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How about a Chocolate Mudslide?

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Thank goodness it’s not Monday.

Sometimes I just get so frustrated with school.

It’s not that I don’t like learning; I love learning. I could sit for hours learning about history, politics, linguistics (grammar nerd!), or even technology. But some of my college classes are utterly ridiculous. I feel so antsy having to attend lectures or research topics when I know I’ll never need the information again in my entire life.

Learning, I love. Wasting time, not so much.

Luckily, there’s no waste of time when it comes to breakfast: I go straight for the good stuff!


Good stuff in the form of  Chocolate Mudslide Oatmeal.

As usual, I made the oats up the night before, so breakfast could come together almost instantly after my run.


I also threw in some of my Vanilla Fudge Frosting.

And yes, I know these photos are overexposed. Ya know what? I just don’t care. Sometimes, I have more important things to do than edit food photos. More important things… like actually eating the food.

Bake Sale for Japan:

OMG vegan marshmallows!


Check out the yumminess: Updated Baked Goods List

As evidenced by the incredible list, we now have plenty of yummy-delicious baked goods (and raw treats) for Tuesday’s bake sale.Now all we need are tons of people to bid on said yummy-delicious treats!

Also, I *just* thought of an idea: What about trying to find a company to match what we raise? This might be too last-minute to work (The sale is in two days), but I’m going to try anyway. And if any of you know of a company that might be willing to match our earnings, please let me know!!

Do you ever get frustrated with school or work?
And do you feel like you learn more in the real world than in a classroom? Whenever I’m stuck in a required class, learning useless information, I think, “Sheesh, I could be learning so much right now, if only I weren’t stuck in school!” And I know that being forced to waste time on “busy work” doesn’t end when one graduates. My mom is a special education teacher, and she spends more time doing paperwork (that most likely no one will even read!) than actually being with the kids. It’s ridiculous and sad.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. It irritates me so much when they teach me something I know I will never use! It is such a waste of money and time, and I know I could use my time more wisely….ugh….

    But it is a great idea to get someone to match to earnings!!!! I hope you find a company to do it!

  2. I am so excited about the Bake Sale! You are such an amazing person Katie!!! You are my inspiration! 😀

  3. Yes, I think real life experiences are more important than what you learn in a classrom – but at the same time, I am so glad I went to college and got my degree. Yes you do plenty of busy work in college, but at the same time, it teaches you how to self discipline, manage your time, etc which I think are all super important later in life!

    Good luck finding a company match, I think that is a great idea!

  4. Freya says:

    Oh gosh I get so frustrated with school. I hate going to a lecture and coming out and just thinking ‘WHAT was the point in that?’ It happens when a lecturer just basically copies form the textbook too – coulda stayed at home!

  5. That is exactly how I feel right now. I am a senior so now our time in class is just used for review or just chilling… I am like “Do I need to be here?” Sigh.

    Yum I love chili sauce! Where I come from chili is basically eaten with everything! In Malaysia there are chili sauce packets like the ketchup ones at fast food places it is redonk. I miss my chili sauce haha

  6. Joanna says:

    Real world experiences are definitely one of the best ways to learn. I’m in professional school now, so when I look back at all of my undergrad classes, it frustrates me that so many of them were a painful waste of time. However, there are some classes that although were a waste as far as having zero relation to my actual career now, I still enjoyed, but I think that depends on the type of class and the teacher making the subject interesting.

    Good luck with finding a company!! I hope it works out!! :O)

  7. Jojo says:

    Hey, I feel ya. I’m in college as well, and sometimes I feel like it’s a waste of time. It also turns people into stressed out, burned out zombies, and people are always complaining to me how tired they feel and how stressed they are. Not a healthy lifestyle at all ):
    I agree with Holly, college isn’t just about what you learn in class. It’s about gaining life experience, making a network of friends, learning life skills, etc.

  8. You should try the coconut butter people. I think you send enough business their way :)

    Can’t wait for the sale!

    1. I’m just afraid they’re not a big enough company. But lol yeah, I think I single-handedly kept them in business. I mean, when I first started blogging about it, NO one was eating coconut butter! 😉

      I’m also afraid I might not have enough time for someone to read my request and get back to me before Tuesday :(.

  9. ~Jessica~ says:

    Sadly this kind of anal, banal bureaucracy carries on all the way to postgrad level: on my PhD course half of the sessions should be entitled ‘common sense.’

    I really hope a company does indeed sponsor the bake sale with matching financial support. I’ll link to it as soon as I post next ~ I’m still catching up with a lot of blogs after a difficult week so many apologies for missing it!


    1. Awww thank you SO much, Jessica!!!

  10. McKella says:

    I don’t mind learning useless stuff as long as it’s interesting, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never use anything I learned in Deductive Logic. Also, I don’t think I’ve used any math I learned beyond ninth grade geometry.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How do you know what you’ll never need to know when you’re older? I am surprised every day by finding new uses for all the different types of knowledge I learned in school. Life may surprise you :) (and I took lots of seemingly useless classes!)

    1. It’s not that I don’t think I’ll ever use ANY of the info… I just think my time could be better spend elsewhere, as I could learn MORE information (and more-relevant information) in a shorter time period (and retain more of the knowledge). Plus, I can pretty much tell you–after elementary school, middle school, high school, and college classes in Chemistry: I will never get a job when a requirement is that one must possess extensive knowledge about moles and atoms! 😉

    2. But I guess you’re also right that some classes will surprise a person. I did NOT want to take digital graphics in high school, and it turned out to be my favorite class!

  12. That sauce looks so good!

    It’s hard to sit and listen to lectures that aren’t interesting.

  13. Lauren says:

    I feel like this in some classes, it really depends on the professor. Some professors are great and relate the material to real life, which is awesome, but sometimes, I just feel like I am never going to know this info in “real life.” I love that my school has an internship or community practicum requirement for my major, which they help set up, so I get real life experience related to my field!

  14. I love school! But sometimes I also get antsy. I think “what’s the point of this? I’d rather be blogging!”

  15. Anything chocolate = in mah belly. I am so excited for the bake sale!! I am definitely bidding:)

  16. Jasmine says:

    I definitely agree- half of the time the stuff we cover in courses seems either useless or just plain common sense, and as I get into my upper year psychology courses I feel like they have all started to overlap. But I try to look on the bright side- maybe I’ll have to use it some day, or hearing it over and over will help it to stick. It doesn’t make sitting through my 3 hour lectures any easier though :)

  17. Allyson says:

    I really wish I had that oatmeal right now! It looks amazing:) And I CANNOT agree with you more on the subject of school work. This college semester is so dreadful. Im a biology/pre medical major, so most of my classes are science and math based-which I absolutely love. But since I am only a freshmen I still have to take gen-ed classes regardless of my major and I hate it! I have this one class that we just talk about philosophical readings, and nothing else. It feels like a huge waste of time and money. I am all for the scholarly love of knowledge, but come on-am I really going to need to discuss Newton’s view on space to my future patients? Can’t wait until this semester is over!

    1. I seriously thought about becoming a nutritionist… until I saw all the science-heavy requirements. I just don’t get it; I’d probably make a better nutritionist than some of the people who are registered out there, and yet I still cannot tell you very much about electrons. But why oh why is that relevant to nutrition anyway?! Oh well…

      1. Allyson says:

        I honestly think you would make a great nutritionist. From reading your blog, you are very educated in all of the fundamentals of health! I have seen a lot of nutrition students in my college who couldn’t even tell you the basics of nutrition. When you find the answer of why philosophy is relevant to pre-med studies please let me know! It has been my never-ending question since the beginning of this semester! haha

      2. I second that I think you’d make an amazing nutritionist! You have such a positive attitude and you make healthy food even more delicious and you’re not scared of fats or carbs =)

  18. I totally hear you on the school stuff! And to Jasmine ^^ I agree with the upper year psychology class issue! Everything overlapped but luckily it made for an easier A :)
    And since I got so much info twice or even three times, some of my grad school classes are a breeze!
    The mudslide looks fabulous and makes me want a second breakfast :)

  19. I agree… school sucks right now!! I just recently blogged about this hah. Your breakfasts always look so good!!!!

  20. Tricia says:

    Wow that oatmeal looks good :)
    Lol, I don’t get frustrated with school just extremely bored, but summer’s almost here :)

  21. I FEEL YA! i HATE learning about things i dont wnt to learn about…. for real.. its not that i dont like learning.. i just wnt to learn about stuff im interested in GEEEZ!!! WOW vegan marshmellows!!! whered ya get those!?!?! cannot wait for this bakesale!!!!

  22. ohhh GOTCHA they’re from the bakesale list as i just checked- doh!

    have there been enough UK entries for a little UK bakesale?!

    1. I think there are… 12? Not a bazillion, but they are REALLY good ones!!

  23. Disturbed says:

    Going to a public school now from a top boarding school, I get annoyed with the academic stuff pretty quickly. I just sit there so bored most the time.

  24. Lee says:

    Busy work definitely does not end in college. I feel like it’s worse in the office world because you are expected to look busy at all times even if you don’t have anything to do.

  25. Ally says:

    Grad school was wonderful because I finally felt in charge of my own education! All of the stuff leading up to the Master’s level felt like someone else was telling me what, when, how, and how much I should learn. Just keep pushing through – if nothing else, being in school teaches you how to adapt to different teaching/leadership styles, to learn something and then regurgitate it, and to succeed even when you dislike the topic. Good luck!

  26. Kaycee says:

    I hear ya, girl! It’s my senior year of high school and I’m supposed to be on my “Senior Slide”- you know, where my schoolwork gets easier and I don’t really have to care anymore, but NO, I’m given all these random, useless assignments that are basically just a waste of my time. grrr that makes me so angry haha! but I basically have 2 months left so I guess I’ll just have to grit my teeth and finish the darn year! =]

  27. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE BAKE SALE!!! Seriously, I can’t WAIT to get bidding!! 😀

    And your chocolate mudslide looks AMAZING. Droool :)

    P.S. I agree with the others!! You should try contacting some companies! You get a LOT of blog hits, so that’s a bonus for them, and even if they can’t respond in time, it doesn’t hurt to to try, right? :)

  28. That oatmeal sounds so yummy! And yes, I get very frustrated with school. I can’t wait to graduate next month so I can be done with those random pointless classes. Bring on grad school where I can take classes that I can actually use!

  29. Pshhh, I’m frustrated with school right now! I have midterms in two days and there is still stuff on the test my teacher hasn’t taught us! Plus, it’s all this Geometry stuff that I know I’m never going to use in real life! 😕

  30. I always loved being in classes, probably because I always took literature and sociology classes, which I LOVED! Of course my liberal arts education didn’t prepare me for the real world at all, but at least I eventually got a job. As sick as I was of class rooms during college, I’d give anything to go back now and sit in classes all day! The real world is repetitive!

  31. Lot-O-Choc says:

    Oh wow that chocolate mudslide oatmael looks delicious, I may have to try it. Is it good?
    I get so frustrated with school sometimes, I think you gain so much more real life experience in the real worldd!!

    1. LOL yes, it’s good. But just be sure to use the Special Dark, like it says in the instructions :).

      1. Lot-O-Choc says:

        Aw we dont have Special Dark Cocoa in the UK :( just regular :(

  32. Learning more in real life than the classroom: YES!!!

    I can say this with a few more years of life experience than you, but yes, I have learned far more in the school of life than in college. I loved college and book learning, and grad school too, and I have gone on to get everything from my real estate license to becoming a lactation educator to writing a blog to being a certified yoga teacher…and it’s the non-classroom pursuits where I have learned the most and grown the most.

  33. bitt of raw says:

    Oh my! I might go broke bidding. So excited for the sale. I love bake sales. And so much GF stuff too!

  34. Katie- I know EXACTLY how you feel I have learned so much from reading and the internet I seriously often feel like classes are a waste of time + money! I usually take my laptop to my boring classes and read articles online so I feel a little better about myself but I am so over school!

  35. Yeah, I know what you mean about classes that are unnecessary. This is why I didn’t really enjoy school at all; I was already beyond that point and wanted to branch out! :)

    Good luck with the bake sale! Hoping for a last-minute sponsor to chip in. X

  36. Kimberley says:

    Your oatmeal looks delicious :)

    And, yes I get very frustrated with courses that I feel like are not important to my degree — but I guess they are if it is required. But sometimes some of my courses feel so pointless and not necessary. I am doing some courses by distance so I dont have to sit through the long classes feeling anstey. Some things are easier to learn on your own!

  37. Hannah says:

    Hey Katie, you makeup always looks so flawless :), do you think you could do a post about what products you use??
    Oh and thanks for all the great recipes, im making the red velvet pancakes as i type this

    1. Wow, thank you!!!! I will definitely put it on my to-post list. But lol I really don’t know much about make-up… I usually don’t wear any, but when I do, it’s Estee Lauder bronzer, Urban Decay blush, clinique navy eyeliner pencil, and whatever mascara my mom gives me from the free gifts she gets :).

  38. I have never ever seen such a yummy looking bowl of oatmeal before – and I am an oats lover! 😛 I can’t wait to make it!

  39. I second and quadrupke that thought!! I’ve been getting SO stretched thin with school lately, it’s insane. The main reason because my hardest class right now, physics, is one I’ll never ever ever EVER use in my career. And I’m not just saying that…and then I have to take two semesters of it only to go onto even harder classes that, again, I’ll never use!! I only have to take them because I’m going onto to get my masters. Ugh. I wouldn’t mind the tough work if it’d actually be put to good use once I’m out of the class.

  40. Megan says:

    That chili sauce looks really good! They have a barbecue sauce that I love so I bet i would like it :)

  41. BroccoliHut says:

    I’ve never tried Organicville products–glad to know they have the CCK seal of approval!

  42. I can’t wait for the bakesale! I am so excited to be apart of it! I agree about learning things that I will never actually use….it’s like, if I know what I want to do in life than why do I have to learn all this other stuff! Just curious….what are you majoring in?

    1. changed from Spanish to business :)

  43. Yum. Anything with the words “chocolate” and “oatmeal” must be delicious.

    And I totally hear ya about school! I’m a senior in HS right now and school seems so pointless when I’m not even going to need what I’m learning in college/the real world. But I do love learning! Trying so hard not to get senioritis. ^And ditto to Kaila’s question above about what your major is.


    1. changed from Spanish to business :).

  44. Like everyone else is saying….IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!I Loooove bake sales:)
    I can’t wait to get back in town to make these yummy recipes…oh hey peanut butter cups!

  45. nothing beats a ridiculously yummy close up *money shot* of a meal, especially if its a chocolaty breakfast! and when you mentioned you threw in the vanilla fudge frosting on top, i thought “that’s why we love her, she can’t resist making something even more droolable!”

    i hope you get a company to sign on and match what you earn, i mean especially for the cause (and the fact that yummy treats are involved!) hey, at least it helps you look forward to something besides crap-tastic lectures (which i cant stand either) … yep those are hours we will never get back again lol

    btw i forgot all about telling you that i tried taking one of your fudge babies and spreading it on toast instead of peanut butter/jam… the verdict? AMMMAAAAaaaZING.

    you can see what one of ur fudge babies looks like after being squished and bulldozed onto some bread haha 😉

    xoxo <3

    1. Aww haha you are SO cute. I especially like the toilet paper in your post ;).

  46. i find that even at my job, there are mundane, why-am-i-doing-this moments. sometimes it’s hard to get through them, but when you have your eye on something at the end of it all, it’s a lot more bearable… ugh, all this, just in time for monday morning. :-p hope classes are alright for you this week!!!

  47. Hey Katie! Just thought I’d swing by and let u know that I had a cookie dough LARAbar today. My boyfriend thought I was nuts for eating that stuff LOL but I just thought “I bet CCK would understand…” haha. Oh, and I get stressed over school & work allll the time…it’s completely natural for me since it’s an overwhelming amount of assignments. However, I manage my stress well nowadays and take steps to avoid feeling this way (i.e. running, music, etc.).
    I look forward to see your new single-lady cookie-dough balls tomorrow.
    (: Michelle

    1. I love those Larabars! In fact, they’re the ONLY flavor I really love (aside from Jocalats). Must be the chocolate… :).

  48. Tara says:

    I hate busy work. I also hate when I’m in class and we’re not doing anything because I feel like I could be accomplishing other things!
    I’m so excited for the bake sale! I think it’s such a good idea to try to get a company to match it. I’m crossing my fingers that someone will!

  49. Namaste Gurl says:

    I am so emailing you asap about the bake sale– promise :)

    1. I actually am not taking submissions anymore, but I reeeeaally need help in spreading the word, whether it be through blogging, twitter, or even just telling everyone you know in real life to bid bid bid! 😉

  50. This my first time on your blog but all I can say is that I am already hooked because of that Chocolate Mudslide Oatmeal.

    1. I’m so glad you found me! And lol I love your blog name!

  51. I think I need to make this for breakfast tomorrow :)

  52. I’m at school in the UK at the minute and I think it’s different than in the US because we can only do one subject (occasionally, two related subjects, like English and Spanish, or English and Journalism). I’m studying English Language, so ALL we study is English Language! We have different classes, for example we do Semantics, Approaches to Language Study (looking at case studies) and a creative writing class, plus others but they’re all about English. I know there must be some down sides like if you do have to take classes in stuff that totally aren’t relevant, but I also kind of wish that I could get a degree in English but take one or two classes in other subjects through my degree as well! You asked me on facebook if I’d ever taken a photography class and I haven’t but not because I wouldn’t like to! Or I’d like to take a class in a language, or business or health too.

    Thank you for putting my photo in your post too! =D

  53. I definitely feel like I learn more in the real world. I got my bachelor’s degree and tried out grad school, but honestly, you can’t beat real world experience. Especially in the entertainment industry (what I work in), they value on-the-job experience over post-graduate education.

    But I’m a firm believer in getting your bachelor’s. It goes a long way in ANY industry!

  54. Emma says:

    I definitely feel like that! It drives me crazy because I just want to get the work done and go home!