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Desserts for Guys

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(Hey, there are man bags. Why not man desserts?)

You’d think I would’ve figured out by now that Fathers’ Day is always the third Sunday in June. And yet, every year I have trouble remembering the date. (Same thing with Thanksgiving, and especially with Easter!)

Luckily, I realized in time for some last-minute shopping. Daddy dearest will be receiving a book about the Beatles and two new ties. But enough about presents; below are some Fathers’ Day food ideas:


Fudge Daddy Brownies

Okay, so maybe these brownies would be better suited for Katie day. (By the way, we need one of those!) But I’m including them because of their name.


My Pancake Recipes

I’m lucky, this year, in that I’m able to spend Fathers’ Day with my dad. He’s definitely getting pancakes for breakfast… I just need to decide what flavor!


Chocolate-Chip Mini Muffins

Perfect for brunch. Or for dessert. Or, oh heck, why not dinner? What, you’ve never had chocolate chip muffins for dinner? Well then you’re missing out!


Blue Velvet Cupcakes

‘Cause, well… they’re blue? And the stereotype is that blue is a guy color. I dunno why this is, though. I’m certain I own more blue items than my dad!

And, of course, there’s my cookie pie, chocolate-chip blondies, and cookie dough dip… but I feel like if I link to these recipes one more time, I’m going to annoy the heck outta y’all! So I will resist ;).

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. All your recipes look so amazing! I will get my Dad some nice beer- he likes the proper ales and stuff like that. He always likes them :)
    I will also bake something, not sure what yet, maybe some cranberry and white chocolate cookies?
    Although those brownies look amazing.

  2. My husband just looked at this post and asked me if I’m going to make him those pancakes for Father’s Day… We’re celebrating today since he works tomorrow :( Usually for Father’s Day we just make a good breakfast and go out to dinner.

  3. RUH ROH!! i 100% FORGOT about Father’s DAY!! OOPS!! thank goodness you were there to save me! know I gotta do some thinkin!

  4. Anna Crouch says:

    Totally going to make the fudge daddy brownies for my dad for father’s day!!!! :)

  5. Tricia says:

    I’m making my dad muffins for fathers day :)

  6. Wooo father’s day recipes!

  7. Haha these recipes are amazing! my dad is foodie just like me soo any of these would be perfect :) I usually bake something for him for fathers day!!

  8. Oc Ziegler says:

    My daddy is gone for work so I won’t see him on father’s day :(
    but if he was gonna be here I’d totallyy make him fudge daddy brownies! My dad has a HUGE chocolate/sweet tooth! He might even love chocolate more than you do Katie

    1. I must meet this man! Oh no wait, that wouldn’t be good… we’d fight over the chocolate! 😉

  9. mmmm these recipes as usual look delicious. When I go home in a month, I’ll bake them for my dad. He’s on a diet! Normally we get him really delicious food (from chicago – his favorite hot dog place ships food) but we couldn’t do that this year given the whole diet thing so we went with edible arrangements! Fruit is 0 points on Weight Watchers dad! Happy Father’s Day :-)

  10. Sarah says:

    Everything looks so great! I only got my dad a card for Father’s Day.. but luckily I get to spend it with him this year! I think that counts as a gift, right??

  11. Ragnhild says:

    Great ideas! And the color of the frosting for the Blue Velvet cupcakes is so cute! I think they would be perfect for a baby shower if the baby is a boy!
    The fathers day in Norway arent before in November :( But my parents are moving at the moment, and they live in a small apartment while they are building the new house. Im planning on sending up a package for them with sweet treats that they can enjoy while they live so uncomfortable. Any ideas for what I can send?

    1. Hmmm… fudge babies? Those are my favorite things to send in the mail, because they ship well. They don’t make a mess. :)

  12. Lisa says:

    i have yet to get my dad a gift- I feel like a bad daughter lol. hes just SO hard to shop for!! he never wants anything, which SOUNDS easy to shop for but it isn’t! He hates clothes, and loves sports but doesnt play them. Let me tell you, I bought him dozens of Yankee t shirts and stuff to wash/dry his car over the years. I cant do it again!!! Im debating on a gift card to go out to eat- cant lose with food! :)

    1. I get my dad Yankee stuff too! Have you looked at Barnes and Nobles? We often get my dad Yankee-themed books (or baseball books in general).

      1. Lisa says:

        thats actually a pretty good idea! I can get him to read! He said he has only read one book in its entirety his WHOLE life, and it was Death of a Salesman. I find that nuts! How could he not read any more than that!?! (he was a trouble maker in school :p )

  13. We’re going to be in Greece for Father’s Day, so I guess that’s his gift this year! :) Speaking of Greece, I will be gone for about two and a half weeks, and I won’t be able to comment. :( Just wanted to let you know so that you don’t think I’ve abandoned you or anything 😉 I’ll try to post some while I’m gone, so hopefully I will have pictures on my blog!

    And I can NEVER remember when Father’s Day is either! I didn’t know it was tomorrow until yesterday when I heard some people talking about it! All your recipes look amazing. I’ll have to revisit this post when I get back and maybe make some brownies and mini muffins. 😀

    I’ll miss you!!

    <3 <3

    1. Oh wow, Greece?! What part? If you say Santorini, I might just have to stow away in your suitcase!

  14. Vegan Alexandra says:

    My dad is WAY too difficult to shop for. His main interest is scuba diving, and he already has a gazillion and one books/equipment for it.
    But I know his other supreme interest is his children, and hey, that’s me! (;
    So I made him 30 sketches (each something different that I love about him) and then bound a hard cover book by hand with them in it(very, very time consuming); but I’m sure he’ll love it! (:

    1. That sounds much better than any store-bought present. If I were a dad, I’d much rather have something homemade. How hard is it to go out and buy a present? You’re such a sweet daughter!

  15. VeggieGirl says:

    Bookmarking more of your recipes now 😀

  16. Tone says:

    Hello! I just found your website, and I love all your recipes! You are a great inspiration:)
    I dont always understand your recipes, what does 4T mean? 4 tablespoons? Not so easy for us foreigners to understand, we have to also convert from cups to liters …! 😉

    1. Aww thanks, Tone!

      Yes, a T is a tablespoon. When it’s a teaspoon, I’ll say tsp.
      I do try to at least give y’all conversions to grams sometimes! :)

  17. new item to add to list of things to do: have chocolate chip muffins for dinner.

  18. My dad is pretty easy to shop for since he is a computer geek! So a gift card to the Apple store is generally right up his alley :)

  19. My dad usually HATES when we buy him anything material for father’s day, so I got him a one year subscription to Pandora Premium.

  20. Moni'sMeals says:

    What a great and thoughtful post! Love the ideas.

    I actually gave out “Moni Meals” Gift Certificates…anything they fancy… I will make it for my Dad and Father in Law. :)

  21. have a great blessed day with your daddy Katie! 😀 My dad is kind of hard to shop for~I think it’s the case for MOST males??

    1. My MOM is hard to shop for! 😕

  22. We are always on the same wavelength! I just posted (well auto posted about 6 hrs ago) Manly Food, Girly Food…and talked about desserts! Seriously I swear our brains are always on a parallel wavelength! I love all your desserts…Big time. I think any Dad or man would, too :)

    And I actually am calling my dad tomorrow b/c we live too far apart to be together but have Scott to take care of too and make sure his day is nice!

  23. Emilia says:

    All look like excellent fathers day idea!

    I got my Dad a t-shirt from my university and a book about fitness myths. Not to mention I made him some vegan peanut butter cups! My dad is impossible to shop for, but he loves peanut butter!

  24. vivoir says:

    my dad got a mug- another one!!! i left a note telling him that it means i can be a ‘little ray of sunshine’ in his early morning starts… very tongue-in-cheek… i am NOT even remotely linked to the notion of a sunny disposition pre-midday hahahaha!! what’s the betting he drops it by day 2?!

  25. Can you come to NYC and make those pancakes for me?! Thanks :-)

  26. Emilia says:

    I’m sure my dad would love each and every one of those mouth- dropping creations of yours! Happy fathers day to your daddy :)

  27. I have no gift for my dad :( I am a bad daughter, but I do plan on video chatting with him 😉

  28. Gen says:

    Uum how about I make all of these? hahahaha That way I get to taste-test! 😀

  29. I need to make something special for muh daddy… I will definitely be referencing this page! Thanks Katie!

  30. Fudge Daddy Brownies. Oh man. I NEED those in my life!! I think my dad does too 😉

    I got my dad a DVD…inventive I know! 😛 I know he’ll like it though! And anyway my family are all about the cards! We always write reaaaally long messages and pictures and stuff haha!

    P.S. I will NEVER get bored of seeing your cookie pie, chocolate-chip blondies, and cookie dough dip. Ever. :)

  31. Green Groats says:

    Your dad is a lucky one…pancakes sound like a good idea! Perhaps I’ll do something similar…

  32. Love these…and I haven’t prepared anything for my dad yet!!! I know, it’s horrible :( I feel so bad! I’ll probably make him so treats and a card…soon!

  33. Anonymous says:

    My dad is so hard to shop for bt not becasue he is picky. He just never wants anything. Very annoying. Though I bought him a shredder once and he loved it. PS, my guy loves tiramisu for dessert. I would love to see a vegan tiramisu creation, I’m sure you would conjure up something delicious

    1. I will have to work on it! So far, all I have are tiramisu fudge babies… but I really should do a true Tiramisu!

  34. vogelstar says:

    ps, that last anonymous message was from me :) oops

  35. Leashieloo says:

    I’m getting my dad some gift cards and making him a homecooked meal, including your healthy cookie dough dip :)

  36. I pitched in with my siblings to get my dad something to hook up to an iPad to watch TV… or something… I don’t really know what it is! I think my mom wants it more than my dad :)

  37. Oh my gosh those all look so good, my Dad just left on a cross country trip with my brother today but I think I’ll have to pick something from your list to make and just pretend he’s here; )

  38. Char says:

    mmmmm I love your dessert posts! You’re lucky to be able to make pancakes for your Dad tomorrow. Mine lives far away, but he’ll be getting some baked treats in the mail! :)

  39. I’ll be doing some delicious, hearty cooking for Fathers Day… The type where it doesn’t seem vegan, but it actually is!

  40. Lili says:

    Haha, good news! Having a Katie-day is easier than you’d imagine! Most European countries celebrate name days so basically in Hungary (where I’m originally from), Katie-day is celebrated on 25 November every year so if you are up for some extra presents or more chocolate (yay!), it’s worth adopting this great European tradition :))))

    1. “if you are up for some extra presents or more chocolate”
      Um yes, yes I am! Why on earth does America not adopt this tradition?! Hmm… I wonder if England does. I was born there, so I could get citizenship. Extra chocolate one day a year might just be worth a move ;).

  41. Frances says:

    Wow Katie! Thanks soo much for these recipies and your great website 😀
    My Dad can’t have any dairy anymore so I’ll be sure to make him some of these treats today 😀
    They’ll really cheer him up Thanks! :)

  42. My dad is so hard to shop for! Now that I’ve moved across the country though, gifts of time spent together are much more treasured. We are going to a baseball game when I’m home next week to celebrate :) And I’m making him pancakes too!

  43. Jane says:

    There is a KATIE DAY! Okay so it might not completely apply to you but my sister Katie is adopted so every year on June 5th we celebrate the day my parents got her…it’s a mini birthday! We do the same for my other sister Liz…needless to say being the youngest and the only “homemade” one I was always horribly jealous! As far as fathers day goes…this is my first one away from home (states away) so I enlisted the help of our employees at our family restaurant to surprise my dad with all of his friends and a big cake! It was his first childless fathers day so I know it meant a lot to him.

    1. Awww that is so so adorable and sweet! (Both about Katie day and what you did for your dad!)

  44. Katie says:

    1. I totally second you on the need for a Katie day :) Overlooked holiday for sure.

    2. My dad is horrible to buy presents for and will never give suggestions either. I got him a set of cufflinks this year which I actually haven’t given him yet..oopsy.

    3. Making these brownies asap, they look so good! I may make them for my dad, but probably just for myself.

  45. I got my dad a little figure that say I LOVE MY DAD on it. It is a dad holding his little girl. :)

    BRING ME SOME MAN DESSERTS! These all look awesome Katie! :)

  46. trajayjay says:

    Hmmmm, I never thought that a food could be a “guy food” or a “girl food”. I mean there are some stereotypes, like guys chow down big 10 oz steaks while girls nibble their salads with low-cal dressing. Guys eat eggs n bacon while girls eat egg whites and toast. Also there are some food products that are aimed towards men and women, mostly women though, like activia, special K, some chocolate candies. I actually notice that very few foods are targeted towards men. And when I was like 7, I always felt awkward eating special K, because I thought it was a “woman’s cereal”, but now, I shave with my sister’s shaving cream (I use my own razor though). But whose to say a girl can’t enjoy a big basket of fried chicken, or a guy can’t enjoy a pomegranate salad with almonds. I’m probably in the middle.