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Healthy Chocolate Pudding – 6 Ingredients + NO Avocado!

A classic, creamy, rich and chocolatey healthy chocolate pudding recipe.

Classic homemade chocolate pudding recipe from @choccoveredkt... with just basic ingredients... cocoa powder, cornstarch, milk, vanilla...

Not that there is anything wrong with avocado… but sometimes you just want a real classic homemade chocolate pudding recipe without any surprise ingredients.

No avocado, no banana, no tofu or pumpkin.

As much as I love recipes where you can’t taste the hidden vegetable, such as in the famous Healthy Chocolate Cake, my everyday meals are usually much more simple.

This healthy chocolate pudding can be:

Soy-free / Sugar-free / Egg-free / Gluten-free / Nut-free / & Dairy-free!

Healthy Chocolate Pudding from @choccoveredkt... the classic recipe, without any hidden avocado, banana, or tofu. Continue reading:

In sixth grade, I went through a chocolate pudding phase, where I’d make a package of JELL-O chocolate pudding, add an obscene amount of Cool Whip to the top, and savor it slowly with a small spoon as I watched the Dallas Stars games.

(Hockey was another of my sixth-grade obsessions. I am a girl of many obsessions!)

This homemade healthy chocolate pudding is super creamy, chocolatey, and absolutely fantastic!

If you want to top it off, do yourself a favor and skip the hydrogenated-oil-laden Cool Whip in favor of my Coconut Ice Cream Recipe instead.

Healthy Chocolate Pudding - the classic recipe, without any hidden avocado, banana, or tofu. Continue reading:

And if you do want a recipe with avocado, be sure to try this one: Avocado Chocolate Mousse.

Feel free to test out different milks in this recipe to find your favorite taste and texture. If you use canned coconut milk, it is super thick and velvety like chocolate mousse.

I also love making the pudding with almond milk or cashew milk.

You can also change up the flavor if you wish, by adding a few drops of pure peppermint extract, maple extract, or even coconut extract along with the vanilla.

Still Craving Chocolate? Make Chocolate Truffles!

The Best Secretly Healthy Chocolate Pudding Recipe (Vegan)
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Healthy Chocolate Pudding – 6 Ingredients + NO Avocado!

A classic creamy and rich healthy chocolate pudding recipe.
4.98/5 (89)
Total Time 15 minutes
Yield 3 servings


  • 2 cups milk of choice OR canned coconut milk
  • heaping 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup dutch cocoa powder
  • uncut stevia to taste OR 1/3 cup sugar, pure maple syrup, or honey
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice + 3 tbsp cornstarch (I use non-GMO cornstarch – Readers reported success with arrowroot, although I have not tried)
  • optional 3.5 oz chocolate chips or broken-up bar
  • 3/4 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • Healthy Chocolate Pudding Recipe: Heat the 2 cups milk of choice in a saucepan with the salt, cocoa powder, and sweetener. Meanwhile, whisk the cornstarch and 1/2 cup milk in a small bowl until dissolved. When the 2 cups milk are warm, add the cornstarch mixture and bring to a boil. Once boiling, stir constantly for 2 minutes. Lower to a simmer for an additional minute, then turn off the heat. Once the heat is off, stir in the vanilla and broken-up chocolate pieces until the chocolate melts. Transfer the pudding to the refrigerator to thicken. It gets thicker the longer it sits and will be ready to consume after a few hours or overnight.  *Note: I’ve only tried this recipe with Dutch cocoa powder so can’t vouch for the taste if regular unsweetened cocoa powder is used in its place. But you are always free to experiment!
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*Try topping the recipe with Coconut Whipped Cream!

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4.98/5 (89)

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Published on June 25, 2015

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    • Maura Larkins says

      Dutch processed cocoa uses alkali to remove the bitter taste, with the unfortunate side effect of also removing the flavanoids, thus removing “that dark chocolate taste.” Am I missing something?

      • Debi fielder says

        Hi, I’m in the UK and I use raw cacao powder so nothing added or taken away, I’m not sure what dutch cocoa is but doesn’t sound as healthy as using pure unrefined cacao which I always have excellent results with in my chocolate recipes.

        • Nicola Grossi says

          Oh, thank you for reminding me, Debi!
          We just bought a big bag of organic cacao powder, which was being used in the smoothies they were offering as samples, & which I saw before I found the regular cocoa aisle in Costco last week. So it’s a good thing all around; I guess I should start looking for even more recipes calling for cocoa/cacao so I can make my own “healthy decadent’ foods.
          Btw, apparently Dutch(ed) cocoa has been treated with an alkalizing agent to make it less acidic, and also makes it look darker. I found that, and there’s more information at: .

        • julie says

          I don’t think there’s anything particularly harmful about dutch cocoa. The usual reason why you’d use dutch as opposed to regular cocoa is for a more mellow flavor or for more lift in baked goods. I would think that in this instance the flavor and texture wouldn’t really be affected by using regular cocoa powder. Dutch cocoa doesn’t react with baking soda so it is commonly used with baking powder. Regular cocoa power still has its acidity so it reacts with baking soda and creates great lift. Luckily there is neither baking soda or baking powder in this recipe so you can use whatever you want.

  1. Andrea says

    What type of milk was used in the photographed pudding? (Almond or canned coconut?) want to make mine so it looks as thick & luxurious! 🙂

  2. Susan says

    I make a similar recipe with unsweetened cocoa and up the sugar to 1/3 or 1/2 cup. We like to pour them into popsicle molds for chocolate pudding pops!

  3. Sherry says

    If I may ask, what Dutch cocoa powder do you like best? I’ve been trying different cocoa powders and am not sure if I like the taste of it or if I purchased a lousy cocoa powder brand. 😀

    Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been trying to find a healthy pudding alternative, and everything I’ve tried so far has been “eh.” LOL. One vegan pudding recipe turned out so sticky, I could put my spoon into it and lift the entire chunk of pudding out of the bowl, on my spoon! You couldn’t even stir it, the pudding had no creaminess whatsoever. It was so weird. Of course, it could have been me, maybe I made a mistake, but the overall recipe was kind of strange so… who knows? *GRIN*

    So I am more than eager to try your pudding recipe – it looks creamy and delicious and like real pudding! Thank you for creating such yummy recipes.

  4. Georgie says

    This looks so delicious! But I’m a little confused by the nutritional info since a third of the recipe is listed as 29 calories but 1 tablespoon of cornstarch alone is more than that? Should it be 129?

      • Heather says

        Do your nutrition facts reflect the recipe without the chocolate chips? I’m coming up with 124 calories and 1 gram of fat with stevia, and the chocolate omitted. With it, I’m getting 276 calories, 9 grams of fat – and drastically more with whole coconut milk…What did I do wrong here…

  5. Debra says

    I got Fat 3g, Carb 12 g, Protein 2 g … without the chocolate chips. 70 cal. total. Did I enter incorrectly?

  6. Elyse says

    YES! You’ve done it again. It’s like you can read my mind! Bonus points that I can ACTUALLY eat this with all my foodintolerances!

  7. D says

    Sounds delish! But yes, I think the nutritional information is a little off. Even with silk cashew milk and stevia it should be closer to 68-80 calories.

  8. Tina Pachniak says

    Hi Katie- I was wondering if you would have a substitute for the cornstarch? I am allergic to corn. I use tapioca or arrowroot starch, but not sure if either of these would work, and how much to use?? Or any other suggestions? Thanks!

          • Abigail says

            I tried this with arrowroot powder because I was out of cornstarch and it turned out great! I’m not sure if it would be different or better with the cornstarch because I haven’t tried it, but the result that I got was lovely! Just be sure to stir it very well when cooking it, and also you might want to simmer it a little bit longer than Katie calls for in the recipe.
            Thank you for the recipe Katie! It was just what I needed today! 🙂

          • Kristen says

            I used Almond milk and arrow root and after sitting in the fridge overnight, it doesn’t appear to be setting up. =/ It seemed pretty thick when cooking it but has remained runny since. Any suggestions? Would cooking it longer help?

    • Rachel says

      I used tapioca instead of cornstarch (double it, so 6 tbsp of tapioca). It turned into AMAZING chocolate tapioca pudding!

  9. Rose says

    Would this work with rice milk? My daughter was just diagnosed yesterday with allergies to dairy, gluten, tree nuts and egg whites. I don’t know what to eat! But I think this would go over really good. Rice milk is more affordable than coconut milk, we are on a very tight budget.

    • Laura says

      Rose, I totally understand!!! I have two boys with food allergies. Try “The Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook”. When my little guy was allergic to wheat, we had pretty good luck with several recipes from there that were actually edible. Luckily, he has outgrown that one but is still allergic to eggs, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and sunflower. I promise it gets easier!!!!!

    • Karen says

      While I think rice milk would work, if you are worried it wouldn’t be creamy enough you could use soy milk.

    • Chantal says

      You can easily make coconut milk out of shredded coconut and water. I use one cup of any size water to two cups of that same size coconut. It’s best if it’s warm water. Just put it in a blender or food processor and blend for several minutes. Pour it in a clean cloth or cheese towel and squeeze the water out. Be careful if you use hot water, not to burn your hands. And voila, your own cheap coconut milk. You can store it in the fridge for about 3-5 days. You could even repeat the process for an other batch. It will not be as creamy as the first batch. But still good for use in recipes. Even if you dry the pulp of coconut you would have coconut flour they say. But I never tried that.

  10. Mari says

    Omg I’ve been dying for some pudding, but I don’t do well with corn (or avocado!)! Is there any other way to thicken that you know of? I tried replacing cornstarch with tapioca starch once = epic fail, LOL.

  11. Kay says

    Katie, you are a wonder! I have so often put your recipes in my favorites file without saying “Thank you!” I really liked your picture with your dad.

  12. Heidi says

    Hi Katie! Thank you for creating a pudding without avocados! As far as the cocoa powder is concerned I use cocao powder. Will I need to add more sweetener to the pudding using this? I want to make it asap!!

    • Ellen says

      I just put in fridge and the Kuzu is definitely working- it has only been in fridge for 5 min and is already getting quite thick.

  13. Shirin says

    This looks delicious! Would omitting the sweetener significantly alter the taste? It doesn’t look like there’s much in there compared to the rest of the recipe. I’m trying to do no added sugar/sugar substitutes, but this looks heavenly!

  14. Eats Meets West says

    You had me at NO avocado (I just never get the results I’m looking for OR I cut open the avocados too late, sigh). Okay, technically you had me at ‘chocolate’ because I know your blog is healthy already 😛 I don’t know about you but good ole’ chocolate pudding sounds amazing to me. Thanks Katie! 😀

  15. niki says

    I’m sorry, but what exactly makes this pudding healthy?
    The coconut milk contains lots of saturated fat (not healthy). Chocolate chips contain processed sugars (unhealthy) and stevia is an artifical sweetener, made from a plant, sure, but to become a sweetener it is treated with chemicals like any other sweetener.
    And everything else is not particularly unhealthy, but it isn’t healthy either. Overall, it is just a regular pudding.
    Sorry, but I don’t see the benefit of this recipe.

    Love most of your other recipes though, because most of them are actually more healthy than the regular version :-*

    • A says

      First of all, you don’t even have your facts straight. Stevia is not an artificial sweetener as Katie specifically calls for UNCUT stevia right in the recipe instructions. And you need to do some more research on coconut as well as chocolate before you say these are unhealthy. (Not to mention the fact that both are optional in the recipe.) Dark chocolate is very high in magnesium, fiber, and other nutrients. It also supplies endorphins. Google “chocolate health benefits” and you’ll see that reputable sources agree with this.

    • Amy says

      Really? There’s nothing in this recipe that is “unhealthy” … coconut milk is actually really good for you. The fat in it is the fat your body desires. Almond or cashew milk (unsweetened) is really healthy and many brands are fortified with vitamins and minerals… and cocoa powder (again, unsweetened) has so many nutritional benefits you just have to Google 🙂 There’s definitely a variety of nutrional benefits in this recipe.

  16. Mary says

    I tried to sign up for your recipes to follow you…….your system is not working and kept asking for the same info. I put it in at least four times and got the same results. Very frustrated. It also interfered with my viewing the recipes. Please advise !!!!!! Mary

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hi Mary! I’m so sorry for the trouble… I just tried to add you, and it said you are already subscribed. So it looks as thought it did indeed work correctly even if it was telling you otherwise! 🙂

      Please do let me know if you don’t start getting the recipes in your inbox. Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. And please accept my apologies again for whatever troubles you encountered. I know technology can be frustrating!

  17. A says

    Made this just now. I used almond milk and hershey’s special dark cocoa powder, and it turned out really well. It was thick right off the stove, so no need to wait! 🙂

    • Stacey says

      I just made this and used almond milk and the same Hershey’s Dutch cocoa. Did you find it not sweet enough??
      I incorporated semi- sweet chocolate chips and 1/3 maple syrup. I liked the dark choc bitter flavor but my taste testers wanted it sweeter. Wondering if I should use sugar instead Of syrup or up the sugar to 1/2 c. I don’t want to make a million batches. Thanks!

      • Jason Sanford says

        Increasing the sugar to 1/2 cup would be fine, or you could even increase the maple syrup to 1/2 cup if you still wanted to use that. Because it would boil off, there’s no need to worry about the extra liquid changing the texture 🙂

    • Jamye Z says

      Very glad to read this–this is exactly how I’m about to make mine! I exclusively buy Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa, and since I am having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to prep some dairy-free pudding in advance.

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