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Healthy Chocolate Lava Cake In A Mug

A "1 minute" chocolate mug cake - with hidden raspberry lava filling, ready in 1 minute, from start to finish! @choccoveredkt

I’m in Valentine’s Day mode.

Fresh berries, red wine, an exorbitant amount of dark chocolate…

Healthy Chocolate Lava Cake

Really, I guess that’s my everyday mode. 🙂

Molten Lava Cake

But honestly what’s the point of waiting until February 14th? This quick chocolate lava cake is easy to make, secretly good for you, and deliciously rich.

To make it even more delicious, top it with my homemade Healthy Chocolate Sauce.

A "1 minute" chocolate mug cake - with hidden raspberry lava filling, ready in 1 minute, from start to finish! @choccoveredkt

Upon breaking into the cake, you will find a gorgeous pink berry filling that pours out like molten lava.

It’s much too good to save for once a year.

A "1 minute" chocolate mug cake - with hidden raspberry lava filling, ready in 1 minute, from start to finish! @choccoveredkt


Chocolate Lava Cake In A Mug

Adapted from the reader favorite “One Minute” Chocolate Mug Cake

  • 3 tbsp spelt, all-purpose, or Bob’s gf flour
  • 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp dutch or unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp sugar of choice or xylitol
  • pinch stevia or 1 extra tbsp sugar of choice
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp milk of choice
  • 2 1/2 tsp vegetable or coconut oil (Although I don’t personally like the cake when applesauce is subbed for the oil, many commenters do think it tastes good this way. Sub at your own risk.)
  • 2 tbsp mashed raspberries or raspberry jam (If using the raspberries, feel free to mix in a little of your favorite sweetener.)
  • small handful mini chocolate chips, optional

If using the oven, preheat to 350F. Grease a small dish or 1-cup ramekin. In a separate small bowl, combine first 6 ingredients and stir very well. Add the oil, vanilla, and milk and stir to form a batter. Spoon half the batter into the greased dish, spoon the raspberries and optional chocolate chips on top (only in the middle of the batter), then top off with remaining chocolate batter. Either microwave 30-40 seconds or bake 13-14 minutes. If you don’t want to eat it straight out of the dish, be sure to wait for it to cool before trying to remove the cake.

View Lava Cake Nutrition Facts

reeses frosting

If desired, top with any of my 30+ Healthy Frosting Recipes.

Published on February 6, 2014

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Chocolate Covered Katie is one of the top 25 food websites in America, and Katie has been 
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    • Sarah Bishop says

      I don’t know about chocolate syrup (if you’re talking about something like the Hersheys in a squeeze bottle,) since it might be too runny/thin. Nutella is close to the same consistency of jam, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Also, I was reading the comments and noticed that someone recommended melting chocolate chips or a chocolate bar and using that if you want a plain chocolate filling.

      • Anna says

        I’m in Canada and I’m not certain about the availability of this where you are, but President’s Choice in the Super Store chain, makes a topping for ice cream called Old Fashioned Dark Chocolate in 355 ml jar.
        It’s intended for dessert topping or on ice cream. It does have milk ingredients in it and they use corn syrup for sweetener, but it is very thick. I’m willing to bet that you could drop a spoonful into your mug cake and get a successful result. It must be heated in order for it to pour.

    • Michelle says

      The sugar content is higher for the cake without oil because applesauce is subbed in, which has (natural) sugar in it. Spelt flour is high in fiber.

    • Sarah says

      I just made this with coconut flour! I used only 1 1/2 tbsp of flour and I used 1/8 of baking soda instead (I’m trying to not eat grains for health reasons). I did everything else the same (included the oil). It may need less filling. I only used maybe 5-6 defrosted mixed berries and I just sort of pushed the dough around it. It may need to cook longer based on your microwave and the level of done-ness you want. It comes out so fluffy, like a soufflé!

      Note: if you didn’t want to include the oil, you could try apple cause or mashed banana but ou may need to add more milk.

  1. Alex says

    Hi Katie,
    I’m in love with your recipes, especially because I am allergic to wheat and lactose-intolerant so using spelt flour and almond milk are good for me! I’m newly sugar-free too (trying to kill the yeast!!) and I’m confused about the extra sweetener addition you have in a lot of recipes… Like usually it’s a set amount of sugar of choice then an extra hit of stevia (or more sweetener of choice). What would be your sugar to stevia substitution amount if stevia was the only sweetener? I’ve seen different amounts and I don’t want it to be too sweet!
    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

    • Martina says

      Oh dear, I hope you haven’t been fed that myth about candida overgrowth and needing to cut out sugar (and perhaps yeast) to stop feeding it? It’s just not how stuff works – candida is commonly part of the normal mixture of bugs that live in us, but its numbers are mostly kept in check by the other organisms. It usually only infects locally (e.g diaper rash, vaginal thrush), but may cause widespread and serious disease in someone who is immunosuppressed, e.g. due to chemotherapy or HIV/AIDS. But “candida overgrowth” seems to be this crazy belief/diagnosis that the woo-meisters have, and the misinformation makes me ragey. A medical doctor with critical thinking skills would likely be much more helpful for you.

      • Joan says

        Sorry, Darling, sugar burns everything it touches, and CANCELS all HCL acid in the stomach, so critical for disinfecting and digesting. Indeed, cancer and candida do indeed tend to starve to death when you deny them sugar. Medical doctors are WONDERFUL for acute care, but only a fool goes to an MD for chronic care: MD’s receive zero training for healing, only surgery and drugs… and emergency care, which they’re great at. Learn more, please before misleading that poor lady. Respectfully submitted.

        • Martina says

          Joan, I can see you feel strongly enough about this to use a very condescending tone, but you make some very bold claims that are often trotted out by the woo-peddlers, without any science to support them. Perhaps you could include the chemical equations for how sugar “cancels” hydrochloric acid in the stomach? And some citations on how the absence of sugar (what kind of carbohydrate are you actually referring to) “starves” cancer and candida “to death”? Does it have the same effect for all types of cancer – they’re not all the same, after all.

          I’d like to suggest applying the same level of skepticism towards the alternative “medicine” practitioners that you do towards actual medical doctors. The sense of being able to thumb your nose at the medical establishment, and having some sort of secret “knowledge” they don’t must be enjoyable, but it is at the expense of facts, I’m afraid. I hope the myths they have sold you weren’t too expensive.

  2. Alissa @ Eat Clean Beauty Queen says

    I LOVE how so many of your recipes are a single serving. I can’t be trusted with an entire pan of anything around the house. This is such a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth without killing your day!

  3. EVA says

    I was completely fooled when I first saw this, thinking it was a multiple-serving cake. NEIN, it’s a single-serve which makes this recipe 1000 times better! Unfortunately, I have to be on a low fat and low fiber diet, so I’ll have to ponder what to use as my filling instead of the raspberries.

    Maybe chunkily-mashed bananas?

    One can never tire of bananas.

    • Michelle says

      Hi, I hope you don’t mind me chiming in, but without the raspberries, this is really just Katie’s original chocolate mug cake, which she linked to in the recipe. So, basically the answer is no, you don’t have to put the raspberries in.

  4. Katie says

    Just made this – absolutely delicious! I usually don’t like the taste when I use applesauce instead of oil but I gave it a shot and it was fabulous:) Keep the single recipes coming, I love it!

  5. Thalia says

    Yum! This looks delicious 😀 Would this recipe also work using all whole wheat flour instead of spelt or all-purpose?

    • Anna says

      I personally don’t like the taste of baked goods with just whole wheat flour as I find them too dense. Maybe use white whole wheat or use a combo of flours?

    • Katie says

      I actually like most mug cakes with whole wheat flour (or at least partial) better. I think it helps create the “cakey” texture as opposed to the sponge or rubber texture.

    • Christy says

      I actually made this last night with whole wheat white flour and Splenda, and the taste was fine, except the bitterness of the flour needed a little more sugar. Otherwise, it was great!!

  6. Charmee says

    This recipe is phenomenal. I have made and enjoyed quite a few of your desserts and breakfast foods but never been inspired to comment before. But this chocolate lava cake (I made it with blueberry dark chocolate filling) took my breath away.

  7. Kimberly says

    I just made this, but instead of making a raspberry filling, I made a chocolate filling by combining 2 tbsp cocoa powder with a splash of almond milk (I’d say about 2 tsp), microwaving it for a few seconds so they would mix together, and added sweetener to taste and mixed really well. It came out AMMMAAZING. Talk about “lava” cake, when I cut it open, beautiful chocolate poured out and it was so glorious ! So so ridiculously chocolatey.

    • Kimberly says

      or maybe it was a little more than 2 tsp almond milk, I just kinda added until the desired “hot fudge” consistency was reached.

    • EVA says

      Thanks for this! I commented earlier wanting a low fiber alternative, and I appreciate your recipe for an easy chocolate sauce. Now I just need to invest in that cocoa powder I’ve been saying I was going to get for months….

  8. Katie says

    I love your blog. I use your recipes all the time. 2 thoughts… 1. With this and other chocolate mug cakes I’ve subbed in brewed coffee for some or all of the milk. Brings out the chocolate more and less calories. 2. I also replace most of the oil with plain yogurt. I like it better than applesauce, but it’s still a little better than all oil.
    Thanks again for all the recipes!

  9. Amy says

    Is this blog only for single and dieting folks? I have an army of kids to feed! Seriously, I would love to make these cakes for a birthday party, but it’s a lot of work measuring out 20 cakes and if I do the math, multiply each ingredient by 20 and mix it up together, who knows if the results will be the same? (I’ve done that in the past and results were not good.) You need a section for party foods.

      • Amy says

        Katherine, thanks for your reply. And I wasn’t blaming her, just giving her feedback. I’m sure Chocolate-Covered-Katie can add a section for party foods to her blog with no problems, even if single cakes fit her lifestyle better. She didn’t get this popular for having no baking skills. But I was hoping she can think about a party section for the future, like when she gets married and has kids later on – I’m a fan even if I don’t give her drool. And I appreciate the calculator, even though I can do the math just fine and the math is not the problem… Like I said, I’ve done recipe conversions in the past, but the TASTE just doesn’t translate sometimes and I’m not sure why…?

      • Amy says

        Thanks, I’ve made this one before -for Christmas. My kids, who are not accustomed to sweets on a regular basis thought it was great. But my husband and I tasted too much cauliflower… so I figured school kids who are used to Walmart cupcakes probably wouldn’t like it either.

        I did end up multiplying the lava cake recipe by 12 and the results were so-so. I thought the cake tasted kind of chalky, but it could be due to the conversion or the fact that it’s mostly cocoa with no chocolate and I used 2/3 of a 12-oz. bag of mini chocolate chips… But again, my kids didn’t mind at all, especially when I “frosted” it with chocolate peanut butter. About half of their friends didn’t eat it however. They took one bite and passed. :-\

        Katie’s giant cookie cake with beans is a winner/keeper though. I double the recipe with no problems and it’s agreeable even to the adults. 🙂

        • Kalista says

          I wish I’d read all reviews instead of just those on 1St pg. I multiplied too to make 4 mugs for hubby n kids but it ended up being rather rubbery or chalky as u say. I had such high hopes seeing that most reviewed theirs came out perfectly. Oh well, since it’s a quick microwave recipe, I’ll hv to retry this again individually. To anyone else trying, I think you need to indicate that it’s not recommended to multiply quantity unless I missed that advice somehow. Anyhow thank you for the recipe.

  10. Kate says

    Ok this is getting a little bit ridiculous, a couple months ago i was starving and didnt have anything in the house except flour, canned pumpkin and the basics so i made pumpkin pancakes, when i sat down to devour them i found that you had JUST posted a oumpkin pancakes recipe. A couple weeks ago, i made banana chocolate swirl cookies (that kind of failed lol) and the next day you posted banana chocolate swirl bread. And i LITERALLY just finished eating my recently perfected mug cake recipe before checking your blog and seeing that you posted this. This is a little weird. Katie we have the same food driven – but its ok bc great mindscthink alike 🙂

  11. Aspidistra says

    If I wanted to bake this en masse (6-12 ramekins), should I change the baking time?
    (Definitely loved the single serving I made)

  12. Laine says

    This looks fabulous, thanks for sharing! I think the nutritional info might be a bit off…. 1.5 grams fat seems awfully low- 1 1/2 tsp coconut oil is nearly one TBSP which usually has 14 grams fat. Unless of course the nutritional info was meant for only a portion of the cake? Keep those amazing recipes coming!

    • Laine says

      EEek- never mind! I just realized the chart I was looking at was the oil-free version and the oil version is below……. embarrassed. Sorry!

  13. Lucka says

    Now, this is funny, because I was just searching your site two days ago for healthy option of lava cake and now here it is. Made the not so healthy one yesterday, but really looking forward to try yours. Thank you.

  14. Angela says

    I just whipped this up….Girl! This is AMAZING!!! I didn’t have raspberries so I subbed with Strawberry jam and dark chocolate chips…MERCY! So Good! Like I needed another easy, decadent chocolate recipe to whip at a moments notice for my ever so prevalent chocolate cravings. Thanks….thanks a lot!

  15. Angela says

    I just whipped this up….Girl! This is AMAZING!!! I didn’t have raspberries so I subbed with Strawberry jam and dark chocolate chips…MERCY! So Good! Like I needed another easy, decadent chocolate recipe to whip at a moments notice for my ever so prevalent chocolate cravings. Thanks….thanks a lot!

  16. BakeMeABallerina says

    There are so many interesting recipes it’s hard to choose which to make next! I love the vast majority of your recipes but I would love it if readers could rate recipes to help give feedback to those selecting a recipe to make!

  17. Robin says

    Made this in a mug last night and LOVED every bite! I used WW pastry flour, just .5tsp sweetener (coconut sugar), .75tbsp cocoa+1.5tsp raw cacao powder, and 2.5tsp unsw organic applesauce in place of the oil (I kept the milk amt. the same though). For the filling I mashed a few raspberries, dropped that in, and also chopped up and dropped in a square of Endangered Species espresso bean dark chocolate. Yuuum espresso raspberry mug cake. It took exactly 1 minute in my microwave and came out onto a place perfectly! I’m so excited to try other variations, especially a dollop of nut butter inside. Thanks!

  18. Jeanette says

    This recipe brought me back to the Chocolate Mug Cake, which I just made. (An all time favourite, just like the deep dish cookie pie.)
    I enjoyed every bite.
    I couldn’t have imagined a chocolate cake so easy and yummy.
    It was a delicious breakfast on a Sunday morning.
    You made my day. Katie, you’re a genius.
    Thank you for being you.

  19. 2da4est says

    Loved this! My better half needed something sweet tonight so I made this. A little early for V-day but that is okay.
    What I would like to do is mix up the dry ingredients in a jar and then just have to add the wet and cook. I am going to try to figure this out, I just hope it works.
    Truly loved this recipe.


  20. Mel @ a table prepared says

    Oooh I love any excuse to make something chocolate… and I love that it’s single serving. I don’t like sharing chocolate.

  21. Shayna says

    Very delicious but FYI that the microwaving does NOT work out how you’d expect 😛 Still delicious (obviously) but it doesn’t look right.

    Will definitely try again. Perfect for a birthday cake for two 🙂

  22. sharon says

    How did I live without this site? As a single-nester I usually just do without rather than make a whole pie or cake. This is very helpful. Thanks so much.

  23. Cheryl says

    Made this last night and it was GREAT! I used frozen raspberries which still worked out well. I also used chocolate raspberry stevia which was also delicious. It was a rich chocolate but not overly sweet which I like. Would make it again. The single serving idea works all well too.

  24. Nell says

    Delicious as chocolate is, so sad to see people buying wallpaper glue (flour + water) and believing that adding chocolate, eggs, and sugar somehow turns wallpaper glue into something else. EVERY cause of unnatural death, combined, and you still don’t come close to the number of humans sicked and killed by eating flour. Delicious, but sad… my peers look my parents, no kidding. Haters, go crazy, or save your life by eating foods, not non-foods. If you think you love your children when you give them a cupcake, think again.

    • Isabel says

      uh no it isn’t oxymoronic, her whole website it dedicated to healthy desserts and yeah cake is one of them. As she says in the recipe you can use flour substitutes including gluten free kinds. Besides, healthier than most cake recipes or store-bought cakes.

  25. Danielle says

    I have tried many of your recipes, but I’ve gotta say this one is by far the most addictive! Omg! It tastes just like PF Chang’s Great Wall of Chocolate… only better. Love this!!

  26. Lynda says

    I don’t understand how there can only be 2.2g of sugar when there are 2 tsp of sugar in the recipe, plus the berries and chocolate chips? Is the nutrition breakdown for the whole cake, or a serving of it?

  27. Joyce says

    I must say THANK YOU!!! I made this today and it is the most delicious thing I have had in a LONG time. So decadent you cant tell its sugar free and healthy. I did substitute oat flour as I didn’t have anything else. I am a diabetic that has been strictly following my diabetic diet for the past 7 months and have dropped 70 pounds. This is the first chocolate I have had since July. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  28. Jen says

    Just made this tonight and it was delicious! However, your Points Plus values are way off. I made it exactly as your recipe, with the oil, and with 1 tbs of jam in the center. I plugged all the ingredients into my recipe builder (I triple checked the amounts), and this cake is 9 points! Sort of blew my day as I only had 5 points left 🙁 But it was worth it, so yummy! However, you might want to edit the nutrition info so that weight watchers readers know how to allocate their points correctly. Love your blog, btw! 🙂

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      It depends on what specific ingredients you use. I calculated it WITH the oil and with raspberries and got 5 points like Katie did.

  29. Amanda says

    Hi Katie,
    Are you sure about the nutritional facts? I just calculated the calories of all the ingredients WITHOUT the raspberry filling (but with a tbsp of chocolate chips) and it came out to 286. And that’s without 1/2 tsp of oil. How did you arrive at your total?

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Read Katie’s Recipe FAQ page located at the top of the blog for more on nutrition facts. Her calculations are correct on this one.

      • Amanda says

        I did read the FAQ and I did not use an online calculator, I calculated it right from the packages of the ingredients. If there’s something that Katie has done differently (other than the applesauce/oil sub) from what is literally, factually in the recipe I’d be curious to know. And if she does something differently, I think it should be listed at the bottom of each recipe!

  30. Alessandra says

    Love the single-serving recipes and the raspberry filling takes this dessert to the next level. Although this recipe is a single-serving size, my husband and I will be sharing. Everything in moderation for us “old folks
    Great job on your website! I’ll be back. I’m going to send the link to my family and friends.

  31. Cece says

    Tried to make this recipe in the microwave and it turned out DAMN GOOD!
    I used all xylitol for the sugar because I can’t stand the bitter aftertaste stevia has, and used some low fat spread instead of coconut oil (I didn’t have any), keeping the doses as suggested.
    The only thing is I had to microwave mine for a total of about 1 minute 10 seconds, in 30+10seconds intervals, but that might be because my microwave is prehistorical and really crappy.
    Well done Kate! Delicious 🙂

  32. Nadia says

    Hi Katie,

    thanks for this great blog, you are such a great writer (and cook of course!)

    I am really a cooking amateur, and have always had a question about chocolate recipes: what do you think about using hot chocolate instant mix instead of the cocoa powder (simply because that is all i have)? (it’s cocoa camino fair trade organic hot chocolate mix so has the extra benefit of being earth- and conscience-friendly 😉 though yes it has skim milk powder and cane sugar and guar gum (!!?) among its ingredients 🙁

    Thanks again!

    Nadia 🙂

  33. Sue says

    As someone who helps people with nutrition (their eating habits) all the time, I’ve got a lot of respect for you. Your sugar substitute recipes have all the mouth feel, richness & full taste as sugared recioes Bravo!

  34. Tanya says

    Used almond flour and had to add a lot more milk to thin out the batter. Also, omitted the raspberry filling for a real chocolate molten cake. With these adjustments, it came out delicious. Thanks!

  35. Samantha says

    This is SO good… I didn’t make it with the filling, I just made the chocolate cake in a mini pan, and wow. My boyfriend and I both love it. I’m preheating the oven right now to make it again!

  36. Katie says


    I have tried and loved (devoured) many of your recipes including your cookie dough dips and many of your single lady desserts, but you have so outdone yourself on this one!

    It’s so amazing, it’s dangerous. I used oat flour and half coconut oil/half applesauce, though I could have just done all the oil because less than 200 calories for an awesome dessert is still a bargain if you ask me. I also had fresh strawberries to use so I made that my filling.

    My lava did not look nearly as cool as yours, but I think it tasted just as good as yours looks. I should say thanks for the recipe, but I think you’ve created a monster. One that’s going to want healthy chocolate lava cake every single night.

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      To print, highlight just the recipe itself, and right-click “Copy.” Then open a new Word document and right-click “Paste.” You can then give it a name and save this document in a CCK Recipe folder, and print it easily from that point.

  37. Tiffany says

    My. Dear. Heavens.
    I just made this with GF AP flour, the suggested coconut oil and strawberry preserves.

    There are no words, except “Thank You!”

    (Btw, this is my first GF…well, anything. And it *blew* my mind. So double Thanks for introducing me to this new world of deliciousness!!!)

  38. Rosie says

    I made this recipe (but without the raspberries inside, just chocolate) and it was so good! I actually subbed about 3/4 of a banana for the oil, and it turned out super moist… it wasn’t really a cake texture, more brownie-like though. It also took about five minutes longer to bake. Thank you for your incredible recipes!

  39. Dana says

    LOVE THIS CAKE but I just calculated the calories and it seemed to be over 300 if you use vegetable oil, all the sugar, and the flour?

  40. Letha says

    Made this twice already.. Each times I didn’t have any raspberries and this was so delicious.. I just add the chocolate chips on top being that my ramekin bowl is bigger than the one she is showing so mine look more like a cookie…lol

  41. Divine Fool says

    This was delicious. I used two parts mashed red beans and one part flour, plus applesauce instead of oil, to lessen the caloric load just a tad… As a result my cake took closer to a minute and a half in the microwave, but it was so good and this is already a great recipe. The raspberries especially make this one awesome midnight snack! 😉

  42. Adrienne Daria says

    Okay, I am making this (the unhealthy version) as we speak, & it has taken much longer then 14 minutes to cook. I’ve taken it out twice & had to pop it back in the oven. For a total of 31 minutes, anyone else’s take a long time? It’s still very tasty & since there are no eggs I know it’s not a big deal but I just really want the top to not be so “raw” like! Great recipe otherwise

    • Gail says

      Hello, Adrienne,

      I made this 2 nights ago for our family (4 cakes in 4 teacups). Ours took about 20 minutes to bake thoroughly. The toothpick came out “almost” clean, and I removed them then as I did not want to overbake them. It was SO worth the wait!

  43. Barbara Michaels says

    Hello. I saw a print opportunity on the first recipe I found but can’t find them on other recipes. Sure would make keeping the recipe easier to get than printing out 9 useless pages. Any comments or advice to help me out here?

  44. Denise O'Brien says

    OMG!!! This is absolutely delicious! Thank you for being so fearless in the kitchen. I made this with GF Flour and instead of the xtra 1T sugar I used 1 tsp of agave. I am in chocolate heaven.

  45. Bronwyn says

    This was awesome. I used chickpea flour and it took 1minute in the microwave. I will try with blueberries aswell. I think this would be great after a plate of fruit at breakfast.

  46. Kimber says


    You are a genius! 😀 I LOVE all your desserts and this one hit it out of the ballpark. I am not vegan (though don’t prefer meat either) but my body does not tolerate eggs so I can eat ALL of your recipes and have made many of them. I’m going to try the Avocado Brulee once I get to the store to pick one up. I can’t wait to try it.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your lovely recipes with us.

  47. Amy Calvert says

    My husband loves lava cake but would prefer chocolate filing vs. raspberry. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

  48. Dianna says

    This was really good. Will become my go-to dessert. Best mug cake recipe I’ve used with a good chocolate flavor without being bitter as some are, especially when used with alternative sweeteners. I used Truvia as my sweetener and Smuckers Sugar Free Strawberry Jam as the filling, as that’s what I had on hand. This was moist. It rose to a cake consistency while still being moist and dense. The fruit filling is very nice with the chocolate and adds a nice glaze if you turn the mug upside down and plop the cake down on a saucer.

  49. PeggySue says

    Just made this tonite. I’m not a huge fan of raspberries but I LOVE cherries! So I thawed some frozen cherries and it was perfect for me. I did have to increase the time to a minute as it was still underdone at 40 seconds.

  50. nell hemansbrook says

    Just make this cake and it was so delicious and took less than 5 minutes! I subbed mashed banana instead of oil and it worked really well- I will definitely be making this again.

  51. K says

    I’m wondering how the nutritional info could be right…wouldn’t the flour alone be about 100 calories? Not that it would stop me from eating this cake, it was great, but just curious

  52. vivarais@restaurant-le-vivarais says

    They looks so yummy I can almost taste them!!! I really love buttery cookies. Great recipe as always. Hugs!

  53. Sarah Bishop says

    I’ve made this three times and it’s so yummy! I use raspberry jam because fresh raspberries aren’t currently in season where I live. For future reference, it might be a good idea to include the wattage on your microwave when posting single-serving microwave recipes. This recipe recommends 30-40 seconds in the microwave, but I always have to cook mine for at least two minutes. Just a thought!

  54. Poppy says

    Hello Iv just had this dessert and it is delicious but when I put the recipient onto my fitness pal (I followed the recipie to the t) it stated a very different nutritional value the calories were double what it said on here. I just wondered if anyone else uses my fitness pal and tell me what I could of done to make the calories double? Thank you. 🙂

  55. Tori says

    Katie! Just made this and it was AMAZING! I’ve loved every recipe of yours that I have tried but this is something I’ll be making all the time! I added all the batter and topped with white chocolate chips then added a little chocolate syrup!

  56. dk says

    I tried it in microwave for 60 sec, but it was not cooked properly. it was looking good and when i inserted tooth pick it came out clear but while eating it was taseting raw floor as it was not cooked properly 🙁 . Why So?

  57. Leah says

    Wow! That was yummy! I didn’t have chocolate so I used carob powder… Wasn’t as good as chocolate but I did find Hershey’s syrup in my fridge so I smothered it it that!! Thx!

  58. Vickie says

    I made this tonight. My husband is diabetic so I substituted Splenda for the regular sugar and Polaner Sugar Free Strawberry Jam. It was absolutely delicious! This was the first time I have baked anything in the microwave. I see many micro lava cakes in our future!

  59. Lindsey says

    How did you come up with those nutrition facts? I entered it all into Myfitnesspal and got 142 calories for the spelt flour alone… The total (with vegetable oil) came out to be nearly 600 calories. I mean it was sooo delicious but now I’ve eaten 1/3 of my daily calories from this 🙁

    • A H says

      Optional ingredients aren’t included in the calorie count. If you check out Katie’s FAQ at the top of her blog page, she talks more about how she gets her calorie counts. I made this and got a similar count to hers, so don’t worry.

  60. Mrsnixon says

    Thank god I don’t diet! Out of oil and any substitute to hand, used bacon grease, left out the salt and added a little a extra cocoa, turned out amazing! Hubby didn’t let it get 3 feet from the microwave before digging in!

  61. Patricia says

    So excited to try this recipe! Any idea if it would stay ok in the fridge or at room temperature overnight? I need to make it ahead of time before I can serve it to a guest. Thank you!

  62. Glo says

    I love this idea! It’s the perfect size and serving. I don’t even have to worry about the mess and over-baking when I just want a few bites! Are you opening up a physical storefront anytime soon?!

  63. Megan says

    I had an intense craving for chocolate tonight and this lava cake did the job, so yummy!!! I did sub applesauce for the oil and sifted the dry ingredients. I only put chocolate chips in the middle and 40 seconds was the perfect time in the microwave. Is it wrong to make another cake tonight? 🙂

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