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100 Calorie Chocolate Cake

A healthy chocolate cake recipe that tastes so sinful you will never believe it!

Sinfully rich & moist chocolate cake, made without oil... from @choccoveredkt - The recipe got rave reviews when I made it last week. NO ONE could believe it wasn't full of fat and sugar!


There is NO oil needed for this chocolate cake!

The recipe gets rave reviews every single time I make it… even from people who aren’t normally fans of healthy desserts!

It can definitely hold its own against any high-calorie chocolate cake from a fancy restaurant or cake shop, and no one ever guesses it isn’t full of fat and sugar.

Try it with any of my 25 Healthy Frosting Recipes.

Oil Free Chocolate Cake:

Royal Dark Chocolate Cake

Bonus points: There are no “weird” ingredients in this recipe.

No offense, Chocolate Cauliflower Cake.

By using yogurt, such as So Delicious or Wholesoy, you can cut way back on the fat and empty calories while still retaining all of the moisture and richness of a traditional cake made with oil.

Years of experience have taught me that chocolate tastes much better when some fat is included, and therefore I chose to add a little nut butter to the healthy chocolate cake recipe as well (for allergy-friendly, you can use Sunbutter or Peabutter).


Can you think of a better way to spend one’s birthday (my birthday was this past Saturday) than taste-testing chocolate cakes?

I couldn’t, and so this is exactly what I did!

(And yes, I’m completely aware of how ridiculous I look with a happy birthday sticker on my forehead. They were a gift from a friend, along with a birthday card that read, “Place on face. Wear out to dinner. No cheating!”

We have a tradition of making the other person do something silly on her birthday; it dates back to high school when we would kidnap the birthday girl—still in her pajamas—before school and take her to IHOP for breakfast. Perhaps a childish tradition to continue now that we are in our late 20s? But fun, nonetheless!)

Anyways, back to the healthy chocolate cake…

Healthy Chocolate Cake {no oil, and can be sugar free}


Question of the Day: What was your BEST birthday ever?

Although my best birthday was probably my 16th, this past birthday came pretty close. When it started to lightning and pour rain around 8 PM, I was initially worried no one would show up.

But the rain quickly dissipated, and I had an amazing night in downtown DC with around 30 close friends, none of whom I knew a year ago. It was completely terrifying to start over when I first moved to the area, and I think last Saturday was the first time I realized I finally didn’t feel like an outsider anymore.

P.S. If you need ideas for your next birthday, please feel free to steal my idea of spending the day eating chocolate cake!



100 Calorie Healthy Chocolate Cake

100 Calorie Chocolate Cake

Total Time: 25m
Yield: 8-inch pan
Print This Recipe 4.86/5
100 Calorie Chocolate Cake


  • 1 cup spelt, white, Bob’s gf, or ww pastry flour (120g)
  • 6 tbsp cacao or unsweetened cocoa powder (30g)
  • 1/2 tsp each: baking soda and salt
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar of choice or xylitol (140g)
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips, optional
  • 1/4 cup yogurt of choice, such as vegan So Delicious (60g)
  • 3/4 cup water (180g)
  • 1/4 cup almond butter, peanut butter, OR allergy-friendly alternative (60g) - For a nut-free cake, try my Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract (8g)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, and grease an 8-in square or round pan. Set aside. In a large bowl, combine the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, optional chips, and sweetener, and stir very well. (If your nut butter is not stir-able, gently heat it until stir-able.) In a new bowl, whisk together the nut butter, yogurt, water, and vanilla. Pour wet into dry and stir until just combined (don’t over-mix), then pour into the greased pan. Bake 25 minutes or until batter has risen and a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out mostly clean. (I like to take it out when it’s still a little undercooked, let it cool, and then set in the fridge overnight. This prevents overcooking, and the cake will still firm up nicely as it sits.) If you can wait, I highly recommend not taking a taste until the next day… this cake is so much richer and sweeter after sitting for a day. Trust me! Healthier frosting recipes are linked under the first photo in this post.

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Published on September 8, 2014

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  1. Ellie H. says

    My 16th birthday was a day before yours (the 5th)! It may have been my best one yet, as a local restaurant paid for my mom and I’s lunch and dessert on my birthday as a “Happy Birthday!” gift! 🙂
    I also loved my birthday when I was in elementary school, as I would always have fun parties with friends to celebrate! I would also always get to bring a treat to class on my birthday!!!

  2. Charles B says

    Happy Birthday Katie. Thanks as always for sharing your wonderful creations.

    My birthday is at the end of this month. Will be on vacation in a rented condo, so I’m not sure I’ll have the supplies to make my own cake. Will have to try something.

  3. Jules @ WolfItDown says

    Who needs oil when you’ve got yogurt and nut butter? This looks fantastically creamy 😀

    Happy belated birthday 😀 Stickers on the forehead is needed sometimes to stay sane…somehow that made more sense when I thought about it. Ahhh reminds me of years back in school when we’d stick the stickers you get on some fruits on each other, hoping they wouldn’t notice, haha 😛 x

  4. Tammy says

    Happy birthday Katie! Just wondering your thoughts on using gf nutri blend flour for this recipe? Do you think this would be the same as using Bobs gf flour? Thanks.

  5. Leslie says

    Oh this makes me smile! I just started a low carb diet but I can eat low calorie cheats. Hehe. SCORE! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Betsy says

    I’m not vegan so I made this with greek yogurt instead and it came out great! I used 1/4 cup of chocolate chips which helped sweeten since I didn’t wait a day as recommended but I didn’t find them necessary. Great recipe just like all the others I’ve tried 🙂

  7. Elissa says

    So yummy!!!! This popped up on my blog feed this morning, and I have been thinking about it all day:) Ahh! Birthday; December 5. Close enough to Christmas that all your gifts come in Christmas wrapping paper, and say something like, ‘Happy Birthday/Christmas!’

  8. Erika says

    So if it’s only 100 calories that means I can eat it everyday… right? This looks like a great recipe. I’ll definitely try it out on the next chocolate cake appropriate occassion that rolls around.

  9. Vickie M says

    Happy birthday Katie! I’m glad you had so much fun!! One birthday of mine that sticks out is my 17th, when my Dad brought me out for my first railroad special: we grabbed pipes and scraped them along the railroad, and all the road blocks nearby went down, blocking traffic even though there was no train.

    It’s the little things. Haha.

    My birthday is this Friday, and this yummy-looking recipe will definitely make a delicious (and probably short-lived) appearance! Thanks for posting it!

  10. Ruth says

    I think I’ll have to keep your idea in mind about the whole eating chocolate cake the whole day on my birthday-which is the 4th of July. Personally, chocolate cake is one of my favorites. ^-^
    Happy belated birthday, Katie! 😀

  11. Miriam says

    I made this today, it was frikkin delicious.
    Note: I used regular natural youghurt and crunchy peanutbutter.

    Question: I tried using a sweetener instead of regular sugar (never baked with sweetener before), but when weighing it obviously weighs less, so I traded it for regular sugar halfway in to get the right amount. So I think it became a bit sweeter than it was supposed to.
    So to my question: for all of you guys who use (artifical) sweeteners; how do you measure out when weighing it?!

    PS: I used a scale to measure up the ingredients, because where I’m from we don’t use “cups” as a measuring unit (i.e. I have no clue how much 3/4 cup is!) so I thank you with all my heart for always mentioning how many grams you are supposed to have in a paranthesis, Katie. (K)

  12. Lauren says

    Happy Birthday! I love the idea of cake tasting on your birthday! Or any tasting really 🙂 the last 2 years I’ve done wine tastings for my birthday 😉

  13. Tessa says

    Happy birthday Katie! This looks so good 🙂
    I’m a huge fan of your blog (how could I not be) and a little while ago I made the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and they were absolutely AMAZING. Really, my dad isn’t always such a big fan of my healthier recipes for delicious thinks like cookies, but he really liked them, and I saw him eating a few when he thought no one saw it. 😉 I also made cupcakes made of chickpea batter (also an idea stolen from you) and again, he liked it. My brother did too(He is always the brave person to try everything, haha poor lad)! He loves treats, ’cause which 14-year old doesn’t, and he is really enthusiastic about my healthier variations on stuff.

    After all, I would just like to say you are so brave and sweet(because of the personal post you did a little while ago) and I just think you are a hell of a woman, a really sweet and genius person who makes the best recipes in the world!

    Thank you and I hope your enjoyed your birthday 🙂

    Love, Tessa (The Netherlands)

  14. Jolynn says

    First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! This cake looks incredible, I will definitely have to try it. 😀
    I have a request though, how about soft baked oatmeal? Like the Nature Valley ones, mate with more creative flavors? Just an idea!

  15. Susie says

    Happy belated birthday, Katie! This cake looks great, but my oven is broken. Is there a easy but effective method to convert a conventional oven cake recipe to a microwave cake recipe?

    My favorite recipe of yours is the Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie, which you also posted to celebrate your birthday. It truly is the ultimate pie–and I love it because it’s no bake.

  16. Erin says

    Happy Birthday! I have you on my favorites bar. Everytime I get the hankerin’ for something sweet I just click on your site and can’t wait to experiment! Tonight I am trying this chocolate cake with the peanut butter icing. I am using almond flour for the cake. And I am using organic plain greek yogurt for the icing b/c I don’t have silken tofu. Here we go! Thanks for all you do! Its inspiring!

    • Lily says

      The cake does contain fat from the peanut butter and yogurt. Yogurt bacteria is good bacteria for your stomach if the yogurt is not spoiled. Same with cheese, the holes in cheese? Made with bacteria. But if the food is not spoiled you obviously shouldn’t use it. But good bacteria is good for your stomach and baking it won’t ruin it or anything. I don’t think vegan milk would work because it is to thin. Maybe bake it for longer at a lower temp?

      • Unofficial CCK Helper says

        Actually, Katie DOES use vegan milk for this cake (and for all of her recipes). The yogurt she uses does have fat as well. The brands she uses are listed in parenthesis in the ingredient list where it says yogurt.

  17. Heather Mason says

    That cake looks amazing, I can’t believe there is no oil and no added fat. I definitely need to try this.

    My best birthday was probably my 16th as well. We had giant blow up sumo wrestling suits to tackle each other in, it was pretty awesome. Happy belated birthday Katie!

  18. EVA says

    June 26th, man! I really haven’t had any amazing birthdays. Something ALWAYS seems to come up, especially on my milestones. On my 10th birthday, I had to go to my cousin’s wedding, and I’m not even close with her; on my 16th, I was dead sick because my dad gave me his vicious cold. Next year is my 20th, and while I have zero close friends, I’m going to make it something special!

    And happy belated to ya!

  19. Summer says

    If anyone has made this with whole wheat flour, does it taste whole wheat-ish of that makes sense haha or does it taste normal? Because I am not a huge fan of the whole wheat taste but I also know white flour is bad for you so I just don’t know, or maybe pay flour would work?? Help!

    • Anna says

      I personally don’t like the taste of whole wheat flour baked goods. I find them too dense. She does list whole wheat pastry flour as an option. It’s lighter than whole wheat flour. I would either use that or spelt flour.

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