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Keto Brownies

4.99 from 4859 votes

The best and easiest low carb keto brownies. Even people who aren’t on a keto diet will love these unbelievably fudgy chocolate brownies!

The Best Keto Brownies

8 Ingredients

Low Carb


Gluten Free

Better Than Boxed Brownies

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How To Make Keto Brownies (1g Net Carbs)

The Best Keto Brownies – They MELT In Your Mouth!

These impossibly fudgy chocolate brownies are almost guaranteed to win you over.

It’s one of those must-try recipes, because you really need to try them at least once in your life to discover how shockingly good they are!

The simple recipe is so rich and delicious, you might never go back to boxed brownies again.

P.S. —> NO coconut flour, and less than 1 net carb per brownie.

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Keto Chocolate Frosting

Almond Flour Brownie Variations

Feel free to stir a handful of chopped pecans, almonds, or walnuts into the batter.

Or throw in some shredded coconut, cacao nibs, or chocolate chips.

The brownies are perfectly sweet enough to serve on their own, but if you want keto brownies with frosting, I love this Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe.

Easy Low Carb Brownies

To come up with this recipe, I simply adapted my keto chocolate cake into brownies.

Since I know brownies have more fat, less flour, and less leavening than cake, I changed the ingredient proportions accordingly.

The first try wasn’t perfect, but recipe experiments are seldom perfect on the first try, and I quite enjoyed eating the fall-apart-gooey flourless homemade brownie rejects.

*For a brownie in a mug, use the Keto Mug Cake Recipe

Low Carb Keto Chocolate Brownies

Flourless Brownie Ice Cream Sundae = top them with a scoop of Keto Ice Cream.

Keto Brownie Ingredients

Instead of regular flour, these brownies use fine almond meal or almond flour (ground-up almonds), making them both flourless and gluten free.

If you can find dutch cocoa powder, I highly recommend using it here when called for, because that’s the type of cocoa typically used in boxed brownie mixes, so it’s what will make these taste the most authentic.

Most regular grocery stores should sell it – look for the words “processed with alkali” on the ingredient list, and that’s the type to use. (Regular unsweetened cocoa powder should be used for the initial 1/4 cup in the recipe.)

The moist chocolate brownies can be made with either regular sugar (for non keto) or granulated erythritol. If making them keto, be sure to buy granulated erythritol, not powdered. Or for paleo brownies, you can also use coconut sugar.

While I haven’t tried the recipe with allulose or stevia, feel free to experiment with a granulated stevia blend if you wish, and be sure to report back for other readers if you do.

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Above – watch the video of how to make keto brownies!

The Best Low Carb Keto Brownie Recipe
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Keto Brownies

How to make easy low carb keto brownies with almond flour.
Cook Time 17 minutes
Total Time 17 minutes
Yield 15 – 25 brownies
5 from 4859 votes


  • 1 cup fine almond flour
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp dutch cocoa or additional regular
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/3 cup melted coconut oil or butter
  • 3 tbsp water or additional oil
  • 2 eggs, or 2 flax eggs
  • 2/3 cup granulated erythritol or regular sugar
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • *If you're a visual learner, feel free to watch the keto brownie recipe video posted above!
    Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease an 8-inch pan, or line with parchment. Mix all ingredients well. Spread evenly into the pan. Smooth down, using a second sheet of parchment if needed. Bake 20 minutes on the center rack, then let cool completely and they will continue to firm up. They also firm up even more if you refrigerate very loosely covered overnight. The brownies are delicious with or without frosting (for the photos, I used the keto chocolate frosting recipe linked above in this post). If you try the brownies, don’t forget to leave a comment or rate the recipe below!
    View Nutrition Facts


The recipe was adapted from this chocolate Keto Cake.

Have you made this recipe?

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Published on January 20, 2020

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  1. Maria says

    Hello, can I use applesauce instead of the yogurt?
    I can’t take dairy and it’s difficult to find almond or coconut yogurt
    Let me know and thanks!

    • Natalie says

      These are amazing !! I used a round tin so only got 8 slices, not the 25 mentioned. If you use the correct ingredients they taste great, I’m surprised about how many people use different ingredients and expect it to come out like it should!?! Definitely going to try more of Katie’s recipes

      • Kayh says

        25 servings??? In an 8 inch pan??? Who makes brownies to only eat one bite at a time?? These are not keto brownies if you can only have one bite and it’s a serving. That’s insane. Please give us a recipe where we can eat a normal sized brownie.

        • Shana says

          Couldn’t you have just passed on this one altogether rather than troll this woman who is clearly getting great reviews for this recipe? Would you say these words directly to her face in the extremely rude context that you just did? Can you please create a keto recipe and post it for us according to your very requirements stated above? Where is your blog? More important things to worry about in our world right now than a bratty serving size comment.

          • Shana says

            My come nt above was in response to Kahn BTW. I can’t wait to try these brownies because they look AMAZING!!

          • Puteri says

            Thabks for the recipe 😁. I sub the sweetener to monk fruit extract. Hm, still getting used to using it. I cant get the 25 serving though. They cant fill up my 7″ pan fully. I might double these next time

          • Marilyn says

            You’re bang on Shana! Recipe DOES say 15-25 brownies…MY big concern would be; how do you get an odd number on a square pan??? My OCD won’t have it! Lol

        • SUE says

          I too thought 25 brownies was a little far fetched. However, I used a melon baller & scooped into paper cupcake wrappers. I was only able to make 22. I’m bringing to a get together where my friend is gluten free. She loves to try my treats. Can’t wait to see how they are.

        • Mike says

          Divide the 25 count by 5…giving you 5 serving sizes. Multiply nutritional facts times 5 to give relative facts for your 5 count serving. You’re welcome…peace

        • Clara says

          I made these brownies and they are extremely rich, a small serving is all you need. Wonderful recipe – I used water instead of adding more oil and it was still a very decadent fudgy brownie.

        • Marcela says

          Entitlement at is best!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄. If you don’t like the recipe go Google another one that fits your big appetite better.

          • Kelsey Thomason says

            5 stars
            Bahahaha. Thank you for saying the only thing that should’ve been said to portion size patty.

            This comment should be dedicated To all the keto Karen’s out there ❤️

        • Amy says

          5 stars
          @KAYH, you don’t have to make these if you don’t want to, no one is forcing you to and there is no need to insult this recipe 🙂 Keep in mind keto isn’t really meant to accommodate desserts so having even one bite as an option is amazing! Sounds like maybe keto or keto brownies aren’t quite for you?
          Overall, these taste great! I used allulose to sweeten them and they came out great! Naturally I cut my slices bigger but even just one bite was amazing!

        • Beth says

          I put these through a Keto calculator. Making 12 brownies they are only 117 calories and 2 carbs each. You should have done the calcs before going off in the comments.

          • Reese says

            5 stars
            Absolutely delish! I used 3 eggs to make it more like a cake. I also add some walnuts. Will make again, thank you for the recipe!

        • Cj says

          5 stars
          Then adjust it to your desirable servings and figure your macros to fit your eating plan! Keto isn’t about the serving sizes, it’s about the state of ketosis. Nor is it about gorging on keto sweets. 🤔

        • Cj says

          Kayh…Then adjust it to your desirable servings and figure your macros to fit your macros!!!! Keto brownies isn’t about the serving sizes. Keto is about the state of ketosis.
          not how much you want to splurge on to keto your appetite half! It is not about gorging on keto sweets. This should be treat not a meal. That’s the reason too many are unsuccessful in the keto plan. How sad you chose to be rude instead of thankful for her time in creating and sharing her recipes for FREE. Please be a better person🤔

        • Ernie says

          As a rule I never reply to comments, but yours was so particularly misinformed… (and trolls won’t return after this long anyway but….)

          By the posted macro list (using erythritol instead of sugar), the ENTIRE recipe has only 17.5 net carbs. Don’t like “small bites”? Divide it into 9 pieces and you still end up with less than 2 net carbs per brownie. Not keto? You’re not only wrong, you’re missing out on a wonderful treat. I am making this recipe tonight for the first time, but having made many different recipes during my keto journey, I already know these will be spot on delicious!

        • Kelly Travis says

          5 stars
          I agree , they are absolutely delicious but 25 servings in an 8.inch pan !!! That’s one mouthful . I cut it into 9 Squares , then read later that I’ve probably eaten my daily carb intake , can we freeze them ?

    • Anne H Burleson says

      I made these brownies today. I used coconut sugar, real eggs, only had the Dutch Chocolate, so I used it. I put dark chocolate chips and chopped pecans in too. Delicious! Very dark but sweet enough. 😋

  2. Cassie Autumn Tran says

    Yes, we need more vegan keto recipes! I don’t entirely support a ketogenic diet, but I definitely support MORE vegan options that fit every dietary preference! These brownies look delectable. I absolutely would dig into one of these brownies ANY DAY!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Full nutrition facts for her recipes are always linked at the bottom of the ingredient/instructions in the recipe 😉

  3. Bonnie says

    Good morning Katie! What sweetener did you use? I didn’t have success with my method. Here’s what I did:
    I used Truvia baking blend but didn’t use the conversion chart on the bag so I used 1/2 cup when – I’m realizing now – I probably should have used half that amount. My brownies are delicious but crumbly. I’m not too familiar with using Truvia and am wondering if I need to use the conversion chart amounts but add anything else to the batter (like unsweetened applesauce) in order to achieve the proper bulk and consistency of a traditional brownie batter. Or I just use the sweetener you use and have amazing results!

    • Jason Sanford says

      If you need them to be sugar free, I would recommend either erythritol or xylitol. Otherwise use regular sugar and that works too!

      • Deb says

        I often use a combo of erythriol & monkfruit to avoid the aftertaste. If you have pets, please avoid the xylitol since it’s super toxic to them, even a tiny bit. Enjoy!

  4. Helen says

    Hi. If you doubled the recipe how much longer would you bake it for? I’m thinking of using a slightly larger pan size for a thicker brownie.

  5. Dustin Wilkinson says

    This is not keto! There is a half cup of sugar in it! How can you label this keto and screw up someone’s diet if they don’t know better?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Chocolate chips are optional, so just add a handful 😉
      Oil can be melted coconut, canola, or vegetable oil. Or any neutral oil you prefer in general for baking!

    • James Barnett says

      If you want it to be truly keto, use either coconut oil, olive oil, butter/ghee, or avocado oil if you dont mind the flavor combo. Pecan, almond, or walnut oil would be awesome in there too, if you can afford them!

        • Jason Sanford says

          I don’t think so because it’s not bread or cake that needs to rise so I think the yogurt is only there for moisture/texture. But I haven’t tried, just assuming. Would love to know if you try!

          • Taepin Kasemsarn says

            Is there any yogurt in the keto brownie recipe ? I has been wondering since I made it and it was delicious but a bit dry. If there’s yogurt in there please tell me how much I should use. Thank you.

  6. Kalyani says

    hi Katie- this is my first ever bake with Coconut flour so I think it takes some getting used to ! the shape was fine and the taste was great , but it really fell apart while sering, so perhaps it needs a little xanthum gum or something to give it firmness and texture.. anyways, the family loved it, and heres a ping back thank you from my blog to yours…

  7. Brandy says

    When your recipes call for cocoa powder does this refer to unsweetened baking cocoa. I am on s Keto diet. Thanks!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, unless it specifically says “dutch” cocoa in a recipe then yes, use regular unsweetened 🙂

  8. Rebecca Valentine says

    I substituted the yogurt with coconut cream in same quantity and followed the recipe to a T. Turned out moist, soft and totally delicious. The brownies were over within two days literally. This recipe should come with a “dangerously addictive” warning!

  9. Rebecca Valentine says

    I dont know how to edit my previous comment so re-posting this again.
    I substituted the yogurt with coconut cream in same quantity and followed the recipe to a T. Turned out moist, soft and totally delicious. The brownies were over within two days literally. This recipe should come with a “dangerously addictive” warning!”
    Edit: I missed some points above! The above was when I used extra virgin olive oil and coconut cream for the recipe. When I used coconut oil, it tasted like having solid coconut oil and was a failure. When I used avocado oil, the taste was still delicious but there were bubbles all over the brownie surface and the baking time went up considerably. So my oil of choice would be extra light olive oil.

  10. Shannon says

    Hi Miss Katie,
    I have nots cooked with coconut flour, I’m a flexitarian. So I have tried a lot of eggs, but that just ends up with an eggy taste that is gross. SoI was wondering if there was some pointers you could give me? Like extra water, oil, I know avocado oil has a pretty neutral taste. But I don’t want to use more eggs and I have to maybe maybe flax eggs or chia seeds? I just really want to know how to work with coconut flour?

  11. Tress Rabne says

    Katie, I’d like to make these with the Keto Cream Cheese Frosting. There’s not a place to leave a question on that recipe. In it, you say 2 oz. melted chocolate. Is that unsweetened? semi-sweet? etc.?

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Unsweetened or sweetened are both fine, or it’s also fine to leave it out completely 🙂
      Jason (media relations)

  12. Shiny says

    These keto brownies were so good I wanted to cry. I’d tried a different recipe first (sorry) and yours was so much better ?

    • Stefanie Weese says

      I made this and love them.
      I figured I could respond, as I did use Stevia instead of the erythritol (I only had powdered in the house at the time) but my stevia was granulated.
      I used just under the 2/3 Cup you called for. Literally, used my ⅔C measuring cup but didn’t pack it and left a bit of space to the rim.
      Worked beautifully!!!

  13. Catherine says

    Is the nutritional information using regular granulated sugar or erythritol? Also, the nutritional facts also state there are 25 servings in this, is that right?.

  14. Paul says

    Hi, just curious why you specify using granular erythritol? Other keto brownie recipes I’ve seen recommend powdered erythritol because it dissolves better (apparently erythritol doesn’t dissolve into liquid as well as regular sugar does). Just curious if you had a specific reason for recommending the granular variety? Thanks!

    • Jason Sanford says

      She used granulated because granulated sugar is what’s in regular brownies, no other reason :).
      The cocoa powder sounds great, but if you can find dutch for the optional part, it’s definitely recommended!

        • CCK Media Team says

          We haven’t tried it so honestly don’t know if it would work or taste good. But if you experiment, I’d maybe look into a splenda baking blend instead of the powdered/packets so you’re getting the same texture as sugar or erythritol at least. Be sure to report back if you try!

          • Sarah says

            I definitely do NOT recommend Splenda! It was unfortunately the only non-sugar sweetener I had in the house at the time and I was baking for someone on a sugar-free diet. I used approx. 1/4 cup Splenda but the flavor of the artificial sweetener was super strong and the texture of the brownies was super crumbly. I also used a flax egg, so I am not sure which substitution led to the texture issue but they did not stay together. I will certainly try the recipe again sometime (as written) when baking for myself and not a vegan sugar-free audience 🙂

  15. Michele says

    Katie, I was wondering about the flax egg. Have you tried making these both ways (with eggs & with flax eggs) and if so, did you have a preference? I’d love to use flax whenever possible, but not if the recipe turns out better with eggs.
    Thanks so much!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, I’m not Katie but I’ve personally done them with eggs and was a taste tester for the ones with flax. Both are delicious – the egg ones just rise more!

    • Joss says

      5 stars
      I would love the recipe you used! I tried to do this today and the low carb cheesecake batter I used kept them from setting at all. So, I have brownie pudding for desert this week. lol

  16. Nimisha Clawson says

    These were great! I made them for me on Super Bowl! I am still eating them everyday! I even forgot to put the butter in! I found the melted butter a few hours later in the microwave. I definitely liked them better after an overnight cooling in the fridge. They were softer. Enjoying them now in my Carbmaster White Chocolate Flavored Raspberry yogurt from Kroger!

    • Rachel A says

      I am about to try it with monk fruit. I don’t like a lot of other sweeteners for Keto. I have monk fruit and stevia. I will post when I’m done and let you know how they turn out. Wish me luck!!

      • Rachel says

        Could these be made with a concentrated liquid sweetener like stevia or monk fruit drops? And if so, would I have to make up the volume with something else and what would you suggest?

    • Aline says

      Hi Katie, can you please explain why the erythritol has to be granulated instead of powdered? Because I’ve read a lot about how hard is for it do dissolve, so I would think powdered would be better? I have the granular at home, and depending on the recipe I blend it to make it fine. Thank you!

  17. Leslie says

    The keto brownies were great! I used half the recommended sugar and they ended up turning out super salty, so will use less salt next time.

  18. Lindsay Stacy says

    Hello! I just made these brownies and popped in the oven! But I noticed on the servings it says 25!?! I dont see how I can make 25 out of this batch. Lol i didn’t know if it was a misprint? Can’t wait to try them but dont want to mess up my ketosis so want to get serving size right!

  19. Lindsay Stacy says

    Also, am I missing something? I keep seeing comments about yogurt and I’ve checked the ingredient list multiple times and dont see any yogurt on there!?!?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, sorry for the confusion. The recipe is correct as written; the url was updated to be more clear/organized, and the former recipe that was moved (the one the older comments are talking about) is this one:

      These are super rich, which is why the 25 serving size (especially if you freeze them – they are more like fudge!), but that absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one or cut them bigger than fudge size 🙂

      • Sonja Truesdale says

        LOL, thank you for clarifying the yoghurt ingredient Jason, as I was scratching my head thinking yoghurt? Where does it say yoghurt? 🤣

        I just made the brownies this arvo, I stuffed up the frosting though, I used granulated Monkfruit granules instead of powder or at least milling the granules into an ‘icing sugar texture. Oh well, it will make for a crunchy topping 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Courtney says

    Hello! I don’t really know anything about baking, but I know I did something wrong here just not sure what. These were so dry it was hard to swallow. There was no moisture to it even before baking. The mixture pre-baking was like a breadcrumb mixture basically. I didn’t read the comments before, but I keep seeing confirmation there are no eggs in the recipe. That’s confusing because they are definitely listed in the ingredients list (so I used them). Doubt that would be why I messed up, just confusing for someone with no baking knowledge. Below is what I did, hoping you can help me figure out where I went wrong and why:

    1 cup fine almond flour (I used coconut)
    1/4 cup cocoa powder
    2 tbsp dutch cocoa or additional regular
    1 tsp baking powder (used baking soda)
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/3 cup melted coconut oil or butter (measure out 1/3 cup and then melted, not sure if I ended up with not enough oil maybe?)
    3 tbsp water or additional oil
    2 eggs, or 2 flax eggs (here are the eggs)
    2/3 cup granulated erythritol or regular sugar (used 1/3 cup honey)
    1 tsp pure vanilla extract

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi Courtney, unfortunately coconut flour is NOT a substitute for almond flour. These must use almond flour. And in general, coconut flour cannot be subbed for other flours in a recipe without changing the liquid ratio because it soaks up liquid like a sponge.

    • Amy says

      It states not to use coconut flour. Also when using coconut flour (which I hate) you use about a fourth compared to almond and have to still add more egg/oil/water or something liquid.

      It also says flax eggs if not regular eggs. Do you know what those are? They are not actual eggs.

      You subbed soda for powder and it’s not as simple as just switching one for the other.

      When a recipe calls for a certain amount of liquid you should measure the liquid form.

      You might need to pay attention to following recipes and making sure you know how to make acceptable substitutions instead of winging it. You’ll waste less time and money 🙂

    • Caryn says

      Baking soda and baking powder or two very different things. Don’t switch them out. If a recipe calls for baking powder, use it.

    • Fed Up says

      I’m sorry, is this a joke post?
      “All I did was swap out all these ingredients for things that aren’t even close to being the same and the recipe didn’t work, so I defintely think your recipe is wrong!”

  21. J Mason says

    Wow! Very good. Rich & Fudgy. Ended up cooking mine for 25 minutes. At 20, they looked a bit undone. Trying to let them sit to firm up, but it’s hard to wait! Even the 10-year old picky eater likes these ‘keto’ brownies. Darn, I have to share! Thank you for the recipe. I’m glad I stumbled upon your site!

  22. Bibi says

    How are these suppose to be when taken out of the oven at 20 minutes? I followed the ingredients and directions exactly but there was still a lot of jiggle at the 20 minute mark so I tested with a knife and it came out with a lot of batter on it. I put it back in for 10 more minutes but the results were a drier brownie that had the tendency to fall apart when cut—definitely not fudgy. They did, however, have a rich chocolate taste. Next time, since the recipe states they will continue to firm up as they cool, should I take them while still jiggly at 20 minutes or try 25 minutes? BTW, I used Kirkland Blanched Almond Flour, Navitas Cacao Powder, Rumford bp, salt, Swerve, water, large eggs and vanilla extract.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Yup, take them out when still soft! 🙂
      They will firm up, as the recipe says. And if they’re still too soft for your liking, you can stick them in the fridge overnight after they cool, and they firm up even more by the next day.

  23. Geri Lynn Habstritt says

    Am I missing something? Many are inquiring about yogurt, Yet I don’t see yogurt in the ingredients.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi sorry for the confusion – the recipe has been updated/improved and no longer needs yogurt 🙂
      Jason (media relations)

  24. Drew Johnson says

    Is it possible to use 1 cup of regular white flour instead of almond flour? I don’t have any almond flour currently and would love to make these brownies.

  25. Andy says

    Hi, I would like to make the frosting as well – do I spread it on top of the brownie mix before it goes in the oven? Or do I bake the brownies separately and then put the frosting on? Thanks!

  26. Kay says

    These brownies are to die for! I used salted organic butter and added pecans. Surprisingly, I resisted the urge to bake longer; perfection!!

  27. Eva says

    These are very…. chocolatey and sweet. I would use less chocolate and erthritol. And frosting would be OVERKILL on sweet.

  28. David says

    I made these, and my family enjoyed it and even asked for more, and they aren’t even following a keto diet. 🙂 This is definitely becoming a a regular thing as it was really easy to make and came out well, even though I did make a mistake by not mixing all the dry ingredients first before the liquid ingredients. I used coconut oil and ghee instead of butter to avoid issues with dairy, and I couldn’t even wait to not taste some of the batter before popping it in the oven, and I really love the chocolate and coconut flavours together. Next time, I’ll make sure to not make any mistakes, but that it turned out wonderfully still for a beginner in the kitchen…Well, thank you for sharing this recipe. It means a lot to people like me with blood sugar issues that we can still enjoy delicious food that’s also healthy. You’re part of the reason more of us can adhere to a healthier lifestyle.

  29. AstroTalk says

    Hi Katie,
    I recently started by keto diet and was craving for a brownie, your keto brownie is the best thing i have ever had in my keto diet. I loved it

  30. Theresa says

    5 stars
    Looks yummy. Can I use all Dutch cocoa instead of the two different types of cocoa? How about Lakanto sweetener which is a combo of monkfruit and erythritol? That’s what I have at home but I don’t want this to be a fail. Thanks

  31. Haley says

    Made these for a family member on keto and will NOT make again. I substituted butter for coconut oil, and stevia for Erythritol. They were not edible. We are huge chocolate lovers and had high hopes, but they were not met.

    • Jason Sanford says

      But if you subbed stevia for the erythritol then unfortunately you didn’t make the recipe. Stevia is specifically not listed because it doesn’t work! You are of course always free to change up a recipe, but always at your own risk.

  32. Penelope says

    I made the brownie recipe & followed it except I ran out of Erythritol & had to use just a Tbs. of Splenda. I threw in a hand full of pecans & baked for 22 minutes & they were perfect. I also melted Pillsbury sugar free icing & drizzled over them. I’m on a low carb diet & crave sweets. These were yummy. Thanks!!

  33. Caroline Nobee says

    These were absolutely perfect for me! You can’t even tell that they’re sugar free. I used flavourless coconut oil. Thank you Katie for including some keto recipes! I used a combination of Xylitol sweetener and Splenda. Next mission is to add the frosting, yum!

  34. Dottie says

    I just made these and used the exact ingredients for the exception of the sweetener, I used monkfruit which was fantastic as there was no after taste. I there in some walnuts. I am happy with this recipe but is there an ingredient I could add to help with the bit of crumbliness because of using almond flour. I have noticed most keto desserts like cake or cookies have that slight crumbliness. Just need something to stabilize this, otherwise great taste!

    • Jill says

      I think after mixing this up as written[used melted butter] that one quarter tsp of xanthan gum would perfect these. They seemed too wet. I’m also baking for an extra two minutes. Most brownie recipes don’t use water, just oil. Something else you may consider.

    • CarolH says

      I add zanthan gum powder to most almond flour baked goods recipes. About 1/4 teaspoon per 1 cup almond flour. This helps hold things together and gives a chewiness to cookies and bread items.

  35. Reinn says

    I love me some Chocolate Covered Katie, but girl, 25 brownies from an 8×8 pan???? I made them with Swerve confectioners as it was all I had. They are not bad but I get 9 brownies from an 8×8 pan at 105 calories and 1.7 net carbs each. I swapped Cabot low fat Greek Vanilla Bean yogurt for the 3T additional oil and I never use egg yolks; two egg whites for 3ach egg.

  36. Haley says

    I made these brownies because I was looking for an easy-to-make keto dessert. They were so yummy! I added keto chocolate chips (Lily’s Brand). I will definitely be making these again! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe.

  37. Jane says

    I subbed hazelnut flour for the almond flour and used a 6″ baking pan and my convection oven. They came out amazing but i had to triple the baking time for some reason probably related to one or more of the things i just mentioned. Thanks for the recipe, will definitely make again!

  38. Helen says

    Great brownies but is the carb count correct by my calculation they are a lot lower than you state on the recipe.

  39. Peter says

    Hi, appreciate if you can assist with these 2 points :
    1. 2 tbsp dutch cocoa or additional regular
    2. 3 tbsp water or additional oil
    Do we put these together with all the other ingredients ? If we don’t use dutch cocoa so does it mean that the total cocoa we use is 1/4 cup+2 tbsp ? And if not addding water do we just add the 3 tbsp additional oil with the initial 1/3 cup oil ?
    Thanks so much

  40. Mary says

    yeah, i agree! I only thought “well, if i divide two slices of whole wheat bread in twenty ones i won’t have more than 1 net carb, too, lol”
    it seems delicious, of course 🙂 the recipes are always amazing, but i’ll might try another one… :c

  41. Christine says

    Very good brownies! The only thing I altered was adding about 1/4 Chocolate chips to batter because I always do that in brownies! And I added about a 1/2 teaspoon espresso to really bring out the chocolate. I feel like there’s always a certain grittiness with almond flour but you get used to it. I was definitely craving brownies but doing keto so this was a great recipe. Looking forward to trying more in the future!

  42. Heather Kell says

    Made the chocolate cake and followed the recipe except we used STEVIA instead of the other sweetener you mentioned. It was almost inedible, so I wonder what we did wrong? Should it be beaten in a mixer? There is no oil or butter in it either, anyway your thoughts appreciated

  43. Esther Fleischer says

    You have no clue how excited I was to come across this shortly before Passover! This is a time of year, when my choice of flour is limited to potato starch, nut flours, and matzo meal. Which generally means that if it’s not meringues or fruit crisps (using matzo farfel in place of rolled oats!), finding baked goods that measure up on both taste AND texture can be a real challenge. Generally speaking? Passover dessert recipes aren’t recipes I’d want to make the rest of the year.

    Well, these brownies were a happy exception! Moist, delicious, sinfully rich… AND under my 200-calories per serving rule! I didn’t even need to frost them; just dusted with powdered sugar.

    A+, will make again! Probably after things settle down to normal and we can entertain company again…

  44. cassy says

    Yum, yum! The very best keto brownies. They taste like the real deal and can’t even notice the almond flour. Delicious, even my husband who doesn’t like keto desserts said he loved it. The only thing I changed was I used Greek yogurt instead of butter or oil and it still can out awesome. Thanks Katie for yet another wonderful recipe.

  45. Teri says

    Hi Katie, I RARELY leave a comment about a recipe, but these are OUTSTANDING!! Ive made other low carb brownie recipes and they lacked in a major way. I made them with butter and added pecans. I think it’s possible I wouldn’t pass a taste test with these and good old fashioned brownie mix. The only thing I did a little different was to mix the dry ingredients before adding the wet. Keep up the good work! Thank you SO much!

  46. madu says

    HI Katie, hi Jason, hi u. Could u tell me if the size of each 25 servings is equal to the pictures shown with the recipe?

  47. Dee says

    These brownies were great. Not gritty and although I use stevia I opted to use the recipe ingredients. It was well worth it 30 minutes it took to make this brownie. I did add a couple of shakes of cayenne pepper and about 2 more tbsp of serve. Topped with Keto coffee ice cream.

  48. Dee says

    These brownies were great. Not gritty and although I normal use stevia I opted to use the recipe recommended sweetener ingredient. It was well worth the 30 minutes it took to make this brownie. I did add a couple of shakes of cayenne pepper and about 2 more tbsp of swerve. Topped with Keto coffee ice cream.

  49. Lynette says

    Really Good! I just made these today. Happened to have everything needed. I was also making some cinnamon-roasted pecans and happened to have an extra egg yolk so I used that in place of the water because I didn’t want to waste the yolk. These are so good, not dry, very moist, rich and chewy delicious.

  50. Clemmie says

    We have been on the Leto diet for a while now and have tried different recipes ,but NOTHING as good as these . We have made them twice now and are making them again soon. All of Katie’s recipes are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Alyssa says

    Brownies came out great! I used “super fine” almond flour and for the avoidance of a crumbly mixture, I think it is a must. I also used monkfruit sweetener and 3 tablespoons of oil. I got 16 pieces out of my 8×8 pan.

  52. April says

    Excellent recipe! I topped the brownies with a simple butter/chocolate frosting that had unsweetened almond milk, vanilla extract, and swerve confectioner sugar. Double fudge for the win!!

  53. Weston Blaine says

    Satisfied my chocolate monster!!! Incredible, I could not tell that it was a Keto recipe, did not miss the sugar. Delicious!

  54. Anne says

    Great keto brownies!!! Really helps me enjoy a desert and makes me happy not being addicted to sugar. I can easily enjoy and satisfied with just one brownie, instead of two large sugar brownies!! My go to desert is this recipe !$

  55. Marsha Doctor says

    I made these exactly as recipe. They tasted pretty good but they did have that awful “cooling affect” from the erythetol. Next time I think I should add some stevia liquid to negate the cooling affect. Do you know how much I should add?

  56. Becca says

    I have a question, which ingredients were used for the brownies and which were used for the frosting? Or were they all used for the brownies and the frosting was just extra?

  57. Sachi says

    The first time I made these they were wayyy too sweet even though I used a little less than 2/3 C erythritol/monk fruit sweetener, so the second time around I used 1/3 C and added walnuts and they were perfect with the icing! I did have to bake them a little longer to get them to set. I’ve been doing keto for a while now, so I can no longer handle the “normal” level of sweetness.

  58. Kelly benson says

    Hands down the best keto brownie recipe I have ever found! Make this chocolate loving girls dream come true lol

  59. Megan says

    Just made these and they are excellent. Granted I did make a few changes – I used 3tbs of half and half instead of water, added 1tbs of Golden monkfruit sweetener and some ghiradelli dark chocolate chips. The chips added some carbs/sugar but they are still quite low carb (9g when cut into 16 servings) but added a lot to the flavor.

  60. Nicola says

    5 stars
    So I forgot to put the Almond milk in and only realised just as I popped the tray into the oven, I quickly pulled it out and chucked in the almond milk and mixed in it the baking tray (Fail I know)… The bottom of the brownies cooked but the top stayed gooey, I even tried to cook it for an extra 30 minutes after leaving it in the fridge for an hour and I had no luck. I will give it another go, I just want to find out after 20 minutes in the oven should the brownies be a cake like texture already or slightly gooey and then you let them harden in the fridge? Thanks!

    I can say that the cooked part did taste absolutely amazing!

    • nicola says

      Never mind I just realised I misread the almond flour as almond milk while cleaning up and so I had a super blonde baking moment today! I decided to chuck the baked and squishy tray I was left with into a bowl and mixed it together. I then made small cake balls and popped it back into the oven to bake for 10 minutes and popped them straight into the freezer for the next 40 minutes. They turned out great!

      I’ll definitely give it another go and give an update.

  61. Jordan says

    Good recipe, but kind still turned out slightly crumbly and a little too sweet. They’re not as good as “real” brownies, but are definitely a good alternative.

  62. Anne Stockdale says

    Wow!! Excellent brownies!!! Helps me when I just need a desert while on Keto!! I used the Whole Earth Allulose baking blend instead of the Erthiyol. I am down 47 pounds since Dec16, 2019. This recipe keeps me happy!! I make them every six weeks. I get 9 brownies out of them and that’s fine.

  63. Taepin Kasemsarn says

    Hi! Is there yogurt in the keto brownie ingredient? I can’t find where you put it and how much. I read the comments and people talking about it so I ‘m wondering

  64. Carissa says

    Is this recipe is supposed to make 24 brownies??? The nutrition facts is for 24 right? So do you just cut them bite size? I always thought an 8in pan made 9 brownies?? Thank you!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! They are denser than regular brownies – almost fudge like – so Katie sometimes cuts them small like you would cut fudge before serving at parties. But even if you do 9 brownies, it’s still under 150 calories per brownie 🙂

  65. Lauren says

    Has anyone tried these using the flax egg option? I have done it with real egg and love it! But my daughter has an egg allergy and I rarely have good luck making treats that are keto AND egg free. Does this recipe work well with the flax option?

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, I would guess it would be okay but we haven’t tried so can’t say for sure. Be sure to report back if you try!

  66. Karen says

    This is a delicious recipe! I used 1/3 cup granulated sucralose because it’s what’s available in the house.

  67. Chrissy says

    These are great keto friendly brownies and I love making these when I need a quick brownie/chocolate fix. One comment though the serving size seems way off. There’s no way you can have 25 brownies out of this recipe. Maybe 12-15? Just an observation.

  68. Jen says

    I read through the comments and didn’t see anyone ask—- can this be made with a monk fruit/Erythritol Blend? The lankato brand specifically. Thanks!

  69. Asha says

    I made these and they were amazing! Was nervous about making them as I have tried a Keto brownie recipe before and they were awful. I added dark chocolate chips to the batter and topped with chopped hazelnut and oh my I think this will be my go to recipe!

  70. Alysia says

    So, I’ve made keto chocolate chip cookies a few times before trying this brownie recipe (not from this blog) and they were good but you could tell that they were different from a normal homemade cookie. They had a slightly bitter taste from the Swerve which I just thought was normal for keto sweets. BUT NOT THESE. I am absolutely blown away by the simplicity of this recipe while also achieving the perfect taste and texture of regular homemade brownies. I also added Lily’s dark chocolate chips into my batch and they turned out great. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!

  71. Karen O’Toole says

    I followed the recipe but the center was too wet. The brownies were delicious, but the center 3X3 was a waste. Is there a good way to test for doneness?

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, luckily brownies don’t have to rise like cakes do, so it’s fine to open the oven to test it and then close the oven again and continue to cook until desired doneness (using a toothpick to see if it’s done). However, you can also take it out when it’s still underbaked and then let it sit (only very loosely covered) in the fridge overnight and they will magically firm up without overcooking 🙂

  72. Brenda W says

    I made these exactly as the directions called for, for a keto diet. Mine turned out with the consistency of cornbread but still had a good taste. I also made the lemon pound cake and got the same consistency. Has anyone else experienced this and how can I change it to be like a normal brownie?

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, what flour did you use? Also was the lemon pound cake from this site? I don’t think Katie has a pound cake recipe on her site, so maybe it’s from a different blog?

      • Brenda W says

        I used the fine almond flour that was called for. I printed the Keto Brownies recipe and followed it precisely. The consistency was like cornbread but it still had a good taste. Was hoping it would be more like flour brownies. You are right on the lemon pound cake, it was from another site, but Katie has a lemon loaf I might try, it looks yummy.

  73. Kirsty-Anne says

    These are lovely and melt in your mouth. I love chocolate but am trying to be good so these are really good for my sweet craving. Thank you

  74. Delilah Jane😽 says

    Hi- I’m super grateful for these recipes. I’m a type 1 diabetic and I love to bake keto, this is where I get basically all of my recipes. I was wondering what to add more of (or less of) to make brownies more moist, and less dry and crumbly. Thanks again for the wonderful recipes!❤

  75. Delilah Jane😽 says

    HI! I’m a super huge fan of CCK! I’m a Type 1 diabetic and I love to bake keto. I was wondering if there was something to add or subtract to or from the recipe to make the brownies more moist?! 👁❤🥔!

    Thx, D.J.🧃

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! They are not supposed to be dry at all. Did you happen to sub coconut flour for the almond? What specific ingredients did you use?

      • Delilah Jane😽 says

        HI, I used all of the ingredients listed. I think the problem might have been that after taking the brownies out after 20 minutes, they looked underdone, so I put them back in the oven for about 10 more minutes. I tried the brownies the second time, and they came out much better when I just let them sit for an hour. But thanks for your help! 💓 D.J. 🥔

        • CCK Media Team says

          No worries, glad they ended up working out. We always want Katie’s recipes to work for everyone as much as possible! 🙂

        • Lina Tewala says

          5 stars
          Turned out great and fudgy! Used white sugar, eggs, no Dutch cocoa, and water instead of additional oil. Baked the cake for 18 minutes and left it outside for a bit.

  76. Penny says

    Hi, I made these brownies with all of the ingredients listed, and I felt sick after eating them from the amount of coconut oil lingering in my mouth. Is there any way to fix this? Maybe I am just not used to keto. The texture of these brownies is great, but they tasted very strange. I’m sure this is a wrong turn on my end, not yours, but please help! Btw, I love your recipes!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, what specific ingredients did you use? Keto is indeed very fat-heavy like you mentioned and these brownies would definitely fit into that fudge-like category (which is why the serving size is so small – they are so rich). So maybe it’s that? Or if you’re just not a fan of coconut oil, butter or a vegan butter spread can be subbed if you want to try that!

    • J.C. says

      I think Keto fans developed a different taste for chocolate. My non-Keto friends think my chocolate and caramel packaged snacks have a strange after taste. I don’t taste it. I think I’m just thankful for Keto friendly snacks. I don’t have to ignore my cravings.

  77. Donna Carlin says

    Love love love these brownies!!! Needed a keto recipe like this to satisfy my major sweet tooth. I use this recipe over and over and no need to go back to boxed brownies that are full of nasty sugar. Thanks so much!!

  78. Eliza says

    Hi, i have followed your instructions to the letter but when it came to baking 20 min was definitely not long enough. My brownies were not ready and when I used a stick it was covered in all the lovely chocolate dough. 🙁
    Not sure what’s I did wrong.

  79. Penny says

    Thank you so much for responding! I think that next time maybe I will try using butter instead of coconut oil, or water instead of the additional oil. I will definitely need to give them another try, I am in need of a healthy dessert! Thanks again for your help ❤

  80. Katie says

    These came out fantastic. I used 3 tablespoons of coffee instead of the water for a little extra depth of flavor. I also added some Lily’s chocolate chips to the batter. Will make these again!

  81. KathyG says

    I made these today in a 9″ square pan with allulose (1 cup instead of 2/3 of conventional sugar or Erythritol), and they are by FAR the best keto brownies I have made. This is definitely a recipe I will keep on hand. I added chocolate chips (lily’s) on top, and pecans on half for those who like nuts. Light, moist, richly chocolate, not too sweet. Thank you for a very successful recipe.

  82. J.C. says

    I just made them. They are good, except I taste the salt. I doubled the recipe, all except the salt. I left it at 1/2. It may just be that my current Keto lifestyle limits my straight salt intake. Therefore I’m a bit sensitive. I was impressed that, with the exception of the second cocoa ingredient, I had everything in my cupboard.

    Good recipe. Keep them coming.

  83. Peter Sullivan says

    The first time I made them I used Stevia. It did not turn out well. Fast forward today using the same ingredients except Stevia. They turned out well. I also, made the icing to go with them. I used powdered sugar. Yum, yum.

  84. Anna says

    OMG these are good! I can’t believe it! I haven’t even tried them with the frosting yet. These are super easy to make and it’s great to have a treat around that won’t ruin my diet if I have a craving.
    Thank you!

  85. Carla Busetto says

    I just made this and is absolutely delicious…thank you for sharing it. It is so easy to make and so tasty 🙂

  86. Mildred says

    I tried the 8 ingredient brownie. I loved it, very moist. However, I had to make a few adjustments. It is important to sift the dry ingredients together.

    • CCK Media Team says

      They do! Just thawing in the fridge or on the counter is fine, although of course you can warm them up for a very quick time in the oven.

  87. Keto Pete-o says

    Delicious! I made these today, and they are just great! I used monk fruit erythritol blend. I gave a couple to my dad and he loved them as well. He didn’t even realize they weren’t traditional brownies. Thanks for the yummy, seemingly decadent, recipe.

  88. Alexis says

    I’m a little confused. I used all the ingredients and after mixing it looked like refried beans. Not smooth at all. I’m still cooking them so fingers crossed but it didn’t say to add yogurt so I’m confused why people used yogurt and for what

  89. Kendi says

    Instead of water or more oil due to the thick batter, I added three Tbsp of strong cold brew coffee. I also added a tablespoon of ghee for added moisture and a handful of Lilly’s dark chocolate SF chips. I let the brownies chill in the fridge overnight and these brownies are fudgy and dense. This is my go-to recipe now!

  90. Shruti says

    hi Katie!
    This recipe looks delicious.
    I just wanted to ask if I can use Stevia instead of Erythritol.
    If yes, how much powdered Stevia should I use?
    Thank you!

  91. Kaye says

    I don’t have an “8 inch brownie pan” just a metal muffin pan, 9×13 inch Pyrex glass pan, and a Lovenware glass loaf pan. Would any of these work for this recipe? I am new to baking and didn’t realize how many different pans there are to spend money on!

  92. Renee says

    For all the complaints regarding the serving size……just cut the pan into 12 servings and double the nutritional info. Still only 3.2 carbs per serving.

  93. Liesa says

    I made today with stevia and they did not rise a lot very thin have not eaten yet but batter was good and so is the frosting.

  94. Sophia says

    These are great brownies! The only thing I would change is the sweetness. I only did half a cup of erythritol instead of 2/3 of a cup and that was even a little sweet for me. I would only do 1/3 of a cup next time.

  95. Rebecca says

    I also only did 1/2 cup of erythritol as well as the frosting. On the frosting I used 1/2 of the cocoa, 2 oz of Lily’s sugar free chocolate chips and a couple of squirts of Pyure liquid stevia extract. They are plenty sweet for me and my hubby approved. Has anyone frozen these? Trying to only eat one piece a day

  96. Angel L says

    These were amazing. I did it without the frosting and it tasted great. I ate it with Halo Top cookies and cream ice cream and they complement each other very well. 5 stars

  97. Elissa Pederson says

    wow- so excited to have a keto brownie that tastes this good! Id share a pic but ?? I put pecans on top and then a light ganache drizzle – OH SO GOOD!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Thank you so much for making them! We wish there were a way for readers to post pics too. Katie used to have that option, but apparently it was slowing the website speed down. Hopefully we can find a better option in the future because we love seeing reader photos 🙂

  98. Ann says

    Fabulous, fabulously easy, throw everything in , bake enjoy.
    Used .5 cup almond, 1/4 cup coconut cause I like texture.
    Thanks so much. Found this on Highfallutin keto so thanks to them too

  99. MC says

    Amazing brownies, thanks! I used 1/3 cup allulose and 10 drops of liquid stevia and they came out amazing. I use Sprout’s brand liquid stevia because it doesn’t have the after taste. I have also made them with Stevia caramel as the sweetness and they are just the best!

  100. Jenn says

    I enjoyed the brownies. I didn’t think they were too sweet at all as some others had mentioned. I also made the icing to go with them. I wish there had been a recipe for just half the icing because I used it all so the icing is as thick or thicker than the brownies. I did need extra heavy cream in the icing and it was still super thick so I added it while the brownies were still hot. Luckily I love icing! I cut them into 12 pieces. I don’t think that getting 25 brownies out of a 9 by 9 pan is realistic at all. The carbs are still low enough for a bigger piece. Well I didn’t look at the carbs for the icing but I’m sure it’s still fine. I would make them again the next time I get a craving for chocolate.

  101. Jennifer says

    I made these yesterday and they are great. When they were cooled I cut them and they were a little gooey and perfect on the inside. I don’t like super sweet chocolate so I made these with just a 1/2 cup of swerve and no icing. Also portioned them into 9 because I knew cutting them into 12 or more would be really small to me. Without the icing it ended up being manageable, for my personal macros, at 2 net carbs and 207 calories. This will be a great chocolate fix for me, will definitely remake this recipe!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hopefully we can bring back the reader image option at some point. We used to have one but it stopped working the right way. So glad your cake turned out well! 🙂

  102. Heather Freese says

    They were great! I used granulated monk fruit (with erythritol). Very fishy and just sweet enough to curb my sweet tooth. Obviously these won’t puff up like regular flour brownies, but a terrific substitute. I’m just beginning my Keto diet and am happy to find a “sweet” recipe that really tastes good. Thanks.

  103. Maureen Rott says

    I couldn’t find erythritol anywhere so I used stevia. They were disgusting! I’ll try again if I can find the right ingredient.

  104. Karen says

    Instead of Sugar or Stevia liquid …. is Maple, Honey or Applesauce an option for substitution? I always use chia eggs to lower cholesterol …. Would love to make these soon! 🙂

  105. Christina Hurley says

    My family was recently thrown into the Keto diet as a means of helping to manage my daughter’s epilepsy. It has been a hard adjustment to say the least. I have tried many Keto brownie recipes and these are by far our favorite! My kids said they tasted like, “real” brownies. :). Which is the ultimate compliment a 5, 7 and 10 year old can give to keto recipe. Thank you for being so generous with sharing your recipe. As a mom who was thrown into this diet, I am very grateful for your generosity.

      • Tiauna D. says

        This was too bomb… my family definitely enjoyed this.. my husband just started the Keto diet with me and finding something to curve his sweet tooth has been the hardest for me .. but this recipe he definitely enjoyed .. I will be making this again.. i really enjoyed this… thank you !!!

  106. Susan Sostack says

    sooo good! Funny story, our dog’s name is Brownie, so if we said anything about having one, or making them, we had to refer to them as something else!

  107. Ms ELAINE LOWE says

    Absolutely delicious!
    My son had been doing Keto for years and was so impressed he was actually scared to eat anymore lol. Same with your chocolate mousse!
    What size is a portion size please and the calories?
    We’re in the UK so struggle a bit with weights etc.

  108. Alexis B says

    I made these today for a special birthday boy who has so many allergies. We used 1/2C monk fruit instead of 2/3. By reading the comments I ask substituted the water for coffee. WOW is all I can say. Will be definitely making again!

  109. Grace W says

    These were perfect. they had the crispy outside and slightly gooey inside. I took them out at exactly 20 minutes and they were still wobbly in the centre but they firmed up when they cooled at room temperature. Very nice.

        • CCK Media Team says

          What sweetener, almond flour, etc? Are you at a high elevation? I am trying to figure it out because I am curious too!

          • Aliana says

            I used steviana around 6 packets cuz I didn’t have any other sugar available. I used almond flour. All other ingredients were exactly the same.

          • CCK Media Team says

            Unfortunately if you used stevia, that’s not one of the ingredients listed so it’s not part of the recipe. We can only vouch for a recipe if the ingredients listed are used, because that’s either all we’ve tried or all that works. In this particular case, stevia specifically is not listed as an option because it does not work.

          • Raquel says

            The blog post does say to try stevia and report back. Perhaps its time to remove that suggestion in case others who haven’t tried yet do not read the comments before experimenting.

          • CCK Media Team says

            Readers are absolutely allowed to experiment, and we never want to dissuade people from doing so. Just because we didn’t like the results of using stevia (and many others haven’t) doesn’t mean that some readers might not want to try a modified recipe, as long as they understand the risk.

  110. Nancy says

    I tried this recipe a couple of days ago. It was heavenly! I used a square muffin tray to make 6 brownies. I added some chocolate chips into the dough as well as sprinkled on the top. Only thing is I converted 2/3 cups erythritol into 150gms in weight and they were a little too sweet. Im going to make these again tomorrow with less sweetner and see how it goes. Overall, the brownies were heavenly. Thank you!
    (Wished I could include a picture here.)

  111. Josee says

    The heading states only 8 ingredients but there are 10 items listed in the ingredients list… the video does not show the addition of the 2 tbsp of dutch cocao, the eggs or the water. Please confirm if these ingredients need to be added?

  112. Kat says

    The best recipe ever!! Made this few times and Is always perfect! Accidentally I used orange extract and is amazing! No coconut oil I would recommend butter 😉 Thank you very much <3 and greetings from UK 🇬🇧

  113. Rachel says

    I have no idea why these did not ever solidify! I followed the recipe to a T! I baked them for 20 minutes, took them out and let them cool on the counter for about 30 minutes, still mostly goo in the center. Put it in the fridge for about an hour, still goo. Put them back in the oven and baked for ten more minutes. Still goo:( what I could taste was not very good. I never have problems like this. I know most people have had success with this recipe so I’m not blaming it on the recipe. I’m just confused as to how it happened.

      • Rachel says

        I did not think of my oven not being calibrated and that is probably the cause! I’m going to check today thank you very much for your response! I used all of the ingredients listed and when it called for butter or coconut oil I used butter. I used water and not oil when that option was listed as well. I’m also at about 1500 feet above sea level but I don’t know if that would affect it or not. It had cooked everywhere except for the center. It wasn’t completely liquid, just more like thick batter than brownie.

        • CCK Media Team says

          Hi Rachel, no problem, yours might just need more baking time! Also be sure to cook them on the center rack (you might have already; I just wanted to make sure and mention it).

    • Kelly says

      I would let it cool then refrigerate overnight, I baked mine at 150 degrees if & made sure the oven was pre heated before I put them in!

  114. Kelly says

    Made these on Xmas eve, I baked them 5 minutes longer as I thought it was way too wobbly in the middle but I should of left them as the 5 mins extra dried them out a little too much but they taste really good & I had a piece with extra thick brandy cream.
    Thank you for this recipe I will definitely be making these again!

  115. Kiki P says

    Was delicious! Thank you so much for sharing this! I used Monkfruit sweetener and added chocolate chips in was so good really taste better than regular brownies!

  116. Tina says

    These brownies turned out great! I used 1/2 cup of Lakanto sweetener, which made them just sweet enough with no aftertaste. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  117. Kelly says

    Second batch I made was even better, definitely do not panic like I did when the first batch was wobbly in the middle & bake for longer!…. leave it ….. then leave to cool then refrigerate to get that nice thick fudgey centre!! I also topped this batch with the chocolate cream cheese, I want to make this every week it’s amazing!!

  118. Supriya says

    Made these today for my pregnant sister with gestational diabetes who was craving a chocolate treat during the holidays. It came out so good, its a great recipe! Her blood sugar didn’t spike either. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  119. Pam says

    After reading other reviews, I reduced sweetener to a scant 1/2 cup of erythritol and monk fruit blend. Otherwise followed the recipe exactly with the addition of a sprinkling of toasted pecans and SF chocolate chips. Hands down the best keto brownies yet; I will not look any further for a rich, gooey brownie recipe, this is the winner!

    • CCK Media Team says

      We haven’t tried, but we have had success with xylitol in most recipes that call for sugar and don’t have yeast… so we think it would be fine! Be sure to report back if you try 🙂

    • CCK Media Team says

      We fridge for freshness, but if you’re serving them and need to leave them out for a few hours that’s perfectly fine.

  120. Alice Chasey says

    I made these last night, I ran out of erythritol after ⅓ cup, so I added ⅓ cup of Brown swerve because that’s the only other sweetener I had. I also added ½ tsp of spearmint extract to try and get a mint flavor. It was very slight, if I were to try it again, I’d probably add a full teaspoon, and ⅓ cup of pecans. They were very good, but cutting them into more than 12 was impossible. And when I added the ingredients into MyFitnessPal it came out at 145 calories and 6.7g net carbs. A bit much for someone trying to stay under 20g per day. But my husband loved them, he’s already on maintenance, so he can afford the carbs! Thanks for the recipe!

  121. Shawn says

    These guilt-free brownies are delicious! I add a generous helping of pecans and/or walnuts to the mix to make it even more delicious (for those that like nuts). I love the fact that you can eat these without worrying about “carb overload” and still feel satisfied (for those of us that have a sweet tooth). These are GREAT! Thank you for sharing!

  122. Rebecca Haag Guyne says

    These are amazing!!! I have tried others. Your recipe is exceptional! Do you have a yummo keto chocolate cookie recipe?!?!

  123. Patti says

    These were amazing…I’m back so I can make another batch. I used Bob’s Red Mill super-fine almond flour (it doesn’t have a gritty texture like some), added Lily’s dark chocolate chips and used Nutiva butter-flavored coconut oil. These are incredibly rich and delicious and certainly satisfy a sweet tooth. My husband and son tried them and couldn’t believe they were keto (they are both carbivores).

  124. Kaye Nelson says

    How can you get 17-25 brownies out of an 8-inch pan? They would be minuscule, wouldn’t they? I’m still going to try them but just wondered about the serving size!

    • CCK Media Team says

      They are very dense and fudgy! So you can cut them more like fudge if you want a small treat (think fat bombs). However, the nutrition info for 1/25 is so low that you can also easily cut them double that size and they’re still pretty great nutrition facts 🙂

    • Lauren says

      I made these for my husband. He was not a fan. He said they were very dry and not at all fudge. I used Splenda because that is what I had on hand. Could that be the issue?

      • Chocolate Covered Katie says

        Hi, yes unfortunately it really needs to be erythritol (or sugar) because Splenda or stevia will change the texture/bulk and flavor completely, especially since almond flour is already a different texture from regular flour.

  125. Jette says

    I have erythritol to use as a sweetener, but do you think adding chocolate chips sweetened with monkfruit would be ok? Really excited to try this recipe!

  126. Tammy Sutton says

    I used Splenda’s monk fruit in mine and they came out great! I put chopped pecans and put caco nibs in also! They came out perfect!

  127. SLynn says

    This recipe is the best kept brownie recipe I have tried this far. I do add Lily’s milk chocolate chips to the top and PB FIT drizzled on top. I have made this recipe many times and find that I do have to cook it for 30minutes in my gas oven. They haven’t set up for me when I have taken them out at the recommended time. LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe though!

  128. M says

    I made the chocolate keto brownies today… I used chia eggs (since these are for someone who is GF/Dairy Free and egg free) and coconut oil… I baked them for about 24 min and they’re still a soft mess. They’ve been done for a couple hours, sitting on the counter. Impossible to cut b/c they don’t hold together. Not sure where I went wrong?

    • Patti says

      Try Bob’s red mill egg replacer next time. I think that is one of the best egg alternatives I have tried. This really is a great recipe, I’ve made it 3 times…it’s worth another try.

  129. Maggie says

    These were the best keto brownies I have tried yet (and I have tried a TON of recipes, nothing else has compared until now to regular box mix brownies. You would never know these are low carb!

  130. malia says

    how much sugar, carbs, and fat are in a brownie? it looks & sounds delicious but id like to know the nutritional value 🙂

  131. Jette says

    I made these brownies for my boyfriend’s birthday and he loved them! So decadent and moist! This was my first keto baking experience, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Thank you for the great recipe!

  132. Betsy Finley says

    Is the powdered cocoa th non sweetened baking cocoa powder or sweetened like Nestles Quik sweetened cocoa. I’m sure it’s unsweetened but wanted to check.

    • Patti says

      Unsweetened cocoa for baking. I have used both Ghirardelli and Nestle and both have worked out beautifully. If you use the sweetened cocoa it won’t be keto or low carb.

  133. Theresa says

    I made the brownies and followed the recipe exactly. My brownies tasted good but were very crumbly. I have no idea what happened. Any thoughts?

  134. Sheri says

    Can you use raw, unsweetened cacao powder instead of unsweetened cocoa powder ?? I can’t seem to find Dutch processed cocoa powder in Canada either.

  135. Sam says

    I was convinced by my boyfriend to try keto for a few months as a way of resetting our diets after the holidays and all the quarantne stress eating. It’s been great, except for an issue – I am a baker and have a huge sweet tooth. I made these last night and was SO PLEASED with the outcome. They tasted just like regular brownies, but their texture was lighter and they really dissolve in your mouth. I cut them into 1″x1″ squares and 1 of those for dessert a day is pretty reasonable. Also, I used granulated stevia (and sour cream instead of cottage cheese). They were a bit on the sweet side, but I know I’ll need to adjust for alternative sweeteners so I’m not sure if that was just because it was stevia or not. I’ll cut it down a little bit next time around and maybe add some more dutch cocoa.

    Still have to get used to this keto baking thing but I’m excited to try more of Katie’s recipes – like the avocado chocolate mousse and the chocolate cupcakes. I’m enjoying trying more out-of-the box recipes and growing as a baker, it’s making keto a lot easier. 🙂

  136. Helena says

    Holy crap these were amazing! I got scared at first reading the comments but felt better when people pointed out that most of the issues were with people substituting. I couldn’t find Dutch cocoa and I used butter instead of coconut oil, but otherwise followed everything precisely. Biggest problem I had was that they’re super crumbly, but so long as you don’t mind going after brownie crumbs with a spoon, who cares? I also cut mine into 14 pieces rather than 25 which helped a little.

    My husband also loves them. My first batch is more than halfway gone and I just made them yesterday!

    Can’t wait to check out the other recipes.

  137. Sheri says

    I posted this question a few days ago and it has not been answered to date……..Can you use raw, unsweetened cacao powder instead of unsweetened cocoa powder ?? I can’t seem to find Dutch processed cocoa powder in Canada either.

    • Caryn says

      I used raw cacao powder. As far as the Dutch cocoa, Hershey‘s special dark is Dutch cocoa. Trader Joe’s has one too. But I don’t know if they have those in Canada. I haven’t tasted the finished product yet. It’s in the fridge chilling. But the batter tasted good.😊

  138. Mari says

    5 stars
    These have come out of the oven looking and smelling fantastic, and I can just tell that they’ll taste great as soon as I sample them later today. I was hoping for nutritional value to be listed for both the non-sugar version and a version with some type of sugar (I used coconut sugar). I could figure it out myself, but I’m lazy. 🙂

  139. Sheena says

    In my 20 years of serious cooking I have never left a review. But bro. These brownies have my diabetic fiancé living his best life. I am addicted to this website and your hacks. I like to substitute coconut oil into this because it gives the brownies an exotic taste but the texture is really good too. Thank you for all the posts and ideas. Fat kids everywhere love you!

  140. Lydia says

    I’m ready to make these for Valentine’s Day! I read through all the reviews from 2020-current but didn’t find a review where anyone talks about using flax eggs. I know this is an approved ingredient in the recipe but has anyone made them and experienced the same yummy fudginess? My child has an egg allergy and we use flax eggs often but they don’t always work as claimed. Just checking before I go for it. Thanks for any input!

  141. Shawn says

    These guilt-free brownies are delicious and satisfying, especially if you have a sweet tooth like I do! Great flavor without the carbs! I have made these numerous times and have enjoyed them every time! Thanks for the recipe!

  142. Leesa says

    These Keto Brownies look amazing and taste amazing as well. I added Lilly’s chocolate chips and a little keto granola on top. These are so yummy, couldn’t tell the difference between keto brownies and the regular ones…these are better. If you’re looking for a rich moist, and gooey brownie…this is the recipe for the whole family. I tried to eat just one little square but it was difficult. I did get about 16 little square brownies from this recipe while quickly eating two. One must have discipline eating these awesome and comforting brownies.🤣😂

    Will save this recipe for all other future snack, desserts and treats. Can trully say one of or even the best Keto Brownies I ever had😊 Thank you.

  143. Ollie says

    Made these a couple of weeks ago…first try I was not impressed…but after being in fridge for a week I tried one again and was amazed at the improvement..I have ate them all ….and am making another batch right now because they are better with age..just like me Hahaha lol

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! Unfortunately we don’t have any personal experience with baking at high altitudes so aren’t able to say how it affects any of Katie’s recipes. Hopefully google research or maybe talking to friends in high altitude areas who are bakers will have some better ideas 🙂

  144. Kayla Rayn says

    I made these brownies and they were excellent. I made my husband a batch of regular brownies and these keto brownies tasted better!!! Awesome recipe!! My only complaint if I had one would be that a few of my brownies fell apart, but I think that could of been avoided if I would have added less coconut oil and maybe more egg!! I highly recomend this recipe!! Thanks!!

  145. Jennifer says

    I’ve made these twice now and both times have been fantastic. I used 1/3 brick of cream cheese with the sugar substitute (while creaming the eggs and vanilla) just to make sure the brownies would stick together and stirred sugar free chocolate chips (Hershey’s) into the mix with walnuts. I also melted more chocolate and poured it over the top with more nuts. So good. A great Valentine’s Day dessert. I’m with Kevin. It was hard not to eat them all.

  146. Christine says

    These are definitely THE BEST brownies ever! Better than non-keto brownies I’ve had too!! The texture is the most perfect moist chocolate cake. I used only Dutch cocoa powder and the results are so good my 6 year old can’t tell they aren’t the same as his granny’s recipe. The top crisped up and tended to crack when i cut them though. I used avocado oil… maybe should have stuck with butter?

  147. Sarah Bache says

    I am not on the Keto diet but was keen to make a sweet dessert treat for friends who were and they said this brownie recipe filled the sweet spot and any craving for a sweet treat snack.

  148. Jennifer Dombrowski says

    I made these brownies and topped them with your Vegan Chocolate Mousse and fresh strawberries. It was a delicious dessert! I served this to company and they also agreed they were better than any GF brownie they had ever tried. Thank you!!

  149. Bigcin says

    I made these the First time on Saturday night and they were fantastic. The whole family ate them and didn’t know they were keto. It is now Monday and I’m making the 2nd batch. Adding espresso powder this time. Great recipe when you need some chocolatey goodness!

  150. Kimberly D Lyons says

    Made these using Stevie. Not impressed at all. They’re very bitter. This is not a recipe I will be trying again.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Kimberly, did you mean to leave this comment on a different recipe? This recipe doesn’t call for stevia anywhere in the recipe.

  151. Cookie says

    It is my understanding that erythritol, like artificial sweeteners, kills good gut bacteria. It also can cause diarrhea in some people.

  152. Elaine A says

    I made these with allulose and they are delicious! I love my erythritol in my coffee and yogurt but am not a fan of it in cookies and brownies, especially chocolate based desserts. The crystalization and cooling effect is off putting.

    The recipe worked very well with allulose. I used 3/4 cup.

  153. Linda Holley says

    I made the keto brownies and they smell excellent. I let them cool after baking in my large ninja countertop oven for 20 minutes. The brownies never firmed up in the middle. A couple of hours later I baked for 10 more minutes and still didn’t set. What am I doing wrong. I used almond flour, butter and water.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Linda, we have never tried the recipe in a countertop oven (we actually have never tried any recipes in a countertop oven) so have no idea how/if this one would work in one unfortunately. We DO know that they firm up overnight in the fridge, so hopefully yours will still be fine :).

  154. Seema says

    These brownies are so good. I have made them for my husband and father in law at least 5 times. They are on the keto diet for health reasons and are so happy to have a chocolaty treat. I am currently making 3 batches for a road trip! Thanks Katie!

  155. Jackie says

    These were pretty good for keto. I wouldn’t call them “unbelievably fudgy”, but I enjoyed the density of chocolate flavor. I used monk fruit/erythritol, eggs, and let the brownies sit in the fridge to cool down… they were still pretty crumbly but I guess you can’t expect perfection without all the real flour and sugar. Thanks!

  156. Kelly O'Brien says

    These brownies are amazing, gooey and lovely, used high quality cocoa powder and takes away any erytherol aftertaste, also added a pinch of stevia. Fabulous thank you xx

  157. Barbara DiMascio says

    None of the recipes use Truvia. How do I convert these weird chemical sweeteners to the natural one, Truvia?

  158. Roberta says

    Loved…loved…. loved!!!!! Wow. I used granulated monk fruit and It turned out great. Even my son loved these brownies. My daughter was skeptical and after one try she was hooked. Thank you for this. I can now have a healthier brownie….no sugar and no flour. Awesome!

  159. Henny Hartanto says

    My son has just made this recipe and Oh my gosh it’s really yummyyy though he changed the butter into coconut oil!!! Thanks Katie for helping us living healthier life without drooling anymore!!! 😄

  160. Claire says

    I’ve just made these and they are a hit, much better than the ones I have bought and paid a fortune for.
    Thank you so much

  161. BJ says

    These are the best brownies ever! I think you could add less sweetener though. I didn’t make the icing but sprinkled keto friendly chocolate chips on top. Definitely the best keto desert I have come across. Thank you!

  162. Nicole says

    For it being keto, it’s pretty good. We used the stevia instead of sugar or ethrititol. There is a mild after taste but other than that a great alternative.

    • CCK Media Team says

      So glad you liked it with stevia! We personally didn’t like the brownies with stevia, so if you do get ahold of erythritol (or something like Lakanto monkfruit blend), definitely give that a try too!

  163. Sally says

    Hi there! I baked these today but my problem was that the batter was VERY thick. It was like a thick paste. I followed the recipe to a t, except I used Pyure granulated “sugar” instead of erythritol. I added a couple more tablespoons of coconut oil to add some liquid, but this only made them oily. I’m not sure what I did wrong. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for the recipe!

    • Misty McCaig says

      Mine was a thick batter also but I spread it around with a spatula and baked it for the 20 minutes and pulled them out and they were perfect.

  164. Misty McCaig says

    Hands down the best keto brownies I have ever had! They are delicious. I made them with coconut oil and added such a great flavor to the chocolate. Next time I will add some chopped almonds to make it like and almond joy. Thank you for this recipie.

  165. Lisa says

    I think they taste great!

    East to make, taste like mini bite brownies from the store.

    I used flax egg so I could share with my friend who is vegan.

  166. Deb says

    I used 1/2 almond 1/2 coconut flour, The batter was really thick, so I added another tbl spoon of coconut oil. Still thick . I added frozen blueberries for moisture. They came out tasting ok but it was really crumbly. I served it with blended frozen banana (icecream alternative)

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Deb, unfortunately coconut flour is not listed as an option here and can’t be subbed in most recipes that call for another flour because it soaks up liquid like a sponge.

  167. Lisa P. says

    I made these last night. The taste was 100% delicious brownie but the texture was more like a thick chewy cookie. I took them out at 18 minutes. Followed the recipe to a T. Perhaps I should have taken them out at 15 or 16 minutes as I know our oven runs a bit hot. I will try them again and see how it goes. 🙂

  168. Linda says

    I think they might need to go into the fridge straight away after baking to fully qualify of being a brownie. However… It tastes divine – I substituted the butter w/ coconut oil and my sweetner of choice was Stevia granulate (half the amount of the original recipe). That turned out as a nice chocolate cake.

    I then made the frosting recommended and slapped it on top of the cake… Are you kidding me – it is to die for. Still not a fudgy brownie – but a badass cake with a divine frosting. Thanks! ☺

  169. Kat says

    The first time I made these they were tasty but on the crumbly side. I now add a third egg to the recipe and they come out perfect. Topped with a dollop of sugar free whipped cream makes it seem really decadent.

  170. Jean Renard says

    I was reading this recipe, and checking the “net carbs” per serving. What puzzles me is this; in an 8″ square pan, with a number of serving per recipe, you would get approximately a 1″ x 1″ brownie? Hardly seems worth the effort, as you would barely get a taste??? I doubt that I will be making this recipe.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Jean, you can cut them whatever size you wish :). If you want to make bigger brownies, just double all the numbers and it’s still lower than most traditional recipes. But these are verrrrrry fudgy so the 25 size is treating them like fudge, which is cut into small pieces because it’s so rich that you don’t need (or want) a giant square. Hope that makes sense!

  171. Cheryl says

    Thought I had cocoa in the pantry and only discovered that it was all gone after I had already started with the butter, eggs, etc. I ended up making this recipe without it and it still turned out great! A few berries on top made it even better! I now have 2 new options for dessert. Thank You!

  172. Ashley says

    These brownies are amazing! I recently starting tracking my macros for weight loss but didn’t want to give up my brownies. Found this recipe and now make these on a weekly basis! I get my brownie fix whenever I want and am still able to stay within my macros 🙂

  173. Emily Knigge says

    I made the low carb brownies. Did anyone else notice they almost seem raw when they’re done? How long are you supposed to let them sit to firm?

    • CCK Media Team says

      They shouldn’t be raw, but should definitely look underdone when you take them out, because they will firm up considerably and you don’t want them to be dry. Put them in the fridge overnight and let us know how that works for you!

  174. Nargis says

    These were great and my family devoured them. Even better cold. I use honey or maple syrup or even coconut sugar as sweetener.

  175. Vicki Luttrell says

    Just made these to take to a Mother’s Day gathering . One of the easiest and tastiest brownie recipe I’ve tried ! Had to keep my husband to only one “ taste test” !!!

    Thanks for a great recipe , Katie !

  176. Prudence Williams says

    These brownies are easy to make and they’re delicious! I only had a 9inch square pan so made 1.5 times the recipe to accomodate and they took about 4 extra minutes of cooking time.
    Thanks for the fab recipe!!

  177. Dr Fatima Riaz says

    Amazing recipe ! From quantities, tips to TASTE!
    Absolute yummy brownies !had to stop myself from eating all at once 😀

  178. Missy says

    Wow! These are awesome! I’ve made countless brownie recipes and this is the best by far, and simple! One other recipe I tried was very good but a lot of steps and different ingredients – too involved. But this one, this one is the one! Thank you! This is a keeper 🙂

  179. Karolina says

    this is an amazing recipe but half a teaspoon of salt has made it taste like the sea. had i caught my wife before she put it in we wouldve been safe but she is a novice. the result is that neither of us can eat it, which is a shame when the ingredients are pretty expensive. wife was brave but she ended up feeling sick. just do a pinch, i wouldnt even use half a teaspoon for a doubled recipe.

    • Karolina says

      update: wife used an actual half a teaspoon and not a measurement. no fault of the author whatsoever!

    • Natalie says

      These were very nice, only comment is there was a slight ‘sweetener’ aftertaste so next time I’m going to cut back on the erythritol

  180. Lauren says

    Katie, I’m seeking some advice! I’m embarrassed to ask such a question, please know. Also, before I go on, please know this was MY fault. I’m sure this is a fantastic recipe! I tasted the batter, and the batter was very good…

    I wanted to prepare these for my co-workers, as two are on a Keto diet. They brought the ingredients, namely the almond flour and the sweetener, as I didn’t have either. I’ve never baked with almond flour or a low calorie sweetener. For the sweetener, my co-worker brought me a Monkfruit Lacanto sweetener, which had the appearance of granulated sweetener, and the package indicated it could be substituted 1:1 with regular sugar. I assumed, then, it could replace the sugar in your recipe.

    Once in the over, the batter basically seemed to almost burn, as sugar can sometimes do in a chocolate frosting if melted too quickly, and there was a puddle of liquid on top of the batter. I believe I followed your directions to a T, as well as the ingredients (except for the sweetener). Has this ever happened to you? You’re so familiar with these ingredients that I thought I might ask you what one earth I may have done so wrongly?

    Again, this was not YOUR fault, of course! It was exclusively mine! I’m just hoping to try again, and I thought I’d seek your advice. Thank you in advance for anything you might be able to offer!

  181. Lisa Ludt says

    These brownies are absolutely amazing! I made a keto peanut butter maple frosting to put on them and they are absolutely to die for! I am strict Keto for health purposes and so happy to have found this recipe!!

  182. Melany says

    I don’t understand the instructions. It’d be nice if it was written out step by step or if the video was more descriptive. I really want to make these but I don’t understand how to start and don’t want to waste any ingredients..

  183. Linda says

    Made these today .They are good but not fudgy. Would like them thicker.I will double the recipe next time.There will be a next time.Added sugar free chocolate chips.

  184. JULIA ROBINSON says

    Please can you put recipes with weights is grams and / or ounces?! We in the UK don’t use cups for measuring so we’re unable to taste your lovely recipes!!
    Thank you

  185. Ashleigh says

    Has anyone tried to make these with less or sans the keto sugar? Did they work out ok still? I’m keto…..but most sugar substitutes give me headaches so I try to avoid or use very minimal amounts.

    • Cheryl says

      I always use less sugar. In this recipe I used about 3 full tbs less and it was fine. Next time I will use 4 tbs less. Excellent keto recipe

  186. Glen says

    These are indeed easy and delicious. I added a handful of chopped walnuts. My batch needed 25 mins. Next time I will try with the frosting or a handful of chocolate chips on top. Mmmmmm.

  187. NanafromFrance says

    Hi Katie!

    What a fabulous cake ! It’s the second recipe I try from your website.
    You are definitely the queen of healthy desserts !
    It always takes time to convert all US measurements to European ones but it is worth it !

    The brownie is just amazing.
    I replaced 1/3 cup of melted coconut oil by melted cocoa butter and I added 3 tbsp of coconul oil. I have an electric oven, I cooked it 25 min at 180°C (natural convection).
    The cake looked barely cooked after 25 min (only the surface was slightly hard) but eventually it was just perfect. Spongy perfect cake.

  188. Vickey White says

    Hello Katie! I have loved your blog and site for years
    I tried the Chocolate Keto Cake today and actually made cup cakes
    also used King Arthur Baking Sugar Alternative and they taste great.

    I was wondering If I can also use this King Arthur Alt. in the brownies??
    thank you
    Grandma and big fan

  189. Robin E Kublick says

    ok. this is the first time I have baked keto. The texture was ok, but different due to the almond flour. I used coconut oil and my husband said they tasted like coconut, but it could have been the texture that threw him off. I am going to try again with vegetable oil and see what he thinks. I made them for my daughter that is sugar free and a coworker that is gluten and dairy free. We shall see what they think! Over all it was an easy recipe and looked good out of the oven( better than the other recipe I tried that were so flat!) I am not a brownie fan but they looked and smelled amazing!

  190. Erica Lynn Newman says

    Should they be very loose when first out of the oven? I know it says they will set. Guess I’ll find out soon as mine are resting now!

  191. Elise Anderson says

    I’m loving this recipe. I make it every week for my husband. I started adding decaf coffee instead of water and it pops up the chocolate flavor.
    It’s been a great recipe for my 65 yr old husband who has a very sensitive digestion and has lost lots of weight on a thin frame so we’re trying to get some weight on him and this has got a good source of protein and yet healthy too so that I feel I can indulge.

  192. Tina says

    5 stars
    These are so chocolatey and good! I added slivered almonds to the top before baking as well. I imported the recipe into MyFitnessPal and changed the number of servings to 9 as I knew 1/25 of the recipe wouldn’t satisfy my chocolate cravings lol!

    For those interested in macros, here’s what 1/9 of the recipes is (using large eggs, monk fruit w/erythritol) Dutched cocoa, and the water, no almonds on top):

    Calories: 129
    Total fat: 9.7 g
    Total carbs: 19.6 g (fiber = 2.3g so net carbs = 17.3)
    Protein : 5.2 g

    At 1/9 of the pan, for those on strict keto may find the net carbs too high which may be why the original recipe had a much smaller serving size – enough to get a bite of chocolate without many carbs).

    Always happy with the CCK recipes and her advice for substitutions and the potential disasters by swapping ingredients are always spot on! 🙂

  193. Erica says

    I usually love Katie’s recipes but this one not so much…The taste is good but it’s very grainy I texture…woud not make again.

  194. Cassandra says

    5 stars
    These Keto brownies are amazing and so delicious and my go to Brownie recipe. I’ve been on Keto for 2 months and it has changed my life and for the first time in my life I can eat a sweet treat without worrying about my weight or blood sugar. My family agrees these Brownies are actually better than non-keto Brownies. Best of all they are so easy and fast to make. I added walnuts to mine which was brilliant. I also forgot to use the baking powder on one occassion and they were still fantastic !

  195. Jenn says

    How come at the top of the page the rating 5 dress from 4 votes but at the point of the recipe list it has 4.88 out if 5 from 270 +? Bit confused

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Jenn, sorry for the confusion. One is the amount of people who pressed “rate this recipe” and the other is people who left a rating with their comment. We just added that as an option recently, which is why there are fewer of those.

  196. Rose says

    4 stars
    I used 1/4 cup Truvia and baked my brownies in an 8×6 glass pyrex for about 21 minutes. Other than that, followed the recipe to a T. I just started experimenting with keto and I was pleasantly surprised with these brownies! They were a little fluffy and cakey for brownies, but other then that, they were pretty good! I’m going to add a little more Truvia next time to get them a little sweeter. I may also try drizzling a little peanut butter on top tomorrow too!

  197. Chef P Russo says

    This recipe is best for a mini-muffin pan. The yield is just not accurate, I agree with a similar post that 22 is more accurate. Some modifications I made (incidentally, I’m a ACF Certified Pastry Chef) so believe me or not your choice. No fault of the maker of the recipe. I opted for Splenda over alcohol sugar (erythritol) which gives me a headache- I used a double boiler with 85% Cacau Morsels and for just a bit more fat Cacau Butter Chips. Added Dutch Chocolate powder. Plugra Salted Butter. (Therefore extra salt isn’t necessary) Ripple Pea Milk instead of water. Baking Powder. Almond and Flax Seed Fine Meal. These mods made the recipe a bit more traditional in design and punched the flavors a bit. It also increased fat by 30% and protein by 12%. I wouldn’t use it for a fat bomb but definitely after a massive ribeye.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, do you mean splenda baking mix or plain splenda? If you used splenda, that will change the bulk of the recipe so yours would definitely have a smaller yield.

  198. Cindy W says

    5 stars
    Holy Smokes! These are sinfully yummers! Actually they need a sign that says DANGER HANGING ON THE FRONT! Even my hubby was begging for seconds.

  199. Sandra's Homespun Life says

    5 stars
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful keto brownie recipe. I just made these and I cannot express to you how happy I am with this recipe. It has been years since I’ve been able to sink my teeth into a good chocolatey brownie without the guilt or sacrificing the enjoyment for raising my blood sugar.
    These keto brownies have all the components of what makes a good brownie. The chocolate flavor? check! The crispy edges? check!
    If anyone reads this comment and considering making this recipe, go for it. You won’t regret it. This is one of the “good” recipes.
    Katie I have a YT channel (Sandra’s Homespun Life) and I will be making a video on this recipe. It’s that great! I will send my viewers to your site and give a link to your recipe!
    Thank you once again!

  200. Maureen says

    5 stars
    Keto Brownies were amazing! I didn’t have exactly all the ingredients to make them keto, as I substituted granulated sugar for Swerve (I was out). However, I used sea salt and I LOVED the chocolatey salty flavor!

  201. erin says

    5 stars
    Wow, wow, wow!!! These are the BEST KETO BROWNIES EVER!!! Of course I took the advice of another friendly person who left a comment and divided them into five portions, multiplied the macros by five as well. It works out fine if you make smart carb choices throughout the day. These are going on my list of desserts to bake for guests. Going to try out more of your recipes! Thank you for all your hard work!

  202. Helen says

    5 stars
    This is an amazing recipe and tastes just like normal brownies. I used a square 8” pan and cut into 16 and hey were decent sized portions. I didn’t change any ingredients but with the brands I used they worked out at 1.1g carb per portion. This recipe is a keeper! Thank you so much.

  203. Sarah says

    5 stars
    I’m a chef and I love your recipes and photos, and this one was quite tasty the first time I made it, when I used the coconut oil option instead of butter. I also chose to use the option of extra oil instead of water but found the cake to be way too greasy. Also way too sweet for my taste. However, my friend loved it that sweet. When I tried the option of butter the next time and water instead of extra butter, I found the brownies too cake-like and dry. So not every option works together it seems. Maybe be a little more clear about this?

    Also wondering why you say bake time is 17 minutes at the beginning and 20 minutes bake time in the instructions. I had to do it somewhere in between and this worked.

    Love your creative and abundant keto recipes. Keep up the good work!

  204. TP says

    4 stars
    I followed this recipe exactly using swerve granulated sugar and ghee. The flavor is good; not too sweet nor bitter. The texture is not fudgey but more towards cake-like. It definitely satisfied my brownies craving without the sugar BUT it is a little bit crumbly. It doesn’t completely fall apart when I cut it or bite into it but I had to eat it over a plate before some of the crumbs goes everywhere. What do you think that cause it to be crumbly?

  205. Jax says

    4 stars
    I tried this today; eggs, water and butter options used, no dutch choc and 1/3 C stevia crystals. Batch 1 was nice, slightly dry and crumbly.
    Batch 2 was identical to batch 1 but I added about 75g of no sugar added smooth Bega peanut butter. The texture and taste were both improved.

  206. KimC says

    4 stars
    These brownies were great! I intentionally did not tell my family they were keto friendly. They would automatically decide they were gross even before trying them! So i just said i was making homemade brownies for the first time (because I am normally a Better Crocker/Duncan Hines kinda girl, ya know? Shameful, I know). Anyhooo, they LOVED them. I used a pan that was slightly too big so I wish i had cooked them for a little bit less than 20 minutes…the edges became very crumbly. Also, my almond flour was not very fine ground and i was worried when i looked at the consistency of the batter….maybe that was part of the crumbly factor.

    But the middle pieces were dense and rich. Add that AMAZING chocolate cream cheese frosting and sugar free chips on top and they were TO DIE FOR! Once everyone raved about them I revealed they were keto-friendly and they were duly impressed.

    I have leftover frosting and i have no idea yet what to do with it but I will find something!

  207. GG says

    5 stars
    These are great! If you like brownies a little more “cake like” in texture, bake for an additional 5 minutes.

    I was able to get 25 brownies out of the recipe, no problem.

    Used granular Swerve which makes the difference, in my opinion. Followed recipe exactly using butter, water, and chicken eggs.

    Mixed all the dry ingredients together first, then added each wet ingredient separately and mixed in between each addition. I added the melted butter last. The use of both the cocoa and Dutch chocolate definitely makes them perfect.

    Thanks for the recipe.

    Can you include more Low Carb/Low Fat recipes? I would be very thankful.

  208. Matt L says

    5 stars
    I am used to keto, but this is the first time I’ve baked with almond flour. This is a great recipe! They’re a little more crumbly (as goes almond flour) than I’m used to, but the mouth feel and flavor is excellent. Well done!

  209. Sabrina says

    4 stars
    I made these several times and it tastes delicious. However, I was missing the chewy brownie like texture. Well this morning I tweeked the recipe a tiny bit and whoa AMAZING!! I used flax eggs instead of whole eggs. This helps with the chewiness. Added 1/4 teaspoon coffee granules ➡️ Hello chocolate flavour enhancer 🤩 All butter and no water. And: NO BAKING POWDER. Hello dense, fudgy, chewy brownie. The bakingpowder gives this brownie a more cake like consistency. Still delicious but I want a dense chewy brownie. Well, these tweeks made the best brownies ever😍

  210. Cynthia Samudio says

    5 stars
    Made these last night
    They were great! A great treat that won’t spike your sugar. A little different texture than flour brownies but the overall taste was satisfying.

    • CCK Media Team says

      5 stars
      Hi Clay, feel free to use less salt to suit your own tastebuds – it won’t change the texture of the recipe so is fine to do 🙂

    • CCK Media Team says

      5 stars
      Thank you so much for making them! They will keep the same way as traditional brownies, and we like to refrigerate after a day for freshness. Yes you can freeze them 🙂

  211. D.Demirkol says

    I love this brownie. Taste very good (like a brownie) and I can stop my cravings with it.

    In the first tries, I didn’t put the water enough and it ended up a little bit dry. Please don’t underestimate the water like me 🙂 it makes a difference.

    Preparing is not hard, and takes only 5 minutes. In half an hour it is ready, ideal for diet crisis 🙂

    Thank you

  212. Kath says

    5 stars
    I made these brownies with 1/3 cup of monk fruit sweetener and a tablespoon of agave. They are delicious. I took them out of the oven at exactly 20 minutes and they are moist, tasty and not too sweet.

  213. Jessica G says

    5 stars
    Wow, amazing rich velvety brownies! They melt in your mouth, so yummy! We love serving them with keto vanilla ice cream. I’ve baked them a few times -they disappear fast. Anyone who loves a rich chocolatey dessert should try them. Thank you for sharing, I’m excited to try more of your recipes!

  214. Lindsay says

    5 stars
    I made this with splenda, coconut oil, 3tbsp water, and just egg. It was so salty I couldn’t eat it! The just egg has salt. So if anyone reading this plans to use just egg, cut back on the salt. I remade it with 1/8tsp salt. After letting it cool for 30 mins, I popped it into the freezer for about an hour to get more solid. These brownies are so good!!!! Very impressed. Keeping this recipe on hand. Thank you!!!!

  215. Elle says

    5 stars
    These brownies are SO good (and addictive)! My first ever keto treat! I added some cacao nibs and some 72% dark chocolate to make it more decadent. I would strongly recommend and I’m looking forward to trying your other sweet recipes. Great job!

  216. Tracie says

    5 stars
    Made these last year for Thanksgiving, so that I would have a dessert to enjoy. My non Keto friends have requested that I make them again this year.

  217. Christa says

    5 stars
    I used an 8×8 pan, but they were very thin. I think it would help to use an even smaller pan. I’d like to try these again though because the flavor is great!

  218. Momofgirlswcurls says

    Very good. But, 25 brownies? I’m not sure if this so that it could say less than 1 carb per brownie. Its more like 3-4 for a real-sized brownie. Still good in my opinion.

  219. Kat C. says

    5 stars
    Absolutely Amazing! Definitely did not make 25 brownies but good thing because I would have probably eaten them all! I used 6 packets of Stevia in the Raw instead of the erythritol and it tastes great. So excited to try out more recipes.

  220. Gina G says

    5 stars
    I am blown away by these, I had to do the math multiple times to make sure they were keto 😂 I used monkfruit sweetener instead of sugar and a bit less than it calls for. There’s no weird aftertaste and I cannot believe they are keto did I mention I CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE KETO lol I can’t wait to make these next time with lily’s chocolate chips and coconut

  221. Cheri says

    5 stars
    I made these the other day, and they turned out yummy. I put them in the fridge overnight and they were much easier to cut. The only thing I did that wasn’t in the recipe was I added 3/4 cup of chopped walnuts and 1/2 cup chocolate chips and 1/2 cup white chips. This recipe I will make again. They freeze well.
    Thank you for the recipe.

  222. allie says

    5 stars
    Great recipe. I add 1-2 tbsp vanilla, and 1-2 tbsp of pure orange essence (no carbs)- gives it a liqueur flavour. I also add pecans and half a broken up 92% cocoa el camino dark chocolate bar (5 net carbs per 1/2 bar).

  223. allie says

    5 stars
    Instead of the suggested sugar substitutes, I use inulin (you can buy it at the drug store), pure fibre, no carbs, good texture and stops it from getting that sickly sweet cloying taste that you can get with the sugar substitutes.

  224. allie says

    Yes, I mostly kept all the other ingredients the same
    I replaced sweetener with inulin
    I used dutch cocoa for the whole cocoa part (Van Houten brand, but hershey’s also makes a decent one)
    In addition to pure vanilla, I added 2 tsp of pure orange essence (instead of the water), which gave it a nice flavour
    I added pecans and 1/2 an el camino 92% chocolate bar broken into bits (5 net carbs for half a chocolate bar)
    I also added 2 tbsp of coconut milk because I find it makes it creamier and also gives it a bit of a sweeter taste

  225. allie says

    5 stars
    Yes, Emily- mostly kept the other ingredients the same
    butter, melter
    baking powder…
    I added 2 tsp pure orange essence, nice flavour no carbs (in addition to the vanilla, instead of the water)
    I folded in pecans and 1/2 broken chocolate bar (el camino 92% cocoa, 5 net carbs)
    I used dutch cacao (100% cocoa) for the whole cocoa part (van houten, but hersheys also makes a decent low carb cocoa)
    I also added 2 tbsp coconut milk (thick), because I found it gave it a creamy texture and a sweet flavour (and I can’t stand peanut butter, which someone else here recommended)

    I tried once to add metamucil (psyllium fibre) for texture, but it dried the whole thing out and was a really bad idea

  226. Helena Winegar says

    5 stars
    These are by far the best low carb brownies I have made to date, and I’ve been on this WOE for over 10 years now. I made them according to the recipe and did not alter a thing. Thank you for such a great recipe❤

  227. Bethany says

    I dunno what I done wrong, and I followed recipe to a T and they came out very dry and with a funky aftertaste. I used splenda cause that’s all I had for sweetener (on keto, plain sugar you know doesn’t count) I’m sure they are good, but I must have screwed up somewhere

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, unfortunately splenda is not a sweetener included as an option in this post and can’t be subbed in an equal amount for sweeteners that have more bulk, such as an erythritol or monk fruit blend (both of those are keto approved). You are always free to experiment with ingredients not listed as options in a recipe, but it’s definitely a risk.

  228. Lin says

    5 stars
    Great recipe. Easy to make, and you only need a couple ingredients. They turned out moist and fudgy. Personally they were too sweet for me. If I want to use less sugar, might this affect the texture of the brownies? What can I use to replace the missing sugar? Thanks 😊

  229. Annie says

    5 stars
    I made these for the first time today, And they tasted really good but kinda grainy. I had them at a friends and hers weren’t. Is that normal or did I do something wrong? I would probably make them again even if they always turn out this way.

  230. Debbie B says

    5 stars
    This was a great recipe! but I had to make a few tweaks because I didn’t feel like going to the store! I used a 1/4 cup Monkfruit/stevia blend for the sweetener and instead of the Dutch cocoa I melted a 1/4 cup Lily’s sugar free chocolate chips. Next time I’m going to try 1/3 cup because it could have been a little sweeter. For the frosting I melted a 1/2 cup sugar free chocolate chips! Worked like a charm! I’m wondering how sugar free maple syrup would work as a sweetener? I’m just glad we can eat sweets on keto! Off to find my next keto dessert recipe!

  231. Sierra Larson says

    Ok, so I made these exactly by the instructions except for I didn’t have Dutch Cocoa Powder and I used melted salted butter because we didn’t have unsalted I used 3 tbsp of water instead of oil and I used the other sugar that was on the list that started with an “e”; anyways, while the brownies came out tasting really good they were super crumbly. I’m a beginner baker so I’m not sure what I could’ve done wrong and how I can improve so I can make this recipe again and not have to deal with them crumbling. I had to waste a bunch of containers putting one in each because they crumbled so much that it’s hard to tell what’s one Brownie and it’ll have to be eaten with a spoon or fork.

  232. Grace says

    5 stars
    Tasted great only thing is that they were very soft. I baked them for almost 30min and let them cool for well over an hour but they still fell apart when I tried to cut them.

  233. Kyula says

    5 stars
    I did love this recipe. Easy and delicious. I add some dark chocolate chips on it and my girls love it. It was perfect!!!

  234. Arlene says

    5 stars
    My 18 month old son loved these! I’m glad because they’re healthier than boxed brownies. The sugar I used was coconut palm sugar. They were a little crumbly out of the oven but I’m sure sitting in the fridge will help them firm up.

  235. Katina C. says

    5 stars
    These were better than expected! I read some of the comments about the texture and softness. I added 1 Tbs of Arrowroot and they firmed up really nicely. I also used a sugar replacement called Swerve. I am really pleased with the results of this recipe and will be making them again I’m sure.

  236. Mary C says

    5 stars
    Absolutely delicious and hard to believe they are keto. I loved the coconut flavor and I added chopped roasted pecan bits. I used 3 tablespoons of water to keep the calories low and smoothed the top using a piece of parchment paper. I also mixed the dry ingredients then mixed the oil, water, eggs and vanilla then added them to the dry. I don’t like really fudgy brownies so I overbaked them (about 25-28 minutes instead of 20) and they came out perfectly ! This is going to be my go-to keto brownie recipe. Easy to put together, minimal ingredients and yummy!

  237. K. Rowell says

    5 stars
    Made the brownies today as I am doing keto and MUST have chocolate for the safety of my family 😜. They are very good keto brownie (best I’ve tried so far), consistency is a little weird, but that’s my fault I only had powdered Swerve. Looking forward to them and will make them next time with granulated Swerve. I added some Lily’s choc chips on top.

  238. Chucky Walsh says

    5 stars
    I have made a few different low carb brownie recipes over the last 4years.
    This is by far the stand out winner!!

  239. Ruth says

    5 stars
    Wow it tastes better than I expected.

    I didn’t have almond flour at home so I used a blender to make fine almond flour. It worked!

    I used monkfish sweetener and it was good.

    The only question I have is – what are the storage instructions?

    • CCK Media Team says

      Thank you for making them! You can let them sit out (loosely covered) on the counter for a day. We like to refrigerate in airtight container for 3-4 days after that. Or freeze with a sheet of parchment in between brownies.

  240. Linda English says

    5 stars
    I have been a keto lifestyle for a long time, I have a kazillion recipes not to mention books (paleo as well) and I have yet to find a GOOD brownie recipe until now.
    I doubled the recipe, as there are four lovers of food in my household, and it turned out perfect. Because I doubled the recipe I also baked the brownies an extra 10min.(keeping eye on them), perfect!
    Thank you thank you thank you!! Also, I made the cream cheese frosting (only I halved it) as I also made the banana ice cream and the coconut ice cream to go on top of the brownies!! Fabulous!
    There are many keto cooks out there but I believe you’re one of the few GOOD cooks. I have signed up to follow you on Pinterest and also email. Can’t wait to try some of your other recipes. Blessings

  241. Perry says

    Katie! Your keto chocolate cake has saved my life! It’s saved my diet! Thank you! I’ve been doing keeto for 3 and a half weeks and have lost 19 lbs so far, already, and your chocolate cake recipe saved me when I was having a HUGE craving and needed cake. I’m in the middle of trying your brownies recipe right now! A big thank you for the work you do!

  242. Pam says

    5 stars
    Very very good! I did not have enough almond flour so substituted half cup coconut flour with half cup almond flour and used stevia in place of the sugar. I sprinkled some espresso chocolate chips on the last few minutes in the oven…..a great recipe! Thank you!!

    • Katie says

      Hi Pam,
      Did you use Stevia 1:1 as a substitute for sugar? That’s what I did, but they turned out very bitter and crumbly for me. Just trying to figure out what I did wrong. Thanks!

  243. Angus says

    How should I modify this to use wet almond pulp? I recently developed dairy intolerance and have switched to almond milk, which I make myself because that makes better yogurt. It doesn’t seem practical to dry the pulp and then rehydrate it.

  244. Amy says

    5 stars
    Hi, I am making these brownies for the first time. In looking at the nutrition section, it says that this recipe count is for 25 servings! How can you get 25 brownies from an 8×8 pan? Confusing. Please change the nutrition counts, as that doesn’t seem correct.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Amy, these are so rich and fudge-like that a lot of people are satisfied with just a small fudge-sized piece. If you triple the serving size, it’s still just 150 calories and 2 grams net carbs for a bigger brownie 🙂

  245. Katie says

    I don’t know if someone has mentioned this yet, but definitely don’t make these with Stevia. I tried it and they were very bitter and crumbly. Not at all like the pictures or reviews. That is the only thing I changed, so it must have been that. Definitely try them with the recommended sweetener for keto!

  246. Mary says

    4 stars
    These are so easy but they are also so easy to over bake. They taste great.
    My problem with the recipe is the use “US Cups”. When baking, I prefer to weigh in grams as it is easier to calculate carbs and more accurate for dry measure.
    I tried the recipe in silicone cups and they came out so easy, but the baking time needs to be adjusted down.

  247. Barbara Keane says

    5 stars
    Thank you , these are very good.
    I’d love to know how you get yours so thick ?
    Almond flour recipes generally don’t rise very much.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Thank you so much for making them! Maybe the camera makes them look bigger? They are similar to other brownies, not super thick. But Katie uses a macro lens, so that might be it!

  248. Vicki says

    5 stars
    Have made these many a time as a low carb treat – they’re great ! Even our non keto friends enjoy them and don’t realise they are keto .
    Plus they freeze really well .
    Thanks for a great recipe !!

  249. Jean C says

    5 stars
    I made this recipe, adding 2 Tbsps unsweetened peanut butter for the extra water/oil. I didn’t have granulated swerve, so Iused confectioner’s, blended with allulose, and a little squeeze of chocolate stevia liquid. I topped them with a couple of tablespoons of Lily’s miniature chips while they were cooling and let them melt, then I spread that over the top as frostong. Delicious!

  250. Makmal says

    5 stars
    Made these 3 times in a week and I have never liked brownies until now. My ex husband has never been a fan of brownies either but tried and love them. My daughter hasn’t eaten brownies in about 2 years because of the sugar but love love love these brownies and said they are the best brownies and they melt in your mouth. The 3 of us removed regular sugar from our diets. What do we think about these brownies..GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for this recipe

  251. Natalie says

    5 stars
    Will liquid stevia work in this recipe?

    This recipe looks so delicious. I’d love to try these but don’t have granulated erythritol. Would liquid stevia work here? Thank you!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, we have not tried. But other commenters have said they tried to substitute stevia but were not happy with the results using that as a substitution.

  252. Athena says

    4 stars
    I followed the recipe pretty closely and it came out great! I would make this again (and perhaps use a bit less sweetner…I used monkfruit).

  253. Mary Crisher says

    I read the comments before I try any recipe. I cant believe all the rude replies! Will find a respectful posting.

  254. Claire Lemmon says

    5 stars
    Fantastic! Make these every couple of weeks or so. They’re the most nutritional keto treat I’ve ever had, and they are delicious. Thank you!

  255. Sonya says

    So I used stevia instead of the recommended ingredient and it was horrible. Wish I would have read the comments before hand. I’m willing to try again with the correct sugar substitute, I won’t give up just yet.

  256. Linda Ferrell says

    Katie, My husband and I had a really big late lunch. So we decided to eat these brownies for supper. We added some mixed nuts and fruit on top of the brownies. I added yogurt and my husband added whip cream. It was delicious and the perfect meal for the end of the day.

  257. Chris D says

    5 stars
    Should they still be a little jiggly in the middle when they’re done? I feel like they’re not done and leave them in longer and they end up over baking! They still taste delicious but are not gooey like drscribed. Also, I agree the Dutch cocoa makes a difference!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, sometimes they can be, depending on climate/humidity/elevation, or if your oven isn’t calibrated. Just stick them in the fridge overnight, very loosely covered with a towel so moisture can escape, and they should be perfectly firm without being overbaked by the next day 🙂

  258. Jackiel says

    Does the monk fruit / Erithritol blend have a grainy texture? I wonder if I should use a powdered version.( I make mine in a coffee grinder).

    • CCK Media Team says

      We would definitely recommend sticking with the granulated because powdered sugar doesn’t measure cup for cup with granulated sugar so they wouldn’t be as sweet with that sub.

  259. Bobbi says

    YUMMMMM. Years of low calorie sugar free cooking and Monk Fruit and the internet has changed the game. I used 12 pecans placed evenly (4×4) in the pan to make the servings easy to cut. So good.

  260. Jennifer Cook says

    Hi! I made this with monk fruit/ allulose blend. It’s not quite as sweet as erythritol. It’s supposed to be cup for cup with sugar. I used one cup of it in place of the erythritol. It came out delicious! I use this blend exclusively in all my drinks and baking. You can get it from Wholesome Yum, but I get mine from Impact on Amazon; it’s cheaper. Thanks, love your recipes!

  261. Mrs W says

    In the recipe it says melted coconut oil or butter… does that mean the butter should be melted or ONLY for the coconut oil?

  262. Lauren says

    Hi Katie! Every recipe of yours that I’ve tried has been fantastic. Thank you for such great recipes, ideas, blog posts, etc. Regarding this recipe, and I know others have asked in some form, but in your opinion, can one substitute oat flour for the almond flour? From my reading online, it seems, “yes,” and I realize this would make them non-Keto, etc., but I wondered if you have experimented previously with substituting these two flours for each other in other recipes? Thanks for your thoughts! –Lauren

  263. Karen says

    5 stars
    Love these brownies. I used avocado oil. I melted some Lily’s milk chocolate chips with some crunchy natural PB (just peanuts and salt) and spread it on top of the brownies after they say out of the oven for about 20inutes. Then I put them in the fridge to set up over night. SO Yummy!!

  264. Rychelle says

    5 stars
    WOW this is amazing! I do recommend using the frosting although the brownies are moist, the frosting gives it the pow it needs! I would like to say I used swerve confectioners sugar for both the brownies and the frosting and it was incredible! I have been on a keto journey for the past 5 mo and I have found (after spending WAY too much) that the swerve confectioners sugar works for EVERYTHING and does not leave the aftertaste AND I use about a third of what the regular recipes call for and IT WORKS! Thank you for this.. I have a happy husband!

  265. Shawna St Pierre says

    I made mine into 2 bite brownies. They are a bit dry, I may have overbaked them a bit though. Added 3 Krisda chocolate chips to each on top. Good!

  266. Lena says

    5 stars
    These brownies definitely tastes good just like the real thing. Im so glad it’s keto! Lol the only thing i change was the water part, i used 3 tablespoons of soy milk instead and i used truvia baking substitue instead of erythritol because i dont like the after taste of it. I baked it exactly 20 mins and u can see it’s a little bit undercooked on top, i assume to get it very moist and fudgey which is exactly how it came out. I prefer my brownies to be a bit chewy with crunchy edges, so im going to bake mines a little longer to see how it turns out next time. I cut them into small squares using a 8×8 pan and got 16 squares.

  267. Cindy says

    I read the remarks on the 25 servings per recipe. If you are counting carbs and make, like 8 brownies, you’ll be getting, what, like a bit over 3 carbs? Even making 12 brownies will just double the carb count. It’s not like you’re going to eat a whole tray, anyway. And they do look pretty gooey. Anyhoo, worth a try 😀

  268. Kay Simms says

    5 stars
    So delicious!! On a whim, instead of 1/3 c coconut oil inside about 1.5 tbsp coconut oil and then about 1/3 c pumpkin, also 1/4 c vanilla protein powder for part of the almond flour. I also used unsweetened vanilla almond milk in place of the 3 tbsp water, it was still amazing!!!! Going to add peppermint extract and/or instant coffee too next time! Awesome recipe!!

  269. betty says

    5 stars
    Typically, I set up a bain marie when I make brownies. I love that the instructions here are to dump everything in a bowl till the batter forms. So. Easy. They also don’t get stuck in the pan! I used a blend of erythritol and coconut sugar. Out of the oven, the texture is spongy. I’m hoping once they cool and are put in the fridge they will become denser/fudgier. It was also difficult to set the batter evenly in the pan due to how thick it was, it had a frosting like texture, so one side of my brownies are thinner than the other. A good recipe when your in a pinch.

  270. Paige Stroud says

    When I make the brownies, they are always crumbly. Do you have any suggestions why. I usually use Swerve or Truvia.
    Thank you,

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Paige, are you using fine almond flour? What other specific ingredients? Do you live in a dry climate or high elevation? Pressing down really hard before baking? Also we do not recommend stevia in these because readers have reported back that it does not work well here. So definitely go with the Swerve if you can!

  271. Kitty says

    5 stars
    For Christmas I decided to try these brownies. I cut the recipe in half as it was my first time and I wasn’t sure how they would come out. I didn’t have dutch chocolate and on a whim I decided to melt some cadbury dairy milk chocolate I had, in the butter. I also used regular sugar as I the Stevia sweetener I have has a strong after taste and I also sifted the almond flour. I’ve found using the almond flour without sifting gives it a very coarse, grainy texture I don’t fancy (personal preference) and decided to try sifting this time. All I can say is everything about this recipe is right on the money! The brownies were so soft and fluffy and absolutely perfect! My sister is skeptical about gluten free but after eating one brownie she went back for seconds and I’ve had requests from family to make more. This recipe is definitely a keeper 🙂

  272. Kelly says

    5 stars
    I made these for my diabetic dad. He loved them and asked for more.

    You need to adjust your time on the recipe. In the instructions it says 20 minutes but at the top of the recipe it says 17.

  273. Lavender Dreams says

    5 stars
    I made the brownies and they are amazing! Moist and chocolaty! I highly recommend this recipe. I’ve tried making chocolate cupcakes with almond flour but they were dry. This is the perfect recipe for chocolate lovers that want a healthy choice! Thank you SO much!

  274. Margaret Field says

    5 stars
    Absolutely excellent recipe. I use my ninja insta pot and make little cakes ( large muffins) – easy recipe and I use brown sugar and regular flour.

  275. Lauren says

    I followed the directions perfectly. Let them sit for 20min and the middle is still gooey?? I put them in the fridge for now 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! They should last around the same amount of time as regular brownies, so maybe 3-4 days? Or you can freeze them for longer 🙂

  276. Denise says

    5 stars
    These are exactly what we were missing on keto after 3 weeks! I baked in oven for 25 min and used butter not coconut oil and erithitrol. I used a square glass pan and cut 10 nice size portions..delish..topped with no sugar cool whip. Made it for a bday “cake” and our non keto friends loved it and asked for the recipe.

  277. Michele Macintosh says

    They are so good. I have made several times. My only problem besides eating too many is that they crumble or break. I like to bake for clients but cant cut them in a nice square. Is there a process to avoid the crumbling breaking?

  278. Tamira Nora Pinnock says

    5 stars
    This recipe is great!!! So happy as I was craving something sweet and this just hit the spot. Quite filling as well. Thanks!

  279. Denise says

    5 stars
    Excellent! Followed the recipe (using Splenda and Meyer lemon flavor Two Good yogurt),it turned out great. I’m putting it in the fridge over night to firm up a bit👍👍

  280. Diane says

    5 stars
    In the oven right now: I am balking at 2/3 cup of sugar. Can I sub maple syrup? If so, in what amounts? I love the black bean brownies, but trying to lower the carbs. I hope this works!!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Diane, many people like to use a sugar free sweetener here instead of sugar, to lower the carbs and keep the brownies keto 🙂

  281. Nicole says

    5 stars
    Very good tasting recipe for those on keto. My only suggestion would be to cook them longer than 20 minutes.

  282. Dana says

    5 stars
    This at the first time I am leaving the review, I have to do it because these brownies are amazing.
    You are a genius to create something so delicious, simple and really low on carbs.
    Thank you very much!
    Please keep doing what you doing and keep me posted.

  283. Alisha says

    5 stars
    Brownies have always been my favorite dessert.

    I’ve tried a few other low-carb/keto brownie recipes but I have to say, this is by far the best. I was not disappointed!

  284. NoVA Mom says

    5 stars
    I doubled the recipe for a 9 x 13 pan, and for the options listed, used regular eggs, butter, 3 Tbsp of water, and only regular cocoa p