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Coconut Butter – Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Coconut Butter – What is it? Where do I buy it? Can I make my own? Is it the same thing as coconut oil? And how on earth do I use it?

Bring out the mittens? In Texas summertime, it’s considered a cold front if the temperature doesn’t reach 100 degrees. Today, therefore, we’re experiencing a cold front. It’s only going to be 99. The sweltering weather is bad for almost everything: growing plants, running outdoors, paying your air-conditioning bill… However, there’s one thing you can do really well in the heat:

Make homemade coconut butter!

It took me just 10 minutes to make an entire jar’s-worth of coconut butter yesterday. Then I spent much more time chasing the capricious light all around my little house, trying to photograph said coconut butter.

Repeatedly eating my props didn’t help. 😕

This stuff is dangerous.

I can go through a jar of homemade or Artisana coconut butter in less than a week.

My favorite way to eat it is to spread it into candy molds, freeze, and eat what I call “Coconut Melties” straight from the freezer. Or spread the coconut butter on banana bread or stir it into oatmeal… I love that too. Here is a link to all of my coconut butter recipes:

70 Healthy Coconut Butter Recipes

coconut butters
coconut homemade

coconut homemade

coconut butter

Coconut Butter & Coconut Oil FAQ

Over and over, I’m receiving the same questions regarding coconut butter and coconut oil.

While I try to answer as many of these questions as I can in the comment section, I understand why no one would want to read though the overwhelming number of comments (many of which are repeats) to see if a particular question about coconut butter has been answered. To make it easier, I’ve rounded up the most-frequently-asked coconut butter questions and am posting the answers all in one place.

Tip: Did you know that if you press “control f” you can search for a key word on any webpage? This trick has saved me a lot of time, and I wish more people knew about it!

chocolate covered katie coconut

1. Can I make my own coconut butter?

Yes! You can find the easy recipe here: How To Make Coconut Butter. 

2. Is there a difference between coconut oil and coconut butter?

There is definitely a difference between the two. Think peanut butter vs. peanut oil. One is thick and smooth, while the other is liquid at room temperature. Coconut butter includes the meat of the coconut, while coconut oil does not.

3. Can I use coconut oil whenever a recipe calls for coconut butter?

It depends on the recipe. Many recipes that call for coconut butter won’t be the same if you substitute coconut oil. Some readers say they’ve successfully made my fudge recipes with the oil instead of the butter, but I wouldn’t recommend it for best results. Coconut butter will yield a much richer texture. Same thing with the candy or peppermint bark recipes I’ve posted.

However, it is fine to use in the famous Coconut Crack Bars.

4. How do I melt hardened coconut butter?

Coconut butter is strange. Depending on the climate (temperature and humidity), it can be smooth, liquidy, rock-hard, or even crumbly. It also burns very quickly, so I’d caution against trying to microwave the jar, at least for anything longer than 15 seconds. A few options: You can stick it in a warm (not hot) oven for a few minutes. Preheat the oven to 350 F and stick the coconut butter inside immediately after turning the oven on. Take it out after five minutes–the oven will never actually get up to 350 degrees. Often, after I’ve cooked something, I’ll turn the oven off and then stick the coconut butter jar into the oven as it cools. Or you can make a water bath (I haven’t done this, but I know others have). Or, if you only need a small amount, you can take some out and place it on a candle warmer. If it’s too dry, I like to melt a little virgin coconut oil and stir it into the coconut butter to get it smooth again.

Or… just come to Texas. Winking smile

5. My attempt at homemade coconut butter never turned into butter. What did I do wrong?

Maybe nothing. I’ve never encountered problems making homemade coconut butter, and it works for many others as well… but for some reason (it might have to do with climate), a few readers aren’t able to achieve the buttery spread. For best results, be sure to use a whole bag so there’s enough to blend smoothly. Also, if it’s not getting smooth, add a little melted virgin coconut oil to the blender.

6. When making coconut butter, can I sub ____ for the shredded coconut?

I’ve only tried this with Let’s Do Organic brand unsweetened coconut shreds or unsweetened coconut shreds from the bulk aisle of the grocery store. So I don’t know if works with sweetened coconut shreds, reduced-fat coconut shreds, or fresh coconut.

7. How do you store coconut butter?

Store homemade coconut butter in a sealed container or glass jar. There is no need to refrigerate it, and the coconut butter will last for at least a few months in the pantry… that is if you don’t eat it all first! Mine lasts for about a day. Seriously, I might have an addiction…

8. Where can I buy coconut butter?

While coconut butter used to be hard to find, it’s now widely available even in regular grocery stores. Look in the natural food section of most grocery stores, or try the nut butter aisle of Whole Foods or your local health food store. You can also find it online at stores like Vitacost, Thrive Market, iHerb, Swanson, and Amazon. Brands that sell coconut butter include Artisana, Maranatha, Nutiva, Nikki’s, and Dastony.




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  1. Leanne says

    I love homemade coconut butter! I have a recipe on my site as well =)
    It’s easy to make and SO very versatile! I love, love, love it 😉

  2. Anna Banana says

    I tried it with sweetened coconut once because that’s what I happened to have. No luck, tragically! It just kind of clumped instead of getting liquidy and delicious.

      • Jen says

        I did use sweetened cause thats all i could find….it took FOREVER! Close to an hr in food processor with me stopping every 10 min or so to let food processor cool down….it did work tho…will try and find unsweetened next time!

    • Jane says

      I am so glad you posted this…I couldn’t find unsweetened coconut anywhere and happened to have some sweetened in my cupboard so tried with that and it just got clumpy and crumbly. I thought I had done it wrong or something. Now I’m all fired up about it again! I’ll have to make a trip to Whole Foods and get like 20 lbs of unsweetened coconut in bulk so I don’t have to make the trip again for awhile.

  3. Ms. Chanandler Bong :) says

    I looked everywhere for unsweetened coconut, and nobody around here has it 🙁 I tried to use sweetened, like Anna Banana, and it didn’t work either. I just decided to ask for 2 jars of it for my birthday… Hurry up July 2nd! 🙂

    • Minti says

      :DLate response, but if you go to any asian (including indian) store, you’ll be sure to find unsweetened coconut shreds. Good luck:)!

    • Kim says

      There are soooo many uses for coconut oil. My favorites include rubbing a little in my hands and then using it as a lotion, it makes my skin (especially the super dry areas like elbows and knees) super soft, or I put it in my hair once or twice a week, let it sit for a few hours. I used to have clients swear that’s how their hair got long and thick, I just know my hair feels less damaged much faster than anything I have ever used in or out of the salon. Ps sorry for the many years late response… but just ideas if it ever happens again!

    • Laurie phillips says

      i have a problem with coconut oil and milk….it gives me epigastic pain. why? Does that mean I am allergic to it. I get
      the kind at the store. O organics brand. Not sure if I need to try a different one. I have used it on myhands and faces and it does not bother me just if I eat it on my baked goods instead of butter. I know it is better for you since it has so much healthy benefit. So I only put it in my recipes not to drink or to eat plain.

  4. Naomi says

    I tried making the 3 ingredient chocolate coconut oil bars and the taste of the coconut oil was overwhelmingly oily and very bitter! Is the taste of coconut butter less bitter and oily? Bc the oil is gross….I don’t know what I’m going to do with a huge can of it :-/

    • Liz says

      It sounds like you got a really bad jar of coconut oil! Either that, or did you accidentally use refined coconut oil? The two are not the same thing. Virgin coconut oil is sweet and makes foods delicious, especially the chocolate bars!

      • Anonymous says

        Wow, it definitely sounds like you got really bad coconut oil. It should have a slight coconut taste and definitely NOT be bitter. Coconut oil is oily because it’s oil.

        • Alanna says

          I second these — the oil itself should be pretty neutral in taste. The chocolate, however, will definitely be very bitter with just oil and cocoa powder (especially unsweetened cocoa powder). Take heart, though — even if you decide you really don’t like the taste of the oil, it’s wonderful as a skin moisturizer, and I’ve even heard you can use it as a natural makeup remover!

          • Clare says

            I use my virgin coconut oil for food (it has a light coconut taste) and to remove makeup too!

    • Anonymous says

      Naomi, cook with the oil. It’s incredibly good for you plus it heats well. Try googling the great benefits of coconut oil. You’ll be surprised. Also great oil for your skin.

    • kittymamma says

      I think too, that you must have gotten refined coconut oil (like the ever present- at any store- LouAnn which I made the mistake of getting years ago the first time I tried to get it. Still kept it around for various uses 😉 but you need to get VIRGIN NON-REFINED coconut oil….it’s pricy but I watch for sales and always check both the organic/natural food isles as well as the plain old oil isle next to the EVOO usually…I’ve found a great store brand at Kroger’s in the regular section- have Virgin unrefined organic and non-organic too!! 😉 But I think Spectrum is the last brand I got a huge jar of for a better price/oz…it’s so good and so freq. used in this house that I’m willing to buy in bulk 😉 Enjoy- it’s actually the only oil I’d ever sneak a little taste of after getting it out of the measuring cup…like I would with butter ;P so can’t WAIT to try this coconut butter- thanks so much!!!

    • Laurie phillips says

      what brand did you use kittymamma? Katie likes the Artisana but I have not tried that one yet. I am going to try her
      coconut homemade butter since I have tried the milk but don’t have a fancy blender like vita mix.
      Good luck with trying the recipe again.

  5. Liz says

    Thanks for such a fantastic post, Katie. And for doing the work so we don’t have to search through the comments to find answers.

    I have to admit that my only gripe with your blog is that it’s TOO popular ;). Every time I have a question about a recipe, I need to read through 43854953085 comments on the post to see if I’m asking something someone’s already asked before me!

    • Alanna says

      If you’re browsing from a desktop computer, try using Ctrl+F (control find) to search the page for a word or phrase… I do this a lot when I’m curious if someone else has tried a particular substitution or something. (Unfortunately I don’t think you can search using a mobile browser from your phone or a tablet PC.) I look at it this way: if everyone decided they didn’t feel like reading the comments before posting their own (possibly repeat) question, the list of comments gets even longer and more difficult to read! That also means more questions for Katie to try and get through, which makes it even harder for her to respond personally to any of us. I’d rather look for the answer myself (whether it’s in an existing comment or through Google) and help keep her inbox clear for the more important stuff. 🙂

  6. Chelsea says

    It DOESN’T work with reduced fat! I bought reduced fat on accident the first time I tried that, and now I have super fine reduced fat coconut powder, which I still add to things because its tasty. It makes sense, because they evaporated out the fat so there is nothing to make it smooth and buttery!

    • Amber says

      NOOO!!! I just finally made it to Whole Foods last night and bought 2 bags so I would have it. I was putting it away when I noticed I got reduced fat. I was just looking at the comments now before i went to make the butter!

      • Kitty says

        I know it’s way late to offer a solution but in case anybody else needs this, just add coconut oil to the reduced fat coconut shreds to make coconut butter. it’s probably a no brainer, but it’s much easier if someone else has said it as well. reduced fat? start your coconut butter in the blender and then add coconut oil til it becomes smooth and peanut butter textured.

        • Mattea R Martin says

          I’ve been trying off and on all day. I tried to make coconut butter in a Ninja blender and also in a Black and Decker food processor with no look.I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.
          I literally added the unsweetened shredded coconut to the food processor and blender turned it on when it got clumpy and added some coconut oil but it never got to a butter consistency just very grainy and thick.

    • Marni says

      Yeah and fat free or reduced fat anything is never tasty or good! Just eat less of the full fat variety and you get both the fullness from the fat plus the health benefits. Healthy fat (butter, coconut, olive, walnut oils, etc) has been wrongly demonized since the late 50’s when a doctored report was realized stating that fat was the reason for heart attacks and strokes. What is actually responsible for the heart attacks and strokes are sugar in all its forms and vegetable oils! Shocking, I know but makes complete sense when you think that people have eaten butter, ghee, coconut products, olive oil, etc for millennia and the spike in cardiac events occurred only when hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils were introduced along with the introduction of high fructose corn syrup to processed foods.

  7. Naomi says

    The can does say double filtered???? I knew that was questionable but it was the only kind in the store so I grabbed it wishfully thinking it would work. I’m glad there is still hope and I can keep a look out for virgin coconut oil or try to make the butter. I don’t know what in the world anyone uses refined coconut oil for….maybe I’ll but it in my hair?? Thanks for your reply!

    • Alanna says

      See above (replied to the original before I read this one) — you can definitely use it in your hair, or on your skin!

    • Kitty says

      I use it for cooking savory dishes, because some people don’t like the sweet taste of coconut in their savory dishes.

  8. Laura says

    I was one of the ones who asked the difference between coconut butter and coconut oil awhile ago, and I was so excited to get a personal answer from you. I felt like a famous person was writing me back! You’re a super popular blogger with 40,000 facebook fans, and yet you take time to answer questions from people like me. Thank you!

  9. Laura Miller says

    It does not work with sweetened coconut, just as a reference. Or at least, it didn’t work for me. Unsweetened coconut works fine though.

  10. Anonymous says

    if you have a vitamix or other high powered blender, make your coconut butter in that instead of the food processor, it works REALLY fast 🙂

  11. Emily says

    Thank you for posting this FAQ! If I’m ever down in TX, I’m looking you up to give you a big hug and thanks for making it easier to eat healthy and lose weight (at least for me!). Also, I’m making some of your yummy cookie dough dip for book club tonight and not telling anyone what’s in it until they’ve all eaten it!!

  12. Kara @Nutritious-n-Delicious says

    Yum yum yum! I tried this a few days ago and LOVED it. I think I need to let mine blend awhile longer though because it was still a little …gritty? I am not sure it thats the right word. Haha. I just couldn’t wait to eat it! I saw one blogger wrote that she let her’s run in the food processor for about 20 minutes!! I think I’d have to do it in intervals in that case or my processor would over heat! Anybody else have this problem?

    • Stella says

      Yeah, mine always stays a bit gritty. I kinda lose patience after ~10min., plus I don’t want to overheat my blender, that’s def. why. The longer you blend, the smoother it gets. I still like it with a little grit 😉

      • olga Alvarez says

        thank for letting me find my answer to the butter being grainy keep doing all the recipes love them, Olga

  13. Basil says

    Oh, hah, that totally made my day! I live in Texas, too. And I TOTALLY get what you mean about the cold front. Good idea, I should go make some coconut butter now, since it’s soooo cold outside 😉

    • Laura Miller says

      That was my other problem the last time I tried to make it, other than using sweetened coconut. It was impossible to clean and had a really weird texture. Especially because I added some milk to try to get it to blend. XD

      • KittyF says

        Don’t add milk. that binds it up and makes it harder to both make and store. Add coconut oil. Nut butters are Powders suspended in oil. add oil if you w

        Coconut shreds are dried. nut butters are not liquids even though the oils act like liquids oils are not liquids. they are warm solids. so nut butters will bind up if liquids like milk are added. they absorb the liquids into the dry powdery solids and swell.

  14. Erin says

    I live in Georgia… it was over 110 yesterday 🙁

    but this means that my coconut butter was nice and soft. haha.

    Coconut butter is so delicious 😀 sometimes it’s hard to control myself around it. I’ve said before that if I were to die tomorrow, one of my biggest regrets would be never getting to eat a jar of coconut butter in one sitting… haha. I’ve always restrained myself because I know that I wouldn’t be able to move afterwards 😛

  15. Sami says

    Hey Katie, do you know if the butter can go bad? I don’t put mine in the fridge ’cause it said on the jar to leave it at room temp, but I’m worried about it spoiling…

    • KittyF says

      According to Tropical Traditions who says His wife is Filipino , the people of the Philippines dry their coconut meat to preserve it and coconut butter is made from DRIED coconut meat. it is more shelf stable than peanut butter since coconut oil is higher in saturated oils that are more stable in higher temperatures. peanut butter might only last 3 or 4 years on the shelf, the coconut butter should last 5 or more.

  16. Jordan says

    Hey, I live in Hurst and I walked out this morning to 90 degrees and it felt breezy and cool to me! Hahaha 🙂

    • Erika says

      I have made it in a magic bullet, but it does take quite a bit longer and a short cup full of coconut only equals a large baby food jar sized batch of coconut butter.

      • vicki says

        Erika… that sounds like a perfect portion! I have a jar of coconut butter, but now I know why my jar is hard and crumbly and not smooth and spreadable like I’ve seen in pics. THANKS KATIE! I’m going to try the magic bullet method to see if a I get a better consistency w/homemade butter.

        • Jody says

          I actually just made Coconut Butter for the first time, using the Magic Bullet. I didn’t find that it even took the full 3 minutes to make. Actually mine turned out a bit runny, not thick.. Is that normal ? And if not, will it thicken up in time ?

  17. Erica @ Cult of Kale says

    This is great infromation! I always thought they were the same! My coconut oil is solid at room at room temperature though, and I can only get it liquidy if I melt it. Is it just mislabeled?

      • Alanna says

        Yep, that’s totally normal — it melts somewhere around 78 degrees, but below that temp it looks a lot like the butter! It’s often less uniform in texture from solidifying unevenly, though (at least mine is). It only takes 20-30 seconds to melt a full jar in the microwave with the lid off. Hope that helps!

  18. Robyn says

    Great info….So I tried the control F just to check it out…now all the letter f’son your page are highlighted…how do I get rid of that??

  19. Taylor says

    Katie, thank you SO much for this! If you Google ‘difference between coconut butter and coconut oil’ you get no decent results! Finally, all my questions answered! =D

  20. Anonymous says

    I want to do this right away! I can’t afford t buy real coconut butter so this is great for those who are penny-pinching.

  21. Moni Meals says

    This is so helpful Katie! you’re the best thanks,for all the tips. I hope it cools down for you soon. 🙂

  22. NessyS says

    Um, this might seem really stooopid but when Katie says “Shredded, unsweetened coconut” does this mean what we call here (Australia) “dessicated coconut” (which is dried and in fine shreds – generally unsweetened) or is it raw, shredded coconut (a product that doesn’t exist here)? Should I buy a coconut and get to it with a grater (or what you guys call a “shredder”) ? Talk about lost in translation! I don’t know what you guys have in the states – and coconut butter and oil is (I’m guessing) just as expensive here as it is in the USA – ’cause it’s mighty pricey! xxx

    • katy says

      Not stupid at all, different countries have different names for things! “Desiccated unsweetened coconut” should work for making coconut butter, I believe it’s the same thing as our “shredded unsweetened coconut”. 🙂

  23. Mary Legare Whaley says

    This is such an educational post! I love it. Coconut is crazy. I mean, look at how versatile it is. I drink coconut water on occasion (amazing). Occasionally, I freeze a can of light coconut milk and process it into ice cream. I drink Almond Breeze Coconut Almond milk, but I haven’t made coconut butter or used coconut oil because I don’t really get it…The tutorial is very helpful, since most websites just assume everyone knows what coconut butter/oil is. Thanks for the overview!

  24. Becky S says

    Unfortunately, homemade coconut butter didn’t work for me here. I live in high altitude (5,500 ft), and our climate is very dry. After 5 minutes, it was still just shredded coconut, although it was very fine! I tried to slowly add a few drops of water to see if that would help it whip up and make up for our lack of humidity, but it didn’t work. Oh, well!

    • Debs says

      Did you try adding some neutral flavored oil (like coconut)? Also, I have a 10 year old Black and Decker food processor that I use to make the coconut butter. It requires a little patience with scraping and definitely takes more than 5 minutes.

    • Debs says

      Did you try adding a small amount of neutral flavored oil after about 5 minutes (like coconut oil)? I have a 10 year old Black and Decker food processor that I use to make the coconut butter. It takes a little patience and scraping and definitely takes more than 5 minutes. I think you need a Vita-Mix for good results so fast.

  25. Jill says

    Coconut butter does not work with regular coconut like at Walmart or whatever. I have tried several bags! But every bag of UNSWEETENED SHREDDED coconut. I have even made it in 2 different states with different humidity and it was the same in both with unsweetened, shredded. You can buy it at a great price on Amazon (the one Katie mentioned above). It’s worth it!

  26. STUFT Mama says

    Oh man, I have never made my own butter of any kind. You’re inspiring me. 🙂 and I know I’ve said thus before, but your pictures are AMAZING every single post. 🙂 They brighten my day.

  27. Lauren says

    TO ALL THE UK READERS!!! If you did not know yet Coconut Butter is readily (and inexpensively) available in our lovely little country too! It is not the big fancy glass jar Artisana style but it is the same exact delicious thing that means you can know make all of Katie’s amazing CB recipes or just gorge yourself on the plain stuff. It is called ‘Creamed Coconut’ here and comes in a 200g box with 4 x little 50g sachets of CB inside that are very easy to just stick in some warm water to melt ready for use. There are 2 brands – Pataks and Bart ( they do an organic one – see link below where you can buy it online). You can buy both of these brands from many supermarkets – most branches of Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco stock them and you might even find them in an Asda or Morrisons. Look in the section with the Thai ingredients like coconut milk, green curry paste etc and if they have it will be there (maybe google image it first so you know what you are looking for). Or you can(bulk!) buy the Bart organic version conveniently from their website below. It was the happiest discovery for me recently and I have been enjoying it so much after quite a large amount of time spent longing for this (so I thought) out of reach product. Enjoy!

    • Anonymous says

      Many thanks for this comment!! I live in the uk and can’t wait to try the coconut recipes from this site

    • Anonymous says

      oh lauren, thank you!
      ive just overheated my magi-mix leaving it whizzing away for 10mins…finally got something close but its a bit grainy, then suddenly i thought ‘creamed coconut? is it the same?!’ have been searching and searching and only just found your comment-and i can get it from our cash & carry for about 55p a block!
      ps. SO glad i found this blog!!

  28. Lauren says

    Correction: both the Pataks & Bart brands of Creamed Coconut are not organic (but still so delicious!).

    If you want organic there is a 3rd brand – Biona Organic Creamed Coconut. If you type it into google there are several UK websites selling it.

  29. Lisa @ The Raw Serenity says

    This is really helpful as I have never made coconut butter before.
    Thanks for the tips.
    Lots of people seem to be having troubles with making their own which is a little worrying as it is winter here in Australia so prob not the best time to test it out..

  30. Ninnog says

    Thanks for the enlightening post Katie! I live in France where I’ve desperately been trying to find coconut butter. Even in organic stores, all I can find is coconut milk or coconut cream. Does anyone know where I could find it? I’ve tried to make it myself but the climate must not be right (I live near Paris… rains all the time!!!)

  31. janel says

    I’m so glad you posted this I’ve been so conduits about what coconut butter actually was! I’ve also been unable to find it at a price I can afford so I’m excited to try making it.

  32. Veronica says

    Thanks for the ctrl f tip! l will use that! Sometimes I do google searches that give me a blog b/c the answer I need is in the comments and wading through them can be a nightmare. Anyway, great idea doing a Q&A on this!

  33. Laura says

    Thanks for posting this, very informative. I hate to add to the list of questions you have to answer but I have one more. You explained the difference between coconut oil and butter what about coconut cream concentrate? I read that coconut cream concentrate is made from just coconut, no water or anything added or removed. Wouldn’t that be the same as coconut butter?

      • Alanna says

        Yup, you’re right — coconut cream is basically what you get when the fat separates from the watery part at the bottom of a can of coconut milk. I haven’t seen the canned concentrate either, but I would guess Asian markets might carry it? Be aware that cream of coconut is not the same thing, as that is thinner, sweetened coconut cream (like you’d use to make a pina colada). This link explains:

    • Ann Goodman says

      Hi Don’t know if you had seen that the link you posted states that their cream concentrate IS the same as coconut butter? So should answer your question. It certainly makes sense considering what they say it is and how it is made.

      Some of the terms etc certainly do get lost in translation. I find this site so useful in sorting out what everything actually means for someone living in UK and was worried I couldn’t find ‘shredded coconut’ when it did mean ‘dessicated’ so was able to make my first batch of butter!

  34. BroccoliHut says

    I routinely liquefy my coconut butter in the microwave by cooking on high for 20-30 seconds and haven’t encountered any burning under those conditions. I use the Artisana brand, however, so there might be more of a risk with burning with homemade versions.

  35. jeanne says

    Re: #5…I have done it with sweet and reduced fat. They all came out fine…but I prefer the unsweetened.

    Francesca: It’s good for you fat!

  36. Jennifer from NJ says

    Katie…… Thanks for all your awesome recipes! I tried it once with lets do organic reduce fat coconut…….. doesn’t work pretty much stays the same but that makes sense you need the fat in the coconut for it to make it creamy buttery yummieness! When I first started making coconut butter I made the mistake of not putting enough coconut in the food processor. My best results come when I fill it up 3/4 of the way and it doesn’t take as long either. Where do you get your coconut? I have been getting 5lb bags of organic shredded coconut for 22 bucks here As Always Thank you for doing what you do Katie!
    Much Love

  37. Deb says

    Hi Katie!
    I am very impressed that you read my comment! It was about comment #360 out of over 400! If anyone ever doubts your diligence in reading every comment, that should be proof in your favor.
    We are getting a “heat wave” here in the northeast that you would scoff at with temperatures in the low 90’s 😀
    Stay cool!
    (P.S. Now if you find my comment on the day you started your vitamix giveaway, I will REALLY be impressed 😀 Just Kidding!)

  38. Nancy says

    I just made the coconut butter in my Vita-Mix and it is rather liquid. Did I do something wrong, or can I use it? It worked, maybe a little too good. It poured right out of the Vita-Mix container into my glass jar and last time I checked, it was still pretty runny. Used the Let’s Do….Organic coconut. Smells real good and think I’ll try it tomorrow, but would like to hear what you have to say about the consistency. I didn’t even do the full 3-5 minutes.

    • Anonymous says

      Mine comes out super liquidy too, the vitamix warms it up. Just let it cool in the fridge if you want it to solidify. But beware, once it’s cold it’s SUPER solid!! 🙂 If you let it sit overnight it should solidify a bit too, unless it’s really warm where you are.

  39. Tara says

    I just tried making this in the vitamix. Didn’t work for me. I even burned out the motor (went into shut down.) It was just powder. I had to add water to get it creamy, and it’s still rather gritty. Could you maybe post what speed you use on the vitamix?

    I’m in Seattle. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

    • Anonymous says

      Did you use sweetened coconut? Apparently that doesn’t work. I live on Vancouver Island (pretty much the same climate as Seattle) and I make it all the time in my Vitamix. It literally only takes 1 minute. I put my coconut in the vitamix, turn the dial to ten, then flip the super speed switch.

  40. Ann Goodman says

    Hi, Just made a batch of coconut butter in the cold, wet miserable summer in Midlands, UK and it worked! Got a whole jar of lovely butter for half the price and it tastes totally delicious! Trouble is my husband loves it too so I will have to make more….. going to try a couple of recipes next. Thanks for the tips, even reading the recipes is a feast for the eyes and imagination!!

  41. Stacy says

    Dumb question but does the coconut butter taste like coconut? My husband hates coconut… And pineapple (is he insane? maybe)

  42. Lisa D says

    Hi Katie! Love your webite, can’t say this enough! You make low carb living easy with your sugar free desserts– love the ketchup recipe! I had to tell you, the last room I am apt to spend time in, is the kitchen– hate it— but after finding so many good recipes on your site, not only am I in the kitchen, but I bought a Ninja so I can make more of your recipes! Never, ever, would I have considered such a purchase! I specifically bought the Ninja hoping top make coconut butter as good as this looks! I’m hoping to make it for Christmas gifts if I can match your recipe!

    Thank you!

  43. Andrea says

    OMGosh! Thank you so much, Katie! We don’t have things like coconut butter around here, but now I don’t have to miss out! I picked up a bag of unsweetened coconut after work and figured I would give it a shot in my blender. It took a bit longer but it came out just fine! I left mine a little bit grainy because I got impatient ;).
    Now if I only I could figure out how to get my hands on vegan cheese and yogurt, I’d be set! We do have soy ice cream here, but it’s pretty expensive, and I’ve never seen a dairy-free cheese or yogurt option.

  44. Ruth says

    Just made my first batch of coconut butter… assuming it isn’t all eaten, how long does it last? Should it be refrigerated, or is it OK in the cupboards?


  45. Angie says

    Hi, just found your website today and couldn’t wait to make the coconut butter! And I happened to have a large bag of coconut shreds in the freezer, yea me! But my question is how do you know when it’s done? Mine got a little warm in the vita mix and was creamy but a little more runny than the pics of yours looked to be???? Does it get hard in the fridge? Anyway thanks for all the amazing recipes!

  46. Barb says

    (I don’t think this question was answered. I used the search function. 🙂 )
    Do you think I can make coconut butter with a standard good blender or with a cheap little plastic processor? Those are what I own. If there were more room in my little house, very little kitchen, I’d buy a regular machine. But how do they make it traditionally, without electricity? It must involve a lot of pounding.
    I could just try, but I don’t want to make a mess with valuable food. Better to get advice from the knowledgeable expert.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Ann Goodman says

      I can’t afford one of those expensive machines people seem to use here, I nearly had a fit when I discovered how much they cost 🙁 – and I too have the tiniest of kitchens. So I have a very cheap plastic hand blender and have made several batches of gorgeous coconut butter! I just stop and start a few times to let the blender cool down a bit and use a small spoonful of coconut oil to get it started! I don’t know if you really need the oil but it seems to speed up the process which is very useful if you don’t want your blender to overheat!!! I will be making some more tomorrow (Saturday) so my breakfasts will be back to delicious again…..

  47. Christy says

    i really hope you read this Katie because i much need your help. i got some coconut butter from Kroger but its not the same brand you use. it is a mixture of coconut pulp and coconut oil and dosent taste anything like coconut while on a spoon, it actually taste horrible. it seems identical to coconut oil to me. is coconut butter supposed to be like this? please help :/

  48. Amanda says

    I have young coconuts can you use the fresh meat from those? Because where I am I can’t get unsweetened shredded coconut.

  49. Karis Mills says

    I just found another website with a recipe for homemade coconut butter that recommends processing for 18 or 19 minutes. Maybe it’s the difference between using a food processor and a vitamix. The website is She gives a break down of what happens at each time interval. I have a friend who said that it takes about a half an hour to make hers in her Cuisinart! Hope this helps solve some of the problems.

  50. Hanny says

    Hey all, if you’re having trouble getting it going, I like to microwave my coconut shreds for maybe 2 or 3 minutes before I blend them. Start off in 30 second intervals, until it starts to smell fragrant and feel oilier. The extra heat brings out the oil, and gives it a bit more of a toasted flavour!

  51. Kelly says

    This may be a silly question, but do you use this like you would use “regular” butter; or more how you would use, say…apple butter?

    I currently use an organic coconut spread that my nutritionist suggested; but I will soon be moving to an area without a local Whole Foods or ANY type of store that I can purchase it. So, I’m curious if this coconut butter can be used in place of it.

    Also, if you have an idea: how long does it keep?

    Thank you in advance!

    (And I hope my VitaMix does it correctly. So far, for the LIFE of me, I can’t get it to make ANY nut butters.) 🙁

  52. Andrew says

    Have you considered adding some roasted almonds to the coconut butter and then coating it with dark chocolate? Instant Almond Joy!!

  53. Nicole says

    For the record, it does NOT work with fresh coconut. I used dessicated today though, and it worked but just took a while.

  54. Dee Parrish says

    I started eating Paleo just three weeks ago & have already lost 12 pounds! I am so excited! I bought a wonderful Paleo cookbook & saw that it calls for coconut butter in a lot of the recipes but almost had a heart attack at the health food store when I saw the cost for a jar of their butter! For a little under $2.00 I bought enough unsweetened, shredded coconut to make my own! THANK YOU! Your site was very helpful to me because when I made mine it got pretty runny & I thought I ruined it somehow, but will just pop it in the fridge to thicken it for a little while. Cannot wait to try it!

  55. Becca says

    I read somewhere online that the coconut flakes must be full-fat in order for them to turn into coconut butter, and that apparently a lot of flakes sold in stores have the fat squeezed out of them, or something weird like that. I tried blending my coconut flakes and they just turned into smaller flakes, not butter. So maybe that’s the problem?

    • Crystal says

      Quick question…….When measuring out the coconut butter for your recipes, do you measure in solid (hard and crumbly form) or melted liquid form?

      • Chocolate Covered Katie says

        Soft is almost always better. It will depend on the specific recipe. But, off the top of my head, I can’t think of any of my recipes where it’s better to use the coconut butter crumbly.

  56. Jeannette says

    SUCCESS!!! or “How I Got It!!” My first batch just didn’t work. I couldn’t figure out why and even asked if coconut flakes could dry out and/or go bad. But, determined, I keep reading and found a link that someone posted here on Kate’s site that it had taken them 30 minutes and, and here’s the big one for me, you can’t make “just a little,” you have to fill your food processor to the top. After I did that, it took me about 15 minutes to have a liquid (which I wanted since I read it firms up, and it’s easier to pour out of the processor than scrape) and it was done! Now off to make the fudge!!! J

  57. A. S. S. Rodrigo says

    I would like to conduct a research on coconut butter..Would you like to help me..? Can i get a idea on what qulity should be improve and what are the potentials..?

  58. A. S. S. Rodrigo says

    Hey..I would like, if you can write to my email…I need more chemistry on coconut butter..

  59. b-laff says

    How would one store coconut butter? Fridge? Cupboard? For how long?

    I made in my Magic Bullet (flat blade, small cup) and it was a snap. Took about a minute. No scraping needed. 2 oz of unsweetened coconut shreds (from Wegmans bulk aisle) made approx 3 TBSP of yummy butter.

    So glad I found this blog! I was only looking for information on coconut butter for a recipe, but browsing the recipes on this blog, I have truly hit the jackpot. Can’t decide what to try first!

  60. sheila says

    I tried to make coconut butter but was unsuccessful. I used coconut from the bulk section of my supermarket. What happened?

  61. Erica says

    oh my goodness goodness gosh! (1 of ur phrases rite there:) i really need to get me some coconut butter. like rite now! do u think u can get it at costco or walmart? i also need more beans. and chocolate. one can never have too much chocolate,right?

  62. Alex says

    Hey Katie, LOVE your website!! Can I remove the coconut butter from the smothies for calorie purposes or substitute something else, or is it a ‘must?’ ( i have coconut oil, not butter)

  63. Connie says

    That control f didn’t work how do you use it? So how much cocoanut do you have to buy to make the cocoanut butter to equal 1 cup? May have missed that point in your blog. Thanks.

    • Shan says

      Ctrl+F means hold down the [Ctrl] button and tap the [F] button on your keyboard. It should bring up a search box (usually at the bottom left or top right of the browser). In that box, type in what you are searching for and press [Enter]. Hope this helps!

  64. silke Vermeij says

    is coconut butter also a natural butter? Because i found a really nice recepiece for a body bronzer but i need a natural butter. And i found creamt coconut around the house.

    • Jocelyn says

      No, its not the same. I think that your recipe means shea butter or cocoa butter. Not a butter that you eat.

  65. Jocelyn says

    I love coconut butter and now I love the fact that I can search for a word on the webpage! thanks- you’re a brilliant gal and I love your recipes. Keep on being awesome!

  66. Allybear says

    Has anyone been successful in blending the coconut shreds to a creamy texture? Because I’ve been going until my food processor is smoking hot, and all I have is oily grit. I suspect that it’s the Vitamix that makes it even possible. Has anyone without a Vitamix actually achieved it?

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Yes, many people have success in a food processor. Some of the commenters above you have even done it in a Magic Bullet. It really just does depend on the climate and amount of fat in your bag of coconut shreds. Try adding a little oil to the food processor.

  67. laughtercastle says

    Any tips on what coconut butter should taste like? I’m well acquainted with the oil, but I’ve never tried butter before. The butter I made makes my mouth go really dry, but that was also tasting it while it’s still liquid. I live overseas now so I used the unsweetened coconut I could find at the store, which tasted similar to what I got in the states, but I’m wondering if I got it right. Anyone have any advice?

  68. Elizabeth says

    Have you ever “burnt” yours? I think I may have blended mine to long because it is sort of brownish color 🙁

  69. Mama Lee says

    Okay, I read through oodles of comments, the FAQs post, & the comments on the FAQs post but still don’t know exactly what the consistency should be like (thin like store bought chocolate syrup – I know, **gasp** but I don’t know what else to compare it to! LOL – or thicker like say whipped coconut oil that is creamy & has no lumps, etc. when room temp isn’t too warm), nor what speed do you use for your Vitamix, & should the Vitamix actually cook the coconut where there is steam coming out of the blender cap vents??

    I LOVE your blog & will be blogging about my love for YOUR blog soon :)!!

  70. tracy says

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  71. Stephanie Demic says

    Skinny Coconut Oil is the only 100% raw product on the market! It has so many uses. I substitute it for butter everyday. It is actually made from coconuts in Vietnam. Check out the website & join the movement to a healthier lifestyle! 🙂

  72. Keryn says

    Just located your recipes which sound great. But being in Australia, I will need to be innovative in trying to locate some of the ingredients you use. To make coconut butter, you say to use unsweetened coconut. We can buy fresh coconuts, dessicated coconut in the bag, which I assume would be sweetened, and shredded coconut (again in a bag). Not sure where I would find unsweetened coconut but I will do a search on the net. Thanks for the recipes.

  73. Julia says

    I’ve been using coconut oil for my skin recently and it works wonders! Can you still use the butter for your skin or is the oil better for that? Thanks so much!

  74. Bonnie says

    I wish I had searched and found your website before trying to unthaw my rock hard coconut oil concentrate in the microwave….32 oz jar. Yes, it did burn and turn mostly brown. Is it of any use for anything? I use it on my hair; which is the best treatment my hair has ever had. I hope you have recommendations other than throwing it away because it wasn’t cheap. Otherwise, I will have learn an expensive lesson. Thanks for your knowledge.

  75. DR OPINGO says

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  76. Houda says

    Hi ! I find coconut oil in most recipes, but I just can’t find it where I live. Can I substitute it with applesauce (if I don’t wanna use any other oil) ? Thank you. 🙂

    • Elysa says

      Hi Houda – I get all my Coconut Oil from Amazon because it is hard to find where I live too. I get the “Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil”. It is free shipping in the US, but I know they ship internationally too. Hope that helps. Elysa

  77. Elysa says

    Ok, I looked though all posts and can’t find the answer. Should the butter be grainy or creamy? My Coconut butter came out grainy. It is a very ‘fine’ grainy, but still grainy. Is that normal, or did I not blend long enough…maybe not use the right coconut? I just need to know what to expect. I used my Vitamix for about 4 minutes on high. Also does it matter how hot it the butter gets in the Vitamix? I have tried it twice, once for about 10 minutes, which got really hot, once for 4 minutes…did not get so hot, but results were the same. Grainy.

      • Elysa says

        Thanks Katie!! The second batch did come out creamy after all! Woohoo! I don’t even know why for sure, but I am really excited anyway… The only difference is I did not blend the second batch as long, only few minutes in the Vitamix, so it did not get so hot and I also let it cool slowly overnight. The first batch I cooled in the fridge. Same exact coconut. First batch is also chunky. Go figure. Going to Hawaii next month and am going to teach my mom how to make coconut butter in her vitamix too. Love your web site. You made a good choice on the header. 🙂 Very nice!

  78. Ally says

    I have a funny story about this post, that I have been meaning to find 😀 Last year, when the post was first out, I was SOO excited, because I hated buying that stuff in the store, it is so darn expensive !! Anyway, all happy, I got all of my ingredients together, only to discover that my food processor was broken…I broke out the immersion blender…as I was processing the coconut, I accidentally let it tilt out of the started to drop..I caught problem, my finger was in the blade, and my other hand caught the the part of the blender where the power button was..long story short coconut/blood spilled everywhere, I passed out, and woke up in the emergency room 😀 But hey, I got my coconut butter in the end 😀 😀

  79. Lilli says

    Hi Katie
    Don’t know if you will see this but I have just discovered your blog when searching for things to do with my creamed coconut and I love it! Can’t wait to try your recipes. I just wanted to know, what is the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter?


  80. Jean says

    I tried making coconut butter with coconut flakes in my Vita Mix and I never did get it to turn to a liquid at all – I ran the Vita Mix well over 5 min. and the “coconut” butter turned a brownish color. I even added a little coconut oil (melted) and that didn’t help either. Could the coconut flakes have been older and too dry? Help!!!!!! Thanks!

  81. Moose says

    I tried it twice; the first time I epicly failed, the shredded coconut stayed in a shredded state, then an oily shredded state.

    Then I read up the FAQ, noticed you are talking about altitude and hot climate. I live in Québec, LOL. We hit -36 degrees last week (something like -30 farenheit to you) so, it wont ever, EVER work here.

    HOWEVER, if you keep the shredded coconut in a warm and humid room until preparation… IT ALMOST WORKS! Okay, it’s still a little gritty, but more of a “natural peanut butter” gritty than a compact ball of shreds gritty.

  82. detox smoothie recipes 2012 says

    Foods like meat, cheese, milk, salt, grains and fish are predominately acidic.
    Directions: Combine ingredients (except for chocolate chips) in blender and blend until smooth.
    For this most basic mango recipe, you only need a cup of chopped mango,
    a cup of vanilla yogurt, a cup of crushed ice,
    and a tablespoon of sugar (optional since the mango
    is already ripe in itself).

  83. Shan says

    Okay, I can’t find this anywhere on the web… Can coconut butter sub for peanut butter? I have in the past made peanut butter cookies that contain no flour (and thus are gluten-free), but if there is a nut allergy, these cookies aren’t acceptable, especially in schools. Could I substitute coconut butter for the peanut butter? Is the consistency right for this sort of thing?

    The recipe I’ve used is, basically, 1 cup peanut butter + 1 cup sugar + 1 egg + 1 tsp vanilla extract. Mix well and bake at 350°F for 8-10 minutes.

    Also, could this be blended into some sort of Nutella-type spread? What would I have to do to make that work?

    Thanks for all you do, Katie!

  84. Corrine says

    I have a question; What’s better, virgin coconut oil or regular? There’s a big price difference and I’m just wondering if it would make a difference in cooking?

    • SaraK says

      Some jars may be labelled Extra Virgin Coconut or Virgin Coconut oil/butter – they’re the same thing. In fact, the ‘extra virgin’ is just a marketing ploy.

      When it comes to virgin vs regular, stick with virgin. There’s a big price difference because of the quality of the product you’re using – regular is refined and you have no idea to what extent it’s refined or what else is in there.

      Just a few tips – if it’s liquid in cool temperature, stay away. In most cases(cold climate), coconut oil will be solid and sold in a jar.

      I know the price could be daunting, so it’s best to shop around. I just restocked on coconut oil and received my order today. You can get a 54oz jar of Nutiva coconut oil for under $25 – check out Vitacost or Amazon. There are so many uses and this size will probably last all year.

  85. Amanda says

    Hi there, I live in the UK and haven’t come across shredded coconut. Is it the same as dessicated coconut? If not, can dessicated coconut be reconsitituted to make coconut butter? Thanks!

  86. Laura says

    In case anyone ever ask you Katie on if this will work in a Ninja blender. It does!!!! I litteraly just made some. It went from 6cups down to 2C!!! I did mine in a Ninja 1100 in the big pitcher and it took about 5-10min. I did have to remove the whole pitcher a few times to shake it up from the bottom and it seemed like it wouldn’t work and then it was like magic!!!

  87. Susan says

    Hi, I have coconut butter and I use it for cooking but lately I haven’t been able to use it because it’s not melting so I don’t know what to so any advice?

  88. maybe says

    At this moment I am going away to do my breakfast, later
    than having my breakfast coming over again to read additional

  89. Raquel Schullo says

    Thank you for the tips on coconut butter. I made mine in a champion juicer and it came out dry, it does not stick together. Can you help me? Would I have done better making in a blender? What could I add to make it stick and smooth? Thank you in advance…

  90. Amy says

    I have a question! (Might sound a bit silly lol) but does coconut butter have a strong taste of coconut? I know my coconut oil has a very light taste, some brands don’t taste like coconut at all! So does the same go for coconut butter? I want to make my own butter but if it has a strong taste of coconut I probably won’t. I’m just not a super fan of strong coconut flavour that’s all 🙂

    • Jodie says

      Hi Amy. Just my own personal experience, but I thought I’d answer your question 🙂 I’ve made my own coconut butter and it does taste and smell like coconut. I don’t know if it’s necessarily a “strong” taste or smell though. I use it in baking and never notice the coconut taste. I once wasn’t fond of coconut but over time have come to like it a lot. It all depends on how you use it, whether or not you notice the flavor.

    • Jon Law says

      I’m a fan of making chocolate, raw chocolate and cacao butter is essential for this. I do include some coconut oil in the recipe often as it takes the edge off the bitterness of the cacao powder.

      However, cacao butter is the oil of the cacao bean and I wouldn’t substitute coconut butter for this.

  91. Meghan says

    Hi Katie!Yesterday I bought coconut butter and I microwaved it to mix up all the settled oils on top.I think I may have microwaved it for too long because when I took it out it is now brown and has a peanut butter consistency.Did I overcook it?

  92. Karen Horton says

    Hi, thanks so much for your brilliant ideas, I live in Hobart Tasmania, I was just wondering could you use your coconut butter as a moisturizer in the body please.
    Karen 🙂

  93. Michael says

    I’ve used Coconut Oil for healthy cooking for a long time now, but only in the past few months have I used to for beauty benefits! I’m in love with it, and have really enjoyed reading your article! It’s told me a lot about Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter what I wasn’t aware of, thankyou

  94. June says

    HI Katie,
    I am from tropical country where fresh coconut are in abundance…as i read your post ,my mind keep thinking that you are referrring to fresh shredded coconut . Do you mean dessicated coconut (which seems to me is very dry ?…How to make into cream like?) I’ve been looking at your different site hoping to see how your shredded coconut looks like b4 it was blended . Or could i trouble you to take a picture of its raw form…am really keen to do it. Thank you for your time,really appreciate it .

  95. carol cabler says

    i am familiar with homemade coconut milk and cream, but i didn’t know i could also make butter. i’ve used it in stir fries, cream in my coffee, in mashed potatoes…
    my question is how do you use the butter? does it whip stiff like milk products? if it burns easily i can see you can’t use it to fry stuff in. is it just to flavor stuff (which is a good thing)? do you spread it on bread? very curious.
    thanks, carol

  96. Joanne says

    I have a bottle of Coconut Concentrate from Tropical Traditions. I am told this is like Coconut Butter even though it is called Concentrate. Is very delicious right out of the jar! thanks for your time and help. joanne

  97. Jodie says

    “Control f” is fantastic! I never knew about it until you mentioned it. I had to try it right away, lol, and the search box that pops up is great. Now I know I just read your info about oil vs. butter so I shouldn’t be bothering you still, but I have a chocolate cake recipe that uses oil. I was wondering if the butter would work as well? You being the “dessert queen”, I thought you might know for sure 🙂

    • Jodie says

      Actually, you don’t even need to reply. I couldn’t wait and decided to try the cake with coconut butter in place of the coconut oil and it worked! I couldn’t tell a difference from one to the other, so if you’re low or out of one, use the other. In a cake anyway.

  98. THM says

    Coconut cream works beautifully on hard to comb hair. But its strong smell is a put off.
    How can I reduce the smell while keeping its lubricant properties?

  99. tom says

    I notice that coconut butter, which usually looks snow white, sometimes turns brown. I would guess that is the oil oxidizing, but this happens below the surface of the butter. Does this mean that the coconut butter has gone bad? It doesn’t taste as fresh as the “snow white” butter on top

  100. elham says

    hello dear .l hope my question not be repetitive .
    l wish to make a soft chocolate bar like chocolate you see in the market .with coconut butter but it become melt. l try to add some thickener and lecithin but it dosnt work and at room tempeature my chocolate become melt. l am looking for a way to control coconut butrer from melting at room temprature .
    l appreciate you for your time and your attention .



  101. zoco says

    there is plenty of coconut and related products at my place.
    The problem is the smell!
    can you give me a tip to reduce the smell and flavour of coconut butter in homemade chocolates?

  102. Kat says

    I got unsweetened coconut that didn’t say it had any fat removed, but it just turned to powder. I don’t have a Vitamix, but my Ninja hasn’t failed me yet. I live in TN, and I don’t think the elevation, temperature, or humidity caused a problem. Blending makes the material pretty warm…adding little bits of good quality coconut oil worked perfectly, so I suspect the Kroger brand unsweetened coconut was defatted to some extent, but it was the only brand of unsweetened that they had. I think that they have to label ingredients they ADD to products, but not what they remove. Should have gone with Amazon.

  103. Rebecca Callahan says

    I received a box of desiccated coconut in a food distribution from the food bank. It came in a 50 lb box. I would like to know how to preserve it. Could I put it in jars for moisturizer or what other things could I do with this. When I touch it it turns to oil.

  104. lydia says

    In your recipe you just take coconut and blend it until creamy. Is that the same as creamed coconut I can get at the store? Let’s Do Organic has a container of creamed coconut at my grocery store and the back of it says to use in place of milk in recipes. Could I just buy that instead?

  105. Billie South says

    For those who can not find coconut oil in stores in their area, or can not afford the prices in health food stores, etc., try ordering online from Vitacost or Swanson’s. reasonable prices and shipping. I use Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Swanson’s.

  106. Maija says

    The other day I bought a coconut that had been in the ‘reduced’ rack.
    It had no liquid in it. I cleaned it and tried to make coconut butter.
    I bet I have close to an hour of blending time! I finally gave up.
    What I have is something like a dry mush… if that makes any sense.
    What can I do with that?

  107. Chef chris says

    Maybe be having trouble emulsifying the oil. When you blend shredded coconut the oils will briefly separate before becoming homogeneous. Blending very quickly as well as first slightly toasting the coconut before hand. If it seems too dry or like it’s not pulling in together try slowly drizzling in liquid coconut oil drops at at time just to desired consistinsy. Also don’t try doing any of these during a thunderstorm, the low air pressure could and does prevent emulsions from holding. Hope this helped…

    • Karen fuller says

      Just checking back if the fresh coconut should be slightly toasted it’s still wet from fresh grating it or is that what I want it to be moist? Before blending in my bullet. I can use a few drops of organic coconut oil to help if needed.

  108. Karen fuller says

    hi I read through all messages I saw Amanda ask a few times about using fresh cocunut meat. I was given several coconuts from market because all milk dryed up. I have taken the meaty part out and letting dry when I shave it its soft flakes. My question is I did buy the organic coconut oil refined . Realized wrong one but can use still.
    Can I use the fresh shaved meat of a coconut to make coconut butter. And what would I need to add to make it a creamy batch. Thanks for help

  109. Rachel says

    I made this in the food processor-type bowl of my 1200w ninja. I mixed and mixed, and it stayed fluffy/flaky. I used the exact same stuff as you, too! Finally I added coconut oil and called it good. Before I used it, I tried blending it in the single serve cup (still the ninja) and it worked so much better! Maybe it’s better to use at least a few cups if you do it in a food processor-type gadget.

  110. Fifi says

    I really want o know if ‘coconut’ butter is actually the same as ‘creamed coconut’. Here in the UK creamed coconut is sold as little solid bricks weighing 200g, and it is in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. The nutrition breakdown on the side is: Fat 63.6%; carbs 7.7%; protein 7.1% and the coconut butter (aka coconut bliss) is sold in a glass jar of 250g and the nutrition breakdown is: Fat 66.4%; carbs 23.5% (of which sugars is 7.4% meaning the rest is fibre and not metabolised); and protein 6.6%. These are basically so similar that I reckon they are actually interchangeable in recipes, but I would like your thoughts on it too please.
    Thanks in advance

  111. Alicia says


    Was just wondering have you ever made coconut frosting with natural food dye and see any difference in colour once placed in a cool area ? As I’ve noticed sometimes the Frosting changes colour when exposed to cold temperatures which is annoying as j want to create coloured coconut butt r frostings, do you know any natural color preservative that would help it from doing this?



  112. Matea says

    I’ll definitely need to try melting coconut butter again; the first time I tried it didn’t really work out. haha
    Do you think you could substitute coconut butter for cocoa butter (when making chocolate)?? Thanks girl! 🙂

  113. Hannah says

    This is the first time I have made a recipe with coconut oil. When I went to the store, I noticed there was coconut oil and coconut cooking oil. I am making the oatmeal breakfast cupcakes to go recipe, and wanted to know which one I should use? On the side of the bottle it says that it can be used as an alternative to regular coconut oil but I just was not sure. What fat-free vegetable oil do you recommend using as well?

  114. Alicia says

    Hey love this recipe!!!
    Btw have you ever mixed natural colour onto the coconut to make a frosting? If so have you noticed a change in colour depending on climate change? How would I overcome this issue as it could be mistankly look like mould although it taste fine!!!! Thank you xx

  115. Dina says

    Is coconut butter the same as coconut cream concentrate? I buy the concentrate at Tropical Traditions; it is like butter consistency and doesn’t melt like oil in room temp.

  116. Sonia Drummond says

    I was glancing over the banana pudding recipe and unfortunately( for me anyway) noticed that it contained coconut butter. I am allergic to coconuts, as well as all nuts. Is there an alternative that I could use for this recipe?

  117. Steve I Think says

    Yes, you can use fresh coconuts. By this I mean the brown mature coconuts. I have a coconut tree so I use those. Or you can buy coconuts at the grocery store; the browns nut in the hard shell. I show some videos on my website to show people all the steps from removing the coconut from the husk to grating it right in the shell, to making the coconut butter. P.S. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes, my wife regularly visits your site for tasty delights!

  118. Cave says

    i ” JUST ” found you … and let me say.. THANK YOU .. for the Control F tip!
    W0W…. i never knew this ! haha fantastic !
    I have just ( yesterday ) made this exact thing ! 🙂
    i was wondering.. you said you used your Vitamix.. but did not mention the Wet or Dry blade… most people i am sure probably think Vitamix.. one container.. but if your a little seasoned.. you know there are two :).. anyhow.. i wanted to mention this cause its same thing i find allot … people don’t mention which blade . SO.. while making mine yesterday.. i used same product you mentioned, though mine is packaged differently.. and maybe that is because i am in Canada.. don’t know… but i found it worked.. but my Vita-mix started cooking it ! lol … smelled great.. but i had to give it breaks.. and afterwards i found it was still not making this ” Creamy ” type that i have seen in others videos etc… and i wanted less ” Grit ” .. as i recently gave up Coffee Cream AND white Sugar. YAY!!! so i make a substitute using coconut butter.. ok.. im going on here.. lol
    but anyhow.. i was not happy totally with my mixture.. and i thought about it for a while.. then i took what i had made ( i did add “some ” coconut oil in mine ) and i put it into my DRY BLADE container… and it worked MUCH better !! and i got the more creamy consistency i was looking for … 🙂
    so.. what do you think?? and how long did you ground yours for? did you take breaks?
    notice it was starting to heat up? i would LOVE to know:)
    loving your site.. looking forward to more great things from you 🙂

    • kelly maas says

      This is neat to know! I have not even known I could make coco. butter at home… but maybe I will try. I do not have a vitamix , tho… BUT I AM REALLY INTERESTED IN HOW YOU USE THIS FOR COFFEE/CREAM? I am trying to get away from cream as well…never used sugar in coff. 🙂

      • Matthew C says

        Hey Kelly!!
        if you are ADDICTED to the Coffee with Cream and sugar like i am ( WAS !!)
        then i understand your struggles .. TRUST ME !!!!
        Coffee is an ADDICTION.. but im kicking it .. i believe in transitioning.. so that you KEEP on that path.. but.. for this.. i almost did it over night!
        its SOO much better for you ..
        So.. what i do is put Coconut Flakes in my DRY BLADE of my Vitamix.. and i KNOW they are expensive !! mine was a FORTUNE.. but id not part with it.. i use it for EVERYTHING lol
        ( i have done this in my Magic bullet as well .. but it takes such a long time.. but.. CAN be done.. it just has more GRIT to it if you do )
        so i take the ” lets do organics ” brand of coconut flakes… ( i am in Canada, so we have them here at ” dominion ” ) you can get them online too..
        anyhow.. just put them in my vita mix and keep at it till it turns to almost CREAMy substance… you have to stop a few times even with the Vitamix. as it warms up pretty fast.. its a strong motor !
        anyhow.. then i scoop it out and let it sit in glass jar to harden.. this takes a little while as it is gone from flakes to almost cream.. but it does ! 🙂
        so.. what i do..
        i have my own Almond Milk ! i add it to my coconut butter ( teaspoonful) to my small cup from my magic bullet.. then let the coffee go into it .. then add a little of my almond milk.. blend.. and throw some cinnamon on top ( Cinnamon is soooo good for you too ! ) you will actually feel GUILTY for drinking it ! Lol
        its ” THAT GOOD !”
        i never in my life thought i could give up coffee cream.. this feels like a miracle to me ! i hope you do too .. its awful habit !
        i make my own Fresh ALmond milk too !!! ( Delicious !!!)
        its SIMPLE .. well.. if you have a vitamix.. and i should not say simple..
        it is.. but its HARD work to strain..
        i put almonds about cup or cup and half .. in bowl with filtered water.. let it sit in your fridge at least 24 hours.. you can leave allot longer!!
        and then put in vita mix… add about 4 to 5 times that amount of water ( filtered) and the add Dates to taste ( dates are the sugar !)
        i but about 10 for baking dates.. and about 5 if Majooled
        and a pinch of Vanilla extract.. blend…
        then strain ( this is the MOST work lol … ) its hard to do this.. but worth it!!
        so that’s what i do! feel free to ask me ANYTHING you like .. i will help if i can 🙂
        Cheers from Canada !

  119. kelly maas says

    LOVE your heart and how you speak your mind. LOVE knowing about “Control F” now! Thank you! Thanks for writing this and I like the font. Where do you buy your coconut butter? I think I’ve seen it in some hi end grocery stores for about $8 a pint or quart, can’t remember, but I see on Tropical Traditions online….they are selling only 16oz for $20, sale ends today…$10. Hmmm, I guess that’s same price, lol…plus shipping.

  120. Doreet says

    H, THANKS SO MUCH cause my coconut butter dried out! my poor cat got very sticky dry butter in her mouth, got very upset and I had to turn on oven,350 degree, and let it cool & stick 2 jars of it inside briefly.(Haven’t done it yet.)

    I have a question; when your coconut butter in jar dries out, has the WATER or oil, left the jar? we have bad drought in Oregon this summer dried out everything.SHOULD I ADD WATER OR OIL TO THE DRIED OUT COCONUT? or is the oil still in the jar?thanks for all the info,I have substituted coconut butter for ANIMAL BUTTER, that I used a little of.–on popcorn a tiny bit on Saturday nights. better for me, not saturated fat.AND, my Burmese (cat) loves coconut butter, she eats dryish food, she needs oil in her diet for skin, ect.I was surprised that animals love the butter, so I try to give her the treat often. yes, we have air conditioner on, Oregon is getting as dry as your state, we no longer have rain! Texas, here we come! so our conditions are now similar.

  121. Melanie says

    Thank you for explaining the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter! I found this site after I mistakenly used ‘coconut’ butter rather than ‘cocoa’ butter for a lip balm recipe. The lip balm still turned out great but I am wondering if it might go bad faster than cocoa butter or if there’s any other reason I shouldn’t use coconut butter in a lip balm recipe. Any thoughts?

  122. Emily K says

    I know coconut butter lasts several months in the cupboard but how do you know if it has truly tuned bad & shouldnt be used. TIA

  123. Carole Scott says

    WOW – thanks for the information on Coconut Butter/Oil. I just bought my first jar and I hear I can do loads of things with it.
    I am 74 – from Quebec Canada, AND this is all new to me….lol

  124. Niki says

    I really want to try coconut butter… but I don’t like the taste of coconut! I use coconut oil for cooking all the time, but I always get it refined because it has no odor or taste. So what exactly does coconut butter taste like?

  125. Deane Kogelschatz says

    Katie, your tip about using the CONTROL key to find a word on your web page is incomplete. You have to hold down CONTROL and then touch the letter F… (for ‘Find’) …and then type the word you’re looking for in the dialogue box that comes up, usually in the lower left corner of your screen. Just pushing on the CONTROL key won’t do anything by itself. Sure would be nice to have a PRINT RECIPE box next to the recipes you present. Tried to print the Cream Cheese Blueberry Muffin recipe, but had to cut and paste from your web page to my Word file so I could print it. As another suggestion, it would also be nice if the printed recipe would have a small picture of the item at the top so someone looking at the recipe could see what it looks like.
    Sure do love your stuff!

    • Melissa says

      Sounds to me like your just nit picking. I saw where she wrote control f, not sure how you missed it. Can’t you just say thank you for the recipe!

      • Deane Kogelschatz says

        Yup. I missed it. Jumped the gun and I apologize. I appreciate Katie, her recipes and the work she goes through for all of us. Thanks, Katie!

  126. anne says

    Mine tastes gritty like coconut flour and coconut oil. My Vitamix was threatening to overheat and I stopped. Should I have let it rest and continue to come back to it? Louisiana summer, plenty warm.

  127. Austin Abigail says

    Can I use a regular blender for blened my dried coconut, because that’s my project work in school and getting a food processor is a little bit hard

  128. cindy LAROCQUE says

    did not work , not sure what happened I tried twice, food processor , unsweetened coconut for twenty minutes and still did not work:(

  129. Amber S says

    I have read before that coconut butter is the same thing as coconut cream, which is the solid part at the top of full-fat coconut milk if you put it in the fridge overnight. Is this true? Can they be used the same way?

  130. Becki Cosford says

    Does anyone put a little coconut butter in lattes?? I have heard just 1/2 tsp will make it creamier…. So i bought some to try and i didnt notice a difference.

  131. Susan says

    I have tried making coconut butter. I used a food processor and blended for more than 15 minutes. I did have to add some coconut oil but it never did get creamy. I did get liquidy and the longer I process the more liguid it gets – but it has a gritty texture. I’m assuming its the coconut I used. We leave far from whole foods or anywhere like that – so I used a full back of organic unsweetened that I found at Meijer. Any other suggestions?

  132. Tami says

    I buy Nutiva coconut manna, it’s delicious. Also has almost and kind of exotic baking ingredient you could ever want. Love their organic nuts,needs too! Thanks Katie!

  133. Jamie says

    Hi Katie
    I have tried many of your recipies and have loved them all. Anything chocolate and everything dark chocolate is my motto. Love it all!
    I did make the coconut butter and also lived it but the only problem I had was it turning hard as a rock and me having to continue warming it up. Is this normal? Do I need to do something else to it?

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful recipies!

  134. Catherine Harris says

    Hi! I have a jar of coconut butter to make chocolate, I have immersed the jar in hot water to melt it enough to get some out twice, that was a month ago. I still have some left in the jar, is it alright to use, considering it’s been melted twice?

    Many thanks

  135. Susan says

    THANK YOU, Thank You, Thank you a million times over! I’ve been searching for something just like this for several years. We are a family with several highly nut allergic members. 4yrs ago we discovered our eldest granddaughter(now age 12yrs) is also allergic to most edible seeds as well. She has missed so many baked treats & now can’t even enjoy SunButter as a sub to make her once beloved PB&J.
    I just recently tasted coconut butter filled cookies & fell in love. As an epi-pen carrying nut allergic ancestor, I have always felt a bit guilty for this nasty little genetic fault. So, you can imagine my pleasure at finding this new treasure, as our dear granddaughter has NEVER reacted adversely/allergically to coconut or it’s derivatives.
    Now I have signed up for your recipe email notifications & can’t wait to try making my 1st batch of butter. I have seen organic unsweetened coconut@our Fresh Foods & Farmers’ Market where we get special food for our grandchildren.

  136. ℅ sheri mortillaro says

    wondering why you don’t like to use coconut oil in baked goods. just learning about coconut butter!!
    Do i use it instead of ‘butter’. I am dairy free <3

  137. jess says

    I am looking to have the coconut solid butter separated from the white solid oil. I know the recommendation is to warm and mix, but I am actually looking for the separation. Do your jars of butter come with distinct separation so I could scoop out the white solids and keep the solid butter separately?? If it is already mixed and blended, is there a WAY to create separation between the white solid oil and the darker firmer solid butter? Thank you for your suggestions! Jessica

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