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Avocado Recipes

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When you think of avocado recipes, what ideas first come to your mind?

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Up until a few years ago, you may have immediately thought of guacamole or the popular avocado toast before anything else.

Certainly, these would have come to mind before more surprising avocado recipes like chocolate pudding, avocado pasta sauce, or avocado tacos.

Watch the chocolate avocado mousse video above

Green Healthy Avocado Smoothie (Vegan, Keto)

Avocado Smoothie

More and more people are now beginning to experiment with the versatile superfood fruit. And more and more blogs are offering unique avocado recipes to their readers.

Restaurants are getting in on the trend as well, opening up a whole new world of the best creative avocado possibilities outside of guacamole.

Trader Joes even now sells adorable mini avocados that are about the size of a lime.

Healthy Avocado Recipes

If you find yourself with an extra avocado or two on hand and no idea how to use them up, here are eleven delicious things you can do with an avocado, from breakfast, to snack, to dinner, to dessert.

Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments if there are any other healthy avocado recipes or ideas not on the list that you’d like to see!

Avocado Black Bean Salad Recipe

Avocado Salad Recipe

This superfood avocado recipe is one of the easiest appetizers or side dishes you will ever make. Just toss the ingredients in a bowl, then serve and enjoy. There’s no sugar, no oil, and no salad dressing required.

Powdered Peanut Butter Recipe Smoothie

Healthy Chocolate Frosty

A chocolate dessert that’s so deliciously thick and creamy, no one can ever believe the hidden avocado blended into the smooth and frosty smoothie.

Avocado Ice Cream

Avocado Ice Cream

If you are feeling adventurous, give this four ingredient avocado dessert a try. Eating avocado for dessert has long been popular in many Asian countries and in Brazil. Now the concept is quickly catching on in the US and around the world.

avocado ice cream

Banana Ice Cream

The next time you make banana ice cream, throw in half of a fresh avocado to make it extra creamy. Feel free to add some pure peppermint extract for mint chocolate chip.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Recipes

Easy Vegan Tofu Scramble Recipe

Tofu Scramble

My favorite way to eat this plant based tofu scramble is topped with a sliced avocado. Or dice the avocado and stir it right into the egg free scramble. It will be a healthy breakfast hit with both vegans and omnivores, alike.

Avocado Mayo Recipe

Avocado Mayo

Even big brands such as Kraft and Hellman’s are now offering their own versions of avocado mayonnaise in regular grocery stores. It is thick, smooth, and addictive. Spread it on top of your sandwiches, burgers, or veggie burgers.

avocado pasta

Avocado Alfredo Pasta

The avocado adds so much richness to this sauce that you’ll swear it must be full of heavy cream and butter as soon as you taste it. For a low carb paleo and keto recipe, pour the sauce over zucchini noodles or roasted vegetables instead of pasta.

avocado fries with panko bread crumbs

Baked Avocado Fries

Five ingredients are all it takes to create these easy crispy baked avocado fries, high in fiber, protein, and vitamins, with very little saturated fat.

Sweet Potato Salad, a great recipe for parties and can be served hot or cold

 Sweet Potato Salad

Chop a ripe avocado and stir it into this vegetable packed salad for a healthy lunch or party approved salad. Try it cold in the summer or hot in the winter.

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Avocado Recipes: Avocado Toast

This avocado toast is a simple avocado recipe for a healthy breakfast, snack, or lunch.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 2 slices
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  • 1 avocado
  • 2 slices bread
  • 1 pinch salt and optional black pepper
  • optional 1 tsp lemon juice
  • toast toppings of choice, such as chili powder, garlic powder, diced red onion, fried egg, raw tomatoes, or salsa


  • Mash the avocado with a fork, leaving some chunky texture if you wish. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Toast the bread, then spread the avocado on top. Garnish with your toppings of choice, and enjoy.

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What are your favorite things to make with an avocado?

Please feel free to leave your own favorite avocado recipe ideas in the comments!

Published on July 27, 2022

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  1. Melissa says

    The avocado fries look incredible! I’ve always been a big fan of traditional french fries and am always on the lookout for new and innovative version of fries.

  2. Cait says

    I love avocado sooo much, even just on its own with a little salt, pepper and lemon.
    When I lived in Nagano city, the first Mexican restaurant to open there was kind of subpar, BUT they had these amazing avocado thick shakes made with vanilla ice cream, half an avocado and lots of chocolate syrup. I definitely recommend experimenting with your own. 🙂

  3. Dale Smith says

    For several years now, when I have made tuna salad for sandwiches, instead of mayonnaise, I have used avocado in the form of guacamole. Yummy! Tastes great…..less filling!

  4. Cassie Autumn Tran says

    You can’t go wrong with guacamole, but these recipes add the perfect twists! Anyways, I absolutely love using avocados to top my veggie burgers and snacking on them with a spoon!

  5. Sabrina B. says

    wow, am impressed with this list, avocado fries? Alfredo avocado pasta? Chocolate avocado mousee? These are really interesting and creative use of that favorite ingredient of mine!

  6. Kat says

    Make with avacodo?
    They don’t last that long around here, lol.
    We just drizzle with lime juice, and sprinkle with pink salt and dive in with a spoon!?
    If really hungry, skip the juice and just grab the pink salt and spoon, lol.

  7. Supriya Kutty says

    5 stars
    Unique combination of flavors in this recipe will transport you to a different culinary world, with each bite offering a delightful surprise.

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