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Fat Bombs (Keto, Vegan, No Bake)

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Quick and easy homemade chocolate fat bombs – with just 3 ingredients and NO baking required!

Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs

What Are Fat Bombs?

Low carb, keto and vegan friendly no-bake treats, fat bombs are typically made with ingredients such as nut butters or coconut oil, cocoa powder, cream cheese or avocado, and little to no sugar.

You might have recently been seeing fat bombs trending ALL over facebook and social media, and so many of you have commented or emailed me to ask if I have any fat bomb recipes here on the blog.

It turns out that I’ve actually been a fan of the concept since long before it became popular.

One of my favorite snacks a few years ago was to simply freeze balls of coconut butter – I called them coconut melties, which I still think sounds like a much more appealing name than fat bomb. Oh well.

And one of my current favorite snacks is to mix peanut butter with chia seeds and cocoa powder then roll it into balls.

Or just eat the dough… depends on how lazy I feel!

Also Try This Popular Keto Cake Recipe.

Fat bombs are the perfect snack for anyone who tends to like desserts that are extremely rich but not super sweet.

Since they’re so low in sugar, fat bombs are great for eating any time of the day, either on their own or as part of a meal – breakfast, afternoon, post-workout, or as a nighttime healthy snack instead of chips or ice cream.

Keto Bombs

Are Fat Bombs Healthy?

I know people have very different views on how much fat to eat in a day, so while my own diet is pretty high in fat—as shown in the post I wrote on What I Eat In A Day—it will of course depend on your own personal views and dietary needs.

These treats are not only high in heart-healthy fat, they’re also completely free of refined carbohydrates and sugar, and the fat helps you to feel full and satisfied with just a small amount, so it’s not like cookies or candy where you could eat a ton and yet somehow still be just as hungry as before you started.

As with anything, moderation is key for these, but they’re so filling that it’s much easier to feel satisfied even after just a small amount.

If you’d prefer a lower-fat chocolate treat, I recommend these Low Fat Raw Chocolate Fudge Balls.

Fat Bomb Ingredients

Fat Bombs, Keto Bombs, Or Fat Fudge?

They’re actually just three different names for the same thing. You definitely don’t need to be on a low carb or ketogenic diet to enjoy them, and I’m not endorsing or advocating for any particular diet in this post.

Although my own diet isn’t low carb and you won’t see me giving up my Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies any time soon, I am still crazy about these high fat treats as well!

(Note: If you are on a low carb diet and find yourself craving chocolate chip cookies, be sure to try these Keto Cookies.)

One of the best parts about the recipe is that it’s so easily customizable to make different fat bomb flavors.

Try using different sweeteners, add a few drops of pure vanilla or pure peppermint extract, change up the nut butter or sub coconut butter for either the nut butter or oil.

fudge recipe

Fat Bomb Flavors – The Recipes

The above link includes recipes for different flavors such as Peanut Butter, Pistachio, Strawberry, Gingerbread, Banana, and Coconut Fat Bombs.

One of my favorites is peanut butter fat bombs because they taste like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, but if you want something lower in carbs, they are great with macadamia nut butter as well.

Chocolate Fat Bombs

These Chocolate Fat Bombs Can Be:



Low Carb

No Bake

Soy Free

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

*If you need the keto fat bombs to be nut free, simply use this recipe for Sugar Free Chocolate Chips instead of the recipe below, and freeze in either an ice cube tray or a small container, then cut up into squares. Store leftovers in the freezer, because coconut oil melts at room temperature.

Secretly Low Carb Chocolate Keto Fat Bomb Recipe
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Fat Bombs (Keto, Vegan, No Bake)

Quick and easy homemade chocolate fat bombs, with just 3 ingredients.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 1 recipe (depends on shape)
5 from 204 votes


  • 1/2 cup nut butter of choice or coconut butter
  • 1/4 cup cocoa or cacao powder
  • 1/4 cup melted coconut oil
  • stevia to taste, or 1 tbsp liquid sweetener of choice
  • optional, I like to add 1/8 tsp salt


  • Stir all ingredients together until smooth. If too dry (depending on nut butter used), add additional coconut oil if needed. Pour into a small container, ice cube trays, candy molds, or this silicone mini cupcake tin. Freeze to set. Because coconut oil softens when warm, it’s best to store these in the freezer.
    View Nutrition Facts


For coconut-free, try these Keto Chocolate Brownie Bombs.

Have you made this recipe?

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Published on July 23, 2018

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  1. ReRe says

    Hmm, fats can definitely be healthy, like nuts and olive oil, but I don’t think you can call a coconut oil based food specifically “heart healthy” because coconut oil is one of the few plant saturated fats and does cause atherosclerosis. I mean the American Heart Association recommends against eating it.

    • Maddi says

      Unrefined coconut oil is in it’s natural state and is a healthy fat. Any oils that are heat pressed are not healthy. Of course, balancing with other healthy fats and proteins and veggies is important.

      I made these with 6 T of powdered swerve. They’re awesome! My husband likes them, too!

    • Brit says

      Recent studies are showing saturated fats are good for you. The AHA will catch up (eventually). However, I always suggest to take the time to check out Pub Med for recent medical studies. Enjoy the coconut oil!

    • Laura says

      Fake news by the American Heart Association. Check out the first episode of The Real Skinny On Fats 2018 on youtube, you will be shocked…

    • KTM says

      My cardiologist recommends keto — a high fat way of eating, including coconut oil. And my lab work doesn’t lie – even my cholesterol is down. Please educate yourself before slamming something that has helped a lot of people.

    • Sandi Healey says

      That is outdated information. The American Heart Association is incorrect. The above comment about his labs being great with coconut oil is fact. I am the same way. Labs are great.

      • Sarahaha says

        The comment about labs being great may or may not be fact – since the lab results aren’t posted, they can’t be actually proven, only assumed that poster is telling the truth. And please see above, re: anecdotal evidence. Irrelevant to anyone other than yourself.

        • KR says

          If you follow the AHA diet, you will get heart disease. They are funded by big Pharma and do not offer the best advice.

        • JEN says

          Sarahaha, why are you on a kept blog ignoring you don’t believe in it? If you research keto diet you will see that more and more every year people are turning their health around by switching to this diet. Helping stave off cancer or potentially curing it, my father isn’t one of those. It’ll reverse type 2 diabetes, my friends husband is no longer on insulin or taking metformin after 6 weeks on a keto diet. He struggled for years and was about to start losing toes if he didn’t do something. I have used it to help my bipolar symptoms and am weaning myself off my medication and have never done better. Many people use it for a mood stabilizer, or help with epileptic seizures (my niece). I poo pooed this diet for years, but finally we was convinced about a year and a half ago by my doctor to just give it a try. I am a convert and 100% advocate now. I will never turn back. I coach people on how to begin their transition and how to help fix stalls in weight loss if that I that is your goal. If you have no time yet been convinced by the overwhelming research online by reputable research resources, I would suggest eat just leaving us alone until you are. Thank you.

        • AJT says

          Do you realise why the food table was created? Why the AHA are against fats and the “research” that was concluded on? There is far more to this than meets the eye.

    • Nicole says

      The AHA makes about $700 million in profit per year and has zero financial benefit from recommending coconut oil. While coconuts barely grow in the US, corn, canola and soy grow very well. Even though these are high inflammatory, rancid processed high omega 6 fats that DO cause heart disease, the AHA wont ever defame them. Sat fats do not cause heart disease, plaque formation or increases in cholesterol, which in and of itself does not predict heart disease or cardiac events.

        • Brian Henry says

          I have made them twice. Neither time did I find it necessary to add any sweetner. I am a dark chocolate fan though so the little bit of bitter doesn’t bother me at all. I think they are quite delicious.

        • MJ says

          I think they taste terrible. I am about done wasting $ on ingredients for keto recipes that are not good.
          Mine turned out super bitter. I followed recipe exactly and I used 1 TB liquid stevia so I’m not sure if the bitterness is from the cocoa or the stevia. So many keto sweeteners say “no aftertaste, no bitterness” and I have tried many and they ALL are bitter! So over it.

          • Jason Sanford says

            Sounds like you just need to use a different brand of stevia. There are many different brands, and not all of them are good haha. Out of curiosity, what brand did you use? 1 tbsp seems like a lot.

          • Jenny Francoeur says

            MJ, try monk fruit. I stopped using stevia and think it’s horrible. Monk fruit is the only sweetener I ever use. Absolutely NO aftertaste. I’ve heard Swerve is good as well. Give it a try.

    • Lori A Moore says

      Watch The Magic Pill on NetFlix – it’s a documentary. You won’t hold the AHA in such high regard once you see it.

      • Sarahaha says

        Netflix documentaries are not reliable sources of information, so the fact you think this is a good rebuttal is amusing. Documentaries are still filmed and skewed to the bias of the person/people filming.

        • Boy says

          And so is the AHA, which you seem to be defending fiercely. You seem to be challenging everyone who supports their own personal experiences with having better health reports by taking coconut oil. You are fake news.

          • jk says

            Except that the AHA compiles research from multiple sources, meaning that they cannot be skewed. People posting about their alleged health benefits has no proof or sources from it.

        • Cheri Johnson says

          Research yourself or stop trolling. There are tons of books and research papers to read using unrefined virgin coconut oil. If you don’t want to use it then don’t but don’t troll people who had genuine results.

          • Deborah says

            How many of these are in a serving? The nutritional information gives the data by serving but only states there are 14 servings.

    • Jan E Duncan says

      Not sure I trust anything that comes from The American Heart Association. Watch The Real Skinny on Fat and then make a decision.

    • Fit over 40 says

      Ummmmmmm…’re in Keto space and you mention American Heart Association’s recommendation….you’re just kidding, right? Coconut oil is wonderful and also you’re not eating this as your main meal. Try it. Super yummy.

    • Deboarh says

      American Heart has been wrong on so many things. They said years ago don’t eat eggs, now you can eat eggs. They said eliminate fat from your diet, now you need certain oils and only the oils AHA recommends. They said butter was bad don’t eat it but instead eat margarine (plastic). They recommend canola oil, let me ask you have you ever seen a canola plant?

      • Amanda says

        Yeah. I’ve seen canola plants, fields of it grow where I live. Little green plant, bright yellow flowers when it blooms. Are you actually trying to say canola is a mace up thing? Like it’s done sort of conspiracy?

        • Linda says

          Hi Amanda😊 those plants are rapeseed plants which produce a very toxic oil when processed. The maker of the oil refine it over and over which supposedly removes the toxicity. The FDA seems it safe. 😂 However, the name Canola is a made up name by the Canadian producers. Can(Canada) and OLA , the “acronym “ if you will, for Oil, Low Acid. Canola! Not sure why anyone would want to consume an oil that has to be over refined to be safe and is not named something by the name it’s grown by. Like olive oil is from an olive tree. You, personally, can eat canola oil, but I will NEVER! I hope that helps. No conspiracy, just facts 🙂.

      • Amanda says

        Also cuz I just can’t let this go, Canola stands for Canada’s Oil. The actual name of the plant is Rapeseed, which is why it got rebranded years ago as Canola. The fact that you seem convinced that it’s exustqnce is just some sort of international conspiracy for the government/farmers to put unhealthy food into your body, is just mind boggling. Just wow.

        • MMM says

          I just have to respond. It’s sad that you can’t be dissatisfied with a recipe – or a way of life – and just leave the comment string. I think you are looking for a fight. This is apparent in your several rants about a commenter being convinced canola is a “conspiracy” – YOUR words, not theirs. No one mentioned “conspiracy” except you. Respectfully, look inward and please leave us to the fat bomb reviews.

      • Sarahaha says

        Nutrition science, including that which supports keto, is all garbage.
        Also, margarine is not plastic. I assume you got this from the pseudo-science claim “margarine is one molecule away from plastic!” This is unscientific nonsense from someone with zero understanding of chemistry. First, no, there is absolutely no part of margarine that a change of a single atom or molecule would turn it into a plastic. There simply isn’t. Margarine’s chemical makeup is an organic compound, like plastic… and like you. Margarine is as close to plastic as you are. Go look up its actual chemical makeup and that of a plastic before you repeat this trash again.
        And even if it was true, there are thousands of compounds that are drastically changed by a single change in their chemical makeup. Water (H2O) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) differ by only a single atom of oxygen, and I can assure you that one atom makes a huge difference between a liquid required by life and a hazardous bleaching agent. There are compounds that simply a change of chirality (the direction the molecule is arranged – the formula and atomic bonds are identical, simply the direction it faces changes) can turn it from a beneficial compound to something deadly. So even if it was true, it is utterly meaningless – yes, if you change molecules in a compound, it changes the compound into something else. Duh. The fact that you regurgitated this is proof you don’t research anything you read for yourself to be sure what you are reading is true. If a blogger writes something convincingly enough, you’ll parrot it. So I wouldn’t go around talking about anyone else being wrong about things.

        • Texas_Kev says

          Yeah, sounds like you don’t know quite as much as you think you do, Sarah. There have been a lot of interesting things discovered through “nutrition science”. My wife tried everything she could find to get free from her debilitating migraines. This year, keto came up in rotation. Guess what, Sarah? It worked! Was it the low blood sugar and insulin levels, the extra fat and hormonal changes that came with a fat-adapted metabolism, or just removing a food that was a trigger for her? We’ll never know. She’s lost weight, has more energy and better mental focus than before. You can add one to the claims that a ketogenic diet can greatly improve your life.
          By the way, my doctor has been encouraging me to subscribe to a ketogenic diet, too, complete with intermittent fasting. I’ll tell him you said those doing research that suggest this is healthier than eating a standard diet is all garbage so he’ll know better to keep saying such silly things.

          • Helen says

            This is a fantastic response. My obese brother just put his type 2 diabetes in remission by following a ketogenic diet, monitored and approved by his doctor.

        • Kelly Marsh says

          5 stars
          Why do people feel the need to put others down? You could have corrected the bad information without being rude and nasty. I’d rather eat nothing but canola oil then deal with people like you.

        • James says

          5 stars
          Hey Sarah. Good on you for knowing the chemistry behind margarine. I’m jealous I could never explain margarine like that to someone. Sorry couldn’t help being sarcastic. In all seriousness no amount of chemistry will ever make margarine better for you than pure butter. You and other keto bashers really make me laugh. Probably 90% of people on keto weren’t born on the diet. Doctors researching it and prescribing it to patients weren’t born in some keto cult where that’s the only diet they ever knew. These are health proffesionals who for a time most likely believed in various low fat diets. But as more research is being done they can’t ignore the evidence and benefits the keto diet brings. People’s health is drastically improving from following the keto diet. People who literally had to take pills everyday don’t need to anymore from following the keto diet. My nana being one of them. Her doctor said she has never seen a 75 year old with blood pressure as good as hers. A year ago her blood pressure was terrible. You say keto is all garbage and yet I doubt you have ever researched it properly. Explain to me how it’s garbage when it’s literally improving people’s health drastically. I was stubborn and made the same arguments most anti keto people do. My step mum put me in my place. She has read countless books on keto. Instead of going round telling people my step said this my step mum said that I researched it myself and I’ve been keto for 2 years. The improvements I’ve had physically and mentally are amazing. Maybe do some research yourself before you add your 2 cents. I suggest going on the site Mark’s daily apple. Mark Sisson is great. He was a strength and endurance fuelled by carb heavy diets well before he discovered keto. If you’re an athlete and play sport I fully recommend checking him out. Read his book the primal blueprint. Another great one is Dr. Ken Berry. Don’t be stubborn like I was and give it a chance. This “garbage” will improve your life

    • Cmp says

      AHA has provided false information based on flawed studies. The idea that saturated fat causes heart disease is questionable at best

    • AniTa says

      Whatever Americans say no to that means they don’t want you to be healthy.
      This si complete nonsense. Whole Keto diet bases on healthy fats like coconut, avocado, olive oil .
      Start reading books about true natural medicines and stop eating corn syrup based food and canola oil (btw canola plant doesn’t exist)
      listen to your heart and body not some pharma directed government organisations.

    • Noah says

      The American heart association consistently gets diet science wrong and is a vehicle to push the national products to Americans. Coconut oil is from outside the US therefore the US doesn’t profit from it and want you to eat vegetable oils made within the country. It’s unfortunate that these ruling bodies are corrupt and we have to suffer. Coconut oil is great for you and also there is no evidence that saturated fat is bad for you unlike sugar where there is a ton of evidence on how terrible it is for you.

  2. deanna says

    I’m curious how much stevia you add. I just bought liquid stevia, and am unsure of how much to add to a recipe. Didn’t know if you already knew the amount you add for this recipe?

    • Jason Sanford says

      It will depend on your tastebuds and whether you want more of a dark chocolate taste or semi sweet, so just use a few to start and you can taste the unfrozen chocolate before freezing it to set 🙂

    • Catherine Alleva says

      1/2 teaspoon of powdered stevia did the trick for me. (this is roughly equivalent to 1/2 tsp liquid stevia.) Good luck!

    • Brian Henry says

      Mix it up with no stevia and give it a taste. You may find that you don’t need to add any at all. The liquids are extremely sweet so you want to be careful not to add too much at a time. Add a bit then taste and so on until you get it where you want it.

  3. Andrea E. says

    I thought these were just OK. Even out of the freezer, they start to melt and make a mess the minute you start to hold one. I think they could stand to have a little less oil added. And I had to add a fair amount of stevia to give it sweetness. I added two packets of Stevia (which is a lot to me; I use <1/2 packet to sweeten tea or coffee) and a tsp of maple syrup. Aside from the mess, they tasted ok. For me it's back to the amazing Butterfinger Bars!

  4. DeDe says

    These are insane — I made my first batch, and I cannot believe how good these are. (Creamy organic pb, refined coconut oil, organic cocoa powder, touch of stevia, and maple syrup.) So eaaaaaassssy. I poured them thin in a mini muffin tin (no candy molds), popped in freezer for 10 minutes, then popped out and transferred to a glass freezer container. I can see serving these with homemade [vegan] ice cream, cookies, bars, etc. decorated with flowers, and drizzled with a gorgeous syrup.

    I’ve used several of your recipes, Katie, and they are ALWAYS a hit with folks who are reluctant about ‘healthy’ options — they come back for seconds, without fail.

    Thanks, Katie.

  5. Katie says

    So so good! Very easy to make and perfect to eat from frozen. I used 2.5g of stevia and thought it plenty. Will definitely be making these again and again. Thank you Katie!

  6. Lyd says

    HI Katie,
    In the Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Fat Bombs, the recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of stevia/liquid sweetner. I have Truvia spoonable granules in the house. How should I convert the recipe quantity to granules?
    Thank you!!

  7. Maggie says

    So far I’ve made this with almond butter and natural peanut butter. Both were good but the peanut butter ones were REALLY good. I even forgot to put sweetener in the peanut butter batch and they’re great without it!

  8. Catherine says

    Just made this. Crazy good! I’m on my second go round of keto, 4th day and I really wanted an ice cream sundae for breakfast. This hit the spot and kept me on the keto train…for now. I used a dust of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of stevia. The salt seemed to help cut the stevia aftertaste. Thanks for posting!

  9. Mimi Y Wan says

    Delicious! My first fat bombs. The Swerve sweetener did not dissolve well but I like the graininess along with the almond butter graininess. I only had black cocoa but it was sooooo good. Did not taste like just coconut oil. Thank you!!!

  10. Desiree Frye says

    I’ve tried three different fat bomb recipes, and this is the best, hands-down. I was dubious because they’re so simple. I used organic peanut butter and a few drops of liquid stevia in one batch (perfection). In another batch, I used almond butter, liquid stevia, some shredded 90% dark chocolate, and about 8 drops of mint extract (less perfect but still very good. I should’ve used more mint.).
    It’s a really great base, and I will be experimenting!

  11. Kgaief says

    I just made these with vanilla ghee, peanut butter, and swerve confectioners. I licked the mixing bowl clean and don’t know if I can wait for them to freeze.

  12. Marlina Byrd says

    I tried this recipe twice. The last time I did I used a tad of coconut extract and a tablespoon of chai seeds! Amazing! Like a crunch bar!! Love this ☝️

  13. Robyn says

    I only have a coconut oil product that remains liquid at room temp. Will I be able to use this for your Fat Bombs recipe or do I need to purchase coconut oil that is hard at room temp?

    • Charlotte Andrew says

      All coconut oil melts at room temp. If u see solid stuff….it just means that it’s cool. So it’s the same thing.

      • B Mackey says

        There is a coconut oil product that stays liquid all the time. It comes in a little bottle and is great for cooking or putting into drinks.

  14. Jessie says

    Just made these. They are really good. I used 3 packets of Stevia and natural peanut butter. Might be able to get away with 2 packets. They are delicious while eating them but the stevia did leave a normal after taste. Will have to play with the sweetner a bit to perfect it. All in all it satisfied my sweet tooth and gave me my fats that I needed for the rest of the day. Thank you!

  15. Donna says

    You talked about a 3 ingredient fat bomb that has chia seeds and cocoa but I never could find the actual recipe. Hey, I HAVE to have strict instructions! I’m not gifted when it comes to the kitchen! Please help!!

    • Jason Sanford says

      I think she hasn’t posted that. It’s not really a recipe, she just mixes the ingredients to taste each time 🙂

  16. Cyri Thompson says

    Ugh, YUMMY. I made these with a 1/2 tsp of hazelnut cream in place of the liquid sweetener and holy cow…. they came out amazing!!! I even poured them into my Avengers ice mold, so now i have a batch of Captain America shields, Iron Man helmets, and Hulk fists to snack on. ???

  17. Mani says

    I made this ten minutes after discovering it, being on keto I was having a major sweet craving, this fulfilled my craving perfectly! I added like 1 tsp of heavy cream before freezing, it got pretty thick, I thought it would make it taste less like dark chocolate. Love how simple and quick this is!

  18. alisharoy says

    Really nice blog and full of information. I learned much more from this post and will continue to gather information from such type of post. Thanks.

  19. southwellmodels says

    Thank you for posting such a great informative article. I learned lots of things from this post and will continue reading to gain extra knowledge from this blog.

  20. MH says

    I’ve tried several other fat bomb recipes while being on an egg fast and this is the best one. I used natural crunchy peanut butter and swerve powdered sugar to taste. It was so good I didn’t miss sweets at all.
    I’ve been on low carb for 6 months, I do eat carbs on the weekends, and have done 2 egg fasts that lasted 4 days each time. I went from 220 to 177 in that time. I don’t go to a gym. The egg fasts helped me lose 5 pounds each time- worth it if you’re trying to lose fast or jump start a stall. Never did the bullet proof coffee, I just use hwc. Got my physical and cholesterol is 143. Everything looked good. This way of eating is the only one that has ever worked for me. Btw, I’m 49 and menopausal so it’s been nearly impossible to lose weight before. Hope this helps someone.

  21. Char says

    Made these last night. They were amazing! I confess I added a tad more honey cos I like em a bit sweeter. My 4 year old daughter is loving these as well! You are the best Katie!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Yup, you can! Those would be the liquid sweeteners, and it’s Katie’s preferred option as well 🙂

  22. Joy Napolitano says

    These Chocolate Fat Bombs are “Da Bomb”. So yummy i made mine with macadamia nut butter so rich and creamy. I must say, I tried them before ei froze them and thought it needed something else. I added the 1/8 of teasopoon of Himalyan Sea Salt and it went from just okay to amazing. Brought out that chocolaty flavor. Sea salt is a must for me.

  23. Beverley Tavio says

    There’s a mention of using avocado in a fat bomb; is there a recipe here somewhere that uses avocado as a base?

  24. Maria Jones says

    My favorite fat bomb recipe! I always double the batch. Used 1 tbsp of monk fruit sweetener and definitely,my favorite sweetener. I also you found small ice cube trays (about the size of a chocolate covered cherry) that have a Silicon bottom These pop out very easy and just the right size. Found the trays at TJ Maxx.

  25. Chris R. says

    I just made these. I doubled the recipe and added a tsp of vanilla. Instead of Stevia I added 3 Tbsp of powdered monkfruit sweetener, which seemed to be the right amount for the doubled batch. It made 13 1-inch sized bombs. They were delicious! 3 net carbs per bomb, according to MyFitnessPal (that will vary depending on the size of your bomb). These were very simple to make, literally took 5 minutes to prep. Thanks for the great recipe!

  26. charlotte green says

    Hi I was just wondering where you get your baking chocolate from as I used 90% lindt and Stevia as I wanted these really low and they turned out ok but just wanted to check out what you use too xx

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, I’m confused by your comment because this recipe calls for cocoa powder, not baking chocolate. Unless you mean a different one of Katie’s recipes?

    • Jason Sanford says

      We have never tried that one, but as long as you like the taste then it would definitely be fine to use texture-wise 🙂
      Jason (media relations)

  27. Michelle says

    Yummy! I used peanut butter and Stevia. The little bit of added salt was key. I used a silicone muffin tray(worked great, they popped right out) and got 9 of them so 140-ish calories. Next time I’ll use an ice cube tray so they’re a little smaller (and fewer calories). Trust me, there WILL be a next time!

  28. Lisa says

    These are fabulous for my family member. Super easy to make and are super delicious. Thanks for the recipe. Will definitely be making these again.

  29. Tracie says

    Just finished trying one! They were fast and easy to make. I have more of a sweet tooth and should have tasted them before pouring into the muffin pan, they’re a bit too dark with just a tablespoon of agave. Still delicious, but not quite irresistible. 😎 Will be trying again to see how much sweetness hits the spot, and also trying with peppermint, that sounds delicious.

  30. sara says

    I wonder….I just started using cocoa butter, and it holds better at room temperature; it doesn’t melt in your hands. Could I opt out of coconut oil and use cocoa butter? I assume the bombs will be thicker

  31. Sean at Choko says

    Hi! Our team is building Choko, a new keto-friendly service that delivers 100% cacao chocolates to your doorstep every month. We want to make Choko awesome, and would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Hope to hear from you soon!

    The Choko Team

  32. worldnewsinn says

    Greetings, a superb post I read up until now. The data is much useful to me. I thank you for a great deal and you merit it. It would be ideal if you compose the comparative post every so often.

  33. Jay says

    Dear Chocolate Covered Katie,

    I thought that going keto-vegan was going to be a little boring, but when I found your recipe for keto vegan chocolate chip cookies, I was floored by how delicious they were. Finding that recipe inspired me to look for more recipes and I realized that people like you have done a lot of the legwork that makes it easy, fun and yummy to be keto vegan. I bake your cookies a few times a month and my boyfriend can’t get enough of them (keto magic bars and fat bombs too!) They are gone in a few hours! Thanks for your hard work and for sharing the recipes of your delicious goodies!



  34. Jason Klinger says

    what people dont realize is nuts (especially almonds) are super high in arginine which can cause certain viruses like epstein barr and herpes to activate and then flare up autoimmune conditions.

  35. Lei says

    These are delish + easy to make! Really nice snack in the middle of the day. I used maple syrup + they turned out great. Thanks Katie!

  36. Lauren says

    I’ve been wary of making something like these as I hate the taste of stevia, but these were amazing as I could really cut back on the sweetener. I love eating 90% dark chocolate so I didn’t find these too bitter with only a little sweetener added. Thanks for the recipe!

  37. Gg says

    I made this 2 ways. One way was your recipe and loved it. The other way , I added unsweetened coconut flakes and chopped walnuts.
    I worked great for those times when I want a sweet crunch snack.
    Great recipe. Thank you.

  38. Denly says

    This is such an imaginative blog. I truly loved the stuff that you have shared. This is useful and intriguing. A debt of gratitude is in order to offer this blog with me.

  39. joel stephen says

    i am glad to have come across this recipe, i just did some choco and my children have be begging for more. thanks for the article

  40. energy orbiting alexander Wilson says

    It’s wonderful that you are getting thoughts from this post as well as from our dialogue made here.|

  41. Samantha says

    I just made these and it was my first attempt at making fat bombs. Success! I used a metal mini muffin tin and they came out easily. They’re simple and delicious! Like a Reeses without the sugar rush. Thank you!

  42. Della says

    Just made these. Turned out all right. I used a teaspoon of Swerve. Will use a little more next time as I like a little sweeter.

  43. Ashley says

    These are WONDERFUL! I have just started keto to help get to a more healthy weight and I heavily admit that chocolate is a very big weakness. I was so worried that going keto meant cutting that out of my life. These are SUPER easy to make and they are DELICIOUS! If you don’t have a candy mold or a silicon muffin tin, I found using cupcake liners on a cookie sheet worked great.

  44. Paula says

    Was a lttle worried mine was pourable before baking… Plus put 10 drops now organic non gmo stevia in mine. Baked it an extra 10 min its delicious.

  45. Jane R says

    I’m assuming that MCT oil would work as a coconut oil sub? The recipe looks great and there are some lovely comments!

  46. Rai says

    I loved this!! It’s so yummy! I used half measurement of stevia and that worked perfectly for me. I just want to eat them all at once. Can you tell me if 1 serving is equal to one little bomb?

  47. Christine says

    These were delicious! So easy to make. I had cashew butter on hand and used a truvia packet as sweetener. Just delicious!

  48. Christena says

    Can you just use regular butter instead of a nut butter? Trying to use what I have on hand. Thanks!

  49. Arctic says

    Think I’m going to try and use this recipe as the base for this dark chocolate bark instead of straight dark chocolate.. I’m also going to use just nuts and not fruits 🙂

  50. Lorraine says

    I will only eat rich dark chocolate usually only when made on site at a specialty store so I was so skeptical it would taste good. I’m trying to go Keto and found this to be pretty good. Not my high end chocolate but a better choice for me right now. Thank you for all of your ideas!

  51. Anne says

    Easy, fast, delicious. Highly recommend placing a little bit of find French salt on top of these and they are just to die for

  52. hannah smithson says

    All of y’all are literally so sad. Your lives must be so incredibly boring to take time out of your day to have an entire debate on a recipe thread. Who gives a shit what someone on the internet, who you don’t know has to say. WHY DO Y’ALL CONTINUE TO ARGUE AND FIGHT WITH PEOPLE OVER THEIR OPINIONS AND BELIEFS. No matter what you say to someone online their belief’s are going to be the same whether you argue with them or not. Move along enjoy your life and stop picking fights with people that make your lives even more sad. I came to the comments to read reviews on this recipe and I can’t even find one in all this needless bullshit. Literally, this is coming from a 22 year old who seems to have more knowledge and insight than any of y’all. This world has gone to absolute crap. Find your happiness and stop worrying about what others have to think and say.

    • Laureal says

      WOW! I just started reading comments on this today and so far nothing but people being helpful. Maybe instead of getting so angry, just move along. No reason to create even more stress and negativity if that’s what you see. Anyway, I hope you are well and live a happy life and I mean that sincerely. I know that’s what I strive for these days.

  53. Sam says

    For a more intense chocolate flavour, I’m tempted to try making these with cocoa butter instead of the coconut oil. It does have a higher melt point (34°C vs 24°C) but as I’m substituting one unrefined fat for another I’m hoping that the end result will be fairly similar.

    Has anyone tried this?

  54. Jeannine says

    These are awesome! My son is always asking for one as a dessert. These are my husband and I’s go to after dinner for a treat. I freeze them in an ice cube tray or in a muffin pan lined with cupcake papers.
    I like the vanilla cream Stevia and a Tbls of powdered Swerve for sweetener.

  55. Susie says

    What an assortment of comments over a simple dessert option. When you are trying to loose 100 lbs or getting your A1C under a 7, I’m pretty sure that Fat Bombs (in moderation of course) are a much better option then the tons of sugar filled, hydrogenated oils, and so called “diet” artifical sweeteners people have been eating for years. Thank God I don’t have diabetes, but I am committed to loosing weight and when I want something sweet and delicious, a Keto Fat Bomb is my first choice. They are easy to make, easy to keep in the freezer, and taste wonderful. I use honey as my sweetener and they turn out great. I never thought I would see the day when discussing how to make a ‘healthier” dessert option would sound like a political debate. Just make some Fat Bombs and enjoy life.

  56. Mike says

    If your food is being made in a lab by human hands then it’s NOT good for you, END OF STORY!

    These fat bombs are a nice snack for those of us who need some sanity in our lives!

  57. Roberta Reznik says

    Love them. My husband who, at first, resisted a keto lifestyle also loves these. He says they taste just like reeses. I used 2 tablespoons of Splenda powder sweetener in it. Actually it was the Stop & Shop knock-off.

  58. Robynne says

    I made the chocolate ones today, using organic coconut butter and organic maple syrup. The “batter” tasted good before I put it into the mini muffin pan, but it’s not glossy and super-smooth like your photos. It’s got a little texture to it. What did I do wrong? I thought I followed the instructions, but maybe my melting/mixing was the issue? Maybe I should have used coconut oil instead of the coconut butter? I softened everything together in the microwave on low power.

  59. Cara Ferguson says

    Really really love this! Super quick and easy and completely satisfied my hunger and my craving for something sweet. I only needed to use a little bit of erythritol sweetener. Made mine with Kraft All Natural Peanut Butter with Sea Salt, cocoa powder, and coconut oil. Can’t wait to try your other recipes. Thank you!

  60. Tradexcel Graphics says

    Thanks for sharing this amazing chocolate fat bomb. I will always prefer something different. I like keto design. Because this is totally different. Love it.

  61. anne says

    OMG!!!!! ADDICTIVE! I had to finally ban myself from fat bombs because of these. But I was eating 3 to 4 per day. Only eat 1 or 2. They are that good (GREAT)!!!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Full nutrition facts are linked under the recipe’s ingredient list and instructions. Let me know if you don’t see the link!

  62. Julie says

    I’m obsessed with these! I have to keep mine in the freezer otherwise they’re too soft. I’ve made other fat bombs recipes but I keep coming back to this one because they’re the perfect!

  63. Jen says

    Hi, I can’t wait to try these! I always get the crunchy almond butter because I like the taste and texture b tree. Would they work in this recipe or is smooth recommended?


  64. Reiner says

    I am an anecdote. There are now millions of us anecdotes. The best thing I ever did for my health was eating more fats, especially saturated fats. Years of eating low fat and vegetable oils when I did eat fats made me sick. I will never go back. Love these and yes, I made them with coconut oil and they taste great.

  65. Gracie Booth says

    Thank you Katie♥️
    These were great. I used almond butter and vanilla extract, I also added extra salt. It gave me the chocolate I’ve been craving, without all the added sugars😀

  66. Elizabeth Keplar says

    oil causes plaques to disrupt from the endothelium, causing heart attacks and strokes. It also causes blood vessels to shrink for at least 4 hours after consumption. Look up Dr Dean Ornish and Dr Esselstyn.

  67. Carol Miller says

    Thanks so much for this recipe. The first time I made these, I only made half the recipe but only used 4 drops of liquid stevia. They were delicious; not too sweet. Today I made the full recipe, using 10-12 drops. I added the left over mashed blueberries I made gelatin gummies with earlier today; also added walnuts to some, almonds to others and am trying out the maple and butter extract on the 2nd half of the batch. Anyway, you are a life saver as I need to up my fat count and this will help greatly.

  68. Andrea says

    5 stars
    I absolutely love these!!!!!! I’m on keto so it’s nice to have a fulfilling treat that fits into my daily macros.

  69. Paradise says

    5 stars
    I made the chocolate with peanut butter fat bombs. It was a hit! They are in my freezer, don’t think they’ll last long. Thank you

  70. Ana Casacuberta says

    5 stars
    This is my go to snack recipe, I adore it!
    I like to freeze the fat bombs in mini cupcake liners, so it looks like a Reese’s cup when frozen. I also have a chocolate bar shaped mold I got from amazon, so it looks like a Hersheys bar.
    But I always make a double batch, because my teenager keeps stealing them, LOL!

  71. Ana says

    5 stars
    This is my go to snack recipe, I adore it!
    I like to freeze the fat bombs in mini cupcake liners, so it looks like a Reese’s cup when frozen. I also have a chocolate bar shaped mold I got from amazon, so it looks like a Hersheys bar.
    But I always make a double batch, because my teenager keeps stealing them, LOL!

  72. Deborah Morgan says

    5 stars
    I made your Keto Fat Bombs and holy moly are they delish.

    I added two squirts of liquid monk fruit & one dropper of Sweet Leaf Chocolate sweet drops.

    Amazing and will make again

  73. Tony says

    5 stars
    I pour almond milk in mine and dont use any sweeteners. I then freeze them creating an awesome frozen treat that satisfies any ice cream urge I might have. Delicious. Love them. Great recipe!

  74. Jerrica says

    5 stars
    I’m not keto or paleo but I’m 100% grain free ( I guess I’m close to the paleo diet but I don’t technically follow paleo). I needed a fat bomb because I was having stomachaches all the time. I made this with monk fruit and I was doubled over in pain for hours. I made it again with a little coconut sugar and it was amazing! I will continue to use this recipe with coconut sugar. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  75. Lance Jekel says

    5 stars
    I made chocolate with peanut butter fat bombs. It was a hit! They are in my freezer, don’t think they will last long.

  76. kristin says

    5 stars
    I love these! I used sugar free peanut butter and Irish butter. I also crushed a couple pecans and sprinkled on top and they make you feel like you are eating a candy bar. My go to for any chocolate craving!

  77. Nicole says

    5 stars
    These are incredible. I used the Nuttzo Keto nut butter and sea salt and used the smaller cup trays to make 12 pieces. I could literally binge the whole batch! Best fat bomb ever

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