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Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese

4.98 from 38 votes

Lightened-up, ultra creamy Greek yogurt mac and cheese…

Healthy Mac & Cheese Recipe

The healthy mac and cheese recipe you can feel good about serving your family.

So rich and creamy, it might be the creamiest mac and cheese recipe you will ever find… even without any butter or flour!

This Greek yogurt mac and cheese is healthy comfort food at its absolute yummiest.

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Greek Yogurt Mac Cheese

A few weeks ago, my mother called me up after work and mentioned she was trying to figure out what to make as a quick and easy dinner for herself and my dad.

At the time, I had an idea for a Greek yogurt mac and cheese recipe in my head, but I’d never actually made it.

I said she could try the idea out if she felt up for experimenting.

Happily, my mother is a good sport and accepted the job. I wrote down the very basic gist of a recipe, sent it to her as an email, and she got to work…

Greek Yogurt Macaroni & Cheese

A few hours later, she sent me a reply email that the meal was fantastic – a keeper for sure!

In fact, all of the photos in this post are actually hers. When she texted me a few pictures of her finished results, I loved them so much that I decided, “Why take new pictures for the blog post with my fancy Canon camera when these iphone photos look so good?!”

Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese Recipe
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Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese

Lightened up creamy Greek yogurt macaroni and cheese for a healthy lunch or dinner.
Total Time 15 minutes
Yield 4 servings
5 from 38 votes


  • 2 cups dry elbows or small pasta (7 oz)
  • 2 cups shredded cheese, such as Daiya
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice
  • 1/8 to 1/4 tsp salt (I use 1/4 tsp)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened Greek yogurt (I used dairy-free Homemade Greek Yogurt)
  • optional spinach, kale, or veggies of choice


  • Cook the macaroni in salted water until al dente, then drain but don’t rinse with water. Meanwhile, in a small pot, stir together the milk, cheese, and salt until cheese melts. Add the yogurt and cook on low, just until the sauce is hot. Stir in the cooked pasta and any veggies you desire.
    View Nutrition Facts


Also be sure to try this Cauliflower Mac And Cheese.

Have you made this recipe?

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Published on March 5, 2015

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  1. Kim says

    Why are you so excited about claiming this recipe includes no flour? It’s pasta!! You post some great recipes, but seriously…….

  2. Anne says

    How much is this? Seems like a very small serving to me. If I’d have this for dinner with no veggies added but a portion of veggies on the side, would this still feed 4?

    also, how much is the shredded cheese/greek yoghurt in grams? I’m not American and I’m sure I’m not the only one! the greek yoghurt I could kinda figure out by using mililiters I guess but the schredded cheese???

    • Bob says

      Recipe calls for 2 cups pasta uncooked. This equals four servings of pasta. If you have ever made pasta before you should have a general idea of how many servings this will be for you. If you want more, make more lol. You can also make vegetables and other things with it…

      • Anne says

        I wasn’t asking for permission to make more, I was asking how much this recipe is. 7 oz is 200 grams which is not much (recommended amount is 100g dry pasta per person – which is too much for me but still). So what I was wondering and asking is if it is big/filling enough to make up for the little amount of pasta as a main dish. Do I get a nice plate full of food or just a small bowl? Just the amount of pasta isn’t gonna clarify that and Katie has made this recipe before so I figured I could ask.

        • anonymous says

          Hi Anne, Actually 50 grams is a serving of pasta, not 100. I think cheese will list the grams on the package. Hope that helps!

    • priya says

      hi! just popping in 🙂 1 serving of pasta varries among brands, but generally:
      1 serving ~1/2c/~50g/2 oz.

  3. Alyssa says

    I love Greek yogurt, but would never have thought of trying it as a mac and cheese sauce base. I wonder how this would work with GF quinoa pasta – sounds like a new dinner recipe for me to try!

  4. Carly says

    I would suggest trying this with spiralized zucchini or other spiralized vegetable noodles. I bet it would be equally good and this time – no flour at all!

  5. Cheryl says

    I seriously want to try this But hubs won’t eat Daiya so what other cheese could I sub? This sounds sooo yummy! Thank you Katie!

  6. sybil says

    Hi Katie! I love this version with the greek yogurt! What kind of yogurt was in the base, was it soy or something else? Also, are there any ideas you might have for a kind of like fruit and Greek Yogurt breakfast-y bar that could be portable? I think the portability for travelers and kids going to sports practices are really high on our list. Thanks! I still haven’t gotten your cookbook, but hope to very soon! It looks beautiful

    • anonymous says

      She says Wholesoy in the homemade greek yogurt post so I would assume this is with that.

      You should definitely get the cookbook! I haven’t made a bad recipe from it yet!

  7. Mike S says

    I’ve enjoyed many of your posts, but this one rocks my world. Will be trying this TONIGHT. I’m not a vegan though, my plan is to use cow’s milk greek yogurt, unsweetened soy milk for the milk of my choice, and a reduced amount of cave-aged gruyere as vitamin K2 and efficient cheesy flavor delivery medium. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Jules @ WolfItDown says

    Mmmm this sounds delicious and so light that you don’t have to feel guilty for having seconds! I would maybe try and add a little bit of garlic too, yum! 😀 Thanks for the recipe Katie x

  9. Amanda @ Slimplify Life says

    This looks delicious! I’ve made a similar recipe with a dash of onion and garlic powder, it was definitely a crowd pleaser 🙂

  10. Shell says

    Wouldn’t the sauce already be hot when you add the yoghurt? You don’t mention how to melt the cheese in the milk but I assume it’s heated (maybe in the microwave?).

    Also, is it an American thing to rinse pasta in water? Just wondering on the origins of the warning NOT to rinse when it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to do it in the first place lol

    • Emily says

      Yes, it is commonplace to rinse pasta in cool water after draining it in America. I don’t do it personally but know many who do. I think it is supposed to stop the pasta from continuing to cook and no longer being al dente.

      • Rachel Sandler says

        It also washes away any starch on the surface of the pasta, which prevents it from sticking together.

      • Anon says

        I’m American and I’ve never heard of rinsing the pasta unless you’re wanting a cold pasta dish like pasta salad, lol. Learn something new everyday.

  11. Irene Takamizu says

    I don’t see how there is 6 grams of fiber per serving in this recipe. It’s not in the macaroni, nor in the yogurt or cheese. Please tell me what I am missing.

  12. June Joseph says

    An interesting aside. I made these chocolate cookies in the 60’s found in a Wesson oil
    booklet. They were called Chocolate Crinkle cookies. Still love them.

  13. Rashmi says

    Hi Katie!

    I just made cream sauce pasta yesterday with flour n milk.
    I’m from India and I’ve been a silent reader on yours and Christal’s blog since a long time. I love going through all your dishes though I may not be able to rustle up all of them here coz of unavailability of ingredients.

    I have started my own food & Travel blog here . Please check it out 🙂 Hope you’ll like it!


  14. Barb says

    This dinner was excellent! My kids were licking their bowls clean, and I wasn’t scolding them because I was too busy licking my own bowl clean as well!

    We used Fage greek yogurt (we aren’t vegan) and cheddar cheese, and I added frozen peas to mine and my eldest daughter’s servings (husband and the younger kiddo are anti-pea). I could see this becoming a weekly rotation meal. It was really easy to throw together and doesn’t require a lot of preparation ahead of time. Thanks!

  15. Lauren says

    ZOMG this was SO GOOD!

    It was like a thick and creamy cheese soup with so much melty cheese and noodles. I think this might be my new favorite mac and cheese recipe ever, way better than Velveeta! 🙂 🙂

  16. Jamie B. says

    Thank you for this recipe, Katie. I made it tonight and it took care of my cravings for good ole mac and cheese instantly. The best part is that I have leftovers for tomorrow! 🙂
    I might add a little bit of chili powder to the rest, not because it needs it but because I really like a little spicy kick to my mac and cheese.

    • Jamie B. says

      I used baby shells instead of elbows, and I highly recommend them if you can find them. They scooped up all the cheesey sauce so there was cheese in every bite!

  17. Tamara says

    Wow this was mind blowingly good! I didn’t expect to like it so much! There’s no yogurt taste at all, it tastes like real mac and cheese!!!

  18. Abby says

    Tried this recipe for dinner and I am now a CCK convert for life. I have the leftovers packed in my bag for work and I can’t wait! Although I love reading your dessert posts but don’t usually make them because I have more of a savory tooth.

    This greek yogurt mac and cheese was perfect for someone like me. Thank you for your creative genius in posting all these recipes!

  19. WestFourteen says

    MAc and cheese is such a guilty please, the ultimate comfort food. This recipe is a perfect way to relieve some of the guilt associated with the deliciously creamy cheesy mac and cheese craving

    Perfect recipe for cutting on calories and not on taste!!

  20. Michelle says

    Thank you for the recipe Katie. I added broccoli to mine. It was even boyfriend approved! 🙂 I’ll definitely be making this one again and maybe even change up the pasta next time for noodles to make greek yogurt Alfredo!

  21. Chris says

    I tried this and it came out very nicely but I would suggest adding more milk (as I had to) and using different varieties of cheese as even two or three cheap varieties make a huge difference. Without a bit more milk, the sauce was too thick so I ended up going up to about 3/4 of a cup.

    I would also suggest adding peas to it which works great.

  22. Louise Harmon says

    Your recipes always turn out amazing! Thank you for coming up with this recipe. My family and I really enjoyed it. I followed the recipe exactly except to add a pinch of nutmeg near the end. I have a really good old family recipe for mac and cheese that uses nutmeg so I thought I’d add it here as well. Thanks for all you do, we love your recipes in this household!

  23. Katie says

    Hi Katie! Good name. 😉 I made this and it was very good, however I didn’t get a really sauce-y consistency. Should I add more milk to it next time or did I use too much yogurt?

    • Hannah says

      I’m not Katie, but I was confused by your comment. If you add more milk it will be thinner, but if you added too much yogurt then it would also be too thin. So I’m not sure what you are asking.

      I used fage 0% and cheddar cheese and it had the sauce consistency like Katie’s photos.

  24. Hannah says

    I made this last night, and my whole family LOVED IT! I’m not a vegan so I didn’t use vegan ingredients, but it still turned out really well! 🙂 🙂

  25. Ella says

    do you ever consume eggs? I understand that you are a vegan and gave your reasons for quitting milk, but did you just quit eggs as well since that is part of being vegan as well? I am a mostly-vegan and I was just wondering:)

  26. Lauren W. says

    This was so delicious, yet so easy!! Definitely going down as one of my staple recipes. I added broccoli to the mix and it turned out great. Love how you can use whatever cheese you like! Thanks!!

  27. shaggerspicchu says

    Delicious! I make Keffir and I used that instead of the Greek Yoghurt and it was so good. I just bought your cookbook last night and I will be cracking it open today! It is beautiful.

  28. Jeannie says

    1) First and foremost this recipe was amazingly delicious! Loved the greek yogurt!
    2) Mine did not look anything like the pic. However, I used part-skim mozzarella for the cheese so that might have been why. The cheese and milk mixture never really stuck to the pasta–but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.
    3) I wouldn’t consider the portion size a main entree size for dinner. However, I eat it as an entree at lunch (with a salad) and it’s perfect.
    4) Definitely a wonderful recipe…thanks for sharing 🙂

  29. Marc says

    So I tried making this for lunch today, and I was not excited about the results. Can anyone advise what I may have done wrong? The mac and cheese seemed gritty to me, not creamy like the photos suggest. It looked creamy, but the sauce was thickening the moment I put it on the plate.

    I used regular pasta shells, Sargento reduced fat cheddar cheese, Fage greek yogurt, and almond milk.

    • Amanda says

      Maybe it doesn’t work with reduced fat cheese? Also almond milk separates when heated and gets watery. At least the Blue Diamond one does anyway. I used regular cheese and Silk and it was fine.

    • Jennifer says

      I think you have to use the vegan cheese. I used full fat Colby Jack and cheddar and whole cow milk the first time I made it and it wasn’t good. The cheese wasn’t creamy, didn’t stick to the pasta and once it hit room temp all the cheese clumped. I made it again tonight with the Daiya cheese and almond milk and it was great. Super saucy and cheesy.

  30. Amanda says

    All I can say is THIS WAS SO YUMMY! 🙂 I love your dessert recipes but I’m always even more excited about your savory meals since we don’t eat desserts every day. Your sweet potato chili has become a staple in our house, and this mac and cheese recipe may just become one too. There were no leftovers!

  31. Jenn says

    I’m making this again tonight for the fifth or sixth time since you posted it. Sometimes I add a little chili powder and garlic powder, but it’s also really good following the recipe to a T without adding anything.

    Thanks for another brilliant recipe!

  32. Eva says

    Hi Katie, This looks delicious. I was wondering, would it work with normal soy instead of Greek yoghurt, as vegan Greek yoghurt is not available where I live? Many thanks.

  33. Kristina says

    Katie — For your Greek yogart Mac n Cheese could you substitute Milk for Soy Milk? Do you think it would be yummy that way? Let me know your thoughts, thanks!

  34. Hailey C says

    Just tried this recipe for lunch. The consistency was right on -creamy and cheesy. But Daiya cheddar had very distinctive taste that I did not really appreciate for this dish. I like the yogurt idea so I might try this recipe again with just regular cheese! Thanks Katie!

  35. Sarah Anna says

    Hello new favorite dinner! I saw this on Pinterest, went out and bought all the ingredients so I could make it right away. It was delicious! Thank you, Pinterest!

  36. Hillary says

    I admit I was skeptical going in, but this is a great recipe and won me over. I’m a big mac and cheese lover (real mac and cheese, not the fake stuff), and my husband is a huge carnivore, but this got two thumbs up from us both!

  37. Stephanie says

    I tried this a few times, but it kept coming out watery or stringy. The trick I discovered tonight? Use labneh instead of regular yogurt. Or just strain yogurt. I used Chobani yogurt, which is apparently too watery. I had made some into labneh and had it lying around, so I used that, along with Kraft cheese and soy milk.

    • Lauren says

      Just reading this…the recipe calls for Greek yogurt, which I think is what people in other countries might call labneh. My family is Syrian so growing up we called it labneh when we made it ourselves, but Greek yogurt in the stores is basically the same. The recipe may need some qualification about that for those not living in the US since using regular plain yogurt may alter the taste/texture.

  38. O. says

    So psyched at how this turned out! I expected it to taste good but “healthy”. But it does not taste healthy at all! It tastes just like regular mac and cheese, really creamy!

  39. Maren says

    Greek yogurt mac and cheese sounded so crazy to me, but I like both Greek yogurt and mac and cheese so I had to try it for myself. Don’t write anything off until you try, I always say to people when they turn their noses up at things they don’t know, such as some of my healthy dishes that I make.

    In this case, I’m glad I gave it a shot because it’s really good! The Greek yogurt makes it nice and creamy.

  40. Megan says

    I make this all the time now! Sometimes I add broccoli, sometimes I add frozen peas, sometimes I just keep it plain. The recipe is so versatile!

  41. Katie says

    Wonderful recipe! Made it for my picky 12 year old son and he loved it! Phew, what a relief. I added one special ingredient which was Season All. No measurement just shook it in. Thank you for sharing!!

  42. Abby says

    As soon as I paured the source on the noodles, everything separated and the cheese became very clumpy, I’ll try it again because it tastes fine, I just don’t know how you would make the sauce stay a sauce.

    • Anonymous says

      Did you wait to stir in the Greek yogurt after the cheese, milk, and salt mixture had already melted? If you didn’t, that might be one contributing factor to the “clumpiness” of the sauce. Another possibility is the type of cheese. I haven’t been able to get this sauce to have the consistency of most other sauces I’ve eaten before, but I have been able to get it to not clump too badly using real cheese (I’ve never tried Daiya). Be careful about how long you cook the sauce as well – you don’t want to overcook it.

    • Jade says

      See my comment below to Elizabeth. It’s an issue only with certain types of cheese apparently. It’s really good when it works and worth another try for sure!

  43. Katie says

    Great idea with the greek yogurt! Now I’m wondering if it’d be a good base for a broccoli cheese soup? Does anyone know at what temperature the healthy bacteria cultures in greek yogurt die? I understand this recipe calls for cooking on low which probably/hopefully is low enough … just a thought that crossed my mind.

  44. Anonymous says

    Delicious! I used ziti and a “pizza” cheese blend. I also added a little bit of garlic powder. The first time, it turned out wonderfully with a great taste and texture; the second time, I accidentally mixed in the Greek yogurt with everything instead of waiting to stir it in…and ended up with a gloppy (but tasty) mess! I’ll be more careful next time, and there definitely will be a next time. 🙂

  45. Caroline says

    Not sure why some people had trouble. I made this last night with real cheese (cheddar) and skim milk and it was perfect!

  46. Elizabeth says

    Somehow I didn’t realize I was supposed to use vegan cheese -.- I used 2% and sharp cheddar and it was a disaster. I heated the milk then added the cheese, and it just clumped into little grainy nasty pieces. This recipe somewhat satisfied my mac n cheese craving, but I can barely eat it and would never serve it to someone. It in no way turned out like the creamy, delicious-looking picture.

    • Jade says

      I made this with non vegan cheese and loved it so much I sent the recipe to my sister. She made it and reported the same issue as you. Confused because mine had turned out so well, I googled it and found this from a comment on another similar recipe for greek yogurt mac and cheese: “cheese sauces break not because of the milk or yogurt but because of the cheese. If you use cheddar cheese, the oil causes the sauce to break. Cheddar is one of the oiliest cheeses. We found that buying a bag of shredded cheese that is a Mac and cheese blend. Mozzarella and swiss are great too.” Other comments on that recipe said that overheating the yogurt is also not a good idea. Hope you try it again because it is REALLY good when it works!

      • Elizabeth says

        Thank you for the suggestion! I wanted so badly to love this recipe because it is simple, and much lighter than normal Mac…thanks to you I have some hope to retry!

  47. Courtney says

    I rarely leave comments on blogs but wanted to let you know how much my family and I love this recipe. We are not vegans or vegetarians, but I try to sneak healthy dishes into my family’s diet, including two teenagers and a picky toddler. This recipe is a hit with everyone!

  48. Andrea says

    I used skim milk and faye (spelling?) the first time with cheddar cheese and it was so delicious that I served a vegan version for my vegan sister (who turned me onto your blog in the first place), and the vegan version was very well received too!

  49. Jennie says

    5 stars
    We just ate this for dinner with rice pasta and it was PHENOMENAL! We made the sauce exactly as directed and had enough sauce to coat the entire 12 oz bag. We are so pleased to have found your blog, thank you for creating food for us clean eaters with restrictions!!!

  50. Mary says

    Could this be made into a casserole with breadcrumbs like your other Mac and cheese recipe? Or would it not come out right with the yogurt? (Sorry, I know nothing about cooking and am supposed to bring a side to Thanksgiving dinner!)

    • Olivia says

      You could totally bake it in a casserole! I might try that the next time I make it. Which will be soon, since there’s not any left from my first batch!

  51. Leah Wilson says

    5 stars
    So yummy! Just made it tonight. Added some ground mustard, chia seed, paprika, and chopped spinach. So good! Thanks for the recipe.

  52. Sandy Skinner says

    5 stars
    Made this Greek Mac & Cheese tonight. Added cooked broccoli and 1/2tsp Nutritional Yeast. Husband loved it as did I. Flavor reminded me of my Moms Welsh Rabbit (Rarebit)! Thank you Dana. ??????

  53. Bailey says

    Oh this recipe is like crack. I have made it four times already and my bf loves it too. I used cheddar the first two times and then a spicy colby blend.Both are really really good!

  54. Olivia says

    As soon as I saw this recipe on pinterest I knew I needed to make it THAT night. And it was even more delicious than I’d hoped. Your recipes make eating clean not only easy but so much fun. Thank you for another winner.

  55. Amanda B. says

    I am on a Chocolate Covered Katie kick this week. I made this and also the brownie batter oatmeal and both turned out really well.

    Five smiley faces! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  56. Kendra says

    Not sure if anyone else has had this happen but my sauce looked beautiful and creamy until I added it to the pasta and then it separated and the cheese got clumpy?? The pasta was still warm and I didn’t rinse. No clue but I’m so disappointed because I’m really trying to replace Velveeta.

  57. Kendra says

    I have no idea what I did wrong but mine was super clumpy. As in all the cheese found each other and tried to form back into the block. The sauce looked beautiful and smooth and creamy until I poured it over the pasta (which was not rinsed and still hot). I’m super disappointed because it tasted good and I’m trying so hard to avoid velveeta. Any ideas??

  58. james says

    thanks for this recipe, it is really really good and something my whole family has liked when i made it for them. i’m not a vegan and neither is my family but we all love it, we don’t use vegan ingredients.

  59. Danielle says

    It’s be nice if I could print the recipe. For some reason, only on your website, I cannot actually print, only the title shows.

    Thank you for the recipe though.

  60. Erin says

    This is my new go-to Mac & Cheese recipe! So easy and delicious and my toddler loves it too. I add 1/2 tsp. yellow mustard to the sauce.

  61. Norma says

    This did not work for me at ALL. It just clumped the cheese together and all I had was a thick cheese mush in orange milk….

  62. Mark says

    Had this last night, was quite delicious, and would definitely make again.

    However, how did you calculate the 230 calories per serving? All of the dry elbows I can find have roughly 200 calories per 1/2 cup, and Kraft Fat Free cheddar has 90 calories per 1/2 cup, so I’m at 290 calories even without the milk and the yogurt. If we go with Daiya Cheddar shreds, that doubles the calories from the cheese from 90 cals to 180 cals.

    Hoping you’re using a different kind of pasta I’m unaware of!

  63. Melissa Beth says

    Made this tonight (non-vegan version) and it was delicious and reminded me of fondue. So much easier than the baked mac and cheese I make and much healthier, too! Thanks for the recipe!

  64. Katie says

    I tried this recipe tonight. I waited for the cheese to melt. It finally did but once I added the Greek yogurt, the cheese clumped back together. Is there a way to not have this happen?

    • Julie Dove says

      That is so strange. I haven’t had that problem but maybe it depends on the brand of yogurt? Maybe try stirring the yogurt in at the very end and only very gently heating?

  65. Cara says

    This has become my family’s favorite homemade mac-n-chesse. My husband and daughter are not big mac-n-cheese fans (I don’t know how they are not!) but they truly LOVE this recipe. The first time I made it I only made it for myself but gave them a little bit as a side dish – they then proceeded to eat most of it! Now whenever I make it I actually double the amount of pasta but leave the sauce portion the same. No one has notice the difference but with double the pasta there isn’t a ton of sauce left (the original was too saucy) and it is still amazing. I want to mention to make sure to follow the directions exactly how they are written. The cheese and milk have to be completely combined / melted before the Greek yogurt is added or the yogurt will curl and the sauce will be watery and not taste right.

  66. Erin says

    I made this for my lads last night, Katie, and they yummed it down! Easy and delicious. Thank you for the recipe!

  67. Josephine says

    How do you keep your sauce from getting stringy? I tried this and loved the flavor, but I need help with the sauce.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hmm I have never had that problem. I use cheddar cheese or vegan daiya. What type are you using, and what yogurt?

  68. Jayni says

    I just tried making it, and I don’t know what I did wrong. I put in the milk and cheese to cook in the pot, and all I ended up with was some hot milk with a glob of melted cheese. They didn’t blend together at all. Any ideas? I would like to try this again sometime!

    • Gaby says

      Did you keep stirring the mixture as it melted? If you didn’t, that might have been what caused the cheese and milk not to blend.

  69. Gaby says

    Tried this recipe out. Added my own twist with butternut squash puree, sauteed yellow squash, and mushrooms. It was really tangy, and I was actually happy with that! I did use vegan cheese, which melted, but took longer. Next time, I’d probably add more milk to loosen up the sauce, because it was thick rather than creamy.

  70. Hannah says

    A must make! I used vanilla Greek yogurt because of course I grabbed the wrong one and didn’t want to go back into town. It made it more of a “sweet” sauce but it was still tasty! I added some fresh garlic, onion powder, and parsley. I’m freezing these for work! Thank you.

  71. Arica says

    Is there a printable form of the recipe? I don’t see a “Print Now” button. Just wondering as sometimes that is a more convenient format for me…

    • Jason Sanford says

      This one was posted back in 2012 so it’s too old to have a print version (all her recipes posted 2015 and on have a print option), but just copy and paste the ingredients/instructions into a word document and you can then print from there 🙂

  72. Emmi says

    I made a box of kraft Mac and cheese followed those directions minus the butter and milk.
    1/2 cup half and half
    1/2 cup Greek plain non fat yogurt


  73. Carolyn says

    Loved this recipe! Wanted to share that I used Trader Joe’s soy cheese blend and it melted perfectly. Will definitely make it again.

  74. Crystal H says

    I was looking for a low cal Mac and cheese recipe and was hoping for something with a little more protein. I came across this recipe and I made it tonight. It was a bit saucy until I let it sit for a 5-10 minutes. I only used 1 8oz block of cheese, I didn’t need two cups. That saved on some calories. I added nutritional yeast to amp up the cheesy flavor as well as garlic powder, onion powder, and ground mustard. It was much easier to make than a traditional Mac and cheese recipe. I didn’t have to babysit milk and flour which was great. I used almond milk and Fage 0% yogurt and it came out great. Will make again.

  75. Caroline says

    This was very good. Didn’t taste Greek yogurt at all. I found it a bit thick, so added more milk and a bit more yogurt. Cheese and yogurt seemed to separate.

  76. Alice says

    5 stars
    I was very skeptical about this recipe despite the reviews. Greek yogurt in mac n cheese!? However I can say it is really good! I used unsweetened almond milk and organic sharp cheddar and fage greek yogurt. I did add in spices to punch it up. Paprika, pepper, garlic and onion powder, and Dijon. It is a bit runny and I think you could add in like 1 tsp of flour if you wanted to thicken it up. I did not do that but don’t think it would hurt. I left out the salt because cheddar usually is salty. Didn’t need to add any salt in the end. Will make again.

  77. Nicci H says

    Some people are very rude on here . If you don’t like what the author posts, then move on . Have some respect and decorum !

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