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5 Ingredient Avocado Fudge Bites

No-bake & secretly healthy avocado fudge bites!

Avocado Fudge Bites - 1/4 cup mashed ripe avocado, 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract, pinch salt, 2 tbsp... @choccoveredkt

I have puppy fever.

Every time I leave the apartment, I am bombarded with puppies!

Big puppies, little puppies, young puppies, old puppies. (All dogs are puppies to me, no matter their age.)

And it makes me wonder if I should get a puppy…


(Above, Henry in his thundershirt and Batman in his winter coat Batsuit.)

So today I am crowdsourcing. What do you think? Should I adopt a puppy? I realize they are a big responsibility, but who better to care for a dog than someone who lives in a walking-friendly city and works from home? Ideally, I’d adopt a lab.


A chocolate lab!! It could be my website mascot! Chocolate-Covered Puppy!!
However, a small dog would probably be happier in a small apartment.

Maybe a dachshund?

Avocado Fudge Bites - 1/4 cup mashed ripe avocado, 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract, pinch salt, 2 tbsp... @choccoveredkt


A lot of you have requested I post more avocado-based recipes.


Today’s superfood avocado fudge bites call for just a few ingredients you might already have on hand, and they are great for humans! Notsomuch for puppies, who should never be fed avocados nor chocolate.

But seeing as I am currently puppy-less, at least this means I need not worry about an evil puppy stealing my food.

These healthy avocado chocolate truffles are super addictive, and so easy to make!


5 Ingredient Avocado Fudge Bites

  • 1/4 cup mashed ripe avocado
  • 6 tbsp coconut butter, melted
  • 2 tbsp pure maple syrup or raw agave
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • tiny pinch salt
  • stevia to taste, OR 1 additional tbsp both pure maple syrup and coconut butter

If you have a Magic Bullet, blend all ingredients together until smooth. If you only have a bigger blender, you might wish to double the recipe for smoother blending. You can blend by hand if you absolutely must, but be sure to get the mixture completely smooth. Spread into a small plastic container and freeze until set (at least 3 hours). At this time, you can either scoop into balls with a mini cookie scoop or you can simply cut into fudge. If you want to coat them in chocolate (and why wouldn’t you?!), mix together equal parts cocoa powder, virgin coconut oil, and pure maple syrup until a thin sauce forms. Dip in the fudge balls, then immediately set back in the freezer to harden. Leftovers should be stored in the fridge or freezer for up to three days.

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Published on June 11, 2014

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  1. Audrey says

    Yes! I totally think you should adopt a puppy. 🙂 Obviously, the final choice will be yours, but I don’t see how you can go wrong with getting a pet. Plus, a chocolate-covered puppy would be the cutest blog mascot 😉

  2. Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl says

    These are such a great idea and I LOVE the color! Oh and you should totally get a puppy. Watch out with those dachshunds, though, they like to pee everywhere. I have a Coton de Tulear… best dog ever. Look it up.

  3. EVA says

    Getting a puppy….is that even a question?! DUH you should get a pup! Too bad that you live in a small apartment, because labs are so amazing. You seem like one to own a pug. They’re small, little balls of energy and I think one would go perfect with your seemingly busy lifestyle!

  4. Aster says

    Yes you should get a puppy! Especially because you thought about it very hard and your situation sounds ideal for tiny dogs. I also work from home most of the time, and I have to admit that a big part of that is spent writing emails while lounging with cats. It’s the best part of my day, and I’m sure a dog will work out for you the same way! Also, they are so cute. I know that’s not a sensible argument, but come on, they look so cute how can you say no. I can’t. They have taken over the balcony garden like they own the place! And even that is very cute…

  5. Aster says

    Ps. Not only is it ethical and good to rescue/adopt, you also get the best pets! Friends got snooty fluffy inbred kittens from a breeder (booooo), and then one of them got sick and died. Our ex-street somewhat shorthair cats (we got them age 3 and 4) we’re not only perfectly house trained, they have much more personality. Sure, on of them’s a little jumpy and the other one awkwardly shaped, but what they lack in finesse, they make up for in kindness and hilarity. Seriously, they are funny. So not only should you get a dog, I think you get the best animals when you adopt. These two sort of chose us when we went to the shelter, and they’ve been family ever since. Take that, poor inbred fluffy snooty cats! It’s one of the best things we ever did, to get these guys and let them stay with us.

  6. Red Deception says

    This recipe – yes x one million!

    As for puppies, I have constant puppy lust and volunteer to walk dogs at the local SPCA. I swear, if I could take them all home, I would. Sadly, I live in a small apartment (not dog friendly) and tend to travel often – so it wouldn’t be fair to get a pooch just yet. But someday!

    Have you checked out the SPCA in your area? There are often sweet, lovable little fur animals that need a good home. It’s also generally more ethical than getting a dog from a puppy mill or breeder. We found all our fur babies through the SPCA – Mocha (our chocolate lab) was being given away by a family that was moving. We love her!!

  7. Ryan says

    Yes yes, definitely get a puppy!!:)
    I know that this is a very busy time of year for animal shelters, you could visit them and see if you connect with any of them:) and I agree with a previous commenter, we have a dashund and she’s been the only dog that is almost impossible to potty train (we’ve had 6 dogs over the years). She is a great dog though, I’d just be aware that they can be harder to potty train. Good luck!!:)

  8. Leah @ goodnight cheese says

    I’m always “for” when a good owner wants to take another dog into their home, but ultimately it has to be your decision. He or she won’t be a puppy for long, so probably have two dogs vs. three dogs, especially small ones, doesn’t seem like a huge transition in terms of work, walking, getting care when you’re away, etc.

  9. Pamela Parrott says

    YES to the puppy! There”s probably a sweet-faced lonely puppy out there right now waiting for you. A big puppy (like a lab) is fine in an apartment as long as you take it out regularly. Great protection, great companionship, great dogs. GO FORTH AND PUPPY!

  10. Karen says

    Firstly, these look yummy! Secondly, YES TO THE DOG! I think you should adopt one. They are a responsibility but they are so, so worth it. Dachies are super cute and aren’t very demanding. They have a few breed related issues like spinal problems but in exchange you get adorable cuteness 🙂 dogs101 on youtube is a great source. Type in the breed you’re looking for like “dachshund, dogs 101” and you get a 5 minute run down on the breed!

  11. Riana says

    If you do decide to adopt a puppy, please rescue one from your local shelter. There are so many dogs that need homes, please don’t support people who breed dogs. Also consider how long dogs live, and make sure you don’t mind having your furry companion along for the next 8+ years, in addition to the cost of food, toys, and health care. 😉

    • lgmcat says

      Right on Riana! Don’t support breeders or puppy mills. All of my pets are rescues. There are so many that need good homes.

  12. Mary Ann says

    Always, always say yes when it comes to giving a puppy/dog a loving home!
    Dachshunds can have serious back issues, a mix like Henry or Batman will be really intelligent and happy. Short haired dogs shed more than long haired dogs, poodles don’t shed are very intelligent and can be small, med. or large. You have lots of choices….head for your nearest animal shelter today!

  13. Bethany Cooper says

    You should absolutely get a puppy! We have girl Schnauzers. Best dogs ever! Plus they don’t shed 😉

  14. Rachel D. says

    Holy wow! These look AMAZING!!! I’m pretty sure I will be making these today. Right after I finish cleaning up the drool on my face.

    And you should def. get a puppy. And, I read in this article recently that there are some big dog breeds that do very well in small places (as long as they get to walk daily). One of their recommendations was even a great dane!

    Here’s the article:

    Pets are def. worth the effort. People say that about kids, too, but I only have experience with pets. lol Cheers!

  15. Jules @ WolfItDown says

    Aww dogs!
    I must admit, I have been craving a four legged companion as well, they make more sense than people most time… Dachshounds are one of the few smaller dogs I actually like, because they have faces like big dogs, yet…are small!

    These avocado bites looks deeeelicious! Could just pop it in the freezer and you have icecream! Mmmm ^ ^ Thanks for more inspiration Miss! x

  16. Nina says

    Yes, you should get a puppy! You have the time to take care of one and they’re wonderful company. Please opt to adopt! (rather than shop).

  17. Shaina says

    I made avocado cupcakes once and I am absolutely amazed at how silky smooth the batter was. And with no raw eggs, there was nothing stopping me from licking the bowl, the spoon, and the mixer attachment…. Avocados are such a great ingredient for baking, please keep the recipes coming!

  18. Mar says

    Hi! Cant wait to try these and tweak something else with them! Quick ques: how many servings does that recipe make? How many bites etc? Thnks!

  19. Karolina says

    Yes to adopting a puppy! Your dog pictures would be great to see 🙂 I wish I could adopt one but my job is the opposite of yours – I am out of town during the week and rarely home.
    Also, can’t wait to try out this recipe!

    • whitney says

      I second this…I have a 10 year old black “bug” – half pug half Boston Terrier, and she is the BEST dog I’ve ever had – funny, sweet, adorable, and the smartest dog I’ve ever met. Seriously. My family likes me to bring her over and show their friends all the things she can do, from doing cool tricks to obeying commands, etc. She’s my best pal. She’s going through chemo right now, but staying pretty healthy and I’m just praying that we have her in our lives for many years to come!

  20. Angie says

    Having a dog is the best thing in the world! They add so much to your life and when trained properly can go anywhere with you!!! Just remember to take the dogs breed into consideration. A Jack Russell is going to need a lot of something to do and so will a lab these dogs were designed to do a job and not just hang out. Bigger dogs like Great Danes, Retired Greyhounds and Newfies are happy for short walks and a little more lounging, they also don’t eat as much as one might think because they don’t expend as much energy as smaller dogs do. Whatever the choice look for a dog breed that will mesh good with what you like to do! A high energy dog for a low key person can be a nightmare, just like a couch potato for someone that looks to run would be!

  21. Anna M says

    I think you should adopt a puppy. I’m a mutt kind of person, so I’ve never looked for a certain breed, just size and temperament (though I did choose my pyr/lab specifically for bred in demeanor). Big dogs can do fine in apartments if you make sure they get adequate exercise. Of course, I’m also a big dog kind of person. So I vote big mutt on principle. 🙂

  22. Terri Cole says

    Yes! Adopt yourself a puppers!

    Does the avocado fudge turn brown if not eaten right away? It looks delicious!

  23. Marguerite says

    Doxies, they are the single most stubborn breed out there. I had a trainer tell me they are the most difficult dogs to train. They have a mind of their own and if they don’t want to do something they just won’t hear you. That being said, I just had to say good bye to my little doxie after many many years. My life is a lot quieter and emptier. I miss my little shadow so much. He was funny, fiercely loyal and I so wish I could hug him again. Definitely get a puppy.

    • Jessica says

      I would disagree. My doxie never was fully housebroken but learned obedience behaviors much quicker than any other dog I’ve ever worked with. She was even an AKC Canine Good Citizen. Best dog ever…but any dog is good with me!

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