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Homemade Frozen Yogurt

4.98 from 184 votes

How to make homemade frozen yogurt with just two ingredients, and you can customize the base recipe for as many flavors as you want!

How To Make Frozen Yogurt At Home

Super easy frozen yogurt recipe

The best part about this healthy frozen treat is how simple it is to make.

Kids and adults all love getting to choose what ingredients they want to swirl into the thick and creamy vanilla base.

Turn it into chocolate frozen yogurt, or strawberry, or peanut butter, coconut, mango, coffee, blueberry, cotton candy, birthday cake batter…

What are some of your favorite frozen yogurt flavors?

Also try this Almond Milk Ice Cream

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt With Greek Yogurt

You might already have the ingredients needed to make this homemade soft serve frozen yogurt right now!

Yes, even if you are reading this at ten in the morning.

With the same protein, calcium, and probiotic live active cultures as your usual healthy breakfast yogurt, who says you can’t eat frozen yogurt for breakfast?

Or serve it as a healthy dessert or snack, topped with Coconut Whipped Cream, sprinkles, sliced strawberries or bananas, or chopped Chocolate Truffles.

Above, watch the step by step recipe video

Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Froyo flavors

Chocolate: Stir half a cup of Dutch cocoa powder and a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract into the yogurt, and increase the sweetener to half a cup as well.

Peanut butter: Add half a cup of peanut butter or almond butter before churning. Garnish with chopped peanuts if you wish.

Coconut: Use coconut yogurt, or add a fourth of a teaspoon of coconut extract. Stir in a handful of shredded coconut at the end, or top with toasted coconut flakes.

Coffee: Stir a teaspoon each of instant coffee granules and pure vanilla extract into the plain yogurt. Garnish with shaved chocolate or crushed coffee beans.

What flavor will you make first?

I think peanut butter and mini chocolate chips sounds like a perfect frozen yogurt recipe. Chopped apples and cinnamon for apple pie froyo would be really good as well.

Or you can make this Nutella Frozen Yogurt or Cherry Frozen Yogurt.

Vanilla And Chocolate Frozen Yogurt In A Cone

Frozen Greek yogurt recipe ingredients

To make the froyo, you will need plain or vanilla yogurt or non dairy yogurt, a fourth cup of your favorite sweetener, and as many mix-ins as your heart desires.

The recipe can be made with full or low fat regular or Greek yogurt. To make vegan frozen yogurt, try cashew yogurt, coconutmilk yogurt, or soy yogurt.

Pretty much anything goes in terms of all purpose sweeteners, including pure maple syrup, honey, agave, white or unrefined sugar, date sugar, or erythritol for sugar free frozen yogurt.

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Vegan Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Sweet or tart frozen yogurt

If you are a tart froyo fan, use unsweetened yogurt and just the one fourth cup of sweetener. Or you can use sweetened yogurt and omit the added sweetener entirely.

For sweet frozen yogurt that is more similar to the kind you can get from a soft serve machine on the boardwalk or at a local Menchies, Costco, Sweet Frog, or Tutti Frutti store, double the added sweetener.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

How to make frozen yogurt at home

If using an ice cream maker, read the instruction manual that comes with your specific brand and model. Some machines require preparation ahead of time.

Start by whisking the yogurt and sweetener together. Pour the sweetened yogurt into the ice cream machine, and churn according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Mine usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes to thicken into an ice cream texture. This time can vary due to humidity, brands of yogurt, and different machines.

Turn off the ice cream machine, and stir in any desired add-ins. Serve immediately, or transfer to a container and freeze up to a half hour for a firmer texture.

Store leftovers in an airtight container for up to a month. When ready to eat again, thaw fifteen to twenty minutes before serving.

No ice cream machine?

Option one: Freeze the yogurt mixture in an ice cube tray, then blend in a Vitamix or Blendtec until smooth and creamy.

Option two: Freeze the mixture in a shallow container. Around every 30 minutes (for up to 3 hours), stir the slush. Yes, this takes a while, and it will also never yield as creamy of a result, but it’s still delicious.

Option three: Forgo the ice cream and pour the liquid mixture into popsicle molds (or paper cups) instead. You’ll probably want to double the sweetener for popsicles.

Healthy Vanilla Froyo Recipe

Recipe tips and tricks

Homemade ice cream or froyo is best served the day it’s made. But it still tastes delicious for up to a month in the freezer, stored in an airtight plastic container.

If you freeze for more than a day, you’ll probably end up with a frozen block. So just be sure to thaw the frozen yogurt for 15-20 minutes prior to serving.

If you have a basic Cuisinart ice cream maker like I do, make sure its bowl has been frozen for at least 24 hours prior to using and is solid like a frozen brick.

You may end up with slushy ice cream if the bowl of the machine is even the slightest bit unfrozen.

Healthy Dessert Recipe
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Homemade Frozen Yogurt

How to make your own healthy homemade frozen yogurt recipe with just 2 ingredients.
Prep Time 12 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Yield 3 cups
5 from 184 votes


  • 2 cups yogurt of choice
  • 1/4 cup sweetener of choice
  • add-ins or toppings of choice (see above for ideas)


  • How to make homemade frozen yogurt: Whisk ingredients together. If you want sweet froyo as opposed to tart, increase sweetener to 1/3 cup. If you have an ice cream maker, pour the mix into the machine and process according to your machine’s directions. Or if you don’t have an ice cream machine, see other preparation options listed above in this post. Store in an airtight container for up to a month. Natural homemade frozen yogurt is creamiest the day it's made because it freezes solid, so be sure to thaw any leftovers 15-20 minutes before serving.
    View Nutrition Facts


Try serving the frozen yogurt over this Brownie In A Mug.

Have you made this recipe?

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Published on August 3, 2022

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  1. Rachel says

    I LOVE YOU!! Thank you for being the one person to not use a banana for this haha! I’m allergic to bananas and always get so sad when I see the banana soft serve… I’ll def be trying this!

  2. Lindsay says

    Hi, Katie!

    My sister-in-law told me about your amazing blog, and I have been tuning in every day! I LOVE to cook and can be quite….. eccentric (messy). I never cook the same thing twice, mostly because I go by “feel” rather than measurement, so I can’t follow a recipe to save my life. It’s an art. That said, I am not very good at baking! It’s such a science and totally foreign to me, so thank you for making it exciting, and pretty, and easy to follow!

    I was reading The Healthy Home Economist today ( and Sarah has something called Monday Mania every week, “a health and wellness carnival where Real Foodies who blog come together to link up their popular posts.” If you haven’t already, I think this would be a great place to get the word out about your blog! Hope that helps 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    Thank you,

    ~ Lindsay

    • Lee Barlow says

      5 stars
      Hi Lindsey
      I hope you are well. That was really nice of you to offer that link/information.
      I hope Katie checked it out. Have a great day.

  3. Moni @ {Moni Meals} says

    Very clever!! Just think how if everyone started making this- all the frozen fro-yo places would not be on every block! They are on every block out here in LA. I like your version: clean and no chemicals or fillers. 😉 nice Katie!

  4. Andie says

    Hi Katie! First off, this looks super yummy! (But of course, your recipes always do!) This comment doesn’t really have anything to do with this particular post though…It’s a little bit personal so if you don’t have much time to answer/don’t like that sort of thing, I won’t be offended! I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for a while, and I became a vegan last spring. (I’m 15.) I run a lot (I’m on the cross country team at my school) and I love both running and veganism! I make sure to get all my necessary nutrients (B12, calcium, protein, etc.) However, at my recent checkup, the doctor told me I was deficient in iron, so now I have to take a supplement, so it shouldn’t be a problem. The other slight problem is that I don’t get my period anymore. The doctor told me that I should try to get my weight up. But, I feel perfectly healthy, and when i do stuff my face, I feel sick, sluggish, and unhealthy. My mom is also trying to get me to eat more eggs and dairy products, and of course I don’t want to do that because I love animals. I know you aren’t a certified nutritionist, but being a fellow runner and vegan, do you have any advice? Thank you so much for your time (and sorry this was so long!)

    • Taylor says

      Hi Andie, I know I’m not Katie but I am also a vegan and a runner and have been for a while so I thought I’d give my input. To up your calories try eating healthy fats like avocados, peanut butter and other nut butters, nuts, seeds, chia, coconut milk etc. You are going to need a lot of extra calories with all of the running you do on cross country. Katie has a few blog posts about gaining weight in a healthy way so I suggest looking those up as well. You likely have amenorrhea due to low body weight but I don’t think it is necessary to add animal fats to gain that weight. Just make sure you are getting a lot of calories, and fats (and carbs!) are a good way to do that. Also, try incorporating molasses in your diet to up your iron and calcium. I love making gingerbread oats and smoothies with lots of molasses. Good luck and if you are still having trouble gaining weight please see your doctor! 🙂

          • Christi says

            Andie, I’m a fan of this site and also a Registered Dietitian. Definitely agree with the previous comments and just wanted to add. Amenorrhea is a very serious problem; having a regular menstrual cycle is very important to maintain your bone density, especially for a young woman as you will still be building bone until about age 30. Studies show that amenorrhea is usually a result of inadequate calories, despite activity level, so you should be able to take care of this problem without decreasing your exercise- just increase your calories as suggested. Try eating 6 small meals per day if you don’t like eating large amounts at once. As for iron-deficiency, it is common with veganism because iron is not very well-absorbed from plant foods. Vitamin C increases absorption of both iron and calcium, so take your supplement with a Vitamin C source (citrus fruits or juices, other juices with added Vitamin C, or a Vitamin C supplement). Also be sure not to drink coffee or tea within an hour or two after taking the supplement, as this will inhibit the absorption of the iron up to 50%. Hope this is helpful!

          • Annie says

            Wow… I just thought I’d let you know that this info is a god-send for me. Like Andie, I am a runner ( though not cross-country); except im 18 now, and mostly vegetarian (rarely eat meat, limit animal products to fish and occasional egg).
            I lost my period at 14 or 15.
            Been to doctors, didn’t help. Only got it 1 or 2x in interim, little lasting (positive) change. One put me on Type 0 Diet but didn’t work after beginning; felt restricted and miserable when cheated on diet.
            Developed orthorexia/anorexia along the way; constantly depressed – when I was happy I wasn’t for long.
            Only noticed significant improvement when my dad took charge (bc he knows me better than almost anyone else). He insisted I eat small amt after exercise (instead of skipping meals), vary drinks from exclusively water, not force myself to run past my limits (despite determination).
            Probably my best week in that time was when I changed my diet to avoid white carbs, only whole grains & citrus/VitC together; structured exercise – ran or aerobics before each of 6 meals (2med, 1 lg, 3 small), ate more carbs by day and more protein at night. I felt healthier, and happier, than when I was eating less.
            I suspected iron deficiency bc of linked symptoms.

            I’ve always struggled with happiness since losing my period… I guess bc of malnutrition as well as my hormones being out of whack.
            I am now on hormone balancing treatment; and trying to incorporate more protein, iron, calcium, fibre, healthy carbs, and proper hydration.
            Though I still haven’t got back my period yet… The treatment’s supposed to last at least 6 months, so I’ve got another 2 months left to see if it works

    • Sami says

      There’s a chickpea substitute for cream you can make that’s pretty easy to do at home. You can also make it into a firm, tofu-like consistency. There’s a video on YouTube, I think by Cooking Tree, so I would totally suggest checking it out 🙂

  5. Colleen says

    Lovely pics Katie! You make everything look so amazing! I’d go with mocha java chip!! By the way, we made Skinny Snickerdoodles last night — super yummy!! Also, just thought I would share one awesome reason why making frozen yogurt at home is SUPER beneficial to your health! Unfortunately, frozen yogurt you buy doesn’t have the same standards as yogurt regarding probiotics! Sneaky! To see the astounding numbers (unfortunately there aren’t any vegan brands in the comparison — feel free to leave a comment there if you have any more information!), click on my name above, and look up “Frozen Yogurt” in the upper left-hand corner. Have a great day everybody!!!

  6. char eats greens says

    Thanks for this, Katie!! I seriously needed some vegan froyo in my life (I just went to a froyo place yesterday and it really does suck when they only offer 2 sorbet flavours, yet 8-10 dairy-based options!!). I think I will be buying some coconut milk yogurt this afternoon 😉

  7. Suzanne says

    I don’t know why I never thought of making my own frozen yogurt. I always get a bit sad when my family goes out for theirs and I don’t partake. Not any more!

  8. Lacey says

    I haven’t read all the comments so, bear with me – but has anyone tried doing the fro-yo using the freezer bags and ice/salt? There are all kinds of pins about it on pinterest (make your own ice cream without an ice cream maker!), and I wondered about doing it with yogurt instead of milk, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Can anyone weigh in?

  9. Andrea says

    Hi CCK I have become addicted to your blog is like heaven for people like me who thought life will be lame after becoming lactose intolerant and often the lactose free products don’t taste good (specially because I live in central america where the options are so little) but finding your blog is a blessing, I’m trying as many recipes as I can and my family wouldn’t believe that they are healthy and vegan, thanks so much and keep up the good work, tons of hugs =)

  10. Laura says

    Man I wish we had more vegan things in my area. There are plenty of dairy-free milks at our Walmart, but then they usually have like two pints of vanilla flavored so delicious ice cream(goodness knows how long they have been sitting there). I did find out that one of the grocery stores here carries Daiya, but still none carry any non-dairy yogurts or ice creams.

  11. The Blissful Baker says

    Hello! I Love your site and know you use a vitamix blender if I’m correct? I was just wondering (as I am looking into a new blender) would you recommend it? It seems very expensive for a blender but I did use my blender at least once a day. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    Check out my latest recipe, review & giveaway @ Baking Blissful

  12. Nixie says

    Hello Katie!

    I don’t have an ice cream maker so every time I try and do the ice cream recipes, they come out super icy. And I feel like buying a one-use machine “Uni-Tasker” is such a waste of space.
    🙁 Kudos to you!

    xoxo Nicole

  13. Rachele says

    I love the lychee froyo at Pinkberry, topped with fresh squeezed lime juice. Yum!! But we moved to across the country and I haven’t had any for a few months. Can not wait to try this, Kaity!! Thank you!!

  14. cd says

    Yay, thanks. I tried doing this myself in the past and it didn’t work for me but I will follow your instructions to the letter and see if I have more success. Peach melba flavour would be good to make the most of the stone fruits before their season ends.

  15. R says

    Hi, I just recently found your blog and I love it. I have a question. I like to pin your recipes. (I like my stuff all in one place.) But I notice when I pin one of your recipes, when the description box comes up, the title of the recipe automatically is there, but The blog name is not there. Sometimes I type it in, but it’s rather long, and I’d rather it came up automatically. : ) This way you get credit, and I can quickly post and later find my healthier version among my not so healthy pins. I guess this is a suggestion more than a question.

  16. Kitty Bea says

    Have you ever made ice “cream” with frozen bananas? It’s amazing, you just put the frozen, broken up bananas in a food processor or blender and it gets to the texture of ice cream/frozen yogurt. You could come up with recipe ideas with different flavors. 🙂

    And can you make your sorta recipes without an ice cream maker?

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Yes, you can freeze and re-blend in a vita-mix.
      Or you can turn the mixture into popsicles!

  17. Raina says

    Omg this looks so easy! I just put some in the freezer and imma just mix it every once in a while. Thanks for the recipe! I mixed in strawberries (yummeh)

  18. Dee says

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for adding the additional info about what to do if you don’t have an ice cream maker. I’ll be making this immediately. 🙂

  19. kate says

    I’ve heard that adding gelatin, arrowroot, alcohol, or xanthan gum helps to prevent the ice cream from freezing like a solid block. I know you are vegan and would not use gelatin, but I am not sure about how the other ingredients will turn out… I think I’m going to try arrowroot with your recipes since it has health benefits. I just get so sad when I have a wonderfully delicious ice cream that turns into a wonderfully delicious (but almost inedible) icy block D:

  20. Anoushe says

    Hi Katie,
    Your blog is amazing! My mom and I keep on sending eachother recipes that we want the other person to make and I always find myself spending hours bookmarking everything I want to try! I was thinking of getting an ice cream maker because we really love frozen yoghurt, but living in Switzerland only have one store selling it (and it closes at 7!!) so I was wondering what exact brand you would recommend? I know you use a cuisine art, but what model?

    Thank you for being so amazing! Keep up the inspirational work 🙂

  21. Tera W says

    Hi Katie, First I HAVE to let you know that your recipes CHANGED my life!! (Lol) My daughter went from thinking I was a super nagging mother who only gave her healthy food,to helping me make some amazing good snacks pretty much daily for the last week! ( I have yet to make any chick pea or bean based recipes because I know she wouldnt try it knowing the sweet treats have bean base!) I was wondering how you would make your mocha java chip frozen yogurt, Ive oonly been able to find ice cream recipes. I think this frozen yogurt post is from awhile ago but Id love to get your recipe….everything Ive made has been GREAT!! YOUR VERY TALENTED!!!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Aw Tera, this comment really made me smile :).
      I have a coffee ice cream recipe, but not frozen yogurt… I’d maybe try adding 1/2 tsp instant coffee (like Mt. Hagan brand) to this recipe or to the Brownie Batter Frozen yogurt recipe. And then add some mini chocolate chips after churning?

      • Tera W says

        Its always SO nice to make someone smile!! Your very gracious, Im sure you get alot of compliments!! Your blog is GREAT & its SO nice of you to reply to the comments!! I will definitely try those recipes! We just got an icecream maker & to tell you the truth im NOT really impressed with it. Its a mini & we end up trying half recipe in the machine & half w/out and it turns out about the same. It actually seems easier to make the frozen yogurt w/out it! Havent tried the icecream yet tho! I’ve had more success with other recipes that dont call for freezing!! Thank you again!!! Keep the new ideas coming! Lol..I dont know HOW you do it & have a life besides!!

  22. Carolyn says

    Thank you so much for this! I had some yogurt I needed to use and had been wanting to use our plastic popsicle moulds for a while. Worked a treat!

  23. Samantha says

    Thanks! I just tried this, but with no ice cream maker, I just put it in a 28 degree freezer. We’ll see how it turns out! I also am on the GAPS diet and have leaky gut and my mom was so happy when she saw this, it is actually kind of similar to a recipe on a GAP diet website, But that called for Bananas:( Thank You for the recipe:)

  24. janet says

    Hello, I was just wondering if yo know of any places where I can order the tart flavor to ad to my yummy frozen yogurt. There was a yogurt shop a couple blocks away from me a month ago, but they moved. I used to buy if from them, and oh my gosh was it ever good! The best. Cherry and peach are my favorite. Any help, would be nice
    Thank you Janet

  25. Carissa Laudan says

    Thank you Katie, this is my first time reading your amazing blog. I have been making my own home made yogurt from the milk I get from my goats and wanted to turn it into ice cream. I grow my own garden to so I have strawberries, blackberries, and other fruits to add to it for flavoring. Other recipes for ice cream called for heavy cream and eggs to add to milk to make it thick and creamy not icy, would you add those to yogurt?

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      I wouldn’t, as I have never heard of a yogurt recipe with eggs or heavy cream. Would probably be too heavy?

  26. Eva says

    Hi! Has anyone tried to make sweet frozen yogurt? I’m not sure how much of sugar I should put in for it to taste sweet.

    • Bubbly576 says

      Also, can you add fruits to this? How do you make different flavors ie. mango, strawberry, coconut, etc?

  27. Natalya says

    Thank you so much for posting this frozen yogurt recipe! I’m going to try it out on my birthday (Sunday) with a dollop of sunbutter and a few mini chocolate chips. 🙂 I can’t have any milk, not even lactose-free, so I was really glad when this one just had yogurt and sweetener. Greek yogurt would work too because I’ve had frozen Greek yogurt before and it was pretty delicious!

  28. Inês says

    Hi Katie I tried so many times to look for a heathy frozen yogurt recipe that I can’t believe that I finally found it. I only have a couple of questions. First one do you think it will work with non fat yogurt? Second one can I make half of the recipe (my measurements are in grams since I’m portuguese and I think I don’t have right now 3 cups but only 470 grams= 2 cups). Do you have any suggestions to add or advice? I also have a ice cream machine so I put the mix in the container and put it to work and then I put in the freezer) Sorry for all the questions. I’m discovering your blog and I’m completely in love with it 🙂

  29. sgcr says

    The Wholesoy vanilla frozen yogurt was WONDERFUL. I had just bought a Cuisinart from Penney’s for $39 + tax on sale….offering me a coupon and discounted further for filling out their appl. for their instant chg. card which I will tear up when received in mail and pay for just the one time purchase 😉 How NICE to eat frozen dessert without the added stuff I can’t have. When Wholesoy (the best) gets their plain unsweetened, only avail. in large size with two other lrg. variations, back out on the market, soon, I can really do some fun things with it like dip.. and especially so I don’t have to use many of the little ones to freeze in the Cuisinart. Thank you!

  30. Chelsea says

    I’d make me some chocolate peanut butter flavor with this :-). Or just peanut butter. I’d invest in powdered peanut butter for this (along with an ice cream maker…)

  31. Linda Smith says

    I made the simple frozen yogurt recipe with only a couple of ingredients and it turned icy in the freezer. Is it supposed to do that?


    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Due to the lack of preservatives or artificial ingredients in homemade ice creams, yes they will turn icy when frozen for prolonged periods of time. Just thaw 20-30 minutes before scooping and you should be fine 😉

  32. Marri says

    5 stars
    This is so simple I don’t know why I did not think of it. This satisfies my urge for ice cream and I like knowing I am eating something that is good for me and has lots of protein, too.

  33. Maddie Azzopardi says

    This looks awesome and so excited to make it as I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE frozen yogurt !!!! Thanks for the great recipe ? also by any chance does it always take 12 minutes in a icecream maker or varies between machine ? Thanks ??

  34. Mary says

    5 stars
    I love your base recipe. I modified the one in my machine’s recipe book using sucralose & agave nectar as my husband is a diabetic. I notice you don’t call for straining the yogurt through cheesecloth. Did that work okay?

    Just made my first batch of frozen yogurt with my new Cuisinart maker. I bought a large carton of plain yogurt and, as the recipe directed, I strauned it thriugh cheesecloth for 6 hours. I ended up with half the yogurt I started with! I expected a reduction. I messed the whole thing up by putting the ingredients into the freezer bowl before I put the mixing knife in. Needless to say, it instantly froze to the sides & I couldn’t put the mixing knife in. My wonderful husband stood there, lid off, and held a wooden spoon at different angles while lettung the base rotate as normal. It sort of worked…..enough to eat it anyway, lol. However, I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone do that as I’m sure it’s a safety issue. Great fun though!

  35. Barb says

    Could this be made while camping — by putting ‘yogurt’, ‘sweetner’, and vanila extract’ in small bag and then putting it in a larger bag with ice and salt and shake it (or put in ‘coffee cans and rolling it?

  36. Cyndi says

    5 stars
    Theses are the simplest, easiest and BEST no sugar frozen yogurt recipes. We’ve used multiple times with various ingredients, perfect each time. Used with Cuisinart 2qt ice cream maker. We’ve also added a scoop of whey protein powder and it’s still great (but takes a bit longer to get the right amount of frozen).

    Thanks for this, will keeep using again and again!

  37. Ruth says

    5 stars
    This sounds yummy and have a fro-yo maker already. Can you add protein powder for someone fresh post-bariatric surgery needing a small protein punch meal?

  38. Michelle says

    5 stars
    This recipe was delicious! I made peanut butter frozen yogurt. Going to do chocolate, vanilla bean, and strawberry next!

  39. A. Zela says

    5 stars
    Katie, When it comes to frozen yogurt, it becomes necessary the curd should not be sour, otherwise, it might become extraordinary tangy flavour.

    You have done a great job. I will definitely try this recipe, as I have made mine with a different flavour, but not tried this one. I am sure I am going to like this. Will give feedback soon again. Until now, I am going to give 5 stars. I looks so creamy.

  40. Marlene says

    Would this recipe be similar to the TCBY frozen yogurt? I used to love that place, especially their pies! But I haven’t seen a store for many years. I’ve been searching for a recipe that would duplicate theirs in taste and texture. Thank you.

    • CCK Media Team says

      It’s been so long that we honestly don’t even remember what that tastes like (we loved it too!). But this can be swirled through a pastry bag with a piping tip if you want swirly soft serve 🙂

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