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Keto Mug Cake

4.99 from 471 votes

A single serving keto mug cake recipe so soft, so rich, so chocolatey… and definitely not meant for sharing!

keto cake

Low Carb Chocolate Mug Cake

This is possibly one of the most indulgent chocolate mug cakes you will ever try.

A brownie-like chocolate cake in a mug, made without flour, eggs, dairy, or oil.

It will completely solve all of your chocolate cravings… in less than 1 minute!

Ever since I posted my original Vegan Mug Cake Recipe –which is one of the biggest reader favorite recipes from this blog—people have been asking me to come up with a low carb or flourless version.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with coconut flour, peanut flour, and almond meal; and finally I’m happy with the results.

This chocolate healthy mug cake is everything I’d hoped it would be. You won’t miss the flour one bit!

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Keto Mug Cake Recipe
Almond Flour Mug Cake

The Best Keto Cake In A Mug

Honestly, this cake is so rich that it might be more fitting to call it a chocolate mug brownie instead of a cake.

The taste reminded me of the Ultimate Unbaked Brownies, so if you like that recipe, you will probably like this one too – it’s like eating a batch of unbaked brownies with a spoon!

You can choose to use nuts or almond flour for this keto mug cake with no egg, whatever is easier.

I’ve listed the three variations below that I’ve tried (almonds, pecans, and almond flour), but I bet others could work as well.

If anyone tries the recipe with walnuts, cashews, or cashew flour, definitely be sure to report back!

If you need it to be a keto dessert, be sure to use a keto-friendly sweetener such as xylitol or erythritol, and choose a sugar-free variety if including chocolate chips. I’m not on the keto diet, so I just added some regular chocolate chips to the top and let them melt into the warm chocolate cake.

Sometimes I make really good decisions.

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The Best Chocolate Low Carb Keto Mug Cake Recipe

*For a larger cake, be sure to check out this Keto Cake

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Keto Mug Cake

This single serving keto mug cake recipe is so soft, rich, and ultra chocolatey!
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute
Yield 1 cake
5 from 471 votes


  • 1/3 cup almonds or pecans, or 6 tbsp almond flour (nut-free version here)
  • 1 tbsp + 2 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp granulated erythritol or sugar or sweetener of choice
  • pinch stevia, or additional 2 tsp sugar
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 3 tbsp milk of choice, or 2 if using liquid sweetener
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • optional chocolate chips or sugar free chocolate chips


  • *If using almonds, grind them in a blender or food processor to achieve a flour-like consistency. It will be coarser than if you use almond flour (hence the almond pieces you can see in the photos), but both versions work.
    Combine all ingredients in a greased ramekin or small mug. Either bake in a preheated 350F oven for about 10 minutes, or cook in the microwave. If microwaving, time will vary depending on wattage and desired gooeyness. I started with 30 seconds, then added two 15-second intervals after that. The cake will look a bit gooey when it comes out, and it firms up as it cools. But there’s no need to wait for it to firm up too much – this cake is meant to be eaten straight from the mug!
    View Nutrition Facts


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Have you made this recipe?

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Published on April 9, 2018

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  1. ace says

    This came out so great! My blender didn’t end up pulverizing the almonds too much but it gave the cake a great crunch! Since my microwave is one of those tiny dorm 700 watt ones, I had to put it in for another 20ish seconds. I let it cool for a few minutes and it was so yummy and fudgey! Thanks Katie!

    I really wanna try this with walnuts now!

  2. Cassie Thuvan Tran says

    Thank you for providing another keto recipe! I’m definitely not keto, but I love it when vegans branch out and try cooking with more higher-fat ingredients! This mug cake looks fabulous, and I wish I had almond flour on hand to create this!

    • Tina says

      Miracle Noodles are amazing! I make stir fry, spaghetti and pad thai with them. I never feel like I’m missing out. Ketoconnect has some great recipes

  3. Harly says

    What kind of milk did you personally use for this recipe? Almond milk? Regular milk?
    I’m trying to figure out the macros. Thanks!

      • Becky says

        5 stars
        This definitely hit the spot. I made it a little too sweet as I had sugar free carb free vanilla syrup that I added as well as the sweetener but it was soooo good. Bit of light whip cream in top and I ate it straight away. It was gooey to start and as it cooled it was more cakey. I liked it both ways. Thank-you for the lovely simple recipe

        • Janet Larson says

          5 stars
          My microwave tends to overheat, and I didn’t have time for the oven, so I tried making this on a lower temperature setting. I couldn’t tell when it was ‘done’ so I used my best judgement. After putting a TBSP of chocolate chips on top I let it cool. It didn’t get to the consistency of cake, which was my fault because of the microwave, but instead I whipped the chocolate chips into the batter and ended up with the most heavenly chocolate treat that resembled a cooked brownie batter. Next time I’m doing this again, but I’m adding non dairy vanilla ice cream. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  4. Miki says

    Excellent! Just did this. A perfect SOS recipe for uncontrollable chocolate cake craving.
    Thank you again Katie.

  5. Katy says

    Delicious! Made as written then again subbing 1 TBSP unflavored vegan protein for 1 TBSP of the almond meal. Perfect both ways! So great to see an egg-free mug cake that actually tastes like cake! Going to try #3 with 1 TBSP powdered peanut butter…. 🙂

  6. Jennifer says

    I used raw cashews this time and it was amazing. I made it the first time with almond meal and it was more cake like. The cashews ground up made it more brownie/lava like in the middle. Both results were fully enjoyed 🙂 I topped mine with white chocolate chips…not a vegan I just love your recipes. It’s the perfect little treat after dinner. I did mine in the oven.

  7. Champerd says

    Thank you a million times for this recipie, I just made it for the 4th time tonight (4days in a row lol) was a bit dry the first few times, (I don’t have an accurate thing for measuring cups, am in the uk) but I’ve adjusted it every night and tonight it was just awesome. It really does need to resemble a cake batter before it goes in right? So so good and no oil! Incredible. Perfect for a quick cake fix when I’m avoiding refined sugar. I also tried sub’bing some milk for vegan Bailey’s one night and I highly recommend it. 😉 xx

  8. Andree Baker says

    Great recipe!! I have been making almost daily for breakfast! Baking in my toaster oven and coming out perfectly. I will sometimes “undercook” by 2 minutes and it comes out like lava cake! I have been using 1/3 cups almonds blended in a coffee grinder! easy! I’ve also tried it adding a few different ingredients: cinnamon, coconut, cocoa nibs…
    Thanks Katie!!

  9. Lena says

    WOAH! YUM!! I usually make KAtie’s 1 minute chocolate cake, it’s my go to treat, it has coconut oil in it. I’m not usually a big fan of almond meal for the base, but in one yummy bite, I am happy to eat this delciousness! I love your recipes, katie!

  10. Jennifer ? says

    THANK YOU! I SO Loved this! I am on a little to no sugar diet and have been craving Chocolate Cake. This SOLVED the craving! An Answered Prayer!

  11. Bonnie says

    It definitely is chocolatey. I used extra fine almond flour, and it still seemed grainy. Any suggestion on how to make it smoother?

    • Jason Sanford says

      I think that’s just the nature of almond flour. Because it’s not really flour, it’s not as smooth as flour. If you aren’t on a keto or low carb diet, I really love her other chocolate mug cake recipe.

  12. Jenn says

    Fantastic! I have made this several times now and it is the best mug cake. I love that it had no eggs. So many I have tried tasted like chocolate scrambled eggs. This recipe is a keeper! ♡♡♡

  13. Barbara Mackenzie says

    Made this while on my keto journey. Second night making it and I’m in love!!! I use almond meal and top it with a small scoop of sugar feee low carb vanilla ice cream… hits the spot!

  14. Jennifer R. says

    Fantastic! I have made this several times now and it is the best mug cake. I love that it had no eggs. So many I have tried tasted like chocolate scrambled eggs. This recipe is a keeper! ♡♡♡

    • Jason Sanford says

      To keep it keto, erythritol works. Or I know some people have used monk fruit sweetener. If no need to be strictly keto, I like coconut sugar. Xylitol also works. And of course regular sugar works as well!

  15. Stephanie says

    My almond flour says 2 Tbsp is 90 calories, so per the recipe 6 tbsp almond flour would be 270 calories. When I put 1/3 cup almonds in my food tracker app it says 272 calories. This recipe is more like Calories 316, Total Carbohydrates 15g, Dietary Fiber 6.8g, Total Fat 25g. Net carbs 8.2g (this assumes you used no carb sweetener, if not total and net carb will be higher). If you made it into 2 serving it would be better.

    • Stephanie says

      Protein would be 11g. (This all assumes you are using unsweetened almond milk) Definitely need to fix the nutrition facts on this recipe.

    • Michelle says

      I got 305 calories using 6 Tbsp almond flour unsweetened chocolate almond milk, cacao powder and stevia. It was very good but I was so disappointed the calories were so far off after eating it.

      • Jason Sanford says

        Hi! Try plugging it in with whole almonds (Calorie Counter from VeryWell). I got close to Katie’s numbers that way.

  16. June says

    Just started keto this week and am pms’ing hard and craving chocolatey sweets! This SAVED me. I didn’t feel like using a food processor so I crushed some walnuts using the base of a glass. I used heavy whipping cream for the milk and added 15 semisweet chocolate chips and baked for 12 minutes. It came out AMAZING. Fudgy, warm, gooey and oh so satisfying.

    I will definitely make again and think next time I will try halving the recipe! It was so rich and satisfying I was content with just half. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Christina says

    I made this many times using Almond Meal/Flour, and it turned out great! I thought it was one of your best mug cakes yet. However, I made this tonight using pecans ground in the food processor. The cake did not turn out well at all. The batter was extremely liquid-y and the cake was basically an inch of pudding-like sludge in the bottom of the mug. I would definitely make this again using Almond Meal/Flour, but not the ground nuts version.

  18. Talin Mirzayan says

    Omg thank you!!! I have been searching for a cooey chocolaty desert since on keto that didn’t tasty eggy or too difficult!! This is the best by far!! Used cream instead of milk!! Delish!!

  19. Carrie says

    I was dying for something sweet and easy on keto, and found this recipe. I didnt have any sort of milk nor vanilla, so i used coconut oil and water. It was still amazing! I can only imagine what this recipe will hold for me when I get the vanilla! Thank you!

  20. Moki says

    Mine never got to a brownie/cake like batter. Didn’t have almonds or almond flour so used coconut flour; did that make the dramatic difference? I microwaved it anyway but it was just a hot mug of granular stuff. I still ate it!!?.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Coconut flour is different from other flours and can’t be substituted in a 1-to-1 ratio because it soaks up liquid like a sponge. Also in any recipe, using any flour not listed in the ingredients as an option is an experiment – it might be good, but you never know unless you try!

  21. Saribeth says

    I have tried many keto mug cake recipes, and this is by far the best one. I love how easy it is and how delicious. By my calculations, the calorie count is close to 290, with 8 net carbs. But it’s my one indulgence a day; so, it’s fine with me. Thank you, Katie!

  22. Bavneet says

    This mug cake looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing the amazing recipe. I am surely going to bake this on this coming weekend.

  23. Theresa says

    Sorry to make the first comment so short… I saw this, it was 20 past 9 p.m., and by 9:30 I had two (!) done and my husband and I had our own ramakins full of brownie magic!!! Incredible and so easy. You’re a genius, thank you!

  24. Anita Diwan says

    Your recipe does not mention any coconut oil but your video shows you adding coconut oil. What is the quantity to be used?

    • Kathryn says

      The video is of her basic Chocolate Mug cake, not the Keto version. She posted that video with this recipe to show the concept of making it.

  25. Carol says

    I tried this with coconut flour. Was so dry. Didn’t work. I even added an egg. Still way to dry. I mean dry as a bone! Crumbly dry. What can I do differently?

    • Jason Sanford says

      The recipe calls for almond flour, not coconut. The two are VERY VERY different. In general, when making a recipe, if you sub a different flour (or make any changes at all) then you risk a bad turnout, and coconut flour especially cannot usually be subbed for other flours in recipes. I’d always recommend following a recipe to the T unless you are ok with the possibility of a negative turnout.

  26. Kathryn says

    I made this cake last night and it was amazing!! I apparently didn’t take the richness warning seriously, because I gave my kids way more than they needed, and I made mine not planning to share, but halfway through, I wanted to share! It was so delish, I will definitely make it again tonight!

  27. Jacklyn says

    I made the regular version. It was good but next time I will mix the dry ingredients first because it had a slight baking powder taste. Thanks for the easy recipe!

  28. Jennifer says

    This is so good! The best mug cake I’ve had since starting the Keto diet. I love that it doesn’t require an egg, it comes together dangerously fast that way. The texture is amazing- perfectly fudgy. I ate it with a spoonful of peanut butter on top and do not miss standard mug cakes one bit. Thank you!!

  29. Maryalice says

    Well well, I must say this is the nicest mug cake on Keto that I have found, so moist and tasty, I am a chocoholic and I couldn’t even finish the small cup.. soo yummy..

    The only thing I would do differently is not add nuts into it or maybe just a spoonful..

    I mixed up the recipe and added half nute and half flour..

    I never comment on posts, but I must say this is a defo try for your sugar and chocolate cravings ?

    • Rachel says

      5 stars
      I subbed in applesauce as a sweetener, and I am incredibly pleased with the results! This cake has a great texture, and a rich, dark chocolatey taste. I’ll definitely be making it again.

  30. Lala says

    Just made this and it was amazing!! I didn’t even need the stevia or honey. I thought that it had the perfect amount of sweetness without it. I did however drop about 5 chocolate chips on top, but I did it after the first 30 sec of mucrowaving so that they were perfectly warm and gooey without becoming runny after the last 30 seconds of microwaving.

  31. Caeli says

    Ok this recipe rocks. I used almond meal, almond milk and put macadamia nuts through it instead of chocolate chips. I love this recipe to bits, it gives me the chocolate hit while trying to go keto. Thank you so much.

  32. Dareion says

    I made this recipe three times, where all resulted in weird runny messes of brownie soup. I also used heavy whipping cream instead of milk. I made it for the fourth time and added an egg and it turned out PERFECT. If anyone else has this problem, make the recipe exactly this way, but add 1 egg. Seriously perfect recipe otherwise.

    • Heather says

      I had the exact same issue! I even tried cooking it longer but after 2 minutes I decided that it wasn’t going to happen… I’ll try it with an egg next time!

    • Jason Sanford says

      It’s an experiment because we’ve never tried, but be sure to report back with results if you do experiment!

  33. Amber says

    I have a son with learning issues. He tends to overeat sweet things and frequently crave them….but don’t we all crave them? At 18, he is finally learning to do more things for himself. This is one of those things. It is a small portion of low carb sweetness that stops him from eating a bunch at one time. He feels self sufficient and I feel good knowing it is not a sugar bomb!
    He even taught his older brother how to make it one evening. It was a nice bonding experience for them and nice that he knew something his older brother didn’t!

  34. Bianca Santos says

    This is AMAZING!!! I made it with pecans, so it has a it more calories (278kcal). It’s keto (4 net carbs), it’s vegan, no added fat! It’s fabulous. It tastes GREAT! So, so, delicious it felt like I was cheating on my diet.

  35. Carolynn S says

    What a wonderful recipe! I was looking for something with no egg and no flour and this did the trick. I used 1 tbsp of Swerve (erithrytol) as a sweetener and it was perfect. I really loved it and will make it often!

  36. MBC says

    Finally tried this.
    For breakfast! I used almond meal; only ½ tsp eryth/monk + 4 drops stevia; 1 tbsp whipping cream + 2 tbsp water; coarse kosher salt.
    Served with a dollop of Greek yogurt.
    Will definitely make it again. Maybe next time with pecans. Thank you.

  37. Jess says

    Hi eveyone! Was wondering what the nutritional values were for this recipe? I’m on the Keto Diet and this mug cake sounds good! Just want to make sure it isn’t too high in net carbs! Thanks in advance

  38. Tara says

    so i have been looking for something keto friendly and thank god i found this recipe it turned out perfect.

  39. Alaina says

    Just made this it was delicious!! I ended microwaving mine for a full minute after doing 30 second and two fifteen minute intervals. It tasted like a lighter brownie ❤️

  40. Tracie says

    There are not enough superlatives to say how delicious this is. I’ve been on the Plant Paradox Diet for weeks and this is the First recipe I’ve found that really, truly tastes like flourless chocolate tort, which I miss so much. The only substitute I made was Swerve in place of sugar. I used almond flour. Omitted chocolate chips. Fantastically delicious after 1 minute in a mug in the microwave. Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to try other recipes.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! All nutrition facts for Katie’s recipes are always included in her posts right under the ingredients, where it says “view nutrition facts.” 🙂 Hope that helps!

      • Cookie says

        I hv tried thr same version without the chocolate and it taste like ammonia! Anyone knoe if i could bake this without the baking soda?

  41. Jake says

    I’ve been an avid reader of CCK for about four years, but as a busy student I’ve only made a handful of her recipes. I tried this today and it was excellent! (And much easier than I expected.) I’ll certainly make this again. If anyone has suggestions for turning this into a vanilla cake (perhaps substituting the cocoa for vanilla protein powder or coconut flour), I’d love to hear them!

  42. Diane says

    It was good but I think it could have used an egg or two? Mine was grainy and didn’t really have the consistency of cake but it was tasty!

  43. Kiera says

    Ok, so I tried this one out last night and WOW….it is DELICIOUS!!!!!
    I needed a quick dessert that I could enjoy (with my crazy chocolate cravings during Keto) and one that my 2 yr old would also actually enjoy. This was it! It is super-rich, moist, dense, and yummy.
    I agree with your comment about it being very brownie-like as it was somewhere between a cake and a brownie.

    Following your recipe, I used:
    6 tbsp almond flour (too lazy/busy to blend up my own nuts)
    1 tbsp + 2 tsp cocoa powder
    1 tbsp of Swerve Confectioners sugar
    additional 2 tsp of Swerve Granulated sugar (never tried it before and thought this was a good chance)
    1/8 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    3 tbsp milk
    1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
    added a decent-sized handful of Lily’s chocolate chips

    I topped it with Frozen Coco Whip straight from the tub (which was like covering it in vanilla ice cream) and I can easily say, I would make this every night!! I already sent this link to my family and friends who are either trying Keto or just enjoy a quick dessert 🙂
    Keep up the great work!!

  44. Carrie says

    This was just the easiest, GF, DF, fastest mug cake I’ve ever made! My kiddos attacked my chocolate chips, so I folded in a serving of Kirkland Organic Natural peanut butter after the first 30 seconds. It is DELICIOUS!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! It looks like the recipe doesn’t call for coconut oil, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use a little for some of the other liquid in the recipe if you wanted to add some?

  45. Jess says

    Sooo good. Followed the recipe as written using almond flour and 1 tbsp lakanto sweetener. The result was like a dark chocolate cake–not overpoweringly sweet but satisfyingly chocolatey. Thanks for this recipe!

  46. Charlotte WL says

    I made this but added about a tbsp of applesauce and it was perfect! Super moist! I baked it in my toaster oven in two mini pie dishes.

  47. Mari Pappas says

    I used almond flour — it was fantastic! Nuked it for a minute. Couldn’t really wait to let it set, so in the middle it was more like a cake batter mug cake. But I’m not complaining! 🙂

  48. Tom says

    I made this last night and ate two of them. OMG was it good. However, I woke up with cramps and felt like a massive colon blow was about to erupt. If you need a colon cleans…. this item is for you.

    • Beverley Speck says

      Oh dear, not nice 😯 My lads are eating mostly keto now as that’s what I’m eating, but I’m careful with how many goodies they consume in a day when it comes to the almond flour – it’s really, really full of fibre! They both learned the hard way! 😂 Also, I’m a bit sensitive to some sweeteners (I think the artificial ones are to blame) so on occasion have experienced a little (a lot!) colon-cleansing myself. Although I seem to be okay with the ‘keto’ sugars, I still consume them in moderation (now!)

  49. Helena says

    Thanks for an amazing recipe full of chocolatey yumminess!! More than satisfied the need for comfort food on a cold, rainy day in England.

  50. Ashley says

    This cake is incredible! I was sceptical because I didn’t think it would work without an egg. I skipped adding the chocolate chips and added some frozen raspberries instead. It’s rich, goey and just delicious. Very moreish, loved it!

  51. Steph says

    Tasted rich of chocolate. If you let it cool, it’ll be more fudgey in texture. For me, the almond flour made the brownie very grainy. I would reduce the portion size. and might try it with cream or heavy whipping cream next time for a smoother rich taste.
    Great mug brownie!

    • Jason Sanford says

      I’m confused – this recipe calls for almond flour. Coconut flour is absolutely not the same thing…

    • sp4rkl3z says

      Coconut flour is *not* interchangeable with any other flour, cup for cup. It absorbs much more liquid than other flours. Don’t judge the recipe based on that mistake.

  52. Heather D Willingham says

    Absolutely delicious, Katie!! Just made this and wow! It satisfied that chocolate fix for me!! Thanks!

  53. Susana Viana says

    Just randomly got to ultime website craving for a keto treat and you didn’t lie: this is by far the best keto brownie I have ever had! I’m addicted!

  54. Vanessa says

    I completely misread and thought I was supposed to do the microwave version for 10 minutes. Good thing I stopped at 3 minutes. Lol!

  55. TinyMommy says

    So yummy, used brewed coffee instead of milk and upped the cocoa to 1.5T. I’d give this 10 stars. Saved me from falling out of ketosis. Thank you !!!

  56. Miriam Mendes Vasconcelos says

    Good morning,

    Sounds delicious!

    My boyfriend is allergic to eggs and nuts, can I use coconut flour instead of almond?

    Craving chocolate now …

  57. Stace says

    This was amazing and I was pretty sceptical. It’s really rich and filling. Next time I’ll split the recipe across two mugs as I think half a serve would be enough for me. Love it! 🙂

  58. Laura F Verrill says

    I recently started Keto and this dessert is my easy go to dessert now. I love it. I made it for my husband who eats regular stuff and he thought it was very good as well. A winner!

  59. Jemma says

    Totally loved this! It was so delicious and easy to make…my dad (who’s on the keto diet) said it was one of the best desserts he’s ever had.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, we are confused by this comment but want to help – what do you mean by “no amounts”? Is the recipe not showing up for you?

  60. Lacy says

    Amazing!!! I have tried so many keto recipes and this is my favorite. I didn’t use vanilla cause I was out of it and i put 1tsp of coconut flour in it. It was absolutely perfect!!!

  61. Stephanie Leigh Cote says

    Hello! I just made it it’s a quite a big mug cake so I only was able to eat half of it extremely rich. I used powdered Swerve and monk fruit .. and I used heavy cream instead of milk .. after mixing it was a tad to thick/dry so I added a little water. Mixed in Lily’s milk chocolate chips.. it was DELICIOUS!

  62. Vanessa says

    Wow!!!! Who are you? MUAH. This is by far the best keto desert I’ve had in the 10 months Ive been on keto. I had it with Bryer’s Carb control vanilla ice cream and mine was more of a brownie. It was perfect….thanks 😃

    • Vanessa says

      Oh, and I used a tad bit less almond flour and heavy cream. Also added a splash of butter flavored extract along with the vanilla.

  63. Jennifer says

    This is perfection. Amazing consistency. Easy recipe. It’s everything a keto mug cake should be and takes care of those chocolate cravings!

  64. Mary says

    Was a perfect keto friendly treat. Very rich chocolate cake. Mistakenly added double amount of baking powder and still turned out great. I cooked in microwave for total of a minute. Had run out of eggs, so thiswas a save for the day. 🙂 Will definitely make again and will either cut cocoa or increase sweetener.

  65. Mrs_H says

    I can’t wait to try some of your keto dessert (cake, brownie and ice cream) recipes, but why don’t you put the nutrition facts ON the recipe? When I print out your recipes (I like to keep a paper recipe) it doesn’t have the nutrition facts on it! Thanks.

  66. Lucy says

    Hands down the best keto baked good I’ve ever tasted ! How can something taste so good with no sugar or butter in it ???? I knew it was gonna b good because I couldn’t stop eating the batter!! It took less than 5 minutes to make. This is perhaps too delicious. And too convenient. I fear I’ll b making one every day ! Saved it in my recipe folder. This cake makes me love my keto
    Life !!! My cat just died so this was a “stress bake”. Thank u for bringing me a little bit of joy. RIP Romeo

  67. Eric says

    Disregard my previous comment, I went ahead and added a TBSP of chocolate hummus and and an extra TBSP of heavy cream. It was quite tasty, but it never really firmed up. I see that it says that “gooey” is the point, but just making sure that it’s supposed to end of as more of a superthick paste-like consistency. Also, how come no egg?

  68. Deb Warren says

    This mug cake was SO TOTALLY DELICIOUS!!! We will make it again and again! Thank you so much for publishing the recipe!

  69. Sophia says

    5 stars
    some of the comments mention eggs but the recipe didn’t call for it. This was my first time making a keto mug cake, first time using almond flour, monkfruit with erythritol. It did not come out like a cake, it came out like a delicious chocolate pudding. It was so good I don’t want to know where I went wrong. I made it with almond milk, as well. Fabulous fail I will make again and again.

  70. Peter says

    Hello Katie, I just made this Keto Mug Cake and it was awesome. I am a diabetic, so next time i will use either Stevia or Erythritol instead of the sugar. I didnt want to invest the money until I tried it out. I am always on the lookout for healthy desserts, I usesd Natural Almond Flour, Almond Milk and Dark Chocolate chips. I have to remember to grease the mug so it rises more. I may try Coconut Flour as well just to see what it comes out like. But again this was delicious and relatively low-carb. Thanks again for Posting your recipes

  71. Sandy says

    I was very disappointed in this recipe. It did no raising at all. I used almond flour & almond milk (milk of your choice) per recipe. I made a 2nd recipe for my husband knowing he wouldn’t eat this one. The other recipe used butter & egg which doubled the calories. It rose most of the way up his mug & he said it was great…I didn’t wasn’t the calories, so how can I make this recipe work?

  72. Gretchen says

    This was very tasty. I used half and half for the milk and only had mini nestle morsels. Will buy sugar free chocolate chips my next trip to the store. I would definitely recommend this to get your chocolate fix.

  73. Alicia says


    Much better than some other recipes that call for egg. I used half and half for the milk and truvia (erythritol/stevia) for the sweetener. I also chopped up a few pieces of walnut. Only edit for next time is to blitz the sweetener in my spice grinder to make it powdered, as it did have a slightly grainy texture. My new favourite keto dessert!

  74. ARPITA NEOGI says

    This was incredible! I used oat milk instead of regular milk and sweetened it with pure date syrup. Thank you for sharing!!

  75. Cas says

    Wow – I am surprised at how good this is! I made it using Splenda, half & half, sprinkled a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips on top and microwaved for 60 seconds. I really enjoyed this with a large dollop of whipped cream – kind of like a pudding cake. While I’m not following a keto diet, the dessert recipes here really help me to satisfy my sweet tooth, and more importantly to keep my blood sugar under control by limiting my carbs. Will be making this recipe many times!

  76. Marguerite Bowker says

    I love this mug cake!! I make it many times a week. I add walnuts and extra vanilla.
    It is so so delicious helps us not miss sugary desserts and candy and we are still loosing weight!!

  77. Janet JJ Laver says

    Absolutely amazing!!
    I baked in the microwave for about a minute.
    It was super chocolatie and had with cream.
    Will be making again for sure 😊

  78. Shay G says

    I tried this and it didn’t disappoint me. I used raisin instead of chocolate chips. This is a really good recipe to satisfy your sweet craving without making you feel guilty.

  79. Squeaky says

    5 stars
    My 10 year old loves making these for everyone and I like not turning the oven on. Plus they are super tasty! He just leaves the chocolate chips of if mine so it’s keto, and sprinkles some on the other ones.

  80. Claire says

    5 stars
    I love baking and use almond flour often. Just tried this recipe and it was good but the texture wasn’t quite right for me. I’m just jumping into another keto cycle and updating some recipes. The flavour was great but I found it was just a little dry. Could I add a tsp of coconut oil? I’m in Australia too so it’s challenging converting measurements sometimes. It would be great if you had an option for viewing recipes in grams. Keen to try more recipes as I love my sweets. Thanks 😉

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, you can definitely add some oil! We would love to try baking it in Australia to see if the climate or specific brands available to you would mean there needed to be changes to get it the same as in the US. Maybe someday we will get over there!

  81. Irene says

    5 stars
    Delicious; I’m savouring it as I write this review. I’m in NZ and made it with almond meal, which worked out fine. Thanks for the tip about cooking in increments; 45 seconds and it was the soft texture that I was hoping for. Some liquid cream and a bit of coconut condensed milk on the top and wow, amazing!

  82. Cathy says

    5 stars
    Ok this is so good! I used 4 tbsp almond flour and 1 1/2 tbsp coconut flour. I added Lilly’s sugar free chocolate chips to the top halfway between cooking. It DID turn out pretty dry, but tasted delicious! I’m the kind of girl that loves dry brownie mix out of the box so I loved it this way. I had it with a scoop of carb smart ice cream. I never gain on Leto this way. Thank you! Best mug cake recipe yet. Without substituting the coconut flour for some of the almond flour it probably wouldn’t have been as dry but I LOVE it like that!

  83. Raschelle says

    5 stars
    My 9 year old and I love this! Thank you, Katie! I appreciate having recipes that help my sugar free kiddo not miss out!

  84. Christine A says


    I imported the recipe into my fitness pal and the total carbohydrate is 24.6g and fibre is 6g. The net carbs is 18.6g.

    For all of you saying it is too good to be true, it is. I made it for my mum on the keto diet and feel awful for breaking her diet. 7

    • CCK Media Team says

      5 stars
      Hi Christine, it looks like either the calorie counter you used is inaccurate or it isn’t removing the erythritol carbs from net carbs (they are not included in net carbs). What specific ingredients did you put into the counter? It sounds like just a computer error 🙂

  85. Kim says

    5 stars
    This mug cake is amazing! It’s so simple and I already had the ingredients in my cabinets. I will definitely use this as my go to.

  86. Halee says

    5 stars
    This is great! I actually made half the recipe in a small ramekin and it was plenty. I keep my sugar down to under 5g per serving so using 5g of semi-sweet chocolate chips does the trick. Still 1 min in the microwave then let it cook a few minutes and it was real cake 🙂

  87. Becky says

    5 stars
    This mug cake recipe did not call for any oil or butter. Was that an omission? All of the other mug cake recipes on this web site call for oil or butter. Please respond.

  88. Priscilla says

    5 stars
    So good!! Satisfies the cravings for sure!
    The only modifications I made were I did not add the cocoa powder, I don’t have any. I used heavy whipping cream as the milk and I add about a tablespoon of strawberry cream cheese. Zapped in the microwave in 30 second intervals and I added Lilys dark chocolate sugar free chips before cooking another 15 seconds (2 times at 15 seconds)
    It tastes like a warmed up chocolate chip 🍪 HEAVEN 🙌🏾

  89. Connie says

    5 stars
    This is such a quick,easy snack, and easy on both carbs and calories! Today, I decided to play with it a bit.,subbed peanut butter powder for the cocoa, and stirred in some Lakanto chocolate chips. Not sure which way I like it better! Lol

    • Miriam says

      5 stars
      So yummy! This is the best mug cake I’ve made. Thanks for this great and easy recipe! I’m going to make a few batches in advance and just add the liquid ingredients when I’m ready to eat it.

  90. AB says

    5 stars
    I do not leave reviews! But for this chile!!!
    If you’re reading this comment it’s not too late to just do it
    Get into it ok !

  91. Marsha says

    5 stars
    I tried this with pecan flour and it was so good and rich! I felt like I was cheating on my keto diet! Thank you so much! It definitely took care of my chocolate craving lol .

  92. Ann says

    5 stars
    I love, love, love chocolate cake! It’s my biggest weakness – tried this Keto version of the mug cake & thoroughly enjoyed it. My husband did too. Thank you so much for creating & sharing a recipe that can keep me eating cake & not adding to my waistline!! 🙂

  93. neely says

    5 stars
    This is better than normie mug cakes, and I’ve tried so many recipes over the years. Can’t believe it doesn’t call for eggs or butter. (I do use half & half and very good cocoa.) The first try I used almond flour as-is out of the bag, and while the texture was a bit grainy, that was all almonds, which for me made it richer. Tonight I wanted to see what would happen with sifted almond flour (this stuff is brand new on me). Changing nothing else – WOW. Really intense, soft, perfect. Thank you! This keeper is going to get me through keto and many snack attacks.

  94. Angela says

    5 stars
    This keto mug cake was the best I’ve ever tasted!! It was sooo gooey and delicious. I did add sugar free chocolate chips. YUMMY!!

  95. Sandy-Rose says

    5 stars
    I actually couldn’t believe how close this was, to a sweet chocolate mug cake. And the texture is actually BETTER than the full sugar stuff! Wouldn’t believe for a second this is keto but it was so easy, came together so quickly and it’s soooo good. I used caster erythritol and a pinch of stevia, with barista oat milk. Sooo good. One of the best microwave mug cakes I’ve had. Thank you!

  96. Cat says

    5 stars
    I used this as a base for a mug cake that worked a little better for me, since almond flour is expensive and I don’t want to use too much of it. I used a 1/4 almond flour, a tablespoon cocoa powder, same amounts for baking powder, sweetener, salt, but 2 tablespoons of milk. I microwave it for 1 min and 10 sec and it turns out great. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  97. Kassie says

    5 stars
    I’m on keto and I wanted to try out something chocolatey. This is perfect. I put a little more almond milk than the recipe called for, but it still turned out. So good! I think I microwaved I in 15 second increments for close to 2 minutes to get the consistency I wanted. Well done!

  98. Vapetress says

    5 stars
    I’ve been Keto/Low Carb for several years now. Believe it or not, this is my first Mug Cake… I’m hooked. So easy, so fast and so yummy 😋.

  99. Diana Ferrer says

    Hi Katie, I’m not keto but I am looking for healthy recipes for my dad as he is diabetic and also has heart disease. I am learning as I go. My question is, the nutrition facts you posted show sodium of 292mg, is that from just 1/8 tsp of salt? Or do other ingredients contain sodium? My dad’s daily sodium intake should be no more than 2000mg, this is probably fine considering my mom cooks with little or no salt but I am curious about where that number comes from. Thank you!

  100. Lauren says

    5 stars
    Getting back on Keto and was ready to try a single serve dessert. I used brown monk fruit sugar and added a few semi sweet chocolate chips. I shared with my 1 year old and 6 year old and they loved it too. Thank you!!

  101. Linda says

    This recipe is incredibly easy and it was perfect for my chocolate cake/brownie craving. I will definitely be making this recipe again! Thank you so much!

  102. Becky says

    I microwave mine for 2 minutes it just wouldn’t firm up but I ate it anyway because the flavor was fabulous! When I say it didn’t firm up it was more like a runny pancake batter I’m thinking I miss measured the milk. I was really happy to not have to add an egg because I don’t care for eggs but I’m going to try it again with a better measurement of liquid

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