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Brownie Cheesecake Recipe

Velvety chocolate cheesecake blankets a rich and fudgy brownie crust, in this absolutely show-stopping chocolate brownie cheesecake recipe.

Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Recipe

This brownie cheesecake is YOUR cheesecake.

If your two favorite desserts in the world happen to be brownies and cheesecake like mine are, this decadently dark chocolate brownie cheesecake recipe is pretty much the best dessert you could ever make, because it solves the problem of being forced to choose one over the other.

Now there is no need to choose at all – you can have both.

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brownie cheesecake recipe
chocolate cheesecake recipe

Basic Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

This chocolate cheesecake looks fancy, but it’s deceptively simple to make.

And if you’re short on time, you can easily skip the brownie crust for a plain chocolate cheesecake that comes together in just minutes.

I used my go-to vegan brownie recipe for the base, but if you have a favorite brownie recipe, feel free to use it instead.

Just remember to undercook the brownie layer, because you’ll be baking it a second time when you bake the cheesecake.

I bet my Black Bean Brownies recipe would be amazing here.

Easy Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

The flax or cornstarch in the recipe is optional because I accidentally forgot it the second time I made the cheesecake (yes, I make baking mistakes too!), and surprisingly I didn’t notice a difference.

The brownie bottom still held together as if I hadn’t forgotten the binder ingredient – so I marked it as optional.

Also try this popular Keto Cheesecake Recipe

Above – watch the video how to make brownie cheesecake!

Because I really love you, I made you a video.

Or maybe I made the video because I wanted an excuse to make this cheesecake again.

I’ll never tell.

The Ultimate Creamy Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Recipe

Adapted from my Healthy Cheesecake Of Dreams

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Brownie Cheesecake Recipe

This rich and smooth chocolate brownie cheesecake recipe is the perfect show-stopping party dessert!
5/5 (12)
Total Time 1 hour
Yield 1 cheesecake


  • 1 cup + 2 tbsp milk of choice
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp oil
  • 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup spelt or white flour, or packed 3/4 cup Bob’s gf
  • 1 cup cocoa powder (I used mostly regular, plus 2 tbsp dutch, to make 1 cup)
  • 1/4 tsp + 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar or packed coconut sugar
  • 1/3 cup unrefined sugar OR stevia baking blend
  • 2 tbsp flaxmeal or cornstarch, optional
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips, optional


  • Whisk together the first 3 ingredients, then set aside. Preheat oven to 350F. Grease a 9-inch springform pan, and set aside. In a large mixing bowl, thoroughly combine all remaining ingredients. Pour wet into dry, stir to combine, and pour into prepared pan. Smooth down. Bake 12 minutes.
    For The Cheesecake:
    24 oz cream cheese (such as tj nondairy), 2 cups plain yogurt (such as coconutmilk yogurt), 2 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract, 3/4 cup sugar or maple syrup, honey, or xylitol for sugar-free, 3/4 cup cocoa powder (I used mostly regular, plus 2 tbsp dutch, to make up the full amount)
    Preheat oven to 350 F. Fill a 9×13 pan about halfway with water and place it on your oven’s lower rack. Bring cream cheese to room temperature. In a blender or food processor, beat all cheesecake ingredients just until smooth. (Don’t overbeat, as this would introduce air bubbles that could burst in the oven and thus cause cracking.) Smooth into the 9-inch springform pan with the baked brownies. Place on the middle rack above the other pan. Bake 30 minutes, and do not open the oven during this time. When the time is up, leave oven door closed and turn off heat. Leave in the closed oven an additional 5 minutes. Then remove—it will look underdone—and let cool 20 minutes before placing the still-underdone cheesecake in the fridge. Chill at least 6 hours, during which time it will firm up. Leftovers covered in the fridge will last around 3-4 days.
    View Nutrition Facts


For a flourless version, try this Keto Chocolate Cheesecake.

Have you made this recipe?

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Published on February 5, 2018

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  1. Natasha @ Thoughts of Tradition says

    I am beyond excited about this recipe because I remember you mentioning it in a much older post!

  2. Pauline L says

    This looks so decadent but when I looked at the ingredients I was surprised at how healthy it was without using too many super obscure or irregular ingredients. I want to try this soon! Thanks for sharing

  3. Gary says

    I’m really looking forward to a cheesecake recipe made without store-bought cream cheese, but only from scratch. Preferably not coconut-cream based because, well, that’s not so healthy.

  4. Linda says

    I noticed that the instructions (especially baking time) in the video are not the same as the text of the recipe… Which one is correct? In the video it seems that it’s not baked after the cheese is added. Can you clarify?
    Thanks for your amazing recipes!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi Linda, it’s not that they’re different, just that the video stops before that step and says to go to the blog for the full recipe. Sorry for the confusion, and hope that helps clarify! Definitely always go by the recipe instructions in the actual post.

  5. Marie E, Turner says

    Hi Katie, I need to ask a couple questions. At what altitude is your baking being done? Would you adjust the baking time for very high altitudes?
    The reason I ask is that I made this wonderful Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake last night, all according to directions, but the brownie crust was far from a set condition to take on a thick layer of chocolate cream cheese. I also baked the cheesecake as directed, then let it set overnight. Do you know how difficult it is to not slice into it when it’s chilled?!
    This morning I cut a thin slice (I am on an eating plan to lose weight, you know!) and ate it for my breakfast. It was delicious! However, the crust was still in an unbaked pudding-like condition and the center of the cheesecake is also like pudding. So, if my final product is a pudding cheesecake, I’m right on track. But the properly baked potion of the whole was wonderful enough that I would like all of it to be baked and to taste like my outer portion of it.
    I live and bake at an altitude of 7220 feet and generally make adjustments for that. Next time I make this delicious chocolate brownie cheesecake, I will definitely bake the brownie layer a few minutes longer and I will also bake the cheesecake a few minutes longer. I’m sure my end product will be exactly what I’m dreaming of!
    But many, many thanks for this and other recipes! I have 2 of your cookbooks and love your ideas! Keep Baking and Cooking for all of us!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Oh yes, higher altitude definitely would need changes to be made. Katie is at a low altitude. Unfortunately we don’t know much about high altitude baking, but hopefully it will work well with your changes!

    • Missy says


      • Jason Sanford says

        Unfortunately, because Katie runs this blog on her own, she does not have a large full-time testing team like companies who produce packaged products do. Katie does not live at high elevation, so for her to give made-up tips she hasn’t tested on how to modify recipes for higher elevation would be irresponsible (and probably wouldn’t work very well for readers!). Maybe someday she will have a giant team and the ability to do so 🙂

  6. Cassie Thuvan Tran says

    If someone tells you that you can have too much chocolate in one day, then that person is LYING. 😉 This cheesecake looks like a chocolate lover’s dream! Personally, I would love to dig into this glorious treat any day!

  7. Sarah says

    It turned out absolutely delicious! I used raspberry-flavored SoDelicious coconut yogurt and the raspberry and chocolate flavors went together perfectly. Even my coconut-hating friend loved it, since the coconut taste wasn’t discernible. The cake is creamy and the crust very fudgy.
    Just a note to other bakers: you may need to bake both the crust and the filling for longer than the recipe states, depending on your oven. I have a somewhat older oven and the crust and filling were quite soft. One of my friends thought the crust was too sweet, but the rest of us liked it and though it nicely balanced the slightly tart filling, so you may want to adjust the sugar if you hate sweet things. Also, maybe it was just me, but the recipe made a HUGE cake! It was probably about 4-4.5 inches high and still 9 inches in diameter. We only finished half, so I froze the rest (no complaints there)!

  8. David says

    This recipe was really good taste wise and the yogurt was on point. I used silk tofu before and that was pretty good as well.
    The only issue i had was the brownie did not cook at all in the 12 minutes and when i put the cheesecake mix on top it just got pushed to the sides.
    I guess i need to leave it in longer? also i read the altitude comment. im at very near sea level.


  9. Xhulio Jamaku says

    Hello Katie,
    I was searching for Brownie Cheesecake articles online and I came accross your website.
    I noticed that you linked to one of my favorite food articles.
    Since I love it so much, I just wanted to let you know that I created a similar article but much more delicious and updated.
    Might be worth a mention on your page!
    Either way, keep up the awesome work!
    Thanks for considering my work.

    Best of All,

  10. Jacob Carstens says

    I’d like to try making this, but I’m curious about the baking method. Normally I would bake the cheesecake directly in a Bain Marie (water bath). But from your recipe it seems you bake it above the Bain Marie , without having the cake submerged in it. Is that correct ? This would of course be easier, since you don’t have to wrap the springform.
    Best regards

    • Jason Sanford says

      I have never tried baking directly in the water bath but can say from experience that this particular cake came out perfectly when I baked it with the water underneath 🙂

  11. Hope Reed says

    Just finished baking this for my husbands birthday it looks delicious i cant wait to surprise him with it tomorrow! I did take the coco powder out of the cheese cake part because I know him and chocolate cheesecake on top of a brownie crust will be too much chocolate for him, im going to decorate the top woth a bit of whip cream and mini chocolate chips and possiably some crushe peanut butter cups to add a bit of peanut butter flavor to it 🙂 hope its as good as it smells ! Thank you for sharing the recipe !

  12. Shannon says

    Hi there. Ingredients says coconut sugar, then lists unrefined sugar, an I able to just use coconut sugar again for that? Also for the flour it says I can use gf, I have coconut, tapioca and oat flours, would I just use a combination of my 3 flours to get that? How much should I use? Thanks.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, yes you can definitely use coconut sugar. For the flour, the only ones Katie can vouch for are the ones listed (with Bob’s gf all purpose mix being the gf option), but feel free to experiment as long as you are okay with the possibility of a not so great turnout. Be sure to report back if you do experiment!

  13. Tafsia says

    Can you freeze this cheesecake? How long would you say it lasts in the freezer, if you were to freeze the entire thing, and defrost the entire thing as one later? Would the brownie texture be affected? Thanks!

  14. Paulette says

    This looks amazing! My friend and I have been craving chocolate lately (okay that’s not actually newsworthy; that’s us on any given day) and I want to try a new recipe for a special treat, like this! The only thing is, I can’t justify spending money for THREE packages of cream cheese right now. I live overseas, and while Philadelphia original has finally arrived in some grocery stores, it is super-expensive. Would it be possible to scale the recipe down and make only one-third of a batch, with one 8-ozpackage of cream cheese? I don’t have much experience with cheesecakes, so am concerned this would ruin it. If you think it would work okay, what type of pan would you recommend baking the cheesecake in, for a one-third batch?

  15. Laurie Rhoades says

    Could these be made into individual cheesecakes – muffin size cups? What temperature would you suggest and for how long?

  16. Colleen Marble says

    I have it in the oven now, and I think it will be delicious. But a food processor is absolutely the wrong tool for mixing the cheesecake filling. The filling is very thick, and there was too much of it for the food processor to effectively mix. Also, getting it out of the bowl was a huge mess because you have to use your hand to get the blade out and it was covered in thick filling. There was no way to get all the filling out without getting your hands absolutely covered in filling. Next time I’ll use the Kitchenaid mixer. Also, the brownie base didn’t bake through in 12 minutes, but the instructions don’t say that it has to be baked to a certain level of doneness, so I just did 12 minutes. But then when I put the filling on top it squished the brownie base to the side. I’m not sure it will cook through in the 30 minutes allowed, but fingers crossed it works out. Flavor of the filling is just right, though, and I think with some process tweaks this is a winner.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hmm, what size food processor do you have? The one in the video didn’t have a problem mixing the cheesecake batter, which should not be too thick. (It’s a 7 cup Cuisinart food processor.) Hopefully yours turned out well in the end!

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