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She’s not Wearing Make-up

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As if once weren’t enough?

I felt like a huge cop-out when I posted the last ugly no-makeup photo. It wasn’t a particularly hot morning that day, and therefore I was not a complete red mess like I normally am after a summer run. But never fear; yesterday provided me the opportunity to show you just how red I can be:


No make-up, sweaty, bird-nest hair, & red as a Red Velvet Cupcake.

Is this really New York? It was 80 degrees when I headed out yesterday morning, but the temperature climbed to 88 by the time I got home. It’s not usually that hot in the mornings in Texas! (Yesterday, when it was 100 here, it was only 87 back in Dallas. I thought I came up north to beat the heat. Joke’s on me!)

How are you dealing with the heat? Or is it not hot in your neck of the woods? I’m keeping cool by eating frozen foods. I bought a fun new food the other day, to share with my cousins:


It was delicious! (Just like the title says.) I could’ve eaten a whole pint of the sweet stuff in my sugar high days. But this time, I stuck to about a serving.

Time for a CHALLENGE:

Come join me in makeup-less land. If you’re brave enough, post your own “no makeup” photos on your blogs.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Stop it! You look great :)

    I’m all about eating Ice Cream to cool down in the heat too … I never want this heat wave to stop hehehe

  2. I think you look great in the photo!

    That ice cream sounds lovely as well. :)

  3. Riiiight. I’d have people unsubscribing from my feed left and right. Bah!
    I do wear mascara daily. Everything else is give or take, but must have the mascara! Eyeliner is preeeetty fabulous too.

    1. Keri,
      Hmmm, well that might still happen to me LOL. We’ll see!

  4. Ilana says:

    you’re GORGEOUS without makeup!
    can you believe this heat here??! it’s ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!! i’ve been drinking so much water I think the reservoir is gonna go dry.

    I actually wrote a post a while back and posted a picture of myself without makeup – As far as my own makeup, I wear black eyeliner every day but nothing else (i look l ike a dead person without it)

    1. Ilana,
      I was chomping glasses of ice cubes yesterday!

  5. Mushrooms says:

    You look wonderful without makeup, you have nothing to be ashamed of 😀
    As for me, I almost never wear makeup, it’s too much work applying it and a few hours later getting it off 😉

    1. Mushrooms,
      I agree; it’s like curling your hair! My sister spends an hour and a 1/2 doing her hair before she goes out for the night… a few hours later, all that hard work and time is smushed when her head hits the pillow! :(

  6. Katie says:

    You still look gorgeous!

    I posted some pretty nasty pictures of myself post-run yesterday. I’m also soaking wet because I ran in the rain…it’s been cool and cloudy here for the last few days. I’ll send you some cool weather, if you send me some sunshine!

    1. Katie,
      Haha cute photos! And it’s a deal! There’s definitely enough extra heat here to spare you some.

  7. You still look super pretty without it!
    I always wear foundtion and powder if I’m going out, and eye stuff if it’s something more than just a trip to the store 😛 Otherwise,my face is NAKED!

  8. Meg says:

    Oh pleeeease Katie – you look GORGEOUS no matter what kind of situation you’re in, and makeup or not! It makes me so happy to see a woman who has confidence like you, I LOVE it and I wish more girls and women could do the same and realize how trul beautiful they are. You are such a blessing!!

    I love Soy Delicious ice cream! Ahh the fruit sweetened Carob flavor is to die for 😀

    Love ya!

    1. Meg,
      YOU are the blessing. You always have such nice things to say; so full of positivity! And I’ll look out for that carob flavor, as I wasn’t too fond of the fruit-sweetened chocolate-pb.

  9. I don’t wear make-up! . . . only mascara and liner for the most special events. . . And if you’re calling that picture “ugly,” you’re insane Katie! :)

  10. The heat here has gone away for a few days. My weather bot on my browser says 55F and it’s cloudy! Yay! I like running when it’s cool. I’m about to head out. It was only a few days ago that the weather was in the 90s multiple days in a row. Colorado is nothing if not varied!

    I don’t wear makeup everyday, though I work from home a lot. When I go into the office, I make sure to pretty things up, other wise I go for a more natural (read: lazy) look. :)

    No post workout photos for me! No one is usually home when I get back from running, since the bf is at work. That is not the time to be taking close up, self head shot photos!

  11. Jennifer says:

    I’m in NJ so it’s just as awful here. Plus, my cheap air conditioner can’t really deal with it so I spend most of my home-time lying in bed, sweating, and being generally useless. Making dinner is awful.

    Oh, and all my pic are make-up-less. I wear make-up sometimes for special occasions but usually I forget and/or don’t care. Guys aren’t expected to wear make-up, so why should I?! And your skin looks just as nice without the make-up AND sweaty, so you shouldn’t worry yourself about it so much either! Natural beauty!

    1. Jennifer,
      I totally agree with you re: guys. Why does society expect women to wear makeup, shave our legs, and wear high heels?! Guys get off scot free!!

  12. Sarahishealthy says:

    You’re prettier without makeup than I am WITH makeup!!!

  13. Mitri says:

    I almost never wear makeup, so any photo you find of me on my blog/facebook/etc IS makeup-free. 😉

    Ahh! I’ve heard about how it is hotter in NYC right now than in TX. I’m going upstate NY in August, so I really hope when I go, it better not be that damn hot! At least you got some delish ice cream :)

  14. Vanilla says:

    Haha sorry, I want to keep my face secret :p
    But wtf, you’re still this pretty after a workout?? >_<

    I use makeup but not everyday, of course. My mom hates it! It's better for the skin anyway :3

    Q: Do you still workout under this hot wheather? I don't know what I should do, the meteorologists are all saying to stay at home but I'm so bored :(

    1. Vanilla,
      I go out way way early in the morning, when it’s still in the 70s and 80s (I think that’s like 28-35ish C?). I dunno how people can work out in 100 degrees!

  15. T says:

    What are you talking about? You don’t look ugly, you look glowing and gorgeous!

    Frozen fruit is one of my favorite ways to cool off, and here in DC its nearly 100 degrees!

  16. abby says:

    wow you ARE so brave! i really love how “real” you really are being with your readers. it’s no wonder your blog is so popular when you are willing to share so much of yourself with us :).
    oh, and your non makeup photo is still beautiful.

  17. Sarah says:

    I love So Delicious ice creams. And I’m not even a vegan!

  18. katie says:

    this is completely off topic but i was just wondering what ur studying in college?!
    anywho, u, me, nyc?! im there! lol maybe some other bloggers/blogees too :-)
    whatcha up to for today?! whoa id “?!” wayyyyyyy to much.:-P

    1. katie,
      LOL I didn’t even know it, but at the exact time you were writing this, I was sending you an email! Creepy-cool!

  19. HVL says:

    You look really pretty in this photo and I wouldn’t have guessed you’d been for a run if you hadn’t told us. I thought you didn’t look too good in the other photo. I’m not sure many people do after they’ve been for a run and are squinting into the sun!

  20. katie says:

    ps ur beautiful without makeup too!

  21. I get really red when I run too, lol. I posted pictures of myself sans-makeup on my blog a little over a year ago (taken before an early morning 1/2 marathon.)

    I do wear makeup on a day-to-day basis, but my routine takes less than 5 min. Eyeliner and mascara are essentials, otherwise I look asleep all day!

  22. Kiersten says:

    I used to wear makeup everyday but now I wear very little. As I worked on getting over my body image issues this past year I learned to accept myself the way I am. I always wore makeup before because I felt like I HAD to in order to feel pretty. I don’t feel that way anymore. I wear a little bit everyday, usually just enough to cover up the dark circles under my eyes. You know what? I am happier this way and I think I look just as pretty without all the makeup.

    You look very pretty, by the way!

  23. Aw, Katie! You look awesome without makeup! I’m way too uggo without makeup (I always say I came out of the womb with eyeliner on!), so I won’t be posting one of these … but you go, girl!

  24. Run Sarah says:

    You look great Katie! I have posted a few post run photos before, I will do another one soon. Love your bright coloured running gear too – my favourite workout clothing is bright!

  25. Brandi says:

    You still look beautiful! :)

  26. Crystal says:

    Oh goodness, I don’t know that I have the balls to post a post-workout no makeup picture!

    And I LOVE that icecream! I was actually looking for it at the grocery store last night but no luck. I went home icecream-less. Lame. :(

    1. Crystal,
      I don’t think my WF in Texas has that flavor either. But it says it’s new, so hopefully in the future they’ll get it!! :)

  27. Somehow I’ve managed to blog about your hug-a-fruit month and a no make-up photo all in one go! And before I read this post! Weird, huh :)

    I do usually wear a bit of make-up but tend to wear it less often in the summer months.


  28. Melissa says:

    I never wear makeup anymore. It’s so not a part of my life – hasn’t been since I got divorced about 3 years ago, honestly. I don’t even think about it anymore – to the point that I went to my friend’s wedding in Jamaica and didn’t pack a single daub of makeup, hair product OR styling aids. And I was IN the wedding. Woops. Good thing they had some vegan-friendly cosmetics. I still barely used anything, though. I think I put on lipgloss, shadow and mascara?

    1. Melissa,
      I’m sure you still looked beautiful! The vegan glow, ya know :)

  29. Eric Jaffa says:

    How many people ate that quart of vegan ice cream?

    1. Eric,
      It’s not all gone yet.

  30. I wear so much less in the summer (it doesn’t help that the humidity tends to lead to melting mascara raccoon eyes)…but too be honest, I am a pale, redhead who doesn’t really know what she’s doing in applying makeup and therefore I’m not sure that it really ever matters. :)

    As a side note, I love the So Delicious Choc + PB flavor, but I’m thinking I might love that Dulce de Leche even more…

  31. Charlotte says:

    Katie, you know I love you but please don’t use the word “ugly” in reference to yourself ever again. You’re one of the most confident and positive people I know, and it breaks my heart to see this kind of negativity in your post, especially when discussing your looks. Don’t get me wrong – I’m so glad that you’re doing this and of course I understand that it’s not your job to be positive all the time. This post seems to have been a significant step for both you and your readers, and it must be nerve-racking to put yourself out there for the world to see every day. But let’s not do to ourselves what society already does to us every day – which is tell us that we’re not truly gorgeous just as we are. Same goes to all of you commenters above! xoxo

    1. Charlotte,
      How right you are! Thanks for keeping me in line. I shouldn’t have said that; I’m very lucky to have all my limbs, two eyes, ears, hands… you get the picture. Of course my words in the post were meant in a joking matter, but I still can see your point. I’ll try not to ever use that word–in reference to a person–in the future. And if I slip up and forget, you have my permission to yell at me.

  32. VEGirl says:

    I NEVER wear makeup! I tried to get into it, but it was such a hassle and I looked weird. I guess I could try it again sometime, but it’s really annoying not being able to rub your eyes!!! :)

    By the way, you still look like Katie, even when sweaty :) That’s to say, we still love ya!

  33. Angelina says:

    I wear makeup everyday. At the very least, I put on Bare Minerals powder foundation and mascara. I have dark circles and acne so I feel like I need to have it on in order to look normal. I would love to have the type of complexion so that I could go without and look fine, but that’s not happening for me anytime soon.

    You should never refer to your no makeup pics as ugly. You’re really lucky not to need makeup to look beautiful.

  34. Katie says:

    You are so funny — you are *gorgeous* au natural!!! Most of the pictures I’ve posted on my blog are sans makeup. Not intentional, that’s just what ended up happening. I don’t wear much/any when I’m just bopping around town (and when my skin is clear, ha!)…..who am I looking to impress? And if I can’t be sans makeup in front of others, how can I truly be confident with how I am, as-is?

    1. Katie,
      How are you so insightful? :) :)

  35. Faith says:

    Wow, you really look phenomenal even bare-faced.

    I always wear at least a little tinted moisturizer and mascara, but when I have time or energy I love playing around with other things. When I still lived at home, when I tried to get away with not wearing makeup out to lunch or whatever with the family, they’d get extremely fussy and ask if they weren’t worth dressing up for. I guess that kind of engrained into my head the practice of putting on makeup before going out!

  36. here’s a photo of me last week after my very first facial! i was so nervous but it was ah-mazing. no makeup! glowing! i love natural skin care!

    1. Melissa,
      I’ve never had a facial! You look gorgeous :).

  37. Alex says:

    I’m with Charlotte! We people-of-the-lady-variety shouldn’t refer to ourselves as ugly – we have enough people in the media trying to convince us we need a certain body or fashion sense or hair texture or whatever to be considered attractive. Most likely so we’ll buy whatever product they’re trying to sell.

    You’re lovely! Disheveled, sure. Ugly, never.

    1. Alex,
      My response to Charlotte (a few comments above) goes for you too: If you ever hear me use the word “ugly” to describe myself again, you can yell at me. :)

  38. mapledreams says:

    I’ve already posted a non make up picture in my latest blog…i look horiffic..but in my defense, it was 5.30 in the morning and i had been up for 48 hours!! haha!! you still manage to look verrry pretty even with no make up and sweaty betty xx

  39. Molly says:

    Aww I totally agree with everyone else… you don’t need makeup to to look beautiful. And wow that soy ice cream looks de-lish :) I’m headed to the health food store later today so maybe I can find some in the frozen food section.

  40. Oh girl, please! You look absolutely beautiful! I don’t think you look red; I think your cheeks are rosy and pretty. :)

    I love that challenge. Not sure if I’ll be able to participate but I commend everyone that does! 😛

    I definitely don’t wear makeup every day, but I usually do when I go out in public with friends. I like to look presentable. 😛

  41. Chelsey says:

    I don’t always wear makeup – if I have to choose just one thing, I’d wear mascara.

    I have tons of no makeup pics on my blog – all of my pre-post workout pics! I have no shame! :)

  42. Justine says:

    As of about two weeks ago use started wearing mascara again but I don’t wear more than that. I have nothing against it it’s just one less thing on my to do list in the mornings. :)

    Everytime I see a photo of you I am in awe of how much hair you have! It’s so pretty and shiny! Hope you’re having a happy Thursday. :)

    1. Justine,
      LOLOL I think my hair probably looks thicker in that photo because it’s all knotted. I always wish I had more hair! So I love your compliment :).

  43. Oh you look good Katie! Nothing to be afraid of…..

    I never really wear make-up anyways. I train for tennis about 3-5 hours a day in Florida, so I’m always sweating! There’s really no point for me to wear make-up, it makes me feel gross anyway. Only when I’m going somewhere fancy or special do I wear the stuff.

  44. shesarunner says:

    Oh wow, if you think you look bad in that picture, you should see me after a run…it is NOT a pretty site. I think you still look adorable as always. But I guess we are our own worst critics, right?

    I don’t know if I could ever post a picture of me without makeup…I’ve posted exactly 5 pictures of me on my blog in total (3 of them were of me under the age of four and 1 of them I had my back turned and I was almost entirely blocked by my sister who was standing beside me). Can you tell I hate pictures of myself? Again though, I think we are all too critical of ourselves…I’m trying to change that.

    I do wear make up every day, but never too much. I wear foundation every day (lighter in the summer, heavier in the winter) and I wear eyeliner and usually mascara. Depending on where I’m going there might be a bit more (shadow, lips, etc). I try to be a minimalist but I do like make up (my mom is a make up artist…it’s in my blood).

    Oh, and yes, it is very hot in Toronto. We are only an hour(ish) plane ride away from NYC, so I’m guessing we have the same heat wave.

  45. You look so cute without makeup! Who needs it? I rarely wear it in the summer and in the winter, it’s pretty much just mascara and cover-up under my eyes.

    How I’m dealing with the heat – I’m not. It makes me cranky, tired, and lazy. I’m drinking lots of ice water and staying inside. And it’s not even that hot here (I’m pretty far north!), but it is quite humid. I get up really early to jog or I lift weights in my nice and cool basement.

  46. Joliene says:

    I don’t usually wear makeup, and if I do, I don’t normally wear much. I like to challenge myself to be comfortable in whatever clothes, with whatever disheveled hair-do I might have, and with however my face looks on a given day. Part of learning to be comfortable being who I am has been learning to be comfortable with what I look like.

  47. I used to wear more make up but I am gradually trying to wear less and less. in this heat its impossible. But I want to get used to my face without it. I feel more liberated that way! But it can still take some time to get used to!

  48. Jocelyn says:

    I rarely wear makeup..and when I do, it’s a brush of mineral powder, mascara and clear gloss.
    My man prefers less to no make up (his sister+mom are both the same) My mom NEVER wears makeup..and never has..

    I really don’t even think about this idea of..having to “put your face on” to go out in public.. what does that say about our self esteem? Or being a role model to young girls…

    I just seems a little fake to me ..the whole make up thing… so I guess that’s where I stand..

    Day to day make up = not a necessity and waste of money.

    You are beautiful just the way you are :)

  49. You have your post-workout glow going on! I like this post- I know so many people who wont even go out to the mailbox without makeup let alone post themselves over the net without any! ‘Cause, ya know..Mr. Right’s waiting at all our mailboxes. 😉

    I posted a no makeup pic on my site this morning..but it’s of my back so you just can’t tell 😛 but I promise I’m nice and sweaty on the other side! haha

  50. Damjana says:

    You look so beautiful, with make up or without it. Lol, you just reminded me of one of my post-run pictures when my face was write from all the water drops after I finished my morning race, it looks like i had a beard :)

    I wear make up every day at work, but at home not. I have melasma/chloasma on my face so I use the foundation to ease the teint. But my pineapple-hugging pic is sans makeup too

    Thanks for allowing us to click the pic to enlarge 😉 !!

  51. cookeatburn says:

    Hehe, all of the pics of me I put are make-up-less, save the wedding ones :).

    And way to be brave – but you have no reason to be worried! I think you look beautiful in the larger picture, and as others have mentioned there is a definite post-workout glow!

  52. First – I agree with others. You are gorgeous – no matter make-up or not. Save your money girlfriend. That said – I am in with your challenge – no make-up post-run pic tomorrow morning. Be ready for the terror the likes of which you have never encountered. for realsies

  53. Ann Claire says:

    Make up or not you still look gorgeous!! I made a recipe today that made me think of you, the queen of all things chocolate! It was super simple and no too unhealthy and of course very chocolatey! feel free to check it out on my blog :)

  54. Katie says:

    I don’t have a blog, but I don’t where make up unless I am going out to a special occasion. You look great! I think most people who are healthy look better without makeup. It lets the glow shine through. (that was corny) but hey its true.

  55. Even without makeup and with so called rats nest hair (I don’t see it!) you are absolutely stunning, Katie! Your beauty comes from within and easily shines through. You’re absolutely gorgeous :)
    ALSO…. will you still be in New York on the 15th? I’m heading to the city and it would be INCREDIBLE to meet you… and perhaps get some Babycakes cuppycakes or something 😀 Yeah… you’re definitely one of my heroes, and meeting you would be like meeting a celebrity!

  56. Natalie says:

    i love it when girls embrace the “au naturele” look! ive always preferred that look, both on myself and for others (im also too lazy to wear make up, though it can be fun sometimes when youre going out wiht a bunch of girlfriends). i think you look absolutely LOVELY without make up on (and cute running outfit too!!!!!) i think make up does have its place in ENHANCING beauty but i dont think girls should use it as a mask or a cover up… girls should not hide behind their make up but rather use if (if they want to) to bring out their best features =) i never wear make up except for special occasions, i just like how my face feels without anything on it!

  57. Hela says:

    yikes! the heat is awful!
    drinking cold beverages n eating ice cream all the time 😀 n salad straight from the fridge.
    so have u ever looked into the mirror to see your true beauty? honestly, it doesnt make a difference whether u are wearing make up or not!
    myself, i luv applying make up :) having super bright blonde lashes i adore mascara :) but i always keep it to the basics (mascara, concealer n blusher) for uni, etc. only when i go out i spend more than 5 min for my make up. n when im at home or just going for walks or to the park i dont bother to apply anything.
    n so should do other girls too! when u dont like urself without make up- do u like and accept urself at all?!

  58. Katharina says:

    Girlfriend, you are definitely a natural beauty :) Even after a run! Hey the sweaty look can be hot too hehehe. I will have to try to remember to post a makeup less picture of me. I’ve done it a few times on my blog before. But my makeup is super minimal anywho. I think this is partly why people think I look so young lol.


    p.s. chocolate chippies is such a cute nickname!!!

  59. Cindy says:

    I don’t wear makeup at all; haven’t since high school. So nice not to. My morning routine is easier and I don’t have breakouts anymore! I think it’s so amusing how hot is is there. I live in San Diego and am experiencing freezing cold weather! No sun, just gray clouds and a little drizzle. I wore a jacket to go outside today….in JULY?!!! Weird. I’m enjoying it while I can. I know pretty soon it will be disgustingly hot and yucky until mid-November. By the way, you look great in that pic. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

  60. dmcgirl37 says:

    Katie you are crazy you look awesome without makeup! You dont need it at all!!!!!!!! I havent been wearing makeup lately at all, I think its because im becoming more confident with myself. I use to always be so self conscious I would go out ‘done up’ all the time..Now, I put on make up like once or twice a week. :)

    Dana xox

  61. Danielle says:

    Katie, you look gorgeous with or without make-up! I think girls tend to think make-up makes them look *so* much different than it actually does 😀

    And yes, the heat wave on the east coast is insaneeeee

  62. Kittie says:

    I sort of love that you called us “chocolate chippies” I feel like there’s no stronger term of endearment.

  63. katie says:

    haha def creepy in a cool way tho! we must have esp….eps?…pms…lol u know what i mean!

  64. Serena says:

    You jest! 😉 Silly girl you look fabulous in that picture (oh the volume in your haiirrr, haha!)
    But seriously. Make-up is over rated. I barely wear any (lazy, chemicals, etc) but it’s always fun to put some on when I go out at night or go dancing … 😉

  65. Serena says:

    By the way, my mother completely keeps me in check…haha…she’ll say what she thinks and it’s a good thing, too! i don’t know what I’d look like without her advice! (ie. don’t wear that you look like a hobo, that makes you look fat, buy it cause it looks good on you, etc)

  66. BroccoliHut says:

    I’ll be honest–I don’t wear make-up when I don’t have to. Today, for example, I didn’t wear any because I didn’t feel that the friendly employees at Sam’s, Target, or World Market would really care what I looked like:)
    I have plenty of make-up free photos on my blog, including this hot mess:

  67. ecogrrl says:

    chica – you look better without makeup in my opinion…natural glow is always better than a cosmetically-induced one and your eyes always sparkle. i wear spf-15 moisturizer every day rain or shine, gave up mascara and black eyeliner years ago, have never touched or even owned foundation or blush, and only once in a while do i splurge and do the red lipstick thing. it’s easier, cheaper, greener, and once you get used to your REAL face, you’ll see it clear up and see yourself more clearly as well.

    PS – i love soy delicious’s pomegranate chip ice cream. even better than the haagen dazs dairy version!

  68. eatandrun says:

    I hate makeup! Makes me feel so gross, all that concealer. And you definitely are a beauty without it!

  69. I am a girlie-girl and love makeup BUT I do not wear it everyday. I think it’s like an accessory. :-)

  70. You’re so pretty after you run! I don’t know if it’s the weather or if I have problems with my sweat glands but I sweat like a crazy person! Like, dripping. It’s gross. Be glad you never have to see it :)

    I usually don’t wear any make up :) But if we’re going out somewhere a little less casual I’ll do the whole shabang: foundation, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer.

  71. OK, I took your challenge! Here you go:

    1) Makeup-free
    2) Sweaty
    3) Silly

  72. Amy says:

    I recently found a even more decadent and delicious cold treat than Soy Delicious (which I also love!)…

    It’s called “Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss” (!

    My favorite flavors are: Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge, Mint Galactica, and probably many more since those are the only ones I have tried so far!

    I usually curl my eyelashes and then I use a little eyeliner and mascara, but since summer began I have been really enjoying going without any makeup

  73. Quix says:

    Awww, you still look gorgeous and glowing. A good run will do that for ya, huh? :)

    I typically only leave the house with lipstick on. I don’t feel right without it. I even got a very light pinky/beigey color to wear when I don’t want to look like I’m lipsticked. Weird, huh. Other than that, bare minerals foundation, eye makeup, and blush only on special occasions.

  74. brooke says:

    Ok… I enjoy getting new ideas for making food from your blog, but this post was ridiculous. Posting a photo without your make-up on is not brave. That’s what you look like… why is it brave to look like yourself?

  75. Rachel says:

    You look lovely without makeup anyway! Trust me, as disheveled as you look after a run, you’re still pretty, Katie!
    I only wear makeup on special occasions, though lately I’ve been wearing mascara more regularly? Can’t be bothered most of the time!

  76. Cynthia K says:

    Sorry Katie, your ‘unpretty’ pic is a failure…you may be red as a beet but you can’t cover up that naturally pretty face!

    You tried, though, bless you!

    Have a great day!

  77. gabby says:

    @ Brooke:
    I think the only thing ridiculous about this post is YOU! Why do you think it’s acceptable to write something rude on a blog that you wouldn’t have the courage to say if it was to her face? And do you ever leave a NICE comment when you see something on here you like? Didn’t think so.

    @ Katie:
    Please don’t listen to that one comment, Katie. As it’s obvious from all the supportive comments on here, the majority of us loved this post and YOU as well. We appreciate all the hard work and effort and honesty you put into this blog every day. There, it needed to be said :).

    -gabby, who should comment more than she does, but who always reads!

    1. brooke says:

      I wasn’t being rude. I would say the exact same thing to a friend. It’s called being straightforward. I call people out when they’re being silly and sending silly messages out to their audience, like “people need makeup to be pretty.” I was pointing out that it was ridiculous that she felt like she needed makeup. Katie’s obviously beautiful, otherwise I would not have used that word. I am not saying it to her face because… this is the internet.

  78. Your cute even though you don’t have make up on your picture :)

    I usually wear make up for work and going out, but when I’m at home I rarely bother. In summer I also wear less make up, it’s no fun seeing your make up melting from your face in this heat. Did I say heat? YESSS! it’s super hot in Finland, the coldest country in Europe! 😀

  79. im going to attack you- what you talking about NOT PRETTY!

    you look FREAKING GORGEOUS WITHOUT MAKEUP! and that isnt a joke!

    would i consider you a natural beauty- UMM DUH!!!!! <3

  80. Chef Dennis says:

    From a fellow Texan, yes it is hot, we reached 103 in PHilly, not that is not usual! And I do have to tell you, even sweaty you still are beautiful! So don’t be worrying about that make up!
    All the best, and stay cool!

  81. Becca says:

    LOL, Katie, you’re such a dork. You’re like skincare-model-pretty. Shush before I come over there and show you what ugly really looks like! 😉

    I rarely wear make-up, because I’m terribly lazy. It makes relationships much easier, because you never reach that “she’s let herself go” stage if you relied on your natural look all along! 😀

  82. I am OCD about makeup..I actually never leave the house without it. Not sure why..I must get it from my mom, she is the same way.

  83. Jess says:

    I love you! I love this post!

  84. This post made me crack up! I just did one similar a few weeks ago
    not too pretty!

  85. Emma says:

    Aww Katie you don’t look ugly at all! You’re still radiantly pretty =) I try and wear makeup but like you, I don’t always have the time! It doesn’t matter to me though I’m happy either way!

  86. lotsoflove says:

    Heya Katie, I loveeee your blog, and I read it every day.
    SO… I feel very badly that I’m going to have to yell at you. All in good fun, though! But you said to yell at you if you didn’t post that personal post last week, so I have no choice. =) This is me yelling! Of course I’m just kidding, and I’m sure it’s cuz you’re busy doing more fun things like having a stellar vacation. But I’m waitin so curiously to see what you have in store for us, because I know it’ll be great! Unless the college post was the personal post? Maybe I am all mixed up. In which case, you can yell at ME! Thanks for being so much fun. =)

  87. Oh yes, there’s a big difference… you look even MORE beautiful without any make up on! I mean it, you’re naturally gorgeous. Me? My face? On my blog? *shudders* I’m WAY too shy for that! 😀

  88. Jessica says:

    You don’t even need makeup – you look gorgeous without it! I actually did post a no-makeup, post-workout picture of myself and my sister not too long ago ( After running in the Texas heat, I wanted to show just how red I get! The picture is so gross – you can tell how much we were sweating by how shiny we are… sorry :)

    I used to not wear makeup very often, but now I would never go to work without some eyeliner and mascara – but I still don’t wear a ton, and my makeup routine is less than 5 minutes. Sometimes I still go sans makekup during the weekends.

  89. Gena says:

    I wear a little cream blush, and that’s it. I used to wear more makeup, back when I obsessed far more about looking “good.” And now, que sera, sera. I love that you’re just being you on your blog — because you is all we readers want to read about!

  90. You look so cute! And not half as red as I get, so no worries :)

  91. Marianne says:

    I’m sure if you look around my blog, you’ll find lots of no-make up photos of me, because I’m lazy and don’t wear make up on a daily basis. I almost always wear it to work, because I feel that I look too pale and sickly and don’t want to scare the customers, but when I have to go to school for an 8 am class, I’d rather sleep than worry about mascara. LOL.

    1. Marianne,
      Yes! Sleep is so much more important lol. It also happens to be more important than dressing up… sometimes I go to school in my pjs :).

  92. Lindsey says:

    Katie, you cannot be serious! You are BEAUTIFUL, you don’t even need make-up. Gorgeous girl.

  93. Putting my no make up pic on my blog later today!! Check it out!