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Banana Ice Cream Recipes

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Ten different flavor options of creamy vegan banana ice cream recipes that you can make at home, with just a few ingredients and a blender!

banana ice cream

Possibly one of the most frequent emails I receive is from readers requesting more recipes for variations of banana ice cream, or “nice cream” as it’s often called in the blog world.

I’m sure many of you already know the basic concept of blending frozen bananas in a blender or food processor until the results have the exact texture of soft serve ice cream.

If you add a little fat—such as peanut butter or coconut milk—it can even start to taste pretty similar to ice cream. I’ll post a quick photo tutorial below for anyone who hasn’t yet seen the basic concept, and then I’ll move on to the fun part – custom flavors!

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Banana Ice Cream – Step One:

Let the bananas ripen before peeling. If they’re green or yellow to start with, leave them out until the bananas at least begin to turn brown. Not-overripe bananas will have something of an earthy taste, as opposed to the more sweet, caramelized flavor they develop as they turn brown.

Once ripe, peel the bananas, cut into pieces, and freeze them.

banana nice cream

Step Two:

When the bananas are fully frozen, toss them into a food processor or high-quality blender (such as a Vitamix) and blend until you achieve a consistency that resembles soft serve.

If your blender is having trouble processing, you can add up to 1/4 cup milk of choice or another liquid.

Once the soft-serve texture is reached, you can eat it immediately or scoop it into a container and freeze an additional 30 minutes or so, then scoop out with an ice cream scoop. This will give you a firmer banana ice cream texture.

Try topping it with homemade Coconut Whipped Cream!

frozen bananas
banana soft serve

The best part is dreaming up countless new flavors for this nice cream.

I find inspiration everywhere, from restaurant menus, to grocery store displays, to even looking up the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor list online.

If you ever happen to see a Peanut Butter Fudge Core banana ice cream recipe show up here on the blog, you’ll know exactly what my recent browsing history must look like.

This soft serve ice cream is even healthy enough to eat for breakfast – NO heavy cream or added sugars, and it is fat-free, dairy-free, vegan, raw, paleo, & gluten-free.

Also be sure to try this Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

chocolate banana ice cream

(Above, Chocolate Banana Ice Cream)


10 Banana Ice Cream Flavors

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream: Use 3 bananas. Add 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract, pinch salt, and 3 tbsp cocoa powder.

Mint Chocolate Chip: Use 2 bananas and a pinch of salt. Add 1/8 tsp pure peppermint extract (or more if desired), and stir in chocolate chips or cacao nibs after blending. Optional, blend in a pinch of spirulina or a small handful spinach for color and an extra nutrient boost.

Peanut Butter: Make the original recipe below, adding 2-3 tbsp peanut butter or another nut butter or allergy-friendly alternative before blending.

Cookies’n Cream: Make the original recipe below, adding 2 tbsp coconut butter if desired. After blending, add in a crushed cookie sandwich or Healthy Oreos.

Very Berry: Make the original recipe below, adding 1 cup frozen berries of choice and 1/8 tsp pure vanilla extract.

Strawberry: Use 2 bananas. Blend in 1/2 cup frozen strawberries. Add 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract and optional shake of cinnamon.

Pina Colada: Make the original recipe below, using 1/4 cup canned coconut milk as your milk of choice. Blend in 1/2 cup frozen pineapple. Stir in shredded coconut if desired.

Vanilla Bean: Use 3 bananas and a pinch of salt. Add 1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste.

Pistachio: Make the original recipe below, adding 2-3 tbsp pistachio butter and 1/8 tsp pure vanilla extract. Sprinkle crushed pistachios on top if desired.

Above – watch the video of how to make banana ice cream

Above is a video for one of the most popular flavors, Chocolate Peanut Butter Nice Cream.

banana ice cream recipe
Ten flavors of creamy vegan banana ice cream you can make at home, with just a few ingredients! Full recipes: @choccoveredkt

*If you’re looking for a homemade ice cream recipe without banana, be sure to try my Coconut Ice Cream Recipe.

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Banana Ice Cream Recipes

How to make your own healthy vegan banana ice cream at home.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 1 serving
5 from 112 votes


  • 2-3 overripe frozen bananas
  • optional milk of choice, if needed
  • pinch salt


  • Start with bananas that are turning brown. Peel and cut into large pieces, then freeze in an airtight bag or container. (You can freeze a whole bunch at once so they’re ready whenever you want to make banana ice cream.) To make the ice cream, throw around 2-3 frozen bananas into a blender, food processor, or Vitamix—adding a pinch of salt and 2-4 tbsp milk of choice for smoother blending if desired—and blend until you achieve a soft-serve texture. You can serve immediately, or transfer to a container and freeze an additional 30 minutes, then scoop out with an ice cream scoop.
    Recipes for individual flavors are listed earlier in the post!
    View Nutrition Facts


The banana ice cream is also great if you stir in pieces of Chickpea Cookie Dough to make cookie dough nice cream!

Have you made this recipe?

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Published on August 22, 2016

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  1. Marina @ A Dancer's Live-It says

    The BEST way to start the week, in my opinion! Katie these all look amazing, but Pina Colada sounds just perfect right now, especially since I’m trying to savor these last few days of summer! I actually just sent you an email too, I hope you got it 🙂 Have an awesome Monday! <3

    • Sara says

      YUM! Katie, by the way, you are STUNNING. If this ice cream makes me look like you, then you’ll see me eating it by the gallon hahaha! Just curious about the calorie and sugar content. I’m trying to lose weight and wouldn’t want to think it’s healthy if it’s not.

      • Jason Sanford says

        Hi Sara! The nutrition facts are linked under the ingredients/instructions in the post so you can tell how many calories and other nutrients are in all of Katie’s recipes 🙂

  2. Katie says

    These look SO delicious!? I can’t wait to try all the flavours – and then I need to try all of the other ice cream recipes you’ve got on here. Looks like my freezer’s going to be pretty full…

  3. Paul says

    These look delicious! I’m going to try and make a couple of these tonight. Isn’t it funny how tastes change because as a kid I loved strawberry ice cream and now all I can think about as an adult is mint chocolate chip! Thanks for the post Katie! 🙂

  4. Maria says

    This is brilliant. I always chop up and freeze ripened bananas to make my smoothies more like soft serve, but I hadn’t thought of actually attempting to make different flavored banana ice cream! I love it! So many possibilities!!! Fun, yayyy!

  5. Brigitte says

    Sounds delish! What about for people who don’t like bananas, do the flavorings that you add mask the banana taste? I would love to serve this to my kids, but some of them won’t go for it if it tastes like banana.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      I’d definitely try mint chocolate chips first if this is the case. The peppermint extract will mask the banana taste more than anything else! You could also do mint chocolate with peppermint extract and cocoa powder to both mask the banana taste.

    • charlotte says

      Another tip to reduce the banana flavour: Make sure you’re not using over-ripe bananas (like almost all recipes call for). Freeze the bananas when they are JUST ripe.

  6. Laura says

    An even easier way to freeze the bananas is to skip the chopping stage, pop the bananas into a ziplock baggie & start smushing! Make sure all the air is out of the baggie & it is fully closed, then smush the bananas until smooth. I like to write on the outside of the baggie how many bananas are in it, so if a recipe calls for 2 bananas, you know exactly which bag to grab! This also makes it easier on your blender or food processor when making this recipe-no big chunks to process! 🙂

  7. Susan Howard says

    OMG! This ice cream is AMAZING!! Thank you for posting, Katie. Who knew frozen bananas could make the most nutritious ice cream – with no sugar added!. It’s SO SIMPLE and the options are endless. My daughter is whipping up a single batch in my mini food processor as I write this.

    • Katie says

      I leave mine on the counter for 10-20 minutes and check on it every 5 minutes to see how soft it is. It’s not quite the same, but its better than right out of the freezer.

  8. Antonette says

    My daughter and i made thiss from the banan we bought from france last day and yeah it was truely a delicious treaat.Its good if you could provide here recipes out of caramel as my son Shelton is great fond of making caramel recipes

    Last day my friend Karin suggested me a website with lots of condensed milk recipes .Its simply superb, I and my daughter Shelyn tried making few of the recipes and it went off the plate.Its good to treat your firends suring your parties…Will share with you the lin here so that you can make a good try here:

    • Frances Van Den Bergh says

      Thank you so much for all the great recipes and Antonette thank you for sharing the link of recipes for Nestle-Cram with us.
      Regards Frances from South Africa

  9. G says

    I tried the coffee recipe and it still tasted like banana ice cream. I even added more coffee. Bummed because I love coffee ice cream.

    • Liz says

      Same! I tried the banana/coffee ice cream recipe and it just didn’t work. I, too added more coffee, but it just became more bitter. I added a little coffee extract, and it helped, but not much. Next time, I’ll brew a strong cup in my keurig (as opposed to instant) and add that gradually with a splash of vanilla, dash of salt, and a date for sweetness.

  10. Kyra says

    Hi does anyone know how ripe the bananas should be? Just starting to have brown spots or the very brown/black level which I use for banana bread etc?

  11. Debby says

    I have made several of these banana ice-creams and they do turn out very good. Peanut Butter is delicious with the frozen bananas. I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 46 years and during this time I am came up with thousands of recipes that are lower in carbohydrate counts and lots lower fat counts. it is super easy to do! I do not use margarine or butter or fake ingredients that are basically just chemicals. I use regular food but eat in proportion to the insulin that I take and exercise that I will be doing. I never us full fat milk… only skim. I substitute applesauce for oil, margarine, or butter for most recipes. If a recipe calls for sugar I always cut it in half or even more. Jello is a great food for people that are wanting to mixing their own recipes and still have a good desert.

  12. Alyce says

    Katie, I just wanted to say thank you. Your banana “nice” cream saved my husband’s life tonight.

    My husband, Todd, is a diabetic and his sugars tend to be unstable. We’re both getting over bronchitis, and I don’t know if it was a fever or a bad reaction to medication. Anyway, Todd started sweating like mad and his sugars crashed HARD. Nothing seemed to help until I remembered I had some frozen bananas left. I made him a milkshake with the bananas, almond butter, and cocoa powder.

    Sweet success. His sugars finally started stabilizing.

    Thank you from one relieved wife!

    P.S. I’m always going to keep frozen bananas on hand now.

  13. Kate says

    Have you had any luck with thickeners? I’ve found that every time I add frozen berries, or anything really to the frozen bananas it messes with the consistency, and turns soupy pretty fast.
    Do you think agar agar or guar gum could work to hold the consistent longer?

  14. Katie says

    I just made the peanut butter chocolate and my friend and I were blown away at first bite! Can’t wait to make more and bring it to every potluck and dinner party!

  15. Megan says

    How long will banana ice cream keep in the freezer? Would love to make in advance for my daughter’s bday party!

  16. Manu says

    Why do you freeze the banana before? Does it make a difference if you first blend the banana and freeze it afterwards?
    There must be a point, why everybody does it this way.

  17. Sara says

    I tried a couple and they turned out tasting more like banana ice cream or pudding 🙁
    Any suggestions?

    • Jason Sanford says

      The recipe is for banana ice cream, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t think it would taste like banana ice cream? I’m confused.

  18. Homes & Weddings says

    oh my gosh thank you for this! I have been making the “nice cream” for a while but never went beyond the peanut butter variation. This is awesome! Thanks a million!

  19. mahalo says

    Although the ice cream is perfect as soon as I’m done processing it, I can’t seem to find a great way to store it in the freezer. I’ve tried airtight containers with a ziplock bag over it, but the ice cream still comes out crystalized in the morning. Should I add heavier cream instead of the 1%? What have you found has helped?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Because of the lack of preservatives, gums, and stabilizers, homemade ice cream will always be best the day you make it, unfortunately.

    • Jason Sanford says

      It’s just bananas, so the same amount of time that any banana would last once opened, a day or two.

  20. Betsy Laurence Waterhank says

    Hey there! I was very eager to try this recipe as I am currently trying to cut back on processed sugars. To my complete and utter disappointment this recipe brought nothing but sadnesss. My loving two year old Ethan spit it out and I have no words for how sad that made me. Thank you anyway I had a lot of fun making it! Took about a whole 30 seconds.

    • Betsy Laurence Waterhank says

      Hello Betsy! I am so sorry to hear this! Remember a positive attitude will always leave you feeling happier and like a better person. Hugs, kisses and toodles,

      • Jenn says

        The recipe is literally just banana, so if he likes banana then he would like it. And if he doesn’t like banana, then why are you giving him a dessert that the only ingredient is banana? Why also, are you replying to yourself as a different person? I am so confused.

  21. Jenny says

    I absolutely love this!!! I mixed peanut butter powder, cocoa powder and vanilla extract and my husband loves it! I bet you could do a pumpkin spice one by adding pumpkin and pumpkin spices/vanilla extract. I’m curious to try using Greek yogurt instead of almond milk next. Incredible!!!

  22. Terri says

    I made the ice cream, froze it in a container until it was solid, cut it in slabs and coated it with a chocolate shell made of coconut oil and baking cocoa, with a little maple syrup for sweetness. They turned out great! 🙂

    Note: they’re not pretty, but they are good!

  23. Annie says

    Wow! I can’t believe how smooth it is! Although I should’ve waited a bit longer for the bananas to get more brown. They were just starting to get brown and I feel it would be nicer if the bananas were more brown. Thanks for those awesome recipes! 🙂

  24. Gigi says

    Thank you for the lovely nicecream recipes! I used to have a coconut honey ice cream on my holiday in Greece when I was a child, is there any vegan honey substitute you could recommend for using in nicecream? Thanks!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Agave is good! Or bee-free honee (I think that’s what it’s called). Or good old pure maple syrup.

  25. Joy StJohn says

    A variation on preparing the simple banana nut butter ice cream:
    We assemble all ingredients UNFROZEN (btw we blend the nuts first into our own nut butter.) in the Ninja Blender (We don’t have a food processor but this is an incredibly powerful can-make-slurpees blender) and add the flavors we want.

    3 ripe bananas,
    1/4 cup your choice of nuts,
    Options: a TBS of honey, a TBs of Monk fruit syrup, a TBs of no sugar added jelly/jam.*
    Blend or process thoroughly until fully smooth and all grit free!
    Spread thinly in a flat rectangular freezer container with air tight seal.
    Freeze for at least 5 hours (Better if a day or two so flavors can coalesce and be fully set with no crystals)

    * we play with variations and can add sucralose** if you want sweeter, or you can use an extra banana and more of the other optional sweet flavors. We have used Almond milk but did not find it helpful as it tended to make it crystalize too much. We have added a cup of frozen fruit and that too tends to increase crystals.

    ** we use sucralose often, not liking Stevia, and despite Whole Foods’ approval, not finding Xylitol or Erythritol safe (we get sick!) Sucrolose is indeed a manufactured sweetener but the molecule has been found in nature, and is simply a mirror image of natural sucrose. Your brain basically ignores it. Research in actual consumption studies has NOT shown ANY ill side effects. The only time you will find it bad-mouthed is if you read an article about artificial sweeteners lumped together as if all were the same. Anyway this is MY personal experience.

    • Grhm says

      I wonder why everyone seems to freeze the bananas first. Seems easier on your equipment to blend everything first, then stick it in the freezer.

  26. Shawna says

    Thank you! We love banana ice cream..and all the yummy flavors! Any tips or a recipe for pumpkin pie banana ice cream? We would love it!! I’m ready for fall!
    Have a great day! Thanks again!

  27. Krust says

    I can’t believe I just found this recipe out! This is absolutely DELICIOUS and so easy to make! I love making the peanut butter version and the banana chocolate chunk version! Thank you so so much! I will be showing this recipe to my friends, cause this is amazing!

  28. Lily says

    These all looks so good!! I actually got an ice cream maker for my birthday few years ago, and I ain’t gonna use it until I move out, and this really inspired me! ? can’t wait til I can start making my own ice creams, because I also love it all year around ?

  29. Ann Marie says

    I know this is an old post and I’m late to the nice cream party but now that I’ve discovered it, there’s no going back! My first try was chocolate walnut; it was yummy but I didn’t process the bananas enough to get the right texture. Tonight, I tried mint chocolate chip and that wasn’t so good. I got the texture right but the mint extract was too strong. That’s ok, there are plenty of other flavors to try! Thanks for the recipes, Katie!

  30. Maria says

    This ice-cream looks soooo yummy!and delicious! Great post 🙂 x
    It’s never too late for ice cream. 😉 One of my favorite flavors!! ?

  31. Codi says

    This recipe was a real hit.? I may try to add it to our offerings at the next catering job we do. Where do you get the inspiration for your recipes? I struggle with coming up with unique recipes.?

  32. Tiffany says

    YES YES YES! I really liked this. I don’t even like bananas, but the idea interested me so much that I “had” to try it! Thank you for your recipes and for taking the guess work out of making yummy desserts! I made the strawberry one because, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with strawberry!

  33. Vanessa says

    My 1st time making banana “nice” cream. Decided to do cherry. My husband hates banana ANYTHING but he’ll eat it alone! I thought cherry will hide flavor & yes! From tiny taste test (before it hardens), it’s AMAZING! Still waiting on the freezer. hurry!!
    All we are missing is choc chips & we’d have a version of Cherry Garcia! Next time! Hubby said we’ll do this monthly & I said – try DAILY! He didn’t realize it’s also healthy. I do green smoothies so usually have a lot of the ingredients to hand. Yay! super yum. Thank you Katie, this made my week!!! 5*!

  34. PB says

    Tried this in the ice cream maker with minor alterations to the recipe. I used 2 cups of coconut milk and 300 grams of canned coconut cream. Turned out well. Thanks for sharing your recipes Katie.

  35. Joe says

    I tried this but my food processor was not up to the task of blending the frozen bananas. They just bounced around in there, notwithstanding the addition of almond milk (I didn’t want it to be a smoothie, so there was only so much nutmilk I could add).
    Then I tried the Nutribullet and it too protested the workload. Suggestions?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Banana ice cream is pretty popular around the internet, so it should work in pretty much any blender! Sounds like maybe your bananas just need to thaw a bit more for your blender to be able to handle them? Try thawing them before processing 🙂

  36. Lizzie says

    Thank you for these recipes! My sweet daughter in law is a vegan and now I can make her ice cream to have while the rest of the family enjoys our traditional ice cream. I found it delicious just doing the banana recipe but plan to try more varieties.

  37. Vivian says

    We made the chocolate last night and it is to die for! Thanks for such a great recipe. We can’t post a picture because we ate all of it before we thought about taking a picture.

  38. Callum Palmer says

    This ice cream looks amazing and I’ll for sure try to make it myself. I do like that you listed out all the ingredients and instructions. I’ll try adding some extra things that you didn’t list here and see how it changed the overall taste of the ice cream.

  39. Raphael says

    I always make the chocolate kind with just good old bananas and cocoa powder, but I find freezing it to be too much trouble since if you freeze for too long it’s an icy chocolate rock lol. Instead I mix in a couple heaping tablespoons of ground flax seed and refrigerate it! Works sort of like chia pudding; when you wait a little while the texture thickens up a ton! It’s not frozen like ice cream but I love it as a chocolate pudding, tastes like brownie batter.

  40. Janet says

    Delish! I followed the recipe for Banana Chocolate ice cream adding Almond milk for easier blending in the food processor, then allowed it to freeze for an hour to harden. It turned out excellent! Added walnuts for extra crunch and voila, the perfect cold treat! We really couldn’t tell the difference b/t regular ice cream and this recipe. Can’t wait to make other flavors! Thank you for sharing…

  41. Chance says

    SO SO good! I am trying to kick sugar out of my diet and my favorite dessert is icecream. I did the Pina colada flavor and I suggest if you want it more tropical add more pineapples!

  42. Linda says

    Used a vita mix blender to blend unfrozen bananas and raw cashews together until smooth, then froze in separate containers. Really easy and tastes good!

  43. Amy says

    I’m in the market for a food processor…any suggestions? Or what did you use? I’m wondering if a smaller one or larger one would work better for something like this!

  44. Cammy Fifer says

    PS. This ugly-looking fat-burning ‘prickly flower’ looks like this. You can even find it in your backyard!

  45. Jess says

    Love this!! Is there a way to combine this and your whipped cream recipe to make some sort of banana whipped cream since that’s more light than coconut cream? Thanks!! 🙂

  46. Candice Gayle says

    Great great great recipe!! I tried the peanut butter and chocolate mixed together, but I had to add way more milk, it wasn’t blending even with my high speed blender **shrugs** WOW never knew icecream could be so easy and delicious!!! Thanks so much!

  47. Allison says

    Thank you for these!! I make the chocolate peanut butter one alllll the time! I love your extra touches like adding vanilla and salt to really boost the flavor.

    Maybe you’ve already thought of this one, but a pumpkin “milkshake” flavor would be sooo good! I had the idea tonight when making some nice cream and tried to come up with my own version…it was not as amazing as I’d hoped. 😂 I’m sure you would nail it though!

  48. Kelly says

    This recipe is so good and so simple. I have a huge sweet tooth and have been looking for healthier alternatives to cookies and ice cream when I’m craving something sweet after dinner. I fully expected this not to hit the spot (I’m a bit of an ice cream snob), but it is DELICIOUS. The consistency was great- a bit thicker than soft serve. I used 1.5 frozen bananas, a tbsp of peanut butter, tbsp of cocoa powder, and some oat milk to help it blend in my food processor. Yum!!!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Unfortunately homemade ice creams – because they are preservative-free – usually will turn hard in the freezer. You can thaw before eating. Or if you want it ice-cream-like again, re-blending is also an option!

  49. Sammy says

    5 stars
    I’ve made the banana chocolate version about 6 times now, it’s phenomenal!! I’ve made changes as I’ve gone along though. I make triple batches to keep on hand, so 9 bananas. I add a few tbsps of pb2, and about 2 cups of 1% cottage cheese (for protein) and a couple of tbsps of erythritol to the given recipe. I’m not vegan, just trying to eat a bit healthier. I want to try the pina colada version next. Thank you so much for posting these recipes, I can feel good about eating treats again!!

  50. C M says

    One thing that helps with making this, at least for me, is to use a lower speed to blend the bananas. That seems to make the mixture fluffier, less chunky. Does that make sense?

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