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Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal

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Cinnamon roll baked oatmeal.

Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal

Frosted with my favorite Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting.

I blame Ikea.

It is impossible to walk out of that store not craving cinnamon rolls. The aroma of their freshly-baked rolls permeates the entire warehouse. I swear, it’s like they’ve sprayed cinnamon-scented perfume throughout the store.

When I was little, I thought Ikea was so boring! I even fell asleep once, in their rug section. (In my defense, we’d just moved and I was still on jet lag.) But I feel differently about the store now that I’m an adult, shopping for my own furniture, as opposed to tagging along with mom. I spent over an hour, yesterday afternoon, happily browsing. I love how their decorating style is so clean and simple.

Full recipe link:

And I love how it smells like cinnamon rolls.

One of my favorite breakfast recipes, can be frozen and reheated for an instant breakfast! Full recipe link:

One of my favorite breakfast recipes, can be frozen and reheated for an instant breakfast! Full recipe link:

I’m working on a yeast-free cinnamon-roll recipe, but it’s not perfected yet. So for today, you get boatmeal (boatmeal = baked oatmeal).

Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal

(Serves 1)

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats (50g)
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • sweetener, such as 1 1/2 tbsp maple syrup or pinch stevia
  • 1/4 cup applesauce (60g) (or pumpkin or mashed banana)
  • 1/4 cup milk of choice, creamer, juice, or water
  • heaping 1/16th tsp salt
  • Optional, for a buttery flavor: 1 tbsp oil or nut butter (if oil, scale the other liquid back)
  • Optional: handful of raisins, chopped walnuts, brown sugar for the top

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Combine raw oats, spices, applesauce, and liquid. Pour into a small baking pan, loaf pan, or 1-cup ramekin (or, for mini boats, two 1/2-cup ramekins). Cook for 15-20 minutes, or more until it’s firm. Finally, set your oven to “high broil” for 3 more minutes (or simply just bake longer, but broiling gives it a nice crust). Don’t forget to spray your ramekins first, if you want your cakes to pop out. Ideas: top with your favorite nut butter, pumpkin butter, banana butter, or even coconut banana butter! Or try the healthy cream cheese frosting linked at the beginning of this post.

View Baked Oatmeal Nutrition Facts


Do you like furniture shopping? And have you ever been to Ikea? Wouldn’t it be cool if they bottled their cinnamon-bun scent and sold it as perfume?! Or maybe I am the only one who wants to smell like a giant cinnamon bun…

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  1. I do like IKEA! I agree, the smell of those cinnamon rolls always leave me craving one too. I swear they spray cinnamon roll scented fragrance all throughout the place to make you buy one. This recipe looks amazingly delicious! (Just like everything else you post, of course! 😉 ) Thanks for sharing…I definitely plan on trying it out!

  2. Maya says:

    You sure made that look amazing! I’ve never liked cinnamon rolls- but I think it’s the sickly sweetness I didn’t like, so I’m sure I’d love this.

    I was actually just wondering the other day if vegans eat yeast- so I’m guessing the answer is no?

    I just recently went to Ikea, and it was quite the experience. You end up wanting to buy everything huh? (Maybe bc I’ve always been too cheap to buy new furniture so I’ve always had hand me downs?) And I’m the weirdo that actually loves assembling it! I would volunteer to assemble my roommates’ furniture for them.

    1. Oh LOL yes vegans can eat yeast! I am just lazy and therefore am intimidated by it. Not sure why! Someday I will work out my issues and try a yeast bread or roll recipe ;). I mean, I work with agar… how hard can yeast be?!

      1. Maya says:

        Hahaha! Now I just feel really silly. In my mind it was because yeast is “live” but duh, so are plants. If we didn’t eat ANYTHING live I guess we would live on water? And salt?

        If anyone can do it you can! Gosh I’m embarrassed by my yeast question now haha.

      2. Oh do NOT feel silly! I used to think that vegans couldn’t eat chocolate! 😉

      3. Stefanie says:

        I get that question quite a bit. You’re not the first one to ask and won’t be the last. 😉

      4. Maya says:

        Haha thanks! Maybe because yeast is such a weird thing??? I mean it’s alive, but comes in a little aluminum foil packet…who knows what’s going on there.

      5. Queen Mommy says:

        Just made the cinnamon roll oatmeal this morning, and it was delicious! My girls loved it too (even the one who’s burnt out on oatmeal….unless it’s your chocolate-raspberry oatmeal). Have you tried baking with yeast yet? It’s really not that hard, honestly. The main thing is to make sure you use yeast that’s still active, and to get the liquid temp right (usually just warmer than body temp is perfect). I recently forayed into the sourdough world. My first attempt grew mold, but my second attempt was perfect. I’ve now made 4 loaves and a batch of sourdough pancakes.

      6. I have! I actually have a yeasted cinnamon roll recipe that’s probably going in my cookbook. You’re right… it’s definitely not as scary as it seems ;).

      7. Nichelle says:

        oh my goodness !
        the irony, here I am excitedly clicking through all your super delicious sounding recipes, because I just stumbled
        upon your yummy site a couple days ago. (and have been addicted to it since !) And here I thought, hmm, this girl NEEDS to write a little cook book on all the scrumptous-ness she’s got going on on this site !
        and you’re already on top of that !
        looking forward to it :)

      8. ejpoeta says:

        yeast is easy to deal with though i can see why one might be intimidated. the key is to remember to use luke warm water. you also need some sugar to feed it. when i make the actual cinnamon rolls, i use warm milk. add 1/2 cup of sugar and let it dissolve. then i add my yeast and let it proof. about ten minutes and it should be looking foamy. you should try it sometime. what’s the worst that happens? if you proof the yeast first the most you are out of is some water, sugar and the yeast.

  3. YUM! I’m super excited to try this… maybe for breakfast tomorrow?!

    I love furniture shopping/decorating! Ikea is wonderful; they have super cute stuff & so cheap… how can you resist?

    The only down-side I’ve found to Ikea has been seriously awful customer service! They wouldn’t let me return something that was (unknowingly) broken when I bought it… lame.

  4. Andrea says:

    I haven’t tried baked oatmeal before, which is odd considering I eat oats almost daily! I will definately have to try it soon! :) I have been to Ikea a few times before, and it’s almost mind-boggling! There’s SO MUCH to look at! I admit, I’ve even got lost in there a few times since it’s so big! Ha :)

  5. I love stores like pottery barn and homegoods now haha! It’s funny to watch your preferences for shopping evolve over the years. Your furniture shopping.. does this mean your moving out on your own?! That would be cool!

  6. This would have been delicious with my Pumpkin Latte this morning – adding it to my list now! :) Your pictures are always gorgeous, makes the food look so tempting. It’s a good thing these are healthy recipes. :)

  7. Fernanda says:

    Amazing! Ever since I found you I never feel deprived while on a diet! And I’m eating way healthier :) I ever considered becoming a vegan but that I’d have to do by baby steps…

    1. Aw I’m so glad you found my blog! And lol yeah definitely baby steps are the way to go! Even if you never decide to become a full vegan, you can still eat yummy vegan foods :).

  8. Great idea!

    I love smelling like dessert. The winter scents at Bath & Body Works are my favorite…vanilla bean and caramel! I even have some chocolate body wash. :)

    1. Chocolate body wash? Wha??? Want! I have coconut body wash :).

      1. Yup, and it came with a gingerbread body wash as well :)
        OOH, coconut’s a great one too!
        Probably the craziest one I ever got, though was eggnog-scented…!

      2. Lisa says:

        Philosophy makes all kinds of dessert scented body washes, etc. Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hot Cocoa, Cinnamon Buns, etc. They’re awesome!

  9. Sarah says:

    Yes, i have been to Ikea. But only about a gazilion times. I’m still 15 so i tag along with my mom. And i ALWAYS fall asleep somewhere, usually the bed display. I have no shame. I HATE Ikea. It bores me. Immensely. I cannot see what is so intriguing about terry cloth towels. What do i appreciate about Ikea? NO CHEAP VANILLA SOFT SERVE DUDE. Oh yeah, did i mention? They have a new Justin Bieber bedroom display. What was i talking about again? Oh yeah, how much i LOVE Ikea…

  10. Giulia says:

    I absolutely love furniture shopping, I just cannot wait for when I’ll have to furnish my own home!!
    When I was little I loved going to Ikea! the one near our house had a kid’s area were kids could be left (attended, obviously) to play until the parents were done shopping, so my sister and i would always be super excited of going there!

  11. I absolutely love Ikea. Their food section always gets me, and you have to try their dark chocolate bar. It’s vegan and it’s oh so rich – you’d love it!

    1. Hold the phone. Ikea sells vegan food?! Must find this chocolate bar! As if I needed an excuse to go back ;).

      1. Faith says:

        They sell TONS of food – and lots of it is vegan-friendly! I love their jams and pastas, and I’m dying to try their vegetarian caviar substitute. Their food section is the bomb!

  12. Oh My! That Really looks like a cinnamon roll! Cinnamon and oats are Some Of My favorite things, I know what I’m having for breakfast! :)

    I’m not the biggest fan of furniture shopping, but I’ve never done it For my own place. IKEA is a cool store though. I found the cutest silverware there once!

  13. Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum! I’m making this tomorrow!! They look totally like cinnamon rolls!
    I love shopping at Ikea! Its one of my favourite places to shop at, hypermarts being the most favourite. The kitchen section’s really cool; bakeware and kitchen tools come at much lower price compared to baking supply shops even! 😀

  14. saskia says:

    IKEA is the best! I love it, i can spend hours in there!:) this thingie looks incredible yummy..oh, and i’d love cinnamon-perfume! 😀
    Happy eating,

  15. Jenny says:

    When it’s for yourself, I don’t see how furniture shopping could be boring! Well, most guys seem to find it boring, even when it’s for their own apartment/house/residence… Weird. Although I like doing it, I’m not really a fan of IKEA – at least not the one where I am. I LOVED the IKEA in Singapore, though! They never sold cinnamon buns, but it was big and awesome. And actually… when my family first moved to Singapore, I fell asleep on one of these fluffy throw pillow stacks at IKEA, too, haha! We are kindred spirits? 😛 Jetlag is definitely tough… whether you’re still a child or an adult.

    I love cinnamon buns… so I’ll have to give this a go one of these days. I imagine it being a perfect, warm breakfast on a cool autumn morning. Thanks! And happy Friday. :)

    1. Hahaha mine was in Shanghai! It must be something about Asian Ikeas!

    2. I’m from Singapore and… our Ikea just started selling cinnamon buns about 2 months ago!!! Need to try it!!! 😀

  16. Oh man, that look good!!

    and I LOVE furniture shopping. I’m way into interior design. I like IKEA but as long as the whole room doesn’t look like it came from their catalog. :) I love looking at places like Ross and Tjmaxx for stuff. Or outlets. So fun!

  17. Gen says:

    Yummy!! I’ve never actually been to Ikea before.

  18. Oh, th frosting adds so much deliciousness!! I can hardly take it! …..My tummy is rumbling now!

  19. Oh my LORD Katie. Can we just move our little indecisive-about-life butts into the same place and blog while cooking for each other? It’d be a great life, and this is my first request. Along with a PSL. And chocolate.

  20. KATIE! This recipe looks amazing!!!!! I want to start all over today so I can have this for breakfast!

    In re your furniture question … I love furniture shopping, when I’m not buying my own. Sounds funny, but when it came to purchasing my own I was so stressed out because it’s permanent .. it just has to be perfect!

    Love Ikea! And I love going first thing in the morning and having their breakfast (and a few cups of coffee) as fuel before I start!

  21. Cinnamon roll.. in a healthy form? I am NOT hating this :)

  22. Oh Yum! I think I’ve found my Saturday breakfast!! :-)

  23. Megan says:

    I love going to IKEA! I like seeing how they have arranged furniture for 900 sq ft apartments and how efficiently they use their space. The aroma of cinnamon rolls there IS very alluring and I can imagine that your boatmeal smells the same! It look so delicious! As a kid I always liked the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, although I doubt they have any health benefits whatsoever. Once again, you have saved the day with a nutritious vegan cinnamon bun!

  24. Frida says:

    Can I just say: YES!! I looove cinnamon rolls, and now i can have a healthy version, yay! For the question: I love Ikea (almost, if not as much, as cinnamon rolls!) I grew up with it, living here in Denmark. Ikea is really something else, and I love the awesome play-room for kids, the cheap and good food, fun and affordable furniture, and just the whole atmosphere of the place :)

  25. bassitos says:

    omg, doing it tomorrow <3

  26. I actually have a lot of furniture from IKEA. Can you believe I enjoy putting it together?

    Oh the smell of cinnamon rolls makes me hungry, too. I also like to wear edible smelling fragrances (sometimes I even put on vanilla and other stuff from my kitchen). I used to wear some made my Demeter: They make cinnamon bun:

    1. Oh wow. Off to check that link… this could be dangerous ;).

      1. Alison says:

        I was literally just about to post this link, haha. I remember seeing Cinnamon Bun being sold back when I lived near Sephora. I bought their Pomegranate and Sex on the Beach…the latter smelling amazing.

        But this is my favorite scent now… Reminds me of lucky charms, haha.

        No weird chemicals and they don’t test on animals, always a plus!

      2. katiecoops says:

        Yes! I jumped over here from my Google reader just to tell you about Demeter fragrances! I’m obsessed and I really want the cake batter one SO badly.
        Oh, and Katie, your blog has changed my life! I LOVE chocolate chip cookies but know they’re so bad for me. I’m trying to cut back on carbs and eat more protein so your bean cookie recipes are saving me. I can’t thank you enough!

      3. Forget cinnamon rolls. I want to smell like cake batter!

        Thanks, Katie :).

  27. Jennifer JCD says:

    I have been craving a cinamon bun for weeks! This looks delicious and beautiful too. I’m dreaming of cinnamon buns now, the smell and all… oh… I’ll have to make these tonight!! Thank you for the recipe!

    Oh, IKEA! They have a child minding area at the one near us (and they had one at their old locations too), and I remember being dropped off, wearing a little pinny with a number on it, and playing in the ball pit and indoor play space. Good times. Now I go and browse whenever I am in that part of the city (it’s an hour away, so I only get to go once or twice a year.) Most of the furniture in our house is from IKEA. :)

  28. Mmm I love cinnamon! Can’t get enough of it :)

  29. Oh my gosh Katie, you are a genius! I haven’t had a cinnamon bun in years, but these look like they’d do the trick.

    I too feel asleep in Ikea when I was a kid! I’m pretty sure at that point we had already been there for 4 hours. 😛 But not I love the store – too bad its 3 hours north.

  30. Beth says:

    Holy crap, Katie, this looks AMAZING.

    Making one tomorrow, you just made my Saturday morning.

  31. First of all, I’m extremely impressed: it’s an almost impossible feat to make oatmeal look delicious and photography-worthy. You’ve done it!

    I’m totally with you on the cinnamon obsession. My dad calls me his cinnamon girl, after an old 70’s song by Neil Young. “I wanna live with a cinnamon girl, I could be happy the rest of my life with a cinnamon girl…”

    Commence cinnamon season!

    1. Woah, I’ve never heard that song! Sounds like a GREAT song ;).

      Also: yes, it was ridiculously hard to make this look good! Someday I think I should do a post with all my reject photoshoots… the first photos I took of this were AWFUL!

  32. I love Ikea now, but I hated it as a kid!! But oh my gosh that store always smelt reallyreally good! I would not mind if I could smell that way the rest of my life….. :) Great recipe as usual! Can’t wait to try!

  33. I love Ikea but somehow I never noticed the cinnamon buns smell! That is probably a good thing :) Normally I only smell the swedish meatballs!

  34. Heather says:

    Oh my. I can’t wait to smell these baking on Sunday morning!

  35. Jenny says:

    Katie – I will PAY you to make a single lady cinnamon bun recipe :)!!!!!

  36. Ashley says:

    haha i thought this was a cinnamon bun!! Awesome picture!! Ive been meaning to try your baked oatmeal for a while now, ill be sure to use a topping :)

  37. Beth says:

    philosophy makes a cinnamon bun bath wash/shampoo/shower gel, so you could smell like a cinnamon bun all the time!

      1. I will have to look for it… I’m worried, though. I might start chewing my fingers ;).

  38. Moni'sMeals says:

    This is really creative Katie! I think you are just so clever. :)

    I hear you loud and clear on the smell and yes, I am weak at the knees for the smell of baked goodies!

    The BEST cinnamon roll I have ever had was in Vacouver BC. I dream of it often. haha!

  39. Sarah says:

    I’m back again! After i read this post i realized i didnt have any bfast yet! So guess wat i made? Yup, boatmeal. I used pumpkin and also added maple syrup and raisins. It was between savory and sweet- perfect! I had it alongside the pumpkin latte. And then i had a random strawberry. A winner of a breakfast!

    1. Sarah says:

      BTW- i forgot to mention that my mom sometimes makes pumpkin curry! we are of Indian descent so we make curry out of everything. Pickled dates, anyone?

      1. Mmmmm pumpkin curry sounds divine! I had an Indian pumpkin curry once, at a little Indian restaurant in the middle of nowhere Rhode Island. It was delicious!

  40. When I first saw that picture, I thought it was a legit cinnamon roll. It looks amazing! And I love Ikea… it’s one of my favorite stores. I literally get lost in there when I go it seems like.

  41. Oh my god- I could literally eat my computer screen!! Not fair- I have to wait hours until I get home to make this! This looks AMAZING!!!

    I love Ikea, too- but haven’t been in forever. Maybe this is a sign that I need to make a trip there this weekend (I am needing a new kitchen table….)!

    1. Y’know, I’ve wanted to eat my computer screen so many times. I wonder what it actually tastes like… :)

      1. Sarah says:

        That could be tomorrow’s post- chocolate covered computer screen :)

      2. Sounds like a good recipe to me!

  42. Stefanie says:

    I got my plates/bowls from ikea for cheap. They were $20 or $25 for 8 place settings. It includes the bowls, dinner plates, and dessert plates. The matching coffee cups were .59 cents each. I also got a great desk for cheap. The biggest Ikea I have been to was in chicago but I believe that is were it got started. I really do need to go back and get me a nice dresser.

    It is hard to walk out of there not craving a cinnamon bun. They smell so good and fresh. You can almost taste it walkin out the door.

  43. Ragnhild says:

    Oh my oh my! These photos are really to die for! I almost smell the cinnamon bum as I look at them :)
    Since IKEA is from Sweden and we are their closest country, IKEA is all over Norway! I love to go there- IF Im going to buy something! If Im not on a mission, it is just over-whelming 😉
    Happy weekend<3

  44. Namaste Gurl says:

    All my favorite stores as of today used to be my least favorite when I was a kid. Then again, it’s the same way with the foods I love presently as well. Kids just don’t get it: someday they will, though! :)
    I’m picturing a pumpkin or even a carrot- cake version of this with coconut butter and raisins atop. Thanks for the awesome recipe once again!

  45. Amber K says:

    I have only been to Ikea a couple of times. I think I’d find it more interesting if I could actually afford to get the really cool stuff.

    I tried baked oatmeal once, but I don’t know if I did it wrong or what because it was way too…I don’t know. Liquidy tasting? Like it was fully baked, but it just wasn’t dense and chewy. It was more fluffy and wet even though all of the liquid had baked off. I don’t know, something went wrong!

  46. OMG this looks amazing!!! I will for sure be making it this weekend! I forget to prep boatmeal the night before but I’m going to have to start because it will make my mornings so much better, looking forward to these delicious creations!

    I used to dislike furniture/home shopping too but now that I’m shopping for my own stuff it’s really fun! Funny how that happens!

    1. I know some people have said they’ve had luck making a bunch ahead of time and then freezing the leftovers. I really should try that sometime.

  47. Kelly says:

    This looks amazing. I’m going to have to try it when it gets a bit cooler. Love oatmeal in the winter.

    I keep seeing all these bloggers getting cookbook deals. I hope one comes your way. You truly have amazing recipes and I like that they are smaller portioned.

    1. Aww thank you SO much, Kelly. And there WILL be a cookbook ;).

  48. Ikea is so fun… Yet overwhelming and bad for the wallet! I always buy random little non furniture things like picture frames or cute measuring cups. I loved ikea when I was little because my mom would leave me in the ball pit area! It was such a treat because I could watch movies and tv which I rarely did at home!

  49. Stephanie says:

    Ooooohhhhh! Another winner to try out the second I get home! It looks absolutely delish! Think I might grate a touch of nutmeg in there too.

    I love, love, love IKEA! I found it has the best drapes – chic and cheap! And my little OCD heart does flip flops in the organization section! I’m actually headed there this weekend to buy a great bed frame for our guest room – exactly what I’ve been looking for and the price can’t be beat! And I had bought so many pictures and posters for my walls when I moved into my first place – it made the apartment so homey without making my wallet scream in pain.