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Healthy Butterfingers

Crispety, crunchety, peanut buttery homemade healthy Butterfingers!

Vegan Butterfingers Candy Bars Recipe

Healthy candy bars that defy all logic.

The homemade Butterfingers have that exact same toffee-like crunch of store-bought Butterfinger bars…

Yet these are whole-grain, high in iron, and completely free of high-fructose corn syrup.

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People have left comments proposing marriage to these candy bars... That's how good they are!... from @choccoveredkt... Full recipe:

Homemade Vegan Butterfingers

The inspiration for these healthy butterfingers came from a dollar-bin book I saw at the fabric store.

The book recipe, which yielded an 8×8 pan just like mine, called for 1 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup corn syrup, and 1/3 cup shortening!

Yes, 3/4 cup of corn syrup in addition to the cup of sugar…

It was basically screaming for a healthy makeover!

Leftover Chocolate? Make Chocolate Truffles!

Homemade Butterfingers that are secretly GOOD for you?! These addictively delicious healthy butterfingers snack bars have the same toffee-like crunch as real Butterfingers... and they are whole-grain, high in iron, and completely free of high fructose corn syrup! Recipe link:

Screaming so loudly that I had to get to work on the challenge as soon as I got home.

Luckily, this is one of those recipes that turned out perfectly on the first try – they really do taste like actual Butterfinger candy bars!

If you’re looking for a healthy or vegan dessert that will impress even the most skeptical or pickiest of eaters, these healthy Butterfingers are definitely the recipe to try.

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Candy bars that are actually GOOD for you?!... from @choccoveredkt... They have the same toffee-like crunch as real Butterfingers... and they are whole-grain, high in iron, and no high fructose corn syrup! Full recipe:

In the years since I first posted them here on the blog, it’s become one of the site’s most popular recipes.

Readers often write in to tell me that even their health-food-hating dads, moms, brothers, sisters, or boyfriends love the bars too!

Secret Healthy Chocolate Butterfinger Candy Bar Recipe
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Healthy Butterfingers!

Crispy, crunchy, delicious, and secretly healthy Butterfinger bars!
5/5 (23)
Total Time 10 minutes
Yield 12 – 16 bars


  • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup, honey, or agave
  • 1 tbsp regular or blackstrap molasses – Or omit and increase agave to 1/3 cup
  • 3 1/2 tbsp sugar, unrefined if desired, or additional maple syrup
  • 1 cup peanut butter or allergy-friendly sub
  • 1 1/2 cups bran flakes or corn flakes, or another flake cereal (56g)
  • 1/8 tsp salt, plus a little extra if using unsalted pb
  • optional topping: 2/3 cup chocolate chips or 1/4 cup virgin coconut oil mixed with 1/4 cup cocoa powder and vanilla stevia drops or liquid sweetener to taste


  • Notes: Honey works, but it’s not for strict vegans and will also add a slight honey flavor. Corn syrup will also work, and commenters have said brown rice syrup works as well. If subbing out the molasses, the bars will taste less authentic but still delicious. Almond butter or Sunbutter work, or use peanut butter for the flavor that most closely resembles real Butterfingers.
    Homemade Butterfingers Recipe: Combine first three ingredients in a small saucepan, and bring to a boil on medium heat. Boil about a minute, stirring constantly, then remove from heat. Add the peanut butter and salt, and stir until it makes a paste. Add the cereal and stir very well to coat, partially crushing the cereal flakes as you stir. Make sure the flakes are very evenly coated. Press into an 8×8 pan—either lined with wax or parchment paper, or greased very well—and freeze until completely hardened. (Cut into bars while only somewhat frozen, or thaw the block a little before cutting.) If you wish to cover in chocolate (they’re good even without it), you can cover them at any time—either pre-cutting or post-cutting. Simply melt the chocolate chips over low heat, stirring constantly until smooth, or mix the coconut oil with the sweetener and cocoa. Then spread over the bars with a spatula and re-freeze to harden. Store in the freezer for optimum “snap.”
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Published on October 18, 2012

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  1. Elisabeth says

    These didn’t quite work out for me. The butterfinger mixture is very dry and they just crumble when cut. Pretty straightforward recipe so not sure where I went wrong. If I had enough ingredients to try again I would add 1-2TBS of coconut oil to the butterfinger mixture. Maybe my peanut butter wasn’t oily enough. I used Trader Joes Creamy Organic.

    • Elisabeth says

      Also, I followed the printed recipe which says to boil the syrup on medium for 1 minute. I just watched the video above which has you heat the syrup on low, no mention of boiling. I would follow the video instructions and not the printed recipe. That’s probably how mine dried out.

  2. Alisha says

    These are awesome! I saw that a few people were wondering if stevia would work and it totally does. I made them with cup for cup stevia, using 3-1/2T and they were so much like a butterfinger; crunchy, peanut buttery and topped with chocolately goodness. I also went with low carb agave that is sweetened with stevia as well and used a half and half combo of Lilys chocolate chips and Ghirardelli semi-sweet. Cut into 12 bars, 190 calories each. 12F-13.5C-6P Amazing. Thank you Katie

  3. Verity says

    Hi there katie!
    I’ve been following you for lots of years and have made many of your wonderful recipes.
    I’d like to buy your cook book for my grandchildren who live in Sydney, Australia, but is it only sold in U.S.?
    Keep on keeping on!
    All the best

  4. Judi says

    My niece made these for a party we had this evening and, it’s been a while since i had a butterfinger, but I have to say I think these are even BETTER than a butterfinger!! They are SO DELICIOUS.

  5. Bailey says

    These were really delicious and so quick and easy to make. Next time I would probably decrease the blackstrap molasses just a tiny but because it was a little overpowering for my tastes. The crunch is great though!

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