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Deep-Dish Cookie Pie

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What is even better than a warm chocolate chip cookie?

The secretly healthy recipe – with over 1,600 positive reader reviews. Everyone loves this pie! If you’ve never tried the recipe, it is highly recommended. Full recipe:

If you answered, “Katie, nothing is better than a warm chocolate chip cookie,” you’ve obviously never met a chocolate chip cookie pie… especially not when it is topped with my favorite egg-free healthy ice cream recipe.

I could sit here and tell you about how I was in charge of dessert for our neighborhood Memorial Day party. I could tell you about my desire to wow the neighbors with a sinful-tasting finale and then surprise shock them by revealing said sinful dessert was really not so sinful after all. I could tell you how this desire became reality when my dessert was the hit of the party, with everyone raving about it and one neighbor even hiring me to make a pie for her husband’s birthday in June.

But really, you don’t want to know all of this, do you? You just want the recipe.

deep dish cookie pie

Side note: If you make 1/4 of the recipe, you can put it in a mini springform pan for a baby pie like the one above. And if you make a half recipe in a shallow pan, you can have a healthy cookie cake like the ones at the Great American Cookie Co in the mall.

The secretly healthy recipe – with over 1,600 positive reader reviews. If you haven't tried the recipe yet, it's highly recommended! Full recipe:

Deep Dish Cookie Pie

  • 2 cans white beans or garbanzos (drained and rinsed) (500g total, once drained)
  • 1 cup quick oats (or certified-gf quick oats)
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 3 tbsp oil (canola, veg, or coconut)
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 and 1/2 cups brown sugar (click for a Sugar-Free Deep Dish Cookie Pie)
  • 1 cup chocolate chips

Blend everything (except the chips) very well in a good food processor (not a blender). Mix in chips, and pour into an oiled pan (I used a 10-inch springform pan, but you can use a smaller pan if you want a really deep-dish pie.) Cook at 350F for around 35-40 minutes. Let stand at least 10 minutes before removing from the pan. (Some commenters have had success with a blender, but I did not. Try that at your own risk, and know the results will be better in a high-quality food processor such as a Cuisinart.)

I haven’t calculated the calories for this recipe, but a few of the commenters did. According to their calculations, the pie will have around 200 calories per slice, as opposed to 700 in a slice of traditional deep-dish cookie pie.

EDIT: Full nutrition facts for this recipe are now available in the Chocolate-Covered Katie Cookbook on page 139.

chocolate chip cookie pie

Perhaps calling it “healthy” is a stretch. After all, there’s still sugar, and there are still chocolate chips. But in comparison to your standard cookie pie—with its plethora of butter, eggs, and white flour—the above version is a much healthier alternative, while still tasting just as naughty. Plus, you get lots of fiber and protein from the oats and chickpeas.

And I promise no one can tell that these ingredients are in there. (Need proof? Just read all of the comments on this post!) This chocolate pie is a real crowd-pleaser, even with people who aren’t used to eating healthy desserts. Imagine cookie dough in the form of a pie.

The secretly healthy recipe – with over 1,600 positive reader reviews. Everyone loves this pie! If you’ve never tried the recipe, it is highly recommended. Full recipe:

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Johanna says:

    WOW! I am so impressed by this cookie pie. I served it to my entire family this evening and they just loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alyson Happymeal says:

    I made this last night for a dinner with my fiance and future in laws! My father-in-law is diabetic and my fiance is always the one to say ‘it’s not as good as the real thing’ – definitely if he knows what is in it. However, they both wouldn’t say anything if they had no idea, they just love to be hard headed. Well this was beyond baffling, scrumptious, delectable, (insert more words here)! My father in law only ate a small portion because he kept saying how I was trying to ‘kill him’ since I know he is diabetic and how sinful this was and bad for him…His mom and I just kept looking at each other and laughing. We finally told him it was made from Garbanzo beans and unsweetened apple sauce, yadayadayada, and he couldn’t believe it. My fiance ate three pieces LOL! He actually got to the point where he cut a huge piece and just put it right into the ice cream container and ate out of that! So funny! This one is going in the record books! Thank you so much for what you do. I am so addicted to your site and can’t wait to try more!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I dont normally comment or eat sweets. But my fiance has the largest sweet tooth. Mixed with the fact he doesn’t eat anything that resembles healthy! He ate a piece and tried to steak claim in the entire pie! After I told him what it was he called it his bean cookies and wants me to make them everyday. Even me who does not indulge in sweets couldn’t keep from grabbing another bite.( I made them into bite size bars instead) Amazing recipe I can not wait to try all of your recipes! You definitely helped me find a compromise in what My fiance can eat to keep the man healthy!!

  4. LaNita says:

    Katie!…I’m prepping to make this now but i only have rolled oats…not quick. Should I pre-cook them a little bit or will they be ok? :)

    Thank you so much lady!

    1. Sorry, I’ve never tried it with rolled oats. I think other commenters have, though.

  5. LaNita says:

    Wow! I didn’t see that there were pages of comments! My bad I didn’t look through them all…

    Thanks for responding. I did, however make them, and I know that I am only an echo now but pretty amazing. You just can’t understand how good they will be until you are tasting it for the 1st time especially right out of the oven. I used rolled oats, coconut oil and 1 cup of sugar.

    Continued thanks! :)

    1. Paula says:

      Oh so they came out okay with rolled oats as they are. That’s good to know. I refine the oats in a coffee blender (or I think it’ll work in the food processor too, my Krups just died).

      I like the idea of using dates instead of sugar … need to try that.

      1. LaNita says:

        They did! I used my Ninja and just blended it all together. Yummy! I also used coconut sugar as well. Have not crossed over to baking with dates but am excited to take that leap :)

  6. Margaret says:

    The only way I can eat chick peas is if they’re in humus form… or in this. This cookie pie was AMAZING. It’s incredibly filling, so I was only able to eat around seven bites before I was full. It’s very easy to make and so, so, so GOOD. I loved taking it out of the oven a little early so it was a bit gooey. Mmmm!

  7. Sarah says:

    Made this tonight with exactly 1/2 the sugar. To die for!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jacki says:

    This is absolutely delicious! I actually made the cookie dough dip first and wasn’t a big fan, so I added the ingredients from this recipe to make this cookie “pie”. I cannot believe how good it is! This, coming from a self-confessed chocolate chip cookie addict!

  9. Caitie Bear says:

    So I first found your website via Pinterest and became could not stop myself from looking through your delicious recipes. I was too scared to try them at first, fearing they would just be bland “healthy” imitations of my favorites. Finally caved and made this Deep Dish Cookie Pie tonight and loved it! Even my picky hubby couldn’t resist eating more. Since we eat lower sugar, I subbed 1 cup of the Brown Sugar for 1 cup Xylitol then used the remaining 1/2 cup Brown Sugar. Oh, wow was this good. Will be making this again!

  10. Wow, this cookie pie looks amazing — and I have all the ingredients in the pantry right now. Guess I know what I’m making tonight!

  11. Jillian says:

    This looks SO delicious! Among other things, my son is allergic to oats. Could I make a substitution?

  12. Paula says:

    Really? Ground flax? Like flaxmeal? Hmmmm …. will have to try that … certainly makes it even healthier

    1. Yes flaxmeal… some people have tried wheat bran too, but I haven’t tried that one.

  13. Elise Porter says:

    Made this today with garbonzo beans and I could REALLY taste them. I was very sad because I had such high hopes. :( Is it better to use white beans? Because I am more than willing to give this another shot. We also made the mint chocolate fudge pie, which was fabulous. :)

    1. Beth says:

      I found that i wasn’t cooking long enough and with the white beans, you definitely need to make sure with an 8″ pie pan you cook longer. It was a bit more mushy and bean tasting for me. I’ve always undercooked box brownies but this is very different. I think the taste is so much better with longer cooking. And I liked the garbanzo beans much better!! I also think i will pack the brown sugar or just use 3 dates and half the brown sugar(packed). Man, i could live off this recipe!! I am just a sweets addict lol!!

    2. What food processor did you use? And did you use all the brown sugar? And drain the beans and rinse?

      1. Anonymous says:

        We used a Cuisinart and all the brown sugar. We forgot to rinse though. :( I noticed I tasted the beans much less when it was cooled for some reason. I’ll definitely give it another shot and rinse next time. :)

  14. Paula says:

    How do you think brown rice flour would work? (It’s gluten-free). I have a bag of it that I’ve never used.

  15. Karen says:

    I just made this, with rave reviews from my kids….they had no idea the main ingredient was beans. Just a couple questions….I found the texture a little grainy…is it just that I didn’t blend it enough…AND was wondering why the recipe says not to use a blender – I was really tempted to throw the beans in my vitamix to get a smoother consistency.

    1. Shouldn’t be grainy, so yeah… blend longer. I tried with a vita once but because it’s deep the beans on top don’t blend at all!

  16. Anna says:

    This looks AMAZING but I calculated the calories to be around 600 calories per slice (if it yields 8 servings). Did I miss something?

  17. Sabrina says:


    Did you ever end up making a sugar free version of this? If so, please post!

    1. The sf version is still a work in progress… If you try it, I would absolutely LOVE to know your thoughts (good or bad… seriously, don’t be shy about telling me the truth if you hate it!).

      Use the basic recipe, but just leave out all sugar. Add 2cups pitted dates (300g), three stevia packets, and 1/2 cup almond milk. Process in 2 or 3 batches, because the food processor will have a hard time doing it all at once. Then add in the chocolate chips (or sugar-free chocolate chips if you wish)

  18. Summor says:

    Pretty sure I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life! Been looking for actual recipes that are delish and score! You totally win! Thanks so much Katie! You the wo-man!

  19. Sabrina says:


    I made a sf version of this today. I halved the recipe (except for the applesauce, I still used 1/4 cup of that) and used 1/4 cup of Sugar Twin brown sugar. It tasted FANTASTIC. I noticed that you don’t use Sugar Twin in any of your recipes, is that because it isn’t easily accessible to you (I myself have to order it online), or for some other reason?

    Also, I am going to make this again, but I would like to leave out all of the oil. Do you think I could use more applesauce as a substitute? If so, how much additional applesauce would you recommend (keeping in mind that I already use 1/4 cup) adding?

    Thanks for your wonderful recipes!


    1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of sugar twin.

      Sorry, I don’t know about the applesauce question.

  20. Beth says:

    I just made this recipe and it is fantastic! Completely delicious and a big hit among my friends. I do just want to note that when I calculated out the nutrition, I came up with far more than 200 calories per slice (if based on 8 slices like that of an actual pie) that some other readers calculated (my calorie count was double that). I don’t mind because it still has more nutritious ingredients and the taste is awesome, but if people are watching their calories, it may be good to know.

  21. Natalie says:

    Oh, my goodness, I am in love with this dessert!

    Katie, I am a new follower and huge fan of your blog! I just this minute sat down to try the deep dish cookie pie, and I am in love! You would never guess that this is made from chick peas. Thank you so much for sharing your healthy dessert recipes!

    1. I am so glad you liked it! :)

  22. Julie says:

    I don’t have a food processor, but I made this recipe using a kitchen aid hand-held blender (like this one
    and it worked really well! I don’t know how it compares to using a food processor but it came out very smooth!
    I also used the same hand held blender for your Pumpkin Pie in a Bowl.. I’ve had it for breakfast for the past two mornings :) I think tomorrow I’ll try gingerbread in a bowl!

  23. Anonymous says:

    hmmm well it looked delicious so i rushed home and tried it! but i cant get over the bean-y taste, does anyone else have that problem? i even added less than 500g of chick peas

    1. Hi anonymous,

      Did you read through the other comments to see what the others with this issue did wrong? I know there are a lot of comments, so… Did you drain and rinse the beans well? Use all the sugar? (And what type?) And what food processor?

  24. I want to finally make this, but I was wondering if you Katie or anyone else used erythritol instead of sugar? I have erythritol at home, but I have never used it before. I read about your sugarfree version above, but I’m confused, since people mention using 6 dates (??!) and your upcoming recipes uses 2 cups?? Also, is this supposed to be eaten warm or cooled?

    1. It’s a really deep-dish pie, hence the high amount of servings. (If you make it in a regular 8×8 pan, you can actually get two pies from it.)
      You can eat it warm or cold, and I’ve never tried erythritol.

      1. Ok, I guess I will halve the recipe them. I’m too nervous to try erythritol, so I guess I’ll use dates … although your suggestion differs a lot in quantity from other comments, so I’m not sure with which one I’ll go.

  25. Also, I know the nutrition info is calculated based on 20 servings, but how the hell do you cut the pie in so many slices? We usually get 9-12 slices from a pie …

  26. elie says:

    I’ve just done a savoury and muffin version of it and it was really nice. I obviously omitted the sugard and replaced the 1C chocolate chips by minced veges. Me and my friend found that there was a slight fish taste to it, but since we have both been vegetariens for a while we’re maybe just being delirious. But after all some mock tuna recipe call for chickpeas!
    If anyone is planning to do the normal version, rest assured, it doesn’t taste like fish at all! Like all the other commentators said, it is delicious!
    Thanks for this great recipe and blog!

    1. Thanks, Elie. I love your idea for a savory version!

  27. Jennifer D. says:

    Made this for Easter today and everyone wanted the recipe. Home run!!

  28. Jessica says:

    I absolutely am addicted to this recipe!! :)
    And I wanted to share that tonight I added 2/3 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder to the recipe to make a double chocolate chip cookie pie. (I’m lucky any actually got to the pan, because I was scooping it raw out of the bowl…) :)
    I don’t know if you’ve already done this (I’m sure you have!), but I thought I’d share it, because it is absolutely DELICIOUS. 😉
    Thanks Katie!

    1. I tried to make my brownie batter dip recipe into a pie once, and it didn’t work out… maybe I should’ve used this recipe instead! I will have to try your idea! :)

      1. Jessica says:

        I think you’ll love it. It’s a big bowl of chocolate…what gets better than that??? 😛

  29. Making this tonight for CD’s birthday. :)

      Tell him happy birthday for me, please?? :)

  30. TechyDad says:

    Given that I have 1 kid who loves anything chocolate (but won’t touch most healthy foods), another who eats somewhat healthy but will skimp on eating healthy food so he has room for dessert, and a wife who *LOVES* cookie dough, I’m going to have to make this. (Well, after Passover, at least.)

  31. Katy says:

    I made this tonight, halved the recipe, added a little more applesauce and no oil. Then I dropped dough into my mini muffin tins and baked them for 14 minutes. They were a little undercooked-ended up more like a cookie cake- should have done another 3-4 minute but they were still delicious!!! My kids even loved them!

  32. Kimberly says:

    I’m wondering why in most of your recipes you use a food processor or a magic bullet instead of a blender. And sometimes you even caution us NOT to use a blender. Can you clarify how this affects the recipe? Thanks!

    1. Paula says:

      hi — because everything really needs to be creamy, especially the beans. You will probably have trouble getting it creamy with a blender.

  33. Karen says:

    Hi Katie. I love these brownies. Do you know if you can substitute garbanzo bean flour for the canned beans and if so how much? I wasn’t sure if more liquid would need to be added. Also I was thinking of a mix of bean flour and almond flour. Any thoughts?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried it so I really don’t know!

  34. curious says:

    just out of curiosity, what is the purpose of the chick peas/white beans?

  35. Paula says:

    I would say that they are a nutritious and gluten-free replacement for worthless and unhealthy white flour. The beans do the trick in this recipe really well! By the way I made this recipe with black beans and it came out fine. I think any mild tasting bean will do. And I heard you can use flaxmeal instead of oatmeal, but I haven’t tried it yet. If anyone has tried it with flaxmeal, please post and let me know how it came out.

  36. Becca says:

    I’ve made this recipe many times but thought I’d let you know I’m making it right now for my son’s first birthday! He is going to go nuts for this =)

  37. Mary says:

    INCREDIBLE!!!! All of your recipes are genius. My dad (who automatically dismisses anything with the word ‘healthy’ in it) said it was delicious and he loved it! I’ll never tell him what’s in it! :) Thanks so much!

  38. Jeremy ONeal says:

    I am in school to become a Registered Dietitian and love this site! A friend caught me onto it, but this is my absolute favorite recipe.

    The EXACNT nutrition information just for 1/8 of this recipe (which is still very large!) is as follows:
    418.63 kcal, 6.5 grams Protein, 5 gram Fiber, 74 grams Carbs.

    **This is nearly half of an Otis Spunkmeyer Choc. Chip muffin with the benefit of fiber and protein, but just as tasty!

  39. Daron says:

    Hi, Katie! I’ve made this pie twice, once using raw sugar and once using agave syrup instead..both were super yummy. I recently bought some garbanzo bean flour (Bob’s Mill) and remembered this recipe. Have you ever tried using this instead? Is there any reason why the flour wouldn’t work instead of the beans? If you think it would you have any idea what the substitution ration is?

    Thanks for all of your recipes!

  40. anonymous says:

    HOW do I make this WITHOUT A FOOD PROCESSOR????!!!!!!!!!! *SIGH*

    My food processor broke and I don’t have the $$ to buy a new one right now and you’re recipes are KILLING ME! LOL

    1. Paula says:

      I don’t know if it’s possible … the texture has to be smooth and creamy. Someone above did ask about using garbanzo flour, but you’d have to experiment with that as I don’t think anyone has the amounts yet.

    2. Anna says:

      The first time I made this, I did so in a blender. I mixed everything together in a big bowl, then mashed it up a bit with a potato masher. Then I blended it in small batches, taking the time to make sure it was very well blended. Placing each little batch together in a different bowl, I mixed them thoroughly, then added the chocolate chips. It took a lot longer than the food processor, but honestly, it was the best one I made.

  41. Tweetle Dum says:

    I just made this, but mine turned out as a SERIOUS DISASTER.
    It was undercooked, with a very, vey, VERY strong vanilla flavor.
    Here’s what I did different:
    •I accidently added 2 TABLESPOONS vanilla extract.
    •I didn’t have a big food processor, so I blended half in my hand processor and half in the small one, then put it all in the small one and tried to blend it again.
    •This is probably stupid of me, but I didn’t preheat the oven before putting it in.

    Huh, I’m terrible at baking :( Got any tips so I can do better the next time?

    1. Any one of those things could be the reason it didn’t turn out. I can only vouch for the results if you follow the recipe as written.

  42. Jenny says:

    Omg… I still can’t believe I was brave enough to make this AND taste it. It was delicious!!! I halved the recipe just in case I didn’t like it and added twice the amount of vanilla as another commenter suggested (because after taking the lid of my food processor off the smell of beans was there). I only baked for 30 minutes cause it seemed done with appearance and inserting a toothpick. I’m very pleased with the result… Thanks for a great recipe!

  43. Kathy says:

    I love this recipe, let it chill in the fridge and it’s even more delicious!

  44. libby says:

    do you use beans canned with or without salt?

    1. Usually salted, but I drain and rinse very well… so I don’t think it matters.

      1. libby says:

        That is what i thought, but i didn’t want it to end up salty! thanks!

  45. Mary says:

    Hi Katie,
    Thanks for the lovely recipe. It inspired my strawberry and date chickpea blondies. I use dates instead of sugar.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. CCK says:

      Your variation sounds delicious.

  46. Stefanie says:

    I’m really sorry if somebody asked this question and you answered it already, but there are soooo many comments on this post to get through! I know some people said it tasted like a Pizookie, so I was wondering if I could bake it in a cast iron skillet like a Pizookie? Would the cooking temperature or time differ? I got a cast iron skillet for Christmas, but have yet to bake in it.

    1. Sorry, I’ve never tried it so I really don’t know :-?.

  47. Shaina says:

    I noticed that you made an edit to the recipe that a sugar-free version would be coming soon, but it didn’t look like there was a link or anything…am I missing it? We’re having dinner with some friends this week and the husband is diabetic…I’d LOVE to take this!

    1. Shaina says:

      Ok, nevermind…I scrolled back through and saw some more recent comments where you posted how to convert it to a sugar free recipe… 😉

  48. Julie says:

    I made this a few months ago but wanted to add my comment to the list here. It was absolutely delicious and my kids thought they were eating the richest, most decadent cake they’ve ever had. I used a bit less than half of the sugar called for, and think I can reduce it even more next time. The chocolate chips have plenty of sugar and I think just a small amount would be enough to sweeten the rest. A great trick is to use mini chocolate chips. You can get away with using less because they are more evenly distributed than the regular size and you get chocolate in every bite.

  49. Teresa says:

    I tried this recipe for the first time last night. I made it as a cookie cake on a large pizza pan. It was delicious; all my friends loved it. It took about 24 minutes in my oven.

    Using coconut oil and only one cup of brown sugar (which was plenty), the nutrition information for my version is: 267 calories, 41g carbs, 10g fat, 6g protein, and 5g fiber. That’s per serving with the cake divided into 12 servings.

    I’ll definitely be making this again. Thanks so much!

  50. Andrea says:

    Don’t know if you’ve already addresses this… but you said 200 calories per slice, assuming how many slices of pie?

  51. Jules says:

    if you halved the recipe, would it still turn out fine? (i only have one can of garbanzo beans in my house at the moment)

    1. Jessy says:

      I wasn’t sure whether to comment or not, since I don’t like leaving negative comments, but I guess I should share my experience. I made this yesterday and I halved the recipe, but it didn’t make enough for the pie pan and it turned out like a flat pancake. I was really excited to make this, so I’m a bit disappointed. :(

      1. Paula says:

        Hi — it didn’t come out like a yummy flat pancake?

      2. Jessy, it sounds like you must’ve not used the right sized pan :(.
        Here’s how it should’ve come out:

  52. Jules says:

    just kidding nevermind, i just found where you said you can halve the recipe lol sorry-i need to read a little closer next time lol

  53. Katie says:

    This was great! So glad I found your website! I just switched to a vegan diet for health reasons and promised my husband if he would try the vegan dinners I make, I would make him a yummy vegan treat. I didn’t tell him what this was made from and he didn’t ask, but he really liked it! I’m taking some to a bake sale tomorrow and he asked me to save him some :)
    I made a few changes, not because I thought I could improve the recipe, but because I was testing this recipe to make for my sister’s birthday and she isn’t a huge fan of sugar. Fruits she’s okay with though, so I used 10 dates and two tablespoons of splenda brown sugar blend. I also used only two tablespoons of oil and added and extra 1/8 a cup of applesauce.

  54. ashley says:

    Dear chocolate covered katie, how do I love thee, let me count the ways–all the many fudge baby recipes, “brownie” recipes, toasted cauliflower, and now chickpea cookies. Oh my goodness!!! I might be sick from how many I just ate!! I love you!! Just sayin :)

  55. jacky says:

    I just made mine and I’m so excited but how do you know when its done? I baked for 35 min and then another 5. I used a 9″ round silicone cake pan.

    1. I usually take it out after 35, when it looks a little gooey… it firms up, especially if you let it sit for a few hours before serving!

  56. Christina says:

    Hi K, WOW! Just made this, it is divine! i would LOVE to know if you’ve tweaked it to be sugar free… without using banana (I have food intolerances to cane sugar and banana- I know- It’s awful!)… Thanks!

    1. I haven’t posted the recipe yet, but I did post my sugar-free version (with dates) on the third page of the comments. Also, I’ve been wondering how it would work if you just subbed xylitol for the sugar… If you try either, please let me know the results! :)

  57. Autumn says:

    I don’t normally leave comments for recipes I try but I HAD to for this. Oh my word…it is AMAZING!!! My family was a little skeptical but were willing to try it and they absolutely LOVED it. Couldn’t taste the beans at all. My husband ordered me a Kitchen-Aid food processor and I knew when I got it this would be the first recipe I used with it. About 10 weeks ago I had to cut all dairy and gluten out of my diet and it has been such an emotional roller coaster for me. I found your blog about a week ago and was so excited because baking is my passion. Thanks for your recipes and I can’t wait to try other ones.

    1. Aw I’m so glad you liked it! I remember how hard it was for me to give up dairy… I can’ imagine having to give up gluten at the same time! Good luck!!! :) :)

    2. Aw I’m so glad you liked it! I remember how hard it was for me to give up dairy… I can’ imagine having to give up gluten at the same time! Good luck!!! :) :)

  58. Paula says:

    Katie I made it with flaxmeal instead of oats, and it tastes a little fishy! Guess I should have done 1/2 and 1/2 but I took you literally when you said I could sub flax or oats. Anyway, not a total loss … I will eat it up over time … thank goodness for the chocolate chips.

    1. Uh oh… it shouldn’t be fishy from the flax, unless it was bad? Or the beans were bad? I make the blondies with flax all the time!

      1. Paula says:

        Nope it was Bob’s Red Mill Flaxmeal, sell by 10/24/2012. Garbanzos were from a big new can from Costco. Maybe my tastebuds are very discriminating … flax has the same omegas as fish except DHA. You don’t taste it when you use it? Well I made a 1/2 recipe so it’s not so bad, and I think I can still eat it.

  59. Elise Porter says:

    Made it again, rinsing the beans this time. Fabulous. I even subbed 1/2 a cup of sugar for 3 dates and it came out perfect. :)

  60. Paula says:

    CCK – re: fishy taste from flaxmeal. It disappeared! Interesting chemical reactions with this recipe. I like the way it sets up (firms up) after it cools.

    Totally addictive :(

  61. Anna says:

    Eeeekk! I have made this twice. The first time using regular brown sugar and the second with coconut palm sugar. I thought the first time was a fluke since I cannot cook at all and it turned out so good. But, each time it turned out so unbelievably deliciously fantastically AMAZING. I love this cookie and it loves me and we will be friends forever and ever and ever. Thanks Katie!

  62. Sunnie - (Lower-Sugar Version) says:


    WOW. So, this is like AMAZING. I reduced the sugar by using applesauce. Instead of 1 and 1/2 cups brown sugar, I did 3/4 cup brown sugar and 3/4 cup applesauce, as well as 1 packet of stevia – SOOOO good! It made the whole recipe come to 2635 calories, and I got 16 slices out of it, so 165 calories a slice. Whoever knew that something this healthy coud taste so naughty? 😉 I know that I’ll have to make it again soon . . . 😉

    1. Paula says:

      Katie — thank you. I like this modification and will bookmark and try. I made it once with just 3/4 cup of brown sugar and it was a tad under-sweet. Maybe I could do w/out the 1 packet of stevia too? I guess it’s personal taste as to how much sweetness.

  63. Madia says:

    I just want to say how grateful I am for these recipes. As I try to eat healthier, this is a wonderful resource for me to be able to treat myself once in a while. I especially love how I usually always have the ingredients on hand! THANK YOU!!!

  64. Megan says:

    I am going to make this tomorrow! So excited. Just wondering if you could give me the nutritional info on fat and calories. Most of the time you have it on your recipes, but I don’t see it on this one :( thanks so much! You’re recipes are incredible!

    1. Sorry, my older recipes don’t have the info. I’ve only just started including it late last year. I think some of the cmmenters calculated it out if you have a ton of time on your hands to search lol. Good luck ;).

  65. Megan says:

    WOW!!!! Katie, I am now a devoted fan/reader of your blog! My non-vegan friends LOVED this recipe! My husband, who refused to eat vegan dessert, ate this cookie pie and went CRAZY over it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing recipes that I (as a vegan) and my non-vegan dinner mates can both enjoy! I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you’re fantastic!! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Megan. I’m so so happy it was a hit!

  66. Paula says:

    Anybody do anything absent-minded, like forgetting to put the chocolate chips in? I brought this cake to a vegan potluck and was puzzled when people said it was bland … one gal even said she tasted the chickpeas. I figured out that I forgot the chips! Ugh!

  67. Paula says:

    Well, my bf thinks I should just give it to the birds … but I had a very experimental thought … Katie what do you think of putting the cake back into the food processor and incorporating it into another batch (this time with plenty of choc chips)? Dumb idea?

    1. LOL I have no clue! It sounds fun, though. Why not try?

  68. I had a few fellow food bloggers tell me about this recipe. I finally made it and it is absurdly amazing. Can’t believe how good it is! I just blogged about it and wanted you to know how much my hubby and I like it :-)

  69. Elise says:

    Hi Katie
    What would the difference be if I used normal rolled oats instead of the quick oats? I’ve got a whole bag of normal oats so don’t really want to buy another pack of quick oats. Would I need to cook them first a bit so that the cooking time is the same?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried it. I think some of the other commenters have, but I can’t personally tell you how many to use. 😕

    2. Paula says:

      I use normal rolled oats but refine them up in either the food processor or a bullet. No need to cook them first. Comes out fine.

      1. Elise says:

        Thanks Paula, brilliant! I’m going to try this on the weekend for my friends :)

        1. Paula says:

          I also made it with flaxmeal instead of the oats (per Katie) and it was good too. It tasted fishy when freshly baked, but then that tasted disappeared and it was fine. So I like it with the flax because that makes it even more nutritionally dense.

  70. Heather says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment on one of your posts forever because I LOVE your blog.

    So….I’m heading out on a road trip (Toronto to Montreal) with some friends in a couple of weeks and, as the only non-driver/cookery geek, I said I wanted to do all of the car snacks for the journey to feed myself (sometimes known as a “closet vegan”), my non-husband, and our two vegan chums.

    And guess which deep dish pie will have pride of place in my car-time menu….. :)
    Excited already!

  71. Amanda says:

    Hi Katie,
    I recently found your blog and am excited to try this recipe! Has anyone made the “batter” in advance and then baked it later? I’m having company for a few days and was wondering if I could mix the ingredients before they get here and refrigerate it until I decide to bake it?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried it!

  72. Kim says:

    You’re a magician!!! How is it possible that this cookie pie tastes so amazing and it’s actually healthy! I’ve made several of your recipes and I’m never disappointed…but, I admit this one had me a little skeptical. BUT WOW! So delicious. I own a children’s fitness center in Gaithersburg, MD and I just shared your recipe and blog page with our fans on FB. It’s so important that kids eat healthy and this recipe is sure to please the toughest food critics…KIDS! Thanks again!

  73. SL says:

    Was so skeptical of garbanzo beans in a cookie, but my boyfriend and I ate this right up as soon as it came out of the oven! In between bites he said “whoever came up with this is a genius.” Thanks for a great recipe!

  74. Laura says:

    Hi Katie,

    I don’t have a food processor and was thinking of trying to use garbonzo flour (saw it in my local organic grocery store!) instead of the beans.

    Also, if I can find it, thinking of trying oat flour instead of oatmeal, in order to make the texture smoother. Do you think either or both of these would work as well, and if so, could you suggest measurements? Thanks!

    1. Sorry, I’ve not tried it.

  75. Jessasaurus says:

    ohmigoodness that was AMAZING!!!!!!! I made this 2 nights ago and now I am making one for my mom. I cannot believe how awesome it is and easy/healthy, too. YOU ROCK!!

  76. Julia says:

    This looks amazing! The best thing about this blog is finding all of these new, yummy desserts and always knowing they’re as healthy for me as possible. I love the use of garbanzo beans as a creamy replacement for creamed butter, I use it in my own dessert creations all the time now. I will definitely try this one soon!

  77. Christina says:

    Hi Katie,

    I used xylitol (same amount of what you put for sugar) and I found it too sweet, then again, I found the amount of sugar when I made it the first time was too sweet, so bottom line xylitol works really well in this recipe!

  78. Shannon says:

    I just made this with 1/2 the amount of brown sugar, and it’s totally sweet enough….and made even more awesome topped with some CCK peanut butter frosting.

  79. Michelle says:

    Just tried in and it is delish! My 5 year old wants more and so do I! Mommy and kid approved!

  80. April says:

    I saw all the positive comments and just HAD to try this out. It was AMAZING!!! I can see myself making this cookie pie a lot. ^_^

    Thanks for an awesome recipe!

  81. Lindsey says:

    I LOVE your blog! We teach a cooking class a few times a month and i have so much fun being able to share your recipes with people. Tonight we are making an awesome Bulgur Wheat Salad and this deep dish cookie pie for dessert. I can not wait! I direct so many people to your blog! Thank you for being creative in the kitchen and creating healthy desserts for us to enjoy!

  82. Jenny says:

    Tried this and it turned out pretty well. Then only thing is I had a small horrible processor. What type of food processor do you use?

  83. Suzi says:

    I made this and the only change I made is after about 1 cup and 2 tablespoons of Turbinado sugar i ran out, so i had to do the rest of the 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons of stevia in the raw.
    It was amazing and this is the calory information I came up with. (I used garbanzo beans, and coconut Oil)
    I made 12 pieces with this pie:

    Calories 237
    % Daily Values*
    Total Fat 7.66g
    Saturated Fat 5.103g
    Polyunsaturated Fat 0.736g
    Monounsaturated Fat 0.64g
    Cholesterol 0mg
    Sodium 179mg
    Potassium 5mg
    Total Carbohydrate 41g
    Dietary Fiber 4.4g
    Sugars 26.93g
    Protein 4.68g
    Vitamin A 0%

    Calories 237

    % Daily Values*

    Total Fat 7.66g


    Saturated Fat 5.103g


    Polyunsaturated Fat 0.736g

    Monounsaturated Fat 0.64g

    Cholesterol 0mg


    Sodium 179mg


    Potassium 5mg

    Total Carbohydrate 41g


    Dietary Fiber 4.4g


    Sugars 26.93g
    Protein 4.68g
    Vitamin A 0%
    Vitamin C 3%
    Calcium 1%
    Iron 6%
    Vitamin C 3%

    Calcium 1%

    Iron 6%

  84. Andrea D. says:

    I put on facebook the recipe: Healthy Deep Dish Cookie Pie. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  85. Sunnie says:

    Okey-dokey, I just subscribed by e-mail, too! I shall never miss a recipe . . .

  86. Annie says:

    Hey Katie!! I was wondering if this Cookie Pie can be made with some other appliance other than a food processor, because you say that it shouldn’t do it with a blender, can u tell me why not?
    Thanks so much!!! And I love ALL OF UR RECIPES!!! I just wish I found you sooner!!!

  87. crystal d says:

    I posted the recipe Spinach Ice cream to my fb page.. Delicous! I used fresh mint leaves instead and it was excellent!!

  88. Jennifer says:

    OMG I made this last night, I halved the recipe, because like others I was very nervous of the bean taste. I used white northern beans. I used 1/2 c of brown sugar and 5 T of agave. otherwise, I followed the “halved” recipe to a T. I made 11 cupcakes out of it. They are amazing, seriously. I ate two of them, my bf ate two, and my step son came home last night when we were sleeping, found them and ate 3! I didnt tell them that they are healthy. I am going to make another full batch this weekend. YUM, I am also going to try the chocolate pancakes over the weekend!. Thanks Katie!!

  89. crystal d says:

    I know the recipe says not to use a blender, does that mean no VITAMIX? If not, what food processor do you recommend?

    1. Not a Vita for this one. Cuisinart is a great choice!! :)

  90. Natasha says:

    If you don’t have a food processor, what do you suggest using? I have a regular blender and an immersion blender. Thanks, LOVE your blog. :)

    1. I can only vouch for the results if you use a food processor for this recipe, such as a Cuisinart. :)

  91. Mandy says:

    I am so glad that I have found your blog!! I am now down 34lbs and still have about 15lbs to go, however I have used your site to help me learn to eat better, and have enjoyed everything that I have made so far. I really love it because my kids have no idea. This is in the oven right now and it smells wonderful!! Thank you for all you have done and looking for more great recipes to come.

  92. Gisele says:

    This was so ooeey gooee and chocolaty mmm! mmm! I loved it and so did hubby. I cut back on the sugar I substituted 1 cup of sugar for 1/2 boiling water to 1/2 cup dates. Made it 2 days ago and poof it disappeared so fast our company loved it, I am making it for company again tomorrow night I will add chopped walnuts this time. My husband and I have just started gluten free & dairy free and you blog is very helpful for me. I have plans to make more of your recipes.

    Keep up the good work Katie! :-)

  93. Marissa says:

    I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to try out this recipe!!! Is it better to use chickpeas or white beans?? Anyone try both and have a preference?? Thanks :]

  94. Kristen says:

    As someone with a life-threatening allergy to beans, I hope you all will disclose the presence of chickpeas if you bring this to a gathering. I ask about ingredients of all kinds of foods at parties but probably would never think a dessert would be of concern! So I’m hoping that nobody holds out, saying, “You’ll never guess what the secret ingredient in this is!” because for someone like me, it could be a deadly surprise.

  95. Stephanie says:

    I just made this cookie pie and it was AMAZING! I have made several of your recipes and they have all turned out great. I have a degree in nutrition and am currently in a dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian. So, I am always looking for healthy recipes that taste good. Love your website!

  96. I just made this! I’m looking to freeze (or somehow keep the whole pie fresh) until next week. I was wondering if anyone had any tips. I have read to use plastic wrap or put cookie in a sealed container in the freezer…do you think that would change the texture?

    Also…if I want it warm and gooey later on, do you think it would work to microwave it?

    1. Michelle says:

      I’ve frozen it a few times, once wrapped in plastic wrap & in a plastic bag, another time in vacuum sealed bag. I actually liked the firm texture of it cold (once defrosted in fridge) I found microwaving it made it nice & warm & gooey..not as gooey as fresh from the oven, but it still did the trick.

      1. Awesome, thanks for letting me know Michelle!

  97. Andrea Wilson says:

    I have now made this deep dish cookie pie twice in the last month. I just finished off my last slice at lunch and I am counting down the hours to when I’ll get off work and go to the store to buy more ingredients to make it again! Obsessed is an understatement. I have the biggest dessert cravings ever but I hate the way they make me feel, so when I found your blog my heart skipped a beat. I can now have yummy desserts without the bad/guilty feeling after :-) You’re my hero, Katie!

  98. Heather says:

    Hi Katie! A friend of mine made this yummy dessert and it was fabulous – and gluten free – YES! I saw some of the comments about using stevia in place of the brown sugar or at least part of it. Would stevia in the raw work just as well? I use it for a lot of things (grapefruit, coffee, tea, etc.) but am a little leery of baking with it, and am trying to be mindful of my carbs. How would you recommend replacing the 1 1/2 cups brown sugar with the stevia, and is there a better substitute than the stevia in the raw?

    Thanks, and keep the deliciousness coming!!

  99. Ellie says:

    Okay, so I made this tonight. I really wanted to like it but…it tasted really strongly of beans. What did I do wrong??? Everyone else here loves it!! I used cannelini beans (same sort they used to make baked beans) – do you think chickpeas would have been less strongly flavoured? They were sweet, the texture was lovely, but that taste of beans was just THERE, overpowering it all :( Suggestions?

    1. what food processor? and sweetener?

      1. nd did you drain and rinse?

        1. Ellie says:

          I did drain and rinse really well, and I used a Kenwood Mini Chopper to blend it all in batches (I live in the UK). It was really, really smooth by the time I stopped. I used dates rather than sugar, I wonder if that was the reason – does the sugar sort of cancel out the bean flavour a bit maybe? Neither my husband nor my 3 year old would eat more than a few bites :(

          1. Lauren says:

            If you didn’t follow the recipe, how on earth can you blame it for your results?!

            My word, people!

          2. Lauren says:

            And then you don’t even bother to say that in your original comment?

  100. Tracy says:

    I just made this and it was GREAT! I tried black bean brownies back when that was cool, and they were gross, so I was hesitant to give beans another try in a dessert. But, I am totally keeping this recipe. My kids loved it as did I. My hubby wasn’t totally impressed b/c he thought the texture was strange (doesn’t like gooey stuff), but said he would eat it again if it had ice cream on it. Thanks so much!

  101. Teresa says:

    This was a hit! I used white beans, not garbanzo because that is what I had on hand. I also just used about 1 cup of brown sugar. OMG this was so so so good. I made it for my sister who eats gluten free and topped with non-dairy vanilla ice cream. Fantastic recipe, a keeper!!

  102. Sheree says:

    Hey there! I just stumbled across this recipe and am SUPER excited to make it!!!!! I did read in the ingredients list by the sugar that you wrote “Edit: sugar free version coming soon”. Did you happen to make the sugar free version yet? I try not to use sugar (cane, maple, agave, etc.) or sugar substitutes. Just wondering if it was something made with dates? Or something else? Just thought I’d see if there was another option for them. Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to trying a lot of these :) Oh…and CONGRATS on the cookbook! Can’t wait to buy one! Hope you notify us when it’s available :)

    1. Lauren says:

      Hope it’s ok to repost this! Katie wrote this to another commenter:
      Ok, it’s still a work in progress… If you try it, I would absolutely LOVE to know your thoughts (good or bad… seriously, don’t be shy about telling me the truth if you hate it lol).

      Use the basic recipe, but just leave out all sugar. Add 2cups pitted dates (300g), three stevia packets, and 1/2 cup almond milk. Process in 2 or 3 batches, because the food processor will have a hard time doing it all at once. Then add in the chocolate chips (or sugar-free chocolate chips if you wish).

      I think she also wanted to know what would happen if you subbed xylitol? But maybe I’m making that up. In any case, I’d sure like to know!

    2. Jane says:

      not only did I try it, i ALWAYS have a batch in the fridge…can’t live without them. I make them with 8 dates for sweetening and only 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. I don’t “do” sugar, and I have finally found something to conquer my problem with a sweet tooth. Many of my friends and relatives have also begun making them as standard parts of their lives for the same reasons. They are delicious and healthy treats. thanks again for this amazing recipe
      with love light and JOY

  103. Nanna says:

    Would it be possible to sub the apple sauce with banana? :-)
    I’d love to make this, but apple sauce is just so expensive where I live.

  104. Sarah says:

    Hey Katie, Any way to make these into a fudgy brownie cookie pie? Perhaps by adding unsweetened cocoa and stevia/splenda ?

    1. Jessica says:

      I’m (obviously) not Katie, but I often make this into a brownie pie instead! I add between 1/3 and 2/3 cup unsweetened pure cocoa, and a little more sweetener. Make sure it’s still the same consistency. If it’s too dry, add more sweetener, and that will make it more smooth. :) It’s seriously delicious!!

      1. Amy says:

        I just left a post that said that I made a goof and left out the vanilla extract and had to pull the cookie pan out of the oven and mix it in the the hot batter! All the chocolate chips melted into it and now I have a (mostly!) chocolate swirl cookie! I hope this will taste as good as your version with cocoa powder!

  105. Jessica says:

    I just popped this in the oven and the raw batter tastes to die for. I cannot believe this is vegan and flourless. I’m one of those people you hope to convert in that I usually avoid anything listed as “healthy” because I figure the flavor won’t be there, but this is really making me reexamine my assumptions about food. Next time I think I will cut back on the sugar a bit, the dough was sweet. Anyway, I can tell from your passion that you are going to hit the BIG time soon, enjoy the ride! :)

  106. Annie says:

    Katie, I made this with my brother just now – he and my entire family absolutely LOVE it, and they even saw me put the chickpeas in it! Thanks so much for this recipe :)

  107. Lisa says:

    This is wonderful! I’ve made it a number of time for family and friends with the brown or white sugars and it was always a big hit. I read through some of the comments and decided to try and reduce the sugar. I used 3/4 cup coconut sugar and 4 dates, and it was perfect! Nobody commented on it being any different. It tasted just as sweet to me :)

  108. Jane says:

    Congratulations on the “birthday” celebration of this amazing snack.
    not only did I try it, i ALWAYS have a batch in the fridge…can’t live without them. I make them with 8 dates for sweetening and only 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. I don’t “do” sugar, eggs, flour – and I have finally found something to conquer my problem with a sweet tooth. Many of my friends and relatives have also begun making them as standard parts of their lives for the same reasons. They are delicious and healthy treats. thanks again for this amazing recipe
    with love light and JOY

    1. Aw this made me smile so much, Jane! :)

  109. bitt says:

    just saw this posted and it seems so similar to this pie. noticed the author is katie. is this you? of not, they totally ripped off your recipe!

    1. Yes, it’s me! :)
      A lot of people have stolen the recipe, sadly. But VegNews is definitely not in that category.

  110. Emily says:

    Ohhhh myyyy goodness! This is amazing!
    I made this over the weekend and my sister and I absolutely loved it! Will definitely be making this again :)

  111. Lou Ann says:

    Any substitue for coconut oil?

    1. Sabrina says:

      You can sub canola or veg oil, or you can sub applesauce. When I make this, I leave out the oil altogether (the 1/4 c of applesauce called for is enough, you don’t need to add 3 more T), and it still tastes fantastic.

  112. Charlie says:

    I was nervous to make this after trying the cookie dough dip and thinking it tasted too beany…but today I finally decided to make this! I accidentally switched up the baking powder and baking soda measurements….whoops…so it didn’t rise correctly but still tastes GOOD (not beany at all). Well done!

  113. Kara says:

    I made this yesterday! My hubby came home from work, saw it, and immediately asked me if I had gone off track of my healthy eating habits. I told him to try a bite, and he would understand. 😉 He LOVED it, and once again could not believe I put chickpeas in it! I literally had to show him the empty cans to prove it, hahaha. Can’t wait to try the sugar free version. Where do you buy your dates? Everywhere I’ve found them they seem pretty pricey.

    1. The regular grocery store, near the raisins. They’re in a red package.

  114. Melissa says:

    OMG This was just awesome! I bought three mini pie pans today and made this but made 1/4 of the recipe because I didn’t know if I would like it (was wary of beans in dessert! lol!) But it came out perfect! I thought because I knew there were beans in there I would be able to taste it but it tastes like a normal, gooey cookie! The pans are so small that the mini pies looked like large cookies, and my 2 year old daughter gobbled it up and cried when there was no more haha…I am making this for my birthday coming up in less than a week….not telling ANYONE whats in it haha

  115. Melissa says:

    From Charlie’s comment above:
    “I was nervous to make this after trying the cookie dough dip and thinking it tasted too beany…”
    I was thinking the same thing…I tried the dip a few months ago and after one taste, it just wasn’t for me…but for some reason I was still drawn to this recipe lol

  116. Melissa says:

    Oh and I reduced the sugar to only 4 tbsp for the 1/4 recipe, so 1 cup for the whole recipe. Next time around I want to try eliminating the oil and maybe experiment with using honey instead of sugar? Think that would work?

    1. I’d really advise against omitting all the fat… but lol it’s your choice. Just be prepared with something else if it’s awful.

  117. Lisa says:

    I made these yesterday and took them to work. I put them on the break room table, and everyone was raving over them and wanted the recipe. When I said what they were, they were still excited and wanted the recipe. My husband even loved them. I have bought more beans to make more!!! These are yummy, and definately more healthy than the original version. Thanks for making my day.

  118. Lia says:

    I made this and I now see why there are 1028 comments! lol This is absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS and that’s honestly the only word that seems appropriate for it! I brought these to a barbecue full of non-vegans (I am not one either) and mentioned to a few people that it was a “healthier” cookie pie. Everyone who tasted it came up to me to tell me how delicious it was and to ask for the recipe. That’s when I got to tell them what was in it :) They were stunned and also excited by its secret healthiness. It’s hard to stop eating it, and the piece I brought home for my boyfriend to sample has gotten significantly smaller since coming home with me. For anyone with a mini food processor like me: I ground the oatmeal first, then the beans in a few small batches. Then I mixed all of the ingredients together with a mixer.

    A note about the taste: I used chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and I will say that the uncooked batter tasted like them. I made some of the batter into a small taste-test pie for myself since I was bringing it to a party and was so relieved when it didn’t taste anything like beans after being baked (and also once the chips were in)! I tried really hard to taste beans and I just couldn’t. (Just an FYI in case anyone else tastes the batter and is concerned.) The texture is a little different but I think it’s actually more because of the oats ground in there. This tastes like a gooey, oatmeal-y, chocolate chip cookie. Thank you for your recipes Katie, foods that are sneakily healthy are my favorite!

  119. Traci says:

    I am going to make this for a family get together on Sunday. I am so excited to have people eat this and then them that is acctually way better for them then real cookies! I will let you know how it goes!

  120. Ashley says:

    This is my second recipe that I’m making from your site, and I was a bit skeptical that I wouldn’t taste the beans. I only made half the recipe and used chickpeas. I also baked them as mini muffins instead so that I could freeze what I don’t use. Well, I don’t think there will be any left to freeze. These are AMAZING! I did use some white sugar, but it’s mainly brown. Absolutely delicious. I baked them for 20 minutes at 350, and they’re pretty good, but I’m cooking them a bit longer in my toaster oven now just to make them a little firmer. Absolutely delicious.

  121. Daniela in the Kitchen says:

    So I don’t currently have a food processor or a blender in my kitchen and still managed to pull this recipe! I used white beans that I soaked overnight and cooked for a couple hours so they were nice and soft and smashed them to an almost smooth puree with a fork (white beans are softer than garbanzos and cooking the dry beans yourself also makes them mushier plus the added benefit that you don’t get the BPA in cans). The oats stayed whole they add a nice touch. Oh, and my oven also turns off every 3-4 minutes so it took a lot of baby sitting to bake. But it was such a success it was worth it! Thank you Katie!

  122. Kimberly says:

    Hi Katie! I have been reading your blog for a while but have not made any recipes yet due to not owning a blender or food processor since mine bit the dust a while back. Got a new Ninja yesterday and am ready to go! Would butter beans work? I randomly have a can and have never eaten them before so I don’t know if they are comparable. One can of small white beans and one of butter beans…think it will work? Anxious to make this but not so anxious to go to the grocery store!

    1. Paula says:

      Hi Kimberly — white beans will work — I’ve done it and have seen other posts here that it worked fine. I imagine the butter beans will work too. I’ve actually made this with black beans and I think? red beans and it was fine. Most beans have a very subtle flavor so when you add the sugar, vanilla, etc. you shouldn’t taste any bean at all. No promises about the butter beans (don’t really know what they taste like) but I think it’s worth a risk. Let me know how it comes out please :) I too hate shopping.

  123. Kiki says:

    hi katie,
    If i don’t have quick oats do you know if it’s okay to use traditional oats??! please advise and thanks for being sooo awesome!!!

    1. I think some of the commenters have tried it, but I haven’t.

  124. BethAnnthemum says:

    LOVE THIS RECIPE! YOU ARE THE BEST! :o) Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes. You are truly a wonderful, healthy cook!

  125. Stacy says:

    Made this yesterday! My kids and husband (the pickiest of all) ate it, raved about it, and were none the wiser about it’s ingredients. Hehe I love when that happens!! I had some too and holy cow, yummy gooey, melty chocolatey goodness!

  126. red says:

    do we cook the oats before hand? or is it just dry oats?

  127. Heather Kite says:

    I tried one of your other recipes last week and was less than enthusiastic about the results. But, I thought I’d give another recipe a try. I am SO glad I did! This was delicious! My whole family really liked it. I will be honest, it wasn’t just like a chocolate chip cookie pie, but it was close- and so much healthier! Now to decide which recipe to try next (after we eat the 2nd chocolate chip cookie pie that is currently in the oven)!

  128. Bethany says:

    I added 3 Tbs of cocoa and it turned out as a chocolate chunk brownie. Delish! I feed it to my meat-n-potatoes inlaws and they LOVED it. You’re the best! 😉

  129. Naomi says:

    Heyy! I’m going to make this for my dance team’s end-of-year BBQ. I was wondering whether this pie refrigerates well (if I make it the day before) or if it is much better if I make it the day of?
    Thanks so much! I’m super excited to try out this recipe 😀

      1. Naomi says:

        So I ended up getting up early to make it! I figured it would take too long, but somehow I managed to break my food processor. I guess it was time for a new one ahaha. So ended up having to mash some of it with a wooden spoon. It came out nice though, just took way longer than i anticipated. The pie was a huge hit at the BBQ, it was gone in 10 minutes tops. Needless to say everybody was super surprised when i told them the star ingredient of the recipe. I just love seeing people’s faces when they realize they are actually eating a secretly healthy dessert 😀

  130. Red says:

    could i use a pyrex square glass dish? and if so do i need to spray it before i bake? would i need to change the timming alot? recomended cooking period?
    lol I know so many questions!

    1. Kara says:

      I used a glass 8×8, greased. Didn’t have to adjust the time and it came out amaaaaazing!!

  131. Amy says:

    Hi Katie! Well, looks like mines gonna be more like a chocolate swirl cookie! I Forgot the vanilla and remembered it when it had been baking for about three minutes! I took it out and mixed it in and ALL the chips are just melted right in! I normally hate baking and this is totally why, but I always manage to give it another shot! Who knows how it will turn out, but if the family loves it, I will surley make it again the correct way !!!!!!!
    Also, our family is not a vegan family, but we are slowly pulling away from things like red meat and we have already pulled away from many of the processed foods that we used to eat. We all feel ALOT better, too! We notice a big difference when we exercise,( my daughter and I practice martial arts!) energy wise. Even my daughter, a 9 year old first degree black belt in Shotokan karate is loving the healthier lifestyle too!

  132. Tiffany Lievense says:

    I LOVE your blog and check back daily.
    I made this recipe for my Dad, who refuses to try anything “healthy” because he enjoys dessert too much. After eating TWO helpings of the deep dish cookie pie…Dad declared it was the BEST dessert he’d ever eaten. (The “Healthy” ingredients are a secret between you & me, Katie!) Thank you for your amazing recipes!

  133. Greta Zarro says:

    Love it! Can’t even taste the beans but they make it so creamy/doughy/delicious! I didn’t have enough chocolate chips so I added in 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder. I also halved the recipe and made it in an 8×8 glass pan and then cut it into small squares, so it’s more like a fudge baby bite. Great recipe! Thanks so much Katie!

  134. gb says:

    I loved this! And I just wanted to write about my experience using a liquid sweetener since I didn’t see any comments addressing that, though I admit I didn’t scroll through all 1050!

    I made a half portion since I only had 1 can of chickpeas. I used GF oats, and everything else pretty much the same except I replaced all the suggested amount of sugar with maple syrup (3/4 cup for half the recipe) and omitted the applesauce & used a tiny bit less oil. It was really great, maybe my favorite thing I have made from this site and I have loved everything I’ve made here so far. My husband, who is a chocolate/sugar fiend, loved it too and said it tasted just like tollhouse pie! A word about the texture – I think *maybe* it’s a little gooey-er than it would be made with regular sugar, but it set just fine for me and still had a wonderful texture to it. And the funny thing is that it smelled very oatmeal cookie-esque while it was in the oven but didn’t have much of an oat taste at all.

    Now I have to stop talking and go eat another piece.

  135. Heather says:

    I just popped this into the oven! I am so excited to see if it tastes as good as it looks. I have a feeling it does, becuase I sampled the “batter” and was goooooood!

  136. Tina says:

    WOWZERS! This is truly AMAZING! I made this tonight and to be honest, I was quite skeptical. Even as the batter processed in my food processor, I was thinking there is no way this could fool anyone. Then, I sniffed it, still didn’t get my taste buds watering….I then baked it, in an oiled cast iron pan. (Which, if I do say so myself, was genius.) ;o) Then, I tasted it. Truly, I could weep. I have not had anything so wonderful and decadent since giving up wheat. It tasted like it was loaded with fatty, sugary goodness. (Which it does have a fair amount of sugar, so next time I may try the sugar free variety) I even gave my friend a try, she loved it too! I am SO excited to try so many more of your recipes! THANK YOU sweet Katie for bringing such lovely treats back into my life! ♥

    1. Paula says:

      Cast iron pan?! Gotta try THAT. Thanks! :)

    2. I am seriously so glad to hear it works in a cast-iron pan. People keep asking if it works in a skillet, and I had no idea. Now I can tell them YES! :)

  137. Alex says:

    Hey Katie, the pie was tasty! I made a variation on it & thought you might like to see:

    1. Paula says:

      What gross bean texture? That is not the consensus of the vast majority of posts here. Perhaps you didn’t use a food processor? Eggs? Don’t you know by now what’s about animal products?

      1. Alex says:

        Hi Paula,
        Yes, I did blend the mixture to liquid, but the texture was still gooey & definitely very beany.
        & I am also aware that beans are not vegan, please read the note include in the blog entry.

        1. Paula says:

          Beans not vegan? Note in blog entry?

          1. Alyson says:

            Beans are definitely vegan….I am lost. Maybe she meant the egg that she substituted

          2. Alex says:

            Oops! Yes, you’re right: eggs.

    2. Lia says:

      I thought this comment was strange as well. I made it twice (with chickpeas) and no bean texture at all. Just gooey cookieness! I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. Best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had.

    3. Liz dR says:

      I cannot wait to try your version!!! I’m excited that you (think you’ve?) found a way to nix that beaniness – it your version also less sweet? And thanks for acknowledging that Katie’s recipes are so fabulous that you don’t have to be a vegan to LOVE them! 😀

  138. Danielle A. says:

    Just wanted to stop in and tell you that I LOVE this recipe! It is sooooo good. I even put it up on my blog. Check it out at

    1. Aw I love your post! It wouldn’t let me leave a comment for some reason, but it made me smile… especially the pictures :).

      1. Danielle A. says:

        I’m glad it made you smile. I will have to work on the comments section. Some people are able to some aren’t. Not sure what I’m doing wrong yet but I will figured it out!

  139. Amy says:

    Made this 2 days ago and accidentally melted all the chocolate chips into it! (I forget the vanilla and had to add it really quich after it was a little hot from the oven!) It was more like a brownie, but it was wonderful! My 9 year old daughter AND my husband loved it too! We are all dessert lovers in my house and I love that we can have something sweet without all the saturated fat and cholesterol of traditional baked goods. Next thing I’m going to try from your website…….the chocolate candy bar pie! I have never thried tofu before, but if you can make a dessert using beans taste great, I am sure this will be every bit as amazing! Thanks, Katie!

  140. Tish P. says:

    I have my 2nd one of these cooling on a rack right now. It barely made it into the oven with all the “taste testing.” I changed it up a bit and added some cocoa powder to the batter and mixed in some chopped pecans and shredded unsweetened coconut. Deep dish German chocolate cookie pie! Thank you for this awesome recipe.

  141. Amanda says:

    This looks great!! Do put the quick oats in dry or make them first?

  142. Marissa says:

    I loved the sugar free recipe.. Your extremely talented..I will make this for many years to come. Looking forward to make more of your recipes..

  143. jan jones says:

    wow! I made the blondies the other day and they were AWESOME!! we took them to a friend’s and my and her kids devoured them (without knowing the ingredients of course). Then I made them again Saturday and used butterscotch chips ( I was out of chocolate). They were ok, but not as good. So today I am going to make the pie for another get together. I am confident it will be as good or better. Thanks!
    P.S. I will not even pin these recipes on pinterest because I am scared my daughter will accidentally see the ingredients. The kids have a habit of loving something until they find out what is in it, then over time, they can “taste” the healthy ingredients. So I am just not telling. Ever.

  144. Haley says:

    I have this in the oven RIGHT NOW! I made this healthy recipe and a super unhealthy Kentucky Derby Pie to bring to my cousin’s house tonight! I am going to test my family and see if they can tell a major difference!! I am SO EXCITED!!!

  145. Haley says:

    OH MY. Words can not describe how delicious this was! I made this Pie tonight AND a completely unhealthy calorie-packed Kentucky Derby Pie to bring to my cousin’s dinner party. (I was in charge of desserts!) Everyone had a slice of each and I didn’t tell a single person this one was made with chickpeas and oats and healthyness. My family is HUGE against “do not healthi-tize desserts.” AND THEY LOVED IT. They chose it over the 700+calories a slice chocolate pie. I AM ECSTATIC. I am SO excited!! And they still do not know…(;

    1. Aw I am so so glad you reported back! This made my day :).

  146. Haley says:

    This is my third comment in 24 hours, but I can’t get over how delicious this was!!! I’m having a slice for breakfast! Why not!? (:

  147. Boo says:

    Sooooo One of the million times I made this, the chocolate chips melted slightly into the batter (who knows why the batter was warm enough for that, maybe my blender was working overtime!) but it was the ost amazingest version ever!
    So my question is one of a double-chocolate chip cookie dough pie variety: what if I added cocoa powder to the batter, would the chocolately goodness be doubled? Or would that be too much? Is there such a thing? :-/

  148. Jules says:

    My first attempt is in the oven as we speak! I don’t have a good blender/food processor, but I used my immersion blender and it WORKED. My hubby tasted the batter and said it tasted like cookie dough!

  149. Angela says:

    If I doubled this recipe…would it be bettyer to make in a 9×13 or to make a REALLY deep dish in a 10″ springform??

    1. Sorry, I haven’t ever tried it so I can’t say.

  150. Angela says:

    Whoops. Better I mean :)

  151. Angela says:

    Well I’ll give it a go and post what happens! :) I’m thinking if I do the super deep dish, I’ll have to bake for longer. We’ll see! I’ve made this recipe before and it was too good to not make again and share!!

  152. Christina says:

    I came across your blog recently via stumbleupon and can I just say….AMAZING! :) I have more than a little sweet tooth (especially for chocolate) and I’m always looking for new vegan goodies to satisfy it. I’ve saved several of your recipes already, but this is the first one I tried. It was SOOO GOOD! Pure genius. Great work!

  153. Emily says:

    There is only one negative about this recipe, and I’m kind of thankful for it as a discouragement to eat too much of it, or any at all for that matter. Messy BM’s :)

  154. GermanGirl says:

    I did it, I made your white bean-cake and I gotta say it’s delicious. What a great idea to replace flour by beans! going to try more of your recipes, promised :)

  155. Heather says:

    Ok.. this is crazy delicious! I am so impressed with your recipes! My 5 yr old is my biggest critic for “healthy” desserts that attempt to complete with the refined sugar originals. And so far all the recipes on your site have been a hit with him. We are not vegan but love to incorporate as many aspects of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles that we can. We choose gluten free for baked goods for myself and my husband are gluten sensitive. So awesome to know that a dessert can be a high protein snack too with the chickpeas in this recipe. FYI…I was out of applesause so I used an xlg egg (not vegan of course) and 1 less tsp of baking powder. Worked great.

  156. Nevine says:

    Hi I found your blog yesterday and I was very happy to find someone that cares about health and to also find this variety of desserts done in a healthy way, it was so refreshing, thanks :))
    But I was wondering if you have done anything with Coconut flour or not yet, I think It would work Well with a few of your recipes. Thanks again and please keep up the good work, we’re depending on you hehe.

    1. CCK says:

      Hi Nevine. The only one I have posted so far is the gluten free breakfast pizza. I do have a few more that are going into a cookbook that I am writing. I hope to experiment more with it in the future. :)

  157. Brittain says:

    Strangest spin on a dessert I’ve ever heard of and yet one of the tastiest! My family and I are dessert crazy, but never seem to make enough healthy stuff to balance it all out. So when I read your “healthified” version of one of our favorite desserts I immediately HAD to make it. It’s ABSOLUTELY delicious! You ARE a dessert GENUIS Katie!! No one can guess your secret ingredient! Thank you so much for helping me make my family happy AND healthy!

  158. Bianca says:

    Hey! I just wanted to thank you for putting up this recipe. I was curious at first to how theyd turn out but after simply trying the batter I am sure they are going to be amazing (currently in oven). This is definetely going to be the cookies i serve my grandkids when im older (im only 16) Anyways thanks so much..yumm i can smell the deliciousness

  159. anonymous says:

    I love trying new stuff all the time…..especially if it’s a healthy way of making something I normally like. Well, I admit I was a bit apprehensive at first, but, I decided to trust all the reviews and dive right in.


    One extremely picky person tried it and loved it…..although I still haven’t admitted to them what’s in the cake. A second person tried it, she BUGGED OUT, and she now has the recipe to make in her home!


    I now have total blind faith in you! I’m looking forward to making your cauliflower chocolate cake this weekend!

  160. Sarah says:

    Wowww there are a lot of comments on this post! Do you mind another?!
    I’ve been meaning to let ya know that I made this for Father’s Day and it was a big hit! I subbed mashed banana for the applesauce and added a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder into the mix and topped the whole thing off with your ‘Reese’s Pieces’ Fudge Frosting. Unbeknownst to my dad and sister, who aren’t into super-healthy eating, we were all eating beans and thoroughly enjoying them! They didn’t suspect a thing and still don’t know the exact ingredients. Mwahahaha. I can’t wait to try your Extreme Chocolate Cake with cauli on them! Thanks again CCK! : )

    1. Mind? I think getting comments like yours is my favorite part of blogging. I’m always so happy when someone actually tries one of the things I’ve posted. Thank you! :)

  161. Hi Katie! I’m so sorry if you’ve already answered this question, but I can’t find the answer in your comments. Is there anyway to tell that the pie is done? Our oven heats a little hotter than normal, so I need to watch it carefully to make sure things don’t overcook. I’d appreciate any advice. Thank you! :)

  162. JP says:

    This cookie pie turned out great! Even my VERY picky non-vegan boyfriend loved it (he’s not one for beans at all). Mine did end up a little crumbly, but I don’t mind a bit of mess as long as something tastes good. I’m confident everyone would enjoy this if I brought it to a get-together–very impressive vegan recipe! I’ll have to stock up on cans of garbanzo beans for this and other bean-based dishes you have on your site. Seems like a really versatile and useful ingredient.

    (Not to be TMI, but wow does it produce some gas–the most potent I’ve had in a long time! We were both laughing at each other’s “emissions” all day after eating this.)

  163. chandler pearce says:


  164. Yolanda says:

    Except for bean pies that taste like sweet potato, I’ve never baked with vegetables. I’m SOOOO gonna try this, it looks absolutely sinful!

  165. Laura says:

    I just made this tonight and it was so mouth wateringly good!!!! I decided to substitute cocnut sugar for the sugar and it was phenomenal. I would suggest using coconut sugar for some of your delicious recipes, it was yummy!

  166. Josette says:

    I am so excited to make this!! Does it say how many servings the whole recipe is, and I just missed it? (I would prefer not to make a 12 slice pie for my family of 4 when our refrigerator is already filled up with Fourth of July supplies, haha.) Just curious as to how much I should divide this recipe up. One more question- do you think it would be okay if I substituted 1/4 cup mashed banana for the applesauce?? Thanks! 😀

    1. Sarah says:

      I made this and subbed mashed banana for the apple sauce and it turned out great! It was just a lot more banana-bready whereas I don’t think you’d be able to taste the apple sauce. But i definitely recommend the banana. And I think you could probably halve the recipe for your family of 4, as the recipe makes about 10 servings, or 8 large-ish servings. Hope this helps! Happy 4th!

  167. Lacey C. says:

    Hi Katie,
    This is the first recipe I made from your website and I was SO EXCITED at the results!! Delicious and (mostly) guilt free. The only way you can tell it’s not a genuine chocolate chip cookie is because of the texture, but maybe that was my food processor… (?) My mother usually gets “dumping syndrome” from foods like this, but since it had protein from the chick peas she was able to enjoy it as well. Thank you SO MUCH for providing healthy alternatives to processed “diet” desserts with aspertame or high fructose corn syrup. I am super excited to try many, many more of your recipes.

  168. Anonymous says:

    what about using a blendtech? There is a special setting for batters and stuff like that…. I think I’ll probably try it…..

  169. Rachel says:

    I just made this pie the other day. It is incredible! I have a question though. I’ve kept it refrigerated since I made it. How long will it keep if it is refrigerated? Does it not keep as long because of the beans?

  170. Rachel says:

    By the way, I love your site. I recently went gluten-free and your recipes have made the transition much easier. I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

  171. Mary says:

    So I have been making these for quite some time but had to comment now. We just moved from NJ to SC and I am without my oven and was in need of some CCK dessert goodness. So I popped half this recipe into my vitamix. Then I divided the dough (without chocolate chips) into three ramekins and microwaved for a minute and a half. Popped out the beautiful little cakes, sliced them horizontally in half, piled on the chocolate chips on one half and covered with the other. They were still warm so it made this amazing melted chocolate center. Add some coconut ice cream and it was enough to make me forget about all the boxes that need to be unpacked. Thanks for all the amazing recipes!

  172. Erynn says:

    Ok, so I totally botched this recipie. I didn’t have quick oats, so I used instant–two packs of plain, and one pack of maple brown sugar. I think this was ok, since the texture seemed fine, and the flavor of the batter was really good too (I think the maple brown sugar helped). I think my downfall was the sugar. I seem to have misplaced a 5lb bag of sugar. Ok, maybe thats the beginning, I didnt have brown sugar, so I was gonna use regular cane sugar. Yeah, couldnt find that, but I had some left over in my little cup I use for tea (um, did I tel you I dont drink tea much? Hehe)…. so that was a quarter cup, then the rest I substituted stevia. Plain stevia creeps me out, but baked into things not so bad… however… The batter tasted amazing (maybe i shoulda stuck to the chocolate chip cookie dip?), but after I baked it–it seemed to loose all flavor! As I said before, texture was excellent, just lacked in taste. I think the fact that I used unsweetened chocolate chips was a mistake too. I am not sure if you noticed, but I am a terrible baker (cook—i can cook your pants off). *sigh* — I even went out and bought a food processor (I had it coming to me anyway)—which I naturally BROKE out of the box—so ended up using my magic bullet in small intervals to process everything.

    I need to rename myself the kitchen klutz. I am hoping I can just mash up the cookie pie and mix it with something and purhaps salvage it… If it didnt have chocolate I’d give it to the dog. lol.

  173. I made this for my teens and their friends this weekend. One of them exclaimed….”give this recipe to my mom!”

  174. Angie says:

    If it weren’t for your delicious photo, I never would have tried this. It was SO yummy! My son, who has never eaten a bean in his life, gobbled it up in 2 days. Thank you, thank you!!

  175. Barb says:

    Hi Katie

    I’ve been struggling for a few months now to make healthy desserts that don’t taste awful and your deep-dish cookie pie (the sugar-free version) was my very first success! It’s absolutely delicious and I’m excited now about making more healthy goodies.

    One thing I’m looking to change about this recipe is to cook dried white beans as opposed to using the canned version with the extra salt, preservatives, etc.. I bet they freeze well too so I can make extra batches.

    The next healthy dessert I would like to make is apple crumble. Would you happen to have any ideas for that one? I found a version on the web ( using almond flour.

    Lots to discover! Thank you for your ideas!

  176. Stefanie says:

    I want to make this next weekend for a family beach BBQ, but the house we are staying at doesn’t have a food processor, and I don’t want to have to bring it, along with all of the ingredients. Has anyone had any success with mixing it up ahead of time, then baking it later? I can keep it refrigerated, and would need to for about 24hours before it’s baked.

    1. Instead of making the dough ahead of time, why not just bake the whole thing ahead of time and then bring the finished pie with you? It’ll keep at least 3 days (if fridged for most of the time).

      1. Stefanie says:

        Duh, that is a much better idea, lol. Do you have suggestions on how to reheat it, so it is ooey-gooey like out of the oven?

  177. Allyson says:

    Katie!!! You have a REAL WINNER here :) I…like so many others here…made this last night while my husband was out working on the car. When he got in he was like “What are you making over there?” I just smiled and said “Something decadent ;)” After his first bite he was literally SHOVELING it in!!! He said and I quote…”This is better than ANYTHING you can buy at the store!” I then had to share the ingredient list and he was even HaPPiEr then because we both try to eat clean the majority of the time. Stay CrEaTiVe in the kitchen sister!!! I’m a decadent dessert phene!!!

  178. Melissa says:

    Recently came across your website and I love it. I made the deep dish cookie pie for my hubby’s birthday this weekend and he said “I sure hope you plan on making that again!” it was so yummy!! You are very talented! :)

  179. Aurelia says:

    Sweet, huge cookie, Chocolate and Icecream. there can’t be another heaven on earth!

  180. Whitney says:

    I have been eyeing this recipe for a long time, but didn’t have a food processor to make it. Finally got one this weekend and this was the first recipe I made with it. OMG! I had no idea it would be that good! My husband liked it too (actually said it was “too rich” for him, ha!) and he hates chickpeas. My mom stopped by my house and I sent a slice with her. She thought it was “sinfully delicious” until I told her it wasn’t really that “sinful”. As soon as she found out what was in it, she wanted to know exactly where I’d found the recipe and where she could find more like it. Thank you again for writing this blog and finding creative ways to enjoy treats like this… :)

  181. Julie says:

    I wanted to use the GF certified quick oats in this recipe since I’ll be making it for someone with celiac, however I was only able to find the GF certified old fashioned rolled oats. Is it ok to use old fashioned rolled oats in place of quick? Should I pre-soak the oats to help with the difference?

  182. Claire says:

    Just made this tonight and it was super delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  183. Anonymous says:

    Im insanely excited to make this today! I don’t have applesauce though, or ripe bananas. Can I use a bit of almond milk instead?

    1. Sorry I haven’t tried it so I don’t know.

  184. Kayla says:

    HOLY SH*T KATIE…. (excuse my french).. THIS WAS SOOOOO AMAZING.
    I was really skeptical at first but after a long debate- with myself- I decided, “what the hey, why not!” and thank god i did.
    No one in my family knew there was beans in this and when I told them they were soooo surprised, their facial expressions killed me! Haha 😛
    I halved the recipe and it filled a whole standard pie plate! Also, I decreased the sugar by 1/4 a cup and it was still plenty sweet. So gooey so yummy so NOT disappointing.

    Thank You Thank You, keep up the awesome work!
    Much love, Kayla

  185. Erika S. says:

    Made this tonight, halved, without any changes (garbanzo beans) in a six-inch springform, baked for 30 minutes. Did NOT tell my very picky and unhealthy eating husband what was in it. He had no clue and loved it. It was so tasty and I didn’t feel guilty eating it. Thanks for a great recipe!

  186. i made this for my brothers birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EvErYoNe LoVeD It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Kate C says:

    This looks AMAZING! I’m trying to eat more healthily but also have a massive sweet tooth, so I’m so happy I found your recipes! I really want to try this one – how many servings does it provide? (Assuming the slices will be the 200 cal size)

  188. Chrissy says:

    I’m sitting here eating the your deep dish chocolate pie (I just made it) oh man it is yummy! My husband is going crazy for it! Thank you for all you do! I love it! PS I just ordered my very first food processor so I didn’t have one to make this so I used my vitamix and it worked great. No problems. I also did the calorie calculation and it came out to 221 calories/slice based on a springform pan cut in to 16 parts! Oh man it is awesome!

  189. Caitlin says:

    So I’m super late on this one… but can regular oats be used instead of quick oats?

  190. Lindsey says:

    Ok… I was an official skeptic of this recipe… just made it, took it out the oven, waited the obligatory 10-15 minutes to cool, and now I am eating… omg…I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS MADE WITH BEANS!!!!!!!!! This is one of the best things I have ever eaten! I can’t wait for my fiance to taste it! I’m not going to tell him what’s in it and I doubt he’ll ever guess! Thanks so much! (I have ice milk in the freezer, but not frozen yet… will have to wait til tonight to try that one)! Thanks again! TGIF!

  191. Aneliese (the veggie whisperer) says:

    Katie, this is soooooo GOOD!! After one taste, my mind went crazy thinking of the possibilities and variations of this! Then I thought, cookies are all made with the same base, with slight flavor variations added (Like chocolate chips or cinnamon) right? So couldn’t you make different flavors of cookie pies?! (Hyperventilating right now!!) Like, make a snickerdoodle cookie pie by substituting the chocolate chips for cinnamon, and covering the top of the batter (Once poured into the springpan) with cinnamon sugar? PLEASE, you should REALLY think about making a file of different cookie pie flavors! That would be a hit! :)
    Love Aneliese (the veggie whisperer)

    1. We are on the same wavelength :).
      See my recipe for Cinnamon Roll Pie, posted back in December. Or the Chocolate Pumpkin Pizookie.

      Now I’m thinking of a blueberry one…

  192. Elizabeth says:

    I made this for a teacher gathering yesterday and it was devoured. Granted, I didn’t tell anyone it was vegan since sadly this crowd tends to shy away from even trying anything vegan…… I only have a small food processor so I had to mix everything in batches, but it worked out fine. Also, I used half white beans and half garbanzo beans, and I only used 1 cup of brown sugar (packed) and it was sweet enough. I only used half the salt because the canned garbanzos had salt in them. This is the second recipe I have tried of yours, and they have both been very good. I am now scheming how I can change a couple other favorite dessert recipes so that my diabetic father and dairy-free sister can eat them! Thank you!!!

  193. Aneliese (the veggie whisperer) says:

    Katie, I’ve made this twice now and it’s AMAZING!! One bite and I started dreaming of all the possibilities and varieties of this! Then I thought, wait, all cookies are basically made from the same base, with different flavorings added (Like cinnamon for snickerdoodles and chocolate for chocolate chips) Right? So couldn’t you make all sorts of flavors of cookie pie?! (Hyperventilating right now) You should totally make a file of different flavors of cookie pie!! PLEASE?

  194. So I just made this, and I’ll be honest I was really doubtful. Holy sh!t is that good, and you cannot taste the beans or the oats. Love, love, love. Sorry for doubting at all, and thanks for the amazing recipe.

  195. Gis says:

    Hello Katie,
    I love to cook and have been making this recipe on average once a week for the past 2 months since discovering your blog, my husband is gluten free and keeps asking for me to make this delicious cookie pie, he does not want me to try any of your other recipes, this is truly a winner, I have a stockpile of chickpeas in my pantry, when company arrives unexpectedly I can whip this up and they can’t believe what the ingredients are. It is a big hit in our home, I love to experiment with food but you are truly an inspiration with desert. I had a piece with my coffee for breakfast this morning and no guilt what so ever with the sugar free version. :-)

  196. Christina says:

    Hi there!
    This recipe looks delicious! I am going to make it today so I did a calorie, fat and fiber count for the pie. My numbers were calculated using white beans and semi-sweet chocolate chips. For the whole pie it’s 3102 calories, 115g fat, and 57g of fiber. So I decided to make my pie 16 servings so that makes each slice 193 cal, 7g fat, and 4g fiber. :)

  197. Dani says:

    I am so glad I found this blog. My family and I all love dessert, and it’s really REALLY hard to say no; but now it’s all good:) thank you!!!

  198. Eileen says:

    I made this for my sister who has egg and gluten sensitivities and she loved it! Thank you!

  199. Nate says:

    Alright so I made this last nite and it was basically amazing! I couldn’t believe how awesome it tasted! Tasted just like an unhealthy chocolate chip cookie pie! I must add, there was some nostalgia in it from the days oh highschool when cookie pies were the big thing haha! So I had a question, would it be possible to make chocolate chip cookies with this recipe or might there need to be an alteration to the recipe? I love all the ingredients because they are whole foods and basically nothing refined and I’ve been looking for a simple garbanzo bean chocolate chip cookie recipe along the lines of this chocolate chip cookie pie recipe.

    1. I haven’t done cookies. The closest I’ve done is blondies:

      But I don’t see why cookies wouldn’t work… if you try, report back!

  200. Tara says:

    How many does this serve? I am having 5 people over will it be enough? Thanks =)

    1. Oh it’ll be more than enough! :)

  201. Wendy says:

    I know this recipe has been posted for over a year, but I just tried it last night. O! M! G! All the comments are true. It is AMAZING! My husband totally didn’t know I had used beans and oats. My oldest daughter loved it. My youngest daughter was a bit more inquisitive. She took a bite and said it was great. Then, she looked at it and asked if there was jelly in it. I said no. Then she asked what was in it. I mentioned applesauce, oil. Then I asked her if she’d eat the rest if I told her what else was in it. She was hesitant but said yes. She had a funny look on her face when I told her “oats and garbanzo beans” but then said, “Oh but who cares!” and took a HUGE bite!

    I also second what one commenter said about it being very filling. I had two slices that weren’t all that big. By the second slice, I was getting full. How great is that? A chocolaty, gooey dessert that you can’t eat much of in one sitting! It’s win-win!

  202. Ellie says:

    So, I know I’m about a year behind the times here, but I love cookies, just not what they do to my waistline (even vegan ones)! I am going to take a chance and make these for a running club party, but judging from the comments above, it’s not a big chance. Can’t wait!

  203. Chelsea says:

    I just made this with my 3 year old! We used 2/3 cup of sugar in the raw& the batter was sweet enough For me (serious sweet addict!) & kiddo. I used my ninja blender & it had a bit of difficulty; but that was my fault for adding everything all at once. Probably would have been fine if I would have done the beans & oil/applesauce 1st.
    My 15 month old has multiple food allergies- but he will be able to enjoy many of your recipes! Thank you! 😉

  204. Kenzie says:

    This is my all time favorite chocolaty recipe! Just made this for the third time tonight and it was delicious as always! :) as long as you blend those beans up good you would never guess it had any! seriously its like i bought a bag of cookie dough and baked it like a pie! This will always be my favorite :)

  205. Suzi says:

    I’ve made this twice and it’s been perfect each time! I actually blend it in my Ninja blender and it turns out fine, I just have to scrape the sides a bit to get everything. Warmed up with some vegan ice cream=heaven!

  206. Lisa says:

    Made your recipe this morning for my daughter’s 21st birthday. We all loved it. Going to take the leftovers to work and let them guess the secret ingredient. After reading through the comments, next time I am going to try to add less sugar and see what the results are. Can’t wait to try your other recipes.

  207. Kammy says:

    Oh my! I made this at last. It’s sitting atop the stove and cooling. I’ll be in heaven in about 10 minutes! 😀
    I made it in my Oster 14-speed blender. It’s a real pain trying to use a blender for chick peas because they don’t want to budge. It took some time but eventually worked with the liquify button. You have to add the ingredients slowly and be sure to use the wet ingredients in the beginning as you go along. I used about 1/2 cup brown sugar and the rest of the sweetener I used was raw agave syrup, maple flavored. It looks really delicious! I couldn’t even wait ten minutes to taste it and then comment! Love your site, Katie! I’ve been ranting and raving about it since I discovered it.

  208. Lori says:

    I just pulled the pie from the oven (halved the ingredients). Looks and smells delicious. My daughter (9yo) was skeptical b/c she saw me making it with the beans, but once she tried it, she said it tasted amazing :) Will definitely make this again!

  209. Billy says:

    I’ve never had a cookie pie before. I have a hard time believing it’s better then chocolate chip cookies. Only way to find out is if I make it myself!

  210. Imogen says:

    I can’t BELIEVE how well this has gone down in my family! I live with my Dad and brother – normally two ‘no dessert’ fans and I made this morning, only to find 3/4 of it gone by this afternoon! They absolutely love it and obviously find it so addictive. I wanted to make the sugar free version, but was too sceptical to use just dates for sweetness, so I used 1 cup dates along with 1 cup brown sugar and I must say it is very sweet – probably why it’s so addictive. My brother has already begged me to make it again, so next time I will try using just dates and see if I get the same result, fingers crossed! Thanks katie you genius.

  211. Kara says:

    These are awesome!! I’m soooooo glad I found your site! I have seriously been missing great desserts since going vegan! These were super yummy and the pan did NOT last very long between just me and my husband…oops! Oh well, I dont feel toooo guilty! =)

  212. Brooke says:

    Nutrition info if the pie serves 12, and the ghiradeli bittersweet chips are used, also I used just 1 heaping cup of brown sugar:

    Per serving
    9.4 g fat (2.7 saturated)
    252 calories
    5.4 protein

    It’s a delicious recipe! Still a treat for sure but a better alternative if you’re going to eat a treat.

  213. SayemaC says:

    I totally need to try this! If anyone is interested, I worked it out on weight watchers, and 1/12 if the pie is 7 points, 1/10 is 10 points. Just an FYI… Thank you for your amazing recipes!

  214. Chris says:

    I made the regular version, then a double chocolate version with black beans, 1/4 c unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 Tbsp (ish) espresso powder, and pecans. I also substituted walnut oil in both, and did half brown sugar and half Splenda. Both were phenomenal, my coworkers never knew the difference until I told them!

  215. Jillian says:

    I LOVED IT!! :) But I was wondering if there is any way to have it turn out… drier…like one of those hard chips ahoy cookie kind of hard…any ideas?

  216. Lori says:

    OK, I just made this and it is aMAZing. Love it.

  217. Helen says:

    Hey Katie! I love your website. I’ve also made this deep dish cookie pie before. I brought it to my friend’s party and everyone loved it (and, they’re not into healthy eating!). I was wondering. Can this be made into regular small cookies instead of a big huge one? If so, how long should I bake them and how many can be made?

    1. Sorry, I’ve never actually tried!

      1. Helen says:

        Hey Katie. I just tried making them into cookies and I got around 22 cookies out of them. They’re still delicious! Here’s the link.

        Also, I think that the nutrition information is wrong. I calculated it for the 22 cookies and it ended up being around 160-180 calories a cookie. I assume that the pie is divided into 8 slices, and you said that people have calculated it to be 200 calories a slice. Maybe they used splenda or stevia or swapped it for even more healthier ingredients. I, however, used the exact recipe. Maybe you can double check my math?

        Anyway, great recipe and thanks!

  218. Claire says:

    Hi Katie

    I made this and it went down a treat with family! I couldn’t believe it was made of oats and beans!!!! I love the site and am very inspired, the only problem is that I am in the UK so working from Cups was very difficult as we don’t use them here, is there any way you could also put the grams too???
    Thanks, Claire XX

  219. Carolyn says:

    how many servings is this?

  220. Jamie says:

    Hi Katie! I put a link to your homepage and to this recipe on my blog (with a picture of my cookie pie!)…hope that’s okay with you! I made this and took it to work…and I work with a bunch of mean boys who would have likely thrown it at me had it not been good….and they loved it! So I know they weren’t lying to make me feel better haha….I thought it was awesome too! I know you said not to put it in a blender, but I didn’t have a food processor so I used my Vitamix on a low variable setting. I think next time (probably tonight, ha!) I am going to blend the chickpeas on a high setting by themselves so there aren’t any chickpea chunks in my pie…I found a few…which they weren’t bad, but because I knew what they were it weirded me out, haha…but no one else noticed :) Do you think that would still work, if I blend the chickpeas up really well before I add the other ingredients? That way I will still have the oat chunks and the pie will still have a good texture, just not have lumpy chickpeas? Like I said in another post, I am NOT a cook so I really don’t know what I’m doing. I probably didn’t blend it well enough anyway because I was trying not to “blend” it…more just mix everything together well.

    BTW, I tend to over-explain myself, in case you didn’t notice 😉

    Have a great day!

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried it. The one time I used a vitamix I put everything in together… and it stayed chunky and awful!

  221. Liz dR says:


    (I am a *huge* fan if this site, I preach Katie’s recipes to everyone ever, and I love everything I’ve ever made from this blog, but:)

    This was awful. Like, the most disgusting thing of life. Taking a bite of it actually turned my stomach. I am very used to using beans in desserts (I have perfected my own bean brownies and am working on chocolate chip cookies right now with beans) and I’ve never tasted them, but in this recipe both the batter (which is very batter-y and not very dough-y – is that right?) AND the final product, even once cooled as so many readers suggest, literally tastes like chocolate chip cookie flavored hummus. Also, unlike Katie, I *do* have a raging sweet tooth, and this recipe is even for me sickenly sweet, like, it hurt my eyeballs to take a bite of it. :( PLEASE HELP! I don’t understand why everyone loves it (the texture was pretty neat – actually cookie-like on the outside and more and more fudgey as you went in – but even the best texture in the world cannot make a recipe any good if it tastes like a nightmare) and I WANT TO LOVE IT TOO. Can someone please post modified versions that manage to disappear the beaniness and reduce the sweetness to non-migraine-inducing levels? I was so sad, like actual tears welling up in my eyes, when I was scraping it out of the dish and into the mulch. It was such a waste of perfectly good chocolate! Please pretty please someone post mods for me so I can be as big of a fan of this recipe as I am of every single other amazing delight on this fabulous blog! THANK YOU!

    1. I’m not sure what you did–maybe mis-measured an ingredient or used a cheap food processor or got a rancid can of beans? There should be NO bean flavor at all, even to someone who doesn’t like bean desserts (as all the other commenters on here attest). If it was that awful to you, my guess is on the rancid can of beans! :(

      1. Emma says:

        I think you must’ve messed something up by mistake, because I’ve made this pie 6 times now and brought it to 2 parties and I follow the directions each time and it always comes out to rave reviews from everyone. My friends don’t like health food, their just normal peeps. Hopefully you can have better luck, because it is my favorite dessert!

      2. Liz dR says:

        Uggh, I will just have to try to make it again. This time I will halve it so if it’s still bean-tacular I am not throwing out so much yummy chocolate! I hope you guys are right and I just mis-measured something. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it!) I know that the beans were measured properly and that they were totally fine / not rancid – here (in Germany) they come in cans that have 580g of beans (w/out liquid), so I had to measure out 500g and the other 80g I just ate (yes I just ate plain canned beans, weird, I know, but I love legumes!). They were delicious. One thing that did occur to me though was that it didn’t seem like enough “flour” (I used oats like I was supposed to, but because I didn’t want any oat bits I destroyed them into oblivion separately before adding them to the mix so they were totally the consistency of flour by the time they hit my bean mush, which I also liquified completely on its own first) – I calculated 1c of oats as 90g, but that was assuming that it was a US cup (Katie you’re in Texas, right?) – a metric cup would be like maybe 100g oats? Maybe I need more oats? Gah. OR WAIT: Is that 1c AFTER pulverization? Then I would have REALLY screwed up the measurement and that would explain EVERYTHING, because it would be like twice the weight for a cup of oat powder!!! I hope that’s it!

        1. Katie says:

          I know this is kind of late, but did you use chickpeas or white beans? Chickpeas have a hummus taste (they are used to make hummus!!)

  222. I just HAVE to tell you how much I adore your site and especially this recipe! I have such a sweet tooth, but also a major sensitivity to milk, processed sugar, and flour – bummer… UNTIL I found your site! Now I can have the best of both worlds. Thanks for everything you do!

  223. Tabitha says:

    So, I probably should’ve asked this BEFORE I put it in the oven, but….if I halved the recipe, do I need to change the cooking time at all (I’m baking in a loaf pan)?

    1. Hopefully it turned out well!

      For next time, this is basically what you probably wanted:

      1. Tabitha says:

        Thanks, Katie :) I actually ended up baking it for about 40 minutes. It was still pretty gooey, though. Is that the way it’s supposed to be or does that mean I did something wrong? I blended everything in my food processor VERY, very well; is it possible to over-blend it?

        In any case, I must say, it was DELICIOUS! Funny story: my husband and I have been eating lots of rice and beans recently to try to save money. When he came home from work, I told him I had something for him to try. He wanted to eat some before we even had dinner, so I cut a piece for him. He jokingly asked, “Is this made of beans?” I just told him he was goofy and handed him a piece. After he tried it and said he liked it, I told him that it WAS made of beans. He thought that was hilarious. He really loved it, though, because he ate the majority of the half-batch that night (and posted it on FB)! 😀 Thanks for the recipe!!

        P.S.–Must add that I’m glad you’re a fellow Dallas, Texan 😉 We live in VA now, but I grew up in Richardson 😀

          1. Tabitha says:

            Oh, yeah….hence the “Warm. Chocolate. Gooey.” Sorry! ;P

  224. Rebekah says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I had been drooling over the picture for two days, finally went out and bought some garbanzo and great northern beans and made it. I have to admit I was skeptical but boy was this good! Even my husband LOVED it and he is super picky. He even had seconds, that’s how I know he really liked it! My 2 year old daughter gobbled it up as well. It was so nice to not feel bad about letting her have a sweet treat. I was so happy to know I was sneaking some protein and fiber past her 😉 Your blog is wonderful, and you are gorgeous! I can’t wait to try the black bean brownies next :) Have a wonderful day Katie!!!!!

  225. Myrynda says:

    Absolutely amazing!! Three months after having a baby and healing from my c-section, I have decided Im getting my body back sooner than later (low calorie recipes are a MUST!). I stumbled across your website, I have probably pinned 15 recipes and this is the one I started with (Im so thankful!) This was absolutely delicious, even my husband could not believe what it was made of! Thank you so much!!

  226. Madison Barefield says:

    Absolutely the best cookie cake EVER! I had my mom make it for my birthday and I fell in love! My family goes eats half the cake in one night, that good! Your the best, love it!

  227. I repinned this one!! I made it with the Splenda brown sugar blend and a mixture of white chocolate and dark chocolate chips! YUMMY!!! My husband is not “into” healthy and he didn’t even know 😉

  228. Lauren says:

    I can’t wait to try this… it looks amazing! Question though – Can I make this ahead of time? Should it store it on my counter on in the fridge? Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you :)

    1. Yes, a few days. In fridge. Commenters have said it freezes well, but I haven’t tried.

  229. Gisele says:

    Hi Katie,
    One of our favourite desserts, I’ve reduced the brown sugar to 1/2 cup and add 3/4 cup dates for sweetness, I also leave the pie on the counter for 2-3 days if it last that long and it is still as good as the first day I wrap it with plastic wrap and it does freeze very well. Love love love your site.

  230. Heidi says:

    Wow, made this today and it is seriously delicious. My kids loved it and my non vegan friend could not believe it had beans in it. Thanks, love your recipes!!

  231. Souz says:

    Dude. I read this recipe, and am having an intense DESERT craving, and no ginger snap cookie or piece of dark chocolate will do. This recipe looks so good, I am leaving my house mid-laundry and massive mess to go by white beans. (And if you knew me, you’d know that I HATE cooking/baking in a messy house. Being in the kitchen is my favourite and I only like it when it’s cozy and lovely. But this needs to be made now. Now.)

  232. LaKaye says:

    OMG! Katie! I know you have over a thousand comments, but I had to leave one too. I made this for my birthday because I just pledged to eat healthy foods, but still wanted to enjoy my birthday guilt free. This cookie pie has rocked my world!

    I haven’t gone through all of the comments, but I’d like to add a tip to anybody who doesn’t have a food processor. I mashed my beans with a smasher first in a bowl and combined my ingredients there before transferring them to a blender. That might be a no-brainer for most people, but I don’t cook so I almost burned the motor in my blender the first time. LOL

    It really is as good, or even better than it appears. You can’t taste the beans, folks, so go for it!

  233. Catherine says:

    I just baked this and it is resting on my bench beckoning me to dive straight in and forget about having dinner first. Devil of a pie, I tell you.
    Just wondering if anyone’s compared how this recipe works with each bean option? I used chickpeas for mine and could still taste them a little (though this is going off what the raw batter tasted like) so I thought i’d ask if it works any better with cannellini beans?
    If not, I fully intend to make it again and find out! Haha.
    Can’t wait to eat it!!

  234. Aislynn says:

    So I tried this recipe after failing with the cinnamon roll pie and it was AMAZEBALLS!!! I used 3 tbsp (yes tablespoons) of vanilla, a truckload of cinnamon (about 1/4 cup), half a bag of vegan chocolate chips, shredded sweetened coconut, and dark and light brown sugar along with chickpeas instead of white beans. Omg. So good!!! No beany aftertaste at all! Even the bf, who was skeptical after the cinnamon pie disaster, thought it was good.

    Thanks Katie!! 😀

    1. Aislynn says:

      My BFF and my friend (who is a model) both LOVED this pie! My BFF wants me to make this for a Health and Nutrition class at her job, and I offered to make both the cookie pie and the banana bread doughtnuts (which I call banana chocolate chip cake). She is thrilled to find healthy desserts like I am.

      Thanks again!

  235. Terri says:

    I love making these almost as much as I love eating them because a food processor is ever so much more fun that a mixer! I add cinnamon and a little more vanilla and leave out the salt. Adding more flavors seems to satisfy those who look unsettled at the idea of beans in place of flour, and I leave out the salt because even after multiple rinses, the beans taste salty. Awesome, Katie; keep them coming!

  236. Allie says:

    I tried to make it in our wee little food processor (holds about 1 can of chick peas) a little at a time but it seems we missed a few chick peas! The texture is a little off but it tastes good. Oh and we also put it in an 8×12 cake pan with a tin foil barrier to make it about the same area. Not the same effect. Some day when I buy a giant, quality food processor and a round cake pan I will try again.

  237. Lia says:

    has anyone tried making this with a ninja blender?

  238. Samantha says:

    Hey Katie!

    I’m always looking for healthy recipes for desserts and love your blog! I don’t like anything that has a bean-y flavor to it though. Does it taste of the beans at all? If it does do you suppose I could sub in mashed sweet potato instead?


    1. If made according to the directions it should not taste at all like beans. I’m not sure about the substitution, but if you try it let me know if it works. :)

  239. Bethany says:

    Hi Katie. I absolutely love this recipe. How bad is it that I almost ate the whole thing myself? LOL. However, i put 1cup of chocolate chips in the entire recipe and i felt like it was too sweet. I have another question.Is it supposed to come out rawish after baking it or is it just me?

    1. It actually is supposed to be gooey. :)

  240. michelle says:

    Omg katie! I tried this recipe on my family…&they loved it! My dad is pretty much the oppoaite of me when it comes to food…fried chicken, mashed taters&green beans, gravey, pasta with meat sauce…whereas im vegatarian&love healthy foods and treats. I only told my mom abt the beans in the recipe, she’ll at least try things…and everyone ended up loving it! So glad you provide healthier, vegan dessert recipes…I love baking&most of all eating! Keep up your amazingness:)

  241. Laura says:

    Do you recommend regular beans, low-soduim, or no-sodium for the best results? Have you tried all different versions? which do you use? thanks! excited to try and I want them to come out perfectly!!

    1. Doesn’t matter, because you will be draining them :).

      1. I usually use regular (with salt).

  242. calene says:

    I entered all the ingredients into myfitnesspal…and said it could serve 12…Here’s what it gave me
    321 Calories
    55 carbs
    10 fat
    6 protein
    4 fiber

    Not bad!!!! considering what the real deal is…heart attack in a foil tin!!!

  243. Aislynn says:

    Ok, I swear I’m not stalking this recipe, but I made this for my son’s birthday cake (his request after the last one). I have to laugh every time he asks for a piece between meals and I say “Sure!” with no hesitation and he gets all excited at being allowed a treat between meals. If he only knew…

    I really think chickpeas are the right bean for this recipe, and I added 1/3 cup of vanilla and 1/4 bag of shredded coconut to the food processor mix.

    Next time I plan to make a peanut butter cookie pie, per the bf’s request. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    1. Aislynn says:

      UPDATE: I made the peanut butter version.

      I may never make the original again.

      I used a cup of Laura Scudders Nutty Peanut Butter (WELL mixed to get all the natural oil mixed in) and tossed in a handful of chocolate chips.

      It smelled so good I couldn’t wait until it was fully cooled, but it was amazing even when slightly gooey. BF loved it too!

      Can’t wait to see what my son thinks of it!

  244. Mireille says:

    Wow! your desserts look soooooo gooood!
    I’m eating low carbs and I’m wondering what kind of chocolate chips and chocolate you’re using for your recipes.

  245. Jane says:

    I made this recipe for thanksgiving dinner, and I have to say, I was a bit hesitate about how it would turn out! But….it was so amazing. Seriously, one of the best things I’ve ever had. The best thing is, I can eat this and not feel so guilty about what I have just consumed. Everyone loved it, even the not so healthy eaters! I can’t wait to make it again, and try some of your other recipes. Thank you so much for your amazing ideas! You are truly wonderful. Many blessings. <3

  246. Kate says:

    I just ate a slice of this for Thanksgiving and DIED and went to heaven!! This is the most delicious dessert I have ever had… and gluten free and pretty healthy! You’re an amazing baker and I’m so very satisfied :) Plus, when my mom sampled my cookie pie and my aunt’s gluten-filled, fat-loaded cookie pie, she thought they were equally delicious. Keep up the great work!

  247. Hannah says:

    Do you think I can get away with making this using just a half cup of brown sugar and just a half cup of chocolate chips? I can add about 6 packets of stevia too…
    I made this pie before and the whole pie has 3817 calories, serves 12 so around 320 a piece for a thin slice, a little too high! And it has SO much sugar, too sweet for my taste! But my family loved it! Which was my goal in the first place:) It is such a magnificent and creative recipe but I would like to make it just a little more healthy:) So what do you guys think? I am scared if I use less sugar then the chickpeas will have a noticeable tast:o

  248. Sandi says:

    I have a Vitamix….are you saying to use a food processor instead? I’m trying not to have a gazillion appliances in my kitchen but like to heed your advice…just wondering if you consider the Vitamix a “blender” or a “food processor”. Thanks!

    1. Kristy says:

      Sandi I have done this recipe with both appliances. I accidentally used the vitamix once without reading the information all the way through. I will say that the only difference I noticed was it was not easy to get all the ‘dough’ out of the vitamix unlike the food processor. I do prefer a food processor for clean up reasons, but if you don’t have one I wouldn’t recommend going and buying one just for this recipe.

  249. Rizi says:

    Delish! My husband loved this and had no idea what the secret ingredient was! I cut the sugar down to 3/4 c. which was still very sweet. Can’t wait to try it on my guests this Saturday.

  250. V. says:

    Hi Katie, I thought you should know that I saw a recipe on foodgawker yesterday and when I clicked over it was YOUR recipe but without any mention of it being yours. Someone had commented that it was your recipe, and it looks like the blogger now gave you a TINY link, almost unreadable, but still kept the recipe up so no one would even need to click the link. I already reported it to Go Daddy, but I thought you should know as well.

  251. Michele says:

    Can you substitute flower for the oats?

  252. Lisa says:

    I just had my first taste with some of the ice cream/milk made from only almond milk and sweetner. I topped it with a quick single serving of chocolate syrup made from cocoa powder, coconut oil, raw sugar, and a little almond milk (thanks to the suggestion in your chocolate banana cups recipe). As I was eating all I could exclaim was, “THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!” I can’t believe something so good for me can taste this good and was that easy to make. You are a genius and probably my new best friend with recipes like this. My mind is really having a time adjusting to the idea that I can really enjoy dessert, guilt-free. GOD BLESS YOU KATIE in all of your chocolateness!!!!

  253. In the oven right now! They’ll never know…maybe. 😉

  254. Gillian says:

    I was wondering if I can use regular stevia or does it have to be baking stevia? Thanks so much. Planning on making it tomorrow :)

  255. Colleen says:

    Hello Katie, this is the most amazing thing Ive ever seen. I have been a vegan for only 2 months, and I am trying to get some good recipes under my belt, but when I saw this cookie, I thought it was too good to be true. So I just made it (half-sized in case it turned out to be a waste of chocolate chips) and after the first bite, I stood there and said “unbelievable” over and over again. I still cant believe I am eating a delicious chocolate chip cookie made out of garbanzo beans. Wow. You must be a wizard! This is outrageous magic in cookie form! Thank you so much for sharing!!


  256. Lea says:

    These are in the oven right now, and I thought I’d share my experience! As Katie mentioned, a blender doesn’t work, and neither does a mixer! (As I learned.) But, the food processor worked beautifully, as to be expected. I halved the recipe and from that I got three pies in many springform pans. Based on my calculations, each pie came to be around 500 calories. Which in my opinion isn’t bad at all, especially compared to the alternative! Thanks Katie for a great recipe!

  257. I’ve made this (sugar-free version) twice in the last month and it is seriously AMAZING! Once you go vegan chickpea cookie pie, you never go back. I added a 1/4 cup vegan butterscotch chips the second time I made it, and it was a huge hit! My little sister who is probably the pickiest eater I know saw me making it and was completely freaked out by the beans and dates; however, I convinced her to try it and she ate the entire slice, said it was her new favorite dessert, asked for the recipe, and said she couldn’t wait to make it herself. As usual, awesome work, CCK!

  258. Bethany says:

    This my favorite recipe on your website. I actually quartered the recipe and ate a giant cookie for breakfast. Yummy! Now I dont have o feel guilty…

  259. Mary says:

    I wanted to make this recipe last night (one of my favorites), but I was out of chocolate chips!! I know, a tradegy! So I added 1 1/3 cup of cocoa powder. It’s a delicious and dense cake. I decided to top it with shredded coconut and bing cherries! Yum!!

  260. Katie says:

    Hi Katie!
    I’m Katie also! I just got into your blog and I LOVE IT! I’m just a teenager but i really have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle, and also a passion for baking (especially chocolate chip cookies!!) I tried this today (my first of your recipies!) and they were really good!! I look forward to making more of your stuff :) Anyone have any suggestions for what i should make next? there are so many choices and they all sound so good :)

  261. laurasmess says:

    Wow… Katie, I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say, the recipes are amazingly creative. This pie looks delicious! Some time ago, I tried black bean brownies (made by a friend) and they were very… savoury and bean-y. I developed a negative association to bean-substitutes in desserts, and have been rather closed to the idea ever since. BUT. I’m going to give this recipe a go! I think it might reform me. Will keep you posted!

  262. Kelly says:

    My Dearest Katie,
    I am SO SO SO grateful I just found you. I have been vegetarian for a year and my husband and I recently went vegan. We love it and feel great but have had some sad experiences in the vegan dessert world. I decided I do not like hippies messin’ with my cookies!!! I hate the super granola vegans convinicing me there dessert tastes just like “real” (you can fill in the blank). I began to think that after a while your taste buds must mutate and you will eat any old dried up flaxseed biscuit while telling others, “yah, but this is good for a vegan dessert.” I read your recipe and laughed out loud at the thought of beans in a cookie. I only decided to bake it based on the picture and the comments from others–maybe it was good? I mixed up my cookie pie last night, and after tasting the batter, thought, “GREAT, another one bites the dust and that girl lied to me!!!” I decided that I would bake it after all that blending and throw it away if it was horrible. What happened next was all a blur. I cut a slice and remember inhaling it and going back for seconds but being so full. My 3 year old ate it for dinner and my husband came home to both us covered in chocolate chips while I exclaimed that I had found a genius online and her name was Katie! You must wake up every morning and just feel like a rock star. I passed out pieces of that cookie to everyone who would listen and then haughtily told them it was full of beans. I passed out the recipe and watched their confused expressions. I have had so much fun today thanks to you. I am yours from now on!

  263. Molly Winter says:

    Thanks so much for the inspiration on my quest for healthier baking, and for a delicious dessert! I loved your recipe so much it gave me all sorts of ideas for making my own desserts. My favorite Katie-inspired dessert so far is also my first post the food blog my husband and I just started, so thank you times two. Just wanted give you my gratitude and let you know I referenced your recipe in my post:

  264. Jennifer says:

    Katie. This has seriously changed my life. I love your cookie pie and have told everyone I know about it. No joke-it (or another one of your delicious concoctions) comes up in almost every conversation I’ve have this month! THANK YOU!

    I’ve delving into the blogging world and posted about your delciousness!

    1. Wow, thank you!! I loved your post, Jennifer :).

  265. Anonymous says:

    This was sooo good! Does it have to be refrigerated?

  266. Shari says:

    Hi, This was so delicious!!! Do I need to refrigerate this?

    1. Yes, it would be best after a day to fridge it.

  267. SBR says:

    I am a carnivore… but I was intrigued by this recipe since as it is National Pie Day in the US. I made the recipe with Cannellini beans and used only 1 cup of sugar (half white and half brown). It is shockingly delicious. Thank you for sharing !!!

  268. Dee says:

    Katie, just writing to tell you that my self-control goes out the window when I make this pie. I made it 3 times this week, it was Pie day at my mums work, then it was my birthday, and I also had an extra can of beans. I really don’t know if I’m feeling guilty or not …

    Anyway. Consider me a huge fan! Thank you for sharing your secrets.

  269. Ali says:

    Hey I made this last night and the consistency and everything was great, but it still had a hint of beans. I used one can of white kidney beans and one can of cannelini beans because I thought they were the same thing….are they?/was that the problem?

  270. Noahloves says:

    Wow! Made the pie this weekend and what.a.hit. So delicious. And coming from a all things baked, sweet, gooey, chocolatly love affair I am a great judge. Recommending this recipe to everyone cause its the bomb! My friends that were over for dinner and dessert had no idea ad I didn’t tell them until after they were finished and boy were they surprised. The kids loved it too. Great, great dessert Katie!!!

  271. Nat says:

    could I make this with sweetened applesauce? Looks AMAZING!

  272. Andrea says:

    I’ve made a few of your recipes now and I love the ones with beans! I made this one today for my kids as an after school treat and they were very impressed. My 5 year old says it was the best thing he has EVER EATEN! Too cute! Keep the great recipes coming!

  273. Debra says:

    I was very skeptical about this…but it is AMAZING!!! I love your blog Katie and am a huge fan of yours. Keep it coming!! :)

  274. GUS SANDERSON says:



  275. sophie says:

    Hi, just wanted to say that I love this recipe and make a half version pretty much every single weekend (with greek yogurt instead of applesauce and molasses+cane sugar instead of brown sugar). I use a nice blender and it works great every time. I love it, thank you so much for posting!

  276. TaylorE says:

    This was so GOOOOOD! Just made it and had it with some ice-cream! no one could tell how healthy it was and that it was vegan! Thank you:)

  277. Nicole says:

    I made this pie a few months ago as a vegetarian and both my omni friend and I absolutely loved it and ate the whole thing. Now I’m a full vegan, and I’m about to make this pie again. It’s probably the best pie I’ve ever had.
    Also, I’ll most likely use your blog for all of my dessert needs in the future. Thank you!

  278. Sue says:

    I just made this and it was awesome. I used Splenda blend brown sugar and calculated the calories @ 315 calories (deep dish pie pan cut into 8 slices) The chocolate chips have about 700 calories for a cup so Im going to try and cut back on them some.

  279. Sue says:

    Vitamix works great!!! I didnt have a food processor and made mine in a Vitamix. It was perfect. I mixed the beans, oil, applesauce and oatmeal in the vitamix, then transferred and mixed with remaining ingredients in my Kitchen Aid. I didnt read the recipe correctly and only used ONE can of 15oz chick peas. It was amazing. I think I will make it the same way again since it has less calories with only one can. I do agree that letting it sit for a few hours allows the flavors to blend. I tried it right out of the oven and although it was good, my second slice a few hours later was even better!!! Yes, I could not stop eating this :)

  280. Lindsey says:

    We made this last week, and it was SO delicious! I would’ve never believed that this dessert had beans in it. It was so moist and flavorful. We added pecans to ours as well (since we love chocolate chip + pecan cookies), and it was excellent. Great work! :)

  281. Amanda says:

    This recipe is awesome. Thanks to Katie! Here are a few tweaks I made in case anyone is curious about modifications:

    I made a 1/4 portion of the recipe and baked it in a 6 inch cast-iron pan. Perfect size!

    Unless otherwise stated, I followed the recipe exactly and used the called-for-amount (obviously dividing by 4):

    type of oil : 3/4 tbsp refined coconut oil (the one that doesn’t actually taste like coconut)

    sugar : dark brown, 1/8 cup (2 tablespoons). For a 1/4 of the recipe, it actualy calls for 3/8 cup of sugar but I found it to be plenty sweet (thanks to other posters warning about the sweetness level).

    oats sub : instead of quick oats, I used 1/4 cup of millet flour (i just happen to love millet flour and use it in a lot of baking)

  282. Fawn says:

    Finally decided to start baking healthier and thought I would start with this reader fave. However, was a bit cautious so only made 1/4 recipe. The only question is how to tell when it is “perfectly” done? Golden brown? Top firm to the touch? etc. I know how to gauge typical flour and egg-based cookies during baking but not sure about this one, as I had to adjust the time for a smaller and slightly thinner batch; they did not turn out dry but not gooey either. Thanks!

  283. Evie says:

    I have one in the oven right now. Can’t wait! Any advice on how to store left overs?

  284. Judy says:

    Wow! Amazing!! I cut the sugar down to 3/4 cup and used coconut palm sugar/raw turbinado mix. I also doubled the applesauce and omitted the oil. The texture is terrific. Like a moist bar type dessert. You cannot taste the garbonzo beans. I so appreciate the lower calories and no flour in this recipe. Next time I will add nuts and maybe some cocoa powder and make brownies. Great job and thank you!!!

  285. Erica says:

    Hmmm, well, I really wanted to like this. It looks quite delicious! I was worried though, because I’ve tried black beans in place of oil and eggs in a chocolate cake mix before and it was the weirdest, most rubbery thing I’ve ever eaten. But I didn’t find a single negative comment here! Everybody said it was so good and that their husbands were fooled and everything. So I gave it a shot.
    I am so glad I only made a half-batch. The first bite was just gross….it did get a little better after a few bites….but still not good. Well, it was worth a shot for a healthy dessert, but I’d rather eat two bites of a deliciously sinful dessert than a whole pan of this stuff.
    I feel bad leaving a negative comment, but if it can save someone else the ingredients and the time… I’m sorry.

    1. Hi Erica,
      Can you tell me more specifics about what you did? What food processor? Any changes to the recipe? I would love to help figure out where yours went wrong, because I stand behind this recipe 100%.

      1. Erica says:

        I halved the recipe. My can of beans, after draining and rinsing, weighed 280g rather than the 250g it should’ve been for a half-batch. I didn’t think 30g would make any difference, but maybe it did. I used a food processor. I pureed the beans before adding the rest of the ingredients to make sure they were thoroughly pureed….I didn’t want any chunky beans in my cookie.
        My kids (ages 1 and 4) liked it, but they haven’t been spoiled by rich and sugary desserts like my husband and I have. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your recipe….thousands of people obviously love it. I think it’s just that I don’t care for the beany taste/texture, and maybe it was the gooey-ness (although I do like gooey-ness in some things).
        I do have to say that I tried some of the leftovers today and it tasted better than it did last night.
        Again, I’m sorry to have left a negative comment. I hope I have not offended you. I think it’s wonderful that you are creating healthy desserts! I will have to try some of your other ones. I just may have to steer clear of the beans.

  286. Hayley W says:

    I love your recipies katie! i was just wondering though wether you know any good substitutes for the beans in this recipe as i can not eat beans of any sort. I have to follow a Low FODMAP diet and i try to create my own versions of recipes when i can.

    Love your site so much though! i show it to all my friends


  287. Mary says:

    I’m making this pie again for the second time and I can’t wait to dig in. My family loved it the first time. It was delicious and not one person could figure out the main ingredient….beans! Thanks Katie for all your amazing recipes. I’ve made several and not only are they delicious but it’s fun trying new healthier versions of the traditional deserts!!

  288. anna says:

    This recipe is absolutely wonderful ! I have madee it many times. My husband loves it…….as do I. to make it gluten free, i sub Quinoa flakes for the oats and it is wonderful. I also use coconut sugar in the place of the brown sugar. I have also fed it to people not telling them the ingredients……everyone that has tasted it loves it.

  289. Geoffri Drucker says:

    Hey Miss Katie,
    I’ve been enjoyed your recipes for a while now and have to say this is my favorite so far! The R-rated ice cream was a total fail but it made an excellent milkshake (guess I need to invest in an ice cream maker). Keep ’em coming, my new bff <3

  290. Mademoiseille Gravelle says:

    On the Choc Chip Cookie Dough Pie, you said others gave the recipe 200 calories. How many slices do you divide the pie into to get that amt of calories? You are darling and talented. Anxious to try out your desserts.

  291. Alexandra says:

    You should make a mug brownie!

  292. CC says:

    Recipe Review–I made ’em.

    Ok, so I HOPE i didn’t already post this review…but it’s very time consuming 2 keep going backwards 2 see the recent reviews…i did, but finally gave up. So this may b duplicate, in that case my apologies. But I thought it was very worth the time so here ya go. I hope u find this helpful.

    2 Calibrate your tastes 2 mine: I am a sweet tooth, I love choc chip cookies herein known as (ccc vs CCC which is me, lol) & prefer vanilla over chocolate though I like both.

    The result: I think this may b my FAVOURITE recipe I have tried from this site so far. It is more reminiscent of a ccc moreso even than the flourless ccc’s I made from this site (though they were good too).

    THE TASTE: It tastes like a very moist ccc, best tasted warm out of the oven, but still good and most several days later. I followed the recipe exactly (without added syrup or ice cream) except (1) added ~1t vanilla and (2) replaced the 1/4c applesauce (too lazy 2 make it in the vitamix) w/ Coconut Oil which I think helped it have that more rich, buttery taste which appealed 2 me. I found it was not overly sweet but definitely sweet enough 2 fit the bill of a craving 4 sweets. I, again, made these with CCK’s recipe 4 homemade chips & found them delish in that they’re just semi-sweet enough 2 balance things nicely!

    THE TEXTURE: Very moist & on the crumbly side, but not as crumbly as say, the black bean yummy brownies or blondies I made. They came out pretty “tall” in my 8×8 (oddly enough, couldn’t find my pie pan, still can’t!). Although they’re beans & prob should do this (won’t in the summer) I leave them out on the counter. Texture has stayed the same.

    THE VERDICT: I thank Katie again, 4 her genius. MAKE ’em, now. Bring them 2 a potluck 2 impress your friends. Make ’em 2 delight yourself. If u’re afraid of bean recipes, make this or the Black Bean Brownie recipe here first… u will b surprised, delighted & encouraged 2 bake more & share the wealth of health!

    PS- I am trying 2 loose weight & will totally blame CCK 4 a part of me gaining if I do lol…can’t stop making her recipes!!!!!! It’s a food obsession & I NEED HELP! ;OD

  293. Holly says:

    Hi! I absolutely am obsessed with your blog. You are kind of my hero.

    Ok, so I am going to be making this tomorrow morning to bring to a friend’s house tomorrow night. If I make it in the morning, should I keep it in the fridge until I leave? Should we warm it in the microwave before serving it? How should I keep it so it stays as perfect and wonderful as possible??

    Thanks so much in advance! I hope you see this in time!

    1. It can stay out for a day… and it is lovely re-heated :)

      Fridge after a day, for best freshness.

  294. Liss says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this delightful recipe! I made a few (very minor) changes to alter the sugar amount & to slightly hide that residual bean flavor that my youngest son noted- but didn’t balk at! and shared the recipe here on our family site: I don’t know how you happened to come up with this amazing recipe, but kudos to you!

  295. Angie says:

    This recipe was so yummy! But to those watching calories – if you use the full amount of oil and sugar in this recipe, and cut into 8 servings, it is 396 calories per serving…not sure where others got 200 unless they substituted ingredients. However, unlike most dessert recipes, it has 8 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein…woo hoo!

    1. Maysem says:

      Just did the calculations after seeing your comment… you’re right. I got the same thing… actually 398 but close enough. I’m wondering too where the 200 calories came from. I also calculated the without sugar version and it is less than this version but by a very small amount. There had to have been some sort of substitutions to get the 200…. or got more than 8 pieces.. cutting smaller pieces. Well since it is a healthier version and looks amazing, I’m making it anyway! I exercised enough calories for today so I can afford to indulge just a bit. 😛

  296. Denise says:

    This is so amazing! I just whipped it up in like five minutes since I had all ingrediens on hand. It is so tasty, thank you!

  297. Helene says:

    Om my gosh! I can’t believe how delicious this recipe turned out!! I was (of course) a bit sceptical because of the white beans, but seriously.. this is my new favourite thing to eat in the whole world! I LOVE it!! It’s divine! Even my husband who doesn’t like ANYTHING healthier I make could resist this! He absolutely loved it too. Thank you so much for all your mouth-watering recipes, you’ve been a life-saver more than once in my pregnancy when my sweet cravings has gone through the roof. Can’t wait to make all my favourite Chocolate-Covered Katie-recipes to my son when he get’s a bit older! :-)

  298. Elizabeth says:

    I made this a few days ago and it was really good! I mixed the ingredients in my vitamix, but if i were to make it again i would blend the batter in two batches rather than one. My mom and sister knew there were beans in and thus avoided it, but I did a blind taste test on my brother and he really liked it. Keep in mind this is a kid who uses half a stick of butter to make a grilled cheese and lives off frozen pizza. I ended up eating all of it myself .. couldn’t quite get it past the non-healthies… next time I think I’ll make a quarter of the recipe

  299. Maysem says:

    Oh wow!! This looks amazing! Just recently I’ve been trying to eat healthier and I have been good about not eating any sweets… but yesterday I was in sweet craving mode. So coming across this recipe is perfect timing! Only question I have is about the slice size. The 200 calories is for how big of a slice?

  300. Eva says:

    Katie, lots of love from the Netherlands; i just made your deep-dish-cookie-pie and it was fabulous! I’m absolutely in love with it; also gave it to my boyfriend, who is a real sweet/ butter/ and everything ‘high calorie’ lover , and the only comment he now had was, “i prefer lighter pastry like kwarktaart (which is something like a light cheesecake), but the taste is really good.” No comments like, “beany…” or “weird…” (like I hear a lot since i’m always experimenting.)
    Thank you! Maybe I’ll allow myself to have this for lunch tomorrow… like… i mean, it’s full of fiber isn’t it;)?
    I also have a question for you, I searched already but couldn’t find the answer; do you have any idea on how to store the deep-dish-cookie-pie for a few days? I’ve made half the batch but still its really a lot so I would like to store it… maybe in the refrigirator or something?
    Again, lots of love and especially thanks from Groningen:)

    1. Eva says:

      Katie, I’m sorry, for some way I didn’t see that I could click “older comments” and then I saw you replying to the same question; so saving it in the refrigerator. Am I a lucky girl, deep-dish-cookie pie for a few days!

  301. This is amazing! I now have an easy go-to treat that works for everyone for short notice celebrations. This is fast becoming a favorite.

  302. Molly says:

    Just took it out of the oven… it smells AMAZING! Can’t wait for it to cool down and give it a try.

  303. Swim run says:

    Which beans would work better, white or garbanzos?

    1. Livia says:

      I used cannellini and it came out awesome. I might try a different white bean next time to see if one is better than the other. Has anyone else tried this and noticed a difference in taste?

  304. Benji says:

    This is delicious. Really Really.

    Would it be difficult to incorporate a peanut butter taste into this? I’m afraid I’m not very knowledgeable with baking. Thanks!

  305. Valerie says:

    I don’t have any pie dishes… Do you think bite- sized muffins would look good?

  306. Kaarak says:

    This is awesome! I tried this with chickpeas first. This time I used the white beans, 1/2 cup less sugar (it was way to rich the first time) and added a cup of chopped walnuts! Still great and even healthier with the added protien (nuts)…:)

  307. Katie, this recipe is becoming a real favorite! After making this for a potluck, I had so many requests for the recipe I featured it in a post – Thanks so much for sharing your healthful dessert recipes with us.

  308. Charity Brosseau says:

    I made this last night and used an 8″ springfoam, had to cook it for an hour due to the extra thickness. It’s good but I actually found it way too sweet. I think next time I would cut the sugar to 1 cup and use 1/2 cup of chocolate chips or maybe milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet.

  309. Virginia Buttner says:

    A friend made me your deep dish cookie pie for my birthday. It was delicious!

  310. Alexis says:

    Ok. So I just made this pie. It is definitely DELICIOUS, but I was wondering if it supposed to be so mushy on the inside? When I took it out of the pan it just broke in half. Is that normal? I waited the full 20 minutes before I took it out of the pan also.

  311. Lauren says:

    I made this recipe today for a friend. It came out incredible!! Food processor is key, it came out like a true cookie dough batter… I felt guilty eating it!! Incredible work Katie!!

  312. John says:

    Absolutely delicious!!!

  313. Ruta says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one saying this, but that first picture looks AMAZING. And I’m sure it’s not only because the recipe is great. Your photography is awesome! Makes me want a bit every time!

    Would you mind sharing a bit about your photography set up? Maybe some behind the scenes pictures or something? If you don’t mind me asking, do you use a tripod, and if so what type? Thanks so much, Katie, and keep up the good work!

  314. Queen says:

    do you have any real dinner not putting this one down or you. I tried it was delish

  315. Kristy says:

    I tried this pie last night. Delicious! But after adding up the nutrition, I’m a bit confused how this could be considered healthy.

    Deep Dish Cookie Pie, 1 serving(s) (1/16) 260 calories, 40g carbs, 10g fat, 5g protein, 0mg Cholesterol, 236mg Sodium, 22g Sugar, 5g Fiber.

    And that’s with 1/4 cup sugar reduction. And 1/16 of a slice of pie feels like a scant piece indeed. These nutrition facts are right up there with any other cookie recipe. So healthy alternative? I think not.

    1. Christina Ventura-DiPersia says:

      It’s a healthier alternative to a regular cookie. C’mon now… I think that’s pretty obvious

  316. Tiffrn says:

    It looks absolutely gorgeous, my mouth is watering. But I have to ask – can you taste the beans?
    I’ve been vegan for quite some time now but have always steered clear of sweet recipes that ask for avocado or beans. I just can’t imagine mixing something so savoury with something so deliciously sweet!
    If you tell me it doesn’t taste of beans, then I’ll stop being such a scaredy cat 😉

  317. Nicole says:

    This is a seriously amazing recipe! Made it for my boyfriend this past weekend and neither of us could believe how good it was! I used half brown sugar and half coconut sugar. For the oil/fat I used 1 Tbl spoon of coconut oil and 2 Tbl spoons of peanut butter. It feels so indulgent and yet there is no butter, eggs, or flour! Can’t wait to make this again! Thanks Katie!

  318. Julia says:

    Uh this is effing amazing. My mom and I made it for my birthday….just incredible. We did add a little vanilla bean powder, and next time we make it we’ll add walnuts (which we sprinkled on top this time). Your recipes are the best!

  319. Rachel says:

    I just found your site and wow I love it! You have so many awesome recipes that I can’t wait to try. I made this last night and it was amazing. Seriously. I can’t believe how awesome it was and it brought me right back to my old favorite Mrs. Fields Cookie Cake.
    Thank you so much for all of your beautiful recipes and I am so lucky to have found your site. You do amazing work. I can’t say it enough… thank you again :-)

  320. Jeanette says:

    Can this recipe be praised even more? I made it, loved it. I recommended it to a friend, who served it to her husband and boys, who also loved it. (And kids are not always easy to please.)
    Your blog is absolutely great. I always enjoy the stories, pictures and recipes.
    Thanks a bunch for this.
    Sending you my appreciation across the ocean, with my best wishes for you and your readers.

  321. Meagan says:

    **should not have ever doubted this recipe was going to be anything less than divine after reading the raving reviews on it, but just had to try it out for myself…I’m amazed and my my my, won’t every single unsuspecting person at the upcoming cookout be appalled when they devour this scrumtious dessert and later discover not only its secret ingredient but that it’s such a healthy alternative to fulfill that sweet tooth craving~!! Katie, I’m so excited to be introduced to your recipes. Did I mention that I baked this last night {only 1/2 the recipe} and the entire dish is gone already {I’d say the hubby approves as well!!}
    Now to decide which heavenly recipe to make next….sooo many grand options!

  322. Alisha says:

    Hey, this looks incredible and I want to try it tonight, but how many does this recipe serve? Can’t wait to try it!

  323. Anna says:

    This is amazing! I love it, am about to make it for the 2nd time!
    Thanks Katie!
    Anna 😀

  324. Clare says:

    Katie, this recipe is truly delicious. Since I don’t have a food-processor, it took a bit more work (mashing & blending the chickpeas) but turned out great. Even my boyfriend who HATES chickpeas thought it was delicious and now believes that I can make delicious food out of random ingredients. Thank you!

  325. Tracy says:

    This is amazing! Made it for Easter dessert and what a treat!
    Any idea of the calorie count?

  326. amber says:

    Hi Katie! thia looks unbelievable! i cant seem to find white beans, would butter beas work?

  327. Emilie says:

    Hey Katie, I would like to make this without oil. Do you think it will still be pretty good if I sub. with applesauce instead, or would banana be better?

  328. mrsblocko says:

    I made this cookie pie and wrote about it here. Unlike most of the comments, I could most def taste the chickpeas in this recipe. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the recipe, but if you hate chickpeas and have very sensitive tastebuds, this dessert is probably not for you. However, that being said, my 7 yr old daughter couldnt taste the chickpeas and loved the cookie.

  329. Courtney says:

    I’ve made this a handful of times, it’s always a huge hit. One of my go-to baking recipes, as are many of CCK’s delicious concoctions! I use around 1 cup of sugar, maybe 1 and 1/4 cup at the most. I like it with a tad bit more salt too, maybe 1/8 teaspoon.

  330. Anna Coplon says:


    I love your recipes. I am allergic to chick peas. Do you know of an alternative to use in their place in your recipes?

    Thanks so much!

  331. Bulut says:

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! I just wanted to ask you something. I know you said both of them work but for the above picture, did you use garbanzo beans or white beans? Or a mixture? I just want it to come out with the mildest bean taste as possible. (preferably none) Thanks!

  332. Stacey says:

    Wow! I am beyond amazed! I am known for my cookie bars but they are extremely fattening with a pound of butter so I was skeptical of how this recipe would be received. My kids also love the batter so I was shocked when they tasted this batter (luckily I did the beans when they were in the other room so they didn’ t know they were in there!) and they said it was yummy!

    Thanks I am a new fan forever!

  333. Jennifer says:

    Can you use dried beans instead of canned?

  334. Amanda E. says:

    Hi Katie,

    This looks great and I’m going to make it for my dairy-allergic friend’s birthday tonight! I wanted to make the cookie cake version though and I’m not sure about the size of the pan to use or the baking time… were you talking about an 8×8 pan? What about baking time? Thank you!!

    1. Amanda E. says:

      FYI, I ended up making half the recipe in an 8×8 pan. I cooked it for 19 minutes and it came out GREAT!! Such a delicious, dense cookie cake

  335. Marilyn Zawoyski says:

    Where is the print link to print out a coup of the recipe?

  336. laura says:

    how many servings per pie???

  337. Anonymous says:

    A friend made these for me and the rest of our house and it was literally gone in less than a day. They were so incredibly amazing! She told me they were vegan and gluten free, but I had no idea that they had chickpeas! They honestly tasted like the real, full-fat cookies. I am making this asap!! thank you Katie for creating these recipes! It is the perfect thing for a person like me who wants to eat healthy but also likes her chocolate and other sweets 😀

  338. Liv says:

    I ran out of oats…whoops! So could I use spelt or barley flour instead??

    1. Would *think* so, but I haven’t tried it.

  339. Jane says:

    Made a very silly faux pas and used apple sauce that had been flavoured with lemon .. the kind the people pair with pork :( I added in some cocoa powder and extra vanilla to hopefully cover over the taste. I really hope it isn’t ruined, was looking forward so much to making this!

  340. Joy Stephenson says:

    You are a genius! I have just made this for my husband and 4 year old son. They are scarfing it down knowing nothing is different than the regular flour version. I Successfully used a food processor for the first time. I loved that there is no raw egg so I could let my son my son lick the spoon as much as he wanted. So could you now create a recipe for peanut butter cookies?

  341. Laura says:

    I’ve been searching all over for unsweetened applesauce, but can’t find it. Would normal applesauce work?

  342. Lilly Sue says:

    YUM! I love warm cookies pies :) They are definitely the best!! This recipes looks good!

  343. Kasey says:

    There are SOOOO many recipes on this website that I feel like I NEED to try but haven’t yet (especially this one). I need to do something about that….

    The million dollar question: which one to try first?!

  344. Madelyn says:

    Oh my goodness Katie! I know you probably get this a lot, but you are amazing! I just recently found your blog and I am in awe of you how you make recipes like this healthy, while staying SO yummy! I’m 15, and not very skilled in baking, but this was actually pretty simple to make, and turned out amazingly tasty! I just made this for my family, and everyone loved it! It even passed my 16 year-old olders brother’s taste-test (which is a huge accomplishment because he doesn’t like anything that I make if he knows its healthy in the slightest! And since I didn’t tell him that it was healthy (ish :) or that it had beans in it, he just tasted its yummiest and loved it!) Thank you so much! This is definantly a keeper! You rock!! :)

  345. Cindy says:

    Hi there…this looks awesome and am anxious to try it. I have a small size food processor so I can’t blend all of the ingredients at same time. Do you think I could use my blender to initially blend everything then use the processor to blend again in smaller amounts??

  346. sierra says:

    I made this for my in-laws (who are skeptical of anything “healthy”) and they loved it! My two young kids demolished their pieces. I’m making it again, just because it’s so good!

  347. Jenn says:

    OMG i’m SO freaking glad i found this recipe! Chocolate Chip cookies are my absolute favorite cookie ever! Since this is a deep dish pie, i’m even more estatic! 😀 I’m trying to eat more healthier & stay away from artificial foods/ingredients & GMOs, so i’m DEFINITELY going to try this. And judging by the comments, there’s no way i can turn this up haha. So excited! 😀

  348. Laura Friesen says:

    I made this without coconut oil by mistake and it turned out wonderful! I was thinking of making it again with coconut oil but it tastes so good without it!

  349. Marissa says:

    I made this today and halved the sugar. It tastes good, although after it cooled off it turned into more of cookie fudgie stuff that tastes good but sits like a brick in your stomach. DON’T STICK IT UNDER PLASTIC WRAP IT’LL GET SOGGY eat it warm. But really, flour is light and fluffy, beans are heavy and soggy, so don’t make a cookie with beans and expect it to turn out like a cookie with flour.

  350. Leah says:

    Thank you for this recipe! It is so good! Even all our family, that don’t eat healthy or gluten free loved it! I’ve made it two times in the last 2 weeks!

  351. Allison says:

    Just made these! I was skeptical, and I can *kind* of taste the garbanzo beans (only in bites without chocolate chips), but WOW. I will absolutely make these again, and use a bit more sugar (I really skimped on the sweetener). Maybe I’ll try white beans next time.

    I can eat a LOT of sweets in one sitting, and as others have said, these are so filling it’s hard to eat an excessive amount, so that’s an added bonus :)

  352. Shauna says:

    Made this. WOW! I made a vegan chocolate sauce too and poured it over. Amazing.

  353. Anonymous says:

    I’m unable to get hold of white beans or garbanzo… anything I can substitute for these please?

  354. Kara says:

    So I first have to say that I NEVER post comments on blogs. But I just finished my (first) piece of pie and I am just stunned and had to post. Katie, I’ve “pinned” a couple of your recipes but have never felt adventurous enough to make beans a dessert :) Tonight I decided to give this pie a try and I’m completely sold. I followed the recipe exactly and it came out just outstanding. If I had not made it myself, I would never believe garbanzo beans are the main ingredient. I may try playing around with the amount of sugar (it tasted perfect as is but would love to make it even healthier.) I think good chocolate is key too- I used Ghiradelli 60% cacao. Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  355. Sarah says:

    Hi! I love this recipe! Question though – I want to have it for Friday morning but today is really the only day I could have time to make it. Will it still be good by Friday morning, you think?? I have no idea how long it will keep fresh because we always eat it all right away! Thanks for your help!

  356. Candace says:

    I made this and it was absolutely wonderful. I substituted applesauce for the oil and it was still great. I gave it to my husband without telling him about the bean substitution. He is not a fan of chick peas but he didn’t say a word. Just gobbled it all up. I’m going to try making it with dried chick peas to lessen the salt from the canned variety. I’ll let you know what happens(:

  357. Kelly says:

    This looks DELIGHTFUL! I am on Weight Watchers–has anyone figured out the full nutrition facts for this lovely creation! Thanks for sharing! :)

  358. Elisabetta says:

    Making this now! 😛 my recipe makes 355kcal per slice (using a 9.5 in pan and making 8 slices). The thing that adds tons of calories is the chocolate chips because they’re semi sweet, just noticed that they are very sweet by themselves and this explains why all the time the recipes I follow seem too sweet to me! So I’m decreasing the sugar using 6 tbsp of raw agave syrup instead! Everything else I followed exactly the recipe. Do you usually (anyone reading this) use unsweetened chocolate chips?

  359. Kimberly says:

    I made this on Sunday and it made me decide to try a gluten free diet for a while. It was amazing to have beans in it.

  360. Kimberly says:

    I made this on Sunday, and it was amazing. I decided to try a gluten free diet for a while.

  361. Kate says:

    I’m confused… For your white bean blondies you use 1 can of beans and 1/4 c. Oil… So naturally if you use 2 cans of beans you think it would be 1/2 c. Oil but its only 3 Tbs?? Is this to make it more cookie like? Or just to make it healthier. Would it be better with more oil (for a group of people who eat yucky dry floury butter laden regular cookie cakes, rather than gooey (beany) ones)

  362. Sophie says:

    How many cooked cups of garbanzos would the 500 grams be that you called for? I cannot figure out how many cups of garbanzos in a can…. :/

  363. Tikka says:

    I have made this incredible cookie pie 4 times over the past month, with a different variation each time – and they’ve all worked! I use quinoa flakes instead of oats and have subbed raisins and cinnamon for the chocolate chips with yummy results. My two daughters – who wouldn’t eat white beans if I bribed them – devour this cake with delight and ask for seconds! I’ve found that 1/2 white beans and 1/2 chick peas is the perfect combo and am going to add chopped pecans to my next chocolate chip batch. Thanks for this fabulous recipe – I’ve even served it as breakfast cake with a banana on the side…

  364. Leah says:

    Just made this last night. Everyone at dinner loved it (even before I told them how sneakily healthy it was!). I cut back on the sugar a lot, and it tasted just right for us. I put in about 4 good tbsp of brown sugar and used about 1/2 to 2/3 of the chocolate chips and it was perfect! The first time I made it I used a 10-inch springform pan, but it was not deep enough for me, it was only about 1/2inch high. This time I used a deep dish pie plate and it was perfect. Side note: my mixture was hot after blending in the food processor so when I mixed in the chips, they melted. I would suggest letting the mixture cool to at least room temp before mixing in the chips:) amazing recipe, it now has a permanent place in my recipe book!

  365. Kristen says:

    I’m writing this as I finish the last few bites of my cookie pie. I loved it! I’ve been a long time reader of this blog and have been enchanted/terrified of trying this recipe because I just couldn’t wrap my head around a pie filled with beans! My boyfriend and I decided to try it and we were both shocked to find that it really tasted like cookies! I recommend!!

  366. lydia says:

    Does using dry garbanzo beans make a difference

  367. frannie says:

    What would you put in place of the applesauce, like how much oil or butter would you use? theres no applesauce in the house :/

  368. Abby says:

    Can I use a VitaMix for this?

  369. Lisa says:

    OK, I confess, I was very skeptical about this recipe. I do try to avoid wheat when I can, but I am not gluten-free, a vegan or anything of the like. But I am going to a BBQ next weekend with some friends who have several gluten-free kids, and since I was tasked with bringing dessert, I thought I’d try to make something that everyone could eat and enjoy.

    So I tested this recipe this weekend. My husband and I sat down to try it warm out of the oven…we thought it was good, but that it would never trick our non-healthy friends unless it had ice cream on top. Still good enough to bring to the party though.

    But then I let it sit out and it got cool and even more firm, and looked just like original tollhouse cookies. So I tried another bite…and it was BEYOND! It tasted exactly like a tollhouse cookie, so I gave a bite to my husband and he completely agreed. When I bring them to the party I’m going to let them fully cool…and I think I’ve found a new go-to dessert for having around the house!! Thanks, Katie!!

  370. Olivia says:

    Can i use olive oil instead of the other? One other question is, does It taste the same as a normal cookie? :)

  371. jessica says:

    i tried this and it was a HUGE hit – i brought it to a party and everyone loved it! i did use a blender and it came out perfect. i couldn’t have been happier with it! thank you!

  372. Raisa says:

    I don’t have garbanzo beans. Will kidney beans be okay for this recipe?

    1. Sorry, I have not tried it.

  373. Jessica says:

    Wow! This was amazing! I made it for some family and friends and shocked them as well when i revealed that it contained chick peas. However, I borrowed my friend’s food processor to make this, and now I am looking to buy my own. What would you recommend that isn’t crazy pricy? Thank you!!

  374. Alicia says:

    So I made these on my days off. First, I could totally tell this was a “healthy” version of my favorite cookie. I used white beans and I could totally tell they were in there. That said, I found the resulting “bars” (I used a square pan) were strangely tasty. Not overly sweet and very filling with a smooth texture. Like a tasty snack bar. I added some shredded coconut and used dark chocolate chips. A sprinkling of course sea salt on the top is a great contrast. Will this pie fool you into believing it is a chocolate chip cookie pie? No. But I will say it is a pretty good option for curbing a dessert craving and something I feel much better eating than the real option.

  375. Janet says:

    What size were the cans of beans used in this recipe? How many ounces?

  376. Karen says:

    I made this deep dish cookie pie and got rave reviews. No one could tell the secret ingredient (garbanzo beans) and they made it so much healthier than flour I was impressed. I had no food processor and struggled with the blender, but it did work. I also accidentally put twice the beans in and it still tasted awesome and sweet. So even healthier! Thanks Katie!!! I love your page!

  377. Vanessa says:

    This isnt healthy. It has brown sugar..

  378. Katy says:

    Is there any way to get it less “beany”? It seems to bean forward. I think it would be good smeared into a vat of ice cream though.

  379. Dawnya says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how SHOCKED I was with how amazing this pie turned out to be! I apologize for doubting you!! I have been pouring over your blog for weeks trying to decide which fantastic recipe I was going to try first. I decided on this cookie pie, but I was nervous because I don’t own a food processor. Katie, this was so crazy delicious! I was blown away! And…to put it to the test, I brought it to work and didn’t tell anyone what was in it. Everyone LOVED it!!!!!
    For those of you who are worried about making this with a blender (like I was), here is what I did:
    I used a Magic Bullet to blend up the oats to a fine powder. I drained and rinsed the beans VERY well and then mashed them in a bowl with a fork. Yes, it was labor intensive, but I got it down to a puree. Then I put everything (minus the chips) into a blender (mine is a KitchenAid blender). It worked like a charm and I couldn’t detect the bean taste at all. (I was TRYING to detect a bean flavor too!)
    The only changes I made were that I used 4T of natural peanut butter instead of the oil because I love peanut butter. I used 3/4 cup of brown sugar and 3/4 cup of xylitol. Everything else was the same and it tastes like a yummy peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie dough pie. YUMMMMMMM!!!!! Thank you ,Katie! I can’t wait to make more of your recipes!

  380. Lois says:

    So, let’s say somebody in your home is reactive to oats… What’s a few alternatives (gluten free) that you might try?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Try ground flax, or even almond flour.

  381. Judy says:

    yummm!!! Would be more delicious when served with jelly..

  382. David says:

    I added a cup of peanut butter (and subtracted one T of oil to compensate) to the recipe and it was fantastic!

  383. Colleen says:

    I just made this as a father’s day treat for my hubby; it’s his FAVORITE dessert!

    Just out of curiosity, why doesn’t a blender work? Both appliances make things into a mushy puree.

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      A blender will not process all of the ingredients. It will be too full and you’ll get chunks.

  384. Rachel says:

    I made this for school while studying healthy alternatives. I went out of the house for a few hours after making it and when I came back half of it was gone! My unhealthy family was raving about it and couldn’t believe it was actually good for them! Love it.

  385. Courtney says:

    Oh my gosh!! You are such a genius!! I have adored every recipe I have tried on here and this tops them all. Thank you Katie for the recipes!!

  386. Sarah says:

    How might one substitute garbanzo bean flour for the canned beans in these recipes? We avoid cans now…. Thanks!!

    1. Monica says:

      You could make your own beans. Just buy dry beans and cook them. Then measure out 500 grams for the recipe.

  387. Eva says:

    I tried this recipe and it came out amazingly! My Dad has type 2 diabetes and is very skeptical of healthy foods and he loved it! I’m making this again for our fourth of july bbq

  388. Rhonda says:

    I whipped up your deep dish cookie pie and took it to work yesterday. Of course, I didn’t tell any of my co-workers what was in it. One friend said, “No way, there can’t be garbanzos in this! It was delicious!” My grown son gave it a taste and he said it tasted just like cookie dough. He was astounded when I told him the main ingredient was garbanzo beans. I’m sold on your recipes! I’ll be trying more of your wonderful healthy desserts!!!!

  389. Rhonda says:

    I bake desserts quite and I’m always on the look out for healthier desserts. Well, I found your website and tried the deep dish cookie pie. I surprised my co-workers with this yummy dessert. Of course, I didn’t tell them what was in it. One friend’s comment, “No, way. There can’t be garbanzos in this!” My grown son said it tasted just like cookie dough. I’m definitely sold on your recipes. I’ll be back again to do more baking with your yummy recipes!

    1. Thank you so much for trying it!

  390. themightieq says:

    I am hoping to make this for a 4th of July cookout. I’ve got 2 questions:
    (1) My son is allergic to wheat and oats – is there anything I could sub for the oats? Would GF flour work?
    (2) Is this as delicious is it isn’t straight out of the oven? Like I said, it is a cookout, so I’m not sure if this would be a good treat to bring.
    Thank you!

  391. Priscilla says:

    Hi Katie. This looks delicious! I am almost out of GF outs and I was wondering if I could use an equal amount of GF flour in place of the oats. Do you think it would work? :)

    1. I don’t see why not, as the oats are just there for texture.

  392. Sinead says:

    Katie, could this be put into a tray and cut into blondies? About to make it eek :)

  393. Demetria says:

    Anyone think this would be good with carob instead of chocolate? I’ve got a kiddo who cannot have chocolate…

    1. You could definitely try with carob chips :)

  394. Carmen says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I made it for myself for my birthday today. It is so amazing! Just like the cookies at the mall I used to love, but even better because it is so warm and gooey. My kids and hubby love it too. I have also tried your chocolate mint pie and cappuccino cheesecake, love your recipes! I look forward to trying more… It is great to know I can always find a healthy vegan dessert recipe that is also YUMMY!

  395. connie canfield says:

    love love love your goodies, I am interested in gluten free, menus, your deserts are amazing. keep me posted on all other yummy food.

  396. Nikki says:

    Ohhhh emmmm geeeee! This was amazing….just like eating raw cookie dough! I have to admit I was extremely skeptical, but decided to make it for my son’s 6th birthday. My kids are VERY picky eaters. I was actually worried about the skins from the beans, but once it’s cooked there is no trace of beans! I will be making this time and time again, for sure! Thanks for an amazing recipe!

  397. Nina says:

    Oh my! I just made this. I halved the recipe since I only had one can of garbanzo beans. Was really skeptical but you would never know the beans are in there. My 5 year old loved it too. I used coconut oil in the recipe and to oil the pan, gave it a little coconut taste yum! Already forwarded the link to several friends to check out this recipe here.

    p.s. REALLY GOOD WARM after letting set for 10 minutes after baking!

    Just found this site by chance and soooo glad I did! I will be making more recipes from here! Thanks!

  398. rachel says:

    I made this last night and it was soooooooo good! Thank you for the recipe. My mother in law is allergic to gluten and dairy, so I’m going to make this for her birthday.

  399. Hello, I came across your recipes and was wondering if its ok if I try them and then if they work for me, for me to use them at my new bakery, I am opening a low carb, gluten free bakery in Boulder Colorado, a lot of my recipes are with nut flours and I wanted to find some sweet bean recipes, and the two of yours I have looked at sound amazing, I will Credit you on the info card, thank you

  400. Sara says:

    Can I bake this in a 9×13? Would it be the same bake time? Or, would an 8×8 work better? Thanks!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Yes, 9 x 13 will work.

  401. Sara says:

    How do you know when it is done?

  402. Amanda says:

    This turned out great. My boyfriend loved it. I used a high-power blender (Ninja) and garbanzo beans (chick peas). You would never know there are beans in there.

  403. Trine says:

    What type of brown sugar is used here? The dry cane-type or the sticky muscovado type? I’m gonna cook this today so I would appreciate a quick response :)

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Either is fine.

  404. Beth says:

    How long do you bake a half version in an 8×8″? How can you tell it is done?

  405. kelly says:

    i made this n it tastes like the real thing n i like it!

  406. Courtney says:

    I made this for my extended family for Sunday Dinner Dessert and everyone LOVED it!!!! I can’t wait to make it again!!!!

  407. Jenny says:

    WOW! this recipe is delicious! I still havent told my husband what’s in it, and i don’t plan on it. 😛 He’s one of the pickiest eaters ever, he’d flip if he knew there were beans in it lol! He really liked it & shared it with 2 of his friends at work. I plan on experimenting with your other healthy desserts, what a blessing this blog is!! :) Thank you!!

  408. Stefanie says:

    Can this be made ahead and baked later? I ask because I will be making it for my in-laws this weekend while staying at their house, and they don’t have a food processor. It would be easier for me to make it and throw it in a cooler for the trip…then to mess with packing the ingredients and the food processor etc. Car space is limited. Plus it will be fun to see their reaction to it without having seen me add the beans while making it. I have made it for my husband and kids multiple times and we love it! Thanks!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:


  409. Leana says:

    I’m going to try this tonight. Instead of the brown sugar, I’ll use coconut palm sugar.

  410. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Katie, I’m not sure on how well you’re able to keep up with comments these days, but here’s a story a story for you. :)

    I have made this recipe a zillion times now and it’s so awesome. As we were discussing the ingredients list, my kids were asking about veganism. My brother and his wife are pescetarians, and so they are already immune to a lot of the vegetarianism myths.

    8yo son: So, how is a vegan different than my uncle?
    me: Your uncle eats eggs, fish, and uses some animal products. Katie chooses to not eat meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and a few other things. She eats plant products only.
    8yo son: So, what you’re saying is that Katie pretty much only eats chocolate.


  411. Rosemary Clare says:

    Katie, this is divine. I didn’t have applesauce on hand, so I just increased the oil a little using half coconut oil and half Earth Balance spread. I also did half broken pecans and half chocolate chips because I prefer nuts in my chocolate chip cookies and knew that I would feel likewise about chocolate chip cookie pie. So very delicious . . . I’m eating my second piece right now and it’s really hitting the spot since I was craving something gooey, chocolatey, and cookie-like. Thank you for sharing! Oh, and p.s. I only had one can of garbanzos so I halved the recipe with no problems whatsoever. :)

    1. Rosemary Clare says:

      And coconut sugar! I used coconut sugar! 😀

  412. OilLadyLaura says:

    I just made this last night, and had to eat 2.5 peieces because I was just so excited. I also had some for breakfast, and am so perky this morning, probably all the sugar! By my calculations this is 200 calories for 1/16th of the pie, but that is plenty, BF couldn’t finish his piece because he thought it was so rich (had no idea it was a “special” recipe). That being said, I think I would use white beans instead of garbanzo next time, because I thought they had a strong flavor and came through just a little. I also used mini chocolate chips so you got chocolate in more bites!

  413. Hillary says:

    This was an amazing dessert – no one suspected white navy beans as the main ingredient ;). I made the full batch and it came out great. I also whipped up a small half batch and made some cookies as well! I think it’s my new go-to vegan dessert!

  414. Shobhna says:

    HI Katie,
    You are fabulous just like all your recipes. Just wondering how is it possible to have more fat in your Deep-dish cookie pie than protein? Since there is only 3 tbsp of oil and tons of garbanzo beans. Is it possible the numbers got switched?

    Thanks for all your recipes.

  415. tania says:

    I made this last night with 6 dates instead of sugar. AMAZING!
    I think I found my go-to pie :)

  416. Jessica says:

    Hi Katie! I made 1/4 of this recipe and ended up a little dissatisfied with the results. I reduced the amount of sugar and I also had no oil so I left that out completely without substituting it with something. The finished pie had a detectable garbanzo taste – it wasn’t very strong but it was definitely present, even though I rinsed the beans and used 365 brand organic garbanzos that have no salt or flavorings added. Was that due to the reduction of the sugar? Also, the texture was kind of rubbery and not dense or rich like it looks in your photos. Was that because I didn’t use any oil? We ate it nonetheless, but I would like to try it again and see if I can get better results. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately, I can only vouch for the results if you follow the recipe. Everything I’ve added to it is in there for a reason ;).

  417. Becky in Philly says:

    Hi, Katie! I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and was instantly hooked! This deep-dish cookie pie was a huge hit with my half plant-based eating/half non-health concerned, all-chocolate-loving family. My friends love it, too, and no one believes it is made with beans. I substituted butter beans because of their smooth texture and naturally buttery taste, added extra applesauce so the mixture would blend better in my Vita-Mix, and increased the baking time to about 1 hour because I used a 9″ springform pan. It has turned out great each time. Thanks for such delicious, healthy, and well-tested recipes! Can’t wait for your cookbook!

    1. Thank you so much for making it, Becky :)

  418. Shayna says:

    Is you deep dish cookie pie recipe freeze-able? Thanks!

    1. Sorry, I’m not sure. I’ve never actually tried it.

  419. Eric says:

    Hey, CCK,
    Love your voluminous almond milk ice cream. Can see myself going in a lot of directions with it. Thanks.
    Made the Cookie Pie recipe, but had to replace the chocolate chips for raisins, because of my wife’s allergy to chocolate. The bean flavor predominated:( Suggestions? Love what you’re doing. Eric

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You really need to use the chocolate chips.

    2. Trina says:

      I would suggest upping the sugar or adding Stevia if replacing choc with raisins. Or you could add a few chopped dates.

  420. I’m teaching a healthy baking class to foster home kids every week, so this week I used this recipe. They looked at me like I had THREE HEADS when they saw we were putting beans in the cookie pie… but they devoured it anyways, and loved it! Thank you for helping me show them how delicious beans can be!! 😀

    1. PS – I also made it with Turbinado instead of the brown sugar, and it totally worked. :)

  421. Rosalie says:

    was it meant to taste nutty?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      No it should not taste nutty, as there are no nuts or nut butters in the recipe. It should taste like a giant gooey cookie.

      1. Rosalie says:

        mine had a PB kinda taste to it

  422. La Verna says:

    Here’s another healthy dessert

  423. kala says:

    i made this yesterday and it has been totally devoured! my 3 teenage daughters, my mother, my sister-in-law, and my landlord all LOVED it! nobody could believe that it had garbanzo beans in it!

    i used stevia in the raw and molasses instead of brown sugar and i thought it was a little too sweet. looking back, it was probably because along with the chocolate chips, i also added peanut butter baking chips so i really should have reduced the amount of sweetner.

  424. Kimber says:

    My dry container on my vita mix gave out. I think I ran it too long. So we don’t have flours at the moment. Im having a lot of fun poking around your site and seeing so many things I can make without any flour. This cookie pie will be a ‘today’ project. As possibly the black bean brownies.

  425. Igloo says:

    Never mind my 2 previous questions, I found the answers. But now I have another question. If I make these as mini-muffins, will it require the same amount of time to bake?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I think it will depend on your oven. Just cook them until they are the same texture of the baked pie.

  426. jade collins says:

    Mine didn’t taste sweet enough and you could taste the beans and they made the consistency weird. I don’t know whether i did something wrong or whether it just wasn’t to my taste. Any idea what i could have done wrong?

  427. jade collins says:

    Also, i’m British and i don’t really know what garbanzo beans are; are they just baked beans but without the tomato sauce? Because that is what i used

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Do a google image search for garbanzo beans. Hope that is helpful!

    2. Trina says:

      I use great northern beans, also known as white kidney beans. Garbanzo beans are also known as chickpeas.

  428. Steph says:

    Hi! Does this freeze well? What is the best way to store leftovers – in the fridge, on the counter, wrapped in plastic wrap? Thanks!!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Store in the fridge, covered, after one day. Some of the commenters say it freezes well.

  429. maryann says:

    thank you for the yummy recipes..
    you are a dear for sharing

  430. Heather Nalin says:

    Just wanted to tell you that my 6 year old son thinks your cookie pie tastes like “heaven”. Thanks for your healthy yummy recipes!!!

  431. Bethany says:

    Oh My Goodness!! I’m now cursing my pantry for not having chocolate chips in it! I will definitely be making this soon!

  432. Sunniva Sol says:

    This was… divine!
    I subbed the brown sugar for coconut sugar, and used 1,75 tbs peanut butter + additional applesauce for the oil, chopped up homemade raw chocolate (sweetened with date syrup) for the chocolate chips and used cashew butter + baking paper to grease the pan. I also used a 7 inch cake form, making it a deep, deep, deep dish pie/cake. It was fantastic! Couldn’t resist slicing a small bite straight from the oven, saving the rest for a party tonight (if I’m able to stay away…) Thank you, Katie!!

  433. Lorraine says:

    Success..Deep Dish Cookie Pie! Love your recipes can’t wait to try more, the one thing Iam always left wondering with these “nontraditional” recipes is the best way to store them over night so they stay the same consistancy. I make GF recipes all the time cookies,cakes etc and they are never the same the next day…In the fridge? or out? Any input would be great. Thanks Rain

    1. For this one, you can store it loosely covered (with some breathing room) overnight on the counter. But after that I would refrigerate it. You can gently heat it up again to get it softer.

  434. Marfigs says:

    Dear Katie,

    I just made this today and WOW! I love it, my man-thing *adores* it, guests are rather impressed (that’s modest talk for they want the recipe)….wow! Thanks for sharing some a smashing, healthy, bean-y recipe! 😀

    Here’s my attempt – waiting to get us an ice-cream maker and then we are going to rock our own worlds over here, starting with your snickers ice-cream *glee*

  435. Jessica F says:

    Okay, so one of my friends just bought a house and had a bunch of us over for a house warming party. I wanted to have some fun, and found this recipe and decided it sounded like a good idea (though I was concerned about a huminesy – if that’s even a word – taste). I was originally going to make the Chocolate Chip Dip, but decided this would work better (I only had PB and one of my friends doesn’t like it). So I throw this in the oven…. take off a chunk, because I like to try my tasty food first, and OMG! It was so yummy!!! I brought it to the party and NO ONE realized there was Chick Peas in it. I kept getting asked for the recipe. It was so good! I will be making this again, soon… very very soon. :-) Like this weekend. YUMMY!

    1. Thank you so much for making it! :)

  436. Chelsea says:

    This recipe is amazing. That being said it isn’t really “healthy” For those interested if you leave out the oil and cut the pie into 8 slices it comes out to about 350 calories per slice. If you leave in the oil it is closer to 400 calories. Not really healthy but still delicious!

  437. Jessi says:

    Just had my first piece! It was great! I used white beans, 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup stevia in the raw, semi-sweet chips, and I added walnuts and shredded coconut :)

  438. Rosemary says:

    Hugs to you, chocolate-covered Katie! I just finished popping a batch of this in the oven (my second time making it!) and once again marveled at how quickly and easily it all comes together. Since I had no applesauce on hand, I used a little bit of extra oil product (part Earth Balance and part coconut oil), and the only sugar I purchase these days is coconut sugar so in it went. I actually really love the flavor the coconut sugar imparts–it merges well with the oats, garbanzo beans, vanilla, and chocolate. Mmmmm, about 30 more minutes to go and I’ll be digging into an ooey, gooey slice and happily wallowing in food therapy… Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

  439. Hi Katie!

    I have just discovered your website and, as a chocolate gourmet, I can say that the result of this recipe seems very appealing: great job!

  440. Robyn says:

    I just made this recipe and it is WONDERFUL!!! You would never know that there are chickpeas in it. It tastes like a chocolate/oatmeal cookie pie. Even my husband loves it. I will definitely make it again and share it with friends to see if they can tell what ingredients I used.

  441. Caroline says:

    Hi Katie! I passed by your blog a lot but never made anything. I was a bit skeptical since I’ve tried healthy dessert recipes in the past and they didn’t add up to my expectations despite the rave reviews but I’m so glad I tried this recipe! It really tastes genuinely like gooey cookies. I’m so excited to try the rest of your recipes. Thank you for everything you do!

  442. stephanie says:

    i love you. that is all.

  443. tatortotcassie says:

    Hey, what size cans of beans do you use? Thanks!

  444. Angela Rivers says:

    Can this be made the day before you will serve it, or does it need to be made same day?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You can make it a few days ahead. Store leftovers in the fridge.

  445. Noah says:

    excellent food your an inspiration to my idea of cuisine.

  446. Tonya B says:

    OMG! I made the cookie pie last week it is so good! Thank you Katie fan for life!!

  447. Tuli says:

    Even with the sugar, I say this recipe is healthy based on the protein, fiber, and minerals in the white beans. The applesauce is great too. Although, I don’t see a problem with eggs as they are packed with protein. To cut down the sugar even more, you could use dark chocolate chips instead.

  448. Heather says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I just stumbled across this site yesterday and decided to try this recipe today to address my sweet tooth. I just took my first few bites and am blown away! This is amazing. I am so excited to make more of your recipes. Thank you!! Now I have a dessert to give my kids to get more fiber into them :)

    1. Thank you so much for making the pie :)

  449. Lourdes Guerra says:

    This was AMAZING!!! This is the second recipe I have attempted from your blog and can I just say you don’t disappoint!! The first was your yogurt cheesecake which I tweaked and added an 8oz pkg of cream cheese (instead of 1c of tofu) because I read that the fat free Greek yogurt caused the cheesecake to crack. This deep dish cookie pie tasted exactly like a cookie, I am thinking of making smaller cookies with the recipe instead of a deep dish pie, not sure how that will turn out though. Though this cookie tasted like the real thing, and I wanted to gobble it all up on my own, I think an open mind is needed when trying this dish. I loved the texture of the pie it was so beautiful when I took it out of the oven. Thank you so much for sharing these recipes with us :)!!!

  450. Melissa says:

    I just made this recipe as written, besides substituting 1/4 cup of mashed banana for the applesauce, because I didn’t have any.
    It turned out great. It really is a super-easy recipe, and it looked just like the picture: Moist and delicious. My kids helped me make it and they love it, too. Definitely a keeper recipe. We are going to see if their dad can guess the “surprise” ingredient when he gets home later.
    Thank you for this awesome recipe!

  451. Kim Green says:

    Katie, I love your black bean brownie recipe (new to your site and only recipe I’ve tried thus far), and am so looking forward to trying more of your healthy dessert recipes.

    So appreciate your hard work on making formally “sinful desserts” now healthy! God bless you :)

  452. Livia says:

    I made this delicious cookie pie for Boss’ day and it was a hit. I followed the directions exactly and I was psyched bc when I pulled it out of the oven it looked just like your picture. Thanks for your wonderful recipes. Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  453. Rachel says:

    I want this and I want it now!!!!! Omg AMAZING!!

  454. Kerry says:

    Don’t use canola as it is GMO, also baking powder is GMO (it has corn) so make your own with 1 tsp baking soda and 2 tsp cream of tartar :)

  455. Jill says:

    I can’t wait to try this for a family get together this weekend. But one question (and sorry if it’s been asked already)….if I have a bag of white beans, I need to cook them first to replace the canned beans, is that right?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Yes, you need to.

  456. pappy.21 says:

    I don’t see many comments from people who actually made the dish so I’m giving my “review”. I love the idea of it. I will say, I’m very pregnant and the smell of the garbanzo beans made me want to gag so it was very difficult for me to forget that they were in it. However, with that said, if someone had prepared and served me this dessert I doubt that I would ever know that they were in it. I was unsure about the consistency of the dish. I baked mine in a 8″ square pan for at least 45 minutes and I felt that the center needed to firm up a bit more but the top was the perfect brown after 30 min. I put it in the refrigerator overnight hoping that the cooler temp would give it a more firm consistency which seems to have helped. My 6 yr old enjoyed it (although not a picky eater at all), my 4 yr old (very picky!) had a few bites and gave the rest to me. We’ll try again today as it was still a little hot. PS I did use a food processor. I have no idea how anyone could get a hand blender to mix it well enough so that there would not be recognizable chunks of beans. Overall. Given the ingredients, I would say it was a win but my family needs to get a little more accustomed to eating healthier alternatives before I try again. We’re new to this. I will say THANK YOU for a nut free dessert. We have a allergy to deal with and every “healthy recipe” out there seems to call for some type of nut. It’s very frustrating.

  457. Anna Maria says:

    What does “2 cans” mean in europe?

  458. Anna Maria says:

    So that means that I need 15 oz white beans or 30 oz? Or am I totally wrong now? Hahah, sorry :)

  459. Tammy says:

    This wasn’t half bad. I added more chocolate to it and also doubled the applesauce and took out the oil turned out pretty delicious. But more of a gooey cookie. Even my husband liked it 😉

  460. Toritown says:

    I tried this recipe, but replaced half the sugar with prunes. While I like it, it does taste very healthy. I advise keeping the brown sugar if you want it to taste like cookie an not Larabar.

  461. Jill says:

    Just found your blog yesterday and I’m so excited to try your healthy dessert recipes! I’ve been wanting to make bean cookies for a while now (and this deep dish cookie pie looks awesome!) but I need a food processor and can’t decide which one would work well to make the beans really smooth. Do you have any recommendations of food processors that you’ve been happy with?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I know Katie uses a 10-cup Cuisinart.

      1. Jill says:

        Thanks for the reply!

  462. Lucy says:

    I’m wondering if there is a way to add brown rice flour to this to get a complete protein ?

  463. Matthew says:

    amazing bit of culinary trickery! i take my hat off to you.
    honestly, i was expecting “good, for healthy food”. I tasted the batter after mixing it up and thought it was fairly bad. i was very surprised/happy that the flavor of the beans did not come through at all in the final product. i agree with many of the other commenters about using less sugar.

    when i first saw this i thought of making it into cookies, since i thought that ‘pie’ would not be a very convenient format. after mixing, i realized that cookies would be impossible so i decided to try bars. i discovered that the bars don’t hold together all that well, so i think i’ll try adding some flour (since GF is not an issue for me)

    i plan on testing this out on my family members (many of whom will not touch anything labeled ‘vegan’) at our next gathering.

  464. This is the second time I have seen chickpeas in cookies/blondies. I am so curious, definitely need to try it!

  465. Amy says:

    So I just made the sugar free recipe and it is great. However, it tasted a tad beany. Do people recommend chick peas or white beans? Also, I halved the recipe and used an 8 inch pie pan. Is it better making narrower but deeper pieces. Also, is this version that much better than the sugar free?

    Sorry for all the questions. LOVE THE WEBSITE!


    1. Amy says:

      Also if I halved the recipe, do you think using a 6 inch spring form would work?

  466. Toritown says:

    My friend liked this dish but thought it too deep and doughy. She had the brilliant idea of placing a layer of nutella in the middle to help it bake better. She also suggested using a wider pan so that it is thinner. I don’t know much about this site, but if you could find a way for us to click on comments that were actually helpful rather than simple comments on how good the recipe looks, the constructive comments could float to the top so we don’t have to scroll through 4 pages of comments. I don’t know if that’s possible but it would make this a lot easier, especially if some of us have questions.

  467. Christina Ventura-DiPersia says:

    Do you really need the quick oats? I made this last night and loved it but I could taste the oats afterwards and didn’t like the texture.

    1. You could probably use flour… or flaxmeal.

  468. Carmen says:

    Hi: I am a diabetic on a low glycemic eating plan. Dates are not on my list for the chocolate chip cookie pie. Is there anything else that I may use in it’s place.

    Thanks would greatly appreciate it

    1. Hi Carmen,
      Perhaps use the xylitol version of this recipe?

  469. Maura says:

    I was wondering how many servings are in the Choc Chip Cookie Cake?

  470. Leslie says:

    Really good!!! Great texture!! I made with stevia/xylitol and homemade sugarfree coconut oil chocolate chunks, it was soo great! And no eggs?! I was in disbelief but just went with your recipe and you were spot on. Thanks!!

  471. Dina says:

    Made this dessert and loved it. It is doubly good because it contains healthy ingredients. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes with us.

  472. Tom Cassady says:

    I’ve made this several times, and taken it to parties….it’s always the first to disappear!

  473. berbechtold says:

    Simply amazing and I’m not just saying that it’s amazing for a Healthy dessert either!

  474. abby. says:

    have you ever considered creating a double chocolate version with blackbeans instead of garbanzo? :)

  475. Vanessa says:

    This has to be one of my favorite recipes from your site! I make these all the time and they never fail! I always use organic coconut palm sugar. I put the dough into the bottom of muffin tins and it makes perfect individual deep dish cookies! Love it!

  476. Aleesia says:

    Just made this and it’s in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow morning. :) can’t wait to try it

  477. Aviva says:

    sorry, this didn’t do it for me! I still tasted the chickpeas, and no one would eat it :(

  478. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out quite as well as I would have liked. I think I’ll cut the ingredients in half next time, as it was hard to cook all the way through without burning the outside. It didn’t pass the seven-year-old test (and he loves black bean brownies). Fingers crossed it will turn out better next time!

  479. Andrea says:

    Could I use coconut sugar in place of brown?

    1. Vanessa says:

      Yes I use it all the time and it comes out perfect!

  480. carmel says:

    Can you make this without a food processor?? And do you have a list of ingredients in grams & ml?

  481. jacinda says:

    Just made this and it was DELICIOUS! Used some whipped cream on top.. You really could not tell the difference! Made it for my mother who questioned the whole beans and applesauce idea, but did NOT question it anyone right after the first bite, haha! Thanks for the awesome meals/Desserts.. Tried many other recipes of yours and you’ve never failed me! All delicious! Thanks for the healthy / indulgent kick I’m on. I feel a lot lighter after eating one of your healthier versions of desserts!

  482. Tahireh says:

    Absolutely delicious! Tasted even better the next day after being refrigerated :)
    Sooooo good!!

  483. Patricia Schuster says:

    Just made these and they turned out great! I used a nutribullet blender with the milling blade because I don’t have a food processor. The only issue was the batter came out really warm, so when I added the chocolate chips they all melted. I scattered chocolate chips on top which were delicious. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  484. Liz says:

    I just made this…. it was very easy and is as delicious as it looks! No more toll house cookie pie for me. :)

  485. Aimee says:

    Is the reason you recommend to NOT use a blender because most blender motors can’t handle the ingredients, or is there another reason? Thanks!

  486. Kat says:

    This looks so good!!! Can you taste the beans in this recipe? I have made other vegan desserts with beans and sometimes all I can taste is the beans.

  487. BeccaJRN says:

    My grandson has severe behavioral issues, and the experts say that he’s sensitive to gluten, soy, eggs, casein, and white beans. As a traditional cook, I’ve been at my wit’s end, until I found your site. Incredible! Thank you for this — I can tell you’ve done a lot of trial and error coming up with your recipes, and I can’t wait to try the pumpkin pie and cornbread for Thanksgiving. I’m also going to try my hand at brown-rice-and-flax homemade noodles, and I’ll let you know how they come out. Bless you!

  488. Becca says:

    Just made this…oh my gosh the dough alone was amazing! I had to remind myself that I was ALLOWED to eat the dough since there was nothing raw in it – can’t believe beans are in this recipe! Thank you so much! I have no idea how you thought of this.

  489. Kim says:

    WOW!! So good. So ….RICH. A small piece goes a long way. I used garbanzo beans and used almost an entire bag of chocolate chunks and added walnuts & pecans. It was so good that my boyfriend, knowing full well what was in it, bragged to his friends about it, and then requested it 2 nights later! Success!

    Thank you! :)

  490. sarah says:

    ive made this at lease 6 times (sometimes adding cocoa powder so it looks more like a brownie) and its always a hit! though i do a square version and cut into bars.
    i never feel worried about letting my kiddos eat the batter right from the bowl either, i mean, BEANS! Yeah!
    today I’m going to try subbing the chocolate chips for a mixture of raisins, craisins, & sunflower seeds to make a kind of breakfast bar. i’ll also cut the sugar by 1/2 and maybe toss in some chia seeds and whatever else i have around (coconut? flax? carrots?).
    thank you, chocolate covered KATIE!! you seriously rule.

  491. Kris says:

    OMG!!! This was insanely delicious! My kiddos are kinda weirded out by the pie formation, though. Any suggestions on making cookies out of this recipe?

  492. L Sims says:

    I think I may have commented on this recipe before and I know you get a ton of comments on it but I just had to write you again. This has become an absolute staple in our recipe box – my daughter used it to earn her Girl Scout cooking badge when she had to make a “healthy” dessert choice, tonight she has chosen to take it to the family potluck Christmas party for her troop as well……we all chuckly as my son, the pickiest eater on the planet yells about how it’s the best thing he has ever eaten……THANK YOU for your amazing work!


  493. Rebekah says:

    I made this last night, and it was terrific! I added more applesauce and some agave vs. extra brown sugar. I used a ninja instead of a food processor, and it worked fantastic!!

  494. Tyler says:

    Has anyone thought about using Splenda as a sweetener rather than the brown sugar?

  495. Hayley says:

    Since my birthday’s coming up & we never make cake for birthdays in my family, I’ll have to try this!

  496. Sujatha says:

    Made these today and they were excellent. Substituted the brown sugar with 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons agave and used a little more vanilla extract. Baked for 30 minutes and was just right. A great healthier alternative. Your recipes are great and look forward to making more of your creative recipes!

  497. Connie says:

    I invited a friend and her children for dinner….she is vegan and must eat gluten-free; i am neither. I googled various recipes and this one, given my love of chocolate, had such great reviews that i decided to give it a shot.
    It was a total success!!!!! My friend loved the dessert as well as my eldest of 3 children (she is 13 !!!) who had 2 huge slices! I divulged the ingredients to my friend, but not my daughter!!!! It is so easy to make (with the food processor) and the vanilla is key.
    We will make it again for sure……even for our non-vegan, gluten friendly family!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for making the pie!

  498. Laura Anderson says:

    I cannot use oats, do you think rolled rice, or quinoa would work?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You will have to experiment!

  499. Jean Smith says:

    When I get into things, I really get into them, and I am really into these! In the last two days I’ve done lots of experimenting. I’ve made two batches, one with white beans and one with chickpeas/garbanzo. The latter are superior. I’ve also eliminated the brown sugar and used figs for the sugar (I just whizz them up first and the texture adds to the gooey, yumminess of the cookies.) You get plenty of sugar in the chocolate bar. In my second batch I used an orange chocolate bar, and added coconut and walnuts. I also made some using a muffin tin, for individual packages of goodness. What recipe shall I try next? Any recommendations? Thanks!

    1. Hmm… that’s tough :). If you liked the cookie pie, maybe the black bean brownies?

  500. D says:

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes! You cook much like I do but your recipes are far more fun!! Since I am unable to eat Stevia (bummer, it causes migraines) I appreciate the additional options you give for ingredients. Thanks a million yummy bites for offering this website!!