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Healthy Chocolate Pudding

5 from 689 votes

Rich, chocolatey, and ultra creamy, this delicious healthy chocolate pudding recipe is surprisingly easy to make at home!

Healthy Chocolate Pudding Recipe (Vegan)

A classic chocolate pudding recipe with no tofu, no banana, and no avocado!

Not that there is anything wrong with avocado, but sometimes you just want traditional homemade chocolate pudding without any surprise ingredients.

As much as I love recipes where you can’t taste the hidden vegetable, such as in the famous Sweet Potato Brownies, my everyday meals are usually much more simple.

This thick and healthy chocolate pudding can be soy free, sugar free, egg free, gluten free, nut free, and dairy free.

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Chocolate Pudding Healthy Dessert Recipe

Creamy vegan chocolate pudding

In sixth grade, I went through a chocolate pudding phase, where I’d make a package of Jell-O chocolate pudding, add an obscene amount of Cool Whip to the top, and savor it slowly with a small spoon as I watched the Dallas Stars games.

(Hockey was another of my sixth-grade obsessions. I am a girl of many obsessions!)

Today’s recipe is a homemade version of that packaged chocolate pudding. And like most homemade recipes, it is so much better than anything that comes in a box.

This healthy chocolate pudding is super creamy, chocolatey, and absolutely fantastic!

If you want to avoid the hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and hard-to-pronounce ingredients found in store bought Cool Whip, try topping the dairy free chocolate pudding with Coconut Whipped Cream or Coconut Ice Cream.

Egg Free Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Healthy chocolate pudding ingredients

Here is what you need: milk, cocoa, sweetener, salt, cornstarch, and vanilla extract.

A few readers have substituted arrowroot for cornstarch and say it works if you use less arrowroot. I have not personally tried this substitution.

For healthy chocolate pudding with no cornstarch, try my Vegan Chocolate Mousse or this sugar free and paleo Keto Chocolate Mousse.

Feel free to test out different milks in this recipe to find your favorite taste and texture. If you use canned coconut milk, it is super thick and velvety like chocolate mousse.

I also love making the dairy free pudding with almond milk or cashew milk.

You can also change up the flavor if you wish, by adding a few drops of pure peppermint extract, maple extract, or even coconut extract along with the vanilla.

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Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe

How to make the healthy dessert

Start by heating two cups of milk in a small pot with the salt, cocoa powder, and sweetener of choice.

Meanwhile, whisk the cornstarch and the remaining half cup of milk in a small bowl until the cornstarch is completely dissolved.

When the mixture in the saucepan is warm, whisk in the milk with cornstarch and bring to a boil. Once boiling, stir constantly with a whisk or spoon for two minutes.

Lower the heat to a simmer for an additional minute, then turn off the heat and add the pure vanilla extract. If using the optional chocolate, stir it until completely melted.

Transfer the chocolate pudding to the refrigerator to thicken. It gets thicker and thicker the longer it sits and will be ready to eat after a few hours or overnight.

*If you do want a recipe with avocado, make this Avocado Chocolate Mousse.

Watch the healthy chocolate pudding video above

The Best Secretly Healthy Chocolate Pudding Recipe (Vegan)
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Healthy Chocolate Pudding

This creamy healthy chocolate pudding recipe is surprisingly easy to make at home!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Yield 3 servings
5 from 689 votes


  • 2 cups milk of choice OR canned coconut milk
  • heaping 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup dutch cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup sweetener (sugar, pure maple syrup, erythritol, or honey)
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice + 3 tbsp cornstarch
  • optional 3 oz chocolate chips or broken-up bar
  • 3/4 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • Healthy Chocolate Pudding Recipe: Heat the 2 cups milk of choice in a saucepan with the salt, cocoa powder, and sweetener. Meanwhile, whisk the cornstarch and 1/2 cup milk in a small bowl until dissolved. When the 2 cups milk are warm, add the cornstarch mixture and bring to a boil. Once boiling, stir constantly for 2 minutes. Lower to a simmer for an additional minute, then turn off the heat. Once the heat is off, stir in the vanilla and broken-up chocolate pieces until the chocolate melts. Transfer the pudding to the refrigerator to thicken. It gets thicker the longer it sits and will be ready to consume after a few hours or overnight.  *Note: I’ve not tried arrowroot and have only tried this recipe with Dutch cocoa powder so can’t vouch for the taste if regular unsweetened cocoa powder is used in its place. But you are always free to experiment!
    View Nutrition Facts


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Have you made this recipe?

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    • Maura Larkins says

      Dutch processed cocoa uses alkali to remove the bitter taste, with the unfortunate side effect of also removing the flavanoids, thus removing “that dark chocolate taste.” Am I missing something?

      • Debi fielder says

        Hi, I’m in the UK and I use raw cacao powder so nothing added or taken away, I’m not sure what dutch cocoa is but doesn’t sound as healthy as using pure unrefined cacao which I always have excellent results with in my chocolate recipes.

        • Nicola Grossi says

          Oh, thank you for reminding me, Debi!
          We just bought a big bag of organic cacao powder, which was being used in the smoothies they were offering as samples, & which I saw before I found the regular cocoa aisle in Costco last week. So it’s a good thing all around; I guess I should start looking for even more recipes calling for cocoa/cacao so I can make my own “healthy decadent’ foods.
          Btw, apparently Dutch(ed) cocoa has been treated with an alkalizing agent to make it less acidic, and also makes it look darker.

        • julie says

          I don’t think there’s anything particularly harmful about dutch cocoa. The usual reason why you’d use dutch as opposed to regular cocoa is for a more mellow flavor or for more lift in baked goods. I would think that in this instance the flavor and texture wouldn’t really be affected by using regular cocoa powder. Dutch cocoa doesn’t react with baking soda so it is commonly used with baking powder. Regular cocoa power still has its acidity so it reacts with baking soda and creates great lift. Luckily there is neither baking soda or baking powder in this recipe so you can use whatever you want.

          • Lena says

            There is nothing harmful in consuming Dutch processed cocoa, but the nutritional benefits from cocoa are destroyed in the process!

    • Louisa says

      5 stars
      Absolutely delicious, easy and amazing texture. Loved it. My choc was quite rich, so I think with strawberries next time would be perfect. I divided into 4 servings and given the richness, it was a nice serve. This will be my “go to” going forward. Might have to try a vanilla/white choc one next with some Vego white choc. Thank you.

  1. Andrea says

    What type of milk was used in the photographed pudding? (Almond or canned coconut?) want to make mine so it looks as thick & luxurious! 🙂

  2. Susan says

    I make a similar recipe with unsweetened cocoa and up the sugar to 1/3 or 1/2 cup. We like to pour them into popsicle molds for chocolate pudding pops!

  3. Sherry says

    If I may ask, what Dutch cocoa powder do you like best? I’ve been trying different cocoa powders and am not sure if I like the taste of it or if I purchased a lousy cocoa powder brand. 😀

    Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been trying to find a healthy pudding alternative, and everything I’ve tried so far has been “eh.” LOL. One vegan pudding recipe turned out so sticky, I could put my spoon into it and lift the entire chunk of pudding out of the bowl, on my spoon! You couldn’t even stir it, the pudding had no creaminess whatsoever. It was so weird. Of course, it could have been me, maybe I made a mistake, but the overall recipe was kind of strange so… who knows? *GRIN*

    So I am more than eager to try your pudding recipe – it looks creamy and delicious and like real pudding! Thank you for creating such yummy recipes.

  4. Georgie says

    This looks so delicious! But I’m a little confused by the nutritional info since a third of the recipe is listed as 29 calories but 1 tablespoon of cornstarch alone is more than that? Should it be 129?

      • Heather says

        Do your nutrition facts reflect the recipe without the chocolate chips? I’m coming up with 124 calories and 1 gram of fat with stevia, and the chocolate omitted. With it, I’m getting 276 calories, 9 grams of fat – and drastically more with whole coconut milk…What did I do wrong here…

        • Skylark says

          5 stars
          Very rich and delicious! I made a double batch with macadamia milk and canned coconut milk, organic cocoa powder and raw sugar. I only added 4 oz. of an 80% cacao chocolate bar at the end. I layered it with barely sweetened chia pudding in some dessert glasses and it was amazing. When I make it in the future I will reduce the sugar if I am going to melt in the chocolate pieces at the end, that made it a little too sweet. Easy and satisfying recipe- I licked the pot, the spoon and the dessert glass clean, haha.

  5. Debra says

    I got Fat 3g, Carb 12 g, Protein 2 g … without the chocolate chips. 70 cal. total. Did I enter incorrectly?

  6. Elyse says

    YES! You’ve done it again. It’s like you can read my mind! Bonus points that I can ACTUALLY eat this with all my foodintolerances!

  7. D says

    Sounds delish! But yes, I think the nutritional information is a little off. Even with silk cashew milk and stevia it should be closer to 68-80 calories.

  8. Tina Pachniak says

    Hi Katie- I was wondering if you would have a substitute for the cornstarch? I am allergic to corn. I use tapioca or arrowroot starch, but not sure if either of these would work, and how much to use?? Or any other suggestions? Thanks!

      • Debra says

        I was wondering the same thing. I googled and found something that says you can sub arrowroot, which is what I was going to try. Let us know if you try it first!

          • Abigail says

            I tried this with arrowroot powder because I was out of cornstarch and it turned out great! I’m not sure if it would be different or better with the cornstarch because I haven’t tried it, but the result that I got was lovely! Just be sure to stir it very well when cooking it, and also you might want to simmer it a little bit longer than Katie calls for in the recipe.
            Thank you for the recipe Katie! It was just what I needed today! 🙂

          • Kristen says

            I used Almond milk and arrow root and after sitting in the fridge overnight, it doesn’t appear to be setting up. =/ It seemed pretty thick when cooking it but has remained runny since. Any suggestions? Would cooking it longer help?

        • ellen says

          Hi Debra, et al…. I tried this with an equal amount of arrowroot and it gelled up TOO much. Made it like jello texture…not creamy. I will read thru the article you posted (thank you)…maybe you use less arrowroot vs cornstarch? It wasn’t a total loss..I added it to my smoothies. But I was disappointed bc/ I love chocolate pudding and the idea of it being nut and avocado free (for those times you don’t have a rope avocado) sounds amazing!

      • Nourishing Herbalist says

        Yum! I know this post is old but thought I’d pass this info along in case it helps future readers: Tapioca starch would likely be a better substitute for anything that is cooked. If using arrowroot mix it with a tad bit of the cold milk first, set aside, and then stir it in well at the end after the remaining mixture has been boiled. Arrowroot breaks down with heat.

    • Rachel says

      I used tapioca instead of cornstarch (double it, so 6 tbsp of tapioca). It turned into AMAZING chocolate tapioca pudding!

  9. Rose says

    Would this work with rice milk? My daughter was just diagnosed yesterday with allergies to dairy, gluten, tree nuts and egg whites. I don’t know what to eat! But I think this would go over really good. Rice milk is more affordable than coconut milk, we are on a very tight budget.

    • Laura says

      Rose, I totally understand!!! I have two boys with food allergies. Try “The Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook”. When my little guy was allergic to wheat, we had pretty good luck with several recipes from there that were actually edible. Luckily, he has outgrown that one but is still allergic to eggs, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and sunflower. I promise it gets easier!!!!!

      • Kate says

        Laura I am reading your comment many years later and had to stop to say my two year old is allergic to dairy wheat eggs tree nuts and sunflower!!!! Does it actually get easier?! I can’t imagine dining out when she’s older or eating with friends…

        • Tina says

          My son went through a food tolerance program for his allergies and it has been life changing. He is in remission now and we do not have to check any food labels. He eats freely without concern. The program is a big commitment, but it’s been worth it. If you are interested it’s called SoCal Food Allergy Institute in Long Beach, CA and it was created by Dr Randhawa. People travel from all over the world to be part of the program.

    • Eats Meets West says

      Hi Rose! 🙂

      I’m probably really late to introduce this, but in terms of a pretty cheap, under-our-noses-the-whole-time, egg (or egg white?) replacement, see food 52!

      Wish you the best!

    • Karen says

      While I think rice milk would work, if you are worried it wouldn’t be creamy enough you could use soy milk.

    • Chantal says

      You can easily make coconut milk out of shredded coconut and water. I use one cup of any size water to two cups of that same size coconut. It’s best if it’s warm water. Just put it in a blender or food processor and blend for several minutes. Pour it in a clean cloth or cheese towel and squeeze the water out. Be careful if you use hot water, not to burn your hands. And voila, your own cheap coconut milk. You can store it in the fridge for about 3-5 days. You could even repeat the process for an other batch. It will not be as creamy as the first batch. But still good for use in recipes. Even if you dry the pulp of coconut you would have coconut flour they say. But I never tried that.

  10. Mari says

    Omg I’ve been dying for some pudding, but I don’t do well with corn (or avocado!)! Is there any other way to thicken that you know of? I tried replacing cornstarch with tapioca starch once = epic fail, LOL.

    • Kourtney says

      I’m not sure what I did wrong but mine is liquidy with small white chunks 🙁 I followed the recipe exactly but clearly something went wrong! If anyone has any advice that’d be great. I used almond milk, cocoa (hot chocolate) powder, pure vanilla extract, and white granulated sugar. Thank you.

      • CCK Media Team says

        Hi, how old is your cornstarch? It sounds like it might be bad if it didn’t dissolve at all. Have you had success with that cornstarch in a different recipe?

  11. Kay says

    Katie, you are a wonder! I have so often put your recipes in my favorites file without saying “Thank you!” I really liked your picture with your dad.

  12. Heidi says

    Hi Katie! Thank you for creating a pudding without avocados! As far as the cocoa powder is concerned I use cocao powder. Will I need to add more sweetener to the pudding using this? I want to make it asap!!

    • Ellen says

      I just put in fridge and the Kuzu is definitely working- it has only been in fridge for 5 min and is already getting quite thick.

  13. Shirin says

    This looks delicious! Would omitting the sweetener significantly alter the taste? It doesn’t look like there’s much in there compared to the rest of the recipe. I’m trying to do no added sugar/sugar substitutes, but this looks heavenly!

  14. Eats Meets West says

    You had me at NO avocado (I just never get the results I’m looking for OR I cut open the avocados too late, sigh). Okay, technically you had me at ‘chocolate’ because I know your blog is healthy already 😛 I don’t know about you but good ole’ chocolate pudding sounds amazing to me. Thanks Katie! 😀

  15. niki says

    I’m sorry, but what exactly makes this pudding healthy?
    The coconut milk contains lots of saturated fat (not healthy). Chocolate chips contain processed sugars (unhealthy) and stevia is an artifical sweetener, made from a plant, sure, but to become a sweetener it is treated with chemicals like any other sweetener.
    And everything else is not particularly unhealthy, but it isn’t healthy either. Overall, it is just a regular pudding.
    Sorry, but I don’t see the benefit of this recipe.

    Love most of your other recipes though, because most of them are actually more healthy than the regular version :-*

    • A says

      First of all, you don’t even have your facts straight. Stevia is not an artificial sweetener as Katie specifically calls for UNCUT stevia right in the recipe instructions. And you need to do some more research on coconut as well as chocolate before you say these are unhealthy. (Not to mention the fact that both are optional in the recipe.) Dark chocolate is very high in magnesium, fiber, and other nutrients. It also supplies endorphins. Google “chocolate health benefits” and you’ll see that reputable sources agree with this.

    • Amy says

      Really? There’s nothing in this recipe that is “unhealthy” … coconut milk is actually really good for you. The fat in it is the fat your body desires. Almond or cashew milk (unsweetened) is really healthy and many brands are fortified with vitamins and minerals… and cocoa powder (again, unsweetened) has so many nutritional benefits you just have to Google 🙂 There’s definitely a variety of nutrional benefits in this recipe.

  16. Mary says

    I tried to sign up for your recipes to follow you…….your system is not working and kept asking for the same info. I put it in at least four times and got the same results. Very frustrated. It also interfered with my viewing the recipes. Please advise !!!!!! Mary

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hi Mary! I’m so sorry for the trouble… I just tried to add you, and it said you are already subscribed. So it looks as thought it did indeed work correctly even if it was telling you otherwise! 🙂

      Please do let me know if you don’t start getting the recipes in your inbox. Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. And please accept my apologies again for whatever troubles you encountered. I know technology can be frustrating!

  17. A says

    Made this just now. I used almond milk and hershey’s special dark cocoa powder, and it turned out really well. It was thick right off the stove, so no need to wait! 🙂

    • Stacey says

      I just made this and used almond milk and the same Hershey’s Dutch cocoa. Did you find it not sweet enough??
      I incorporated semi- sweet chocolate chips and 1/3 maple syrup. I liked the dark choc bitter flavor but my taste testers wanted it sweeter. Wondering if I should use sugar instead Of syrup or up the sugar to 1/2 c. I don’t want to make a million batches. Thanks!

      • Jason Sanford says

        Increasing the sugar to 1/2 cup would be fine, or you could even increase the maple syrup to 1/2 cup if you still wanted to use that. Because it would boil off, there’s no need to worry about the extra liquid changing the texture 🙂

    • Jamye Z says

      Very glad to read this–this is exactly how I’m about to make mine! I exclusively buy Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa, and since I am having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to prep some dairy-free pudding in advance.

  18. Suzette says

    I just made this chocolate pudding and I am in heaven!!! It has been in my fridge for only 1/2 hour and I could not resist a taste. It is incredibly creamy and delicious! I made it with unsweetened cocoa since that is all I had in the pantry so I simply added 6 packets of Stevia to the 1/4 cup of regular sugar and it is perfectly sweetened for me. Thank you so much Katie for this amazingly wonderful dessert recipe!!! I will be making this over and over again!!

  19. Ella says

    Hi Katie
    Just a question in general.
    In a week I’ll be volunteering at a summer school and teach kids about healthy food. Now, since kids just love desserts I want to bake something with them that is healthy and easy. What would you suggest that is easily made and is healthy enough?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  20. Kristin says

    Do you think this would freeze well for “ice cream”? I am excited to try this and love that he has no fruit or vegetable ingredients, i do love a big bowl of nana ice cream or a green smoothie, but you are right, sometimes a girl just needs a “normal” recipe.

  21. Mary says

    Thank you! Needed to say that, made the Healthy Chocolate Pudding-using coconut milk for a dessert for a dinner party- served in individual funky cups topped with fresh raspberries. It was a great hit! We had a couple of people with dairy issues and they were thrilled. If I had been more on deck I would have taken pictures, that only came as an after thought as everyone exclaimed how cute they looked. Thank you again for a great recipe. I’ve been following your blog for a long time. I’ve always have great results with your recipes. Have a Great Day!

  22. Gina says

    We love this recipe at our house! We have made it twice now and it’s especially tasty with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream on top. Thanks for all your recipes Katie 🙂

  23. Suzie C says

    I’m SO glad that others posted their calorie count on this, because it made me double check the calories that MyFitnessPal recorded when I entered the recipe–holy cow, it tried telling me that one 1/2 cup serving was over 200 calories with the chocolate chips!
    So I checked, and it’s 144 now, thank goodness!
    It didn’t add the correct calories for several of the ingredients for some reason.
    And without the chocolate chips, it will be 64 calories per 1/2 cup!
    I used So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage (2 1/2 cups as directed in the recipe),
    1/4 cup Blonde Coconut Palm Sugar,
    1/4 cup Hersey’s Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
    3 Tb Rapunzel Cornstarch
    1 dropper full Vanilla liquid Stevia
    and 3.5 oz Enjoy Life chocolate chips

    It did thicken up quickly, and tasted delicious!!
    I’m nervous, however, about making this with no chocolate chips, but I’d like a lower cal version, so I will try it sometime and see how it compares.
    I think if I do that, I may up the coconut palm sugar just slightly, as I’m not sure it would be sweet enough for me without the chocolate chips.
    Thanks so much, Katie!!

  24. Zuleyka Murillo says

    In am so addicted to you and your blog that I find myself stalking this website daily ha ha

  25. Kerry says

    This is so good – and easy!! I subbed Almond milk, Cacao powder, and agave nectar and it worked great! (for those wondering) 🙂
    Makes 3 generous servings but splits up nicely into 4 servings that are the same size as a normal pudding cup each.

  26. Spinning2heads says

    I’ve used this recipe twice now, once with soy milk and once with coconut milk. With soy, it was perfect, creamy and delicious. The only issue I had was that my cocoa powder was clumpy, which lumped in the pudding and threw the texture off. The second time I used coconut milk, and avoided clumpy cocoa powder by mixing it in with a bit of the milk in the beginning to make a smooth paste before adding in the rest of the milk. The coconut, though, was not creamy, the texture was all wrong somehow. Mealy even. I mean I still ate it, but I would definitely recommend soy milk over coconut to anyone trying this recipe.

  27. Eliana says

    Hi Katie,

    I love your recipes and your healthier treat options. I was just wondering how you calculate your nutritional information. I like to pay attention to calories, but do not like to use sugar alternatives. Is the nutrition on your recipes calculated using the sugar alternative or sugar?


  28. Melinda says

    is the Dutch process cocoa powder sweetened or unsweetened that you use? I have Hershey’s special dark unsweetened that I just used for it but I am now not sure if it will be sweet enough. I love your recipes!!

  29. Anna says

    5 stars
    FANTASTIC!!! This chocolate pudding is amazing!! beats snack-packs a million times over it was perfect!! 😀 Thank you so much Katie!!!

  30. Jessica says

    Would substituting the sugars/honey for Agave still work? I’m trying to expand my diabetic friendly recipe box for family gatherings.

  31. Cassandra Early says

    Thank You for a healthy pudding. I can not eat bananas. So many have bananas in all these recipes for smoothies and puddings that I have to skip them. But this is one that I will be doing.

  32. Bruce says

    I use organic cocao instead of cocoa. Cocao has many times better nutrition, for cocoa is roasted cocao nuts and the heat ruins a lot of the nutrition. Cocao is raw and no lost of nutrition. Taste just as good.

  33. Ashley says

    5 stars
    Do you think this would work if I substituted the 1/2 cup of milk that comes later with something like Bailey’s for a party kick?

    • Lisa B Wheeler says

      I have made a similar pudding recipe for years- I occasionally add a splash of Cocovine Chocolate wine and it has turned out fine. I also have another brand of chocolate wine that has red wine it, we don’t like it to drink so I have added it to the pudding to use it up, it works fine. I always add the wine after the pudding has thickened and I remove it from the stove so I am not sure adding the corn starch to the wine to dissolve is the best way to do it. Sometimes I add a spoonful of peanut butter to the plain pudding after I put it in the serving dishes. My family likes that combination.

  34. Alicia says

    Hello Katie!

    Was wondering how much coconut milk is needed? I would guess that the can of coconut milk differs from place to place? haha apologies if its a weird question.

  35. Alicia says

    was wondering how much coconut milk do i have to use? I would assume that the volume of a can of coconut milk differs from where you get it? haha

    much thanks 🙂

  36. Jamie says

    5 stars
    Loved this, we just made it!
    I substituted some stuff – namely we only had Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa, some Raw Cacao Powder, and half a packet of Carnation Chocolate Instant breakfast (lol) so I made a little cocoa cocktail. I used a handful of white chocolate chips and crushed a few peppermint candies to be festive. I also added a few splashes of fresh lime after I took it off the heat to cut through the sweetness a bit. I used soy milk for the half cup milk. Even after all these substitutions, it tasted great!! Anyone making this recipe: feel free to taste as you go if you’re substituting anything, you can always add more cocoa and sugar 😛

  37. Brooke says

    May I ask what year you were in sixth grade? I’m older than you and I was obsessed with the Dallas Stars for a very long time. We may have been obsessing together! Thanks for the pudding recipe! My girls will also thank you!

  38. Hannah says

    If your almond milk was “meaty” I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say your almond milk was rancid unrelated to this recipe. Almond milk should never taste meaty.

    I can vouch for the recipe tasting fantastic with normal non expired almond milk and highly recommend making it again when you can get some new almond milk. I’d also say you should probably throw that almond milk away immediately!

  39. AQ says

    5 stars
    This. Is. The. BEST!! My mum bought a few chocolate pudding tubs from the grocery store and was not impressed with the taste and claimed this recipe was better! It definitely is better than anything you can buy and it’s nice to know it’s not full of junk!

    Also. I’ve tried a white chocolate version of this – not adding cocoa and adding white chocolate in at the end. Absolutely divine ?

  40. Amanda G says

    5 stars
    Used toasted coconut almond milk and mixed in 1 mashed banana in stead of cocoa powder- and made banana pudding! Im going to put this in the pie crust with a layer of sliced banana and make banana cream pie- topped with delicious homemade whipped cream!

  41. Donna says

    5 stars
    I have made your recipe for healthy chocolate pudding more than several times. I’m using soy milk and brown rice syrup as the sweetener. Once the mixture reaches the boiling point and is thick, I continue cooking and stirring for approx another minute, then pour the pudding into ramekins. At that point, it is the thick consistency of pudding. However, the longer they cool and are refrigerated, the thinner the pudding gets. Each ramekin forms a skin on top; however, the pudding ends up being the consistency of thick chocolate milk. I’m afraid if I continue boiling the mixture longer than a minute or so, the arrowroot will break down. What do you suggest? Thank you! Donna

  42. Olivia says

    This is my new favorite chocolate pudding recipe. It is soooooooo thick and so creamy. Best pudding ever, vegan or not!

  43. Julie says

    I am currently making this pudding and it has only been in the fridge for one hour and it is starting to separate. I used canned coconut milk and normal unsweetened cocoa powder, but other than that I tried to follow the recipe exactly. Is it supposed to separate? Any help would be much appreciated.

  44. Amber Clarke says

    5 stars
    Hi! I just made a batch. 😀 Tastes great even before it set up.

    I have a question. How did you come up with 70 calories for your serving total? If I divide the total ingredients by 3 ( skim milk, stevia, no chocolate chips) I still get approx 130 calories per serving. I’m not the best at math, so I could be off. Id love to get it that low. Help?:)

  45. Hannah Louise says

    5 stars
    I would give this recipe more stars if that was an option.
    This is SO SO SO yum!!
    And super easy too; I’ve done may versions, and it’s just such a flexible recipe to use!
    Love your work Katie <3

  46. henriette says

    not sure what happened to the pudding. It was nice and thick while in the pan but is now watery and runny in the fridge ?? it never set .

  47. gail says

    Great recipe! I made it with almond milk and ate the entire recipe all by myself in two days. Definitely bookmarking to make again and again! Thank you Katie!!! 🙂

  48. Stacey says

    5 stars
    Thanks Katie!! I’m allergic to avocado and banana, and so many healthy recipes have these (and eggs!), so I can’t wait to make this!

  49. Susan White says

    5 stars
    Katie, could you please tell me whether this recipe can be doubled or tripled and, if so, how do you cook it as far as the minutes go….or would it be the same amounts of cooking time?

    • Lori says

      I would like to know this also. I tried doubling it because I have a big family, but the texture didn’t turn out right.

  50. Melissa Horton says

    5 stars
    I just ordered your cookbook… Excited to use it. Was wondering… Does it include any info about yourself?

  51. Missy says

    5 stars
    I just found this recipe, and I must say. It’s awesome!! I used Hershey’s cocoa powder, since it’s what I had on hand. Absolutely delicious! I’m currently making a double batch since my Dad begged for my first batch.

  52. Marilyn says

    5 stars
    I’m still feeling hungry seeing this photo. Thnaks for this recipe. My friend Nancy will like this and I will tell her to make this for me.

  53. Alyssa says

    5 stars
    Made this with almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, splenda, and I used 2oz of chocolate. It turned out excellent, and I enjoyed with some wild blueberries on top 🙂

  54. Sondra says

    I used arrowroot powder, but it was way too thick. So I tried mixing it with a whole cup of milk… CHOCOLATE milk! That was perfect! Also used coconut milk for the initial 2 cups, and used 1/3 cup xylitol with a Tbsp of honey for sweetener. Now it’s grandkids applauded! Thank you, Katie!!!

  55. sarah says

    i actually made this- using almond milk and the honey option- it did not turn out at all like the picture but pretty good. i think i will try it next time with regular lactose free milk, see if that is different. thank you- it is a great starting point for a non- box alternative 🙂

  56. kathy everett says

    Easy recipe. Turned out great. I added an extra heaping tablespoon of cocoa and same with sugar. Thanks for sharing. I did use arrowroot powder and not cornstarch. Arrowroot is smoother and has health benefits.
    Thank you.

  57. Draphiaro says

    I’m definitely not an adult and I managed to make this by myself. I did notice cornstarch clumping at the bottom of the pan while it was boiling, but by the time I turned the stove off, the cornstarch wasn’t a problem at all. It turned out really well! I used unsweetened cocoa powder and 1/3 cup sugar.

  58. Loungekitty says

    I just finished the recipe ( unsweetened Cocoa, sugar, regular milk and a little dark chocolate) and the texture looks great… My 3-year-old Will be able to enjoy chocolate pudding without all the junk that’ s into the store-bought stuff ! Thank you !

  59. Jess says

    I just made this recipe using unsweetened cashew milk and unsweetened chocolate. I don’t think this recipe calls for enough sweetener if you’re using unsweetened chocolate. I wish that you had said what kind of chocolate you had used. I think I’m going to have to scrap the entire batch. Which is extra unfortunate since nut milks and pure chocolate aren’t exactly cheap… I absolutely have to use the unsweetened because my infant has MSPI and can’t tolerate any dairy.

  60. Courtney Riel Owens says

    I made this according to the directions but it’s not setting up right. It seems to be separating in the fridge. Should I have cooked it longer? Is it repairable?

  61. julie says

    mmmmmm this looks so tasty…trying it soon! we are organic whole milk drinkers around here, but something tells me almond milk, in part, might add an interesting taste☺

  62. Teagan says

    I love this recipe I have made it many many times but this time added in 2 teaspoons of instant coffee to make a mocha type of pudding was divine!

  63. Rachael Mills says

    I just made this for dessert tonight and YUMMMMMM!! I used dark cocoa and a mix of mayple syrup and honey. I had to add more sweetener for my taste. If it wasn’t for everyone tonight, I would have sat down and eaten the whole thing myself! This is the BEST chocolate pudding I have made. Thank you for the recipe!

  64. rebecca burke says

    Hello is corn starch the same as corn flour in the UK? I only have corn flour and imagine they are the same? thank you xx

  65. Priscilla says

    It looks amazing! Thanks for the recipe and I’m going to make it tonight. But can I make it without adding vanilla extract?

  66. Rebecka says

    I’ve made this twice in one week now – holy moly it’s delicious! THANK YOU Katie! You truly are a genius.

  67. Elaine M Allen says

    Yes arrowroot does work in the fabulous recipe.I will try the tapioca that was suggested above. Has anyone used l\Katie’s recipe for chocolate chips in this?

  68. Joanne Foster says

    I just made and tasted this pudding. It has barely cooled, and is sitting on the counter. This is the best chocolate pudding I have ever made. That it has NO sugar is awesome. I will be serving this at future family and friends gatherings. I can’t wait to see if anyone can tell this is no sugar chocolate pudding. Thank you

  69. ChristianeK says

    Hi Katie
    I tried the recipe and loved it. Are there any other flavours we can make with this recipe? I know I could probably make a mocha chocolate flavour, but what about flavours that don’t have cocoa in them, like a berry flavour or something like that? Or are your dessert recipes basically mostly chocolate????

  70. sarah says

    it looks thick but not as creamy and thick as your picture,Looks more like a thick soup but it does stick to the spoon really thickly.Will it get thicker once its cool?Also i used almond milk and no choc chips would that make any difference to how thick it will get?

  71. Kelly says

    Amazing pudding!! Used whole milk, honey and choc chips. Came out perfectly and oh, so delicious!! Won’t buy a box mix again…this is WAY too easy and much better for you!! Thank you for the recipe!!! ?

  72. Lori says

    Hi, Katie! Quick question: if using arrowroot powder, do I need to use less? I doubled the recipe (so 6 TBSP of arrowroot powder), and if came out almost the same texture as kids slime. ?Tasted great, though. I used full fat coconut milk, with lite coconut milk for the extra milk that gets mixed with the thickener. I kept everything else the same. Any ideas what went wrong? I so appreciate your help! I would love to get the texture right! It tasted so good!

  73. Dorothy says

    Yum – good stuff! I used a mix of coconut milk and organic whole milk, coconut sugar, regular (not Dutch cocoa), and some chocolate chips. This would be really good with sliced bananas and whipped cream!

  74. Carolyn says

    Thank you Katie for the best pudding recipe. I used arrowroot instead of the cornstarch and it turned out wonderful. My daughter is allergic to corn, so it’s nice having an alternative and it is sooooo much better than any other pudding we have tried.

  75. Christine Peterson says

    I doubled this and made a pie and still had enough for four pudding cups. It was perfect and delicious and easy to make.

  76. Aubri says

    I can’t have coconut milk, so I substituted flax milk, but followed the rest of your recipe. I used organic sugar because I was concerned with adding more liquid and making it too runny. It turned out great! It’s nice and thick and I’m so excited for dessert!

  77. Carol Lutz says

    This is delicious!! Thanks, Katie! Works fabulous with arrowroot powder. I added a chopped 100% cacao Guittard bar. Fabulous!! No body would guess it’s healthy!

  78. Jin Ryu says

    I just made this today! I kept in mind to make this rich chocolate pudding months before, but I waited until summer, due to the rigorous work public high school offers to its students. The pudding took me about 10 minutes to make, and I usually take my time in the kitchen. It was one of many successful desserts that I have made from your website. I absolutely love your recipes, Katie, and am so thankful to have you share them with us. Believe me, almost 90% of desserts I make are from your website! Your recipes are ever so simple and healthy, and does not require over-the-top or expensive ingredients. Thank you again♡

  79. Danita says

    Hi Katie! I am NEW to your site, but I am thrilled I found you!!! My life NEEDS chocolate in it and your healthy recipes are amazing! I just got my blood sugar #’s below that of a diabetic and I couldn’t be happier! I did it all with diet changes and over time! So I am totally on board with your awesome cooking style! I also will share your site with my daughter who has been a Vegan since she was 18 and needs some new ideas in her life! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I mean that from the bottom of my healthy heart! <3

    • Jason Sanford says

      That’s so awesome about the lower numbers, and thank you so much from both of us for sharing the site too, and for such kind words!
      Jason (media relations)

  80. Toni says

    Wow!!! Love this pudding! I am a 68 year old chocoholic and made the chocolate pudding in 10 minutes and I used brown sugar and almond milk but it’s perfect!!! Also made your breakfast cookies and chocolate chip cookies¡ Thanks you are amazing!!

  81. lisa dagostino says

    How long does this last in the fridge for? Also wanted to send this as a snack for my son for lunch? Do you think it needs an ice pack or is room temp ok?

  82. Jen says

    How would you change this to have the same fluffy consistency and be vanilla pudding instead? I worry about taking out the cocoa powder. Any thoughts?

  83. Lorain says

    Wanted to use coconut milk but didn’t want to open enough cans to get the 20oz of required liquid…just want to use one can total. I mathematically adjusted the recipe to use one can coconut milk total and it worked like a charm…here’s what to do
    One can full,fat coconut milk
    3Tbsp Dutch cocoa powder
    3.5 Tbsp maple syrup
    Pinch salt
    3Tbsp tapioca flour (it’s what I had)
    1/2tsp vanilla.
    Dump about 3/4 cam of coconut milk in pan (reserve the rest, in the can, to mix with tapioca), add cocoa, maple syrup and salt. Warm ingredients, while warming mix tapioca into reserved liquid then add to warmed mixtures. Cook as directed in original recipe. Add vanilla at end.

  84. Marie says

    This recipe is a keeper!

    I used unsweetened regular almond milk, regular unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut sugar, stevia sweetened chocolate chips, and everything else was per the recipe. It turned out AMAZING!

    The only thing I’d change is adding a little more coconut sugar next time as it wasn’t sweet enough for me.

    I am making this so much more often. I like how it’s rich and doesn’t use a lot of ingredients. It’s inexpensive and includes ingredients I always have lying around. I don’t need to eat a lot of it since it’s so rich (I like that). It pairs perfectly with homemade whipped cream. It’s not too high in calories or carbs either.

  85. Benjy says

    WE made the pudding with one vanilla bean, pulverized and it was great. Then we ran out of milk and used a can of organic coconut cream. The taste was great but the oil kept separating the pudding. We then found a can of coconut milk and it worked well also, but with a bit of the oil still making it to the top. After we make a quart of pecan milk tomorrow, we’ll give that a try. Thanks for the recipe.

  86. Michelle Donnatien says

    This was so good! Thanks for sharing this recipe! I used normal milk and I was out of vanilla extract and I used the maple syrup. It was so good! I haven’t found many recipes that use maple syrup that really get the science of it and how it’s different than using granulated sugar. While I enjoy granulated sugar, it is my goal to stay away from it so I was delighted to find this recipe.

  87. Dessy says

    You literally saved my sanity with this revipe, thank you soooo much!!! My doctor has me an incredibly restricted diet but I can have everything that this recipe calls for!!

  88. Liz says

    This pudding is delicious! Took me five minutes from start to finish and I doubled the batch. Now I have a giant bowl of gloriously rich chocolate pudding waiting for some whipped coconut cream and crushed pretzels. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  89. Lizbeth says

    This pudding is delicious! I doubled it and made pudding pops with some of the mix. Delicious, not overtly coconutty tasting, and rich. I used Hershey’s cocoa powder and it worked perfectly. Topped it with coconut whipped cream and crushed pretzels. Yum! Getting ready to make a second batch right now!

  90. Mic says

    It looks lije you’re basically melting chocolate and adding milk and cornstarch to change the texture. How is this healthy?

  91. Chelsea Price says

    Thank you! I have a little one that is allergic to wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, and more. He asked for pudding and I wasn’t sure if I could even find a recipe that matched his criteria. I used Ripple chickpea milk since he can’t do coconut, and that was the only substitution I made. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. It turned out thick, creamy, and so rich! It was a hit, even with those of us who CAN have dairy. Thank you so much!

    • Sunshine:)w/Peace&Love says

      Oh wow, that’s nice Chelsea. I have never heard of chickpea milk. I will maybe try that out. Thanks for that.

  92. Maha says

    I followed this recipe of yours with the inclusion of coconut powder milk and kept everything as how you’d stated…turned out AWESOME. I will definitely be making it again.

  93. Mary says

    Last week I made chocolate pudding with canned coconut milk, recipe was from a different website, it was so rich and heavenly. I was out of canned coconut milk so I googled chocolate pudding with silk coconut milk and your recipe showed up. Made it today, wasn’t that great, I’ll eat it, but it isn’t rich nor heavenly! I would compare it to store bought pudding. I wouldn’t make it again. Sadly, I doubled the recipe because of the reviews!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Pudding with canned coconut milk is going to be better than with any low fat milk, no matter the recipe. It’s just like how cake made with oil will be better than cake made with yogurt. All the extra fat might not be as good for you, but it sure does make things taste good!

  94. Mollie says

    Thank you for the great recipe. I made it with almond milk and arrowroot and the flavor was delicious. I have a family member who has to avoid grain and coconut, although the flavor was good we thought the arrowroot textured kind of weird (gelatinous). Do you have a suggestion for another grain free thickener? Have you ever tried putting this pudding in an ice cream maker after to cook it?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hey what about potato starch or tapioca starch? I’ve tried the latter in numerous recipes and it thickens things well. Or using cashew cream instead of milk. If you experiment, be sure to report back!

  95. Nicole says

    I have tried several times to make this pudding and it’s always a fail. It comes out liquid even after a few hours or overnight in the fridge. I used almond milk and one other time coconut milk and all other ingredients are the same. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hmm that’s strange! What sweetener and thickener are you using? Is your cornstarch old? Or maybe just needs to cook longer?

  96. Anne V says

    Great basic recipe for chocolate pudding and easy to customize, thank you!

    I was looking for something extra chocolatey – I made it using a heaping 1/4 cup of organic raw cacao powder plus a handful of dark chocolate chips melted in towards the end. Sweetened with maple syrup and one time used full fat coconut milk, another time Oatly. Both puddings turned out great and with a very rich dark chocolate flavor.

  97. Nora Allison says

    Just made this (took 10 minutes, tops). It hasn’t chilled yet, but based on its already-thick consistency and my spatula-licking tests, I think it’s a winner!

    Used Lakanto monkfruit/erythritol blend and plain old Nestle cocoa powder. First time making pudding! Impressed by how simple the recipe was.

  98. Laura says

    Just made this and love it! I used soy milk and only a little hit of honey and it worked well. The only thing was that it was a bit lumpy after refrigerating. Do you have to let ik cool down a little bit before putting it in the fridge?

  99. Chloe says

    I’m wanting to make a healthy pudding recipe adding Baileys Irish cream! Anyone try? I was thinking of doing less milk and replacing the difference with Baileys.

  100. Bridgett says

    This recipe is so good. I didn’t have corn starch so instead I used tapioca flour (for every 1tbs of cornstarch you add 2 tbs tapioca flour) it worked SOOO well

  101. Div says

    can we use rice flour or custard powder in place of cornstarch or cornflour ?
    Cornflour is usually made GMO

    • Jason Sanford says

      We haven’t tried, but be sure to report back if you experiment!
      Jason (media relations)

  102. Stephanie says

    The original recipe sounds promising. Unfortunately, I tried this recipe with a couple of substitutes based on what I had available, and it was inedible.

    For thickener, I used xantham gum. I also swapped in unsweetened cocoa powder in place of the Dutch cocoa powder. The end result tasted bland and had a phlegmy consistency. Next time, I will be sure to use the exact ingredients!

  103. Jenna M says

    Just made this with oatmilk and the texture looks great! I used allulose for my sweetener, which isn’t as sweet as sugar so I increased the measurement to 1/2 cup. I think I could have probably gone to 2/3 cup, but that might be because I also added some 100% dark chocolate. Either way, texture and consistency are wonderful, and it’s just a little shy in sweetness. Thank you for the recipe!

  104. Jackie N. says

    It hasn’t yet cooled and set completely but oh my stars! It is so rich and decadent! I used a full can of coconut milk and used almond milk to complete the milk requirements. I added 3.5 oz. of 72% Swiss cocoa chocolates. I was counting on some sugar from the Swiss chocolate so I reduced the sweetener to 1/4 cup but ended up increasing it after taste-testing. I think the next time I make it, I’ll forgo the Swiss chocolate … it’s so rich and velvety without it!

  105. Kayla says

    This is a new family favorite! I made it twice, once with arrowroot powder and once with cornstarch. The only difference was texture. The arrowroot batch was slightly gummy and the cornstarch batch was thicker. I preferred the cornstarch but my mom preferred the arrowroot so I think either one is just fine! My dad, who is a harsh critic, raved about this and wants me to try it in a pie crust.

      • Carol says

        I used to make pudding all the time years ago. But in recent years no matter how thick the pudding is when cooking it, it turns to water when cooled. I use 2% or whole organic milk which is ultra pasteurized. Does anyone else have this problem? What type of milk do you all use? Thanks!

        • Carol says

          Made the pudding today with non-ultra-pasteurized non-organic whole mail. It was perfectly thick when cooking and poured into glasses but sadly after it cooled in the refrigerator, it became like water. Any solutions??

  106. Trisha says

    Hello! I think this is super misleading! I think you should not advertise this as nut free! It is not nut free! I clicked on this because I have a tree nut allergy, I saw “nut free” so I clicked and then was immediately disappointed because I saw coconut milk. Coconuts are a tree nut and typically give people the same harsh reactions as other tree nuts. So maybe say “peanut free” instead? It looks great, but misleading. Thank you!

    • Samantha says


      I agree. My son has a nut allergy and many people do not think of coconut as a nut. They’ll offer him treats with coconut or coconut milk.


    • Beth says

      I have had this question before, so I looked it up. According to the American College of Allergies, Asthma and Immunology, “Coconut is not a botanical nut; it is classified as a fruit, even though the Food and Drug Administration recognizes coconut as a tree nut. While allergic reactions to coconut have been documented, most people who are allergic to tree nuts can safely eat coconut.”

      I think that is why so many recipes claim to be tree but free while still containing coconut.

      That being said, it seems like you could use anything from actual dairy milk or even oat, rice, or soy milk in this recipe and it would still work. 😁

    • Sunshine:)w/Peace&Love says

      Trisha, it is not misleading. Coconut milk is an option for those who do not have a tree nut allergy. But you do have to keep a sharp eye out for ingredients when you have an allergy. For me I am always trying to make sure what I ingest does not contain sunflower oil. It has been difficult as of late since sunflower and safflower oil are the oils that has been replacing peanut, soy & vegetable oil somewhat. Unlike in the past it was rare, but today it’s the oil of choice for health unless of course not so much if you have an allergy or food sensitivity to it.

    • . says

      my boyfriend with very extreme anaphylactic nut allergies (peanut and tree nuts, plus many other foods) eats coconut daily, my friend with an anaphylactic tree nut allergy can also eat coconut safely. the connection is not as typical as you are claiming. as Beth said below, this is because coconut is not a botanical nut, and is therefore not an automatic allergy for those with tree nut allergies. it is a separate allergy, and there is nothing misleading about this title (which is all besides the fact that coconut milk is not a required ingredient at all, it was just one of many milk options listed…)

  107. Jackie N. says

    This pudding is amazing!! I used raw cacao powder (in an attempt to increase my iron intake) and I had some little 72% cocoa chocolates left over from Christmas that I weighed out and added as well. As soon as a batch is gone, I make another one! So good! Thanks for sharing this recipe

  108. Kim says

    Made these twice now, really lovely texture and great chocolate taste. I have found they develop a “skin” on top but overcame that by inverting them on the serving dish (so top down) and served with fresh raspberries and vegan coconut yogurt – absolutely hits the mark and not an avocado in sight – thank you!

    • Barb says

      I pour my pudding into individual servings (portion control) and immediately cover it with plastic wrap making sure that the wrap is touching the pudding everywhere. this helps prevent that film from forming.

  109. AudreyLover92 says

    I have made this 6 different times, and have always had an elasticity texture at the end. I’ve used coconut milk, regular milk, both tapioca, and arrowroot starch with each one. Tonight I used half the starch that I called for, and still have the elasticy thing as if I have used the whole amount. How do you get rid of the elastic you texture? It’s very good other than that really haha

  110. E says

    I just made it and am so anxious to see how it turns out! I used arrowroot as the thickening agent. I did notice a film kept forming above the top no matter how consistently I kept storing while it was boiling. Is there a way to solve this?

  111. Jayla says

    You can avoid a skin on it by placing saran wrap DIRECTLY onto the pudding while it’s chilling. 🙂 not sure about the ” film ” problem though.

  112. Carolyn says

    Just made this and tasted it every step of the way! I used whole dairy milk because I had too much of it in the fridge, regular old Hershey’s cocoa, arrowroot, coconut sugar, salt and vanilla as directed, and added a teaspoon of espresso powder to deepen the chocolate flavor. I agree that the arrowroot produces a slightly gummy texture, but for me it wasn’t a deal-breaker. I liked the subtle sweetness from the coconut sugar and am pleased with this recipe, as it’s a slightly better choice for my diabetic hubby than traditional pudding made with cane sugar.

  113. Elena says

    I have just made this for the third time and I am addicted. It is fantastic. I used regular cocoa powder and made it once with almond milk and twice with light milk. I also used Monk fruit sweetener instead of sugar and it is amazing. I love the texture, so creamy! Thank for this great recipe.

  114. Shilpa says

    Yum! I have made this before as written and it turned out great! This time I subbed corn starch with equal an amount of tapioca flour and it did not set at all, just in case anyone was wondering

  115. Randy says

    Used tapioca as thickener (2:1 to cornstarch). Looked great at the beginning. Turn to liquid overnight. :/
    No fault of this recipe, just mystifying.

  116. Kate says

    Has anyone figured out why this pudding is not setting yet?! I made it with coconut milk and used honey as the sweetener. It was thickening on the stove and turned to soup in the fridge! What the heck?! So upsetting and wasteful. Ugh.

  117. Katherine D Emerson says

    Made this a couple days ago. Maybe not as thick as I expected but delicious – very decadent!!
    Couple questions: (1) How many days does this last in the fridge?
    (2) Can this be frozen in single size servings?

    • CCK Media Team says

      We haven’t ever tried freezing so honestly don’t know. It lasts the same as traditional chocolate pudding – maybe 3-4 days? We always eat it after two, just because chocolate doesn’t last long with Katie 🙂

  118. Michelle says

    This was amazing. I used a can of coconut milk and 3/4 cup (split) of unsweetened almond milk and monkfruit sweetener. I enjoyed it warm because it was freezing today and it makes me think of childhood.

  119. mz says

    i made half the quantity using 1 cup almond milk and half the amount of cocoa etc. Instead of the cornstarch a mixed 1 heaping tablespoon blanched almond flour and 1/16th tsp xanthan gum. its been sitting in the fridge for an hour now and is already semi-solid. it is already a good texture and very yumm. if it does not set any further, i’ll increase the quantity of xanthum just a wee bit next time.. because for sure i’m making it again.

  120. Scott says

    I think I just made this for the 5th time now. Sometimes I add a little mint extract. Today it was added espresso powder. Tomorrow for my family dinner we are going to use it for dirt dessert, adding some GF Oreos. I have used it for trifle, using my GF & DF chocolate cake recipe, Coco Whip, and almond whipped cream Thank you Katie, for my whole family loves this and can eat it! BTW, I triple the recipe each time I make it.

  121. Robyn says

    I made this 2 days ago and 2 days later it tastes even better than on the first day. I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk, raw cacao powder, half the amount of chocolate chips, and 3 little scoops of stevia and it turned out great! I am going to try it with monkfruit next time. When I added it up with the substitutions, it was 3 smartpoints on WW. I just started WW and looking forward to trying more recipies–black bean brownies are next 🙂

  122. Karim says

    We made this recipe using oat milk, and it was the most incredible pudding I have ever had… even family who tend to not like plant based deserts thought it was amazing! Thanks so much 😊

  123. Eve Goldberg says

    So surprisingly good! I had low to moderate expectations, but truly enjoyed this quick and tasty recipe. I did add the chocolate chips, which of course increased my sugar intake, but likely added to the yumminess factor. As an aside, I looked up the ingredients in packaged chocolate pudding, and was somewhat shocked to see that one of the ingredients, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, is used in household and industrial cleaning compounds – yikes!
    Looking forward to experimenting with more of your recipes – thanks.

  124. Arlene says

    Dutch-processed cocoa is less bitter then regular cocoa, but the treating with alkali destroys most of the benefits one can get from eating cocoa or chocolate not treated with alkali. Have you tried this with regular cocoa powder?

  125. Francine says

    I really love this recipe! I use unsweetened chocolate, coconut sugar .Plus I add a
    Few oz of 80% dark chocolate! Super yummy 😊

  126. Darla says

    This looks fantastic. I want to try this with almond milk and I’d also like to switch out the sweetener to possibly Monk fruit sweetener. Do you think that would work?

    Thank you

  127. delightful. Place says

    I followed the recipe, except l used oat milk and arrowroot and added 1 tsp.vanilla
    And l used maple syrup .
    I didn’t add extra chocolate. So It was nice and creamy and delish.

  128. John Esposito says

    Excellent! I used half organic grass fed milk, half coconut milk and used 1/2 cup organic sugar for a double recipe.

  129. Millie says

    I’ve made this recipe so many times! It’s so good! I found that it’s really good when you put it into sugar cookie tart crusts. Love the recipe CCK!

  130. Jeanne says

    This was a delicious and super easy recipe! I used pistachio milk, substituted the cornstarch with potato starch, used pure Peruvian cacao powder, and sweetened it with kithul (a treacle syrup made from palm sugar from Sri Lanka). It set beautifully in the fridge and kept well even after 3 days. I topped it with crushed hazelnuts and walnuts.

  131. Sophie says

    Oh my goodness! This pudding is so delicious. I’ve been making a batch every week. I can confirm that arrowroot works well in this recipe. I’ll try making some with white chocolate and see how that works out.

  132. Sandy says

    Can you use agave in this chocolate pudding recipe and if so how much? I’m trying to cut calories but stevia leaves an aftertaste 😏

  133. Katie (Not That One) says

    5 stars
    Mercy me! I make chocolate pudding pie each year for Thanksgiving, but it is such a time-consuming project. This recipe was divine–I used canned coconut milk and added dark pareilles and extra salt, and it tasted just like the egg custard version! I think I would have been perfectly happy with the pared down version, but I went the whole hog…

  134. Beka says

    5 stars
    I LOVE this recipe! I use almond milk and it is so thick and creamy. Perfect for a healthy treat in the evening. I like to mix in toasted pecans and fresh fruit. So yum.

  135. Vero says

    5 stars
    This recipe was so easy to follow and the pudding came out great! My mother just had periodontal surgery and I wanted to make something to cheer her up during her recovery. Thanks!

  136. Kyla says

    5 stars
    This was the best homemade, not overly sweet, chocolate pudding I’ve ever had! Easy, delicious and makes quite a bit, so it’s perfect in my books. Thank you!

  137. Amy says

    5 stars
    Delicious!! It came out like dessert at a fancy restaurant! I used powdered milk, honey, & regular cocoa powder. Once ready to cool, I put it all in a big bowl & sat it in a sink of cold water. Once it was cooled down some, I covered the bowl & put it in the fridge.

  138. Jackie says

    5 stars
    This is the best chocolate pudding I ever made!! Because of my dietary restrictions I used Milkadamia milk(macadamia nut) and 5 scoops Now Monk fruit extract powder and arrowroot. I also used 1/4 cup Trader Joe’s cocoa and 1/4cup Herseys special dark cocoa. But it was not as sweet as I expected so I added a few dark chocolate chips and it is only around 4 grams sugar per serving! So healthy and great for a decadent chocolate fix! Thank you!

  139. Vicky Sluiter says

    5 stars
    It’s really good! However a jump to recipe option would be great. I tend to avoid sites that don’t use it. I don’t want to scroll through the entire story each time I come back.

  140. Alene says

    5 stars
    Yum! I made this, it’s very good! I used cows milk, 2%. I used Hershey’s cocoa, and twice as much sweetener because I used Allulose. Thank you for the recipe! I’m on THM, a beginner and it helped my sweet tooth today!

  141. Jan says

    Made this today for the first time and it is delicious! Thick and creamy. I used 1/2 golden monk fruit sweetener and 1/2 maple syrup to save some calories and it was right on! Way better than instant boxed version!

  142. Christopher says

    Just put the mixture of cooked ingredients in the fridge. NOT knocking veganism (tried it faithfully for 9 months) so I was happy to see a recipe in a google search where I could could use whole milk. I am a BIG carob fan so I substituted carob for the chocolate. It a pudding I will be tasting later tonight then otherwise according to your ingredients. Thank you!

  143. Sandy says

    5 stars
    YUMMMMM! I am NOT a dessert person and NOT a chocolate lover. I made this for my aunt who needs to put on some weight. Of course, I had to try it. LOVE IT!!!

  144. Kathleen Lowe says

    5 stars
    Best chocolate pudding ever! Very rich and velvety smooth. I added Ghirardelli 60% cocoa chocolate chips. More calories, but sooooo good!

    I made the coconut whipped cream to go with. I refrigerated the coconut milk the night before, which made it very firm and clumpy. Hard to mix, although I only used a fork because I’m camping and don’t have a mixer. I’m letting it sit on the counter, hoping that it will soften. Flavor is good!

  145. Virginia says

    5 stars
    This pudding was so delicious. I didn’t add the chocolate chips at the end, I figured it was rich enough. Best sugar free pudding I’ve ever make

  146. peggy says

    I’m making this for the second time – super delicious! The first time I covered it with plastic wrap…I don’t like using this and NEVER on something warm. This time, I was trying not to cover it as it cooled, but it started to develop the dreaded “skin” on top. How do you cover it for the fridge? Just a lid? Or does something have to be sitting directly on top of the warm pudding?

    • CCK Media Team says

      Thank you so much for trying it! We are really weird and actually like the skin. But you can definitely just put a lid on the pot to cover, no need for plastic 🙂

  147. Jacque Odom says

    5 stars
    I can’t have chocolate or milk. I used almond milk I replaced powdered cocoa for 6 oz. Powdered peanut butter, I upped sugar to half cup, and used 2/3 cup carob chips. This recipe was a blessing! With the changes for my diet it tasted like peanut butter chocolate pudding! Heaven!! Thank you very much for this wonderful recipe!

  148. Cass says

    5 stars
    This is my first time rating a recipe I followed online. I’ve followed some amazing recipes, but I had to leave a review because of how good this recipe was. 100% will continue using. Already planning to make it again for dinner party dessert.

  149. Debra andersohn says

    I just wanted to leave a comment because you had said something about never using arrowroot powder. Arrow root powder is a more natural source for thickening, however you need to understand that when you use arrowroot powder it’s good in the moment. Meaning that if you refrigerate your product it will come out liquefied it’s only for something that you were going to eat immediately just an FYI on that.

  150. Kathleen says

    Wonderful recipe. The only thing I would change is to add a little more milk. It is so rich and thick, it needed to be a little more spoonable for us

  151. Bri G says

    5 stars
    How long should this sit out before going in the fridge? I feel like I put it in prematurely and it’s a little clumpy. Flavor is great, though! I used only almond milk and unsweetened cacao powder and 2.5 oz of nestle chocolate chips. Yum!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, just let it cool down a little. You can definitely re-stir once it’s chilled and thick 🙂

  152. Diane says

    I made this recipe with canned coconut milk. When I opened the cans, the coconut milk looked grainy. I looked it up on the internet and found this was a consequence of the temperature and as long as the exp. date was good, it was fine. I followed the recipe to the letter. But for some reason, the pudding never really jelled. It was almost runny. It tasted very good, but it had that grainy consistency and it was not pudding-like. I couldn’t eat it so I threw it out.
    What happened?

  153. Chris says

    5 stars
    So first I thought that the avocado chocolate pudding was the best thing ever. Then I made the protein chocolate pudding and instantly decided that THAT was the best thing ever. Then I made this a few days ago and, well… It was SO good! But better than the other two? I guess I will just have to keep making them all until I can decide lol! Thanks Katie, amazing recipe always 😀

  154. Laura says

    5 stars
    This recipe is amazing! However, every time I make it I burn the bottom of my pan. I don’t turn the heat high to bring it to a boil so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I doubled the recipe this time around and it burned before I could get the mix to a boil, and the result was that it tasted burnt. I had to toss that batch out. Do you have any pointers? Should I not double the recipe?

    I still will make this recipe all the time because it’s so good!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! Thank you so much for making it 🙂 We haven’t ever had that issue so are not sure. Is it a new or old pot? Stainless steel or nonstick? Katie used to have issues with recipes (not this one, but others like pancakes or stir fries) sticking to her old pans and the issue was resolved when she got a Green Pan if you might want to try that – It looks like they make saucepans too:

  155. Melody says

    5 stars
    Excellent! I used coconut milk instead of almond milk, but it still turned out GREAT! Rich, creamy & delicious! Will be making it again, for sure!

  156. Carol says

    This is so good I really wanted to eat the whole batch in one sitting, but I restrained myself and portioned it out lol. Will be making agin soon for sure!!

  157. Susan says

    5 stars
    This is delicious!!! I made it (as opposed to buying a package) because I wanted to substitute Monk Fruit for the sugar. I also only used 2 tbsp of cornstarch instead of 3. Turned out great! Will definitely make again 👍👍👍 Thx for sharing this recipe.

  158. Lorraine says

    5 stars
    I made this using 2% milk and honey (another time I used maple syrup). The sugar content was higher than I expected but it did not leave me with a headache as the processed packaged ones. AND it made 4 servings. This tasted great. I did use the dark Dutch cocoa, and it was delish. I will definitely be making this again and will try a different milk and sugar alternative.

  159. Alyssa E says

    Is there another thickener other than corn starch that you would recommend? I would like to make this, but there is a corn/dairy/egg/soy/nut allergy in the family.

  160. Grace says

    5 stars
    Quick, easy, creamy
    I LOVE chocolate pudding! This was easy, liked the creamy texture. I doubled mine for dinner guests so I think I added too much salt. I used maple syrup and whole milk. I would try coconut milk next time, up the chocolate flavor with dark Dutch cocoa. I’m working on toning down my sugar intake but love dessert so this is going to be my new go to chocolate pudding recipe! Thank you Katie!! 💕

  161. Dragnfly says

    5 stars
    This recipe was so easy! I used almond milk, regular unsweetened cocoa powder and arrowroot for the thickener. Turned out perfect! It took a while to get to boiling point but it finally did (I almost gave up). When I added my vanilla I also added a touch of instant coffee. It is amazing! Thank you for the recipe!

  162. Beth Masog says

    I was wondering if you ever tried whipping the cold pudding to make it like a mousse? I just finished cooking mine and so far it tastes amazing!

  163. JD says

    I agree this is better than using store bought pudding mixes, but as soon as someone uses regular milk, cornstarch, cocoa powder or erythritol, it’s not considered that healthy anymore. Stick to coconut milk, arrowroot and cacao.

  164. KarenB says

    5 stars
    LOVE this recipe!!! It’s so much better than store bought …. I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk and regular bakers cocoa powder and it turned out amazing!! Thank you for this recipe.

  165. LW says

    5 stars
    This was sooooo good!! I used cacao powder as it was all had and also used canned coconut milk. This was fantastic! Very chocolatey with a rich flavor. It thickened up nicely and was very easy to make. My husband loved it and he’s a bit picky. I will definitely make this again.

  166. Jackie says

    5 stars
    This was AMAZING!! I used unsweetened cacao powder, pure maple syrup, and one 3.17 oz Ghirardelli intense dark (86% cacao) bar and followed the recipe exactly. It is seriously the best pudding I have ever had! I divided it into 1/2 cup servings in very small mason jars in the fridge to take to work each day. Thank you for this recipe!

  167. Jenn says

    5 stars
    I made this with arrow root powder and maple syrup and it was excellent! By far The best non-existent healthier pudding I have found – much better option than store bought and the kids loved it. Good recipe Katie 😊👍

  168. Erica says

    I used arrowroot powder and it did not solidify. Left in fridge overnight too. Poured into mugs and it became hot chocolate since didn’t want to throw it away.

  169. Lilly says

    5 stars
    Best chocolate pudding recipe ever, with canned coconut milk it’s the tastiest, most creamiest pudding everrr

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