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Chocolate-Strawberry Hugs

I am speechless. And that doesn’t happen often. I can’t believe the response to the post on My Big Decision. Over 300 of the sweetest, most heartfelt comments (and facebook messages, emails, and tweets), and each one made me smile more than the one before it. No wait, that’s not true. They all made me […]

Chocolate-Cherry Bomb Oatmeal

Attack of the Chocolate! I said I was going to bombard you with dessert recipes. And what better way to begin the attack than with a chocolate-cherry bomb? Another Crazy Oatmeal Recipe! You can find all my crazy oatmeal recipes here: All things Oatmeal. I’m also working on tagging my oatmeal posts. This recipe was […]

Hot Fudge Oatmeal

Hi Chocolate Fudgekins! I don’t really know what a fudgekin is. But it sounds yummy. Breakfast today was incredible. The fudge in the oats created a delicious, gooey mess. If you think “chocolate peanut butter fudge oatmeal” sounds good, I can assure you it tastes even better! Hot Fudge Oatmeal Sliced berries Fudge, such as Chocolate PB Fudge. Sprinkle of […]

Peach Breakfast Bake

Someday, I am going to be a very good grandma. By the time I’m old, I will have had lots of practice. I often sit down for dinner at 5, constantly nag people to eat more vegetables, and living in Florida sounds like a dream! But every now and then, I like to stay out […]

Cheesecake Pancakes

Cheesecake for Breakfast! If the Cheesecake Factory and IHOP ever had a baby, it might look something like this: My dad likes pancakes And he absolutely loves my Blueberry Pie Pancakes. So I knew that’s what I wanted to make for him on Fathers’ Day. (Yes, I still make him breakfast on Fathers’ Day. Even though […]

Fruit Salad… with an addictive dressing!

Hello Fruit Loops! Or maybe I shouldn’t call you fruit loops. After all, you are all awesome, and fruit loops… well, they taste like cardboard. But here’s something that doesn’t taste like cardboard: My breakfast this morning: Single-Serving Oatmeal Cake Along with the oatmeal cake, I made a gorgeous fruit salad. Normally, I don’t like […]

Cake Batter Doughnuts

I’m excited to share this recipe today, because it’s completely my own—and that wasn’t originally going to be the case. You see, I’d planned to make doughnuts following a recipe I’d cut out of Vegetarian Times a few months ago. However, when I tried their recipe, the results were, ummm, less than stellar. (Understatement!) Sorry VT, […]

Breakfast Polenta

Tired of Oatmeal? Yes, the question is ridiculous. How could anyone tire of oatmeal, with its infinite flavor possibilities? For endless oatmeal inspiration, see: My Oatmeal Recipes. Sometimes, however,  it’s good to have variety. And it’s always good to have polenta! Brekkie Polenta (Serves 1) 1/3 cup dry cornmeal (40g) (I use whole-grain) 1 cup […]

Carrot Cake in a Bowl

What’s up doc? In a former life, I was Bugs Bunny. I even have a special recipe tab: My Carrot Cake Recipes. Now, there’s one more for the list: This is based off of the wildly-popular Banana Bread in a Bowl. And you get a vegetable serving from this breakfast! Carrot Cake in a Bowl […]

Cake Batter Pizza?

From what I can tell, a successful kids’ birthday party has three components: 1. Presents. 2. Pizza. 3. And cake. Emphasis on the cake! Why not save time and energy by combining two of the three? Cake Batter Pizza (Serves 1-2) 70 grams (1/2 cup) flour (I used two parts spelt flour to one part […]

Gluten-Free Breakfast Pizza

Although I love gluten, I know many of this blog’s readers do not love gluten; or rather, it does not love them. I try to take this into account when creating recipes, and there is a section of the website devoted entirely to those recipes that are or can be gluten-free: Over 100 Gluten-Free Healthy Dessert Recipes And […]

Cinnamon Raisin Pizzert

Hi chocolate pizza pies! I always marvel how my posts involving peanut butter are much more popular than the others. They even seem to be more popular than my posts involving chocolate. You people need to sort out your priorities! Chocolate should always come first. Still, I’m glad you liked the Peanut Butter Frosting post. Today’s […]

Magic Breakfast Pudding

I’m loving the beautiful weather. It’s weird to think last week was –4 and today will reach over 80 degrees. Warm weather does not mean I give up my beloved breakfast grain bowls; I just eat them cold! (Actually, I eat cold oatmeal in winter too. I’m strange like that.) Today’s brekkie was a twist […]

Homemade Banana Yogurt

Yesterday started out well, with a morning run in cloudy 58-degree weather (perfect running weather). However, near the end of said run, a gnat saw me and decided my right eyeball would make a nice home. Note to Mr. Gnat: my being vegan does not stop me from hating you!! The last ten minutes of […]

Healthy Breakfast Pizza

It’s a pizzert! Pizzert/ noun. Dessert pizza. A pizza topped with anything sweet. Bonus points for chocolate. Above, with Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting. Breakfast Pizza Pizzert Serves 2 …unless you want to eat the whole pizza so you can say “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” like in the commercial! 1/2 cup white […]