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Coconut Butter: Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Coconut Butter = Love Bring out the mittens? In Texas summertime, it’s considered a cold front if the temperature doesn’t reach 100 degrees. Today, therefore, we’re experiencing a cold front. It’s only going to be 99. The sweltering weather is bad for almost everything: growing plants, running outdoors, paying your air-conditioning bill… However, there’s one thing […]

Happy Fourth Of July Cupcakes!

These patriotic little Fourth Of July cupcakes are hiding a surprise inside… They’re secretly stuffed with blueberries and Healthy Whipped Cream! One morning last week, my roommate came downstairs, gave me a funny look, and said, “Katie, why are you making patriotic cupcakes in June?” Sometimes, in order to get holiday recipe posts written and published in […]

Cake Batter Energy Bars

These snack bars will rock your face off. Say goodbye to your face. “No-bake” energy bars that taste surprisingly like cake batter. It’s weird, but they really do.   Hope you weren’t attached to your face 😕 Cake Batter Energy Bars (Can be gluten-free!) Inspired by my Homemade Luna Bars 1 cup rice crispies (brown […]

Dating a Vegan

I’ve been quietly dating someone for the past two months. Since this is a recipe blog (and for privacy), I wasn’t sure if I should even mention it on the site. However, his name might come up in the commentary or comment section, so I tried to casually introduce him a few posts back. (That […]

Vegan Healthy Corn Casserole

Vegan Healthy Corn Casserole – just as delicious as traditional corn casserole, but without the cream, lard, and day’s-worth of saturated fat! Many years ago, at a 4th of July barbecue, a neighbor brought a dish called “Aunt Linda’s Corn Casserole,” and everyone went crazy for it. As it turned out, there was a reason we […]

Breakfast Banana Pops

These easy-to-make breakfast banana pops are like summer on a popsicle stick! It’s a super-kid-friendly recipe as well. When I was little, we’d make these “nana pops” weekly during the summer months, rolling the bananas in anything from cinnamon and sugar, to granola and raising, to crushed chocolate chip cookies! The recipe is also great for […]

Chocolate Cake… With A Crazy Ingredient!

This cauliflower chocolate cake might be the most “out there” recipe I’ve ever posted. Originally, I was hoping to save the recipe for The Chocolate-Covered Katie Cookbook. But I can’t keep it to myself. This chocolate cake is too good to not share! And no, the secret ingredient is not beans. My boyfriend has proclaimed […]

Healthy Fathers Day Recipes

Happy Father’s Day! This morning, I’m baking a loaf of my Peanut Butter Bread. My dad is driving over for brunch in a few hours (so really, lunch), and I’m cooking an Asian-themed stir fry, the aforementioned peanut butter bread, and dessert. What do women men want? In terms of food, it turns out they […]

Chocolate Nutella Milk

Liquid Nutella. Who wouldn’t want to drink a thick glass of Nutella? Drink it, eat it, bathe in it… okay, maybe not the last one. Then again, perhaps a Nutella bath could be fun. I wonder if they sell such a thing as Nutella bubble bath. They should. I’d buy it. In bulk. Chocolate Nutella […]

Skinny Vanilla Cupcakes

Here is the healthy cupcake recipe that won’t let you down.                                 Cupcakes so soft and fluffy… No one will ever guess that they’re low-fat! I went through five or six attempts before finally achieving the results I wanted: a “no-fail” […]

No Bake Oreo Cookies

These no bake Oreo cookies are even better than an Oreo…  Homemade Oreo cookies?! Ah, your eyes are playing tricks on you. What you really see is even better than an Oreo. These sandwich cookies look like Oreos, but they’re softer and chewier… imagine a cross between an Oreo and a candy bar. That sounds […]

Do you know what a chocoholic eats for lunch?

I had fun with lunch yesterday: A Banana-Split Sandwich! With fresh strawberries and homemade Chocolate Banana Butter. The chocolate took the sandwich over the top and reminded me of eating frosting. A frosting sandwich for lunch…? I know it sounds strange, and I won’t go as far as to say it tasted exactly like a banana-split […]

Strawberry Frosting Shots!

Behold. A tall tower of strawberry mousse: It’s a strawberry skyscraper! I do not have a green thumb. No really, I actually managed to kill a cactus once. And most of the fruits or vegetables I plant either end up dead or devoured by some greedy lawn creatures. (Darn squirrels!) So this year I was […]

Brownie Batter Frozen Yogurt

It’s like summer on a cone. I got the idea for brownie fro-yo after making the Brownie Batter Dip. That’s actually how I come up with many of my recipe ideas: think of a particular flavor, then brainstorm every possible dessert that could work for said flavor. In other words: don’t be surprised if you […]

Spaghetti Squash Lo Mein

Knowing this is a dessert blog, and reading today’s post title, you might have put two and two together and come up with… Something really weird. 😕 Actually, I don’t want to know what you came up with. Please don’t tell me. Or anyone else. Ever. Rest assured, today’s post is not dessert… well, unless […]

Snack… and exciting news!

Snack! I literally just finished eating this: The actual recipe can be found here: No-Bake Cashew Cookie Bars. (The link goes to a really old post with super-ugly photos… but a delicious recipe, nonetheless. It’s my goal to find all the old, uncategorized recipes on this blog and categorize and re-shoot them. I might still […]

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