    ill have to try your version- gotta find flaxseed first!! 🙂

  38. Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga) says

    I graduated from h.s. at age 16, and from college at age 20 with a double major, magna cum laude, and I am blond 🙂

    Blonds arent always dumb. 🙂

    But…Sometimes it helps to get ahead by playing a little dumb in life…I really dont want to learn how to change a tire, and I will act a bit dumb and someone will help me is my logic. But I could do this if I was brunette or red headed. Wouldnt matter.

    Sometimes it DOES help to use our femininity, which is different than “dumb-ness” to get ahead (much to the chagrin of feminists) but life is a balancing act….with food, exercise, vegan or not, acting dumb or not…to each her own. You have to use whatcha got 🙂

    Beans in baked goods. Now that’s a move I still havent jumped on board with! I made white choc blondies last week. But they were not, ahem, “healthy” 🙂

  39. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    Love the look of these blondies!

    And chocolate chips are never “optional” — always required.

  40. The Teenage Taste says

    I can totally name a few girls like that at my school. They act stupid around guys to get attention, yet they are all in the Honors and AP classes. It’s totally weird. 😕
    As for these blondies…YUM! I haven’t gotten a chance to try out black bean brownies before, but when I do I’ll make sure to try these blondies too! 😀

    Ha…that rhymed! ^^^

  41. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    “Smart Blondes do Exist.” Like, amen! hahahhaa. These look absolutely amazing!

  42. Alyssa says

    Maybe you could call them Yumb blond(ie)s?

    We had a girl like that in HS too, of course. She was actually a brilliant writer, but acted as if she didn’t know the color of an orange.
    I wonder what she’s up to these days.

  43. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    Haha….I love the bean in dessert kick! So fun 😉

    And I also LOVE your new sugar-free diet tab 😉

  44. Mariah@ Apples"N" Oats says

    these blondies look terrific..chickpeas=brilliant!!
    I hate how some guys are so intimidated by succesful smart women..this isnt the 17th century!

  45. Elle says

    OMG these look so good!! I can’t wait to make them soon. 🙂 One of my friends plays up the dumb blonde stereotype. It’s so ridiculous that some guys find that cute, ugh!

  46. Shannon says

    DEFINITELY agree that some girls just act dumb for the attention! I worked with a girl who was, basically, the poster-child for “dumb-blonde” (or “dumb bleach-blonde”) and the guys loved her. It helped that she also had plenty in the chest department and was super skinny…

  47. Moni'sMeals says

    I LOVE THE SOUNDS AND LOOKS OF THIS RECIPE! I look forward to making it. I might later in the day!

    As a very smart blonde, uh-um! I can agree with you that there are most def some blondes out there who play with it. I Really cannot stand Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton for that reason alone. But let’s take a look at the Kardashian’s… blah! Not blonde hair there but seriously the same behavior.


  48. Lisa says

    Yum! I love you healthy desserts 🙂
    I think Allie from Live Laugh Eat just posted a recipe for chickpea blondies as well…

  49. Stephanie @ StephSnacks says

    I am making this recipe this weekend – hands down! I am so excited 😀 Thank you for sharing it! I certainly knew my share of ‘dumb blondes’, some which I felt were actually quite intellegent and others who…. well, you get what I mean 😛

  50. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    Those blondies look delish! I totally believe when you say they’re healthy. 🙂

    I went to the same school as Snooki. So I don’t think she’s a product of her NY environment, lol. NJ must change everything.

  51. Ashley says

    This looks AMAZING. However, I’m wondering what the flax is being used for. Is it like a substitute for egg in this recipe?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Honestly, I added it in because I’d *just* bought flaxmeal for the first time and didn’t know how to use it… but I’d heard of people putting it in gluten-free baked goods a lot, and my batter seemed to need a little something to replace the flour I wasn’t using. I have no idea if it truly needs to be there, but it gives good omega threes to the blondies! 🙂

  52. Kellie says

    i saw your post yesterday about featuring other blogs; i don’t have a blog of my own, but i love creating my own vegetarian/vegan recipes and i whipped up something yesterday that was just too good not to share. i plan on having this for breakfast every day until. . . FOREVER! plus it’s super chocolatey, so i know that’s right up your alley!
    3/4 to 1 c. plain unsweetened soymilk (i’m sure you could use any flavor)
    1/2 banana
    1/2 c. chocolate soy ice cream (again, i’m sure you could sub whatever kind you want)
    1 T. peanut butter
    1 T. unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 scoop (~15 g) plain soy protein powder
    blend it all up in the blender, and try not to drink too fast!
    i figure it’s all pretty healthy (even the soy ice cream isn’t THAT bad) and it clocks in at 400ish calories! 🙂

    and these blondies look delish!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      That sounds awesome, Kellie! And hey, just because you don’t have a blog doesn’t mean you can’t be featured. If you ever want to take a photo of your delicious breakfast, just email it to me and I’ll post it (along with a link to your comment so people can see your recipe).
      In any case, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  53. Tamar says

    these are in the oven right now! I actually subbed a mix of maple syrup and brown rice syrup for the brown sugar. I will let you know how they turn out. Thanks Katie 😉

  54. Shannon S. says

    These look so good! you think I could make these using garbanzo bean flour? I just bought some of the flour, but have no actual chickpeas lol. If I used flour instead do you think I would have to add more liquid?

    Also, I saw in one of the comments above that you are writing a cookbook? I AM SO EXCITED. I love your blog, and my fiance always makes fun of me because I always tell him that I wish I could run into you when we go to Dallas! I started reading your blog when I first went vegan and was recovering from an eating disorder, and your spin on healthy eating is such an inspiration!

  55. Ann Claire says

    These look so good! I’ve wanting to try baking something with beans, but I’ve been too scared. I totally am going to make these though!
    As for the dumb blond thing, I think some people do act stupid and say stupid things just for attention. However, some people just say dumb things without realizing it. I’m not gonna lie I’ve say some pretty stupid things without thinking. For example, one day we were working on something in English class and I turn to my friend and ask “What’s that literary device where ya know you like picture an image in your head?” Friend: “you mean imagery (with an omgosh did you seriously just use the word image when trying to remember the word imagery look on her face)?!” We then both started laughing.
    But, I guess the difference is if you do stuff like that all the time. Some people definitely do it for attention. Others just don’t think.

  56. sarah marie says

    I made these today! AMAZING! I mixed them in my KitchenAid stand mixer and it’s crazy how with no real ‘wet’ ingredients it still ended up goopy moist batter. Mmm. I used a little less brown sugar than called for… next time I’ll try stevia! This recipe totally made my day.. thank you yet again Katie. 🙂

  57. Emilia says

    These look delicious– and high protein, too! I’m not doing sugar or wheat right now, so I love that they don’t contain both. How much stevia did you use in place of brown sugar? I have no sweet tooth what so ever, so I can totally handle the “soap taste” 🙂 If a PB and chocolate tooth exists, then yes, I do 🙂

  58. Beth @ naturallyyoursbeth says

    I love blondies!! I also hate when girls dumb themselves down for guys…it’s so stupid. I wish girls would just be proud of how smart they are. You can be smart, pretty, and anything else you want to be and shouldn’t care how that makes you look to guys!

  59. Tricia says

    Lol I do have my moments of dumbness, but i’m far too competitive to intentionally act dumb ;). I’ll def have to make blondies soon though 🙂

  60. Moni'sMeals says

    I made these! I changed em just a bit and I AM HOOKED. Can’t stop! They took like 5 mins to whip up too. Thanks Katie!

  61. Stephanie says

    I have chickpea flour in my pantry. But unfortunately I still have to wait to make these as I’m going out of town. Saw on Twitter there will be a Snickerdoodle version? Outrageous, will bookmark and make both versions. I’m so glad I found this blog!
    Stevia is interesting. Personally, I also think it tastes like soap, but others I know can taste the sweetness in it.

  62. Tara says

    YES YES YES Katie I love you more and more each day and I’ve never really met you. Why are you so brilliant!? I can’t wait to try these out!
    I hate when people play dumb to get attention or to get what they want. It really drives me crazy! I don’t know many dumb blondes thankfully though, so I don’t have to deal with it!

  63. Laura says

    Garbanzo beans are such an interesting ingredient! When I have some free time, I am planning on making some of your recipes! They are all so creative and look delicious!

  64. Heather @ kissmybroccoli says

    Hummus blondies! Haha! Love it! These look great Katie! I just saw Christin (from purplebirdblog) bake up some dessert hummus balls the other day and these look around the same lines! Can’t wait to give them a taste!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey Jenna,
      Do you mean like a food processor? This definitely would work in a food processor. You *might* be able to use a magic bullet… but it might not be powerful to get it smooth enough (and you’d have to do it in batches).

      • Anonymous says

        We made these tonight in a Magic bullet. We had to add some water to get it to blend, but they turned out so great!!! Thanks Katie for the fantastic recipe!!! I’m super-excited about the cookbook!!!!

      • Anonymous says

        I make mine in a magic bullet. I put all the “wet” ingredients together (beans, oil, vanilla) with one to two extra table spoons of almond milk. They come out really good. YUM.

  65. Rebeka says

    I think a lot of the time men want a women who they can “take care” of, in a way. They can’t take care of an uber smart chick in the way they can kind of take care of the “dumb blonde” who needs them because the’re kind of ditzy, I think a lot of men want to be needed and they have some sort of manly instinct that makes them want to “take care” of the one their with (I don’t know if take care of is the right term, but I hope you know what I mean). Ditzy blonds, though, are also super cute, so it’s kind of a win win for the guy (they get to be the provider to the pretty girl). I know it’s harder for me to make a connection with most guys after telling them I’m in law school and whatever, but it’s much easier when I’m just the fun, blonde girl at the bar or wherever.

  66. kaila @ healthy helper! says

    These look AH mazing! I love the protein boost from the booty beans (what I call chickpeas!!!)! And yes I totally know girls that act fake and change them selves just to fit in or impress a boy. It’s one thing that completely irritates me! Just be yourself people! You’ll be much better off if you do!

  67. Crystal says

    Okay, I guess I thought I’d get a short answer on twitter, haha. Can I use agave nectar in place of sugar? I really want to make these (and eat them) soon! Your recipes are the best and the photos are awesome…cookbook quality in my opinion 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Haha I’m way too verbose for twitter! I haven’t tried this with a liquid sweetener, but I know that two people were trying it out yesterday. I am waiting for their responses on whether or not it worked, so I’m still not sure yet!
      If you try it, let me know how it works! 🙂

    • Ginger says

      I used Agave in my version. I used some other stuff too (I’ll detail in my own comment) but next time I’d probably just use 2-3 Tbsp of Agave instead of the sugar and keep everything else the same.

  68. Sam says

    This is genius! I can’t wait to try. Can you make these blondies using garbanzo bean flour? I bet they would be just as delicious.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey Sam!
      As I told another commenter, I’ve never tried these with flour in place of the beans. But I want to! I want to try spelt flour or maybe even ww pastry. If you do try it with chickpea flour, I’d be VERY interested to know the results!

  69. Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel says

    i’d be a complete fool if i didnt bookmark these! omg i wanted to tell you that i had a dream last night about your carrot cake in a bowl!! not kidding!!! its probably because i havent made it yet and its a sign that i need to…and clearly my brain hasn’t let that deliciousness go from its memory lol!

    xoxo <3

  70. Merrie@ Strawberrylaces says

    Oh me gosh, you have me drooling everyday! I have to make these asap.

    PS- love your writing style!You are just too cute and funny 🙂

  71. Kellie says

    for everyone who didn’t have flax:
    neither did i, so i used plain soy protein powder. i only used one 15 g scoop though (about 1/8 c.), and i also didn’t have an 8×8 pan on hand, so i spread my batter into a 9×13. they were thinner, but they still didn’t fill the whole pan. i baked for 20 mins instead, cause i didn’t want to burn them, and the end result was kind of like a warm melty blondie pudding that i spooned into a little bowl. i really enjoyed it, but then, if you use the full 1/4 c. of soy protein powder, and the correct pan & baking time, i’m sure they’d turn out just like the originals!

  72. Christin@purplebirdblog says

    Katie, we are on the same wavelength!!! I made chickpea based cookies last week and posted the recipe… check out my baked dessert hummus balls!! Great minds think alike! 😉

  73. Odette @ theonlyplanetwithchocolate says

    Oh….my….GOODNESS! I made these last night and let me tell you, it took all of the willpower I had not to eat every last bite! I was so nervous to taste one after they came out of the oven, but I should know by now that you wouldn’t endorse anything less than delicious! I’m taking them to my boyfriend’s totally-not-vegan family this weekend and am going to make them all try it because honestly, they are so good 🙂 Thank you Katie! Another winner for the books.

  74. pawsitivelife says

    I love making blondies but I never thought they could be healthy-ish! Thanks for the idea I am going to revamp my recepie

  75. Gloria says

    I made these as soon as I got home from work last night and OH MY GOSH they are amazing! I was out of flax, so I subbed in brown rice protein powder – LOVE! and used Barney Butter instead of peanut. Half the pan is gone… and I’m single… and live alone 😉

  76. tina says

    These look amazing! I can’t wait to try them with chickpeas I never thought of incorporating them into desserts. Very clever.

  77. Hannah says

    Wow, these look insanely delicious. I love blondies so much!
    Do you think that almond butter work OK as a substitute for peanut as I’m intolerent?

  78. Marsha says

    I just made these and I think they are going to be a favorite! The one thing that bothered me was the overpowering flavor left by the ground flax. Is that put in there for any reason than to up the healthiness factor? If I leave it out, should I sub in some flour?

    Thanks for all your recipes and ideas. I love them.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Yes, maybe try subbing in flour… I just added them in for extra omega 3s and for something to bind. If you try it with flour, let me know what you think! Other ideas I had include crushed oats and protein powder (which two other people said works well).

      • Marsha says

        I tried it with semi-ground oats and it worked out just fine. Ya know, getting an e-mail that said you had replied to my comment was kind of like getting an e-mail from a celebrity! Thank you for taking the time to give your input.

  79. joanne says

    hi there katie! do you grind your own flax seeds or do you get them already ground? i have flax seeds in my supermarket but they’re the whole ones.

  80. Mellie says

    Oh, i totally agree with the blonde thing, I know a couple of blonde cheerleaders who are in pre-ap classes, but they act sooo stupid. And i want to say “youre not cute you’re just STUPID!”

  81. mercedes. says

    i absolutely love chickpeas, and i’ve been drooling over these since you first posted the recipe. i just now got around to making them, and i thought they were a little too gooey and sweet… then i realized i forgot to add the ground flax. but i’ll definitely try again tomorrow. thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  82. Emma says

    Ok, I am almost the 200th person to tell you, but you’re a genius! My whole family loved these, and we’re not even vegans!
    Thanks CCK!!! 🙂

  83. Hawai'i Leah says

    AMAZING!! I’m a true blonde and truly addicted!
    I made them with a little less than a 1/4 cup brown sugar and then 2 tsp. stevia powder. Sweet and didn’t take like chemicals 😉 Also, instead of straight peanut butter, I used my own “Almond Butter Whip” (1 part almond butter to 1 part unsweetened vanilla almond milk whipped up in a food processor. 1/2 the fat and calories and simply glorious in anything you use it in!).

    Next I’ll be trying the Snickerdoodle Blondies 🙂 Thanks for the amazing idea!

    -Hawai’i Leah

  84. Mary says

    Just made these. They are INCEDIBLE!!!! I’m bringing them to a party tomorrow, but I’ve already eaten so much that now I have to make another batch!

  85. Msdrmatchrldy says

    Just made these and they smell amazing. In case you have anybody trying your recipes as part of a weight loss plan, I figured out the Weight Watchers points – an 8×8 pan if cut into 9 pieces are 6 points each and 4 points if you go small and cut into 12.

    Next time I may try the almond butter idea, that sounds super yummy.

    Thanks for what seems to be another amazing recipe.

  86. Lauren W says

    Hi Katie! I made your blondies tonight. I used 1/4 cup of white sugar and 1/2 cup maple syrup for the rest. They were great and had a wonderful maple flavor. My post with the full recap should be up tomorrow 😀 Thanks for the wonderful recipe! Would it be alright with you if this was my featured post?

  87. Amanda says

    Finally got to try these blondies and all I can say is Yum Yum. I’m totally addicted, super-happy their healthy and even my kids are liking them. And yes, I did tell them what they were made of…. after they tried them first. These are going to be a permanent addition to my treat recipes. Keep ’em coming, Katie.

  88. Babs says

    Made them in individual casserole dishes and the husband loved them. They didn’t cook as well in the dishes, so he named them blondie pudding. He was SHOCKED when I said there were chickpeas in them 😉

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’m not going to list the amount I used because it’s a lot less than many people would find tasty, and I don’t want to mislead anyone. You’ll have to experiment to find an amount that tastes good to YOU ;).

  89. Bella says

    These look amazing! I just put a tray of them in the oven! Only changes I made was adding a small handful of oats and subbing the brown sugar for coconut sugar!

    They are for a 5yo birthday party, will update on how the kids like em!

    (the chickpea’s are going to be my lil secret! 😉 )

  90. Katie says

    Made these tonight! I had to add a little hemp milk to get the batter smooth, but they taste awesome! I used stevia, and I like the soap taste. 😀

    I can’t believe that chickpeas turn into floury goodness!

  91. Beth says

    I made these the other night and they turned out great, though I overcooked them a bit. I didn’t tell my husband what was in them, and he loved them! 😉 Next time I’m using chocolate peanut butter!

  92. Sarah says

    Kind of made these, haha. I only had 1/2 cup of white beans (leftovers) so I reduced everything so the proportions were still correct. Didn’t use nut butter or apple sauce because I didn’t have any, but I added some veg oil. And then I cooked them in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes on 50% power. It (because I didn’t want to share) came out really well in the microwave. It was fluffy… which I don’t think was the goal, but regardless it was a tasty sugary treat.

  93. Vanessa says

    You’ve got it!
    (About both your blondies (mmmm) and your blond theories) Being blond myself, I will attest.
    I’ve been there and done that. But I stopped the first year of high-school. The boy that I had a crush on had a crush on my A+ brunette best friend. And that’s probably the reason why I liked him, because he was deep. He liked her for who she was. Long-story short, she did not like him in return (I still can’t get over it, it would have been perfect), I embraced my nerdy, perfectionist, creative ways, we became friends, I outgrew my crush & we all live happily.
    Although my blond hair is not as blond, I’ll always be thankful for him. For inspiring me to embrace being myself. Because there’s no better feeling in the world than when you are completely honest with someone about who you are, and they like you anyways <3
    But then again, whether you label someone "dumb" or "smart" all depends on what you want out of life. 🙂
    Thanks again, your recipes are awesome 🙂

  94. Elise says

    Mmmmm I made these again with coconut butter and reduced the sugar by a couple tablespoons. SO delicious! They came out a bit drier than they did when I used peanut butter but they also held up better. I really really really like them.

    PS, your blog has really helped me in recovering from my eating disorder 🙂 I don’t count calories anymore (or at least I try not to…some numbers are just programmed into my brain), I don’t feel as guilty about food, and I think overall I’m making better and healthier choices. So thank you, Katie 🙂

    • chocolate-covered katie says

      Wow, thank YOU, Elise, for such a meaningful comment. It really made me smile. And I want to try these with coconut butter so much… and now I’ve run out of peanut butter (horrors!), so I might just have to do that soon ;).

  95. Amy L. says

    OMG I finally got around to making your blondies and they are AMAZING! I am totally in love. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

    • Jessica says

      Oh, and neither can anyone who I served it to!
      I’m making these again Monday and bringing them to a Memorial Day party. Wish me luck!

  96. Keri R. says

    Hi Katie! I just made the blondies and I feel like they have a weird taste to them. I think that it is because of the dairy free chocolate chips that I used. Could you maybe do a post about vegan chocolate chip options and what your favorites are? Pretty please!

  97. Ali says

    I just made these! I made them a little different but I just had one straight out of the oven and it was really nice!
    I used mostly apples instead of peanut butter (didn’t have apple sauce so just sliced an apple and softened it in the microwave before blending into the mix), with just one spoon of peanut butter. I used rice flour instead of flax and added lots of cocoa rather than chocolate chips – I know it’s weird but I don’t like chocolate chips! it’s just not the same as making the whole thing chocolatey! so I guess they were more like light-brownies than blondies…
    they only needed 30 minutes in my ridiculously hot oven, in fact they were starting to look burnt on top by then! luckily they don’t taste burnt. they are VERY fudgey on the inside! anyway enough talk, I’m gonna go get another one!

  98. Susan says

    Oh. my. gosh. Just made these.. they are HEAVEN!! I used oat bran instead of ground flax. and used applesauce instead of natural pb. Next time I think I might include the pb! 🙂

  99. Haley says

    Oh my goodness! So I just made these today and they were deliciousssssss. These were my sister’s exact words: “These are better than regular cookies!”

    Congrats on another great recipe!

  100. Bella says

    Just made my second batch and they came out even better than the first!

    Here’s a lil pic of my effort!


  101. Meredith says

    I made these and the snickerdoodle blondies and they were both SOOOO delicious! I subbed stevia for part of the brown sugar, and it was fantastic. I literally ate about 1/3 of the pan yesterday – though to be fair, not in one sitting 🙂 Thanks for another great recipe!

  102. Quix says

    Those look amazing. 🙂 I have a gigantic can of garbanzo beans that I was going to make hummus with, but buying it at the store is so much easier. They may be destined for blondies now!

    Also, I’m a brunette, but I’ve had so many blonde moments that people used to accuse me of having blonde roots…

  103. beccah says

    cck,do you know if I can a sub another sweetener in place of the brown sugar {i dont have any}was thinking of using a syrup type liquid sweetener but dont know how much to use without screwing up the recipe.thanks!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey Beccah,
      Other readers have used agave or maple syrup and been just fine! I would’ve thought they’d be too gooey, but apparently it works. I think they just use the same amount. If you try it, let me know how it goes! 🙂
      (Oh, you can also sub white sugar)

      • beccah says

        nope,i just added 1/2 c of soy milk to the batter to thin it out a bit i actually use pancake syrup {ys its unhealthy} b/c we dont have maple and honey is expensive and i thought molasses wouldnt be sweet enough. lol tastes the same as maple,ended up using 1/3 c.they smell amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!youre a genius.

  104. sarah says

    i made these as 24 minis using a mini muffin tin!
    substitutions i made:
    – protein powder instead of flax
    – 1/2 cup brown sugar plus 1 tbsp stevia instead of all brown sugar
    – 2 tbsp pb plus 2 tbsp unsweetened applesauce instead of all pb
    worked great!

    mine turned out more like very soft choc chip cookies instead of gooey blondies, totally delicious!
    my dad who doesn’t like chickpeas couldn’t even tell they were in there!

  105. lian says

    oh dear.
    i just ate … pretty much the entire batch, save for 3 small square that i have to give to some friends whom i promised. but… WHOOPS!
    they were delicious 🙂

  106. Zoe says

    Thanks for the blondie recipe! I used white kidney beans instead. Then substituted 1/4 cup agave and used carob chips. I then topped it off with a thin layer of “chocolate frosting”… (which is equal parts of maple syrup and unsweetened cocoa powder)… cut them into small pieces, wrapped up individually and put them into the freezer. When I get a cakey chocolate craving, I grab one from the freezer and it satisfies my cravings… My husband doesn’t like them, so that means more for me!

  107. Val says

    First of all I LOVE chickpeas, probably more than I should. So I couldn’t wait to try these. I finally got some chocolate chips and then it had to be done. I followed your recipe pretty closely accepted I only used half the sugar and found they were sweet enough. These were so good. I may have eaten them all in like two days. Oops. Mine dissent quite look. As great as yours but they aure tasted great. I also only got 12 servings out of it. Not sure how you could 20 (bite size blondes???).

  108. Lucy @ Porridge and Parsnips says

    Just put these in the oven, hoping everyone likes them! If not I’ll just “have” to eat them all myself! Made quite a small batch anyway as the batter was so good I couldn’t stop eating it off the spoon!! Yum, thanks Katie, fantastic recipe yet again! 😀

  109. Amanda says

    Love these & I don’t even like chickpeas, have made them twice. 1st time with the brown sugar and 2nd time with 2 TBSP of brown rice syrup & a little liquid stevia. I didn’t think I’d like it this 2nd time b/c I could taste the stevia in the uncooked version, but once cooked I liked it just as well. My kids loved them too. I’m eager to try some of your other recipes! 🙂

  110. Dona says

    I just tried these and might be in love! I have a sweet tooth, so I may add a little more sugar next time, but these are delicious! I’m not vegan, but I love eating healthy. Your recipes seem so exciting because they are real foods, not imitation foods. Thanks for all your hard work. This 40-something loves learning from a 20-something, it makes me feel hip!

  111. Aly says

    Hey Katie,

    You’re right, these ARE genius, that’s for sure! I made them for a friend’s birthday, she is newly vegan and I knew she would just love vegan blondies. I didn’t expect them to be this good! I mean, I trust you, but they’re AMAZING.

    I didn’t have flax so I ground some oats and subbed 1/4 cup for the flax. They were perfect. I experimented with some changes in a second batch and will post the recipe on my blog next week. And of course I will sing your praises and link back. :o)

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  112. Elise says

    I just made these, the boyfriend wanted something sweet, but I accidently put dark brown sugar in so they’re not really blonde anymore!! I haven’t tried them yet but I’ll let you know if I haven’t ruined them!

  113. Jeska says


    My friends are coming around on Sunday, and as three are vegan I’m getting my vegan on. I am determined that these will be the thing people remember.

    I just have a few questions if that’s okay?

    What kind of peanut butter do you use, smooth or crunchy?

    This is going to make me sound ridiculous… I’ve never even heard of ground flax. I’m from the UK, maybe that’s it? *is ashamed* Is it like flaxseed? If I sub it with flour, do you think I could use gluten free (possible coeliac friend)?

    Again, being British and annoying… what’s the difference between baking powder and soda? Is baking soda bicarbonate of soda?

    Thank you if you reply- I am realy excited to make this recipe. HURRY UP AND BE SATURDAY, I WANT TO BAKE.


    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey girl!

      I use smooth pb (make sure it’s not unsalted). Flaxmeal is just ground flaxseeds, but you can sub quick oats (if you use gluten-free oats or flaxmeal, the bars are gluten-free). And the recipe calls for BOTH baking soda and baking powder, so you’ll need to use both. Bicarbonate of soda is baking soda. Happy baking! 🙂

      • Jeska says

        Woooo I’m making these tomorrow! I bought smooth unsalted peanut butter, ground flaxseed and both of the baking things.

        Although there is one slightly odd thing I’m doing- using carob chips instead of chocolate? Have you ever tried carob? Will it work? If they’re disgusting I’ll bin them and chop up dark divine chocolate instead, but I’ve had carob-y stuff before and it seemed okay.


          • Jeska says


            Mine look absolutely nothing like yours 😀

            Well okay, they do a bit- I think they’re darker because of the peanut butter I used. Plus I had to alternate between a stick blender and a liquidiser (-.-) because of our lack of equipment :L

            However, the fact that they taste absolutely amazing makes up for it. My parents who are devoted to meat and equate vegan food with grass made me take the tray away so they would stop eating them. I am so happy- having one for dessert tonight and am looking forward to it!

            You are a genius Katie, hehe. I keep meaning to ask- on average, how many ‘goes’ does it take you to reach a final product? Do you end up with fifty batches of cookies sitting around or do you just do it once and go “Damn, I like that a LOT”?

            Thank you for the amazing recipe! xx

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            Oh it definitely depends! I think these blondies came together on the first try, as well as the cookie pie and snickerdoodle blondies and dips. Same for the single-serving cupcakes… but the healthy chocolate chip cookies took three or four tries, and the brownies took about a million!

            Usully I can get it in two: I’ll taste the first batch and say, “This needs ______ and _____ to taste good.” Then, for the second batch, I’ll add those :).

  114. Ali McClure says

    This is exactly right Katie! Girls do that when they think people expect them to act dumb. It’s like they’re afraid to sound as intelligent as they really are. I’m on vacation and came across your website through stumble upon. I can’t WAIT to try all your recipes. I’m always trying to make healthy choices. You are too cute!

  115. Courtney G says

    I just made these using whole wheat flour and they turned out wonderful! I can definitely taste the nutty-ness of the whole wheat but I love it! Thanks for a great recipe! I’m gonna go cut myself another BIG piece! 🙂

  116. Hawai‘i Leah says

    Question: How do you do your nutritional information calculations? I have used Spark People’s recipe calculator but I feel like it is not accurate most of the time….any suggestions?

  117. Lauren Korso says

    I didn’t believe it until I tasted one for myself. These are AMAZING!!!!
    You cannot taste the beans at all. I have had black bean brownies before, and they were horrible. But these are SO good!

  118. Whitney Carlson says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and finally had a free weekend to bake! I made these and the snickerdoodles right in a row so I don’t have to wash my food processor twice- I loved them both! There is no way these are going to last around here, so I’ll have to make a double batch of each again!

  119. amber says

    I just made these tonight and they taste delicious! Thanks for the great recipe Katie. I used coconut sugar and they came out perfect.
    As for blondes I was one (my hair has grown darker over the years) and I never acted dumb to get attention; many people assumed I was dumb because of my hair color. Starting in middle school, into high school, college and and even into law school dumb blonde jokes followed me. Eventually I started dying my hair darker. I recall quite vividly in law school a male classmate who I didn’t know very well knocking on my head and shouting “Hey blondie anything in there?”. It’s a relief now that my hair is darker. I’m also a feminist and feminism has nothing to do with men holding doors open for you or changing tires. Feminism is simply the radical notion that women and men are equal. My very smart blonde boyfriend holds doors open for me all the time. That’s just consideration.

  120. Tiffany says

    First off, I tried this recipe- I’m not that accustomed to healthified desserts, so it was new and it was shockingly tasty! Thank you! One thing is that it was a bit too bean-y for my taste (maybe it was the texture?). I was wondering if it’s possible to change the chickpea to pb ratio? I’m a peanut butter lover so if I were to halve the recipe but lower the amount of chickpeas and keep the 1/4 cup peanut butter would there be a difference?

  121. Kaycee says

    mmmm YUM! these just finished cooling and I ate one and it was so delish, seriously. i subbed the flax with ground up soy nuts and the peanut butter with like 1/2 a cup of apple sauce. I also used a 6-cup muffin tray and 1 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla. i already ate one entire muffin lol! thanks so much for this!

  122. Jess says

    OMG these are delicious! I made them a little while ago and absolutely loved them! I had my parents taste them and they couldn’t even tell beans were in there : ) Thanks so much for this delicious recipe!!

  123. AJ says

    I made these blondies yesterday, and I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical about putting chickpeas in a dessert, but this recipe is amazing! I couldn’t even taste the beans, If I lived alone I would have eaten the entire pan!
    Thanks so much for all the great recipes!

  124. Katrina says

    I made these with peanut butter & co’s “dark chocolate dreams” pb, added some coco powder and espresso powder. plus the chocolate chips! these are definitely so dense and fudgey, nobody can even tell that theyre made with peas!! thank you so much for the recipe, i love your site!!

  125. duddes02 says

    I finally made this recipe! It was awesome (except I blew the fuse with my blender, grr).

    I used some splenda instead of the brown sugar.

    Next time I will try adding some cinnamon.

    I made 12 squares and already ate 3. yummmmm

  126. Irene says

    Hi Katie —
    I was looking for a new vegan bean-based dessert and this is it! I’m having made these several times in the last two weeks. I made some adjustments (a little more of something, less of something else) and used sun butter instead of peanut butter to accommodate for nut allergies. May I link your recipe to my food allergies blog?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh goodness, chocolate is DEFINITELY vegan!!! Some brands aren’t, because they are milk chocolate. But many dark chocolate bars (including some Ritter or Ghirardelli bars, Endangered Species brand, and many many many others) are vegan, and they even have ricemilk chocolate bars. And they make vegan chocolate chips too. And cocoa powder is vegan. Chocolate is definitely vegan :).

  127. Kelli says

    Katie –

    You’re a genius! I recently discovered your site and have made a new dessert each week.
    I tried these using cannellini beans. They were delicious at first, but had a slightly bitter aftertaste. It didn’t stop from eating the whole pan:)

    I’ll try them chick peas next time….

  128. Melanie says

    Made these today and have already eaten my portion of the pan! Yum! I used navy beans, half brown sugar/half stevia in the raw, almond butter and doubled the chocolate chips.

    My dad even liked them and he normally abhors my healthy food. I wouldn’t tell him what they were made with until after he tried them and he couldn’t believe they were made with beans! But he did say “They taste like chocolate chip cookies into which someone put too many chocolate chips.” Such heresy! 😛

  129. Laurel OBrien says

    Such a fan, Katie! I’d buy up a cookbook of yours in a heartbeat. This is my first comment on any recipe blog, which I discovered the wonders of thanks to foodgawker, and I just wanted to say these are divine! I’m also eating one of your fudgsicles while I type 🙂

    My poor blender couldn’t handle the beans so an egg beater and a little determination got the job done. No way I was quitting on these delicious things lol. I also used 30g of wholemeal flour instead of flax seed meal and they turned out perfectly delicious. Every night I make some healthy dessert, usually from CCK, and get to shock my family with the secret ingredients hahaha. (“Chick peas? In these? That’s so gross… pass me another one!”)

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Wow, Laurel, that pretty much is one of the most meaningful comments ever! The fact that you’ve never commented on a blog before, but took the time to do so here, means SO much to me. I can’t even tell you how much! Thank you :).

  130. Crystal says

    Hi Katie, I have been making your fudge babies and absolutely love them. Im now off to make some more of your delish recipes. My only question is are there any plans on providing the nutritional content for these recipes? I know they are all natural and fab ingredients but one who is watching her waist line (and suger levels) wants to know HOW much of a good thing I can have..hehe Also In some recipeswhere you have suger can one substitute dates for them? Thanks so much Im loving your blog.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’m confused… most of my recipes (especially the more-recent ones) already have the nutritional info listed.

      I’m sure you can substitute dates for sugar in some recipes. I think it depends on the recipe, and you’ll have to experiment.

  131. Jess says

    Hey Katie,

    You’ve seriously just saved my morning! I’m procrastinating studying for an exam tomorrow, it’s only 9.40am and I’ve already cooked and eaten 1/4 of these blondies. So good! I’d never have thought of using chickpeas as a base, you’re a fricken genius.


  132. Marie says

    I made this recipe, and I don’t know what kind of taste buds you guys have, but obviously mine aren’t cut out for “hummus blondies.” They literally smelled and tasted like garbanzo beans, which I normally love outside of dessert.

  133. Sara says

    These are the BEST THINGS I have EVER made!!!!! I cannot believe they are not filled with butter and cream and eggs! Katie, you are a GENIUS! My entire family gobbled these things up almost as quickly as I put them on the table, and no one even believed me when I said they were vegan and healthier than normal blondies. And my dad, who HATES beans, had three of them! Thank you so much for what is now my family’s FAVORITE dessert!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! 🙂

  134. Mama Veggie says

    I just made these, and WOW. That’s all I can think to say. WOW.

    And WOW a few more times.

    Now I just have to find a good hiding spot so no one else will discover them and eat them all!

  135. Sharon says

    I love to bake and am trying to transition to gluten-free/vegan ways — substituted white beans (as mentioned in the snickerdoodle reviews, I think) and used 1/2 pb, 1/2 applesauce — doubled the recipe and added extra choc chips — and they turned out just AWFUL!! I love the black bean brownies, but these bars tasted just like beans — I cooked them a lot longer than the directions indicated, and still they were really gooey (I love a gooey bar, but these were beyond gooey — and beany…). I will try the recipe as written next time, but any thoughts as to why these turned out so horribly wrong?!?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Sharon,
      Unfortunately, as I cautioned in my lower-calorie notes, I only think the blondies will be good with all the fat. I wouldn’t sub 1/2 with applesauce. You need a little fat for flavor, and also the pb will make them much drier (less gooey) than if you sub extra applesauce. Hopefully that’ll fix the problem! 🙂 (If not, maybe the recipe is just not your thing… that’s ok too!)

  136. Janice says

    Ahem… Hello again 😀

    My other brother… I have 4 brothers by the way. Came by last night as a surprise for me from Costa Rica with his newborn baby and fiance. They are moving to New Mexico this Wed and I’ve been wanting to make these blondies or the deep dish cookie pie when everyone is here and this is so the last minute and Im going to make them tomorrow! So, I was wondering If I could just mush them with a large spoon or the smasher -the ones you use to mush potatoes and such?- :p or does it have to be with a processor? I have a processor, i’m just too lazy to clean it up. LOL But If I have to use it, then I will because I REALLY want to FINALLY try these guys. Also, do you think wheat germ might work well instead of flax? Only because I dont have any in hand besides old fashioned oat which i can process into flour but then my mother and I wont have anything for breakfast If i keep using the oats that way lol…

  137. Caroline says

    I have a pan of these in the oven right now, and oh my word, if they taste as good cooked as the batter does, then I’m going to struggle resisting eating all of them right away! I’m on a diet and bless you for inventing nummy treats I don’t have to feel guilty about!

  138. Liz says

    Hi Katie, just wanted to let you know that I used oat bran instead of flax seeds and they came out great. I have found that these taste better when cold! I also think these are great for breakfast, they are filling with all that healthy protein, and though it does have added sugar, so does whole wheat bread (I usually eat peanut butter toast in the morning.)

  139. Liz says

    haha thanks Katie, but it was your idea! You had said that you thought it would work, but hadn´t tried it. So thank you for the idea! I would recomend it, oat bran is so good for us!

  140. Nikki says

    Katie (I know you get this a lot), but I LOVE your recipes. I’m a long distance runner, and I made these for my team as a snack after a 12 mile run. 🙂 NOBODY guessed that they were made out of beans.

  141. Rachel D. says

    I just discovered your site this week! I am always looking for healthy recipes. I made these, they are superb! My husband and 4-year-old son gobbled them up, I kept the chickpeas a secret…I’m going to try the PB and J ones next maybe, and Fudge Babies I think. Thank you!

  142. Jeni says

    Epic fail times two.

    First batch? I ate raw. the entire bowl. It never made it into the baking pan. Ok, not so much of a fail really, but not quite the baked yummy I was intending.
    Second batch? I use Better Butter which is made from defatted peanuts. So I added about a tablespoon of coconut oil for the fat. After an hour in the oven they were still *boiling* so I pulled them out. Still not a total fail as I made some gooey delight that resembles a hybrid between the filling in truffles and taffy…

    Third time is a charm. It has to be. Going to Trader Joes tomorrow to find some real peanut butter!

  143. Monica says

    Hi Katie! I just got into your blog and omg you are a freakin mastermind! These are the best blondies I’ve ever made! The best part is that they’re vegan! The only thing I had trouble with was blending everything together. Whew! But worth it. Thanks alot for the recipe!

  144. Anna Kate says

    I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever so I have been trying to incorporate more healthy dessert recipes into my diet. I just made these….and they are so delicious I ate the entire pan minus like 2 blondies. I added white and dark chocolate chips…not sure the combination of these and the fact I ate almost the entire pan equals healthy….but worth it I think.

  145. Erin Goss says

    Hey Katie! I tried the blondies today, and I have to agree with my husband that they dont really taste like chocolate or peanut butter! But we want them to! The consistency is fabulous, but the flavor is underwhelming the two best ingredients ever! Any suggestions?

    Love the site…looking forward to trying more things!

    • Morgen says

      add more pb! i added also 3/4 cup and used 2/3 cup MINI DARK CHOCOLATE chips 🙂 you’ll have to bake them a extra 10mins but worth it

  146. Jade C says

    Hi Katie!! Love the site and keep updated religiously at the moment!!
    I came across this particular recipe a few days ago and have been thinking up ways of replacing the sugar somehow..
    What I have come up with is subbing the sugar and nut-butter ((for the right consistency)) for mashed banana, or banana-butter ((<–Which I now LOVE!! Especially on banana pancakes, crackers, toast, let's just say I haven't found anything it DOESN'T go well with yet!!)).
    If you or anyone else have tried this please share your results!! If not, I'm thinking of giving it a go and I'll post back afterwards.

    ((P.S. – Katie, I'm very sorry about my comment the other day, it was inappropriate and silly of me))

  147. Kirsten says

    I made the chocolate chip blondies today and i seriously think i could eat the whole pan in one sitting. so good! in addition to the flaxseed i also added 1/4 cup oats (i can’t seem to make a cookie without adding oats) and i tried subbing the peanut butter for 1/4 cup applesauce and then realized i was being silly and ended up adding in a spoonful of peanut butter at the last minute. the peanut butter really helps disguise the flavor of the beans. the one downside to finding your website is that i want to make every recipe now lol at least i don’t feel too guilty for indulging in these desserts 🙂

  148. simran says

    Hi Katie!
    I love your site– the recipes and photos are amazing 🙂 I have been a long-time reader and can’t thank you enough for all the creations you’ve shared. Anyways, I was wondering if I could sub splenda for the brown sugar since they offer it at my grocery store in bulk bags for baking? Also, what would the conversion be–still 3/4 cup or less? I know you warned people think it tastes like soap with stevia but I’m very much used to artificial sweeteners 😀


  149. Sarah says

    I’m coming off the hcg diet and am in the phase where I am not supposed to have sugar but I really wanted to make these. I was wary of using JUST stevia since I certainly did not want soap bars so I doubled the recipe but used a very scant 3/4 cup coconut sugar (technically a no-no for me, but whatever… I’m almost to the point where I can start adding sugar back in so I don’t feel too bad about it) and 3 dropper fulls of liquid stevia. I also used Barney Butter (amazing brand of almond butter that you can get at Whole Foods) instead of peanut butter since I didn’t want a pb cookie taste. These were amaze-balls good! Next time I make them, I will definitely use less sugar and more stevia (maybe even ALL stevia) or replace the sugar with a banana or some dates.

  150. Lynn says

    I tried these at a birthday party tonight, they were delicous!! Had to get the recipe. I am wondering if you could substitute Zylitol for part of the brown sugar. May give it a try. Thank you for such a great treat that you can’t feel guilty eating!

  151. Ashley @ Granola Grrl says

    I subbed applesauce for the PB, and I personally loved it! The leftovers are in my fridge as we speak.

    However, I’m someone who is used to healthy desserts. The BF, who prefers fast food, preferred the PB recipe. But hey, he liked one of them 😉

    You rock, Katie.

  152. Crystal says

    Holy Heck Yeah! These are so good! And by the way, thanks for categorizing your recipes for special diets. It’s especially helpful to me since some days I’m just looking for a sugar free treat and some days I REALLY need more protein but am sick of having to EAT protein. So, thanks! So much!

  153. Michelle says

    Hi Katie!

    Just wanted to say hello all the way from South Africa! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and it’s wonderful! I have just made your chocolate chip blondies and they are so delicious!!!! Thank you so much for all your lovely ideas!


  154. Lindsay says

    Your blog and recipes are amazing! I just made the chocolate chip blondies and they are SO good! If you had a cookbook I would buy it in a flash!! 🙂

  155. Leah says

    I just made these. My first try using chickpeas for anything. (never even had hummus). I substituted part coconut butter and part nutella for the peanut utter as we have an allergy here. They are pretty good! One would never know they have chickpeas! As a matter of fact- i just allowed my husband and 3 kids to try it… Haha. I didn’t tell them what it was. They all liked it!

      • Jade C says

        Oohh that sounds like a great idea!! I might just have to try that soon!! Although for now I definitely need a break from anything sweet 😐 😐 ..
        Will let you know if I try it!!

  156. You Skinny Little Shit says

    You fucking horsefaced skeleton whore. Next time you decide to fuck up a recipe, make sure you put your fingers to the keyboard and MENTION FIRST that you need a fucking blender. My girlfriend is pissed. She’s about to come find your stupid ass and kill your whole goddamn family.

    You look like you’re fucking 12.

  157. Paula says

    These look so delicious! Can you use any kind of white bean instead of the chickpeas?
    And, I’m a brunette, but I definitely was one of those girls in high school who had book smarts, but no common sense, and I definitely played that up around guys– I’m a little ashamed to admit it!

  158. Lyza says

    OMG I MADE THIS IN THE MICROWAVE!!! It is amazing!!

    I am allergic to nuts, so I used 1/4 cup of frozen bananas and 1 tbsp of coconut oil as the pb replacement. I did not have vanilla so I did not use this in my recipe, although I would have if I could have–but it isn’t missed! I just dumped in a bunch of whole flaxseeds because my seed grinder broke and they have to be put in whole at the beginning with all of the other ingredients or they won’t turn into a meal–I’d say I put in 2-3 tbsp of whole seeds (and I have a cheap, little kitchen aid food processor…the most basic grade). I used 5 drops of stevia and only half a cup of brown sugar as opposed to the 3/4 cup. I also added in 3/4 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp of pumpkin pie spice. I had 2 cups of frozen chickpeas that I dethawed a bit, which I had cooked myself originally from the dry beans that you buy in bulk at whole foods or other organic stores. I jogged in place and blended this all in my food processor for 3 minutes straight to be exact, until it was a smooth consistency. It tastes GREAT raw. Then, LOL, since my oven is broken, I put some in a ramekin and heated it in the microwave for 2 minutes and 22 seconds. The result is FANTASTIC, it’s like a muffin or a cake, not quite blondie-ish but still WONDERFUL and could totally be delightful with chocolate chips!!!

    I feel like I should get an award or something!!!!! WHEW!!!! Gotta love the creativity that spurs from working with what you’ve got!!!!

    I love you CCK!!



  159. Elizabeth Hairston says

    I made these exactly as the recipe specified and they are AMAZING! To someone who isn’t used to eating healthy food these may taste a little different but they are still tasty and for peanut butter lovers they are addicting…i love how gooey they are…and as a matter of fact i put them in the fridge and freezer and it made them extra chewy! I made a pan 3 days ago and I’ve been the only one eating them…there are only 2 left….

  160. Lindsay says

    amazing recipe. I used splenda brown sugar, sugar free chocolate chips and rolled oats instead of flax seed. They were so yummy and tasted like I was totally treating myself to a real blondie.

  161. Marisa says

    I’m not vegan but I love all your recipes and actually have most everything in my pantry already. I notice many of the recipes offer weights rather than measurements. For this recipe, is the brown sugar 3/4 cup packed or unpacked? Or, do you have a weight? Love all your yummy recipes, thanks for sharing

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Marisa!

      I don’t really pack it in, so I guess I’d say unpacked.
      Honestly, I wish everyone had a food scale; it’s so much easier (and more reliable) to give measurements in grams… but hardly anyone owns a scale, so I didn’t bother to calculate the weight of the sugar.

  162. Christa says

    I was really skeptical about these at first, they turned out amazing!
    Even got a thumbs up from my brother in law who “hates chickpeas”
    I didn’t tell him until after he ate them of course… : )

  163. Swati says

    Hi Katie…these blondies were great! My daughter was recently diagnosed with wheat allergy and i was in a fix what to give her since she loves cookies and cakes. These were perfect healthy, wheatless and sweet. Also it reminded me of an Indian sweet made up of chickpeas only the chocolate made it taate even better.

  164. Carmel says

    I made these last night and although I liked them, I definitely would say they taste like more of a healthy snack bar than a dessert. My parents both thought that they were gross 🙁 I don’t think anyone would be tricked into thinking these were ‘normal’ blondies.

    • Allie says

      I have to disagree. I’ve made these blondies more times than I can count, since she first posted the recipe, and I’ve served them with rave reviews to a lot of my friends. For Thanksgiving, my boyfriend asked for them specifically!

      And in regards to your statement: “I don’t think anyone would be tricked into thinking these were ‘normal’ blondies.” Did you not see the 374 comments above yours? Just wondering!

  165. Lauren says

    I tried to make these today and they came out sort of dry when I was mixing all the ingredients together. I added half peanut butter and half apple sauce for the oil part but I had to add a lot more apple sauce for it to come out a nice consistency. Is there something I’m missing?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hmmm… I don’t know why they would be dry. Did you use canned chickpeas? Can you tell me more specifics about exactly what you did? It’s hard to figure out what could’ve gone wrong when I wasn’t there… but they definitely shouldn’t be dry!

  166. Rebecca says

    I just made these blondies for a New Year’s party, and they’re already a hit! So delicious and TOTALLY guilt free. Thanks for the recipe, and Happy New Year!

  167. Jane says

    These are insane!! I made them last night and my 5 year old daughter ate 2!! I used 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup date sugar:) Will definitely make these again. Cannot wait to try your other recipes, thank you Katie!!

  168. Beth Rampson says

    Hi Katie!
    I just made these and they didn’t turn out for me. I’m writing because I’ve made quite a few of your recipes and they’ve all been fantastic. I used flaxseed meal. I’m not very familiar with flax-should I have used something else? My dough was my first indicator-it was a lot darker than yours and my overall brownie texture is a lot less smooth. Any ideas?
    Thanks so much-love your blog and keep sharing on Facebook with my friends. 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      It’s very hard (or really, impossible) for me to know what could’ve gone wrong, since I wasn’t there to see :(. So many things could have been the issue… What food processor did you use? And did you drain the beans fully?

      I use ground flax, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

      • Beth Rampson says

        Hi Katie-
        Thanks so much for the response. It might have been the beans. I used canned, rinsed and drained beans but used a tiny cuisineart chopper/blended so they probably just weren’t blended enough. Time to just bite the bullet and buy a food processor. Thanks so much for the response!!!

  169. Anna says

    just made these and ate one straight outta the oven, fantastic! (the dough was to die for as well) i changed it a little bit…only did 1/2 cup of brown sugar (they are plenty sweet for my taste), and 1/4 cup chocolate chips PLUS 1/4 cup butterscotch chips!! my new favorite “cookie” recipe fo sho! 🙂

  170. Alex says

    I made these today subbing the peanut butter all for applesauce…not sure if that wasn’t why I liked them, but I didn’t. I mean the chocolate was obviously good, but they did taste like chick peas :/ love your recipes for the most part though

      • Suzi says

        If it’s the fat in the PB you’re worried about. I used 2 tablespoons all natural PB, and then 2 tablespoons PB2 (mixed with 1 tablespoon water to make it sticky again) and mine were amazing.

  171. Samantha says

    I made these today with white navy beans as that is what I soaked and cooked for the week. I didn’t have any flax and after some thought I just omitted any type of grain entirely. I did the 2 tsp vanilla because that is a flavor I love. I would say overall I undercooked them a bit too much, which in no way ruined them.

    I cut the 8*8 into 16 servings, most of which have already been eaten. I REALLY liked them chilled. They were sitting in my freezer. Without any flour, oats, etc. mine are probably more like a fudge. Really it is peanut butter and chocolate fudge. My favorite things. Thank you.

  172. Sonja says

    wow, those look amazing! Gluten-free and chickpeas included? Genius! I’ll make some for my upcoming trip to Berlin so I’ll never run out of healthy, delicious snacks 🙂 Thanks so much for your awesome recipes!

  173. MamaK says

    I am making these today! I am pregnant and need all the protien I can get. Plus I need to watch my sugar intake as that’s an issue for me too. I am loving all the recipes I am finding on your blog. Thank You!

    PS I am a natural light blond, which is pretty rare for an adult. I have to say all the “dumb blonds” I have known definitely bleached their hair. Like, totally unfair that they are giving us all a bad rap! 😀

  174. Amy says

    I made these over the weekend & they are WONDERFUL!
    I made them using a mini-muffin pan and I used mini chocolate chips. What a fantastic recipe! Definitely making these again soon & making a DOUBLE BATCH – plus I think I only used 1/2 cup brown sugar – might even try a lesser amount – they were nice & sweet. Cannot thank you enough!

  175. Sherlock says

    These were pretty darn good Katie! I made a batch last night. I don’t feel guilty eating all of them either 🙂 Thanks for the recipe hun.

  176. vegannewbie says

    made these last night = amazing!! soooo good. My husband couldn’t believe they didnt have any flour or eggs and it almost blew his mind when i told him they were made of chickpeas!

  177. Kate@cookingwitharthur says

    Hi Katie,

    I made these today and they were so wonderful and delicious. We had them with the voluminous ice cream ( which I made in an ice creamer maker with a pinch of xantham gum which give a really creamy texture) and even my husband said he loved them. Thank you.


  178. Kh says

    Katie… You are a genius!! I never leave comments but I couldnt resist.. I’m obsessed with these blondies! The latest time I made it with almond butter and no chocolate chips – perfection! If only they lasted more than a day in my house. Thanks so much xo kath

  179. Alexandra says

    These are good 🙂 Mine baked a little faster than 38-40 minutes (about 30) but that might just be my oven. You should try doing recipe with black beans in brownies, another good trick!

  180. snenny says

    I made these tonight, and they were brilliant! I did actually substitute the peanut butter for apple sauce as I didn’t have any PB in the house, and they were fantastic. Totally going to become a regular, thanks <3 Hearted.

  181. Jay says

    So, I know I’m months and months late with this comment, but I only found your blog a few weeks ago when you guest posted on Gina’s in late December. This was the recipe that caught my eye the most simply because I have all the ingredients on hand in my pantry as normal staples (I make hummus OFTEN as it’s a favorite in my family).

    I made these last night for the first time and “left the pan out” for my husband to find when he got home from teaching. He’s food adventurous enough that I knew he wouldn’t have a problem with the ingredients even before hand, but I wanted him to have no preconceived notions when he tried them. Yeah. He LOVED them. Oh, and of course they were a huge hit with my 3 1/2 year old and my 16 month old. ^_^ We ate the rest of them for breakfast. This recipe will definitely become a regular go-to when I am smitten by my sweet tooth. And it’s GOOD for you!

    Thanks SO much for this creative recipe!

  182. MissP says

    I have never commented on a blog before but I just had to write a comment here after making this recipe. I have made many healthy desserts before but I never really liked any of them. Either they are dry, tough, taste weird or have a blizzare texture. This was absolutely fabulous. I have an enormous sweet tooth and am VERY picky about my treats. I was extremely skeptical but hopeful. I made the mixture in the food processor and was very reluctant to taste it. I gave the spatula that I used to scoop the mixture out a little lick. Much to my surprise, it tasted like cookie dough! I love the fact that I made this out of ingredients I already had in my kitchen and didnt have to go around searching for something I have never heard of. I was also worried that I messed the recipe up because I used great northern beans, cinnamon applesauce, and regular oats (because that was all I had) but the recipe still turned out perfectly. My 3 and 5 year old said they thought it was better than good. Next time I make it,which will be soon, I may decrease the sugar a bit to see if we would notice. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

  183. Jessica says

    These were amazing! I reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup since my poor food processor only holds 3 cups and it was getting a little crowded. My finacee is lactose intolerant and we each gobbled down 2 bars while they were still warm. He couldn’t believe there wasn’t any milk in them, this recipe is definitely a keeper! 🙂

  184. Anonymous says

    Just remember that the omega 3′ s are not the marine but plant based & they are different. The heart benefits are from marine omega 3’s. Your desserts look so good Katie. I am baking some Wednesday to serve to my church study group. Some can’t have gluten & these sound great. Will let you know what they say. I am making the deep dish chocolate cookie pie & the chocolate chip blondes.

  185. Crystal says

    Hi Katie! I’m completely new to your site, but already I can say that I love, love, LOVE your stuff! I have only made today’s blondies and yesterday I made Your chocolate fudge pie…except I tried it without the pie crust and just used little Tupperware containers for individual servings when I wanted one…WOW!!! Definitely addicted to the sinfully delicious, but healthy creations you’ve blogged about! My husband can’t believe that the desserts are healthy and I have my son eating tofu and garbonzo beans!! 😉 thanks for your efforts into this site! I’m definitely a fan!! 😀

  186. Matt says

    Just put these in the oven, hard to stop eating the dough.. Seriously tasty!

    The one bad thing – it was a little to thick for my blender, and sadly it made some popping sounds, let off some smoke and died 🙁

  187. Heather says

    So just tried these with black beans & no chocolate chips. it turned out great the dough was amazing, but ended up baking them think I liked the dough better.

  188. Sydney says

    Finally tried this recipe! SO GOOD! instead of using 1/4 cup nut butter i used 2 tbs cashew butter and 2 tbs coconut butter and they were AMAZING

  189. Jamie says

    Hi Katie!
    Found your cookie dough dip on pinterest which lead me to YOU!
    These are baking in the over as I type this! Your blog is awesome!
    Question: How do you recommend storing these blondes? Fridge? Covered?

  190. Jamie says

    i’ve never commented before, but i just wanted you to know that you rock. 🙂 i’ve recommended your blog to a few people and they think so, too. (of course.) have a great day!!

  191. Teri says

    I love your website and have made a few recipes…I absolutely LOVE the Peanut Butter Breakfast Pudding! Seriously, I could eat it 3 times a day! I really want to try this recipe and see if I can get the Hubby to eat something ‘healthy’. Of course, I won’t tell him they are healthy, it will be a serious challenge, lol. The Grandkids loved the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip. I was wondering if you have a fiber count on the Chocolate-Chip Blondies I didn’t see that in the nutritional info page. Thanks in advance for your reply. Keep up the wonderful work with your recipes.

  192. Kristyn says

    I have a batch of these in the oven right now! It’s my first time baking with beans so I’m excited to see how it turns out. I told my boyfriend I was going to make him some cookies and he saw me take out the can of beans and my food processor……so if he likes them, I know they are a winner! I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

    • Kristyn says

      i am thrilled about the beans! i love the fudgey texture they bring. my only complaint was that i could taste the flax (and i’m not the biggest fan of flax)….i think it’s because i didn’t grind the seeds into a fine enough meal, but other than that…these were great!! boyfriend loved them and so did i. i’ve passed the recipe onto some friends. Oh- and i baked them a half batch at a time because i have a small oven and i reduced the bake time to 30 minutes and they were perfect!

      i am so excited to experiment!! i want to make gluten-free healthy “reeses cups” for my boyfriend. i’m going to play around using beans. if by some miracle, i strike gold would i be able to be a guest poster or featured blogger on your site?

  193. Ana says

    Hi Katie,

    I am a little confused at how you got to your nutritional content as when I calculated everything out it was much higher in calories and sugar then yours? Did you assume no chocolate chips and stevia in your nutritional content?

    All are based on 16 bars on a per bar basis:

    – 20 calories for chickpeas
    – 24 calories for peanut butter
    – 30 calories chocolate chips
    – 39 calories brown sugar
    = 115 calories

    Still not bad, just wondering what you used different to get to your calorie content.

    Thanks – they are very yummy!

  194. Anastasia Huffman says

    I added flax oil instead of vanilla extract, agave instead of brown sugar, and I added some blended oats, chia and coconut. I like adding flare and I got confused half way through : / We are trying it topped with Banana Coconut Ice Cream I made

  195. Gretna says

    I made these today and added 1/4 cup water because I don’t have a food processer and used a blender. I baked them for an extra 5 min and thye came out great. I gave them to my co-workers and they couldn’t figure out that I used chikpeas until I told them.

  196. Brittany says

    I just made these today! My children helped me and commented a few times with “ewww, gross” as we put the beans in. However, they absolutely love them! And being on WW, I love that they are only 1 point+. Thanks for another fantastic recipe!

  197. Emily says

    I’m a somewhat new food blogger, and I love reading other food blogs and spending the weekends in the kitchen. I made your blondies last night for my roommates. We are all in LOVE! I can’t believe these are healthy. I am so posting a link to your blog this weekend. This is my new go-to dessert for sure! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  198. Becky says

    I think it’s worth mentioning that this recipe is GLUTEN FREE, EGG FREE and DAIRY FREE. That is wonderful news for someone with a mom and sister with food allergies. This is a great treat for family get-togethers 😀

  199. Teddy Vonn says

    I love this blog! I have celiacs disease and it’s been such an ordeal trying to figure out quality dessert substitutes. This is the first recipe I’ve tried, the first time I made it as is, and the second time I substituted sugar, peanut butter, and chocolate with ripe banana, walnuts, and blueberries. Both turned out amazingly.:)

  200. Rachael says

    Katie, THANK YOU for these! After wanting to try them for months (too many other recipes of yours to try) I finally made them tonight and WOW they are amazing. I made them with brown sugar blend Splenda and they turned out perfectly 🙂

    Your Skinny Snickerdoodles are next, followed by the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars!

  201. Kathy says

    I would love to make some of these recipes, but I don’t own a food processor (just a blender & my 2 hands). Are there any options for those of us who don’t have/don’t have place to store it, etc?

  202. Jasmine says

    I have made these 4 or 5 times now and I still LOVE them! I share them with anyone I can get to try them and I’ve been told they’re as good as the blondies that Applebee’s makes! Even my sugar freak toddler loves them, which makes me happy because he thinks he’s getting junk food but I can feel good about giving him these because they’re healthy! I have been adding an egg white just to get things moving in the blender (because for some reason before now I thought the directions said to make this in a blender… Apparently the big “NOT a blender” part didn’t stand out enough lol) and they turn out great! I’m also going to experiment with adding banana to reduce the sugar and eliminate the egg white, although at only 19 calories I don’t feel bad about adding the egg white anyway! Thanks for an amazing recipe, this is definitely a keeper!!!

  203. Clare cooney says

    Just made these and were amazing!! Totally rich and fishy and tasted so naughty! I made them with 2 tbspns agarve and 2 tbspns brown sugar, they were a bit sweet, I wud use about half that next time but still yummy! Thanks Katy x

  204. Heather says

    I just made these and they are phenomenal. I had to use oats because I didn’t have any flax. But still beautiful! I have to say, dear Katie, that you are in fact a genius. I’m not a vegan, I’m not even a vegetarian. Just a girl looking for some dessert recipies that I don’t have to feel guilty about. lol Found em! I happened to stumble across your blog through pinterest (love pinterest!) and its safe to say that I think this is my favorite food blog ever!

      • Heather says

        Bleck, forget chemistry. Who needs chemistry when you come up with amazing things like this?! I love baking so much. I do it waaaaay to often lol. So being able to find things like this put the biggest smile on my face! Because I am also chocoholic.

        • Heather says

          My friend ( who is a vegan) and I were also just talking about the aforementioned black bean brownie and we have yet to find a decent recipe for those!

  205. Amanda says

    Hi Katie,

    I love making these SO much. Was wondering if there a reason why you say not to use a blender in your instructions? I have been using the food processor, but would love to just be able to use my Vitamix instead (then I can send the food processor home for my parents to use). Before I try it in the Vitamix, do you caution against it? Thanks a bunch!

  206. Mallory says

    I made these last night and I thought they were absolutely delicious! My husband didn’t care for them but oh well, more for me right?;) They’re so filling too that one really is satisfying and they turned out so soft and moist too! Yummy!

  207. Suzi says

    has anyone attempted to make a version of this using black beans? I’ve seen chocolate cakes made with black beans but they use a ton of butter and eggs and are still really heavy on calories and fat.

    • Anonymous says

      I’ve made them with black beans and a few tablespoons of cocoa powder. The black beans have a much smoother texture than the chick peas, but it was really good. One of my favorite combos is to double the recipe and do one can of black beans and one can of chick peas plus the cocoa for a big pan of brownies. YUM.

  208. Ashley says

    Hi Katie,
    I recently discovered your blog and have been addicted!! Made your fudge lara bars yesterday and they were amazingg 🙂
    I was really keen to try a “bean” recipe so just made these blondies..after blending the batter it smelt strongly of chickpeas so I added more vanilla and some cocoa powder to try and get rid of the smell. When I took them out of the oven ad tried some I thought they were overly sweet and just tasted of beans 🙁 does anyone know what I couldve done wrong? I followed the recipe exactly except using applesauce instead of peanut butter.
    thanks!! keep up the great work katie xx

        • anonymous says

          “will try half pb next time”

          Half? Just sayin, if you don’t follow the recipe, you can’t blame it if it turns out bad.

        • Anonymous says

          If its the extra calories you are worried about get some pb2 and do half regular penut butter half pb2 mixed with water to make it sticky again. The recipe require the fat to work correctly.

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Ashley! Also, if you used a store brand, I’ve had a similar problem with one of the store brands. I’ve had a ton of success with Goya and Bush’s brands, though, even if they’re a bit more expensive. One of my friends who’s gluten free had the same issue with the store brand chick peas.

  209. Shelby says

    In high school the ‘dumb blonde’ was always me. I had brown hair but my remarks were similar to those of a blonde. I was 3rd in my class, took all AP classes, but I just had ‘blonde moments.’ I would say completely ridiculous things without even noticing how stupid they sounded. Many things I could figure out on my own but I just asked instead. So, in conclusion, I’m book smart, not common sense smart.

  210. Kavli says

    These are AWESOME!!! Thank you Katie! I can’t believe they are healthy. Yum!

    Is the nutrition info based on 15 or 20 squares?

  211. Jessi says

    I made these a couple weeks ago & Ive made them 4 times since! They are so delicious. Your whole blog is awesome! There is not one thing on here that I don’t want to try, I guess I’ll be baking alot:)

    Thanks so much!

  212. Kari McKnight says

    I made these again but left out the chocolate (I know I’ve probably lost you there). I put in some lime zest and a few tbs of lime juice for a key line bar effect and they were tasty. I used coconut butter for the nut butter part. Mmm. If I do that again I’ll add some genuine white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts! Even if I’m outa limes I might do that anyway. Like wt chocolate macadamia nut blondes! Yes! Now I have to go back to the store.

  213. Jules says

    i just made these….let me say OH.MY.GOODNESS. THESE WERE INCREDIBLE! i didnt have flax or any of the substitutions so I just omitted that part and they were fabulous! They were the texture of gooey and fudgy brownies and were absolutely delicious! Katie you are a dessert genius! I did however add extra chocolate chips 🙂

  214. Karla Andersonn says

    These really look good! But, I am not a huge fan of peanut butter. Do you have a healthier “true” blondie?

  215. Ashley says

    I kind of went on a CCK cooking binge tonight. I made a batch of blondies. I did about 1/3 chocolate chip (we only had 2 T choc chips here) and the rest snickerdoodle but I added cloves and cayenne to mine, ever heard of labor cookies? Yes, like so spicy they send you into labor, that’s what they are called lol. What can I say-I tried everything to get my second son out. They are my favorite cookies so I wanted to play with that. They turned out great, not mushy like a lot of comments said. I’ve never had a blondie before but these were great!
    I also made the fudge babies but left out the nuts, I can’t stand taste or texture of nuts. OMG – why didn’t I make these sooner?? I could literally survive on those.
    You are GENIUS with making desserts healthy. I love your blog because you seem so nice and down to earth, like somebody you could be friends with. A lot of other bloggers have this air about them when they write or things they say, or advertise all over the place which turns me off but I keep coming back to your blog every time I get an email.

  216. Lola says

    My kids insisted I comment. My daughter (5 years old) wants to kiss you for this yummy recipe. Both my kids (son 8) offer many thanks and wanted to say these are delicious!
    I want to say thanks as my daughter otherwise hates chickpeas and I’m always trying to find more ways to get protein into her. 🙂
    Much enjoyed!

  217. Meghan Newsom says

    Katie, I found your blog last night and am so excited to try these blondies!! They were my favorite before I went gfcf, and am so excited to find a great recipe. Thank you for all of the time you put into your recipes- I greatly appreciate it!!

  218. Rebecca says

    I have to admit, I was a little skeptical making these blondies since I don’t really care for chickpeas and I didn’t have any white beans on hand. I had to make something, though, because I promised my girls that I’d bring home some dark chocolate from work and I forgot (yes, I get to work at a chocolate factory!). 🙂 I was still a little worried when I put them in the oven, but when I took my first bite I was sold! They are so yummy! Thank you for such a great recipe!

  219. Stefanie says

    Made these for a company pot luck for our corporate wellness challenge. The initial reaction was “ew, chickpeas!” — until they tried them — the whole pan was gone! Thank you for these wonderful, healthy recipes! 🙂 I’m a new fan of!

  220. TL MN says

    I made these tonight and they were a hit. My picky 8-year-old was a shocked to learn that these had chickpeas in them as he was to learn that your fudge pie had tofu in it (that pie disappeared awfully quickly!). Such a fan of your blog!

  221. Arlene says

    Um. WOW. Just made these and they are rocking my world as I type this. Just delish and so so easy. I don’t even have a food processor and had to use my junky blender. I also didn’t grind the flax, I just tossed them right in! As for sugar- I used a half a cup of slightly packed brown and about 4 drops of stevia. My hubby could not believe they were derived from garbanzo beans! I couldn’t believe how good they were and easy to make!

    PS- I garnished with a few scattered butterscotch chips on top while they were cooling and I think it added the perfect touch <3

  222. Kate says

    I tried these with the following substitutions: I used 60 gr. chopped dates instead of the brown sugar. I also used 4 Tbsp. of PB2 mixed with the water in place of the organic peanut butter. They turned out really well. I added up the calories of the entire recipe with my substitutions and I came up with 133 calories for 8 bars. Thanks for posting this recipe. I love your blog!!!!!

  223. Samantha says

    Hi Katie,

    I was so excited to make these and followed the recipe exactly except used garbanzo bean flour. They had a weird taste to them and I’m wondering if anyone else tried the bean flour instead of actual beans. They tasted terrible. I can’t eat them at all and I’m bummed to have wasted all of those good ingredients :/ Plus I was really looking forward to yummy fudgy blondies.

  224. Amanda says

    Delicious!! I tried these for the first time last night and they are so yummy. I had to stop myself from eating the whole pan last night. Even my non-vegan boyfriend couldn’t believe how yummy they were. He did say they were really chocolatey (I know, not a word). I added some extra chocolate chips and maybe overdid it. Either way- delicious! I am going to try this recipe out my boyfriend’s mom this weekend for a Mother’s Day treat. She has a major sweet tooth. Thank you for another great recipe!

  225. Anonymous says

    This is the first CCK recipe I’ve tried and WOW these are sooooo amazing!!! Your work has been accomplished- I cannot believe they’re healthy. Keep up the great work I LOVE your blog! Thanks!!!!

  226. Devyn says

    Good lord! The deliciousness!! I could have sat there with a spoon and eaten the batter on its own! I used raw honey and stevia to sweeten it and I’m solidly in love!!
    You are a little chocolate angel! Thank you!! 🙂

  227. Mandie says

    Oh my goodness, Katie! These are SO good! I cannot decide whether I like these or your cookie pie better. These are a little less, uh, beany I suppose.

    I ate 1/4 of the batch! Good thing I have a great metabolism 😉

    I followed most of the recipe but looked at the substitution page and did this:
    Instead of 1/4 cup pb I did 1/8 cup of both pb and Apple sauce.
    Instead of 1/4 cup ground flag I did 1/8 cup of both ground flax and pulsed rolled oats .
    Instead of 3/4 cup brown sugar I did 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup coconut sap sugar.

    I was wondering if maybe dates would work for the sugar?

    I wanted to try the stevia version but I didn’t want to have to throw them away if I didn’t like them. How much stevia did you use in yours? And how much of the sugar could you replace with stevia (powder) and still have the blondes taste pretty much the same as ones with all sugar?

  228. Lisa says

    I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what a hit these are with my whole family. They are extra special to me because they are one of the first treats I have made for my daughter, who was diagnosed this year with Type 1 diabetes, that I can give her guilt free and know they won’t spike her blood sugar. For that, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU!

  229. Christina says

    Dear Katie,

    I have made these bars twice and I love them! However, I will be making these for my friends and they don’t like mushy textures. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to make these blondies firmer?

  230. Leah Zofchak says

    I just made the Blondies and the chocolate chip cookie dough dip and both are so good!! I really didn’t think I would like them. It seems everytime I try a “Healthy Recipe” I think it is disgusting!! These are amazing. I will def. be trying more recipes on you site!!!! Thank you!

  231. Rachael says

    Hey Katie! I am so making these!! Do you know if anyone has tried subbing banana for the brown sugar? I may try that but wasn’t sure what ratios would work. Thanks so much for another great recipe!!

    • Ginger says

      I tried these with a ripe banana and 1/4 cup of dates (unsoaked). When I tasted the batter though it didn’t seem sweet enough – it actually tasted kind of bad – so I kept adding agave nectar until it tasted good (it ended up being about 3 Tbsp). So next time I think I’d omit the banana and dates and just sub about 1/4 cup agave for the sugar, if agave works for you.

  232. Carley says

    These are truly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (That’s my favorite word, and the only way to aptly describe these wonderful treats).

    Lately, I feel that the more of a foodie I become, the more I should change my middle name to Experiment. My mom gets frustrated when I experiment with secret ingredients (like chickpeas, black beans, sweet potato, etc) and pawn off the product on her. She has gotten into the habit of preceding any bite with “what did you put in this?” or a question of the like. With this recipe, she rolled her eyes at me, but tried it nonetheless. After a few chews, she gave the nod of approval!

    The chickpeas gave the blondies a moist consistency and were incredibly easy to use. I also enjoyed making this recipe because it included ingredients that I actually have. Unlike other creative CCK recipes, this didn’t call for anything too bizarre. YAY!

    I cannot wait to make the blondies again and surprise more loved ones with a fantastically healthy treat! 🙂

  233. Katy M says

    Make these in both a square pan and a mini muffin pan. My 6 year old flipped for them! She saw me put the beans in so she was a skeptic for sure… then she tasted the dough and she was in heaven! I brought them to a work potluck and everyone is just super excited about them!

  234. karin says

    I just made these this afternoon for my vegan husband and healthy eater teen son. After getting one taste for myself (these are totally delicious), they devoured more than half the pan in one sitting. My husband couldn’t believe they were vegan! I’ll make a double batch next time!

  235. SkiGirl says

    i just wanted to say that i made these. I think i may have undercooked them, but they were still fantastic! Although i was the only one in my family to like them……o well more for me!!! 🙂

  236. Di says

    Hi Katie, These are great! I have a question about how and when you cut them for best presentation: Are you cutting while warm? Or waiting until they are cool in the pan? Or other? Thanks!

  237. Lynn says

    Hey CCK! I’ve been following your blog for about a month now, trying to find some recipes that I can satisfy my sweet tooth on, while still sticking to my no-sugar and no-gluten diet. I found these “Blondies” and thought they looked incredibly delicious, so I wanted to try them, but I wanted to check with you about something first: could I use a plain’ole blender instead of a food processor? I don’t own a food processor, you see, so I was just wondering if the recipe would still work without one. Thanks for what you’re doing! You’re recipes are amazing! 🙂

  238. Morgen says

    I just made these and added a whole bunch of pb2 (powdered peanutbutter) and used half xyitol and half coconut sugar and OMG these where so delicious i’ve had to put them in the freezer so that I don’t eat them all. AND my sons LOVED them!

  239. Mary says

    I made these using 3/4 c. chickpea flour + 3/4 c. water in place of the chickpeas. and had good results. My enjoy life chocolate chips melted quite a bit, so next time I might refrigerate them ahead of time, other than that I had great results.

  240. Sabrina says

    Hi Katie,

    I searched through the comments to see if anyone had done this but couldn’t find anything. If I want to replace the peanut butter with coconut oil, do you think the ratio would be the same? Normally I would just sub applesauce bc I don’t mind the fat free taste, but I want to share these and I don’t like the taste of PB in baked goods (weird, I know) so I want to sub the fat with a diff fat (love coconut).

    Thanks! (and if you haven’t tried it I’ll experiment and report back)

    • SL says

      I just made this, and the batter is amazing!! It’s still in the oven, but it looked amazing last time I checked. My food processor made the batter warm, so when I put the chocolate chips in some of them melted, but that’s fine with me. Brunetties!! 😀

  241. Alyssa says

    I LOVE your site!

    That being said, this is the first recipe I’ve actually tried, and so far it hasn’t quite worked out. I used almond butter instead of PB, and added some instant espresso and toffee. The only problem is that they haven’t firmed up at all. I took them out at 30 minutes and they did look undercooked, but as you said, I let them cool. After 20 minutes I cut into them, and they were complete goop. (delicious goop, but not the blondies I had hoped for…) I was wondering if you had any suggestions? I used the ground flax meal instead of the oats. I don’t know!

    Anyway, I hope to open up a gluten free bakery in the future and am constantly looking to practice baking with different ingredients. Your site is wonderful for this and I thank you!

    • CCK says

      Hi Alyssa,

      What food processor did you use?

      And can you give me any more specifics? Did you drain the beans?

  242. Janessa says

    Just made these. The batter was so good, I don’t think I even needed to bake them. I used maple sugar as the sweetener (thank you Trader Joe’s!) and added chia seeds to the oats/flax binder for some extra oomph. They turned out deliciously. Thanks for finally getting me to try beans in a dessert!

  243. Cathy says

    Thanks for publishing this recipe. I make them all the time! I use rolled oats and peanut butter in my version. I also brought the brown sugar down to 1/2 cup so I would feel less guilty when eating them. Because of the peanut butter and chocolate chips, they still taste great! 🙂

  244. Lillie says

    I made these before I went to work and let them cool while I was gone. When I got back all except two little bars were left! Apparently someone must have thought they were good! 🙂 So yummy!

  245. Laurel says

    Just made these… Yum! I used white beans, any noticeable differences with using white beans vs. garbanzo beans with taste/texture?

  246. Grace says

    I do have my blonde moments, but don’t we all? I mean, is there one person who has never been completely serious about something, but realized that it was a stupid question? the girl in your class just wanted attention, though. I know all too many girls like that…
    You rock!!!

  247. Olivia says

    The “dumb-blonde” that immediately comes to mind from this past school year (I just finished 8th) is also, coincidentally (or not) one of the most coveted by boys. It drives me nuts. My best friend spent a lot of time trying to hang around this girl and become part of her popuar group, but I could really care less. The boys chasing after her aren’t ones I’d be interested in anyway 😉

    BTW, I made these about a week ago. I followed the recipe exactly, except I used peanut oil instead of PB. They are awesome! I froze some that I’ve been thawing and eating whenever I want 🙂

  248. Nicole says

    Does the peanut butter add flavor? I am going to attempt to alter Fat Witch Bakery’s Orange Walnut blondies with this recipe, and they have a very light orange flavor- I don’t want anything to overpower that!
    Any ideas for substitutions that won’t overpower?

  249. Amy says

    Love! Not that you need another person telling you how good these are 🙂 I shared them with a couple friends and they had no idea the base was beans. After everyone had finished one I told them and one girl smiled and said, “well in that case” and grabbed another one! Personally, I can taste the beans b/c I know they are there, but it does not bother me one bit! I have to admit that I did add a little extra peanut butter, vanilla, and brown sugar to try to mask the bean flavor since I was serving them to others. Oh, and extra chocolate just because 🙂 Nice work!

  250. torina says

    i have constantly been on the lookout for healthy recipes lately – and i can also never seem to give up dessert…i stumbled across your blog fairly recently and it is now my new favorite/obsession! i cant stop looking up new recipes on your blog and i am having the HARDEST time figuring out which recipe to choose for the day!

  251. Laura M says

    I’m going to try these on Friday for our games night. Most of us are on a diet of sorts so these would be a healthy substitute for our original “dessert”. I won’t tell anyone whats in them though. LOL I’ll wait to see if they are a hit.

  252. Andrea says

    So I know I’m a little late to the party on these, but I just made them for the 1st time and they are ridiculously good! I was a little skeptical of the beans, but even my uber-picky husband couldn’t tell what the secret ingredient was! Will definitely be making these again.

  253. sara says

    for clarification purposes – we can use canned chickpeas – and we would use 1 1/2 cans vs white beans which would only be one can. thanks cck!

  254. Ashley says

    can’t tell you how many of your recipes I’ve made in the past couple weeks… Love everything. Do you have an actual recipe for black bean brownies? OR tips on how to tweak the blondie recipe into a brownie? I know it seems pretty obvious to switch out the beans and add cocoa powder. Just not sure how the wet/dry balance would work out, etc. Thanks!

  255. Mia says

    I think I may make these… And just eat the batter… Hehehe 🙂
    Strangely enough, I know an Asian girl that acts really ditzy! She’s in all accelerated classes, and plays more than four instruments but she acts kind of stupid around boys cause they always give her attention 😛

  256. Val says

    I made these today with soybeans and coconut butter. The coconut butter puts it over the edge <3 Wow!! Tasted like a chocolate chip granola bar, but better!

  257. Jackie says

    You are awesome! I made one batch of these on Thursday with chickpeas and flax which were good and today I made a batch with white beans and oats. I liked today’s version even better. I didn’t tell my husband or daughter what was in them until they ate the whole pan (which was in less than 24 hours…)! They are going to like these ones even more! Today’s batch is much smoother with a more traditional texture. Your recipes are great! We are not vegetarians, we’re just trying to eat healthier. Also, I have to admit this recipe was pretty much the deciding factor in me buying a food processor and I’m loving it! THANK YOU!

  258. Lisa says

    I made these tonight…yum! I used maple sugar instead of brown sugar and almond butter instead of peanut butter. My whole house smells like a bakery! Thank you, Chocolate-Covered Katie!

  259. carmen says

    I was wondering if you can sub the quick oats for old fashioned oats? Would the amount of oats change at all? I’ve noticed that the recipes that do use oats like your boatmeals don’t indicate what kind you use. I use old fashioned, would that be okay in all your recipes? Thanks!!

  260. Roxann says

    I substituted 1/2 teaspoon powdered Stevia for 1/2 cup of brown sugar and added 1/4 cup brown sugar. Oh, wow! No soap taste. If I wasn’t afraid I’d explode from all the gas produced by the beans, I’d eat the entire bunch of blondies! What an amazing idea to substitute protein and fiber-rich beans for processed flour and fat! You’ve done a lot of work to bring these recipes to us…THANK YOU!

  261. Stacey says

    I made these and they are a hit. I gave one to my very vegan friend, and she could not believe they are vegan , and made with beans. I didn’t even mention these were gluten free. Now she thinks I’m the best pastry chef ever. I told her about your website, and that I just followed your recipe. Alas, she does not bake. Ever since I found out I was allergic to certain foods (throat kept swelling and closing) I thought baked goods were off the menu. Thanks to you their back and more delicious than ever.

  262. Pamela says

    I make airhead remarks all the time thinking its funny. It’s scary when people think I’m stupid enough to think I believe what I say is true. Geez. People explain really simple concepts to me at work and I have to say, “really? No way. I can’t believe investors are people who put money into companies to get more money out. That’s just crazy…” anyway, I tried this recipe last night and my boyfriend was like, “this came from beans?!”

  263. Erin Eloise says

    I have been making these for a long time and all my friends love them! Anyway, as I was making them today I left the batter in the food processor for a bit longer than necessary and the batte was very warm. So when I added in the chocolate chips they almost completely melted as I mixed them! Right before throwing them in the pan to bake I added a few more chocolate chips and I turned them into the best brownies ever. I definitely recommend this version, and I will be making it this way from now on!

  264. Aryn says

    These are amazing!!!! Just made them and already ate three! Even tricked my brother into eating them (he is not a fan of “healthy” desserts!) and he loves them! Thanks for posting!

  265. Allison says

    I just made these last night and they turned out tasting like beans. I followed the (sugar not stevia) recipe and used a food processor. I don’t know what happened…

  266. Jillian Marie says

    These just came out of my oven not even a minute ago. I couldn’t wait for them to cool off/firm off and they are amazing! I used carob chips instead of chocolate chips (because I just got them today and was looking for something to put them in). I had tried a black bean brownie recipe last week that I found online, and it was gross. Thank you for making beans actually taste good in a baked good!

  267. Allie says

    These look absolutely delicious! You are such a genius 🙂 I know that you can’t vouch for the results, but do you THINK* that maybe I could sub in a vegan butter substitute (like Earth Balance) instead of the peanut butter? Thanks so much!!

      • Allie says

        I made them with Earth Balance, and they were to die for!! I knew it was love when I tasted the batter, and literally licked the food processor clean. I realize that this is quite dangerous, but I braved the sharp blades to make sure every last bit of the batter was consumed. Oh, and they were pretty good baked too 😉

  268. Courtney says

    I am a platinum blonde and use it to my advantage at work. I work with surgeons and business men who at first glance assume I’m a dumb blonde! But “under-promise and over deliver!” Because when they find out that I know my stuff and have half a brain….they are usually even MORE impressed because they weren’t expecting it out of a cute little blondie!!! LOL. So I say THANK YOU to the blonde stereotypes! haha.

  269. Allergicat says

    Your blog means alot to me. I was diagnosed celiac a year and a half ago. I also ended a terrible relationship at the same time. I was never”allowed” to cook or even be in the kitchen during that time. I have rebounded and can’t go a day without baking or cooking now. Cooking and being in control of the kitchen became my calming force. I gained weight over the past year due to eating the yums I made. I’m so glad I have come across your wonderful blog. I have made multiple recipes of yours. They all are amazing and are helping me keep up the cooking and baking while still trimming down. Thank you!

  270. Karie says

    I made these yesterday and they were delicious! I’ve made you’re cookie dough dip with chick peas a bunch of times, so I knew I wasn’t worried about a weird taste. But I was a little skeptical that they would actually bake up and take a bar form. They turned out perfect! And whats great is that they stayed moist. I took them to a friends house and no one could believe the ingredients. And just a side note, I used a natural sunflower butter instead of pb.

  271. Grace says

    I made these with about 1/2 cup raw sugar and 1 SweetLeaf Stevia packet, with sunflower seed butter (my favorite when Almond butter isn’t on sale!), they turned out so yummy! Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  272. Elizabeth says

    My diabetic mother-in-law is staying with us for a few weeks, so I’ve been looking for healthier desserts to make for her. We tried these out last night and they were yummy! I think I could even cut down on the sugar a bit and still have them be good. I’m wary of using artificial sweeteners and/or Stevia because I can usually detect an aftertaste (and my diabetic dad is allergic to them), but I figure if I can cut down on at least one of two evils that has to be better than eating both “killers” at the same time! Thank you for the recipe!

  273. RS says

    Catering to a household with gluten-frees and vegans can be challenging when it comes to dessert time. I have one gluten-free, vegan carrot cake recipe that I’ve perfected but wanted to add another gluten-free, vegan recipe to my repertoire. These blondies are tremendous. Everyone (non-vegan and non-gluten-freers alike) who has tried them loves them. I followed the recipe (using oats), throwing all of the ingredients into my food processor at once. Thank you for a very easy and delicious dessert! I look forward to trying your other recipes. Very cute blog.

  274. Bridget from Refined Vintage says

    These blondies sound and look delicious! I want to try them asap! My only problem is that I do not have a food processor. I only have a Vita Mix, which is a powerful blender. I was hoping I could just use the lowest setting and maybe a quick on & off to pulse like a FP. I do not have regular blender either but I do have a hand mixer. Which do you think may work best?

  275. Lynette says

    These are in my oven RIGHT NOW. I wasn’t too sure I was making the right choice at first as the garbanzos have an odor reminiscent of dog food when the can is first opened, but I have to say the smell of the baking final product is AMAZING. I opened my door to let the fragrance waft into the hallway of my building to make my neighbors jealous. Can’t wait till they’re done!!

  276. Liz says

    Well color me impressed. I’ve never had a bean-based dessert that didn’t just taste like a big ol’ mouth of sweet beans. Until today. I used white beans instead of chickpeas, and I subbed an equal amount of date paste (dates, blended in their soaking water) for the sugar, reduced the cooking time 10 min and it came out pretty darn good. I thought the dates lent that nice molassesy flavor that brown sugar has and the date paste kept them nice and moist. I will say, I thought it could use a touch more sweetness, which surprised me since I find normal chocolate chip cookies, and their sister the blondie, to be generally too sweet. I think next time I’ll thrown in a tablespoon or so of coconut sugar and expect I’ll have a perfect – and healthier – dessert. Thanks Katie! You are a rock star for figuring these recipes out and a saint for sharing them with all of us.

  277. Liz says

    Oh and by the way – I knew a dumb blond in junior high – who wasn’t a girl and wasn’t blonde, but same scenario – super smart guy, all accelerated classes and he would act totally air heady on the playground. I don’t know if this was to fit in or because he too thought boys dug the dumb (he was gay). Either way – it made me mad. He was one of the smartest kids in school and it was insulting to us regular kids that he should pretend otherwise.

  278. Sarah says

    Hey there! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! Not only for the super amazing delicious looking desserts, but the little “question of the day” part of your posts. I think that’s so super neat.

    Thanks for sharing your recipes!!

  279. Diana says

    Hello Katie 😀

    I want to make these so bad but I only have old-fashioned oats, can I use that instead?
    Also, my mom and brother don’t like peanut butter (*GASP* I know), so what other “fat source” do you recommend?

    Thanks, l ADORE YOUR BLOG! 😀

  280. Lyndsay says

    how many calories are in these? I’m making them right now c:! and omg i was thinking hummus blondies too ew lol

  281. Bambina says

    I just wanna say thank you ! I love your page ! Today I Tried these damn delicious blondies 🙂 My Dad told my that he knews i am crazy but not so much that i`m backing with beans 😀
    I just add some Bananachips for double Bananataste …they are so sweet and healthy … maybe i get addicted to these *___*
    Katie you are brilliant 🙂
    Waiting for new recipe to try 🙂
    Best wishes

  282. colleen says

    I just found your blog and it looks amazing, I tried these last night and they were awesome. How much stevia do you use when you replace the sugar?

  283. Morgan says

    Did anyone try making these using a blender? I don’t have a food processor, which a lot of these recipes call for… 🙁 but I want to try them all! 🙂

  284. Jey says

    I took the few extra minutes to pinch off the waxy coating from the beans. It created a much smoother texture in the finished products. Also subbed butterscotch chips for the chocolate! Yumm-O!

  285. Anonymous says

    I pinned your Peanut Butter Pie and can’t wait to try it. I’d love ti win the food processor…that’s a cook’s dream machine!

  286. Phyllis says

    I pinned the Healthy Peanut Butter Pie – PB&C is my weakness! But these sound wonderful too! ANYTHING with peanut butter…. 🙂
    Thanks Katie!

  287. Leanne says

    I made these yesterday after trying and loving the black bean brownies. Im a little confused though…the black bean brownies make 9-12 yet these make 15-20….are these supposed to be extremley small? Becasue both mixtures make the same amount of cake batter.

    I did love them though, they are very moreish but i do think people should beware….they are only really a low cal healthy desert if you have one tiny little piece. If you have a piece thats the same size as the black bean borwnies for instance its going to be loaded with the PB calories!!! 🙂

  288. lauren says

    I have made these twice, both times they came out perfectly. This time, my husband, two kids and I ate the whole pan in one day! I think we like it because the nut butter flavor (I used almond butter) balanced out the bean flavor, and then the chocolate puts it over the top. Your recipes are awesome, I have tried a bunch of the cookie and bar recipes now and would never have believed I could get these results without dairy, eggs, white flour or other less than healthy ingredients.

  289. Christine says

    Oh my goodness, theses are sooooo good! I found your site last week and made these today. Hubby loves them and asked for seconds! It is so hard to find a healthy dessert recipe that everyone likes. I’ve been eating mostly plant-based for almost 5 weeks now and recipes like this makes it much easier to do! Can’t wait to try some more!

  290. Kristina says

    Hey Katie,

    I really want to make these tomorrow and I’m going to try using chickpea flour since I have some in the pantry. Can you tell me how much I should use?

  291. Graciela says

    Hi Katie!
    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina! I´ve found your blog some time ago and it was “love-at-first-sight” 🙂 I love cooking and sweets and I´m crazy about sweets.
    With so many delicious looking recipes it was hard to choose where to start cooking!
    I´m posting the comment here because I´ve made this blonde goodies and they´re amazing!
    I´m a volunteer cook instructor, part of a group called “Brigada Verde” (Green Brigade). We host free monthly vegetarian cooking classes in our church and guess what: we´re including your recipes!
    I had to make a little change in the recipe since pb is not a common product here, few people use it and it´s not so easy to find so I´ve replaced it for sunflower seed oil (same quantity) and the result was amazing! Total success!! we had 45 “students” in our last class and all of them loved it! We also translated the name: “blondies” a.k.a “Rubias Pecosas” (meaning freckled blondies) We gave you the credit of course.
    We made 2 variations: 1 batch with flax seed meal and the other with quick oats. Both were a hit. Just wanted to say thanks and telling you how much I admire your work.
    By the way, I´m a blonde and one of my sisters (also blonde) has freckles, she was the inspiration for the name. We´re 5 sisters, all blondes, not a single one is dumb 🙂 PhDs, and many other achievements are proof or it LOL

  292. Penny says

    OK! Tried these last night and having a REALLY tough time keeping my hands off them. They are fantastic! So, the recipe makes the laminator list for me. Recipes I like and plan to use over and over I print out and laminate. Thanks Katie!

  293. Gossamerpink says

    I just finished eating the batch I made and almost wrecked my diet. My gosh. It’s soooo good! My husband liked it too.

  294. Lizzy says

    These are really clever! And delicious. <3 I'd made black bean brownies before, but never blonde ones. The biggest change I did was I baked them for 10 minutes less then the recipe says and used honey, and 2 eggs (we have our own free-ranging chickens and I'm not vegan. :))

  295. Maysse says

    Just made these and I wanted to say thank you for this amazing recipe! I used “butter beans” and a mixture of vegetable oil and regular butter for the fat. oh and regular flour because I don’t like the taste of oat flour and don’t have any flax seeds. Turned out delicious 🙂

  296. venessa says

    can i sub sunbutter for a nut butter we have nut allergies here. My kids love the black bean brownies and are begging for this one. I am so glad i can now make my youngest daugther treats to parties that look like cake that everyone else is eating without all the stuff that makes her sick. she is allergic to dairy,eggs,peanuts and gluten. you are my new fave place to go for treats. almost every few days…… i may make my friends a believer that gluten free and vegan is yummy.

  297. Lacey says

    These were delicious…although I didn’t use the recommended amount of flax and they were too gooey to cut, oops! I was thinking of using this base for seven layer bars!

  298. Michelle Dinan says

    I made these last week and converted the ingredients to grammes on my blog for any UK people like me 🙂 I loved them! Definitely will be making again!

  299. Jamie says

    I just made these with my 5 year old. She started gagging when I took the garbanzo beans out of the cupboard. I told her to wait and see and showed her the pictures of the completed bars. She was skeptical but humoured me. Once the batter was done and ready to go into the pan I couldn’t keep her out of it, and it’s ok to eat this batter because nothing is unsafe to eat raw. Once they were cooked and (mostly) cool we loved them. Thanks for such a healthy GF recipe 🙂

  300. Erica says

    I made these for my friends yesterday and they loved them! So did my dad, but he will eat anything so he doesn’t count 🙂 The pb is definitely essential.
    Thanks Katie!

  301. Amy says

    Hey Katie, I love your blog! I made these and took some to school to snack on (im 15) and I told my friends that there was chick peas in them. They all thought that it was disgusting until a couple of them actually tried them and they thought they tasted amazing. And they were right because they really do taste amazing xx

  302. Natalie says

    These are fantastic! I’m a 15 year old living in an anti-healthy anything family. To them, if its healthy, it’s automatically gross. I made these for them and everyone loved them!!

  303. dylan says

    hi katie! i love your website and cannot wait to make this recipe but dont have a food processor. so i was wondering if its so bad that i use a vitamix blender? and why?

    • DD says

      I used my vitamix blender and it worked great! I thought it would be blended well at first but when I tasted it the beans were not completely blended. Mixed longer and they were great!

  304. Laura says

    these were DELICIOUS! I used succanant as the sweetener! LOVE! Made a PB glaze of melted PB and a little bit a powdered sugar….one of my new faves!

  305. Julia says

    Hmm.. How did you get those nutritional stats? Mine came out with about 160 calories per slice. I am not AT ALL trying accuse you of being wrong, I would just like to have those stats haha! 😉 Which version was it that you did those stats for? :)Thanks!

  306. cramera says

    I found your site from a gluten free search. Very interesting recipes and commentary. I think I’m going to stick around. 🙂

    And re. your comment about blondes – first of all, it’s completely antiquated to view the world in terms of hair color. I’m Asian – does that make me a “brunette?” What about Africans – are they also “brunettes?” Or do we not count? But I do understand why it is bothersome that some girls/women feel it necessary to pretend to be LESS than they are just to get men to like them. Question I have is what happens when the girl gets “caught,” gets married and guy finds out his “trophy dumb blonde” is too smart? Will he accept her or will he dump her in search for a truly dumb blonde to feed his ego? All of us have some growing up to do.

  307. Adi says

    Made a double batch on Friday. Tried reeeaaallllly hard not to eat all the batter by myself before baking. They were ALL gone by Saturday night.

    This was the first recipe I tried from your site and I will definitely be trying more now that I trust you! 😀

    Thanks so much!


  308. trajayjay says

    it’s sad that I see on tv that people who like science and reading and knowledge are regarded as nerdy and not exalted as stupid bitchy girls w/ big blobs

  309. Ashley says

    Just made these with vanilla protein powder, coconut oil instead of nut butter, a tbsp of honey and oats instead of the flax. I also used 86% dark chocolate chunks. Turned out great! Unbelievably moist and delicious! These are healthy?! Haha Thanks so much for the recipe!

  310. shandel says

    I made these today. fooled everyone. my kids were soooo shocked when i told them there were chickpeas in it 😛
    I doubled the recipe (one chickpea can and one white bean can) they turned out perfect! 🙂

  311. Melanie says

    DO you think I could use garbonzo bean flour and add a bit of extra water as opposed to the can of whole chickpeas? I have a ton of the flour and need a use for it. What do you think?

    • Ginger says

      I just spent way too much time going through most of these comments and several people who tried garbanzo bean flour were not happy with the results. I believe the texture of the cooked beans is important, at least after making them once!

  312. Alyson says

    Thank you for sharing! These were so yummy and my 3 year old thoroughly enjoyed licking the spoon as much as he enjoyed the actual finished product. I love that I can feed him food knowing that it is a delicious AND a healthy treat!

  313. Sandi says

    This may be a question that you have answered elsewhere on your site, but I’ll ask anyway. When you state peanut butter in your recipes do you use natural peanut butter or the sugary processed peanut butter? Thanks!
    BTW – I am new to your site and I made your No Flour Black Bean Brownies last night and they were amazing!!! They only problem is that they don’t last very long. 😉

  314. Betsy says

    These are awesome! My mom made them for my friends and I, and they couldn’t believe they were “healthy”! On the blonde note, coming from a blonde, SOME boys do fall for “nerdy blondes”!

  315. Anonymous says

    I’m blonde and I say “dumb” things, but that mostly stems from a lack of world experience (especially when I was a teenager), and also from the fact that I’m a bit slow. By slow I don’t really mean unintelligent, it just takes me a while to process things and come up with a good answer, so when I try to do it off the cuff all kinds of weird drivel can come out xD And no I don’t do this for attention from either sex, I’m too self-conscious for that lol.

  316. Jenna says

    Just made these, they’re cooling now and look like they turned out great 🙂 Just wondering, how many blondies is your nutrition information based on? Thanks!

  317. Erin says

    Hi – I would love to make these (along with many of your receipes I’ve seen so far on here!) and appreciate you putting the nutrition info link since I do track calories. Although, I noticed you did not estimate the number of servings each recipe yields. I see for example in the chocolate chip blondies that it makes an 8×8 pan and each serving is 74 cals. But not knowing how big your serving size is (1×1 inch?) makes it difficult to meal track. Would appreciate if you could maybe give some guidelines in how big your portion size is typically when you divide out the calories. Thanks!

  318. GKB says

    I have black hair:-)
    I was wondering in all of your recipes that call for canned beans/chickpeas,if I could use dry beans.Do I cook them before using in the recipe or just soak and grind them?

  319. Judy says

    I just made these, sugar free, peanut free, and they’re awesome! I see some of you are struggling with how to sweeten them without sugar, so I’ll tell you what I did. Substituted almond butter for the peanut butter. Substituted a bit over a half cup of erythritol (can be found in stores as Z Sweet) and one packet of SweetLeaf stevia. You can play with the amount of erythritol to taste, but there was NO soapy flavor and these came out great. For the chocolate chips I used chopped up ChocoPerfection bars. Wow! I’m so happy. This is the best thing I’ve made since having to go gluten, soy, dairy and sugar free a few weeks ago.

    • CC says

      Judy, if u ever try with Agave…please let us know how that goes. Looking 4 an easy sub 4 diabetic cooking. I want 2 do it with stuff we readily have around already & I do not like Stevia :::shudder::::

      • Ginger says

        I just made a pan first trying banana and 1/4 cup dates. That didn’t seem sweet enough so I added agave nectar – I ended up adding 3 Tbsp and the final result was quite sweet! So in the future I think I’d just use the agave and skip the banana and dates. Also CCK has suggested cooking her sugar-free cookie dough dip recipe which I think would work well!

        • CC says

          Thanks so very much! Ginger, appreciate your comments. I will try just the Agave then. Very helpful. I just wish these comments would put listed under the recipes newest first, so it could help other too. I very appreciate it & am thankful I got the email 2 know u replied ;O)

        • Anonymous says

          I made another batch with Coconut sugar instead of the banana/dates/agave – they turned out great! But for diabetics I don’t know the difference in how Agave and Coconut Sugar affect blood sugar. Good luck!

          • courtney says

            they are both low glycemic, but the rate at which different sweeteners increase blood glucose changes depending on what foods they are eaten with and some other factors, which can make the glycemic index a complicated tool to use for diabetes.

  320. Laura says

    Very Very good. I used Splenda Blend Brown sugar, natural chunky peanut butter, the quick oats, a smashed up 70% Ghiradelli baking bar for the chips, and I used toasted chopped pecans on top. OMG are they awesome!

  321. Rosamund says

    Shut the front door! These are by far the most delicious thing I have ever baked. The best part was giving them to people, watching them go crazy about how good they were, and then telling them that the secret ingredient is chickpeas. The worst part – trying not to eat the batter, it has been a long time since I licked a bowl with so much vigor.

  322. CC says

    Hey Katie,

    Quick Q, I am making these as I type :OD and I followed instruction 2 a T (as I always try 2 do 1st time out) but it made me wonder, can u sub out the sugar in the same proportions as u used in the Bean Brownies 2 use Agave, 4 the unfortunate diabetic set? I know baking is chemistry so not sure if u can just interchange some of the same ingredients (proportions).

    Thanks in advance!

  323. Ayesha A. says

    Can I just omit all the peanut butter? I don’t exactly like PB and my brother is allergic to nuts (like EXTREMELY allergic) so there’s no way we can buy PB. Will omitting it change the texture or make the blondies taste bad or something?

    And I agree, some blondies just play the act but some of us non-blondies should keep in mind that not ALL blondies do this so we shouldn’t generalize. (Am I being hypocritical or what?)

    ~Chocolate Lover

    • Ginger says

      I read a lot of the comments and those who omitted the peanut butter, or substituted apple sauce thought the bars tasted “beany” and not good – though there were some people who loved the applesauce version too. CCK has suggested that the fat is important to the end result so maybe use a combination of coconut butter and coconut oil, or maybe sunbutter, instead of a nut butter. Or heck maybe try regular butter — that wouldn’t be vegan, though.

  324. Sonia says

    Kate I’m hooked.
    I found your website yesterday after buying a tin of black beans and wanting a black bean brownie recipe..
    They were amazing and lasted for about half a minute .
    Today I have baked a double amount of the blonde brownies and they too are amazing..
    I initially became vegan to lose weight although at this rate I’m going to be putting some back on.
    Brilliant recipes and a big thank you from my family x

  325. Allison_phuise says

    I love you Katie! You are so kind and gorgeous! I’ve subscribed to your website 😉 thanks for sharing your recipe:)

  326. CC says

    Recipe Review: I made ’em
    I do hope this is helpful but I doubt my review will b found amidst the oodles & noodles of comments ;O)

    2 calibrate your taste buds: I have a sweet tooth, I am a bigger fan of vanilla than chocolate though I obviously like both and I am a Peanut Butter PURIST, ie I do NOT like my chocolate in your PB or Vice versa (except 4 the occasional reeses, it’s ok, just don’t crave ’em). PB on J or on crackers is ok with me, but it ruins it 4 me otherwise. That said….

    I made them exactly as directed (with regular sugar) with ONE additive per a previous suggetion-1t of Cinnamon. Made it avec PB & I’m pleased 2 say the PB is not obvious or overwhelming as I feared. Could this b due 2 the 1t of Cinnamon I added per another’s suggestion? Not sure. Sorry, I was too ascarEd of the PB not 2 put the cinnamon in!

    Taste- I would def make again. Likely with more vanilla flavor as, 4 some reason, I was more expecting. Texture- light and crumbly & very moist. Made them 1 week ago, stored some in fridge some room temp, both in plastic & glass. All had the same texture. I was hoping they would firm up with one of these techniques. Although it’s not bad, I was expecting a more compact texture. It reminds me of baked goods with applesauce subbed 4 the oil.

    Again made with Katie’s homemade chips which I love.

    Would I recommend making it, heck yeah! Will I make again & share, yes!

    Final note: take those calorie/nutritional info things w/ a grain of salt. I’m no expert but it doesn’t look right 2 me these would b lA LOT ess than the bean brownies, esp considering regular sugar.

    Hope this is helpful.

  327. Kim says

    Okay. I printed off the recipe and I was so excited to make these (we made the cookie dough dip for a valentine’s day treat for Daycare and it was a huge hit!)… But I don’t understand what happened… They didn’t cook at all. I put them in for DOUBLE the amount of time and they were still like dough. (and yes, I double checked that the oven was working, and since it made my husband’s birthday cake and cooked the lassagne for supper, I know it was working). I used white beans. Unfortunately, we had to scrape them into the compost. Still trying to figure out what I did wrong….

    • amanda says

      I had the same issue! I baked them for nearly an hour and let them cool completely, but the texture was wrong wrong wrong. Nothing like a brownie. Are these supposed to have eggs or something?

  328. Jessica says

    I just made these two nights ago, and jesus, my best friend was so right. She’s been trying to get me to make these forever, and I, an avid anti-hummus person, refused. These do not taste a THING like hummus, they in fact are just like a very moist version of typical blondies. I am so happy to have tried them. To note, I followed the recipe, though I had planned on using cannellini beans instead. I figured they would be a little too starchy for something without cocoa powder to help with the bite. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us, it is an exceptional addition to our repertoire here. Also, I wonder what I would do to make these a little lower in sugar; do you have any recommendations?

  329. Charlotte says

    Can’t wait to make these this week! I’ve just found your website and think I’m going to be trying out a recipe every week they all look so good! I’ve got a couple of quick questions before I do, I’m from the UK – do you know how many grams or ounces are in 3/4 cup of brown sugar? Also, what type of peanut butter do you suggest is best? And finally, (sorry for all the questions!) will normal rolled oats be fine instead of quick? Thank you!

  330. Shelby says

    I absolutely love your blog—and this recipe! I have probably made it 30 times, and almost always as a double recipe! I’ve been making it without a food processor, crushing the chickpeas by hand, so I’m really looking forward to getting a FP and trying even more of your recipes! : ) Thanks for sharing your chocolate-y genius with us!

  331. aly says

    Would using succanat or turbinado sugar be okay to replace coconut sugar? the same amount?
    Thank You!!
    Cant wait to try a few of your recipes..

  332. Anna says

    Omigosh. These are magical. I can’t get over how amazingly they turned out! My dad (who is a meat and potatoes, salt and butter, cream and saturated fat kind of guy) went back for seconds and thirds!! I used almond butter, didn’t use as much sugar and salt, and used normal rolled oats and they are MAGICAL. Magical, magical, magical.

  333. Gigi says

    I just made these tonight and put 1/4 c applesauce and ground flaxseed but it came out pretty “gooey”. The ground chickpeas and everything else made it a very mushy texture. I also only put a few chocolate chips on top because I used to love blondies (the non-vegan kind). It definitely needs chocolate chips in the batter I realized to cover the somewhat bitterness of flax and the flavor of the garbanzos. The actual flavor of the blondie itself is OK but not great but if you add the chocolate, it really covers it well and makes it much better. Maybe using oats rather than flax would made it less gooey. My husband didn’t like the texture so I stuck more chocolate chips on top and put it back in the oven for another 15 minutes or more until it was significantly browned on top and had a better texture.

  334. Zoey Cole says

    I just made these bars today, and I completely fooled my entire family–including my dad and younger brother who would never knowingly try something like this! These are great and super easy (and cheap) to make. DO NOT try to use a blender for this recipe; it will not work!

  335. Ginger says

    I attempted a sugar free version subbing 1 small ripe banana and 1/4 pitted dates for the sugar. I also used almond butter instead of PB, quick oats instead of flax, and used a whole Tbsp of vanilla extract. Everything else was the same. The batter didn’t taste good so I kept adding agave nectar until I was nomming the batter off the spatula. THEN I added the chocolate chips, which cover a multitude of sins. So with all those additions I cooked them a little longer but was worried about overcooking so I took them out after about 35 minutes. Straight out of the oven it was really mushy, like a hot pudding, so I kept sampling it as it cooled down to see how the texture changed – I ended up eating half the pan! The end result was quite a doughy, undercooked cookie-batter texture, just a little too far on the mushy side of the moist fudginess you want in a blondie. Next time I think if I just subbed 2-3 Tbsp of agave for the sugar I don’t think I’d need the banana or dates and I bet they’d turn out more firm. Either that or soak the dates first — basically just cook CCK’s sugar free cookie-dough dip recipe, as she has previously suggested. I look forward to trying the agave-only version next.

    • Ginger says

      whoops, that should be 1/4 CUP pitted dates. Also forgot to mention I used butter beans (small lima beans) which have practically no taste on their own so they are a brilliant “hidden” bean.

      I should also add that the end result, mushy or not, was still delicious! Chocolate chips seriously fix everything.

    • Ginger says

      I made my second batch today. This time I followed the recipe exactly, using butter beans, coconut sugar, almond butter, and quick oats. I baked exactly 30 minutes. Absolutely delicious!! I’m not sure yet if I prefer these to the experimental banana/date/agave version I did last time but they definitely blended up easier and baked faster – this version is slightly less sweet, which isn’t a bad thing. I agree with an earlier comment that these are even better the next day or after chilling a while to ‘firm up.’ My husband didn’t love the last batch and I’m kind of hoping he doesn’t love these either – more for me! 🙂

  336. Amber says

    I was a little skeptical but these are GREAT!! The German Chocolate Fudge Bites are another fav! I have to have 1 or 2 (or 3) every night 🙂

  337. Cindy says

    Ok…so I just made these this morning. I did use a blender and it worked just fine. These are so delicious, I may never make black bean brownies again!! I did process the beans first, and blended after adding each ingredient. I had to scrape the sides often, but oh my goodness, so worth it! I am taking them to work today for our Bake Sale and will be very proud to sell them to even non-vegans. Thank you so much for this deliciousness. yummy.

  338. Cindy says

    I made these this morning for our Bake Sale at work. I did use a blender, and it worked perfectly! They were delicious!!!!! Everybody loved them, even non-vegans. I put the ingredients in the blender one at time, and blended, scrapping the sides. I used cannellini beans and old fashioned oats, which I blended down to almost oat flour. I will probably never make black bean brownies again. The nut butter makes all the difference in the fudgy-ness. I baked mine for 26 minutes. I can’t wait to make them again.

  339. Aarti says

    i would just like to tell you i just tried this recipe. {Chocolate-Chip Blondies}.. and it was amazing….. i cannot believe it tasted soo good….. thank you for your recipe…. you are a truly an amazing person…
    thank you

  340. Naomi says


    Please can you try and make more student-friendly recipes? or a specific tag for them or something?
    I’m a student in England, i do not own a food processor which many recipes i really want to make (such as this one!!!) require, i (unlike most students) do own a blender, but trying to blend chick peas killed my blender and i had to get a new one!! – please can you try and make more blender-friendly or non-processor recipes?

    Also, i have only ever seen one type of tofu in the shops, you mention lots of varieties of tofu which for me just don’t seem to exist – does tofu type really matter?

    A lot of your ingredients i’ve never seen, whenever a liquid sweetener is mentioned i use golden syrup, England doesn’t seem to have half of the stuff you include – please can you try and make some more non-American friendly recipes?

    Many of your ingredients are so so expensive! Again, maybe it’s just because i’m in England, but i am not paying £5 for like 200g of cashewnut butter, that’s a quarter of my weekly food budget!!!!

    I love your recipes, and i try as many as i can, but so many ingredients i’ve never heard of or can’t get in England, or cannot afford.

    Please make UK Student friendly recipes/recipe tags!!!

    Thanks Naomi 🙂

  341. Courtney says

    I just made these for like the third time and something amazing happened. I was playing around with the recipe and I used a blend of cocoa butter and sunflower seed butter for the fat and agave for the vanilla and they turned GREEN! like forest green! I turned away from the batter for 5 minutes after processing it and it was color changed when I turned back around! They’re so pretty, I had to share! I should have a picture up on my blog about it soon! 🙂