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Keto Brownies

The best and easiest low carb keto brownies. Even people who aren’t on a keto diet will love these unbelievably fudgy chocolate brownies!

The Best Keto Brownies

8 Ingredients

Low Carb


Gluten Free

Better Than Boxed Brownies

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How To Make Keto Brownies (1g Net Carbs)

The Best Keto Brownies – They MELT In Your Mouth!

These impossibly fudgy chocolate brownies are almost guaranteed to win you over.

It’s one of those must-try recipes, because you really need to try them at least once in your life to discover how shockingly good they are!

The simple recipe is so rich and delicious, you might never go back to boxed brownies again.

P.S. —> NO coconut flour, and less than 1 net carb per brownie.

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Keto Chocolate Frosting

Almond Flour Brownie Variations

Feel free to stir a handful of chopped pecans, almonds, or walnuts into the batter.

Or throw in some shredded coconut, cacao nibs, or chocolate chips.

The brownies are perfectly sweet enough to serve on their own, but if you want keto brownies with frosting, I love this Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe.

Easy Low Carb Brownies

To come up with this recipe, I simply adapted my keto chocolate cake into brownies.

Since I know brownies have more fat, less flour, and less leavening than cake, I changed the ingredient proportions accordingly.

The first try wasn’t perfect, but recipe experiments are seldom perfect on the first try, and I quite enjoyed eating the fall-apart-gooey flourless homemade brownie rejects.

*For a brownie in a mug, use the Keto Mug Cake Recipe

Low Carb Keto Chocolate Brownies

Flourless Brownie Ice Cream Sundae = top them with a scoop of Keto Ice Cream.

Keto Brownie Ingredients

Instead of regular flour, these brownies use fine almond meal or almond flour (ground-up almonds), making them both flourless and gluten free.

If you can find dutch cocoa powder, I highly recommend using it here when called for, because that’s the type of cocoa typically used in boxed brownie mixes, so it’s what will make these taste the most authentic.

Most regular grocery stores should sell it – look for the words “processed with alkali” on the ingredient list, and that’s the type to use. (Regular unsweetened cocoa powder should be used for the initial 1/4 cup in the recipe.)

The moist chocolate brownies can be made with either regular sugar (for non keto) or granulated erythritol. If making them keto, be sure to buy granulated erythritol, not powdered. Or for paleo brownies, you can also use coconut sugar.

While I haven’t tried the recipe with allulose or stevia, feel free to experiment with a granulated stevia blend if you wish, and be sure to report back for other readers if you do.

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Above – watch the video of how to make keto brownies!

The Best Low Carb Keto Brownie Recipe
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Keto Brownies

How to make easy low carb keto brownies with almond flour.
4.87/5 (204)
Total Time 17 minutes
Yield 15 – 25 brownies


  • 1 cup fine almond flour
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp dutch cocoa or additional regular
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/3 cup melted coconut oil or butter
  • 3 tbsp water or additional oil
  • 2 eggs, or 2 flax eggs
  • 2/3 cup granulated erythritol or regular sugar
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • *If you're a visual learner, feel free to watch the keto brownie recipe video posted above!
    Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease an 8-inch pan, or line with parchment. Mix all ingredients well. Spread evenly into the pan. Smooth down, using a second sheet of parchment if needed. Bake 20 minutes on the center rack, then let cool completely and they will continue to firm up. They also firm up even more if you refrigerate very loosely covered overnight. The brownies are delicious with or without frosting (for the photos, I used the keto chocolate frosting recipe linked above in this post). If you try the brownies, don’t forget to leave a comment or rate the recipe below!
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The recipe was adapted from this chocolate Keto Cake.

Have you made this recipe?

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4.87/5 (204)

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Published on January 20, 2020

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  1. Alice Chasey says

    I made these last night, I ran out of erythritol after ⅓ cup, so I added ⅓ cup of Brown swerve because that’s the only other sweetener I had. I also added ½ tsp of spearmint extract to try and get a mint flavor. It was very slight, if I were to try it again, I’d probably add a full teaspoon, and ⅓ cup of pecans. They were very good, but cutting them into more than 12 was impossible. And when I added the ingredients into MyFitnessPal it came out at 145 calories and 6.7g net carbs. A bit much for someone trying to stay under 20g per day. But my husband loved them, he’s already on maintenance, so he can afford the carbs! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Shawn says

    These guilt-free brownies are delicious! I add a generous helping of pecans and/or walnuts to the mix to make it even more delicious (for those that like nuts). I love the fact that you can eat these without worrying about “carb overload” and still feel satisfied (for those of us that have a sweet tooth). These are GREAT! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Rebecca Haag Guyne says

    These are amazing!!! I have tried others. Your recipe is exceptional! Do you have a yummo keto chocolate cookie recipe?!?!

  4. Patti says

    These were amazing…I’m back so I can make another batch. I used Bob’s Red Mill super-fine almond flour (it doesn’t have a gritty texture like some), added Lily’s dark chocolate chips and used Nutiva butter-flavored coconut oil. These are incredibly rich and delicious and certainly satisfy a sweet tooth. My husband and son tried them and couldn’t believe they were keto (they are both carbivores).

  5. Kaye Nelson says

    How can you get 17-25 brownies out of an 8-inch pan? They would be minuscule, wouldn’t they? I’m still going to try them but just wondered about the serving size!

    • CCK Media Team says

      They are very dense and fudgy! So you can cut them more like fudge if you want a small treat (think fat bombs). However, the nutrition info for 1/25 is so low that you can also easily cut them double that size and they’re still pretty great nutrition facts 🙂

    • Lauren says

      I made these for my husband. He was not a fan. He said they were very dry and not at all fudge. I used Splenda because that is what I had on hand. Could that be the issue?

      • Chocolate Covered Katie says

        Hi, yes unfortunately it really needs to be erythritol (or sugar) because Splenda or stevia will change the texture/bulk and flavor completely, especially since almond flour is already a different texture from regular flour.

  6. Vaughn says

    Whatever I made was horrible. I followed the directions. They came out crumbly, salty and bitter. Absolutely a waste of ingredients and I am really at a loss why. I used Walmart brand “super fine” almond flour, monk fruit sweetener, coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder, the suggested vanilla extract and salt, and some Dutch cocoa as recommended, and two eggs, plus the water. The only change I made was adding some Lily’s chocolate chips. This was basically inedible. What went wrong? I’d really like to know, because it looked amazing in the recipe and has great reviews, but this was a disaster.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, the recipe calls for erythritol, not monk fruit. This is from the makers of the So Nourish erythritol brand: “There are many compounds in monk fruit that make the natural taste a little unpalatable–bitter and astringent.”

  7. SLynn says

    This recipe is the best kept brownie recipe I have tried this far. I do add Lily’s milk chocolate chips to the top and PB FIT drizzled on top. I have made this recipe many times and find that I do have to cook it for 30minutes in my gas oven. They haven’t set up for me when I have taken them out at the recommended time. LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe though!

  8. M says

    I made the chocolate keto brownies today… I used chia eggs (since these are for someone who is GF/Dairy Free and egg free) and coconut oil… I baked them for about 24 min and they’re still a soft mess. They’ve been done for a couple hours, sitting on the counter. Impossible to cut b/c they don’t hold together. Not sure where I went wrong?

    • Patti says

      Try Bob’s red mill egg replacer next time. I think that is one of the best egg alternatives I have tried. This really is a great recipe, I’ve made it 3 times…it’s worth another try.

  9. Maggie says

    These were the best keto brownies I have tried yet (and I have tried a TON of recipes, nothing else has compared until now to regular box mix brownies. You would never know these are low carb!

  10. malia says

    how much sugar, carbs, and fat are in a brownie? it looks & sounds delicious but id like to know the nutritional value 🙂

  11. Jette says

    I made these brownies for my boyfriend’s birthday and he loved them! So decadent and moist! This was my first keto baking experience, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Thank you for the great recipe!

  12. Betsy Finley says

    Is the powdered cocoa th non sweetened baking cocoa powder or sweetened like Nestles Quik sweetened cocoa. I’m sure it’s unsweetened but wanted to check.

    • Patti says

      Unsweetened cocoa for baking. I have used both Ghirardelli and Nestle and both have worked out beautifully. If you use the sweetened cocoa it won’t be keto or low carb.

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