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Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge

Rich, chocolatey, homemade sugar free chocolate fudge –  Hearing the words “sugar free” normally makes me think of cloyingly sweet, sucralose-laden desserts or beverages. Chemical sugars and I do not get along. As a little kid, I put Sweet-n-Low in my iced tea because my mom said it dissolved better than sugar. But after a few […]

Post-Workout Foods

America can learn a lot from my dog. He loves to exercise, and his favorite foods are carrots and kale stems. (Of course, my dog also eats dried worms and barks when nobody’s there… so maybe he’s not quite as smart as he seems.) Do you exercise with your pet? Although Molly enjoys her daily […]

“Mexican Hat Dance” Tortilla Soup

¡Hola chispas de chocolate! Do you like Mexican Food? As a little girl, I hated it! Even after we moved to Texas, the home of Tex-Mex cuisine, I still loathed tacos, fajitas, and guacamole. Don’t get me started on jalapeños. And I don’t think I’d eaten an enchilada in my entire life! However, tastes change, and […]

Chocolate-Raspberry Truffle Oatmeal

The Five Foods you Meet in Heaven Can anyone guess mine? I’ll give you a hint. One starts with a Ch and ends in –ocolate. But another one is oatmeal. I even have a separate recipe tab: Oatmeal Recipes Under that tab are recipes for the likes of Snickerdoodle Oatmeal, Cookie Dough Oatmeal, and even […]

Homemade Coconut Butter – Make Your Own

Homemade Coconut Butter! The post I should’ve written a long time ago! Yesterday afternoon, I made a Single Lady Cupcake. Not just any single lady cupcake. This one is covered with homemade coconut butter (and cacao nibs). Every time I post a recipe using coconut butter, bunches of coconuts people leave comments lamenting the lack […]

Cauliflower Chicken Nuggets?

Howdy, chocolate truffles! Yesterday, I tried to make healthy chocolate brownies. Emphasis on the word tried. Luckily, dinner made up for it: I am in love with this: Bread-Free Vegan Stuffing. I make it at least twice a month, and I’ve even started cooking a double batch now (to yield four large servings instead of two). […]

“Good Girl” Vegan Fudge

The healthiest fudge ever? Dairy-free, soy-free, and even sugar-free! Every good boy does fine Every good girl eats Fudge. (Never before have piano lessons looked so appealing.) Good Girls go Bad… Above is the result of freezing Coconut Banana Butter. It hardens and turns into fudge, proving wrong my previously-held assumption that warmed, spreadable coconut banana […]

Banana. Chocolate. Coconut.

‘Nuff said. From its moment of birth, Coconut Banana Butter screamed (loudly!) for a chocolate fix. Not a fan of whining, I gave the crying baby what it wanted: Pure love on a spoon. Or in a jar. Or in my mouth. I like the sound of that last one. Naughty Girl Butter (or Chocolate-Fudge […]

A Blueberry Muffin in a Bowl

Starbucks is Mean. They are always tempting me with those big, fat blueberry muffins, but the muffins aren’t vegan. Eh, store-bought pastries often look better than they taste, anyway. Luckily I have my own muffin-esque recipe that is insanely-delicious, not to mention healthier than the Starbucks pastries: It’s everything you’d want from a warm blueberry […]

Healthier Chinese Food

Want some Sodium with your MSG? In terms of gastronomy, Americans can learn a lot from the Chinese. The traditional Chinese diet consists mainly of unprocessed foods, with an emphasis on the veggies. Meat is used sparingly, and they consume very little dairy. Unfortunately, what we call “Chinese” food—overflowing with MSG, sodium, and oil—hardly resembles […]

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