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Keto Brownies

The best and easiest low carb keto brownies. Even people who aren’t on a keto diet will love these unbelievably fudgy chocolate brownies!

The Best Keto Brownies

8 Ingredients

Low Carb


Gluten Free

Better Than Boxed Brownies

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How To Make Keto Brownies (1g Net Carbs)

The Best Keto Brownies – They MELT In Your Mouth!

These impossibly fudgy chocolate brownies are almost guaranteed to win you over.

It’s one of those must-try recipes, because you really need to try them at least once in your life to discover how shockingly good they are!

The simple recipe is so rich and delicious, you might never go back to boxed brownies again.

P.S. —> NO coconut flour, and less than 1 net carb per brownie.

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Keto Chocolate Frosting

Almond Flour Brownie Variations

Feel free to stir a handful of chopped pecans, almonds, or walnuts into the batter.

Or throw in some shredded coconut, cacao nibs, or chocolate chips.

The brownies are perfectly sweet enough to serve on their own, but if you want keto brownies with frosting, I love this Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe.

Easy Low Carb Brownies

To come up with this recipe, I simply adapted my keto chocolate cake into brownies.

Since I know brownies have more fat, less flour, and less leavening than cake, I changed the ingredient proportions accordingly.

The first try wasn’t perfect, but recipe experiments are seldom perfect on the first try, and I quite enjoyed eating the fall-apart-gooey flourless homemade brownie rejects.

*For a brownie in a mug, use the Keto Mug Cake Recipe

Low Carb Keto Chocolate Brownies

Flourless Brownie Ice Cream Sundae = top them with a scoop of Keto Ice Cream.

Keto Brownie Ingredients

Instead of regular flour, these brownies use fine almond meal or almond flour (ground-up almonds), making them both flourless and gluten free.

If you can find dutch cocoa powder, I highly recommend using it here when called for, because that’s the type of cocoa typically used in boxed brownie mixes, so it’s what will make these taste the most authentic.

Most regular grocery stores should sell it – look for the words “processed with alkali” on the ingredient list, and that’s the type to use. (Regular unsweetened cocoa powder should be used for the initial 1/4 cup in the recipe.)

The moist chocolate brownies can be made with either regular sugar (for non keto) or granulated erythritol. If making them keto, be sure to buy granulated erythritol, not powdered. Or for paleo brownies, you can also use coconut sugar.

While I haven’t tried the recipe with allulose or stevia, feel free to experiment with a granulated stevia blend if you wish, and be sure to report back for other readers if you do.

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Above – watch the video of how to make keto brownies!

The Best Low Carb Keto Brownie Recipe

Adapted from this chocolate Keto Cake.

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Keto Brownies

How to make easy low carb keto brownies with almond flour.
4.84/5 (127)
Total Time 17 minutes
Yield 15 – 25 brownies


  • 1 cup fine almond flour
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp dutch cocoa or additional regular
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/3 cup melted coconut oil or butter
  • 3 tbsp water or additional oil
  • 2 eggs, or 2 flax eggs
  • 2/3 cup granulated erythritol or regular sugar
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • *If you're a visual learner, feel free to watch the keto brownie recipe video posted above!
    Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease an 8-inch pan, or line with parchment. Mix all ingredients well. Spread evenly into the pan. Smooth down, using a second sheet of parchment if needed. Bake 20 minutes on the center rack, then let cool completely and they will continue to firm up. They also firm up even more if you refrigerate very loosely covered overnight. The brownies are delicious with or without frosting (for the photos, I used the keto chocolate frosting recipe linked above in this post). If you try the brownies, don’t forget to leave a comment or rate the recipe below!
    View Nutrition Facts

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4.84/5 (127)

Rate this recipe

Published on January 20, 2020

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  1. Maria says

    Hello, can I use applesauce instead of the yogurt?
    I can’t take dairy and it’s difficult to find almond or coconut yogurt
    Let me know and thanks!

    • Natalie says

      These are amazing !! I used a round tin so only got 8 slices, not the 25 mentioned. If you use the correct ingredients they taste great, I’m surprised about how many people use different ingredients and expect it to come out like it should!?! Definitely going to try more of Katie’s recipes

      • Kayh says

        25 servings??? In an 8 inch pan??? Who makes brownies to only eat one bite at a time?? These are not keto brownies if you can only have one bite and it’s a serving. That’s insane. Please give us a recipe where we can eat a normal sized brownie.

        • Shana says

          Couldn’t you have just passed on this one altogether rather than troll this woman who is clearly getting great reviews for this recipe? Would you say these words directly to her face in the extremely rude context that you just did? Can you please create a keto recipe and post it for us according to your very requirements stated above? Where is your blog? More important things to worry about in our world right now than a bratty serving size comment.

          • Shana says

            My come nt above was in response to Kahn BTW. I can’t wait to try these brownies because they look AMAZING!!

  2. Cassie Autumn Tran says

    Yes, we need more vegan keto recipes! I don’t entirely support a ketogenic diet, but I definitely support MORE vegan options that fit every dietary preference! These brownies look delectable. I absolutely would dig into one of these brownies ANY DAY!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Full nutrition facts for her recipes are always linked at the bottom of the ingredient/instructions in the recipe 😉

  3. Bonnie says

    Good morning Katie! What sweetener did you use? I didn’t have success with my method. Here’s what I did:
    I used Truvia baking blend but didn’t use the conversion chart on the bag so I used 1/2 cup when – I’m realizing now – I probably should have used half that amount. My brownies are delicious but crumbly. I’m not too familiar with using Truvia and am wondering if I need to use the conversion chart amounts but add anything else to the batter (like unsweetened applesauce) in order to achieve the proper bulk and consistency of a traditional brownie batter. Or I just use the sweetener you use and have amazing results!

    • Jason Sanford says

      If you need them to be sugar free, I would recommend either erythritol or xylitol. Otherwise use regular sugar and that works too!

  4. Helen says

    Hi. If you doubled the recipe how much longer would you bake it for? I’m thinking of using a slightly larger pan size for a thicker brownie.

  5. Dustin Wilkinson says

    This is not keto! There is a half cup of sugar in it! How can you label this keto and screw up someone’s diet if they don’t know better?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Chocolate chips are optional, so just add a handful 😉
      Oil can be melted coconut, canola, or vegetable oil. Or any neutral oil you prefer in general for baking!

    • James Barnett says

      If you want it to be truly keto, use either coconut oil, olive oil, butter/ghee, or avocado oil if you dont mind the flavor combo. Pecan, almond, or walnut oil would be awesome in there too, if you can afford them!

        • Jason Sanford says

          I don’t think so because it’s not bread or cake that needs to rise so I think the yogurt is only there for moisture/texture. But I haven’t tried, just assuming. Would love to know if you try!

          • Taepin Kasemsarn says

            Is there any yogurt in the keto brownie recipe ? I has been wondering since I made it and it was delicious but a bit dry. If there’s yogurt in there please tell me how much I should use. Thank you.

  6. Kalyani says

    hi Katie- this is my first ever bake with Coconut flour so I think it takes some getting used to ! the shape was fine and the taste was great , but it really fell apart while sering, so perhaps it needs a little xanthum gum or something to give it firmness and texture.. anyways, the family loved it, and heres a ping back thank you from my blog to yours…

  7. Brandy says

    When your recipes call for cocoa powder does this refer to unsweetened baking cocoa. I am on s Keto diet. Thanks!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, unless it specifically says “dutch” cocoa in a recipe then yes, use regular unsweetened 🙂

  8. Rebecca Valentine says

    I substituted the yogurt with coconut cream in same quantity and followed the recipe to a T. Turned out moist, soft and totally delicious. The brownies were over within two days literally. This recipe should come with a “dangerously addictive” warning!

  9. Rebecca Valentine says

    I dont know how to edit my previous comment so re-posting this again.
    I substituted the yogurt with coconut cream in same quantity and followed the recipe to a T. Turned out moist, soft and totally delicious. The brownies were over within two days literally. This recipe should come with a “dangerously addictive” warning!”
    Edit: I missed some points above! The above was when I used extra virgin olive oil and coconut cream for the recipe. When I used coconut oil, it tasted like having solid coconut oil and was a failure. When I used avocado oil, the taste was still delicious but there were bubbles all over the brownie surface and the baking time went up considerably. So my oil of choice would be extra light olive oil.

  10. Shannon says

    Hi Miss Katie,
    I have nots cooked with coconut flour, I’m a flexitarian. So I have tried a lot of eggs, but that just ends up with an eggy taste that is gross. SoI was wondering if there was some pointers you could give me? Like extra water, oil, I know avocado oil has a pretty neutral taste. But I don’t want to use more eggs and I have to maybe maybe flax eggs or chia seeds? I just really want to know how to work with coconut flour?

  11. Tress Rabne says

    Katie, I’d like to make these with the Keto Cream Cheese Frosting. There’s not a place to leave a question on that recipe. In it, you say 2 oz. melted chocolate. Is that unsweetened? semi-sweet? etc.?

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Unsweetened or sweetened are both fine, or it’s also fine to leave it out completely 🙂
      Jason (media relations)

  12. Shiny says

    These keto brownies were so good I wanted to cry. I’d tried a different recipe first (sorry) and yours was so much better ?

  13. Catherine says

    Is the nutritional information using regular granulated sugar or erythritol? Also, the nutritional facts also state there are 25 servings in this, is that right?.

  14. Paul says

    Hi, just curious why you specify using granular erythritol? Other keto brownie recipes I’ve seen recommend powdered erythritol because it dissolves better (apparently erythritol doesn’t dissolve into liquid as well as regular sugar does). Just curious if you had a specific reason for recommending the granular variety? Thanks!

    • Jason Sanford says

      She used granulated because granulated sugar is what’s in regular brownies, no other reason :).
      The cocoa powder sounds great, but if you can find dutch for the optional part, it’s definitely recommended!

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