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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

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This is the best recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies you will ever find. Soft, chewy, and melt in your mouth delicious, they are everything you could ever want in a chocolate chip cookie recipe!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

No flaxmeal

No chia seeds or egg replacer

Just 9 ingredients

No chickpeas

This is my tried-and-true best vegan chocolate chip cookies recipe that both vegans AND meat eaters love. Try the recipe out on all your friends.

How is it possible that these secretly vegan cookies taste so much like regular traditional chocolate chip cookies? It’s because the cookies are made with ONLY traditional chocolate chip cookie ingredients!

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The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Homemade chocolate chip cookies have been one of my favorite desserts for as long as I can remember.

Give me a choice, and I’ll choose chocolate chip cookies over cake or candy any day of the week. Even before I was tall enough to see above the kitchen table, I earned the nickname Cookie Monster.

Any time there were cookies around, I would be sure to find them.

So it makes sense that, upon going vegan, they were one of the very first recipes I veganized, along with these Vegan Pancakes and Vegan Cinnamon Rolls.

No one who tries the recipe can ever believe these soft and classic chocolate chip cookies are actually vegan!

cookie dough

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Ingredients

The one bowl recipe is easy to make using basic ingredients, with no almond flour or applesauce, and no coconut oil required.

For the flour: Try the cookies with spelt flour, oat flour, or regular white all purpose flour. I have not tried using whole wheat flour so can’t vouch for that substitution. Be sure to leave a comment with results if you do try.

The fat source: Options that work include sunflower, coconut, or vegetable oil. Or sub a full fat vegan butter spread such as Melt Organic, Miyoko’s, or Earth Balance.

For the sweetener: Feel free to experiment with different types of sugar or sugar free alternatives such as xylitol or granulated erythritol.

You can also just use all of one type of sugar instead of two. The resulting cookies might be crunchy or spread more, or they might need more or less time in the oven, but edible baking experiments are the best kind of experiments!

*For keto chocolate chip cookies, try these Keto Cookies

Chewy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Is Chocolate Vegan?

And are chocolate chips vegan? I’m asked these questions quite often, and thankfully the answer is that yes, chocolate itself is vegan.

While milk is sometimes added, there are many brands—even some generic grocery store brands—of vegan chocolate chips and chocolate bars that are becoming much easier to find.

If you want to seek out vegan chocolate chips at a regular grocery store, the best place to start is the natural food aisle. Most regular grocery stores should have a natural food section. Just ask an employee if you’re not sure where it’s located.

Look for one of the following brands: Enjoy Life, Simple Truth Organic, Target Simply Balanced, Lily’s Sweet Stevia Sweetened, Kirkland semi sweet (Costco brand), Guittard semi sweet or extra dark, Equal Exchange, Scharffen Berger dark chocolate baking chunks, Trader Joe’s semi sweet, Sprouts semi sweet, or Pascha.

(Note: Some of these packages say “may contain milk” on the label because the chocolate chips are made in a facility where non-vegan products are also produced.

Most vegans still consider such products to be vegan, but of course it’s a personal choice, especially if the reason to avoid milk is due to an allergy. At press time, Enjoy Life and Pascha brands are certified dairy free, gluten free, and soy free.)

Dairy Free Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Where Can I Buy Vegan Chocolate?

As mentioned above, you can find vegan chocolate chips at many regular grocery stores. Other good places to look include Whole Foods, local health food stores, Amazon, or iHerb.

Sometimes online stores will offer a lower price. If nothing else, you can always chop up a chocolate bar to make your own chocolate chips!

There are too many vegan chocolate bar options to list them all here, but some of my favorite fair-trade options include Theo, Pacari, Taza, Loving Earth, and Endangered Species brands. And there are so many more.

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chocolate chip cookies

How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gather all of the cookie ingredients as well as a medium mixing bowl.

Combine the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, and chocolate chips in the bowl. Stir well.

Add the nondairy milk, oil, and pure vanilla extract. Stir to form a cookie dough. It will be dry at first, so just keep stirring and it will suddenly turn into cookie dough.

Press the dough into one big ball. Refrigerate at least two hours or overnight, or freeze until the dough is cold.

Once chilled, preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Roll chocolate chip cookie dough balls, and place the balls on a greased cookie tray. Leave enough room between cookies for spreading when they bake.

Cook for eleven minutes on the oven’s center rack. The cookies will look underdone when you remove them from the oven. This is what you want, because they continue to firm up considerably as they cool.

Let the chocolate chip cookies cool for at least ten minutes. If for some reason the cookies don’t spread enough (climate sometimes interferes), simply press down with a spoon after baking.

vegan chocolate chip cookies recipe

Storage And Baking Tricks

  • If you’d like to freeze the cookie dough to have on hand whenever a chocolate chip cookie craving hits, roll into balls and freeze in an airtight container for up to three months. When ready to bake, there’s no need to thaw the cookie dough first. Just add an additional 1-2 minutes to the cooking time.
  • For soft chocolate chip cookies, store leftovers in an airtight plastic container, and add about 1/4 slice of bread if you have one, which helps keep the cookies soft. For crispier cookies, store in a glass container. Baked cookies will last for 2-3 days.
  • I’ve made these cookies so many times, and climate can definitely affect the shape and texture of the results. But despite not always looking the same, each batch has always tasted ridiculously delicious. I’ve never made a bad batch yet.
  • The vegan chocolate chip cookies are great for lunchboxes or parties where someone else is hosting and you need a portable vegan dessert that you can take from point A to B without a mess.
  • Over one hundred more dairy free and plant based vegan cookie recipes can be found by visiting the following page: Healthy Cookies Recipes

Above, watch the vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe video

The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

The recipe was adapted from these Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

A recipe for how to make the best vegan chocolate chip cookies that non vegans love too!
Cook Time 11 minutes
Total Time 11 minutes
Yield 11 – 14 cookies
5 from 5723 votes


  • 1 cup white, oat, or spelt flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup sugar, unrefined if desired (For no sugar, try these Breakfast Cookies)
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar or coconut sugar
  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips
  • 2 tbsp milk of choice, plus more if needed
  • 2 tbsp oil or melted vegan butter
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl, then stir in wet to form a dough – it will be dry at first, so keep stirring until a cookie-dough texture is achieved. If needed, add 1-2 tbsp extra milk of choice. Form into one big ball, then either refrigerate at least 2 hours or freeze until the dough is cold. Once dough is chilled, preheat oven to 325 F. Form dough balls, and place on a greased baking tray, leaving enough room between cookies for them to spread. Bake 11 minutes on the center rack. They’ll look underdone when you take them out. Let them cool on the baking tray 10 minutes before touching, during which time they will firm up. If for whatever reason the cookies don't spread enough (climate can play a huge role), just press down with a spoon after baking. You can also choose to make extra cookie dough balls and freeze them to bake at a later date. I can only vouch for the flours listed, but feel free to experiment!
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Also be sure to try these Sweet Potato Brownies.

Have you made this recipe?

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  1. Kayla says

    I LOVE your recipes, your cookbook, and your blog!
    I have made so many of your recipes, some repeats, and plan to make more. They have not disappointed!
    I did want to point out though, that Ghiradelli Semi-Sweet chocolate chips do contain milk in them now. 🙁 They started adding milk in them almost a year or so ago. So disappointing!
    I LOVE the Enjoy Life chips though! I’ll have to try the others sometime. 🙂
    Thank you again for such amazing recipes!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Thanks so much for letting us know. The packaging we checked online must have not been updated. How disappointing, and a confusing step backwards, that they would add milk to a product that was fine without it.
      Jason (media relations)

      • T.g. says

        Trader Joe’s semi sweet chocolate chips are dairy free I believe! And they have several dark chocolate bars that are vegan for the same price or cheaper than chips!

      • Matt says

        Chocolate is super expensive right now, as you know. Doesn’t surprise me that a large company would scale back their recipe and dilute it with milk. Candies, cakes, confections, etc. have all been reformulated by big companies to maintain profit margins.

  2. Aimie says

    These vegan chocolate chip cookies look AMAZING! I love your original healthy chocolate chip cookies recipe so will have to try these too. You can never have enough chocolate chip cookie recipes!

  3. Natasha @ Thoughts of Tradition says

    These look very good and I really enjoy the fact that they are made with traditional ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a serious fan of your bean brownies and blondies, but sometimes you just want to stick with a recipe similar to your mother’s.
    If I were to substitute almond flour, would the recipe work? I understand that the texture would be different.
    Have a wonderful Monday night.

  4. Heather Tisdale says

    I live in rural Wales and cannot find any vegan chocolate chips near me. I just buy a dark chocolate bar that is vegan and carefully cut it into small chip sized chunks. I will definitely be making these soon!

    • Rachael says

      Any chance there’s a Sainsbury’s anywhere within reach? Their dark chocolate chips are vegan. (I’m aware it’s a long shot but figured just in case it’s helpful!)

    • Julia says

      Hi Heather, I buy the dark chocolate chips from Tesco and they are vegan and delicious. I recommend them if you have any Tesco nearby.

  5. Marni says

    Hi, is there any way you could put the actual recipe at the very top of the post? I realize there are people who love seeing 19 photos of the same thing from different angles lol but some of us just want the recipe! Thanks!

      • A says

        Eh I agree that either the recipe should be higher on the page or have a jump to link. The photos are great, but the recipe is what we are all here for.

    • Ellen says

      I feel the same. Don’t know why all food bloggers use this irritating format. Wastes my time scrolling through photos that don’t add anything to the story.

    • Missa says

      She provides the recipes for free. ._. I think she’s earned her fun of waxing poetic and lots of pictures. It only takes two seconds to scroll through if you’re not interested in reading the post or looking at photos.

      Maybe try saying ‘thankyou’ instead of complaining about getting something for free? @_@ I’m so baffled about your post, honestly. Not even mad. Just puzzled that it’s possible to have your attitude.

    • Nicole says

      Agreed. I often load these pages on my phone and it takes a while and extra scrolling. I often just go back and try another site that has what I want- just the recipe and a picture (or a *few*). Thats what I came for. At least she doesn’t do that crazy food blogger “when I was a kid” bs

    • Circle Pasto says

      It’s so they can make money on ads throughout the text. It’s worth it to support an entrepreneur and not have to come up with your own recipes. I think it’s annoying too, but most people aren’t going to make a food blog for everyone out of the goodness of their hearts. They are trying to provide for themselves and their families. Just look at it like cross marketing placement in a grocery store. Maybe click on some links that appeal to you and feel good supporting a woman’s business.

        • JoJo says

          It also helps with google’s “time on page” metric. If people spend more time on a web page, google assumes they have found the information they were searching for.

  6. Cassie Thuvan Tran says

    I am more of a chocolate chunk person, so what I like to do is to chop up a bar of 70% dark chocolate and just stir it in the dough. It works perfectly! This batch of chocolate chip cookies could not be more simple, and I love it. The dough probably tastes delicious too!

    • Marilyn Morrison says

      I am a person who cannot follow a recipe. I always think of some ingredients not listed. In this case I used a little almond butter, medjool dates for sweetner along with Sukrin. I have been vegetarian 20 years and now vegan for 2 years. I don’t need much sweet for things to taste sweet.
      Very tasty recipe. No refined sugar for years.

      • Joan says

        I love this. Minimal or no processed sugar is what I am aiming for but I’ve got quite a way to go to make all our old recipes vegan and sugar free (or to replace them with healthier versions).

  7. Ellen Lederman says

    Kroger has organic chocolate chips that are accidently vegan, as well as 72% cacao chocolate chunks.

    • Jason Sanford says

      They come out thinner and crispier if you don’t, but if that’s what you want then definitely go ahead!

      • Courtlynne says

        I tried this recipe today and they turned out paper thin and not cooked all the way through. I put the dough in the fridge for 2 hours. Could it just not have been cold enough? They taste super gooey and delicious though.

      • lizzy says

        5 stars
        OMG! Best vegan/gluten free chocolate chip cookies I have ever had!! I ran out of milk so I used water… I don’t do reg sugar so I added 1/2 maple syrup… ran low on vegan butter so I mixed with olive oil. SO DELICIOUS! They taste like grandma’s homemade cookies.

    • Jason Sanford says

      The texture will be different ad they might spread differently, but taste-wise it should work. Be sure to report back if you try!

    • Rose says

      I make these with regular coconut sugar and brown coconut sugar and they come out perfect every time. I measure by weight (48grams of each) which I think makes it more consistent.

  8. Jen @ says

    I’ve made this recipe twice in the last week and doubled the recipe the second time around, they were that good! I used blended gluten free oats for my flour and coconut oil for the oil. I used Pascha 85% cocoa chocolate chips which are both gluten free and vegan. The first time I chilled the dough, second time I didn’t want to wait, and I did not notice any major difference in the outcome, so I’ll just skip the chilling from now on. I brought them to a party and everyone loved them and no one could believe they were vegan. I usually make oatmeal cookies, but these will definitely be added to my cookie rotation. They come out soft, chewy and gooey and so delicious, thank you for this amazing and super easy recipe!

  9. Eleanor says

    I live at 5,000 foot altitude and I want to make these rather badly!! Would I need to make any adjustments at all? Any advice would be most appreciated!!! XOX

    • Jason Sanford says

      Unfortunately we don’t have any experience at all with high altitude baking, but please do report back if you experiment!

      Jason (media relations)

    • Emi says

      We live in the north Denver Metro area, and I’m an experienced baker. For most cookie recipes you shouldn’t need to alter the recipe much, in my experience cakes/cupcakes from scratch are the trickiest to get right at higher altitudes like ours. I’ve made many of Katie’s recipes on here and so far haven’t needed to make any changes for the altitude so you should be good to make these as-is.

    • Erin says

      5 stars
      I used sprouted spelt flour, myokos vegan butter and Enjoy chocolate chunks. I am also at altitude in the north Denver area. I did not notice a difference at altitude. They didn’t spread as much but I suspect that’s because of the sprouted spelt. Still absolutely delicious! Will definitely make these again!!!

  10. Courtney says

    So delicious as always! I literally was never able to make a healthy dessert successfully until I found your blog and now they turn out every time and are amazing xoxoxo
    P.s. the cookie dough by itself is fantabulous

  11. Lydia says

    These were a hit at home and at work! I’ve never used coconut sugar in a baking recipe before, and I really like the flavor that it added. I also used So Delicious coconut milk creamer as my liquid, which added more sweetness. I followed everything in the recipe as it was stated. Thanks for another great one!

  12. Melrin Dsilva says

    The cookies turned out amazing. My husband is allergic to egg so your recipes really workout for me. Thanks for your vegan recipes ?

  13. Youngbaker says

    I didn’t have vegan chocolate chips on hand when I made these, but it was super easy to make my own vegan chocolate. I used half a cup of cocoa powder And coconut butter and a quarter cup honey, plus half a teaspoon vanilla and a pinch of salt. They turned out great!

  14. Reyna says

    Hi everyone!
    I made this recipe with the below substitutions and they are DELICIOUS!! A huge hit!!!
    -Almond flour
    -Xreynaylitol instead of sugars
    -Lily’s stevia choc chips
    -Madagascar vanilla Ghee (dairy) instead of oil

  15. Marty Embry says

    This is my first time making vegan cookies and these came out perfectly! And they are absolutely delish! Even though I’m not vegan, I’m a chef and always try to prepare items that I think that my vegan eaters would enjoy. My son is vegan and he was floored by the flavor AND texture. Kudos to you. This is a keeper! And I’m keeping it! Lol. Thank you again for sharing. You rock!

  16. Bavneet says

    These cookies are just amazing for people who want to be fit in their lives. Thanks for sharing these cookies with us.

  17. Sophia says

    Wow. I was looking fo a good chewy, soft vegan chocolate chip recipe and hadn’t faound a truly good one. Until now. It was delicious, soft and chewy, the perfect texture. I thought it may be better if it were a tad less sweeter but that’s just personal preference. Really great recipe. Thank you!

  18. Amanda says

    I just made these cookies and they are pretty good! I forgot to add the vanilla, and I’m not sure how much difference that makes but I’ll remember next time. I used blended oats instead of flour, oat milk, and brown sugar. My son has several allergies so I’m always looking for decent recipes that are vegan and avoid his allergens. I’ll definitely make these again! Thanks!

  19. Carolyn says

    I made them because the black bean brownies were so amazing. However, are these cookies supposed to look like little balls? Mine barely spread at all in the oven or resting process.

  20. kenzie says

    I looked so hard for vegan cookie recipes that didn’t need any special ingredients…and I’m so glad I found this one!
    I wanted to bake some cookies for some vegan friends, and I didn’t have time for a trip to the grocery store.
    Of course, I had to make a couple substitutions! Nothing crazy!
    I didn’t have vegan chocolate. I used chopped dates.
    The milk I used was actually Coconut Milk, from a can. Great choice I think! It’s all I had but I’d use it again next time.
    I added a dash of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg. You know, to go with the dates. Raisins would’ve been good too, and/or nuts. I didn’t have any of those either.
    I used Canola Oil. Again, that’s what I had on hand. It was that or Olive.
    I used plain old All Purpose Unbleached Flour.
    I used a medium brown sugar, and an unrefined organic cane sugar, which I skimped on as I then added in a tablespoon of Maple Syrup, just for fun…I figured the flavour would be nice and with 3 TBSP of Coconut Milk my dough was still looking like it’d be pretty dry after a quick stir. I ended up with dough that was slightly firm, but very much like I would expect a non-vegan cookie dough to look and feel like.
    I refrigerated for a little while, maybe twenty minutes in the freezer. I couldn’t wait very long – the dough did seem quite cool.
    I flattened them a bit with a fork before baking, but followed the 11 mins at 325 of course.
    I ended up with 11 beautiful soft tasty cookies! It could’ve been 12 if I’d made them a touch smaller. I couldn’t believe they were vegan. This recipe made me look like a superstar. I feel silly leaving a review saying that I made all these substitutions etc…but really I have never made vegan cookies and the base recipe was super, super helpful. I’m sure these would be just as amazing as a plain old chocolate chip cookie! I’m excited to try making them that way soon. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

  21. Vegan says

    If you are Vegan and you are eating anything that says “may contain milk etc” you are eating animal products. I have yet to find a packaged food that warns of “may contain” without having a serious allergic reaction to it.

    It may be trace amounts, but you are eating animal products.

    • Jason Sanford says

      If you live in this world, then honestly there is no way to not eat or use trace amounts of animal products, even if it’s just in the bugs in your organic broccoli and sitting in someone’s leather car seat, etc. We all just do the best we can.

    • Christine says

      No, it actually doesn’t, and you shouldn’t make idiotic comments if you don’t know what you’re talking about. This is what companies do to cover themselves if they produce other items made with milk, eggs, nuts, etc. in the same facility and don’t want to get sued in case someone has an allaergic reaction. These products do not contain those items.

    • Leah says

      This simply isn’t true. It doesn’t contain trade amounts, it was just manufacturered in a facility that also uses the product (in this case, milk). If it contained trace amounts then it would list that under the ingredients, in bold if it’s one of the top allergens.

    • Kaylynn says

      No offense but if you’re having severe allergic reactions to things that say “may contain” it’s psychological.

  22. Johnny says

    The recipe says to cook these at 325 for 13 minutes, then let sit for another 11 minutes. My cookies were all under done. I turned it oven up to 425 and cooked then until they were lightly brown, and DONE! By the way raw cookies aren’t very good. Yuck!Johnny

  23. Jason Sanford says

    Unfortunately yes substituting a different flour can have a huge impact on a recipe, especially for something like cookies, because different flours will absorb liquid at different amounts and 1 cup of a lighter flour will weigh less than a denser flour like whole wheat. Katie is not a fan of whole wheat flour (or white whole wheat flour) at all, which is why she almost never tests it in any of her recipes. She feels that baked goods with those flours tend to come out dense and gummy. I can personally vouch for the recipe as being amazing with spelt or oat flour so if you ever try it again, I’d recommend one of those. Or just sticking to the brownies works too, because that’s one of my personal favorites on the blog 🙂


    • Alene says

      Thank you Jason. I have to be gluten free and now rice free too. I was a little worried about using all oat flour since I can’t use gf blends anymore (the rice content), but you answered my question. Happy baking everyone!

  24. Jess says

    Made these, delicious. Subbed maple syrup for vanilla because I was out of vanilla and did 100% maple syrup sugar. I used a standard gluten free flour that I always use in baking (just a pack I buy off of Amazon.) They came out amazing but super sweet, so I’m going to cut the sugar down next time and pick up some vanilla b/c I think the maple syrup contributed to the sweetness in a way that I can do without. I appreciate how easy this recipe is!

  25. Sue says

    Made these last week, liked them but every one said it was like eating cookie dough. I did add 1 more tablespoons of milk. Next time I will flatten them more and cook for 2 more minutes and cook on Gas 4 and see if they are better. Forgot to take a photo.

  26. Vicky says

    I’ve always baked for my students at the end of a good year and this year for the first time I’ve got some vegan students (I didn’t want them to miss out!). I looked for some time before coming across this recipe which finally didn’t call for special ingredients I didn’t have. I didn’t have vegan choc chips, or non-cow’s milk, so have made mine ginger and coconut, and just used water for the liquid. I also subbed in gluten free all purpose flour so that my GF students could enjoy these. Very easy dough to make and they taste pretty good. I wouldn’t use it instead of my normal recipe but perhaps without my substitutions it would be better. Will try again another day!

  27. Jess says

    Thanks for this recipe, they turned out great. I used half white flour and half oat flour (oats blended in vitamix), coconut oil and a bit less sugar than the recipe called for. I didn’t need to add any extra liquid. I would probably cook them for a couple minutes longer next time but they were really nice, soft but held together really well and love the simple ingredients used here.

  28. Emil says

    Great result! Used Light Muscavado for the unrefined sugar (common enough in NZ supermarkets), coconut sugar, peanut oil and around 50% more choc chips for a chocolate heavy experience. Also added 1 Tbsp or so of Golden Syrup which turned out pretty well. Thanks so much for this recipe!

  29. Cherie says

    They really are the most delicious, perfect cookies just the way I like, soft and chewy. They just don’t seem completely done in the middle and I eat them because they’re delicious but no one else at home trusts that they are fully cooked and won’t have any. What could I be doing wrong? The only difference is I use parchment paper or bake on a glass Pyrex otherwise I followed the recipe exactly I even added a couple extra minutes of cooking.

  30. Melanie Carr says

    I made these with the addition of baking powered and a banana for half the sugar, and a dash of cinnamon and my dad loved them! He said it was his favorite chocolate chip cookie, soft and fluffy from the oven. Tonight I doubled the recipe and he said it was even better even though I duplicated it! Thank you!

  31. Amelia says

    These are actually soooo amazing! I have celiac disease, so I use oat flour. No one would ever guess they were gluten free and vegan. These are some of my non gf brother’s favorite cookies. I also made them for my friends at ballet and they all loved them. When I told them that they were gf, they were in awe. I will never need another choco chip cookie recipe 🙂

  32. Bug Baker says

    I am preparing to host an entomophagy event, but I did not want to sacrifice my otherwise vegan diet for the sake of the chocolate chirp cookies. I used cricket flour and added in 1/3 cup roasted crickets along with the 1/3 cup chocolate chips. The cookies turned out perfect after adding a little extra almond milk to the dough, and I know they’re going to be a huge hit with the other entomologists! Thanks much for the fantastic recipe. And apologies in advance to anyone who was grossed out by this comment lol

    • Nan says

      Besides putting crickets in the cookies, you wrote chocolate CHIRP cookies… Crickets do chirp! Man, thanks for the laughs. =D

  33. Esra says

    I didn’t have chocolate chips so I added raisins in place of chocolate chips they turned out really good but they’re really good with chocolate chips too

  34. Jen says

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I’m making a layered cookie jar for my daughter’s tap dance teacher, who happens to be vegan. I love that there is no crazy ingredients I have to order online or run from store to store to find! 🙂

  35. Allana says

    Hi Katir,

    First of all thank you for posting this vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe! I’m grateful to find such a recipe without having to add peanut butter since one of my kiddos has an aversion to anything peanut butter. Go figure! Anyway, I’m going to replace the oil with apple sauce to make them oil free and see how it goes. By the way, said kiddos are in their 20’s ? and still request vegan homemade chocolate chip cookies for Christmas!

  36. Carla says

    Does this recipe actually work with that tiny amount of wet ingredients? I had to add 1/3 cup of apple sauce (that’s a lot!) to mine to make it into a dough and it was still a little on the dry side. Otherwise they looked more like piles of sand on the baking sheet. Turned out good with the added apple sauce.

  37. Reynolds Marley says

    Thanks for the great recipe !
    I Will Make this recipe at home I really love Chocolate Chip Cookie rich chocolate flavor with a nice balance of the cardamom.

    • Bridget Shields says

      5 stars
      I make my cookies on a round pizza pan for my grandson. He is not a cake eater so we decorate the cookie with icing and Happy Birthday. 🙂

  38. Allison says

    This is my second time making vegan chocolate chip cookies and I am a horrible baker. This recipe did not turn out for me. They are hard as rocks and do not taste good. I didn’t add white sugar so that may have something to do with the taste, but this is the second time I’ve made rock cookies. Why do they not melt and become soft and gooey?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Do you mean that you omitted the white sugar completely, or replaced it with something else? Also, what sugar, flour, and oil did you use?

  39. Susan says

    I made these yesterday. They are delicious
    The only thing is, they were very soft after 7 minutes of baking and about 15 minutes cooling.
    Not sure what happened???
    Thank you ?

  40. Sheryk says

    Just made these…fantastic! My kids ate half of the batter before it even made it into the oven. And I was too impatient to refrigerate the dough, so I baked the room temp dough for 10 mins and it came out great.

  41. Taylor Mountjoy says

    I’m very critical of vegan cookies, as in I can only recall one amazing vegan cookie in my life (and there is a large sample size!) but this is the best recipe out there. Thank you for enriching my life!

  42. Laura says

    I’ve made vegan chocolate chip cookies before but decided to try these. I am not sure why they are more complicated than others. I have never needed to chill a recipe other than sugar cookies. Also having them come out not looking baked was strange as well. They tasted good because they are filled with sugar and chocolate but I don’t think I’ll make them again.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Aw sorry about that! We are not sure why it would say that but put in a help request with Katie’s web developer. So glad they turned out well, and thank you for making the cookies! Jason (media relations)

  43. Kay says

    Great recipe!
    For reference for anyone who wondered about similar things to me:
    I followed this recipe almost exactly, except I used (vegan) chocolate buttons cut in half instead of chocolate chips as I didn’t have any – and I added about 20g extra of them because yum!
    I let it sit around 25 mins in the freezer.
    I made 11 cookies.


  44. Lauren says

    Hi Katie,
    I was inspired to use your recipe to make cookie dough frozen yogurt. I took your recipe, halved it, and blended it with approximately 1 cup of greek yogurt–any variety will do. I also left out the chocolate chips because I don’t like frozen chocolate chips. I’ve done this a few times with different cookie dough recipes, and I think the results are truly great! I wanted to recommend it. Kindly,

  45. Alex says

    Oh wow, these are perfect! I made these for family members with egg and gluten allergies and everyone loved them. We aren’t vegan, so next time I may try melted butter instead of oil.

  46. Katriona Oliver says

    Does anyone know if I can use this recipe to make a giant cookie? And how to adjust the cooking temperature/time?

  47. Liz says

    I can not explain how greatful I am to finally be able to eat sweets again!! I have a allergy to bananas and so many vegan recipes contain bananas as some substitute for something else. So thank you thank you soo much!

  48. Grace says

    Thanks for the recipe. I baked these for a vegan friend and she was very happy with the taste, although mine didn’t spread quite as much as yours did in your photo and my clumsy shaping gave them a very uneven shape. I used light brown sugar and regular white sugar, and vegetable oil (although the some of the measurements were slightly eyeballed because I didn’t have proper measuring spoons).
    But otherwise, great recipe: simple and easy to execute. Thanks again!

  49. T.g. says

    Trader Joe’s semi sweet chocolate chips are dairy free I believe! And they have several dark chocolate bars that are vegan for the same price or cheaper than chips!

  50. Kerry Mizrahi says

    I made this with 3/4 c. Bob’s Red Mill 1-1 gluten free flour and 1/4 c. almond flour. Also used Lily’s chips sweetened with stevia. I tried making 11-14 cookies at first but found I preferred much smaller cookies in the end and I usually end up with 25 cookies. They’re fantastic, my girls loved them!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Thank you so much for reporting about your version. I really want to try them that way now because I’m always looking for more almond flour recipes!

  51. Bailey says

    This is my go to recipe for cookies. People are always astonished that they are vegan! Thank you for posting such a perfect recipe!

  52. Molly Dickson says

    Great simple recipe but is the liquid ratio correct? I have baked this many times but have always had to add much more liquid than stated. What am I doing wrong? regardless thank you for such great content!

  53. Colleen says

    I made this and I had to add like 2 tbsp extra milk (i used almond breeze almond/cashew milk). I honestly probably could have used less because the batter was pretty sticky in the end, but it didnt seem like it was coming together (patience is a virtue). I baked them for probably like a total of 24 mins (they didnt seem done after the recommended time so I just let them sit in there while I did something else). I dont know if it’s because I used whole wheat flour (its the only kind of flour I buy). They taste great nonetheless. crunchy (but not too hard) on the outside and soft on the inside. I also should have flattened them before I baked them (they’re tall and fat). Anyways I love them!

  54. Emily Strobino says

    These were great, and were a hit with my athlete’s without having to tell them they are vegan! 🙂 What oil do you use?

  55. Gemma says

    these cookies are amazing way better than any other I’ve tried both vegan and non vegan, i had to add a few extra tablespoons of dairy free milk to get them perfect though and i used white sugar not half and half white and brown just because i didn’t have any brown and they turned out great! Defo recommend these

  56. Naomi says

    It took me a few tries to get this recipe to turn out… was very bready and puffy at the beginning, almost like rolls with chocolate chips! I cut down the flour a tablespoon or so and added an extra half tablespoon of cashew milk. I also cooked at 300 degrees rather than 325. I used unsweetened applesauce instead of oil, all coconut sugar rather than half and half, and added in chopped walnuts and cranberries in the last batch! I’m always looking to improve (I prefer a flatter cookie) but my husband and non-veg sis LOVED them!

  57. Tosia says

    What size cookie scoop are you using? How big should the cookie balls be for the baking time you provide? Trying to guess from your photo 🙂

  58. Sofia says

    I just made these and they are delicious!!!! The only vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe that not only worked, it tastes amazing !!!! I used oat flour and substituted honey for the white sugar and they came oiut great. ! Mine spreaded too much cause I patted them down, next time I ll leave them as little balls!!! Thank you so much for your recipes!!!! This o es a keeper!!!

    • Mahika says

      Hi, I just wanted to point out that for most people honey is not vegan-friendly because it is made from bees for bees and not humans but of course it depends on each vegan to make that choice!

  59. goldie says

    I just wanted to say I’ve probably made these cookies about 10 times now, in a matter of not even 2 months..! Each time I double the recipe too! Ever since I went vegan years ago I’ve been looking for a choc chip recipe that reminded me of the childhood cookies and this is it! Perfectly moist, soft and chewy! Thank you for your amazing recipes yet again!! 🙂

  60. Karsen Delgado says

    Katie Thank you for a perfect, delicious chocolate chip recipe that is vegan and gluten free! I’ve tried several over the years and this one by far exceeds the typical expectation. You can’t even tell it’s vegan! Will be making more of your recipes and will be buying your book!

  61. SBC2023 says

    I see that the dough can be frozen to bake later, but can the baked cookies freeze as well without changing texture/taste?

  62. Jill says

    What type of oil do you use? I tried olive oil and if I were to do it again, I’d double the salt, as the olive oil overpowers the yummy taste.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Vegetable oil, melted coconut oil, canola, or sunflower oil all have much more neutral flavors for baking. I’ve done both vegetable and coconut here!

  63. Mahika says

    I made these cookies last night to start of spring break. The whole family loved them and it is now my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’m only a beginner at baking but this recipe was so easy for me, thank you for this delicious recipe 🙂

  64. maggie says

    These are almost tooooo good! I like that they are vegan yet taste exactly like my grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, which I’m pretty sure includes about 3 sticks of butter. I only had coconut sugar so used that twice (I doubled the recipe, so used 1 cup total of coconut sugar) and they turned out great! I did have to add an additional splash of almond milk as they were a little too dry at first. Overall, I have definitely found a new favorite recipe 🙂 Katie, I can honestly say your recipes never disappoint! Thanks!!

  65. Deborah says

    I came across your website while searching for sugar-free, vegan chocolate chip cookies. — My doctor has put me on a very strict diet in order to heal two esophageal ulcers that were discovered. He has me on a vegan diet and his list of foods are very, very restrictive. I can have NO SUGAR at all, in any form. It’s been two months now and I’m “dying!” I want something crunchy and sweet to eat for a snack at this point. Is it possible to make this recipe using powdered Stevia for sweeetness? If so, what would be the measurement of Stevia I could use? I can’t have any white flour or anything refined at all. I have other flours and I’m hoping I could use one of them. Please advise. I really need a cookie!!! Thanks.

  66. Shilpa says

    In general, when measuring flour, do you spoon the flour into the measuring cup, or use the measuring cup to scoop flour straight from the container? Thanks!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Using the measuring cup to scoop out the flour loosely, then level it is standard, but if you have a food scale that’s even better! 1 cup most regular flours is around 125 grams.

      • DJ says

        How many grams of oat flour are in 1 US cup? The answer is:The change of 1 cup us ( US cup ) unit in a oat flour measure equals = into 90.00 g ( gram ) as per the equivalent measure and for the same oat flour type.
        Hello I need to use oat flour for a summer camp because a lot of the kids are gluten-free celiac. I’ve seen online here that flower weighs quite a bit less than regular flour. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you very much!

  67. Mary says

    I’ve made 3-4 batches now and can’t stop won’t stop! Mine open up like cracks after baking and the inside is all gooey and delicious. This is by far my favorite recipe I have found that uses oat flour and no other added bs I don’t like or can’t have. These my family love too. I can eat eggs but I love it doesn’t call for eggs so much easier to make. Thank you!

  68. Anna Lorraine Heppenstall says

    This came out dry for me. Is it only 2tbsp of coconut oil? I’m gonna try to do this again.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, yes but melted! What flour and sugars did you use? Do you live in a dry climate, might need more moisture if that’s the case? I’ve never had a problem with them but I know air temperature can change baked goods, and it’s pretty humid here on the east coast!

  69. Anna Lorraine Heppenstall says

    Ok.. I tried making it again after watching the video.. I had to add 1 more tbsp of water to make my dough stickier. It worked! I made 10 cookies.. easy and ingredients that are already in my pantry. Yum! Will make these again!!

    • Jason Sanford says

      So glad it worked! And thank you so much for reporting back as to what worked for yours! If I ever encounter that issue, now I’ll know what to do 🙂

  70. elyse says

    these are really good! i only made them because we didn’t have any eggs and I’m only 13, so I can’t just go buy some. but super good. recommend for anyone that is vegan, or just doesn’t have eggs like me ?

  71. Franny says

    These look absolutely delicious! Can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate your blog!
    I’d love to know if these work with just coconut sugar instead of brown sugar?

    • Jason Sanford says

      The texture and taste will be different, but they’ll still be just as good in a different way!

  72. TeenChef says

    Just made these! Came out delicious!! I used oat flour, Swerve for white sugar, coconut sugar, and almond milk. They tasted a bit more like oatmeal chocolate cookies, no surprise there considering the oat flour. They were so good though. My entire non-vegan and non-health-food-eating family loved them. Thanks so much Katie! Also, what spelt flour would you recommend? After reading your thoughts on wheat flour, I want to try a new type of flour. I have sprouted whole wheat right now, but I’ve been using oat flour for baking. Just doesn’t look as pretty. 🙁

  73. TeenChef says

    Oh, great! Thank you! I feel so cool for talking to the real Chocolate Covered Katie! I love love love your blog!!! ?

  74. Anna Lorraine Heppenstall says

    I’ve made these cookies 2x now. I use coconut oil and coconut palm sugar. It’s my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe! So easy and quick.. with all the ingredients you already have in the pantry.. and items that everyone knows. Love love love this recipe!

  75. Anna Lorraine Heppenstall says

    I just made these again with a brown sugar truvia substitute. It came out yummy! I’m obsessed with this recipe! It tastes great in the fridge whenever you have a sweet craving at night. Just take one and take a glass of non dairy milk.. perfect combination for a good night sleep.

    • Jason Sanford says

      The only way to know is if you try. It sounds like a super fun experiment. Be sure to report back if you experiment, as I’d love to know the results and am sure other readers would too!

  76. Danni says

    YUMMM! Thank you for the recipe. I used
    Bobs red mill gluten free baking flour
    Xylosweet sweetener
    Organic coconut milk
    Canola oil(didn’t have coconut oil)
    Pure Vanilla extract
    Brown sugar
    Himalyan pink salt

    I made minis and baked them for 8 minutes

  77. Frustrated says

    I’ve made these 3 times now and I’m a little frustrated/confused. The first batch came out perfectly! However the other two times, the dough was dry and smelled oddly fishy. They turned out terrible, too. I used exactly the same ingredients (as in same bag of flour/sugar, etc, same container of almond milk, same bag of chocolate chips) in the same amounts each time so I’m not sure what went wrong. Any advice?

  78. Bim says

    I made this the first time and it was a bomb, but second time i did, i made 4x the measurement because al ot of my co workers asking for cookies, but it turned out salty.

  79. Anna Lorraine Heppenstall says

    I made these babies again and I used half erythritol and half monk fruit. (I tried Keto for a month so I got these ingredients so might as well use them!) They came out still perfect and just enough sweetness. I love how crispy they get when they’re in the fridge. Perfect ending at every meal with a glass of unsweetened almond milk!

  80. Jazmyne S. says

    What milk do you guys use? It says any kind of milk but im actually confused. Whats the best milk to go with that vegan wise?

  81. Donna Reid says

    I made my first batch of these with coarsely ground oat flour and used almond milk for the milk. I refrigerated the dough, but even after that, it seemed a little too oily, but I baked them anyway. They spread into one giant, flat cookie. I made the second and third batches with all-purpose flour and did not refrigerate the dough and they baked beautifully (13 minutes in my oven). After leaving them to cool, they flattened out a little, but they hadn’t spread much at all, so they fit perfectly with about 2 inches between each dough ball. These will be a mainstay vegan recipe for me. Thank you!

  82. Cali says

    Made these with spelt flour & my only changes were to add peanuts & not chill the dough (just couldn’t wait…I needed these in ma belleh!). I made them slightly larger so I got 9 cookies in total. They were the most PERFECT blend of crispy outside, gooey chewy inside. Had no issues with too dry or too soft dough, measures per the recipe were spot on. They did spread a fair bit in the baking but probs because I didn’t chill the dough. No matter…we may have eaten half the tray before they even cooled completely ??. Oh, & to Vegan’s comment that anything labelled as MAY contain milk, does, who died & made you vegan dictator?? In all my YEARS of veganism, I, along with many others just like me, have saved hundreds of thousands of sentient beings’ lives through our ethical food choices. Step off your soapbox & just go live by your own rules & let others live happily by theirs. Folk like you give us a bad name! Thanks for a ripping recipe, my new go to for choc chip cookies. ??

    • Jason Sanford says

      Love this comment! I love the idea to add chopped peanuts too. It sounds like a peanut butter cup chocolate chip cookie!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi I’m not sure what you’re reading? On my screen it says 1/3 cup chocolate chips :). Is that not showing up on your screen because the words are in pink maybe?

      • Plonit says

        Thanks! It wasn’t showing up because of the pink and I’d never want to eliminate something as important as chocolate chips!

  83. Amanda Wynant says

    good cookies. thanks for the recipe. I just chilled my dough in the freezer while the oven preheated. i used brown rice syrup instead of brown sugar because that’s what i had on hand. they were great!

  84. Irene says

    These are really good. I actually make them with water instead of milk because usually I don’t have any type of nut milk on hand and don’t want to go buy a whole carton for just two tablespoons haha. With water I found that they’re more chewy but they are absolutely amazing! This is my go to cookie recipe whenever I have vegan friends over and everyone including non vegans love it. They can’t believe that its vegan.

  85. Serena serafin says

    I’ve made this recipe a few times and love it. I’ve only tried with oat float and everything about them are amazing. When using applesauce or egg replacers, my results are always inconsistent. This recipe makes a perfect cookie without trying to hard! I will never use another cc cookie recipe again. Thank you. Going to debut with my non-vegan in-laws today.

  86. Amanda says

    Mine came out more cake-like than cookie-like. Any idea why? > followed the recipe exactly but did have to add an additional 2T almond milk to get the dough to the right consistency.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, with more milk they will definitely be cake like. What flour did you use? The batter is dry at first, but if you just keep stirring there shouldn’t be a need for more milk!

  87. Sarah says

    I love to bake and I love this recipe! However, I use white flour to make these, and when following the recipe to a t, it is always too dry. I double or even triple the milk each time I make these. Otherwise I am left with half dry flour mix and half super dry dough that can barely be stirred with a spoon. Adding the additional milk yields an exceptional, delicious cookie for both vegans and non. I recommend!

  88. Nina says

    I’m really disappointed with this recipe. After all the good reviews I gave them a try but I didn’t like the cookies at all. The dough was so dry even after about 10 minutes of stirring. So I added more liquid to get it to the right consistency. While baking they didn’t spread at all. They tasted very doughy and just like flour and sugar mixed together. Not like a cookie at all. I don’t recommend this recipe.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, yours were doughy because you added extra liquid. That would absolutely make cookies doughy. This batter is dry at first, but you just have to keep stirring with force and it suddenly will turn into cookie dough. Do not ever add extra liquid to cookie recipes more than what the recipe calls for or you will end up with gummy cookies. Also out of curiosity, what flour did you use?

      • Nina says

        Hi, maybe I will try them again in my Stand Mixer so I won’t have to do all the stirring by myself ;))
        I’m from Germany and i used the Type 405. That’s the standard flour for baking you get here. I’m not sure what kind of flour this is in America.

  89. Cat says

    Baked these almost twice the recommended time and were still raw in the middle despite leaving them on the sheet to cool as instructed. 325 is probably way too low. These also tasted… off. I do not recommend. Also, please specify whether brown sugar should be PACKED or not.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Based on the other reviews here, as well as my own experience making the recipe often, I’d say it sounds like maybe something wrong with your oven or one of the ingredients? Or maybe it’s simply that yours were too big? How many did you make? And what specific flour, sugar, oil, etc did you use? Baking that small amount of cookie batter for 22 minutes in any oven should definitely not be raw, no matter the recipe.

  90. Naomi says

    I used all dark brown soft sugar as it was all I had available.
    Well. These cookies are absolutely amazing!! If you’re in the UK and are looking for a recipe to rival that of Pret’s vegan “choc and almond” cookie then this is it. I reckon if you changed a small portion of the flour for cocoa powder (Green&Blacks, obvs) and added chopped almonds you’d be onto a winner. Will definitely be trying this at the weekend.
    This is a great website and a beautiful recipe, THANKS KATIE!! xxxx

    • Jason Sanford says

      Am I the only one who now really wants to go to the UK just to try one of the Pret’s vegan “choc and almond” cookies you mentioned? ?

  91. Zita says

    It might never get to the oven, because I’ll eat it up raw, it’s so delicious :)) I’m sure it’ll be awesome if it does 😀

    • Zita says

      Update: super delicious!! Our family of four ate it in ten minutes. Even my *very* picky husband loved it, and that’s not an everyday thing. Thaaaanks! 🙂

  92. bblfoods says

    all the people will be like candy and cookies.Cookie Plant will age peoples will interested to ate because more sweet for that.

  93. Rose says

    Delicious! Made these gluten free and they’re so good.
    Definitely need to make a bigger batch next time, now that I know they work and taste good.
    We added way too much chocolate, so need to make sure we only put in the 1/3 cup next time, but this is amazing.
    The perfect school holidays activity for the kids. Thank you!

  94. Maiya says

    Hey! Any chance I should cook them for a little longer? Or does the timing vary by oven you think? My cookies keep coming out under done 🙁

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hmm is your oven calibrated? An uncalibrated oven is the first thing it sounded like when I read your comment, and if so then that’s an easy fix! Cooking longer will be fine. If you try, be sure to report back!

  95. Victoria S says

    After falling in love with your chocolate cupcakes, I knew I had to make your recipe for cookies when I saw your site pop up in my search. I’m not a vegan, but my son has food allergies that mean we only make vegan treats. These were amazing! Even the dough was delicious. Made for a perfect snowy day inside.

  96. Kathy says

    Yum yum! These are fantastic! Only thing I subbed is I used peanut butter instead of oil to cut back on the processed food part. Keeping this. Hubby loved them.

  97. Shyma says

    Hi tried these and tasted ok. Didn’t really spread out and when I tried to flatten started cracking. I did refrigerate that too long? I added just about enough milk to form the dough… should I have added some more? It tasted good just felt a bit dry

  98. Izzy says

    i would suggest not adding as much flour or I would add more plant milk. Also if u like it more sweet add more vanilla extract. They spread so don’t be scared to make small balls. Great recipe!!! My non vegan sister loved them:)

  99. Meliorn says

    I want to cook them as soon as possible. I love you all guys I will be happy if you answer my comment. Thanks for reading LMAO ? I am so weird! Bye for now❤️

  100. Anne says

    I made these today! Everyone loved them, vegans and non-vegans. The dough was very sticky with one extra spoon of almond milk, but they turned out nice. I added a little bit of spice mix for extra flavour.

  101. Ay says

    How much is 1 cup of flour in gram? I already searched in google, but different website have different conversion, so please tell me how much its in gram.
    Please help me thanks so much???

  102. Whitney says

    I’m heart broken I’ve made like 24 batches of these cookies and they taste like baking soda. I followed the recipe precisely for the regular chocolate chip cookies and they taste like baking soda. I’m a great baker. I can usually make anything taste better. But this is driving me crazy I don’t know what happened!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hmm, based on all the other reviews and not seeing anyone else mention this in their comment, my best guess would be that maybe your baking soda went bad OR they needed to be stirred more and you ended up with a clump of baking soda that didn’t get evenly stirred into the cookies? What other ingredients did you use in the recipe?

  103. Julia says

    These cookies are delicious! It’s the first time making any kind of vegan cookies and they were such a big hit with my family, vegetarian friends and meat eating friends. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe.

  104. CN says

    I had to switch my flour to gluten free all purpose flour since I didn’t have access to oat or spelt flour.
    – I had to add more than a couple tbsps of milk for it to turn into cookie dough texture
    – Dough was a lot stickier and harder to form into balls on the cookie sheet
    – Cookies didn’t flatten in the oven so next time I’ll have to flatten by hand prior to baking

    Mine tastes the way it smelled as dough so it was slightly unappetizing. I had to bake longer than 15 min and may even go to 25 min the next time…

  105. Kira says

    I think your nutrition facts are wrong. I get about 130 cals per cookie when using all of the ingredients to make 14 cookies. When I leave out the sugar, then I get about 80 calories per cookie. What’s up with that?

  106. Ashley says

    Just made these. I think they taste great! Unfortunately, I was out of baking soda and subbed baking powder instead. I added 3X as much baking powder as you called for baking soda. They turned out like mini chocolate chip biscuits rather than cookies! ha!

  107. Cindy says

    The cookies tasted a little floury. I used one cup all purpose flour. Any ideas of what went wrong? I followed the recipe in terms of ingredients.

  108. Amelia says

    I made these with only:
    Almond Flour
    Almond Milk
    Baking Soda
    Chocolate chips (Trader Joe’s)
    Coconut Sugar
    These cookies were a hit and my family always come back asking for more! Thank you soo much!

  109. Jodie says

    Hi – can I rest the dough for a few hours? I’ve got a busy evening planned but would like to make these! Would it be okay to make the dough in the morning, and bake in the evening? Thank you!

  110. Jasmine says

    Is it necessary to use vanilla extract? I made these using 3 tbsp of maple syrup instead of 1/4 cup of white sugar which turned out excellent incase someone wanted to know of another alternative.

  111. Julia says

    These are the easiest vegan chocolate chip cookies to make and best tasting out there! I made these exactly the way the recipe states except I doubled it and my family, friends and I love them. These cookies are delicious and I’m asked to make them all the time. Thanks for the sharing this recipe.

  112. Tamz says

    I have made these over 5 times in just a few weeks! I am lactose and refined sugar free, and I try to cut down on gluten so these just work for me. They are so, so good! Best cookies that meet my dietary needs that I’ve ever made! Thanks so much!!

  113. Jessie says

    So, please ignore me if I’m wrong, because I LOVE your website and recipes so much, and I hate to question you. But are you sure about that calorie count? I’m calorie-counting everything right now meticulously, and even when I subbed for healthier ingredients, my cookies came out to 94 calories each. That’s with no oil, replacing the regular sugar with mashed banana, only 6 tablespoons of chocolate chips, and using unsweetened almond milk. I got 11 cookies out, and when I added up all the calories and divided by 11, I got 94. Again… Ignore me if I’m just missing something. And on another note, your website is the only recipe blog I’ve ever bothered to bookmark and come back to because OMG I love your recipes!!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi Jessie, it looks like Katie divided hers into 14 cookies and you only did 11 so that would be the difference. Your version if divided into 14 smaller cookies would be only 73 calories/cookie 🙂

  114. Marianna says

    Thanks for the recipe! I’ve tried many vegan recipes for chocolate chips but I’ve never been satisfied with the result. Best recipe ever!!! They are delicious!

    • Jason Sanford says

      It doesn’t need a binding agent – they work without, trust me… or read the reviews/comments on here 🙂

  115. Nelly says

    Doubled the batch and made half of it immediately (couldn’t wait lol) and let the other half chill overnight, definitely worth the waiting! They taste so much better chilled. Loved them! I had to wait for the dough that chilled to sit in room temperature for a few minutes because it was super crumbly, but after about 10 minutes it was back to normal and sticking together again. My husband loved these.

  116. Roger says

    These are delightful! Not vegan, but I always enjoy desserts with coconut flavor and chocolate, so this recipe satisfies my craving perfectly.

  117. Annie McLoughlin says

    I followed the recipe exactly. I did use ground flax seed as well. I baked them a few minutes longer (maybe 14min) They were delicious!!

  118. Courtney says

    Wow! These cookies are so deliciousssss! I whipped up the dough in 5 minutes last night before bed, popped it in the fridge for the night and baked them first thing this morning. They are super moist and super delicious! Didn’t change anything except probably put more chocolate chips in!

  119. Leah Brandstetter says

    This recipe looks amazing!!! Cant wait to try!

    As a side note, Costco Kirkland brand chocolate chips are–unfortunately–no longer vegan.

  120. Sheri L Keene says

    I have not had a chocolate chip cookie since I went wfpb almost a year ago. I was so happy to find a recipe that tasted better than the cookies I used to eat, but without animal products! My mom (non plant based) and my husband (plant based) both agreed it was the best chocolate chip cookie they ever had!! I made my oun oat flour and used coconut milk and grapeseed oil. I also added chopped walnuts. Let them cook 13 minutes. They were soooooo good! Thank you for this recipe!

    • Jason Sanford says

      So interesting to know it works with grapeseed oil! Thanks for letting the rest of us know!

  121. Cara Hoppis says

    I made this recipe today GF using 1/2 cup buckwheat *from buckwheat groats, 1/2 c oat flour. 1/2 cup brown rice, 1/2 of mix of tapioca starch and potato. I added 1/4 tsp xanthum gum and sprinkle of cream tartar. I also reduced the sugar to 1 cup and made this into cupcakes!!! Turned out great I cooked them for ~22 minutes

  122. Gladys Downing says

    Seriously THEEEE best cookies I have ever had! The recipe is bomb. I do not right reviews but I had too. My vegan boyfriend loveeeessss them. The dough it’s self is really good.

  123. Jin says

    I have tried LOTS of vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes and this was hands down the BEST recipe I have ever tried! First I made it with all-purpose flour and then with oat flour – both are hits. My family doesn’t normally eat the vegan desserts I attempt to make but I’ve made these cookies about 3 times now in the last couple of weeks because we’ve been devouring them within a day or two haha.

  124. Karina says

    I haven’t baked in years, but made these for my vegan daughter who was coming to see is after a month… Thank you so much!!!!
    They came out amazing, however they have a very strong after taste of the baking soda.
    Will the cookies turn out as good if I don’t use it?

    • Jason Sanford says

      I would think they should be fine – just a bit puffier maybe, and with less of a salty-sweet taste? If you experiment, be sure to report back! Also, with baking soda always make sure to sift dry ingredients very very well because sometimes it will clump and you’ll get a bite of just baking soda in the finished product. Not sure if that’s what happened with yours but figured I should mention it in case!

      • Karina says

        Thank you for replying to my comment!
        Tried without the baking soda and didn’t work ? very doughy but also may be cause I only used one type of sugar.
        Will keep trying until i get it right!

  125. James says

    Love these cookies! Thank you for the recipe. I’ve been playing with decorating them!

    Question: what does chilling them do to the dough?

  126. Bri says

    Hi all! Excited to make these for my husband who recently decided to go full vegan (previous vegetarian). What kind of oil is best?? It just says ‘oil’ so I want to be sure I get it right.. appreciate the insight!

  127. Lou says

    How many grams of flour and sugar is it? Baking in the UK and after googling there seems to be lots of different suggestions of what a cup in grams is. Thanks in advance 🙂

  128. Kristin says

    These cookies are AMAZING! Followed the recipe using oat flour, 1/4 coconut sugar and 2 tbps coconut oil. The dry to wet ratio was perfect, I didn’t need to add any additional milk. They turned out EXACTLY like your real deal chocolate chip cookie (just better!). Thanks Katie for all of your wonderful healthy recipes!

  129. Lia says

    Accidentally added about 1/4 cup of almond milk and they came out great! Bake time was 7 min instead of 11, also didn’t refrigerate. Came out SO delicious, honestly such a nice surprise.

  130. Johnna says

    Best cookies (not even just best vegan cookies) I have ever made at home. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Definitely saved as my new go-to recipe 🙂

  131. Vanessa says

    These are really good! I used Namesta gf flour, because it called for oat, I figured it would be closer then Bobs. I will try Bobs GF next time to compare. I also used vegan butter, because I love the taste of butter. Haha anyways worked great! Thank you! I made these tonight because the blueberry bars needed to rest, so I made these. Rolled these into balls and put in the freezer while the bars cooked. Then baked!

  132. Shireen says

    I used oat flour for this recipe. The texture of the cookies turned out great. Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. However, they were way TOO sweet. I will be halving the sugar next time to fix this.

  133. Lisa says

    These cookies are great although I cooked these for 15 minutes and they are still very undercooked. I will cook at higher temp or for even longer next time.

  134. Grayson says

    Added extra choc chunks and which made them a bit “melty”. A little bicarb tasting, i’ll use half as much next time. Regardless, the best cookies i’ve ever made. Pretty proud since i dont usually bake cookies.

  135. Gabe says

    Hi, I would like to bake this into a cookie cake. What size pan would you recommend considering the amount of batter it makes, and what temperature/baking time would you also recommend when cooking the batter all at once. Thank you!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hmm, we haven’t tried it so can’t say. But be sure to report back if you experiment before we do!
      Jason (media relations)

      • Gabe says

        Thanks! So I tested it out, and this recipe is perfect for a 7-8inch pie/cake pan, and goes in the oven at 325 degrees for 25 minutes!

  136. Siara says

    We love this recipe and playing around with it. Our go to is oat flour, we halve the sugar, use avocado oil and soy milk, and add 1/4 tsp xanthan gum. Then chill the dough in the freezer for 10 min then bake. This yields soft and chewy cookies that are loved by everyone— and it helps that it’s so allergy friendly and easy + quick to put together.

    Today I didn’t chill the dough, used coconut sugar and some monkfruit white sugar, no xanthan gum, and the result was larger and more thin and crispy cookies. Regardless, very good! This recipe is a great one for learning the science of chocolate chip cookies. Love it!!

  137. Grace says

    These cookies are THE BEST. My whole family says better than Tollhouse. We have made them 4 times now. And I used oat flour and diary free choc chips. Thank you Katie!

    I did try coconut flour once and it did not work at all 🙁 dough wouldn’t stick and crumbled at the touch. Stick to oat!

  138. Ronni says

    I absolutely LOVE this recipe! My dad, who’s very picky about foods (especially vegan food) devoured these cookies! I can’t wait to make some more!

  139. Lynn says

    I miss the days when ads weren’t plastered all over every single website I visited. There’s no escaping them anymore!

  140. Joyce says

    These are the easiest, healthiest chocolate chip cookies. I have made them so many times with different flours and they come out perfect every time. I prefer the oat flour the best. Thanks for such a great recipe. As someone who has dairy, egg and gluten allergies it is great!

  141. Euphemia Rahming says

    This recipe SLAPPED. Aka, it was DELICIOUS. I used Almond milk, added almond extract, cinnamon and nutmeg. Yo…. it was awesome. This is hands down one of the best vegan desserts I’ve had the pleasure of making/eating. It’s so good, and easy to do. I like adding my own flare. But, the base recipe is great. Better than non vegan cookies tbh!

    Thanks for this. I just recently went Vegan and it’s so much fun figuring out how everything works. 10/10 would reccomend.

  142. Hadassah Miriam Gold says

    I absolutely love this cookie,but ,so easy and simple . I made changes to almond flour so that I can eat them for Passover.

  143. Grace says

    I saw all the reviews and decided to bake these under the impression that it would taste magnificent. Decided to double the batch and was extremely disappointed, I followed this recipe to the T, but it was just not as tasteful as I have predicted. To describe the taste it tasted heavily of baking soda and did not spread at all. I would not try again sadly and this batch has ended up in the trash :((

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hmm, what other ingredients did you use? There are so many positive reviews that there’s definitely not a typo in the recipe, but I’d love to help troubleshoot yours!

    • Morgan says

      I also doubled it and had trouble but when I made a regular batch they were amazing!!! Sometimes doubling doesn’t work.

  144. Ginnerva says

    I loved them so much! I am a cookie master and I am impressed! Also, I made them with 100% non-fine (or- well… I don’t know the name but yea um… it dosn’t make white bread) and I still managed to get the cookies to stick together and not fall apart all over the place! Ô_Ô

  145. Rayne says

    Loved this!! I used more milk, and a dash more of oil to make the dough wetter. Spread out pretty well, but I did flatten the dough balls a bit. Will definitely make this again next time with plant-based milk and vegan chocolate, or with other flavors like cinnamon and almonds. 🙂 Thank you for this!

  146. Cans says

    I’ve made this recipe (using oat flour and coconut sugar instead of white and brown sugars) a million times and it is hands down my FAVORITE GF vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe! So simple and delicious!

    BUT! Tonight, I made a huge mistake.

    I used a gluten free flour 1:1 blend to save on oats. I do NOT recommend doing that. Totally different cookie. It’s dry and crumbly and flavorless.

    Stick to the flours recommended!

  147. Yasumi says

    This is such a perfect base recipe to experiment with and turn into your own. Quick and perfect every time, TOO quick and perfect for something so sinful, we’ve been having it for breakfast all week!
    For the flour, I use half white flour half quick oats, makes them nice and chunky.
    I use less sugar and add a couple tsp of molasses for extra chewiness.
    I also add a flax egg (1tbsp ground flax + 2tbsp water)
    And juuust enough milk for everything to come together and hold so it’s a very thick dough that we flatten before baking.
    And always keep them covered so they stay perfectly chewy, otherwise they get too hard. That’s some troubleshooting for ya. GREAT recipe to learn from.

  148. Juan says

    Excellent recipe! Tried it but like you said, they don’t spread much so I ended up with very delicious cookie balls, kinda like tiny muffins. However, I tried it again adding a little more almond milk and instead of making balls, I made disks, and that fixed that issue.

  149. Lisa Weaver says

    This looks like a good recipe, especially because I try to bake oil free. I am planning to use kamut flour and was wondering about subbing some of the sugar with my homemade sugar free, very delicious applesauce. What do you think? Thank you in advance.

  150. Lori says

    I’ve made this recipe a couple of times now. Easy and tasty. I would recommend making a few marks on top with a knife before massaging the chicken with oil and spices.

  151. Gabriel says

    Wow, they sound great. I love experimenting with vegan bakes so I can’t wait to give these babies a whirl!

  152. Skye says

    The recipe translated to grams/milliliters:

    130 grams flour
    3 grams of baking soda
    2 grams of salt
    50 grams of sugar
    45 grams of brown sugar
    28 grams of oil (or 35 grams of butter)
    53 grams of chocolate chunks
    30 milliliters of (soy)milk
    1.2 milliliters of vanilla-extract

    325 F = 163* Celsius.

    I hope this helped you.

  153. Jenna Thalman says

    Yes!! Just FREAKING YES! TO ALL OF THIS!! So good! Sooo amazingly good!..Try this recipe! You will NOT regret it!! PERIOD!!


  154. Michela says

    I made the cookies twice, the carrot cake several times, both versions of the lemon loafs ( the “original one being my fav)the vegan brownies and the black bean brownies, for various parties, gatherings, birthdays etc! Never a leftover lol! My boyfriend fav is the carrot cake and the chocolate chip cookies! Thank you for the good work!

  155. Elliot says

    Go to recipe for vegan cookies!
    Accidentally switched out the peppermint and vanilla this time, and somehow doubled it. It was still delicious.

  156. Clem says

    Just leaving a question about this recipe….you say they keep for 2-3 days. They really dont keep longer than that? I want to try making a batch and send to somebody by mail which would mean they may take at least a week to get there. Many thanks!

    • CCK Media Team says

      They are pretty much just like normal/traditional chocolate chip cookies, so will be freshest the first few days but technically are fine for days after most likely 🙂

    • CCK Media Team says

      I’m not really sure what this comment is trying to say, but if you are asking about the calorie information, it’s linked under the recipe instructions in the post.

  157. Ryan says

    For those wondering – I made with simple Great Value brand gluten free all purpose flour – did not change the amount of flour the recipe calls for – and the cookies turned out great.

  158. Emma says

    So good!!! I’m so glad I found this recipe! I love chocolate chip cookies and find that the vegan recipes contain a lot of sugar and vegan butter. This recipe was super easy to make and the cookies turned out delicious 🙂

  159. Robin "Cat" Billau says

    Soooo good!!!! Used almond flour and they were crispy and chewy!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!ps I live at high altitude and no additions needed!!!!

  160. Anon says

    Kirkland (Costco) chocolate chips are no longer vegan friendly. Also not sure about Target chocolate chips. Every time I’ve checked at Target the only vegan friendly chocolate chips I’ve seen are the over priced allergen free certified ones (can get cheaper elsewhere). Some generic store brand ones might be accidentally vegan. But always check the ingredients before buying. Since Ghirardelli used to be vegan friendly and now Kirkland chocolate chips have both had dairy added to them, it’s a good habit to always check.

  161. Gabriela says

    I love the simplicity of this recipe. I’ve tried this recipe twice with two different modification and they both worked pretty well. The first one I did was I substituted the oil for peanut butter and white sugar for a monk fruit erythritol blend. The cookies came out amazing. I did have to bake at 350F for 10-12 min. They were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The second modification I tried was also use peanut butter instead of oil, monk fruit erythritol blend instead of white sugar and use half of all purpose flour and half pea protein powder to make protein cookies. I also baked these at 350F but had to bake them for about 15min. The pea protein powder did change the texture a bit. The cookies were way more chewy overall but still delicious.

  162. Amanda says

    Very mediocre cookies, not much flavor at all. I highly recommend the Tasty recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies instead.

  163. Elizabeth Lucas says

    Well done Katie, excellent cookie recipe. I’ve missed my recipe from when I was living in Alaska in ’93 and this fits the bill!

  164. Elizabeth again says

    Just a tip: I upped the vanilla extract to a tsp and put in a bit more than 1/3 cup choc chip. It’s a paste consistency and I rolled them into balls and squashed down .. lovely
    ! ( : D

  165. Ceinwen says

    Alright I made a bunch of substitutions so I hope the internet trolls don’t get upset lol. First of all – I was looking for a vegan white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie but every single one of them called for 1/2 to a cup of butter or oil and I am just NOT okay with all that fat + the chips + the nuts. No thanks. So lightbulb went off – find a low fat chocolate chip recipe and sub for vegan white chips + add macadamia and viola! I actually made them even lower fat by doing 1 tbsp oil (instead of 2) + 1 tbsp applesauce. Finally, I used organic whole wheat flour which I know can be hit or miss – but these were a hit! Soft and pillowy. Not raw and fought and not like hard dense little bricks. Absolutely perfect. Allllmost like a muffin top but not quite, still definitely more cookie like. I may have had a slightly heavy hand with my 1/2 tsp baking soda so maybe this is why. Anyway – amazing recipe!

  166. Megan says

    Love this recipe! We made them with vegan butter (mostly coconut oil) and didn’t put the dough in the fridge and they still turned out great. So soft!

  167. Kate O. says

    Struggled with these a bit. Used gluten free flour. Used coconut oil which I do not recommend unless you feel like a coconut chocolate chip cookie. Taste isn’t bad, but coconut flavor is prominent. Texture was weird. Cookies did not spread at all! They cracked when I pushed them down so I think my dough was still too dry? I had to add extra oat milk to begin with. The sugars didn’t seem to melt well either so cookie is slightly grainy. Will have to play around with this recipe. Could just be the oil I chose. Overall, not bad. I just won’t share them! Lol!

    • CCK Media Team says

      My guess would be the gluten free flour you used. Unfortunately we can only vouch for the recipe with one of the flours listed.

    • Nadia says

      Hey Katy I used GF free flour too and it probably depends on the mix. When I use orgran flour I do not add baking soda, but with other types of premium flour they tend to flatten out my results.

      I had two batches one with 2 tablespoons of oat milk and the other just 1 and a wee bit. The first batch was too runny but it spread and was soft / chewy on inside and the second one didn’t spread at all (I feel like it was too much flour) so I pushed it down with the back of a spoon. While it didn’t take a good shape the texture was quite crispy on the outside. I used butter, and haven’t tested with oil.

  168. Olivia says

    It’s sad; I got so excited that I could finally have GF vegan cookies (allergies) without crazy ingredients, but they didn’t seem to work.
    I hate to say it, but the three recipes (well the ones I can remember off the top of my head anyway) of Katie’s I’ve tried haven’t worked; the blueberry muffins had some kind of cooking problem (I made a separate crumble topping) and I’m sure they got thrown away, the chickpea cookie dough hummus dip that’s supposed to taste like cookies tasted like chickpeas, and I’m not sure what happened with these.
    I had to quadruple the batch to get a ‘normal’ amount of cookie dough (which made 17 20-25g cookies) that would hold 100g of chopped chocolate. Used GF oat flour (I ground up GF oats in a Vitamix), xylitol, coconut sugar, vegetable oil and almond milk (and obviously salt and bicarbonate of soda and chopped up dark chocolate). The dough came together successfully and I froze it for an hour. After a while it became very difficult to roll balls as it kept softening and sticking to my hands. Baked for 5 ½ mins, turned the tray around and baked for another 5 ½ mins (for a total of 11 mins). Didn’t spread at all, so I pressed them with a spoon. They’ve been cooling for over an hour and they have not firmed up at all; I picked up one of the smaller cookies and it broke apart and split in my hands. I tasted and it was slightly salty (odd because I couldn’t taste that in the cookie dough; maybe because I started to run out of normal chocolate and use mint chocolate?) and had the texture and mouthfeel of peanut butter. Not a complete failure, but they also stuck to and coated my mouth a bit like peanut butter does.
    I’m in the UK if that is causing any issues with my baking but I haven’t really had problems with recipes from other blogs based in the US/overseas.
    I’ve had better success making the chocolate chip cookies in the Byron cookbook and using Bob’s Red Mill GF or Paleo flour and chia eggs. At least that gives me an actual soft chewy cookie instead of basically salted chocolate peanut butter. I wish Katie all the success she deserves, and it seems like a lot of people love her recipes. I’m not sure why, but they have caused me issues in the past.

    • Molly says

      I think your problem isn’t that you live in the UK but that you used Xylitol when the recipe doesn’t call for that. Xylitol makes things soft so it would change the texture of your cookies for sure. I found this recipe from a friend who brought them to a picnic last week and both of ours turned out great, so I’d try them again with regular sugar like the recipe calls for and you should probably be fine.

    • Sherri Wilson says

      That is the nicest thumbs down review I have ever read. 😉. But…I have to say that I have made these cookies probably 6 times and they are always perfect. My husband’s favorite cookie and he isn’t even vegan. I do use regular AP flour, so not sure if that’s the difference? I also put the dough in the fridge. Anyway- so nice of you to comment even though they didn’t work for you- I like when people do that so I can have more info!

  169. Molly says

    I just made these after getting the recipe from a friend who brought them to a picnic last week. We are not vegan but were so impressed with hers that I had to try them again, and I think it’s my first cookie recipe I’ve ever tried without eggs. You don’t need them!
    This is the first recipe I’ve tried from this site but I plan to try more. Thanks!

  170. Megan says

    This is the best recipie I have found yet! TY!! Be sure to allow cookies to firm in the fridge completely that step is the difference between cookies and mess! Also I subbed my vegan butter for the oil and did 12 min in the oven.

  171. Betty says

    Wow these are the best cookies ever!!! Soft on the inside and slight crunch outside. I used ground up oats and oat Milk and followed the recipe exactly. It made 8 good sized cookies. The only issue I had is that they stuck to the pan a bit

  172. Caryn says

    Amazing made with Namaste gfree flour and beet sugar (I have a sensitivity to cane sugar). My only issue is getting them into the oven, bc the dough is so good!!!😂😍 🍪

    • valerie bowden says

      I am so surprised with these cookies. They taste great! They literally do taste like “normal” chocolate chip cookies. I can’t even tell they are vegan. Also I love how eassssy this recipe is.

      Will definitely makes these again.

  173. Sharon says

    These cookies are AMAZING!!!! Have made three batches, so far—first 2 with all-purpose flour, last one with oat flour. Followed recipe (used white sugar, brown sugar, almond milk), except I used 1 T oil + 1 T unsweetened applesauce. Put dough in freezer for 30 min, then used a tablespoon to measure out balls, then baked. They all turned out great, but oat flour batch was my favorite (yield 16 cookies). I live in FL and 11 min bake time is spot on. Thank you!!!

    • Sharon says

      These cookies are AMAZING!!!! Have made three batches, so far—first 2 with all-purpose flour, last one with oat flour. Followed recipe (used white sugar, brown sugar, almond milk), except I used 1 T oil + 1 T unsweetened applesauce. Put dough in freezer for 30 min, then used a tablespoon to measure out balls, then baked. They all turned out great, but oat flour batch was my favorite (yield 13 cookies). I live in FL and 11 min bake time is spot on. Thank you!!!

  174. Abymar says

    I made it for my mom (cause she’s vegan) and as a nonvegan I LOVED IT. Very addicting and yummyy!! Would 100% recommend making them!

  175. Madison says

    These are amazing! I have tried out so many vegan recipes, but this is the best one. Not only is it super easy, it actually works and makes yummy cookies. I can’t eat gluten, eggs, or dairy so this recipe was perfect for me. My husband even enjoyed eating them, (and he is picky when it comes to my “special” food). I did at chickpea water to this recipe which I think made it more fluffy and soft. Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  176. Marley says

    these are the best cookies I’ve ever made! (And I aint no baker😅). I admittedly had to add a couple tablespoons more of soy milk, but other than that, just follow the directions and they’re perfect! I think my favorite part of the process was slightly pressing the warm cookies down with a fork (or spoon), it’s so satisfying.

    anyways, my girlfriend is gonna love these so 11/10😁❤️

  177. Dylan says

    I made these yesterday. I underbaked them a little, so they’re extra gooey and delicious. They really do taste almost exactly like non-vegan cookies, with the exception of a touch of baking soda flavor coming through. They even got a nice, brown color, which I find sometimes doesn’t happen with baked goods made with oil. The high proportion of brown sugar gives them a lovely butterscotch flavor. They’re definitely going to be part of our regular rotation. Thank you!

  178. Marla OBrien says

    Thank you so much for this recipe!!! I love it and my cookies finally turned out awesome!
    I sub’d the oil for v-butter and added 1/4tsp of espresso powder! I was unsure about the short cook time but I waited and they cooked down. Taste, consistency and texture 👍👍
    This will be my go-to for always. Thank you – added some Christmas sprinkles too💖 Happy Holidays!🎄

  179. H+H says

    These cookies are amazing!! So easy to make and they taste so good! We ended up having to use double the amount of milk (we used soy milk) and even then the dough was a bit crumbly. We also baked for closer to 15 minutes to get a bit of browning. We would definitely make these again!

  180. Nishi says

    Hi! This was my first time baking cookies at home and they came out perfect! Instead of chocolate chips I added black raisins, cashews, and almonds. I did add more milk to make the dough more on the wet side as well which led to bigger cookies but the texture was perfection, crispy on the outside and chewy and soft in the inside. I also baked them for about 20 minutes to get them more well done.
    Thank you for this awesome recipe!

  181. jane says

    I’ve been making these for a year or so and they’re delicious every time … but my sister likes wetter cookies and I love making my family happy. This time round I subbed maple syrup for the white sugar. Sis said, and I quote, “these are the perfect vegan cookies.” Very very happy !

  182. Hailey says

    I made mini cookies!! 1/2 tablespoon-ish balls that I flattened a bit and they came out so good!! Thank you for the recipe.. It’s a keeper:))

  183. Kirsten says

    Wow! These cookies are so good! I randomly stumbled upon this recipe when I needed to throw together some vegan/gluten free chocolate chip cookies and I’m so happy that I did. This recipe is simple, easy to follow and DELICIOUS! Even my husband who isn’t vegan or gluten free thought these cookies were amazing. Thanks for creating this!

  184. Susan L. says

    These taste delicious! I have used this recipe twice but I usually have to bake them for 22 minutes rather than 11. I let them sit for the 10 minutes but they are still runny, so 22 minutes does the trick for me ! My family really enjoys these 🙂

  185. Vanessa says

    I’ve tried SOOOO many vegan and dairy free cookie recipes and NONE have tasted as good as these!!! My husband loves his cookies and has said these are delicious!!! Only changes I had to make were: I didn’t have dairy free milk so I used oat cream instead and I didn’t have brown sugar so used demerara sugar. Thank you for the awesome recipe!! I’ll definitely be trying others 🙏🙌

  186. Nat says

    Made these a few time now and they’re yummy. But as other reviewers have noted- the temperature needs to be raised or they need to be cooked for at least double the time or else they’re basically raw. Also, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, they’re a little too sweet. I would cut a few TB of sugar out unless you’re putting ALOT of chocolate.

  187. Jess says

    These came out beautifully! I ended up using 3T whole milk. In the freezer for 25 minutes. Dough was still crumbly, and I had to make the cookie balls with my hands to get them to the right texture. Baked at 350 for 15 minutes, pressed lightly with a spoon when they came out, let sit for 30 minutes. Chips still melty, crispy outside, chewy inside. Can’t wait to play with the recipe more!

  188. Heather MacEachern says

    Unfortunately when I cooked the cookies for 11 min at 325 and then waited 10 minutes the cookies were not cooked in the middle. I then had to put them back in for another 10 mins.

  189. Christina says

    I made those cookies yesterday! I was a little bit concerned but they turned out AMAZING! 🤩 I didn’t have coconut milk so I put water instead of the milk. Thank you for the recipe !

  190. Miz C says

    I literally make these all the time and I am not vegan! I use one more milk and oil than the recipe calls for and a dash more salt but these are the best and easiest cookies to whip up and no one believes me when I say they’re vegan!

  191. Izzi says

    This recipe just proves that you don’t needs a ton of sugar or oil to have a really good cookie. These are most excellent!

  192. Jessie says

    5 stars
    For anyone watching calories and looking to curb that cookie craving: I replaced the milk with unsweetened almond milk, the oil with unsweetened applesauce, the sugars with stevia, the flour with almond flour, and only added half the amount of chocolate chips. If you make 6 cookies out of this batch, it comes out to 156 calories per cookie. (Regular all-purpose flour would lower this number considerably, as well. I just didn’t have any at the time.)
    Great recipe, Katie! Yours are the only recipes I ever trust will turn out perfectly the first time, and they’re so forgiving! Even substituting things from time to time never fails to yield awesome results. You’re the best!

  193. Rainy says

    I have a friend who has always loved my baking. I’ve always made cookies for her as Christmas or birthday gifts but I’ve struggled to adapt to her recent switch to vegan. Until I found this recipe! It’s my go-to and I’ve made them as-is and she loves them. I’ve also adjusted it to make her favorite: blueberry white chocolate cookies. It’s also worked out well to use cranberries. So now I have at least three types of cookies I can make for her, knowing she will love them each time. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  194. Kate says

    These were like cookie dough for me. I cooked 11 min at 325 (and have an oven thermometer to double check the temp). It said they would look underdone but to cool for 10 min so I did, but they were still like dough, so then I put them back in for 12 more min. I’m sure it’s no good letting them sit for 10 min in between cooking times but they did come out a little better after the extra time. Wouldn’t make them again though. I should have read the reviews before making since this happens to a lot of people! (I used white all purpose flour, brown sugar, coconut oil, and cashew milk. I added 1 extra tablespoon of milk as the recipe said that was okay if needed. I had them in the freezer for 30 min before baking.)

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Kate, are you in a humid climate, high elevation, was it a rainy day? So many things could have thrown it off, and we’d love to help troubleshoot yours if you give us more information. Honestly, it could just also be that you personally like crispier cookies than we do (we prefer softer, gooey cookies), so cooking longer should solve that!

  195. Lucy says

    OMGeeeee! I made a dozen cookies yesterday and no lies, they were gone in the blink of an eye!
    My daughter didn’t believe they were vegan cookies because they tasted so good! 🤣
    Thanks for sharing your recipe. I’m about to make a double batch now. Fingers crossed these ones last a little longer lol.

  196. Kristine says

    Hi Katie, the other day I was in need of a quick and easy recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookie. I had to find a good recipe last minute and serve it to the guests. I was seriously very anxious coz I don’t know how your recipe is gonna turn out or how sweet it will be but still decided to use it as I have all the ingredients on hand unlike other recipes with unworldly ingredients lol. And let me tell you, the cookies turned out great, they did not spread as much but it’s ok, the sweetness is perfect, it yielded me around 30 mini pcs and this is gonna be my go-to cookie recipe! Thanks so much for sharing!

  197. Caitlin says

    This is the first chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve made since going vegan and I don’t see the point in looking for any others! Absolutely delicious for my vegan self and non-vegan guests! I can’t wait to try the peanut butter cookie recipe 🙂 thank you!

  198. Alex says

    4 stars
    These came out really good, but they’re pretty soft and gooey to the point of if I pick them up they fall apart. I think these are supposed be s + g, but I’m wondering…. how can I make them more crispy?

    2 things:
    1) I just moved to Denver, Co so I’m wondering if the elevation has anything to do with it? Maybe. Maybe not.
    2) The only thing I changed about this recipe was I did 1 Tbsp applesauce and 1 Tbsp coconut oil rather than 2 Tbsp oil.

    Any suggestions or tips? I’m thinking I could freeze them but it would be nice to have a cookie that doesn’t fall apart right away.

    PS they also expanded like crazy! What size should these balls be when you place them on a tray? I did 1 tbsp but again, they expanded like crazy — way too big.

  199. Rosita says

    Had a hard time finding the jump-to-recipe button…I hate that. Also the recipe does not say what size to make the “dough balls” and does not say how many cookies this recipe will make. Using a standard cookie scoop this recipe only makes 6 cookies. Needs to be doubled if you have kids or kids that need cookies for a function of some sort. They don’t taste too bad. I will doctor the recipe if I make these again.

  200. Iswari says

    These did not work out for me at all. Even adding extra liquid, the dough was dry. They baked up very pale, and the texture was just not good. My son said they tasted like bread. Sad to say, because I’ve enjoyed other recipes from this site…we threw them out.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, adding more liquid than the recipe called for is definitely what made yours bread-like. The batter will be dry at first, but it does suddenly turn into cookie dough with no extra liquid needed. Unless by chance you substituted something? (Such as lowering the sugar, or using coconut flour?)

  201. Christina Breaux says

    5 stars
    Best vegan cookies I’ve ever made. If I didn’t know they were vegan, I would NEVER KNOW!!! The recipe was a bit dryer than I’m used to with a traditional recipe, I just added a bit more almond milk and let them chill….they are amazing!!!! Thank you for this awesome recipe!!

  202. Illiana Yeo says

    5 stars
    I really enjoyed making these cookies I think there one of the best cookie recipes I’ve used! I’m gonna use this recipe in my baking channel and will leave your site and give credit! I give this recipe a 10/10 it’s amazing cookies with amazing flavours as-well as a crunchy start!

  203. Concetta Verbasco says

    5 stars
    These are the best vegan chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made them at least ten times now and figured it was time to leave a comment!

  204. Nicole R. says

    5 stars
    Exactly what I wanted! My 1 yr old is allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts so baking vegan is the easiest way to go. I didn’t have canned coconut milk for other recipes & don’t really like flax in baked goods I was so happy to find your highly rated recipe. I melted country crock plant butter (and let cool) in place of the oil and added some pure maple syrup (leftover from my go to non vegan recipe) and kept everything else the same. I panicked a little when the dough wasn’t very dough like but then it started coming together and just needed a bit more milk. I double the recipe right out of the gate and I’m so glad I did. Edges are crispy and middles are chewy perfection.

  205. Elisheva says

    I made these tonight, but you need more liquid and oil than is called for. As is, per the recipe, the mix was still super dry and crumbly and would not form a ball. I had to add at least another tablespoon each of milk and butter. Nice flavor though.

  206. Tricia Cunningham says

    5 stars
    Is it horrible that we ate almost all the raw dough? We’ve been covd qarantined and BORED and this recipe brought me (and my sick kiddos) some serious joy. We had to make a second batch! We love you Katie!

  207. Lauren says

    5 stars
    Katie, would you mind letting me know how large your cookie dough balls are, approximately? Would you say each is a tablespoon, maybe 1.5 tablespoons of dough/cookie? I’d love to see that in your future recipes, as some cookies are supposed to be large and others very small, but knowing the serving size, it’s helpful so that we can make them exactly like yours! Thank you in advance!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! No problem – The size is what’s shown in the video and also in the photo with the cookie dough balls next to the cookie scoop. For reference, it’s an Inox cookie scoop #50.

      • Lauren says

        Thank you so much! I saw the photos, but sometimes things look larger or smaller on a screen than they may be in “real life.” Thank you for your message. By the way, I’ve made these many times, and they’re excellent! I also like the dough by itself, and I’ve found that if not baking them, the oil can be reduced and replaced with more milk, which makes for even “healthier” edible cookie dough.

        • CCK Media Team says

          Thank you so much! And we definitely understand that. Katie has a macro lens, which can make tiny things look gigantic!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! We haven’t tried that one here but also have heard that monk fruit blends (like Lakanto granulated) usually yield good results in similar baked goods. Be sure to report back if you try a granulated monk fruit blend!

  208. Debbie Wilson says

    5 stars
    This is a KEEPER !!
    Husband is diabetic so I used almond flour, swerve sugar and brown sugar, sugar free chocolate chips, 2% milk, butter and vanilla extract. I did bake them 4 or 5 minutes longer.Delicious

  209. Emily says

    5 stars
    Pretty darn good. For those at altitude (I’m in Denver) I had to double the milk and cook for two extra minutes. With these changes they turned out well. I would add more vanilla next time.

  210. Becki says

    Hi. This may have already been asked and answered, but there are SO many comments, I’m getting lost in them! 🙂

    Have you (or anyone) added more confections to this dough…like a different type of baking chip, cranberries, coconut shreds, etc? Like, would it still hold well if I added the 1/3 cup chocolate chips AND another item? 1/3 is difficult to divide between baking chips and still get a decent variety!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi yes you can! We have added macadamia nuts. Other readers have added coconut, raisins, or extra chocolate 🙂

  211. Lori says

    5 stars
    These are fantastic!! I’ve made them twice, first with spelt flour, the next time with 1/2 spelt and 1/2 oat flour. The second batch was even better than the first! Going to try with just oat flour next time. Thanks Katie!!

  212. Kat says

    5 stars
    Ok Yum! Made these as said, with the extra 2 Tblsp of oat milk. Made them in the air fryer , love that thing! 325 for 11 minutes, delicious!

  213. Patricia says

    5 stars
    Great Recipe but need feedback. Made these a couple times, the same way with a GF all purpose baking. The first time the cookies were perfect. The 2nd batch they didn’t flatter so they were much denser. Any tips here?

    • CCK Media Team says

      Baking is such a strange science, and the temperature and humidity outside can vastly change a cookie recipe. If all ingredients and the oven were the same, that definitely sounds like what you might have experienced!

  214. Hazel says

    5 stars
    I don’t think I have ever commented but I make this recipe all the time! Everyone always loves them! I sometimes add some vegan white chocolate chips, super delish! Thank you for this easy and loved recipe!!

  215. Nikki says

    5 stars
    Hi Katie, I don’t know if you will see this, but thank you for this recipe. I was not confident that cookies could taste good without eggs but these are my absolute favorite. They taste like bakery cookies.

  216. lizzy says

    5 stars
    OMG! Best vegan/gluten free chocolate chip cookies I have ever had!! I ran out of milk so I used water… I don’t do reg sugar so I added 1/2 maple syrup… ran low on vegan butter so I mixed with olive oil. SO DELICIOUS! They taste like grandma’s homemade cookies.

  217. Jessica says

    I’ve made this recipe twice, first with some substitutions, second time with just one difference – Splenda brown sugar blend instead of regular brown sugar. Both times the cookies did not spread at all and were very tall, and sort of cakey. The flavor is divine, but my dough never looked as moist as in the video.

    I’m at sea level, about 50% humidity in the house today…I tried baking them about 4 minutes longer than recommended, which was a struggle for me because I’m a fan of short baking time for some other cookie recipes, so I’m not squeamish about underbaking. Plus no eggs. 😀
    I just don’t understand how to fix this recipe to get the same kind of texture as in the video.
    Vegan butter (I can’t believe it’s not vegan butter! Brand) – measured two tbsp and melted.
    AP flour, other ingredients as indicated, soy milk, and half the amount of Splenda brown sugar blend (it’s twice as sweet, supposedly; 1/4 cup brown sugar is 2 tbps Splenda blend). Stirred FOREVER until it finally came together, chilled for about and hour, baked at 325 for about 14 min.

    I don’t have any regular brown sugar in the house, but I guess that’s my next stop.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Jessica, yes definitely use regular sugar instead of the substitute, which will help tremendously with spreading. If you’re interested, google the science of baking cookies for why sugar helps cookies spread.

      • Jessica says

        I’ve probably spent a ridiculous amount of time reading about baking science….but my obsession has mostly been with shortbread and yeast bread, so I haven’t spent much time on this type of cookie. However, last night I read that possibly my *baking soda* is the main problem (or at least one of them). I didn’t realize baking soda expired (absorbing smells, yes, but not that it became less chemically active 😑) and mine is shockingly old! So I’ll get better baking soda and some real brown sugar, and fingers crossed, I get the right cookie.

        Then I will go back and experiment with substitutions. I’m so appreciative of the fact that you have a team responding to these even years after this post was first published! Thank you!

  218. Chloe says

    5 stars
    I had a bit of trouble with this recipe because when I took them out and let them cool I tested one and it was still very raw. It had that icky flavour of raw flour, so I put them in the oven for an extra 20 minutes at a higher temp. to cook them through. They tasted fine after that but I expected them to be finished in under 15 minutes once I had them in the oven.

  219. Mirrin Lewis says

    They taste great. However, after two attempts they are just flat! The first time I forgot to let them chill. So the second time I put them in the freezer. Same result….I subbed fat for rapeseed oil as I didn’t have any other. WhAt went wrong?

  220. Kristen says

    5 stars
    OMG, these are EVERYTHING! At 48 years-old, I feel like I’ve tried every chocolate chip cookie recipe out there. I threw these together last night (thank goodness I doubled the recipe) and was ecstatic to see that I didn’t have to wait a lifetime for butter to soften on the counter. After enjoying some dough straight from the bowl, I put the rest in the refrigerator overnight. The next day I baked the remaining dough and the cookies were thick and chewy, just as the universe intended. 🙂 These are 100% my new go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe from now on. Thank you!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! Honestly it does not matter at all, since oat flour is pretty much the same across the board. Look for brands like arrowhead mills or bobs red mill.

  221. Mariah says

    Just commenting my successful subs!
    I used Bob’s Redmill 1 to 1 GF flour, all brown sugar, and used hemp milk because that was all I had on hand. The GF flour DOES need the extra moisture as noted in the recipe, I did an extra 2tbsp. The dough turned out nice and thick, and the cookies were not flat.. nice and puffy! I don’t recommend the hemp milk because I think that gave it a bit of an odd flavor, but it also could have been the oil I chose. If I make these again I’d use vegan butter or coconut oil and oat milk or nut milk (since they’re sweet and not earthy options!) but I was so pleased with the texture!! Definitely recommend trying this recipe.

  222. Matt says

    “They’ll look undercooked when you take them out”…. or… they just are undercooked. At least at altitude here by the Rockies.

    20-25 minutes works much better 😀

  223. Jessica says

    5 stars
    I have made these many many times using whole wheat pastry flour and they come out great. My only complaint is they make too few cookies so I have to double the recipe!

  224. Thatsthewaythecookiecrumbles says

    while a jump link to the recipe is preferable, your commentary on the varying Situations that could occur and why and what to do was actually so helpful and informative! Major kudos for your time and skill set.
    For me, I boldly did half the sugar and these came out very crumbly- taste good! But crumbly. Will have to reattempt sticking to the recipe which I assume wanted that extra bit of sugar for a purpose 😅

  225. Tova Rina Schiff says

    5 stars
    Best cookies ever!!!!
    I made them with whole wheat flour and half the sugar. I had to add more milk because the flour is thicker. The finished product was a hardy, filling cookie that makes me bake again and again!! Thank you!!!

  226. Melody says

    Katie I can’t use ANY oils or nut butters or sunflower butterLol
    So what should I use in these choc chip cookies! I’m gonna use date sugar for the sugar please let me know thanks for all your wonderful recipes!!

  227. Jena Thibodaux says

    5 stars
    Im a terrible baker and nailed this easy to follow recipe! I used Almond flour and it work perfectly! THANK YOU for a delicious, easy, vegan & GF recipe!!!

  228. Jess says

    Has anyone dried baking them in an air fryer? Just curious since summer weather is approaching.

    Also great cookie recipe! I made mine GF, DF, with coconut sugar and they came out great. Added some pecans to mine. Also needed a bit more almond flour due to altitude baking.

  229. Erin says

    5 stars
    I’ve made these twice so far, following the recipe exactly, and they are DELICIOUS!!!! My new favorite cookie!

  230. Anette Curtain says

    The recipe is good but the recommended temperature is waaaaay too low if you are converting to celsius, it doesn’t translate.

    I recommend 200 – 250 degrees celsius, otherwise, your cookies won’t bake properly

  231. S. Smith says

    5 stars
    I needed a recipe that was vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and oat-free. I decided to try this recipe but experiment with a different flour, as was suggested (you can’t know unless you try!). I used coconut milk, canola oil, and Trader-Joes gluten free flour. It needed extra milk, and I did have to flatten out the dough after the trial ones I baked didn’t spread. They looked marvelous after they cooked, but tasted strongly of the TJ flour unfortunately. So I give two thumbs up to the recipe, but don’t recommend you try it with TJ gluten-free flour to avoid the unpleasant after-taste.

  232. Joanna Ruckenstein says

    5 stars
    These were unbelievable! I made them for my clients and they loved them. One person said he couldn’t believe they were vegan. Thank you so much!!

  233. izzi says

    5 stars
    I’ve made these cookies about a zillion times because they’re soo good! But I tell you, I have never been able to get the dough to come together with only 2T milk. Adding another Tbsp does the trick, though I wish I could do it without, I think they’d be a little crispier, which I love. They’re so tasty regardless.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Thank you so much for making them! The texture can vary depending on where you live (humidity, elevation) and specific ingredients used. If you’re using white flour, you could try spelt – it requires less liquid in general because it’s a lighter flour.

  234. Jojo Rogers says

    5 stars
    I’ve been vegan for almost a month now and these were the best cookies I ever made and had. They were so good and delicious even my husband who’s not vegan loved them. I highly recommend 10/10

  235. Amy says

    I used whole wheat flour, and I tried twice, but my cookies just wouldn’t spread. I made sure I leveled my flour and even measured out 65 grams (weight of one half cup of whole wheat flour, I halved the recipe). I don’t know why my cookies aren’t spreading! I used coconut oil for my first try and olive oil for my second try. I’ve followed the recipe exactly. Please help!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Amy, unfortunately as it says in the post, we cannot vouch for subbing whole wheat flour in this recipe. Katie doesn’t generally use that flour for recipes because she is often not happy with the results. You are always free to experiment with an ingredient not listed in one of her recipes as long as you are ok with the risk! As for spreading, try flattening them out with a spoon before or after baking and that should work!

  236. Melody Sieglitz says

    Im gonna make these for sure however can i use applesauce or banana for the oil> I don’t use any oils also im going to use date sugar just wondering how much ?

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, we would not recommend applesauce for the oil. Banana might be okay, but the cookies would be softer/more biscuit-like. As long as you don’t mind this, you can definitely experiment!

  237. Charlene says

    I like my chocolate chip cookies to be soft and rather plump. Would adding a bit more flour and perhaps more baking soda make these a little less flat?

  238. Divora Wirth says

    5 stars
    I just made this recipe a few days ago.. placed it in fridge overnight then baked the next day. Accidentally did at 350 but they were still perfect. Husband loved the cookies so much he ate them all up and asked for a double batch. I made a double batch last night and omg the dough is better than the first time. Can’t wait to bake them, but the dough is amazing too. This is truly the best recipe and I’m not looking for another! Thank you so much for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. My husband says he wants me to freeze them just like you said to always have them ready. Thanks again!

  239. Marie says

    5 stars
    These were outstanding. I did have to bake them twice as long as the recipe stated though. At 11 minutes they weren’t close to being done. May have been my oven as I portioned each cookie so I had 11 in total (as directed in the recipe). We ate them warm and they were delicious. Did not miss the butter one bit. Would definitely make again.

  240. Jackie says

    5 stars
    These were absolutely perfect. I really thought when the timer went off , there’s no way these are done. They were glistening and looked a bit wet. I shut the oven off and left them in for another minute or 2. Left them to cool for 10 minutes and they were chewy perfection. Next time I’ll double up on the batches. I also added walnuts which were nice.

  241. Taylor says

    Can you provide the recipe in grams? I live outside of the US and cups where I live is not the standard measurement :/

  242. Hillary says

    5 stars
    Thanks for providing a tasty vegan cookie recipe! My only trouble was telling if they were fully cooked. You say they’re supposed to look underdone but when I tried one after 10min of cooling it seemed still raw in the middle? I don’t usually bake vegan so wasn’t sure if this is how they’re supposed to look inside or if I need to adjust my cooking time!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Hillary! They should be chewy like traditional chocolate chip cookies after firming up. What specific ingredients did you use, and are you at a high elevation or humid climate? Is your oven calibrated and was it preheated? Glad they tasted good in any case!

  243. JP says

    5 stars
    I’ll never make really CC cookies again! These are AMAZING! My kids love them! Thank you for a great super simple recipe!

  244. Olivia says

    5 stars
    Love this recipe!! I used all purpose flour, unsweetened oat milk, extra light olive oil, and for the brown sugar I used dark brown sugar. I ended up doubling the recipe because it made such a teeny tiny amount of dough! Recipe says it makes 11-14 cookies.. assuming they mean tiny cookies! The dough was a bit dry and crumbly at first as the recipe says, so I did end up using about a tablespoon extra of oat milk and it came together nicely. I made decently sized cookies so they baked a bit longer than stated — I didn’t time it, I just kept my eye on them. They came out chewy and delicious!!! Will definitely make again.

  245. Mia says

    5 stars
    These were DELICIOUS! I’ll be using this recipe from now on! Do you happen to have a recipe just like this one for edible cookie dough or can you please tell me how to convert this recipe into edible cookie dough? Thanks!

  246. Tony says

    5 stars
    Great recipe. For some reason, (maybe dough balls being too big or oven not hot enough), the cookies came a little undone. I set oven to 350 and baked another 5 minutes it came out perfect. Thank you!

  247. Hedda says

    5 stars
    I’ve tried so many vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes and this is by far THE BEST!! So grateful I stumbled upon this one! Soft, pillowy, and delicious!

  248. Christine says

    5 stars
    I have tried this recipe so many times and my cookies always look lumpy. They taste fine but they look like they are oatmeal cookies even though I didn’t put any oats in them. Everyone else seems to have great results and in your pictures they look beautiful but mine are so ugly and plump I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. Please help!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! This can be due to many things, including type of sugar or flour, humidity in the air, or elevation. You can press the cookies down with a spoon before or after baking 🙂

  249. Wyatt Owens says

    5 stars
    Works to perfection! Follow the instructions and melt the butter, if you’re using it. I get allergen free chocolate chips from tollhouse and these cookies are divine. I also appreciate that the lack of egg replacer means the dough is not runny. (Some recipes call for applesauce or non-dairy yogurt.) BEST COOKIES I’VE EVER HAD!!

  250. Gemma says

    Does anyone have tried and tested metric measurements please? Google always gives different amounts dependant on site and I want to get it right..! Thank you.

  251. Karen Danenhauer says

    5 stars
    These cookies are awesome. I never write reviews but feel these cookies need to be celebrated and made by more people. They are super easy and they come out perfect every time if you follow the directions. Yum!

  252. K says

    5 stars
    I just have to leave a review!

    I’ve been making vegan, gluten free cookies for several years now and I have to say…. This is the best recipe I’ve come across yet! I made mine with oat flour, coconut oil and almond milk. They turned out so amazing, so chewy and irresistible, just like a classic chocolate chip cookie. I won’t be using another recipe again! Thank you!!!

  253. Stephanie Perez says

    5 stars
    These are hands down THE BEST vegan chocolate chip cookies I have had since becoming vegan 6 months ago. These taste just like entenmanns chewy chocolate chip cookies. I’m going to be posting this all over social media because it’s Christmas time and people NEED this recipe

  254. Hayley says

    5 stars
    THE best chocolate chip cookie recipe vegan or not ive used this recipe more times than i can possibly count and taken them into work/given to friends and everyone has enjoyed them, anyone who didn’t know i was vegan couldn’t tell they were vegan cookies. my one tip for anyone following this recipe is rather than using a spoon to help them spread i place a towel on my worktop and with the cookies fresh from the oven using a towel i bang the tray down hard a few times to help them settle and look uniform

  255. Autumn says

    5 stars
    Overall, the taste of these cookies were great! They did require more time in the oven than the recipe stated, but I’m impressed by this recipe.

  256. SB says

    5 stars
    These tasted good! The texture was more like a cake than a cookie and the cookies did not spread at all! The only sub I did was use maple syrup instead of sugar. Any idea why this happened?

    • CCK Media Team says

      We have never subbed maple syrup (a liquid) for granulated sugar so can’t say how that would affect the recipe.

  257. Carmen says

    5 stars
    My fave cookie recipe, the only one I make anymore!!! Just made a Christmas version with crushed candy canes drizzled with chocolate…. The kids went crazy for them, they had no idea they were vegan:)

  258. Shauna says

    5 stars
    Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for the recipe, and let you know that this works just fine with gluten free flour. I have been making these cookies about twice a week for about a month now, using all purpose gluten free flour and they are amazing. Thank you, I now have a cookie recipe both my husband and I can enjoy together.

  259. Ann says

    5 stars
    We made these last night. They are delicious. We definitely needed a bit extra nondairy milk. And due to high altitude living, cooked them for about 12 minutes. We used Enjoy Life chocolate chips and they turned out great! Thanks for another easy and reliable recipe!

  260. Jo says

    5 stars
    I don’t eat eggs, so I appreciate cookie recipes that don’t use them.
    I tried these today, using oat flour, vegan butter, half the sugar (coconut palm) which is plenty sweet for me, coconut cream + water. Instead of adding more “milk” I added 2 T of tahini to moisten the dough, and it worked perfectly. I will definitely make again, and try other flours. Oat flour made these very tender by the way. We all liked these.

  261. Whitney says

    5 stars
    I’ve made these so many times in the last few months. I have a breastfed baby with A LOT of food allergies, so it’s been a struggle following her diet and keeping my weight and milk up. I can’t have any kind of milk replacement, so I just make these with water instead of milk. I use 3 tbsp of water and an extra splash of olive oil (can’t taste the difference once cooked and I know it’s a safe oil for us). Then when I start mixing it I add one more tablespoon of water. I also cook it 13 minutes instead of 11. The first time I made them I only used 2 tbsp of water and they didn’t flatten like cookies. With the 4 tbsp they always flatten and taste wonderful. I don’t feel like I’m missing out with these.

  262. Tibeca says

    5 stars
    These are legit my favorite cookies of all time, but the “milk” needed is definitely more than listed. However, we love at 6500ft above sea level, so that definitely plays a part. I usually double or sometimes triple the liquid required.

  263. Abby says

    5 stars
    I’ve made this a few times and it always turns out great! The other day I replaced the chocolate chips with a broken up Lindt oat milk chocolate bar and it turned out great 🤩

  264. spudothy says

    5 stars
    the flavor is great but 11 minutes is not nearly long enough in the oven… they came out as discs of dough. next time I’ll try 15 minutes or 350°

  265. Desiree says

    4 stars
    Oh, Katie! I followed your recipe exactly, and used Earth Balance butter instead of oil. I also doubled the recipe. The cookies taste fabulous, but they didn’t flatten and spread. They stayed puffed up in slightly flattened balls, so I used a spoon to flatten them more but the result was, well, just a cake-y texture and a bit of a mess. My oven usually is true to temperature, so the 325° baking temperature was correct. I want mine to come out like yours… chewy and spread out. What should I do? I’m wondering if I should use oil next time or NOT double the recipe? Like I said, they taste fabulous, but I need help, please. Thank you so much!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! A lot of things can have caused yours to have not been as flat as Katie’s – for one thing, humidity in the air (or lack thereof) on a particular day or in a particular place, elevation, the type of sugar and flour used, etc. Even Katie’s do not turn out exactly the same way each time, but you can flatten with a spoon if they are too puffy for you. Or try these:

  266. Pam says

    5 stars
    I plan to make these delicious looking cookies this weekend. But I wanted to post about the use of erythritol sugar substitute.
    Several studies have shown that erythritol is closely associated with risk for “major adverse cardiovascular events.” In other words, people who have high blood levels of erythritol are more prone to heart attacks, strokes and even death.
    For me- I have had several mini strokes and a heart attack. Bad genetics.
    My BFF of 60 years told me about the erithrytol risks- she knew I was using it! Now, I will only use organic sugar. It’s not worth the risk for anyone. And it tastes better, too!
    I know I will love these cookies!

  267. Tamara says

    5 stars
    We are not vegan and I reluctantly made these in a pinch the other day when we didn’t have butter. Suffice to say I’ve made them 4 times since then and they are the only cookies my husband wants now lol. 5/5, super simple to make and delicious.

  268. Miguel says

    5 stars

    We are making a free vegan newsletter in Bangladesh where there are very few if any vegan recipes written in Bangali. Therefore we are translating recipes from English to help people there go vegan.

    We would like to translate this recipe:

    We would of course credit you and link to the original recipe for those who can read English. But we want to have the recipe translated in order to reach a larger audience.

    We want to get your permission before we use your recipe in the email, so please let me know if this is ok with you. We are happy to credit you however you see fit. Let me know if you have any other preferences for how you’d like to be credited such as us linking to your social media platforms.

    Any other questions please let me know.


    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, please feel free to translate the recipe. Katie is always happy to help. Credit links to her website and social accounts included above the translated recipe would be appreciated so much!

      • Miguel says

        Great, thank you so much! I will personally ensure that Katie is properly credited for the recipe and I will include links to her social accounts.

  269. Violet says

    5 stars
    Tasted so so good, I recommend using white flour, oat milk, and Mykonos butter as well as adding the extra bit of milk recommended!

  270. Sez says

    How would I adjust for a fan forced oven? My cookies came out a different texture and quite underdone. So I’m guessing the oven type may have affected it. I cooked them on a lower temp as I’ve read to do that for recipes using conventional oven, but I followed a chart to get the equivalent temperature for fan forced.
    Humidity was 67% in the air (just in case that’s the problem)

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! Unfortunately we have no experience at all with baking these in a fan forced oven or convection oven. If they turned out undercooked at a lower temp, you could definitely try baking them at the temperature specified in the recipe and hopefully that can work for you.

  271. Kara says

    5 stars
    Best vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe ever! You’d never know they don’t have butter and eggs!

  272. Diane says

    5 stars
    Thank you for the recipe!! We made these with spelt flour due to a wheat sensitivity and they were awesome! No gritty rice flours…love it!!

  273. Suzie says

    5 stars
    These are my favorite chocolate chip cookies. So easy to make and they sure don’t last long at my house. Don’t hesitate to give these a try. YUM!!!!

  274. Terry Butler says

    5 stars
    Excellent cookies! Made them using vegan butter, unsweet almond milk, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, regular all-purpose flour. Amazing taste, texture. I’ve been vegan for about four years. No more expensive store-bought cookies for me! Thanks!

  275. Irony says

    5 stars
    Those cookies had no business being that good i made them last weekend and hid them fast from everyone..its friday and im about to make two batches now which ALSO will be hidden they are too good i zero reason to buy another cookie from the store..Thank you!

  276. Crystal says

    5 stars
    Best vegan cookies ever! And trust me I’ve tried many many recipes. I used oat flour, avocado oil and I also use all coconut sugar with a little agave and they come out perfect. Chewy center with crunchy edges. I love that there’s no egg substitute, it really doesnt need it. Not going back to my old recipe.

    • Alisha says

      I want to try it with these substitutes. Did you use the recipe exactly as above? Did you substitute the avocado oil for the butter? How much coconut sugar as well? Thank you 😉

  277. Brad says

    5 stars
    I accidentally left out the white sugar and the cookies were really good; they held their shape better and were very soft. Added an extra Tbsp of Almond milk and used Coconut oil instead of vegan butter. Daughter in law can’t do dairy/eggs and loved these.

  278. Summer says

    5 stars
    Hi Katie (and Co.),

    I plan on making these for a party on Sunday. Two questions, 1- is the baking soda absolutely necessary? No matter how much I mix, whenever I use it in recipes, we always taste it. 2- do you think these would be okay using all brown sugar? Oh and what are the chances that these would be a melty mess at an outdoor event? That just came to mind as I was hitting post comment ~ 🙁

    Thank you! Have a great weekend~

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! Sorry we honestly have no idea how they would turn out with any of the substitutions you mentioned (although we would guess all brown sugar should be ok and omitting baking soda probably would yield not-as-good results). They look and have a similar texture to regular chocolate chip cookies so would act similarly in the heat 🙂

  279. Michael says

    4 stars
    These were fun to make! I used white flour, dark chocolate chips, and Earth Balance melted butter. Mine don’t look like the pictures above, but my family really liked them. I thought they were missing that creamy sweetness that you’d expect from a chocolate chip cookie, but I guess that’s the vegan version for ya! To me, they tasted like a sugar cookie with chocolate chips. That’s not a bad thing! I will definitely make these again and experiment with different oils and vegan butters, chocolate chips, etc. Overall a 4 out of 5.

  280. Gretchen says

    5 stars
    Easy to make with minimal ingredients. I tried this with 1/2 cup 1:1 GF Flour and 1/2 cup brown rice flour, vegan butter melted, and added some extra almond milk. I did need to cook for 14-mins vs 11-mins. They are soft and delicious!

  281. Alisha says

    5 stars
    I am so sorry I didn’t have time to read thru all the comments. I am trying very hard to stay away from sugar. I was thinking date paste, but new to this Vegan thing! lol. Do you think date paste would work as a substitute or can you suggest an other alternative for the sugar? Thank you 🙂

  282. Jacob says

    Oh my GOD these are good. I didn’t have super high expectations because I don’t bake vegan often but these were significantly better than most non-vegan cookie recipes I’ve made. Brought them to work for a coworker and they were gone within less than a day- 10/10!

  283. Rozzi says

    5 stars
    Made these today they were delicious. I reduced the sugar a bit as I like things not too sweet. I also rolled the dough into balls immediately after mixing, and then popped them in the freezer for a few hours until I was ready to bake them. Served them to a bunch of non vegans and got a bunch of compliments about how good they were. There wasn’t a single cookie left!

  284. Bailey says

    5 stars
    These are so delicious! They taste EXACTLY like traditional chocolate chip cookies! I used oat milk, enjoy life chocolate chips, and country crock plant butter. Thank you so much!!

  285. Ronda says

    5 stars
    My whole family loved these chocolate chip cookies. My vegan daughter said they were the best cookies she’s tried, and even my omnivore sons liked them!

  286. Jamie says

    Hi! I just tried making these cookies and didn’t have the best of luck and wanted to check in about it. I made the dough two days ago and chilled it until today. I probably made the mistake baking them on an exceptionally hot day. I live in New England, so not high altitude. They tasted pretty raw and didn’t look great. Did I chill too long in the fridge?


    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi there! Is your oven calibrated? And was it preheated? If they are undercooked where you live, it might also have to do with humidity in the air (either on that specific day or based on your location). You can definitely try baking longer 🙂

  287. Sandra says

    5 stars
    My family loved these vegan chocolate chip cookies. We followed the recipe to a T and were very happy with the soft, chewy, yummy results. Daughter made a second batch last night at a sleepover and they were a hit with all the girls.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi there! Sometimes that can happen, due to humidity (or lac thereof) or elevation, type of sugar used (a big factor), or other environmental factors. The great thing is that they are easy to press down manually with a spoon if they do not spread on their own for any reason 🙂

  288. Susan Rocca says

    5 stars
    I made these exactly as written and they were amazing! I used regular AP flour, white sugar, brown sugar, canola oil, and oat milk. I had no problems and they came out great! I will definitely make these again. Thanks for the great recipe!

  289. Gal says

    5 stars
    I’ve made these vegan chocolate chip cookies five times since finding them and everyone has loved them! I made the recipe again last night for a Halloween party and there are no leftovers.

    • Kujo says

      5 stars
      If you read above the actual recipe it is explained that it is non-dairy milk. Not all chocolate chips contain milk. In fact most dark chocolate chips have no dairy

  290. Saler says

    5 stars
    Made this recipe with my daughter and multiplied it 6X. Was very accommodating to changing the amounts and was a breeze to make! We made it for our local vegan soldiers so each dough ball was baked inside a paper muffin cup to make it simple for them to grab and eat. They baked perfectly and packaged wonderfully! Thank you for such an easy and tasty recipe.

    • CCK Media Team says

      This is so sweet of both of you. Thank you for making them and for caring about others – it is really heartwarming to read.

  291. Fitness Coach says

    What??!! Hold on, wait a minute!! These are the best vegan cookies I’ve come across so far, and I’ve made my share of vegan cookies! I used all-purpose flour, vegan butter and a combination of organic granulated sugar and light brown sugar and a little extra vanilla extract. I baked them for 13 minutes and the results were *chef’s kiss* 🤌🏽 Thanks for the recipe. I saved it!

  292. Chapin Faulconer says

    5 stars
    Hello, I am wondering if you would have any suggestions about making chocolate chip cookie bars instead of individual cookies and what size pan to use? Thank you and I love all of your recipes! Take care, Chapin

  293. jaren and hannah says

    5 stars
    These vegan chocolate chip cookies are our family’s new favorite holiday cookie recipe. Even the non vegan members of the family (i.e. everyone but me) loved them too!

  294. KN says

    5 stars
    These are good!!! Taste just as good or better than regular chocolate chip cookies!!!
    My FAVORITE vegan cookie recipe! Just made a fresh DOUBLE Batch today!!!!
    Thanks for the recipe!! Spot ON

  295. Claudia says

    5 stars
    The cookies turned out very good!
    But I needed to use 4 tbsp oat milk and I’d say I should have used 1 or 2 more. The dough was too dry and the cookies dont look like the picture, they are more rough. Thanks for the recipe (;

  296. dee says

    plan on baking later; do you have a good corn bread recipe, tried my old standby (pre vegan) with standard subs, not bad, but hubby did not like

  297. Jayden says

    5 stars
    I absolutely love this recipe I make it all the time its sooo easy to make as well. It calls for sugar but since I prefer to stay away from sugar I used maple syrup instead and I also used oat four it work great

  298. Teri says

    5 stars
    Amazing! I love that I don’t need a bunch of funky ingredients. My daughter is vegan, and in the past when I baked for her, I needed to buy a ton of expensive ingredients to make her vegan desserts. The only “special” ingredient I have to get for this recipe is almond milk, and to avoid waste, I freeze small portions for future bakes. Of course, I also need to get dairy free chocolate, but that’s easy enough!

    These are so good! My husband, who is NOT vegan, says he likes these cookies more than my regular cookies. Not too sweet, and such a nice cakey consistency.

    Great recipe great cookies!

  299. K says

    5 stars
    I made these exactly according to the recipe. Baked at 350 because our oven is usually 25 degrees off. They still just looked way too underdone at 11 minutes, so I baked for another 5. Followed the instructions for letting them rest for 10 minutes and I could tell they were basically still dough inside. I ended up putting them in our toaster oven for another 8 minutes at 350 until they were golden brown on top. After all that they are delicious!

  300. Kristin Middleton says

    5 stars
    These are fkn delicious!!!!! My nephew and nieces loved them as well. For some reason they are even better the next day! I definitely make more than one batch at a time and I accidentally had to make it x 16 due to poor math skills and everyone in my life got some cookies that day. I wish there was an option that can make the recipe bigger… because I’m dumb.

    • CCK Media Team says

      So glad it worked to make a larger version. 16x sounds like a lot of cookies… no such thing as too many cookies 🙂

  301. Melanie says

    5 stars
    Wow! I have been Vegan for 5 years and have YET to find a choc chip cookie recipe without butter that I love and until NOW! Yummy!!!! Also, I didn’t refrigerate the batter and they turned out amazing. Thank you sooo much!! Wahoo!

  302. Star says

    5 stars
    I made these to fit my whole food plant based oil free nut free diet by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. I used oat flour and followed the recipe and the only thing I changed was I swapped the oil for about a tablespoon and half of a ripe banana. And instead of adding 1/4 brown sugar AND 1/4 white sugar, I just did 1/4 brown sugar. I refrigerated the mixture for 2 hours. Then put them in spoonfuls on a foil sheet and put them in the air fryer at 350* for 10 minutes. I let them cool on a rack for 10 minutes….
    They are absolute crack cocaine and I’m hooked. These will keep me from sneaking that chips ahoy junk. THANK YOU. Thank you so much. Seriously.

  303. naomi says

    5 stars
    I WOULD RATE THIS MORE STARS IF I COULD. my brother is doing lent and i decided to bake cookies that he could enjoy with us and these are literally soooooo goooood

  304. TJ says

    5 stars
    I’ve been making these for a long while now and they’re consistent and good. I often forget to press the balls down before putting them in the oven. I have never found they spread. Anyhow today I put the first batch in and when they came out I remembered! I always use olive oil, so not sure if that’s a factor, but if the dough seems pretty firm I would try pushing them down before putting them in.

  305. Thérésa says

    5 stars
    I’ve been looking for a straightforward cookie recipe for ages! These are brilliant. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to make! I was a bit naughty and subbed out 2 tablespoons of flour for cocoa powder and added a couple of tablespoons of chopped walnuts. This is definitely my go to recipe now! I think I might even whip up another batch of dough just to put in the freezer.

  306. Carol Bryan says

    5 stars
    Made these last night for my vegan son and non-vegan daughter and her family. All loved them! I made the cookies using the exact recipe using these as the “optioned” items: white flour, sugar and brown sugar, mini chocolate chips, unsweetened almond milk, and vegan butter. I did roll them into balls before putting them in the fridge for 30 minutes. They baked up nicely. Left them on the cookie sheet for 10 minutes as directed and they finished baking. Will definitely make these again.

  307. Laia Castilla says

    5 stars
    I tried the recipe with lupin flour and I loved the result!
    If anyone wants to try it out, you just need to add more milk (soy milk in my case), I had to add at least 5 tbsp. I also let it in the oven for 14 minutes instead of 11.
    After taking them of the oven, I had to flatten them a bit with a spoon (as mentioned somewhere in the recipe).
    Both the texture and taste were amazing!
    (And I am not the best cook let’s say)

  308. Mikayla Breno says

    5 stars
    I love these cookies! Easy to make and everyone else loves them too! Honestly everything I’ve ever made from Katie’s site is fantastic. I used Gold’s gluten free oat flour and brown sugar and that’s the best tasting. Coconut sugar works in a pinch but the taste isn’t as decadent as the brown sugar. Instead of regular sugar, I used honey. Translates the same measuring wise but you can use slightly less and it turns out great too! Mix the honey in when you get to wet ingredients.
    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes! Anytime I get a craving for something, I always check here first to see if it’s on here and it always is so far!

  309. Laura says

    5 stars
    I’ve been baking cookies for forty years and never -I mean NEVER- found an easiest and more delicious recipe than this one. An ocean of thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  310. Julia says

    This recipe has milk in it but doesn’t say which sort of milk, does it matter? Obviously can’t be cows milk while still being vegan!

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