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Chocolate Protein Cake In A Mug

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A single serving chocolate protein mug cake, perfect for those times when you want to be healthy but are really craving chocolate cake!

Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

One bowl

No eggs

Two minutes

10 grams of protein!

Whether you’re a vegan worried about getting enough protein, an athlete trying to gain muscle, or just someone who really loves chocolate cake (ummm, everyone???), this healthy chocolate protein cake in a mug is the perfect quick and easy treat.

Try topping it with Almond Milk Ice Cream

Chocolate Protein Cake In A Mug

Chocolate protein mug cake

Just throw everything into a mug, stir until evenly mixed, and bake.

The recipe can be made in the microwave or oven with just a few basic ingredients, and you can eat it straight from the dish or let it cool before inverting onto a plate.

I feel like the saying “Have your cake and eat it too” was invented specifically with this healthy dessert in mind.

Protein Cake Ingredients
Chocolate Mug Cake Whipped Cream

Cake Topping Ideas

Keto Chocolate Mousse

Coconut Butter

Healthy Chocolate Frosting

Oat Milk Ice Cream (dairy free)

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

Coconut Whipped Cream

There are two versions of the recipe – one with oil, and one without.

While I much prefer the oil version, so many of you have written in to say you tried replacing the oil with applesauce or banana and LOVED the results that I decided to list the oil free mug cake here as an option as well.

*The protein cake is also good with Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Above, watch the protein mug cake recipe video

How To Make A Chocolate Protein Cake (mug cake recipe)

The recipe was adapted from this vegan Chocolate Mug Cake.

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Chocolate Protein Cake In A Mug

An easy single serving chocolate protein mug cake recipe, perfect for those times when you're craving chocolate cake for snack or dessert!
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 1 – 2 servings
5 from 33 votes


  • 4 tsp cocoa powder
  • 6 tbsp spelt, white, or oat flour (For low carb, make this Keto Mug Cake)
  • 2 tbsp chocolate protein powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp sugar, unrefined if desired
  • 4 tsp additional sugar OR pinch uncut stevia
  • 2 tbsp oil (Many commenters say it still tastes good if you sub applesauce or mashed banana. I haven't tried.)
  • 6 tbsp water or milk of choice
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • If using an oven, preheat to 350 F. Grease a mug or two ramekins very well. Stir together all dry ingredients, either in the mug or in a separate dish. Add wet, and stir to form a batter. Transfer to the mug or ramekins if not already there. Either bake (12 min) or microwave until fluffy – my microwave took 2 minutes, but it will vary greatly depending on wattage. Eat straight in the dish, or let cool completely and then go around the sides with a knife to loosen. Top with ice cream, chocolate frosting, or anything you wish!
    View Nutrition Facts


Also be sure to try this Banana Bread In A Mug.

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Published on May 23, 2021

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  1. Maria says

    Love this idea and how easy it is, especially since I’m always craving chocolate cake! 🙂 And, it would be perfect with the cashew cream I made other day! Nice!

  2. Bianca Phillips says

    YUM! I actually had my first protein mug cake on Tuesday! It was from a mix — FitQuick vegan protein doughnut mix — but made mug cake style. Super yummy! I should try your homemade version!

  3. Rachel says

    This is delicious. I used organic normal flavoured whei protein and it was chocolately enough. I made this today for lunch, jumjum :). The microwave did a good job. I happen to have a ‘cake’ option on my microwave, never used it before, but that is totally going to change 🙂

  4. Bites for Foodies says

    This is a recipe I need to try. I’m really trying to increase my protein consumption since I don’t eat meat. I mainly add protein powder to smoothies, but never thought to add it to baked goods! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Carrie Willard says

    Yay! I always anchor my meals and snacks with protein (I’m on TrimHealthyMama) so this recipe will be awesome for me. Thanks for posting, I’m going to share this with my blog readers for my weekend roundup.

  6. Taylor says

    Just made this Katie and it was so yummy!!! I used Quest chocolate protein powder, almond flour and a few dark chocolate stevia chips. I have a major sweet tooth and unfortunately I still suffer with acne so its great to find low glycemic desserts that do not taste like chalk!!

    • Annabell says

      I just came across this article and noticed you mentioned you suffered from acne. I was having the same problem and started to cut dairy without realizing most protein powder is made from whey which is dairy! If you’re still struggling, I suggest a vegan non soy protein powder. My skin cleared right away! Good luck

  7. Tarryn P says

    I just tried this and it was awesome…
    … Just to make it extra chocolately – I added some pure choc chips and they went all goey – YUM!
    Just a question – could you multiply the ingredients and make muffins instead of a mug cake? If so – would anyone know the ratio?

  8. Julie says

    Can you please help me understand the nutrition facts? Your nutritions state 159 calories and very low fat. When I calculate just the oil and sugar it is over 300. Add all the ingredients and it is close to 500calories. Even split into 2 servings, my calculation is 250calories per serving. What am I doing wrong?

  9. Abisnna says

    Oh lord i jus tried this rcipe using a microwave and it tastes phenomenal! Itz fluffy and a,azing. i used coconut sugar amd JESUS CHRIST I DDNT EXPECT IT TO BE THIS AMAZING ! Thank u!!!

  10. Eva says

    Wow this recipe really hits the spot ! I made this for my boyfriend and I the other night and we both enjoyed it . It almost tastes “naughty “ ??!! Will definitely be making this over and over again . Perhaps next time I will try applesauce or earth balance melted butter because the texture was slightly gummy with oil .

  11. Kristin says

    I have been making this for a while now and absolutely love it! I use applesauce and stevia and even my husband still really enjoys it.

  12. Rachel Ackerman says

    I don’t understand the nutrition facts. The recipe calls for 3 Tbsp. sugar, but the nutrition facts states only 12 g sugar. Even doubled, that would be 24 g sugar, but each tbsp. has 12.5 g. That doesn’t even account for sugar in the protein powder or the milk

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, it looks like the recipe calls for just 2 tbsp sugar. The other one is optional and can be stevia instead. Almond milk has no sugar, nor does unsweetened protein powder. Hope that helps!

  13. Terra says

    I just made this (applesauce instead of coconut oil), almond and coconut flour , and it was SO good!!! Love your recipes, thanks girl !

  14. Little baker girl says

    Can I make a vegan microwave mug cake using only protein powder as flour? Would the texture be bad? I think using maybe banana, soy milk, erythritol, the protein powder, baking powder and salt of course and maybe vanilla or cinnamon. And peanut butter if it can’t be made without any fat.

    Thank you for your recipes that have made my life a little bit easier and definitely more yummy 🙂

  15. Claire says

    5 stars
    First time I used banana and the second time I use melted butter. Both were delicious but I liked the banana better. I also added chocolate chips to the batter

  16. Katie says

    I can’t believe how good this is and I have to double check my understanding. The oil version of the mug cake is approx 250 per serving and there are 2 servings per cake. Is this right?

    This recipe is easily adaptable to other flavors ie vanilla protein and blueberries, thank you!

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