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Protein Brownies

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These secretly healthy protein brownies are rich, chewy, fudgy, and absolutely melt-in-your-mouth amazing, with up to fifteen grams of protein each!

Protein Brownies

The best protein brownies recipe

The most unbelievable thing about these dark chocolate protein brownies is that they do not taste healthy at all!

This recipe gives you the best of both worlds, which means there’s no need to sacrifice taste or enjoyment because you’re trying to be healthy. You can have your chocolate cake (or, in this case, brownies) and eat it too.

The high protein brownies can be vegan, gluten free, low calorie, low carb, paleo, sugar free, and flourless, with no banana and no avocado or other hidden ingredients.

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Watch the protein brownie recipe video, above

Chocolate Protein Brownie Recipe

Brownie frosting options

You have many options for these protein chocolate brownies!

The first option is to sprinkle them with mini chocolate chips right before baking. Once they come out of the oven, there’s no icing needed.

Or you can turn it into an even higher protein recipe by letting the brownies cool and then frosting them with the peanut butter filling from these Peanut Butter Brownies.

If using the easy peanut butter frosting, as shown in the video above, each frosted bodybuilding brownie will have an additional three grams protein, for a total of fifteen grams of protein per brownie. Talk about a healthy snack or dessert!

They are also great topped with my Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, or spread with almond butter or Homemade Nutella, or eaten plain without any frosting at all.

Protein Powder Brownies ingredients in bowls

Chocolate protein brownie ingredients

Gather the following ingredients: protein powder, cocoa powder, almond flour, sweetener, baking powder, salt, eggs or flax eggs, oil or butter, and pure vanilla extract.

For vegan protein brownies, use the flax eggs instead of chicken eggs.

The recipe calls for almond flour or almond meal. I have not tried substituting whole wheat flour, coconut flour, spelt flour, or white or gluten free all purpose flour so cannot recommend those. However, there is a nut free option listed in the recipe box.

These are a wonderful alternative to packaged protein brownies from brands like Fiber One, Kodiak, Muscle Gain, Quest, or MyProtein.

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High Protein Snack Recipes With Protein Powder

What kind of protein powder?

Grocery stores, health food stores, or even places like Target offer so many options these days. There’s hemp protein, whey protein, collagen, pea, casein, brown rice, or egg white protein, or pumpkin seed or soy protein.

For this simple recipe, I like to use either unsweetened or vanilla protein powder, but you can experiment with different flavors. Be sure to use a protein powder that you already know you like, because some brands can have a strong artificial aftertaste.

If you want to make the recipe exactly like I did, use Laird Superfood Protein Powder.

I have not yet tried the fudge brownies with chocolate protein powder instead of plain. If you go that route, be sure to report back with results.

Fudgy Vegan Healthy Protein Brownies with mini chocolate chips

How to make protein brownies

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease an eight inch pan or line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper, then set it aside.

In a large mixing bowl, stir all of the brownie ingredients well. Spread the chocolate brownie batter into the pan. I like to add a second sheet of parchment paper over the top because it helps with evenly smoothing the mix into the pan. Remove this second sheet of parchment before cooking.

Bake the brownies on the oven’s middle rack for twenty minutes, then remove from the oven. Let the brownie pan cool on the counter.

They will firm up as they cool and continue to firm up if you loosely cover the pan with a towel and refrigerate overnight.

It is fine to leave the brownies out for a few hours on the counter if serving at a party or transporting to an event. For freshness, I recommend refrigerating leftovers in a covered container for up to five days.

The chocolate protein brownies can also be slices and frozen in an airtight container for about two to three months. Thaw before eating.

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Chewy 20 Gram Protein Brownies

Different flavor protein brownies

Mocha fudge – Stir half a teaspoon of instant coffee granules or espresso powder in with the dry ingredients while making the brownies.

Mint chocolate – Add one fourth teaspoon of pure peppermint extract. Taste the unbaked brownie batter, and add more extract if a stronger mint flavor is desired.

Chocolate orange – Add the zest of one orange to the protein brownie batter before transferring it to the pan and baking.

You can also stir in a handful of chopped walnuts or pecans, shredded coconut, chia seeds, flax seeds, raisins, dates, other dried fruit, diced almonds, or chocolate chips.

Healthy Chocolate Almond Flour Brownies
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Protein Brownies

These healthy protein brownies are ultra rich and fudgy, with up to 15 grams of protein each.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Yield 9 protein brownies
5 from 518 votes


  • 1 cup almond flour (for nut free, try these Healthy Brownies)
  • 1/3 cup protein powder
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder (I like Dutch)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/3 cup melted coconut oil or butter
  • 2 eggs, or 2 flax eggs
  • 2/3 cup sugar or granulated erythritol
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips, optional


  • Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease an 8-inch pan, or line it with parchment. Stir all ingredients well. Spread into the pan, using a second sheet of parchment if needed to press down evenly. Bake 20 minutes, then let cool. They continue to firm up as they cool and also firm up even more if you very loosely cover and refrigerate overnight. Frosting ideas are listed above.
    View Nutrition Facts


The recipe was adapted from my Keto Brownies.

Have you made this recipe?

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Published on October 2, 2022

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  1. Anne says

    Hello Katie,
    what could you sub the almond flour with? Could you use ground almonds or coconut flour instead? Would love to make the protein brownies, but don’t have almond flour.

    Thanks Anne:)

  2. Nancy says

    You don’t specify a flavor for the protein powder, so I don’t know if you mean chocolate powder, unflavored powder, or maybe even vanilla powder. It’s very hard to find unflavored protein powder in my area, so I’m hoping you can elaborate. Thanks!

    • Denise says

      Unflavored protein powder can be found online. TGS is a brand I personally prefer, as they tend to have the fewest “fillers” in their ingredients and not to mention soy free. A cheaper brand would be Now, which can be found probably cheapest on DPS Nutrition (use a search engine to find it). Otherwise, I’m assuming because she’s vegan, it would be a vegan type protein powder?? I know unflavored pea protein exists (again, Now has one), which is likely fine using in this recipe. Personally, having read through the recipe, I would use any you asked about. I’m certain it would be fine with either of those. I hope I was able to help a little.

    • Shelly says

      5 stars
      She specifies the kind of protein powder she used in her post above the recipe in the section called “What kind of protein powder?”

  3. Cassie says

    I’m confused where the 12 g of protein per serving is coming from. The powder you used is only 19g total and when I put these ingredients into a calculator it came back with 3.3g per serving for 9 servings. Any idea?

    • Caitlin says

      5 stars
      The almond flour adds protein too. I plugged the numbers into an online calculator and got 10 grams per brownie. I didn’t add the frosting because I didn’t use it when I made them.

      These were delish btw!

    • Selina says

      5 stars
      There are other ingredients other than the protein powder…. Almond flour, flax, etc also have protein which would contribute to the amount of protein in each brownie.

    • Caroline says

      5 stars
      I actually got more protein per brownie in my calculations than Katie lists in her nutrition facts. But I used whey protein when I made these so that might be why.
      If you are not vegan, try whey protein because it worked really well in this recipe.

  4. Amber says

    5 stars
    I loved these. I eat low carb, so I used sugar substitute and lily’s chocolate chips. I also did the melted butter option and used unflavored Isopure for the protein powder. I recommend waiting until the next day to eat them-they really are much more chocolatey and fudgy that way.

  5. Heather says

    5 stars
    I had to leave a big ol’ thank you on this recipe. I am gluten-free and REALLY trying to watch my weight, as I am getting married in May, but had INSANE chocolate cravings that I just could not ignore last night. I found this recipe and gave it a shot. My GOODNESS these brownies are DELICIOUS. Chocolate craving defeated with little damage done. THANK YOU!!!!! And these were incredibly easy to make. Definitely saving this recipe to use again (and again and again).

    And if anyone is curious, I used 310 unflavored meal replacement shake as my protein shake and coconut sugar.

  6. Monica says

    5 stars
    These are in the oven now and look amazing! I do believe the protein is closer to 4.4g per serving and not 12g, as stated in the nutrition facts.

  7. Shemari says

    I’m currently making these right now— I went with the coconut oil option and I feel like my batter is thick. Is this normal? Or should I add a little bit of butter to loosen the batter?

    • Elizabeth says

      Anyway to sub nut butter for coconut oil or another ingredient- if so, which ingredient would be best to sub. Thank u 😊

  8. Jenny says

    I thought these were great (!), but I don’t understand the nutrition facts. I used butter and real sugar and came up with: 227 cals, 12.5 fat 25.4 carbs and 5.5 protein. Are your nutrition facts based on using coconut oil and erythritol?

  9. Julie says

    5 stars
    These are so good and a wonderful protein packed treat to have. I love being able to have a dessert while also getting in some extra protein on workout days. Very easy to make and turned out perfectly.

  10. Paula rothman MD says

    5 stars
    Once again Katie doesn’t disappoint. Made these with chocolate protein powder and used vegan egg and Aquafaba. They are delicious I was cworried they’d have an after taste bc of protein. I have followed you for years and your recipes are always great. No errors ,no typos. I have found many mistakes. Even in cookbooks (a lemon vinaigrette w/o lemon) but not with Katie! Thanks for all the effort you put into these.

  11. Deanna says

    5 stars
    I’ve been searching for an easy to make gluten free, protein brownie for a long time.
    This recipe is fantastic. I used TGS Unflavored Whey protein, Bob’s Red Mill Super-Fine Almond Flour, regular unsalted butter and regular granulated sugar. I always follow the directions in a recipe, but I have to say that this time, the butter seemed like a lot when adding it to the batter, so I didn’t add all of it. The brownies turned out great, but would have been a little bit more moist/chewy, had I added what the recipe called for. Lesson learned. I also left them in for exactly 20 minutes and because my oven can be finicky, I was worried. They came out perfect! This is now my go-to brownie recipe.

    • Deanna says

      5 stars
      Update: I’ve now made these brownies several times and have used butter, coconut oil, vegetable oil and blood orange olive oil (who knew that was a thing?) and they have turned out great every time. I have a batch in the oven now with peanut butter chips added. The only downside is that I crave them all the time, so I try to make sure I have some in the freezer.

  12. Lydia says

    5 stars
    Just made these! Used monk fruit instead and did more protein powder instead of flour. Also put in walnuts and a hersheys white chocolate bar. Delicious with coffee! A little dry but that could be because im at a higher elevation. Highly recommend, like cake

  13. Nicole says

    5 stars
    Made this and cane out rlly delicious. Made it again, but had limited ingredients. Used half almond half AP flour and used chocolate protein powder. I didnt like the taste of my choc. Protein powder but tried anyways. The first bite has that strong flavor of the protein powder, but it goes away after more bites. It becomes more tastier. So very nice recipe.

  14. Marisa says

    5 stars
    These blew my expectations out of the water! The last few protein dessert recipes I tried were awful to say the least, so this recipe came along just when I needed it. These totally fixed my craving for sweets and tasted just as good as any other brownie. I used coconut oil, added walnuts, and sprinkled mini semi sweet chips on top. 10/10! Making my second batch today and will be trying more of your recipes. Thank you for this absolute winner!!

  15. Valentina says

    5 stars
    Didn’t have almond flour so I substituted with wholemeal flour and I ended up with protein cake instead of brownies 😅

  16. Elizabeth says

    5 stars
    Anyway to sub nut butter for coconut oil or another ingredient- if so, which ingredient would be best to sub. Thank u 😊

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! We have only tried the options listed in the recipe and post commentary above it. If you experiment with anything else, be sure to report back!

  17. Julie Nessen says

    5 stars
    I’m so happy I found you while looking for high protein, low carb recipes to keep my blood sugar in line, yet be able to enjoy yummy treats! I made your fudge high protein brownies today with a few adaptations and I must say they are fantastic. I cut the sugar in half, added 1/2 cup pumpkin, half teaspoon pumpkin spice, half cup pumpkin seeds and double the cocoa powder. I can see myself using the basic recipe at least once a week.

    • Julie Nessen says

      5 stars
      So far, I’ve used this recipe to make Almond Joy brownies, Salted Caramel brownies, Cherry chocolate brownies (bake 3-4 extra minutes to make sure they’re done in the middle), and now I have Mexican Hot Chocolate brownies in the oven (added cinnamon and Cayenne to taste, also dehydrated mini marshmallows). I’ve switched to chocolate whey protein powder to deepen the chocolatey goodness. I’m obsessed with this recipe.

  18. Michelle says

    5 stars
    Pretty good! My brownies didn’t turn out as fudgy and chocolate-y as the pictures in this post, but they were still delicious. Next time, I’d add some melted chocolate to the mix and not include baking powder. I also used a chia seed mixture instead of flax eggs. It worked well as a binder in this recipe and added a nice crunch. Because I made these after Halloween, I used a lot of M&Ms, which was a tasty choice.

    Definitely coming back here for when I want a healthier brownie!

  19. Aziza says

    5 stars
    These were great!! I made these with chocolate pea protein, and used coconut sugar instead of regular sugar. I also added in orange zest (as a Brit, we love orange chocolate) as per your suggestion. DELICIOUS! Thank you so much!

  20. Athena says

    4 stars
    These tasted great. But I used 3 other calories/macros calculator and arrived at about 280-300 calories per serving (based on total 9 servings per recipe).
    I used melted butter and 70% dark chocolate chips.

  21. Toni says

    5 stars
    The brownies were absolutely decadent. My husband loved them as well. Very chocolaty! No more box brownies for this family. These are my go to brownies going forward. Yum.

  22. Amie says

    5 stars
    Quick to make and so yummy!
    I didn’t have almond flour so I ground up whole raw almonds in the processor and used chocolate protein powder.

  23. Pam says

    I have just made these and they are delicious. I added 30g chopped walnuts to the mix, used sugar, coconut oil, eggs and dark chocolate chips, cacao powder instead of cocoa, unflavoured protein and almond flour but for 9 portions the calories came out far more at 260 each with 10g protein. Will still make again

  24. Mo says

    I just made these within the past hour and I am in love with them! I made them with some chocolate protein powder that I had to use up and the cocoa powder and it was the perfect amount of chocolate. I also added some walnuts in it as well. This was such an easy and delicious recipe and I can’t wait to make these brownies again.

  25. Linda Thwing says

    5 stars
    These brownies are THE BEST! I have made them at least 3 times, maybe more. My results are just like her picture. Thank you so much. I add one very small addition that probably doesn’t need to be added, but I do so because my results with many Gluten-Free desserts just don’t come out quite right. I add an additional T of vegetable oil along with the butter. Like I said, probably not needed but it’s my “just in case” nature. It takes very little time to make these. Great for us “last minute” planners.

  26. Renee says

    5 stars
    These are great! I actually add about 1/4 –
    1/3 cup of water to make them easier to mix, and add about 3-4 extra tablespoons of milk chocolate protein powder than it calls for. The texture is great.

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