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5 Ingredient Avocado Fudge Bites

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These no-bake and secretly healthy avocado fudge bites are a healthy snack that’s easy to make.

Avocado Fudge Bites - 1/4 cup mashed ripe avocado, 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract, pinch salt, 2 tbsp... @choccoveredkt

I have puppy fever.

Every time I leave the apartment, I am bombarded with puppies!

Big puppies, little puppies, young puppies, old puppies.

(All dogs are puppies to me, no matter their age.)

And it makes me wonder if I should get a puppy…


(Above, Henry in his thundershirt and Batman in his winter coat Batsuit.)

So today I am crowdsourcing. What do you think? Should I adopt a puppy?

I realize they are a big responsibility, but who better to care for a dog than someone who lives in a walking-friendly city and works from home? Ideally, I’d adopt a lab.

A chocolate lab! It could be my website mascot. Chocolate-Covered Puppy!
However, a small dog would probably be happier in a small apartment.

Maybe a dachshund?

Avocado Fudge Bites - 1/4 cup mashed ripe avocado, 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract, pinch salt, 2 tbsp... @choccoveredkt


A lot of you have requested I post more avocado-based recipes.

Today’s superfood avocado fudge bites call for just a few ingredients you might already have on hand, and they are great for humans!

Notsomuch for puppies, who should never be fed avocados nor chocolate.

But seeing as I am currently puppy-less, at least this means I need not worry about an evil puppy stealing my food.

These healthy avocado chocolate truffles are super addictive, and so easy to make!
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Avocado Fudge Bites

These avocado fudge bites are a healthy snack recipe that's super easy to make.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 15 – 20 balls
5 from 1 vote


  • 1/4 cup mashed avocado
  • 7 tbsp coconut butter, melted
  • 3 tbsp pure maple syrup, honey, or agave (or stevia to taste)
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • tiny pinch salt
  • only if using stevia, add 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • optional melted chocolate chips, or the chocolate sauce recipe below


  • If you have a Magic Bullet, blend all ingredients together until smooth. If you only have a bigger blender, you might wish to double the recipe for smoother blending. You can blend by hand if you absolutely must, but be sure to get the mixture completely smooth. Spread into a small plastic container and freeze until set (at least 3 hours). At this time, you can either scoop into balls with a mini cookie scoop or you can simply cut into fudge. If you want to coat them in chocolate (and why wouldn’t you?!), mix together equal parts cocoa powder, virgin coconut oil, and pure maple syrup until a thin sauce forms. Dip in the fudge balls, then immediately set back in the freezer to harden. Leftovers should be stored in the fridge or freezer for up to three days.
    View Nutrition Facts


Also try these Chocolate Protein Truffles.

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Published on June 11, 2014

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  1. Audrey says

    Yes! I totally think you should adopt a puppy. 🙂 Obviously, the final choice will be yours, but I don’t see how you can go wrong with getting a pet. Plus, a chocolate-covered puppy would be the cutest blog mascot 😉

  2. Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl says

    These are such a great idea and I LOVE the color! Oh and you should totally get a puppy. Watch out with those dachshunds, though, they like to pee everywhere. I have a Coton de Tulear… best dog ever. Look it up.

  3. EVA says

    Getting a puppy….is that even a question?! DUH you should get a pup! Too bad that you live in a small apartment, because labs are so amazing. You seem like one to own a pug. They’re small, little balls of energy and I think one would go perfect with your seemingly busy lifestyle!

  4. Aster says

    Yes you should get a puppy! Especially because you thought about it very hard and your situation sounds ideal for tiny dogs. I also work from home most of the time, and I have to admit that a big part of that is spent writing emails while lounging with cats. It’s the best part of my day, and I’m sure a dog will work out for you the same way! Also, they are so cute. I know that’s not a sensible argument, but come on, they look so cute how can you say no. I can’t. They have taken over the balcony garden like they own the place! And even that is very cute…

  5. Aster says

    Ps. Not only is it ethical and good to rescue/adopt, you also get the best pets! Friends got snooty fluffy inbred kittens from a breeder (booooo), and then one of them got sick and died. Our ex-street somewhat shorthair cats (we got them age 3 and 4) we’re not only perfectly house trained, they have much more personality. Sure, on of them’s a little jumpy and the other one awkwardly shaped, but what they lack in finesse, they make up for in kindness and hilarity. Seriously, they are funny. So not only should you get a dog, I think you get the best animals when you adopt. These two sort of chose us when we went to the shelter, and they’ve been family ever since. Take that, poor inbred fluffy snooty cats! It’s one of the best things we ever did, to get these guys and let them stay with us.

  6. Red Deception says

    This recipe – yes x one million!

    As for puppies, I have constant puppy lust and volunteer to walk dogs at the local SPCA. I swear, if I could take them all home, I would. Sadly, I live in a small apartment (not dog friendly) and tend to travel often – so it wouldn’t be fair to get a pooch just yet. But someday!

    Have you checked out the SPCA in your area? There are often sweet, lovable little fur animals that need a good home. It’s also generally more ethical than getting a dog from a puppy mill or breeder. We found all our fur babies through the SPCA – Mocha (our chocolate lab) was being given away by a family that was moving. We love her!!

  7. Ryan says

    Yes yes, definitely get a puppy!!:)
    I know that this is a very busy time of year for animal shelters, you could visit them and see if you connect with any of them:) and I agree with a previous commenter, we have a dashund and she’s been the only dog that is almost impossible to potty train (we’ve had 6 dogs over the years). She is a great dog though, I’d just be aware that they can be harder to potty train. Good luck!!:)

  8. Leah @ goodnight cheese says

    I’m always “for” when a good owner wants to take another dog into their home, but ultimately it has to be your decision. He or she won’t be a puppy for long, so probably have two dogs vs. three dogs, especially small ones, doesn’t seem like a huge transition in terms of work, walking, getting care when you’re away, etc.

  9. Pamela Parrott says

    YES to the puppy! There”s probably a sweet-faced lonely puppy out there right now waiting for you. A big puppy (like a lab) is fine in an apartment as long as you take it out regularly. Great protection, great companionship, great dogs. GO FORTH AND PUPPY!

  10. Karen says

    Firstly, these look yummy! Secondly, YES TO THE DOG! I think you should adopt one. They are a responsibility but they are so, so worth it. Dachies are super cute and aren’t very demanding. They have a few breed related issues like spinal problems but in exchange you get adorable cuteness 🙂 dogs101 on youtube is a great source. Type in the breed you’re looking for like “dachshund, dogs 101” and you get a 5 minute run down on the breed!

  11. Riana says

    If you do decide to adopt a puppy, please rescue one from your local shelter. There are so many dogs that need homes, please don’t support people who breed dogs. Also consider how long dogs live, and make sure you don’t mind having your furry companion along for the next 8+ years, in addition to the cost of food, toys, and health care. 😉

    • lgmcat says

      Right on Riana! Don’t support breeders or puppy mills. All of my pets are rescues. There are so many that need good homes.

  12. Mary Ann says

    Always, always say yes when it comes to giving a puppy/dog a loving home!
    Dachshunds can have serious back issues, a mix like Henry or Batman will be really intelligent and happy. Short haired dogs shed more than long haired dogs, poodles don’t shed are very intelligent and can be small, med. or large. You have lots of choices….head for your nearest animal shelter today!

  13. Bethany Cooper says

    You should absolutely get a puppy! We have girl Schnauzers. Best dogs ever! Plus they don’t shed 😉

  14. Rachel D. says

    Holy wow! These look AMAZING!!! I’m pretty sure I will be making these today. Right after I finish cleaning up the drool on my face.

    And you should def. get a puppy. And, I read in this article recently that there are some big dog breeds that do very well in small places (as long as they get to walk daily). One of their recommendations was even a great dane!

    Here’s the article:

    Pets are def. worth the effort. People say that about kids, too, but I only have experience with pets. lol Cheers!

  15. Jules @ WolfItDown says

    Aww dogs!
    I must admit, I have been craving a four legged companion as well, they make more sense than people most time… Dachshounds are one of the few smaller dogs I actually like, because they have faces like big dogs, yet…are small!

    These avocado bites looks deeeelicious! Could just pop it in the freezer and you have icecream! Mmmm ^ ^ Thanks for more inspiration Miss! x

  16. Nina says

    Yes, you should get a puppy! You have the time to take care of one and they’re wonderful company. Please opt to adopt! (rather than shop).

  17. Shaina says

    I made avocado cupcakes once and I am absolutely amazed at how silky smooth the batter was. And with no raw eggs, there was nothing stopping me from licking the bowl, the spoon, and the mixer attachment…. Avocados are such a great ingredient for baking, please keep the recipes coming!

  18. Mar says

    Hi! Cant wait to try these and tweak something else with them! Quick ques: how many servings does that recipe make? How many bites etc? Thnks!

  19. Karolina says

    Yes to adopting a puppy! Your dog pictures would be great to see 🙂 I wish I could adopt one but my job is the opposite of yours – I am out of town during the week and rarely home.
    Also, can’t wait to try out this recipe!

    • whitney says

      I second this…I have a 10 year old black “bug” – half pug half Boston Terrier, and she is the BEST dog I’ve ever had – funny, sweet, adorable, and the smartest dog I’ve ever met. Seriously. My family likes me to bring her over and show their friends all the things she can do, from doing cool tricks to obeying commands, etc. She’s my best pal. She’s going through chemo right now, but staying pretty healthy and I’m just praying that we have her in our lives for many years to come!

  20. Angie says

    Having a dog is the best thing in the world! They add so much to your life and when trained properly can go anywhere with you!!! Just remember to take the dogs breed into consideration. A Jack Russell is going to need a lot of something to do and so will a lab these dogs were designed to do a job and not just hang out. Bigger dogs like Great Danes, Retired Greyhounds and Newfies are happy for short walks and a little more lounging, they also don’t eat as much as one might think because they don’t expend as much energy as smaller dogs do. Whatever the choice look for a dog breed that will mesh good with what you like to do! A high energy dog for a low key person can be a nightmare, just like a couch potato for someone that looks to run would be!

  21. Anna M says

    I think you should adopt a puppy. I’m a mutt kind of person, so I’ve never looked for a certain breed, just size and temperament (though I did choose my pyr/lab specifically for bred in demeanor). Big dogs can do fine in apartments if you make sure they get adequate exercise. Of course, I’m also a big dog kind of person. So I vote big mutt on principle. 🙂

  22. Terri Cole says

    Yes! Adopt yourself a puppers!

    Does the avocado fudge turn brown if not eaten right away? It looks delicious!

  23. Marguerite says

    Doxies, they are the single most stubborn breed out there. I had a trainer tell me they are the most difficult dogs to train. They have a mind of their own and if they don’t want to do something they just won’t hear you. That being said, I just had to say good bye to my little doxie after many many years. My life is a lot quieter and emptier. I miss my little shadow so much. He was funny, fiercely loyal and I so wish I could hug him again. Definitely get a puppy.

    • Jessica says

      I would disagree. My doxie never was fully housebroken but learned obedience behaviors much quicker than any other dog I’ve ever worked with. She was even an AKC Canine Good Citizen. Best dog ever…but any dog is good with me!

  24. Shelley says

    Puppies ARE a lot of work. But they are so cute!! And fun!! And don’t let your apartment dissuade you from getting the dog you want. Well, as long as you have time to exercise a big dog. Def easier training a puppy if you don’t have to deal with stairs, but I don’t think it’d be a deal breaker.

  25. Andie says

    If you have the time for a puppy, you should totally go for it 🙂 having a dog is one of the best experiences 🙂 you can have a chocolate lab as long as you exercise them a lot 🙂 If you don’t care for exercise then get a small one 🙂 also, never give them any of your chocolate treats either 😛 chocolate is very bad as well as avocados 🙂

  26. Cathy Taylor says

    Labrador/Cocker Spaniel cross, in black/chocolate. Best dog there is; fur is softer and easier to groom than pure spaniel, disposition is sweet sweet sweet!!!!!

  27. judith westerfield says

    A puppy always turns into a dog. Why not try fostering a dog that will be adopted to see if you want that kind of responsibility. Almost all the rescue organizations need doggie foster parents.

    P.S. I LOVE YOU KATIE! Been following you a long time.

  28. Emily says

    Puppies are awesome!
    And weird as it sounds, little dogs are very often far higher maintenance than bigger dogs- my best friend when I was little had a chocolate lab called Moss, and he was the sweetest dog ever- he died when he was almost 100 in dog years and I sobbed- just so calm and friendly. Labs are meant to be very good to train, as they’re clever doggies 🙂

  29. Handmade by Lorna says

    If you are going to get a puppy you can’t go far wrong with a Chocolate Labrador. I had mine (Tiger) from a six week old puppy until she was almost 16yrs. A better companion I couldn’t have wished for. Back to the Fudge, you had me until I saw it was Avacado Fudge, now I love almost all veggies but Avacado I just can’t stand, please tell me that they are so yummy that you don’t taste the offending veggie!! lol!

  30. Taylor Bishop of Knife + Lens says

    These sound amazing! Labs can be great apartment dogs as long as you walk them enough. I had a black lab in an apartment, he was so smart and calm. I took him to the dog park and walked with him a few times a day and he was always healthy and happy. Actually once we got a yard he’d never want to be out alone in it. I think most dogs want the company and fun time with their owner more then actually being outside so I wouldn’t feel guilty getting a larger dog without a yard.

    • Anna says

      Agreed! I have a golden retriever mix and she hates being alone outside. Loves long walks and the dog park thou 🙂
      Oh, and I live in an apartment with a dog and two cats! There is plenty of room! Except that I’m always on the brink of accidentally kicking one since they follow me around 🙂

  31. Jess @ Keeping It Real Food says

    Love these! And I totally hear you about dog fever. I woke up the other day and after having thought about it for a few years, realized it’s finally a good time. I just submitted a request for approval to my building yesterday. Fingers crossed they say ok : )

  32. Charlotte Zweigoron says

    Over the years, I tried many times to adopt a doggie… sometimes they tried to adopt me. There are a couple of real horror stories (3 x 5 section of brand new carpeting chewed and scratched down to the backing by Black Lab; almost new tangerine sofa eaten by Great Dane… both of these feats accomplished within about 4 – 5 hours) but, all in all, I failed miserably as a dog owner. Now that I am retired and my hubby is not, I wanted more of a companion and am now allergic to the more fastidious kitties that used to call me “mom”. I got a small, mixed-breed female pup who looks most like her Chihuahua half and tried again armed with some great puppy/dog training web sites. I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams! She is a treasure and I am so happy I had some experts to help me raise her to be a really good dog. She is now 2 1/2 and people are always surprised because she looks like a Chihuahua but, because of persistent and loving training, she has overcome many of the issues that people associate with her breed. (Some of that may be attributed to the natural disposition of the daddy but we don’t know what breed he was.) I would urge you to look at rescuing a dog from a shelter. Even if you have a particular breed in mind, you can go to that breed’s rescue sites to look for your pet. I have several friends who have found wonderful, pure-bred doggies in the shelter, too. So many pets have been abandoned because of the cost of feeding and caring for them. You’ll be glad you helped out.

  33. Melissa says

    A puppy would be a great friend, if you’re willing to commit to the care. Since you’re in the DC area (I’m in Silver Spring, MD), why not visit the Washington Animal Rescue League ( and adopt the puppy that steals your heart? I’m not in any way affiliated with them. I have, however, adopted three wonderful kittens (well, they were kittens 7 years ago) from rescue organizations. You’ll get a good friend and give a needy animal a good home.

  34. Kate says

    Katie, these are absolutely amazing! I tried them just now, and they were absolutely incredible, and tasted like real fudge! You cannot taste the avocado at all! Everyone needs to try this! I halved the recipe just in case I did not like them (which was a mistake, because I know I will be wishing I had made the whole recipe once they are gone!), and they still worked out great with a half a recipe! xoxox

  35. Shelby says

    Yes on a puppy but please adopt from a rescue! I have 3 dachshunds and have fostered 28 and counting… If you are interested in one I would be happy to help you find a rescue in your area!

  36. Emily says

    Katie, you should get a rescue puppy! Mixed-breed dogs will have fewer health problems because they are less inbred than purebreds. Dachshunds can be pretty high energy, and they get really bad back problems when they’re older. I would suggest asking the people at the rescue if they can recommend one of their dogs for apartment living. They know the dogs’ personalities, so rather than taking a gamble based on breed, you will know for sure that your dog will be happy in a small space!

  37. J.P. says

    If you are willing to make a lifelong commitment to it,if you are I hope you will adopt a homeless pup.There are so many who are literally dying to be loved!

  38. ldw81 says

    Do it!!

    I adopted my big fierce Scottish fighting hamster aka Yorkshire Terrier 7 years ago. At the time I was going through a rough time, she helped motivate me to carry on.. Even though I had serious puppy-blues after 3 weeks! The sleep deprivation, toilet training and general shift in life wasn’t something I had fully reckoned with! Much like a baby (except a lot easier I’d imagine!).

    Either way, the joy and love these furry friends give is like no-other. And it does sound like you’ve thought about the lifestyle needs..

  39. Brittany says

    GET A DACHSHUND- it will be the best decision of your life! I have one (Henry) and he has the BIGGEST personality- more than most people. They are the best at modeling for photos and also the best taste testers (sometimes I think he would choose food over me. He definitely would)! They are also little cuddle buddies and love lounging as well as a good walk everyday. They’re the best!!!

  40. Kathryn says

    Go for the puppy! Lab puppies can be a lot of work, but they’re wonderful dogs! I can’t say enough good things about labs. My first dog was a lab, and he was so loyal and sensitive to my moods–once, he jumped on me and made me cry (I was seven), and he was so upset about hurting me that he never jumped on anyone again.

  41. Caitlin says

    Yes, an active person who works from home like you could absolutely get a puppy! Labs don’t do well in apartments, but there are some larger breeds who do (example: Great Danes, oddly enough). Poke around, check out!

    And…thank you for these! I can eat them as-is, but I might just get some erythritol and melt it for the liquid sweetener (it has a caramel-like flavor when melted) so that I can eat ALL of them! lol

  42. Katie @ Produce on Parade says

    Animal companions can bring so much joy! If you’re nervous about the responsibilities involved with a puppy…older dogs need love and homes too 🙂 They will already be potty trained, are usually mellower, and eager for love, among other wonderful things. Please, please, please rescue though! 🙂

  43. The Vegan Cookie Fairy says

    YUM! Looks delicious! I am dying to get a dog – three, actually (one husky, one malamute and one samoyed. What a happy bunch we would be.) But I need to wait to have a big house and a garden for that, and that will be some years 🙁

  44. Shonalika says

    Awh, I love how you say “all dogs are puppies to you,” it’s such a caring notion. The opposite of people who only seem to like baby animals and get put off by the idea of them getting older.

    I don’t really understand dogs and cats as pets for vegans though. I mean I know it’s *possible* to feed a dog a vegan diet, it just doesn’t seem right to me, I’d be constantly worrying about its health and feeling selfish for doing it. At the same time, I couldn’t feed it meat… I know some vegans sort of get around this by saying they adopt animals who’ve been abandoned or whatever and therefore need looking after. I don’t know what your take on it is – for me I find its easier just not to keep a naturally carnivorous animal (not that I could afford to right now anyway XD)

    As for those truffles, they look absolutely beautiful and are getting made the second I have some more avocado. I’ve just run out. Love the stuff:D

  45. Dipitie says

    Oh I hope you adopt! Saving a dog from the shelter is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. I encourage you to just start looking when you’re ready – usually the right dog will come along, and it may end up being a pup you never expected. Mutts are also great, great dogs so don’t feel the need to go with a purebred. Good luck, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  46. Nae says

    You should totally get a puppy! We’re planning on getting two, from the same litter, as soon as we move into the new place. 🙂

  47. Cee says

    we’ve got 3 rescues, and i always advocate for saving a dog (nice to see so many others here do too). dogs are very enriching for most people’s lives, i say go for it!

  48. Janel M. says

    Yes! Adopt! Now!
    I you like Labs, you may want to look into French Bulldogs, Border Terriers, and the like. They’re smart and easier to train than some breeds. Or certainly a smallish mutt (mutts are THE BEST). Pugs are okay, but they have breathing issues with the over-bred smooshy face.

  49. Annette says

    I think you should adopt a small puppy. I have 2 rescues, both adopted as puppies and both were thrown away by the humans who didn’t spay their moms. My girls are wonderful and I would do it again. You can find puppies, young adults and older dogs. There are rescues devoted to specific breeds. My girls are always so happy and joyful to see me and the kids. Please spay or neuter your pup as it is the responsible thing to do.

  50. Susan says

    If you like to go out to walk or would enjoy going to a dog park, a chocolate lab would be a nice choice. The only thing is, they remain puppies for a long, long time – at least 3 years. They are a lot of work, but they are nice dogs (my sister currently has a chocolate lab who is a rescue dog, and therefore even more work). Adopting any dog would be significant work, and obedience training is a must. If you travel at all, it’s difficult to have to leave a dog behind. A dog can also be very good company. I’d think it through very carefully before adopting any pet.

  51. Andie says

    I vote get a dog!! If you are a good owner, willing to devote time and lots of love and are (and you obviously are, you love animals and have taken such good care of Batman and Mollie), then pets will give so much love in return. There really aren’t any words to describe the incredible bond that can develop between humans and dogs…ever since I got my dog, I ask myself all the time “what would I have done without Alfie?” That scruffy little guy lets so much joy into my life 🙂

  52. Shani says

    I agree with everyone else – get a rescue dog! BUT what did I miss and why don’t you have Henry and Batman any more?!? What happened to them? 🙁

  53. Bobbi says

    So weird that you posted this today I work at a private middle school/high school and today someone brought a dog (best part of my job, we get to bring pups to work) and I was talking to another teacher about dogs and nutrition for dogs. I found out that avocados are actually good for dogs! What?? I thought that they were bad too but apparently there is a bunch of research showing that avocados are great for them! Chocolate is still a no though unfortunately.

    P.S. these look awesome! And I definitely think someone as loving as you should adopt a dog!

  54. Heather says

    Hiya! Love this recipe. You should ABSOLUTELY get a dog. As another user mentioned, adopting is best. My husband and I both work from home in a TINY apartment with our adopted dachshund/beagle mix and she is just the best. She was already house trained when we got her and she is just smart, and fun, and adawable.
    Adopt a dog, they’re the best!

  55. Rachael says

    I have two cats, a dog, and a bird. I love all of them but I have to honestly say that ever since my husband and I brought home our baby boy three weeks ago I deeply regret having so many animals. Some people can manage many pets with children, but I am not one of those people. So please keep this in mind if you ever plan on getting married and having kids! Animals are a lifelong commitment no matter your own personal circumstances and/or other responsibilities.

  56. JohnSnow says

    Puppies are awesome! You should get one, they are a great company for running. I have a hands-free collar, I put it on and start my run with Taco. Yes, my dog is named after the character in the League.

  57. Keri says

    Definitely get a puppy! I have two adopted dogs in my apartment, one small and one large and I love life with dogs. I would recommend a smaller one, unless you are super committed to giving a larger dog the exercise he/she needs. My big dog gets stir crazy sometimes if I don’t take her on a long enough walk.

  58. Margo says

    Adopting a puppy is a wonderful thing to do, there are too many put to sleep every year. I just adopted a puppy from a shelter earlier this year, a Corgi/Aussie mix named Phinneas, and he’s so wonderful.
    Avocado’s flesh is not bad for dogs, quite the opposite actually. It’s just the pit, skin, bark and leaves that are the problem but Avocado is actually wonderful for their coat and skin. It’s the main ingredient in all the Avoderm dry dog food lines and my dog loves avocado/garbanzo/sweet potato cookies. He loves raw avocado too, and just think about all the new recipes you can try for healthy dog treats! There are hundreds. Here are some facts about dogs and avocados;

  59. Margo says

    Oh, a question. I’m really badly allergic to maple in all forms, syrup especially. Do you think I could substitute agave syrup for the maple? I do that for some other recipes.

  60. Melissa says

    Yes to the puppy! I got a puppy when I was single in a walking city, and it was so great. I did opt for a small one since I had small apartments, but it was so nice to have a friend to keep me company, and a great way to meet people. You can go on walks, to the dog parks, dog classes and events and somehow it doesn’t seem weird at all to have lunch or beer at an outdoor cafe alone with your pup. Plus, you can make doggie desserts like frozen yogurt, banana and peanut butter!

  61. Christine says

    YES! Getting a dog from the pound was the best decision ever. Henry, in his thundershirt, looks just like my Fenway Bark. (before old age turned his tan fur white!) It’s a love like no other! Don’t pass on the older ‘puppies’. They’re great dogs too. Good luck!

  62. MK says

    I have a mini- dachshund and they are the best dogs! I’ve always grown up with them and now have one of my own. They have the most personality and are so funny, very smart too! I will say, they are stubborn at times but you can’t help but laugh! If you get a short-haired they don’t shed, easy to house train, and so fun!

  63. Abbie Rose says

    I would say, yes, absolutely get a dog! I can’t imagine living without one, personally! But especially since you know what you are getting into responsibility-wise, I don’t see why not! I don’t know about dachshunds…I feel sorry for those dogs! I volunteer at a local Humane Society, and there are always tons of little dogs that need a good home. I agree with you that a smaller dog would probably be a better bet…there are some big dogs that would be fine, but it seems to me finding one would be rather challenging! I have a dog right now, but I am currently researching for a second one, and one of my favorite books so far is “Paws to Consider” by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. (I can’t figure out how to put in a hyperlink, but here is the web address at Amazon: )
    It has a really good profile for each breed, with pros and cons, activity level, etc. (It even has a chapter for good city dogs!) If you adopt a mixed breed, it still gives great insight into the breeds that make up that puppy, so you know what you are getting into! Also…don’t forget there are also breed rescues, where if you really want a specific breed, you can still rescue a dog!
    BTW: I loved the chocolate-covered-puppy idea…but there is nothing that a little Photoshop can’t fix, right? 😛

    • Abbie Rose says

      Sorry for all the comments, but I wanted to clear something up. In the book I recommended there is, as I said, a chapter on city dogs, some of which are big. I realized that my previous comment sounded like I thought that small dogs are the only way to go in an apartment, and that is not what I was trying to say. There are all kinds of dogs that will fit your lifestyle well, big and small, and all you have to do is decide what fits you best. I don’t feel like I can decide for you, and just because I like a certain breed, that doesn’t mean it will fit you, which is why I recommended the book.
      One other thing; if you get a lab, I would be very cautious. Because of the popularity of the breed, it runs the gamut, even among the mixed breed varieties. Some are absolute couch potatoes, and some are wired…
      You know yourself the best, so maybe do some research, and go armed with your knowledge to pick out a puppy…have fun!!

  64. Hannah Elizabeth says

    Dogs are such great companions, so if you’re a dog person and have the time and energy, I’d say go for it. I’ve had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for 10 years now, and I love her so much! All dogs, though, do require a lot of consistency training-wise, as I’m sure you know, but then, training a puppy might mesh nicely with your life right now…so it’s up to you. 😉 I would recommend against the lab, though, as cute as it would be. My sister has an extremely low-energy lab, but even so, he’d go crazy in a small apartment. There are a few big dogs that would do well in small living quarters, but they are rather few and far between, and on the whole, I’d suggest a smaller dog. Also, you might want to consider rescuing a dog; that way, you already know what the adult dog’s personality will look like. And it can still be a Chocolate-Covered Puppy…it would belong to you, so how could it be anything else?!

  65. Natalie @ Feasting on Fruit says

    My medium-sized, chocolate colored (not a lab though) puppy enjoy life together in a small apartment quite a lot. As long as you’ve got place to walk, then go for it. Even with a lab I think you could make it work…plus Chocolate Covered Puppy is too adorable to pass up!

  66. Julie S. says

    Pets are a big responsibility but if you are up for the challenge, do it! And please like some of the others are saying ADOPT, DON’T SHOP! And of course spay/neuter please.

  67. Sue says

    Oh my gosh. That first puppy looks so much like my tri-colored corgi, Misha. He is my first corgi and he has the most amazing temperament and personality! If that first puppy is a corgi, snatch that pup up!

  68. Joha says

    I think it’d be great to adopt a puppy, but even if small, dogs are not made to live in apartments… So why don’t you just wait to move into a house?

  69. Mandy says

    As a way to meet both of your puppy breeds you could get a dachshund lab mix. Ours just looks like a short, long black lab. Everyone says she is adorable (and I have to agree)!

  70. Liz says

    First off, I love your blog so much! You are a magician. Everything is so delicious!!

    I realize I’m a little late to the party, but, I’m totally on the adopt a puppy train 🙂 I just adopted a second pup this week from the shelter, and it was so heartbreaking to see how many amazing dogs need homes 🙁 I wish we could’ve taken them all! Of course it’s a lot of work, and you’ll hate it at times, but she/he(/they :)) will be such an irreplaceable part of your life for years to come. I can’t imagine my life without one anymore. They’ll make you laugh like a little kid, and they’ll constantly remind you to live in the present moment. Plus, I’ve found some cool dog treat recipes out there, but I have a feeling you’ll come up with some amazing ones as well 🙂 I say go for it!

  71. Sydney says

    I’d avoid a dachshund– they’re often riddled with health problems as they age and can be difficult to train. Consider a Shih Tzu! They’re a slightly larger toy breed perfect for an apartment that would be content to live happily as a lap dog, but wouldn’t object to frequent walks around the city.

  72. Kara says

    These are SO good!!! I can’t stop eating them! I put the batter into my ice cube tray. It made about 8 little cubes. Then I only had to wait about an hour for them to harden before I dipped them in chocolate and put them back. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Katie!

  73. Marni says

    I didn’t have time to do the chocolate and roll these, so I just froze the “batter” in a really small Tupperware container (I only had one avocado, so it was a really small portion). I made the coconut butter, but it was coming out way too dry, so I added coconut oil and it worked perfectly. The fudge was a huge hit at a party. People were a little hesitant about it being avocado, and others were just weirded out by the color, but once they tried it, they loved it. No one could taste the avocado, and everyone said it was sweet coconut candy. I will be making this again for an upcoming event. Love it!

  74. Jennifer says

    Just thought you might want to know that a mason jar will screw onto my blender in place of the big container. Easy for single serving smoothies or small batches! I am intrigued by this recipe, hope to try it soon!

  75. CW says

    Recipe looks yummy.
    Avocados are ok for dogs. I give my little dog pieces of avocado often. She loves it. There are commercial dog foods made with avocado. The says: Avocado contains a toxin called persin, but despite the rumors, avocado is not poisonous to dogs, nor likely to cats. Only certain species are poisoned by persin. While dogs and cats don’t seem to be affected by persin, avocado poisoning can be deadly to birds and large animals (such as cattle).
    The ASPCA website says: While avocado is toxic to some animals, in dogs and cats, we do not expect to see serious signs of illness. In some dogs and cats, mild stomach upset may occur if the animal eats a significant amount of avocado flesh or peel. Ingestion of the pit can lead to obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract, which is a serious situation requiring urgent veterinary care.
    Love the website! Great recipes. TY!

  76. Diane says

    Besides the fact that you love dogs, working from home is yet another good reason to get a puppy. Both you and the cutie will keep each other company all day long – you can’t get any better than that!

  77. Terri says

    I think a Cavalier King Charles would be a wonderful choice for a small apt. They love to walk but also love to cuddle. They also have mini goldendoodles that are great dogs. Good luck with your choice!

  78. Rachel says

    I made these for my kids in honor of St. Patrick’s day. My picky, avocado-hating son (I don’t think he’s really tried them) asked what was in them. “Just eat it,” I suggested, and he did. And loved it, and ate more. I’m keeping the avocado a secret for now!

    Instead of balling and dipping, I spread on a small cookie sheet, froze, cut into squares, spread the chocolate on top, then broke apart and froze a little longer. I think it worked well and looked nice!

  79. Mish says

    i made these for easter so I tried to roll them into little eggs. they didn’t look much like eggs at all but there were no leftovers either way!

  80. Katie Hiner says

    I wouldn’t be without my little Rosie, she’s a Patterdale terrier but thinks she’s a labrador. if you get a rescue pup checkout the breeds before you adopt. Our Rosie expects 4 walks a day a mike each time. it burns off any over indulgence of your yummy recipes. We loved the black bean recipes, must try the strawberry fudge bars. 😉

  81. Jacquelyn says

    I just sampled the batch of 5 ingredient avocado fudge bites before putting it in the freezer. It is yummy! I doubled the recipe, but did not double the maple syrup. I look forward to adding that touch of chocolate later! Thank you for such a creative treat!

  82. Cindy says

    Katie, I clicked on this recipe in hopes of finding something delicious to make and have around for a snack. The calories alone total upwards of 1000 calories but you have less than 3/4 of a cup worth of ingredients when you mix everything together. There is NO WAY you would get 20 normal sized balls out of this recipe. I really wish you would stop being so unrealistic when you post the nutrition facts. At the very least, it’s a gross underestimation of a serving size.

    • Jason Sanford says

      The recipe makes 20 the same size as the ones in the pictures. So not a gross underestimation at all. Ten grams is around the same size as many truffles sold in stores, if you look on the box.

  83. some random helpful person says

    Hey! LOVE the puppy idea! And these fudge bites would be PERFECT for St. Patrick’s day. Just wondering, do they taste healthy? Thinking of bringing them to my church youth group but I don’t want to if they wouldn’t be sweet. Just warning you labs CHEW EVERYTING so… be aware!

    • Jason Sanford says

      I don’t think they taste healthy at all! But also they do need to stay somewhat cold because of the melty nature of coconut products!

  84. Tabitha Freeman says

    My sister had a well-trained miniature schnauzer. She was extremely personable and I swear she didn’t know ahe wasn’t human. I loved that dog and even though it wasn’t my dog, 5 years after her passing, I still miss her a lot. If you can find a rescue who’s mostly mini schnauzer, I’d recommend it. Also, I’ve done a little research and affenpinschers seem like a good choice.

    • Jason Sanford says

      We haven’t tried anything else so really can’t say if butter would work or anything else, but be sure to report back if you do try!
      Jason (media relations)

  85. Drew says

    Hi Katie, the recipe says they only last three days in the fridge/freezer. Is that true for the freezer, same as the fridge?

    I live alone, so I’d love to make a batch and keep in the freezer for longer if possible – but I’ll wait until I know they’ll actually last. Thanks!

  86. Tiffanie M says

    Hi Katie! Would you have a suggestion to replace the coconut ingredients in this? My daughter is allergic. She is also DF and egg free due to allergies, so it’s hard sometimes to find options! Lots of vegan things have coconut. TIA!!

  87. Tony says

    I love the part about 3 days in the fridge,,,,, lol lol. Like these would last that long. I can’t wait to make my Vegan grand daughter the fried / baked avocados. I’ll have to change the milk to soy or almond so no biggie. I’ll use almond flour also. We first found fried avocados at our sushi place and they last about 30 seconds amongst the 4 of us. Yours sound fab and I’ll make yours when they get home from a softball tourney after this 4th of July weekend. I’ll shout back with the results. Thanks Papa Tony

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