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Chocolate Smoothie

5 from 93 votes

This thick, rich, and creamy chocolate smoothie recipe is the best chocolate smoothie you will ever try. You’ll feel like you are drinking a delicious chocolate milkshake!

Chocolate Smoothies

Easy chocolate smoothie

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast or snack option that’s easy to make and will keep you full for hours, be sure to give this simple chocolate smoothie a try.

It’s quick to whip up and packed with nutritious ingredients. And unlike many other healthy smoothie recipes, there’s NO banana required!

Just throw everything into a blender, blend until smooth, and enjoy the absolute most delicious homemade chocolate smoothie of your life.

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Chocolate Drink Pouring Shot

Chocolate Smoothie Recipes

Chocolate Coffee Smoothie: Add half a teaspoon of instant coffee before blending.

Black Forest: Instead of yogurt, substitute six ounces of frozen cherries. If not buying the fruit already pitted, be sure to remove the pits prior to blending.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie: Blend in two tablespoons of peanut butter, powdered peanut butter, or almond butter for a rich and decadent chocolate shake.

Nutella Smoothie: Follow the steps for the chocolate peanut butter shake above, substituting the nut butter for store bought or Homemade Nutella.

Chocolate Strawberry: Instead of vanilla yogurt, use strawberry yogurt and add one or two frozen chopped strawberries. Or make a blueberry version with blueberry yogurt and a small handful of frozen blueberries.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie: For an added sugar free smoothie, use a ripe frozen banana as your sweetener of choice. This will also yield a thicker smoothie.

Tropical Smoothie: Use canned coconut milk as your milk of choice and six ounces frozen mango or banana instead of the yogurt.

Chocolate Green Smoothie: Add a handful of fresh spinach or kale. Or blend in up to a fourth cup of frozen spinach or greens of choice.

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Above, watch the chocolate smoothie recipe video

Chocolate Vegan Smoothie

Chocolate protein smoothie recipe

Even when prepared without protein powder, this healthy chocolate shake packs in up to twelve grams of protein.

To make an even higher protein morning meal or healthy snack, feel free to add a scoop of your favorite chocolate, vanilla, birthday cake, or other flavor protein powder.

Depending on the brand and type of protein powder you use, the protein smoothie can have over twenty five grams of protein!

Adding a spoonful of peanut butter or a sprinkle of nutritious chia seeds or flax seeds will also up the fiber and protein in the recipe.

Use leftover protein powder for Protein Brownies

Yogurt Smoothie Ingredients

Healthy chocolate smoothie ingredients

You will need unsweetened cocoa powder or chocolate protein powder, milk of choice, vanilla yogurt, your favorite sweetener, a pinch of salt, and optional peanut butter, cashew butter, tahini, or almond butter.

The recipe does not call for adding any ice cubes, and I recommend not using any. Ice dilutes the richness of the chocolate flavor.

Measurements for the sweetener will depend on whether you are using sweetened or unsweetened yogurt and milk, as well as your own personal tastebuds and what type of sweetener you choose.

For a recipe made with unsweetened milk and yogurt, I like to add around two or three teaspoons of pure maple syrup or unrefined sugar. You can use pretty much any all purpose sweetener here, so go with your favorite.

Chocolate breakfast shake

Turn the recipe into a filling breakfast option by adding one to two tablespoons of quick or old fashioned rolled oats.

Blend the oats until their texture resembles that of flour. Then add all remaining ingredients, and blend again. Aside from the added fiber and protein, adding oatmeal is also a great way to make the smoothie even thicker.

Healthy Chocolate Shake

How to make a chocolate smoothie

Combine the yogurt, milk, cocoa powder or protein powder, salt, optional nut butter, and sweetener in a blender. Blend until thick and smooth.

Pour the drink into a tall glass. Or use a mason jar if you wish to be fancy.

You can also turn it into a chocolate smoothie bowl. Top the bowl with granola, mini chocolate chips, shredded coconut, raspberries, two ingredient Chocolate Truffles, or sliced bananas and homemade Coconut Whipped Cream.

Chocolate Milkshake Trick: If you have a high speed blender like a Vitamix and want to make an even thicker smoothie, pour the milk into an ice cube tray and freeze it ahead of time. Once frozen, pop out the frozen milk ice cubes and blend them along with the other ingredients to make a super thick chocolate smoothie.

Chocolate Yogurt Drink

Vegan and keto options

To make a vegan chocolate smoothie, use nondairy yogurt and plant based milk. I like almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, or canned coconut milk.

For a keto chocolate smoothie with no sugar, use either sugar free vanilla yogurt or plain Greek yogurt. If using an unsweetened yogurt, add a fourth teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and adjust the sweetener to suit your tastes. Keto sugar replacements include allulose, xylitol, or stevia.

In addition to being vegan and low carb, the healthy recipe can also be soy free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, low fat, and low calorie.

Chocolate milkshake or smoothie?

The difference between a milkshake and a smoothie is that ice cream is the main ingredient in milkshakes, while smoothies blend ingredients like fruit, yogurt, milk, and sometimes greens, avocado, and vegetables or fruit juice.

Smoothies are usually much healthier than milkshakes due to their traditional lower sugar and fat content and the addition of more nutritious ingredients.

A milkshake is more often served as a dessert, whereas a fruit smoothie with yogurt can also make a great healthy breakfast or snack.

Healthy Thick Chocolate Shake Recipe
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Chocolate Smoothie

This thick and creamy healthy chocolate smoothie recipe tastes like a chocolate milkshake!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 1 serving
5 from 93 votes


  • 6 oz vanilla yogurt (dairy free or sugar free if desired)
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder or chocolate protein powder
  • pinch salt
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter (optional)
  • sweetener of choice to taste


  • Add everything to a blender, and blend until smooth. Serve, and enjoy. If you have a high speed blender (like a Vitamix) and want to make an even thicker smoothie, freeze the milk in an ice cube tray ahead of time. Once frozen, blend with the other ingredients to make a super thick chocolate smoothie.
    View Nutrition Facts


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Avocado Smoothie

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Published on April 26, 2023

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  1. Ann says

    I’ve recently cut out dairy for breastfeeding, but have had a serious need for chocolate in my life. This is where you come in! I have a list of to-make recipes now to get me through afternoon sugar cravings!
    Anyway, my favorite green vegetable is broccoli! Or spinach. Or kale. Or asparagus…

    • Mackenzie says

      I had to go dairy free for the same reason! It is hard not to fall off the wagon, especially when my son’s dairy sensitivity was extreme (i.e. I had to read labels to make sure there weren’t any trace amounts of hidden dairy anywhere!) Kudos to you, I wish I had found this blog while I was strictly dairy free, even though the only thing I still eat that is dairy is cheese now…

  2. Steph says

    I love spinach! It’s great with anything savory and also in juices! I think I’d use the powder in my late night snack shakes so I don’t eat anything TOO heavy close to bed 😉

  3. Rachel says

    Fav green vegetable is probably green beans — cause they are delicious raw or cooked:) Although I like all green veggies…

    Ps. “Way greater than” math symbol is: >> As in, chocolate>>anything else 🙂

    • s says

      spinach is probably my favorite green!

      and yeah rachel’s got it on the math symbol thing 🙂 the ‘way greater than’ symbol is one of my favorites … especially when used in ridiculous ways like orange juice >> life.

  4. kaity says

    broccoli and peas! yumm and id use this in my smoothies every morning def would love some extra chocolate! and even try them in some desserts, my fam could use a lil extra boost of vegetables:-)

  5. Rebecca W. says

    My favorite green veggie would have to be okra…i don’t think it would taste very good in a smoothie through :(.
    I would love to try this stuff out! Chocolate AND veggie nutrition…thats just too great to pass up!

  6. Suzanne Wirth says

    I have to admit, I don’t usually fall short in the green veggie dept…LOVE lots of them. Of course, I’m not going to skip the chance to eat chocolate instead. 😉 However, for the purpose of this post, my favorite, currently, is spinach. 😀 Mostly because I just discovered a cookie shortbread recipe that uses spinach to turn the cookies green! Yes, you read that correctly. lol Gotta love St. Pat’s day! 😀 Oh ya, and GO CHOCOLATE! 😉

  7. sarah s says

    green smoothies made with spinach is tried and true for me, it works every time if i haven’t fit in enough veggies for the day!

  8. Aly says

    Aaaa! This looks delicious…it’s so hard to pick my favorite green vegetable, but I’ve always been madly in love with broccoli. Ever since I was little, I always loved the “trees”…it didn’t hurt that my dad always cooked them to perfection. Hope I win!

  9. jessica says

    favorite green? KALE of course 🙂 and i love kale in smoothies so much that i would PROBABLY add kale to the blender when i win this chocolate silk powder! well… hopefully, that is 😉

  10. Christina says

    My favorite is spinach. So versitile and healthy 🙂 And I’d use the Greens chocolate silk to make THIS green silk smoothie… and probably in every other smoothie! (You just cant go wrong with chocolate and greens 😉 ) Thanks Katie!

  11. alison says

    Broccoli is my fave! I would use this powder in the chocolate banana hemp milk smoothies I give my kids everyday.

  12. Ashley says

    Ooooh! It’s hard to pick my favourite green veggie! Lately it has been kale, but that changes all the time.

  13. Noora says

    My fave green veggie is definitely green peas. More specifically: frozen green peas. Give me a bag of those and it’ll be empty in a matter of minutes, I can’t help myself, I just love to munch them!

  14. Lynn in MD says

    I love spinach. I would love to try this powder too. My family is making the transition to heart healthy eating… so having chocolate/strawberry smoothies for dessert sounds wonderful!

  15. Sonja says

    Gotta say spinach is my favorite, as uncreative as that may be. I love me a big, leafy salad or steamed spinach – I use it in place of lettuce on bean burgers…and green smoothies are one of my favorite drinks! I’d definitely use some of the chocolate greens in a smoothie some time 🙂

  16. Katie says

    My favorite foods are green vegetables!! Although it’s a close close first after asparagus, bell peppers, and artichokes, my favorite is broccoli. IT IS DELICIOUS LITTLE TREES.

  17. Kira says

    Spinach!! Can’t get enough of it 🙂
    I would probably make this smoothie recipe but throw in a handful of spinach with it!
    And I could add that powder to just about anything 😉

  18. Shayna says

    Brussel sprouts or artichokes are my two favorite green vegetables! I haven’t heard of the chocolate silk before this, but it sounds delish in any smoothie 🙂

  19. Jenna says

    Favorite green veggies…roasted broccoli and cabbage with garlic and evoo!! Yum!! And just for kicks…I’d use the powder in my homemade hot chocolate 🙂

  20. Lisa K @ NutriNosh says

    My favorite green veggie is kale! My stepmom used to make kale and tomatoes routinely, and I would literally drink the leftover “broth” it was so good 🙂

    If I win the powder, I’ll probably use it in my morning smoothie or maybe even in my almond milk and banana ice “cream” 🙂

  21. Holly - InspirationBeauty says

    I love so many vegetables it’s hard to decide on my favourite!
    I love broccoli, spinach, brussell sprouts and many more!

    If I won this powder I would love to experiment with it! For example, in banana soft serve, oatmeal, bran, milkshakes and much more!

    Thanks for hosting the contest Katie!

  22. Stephanie @ Legally Blinde says

    That’s a tough question – I love a lot of green vegetables! I really enjoy perfectly cooked asparagus – that’s pretty much as good as it gets. Although I have been on a big spinach kick lately – it’s so versatile! I love it in huge salads, green smoothies, or sauteed and added to quiche, scrambled eggs, grain bowls… so many possibilities 🙂 Thanks for a great giveaway!

  23. Taylor says

    Spinach! I puree it and sneak it into chocolate cakes and brownies. It sounds gross, I know, but you’d really never even know it was there!

  24. Nadine says

    I’ve been looking for both a greens powder and a chocolate powder. Double win!
    how can anyone choose just one favorite green? I think I might have to choose cabbage. It’s a simple food, but such a yummy one. Cole slaw, cabbage soup, cabbage salad. We always have at least one cabbage in our fridge.

  25. Aggie says

    My favorite green veggie is kale. I put it in my smoothies every morning for breakfast and I love to fry it in a pan with garlic, onions, and mushrooms for lunch. If I won this powder I would use it to make my daughter smoothies because she doesn’t like the texture of the fresh fruits and veggies in her drinks.

  26. Amy says

    It’s hard to pick a favorite green veggie. It would have to be a tie between fresh green beans, spinach and steamed broccoli! I would definitely use this powder in my daily protein drinks! I have been trying to get healthy again after a really tough year and some days I do great with getting enough veggies and other days I fall short a little. I have been following your blog for several months now since finding your chocolate chip cookie dough recipe on pinterest (my kids love that recipe by the way). You do great work and I love reading your posts 🙂

  27. Monique says

    hmm, favorite green veggie. . . that’s a tough one. If I had to pick just one it would be peas of any sort. Love my green foods <3

  28. Krissi says

    I love peas because I was never allowed to have them growing up (mom was allergic) so now they are like my forbidden veggie 🙂

  29. Jessie says

    Broccoli, or raw spinach! Or asparagus, edamame, kale… Too many faves!
    I’d definitely add the powder to a green smoothie. Veggie overkill 🙂

  30. Lucy says

    I love me some green bell peppers and cellery and collard greens and cucumbers also spinach! Im a kid in the candy store at the veggie aisle 🙂

  31. Michele says

    I love kale! It’s delicious, versatile, and adds bulk to pretty much any meal so my stomach doesn’t rumble in an hour 🙂

  32. Kate says

    I ADORE Kale, I love making kale chips and sauteed kale with lemon and garlic. My boyfriend never used to eat veggies but he loved the way I made Kale chips so much they became his “gateway” veggie and now he eats them all the time! I love making chocolate smoothies, I cannot emphasize this enough, they probably make my day if I make a really good one. Its funny because I basically made this exact recipe yesterday and would love to try it with the green’s chocolate silk!

  33. Kristy says

    Im like you Katie! I could eat vegetables all day long and still want more. I would have to say that Asparagus are my favorite if I had to chose. Especially roasted in coconut oil!
    The chocolate greens is interesting! I’d be curious how it would taste in a brownie. Adding veggies in a brownie mean less guilt and another bite right???

  34. Alicia Drew says

    On days I work a long day, I struggle to get all my veggies in, so coming home & enjoying one of these chocolate milkshakes would hit the spot, & help me reach my daily healthy guidelines.

  35. Alanna says

    My favorite green vegetable is green beans! My parents used to call me “the green bean girl”, haha (very original, I know!). I love broccoli, too, but it doesn’t love me back. :s

  36. Amanda says

    I’m not much for vegetables, but have worked harder at including them in my diet since our children arrived. (I have to “hide” the vegetables in other food so that I will eat them.) The winner of green veggies in this house is, hands down, green beans- but broccoli is a close runner up! (we usually steam the green beans and then do a quick saute in soy sauce and garlic- but we haven’t done that since our youngest was diagnosed with a milk and soy allergy. I’m thinking this mix is a new essential for this house!)
    I make smoothies every day for either breakfast or a snack for myself and my munchkins. My two (3 and 1) are pretty good about eating their broccoli, but I would LOVE to have another way to make sure that we are all getting our green veggie quota on a daily basis. (is the mix milk and soy free?) =)

  37. Sarah says

    I would love to have the opportunity to try this recipe as it was created! My favorite green is yummy broccoli!

  38. roselyn page says

    I have many favorite green veggies, and learning so much more to do with them. Today, actually, making barbeque zucchini. I would use the greens to make some of your delicious recipes you use it in. But, come on anything that is chocolate has to go good with peanut butter!!

  39. Debbie says

    There are so many I like. Not sure I have just one favorite. I really like asparagus, spinach, chard just to name a few. I would use this powder in my daily smoothies. Yummy!

  40. jessica rayne says

    My favorite green veggie is kale! Its tastey as is or prepared with just about anything. And soooo versatile! I have never seen this product before and am very interested in using it. Love your website. Thanks for all the hard work and time you put into it for all of us. 🙂

  41. Julie cleeland says

    Because I have a beautiful artichoke waiting to be enjoyed- I’m going with artichoke:) thank you for this opportunity!

  42. Mara says

    My favorite green vegetables are cucumber and broccoli, I love both of them!! And I would use this powder to give extra flavor to my daily breakfast coffee!

  43. Jocelyn says

    I use green’s powder on my yogurt every morning~ my fav green veggie is barbecued green zucchini! one of the reasons I love summer.

  44. Rosi Shepard says

    Barleans Chocolate silk is needed in my life! My 2 boys 2 and 5 are so picky it’s awful. I am forever using your recipes on them to sneak those veggies in. Thank you so much for making yummy healthy recipes. We will be sipping shamrock shakes again today (your rendition of course). Thank you!

  45. Cassondra says

    My favorite vegetable is bell peppers- delicious 🙂 If I were to try this powder I would love to experiment adding it to my daily morning protein shake!!

  46. Chelsea says

    Favorite green veggie??? Now, I think that may be a hard one. There are so many that I like. Right now I am really into any roasted veggie but, broccoli and kale I think might be my favs!

  47. Mackenzie says

    My favorite veggie is Kale or spinach! I am addicted to kale chips, and I love putting spinach into smoothies so I can sneak a little extra serving of veggies into my son’s diet, Thanks for providing all these healthy dessert recipes so I don’t feel so guilty every time I cave and let Ian have a “dessert” as a mid day snack!

  48. Andrea B. says

    Does it count if it’s only green on the outside?? If so then I’m totally rocking the kabocha squash!

    Of course if not, it’s a toss up between broccoli and green beans. Mmmmmmmmm.

  49. Elizabeth Rivera says

    My top 2 green veggies are broccoli & peas, both good alone or thrown into a salad. I would love to try this as I am not big on breakfast & have been wanting to try some sort of shake in the mornings!!

  50. Kim says

    Been on a major spinach kick lately making Green Monster Smoothies. I have tried other Barlean’s products before & liked, this would be great for my kiddos to supplement (as well as myself & the hubby too!)

  51. Lindsay says

    I need this powder! I struggle to get my veggies in so this would be perfect for me! I’d definitely use it to make smoothies.

  52. Shelby Heffernan says

    My favorite green vegetable would have to be roasted green beans!!! I would use the powder to make delicious smoothies!!

  53. Mona says

    My favorite green veggies are baby spinach!
    They taste so sweet for a green, and they’re awesome as a salad topped with fresh fruit, like strawberries and grapes. 🙂

  54. Erin says

    I would use this to make smoothies for my kids. It’s hard sneaking any veggies in anything, but this might do the trick!

  55. Korryn O'Neill says

    I am venturing out into the healthy baking life. I recently bought ground flax for the first time to make in some of your recipes, like chocolate chip blondes (yum!). I would love to try to add more greens in my diet via this powder. Thanks, Katie!

  56. Grati says

    I´d really love this because….i don´t really like a lot of greens:( Very few and have no idea how to cook them in varied ways and make them better…
    With this giveaway i´d start by making this ¨chocolate soup¨:)) and afterwards i´d try to invents some other delicious smoothies as well….
    As for favourite greens….does cabbage count?This is one veggie that i truly love.And broccoli is up next….
    p.s For all the veggie lovers posting here,could you give some more ideas about how to cook veggies and make them really delicious? (you favourite recipes i mean,i know there are a ton of recipes on the interner,not the same tho)

    • Sondra says

      Spinach is awesome when sauteed in olive oil with fresh minced garlic and/or a little onion and spritzed with lemon juice.

      Carrots-I love VeganDads cajun carrots- carrots cooked with agave (he uses maple syrup) a little cayenne and thyme and topped with pecans.

      If you like asian food get yourself some good Five Spice and fry up basically any veggie with a little bit of that and than either soy sauce or rice vinegar (depending if you want a dark or tangy taste)

      Roasting veggies with rosemary, garlic, and a pat of earth balance or olive oil in tinfoil is good (usually I do a mixture and put them in at 375 checking after 10-15 minutes)

      Asparagus and broccolli are to die for grilled (even on an indoor griddle). Peppers and tomatoes are awseome if you brush them with olive oil, put them on high broil and watch carefully for the skin to blacken, then remove from oven and put under an inverted bowl (this roasts them and then steams them to remove the skin.)

      If you like the taste of umami, add a bottle of Umeboshi Plum Vinegar to your repertoire. A couple of drops added to any basic salad dressing gives veggies an addictive quality. (I like taking a bit of juice from a sushi ginger jar mixing it with a few drops of plum vinegar, and pouring it over my salad with toasted sesame seeds and chowmein noodles)

      One more tip- everything tastes good curried. Get yourself a jar of Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste, a bit of Curry Powder and always keep some thick unsweetened coconut milk on hand- these 3 ingredients plus a tomato base (tomato paste if you have it on hand, but I’ve cheated and used ketchup with okay results) can take any veggie or veggie dish from blah to TA-DA!

      I hope I helped!

  57. Becca Lewis says

    My absolute favourite green vegetable is spinach because you can eat it in salad, blend it in a smoothie or put in on a sandwich. Yum!

  58. Ann says

    This looks delicious!!
    I would use this at least once a day- I’m drinking boosted smoothies for at least one meal a day, but MAN is it expensive! 🙂
    I am allergic to almost all raw fruits and veggies so my repertoire is limited, to say the least…I come in under my recommended amount nearly every day (although I am having WAY more than I ever did as a kid!) This would be a perfect supplement to help me get there every day!

  59. Stacia says

    The only green vegetable I like is green beans but I do LOVE chocolate so this might be just the thing I need 🙂

  60. Kate says

    Kale and Spinach
    Edamame is green, so if it counts then its up there too!
    Today I am going to try some blanched beet leaves (with roasted beets) so we’ll see how that turns out.

    Maybe I would try putting the chocolate greens in my oatmeal, pancakes, or smoothies.

  61. Jessica Eagle says

    Hi, my favorite food is greens, so I have lots of favorite. But I particularly like and enjoy greens such as kale, brocoli and all kind of lettuce. First, I would probably try your suggestion, in your hot chocolate cookie and then I’ll see.
    Have a nice day and thank you for giving us that opportunity to win.
    Jessica 🙂

  62. Carol L says

    This smoothie looks awesome and I’d really like to give this product a try!
    My favorite green veggie is roasted asparagus with a touch of toasted sesame oil.

  63. Courtney says

    Broccoli has to be my favorite green vegetable. It’s funny how there’s a stereotype that children are repulsed by broccoli, and yet my brother and I have always loved it. My mom always complained we ate too much and that she could never keep enough around the house to keep us happy 😉

  64. lori garringer says

    Veggie—asparagus and artichokes.
    How I’d use it??? I would trick my husband into thinking he was not drinking something healthy!!!

  65. Judy says

    I love brocolli best…and the first thing I’d use the powder for if I won is make one of the chocolate silk smootie…it looks amazing.

    oxo Judy

  66. Erin says

    My favorite green vegetable is either brocolli or just simple lettuce. Although I cooked up some rocking asparagus a couple weeks ago, so that could be a contender too. 🙂

  67. Katie says

    Favorite green veggie is probably spinach because I use it in so many different recipes and can add it to so many things! Broccoli comes in a close second.

  68. Becca says

    My favorite veggie is rainbow chard. Yum!

    I would love this powder! I’d put it in everything- from oatmeal to smoothies. I also think it would be great to share with my boyfriend- he won’t eat veggies and def needs creative ways to get his green vitamins in!

  69. Amber says

    Just one favorite??

    Hmmm I suppose it would be zucchini. Followed closely by spinach, green beans, and broccoli!

  70. Sarah says

    Favorite veggie: broccoli!!! In anything, raw or cooked anyway. Never tried it with chocolate, but I’m willing.

    My daughter is a competitive swimmer. She doesn’t eat meat …or a lot of greens. I try to sneak spinach into things but she doesn’t always ‘swallow the hook.’. She LOVES chocolate though. I will definitely need to get thus powder for her. She needs the nutrients!

  71. Lisa Broadley says

    My fav veggie I think is asparagus! Or rapini (Broccoli Rabe)…yummy!! As for the powder, possibly in cake. It would be a great way to get kids to ‘eat’ their veggies!!

  72. Audrey says

    I like broccoli, kale, spinach, collards…

    I would probably add this too smoothies and chia puddings. And probably just drink it with almond milk, too!

  73. Erica B. says

    Hello Katie! This is my first time leaving a comment on your site 🙂

    My favourite green vegetable is cucumber! I could sit and eat many cucumbers with dip or hummus specifically, eat cucumber and mayo sandwich, and even blending cucumbers in smoothies. I’ve experimented with cucumbers in spaghetti sauce and even in soup! I love cucumbers!

    I would love to have this container of Barleans Chocolate Silk. It sounds so delicious! And I often find I can curb so many cravings throughout the day by simply having a taste of chocolate. I’m really excited about product as I’ve never heard of it before! I love smoothies in the morning, and this may make my smoothies even better 🙂

    Thanks for everything you post! Your blog is amazing and so helpful when trying to eat healthier! I’ve been trying to change my life to be more fit and healthy since September and have been blessed by your website. Thank you!

  74. Hope Whitfield says

    That would HAVE to be a 4 way tie between long stem french green beans, green bell peppers, broccoli, baby spinach 🙂
    And I would add the powder to several of your recipes, though I’m thinking I would try it in the Voluminous Vanilla Ice Cream…. along with some of my other favorite substitutions/add ins!

  75. Jenn says

    Spinach is my favorite, b/c it’s so versatile. I love broccoli, but broccoli is always broccoli, no matter what you do to it.

  76. Laura M says

    I love all green vegetables…except maybe Brussels sprouts…
    And while I love eating greens, I would definitely enjoy adding this powder to recipes for everyone to enjoy, especially my friends who have more of a sweet tooth than a love for veggies. It’s a great way to enjoy food that’s good for you too!

  77. Michelle H says

    I never met a green I did not like, but spinach is probably a favorite. If I won I would use this drink for a chocolate fix without the guilt, and as a treat for the non-green loving members of my family.

  78. Michaela says

    love the pictures! can´t wait for the strawberries to really come in season.
    also while I believe it is way better to actually EAT greens instead of using a powder, I think they are so handy while travelling or living in circumstances where it is not easy to get good fresh produce.
    I think I´d say roasted broccoli. I have detested brokkoli for nearly 2 decades, but as it is your fav veggie (and I think you have an excellent taste when it comes to food :)) I thought I should give it a go and I love it!

  79. Marie Wright says

    hmmm, I love most green veggies, Kale, Broccoli, Spinach, Fresh Green Beans, etc….. Yummy. I would love to have some Chocolate silk to have a sweet smoothie w/out the guilt. Sounds Heavenly.

  80. Shanleigh says

    Favorite green vegetable is definitely the artichoke. I grew up eating them and now our kitchen is literally artichoke themed. Between tiles, pictures, rugs, curtains, fake artichokes, etc, there are well over 100 artichoke representations in my kitchen.

  81. Linda says

    Asparagus might be my favorite veggie, even tho’ I love them all! I would definitely use this powder in my smoothies (especially peanut butter/banana/chocolate!). Can imagine I could add it to anything I want to have a yummy chocolate flavor!

  82. Kim says

    Wow…this looks good!
    My favorate green vegetable would have to be Kale and Spinach …I use them in every thing from my breakfast to my Smoothies! My 4 kids even don’t mind them!
    I could think of a bunch of ways to use chocolate greens…it would fit right in to so many of your yummy recipes! I am on a homemade ice cream kick right now so I wonder how it would taste in homemade ice cream 😉

  83. donna says

    Can I only pick ONE favorite green vegetable? If so, then I guess I choose broccoli. Even though asparagus, brussell sprouts, spinach, english cucumbers, and zucchini aren’t far behind!

  84. MaryJane Higgins says

    I’ve recently rediscovered brussels sprouts. Love them roasted and then put in vitamix with and butternut squash and vegetable or chicken broth to make a “to die for” soup. Also love kale. Would love to try these Chocolate Greens.

  85. Karen S says

    My favorite green veggie is brocolli, cooked, raw, in salads, etc. I love it!
    Thanks so much to you and The Barleans Company for this great giveaway!

  86. Jaime says

    If i had to pick, i would say asparagus on the grill…mmmmm. I would like to use this in my morning smoothy. The day gets away from me sometimes and i am left needing my greens for the day. sigh. looking forward to trying this whether i win it or not. thanks!

  87. Sarah D says

    I would make this smoothie or a quick breakfast-on-the-run smoothie of this powder and milk. I’m nursing my 2-month old and always hungry, so this quick, healthy snack would be perfect. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Emma says

      oops, favorite GREEN veggie!

      I’d have to go with broccoli in that case. Or maybe spinach. Artichokes? Ack! Too many to choose from!

  88. Cat says

    Couldn’t possibly pick a favorite green veggie. Love ’em all! (Ever tried fiddleheads?)
    I’d make chocolate banana smoothies every morning.

  89. Kate says

    I can’t pick just one fave – split between broccoli, green beans, and zucchini! I would definitely try this shake if I won the powder or make chocolate pumpkin pudding.

  90. Addie says

    If I won the powder I would sneak it into my husband’s diet. He is the pickiest eater EVER. He is 27 and has a list of about 10 foods he eats, none of them being vegetable. He eats chicken tenders, sausage and egg biscuits, strawberry frosted pop tarts, sausage gravy and biscuits, chocolate milkshakes, chocolate milk, bakery chocolate chip cookies and pizza shop pizza. Every now and then he will eat a banana but that is about as good as it gets. He is always complaining how tired he is and I tell him it’s because he is malnutritioned. Maybe this would be an answer for him!

  91. JenniferH says

    My favorite green veggie…sugar snap peas 🙂 I grow them and they never make it inside, because I’m eating them as I’m gardening. Thanks for the wonderful blog. You have a great sense of humor and it really comes across in your writing.

    • Dee says

      I’m the same way when my hubby grows snap peas, or green beans for that matter! The only way he can keep me from eating them before I make it to the house is to spray them with a soap and cayenne spray . . . he says it’s for bugs . . . I think he might be lying! 😉

  92. Dee says

    I love Spinach! Kind of in a Popeye way! For like 6 years after I had my gallbladder out I couldn’t touch lettuce or spinach . . . Then I found a Spinach Olive Oil, dried cherry, slivered almond sautee recipe (cooked veggies were never a problem, except for broccoli) and went hog wild, ate it nearly every day. Then I slowly started trying it raw! Yay, it didn’t make me sick!

    I also use spinach in all of my smoothie recipes. An easy way to get in an extra serving of veggies with breakfast!

  93. Lauren says

    As so many others stated, I would have to say spinach is my favorite green….especially in smoothies or salads!

  94. Patti says

    My favorite veggie is roasted broccoli! I also love spinach, I would put this product in my green smoothies! YUM!

  95. Katherine D. says

    If I won, I would make the most delicious green monster smoothies with this powder 🙂

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (Dot) com

  96. Melaina says

    Favorite veggie… do I have to pick just one?! Kale, spinach, carrots!! This powder would be a GREAT way to supplement my post work-out shakes!!

  97. Robin G. says

    My favorite would be spinach for sure! I love spinach salads with strawberries or mandarin slices with almonds and raspberry vinaigrette. And I would use the powder to make your lovely smoothie. Yum!

  98. Michelle says

    I love broccoli! I eat it or green beans most dinners steamed with carrots. I try to always eat a green vegetable as at least one of three veggie sides each night with my chicken. I’m also on a smoothie kick now that I just bought a blender for the first time in my life (I have seen the light! haha). I’m enjoying experimenting with milk vs. yogurt vs. ice vs. powders. This giveaway would be right up my alley! 🙂

  99. Dona says

    Kale is the BOMB! I have seen the Barleans powder and was curious. I don’t think I would ever replace my kale and spinach with a powder, but I would love to add it in and pump up the nutritional quotient.

  100. Chloe says

    You are asking a tough question! My favorite at the moment would have to be spinach, I think! The first thing I though of using this for was your chocolate pancake recipe with the greens mix, although this is just a different brand! But this also sounds like it would taste good mixed with a berry flavored pancake batter too, or even peanut butter…mmm!

  101. Krista says

    I am not really looking to win anything, since I live in France, and that might be a long trip for that container to make (if I did win, you could send it to my mom in Houston!). My real point in commenting is to tell you that you inspired the making of a delicious milkshake containing the following ingredients:
    Large banana
    A bunch of pitted, frozen cherries
    Greek style yogurt (sheep’s milk, but you could do silken tofu, I would think)
    Cocoa powder
    Agave syrup
    Soy milk

    It got a nice, creamy wine color, and since I love chocolate covered cherries, I found it oh so yummy. Can’t believe I had never thought to do that before. Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you can get frozen cherries there. Not sure how the jarred kind would fare.

  102. Karen D. says

    I am absolutely in love with kale! Kalicious smoothie, kale and soba noodles, sauteed with garlic, raw kale massaged salad… I love it. I would live to try chocolate greens. Sounds wonderful.

  103. Lisa @bitesforbabies says

    I LOVE the consistency that frozen fruit gives to smoothies! I’m hooked! I make mine thick enough to eat with a spoon…who would have thought that “fruit” smoothies could be so indulgent!!

  104. Suzie says

    MMM, I love me a good smoothie or healthy shake, especially chocolate! My favorite green vegetable will have to spinach, its so versatile and healthy! But honestly love them all. Thanks for the post!

  105. Kendra says

    I would love to use this in our smoothies when I run out of greens or when we need a break from the ones we’ve been eating!

  106. Danielle says

    Right now, like the rest of the world, I seem to be all about kale. Poor broccoli, I’m neglecting you so.

  107. Krista says

    P.S. I forgot to tell you what I’d do with that powder. I’d make that same shake again, but trying it with the powder to see the results. And, I think my favorite green veggie might vary depending on my mood. My first thought was rocket salad. Love its pepperiness. But, I really LOVE kale. I can’t get it here in France. It’s like they don’t even know that it exists, which makes me sad. I would eat it all the time if I could. I haven’t had much success growing it yet though.

  108. Sophia says

    My favorite green veggie would be a tie between broccoli and artichokes!
    If I won this chocolate silk greens powder, I would give it my mother- Because she has celiacs disease she needs all the help she can get to get more nutrition into her diet!

  109. Stacey says

    I would use this for my 6 yr old who has a strong food aversion and low weight from it. His doctor prescribed boost and he can’t stand it. Frankly, all the additives make me question whether it has any benefit. I would like to blend this with some thick pure coconut milk in hope that he and my 2 other kids will drink it.

    My favorite green is all of them but maybe kale hits the top

  110. Iris H. says

    Fresh broccoli is my fav green veggie! I bet this product would be great in some greek yogurt as an evening snack/dessert! Can’t wait to try it!

  111. Katherine C. says

    I would totally use these in my black bean brownies recipe, because then I’m only a food group away from them meeting all my nutritional requirements. In a brownie.

  112. Lorissa says

    Ah this looks delish! Definitely would use it in almost every smoothie/”ice cream”/milkshake I make. (which is a lot) I feel like this would b perfect in the healthy shamrock shake! Getting hungry just thinking about it. Mmmm

    As for my favorite green veggie…that’s a toughie…probably broccoli! Steamed with lemon, raw, with mustard, cooked in olive oil…they’re great no matter what yah do!

  113. Tina says

    Favorite Green – Spinach!! Especially on pizza or in omelets!! I love to try new things so have really enjoyed coming across your blog (the non-avacado guac dip was a HUGE hit yesterday as part of our St. Patrick’s Day fun!!). I find new products intriguing and have never heard of Barlean’s Greens…would love to check it out. Sounds like it might be good mixed in with several of your recipes. And, if you can bake with it, I’d for sure try to use it to make some healthy but yummy after school snacks for the kids!! Always trying to sneak in some extra nutrients since they are quite the picky eaters! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  114. dc says

    Hmm… favorite.. that’s a tough one, but I’d say a top fav veggie is kale, the dark red kind, or the flat lacinato variety. Although I do think spinach is probably the most versatile (easiest to use in recipes, sub for lettuce, used in smoothies etc.) I’ve never tried a ‘veggie’ powder, and not sure I nutritionally need it, but it does sound intriguing and would be fun to try!

  115. Jena says

    Kale. Blend it, bake it, drizzle a dressing—we’re learning to love it!
    I think I could use the green powder in all our smoothies, but especially in mint choc chip. Yum!

  116. Amanda says

    That looks fantastic! My favorite green vegetable is grilled asparagus, and I would love to use the chocolate silk in my oatmeal 🙂

  117. Tricia says

    My favorite green veggie would have to be fresh spinach! Yay! I would really like this powder so I can try this smoothie. 🙂

  118. Cathy says

    Hi Katie,
    I love broccoli! I would use it a lot, everything I eat I try to make nutritious, bc I want to be healthy and I am most likely sharing it with a two yr old. When I make your cakebatter milkshake I add toddler supreme which is a vanilla vitamin drink I bought when my doctor said I should by feeding my son cows milk. However my two yr old did not like it, but he loves it in your shakes. If you say this powder is good, I bet it is delish. I love all your recipes, I have desert everyday sometimes twice. Almost everyday we have one of your breakfasts. Anyways I would use the chocolate greens, to make shakes, double chocolate cookies anyone?, oh chocolate pancakes (or maybe even your red velvet pancakes), 5minute chocolate cake, the ideas could be endless! Thanks!

  119. Sam says

    My favorite green veggie is either spinach or broccoli.

    I would use the powder in my morning smoothie. Nothing beats chocolate!

  120. Shannon C says

    I love kale. I’d use this powder for myself and to sneak in some greens for the kids. They love smoothies.

  121. Kayla says

    My favorite green vegetable is probably spinach. But, I also like asparagus! Do avocados count as a vegetable? haha. I would use this in LOTS of stuff!! Smoothies, puddings, maybe your raw chocolate pie… basically everything! Oatmeal, yumm!! Now I really hope I get this!!

  122. mary says

    I LOVE Brussel Sprouts! LOVE THEM!!

    I have never had this chocolate mix before so I would probably try it in everything possible that could have chocolate 🙂

  123. Carry says

    Spinach and mushrooms are my favorite veggies. I think I’d use the chocolate greens in my pancake batter. Always looking for ways to sneak veggies into the kids’ breakfast!

  124. Jennifer Heether says

    my absolute favorite green is kale! I have never tried the chocolate greens, now im so intrigued!!!

  125. Lauren says

    I love pretty much all greens, but brussel sprouts probably take the cake (yes, I’m weird). And I would probably use Silk Greens in a banana softserve.

  126. Shannon says

    I’d have to say that my favorite green vegetable would be the familiar ol’ steamed broccoli. So delicious, even plain. As for this fancy Chocolate Silk, I’d probably through some in my morning oat bran along side my PB and banana.

  127. Michele says

    Hi Katie! My favorite green vegetable is hands down BROCOLLI! I love it in garlic olive oil and so does my 7 yr old!!

  128. Jean Weiss says

    My favorite green vegetable is definitely spinach, as you can use it in such a variety of recipes; from sweet smoothies to savory salads.

  129. Jennifer says

    I love so many green veggies it’s hard to choose. Maybe artichokes would be it. That’s my “turkey” on thanksgiving…a big fat artichoke!

    I’d use the powder any way you recommend. Haven’t steered me wrong yet. I’ve never heard of the stuff but plan to look into it. Thanks!

  130. Shawnna T-EL says

    My favorite green are Collard Greens….love them made with spicy chili peppers! If I won this chocolate powder, I would use this to attempt my raw chocolate mousse one more time. I made it with a recipe that called for carob powder the first time, and let’s just say I was less than impressed with it…BLECH!!!

  131. angela says

    i like roasted broccoli best (with garlic and pharm), but i like romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and avocado lots too

  132. Kristin says

    I would definitely make smoothies of some sort every day if I won the Barleans Chocolate Silk Greens… I am so guilty of not eating enough veggies every 🙁

  133. Kathy says

    My favorite recipe has to be spinach. I love them in green smoothies, though I don’t drink them much.
    I’d use the powder in this smoothie, or any other smoothie I want to add some nutritients to!

  134. Jenny says

    Hi, Katie! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now; however, this is my first comment. I don’t remember how I stumbled across your site, or what I was looking for, but I was instantly drawn to your outrageous looking desserts, and the fact that they are healthy is such a huge factor (which, you obviously already know!). I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest, and I come back to your blog every day. I love to eat, cook, bake, and find ways to live healthier, and your blog is one of the best I’ve seen. I really admire what you’re doing (and your chocolate tooth – because as long as you have that, you’ll keep posting). Every photo is gorgeous, and every recipe looks divine. I am not a vegan, but I am trying to find ways to eat and live better for my myriad health problems, but I still want to enjoy my life, including what I eat! So, thank you for your concerted efforts (and all the taste-testing!) in making your readers’ lives, attitudes, and appetites healthier and happier! You and your words are a real blessing. Now, I shall take a crack at the blog question, and at winning that giant container of greens. 🙂 My favorite greens are broccoli, kale, and spinach; I love the versatility of all of them and I eat them raw, cooked, baked, in salads, on pizza, in smoothies, in soups…the options are practically limitless. *I will say, though, that I recently tried your roasted cauliflower with BBQ sauce, which is now an added favorite even though it’s not a green veg, but worth you knowing, due to the fact that I’ve never been a fan of the texture or flavor of the brainy-looking stuff, but I know it is so good for me, and you devised a method that has cured my cauliflower blues! But, I digress. As for what I would do with the Barlean’s Chocolate Silk Greens, I’m sure I would add it to smoothies, but I might also try it in some sort of pudding, mixed into an ice cream, or possibly in bars. If you create any lovely recipes using the greens, please post them. Thanks, Katie!

  135. Teresa G says

    KALE…hands down! Raw, please…now I want to make a salad just thinkin about it! I’ve gotten into vegan baking lately and would like to see how I could incorporate this powder into some recipes for the added health factor~

  136. jennifer says

    I just got on the kale bandwagon. I actually may have been doing so many years ago when I would go out to eat and they used it as a garnish on my plate, but I actaully ate it. I knew it was good for me. Now it is now mainstream at all supermarket stores. I have it in my stir fry and make Kale chips. I wonder how nice the Barlean’s cocoa would be sprinkled on the chips. I can only know if I am the lucky one who gets this give away; I don’t think it is available up here on the Pacific Coast of BC.

  137. Jenn says

    Spinach is my favorite green veggie! I would love to try this powder in my daily smoothie. I am always looking for a way to include more chocolate – wait, I mean green veggies into my diet!!

  138. Clarissa says

    My fave is probably spinach because it’s neutral tasting so you can throw it in pretty much anything. 🙂

  139. Lissa says

    love green smoothies…wish I had more time to make them in the morning. I would definitely experiment with this powder in smoothies!

  140. Rebecca Gillespie says

    Currently my favorite green veggie is brussels sprouts! Roasted in the oven they are soooo yummy!

  141. Donna says

    Favorite veggies are spinach, kale and brocolli. I get protein as well as all the other good stuff from spinach and brocolli. I would use the chocolate silk in spaghetti or 3-bean chilli. Currently I add in a bit of cinnamon. So this would add some extra zing!

  142. kim says

    I love broccoli with cheese sauce… does my dog! We are both fighting for leftovers. But since he can’t have anything with chocolate, the Barleans would be all mine so I’d gladly give him the broccoli leftovers!


  143. Stephanie Davis says

    My favorite green veggie would have to be broccoli. Or spinach. Or asparagus. Can I only leave one?

  144. Brianna says

    My favorite green veggies are Brussels, spinach, and asparagus! I’d use the powder for smoothies and to flavor delicious oatmeal! Great alternative 🙂

  145. Molly says

    My favorite green vegetable is Zucchini because you can eat it raw or bake breads, cakes, muffins, etc. with it!

  146. Meghan says

    green veggie? Green beans or zucchini. yummmmm..

    I’ve never heard of the powder though, sounds amazing!! I would probably use all of it way too quickly…and put it in everything I could imagine to put it in….

  147. Sara says

    Oh my goodness, my favorite green vegetable? Difficult. Very difficult. I guess I’ll go with zucchini, but greens and green beans are a close second and third. And what about broccoli? And brussels sprouts? Oh and basil? YUUUUUM.

  148. Cyhyraeth says

    Artichokes. I skip the fancy versions that call for heavy sauces- just boil the things whole and then strip the veggie-meat from the leaves with your teeth. You’re almost guaranteed to savor them, though that’s mostly because there’s no way to eat them quickly because the outer leaves have spiny little claws that bite back if you’re careless. And the artichoke heart? Like a little furry treasure.

    Er, minus the fur. Always scoop out the fur before eating. Nom.

  149. Tamu says

    I’m thinking I could use this to boost the chocolate frosting shots recipe you posted. Even though it started out a little bitter from all the cocoa powder (and required a lot of sweetener), it was excellent. Esp. on the top of the 1 minute chocolate cake!
    Anyway, my favorite green vegetables might be kale, collard, and turnip greens.

  150. Shelby (everydayvegangirl) says

    I’m not sure I could pick only one. I love all leafy greens…kale, spinach, arugula, collards, swiss chard. I don’t think I’ve met a green veggie I don’t like! I could use this powder for anything and everything chocolate…I routinely make my S’mores oatmeal
    that I could use this powder in since I don’t have any other veggies in this meal.

  151. Kate Hollstrom says

    Favorite green veggie: Spinach. It’s the one green veggie I can hide in my morning shake and not taste! This powder would be awesome!

  152. Marissa says

    My favorite green veggie is definitely zucchini! And since I don’t just want to leave my comment at that, I’ll also say that my husband and I would use this powder every day in a yummy fruit smoothie that we do for breakfast; fruits and veggies all in one, PLUS chocolate what else could be better when you’re 25 weeks pregnant like I am?! 😀

  153. Sandra says

    Love all your yummy recipes! I would use the powder with peanut butter for the center of homemade Reese’s cups! 🙂

  154. Sunnie says

    I’m gonna be plain honest here . . .
    I love brussel sprouts. LOVE THEM. They are like teeny cabbage babies . . . yummy, sweet, a little crunchy, and delicious drizzled with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and a little grated black pepper on top. I could fall over just thinking about them.

    Franklin was my favorite show when I was little (remember the little green turtle?). He always hated brussel sprouts though, and I could never quite relate . . .

  155. marti says

    favorite green vegetable?? how to pick just one!! i would have to say is such a treat, and i could eat it every day! my roomie and i call spring asparagus season! her family picks it wild and we have enough to literally have it at every meal and we DO! 🙂 sooo good grilled, steamed, boiled..roasted…yummmmm

  156. Jo says

    My favorite green vegetable changes on a weekly basis but lacinato kale is always wayy up there! Green beans are pretty amazing too, especially raw dipped in hummus!

    I would love to add this powder to smoothies and maybe brownies? mmmm

  157. Sasha Lopez says

    Spinach!! Great fresh as greens in everything including salads, can go into almost any smoothie without harming the taste for those not a fan and so healthy.

  158. Melissa says

    Broccoli! I know that I don’t eat enough of my veggies despite my love for all of them. I would use this to ensure that I get more of the required nutrients that my body needs. That, and a chocolate fix at the same time! 🙂

  159. mrsluckypants says

    Well first I’d try your chocolate silk smoothie and hope my kids would love it. Evil laugh. Getting more veggies/nutrients in them would be a plus. Favorite green veggie would have to be asparagus or brocolli or green beans. It’s hard to choose. Thanks for reviewing this powder, I might have never heard about it if it weren’t for you.

  160. Katie says

    I have yet to find a green vegetable that I do not like. Asparagus, cucumber, spinach, kale, bell peppers…any peppers, broccoli, beans, peas, artichoke, squash… I love them all. And I would LOVE to try out this giant container of Barleans Chocolate Silk. Because, next to vegetables, chocolate is at the top of my list! I’d add it to my daily shake. Yum!

  161. Dina says

    sounds perfect for smoothies for the kids too!! love getting in some more greens into their diets!
    my favorite green- Kale, in smoothies!

  162. Claire says

    Broccoli! Regardless of how it’s prepared, it’s delicious. I would probably either use this powder in milkshakes (like you did) orrrr possibly in oatmeal.

  163. Anna Mortensen says

    Hmmm… My favorite green veggie is kale! And I ate it for the first time about 6 months ago. It was love at first bite. I imagine I’d use this in any number of things. Smoothies for sure. But it also sounds like it would be good in chocolate fudge cake and chocolate pumpkin bars. Mmmmmm…

  164. Yang says

    Favorite green veggie is for sure asparagus! Love it when grilled, sauteed, or even steamed with a splash of favorite dressing!

  165. Laura says

    My favorite green vegetable is broccoli. I can’t get enough! I think it’s because my mom was addicted to broccoli when she was pregnant with me.

  166. Deb says

    Kale! I will give the chocolate silk a try in my daily green smoothie. Thanks for letting us know about this product.

  167. Carrie says

    Hey Katie! First, cucumbers for the win! In ANY form ( I ❤ pickles!). I would make a super-healthy chocolate protein bar (inspired by you) to be used after working out.

    This looks fabulous by the way. 🙂 I’m currently water/juice fast and pop in over here for the occasional food porn. You’re pictures are almost lickable!

  168. Melissa says

    I would definately incorporate this into my smoothie routine. I have a green smoothie every morning, so this would be a great way to mix things up.

  169. Lea says

    I don’t think I could pick a favorite green vegetable, they’re all so good! I’ve been on a serious brussels sprout kick lately though!

  170. Roxanne says

    This looks amazing! I would love to get one of these Barlean’s. As for favorite greens, it would have to be spinach. I love it raw, cooked, or mixed in my smoothies. It’s the best!

  171. Ellen says

    My favorite green veggie? Well, there’s a lot of options… but I’ll have to go with broccoli! I’ve loved it since I was little! And I definitely use the powder in smoothies… and maybe oatmeal?

  172. Lexi_in_joon says

    Gosh, I LOVE all greens. I guess if I had to choose a favorite it would be
    brocoli! Super filling and so yummy. I’d use the powder in this smoothie, oatmeal, and maybe add to the graham cracker recipe for a chocolatey twist!

  173. Laura L says

    hmmm….i think spinach and asparagus. but there sure are a lot of good ones out there. you really sold me on this recipe, seriously craving this now! hope i win! or that i find the powder somewhere soon!

  174. Crystal says

    Whoo hoo!! Give-a-way time!!!

    Face green veggie? I have many: broccoli, cucumber, spinach, asparagus, chayote (it’s a small light green squash-like thing), green peppers, celery…do I need to go on? And I make smoothies daily, so I’d just incorporate the Chocolate greens into which ever smoothie I decided to make. (Today it’s the mint chocolate chop smoothie you blogged about for St. Patty’s day, but without the mint…so it’s a green vanilla chocolate chip flavoured smoothie!!)

  175. Heather Levasseur says

    My infant has a SERIOUS sweet tooth – while I was pregnant it gave ME a serious sweet tooth that never really went away when he was born and I started breastfeeding. I’ve always loved greens – spinach and kale are my favorites, but since this baby boy has taken over my system, I find myself struggling to choose the good stuff over the “good” stuff. One way or another, I think I’m going to have to procure myself some of this product, but getting a stash to start with will certainly help bring me and my munchkin to a happy harmony!!

  176. Joanne says

    Yum, that looks delish Katie! Favorite green veggie? It is impossible to pick one…LOL. Has to be peas, fresh of course, or asparagus-love that green stick! Oh and baby bok choi, Yum! Wanna try your Chocolate Silk Smoothie with the barlean’s or maybe just some guilt free chocolate almond milk!

  177. Joelle says

    It’s gotta be asparagus. Or maybe spinach… Or brussel sprouts!! There are too many good green veggies!! I can’t pick just one 🙂

  178. Etain says

    I love Spinach! I add some fresh green leaves to all my smoothies. For variety I like Collards, Kale, Beet, and Turnip greens too. I’d love some of the Barlean’s because I’m betting it contains some wheat or barley grass, and I rarely find that fresh. 🙂

  179. Holli says

    Spinach! I may be slowly moving toward kale but for now it’s still spinach! Hmm I’m thinking the powder would go well in some chocolate dehydrator cookies! I’ve actually made some of your raw batter/dough recipes and then shaped them in cookies to make in the dehydrator. Works pretty well! I especially like the lower sugar chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter style.

    But mostly the barlean’s powder would be a great way to get some veggies in the drinks and shakes I make for my boyfriend. (I can only use so much spinach before he notices)

    And the math symbol for “way greater than” is just >>
    (Physics major here ;))

    • Holli says

      Now that I think about it, favorite green veggie to eat just all on its own would be raw green beans. The only vegetable I would touch when I was little. And it HAD to be raw.

  180. Lisa says

    hmm, favorite green vegetable? I have so many that I can’t pick just one…love green beans, green peppers, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, wow, I could go on and on 🙂

  181. Debbie says

    I have loved broccoli for as long as i can remember. The other kids would tease me because I had broccoli for lunch so often.
    I make a green smoothie for breakfast most mornings. I would love to try the Chocolate SIlk Greens in it.

  182. Lisa says

    I love any kind of leafy green that I can blend into my smoothie and not taste but get all the phytonutrients from… I would use this powder to enhance my smoothies- would also come in handy when I run out of greens or when I am in a hurry and don’t really have time to clean my greens…

  183. Breanne says

    My favorite green vegetables are peas! So sweet and delicious–like nature’s summer candy. But I also LOVE bokchoy which is mostly green.

    Thanks Katie!

  184. Aimee says

    Heck, I’ll tell you both. My favorite green veggie is broccoli. It’s so darn delicious. And if I had this powder I would use it daily for my daughter who has a hard time consuming enough veggies but has no problem with tasty treats!

  185. Meri says

    I just tried this recipe, and it was sooooo good! I used cocoa powder and sweetened it with agave nectar. Heaven! Anyway, as for green veggies, it’s a tie between broccoli and spinach

  186. Gwendolyn says

    My most fav veggie is kale. Ive recently made a lot of choices in our family, to be healthy. Weve cut out meat and dairy, aside from cheese. That’ll come later :). I’ve been concentrating on feeding my family more natural fruits and vegetables rather than processed foods. It’s been a full time job finding recipes and foods that are healthy and yet still taste good. I was so happy to find your site! I know it will help out immensely! My four girls’ ages range from 5 to 13. I want to teach them that healthy food can taste good too! My girls love smoothies for breakfast. If I won the powder, I would use it in their smoothies 🙂

  187. Stephanie says

    My favorite green veggie is asparagus!! It’s funny how our taste buds change when we get older…I used to hate it as a child!

  188. Shannon says

    I love carmalized Brussels sprouts. Sounds weird but they are so, so good just chop em up and sautée with some garlic, olive oil, and brown sugar! Yum!! Love my greens in any form though, spinach smoothies, big salads, kale chips..

  189. Shadé says

    I can’t decide between kale and avocado! Really I love all the green vegetables except Lima beans and green peas!! Lol

  190. Celeste Cochran says

    Yummmm, I’d use this to make your delicious Chocolate Silk Smooothie! My favorite green vegetable is probably spinach!

    Thanks so much, Katie!

  191. Kristi Bailey says

    My favorite green veggie is asparagus.
    I would use this product as
    you described in your recipe & give it to my
    Three girls. They do not eat
    nearly enough greens & I know it would be
    good because it was tried & tested by you.
    I may venture out from there to try additional
    breakfast smoothies. I am always looking for
    something that is healthy & taste good for all
    of us!

  192. June says

    Favorite greens: asparagus, spinach and broccoli! This would also be fabulous if you subbed nut butter in for the strawberries! Or even some mint leaves

  193. LDT says

    I suppose green olives don’t count as a vegetable…
    I love sugar snap peas, snow peas, spinach, basil, kale, celery, broccoli, brussel sprouts… I could go on. I suppose if I had to pick a favourite it would be broccoli.

    By the sounds of it, this Chocolate Silk Greens would be great in almond milk ice cream or pudding… Darn, now I’m craving chocolate!

  194. suzanne says

    I love green veggies – I have to stop myself from adding too much spinach to my smoothie in the morning and eat gobs of veggies all day – spinach , kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus….to hard to pick just one! I still love the powders though and especially for my boyz who are not quite the veggie lovers I am! We have a big smoothie every morning (when I am stocking up at the store – the employees look at me like I have a disease or something!)

  195. Nicole says

    Baby spinach. Broccoli. Roasted green beans. No, wait! My mom’s kale soup! Mustard greens. Baby lettuces. Do I have to pick just one??

  196. Heather McClees says

    Hi Katie! LOVELY post! I love the new product, and would definitely be using it in my morning smoothies, WITH my favorite green vegetable- asparagus! I mix asparagus, kale, spinach, stevia, Artisana coconut butter, almond milk, and a chocolate green powder ( usually Amazing Grass ) into my smoothie with lots of ice, topped off with some blueberries. It is DELICIOUS, and your new recipe looks awesome!: ) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  197. Raiganp says

    My favorite vegetable would be broccoli! I eat it everyday. I also have no problem getting my vegetable intake. I would use the powder in shakes and maybe add some to pancakes!

  198. Angela says

    I can’t pick a favourite!! Brussel sprouts, spinach, kale, cucumber, sugar snap peas… STOP ME!!
    I would probably take all of them and blend them up with that chocolate powder!!

  199. Stacey says

    My favorite green veggie is either kale, or spinach, or brussel sprouts – I really like them all! What would I do with this powder- toss it into my daily shake!

  200. Camilla says

    I don’t think I have a favorite 😮 I like many green veggies. If I *had* to pick though…I suppose broccoli…it’s pretty versatile…but also leafy greens in general can be used in a variety of ways, so they’re pretty cool, too.

  201. Debbie (Accidently Delish) says

    favorite green veggie at the moment (i love my veggies) is broccoli and asparagus because its in season now!!

    this looks amazing and i’ve never seen a chocolate flavor! i would love to make this smoothie, maybe add some mint to it?

  202. Kathryn says

    My favorite green vegetable is zucchini, good bbq, stir fried and made into bread! I would use the greens in my chocolate protein shake in the mornings

  203. Anna Mumau says

    My favorite green veggie is SPINACH! I love it in salads, lasagna, smoothies, ice cream, and so much more. I would use Chocolate Silk in my protein shakes, in chocolate milk, and ice cream 🙂

  204. Barb says

    Spinach — no wonder Popeye loved it! It can be worked into every meal. This is my first post on your site EVER. Thanks for so many great ideas and recipes.

  205. Karen says

    I have the palate of a 5 year old so I routinely sneak vegetables into my diet. My blender could be considered medical equipment – lol.
    Greens in chocolate? Oh yeah!

  206. Loie says

    I know it’s weird, but I actually really love brussel sprouts. Roasted in the oven with olive oil + garlic.. YUM.

  207. gabi says

    kale is my favorite!! love to make kale chips.

    i’d love to try the greens powder in this smoothie recipe 🙂

  208. Anne says

    Green Beans are my favorite….although I am trying to learn to love more of them! I could definately use this poweder to make great shakes and get more greens in my diet.

  209. Lacey says

    My favorite green vege is ALL of them! And I would use the powder to make my daughter healthy chocolate treats like ice cream 🙂

  210. Alyssa says

    My go-to green is spinach, but there’s a raw food restaurant nearby that makes a kale salad that is just beyond! I’m trying to find a way to bribe the recipe out of them…
    I’ll bet one could make a nice chocolate green smoothie with this powder. Yum!!!!

  211. Lena says

    I love celery! Everyone always thinks I’m so weird when I say that, but I really do. And it’s so fun munching it 🙂

  212. Molly says

    I would have to go with avocado…okay okay so it is technically a fruit, but I love them sooo much! Or kale, I really like the heartiness of it and how dark green some varieties are…you just know it is bursting with healthy goodness! I would definitely use this powder with the strawberries, I love chocolate and strawberries!!

  213. Britany says

    I love spinach; sautéed, fresh in a salad, or blended into a smoothie, so I would use this powder to help make mine and my toddler’s (who of course hates veggies but loves my fortified smoothies) even healthier.

  214. Kristen says

    Its definitely hard to pick a favourite green veggie but since its thankfully in season I’d have to say asparagus. As much as I love chard, spinach, broccoli etc. etc. I eat asparagus by the pound. I grow my own delicious pencil thin spears but I don’t know that I’d ever be able to grow enough! The chocolate silk powder sounds great, I can’t wait to try it.

  215. Vicki says

    My favorite green veggie – home grown peas! Thanks Katie, and thanks Barleans! I love Barleans Oils. I’d love this chocolate powder for making yummy smoothies for my family.

  216. Heather says

    ummm…..sugar snap peas. As someone who often falls short on the veggie end of things I would love to try this! Also, can you really get TOO MANY veggies???? 🙂

  217. Jennifer says

    I think I love too many green vegetables–broccoli rabe, spinach, kale, cucumbers (though technically a fruit), lettuces of all kinds, arugula, string beans, zucchini, peas, asparagus… Is that enough?

  218. CarylMay Herlyck says

    My favorite green vegetable is Kale! Love it in soup and in smoothies and it is also a great garnish! I would use this chocolate silk for smoothies and desserts!! Thanks!


  219. Kerry says

    I love all green vegetables! It’s so hard to choose a favorite. My top 3 right now would have to be spinach, kale, and brussels sprouts. This chocolate powder looks great! I would love to try it in smoothies, and maybe even mixed in my oatmeal!

  220. Tawnee says

    My favorite green vegetable…can I only choose one?!

    I think that award has to go to broccoli. There’s just something soooo perfect about a plate of simple, garlic roasted broccoli with a little tempeh.

  221. Jolene says

    Are you kidding me? Pick one favorite green veggie. I don’t think it’s possible. Spinach, avocados, green beans, peas, broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, I have to say green veggies are my favorite. I think I might try a chocolate green monster smoothie if I won.

  222. Abby says

    My favorite green veggie… That’s a hard decision I haven’t thought about before. The first one that pops into my head is asparagus.
    I would use that giant can of Barleans to make the amazing smoothie you just posted, and a few variations of the same!
    Thank you so much for your recipes!!! You have made my switch to living a new lifestyle SO worth it!

  223. Janice says

    I love spinach and broccoli, but I’ll take asparagus, Brussel sprouts or sugar snap peas anytime. I have 2 under 2 so I am very busy and I would use this in shakes on mornings I know I will be out and about all day and short of my green intake.

  224. Nicky says

    Well, I’d use this product to make chocolate smoothies of all kinds and forms because my daughter absolutely loves chocolate and has been begging me for chocolate milk since we found out we needed to change our diet to be dairy – free… so she would just love this!

  225. Christa says

    I LOVE to make some of your shakes as my post-run refuel snack to get my sugar levels back up (after a little gatorade of course!). This powder would be great to add to them since it has the extra nutrients.

    Keep the recipes coming Katie! I haven’t tried one that my tastebuds didn’t like. 🙂

  226. Christina Lengyel says

    My favorite green veggie? Asparagus! Which btw is an AWESOME substitute in guacamole, which I don’t like either. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  227. Sarah the official CCK drooler-we pick Rick says

    The sign for way greater than is w>. I totally made that up. Not that you could tell 🙂

    Fave green? I guess I’ll have one when I’m 18. Right now, my mom still has to cover it up- or I won’t really eat it. I am gonna save a TON of money not buying kale for my kids to eat (when they CLEARLY don’t want to). AHEM, Mother.

  228. Erica says

    It’s tough to pick my favorite green veggie- I love them all! But I’d have to say broccoli, especially steamed and topped with nutritional yeast!

  229. Caitlin says

    Spinach and Edamame!

    I would use it every day in my post-workout shake. Or in smoothies. Possibly both.

    *greens are that important, yup*

  230. Chelsea says

    My favorite green veggie is probably broccoli, roasted in the oven. Spinach is a close second, I love it in green smoothies and salads!

  231. Ivey says

    So hard to choose- but I think since this veggie has been a favorite since I was four and chose it over ice cream, I’ll have to go with broccoli!

  232. Selina says

    Favorite green? Oh, I dunno If I can choose just one. I love spinach for my morning green smoothies! But Kale makes any awesome raw salad. And arugula shows up in my diet quite a bit too.

    Truth be told if I were to win, I’d likely use this to make my husbands smoothies. He likes his smoothies sweet and isn’t a fan of the green smoothie. Plus he probably doesn’t get as much greens in his diet as I do. 🙂

  233. Pamela says

    Broccoli!! Or spinach…depends if cooking or munching. Would love to try this in smoothies or my in favorite chocolate dessert!

  234. Dorothy says

    My favorite has to be roasted brussels sprouts! I would love try to find a faster way to make a good green/chocolate smoothie.

  235. Jennie says

    I just grilled asparagus for the first time last night and fell in LOVE with it…..I think I could eat it every day 🙂 🙂 🙂

  236. Amy says

    I would use the powder in my favorite banana chocolate smoothies.
    As far as the green veggies go, too many to name, but I am on a brussel sprout kick. Roasted with olive oil, salt/pepper…they are soooo good! My kids love them, too. They are even good right out of the refrigerator.

  237. Brittany says

    Favorite green vegetable?? Well, I do love me some romaine lettuce… because there are so many different things you can do with it/put it on/put it in/etc. Although zucchini is so great too in soups and other baking/cooking endeavors… I definitely would be using this mix, though, in the mornings or maybe even after workouts as a great reward for working so hard 😉

  238. Kimberly says

    I would use this powder to make my kiddos free smoothies they would love. They turn their noses up at my “green” green smoothies. 🙂 If I don’t win (sigh), where can I buy this?

  239. Jessy says

    I have no problem consuming enough vegetables either (but I’m up for anything chocolate-related, so I would love to try this!), I love them! My favourite is definitely red bell pepper, though. We grow our own, so I eat plenty during the summer. 🙂

  240. Ashley W says

    Definitely broccoli! I would love to incorporate more green veggies in to my diet. I’ve been dealing with some health issues recently and the doctor has been urging me to move to more of a plant based diet. I think the powder would do the trick!

  241. Brinna says

    I love asparagus! Oven roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper-So yummy! But broccoli is not far behind 🙂 I really like these types of powders especially because it helps get some veggies into me before noon which usually wouldn’t happen.

  242. Kendra says

    I love spinach! I like to put a few handfuls into my protein shakes in the morning and have been trying to get my husband to do the same for all the nutritional benefits but he just won’t So this powder would be a great way for him to get his greens too.

  243. Marie Diane Mello says

    This would be an excellent addition to breakfast (or dessert) pancakes. Just imagine what you could do with this and a few mini-chocolate chips!! Wowsa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. Sonyanijntje says

    Favorite green vegetable? But there are so many!! But I think I’d go for the flat beans! They are great in Eastern as well as European dishes, and they still have a bite if you don’t overcook them. These beans just love my home-made peanut-sauce :P. (But I don’t think I’d put those beans in a green smoothie though…)

  245. Colleen Keith says

    I love spinach! It’s my sneaky vegetable, because you can put it in anything to increase the nutritional content and never notice its there 🙂 I would probably put it in this smoothie with some bananas and coconut butter 🙂

  246. Debbie says

    This sounds delish. My fave green vegetable has to be green beans. Yummy and crunchy ad try go in anything. Side dish, pasta, salads and general munching! Just out of curiosity, is there anywhere in the UK that I could buy this product from?

  247. Katie B. says

    If I had to pick one, I would probably choose kale. I LOVE making (and eating) kale chips!! But I do also like asparagus, broccoli, and spinach!

    I would probably try this powder in my protein shakes or even mixed with greek yogurt. 🙂

  248. Theresa says

    Green veggies are my favorite…broccoli, spinach, green beans. I’ve even been kinder to kale, lately. I’d use this powder for smoothies and even baked goods!!!! 🙂 Kinda neat to know that the chocolaty goodness is also good for you! Thanks for the giveaway!

  249. Sylvia (My Attempt at Balanced Living) says

    I LOVE broccoli but spinach comes in a close second especially for use in smoothies and pasta.

  250. Emily says

    My Favorite Green veggie…HmmmmNot sure I could pick just one…Broccolli,Kale,Zucchini,Spinach- I love them all!

  251. Jade C says

    Hi Katie,
    My favourite green vegetable has to be broccoli – steamed, stir-fried, roasted.. I love this veggie!! Plus it’s pretty high in protein ..for a vegetable 😉
    Jade C.

  252. Jessica C. says

    I have an answer for both! My favorite green veggie is definitely spinach. I incorporate it into almost everything and especially smoothies. I would use the Chocolate Silk greens to boost up my most favorite smoothie, Mint-chocolate chip. Yum yum! Thanks for the awesome recipe and giveaway!

  253. Taylor says

    Brussel sprouts. Hands down. I used to choose brussel sprouts over other options such as goldfish, granola bars, etc. when I was little. Apparently my mom had to have a stash in the freezer for backup purposes, just in case I went through the fresh ones in the fridge. I meant business. Needless to say, I still love them!

  254. Michelle says

    My favorite cooked green vegetable is asparagus and raw vegetable is spinach. I would love to try this to make smoothies and other things. I also think it would be a way to sneak veggies into my kids!

  255. Rebecca says

    My favorite green veggie is kale! I’m loving kale chips lately! I would use the Barlean’s Chocolate Silk in my chocolate avocado pudding, smoothies and raw ice creams. Yum! I hope I win!

  256. Lisa says

    I would say asparagus, should be sprouting in my garden soon! Can’t wait…until then the Barlean’s Green Chocolate Silk would be wonderful! 🙂

  257. Danni (Healthy Kitschy Vegan) says

    My favourite green veggie is…broccoli, kale, or spinach. I can’t choose! I love all three of them so much! AND roasted brussels sprouts!

    As for how I’d use the powder…I’d mix it into smoothies. add it to tofu pudding, and mix it into my oat bran! Yum!

  258. Sarah says

    What green vegetable don’t I like? The one I use most because it’s so versatile is probably spinach. I put it in green smoothies, add it to tofu scramble; use it in green salads… the list is endless. I LOVE CHOCOLATE so taking greens and chocolate together would be a daily usage in my kitchen. Either way, I can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  259. Faith says

    Just one favorite green? I guess I’d say asparagus…or broccoli, or avocado, or green beans. I think I have a problem.

    I’d love to try this in my oatmeal, and banana yogurt smoothies 🙂

  260. mc says

    while i don’t realy like the taste, i’d say spinach is my favorite- you can add it to most anything (smoothies too!) and it doesn’t have much taste when combined… gotta love that 🙂

  261. Amy Rock says

    Favorite green veggie would have to be green beans! Spinach is good too though! I would use this in smoothies/shakes and pancakes…

  262. monica a says

    My favorite green veggie is definitely broccoli! I could eat it all day long 🙂 I would use the powder in my oatmeal for some extra nutrition and then in my banana + pumpkin + spinach smoothie of course! 🙂

  263. Nicole says

    my favorite green is spinach…so versatile! I found your blog after doing some research on lactose free diets (my daughter and husband don’t do well with dairy)…love all your recipes and I can’t wait to try more of them!

  264. Laura says

    Dear katie,
    I love the sound of this smoothie! Ive never before heard of this powder, but it sure sounds good. I think I would use it exactly as you did or maybe try making brownies with it. 🙂
    My favourite green vegetable probably is the cucumber, but I wouldnt use that in a smoothie. 😉


  265. Janice says

    My favorite green vegetables are spinach and brocolli!! I eat them almost EVERYDAY. If I was to win this, i would definitely mix it with my banana oatmeal or my afternoon smoothie on a hot day!

  266. Jennifer Bates says

    I would love a Chocolate product that makes great smoothies. Better yet that it would hello me get some leafy greens in, I am always falling shot on the groupp.

  267. Ashley says

    Spinach would be at the top of my list, mainly because of it’s versatility. I love it raw — in a salad or blended in a smoothie. It’s also great on a white pizza or with pasta and a cashew cream sauce.

  268. Robin says

    My fave green veggie- spinach!! I add to to smoothies in the AM, or cook it down to add to an egg beater wrap with flatbread. I also really like broccoli. 🙂 As for the powder, I drink smoothies a lot, and I am a chocoholic, so it’d be perfect for me.

  269. CJ says

    Favorite green – arugula! And I’d use the powder for those emergency chocolate cravings… and probably as a post workout drink!

  270. Amanda says

    I love asparagus! And kale is a new favorite.

    I do fall short on my daily vegetable intake. It’s not that i don’t like vegetables. I love them. I just tend to snack on fruit. Thanks for posting about the product. I’ve tried an organic greens powder once before but I was not a fan. I’ll have to give this one a try.

  271. Kristi says

    I’m loving snap peas lately…they have sweet, satisfying crunch and remind me that spring is almost here! 🙂

  272. Marlee @ says

    Hey Katie!

    I absolutely adore Kale because of its versatility and high-density nutritional value. I love making Kale chips by topping pieces of Kale with oil and nutritional yeast and popping it into the oven. I also always add Kale to my smoothies – it blends with frozen fruits extremely well.

    If I got this giant container of Barleans Chocolate Silk I would start making some chocolate-flavoured smoothies, which I have never actually made! I make green + fruit smoothies every morning but I’m sure I’d love the chocolate variety (being a chocoholic and all… lol). I also think it would be a great way to get all of the nutrients I need to compliment my vegetarian diet.

    Take care 🙂


  273. Dannette says

    I would LOVE to use this in Texas Sheet Cake. Am hosting mom’s day this year and that’s on the menu. I’ll have to “practice” between now and then. Great site, Katie. Love it.

  274. michele says

    Hi Katie~this is the first time I am leaving a comment on your site,even though I’ve been following for several months. I just recently started getting healthy. You are such an inspiration! I have only tried a couple of your recipes & all have been de~lish!
    My fav green veggie is spinach! I wish I could say that sometimes I eat too many veggies, but definitely not the case for me….yet! I am going to try this green powder in hopes of getting more of the veggie benefits now! Thanks for your blog~I am so glad I stumbled upon it! 🙂

  275. Kathleen says

    Fav veggie of all time is spinach—broccoli. Even as a kid I devoured it! 🙂 And this powder would be a great addition to chocolate-ify any of my post-workout smoothies!

  276. Susan Sanchez says

    Hmmm…I would use Chocolate silk in almost everything that called for cocoa powder. As far as a fav green veggie? I don’t know. Haven’t met a green veggie I didn’t like. If I had to choose, I would go with kale

  277. Sharon M says

    I like all greens. I like to cook with spinach. I have been struggling with the taste of a protein powder smoothie. Maybe this would solve the problem. I would sure love to try it!

  278. Tanya @ Dine, Dash, and Deadlift says

    Hmm, I love most all green vegetables. Zucchini, Brocolli, Green Bell Peppers, Spinach, etc. Bring them on!

  279. Michele says

    I’d have to say my favorite green veggie is Asparagus! I love it roasted with some olive oil, salt and pepper!

  280. Laura Baker says

    I enjoy sprouts! Like bean sprouts and sunflower sprouts 🙂
    At the beginning of this month I made the decision to have an animal free lifestyle. It has been a fun change (your recipes help SO MUCH since I’m a chocoholic) but I do think that I should incorporate something like Barlean’s into my diet since I’m often flying out of the house to get to school on time 🙂 Thanks Katie!

  281. Rachel B says

    Leafy greens are my favorites, but I can’t pick just one so I have to say collards, kale, chard, spinach (can’t wait to try your green ice cream) and the non-leafy broccoli. Runners-up are asparagus, cabbage, romaine lettuce, and green beans.

  282. Karena says

    Favorite green vegetable would be sugar snap peas at the moment! Makes me think of summer. I’d use the powder similarly to how you did. We are new to no-dairy and I’m experimenting with all kinds of “new.” This would definitely be new!

  283. Ebony says

    I LOVE BROCCOLI! I love it in curries, stir-fries, stews, soups, pastas, raw (with hummos is spectacular), boiled, roasted, ANYWAY POSSIBLE! They’re just yum.
    And to the person who said cucumber, I’m sorry to inform you but cucumber’s a fruit. 😉

  284. Verena says

    Green aspargus and collard greens are my favorite vegs…. Or yellow bellpeppers, … Or zucchini? I dont know, vegetables are just…. – yumm! I would combine the powder with mixed, overnight soaked oats to have some kind of chocolate batter for breakfast 🙂 hugs, v.

  285. Renee says

    Can you dip vegetables is chocolate? If you can, then I don’t think there could be one that I don’t like. But seeing as how I’ve yet to try that, I’d have to say my favorite vegetable is broccoli.


  286. Heather says

    my fave green veggie broccoli! especially roasted. and brussel sprouts. choosing one is hard!!

    i’d use this powder in my smoothies and/or overnight oats 🙂

  287. Gi says

    Oh, Katie, Katie…. I love the way you manage your blog! And your attitude toward product-sponsorship (does this word even exist? xD).
    My favorite vegetable is carrot… I can’t enter with a non-green vegetable, can I? But I don’t care, I can’t deny my true love : D

    (ps: about the newsletter: don’t know if it is a feature which was also I the previous ones, but in this one clicking on the photos doesn’t send you to the post, but to a large version of the photo itself! Just thought I should have told you 🙂 )
    Oh and btw, great photos! I love the black background.

  288. Roxie says

    My favorite green vegetable is… all of them! Asparagus is definitely at the top of the list. I started eating asparagus when I was five. We had just moved in to a new house and there was a little asparagus patch in the back yard. I was so intrigued by the little spears, and even more intrigued when my mom told me we could eat them. So began my love affair with gardening. And vegetables. )

  289. Leslie Wingate says

    Asparagus for sure! The kids jump up and down when I bring it home like I just brought home candy. 😉

  290. kelly says

    favorite green veggie..hmmm, a big box of herb mixed lettuce. Love me some salad. =0) The first thing I would make, your recipe of course and not just saying that either. That smoothie looks amazing and I LOVE them thick and creamy.

    cooperkelly4 at yahoo dot com

  291. Dawn says

    Favorite veggie – baby Bok Choy – Yummy!!
    I could see using this powder in brownie recipes, cookie recipes, protein shakes or anything chocolate!!

  292. Cathy says

    My favorite green veggie right now is Brussels Sprouts. Wow. Never thought I’d say that. I have a new recipe for roasting them though and YUM!!

    This smoothie looks delicious btw!! 🙂

  293. Jessica says

    I love adding spinach to everything! Well not everything. But lots of things! I’ve discovered asparagus can be very tasty too. Oh and brocoli… except in my teeth.

  294. Melinda says

    spinach in salads or cooked love it .. mixed greens,collard greens,broccoli , green apples…
    I would love to try this in a smoothie.

  295. Chris says

    I love all kinds of green veges – snap peas are my current favorite.
    I think I might like to try this powder in the coconut whipped cream – yum!

  296. Laura says

    Broccoli…or cucumbers. Although very hard to pick!! I would LOVE to have this silk smoothie as a bedtime snack….when I am craving chocolate and trying hard to not eat something horrible for me!! I would also use it in smoothies for my kids. They love mommy’s smoothies, and I love to trick them with what I put in them! (avocado, spinach,ect).

  297. kristine says

    Love, love spinach! You can add it to everything from chocolate smoothies (with Barlean’s Chocolate silk, hehe) or stirred in with a hot vegan soup. mmmmh. It’s got style, it’s versatile ; )

  298. Melissa says

    I could never play favorites with veggies–I love them all! I would definitely put this in a smoothie–been looking for something to change mine up!

  299. Stacy says

    My all time favorite green veggies is Brussels Sprouts 😉 Could eat them every day if my family didn’t gripe about it.

  300. Amanda says

    My favorite green vegetable is spinach! I love spinach in smoothies, salads, omelets, and just about any other way you could possibly prepare spinach.

  301. Emma says

    Hey Katie! Can’t wait to try this recipe! My favorite vegetable is spinach–it can be used in everything! If I win I will definitely use it to make your smoothie recipe and other great smoothies!

    By the way, I also just started a veg blog. It’s not much now, but if you ever want to check it out that would be awesome! Happy sunday!

  302. Miranda @ Miranda's Munchies says

    SPINACH! And if I won the giveaway I’d make this smoothie because it looks mighty fine!

  303. Bethy says

    Hi Katie,
    I’m from the UK and L.O.V.E your blog!
    This product looks fab and if i won the supply i would enjoy smoothies each day to help me get big and strong for the little baby i have (growing) on the way!
    All greens are good, but my favourites are cabbage, celery, spinach, peppers, cucumber- pure YUM – next on my list is a Vita-mix to whizz it all up together, thanks for the inspiration x

  304. Anna says

    i really like kale! i haven’t included it in a smoothie yet because i don’t think my blender can handle it.

  305. Rachel says

    Favorite green veggie…zucchini! How I’d use this chocolate silk greens powder? To trick my 4-yr-old into getting more veggies. She’ll eat them for me…but it helps to have tricks up my sleeves!

  306. Tess says

    Fave green veggie would have to be sauteed fresh spinach with garlic and olive oil. Yum. I would use this powder in my homemade fruit smoothies when I have them for breakfast (about 1-2 times a week).

  307. Ashley says

    Greetings from one of your new followers! My favorite green veggie is broccoli. If I won this giveaway, I’d use the powder to make a smoothie on mornings when I’m trying to fly out the door to get to work.


  308. Kelli says

    My favorite green vegetable is spinach. It’s easy to sneak into things… But man I’d love a good chocolate option for my morning smoothies! Great giveaway!

  309. Stacy says

    MMM, this looks tasty and like something else I need to try. My favorite green veggie is asparagus grilled or baked with olive oil and a little seasoning. YUM!

  310. Cille says

    Kale, brussel sprouts, and spinach. I would use this powder with my smoothies or oatmeal every morning for breakfast.

  311. Liesl says

    My favorite green veggie is probably Brussels sprouts, sauted in olive oil with mushrooms. But I also love fresh spinach or grilled asparagus. I would definitely use the powder for milkshakes – yum! 🙂

  312. Rachel S M says

    Favorite green vegetable is broccoli or spinach…they are the best! They both go so well with pasta and a creamy sauce. And I love how you can add spinach to smoothies and not even taste it! Ha!

    If I won the chocolate powder, I might try to add it to my cottage cheese-mouse for breakfast, stir it in with chocolate cookies or brownies, or maybe even go for green hot chocolate! I love hot chocolate!

  313. Lisa says

    I have to choke down most green vegetables unless they are roasted or disguised in an omelet. Which is why I would really like to try the Barlean’s powder! 🙂

  314. KT says

    My favorite green vegetables are spinach and kale. Do cilantro, basil and sage count? I love those too! If I won this I would make healthy treats for my little ones. They are not so excited about greens as I. Thanks for the entry opportunity!

  315. Moni Meals says

    Love this shake recipe! I love a thick shake always…HAS to be thick!

    I would use it in shake, oatmeal, pancakes, baking, you get the picture. 😉

    Hope you had a nice St. Pattis!

  316. Anna Lynn says

    Sugar Snap peas will always hold a special place in my heart!

    I’d love to experiment with this! Maybe mixed into oatmeal? Thanks for sharing the recipe! 😀

  317. Victoria says

    I’m a huge fan of green shake mixes…I’ve tried a couple varieties but I haven’t found one I really liked yet. Of course whole foods are more nutritious than powders, but I’m definitely one of those people who ‘routinely fall short’ in the veggie department.

    That being said, my favorite veggie is baby spinach, because its probably one of the only vegetables versatile enough to be put into things like desserts (insert your awesome spinach ice cream recipe here!). I also sneak it into pizza dough, pretzel dough, dips, salads, shakes, soups, meatballs, pesto…you name it!

  318. Kate M. says

    Katie!! I am writing in for both me and my roommate!! We LOVE your blog because we both are obsessed with chocolate 🙂 And we are both runners, so we especially love that your desserts are so healthy! I think my favorite green vegetable is edamame, although I am as much a veggie girl as I am a chocolate girl! But we will have to try adding chocolate veggie powder in our long-run-recovery smoothies…nothing like chocolate after 12 miles!! Thanks for writing and KEEP COOKING! 😀

  319. Sarah says

    Fresh spinach….ate it all the time when pregnant with both my girls and now they both love it too!!
    I would use the powder to make one minute chocolate cakes and in my oatmeal! Yummy!

  320. shay says

    what if my favorite green veggie isn’t a veggie. My favorite greens are avocados and olives, but if I have to play it by the rules it’s a tie broccoli or green beans. Both a great raw or tossed with roasted garlic and olive oil. or just simply steamed or tossed into a stir fry.

    Excuse me I think I need to go eat something green…

  321. Laurie says

    Growing up I hated Asparagus but now that I have improved my palate and have a taste for more healthy foods I LOVE Asparagus!!!

    Also I would love to try the Greens Chocolate Silk in lots of the smoothies and shakes I make and maybe even in cookies, cakes or brownies! I guess I would have to experiment….. but isn’t that half the fun anyways! 🙂

  322. Katie says

    I love spinach in green machine smoothies! I’d love to try the powder out with a variety of other fruits–bananas, raspberries, whatever! Looks delish

  323. mona says

    If I were to win this product, I’d add it into a smoothie with an extra ripe banana, some spinach for some extra green power and almond milk. Yum!

  324. Erica says

    I really enjoy spinach, pretty much all leafy greens except the really bitter Asian ones like tatsoi.
    Well since I have no problem getting in my greens,I would use it for my picky 2 year old son. If he even see’s a trace of green color in his food he makes a huge mess picking it out or he just won’t touch it all together. I would make him chocolate shakes and especially chocolate popsicles! I would even experiment with some kind of raw chocolate treats. What about using it in your chocolate rice crispies recipe?
    Needless to say it would be well used in my household. ( I also have a 4 year old boy but he munches lettuce like a rabbit!)

  325. Marilyn Perry says

    I love raw spinach and green beans. Smoothies are my passion and Green Chocolate Silk sounds like a fabulous addition to my ingredients! 🙂

  326. Samantha says

    i loove green veggies..but i think my favorites would have to be peas, or spinach leaves or broccoli! or maybe edemame if that counts!

  327. laura says

    My favorite green is spinach…..however, my son won’t touch anything green – so I’d use this powder to get his greens in him leveraging his love of Chocolate!

  328. Melanie Smith says

    My favorite would have to be…broccoli! You can either steam it, saute it, or eat them raw. They’re good for recovering from bruises, too (which I get a lot of from doing karate!). I’m wondering, though, if it would be a good idea to try and make them into broccoli nuggets…. Would they burn too easily??

  329. Christina says

    Yum! I’ve tried to find this infamous green powder! No luck, darn it. I would love to use it in making my boyfriend’s protein shakes- he uses ovaltine right now! And my favorite green veggie- asparagus for sure! Delish!

  330. Yvette Kane says

    I would stir some into my cherry yogurt to make Cherry chocolate cordial flavor. Yum! And I would make your shake above. Love berry and chocolate. O.K. just love chocolate!

  331. Rebecca Wright says

    I have so many favorite green veggies! Broccoli or spinach tho I guess! If I won I’d make chocolate coffee, hot, iced or frozen! Hot diggity (or cold-diggity lol)

  332. Kim says

    My favorite is probably green beans or raw fresh green peas or spinach. However I am still working on getting all of my greens in everyday so this would be a great addition to my diet

  333. Dana says

    I would love to try the powder in this recipe! Looks so good! My favorite green veggie would have to be Kale or Brussels Sprouts as long as they aren’t too bitter love to roast them with olive oil and smoked sea salt.

  334. Nikita says

    I eat copious amount of spinach… I also really love kale. Those are great for smoothies, but I’d have to say my favorite green veggie “as is” is sugar snap peas! In stir fries or hummus preferably though 🙂

  335. Betsy says

    I love spinach! I eat the nutritional powerhouse almost daily! But these chocolaty grens would still be a great bost for those days when I really want a treat 🙂

  336. Laura says

    Favourite green veggie? Broccoli and kale all the way!! I go through at least 4 stalks a week and I need a dehydrator because I can’t afford to support my kale chip habit from grocery stores lol!

  337. purplegirl says

    My favorite green vegetable? ALL OF THEM!!! I guess if I had to pick one it’d be kale. I’ve been known to devour entire bunches of kale in a single sitting. Like every day. My roommates hate me for taking up so much room in our fridge with all my greens. Hehehe.

  338. purplegirl says

    Oh, I don’t know if this counts as a second entry or not, but it’s worth a try. I’d mi that lovely-looking powder into oatmeal and smoothies… And maybe add it to my giant piles of kale stir fry =P

  339. JM Langhammer says

    I <3 Brussels sprouts! I also like making green smoothies & it sounds like this might be yummy for those too.

  340. AnneW says

    Favorite green veggie is lettuce! Kinda boring, but I go through at least 2 bags a week! It’s so versatile and I make a different salad every day!

  341. Chelsea says

    Mm, looks delicious as always! I’d say my favorite green vegetable is spinach, but that’s partly because it gives things (like the biscuits we had this morning) such a lovely color when it’s all blended up. 😉 Flavor/texture-wise, I adore zucchini.

  342. Mara says

    My favorite green vegetable is KALE! I love it!! And I would love to try this powder, probably in smoothies, or brownies. Or any dessert, really.

  343. Kate says

    It’s been a while since I made vegan pad thai, but there’s nothing better than a spicy, crunchy thai baby bok choy 😉

    I’d love to try the greens! I use Vega supplement powder right now (chocolate, obviously) and I’m curious about expanding my “powder-experience”, but being a student it’s hard to fork over $30-$40 for a tub of product I might not love!

    Thanks for the blog CCK, your desserts have been a saving grace!

  344. Sarah Spann says

    I use chocolate powder almost everyday, whether on top of strawberries as a snack, mixed in peanut butter for a yummy chocolate version, or in protein shakes I drink every day after my runs! So I would use it every single day in my shakes for sure 🙂
    Oh and my favorite green vegetable would have to be either spinach or broccoli! 🙂

  345. Joslyn Ching says

    I love love love peas, broccoli and brussel sprouts! My favorite green of all time has to be a three-way tie between peas, cabbage and brussel sprouts though…I could eat them all daily, and never grow tired of them!

    As for the chocolate powder, I’d love to try it in your chocolate fudge pie! Or even use it to make a chocolate sauce…green chocolate sauce? As long as it tastes good, I think I’m all for it!

  346. Daineen Drayton says

    I love to make whole wheat crepes. What would be better to have chocolate crepes covered with honey or agave with fresh strawberries on the side. Yummy!

  347. Melanie says

    Favorite green veggie: asparagus:)
    But sadly I rarely get to incorporate it or other delicious veggies into my diet (live in a nonhealthy food family, very frustrating for someone who loves to eat as healthy as she can..). I’d use the powder in my daily protein shake to give my diet that delicious green kick! And having it taste like chocolate? Even better! Its my one weakness, I have a small piece daily:)

  348. Rebecca says

    Broccoli or Cucumbers! I could easily eat all of my vegetable servings for the day with just those two alone!

  349. Albizia says

    I am divided between broccoli, spinach and nettle. Unfortunately, nettle is a little hard to find so I mostly eat spinach and broccoli. I think I am the only one interested in the bowl of steamed broccoli at a party 😀

  350. Cindy says

    I like okra, brussels sprouts, and spinach. I would love to try these chocolate smoothies. I really love chocolate!

  351. Emily says

    My favorite green vegetable is definitely kale (this week!)
    And I would use this for smoothies and maybe mixed into my oatmeal or pancakes?! Sounds delicious!

  352. Liz says

    I loveeeee green snap peas!!!! 🙂 This Greens Chocolate powder would be good added to the banana bread pudding oatmeal recipe! YUmmmm!

  353. Barb says

    I am hesitant about getting greens from chocolate powder…my fav is spinich! But I’m willing to try anything that you endorse!

  354. Britt says

    That’s like picking a favorite child! I pile on the green veggies with almost every meal. Kale + broccoli + spinach + arugula + brussells + green beans +snap peas…

  355. Crystin says

    My Favorite Veggetable Is…BROCCOLI!!! I Love Broccoli, I Eat It Everyday! I Like It Steamed, Raw, With Dip, In Soup, In Salad, In Sandwiches, Roasted, On Pizza, Stir-Fried, With Cheese, And, Best Of All, With Other Veggies!!! Yum!!!