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Starbucks Frappuccino Fudgsicles!

Hi chocolate-covered espresso beans! Ick, I tried a chocolate-covered espresso bean once. It was not good. Almost broke my tooth! And I hate how coffee beans—especially flavored ones—don’t taste as yummy as they smell. Chocolate-raspberry coffee? Snickerdoodle coffee? They sound good in theory… In reality, I’d much rather have Snickerdoodle Pancakes. Maybe with one of […]

CCK is Moving!

It’s not you, it’s me… (By the way, stupidest break-up line ever) I know a lot of you have had issues with my blog being slow or not loading for you lately. I’ve had those issues too! For a while now, I’ve been getting too much traffic for my shared server, and so I am […]

Girl Scout Cookie Larabars

I could do hot yoga in my backyard. Note: I said could, not would. I tried hot yoga once and hated it. It was just so… hot! I don’t like feeling sticky and sweaty, and therefore hot yoga is not my friend. Also not my friend when it’s hot? The oven! Lately, I’ve pushed the […]

5 Ingredient Rice Crispy Treats

Going back to school? When I was growing up, I’d often find a rice crispy treat—in that famous turquoise wrapper—packed into my school lunchbox. So rice crispy treats remind me of school… in a good way! No-bake, and they can be gluten-free! Rice Crispy Treats (Or you can make squares) 3 cups rice crispies (I used […]

Growing up and making mistakes

I don’t have all the answers. And I used to think this was a bad thing. But I’m learning that it’s okay to not have the answers all the time. I have to remind the perfectionist in me that it is perfectly normal to feel uncertain and apprehensive about the future, and it is certainly […]

Vegan Cool Whip

Oh my goodness goodness gosh. (Do I sound like a pre-teen at a Justin Bieber concert?) This light and creamy coconut whipped topping is totally dairy free, with just one main ingredient… but it has the exact same texture as real homemade whipped cream! Vegan Cool Whip (or coconut whipped cream) 1 can full-fat coconut milk (or coconut […]

Healthy Makeover: Ice Cream Bon Bons

Engulfed in a chocolate shell. Making bon bons may seem intimidating, but this recipe is really so simple. There are only three ingredients! And did I mention the filling is engulfed in chocolate? Engulf: to swallow up or immerse. I like that word when associated with chocolate. Being engulfed in chocolate is never a bad […]

My Favorite Summer Treats

Side note: Feel free to still answer yesterday’s question. The responses are some of the funniest comments ever! . One hundred and thirteen. That was the high temperature here in Dallas last week. We’re experiencing the second-hottest summer on record, with 40 days in a row over 100 degrees. Therefore, everyone has been searching desperately […]

What would be in YOUR box?

Hello chocolate pretzels! Mmmmmm chocolate pretzels… Note to self: Do not eat the readers. 😕 Today is the last day to enter the Best Giveaway Ever. (Edit: There was an issue with people accessing the page yesterday, so I’m leaving it up another day.) Sadly for you, Henry won’t be in there. He is too […]

Hot Fudge Brownie Larabars

Another chocolate recipe? My goodness, you’d think this was some sort of chocolate-covered blog. Oh wait; that’s right. It is. The first time I tried a Larabar, I didn’t really like it. My mistake was in choosing a cherry-flavored bar. Someone should’ve shaken me and said, Hello! Of course you didn’t like it, Katie. It […]

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