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About Katie

“The queen of healthy desserts”Glamour Magazine

“The next Nigella Lawson”Women’s Health Magazine

“There’s no greater anything-can-be-healthy evidence than the recipes Katie features on her blog”Shape Magazine

Chocolate Covered Katie TV Show

One Of The Top 25 Food Blogs In America

Meet Katie: a girl who eats chocolate every day and sometimes even has cake for breakfast!

After creating a small food blog just for fun, Katie watched the blog suddenly skyrocket in popularity, quickly becoming the #1 source for healthy desserts and comfort food recipes and ranked as one of the top 25 cooking websites on the internet – with up to 8 million viewers each month!

Katie has been featured by The Today Show, USA Today, Time, CNN, The Food NetworkBon Appétit, Cooking Light, People Magazine, the msn, yahoo, and aol homepages, and the ABC 5 O’Clock News.

The Huffington Post selected Katie as one of their Best Healthy Food Instagram accounts to follow, and Amazon chose her debut cookbook as one of their Top 20 Cookbooks Of 2015.

(Introduction courtesy of Grand Central Publishing, Ranking based on traffic numbers and Alexa stats)

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Katie’s NEW Cookbook

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More About Katie:

Chocolate Covered Katie Healthy Dessert Blog

Chocolate Covered Katie Anorexic?

 Chocolate Covered Katie Food Blog

What I Eat In A Day

 Chocolate Covered Katie FAQ

Katie FAQ Page

(Answers to the most common questions I receive about my diet, blog, and photography)

 Chocolate Covered Katie vegan

How I Turned My Blog Into A Full Time Job

 Chocolate Covered Katie Instagram

Chocolate Covered Katie – Instagram

I never imagined this blog would grow to be so popular and am thankful beyond words for everyone who reads. Please feel free to leave a comment on any of the healthy dessert recipe posts. Receiving comments from readers is one of my favorite parts of blogging!

You can also find Katie on the CCK Facebook Page and Chocolate Covered Pinterest Page.


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  1. Diane says

    Hi Katie,
    I love your recipes. I’ve made lots of them with no problem BUT The other day I made your No Bake Date Brownies. I followed the instructions to the letter. After having it refrigerated for about 3 hrs , I was ready to cut it. It came out all granulated pieces. can’t cut squares at all. I know you said that it would be dry but this is ridiculous. HELP what did I do wrong and is there something that I can do to revive it.


  2. Healthy South African says

    Tried the black bean brownies and wow! My dad (who’s hard to please when it comes to food) actually enjoyed it! Amazing!

  3. mindy engle says

    Hi! I just found your site and am anxious to try some of the recipes. However, I was just placed on a low sodium diet and was kind of disappointed that the recipes don’t include the sodium content in the nutrition facts portion. Can you supply this info to me? I’m especially interested in the cauliflower cake, healthy chocolate frosting and black bean brownies. Thanks so much.

  4. Dennis says

    Hi Katie,
    I really like your site and enjoy the healthy and innovative recipes that I have seen and tried.
    BUT, my complaint would be that when I click to review a recipe, I have to wade through a whole series of other recipe links to get to the one I was looking for. At times, I just click away as it is tooooo difficult to get to what I was selecting.
    Sometime, give us less than your all, I’ll look through it myself


  5. Alane says

    Thanks you for the pumpkin banana bread recipe! Try it as muffins — spelt with approx 1/4 cup each of almond flour and cocoa powder making up the last half cup of dry ingredients. You’ll finesse the proportions. So rich and lovely. Added raisins in some, pecans in others, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips…something for everyone all in same muffin tray.

  6. LuLuShulz says

    Please, please, please stop labeling recipes with “keto” or “paleo.” These are both very dangerous, unhealthy patterns of eating. They may show short term benefits for some, but long term followers of these eating patterns increase their risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and cancers. Please read the research and not just the one-off short term biased studies. Nutrition is a science, not a sales pitch!

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