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The Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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At first, I was going to write a Memorial Day round-up post. But I decided on healthy chocolate chip cookies instead…


Another pinner said: My boyfriend (who "hates" sweets and could live on chicken wings) asks me to make these ALL. THE. TIME. Not one single person can ever tell the difference - @choccoveredkt... Everyone will love you for making this recipe!

Cookies cookies cookies!!!

Ok, I’ll calm down now. But not really, because… cookies!!!

Seriously, I think I’ve eaten too many cookies and am now on a sugar high. 😕

It’s worth it, though. Chocolate chip cookies are always worth it. And these healthy chocolate chip cookies include macadamia nuts, making them even better than your average cookies. If macadamia nuts weren’t so darned expensive, I’d eat them like popcorn and put them in everything. Well, maybe not ketchup… that’d be weird.

I made a big batch of these healthy chocolate chip cookies, adapted from my popular recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies, last night at around 10PM. The plan was to take them to a friend’s annual Memorial Day party this afternoon, but my roommate and I ate so many that we’re going to have to make more.


Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

macadamia cookies


The Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  • 2/3 cup plus 1/2 cup oat flour (140g)
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 4 tbsp coconut sugar (brown sugar or sucanat will also work)
  • 4 tbsp xylitol or evaporated cane juice (white sugar will also work)
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup chopped macadamia nuts (or walnuts)
  • 3 tbsp to 1/2 cup chocolate chips (Throw in a big handful. I never bother to measure.)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp vegetable or melted coconut oil
  • 3-5 tbsp milk of choice, as needed
Total Time: 9m
Yield: Makes 14-20 cookies


Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe: Preheat oven to 380 degrees. Combine all dry ingredients and mix very well. Add wet, and form into a big ball. Now make little balls from the big one. For soft cookies, refrigerate until cold (otherwise, just bake right away). Bake 7 minutes, or until they’ve spread out and look just a little undercooked. Remove from oven when they’re still a little undercooked, then it’s important to let cookies cool at least 10 minutes before trying to remove from tray, as they’ll continue to cook while cooling. For soft cookies, store in a lidded plastic container. For crispy cookies, store in a lidded glass container.

*Chocolate Chip Cookies Nutrition Facts*

macadamia cookies

Thank you for all the support for The Chocolate-Covered Katie Cookbook.

It meant more than I can even tell you. THANK YOU!!!!!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Nikki says:

    Yum! You know it’s a savvy dessert blog when the recipe says if it’s a “soft” or “crunchy” chocolate-chip cookie! I hate making a recipe only to find out that it’s not quite the kind of cookie I was expecting!

    1. Nikki – I love soft cookies so I find that blatantly disregarding the minute specifications and taking them out when the dough still sticks to the toothpick works perfectly. Well, that and not baking them at all!! 😀 HAHA

      1. Michelle says:

        For soft cookies place the dough formed into cookies in the refrigerator for a little then pop them in the over! :)

  2. Oh Katie, you saved me! Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favorite and these are pretty healthy! I love it! I have to make them!! Happy Memorial day!!

  3. Honeybird says:

    They look great! Macadamia-nuts are indeed pricy (is that a word in English?).. They’re also great for bumbu-pastes (you know, like curry-paste and the Indonesian equivalents), but also in sweet snacks ofcourse! Have you tried Macadamia-Icecream yet?? (with chocolate-sauce, heheh ;D)
    My mum’s making cream-puffs at the moment for my sister, so she’s got the oven & kitchen occupied. And I don’t have macadamia’s in storage right now (and it’s ‘Pinksteren’ maybe it’s the same as Memorial Day? I don’t have a clue :S. But anyway, all the stores are closed and tomorrow also), I’ll make them another time (or maybe try another nut :P).

    1. I haven’t! That really sounds so good… I’m just worried I’d get hooked and then my wallet would hate me! 😉

      I might have to try it anyway…

  4. Kimberly Smith says:


    I love your recipes but I also cook for a big family. I would love it if you would post copies of your recipes with larger batch sizes for the families out here trying to eat vegan and eat healthy. I know I could double and triple the your recipes but the measurements are a bit odd and with kids running around my feet…I know I would get off. Also maybe a good idea for your cookbook/website maybe a individual size and a family size of each recipe…appeal to a larger audience…with us moms we need things easy.


    1. Lauren says:

      lol u must have a really big family! this recipe says it makes 14-20 cookies!

      i think it’s better to make a batch like that and then make another when u need it than to make a batch that makes 40 cookies, and then they all get hard and stale. i hate that!

      1. Cathy says:

        Or you could make two batches but freeze the cookie dough of one, then thaw to make cookies! that way your cookies will be fresh from the oven :)

        1. Sarah says:

          I know what you mean. There are six kids in our house (i’m the oldest)! Plus parents and sometimes grandparents and almost always a neighbor. Many times we have to do the recipe x6! We need around 60 cookies at the least!

      2. Cindy says:

        We easily go through at least 12 cookies in a day (2 kids, 1 teen, 2 adults), and I don’t want to have to bake cookies every day. I freeze a lot of cookies – they taste just fine after defrosting, and makes less work to only bake them once, cleanup etc.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I agree! I was just figuring out the measurements for doubling the recipe. 14-20 cookies would be gone in a flash, and it would be nice to have some for the next day. Kids + cookies = history! (but temporarily very happy kids!)

      1. Samantha says:

        Meanwhile, for my own safety I had the good sense to cut the recipe in half. :)

    3. Shanna says:

      There are calculators for scaling recipes online if you need help:

    4. lol but this WAS my big recipe! The other chocolate-chip cookie recipe on my blog only makes 6-7 cookies!

      I guess you could probably double the recipe? I tend to work in smaller servings when making recipe experiments because I do so many every single day, and I don’t want to waste food.

      1. Cathy says:

        I noticed this recipe was bigger! i compared this to the other cookie recipe to see if it was any different. I made that recipe and ate all of the cookies myself, so if i make this i will have to share!

      2. Sherlock says:

        That’s one of my favorite reasons for liking your site! You don’t make a heap load of food! Most of us don’t have 6 people in the house to feed so the amount you offer is just right. I highly doubt doubling or tripling one of your recipes would whined up in a flop. I’ve done it with success. The amount of work you already put into this blog is enough work to keep you busy. I don’t think you need to add any more work on your plate when it’s very easy to just convert measurements. You’re already doing enough and we are grateful for that! Thanks CCK!

      3. Alicia says:

        I’m glad you make smaller recipes! It’s easier to double or triple rather than cut down a recipe (c’mon, I’m not the only one who hated division, am I?!).

  5. Lauren says:

    i was actually one of the ones who voted FOR the recipe round ups. but if u are going to post chocolate chip macadamia cookies in their place, well i can’t argue with that!

    if only i had a memorial day party to go to. i will probably end up just making these for my family today. they look too good to resist!

    1. Samantha says:

      No, no arguing here. :)

      I practically have my own memorial day round-up going on right now as I printed out a few different recipes the other day that it is time for me to try.

  6. Madelon says:

    O my, lovely! Need to try these!

  7. Oh yum. I’ve got some macadamia nuts in my pantry that have been screaming to meet up with chocolate. 😉

  8. Sarahishealthy says:

    My friends already know that healthy desserts can taste good, because I make them CCK desserts all the time! In fact, a lot of them now read your blog! :)

    And yes, I am very much craving cookies now.

  9. Bonnie says:

    I make your other chocolate-chip cookies so often that I actually don’t even have to look up the recipe anymore!

    I’m excited to see that these make a bigger batch! :)

  10. Katie Ann says:

    These totally sound worth buying macadamia nuts for, they are so good in chewy cookies. I even have some dark chocolate chunks that I bet would go great in these. I assume there wouldn’t be anything wrong with just using all brown sugar instead of half brown and half white?

    You say that it makes 14-20 cookies, but in the nutritional information you don’t specify how many servings the numbers are based on.

    1. Nutritional info is always based on higher # of servings, unless otherwise noted.

  11. Abby says:

    Your posts always make me laugh :). And no joke, I am making these today!

  12. Kylie says:

    These look scrumptious!
    and PS..your pictures just keep looking better and better :) You’re going to become famous with your future book too…your stuff is just so unique and to be honest…most of the time too good to be true!

    1. cck says:

      Aw Kylie, thank you!! :)

  13. teabagginit says:

    these look great – and i love that they use macadamia nuts (so unappreciated in the us!) i might sub some macadamia nut oil in to up the flavor!

  14. Anna Banana says:

    Oh my word, these look fantastic! I’ve been debating over which cookie recipe to make for lunches this week (all from your blog, of course) and now you’ve adden another one. What a difficult problem to have… :-)

  15. Emilia says:

    These cookies look amazing! I haven’t had macadamia nuts in so so long, I think I need to head out and get some now. The people getting these at their memorial day celebration are very lucky :)

  16. Good decision to go with the cookies:) YUM! Macadamia nuts are my FAVORITE! They have almost a sweet and buttery taste! and combined with chocolate…i mean, come on!! :) thanks for sharing this delicious recipe!

  17. Alison says:

    These look pretty gosh-darned delish.

  18. Oooooh yummmm! When these come out of the oven, are they crispy or crunchy? And the best time of my life = getting to pick fresh macadamia nuts :)

  19. Robyn says:

    Okay, okay… you talked me into it. I’ll make cookies today! 😀

  20. Madalena says:

    Katie, you should seriously consider start making youtube videos :) this looks lovely!

    1. sherlock says:

      I agree! I have no doubts you’d have many subscribers. Plus it’s also a way to rack in dough. Consider it girl.

  21. Suzie says:

    Yum, these look so delicious! Definitely going to have to give this a try, its hard to find a healthier take on a cookie, thanks!

  22. Sarah says:

    Yay! Kinda Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies! And we just got sucanat, too.
    Also, I am a total retart sometimes and went to the pantry, got a mac nut and dipped it in ketchup just to see what it tastes like. SO what did it taste like?
    Like a macademia nut in ketchup. Which is kind of like motor oil blended with Spam and served on toast. Or like fried okra with raspberry jelly ( i’m trying to paint a word picture here).
    So do not be like me. Which means do not be a retart :)
    Mac nuts are for these cookies, not for ketchup. Lesson learned.

  23. Sophie says:

    These look super yummy. I just have a couple questions. First off, and forgive me if this is a stupid thing to ask, if you leave out the nuts are these cookies just like your other chocolate chip recipe? Also, are there any ingredients other than nuts that you can sub for the macadamia nuts in the recipe (maybe raisins or something)? I have a nut allergy in my house so it’s important to make sure that if I make these cookies they’ll be nut- free

    1. cck says:

      Nope, there are a few differences if you compare the recipes. Similar, though.

      As for the substitution question, I answered that on the linked page :). You can sub anything you wish. Raisins would be great!

  24. Alanna says:

    These pictures definitely have me craving cookies, lol. I think I’m weird because I’m actually not big on macadamia nuts… I like the taste, but they’re so hard, and always in big pieces! Maybe if I tried chopped nuts I’d like them better. I’m bookmarking this recipe for when I get to the store next! :)

  25. Samantha says:

    Thank you thank you! This will be perfect for me today. I hear you on the macadamia nuts…so expensive and so rich. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  26. Yum yum yum! Chocolate chip cookies are the absolute best. Especially when you eat them warm, straight out of the oven!!

  27. Macadamia nut cookies ARE MY FAVY! Will definitely add this to the long list of recipes I want to try!

  28. Jenna says:

    Super excited for these. They are in the oven cooking now. I am so excited for your cookbook. I love the GF Vegan stuff. You are awesome.

  29. I ADORE Macadamia’s in Cookies – must give these a try!

  30. Debbie says:

    I have been wanting chocolate chip cookies all week. Now I need to go buy some macadamia nuts so I can make these tonight.

  31. Soft cookies are the best! Also, cookies are the best! If I could make any dessert, no, any food for the rest of my life, it would be cookies.

    Thanks for this recipe and congrats on the upcoming cookbook! You really deserved to be contacted by those top publishers considering all of your hard work and dedication to healthy sweets! :-)

  32. HAHAHA – this post was so funny Katie. I love the whole “ate all the cookies” thing. And also, I just wanted to add that I think you should change it to all condiments and not just ketchup. I’m just trying to imagine macadamia nuts + mustard or macadamia nuts + barbecue sauce….none of this is really working for me. 😛

  33. sarah says:

    From one Sarah to another, please don’t use the R word. Not nice.

  34. Christine says:

    Just curious has anyone made this recipe yet? I did and found that I had to add more flour. They were AMAZINGLY yummy and definitely made them soft batch, but I had to add an additional cup of flour.

    1. Samantha says:

      Oh yes I made them. :)

      Nope, didn’t add extra flour. I actually cut the recipe in half, ate some dough, cooked the cookies, ate all the cookies… :)

      Do you think you went to the high end of the milk option? In my location/climate/etc. some days the exact same recipe can need more or less liquid than a different day.

      But more flour just equal more cookies right?!

    2. Karen says:

      Are you sure you didn’t mismeasure something somehow? I made them yesterday afternoon and the flour amount was correct. If I added even a HALF cup more flour, it would’ve been sand, so I really have no idea how you could’ve added an entire extra cup of flour and come out with ok results unless you were off on some other measurement. Maybe the milk?

    3. Les says:

      Ours came out PERFECT!

  35. Punifa says:

    These look DIVINE! I’m going to make them right now! I’ve been looking for a healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe that doesn’t use tons of sugar and you’ve delivered 😀 Most of them focus on being low fat.

    Also when your cookbook comes out i am DEFINITELY buying it!

  36. Shanna says:

    Hey Katie! I was planning to make ice cream sandwiches with cookies tomorrow (I bake plenty but haven’t tried that yet) and wondered how well you thought this cookie would work. I know it should be a chewier cookie, so if I follow your directions for soft cookies…? Thanks!

    1. Samantha says:

      Ice cream would have TOTALLY gone well with mine.

      Here would be my observation: the oat flour probably makes it more easy to break apart? It is hard to explain because the softness (I did put in the fridge for awhile as well) for me also made it more cake-like at the same time. But that would be my thought.

      It wouldn’t stop me from making an ice cream sandwich out of them and eating them out of a bowl, perhaps with a spoon. In fact I wish I had thought of that as I have the mint chocolate chip ice cream in my freezer ready for blending!

      Great idea!

      1. Shanna says:

        I was thinking if I went the soft route but then put them in the freezer after filling them, they might not crumble too much. But you’re right, even if they broke it wouldn’t be a tragedy to eat them with a spoon out of a bowl. :)

        1. Samantha says:

          Overall they do hold up pretty darn well – it is just different from a more “traditional” flour.. I think it would be totally worth a shot! (I know I would try it).

          I did put them in the fridge and then was sure to “under cook” and they were soft and heavenly.

          PS. I did freeze some of mine as well (in an effort to slow down consumption) and they were REALLY good right out of the freezer. Sigh. So good. :)

  37. Oh if only macadamia nuts weren’t so expensive!! :(

  38. Spencer says:

    Another great recipe! I must admit I do like my cookies soft and warm, as opposed to crunchy.

  39. jediblink says:

    The cookies look yummy.
    I finally found a recipe were I can use my coconut sugar….
    i wonder if this interchangeable with brown sugar in any recipe.

    1. cck says:

      I’ve heard that brown coconut sugar and brown sugar are interchangeable… obviously the taste is a little different, but I don’t think it would mess up a recipe texture-wise if you subbed in an equal amount. Then again, I could be wrong so take my words with a grain of salt. Or sugar :).

  40. Ida says:

    Hi, it would be nice if you added how many cookies the nutrition is based on, not to be rude or ungrateful, but just a tip for further posts as well :) anyways, these look awesome and I am definitely trying them! thanks again for a new tempting recipe!

    1. cck says:

      Hi Ida,
      Nutritional info is always for the larger amount, unless otherwise stated specifically :).

      1. Batsheva says:

        Hi Katie, does that mean the nutrition info is for 1 cookie or for the whole recipe?

  41. Mariel says:

    yummy! would these work without the nuts? XO!

  42. Janice Hernandez says:

    I dont have macadamia nuts but I bet they would be great with pecans=]

  43. Karen says:

    Hi Katie,
    I made these and they were super yummy :). My daughter and her friends snatched them off the plate andso fast that I barely was able to save one for myself!
    Thanks for helping me to get some whole grains into my kiddos. Who knew healthy eating could taste so good?

    1. Karen says:

      *so fast

  44. LizAshlee says:

    Wow, these look delicious!

  45. hamy says:

    I am in Love with you!!!

  46. Les says:

    LOVED these!
    I just caught my son sneaking one for breakfast! Thought you’d get a kick outta that :). Thanks for another great recipe, Katie. Thanks for keeping us well-fed!

  47. Katie says:

    Those look so good!
    When are you going to post the winner of the Vitamix?

  48. Emma says:

    This recipe is fabulous! I’m making another batch this morning to take to my Aunt’s house for Memorial Day. Thanks a lot, Katie!

  49. Moni Meals says:

    They look perfect Katie, thank you!

  50. Chris says:

    I keep leaning more and more in your vegan direction and these cookies will definitely take me to another level!!! The eggs and butter idea is really starting to get to me…and I laid in a nice supply of coconut oil for my popcorn and it’s getting used in so many other ways now! And I’m totally hooked on unsweetened almond milk now, too! I have no idea what brown coconut sugar is…but then I live in the middle of no-where! I’ll keep looking or hit Amazon, if all else fails! Do you know if maple sugar could be substituted? Just wondering… I’m pretty new to that, too! It’s been an interesting trip…from beet sugar to these new food adventures!

    LOVE your recipes! I’m glad you’re young since I’m not! I’ll run out of energy WAY before you ever run out of ideas!

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried maple sugar so I can’t say for sure. But it sounds like it’d be ok!

  51. Haha yes you successfully had me craving cookies! I’m such a cookie monster, love all of your cookie recipes – I think the flourless choc chip ones are top of my list right now because they’re so easy and fast to make and so yummy! But I will give these ones a go and see if they can challenge for the top spot!

  52. Gina says:

    YUM! I’ve found my new favorite cookie recipe. Katie, these are perfect!!! Even my dad likes them, and he hates healthy food!

  53. Just made one batch! Yours looks way soft and moist then what mine looks :(

    1. Can you give me more specifics so I can try and figure out what went wrong with your version?

  54. Mary Winters says:

    Wow, I was the one who made these, and I still can’t get over the fact that they’re not made with butter and eggs and white flour. They taste way too good! I keep retracing my steps in my mind, trying to figure out who could’ve snuck any of those ingredients into these cookies to make them taste so good!
    If anyone’s on the fence about making these cookies, because of the lack of butter or white flour in the recipe, have no fear!

    These cookies are too good to be true!

  55. Sam says:

    okay i have to admit.. i made a batch of these both yesterday and today! Don’t have macadamia nuts on hand but I did sub in some chopped chestnuts and my “testers” didn’t complain. I also tried one batch with mashed banana instead of oil and the results were a bit too cake like- almost airy. Definitely liked the ones with oil instead.

  56. Z says:

    Ok I agree with the person who said you need to make a bigger batch of these, because they are too good and mine are already all gone even though I just made them yesterday night! I wouldn’t have a problem if the recipe yielded 40 cookies. Just sayin ;).

  57. Danielle says:

    Since I only found your website about a month ago, I sometimes have questions about the much older recipes. I don’t know what’s best to do for this, since I don’t really expect you to comment on such old posts, but usually the content is unrelated to the new posts. Tell me if there’s something I should do about this!

    Anyway, I’ll ask one of my questions right now since today I made cookie dough babies and peanut butter babies. Like you, I find a lot of desserts to be too sweet for my palate and I am finding that I really like the babies but I would like to decrease the sweetness. Do you have thoughts on what I could replace part of the raisins/dates with? I had thought about banana, but thought it might end up being the wrong consistency.

    1. Samantha says:

      Hi Danielle – I can give you at least my experiences.

      I use prunes. I don’t know if they are more sweet or less than dates, but I feel that they are less sweet than raisins. I have a tendency to adjust depending on mood. So for example I could lighten up the prunes and sub in unsweetened coconut (my most common sub/addition on many of the babies) or increase the nut side of the recipe. Obviously this starts to change the recipe (as well as its ability to stick together) but you get the point.

      Once you start using bananas in my opinion you are moving more towards the banana butter recipes which in my opinion are amazing! I have never gone with banana + nut form, but have done many different variations on the banana + nut butters. I would assume it would change the consistency as well.

      Raisins, prunes, dates, etc. all have that “stickiness” as well that something like a banana or apple would lack. But you could still eat the mix with a spoon.

      Anyway, this is one site user’s experiences (I know I learn a lot from other comments). Enjoy.

    2. Maybe try upping the nut ratio? (I.e. fewer dates and more nuts)
      I can’t ever say how a substitution will work, though, as I’ve only tried the recipes as written and would hate to tell anyone something works if it actually doesn’t.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I find dried apricots less sweet and prunes seem to be less sweet. Another trick I use to cut back on sweetness and still get the right consistency is to add a tiny bit of water or more vanilla at a time until the ‘dough’ is wet enough to stick together (I do this after I find the ‘dough’ sweet enough for my taste). I wouldn’t add much more than a tsp at a time or you could end up with a sticky mess, haha :)

  58. lurker says:

    hey i made these today and they were awesome! only thing is i exchanged the macadamia nuts for chopped walnuts. they were so delicious!

  59. Sarah says:

    We just got back from our weekend trip and I needed to whip up a quick healthy treat for Gigi’s lunchbox. These were PERFECT! Thanks, Katie!

  60. Teghan says:

    I made these cookies tonight and the whole family LOVED them! This may be my new go to recipe. Can’t wait for your cookbook :o)

  61. Wow katie, those look SO good!!!!

  62. Kimberley says:

    These cookies were delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  63. Kristin says:

    Yum!!! We didn’t have any macadamia nuts in the house…so we used almonds (ground them up with the oats) and only used half of the white sugar and they were amazing! The first time we made it…only half the batch made it to the oven…today…the second time…none of it made it to the oven!!! My two and four year olds LOVE them…thanks for a great recipe! They kind of remind me of the filling of a carnation breakfast bar…they stopped making them years ago and I have missed them so much!

  64. Nanna says:

    These were amazing! I just made them, but I used almonds instead of macadamia nuts. Definitely going to make these again, thank you!
    (And you were right when you said these would prove the great taste of healthy food/desserts – my little sister usually hates everything healthy, but she liked these a lot – so thanks again!!!)

  65. I tried making these yesterday (with chopped pecans) and they turned out like little puddles of goo – but I think that’s because my “oat flour” was actually just regular oats I pulsed in the food processor, and I don’t think the “flour” I made was anywhere near fine enough. The flavors, however, were stellar! I love coconut – I used coconut milk (the thin stuff) as the milk and that along with the coconut oil, chocolate, and pecans was amazing. I think it says enough that my entire batch of flattened puddle cookies was devoured by myself and my husband in one day (even if they were goo puddles that we had to scoop up off the parchment paper). And…guess what I bought today? OAT FLOUR! I’m going to try again with the real thing – it looks/feels completely different than what I used yesterday, so I think I’ll have better luck this time. I just don’t think my food processor (which is a really good one, the old-school workhorse kind) is capable of making a fine enough flour for these cookies. Katie you’ve got a gift, m’lady! I’m loving vegan baking – never thought I’d say (or type) those words! 😉

    1. Nanna says:

      I think I pulsed my oats in the food processor for about 10 minutes before it turned into flour. Maybe even longer. It sure takes patience, but I bet it’s possible with your food processor too :-)

      1. Well that would explain it – I only processed it for about 3-4 minutes! My impatience to eat the cookies got the best of me there. Good to know for the future, if I run out of the oat flour – I’ll keep grinding away in the processor until I get flour. Thanks for the tip!

        1. Louisa says:

          If you grind the oats in a coffe grinder or a Magic Bullet with the flat blade, the oats will become flour in mere seconds. I find it best to grind them up in two-three batches when a large amount of oat flour is required. I use old-fashioned oats. :) hope this helps!

  66. sandy says:

    I made these today and they were awesome! I used spelt flour and pecans instead of macadamia nuts since that’s what I had on hand. I also decreased the white sugar to 1 tbsp and added a couple tbsp of skor toffee bits that have been kicking around in the pantry, along with a couple tbsp of chocolate chips. Great recipe as always!

  67. Callie says:

    Hi Katie
    I’ve noticed that you recommend the use of coconut oil in many of your recipes. Is there a specific reason you prefer it over others such as canola or olive oils? I haven’t used coconut oil before so did a little research on it, and according to the USDA it is second only to cottonseed oil as the WORST vegetable oil you can consume! It has a super high level of the saturated (bad) fat that leads to high HDL (bad) cholesterol. Its the kind of oil used in movie theatre popcorn.

    1. Google “saturated fat coconut oil” and you’ll get some great info… much better–and more accurate–than I could explain (since I don’t have a nutrition degree and don’t want to give out wrong information).

      1. Anonymous says:

        From my research Coconut Oil is waaaay Healthier than most oils, especially when heated. Its the only one that doesnt become a bad for you when cooked….because the properties change. Like Olive Oil is only good when its not heated, otherwise it becomes like Vegetable oil.

  68. Molly says:

    These cookies are freakin awesome!!!

  69. Ronda says:

    We made these, and I ate 4 right out of the oven!
    We’re going to do the recipe again today since it’s so cold here in Wisconsin, but this time we’re halving the oil because they were so soft and gooey, they fell apart. the kids have decided they’d like them a little firmer.
    Thanks for giving me something healthy to feed my kids (and me!)

  70. Ronda says:

    I just made them again, 3rd time! And I halved the oil. They turned out great. However, I’m not sure how you’re getting 20 cookies out of this batch. I’ve only gotten 9 each time I’ve made them, and I’m only using teaspoons to scoop them out! How small are you making them to get 20? My kids would think I was making them for elves if they were any smaller!

    1. Hmmm… that’s really weird. Are you using oat flour or homemade flour from oats? And are you adding the nuts? I usually get 9 if I make a 1/2 batch.

      1. Ronda says:

        Homemade flour from oats. Is that the difference?

  71. Nancy says:

    The ingredients say “2/3 cup plus 1/2 cup oat flour”. I know I’m probably asking a really stupid question but – is it 2/3 cup or 1/2 cup of both? I am thrilled I found your blog and even more thrilled that I can surprise my husband with chocolate cookies that are healthy!

    1. Measure 2/3 cup and then measure another 1/2 cup. I know it is confusing, but I couldn’t think of a better way to word it.

  72. Rena says:

    I made these and they didnt come out looking like your at all! I dont think i blended my oats long enough, though. I think that might have made it so different. Will give it a try again and maybe even use less sugar since they tasted pretty sweet to me. Looking forward!

  73. Kavli says:

    Thanks again Katie for a scrumptious recipe! I’ve made these twice this week and just loved the taste. Although both time the cookies just melted down in the oven and become extra thin, almost wafer like. It still tasted so yum, but just wondering why that happened. I followed the recipe exactly as written. Any idea why?

    1. Are you using storebought oat flour? Can you tell me more specifics about what ingredients you’re using? (What sweetener, how much, etc)

      1. Kavli says:

        I made the oat flour at home, in my food processor. I used white sugar and brown sugar. First time I used macadamia nuts and today I used walnuts.

        1. Maybe you didn’t grind the oats up enough? Oat flour is completely fine… like sand lol. That’s the only thing I can think of. Oh, unless maybe you’re making them too big?

          1. Kavli says:

            I’ll try again with store bought oat flour. I’m not giving up on these. :)

  74. Lana says:

    Hmm, I think I know what I’m bringing to my exam tomorrow to cheer us all up afterward… *grin*

  75. Kaitlyn says:

    I literally JUST put these in the oven! Haha. I did have a question though, is the dough supposed to be very thin? I only used 2 TBS of milk… I refrigerated them for 10 minutes and they scooped fine but I’m curious how they will turn out! The dough tasted great though (:

    1. Hope they still turned out ok! The dough should be like regular cookie dough.

  76. Carolyn says:

    I found your website via Pinterest. I have to say, what a blessing! I am so excited to try your recipes, (especially this one!) because I have been looking for healthier versions of my favorite treats. I think I’m addicted to treats (perhaps I know but am in denial haha) yet I know I need to eat healthy in order to be healthy and lose the remaining few pounds I gained from my pregnancy.
    I think your blog is my answer to everything! Yay for that! Keep up the great work and I’ll be sticking around!

    1. Carolyn says:

      Made them last night and they are so delicious! I just love them and they taste just like normal unhealthy cookies! Great job! And thank you for all your hard work so we can have healthy recipes that taste delicious!

  77. Sandy says:

    A cookbook!
    And you posted this on my birthday – best birthday news ever!

  78. RoseA says:

    Just whipped up a batch of these, and they are delicious! Of course, I had to get creative because I didn’t have vanilla extract. Instead I subbed in 2 teaspoons of fresh orange juice and a splash of amaretto. I also used toasted pecans instead of macadamia nuts. I’m in heaven right now. I don’t know how I am going to stop myself from eating the entire batch. Thank you for sharing such great recipes!

  79. I substituted with all-purpose flour and they turned out great! Since I became vegan I have been trying to come up with a chocolate cookie recipe that tasted like my mom’s (non-vegan) cookies. This is pretty much perfect! I think I’ll just use a little more brown sugar and a little less white sugar next time. Thank you :)

  80. Kelly says:

    These are absolutely the best, Katie. I’ve subbed dried cherries for the chocolate chips, omitted or subbed the nuts, and always use natural applesauce (or apple butter!) instead of oil — much to my surprise, I like them even better that way — the texture is a bit softer and more moist. Thanks for helping my cookies a part of every week!

  81. Oh dear. Now I have a HUGE craving for some cookies. Thanks for sharing a recipe that will do the trick! 😀

  82. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone used their vitamix wet canister for making oat flour? Or do you really NEED the dry canister for it?


  83. Colleen says:

    Tried these today…. pretty good! I was a bit confused when I mixed the ingredients and it didn’t form a wet ball like cookie batter usually does. But I tested one cookie in the oven before baking all of them. It worked :) I used agave nectar instead of sugar and downgraded the amount of milk. I think I will be making these again!

  84. Katie says:

    Just made these with craisins instead of the nuts. SO GOOD.

  85. Colleen says:

    alright. i’m addicted to these. seriously.

  86. Cara Roxanne says:

    I used these to bribe my boyfriend to clean the kitchen for me. These disappeared within the night between all my roommates. PERFECT. So good.

  87. Jenna says:

    These came out great! I used spelt flour instead of oat and skipped the nuts all together. They taste just as good, if not better, than your usual butter/egg chocolate chip cookie. Thanks for the recipe.

  88. Madeline says:


    Love your recipes Katie. Have fallen in love with pumpkin brownies and choco chip cookie dough truffles. I’d love to ma,e this one too but I’m allergic to nuts. Any substitute ideas?

    Keep cooking!

  89. Frances Sawyers says:

    This recipe was great. Thank you soo much. I used the coconut oil, coconut sugar and the coconut milk. I freshly ground my Oat berries in my Vita Mix. I also semi ground my nuts. Made a difference. Thank you so much again.

  90. KJ says:

    These are so good! I used some liquid stevia instead of the xylitol :) Is there a trick to getting them to spread out? The consistency of the dough seemed fine (not to dry), but after almost 10 min’s, mine were still pretty round (and not so flat). They look more like little biscuits :) Would more liquid help?

    1. No, but maybe flatten them out a little beforehand if you want them flatter?

  91. Marilyn says:

    I just made these with mini pb cups – sooo good!

  92. Anonymous says:

    Can u sub the sugar with agave nectar in your recipes?

  93. Alicia says:

    These are so delicious! I just made them and ate my first one, and you’d never know they were butter-free, healthy cookies. I’ll definitely make them again with one fix: I used only 3 TBSP of milk, but even as I was forming the dough into a ball, I could tell even that was too much for mine. My little balls weren’t so much spherical as they were blobs of wet dough. So next time I’ll stop at 2 TBSP and see if that helps. They came out as thin cookies instead of the thicker ones in the pictures. They still taste fantastic, though!

  94. Made these with raisins in half and chocolate chips in the other half. They’re AWESOME!

  95. Kim says:

    This was amazing! I used cashews because I didn’t have macadamia nuts and virgin coconut oil, so it got a touch of that coconut flavor. Absolutely awesome!

  96. Hollie says:

    These sound delicious, but I have a question! I noticed that there are several places in the recipe where you have options for what to use, ex, brown sugar or brown coconut sugar, xylitol or white sugar, and vegetable oil or coconut oil. If I were to use brown sugar, white sugar and vegetable oil, does that make them any less healthy? Just curious because I live in very rural area and the other options you gave are kind of hard to come by around here.

    1. They would still be healthier than your average chocolate chip cookies because they’re much lower in sugar and I call for less oil as well. Also, if you use oat flour they’re whole-grain too!
      Also, I don’t think veg oil is any less healthy than coconut oil. :)

  97. Lisa says:

    Delicious cookies – soft & chewy! I added 3 tablespoons of milk & mixture was too wet so then added 2 tablespoons of plain flour & they turned out perfect. Thanks for a great recipe!

  98. Lin says:

    I am constantly making chocolate chip cookies for my cookie-loving boyfriend, but hate the typical recipes that use so much butter, shortening, and sugar. I was really pleased with these because they contain a lot less sugar and fat but are still very substantial because of the oat flour. My guy doesn’t usually go for oatmeal-type cookies, but after the initial taste test, he tried to eat the rest of the batch. Thanks for the recipe!

  99. Emma says:

    Hello there!

    I came across this recipe on Pinterest and had to make it because it LOOKED so beautiful. I’m not a vegan, and I usually just make the cookies from Betty Crocker, but these are the best cookies I have ever tried, even if they weren’t so much healthier. I am in shock that something with less sugar and no white flour can taste even better than the real thing. Excited to try more of your recipes now!

    Love from a new fan,

  100. Esh says:

    These are INCREDIBLE!
    I’ve tried a few vegan cookie recipes before and they have just been crumbly, oily, or just ick but these are perfect! Thank you so much Katie :)

  101. I repinned this Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to my pinterest page! :)

  102. So bribed my kids to exercise with me, if we made cookies afterwards. It worked and I used this recipe. My kids were nervous because they like the “regular” choco chip cookies. Anything with “healthy” must taste like sawdust. They LOVED them!!! We actually doubled the recipe without an issue. Also made some substitutions because I have a food intolerance to oat and milk. We used wheat flour and almond milk. Also used walnuts because I didn’t have any macadamia nuts. These were AMAZAING – I think better then the “toll house” version. The flavor is nuttier and they are more filling – a good thing so I don’t eat an entire cookie sheet.

  103. Jane says:

    Mmmmmm Katie I just made these with pistachios and white chocolate chips, and they are soooo good! Thanks for the amazing recipes!

  104. Donna Baker says:

    so glad my friend shared your blog with me – these are my FAVORITE cookies (3rd time making in one week – yikes!) so addicting! thanks for sharing and congratulations on your cookbook!!

  105. nive says:

    I made your cookies today with few substitutions and it came out great.It will be my go to recipe for the chocolate chip cookies now on.I would love to double or triple the recipe though.

  106. Rachel says:

    So I made these and they taste delicious, but the only thing I had a question about was mine didn’t spread out I had to press them down have way through the baking process. I have no idea what went wrong, but I want mine to look as pretty as yours so I can send them out to friends.

    1. I guess maybe it depends on the type of flour… and also how big you make them… and if you chill first or not. Mine always spread out, but you could always press them down afterwards (or beforehand) if they don’t!

  107. Anonymous says:

    they were great no time at all to make. I used raisens instead of c. chips. Also hemp flour

  108. Karina says:

    These are so delicious! I made them this evening and they turned out perfectly soft and yummy. My cookies didn’t really expand much like white flour cookies do but they still tasted great. I subbed white sugar for xitol(sp?), pecans for macadamia nuts, and canola oil for coconut oil. I also used a 1/2 cup of milk chocolate chips and 1% lowfat milk. I made 19 cookies with my batch. I calculated the calories on myfitnesspal, and my batch came out to 100 cals per cookie…still less than regular cookies ;). Thanks for the great recipe!

  109. Kate says:

    These were delicious! I love the nutty oat taste in the cookie and the macadamia nuts complement the chocolate perfectly. I love your blog!!

  110. Anonymous says:

    Hello, Katie,

    Did you use glutin-free oats or regular oats that you pulsed into flour?

    While I haven’t made any of your recipies yet, I see that you do not call for a levening agent with the flour…so that nothing turns out crumbly. Is there a reason for this?

    1. Trust me, they turn out fine as is… no extra ingredients needed :).

      I’m not on a gf diet, so I use regular oats. Technically all oats are gluten-free. They can be contaminated due to shared factory machinery, which is why people with gluten sensitivities need to buy certified gf oats.

  111. Haley says:

    I wanted to let you know what your blog means to our family. We have a son with severe food allergies, so we don’t eat any animal products (milk and eggs). Since his diagnosis almost 4 years ago, we have searched endlessly for fun foods that are safe for him but also awe inspiring. Because that’s what we feel food should be. Each bite should be memorable. Good food inspires joy and comfort and brings people together. That’s what your recipes are to us. I hope you know what a blessing you’ve been to so many people. Thank you for your blog, your creativity, and for the happiness I get to see on my preschooler’s face with every bite of a CCK creation. Merry Christmas, Katie. Thank you so much for giving us this recipe for Santa’s cookies tonight. He will love them. :)

  112. Indie says:

    I found your blog about 6 months ago and have only just got around to baking some of the millions of recipes I’d bookmarked! I made these tonight and my dad and brother (who are no way healthy- baked goods inclined) both loved them. My 16 year old brother even said he wanted dinner to be over so he could eat more cookies! I’ve been trying to decrease my sugar intake because I have cancer so it has been so amazing to be able to eat baked goods that are healthy and actually taste good. Thank you so much for your amazing recipes!

  113. Indie says:

    I found your blog about 6 months ago and have only just got around to baking some of the millions of recipes I’d bookmarked! I’ve been trying to decrease my sugar intake because I have cancer so it has been so amazing to be able to eat baked goods that are healthy and actually taste good. I made these tonight and my dad and brother (who are no way healthy- baked goods inclined) both loved them. My 16 year old brother even said he wanted dinner to be over so he could eat more cookies! Thank you so much for your amazing recipes!

  114. Jackie says:

    These came out great on my first try- yea! Took them to work and they were a hit too. (And we don’t eat healthy around here)

    I love the idea of subbing prunes for dates! I have trouble finding the brand of dates recomended and want to try a lot of the date recipes. I would love to hear from anybody that tried it and how it went.

  115. S says:

    Katie, I tried this recipe and it was amazing! I’ve been looking for a good, healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe for a while now. My only problem was that it was a bit too sweet (which obviously can be fixed by adding less sugar) and it spread out too much, so next time I will reduce the liquids a bit. Other than that, it was delicious and the exact consistency I was looking for!

  116. Melisa says:

    These are outstanding! My son helped me make them and liked the bowl clean afterward!

  117. Jain says:

    You are a genius. We’re recent vegan converts who missed cookies, and MAN are these good. Thanks so much for sharing these recipes! Tagalongs, you’re next!

  118. Holly says:

    Getting ready to pop these yummy things in the oven. Looks spectacular. I only WISH I had doubled the batch because with my cookie monster of a husband there is NO WAY this is going to make 14-20 cookies. Lol darn…I better snag one before he gets home!

  119. Rachele says:

    Katie, these are the best! I can’t stop eating the dough! Delicious. Used pecans because they were on hand. Will have to try with macadamia nuts next time. Also used coconut palm sugar for part of the brown, more as a test to see if you could tell. I couldn’t. The dough was so easy to roll into balls and has such a great flavor. And without butter and eggs, too. Because of that, Ive already set aside one ball for my daughter’s school lunch tomorrow. She loves cookie dough but won’t let her eat raw eggs. Thank you for sharing your recipes!! (I can’t wait for your cookbook.)

  120. Kasey Lawhorn says:

    Would this recipe work if I wanted to make one big giant cookie cake? Trying to do something fun for a party this weekend- thanks Katie!

  121. Zan says:

    I just made these with my 28 month old daughter today. I halved the recipe because we are going on vacation on Sunday and I was not sure if we would consume all before we left. Mennnnnnnnnn was I wrong! We made about 10 and ate all but 2 or 3 in about 20 mins. And that was just before dinner, too – that’s so wrong! Now I regret not making the full recipe. They were a little burnt but were still delicious!

  122. Priscilla says:

    just took them out of the oven, cooling them for 10. can’t wait to try them out! taking them to a surprise party. made 18, decent amount!

  123. paula says:

    Has anyone tried to add zuchini to this recipe? Im looking for a really good zuchini chocolate chip cookie. This looks delicious, though…. I am itching to make all of your recipes Katie…

  124. Casey says:


    I just came across your website and these cookies and I am thrilled. I LOVE sweets and need healthier versions, but I am having trouble with these cookies. I have tried to make them twice and both times they have come out FLAT. They taste DELICIOUS, but do not look beautiful like yours! I followed the directions exactly. I made my own oat flour, used vegetable oil, cooled my pans and cookie dough first. What am I doing wrong??? I love their taste and so did my boyfriend, but I want them to look great too!

  125. Melanie says:

    Ooohhh, I doubled this (I have 4 kids) but somehow it went really wrong! It tastes mostly like baking soda (ish!). I’m sure my measurements were right, but then again that was 1 whole tsp of baking soda when it’s doubled. I often get these types of problems when I double or triple a recipe, somehow on small quantities you can’t taste «the problems» but once you double/triple it doesn’t come out the same way… Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong when I juste double the numbers?

  126. Rachel says:

    In one word, AMAZING.

    Love these and that they are made without (regular!) flour. The only problem I have with them is that there are never any left.

  127. Lindsey says:

    These came out so gooey and delish! I even substituted the flour for Chick Pea flower, some of the sugar for honey, and they still came out great.

  128. angela says:

    New to website. Can’t wait to try some of these delicious recipes. Do you categorize any of your recipes that are “non artificial flavor” desserts?

    1. Hi Angela,
      I guess I am confused… I think all of my recipes are non-artificial. At least, none of the ones I can think of contain artificial flavors.

  129. Shawna says:

    Thank you for this recipe it is my go to for cookies…. I have modified it doubling the vanilla added and cutting out the white sugar for two stevia packets instead. Have inspired me to replace oat flour in my oatmeal cookies.

  130. Anonymous says:

    I just made these (eating one now!) and they are SO good! :) I tweaked it a bit and used almonds instead of macadamia nuts, and used less sugar (used 6T of brown instead of using white and brown sugar) Thank you for the recipe! :)

  131. Ann says:

    How can you make a more crispy cookie? I was told that you add water, does that work in this recipe?

  132. Emanuelle says:

    wow these look awesome! As do most of your recipes! So glad I stumbled across you!!

  133. Emily LeDonne says:

    So, the other night I was looking to make a giant cookie cake for my sisters birthday. I immediately go to your blog anytime I’m going to bake(which is pretty much everyday, hehe) I saw that you had a recipe for one that used beans. I was feeling too lazy to get my food processors out, SO I doubled this recipe and threw it in a 9 inch round cake pan! It came out AMAZING. No one knew it was healthy or vegan! I’ll definitely do that again soon :)

  134. sara k says:

    We just made these only we used almond flour instead of oat and they taste so nutty and chewy! We will be making these again!

  135. Katerina says:

    You should definitely do a healthy take on the oatmeal cream pies cookie sandwich things!

  136. Nik says:

    I just made these, but my dough was super sticky and hard to handle. But I put two cookies to bake as a test batch, it turned out crumbly. I’m now refrigerating my mix to make it a little easier to work with..but the dough itself tastes pretty darn good, might just eat it that way :p

  137. Danielle says:

    Hi katie,
    I usually have no problem with your recipes even if I tweak them a bit to suit my needs but this time I have no idea what went wrong. I followed your recipe to the T but they all melted together in a thin layer over the pan in the oven and I ended up with chocolate walnut crackers instead of cookies:( Any idea of what could have gone wrong?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      If you click on the “Recipe FAQ” section, and scroll forward a bit, you’ll find a section entitled “Troubleshoot.”

  138. Lorena Bernal says:

    Hi Katie,

    I made some cookies awhile back and went from some recipe online and just substituted ingredients for butter and eggs, coconut oil and applesauce or banana. My boyfriend loved the cookies, mostly I think because of the applesauce flavor. Can I add applesauce to any cookie recipe even if it doesn’t call for eggs and then just add a little more baking soda? How much more if I can?

  139. Dr. Gordon Tessler says:

    What’s healthy about white sugar, brown sugar or sugar chocolate chip?

  140. Mindy Keith says:

    These cookies are the BEST chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever eaten. And I know my cookies. 😉 thank you so much for posting this recipe! Looking forward to trying..well..every other recipe you’ve posted.

  141. Marissa says:

    Love this recipe Katie!! I have been using it since about a month after you posted it. Everyone I bake these for loves them as well and ALWAYS asks for the recipe… then I send them to your site 😉

    For those of you who have been using this recipe for a while like I have, you should try substituting the vanilla extract with maple extract! It’s delicious, re-vamps these cookies after making them so often, and gives them a different taste with the same great nutritional value.

    1. Thanks, Marissa… and I love your substitution idea!

  142. Geetanjali says:

    Will whole wheat flour work??

    1. I tend to not use it for baking, as it’s such a dense flour. But you can always try!

  143. Cheryl says:

    I made these tonight and YUM! :) After the first batch (which were pretty much all gone after the family *taste tested* them) I made 2 more batches! In the second attempt, I added an additional 1/2 tsp of vanilla (because my husband said the “cookie part” was bland…everyone is a critic), but they had just a little more yummy cookie-ness and were delicious!!! (I also used white wheat flour and had to use white sugar as suggested, since these were things I had). Thank you for a yummy healthy version!!!!

  144. Deborah says:

    I LOVE your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made these tonight…we ALL LOVED them!! My boys rate my cooking on a number scale sometimes to be funny…they rated your cookies ” the number after infinity!” Thank you for this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Deborah says:

    and I substituted all natural applesauce for the oil..yummy!!

  146. Micah says:

    I loved these cookies! They kind of tasted like the tops of muffins.

  147. Stephanie says:

    I made these cookies today and they tasted delicious! But they turned out really flat? Can help me figure out what I did wrong? Thanks Katie! Obsessed with the blog :)

    1. Stephanie says:

      Also is there a way I can make them goey in the middle+ crispy on the outside instead of cakey?

    2. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Check out the troubleshoot section in the FAQ section of Katie’s blog. Here’s the link:
      Also, be sure not to make them too big.

  148. Elaine says:

    Oat is a grain therefore I wouldnt have them. Everyone should know that dairy and grain are devastating to your health

  149. Rib Mountain Mama says:

    THANK YOU, Katie, for this ab…so…lutely deLICious recipe! First and foremost, I like to provide my four-year-old daughter with healthy food. Unfortunately, she also has severe egg and nut allergies, so I have to hunt for recipes she can eat that still resemble the “real thing.”

    This recipe was healthy, allergy safe, and YUMMY! (A rare find for us!) This is–hands down–THE best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have found for my little lady! (And we’ve tried plenty!) I’m new to your blog, but totally hooked! Thank you SO very much for sharing your awesome recipes!!!

    Quick question: Do you purchase your oat flour or grind your own? Which do you recommend?

    1. Honestly I do a bit of both. Sometimes I use Bob’s or Arrowhead Mills. Other times I just pulverize my own oats in the vita-mix.

      1. Rib Mountain Mama says:

        Thanks! I’ve been using my less than stellar blender, and I think it is grinding the oats a bit coarser than you might recommend. I still LOVE the cookies this way. I just had to adjust by using a bit more oat flour. DeLISH! :)

  150. Rib Mountain Mama says:

    I omitted the nuts for allergy reasons. Still sooooo good! In fact, they disappeared so quickly that we just made a second batch today…we’re in cookie heaven!!!

  151. Roopali says:

    Hi Katie,
    I was surfing the Net for some healthy cookie recipes for my 2 yr old daughter and found this one! Tried it today, and they turned out AWESOME! Half the batch vanished in 20 mins…LOL! Just a little sweet for my taste, which I’ll adjust next time. I didn’t have macadamia so I used freshly shelled walnuts, the oats-walnut flavor tasted really really nice! I like that your recipes go easy on the fat but not on Chocolate :) …that is a win-win!!! I love baking and I am a semi-healthfreak and I love that with recipes like these, I can bake desserts and make them healthy too! Thanks for sharing!!!! Take care!

  152. Rachel says:

    These sound great can’t wait to make them for my birthday party, can you substitute the oat flour for regular though?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Yes I’ve done it with fantastic results.

  153. Adrienne says:

    I love these cookies so much it hurts. I make them for my omni coworkers and laugh at their disbelieving faces when they find out they’re vegan. I also add a tablespoon of ground flax seed and a tablespoon of cocoa as well. They’re incredible!

  154. Myshak says:

    I was just looking for healthy version of chocolate chip cookies. Can I use a regular flour instead of oat?

    1. Yes, many readers have had success this way.

      1. Myshak says:

        Thank you for the reply. Now I am going to bake these cookies:)

  155. Marcela says:

    I made the cookies on the weekend and tripled the recipe , I have 4 kids, 2 are teens and have very long days at school, They loved the cookies!!!!, they are gone, I have to make them again tonight because they are expecting them for snack tomorrow. Thank you for spending the time to come up with HEALTHY and delicious snacks for all of us. I am a big fan now.

  156. Lili says:

    Umm. I can’t make these ever again unless someone tapes duct tape over my mouth! These were sooooo soooooft and yuuuummyyyy….my dad said they could have been sweeter, but he still liked them a lot. I only added 4 tbs organic evaporated cane sugar but I found them delicious! I’m having a problem though. They didn’t flatten out in the oven :[ so they were kinda poofy cookies. But so yummy. how can I make a wider flatter cookie that doesn’t burn its butt?

    1. You can always smush the cookies before baking.

  157. cm says:

    somebody say something about oatmeal cream pie?

  158. Kristina says:

    I’ve made these cookies dozens of times! (without nuts, with semi-sweet, with white chocolate, with protein powder) They are great! Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out!

  159. Estelle says:

    They look so damn good. I am allergic to casein and all cereals, and I absolutely love baking (and eating pastries, so life is being difficult right now *sigh*). Unfortunately I can’t eat oats :'( do you have any idea what I could replace it with?

    Many thanks from Switzerland !!

      1. Estelle says:

        Thank you a lot for your answer 😉 but I can’t eat any cereal (except rice, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.) :'(

  160. Jacqueline says:

    OMG Katie these cookies <3 are just delicious and oh so nice and easy and quick to make ,which totally makes this Mama happy! You are a genius!!! My 6 y/o son with be thrilled with these cookies. And thank you sooooo much for the storage tip as I love my cookies crunchy and have many wonderful glass jars to store them in. These cookies made my day so much happier. : )

  161. Samantha H says:

    I am curious about the storage for crispy or soft. How did you find that trick and how does it work?

  162. Laura says:

    Omgoodness. This was my first attempt at a wheat free cookie. Thank you!! They were wonderful!!!

  163. kinsey says:

    I was so happy to get a chance today to make these that once done I realized had turned into a baking fail! Not sure what I had done wrong but I did do some things that I probably shouldn’t have. The dough tasted AMAZING and the sad plumps that remained once the timer rang finished tasted pretty good too. For display purposes, I had to throw them away :( I am hoping you are able to give me feedback as what I may have done wrong so I can try again. First, I wasn’t sure if these were supposed to be pushed down a little bit pre-baking but as 2 mins were left on the timer these weren’t flattening. I ended up opening the oven and pushing each down a little with my finger for the remaining couple of mins= fail #1. I also greased the cookie sheet with coconut oil= fail #2? And since I wanted soft cookies but didn’t have time to refrigerate the dough, I froze it for 5-10 mins=fail #3? lol AND FINALLY once I starting making little balls of cookies from the flash frozen dough it was very crumbly. Too bad I wasn’t making some type of pie bc the 1/2 cooked mush of what was left over would have made for an awesome pie crust once smooshed together! Help!!! These look so yummy and I want to make them again to have for our Christmas dinner tom. Thanks and Merry Christmas Katie!

  164. Nika Hrazburg says:

    I made these yesterday and they were eaten within an hour by my picky little brother who won’t eat anything healthy ! I am currently making another batch :)

  165. Mia says:

    I LOVE these cookies!! They’re awesome, and so quickly whipped up. I know not everybody likes this in cookies, but I used erythritol in place of the xylitol, and it was perfect for me (I also reduced the sweetener to 2 T erythritol and 1 T sucanat which is plenty sweet for me). How glad I am to have found your site!

  166. Frida says:

    These looks so delicious, but I don’t get them to spread. I also made but they didn’t spread eaither. What could be the problem? followed recipe exactly besdies when I made the other ones I added peanut butter. Could it be to little milk? and I used almond milk if that matters…

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      They should spread, but in any case you can always flatten them beforehand. Also if it is helpful, here is a link for troubleshooting:

      1. Frida says:

        Thank you!

  167. Becca Turner says:

    First of all, I just discovered your website/blog and I never knew that someone out there could love chocolate as much as I do (could eat it for every meal). So, I am so grateful for the coolest website right now – chocolate covered katie.
    I made the healthy chocolate chip cookies last night and used whole wheat flour and I was a little skeptical when mixing the dry and the wet ingredients… I mixed everything, but still was concerned that there was too much dryness to the mixture; however, I put on some disposable gloves and began to make the balls and they stayed together just fine!
    Once I took the cookies out of the oven, my boyfriend asked me “are these done?” and I responded with something like , “yep, they only had to cook 7-10 minutes, but I know they don’t look done”. These cookies were so good – I ate four within 1 hour. Absolutely divine – I can not wait to make these cookies to share with other people.
    On day 2 (that’s today), I’ve heated one up for 12 seconds and it’s almost as good as eating it hot out of the oven. Good bless you for posting this recipe. I look forward to trying more of your never too rich or too chocolatey for this girl, recipes.

  168. Sara says:

    I just made these and they are really great!

  169. Lily says:

    Wow – yummy cookies ! I made these to keep me company at breakfast, love them ! Tip to share – i didn’t have any macademia nuts and couldn’t be bothered to chop walnuts, so I just added some chocolate (they are a bit too chocolaty, if such a thing is possible) but stroke of luck, used Walnut Oil as vegetable oil – gave a nice nutty taste even with out walnuts. Also as it was for breakfast, I subbed that half a cup of flour for half a cup of oats – makes them a bit more substantial ! Anyway, recipe declared a favorite !! Must try some others now …

  170. Erin says:

    I love this blog! I’m always trying to make my baking recipes healthy and they usually turn out to be quite the disaster. Now I can use your steps instead of my off the cuff method. Do you have thoughts on how to change your recipes for High Altitude? And would you also do a post on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies please?

    1. I’m sad to say I’ve never actually baked anything at high altitude so I will be of no help :(.
      But for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, just use the flourless chocolate chip cookie recipe, which is made with oats :).

  171. Ashley says:

    Dangerously DELICIOUS!!! LOL!!!!

  172. Bonnie says:

    Seriously now!…
    Do you have any idea how many recipes i’ve found online for a gluten free cookie that claims to be Heaven on Earth (or something like that), until i attempt it and they let me down every time. Too wet, too dry, too grainy, too sticky, too crumbly, too…. the list goes on.
    My family DEVOURED these while they were still warm. Geesh!, for so long i’ve wanted to make a cookie that taste like the one’s you buy at the gluten free bakeries….finally SUCCESS!
    I made the soft version of the cookie, so refrigerated the dough for about an hour before baking.

  173. Teresa says:

    These are AMAZING! I will definitely be making these frequently! Love your blog – keep up the great work!

  174. Kristin says:

    Do you use all oat flour in this recipe ? Or 2/3 c flour of choice and 1/2 pay flour? I tried making these and they spread out flat like pancakes ! Thanks !!

    1. Kristin says:

      Oat flour not pay flour. I hate autocorrect sometimes !

    2. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      It is all oat flour. However, if they spread it sounds like you either made them too big or greased your pan too much. Also see Katie’s Recipe FAQ page which has troubleshooting information for recipes. Hope that is helpful!

  175. Amanda says:

    Can I substitute xylitol with stevia? If so, would a 1:1 ratio work?

  176. Sarah says:

    Just ate this dough with a spoon after a hard day. Thank you, Katie! I added peanut butter and quick oats for texture

  177. Thank you so much Katie! These are delicious cookies! My whole family loved them. I have a very picky 5 year old son with autism and he kept saying more cookies mommy! He is gluten free so I used gluten free oats and I used 1/2 the amount of sweeteners for his special diet and they were super yummy and chewy! Thanks again :)

  178. k says:

    Is there a way to make this page printable? I just printed the whole page and ended up with dozens of pages of comments… lol. How can I get this on paper…

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Highlight just the recipe, press control c. Then open a word document and paste 😉

  179. The shape work out but the taste did!

  180. Lilli Winter says:

    Hey Katie,
    These cookies sound and look awesome! I want to try them now but I ran out if coconut sugar and actually don’t want to use white or brown sugar.. Do you think maple or rice malt syrup would work, too?
    Would be happy about a quick answer evaluate I’m drooling over these now and want to try them ASAP haha!
    Love your blog so much!

  181. Teila says:

    These are THE BEST healthy chocolate chip cookies I’ve EVER had!!! Even tastes better than my regular, full fat, full of sugar cookie recipe. Thank you so much for the delicious recipe. I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes. AMAZING!

  182. Courtney b says:

    Yummy!!!! I love them they turned out great :) cute website as well

  183. faiza ikram says:

    im making these now

  184. sarah says:

    Oh My Gosh even the dough tastes amazing! All other oat cookies have not come close to this delicious recipe! Thank you!

  185. Shannon says:

    I followed the recipe but my cookies didn’t spread :/ I used Silk Almond milk do you think that could make the difference? They still taste great!!! But for presentation I wanted a more traditional looking, flatter cookie. I love your blog and wish I had more time for making all the goodies! :)

    1. Could be a number of factors, but you can always just smush them with a fork next time, either pre or post baking :)

  186. Ruby says:

    So I’ve made a lot of chocolate chip cookie recipes before. Some that have been made by widely known bloggers and bakers but i just never found ‘the one’. Sometimes they were too sweet, or spread out too thin, or required mandatory overnight chilling times. I appreciate simplicity, so when i made these AND tasted them, i was ecstatic. If you chill them they come out so chewy and i loved that. Also the taste is perfect. I hate a too sweet cookie, and i have the biggest sweet tooth ever! But dont just believe me, ask my 10 year old brother who has tried every single chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve made, and with huge wide eyes exclaimed these were the best I’ve ever made. It’s liberating to know he can eat a few more of these than other ones I’ve made because they’re healthier and my little brother has been struggling with a weight problem. Hopefully he grows out of it for his health. Anyway, Its kind of ironic that I use to follow cookie recipes that called for 2 sticks of butter and they dont even begin to live up to this cookie recipe, that calls for 2 tablespoons of oil. This goes to show that people will underestimate anything that is labeled as healthy (me included), but when it comes to your recipes they never cease to amaze. :)

  187. Catherine says:

    Okay, so I’ve been screen shotting your recipes for awhile now but never got the time to make them. First recipe. Can I just say, you are a genius? Like these are easily the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had, healthy or not! The batter was SO YUMMY and no eggs?! THANK YOU KATIE

  188. lalala says:

    sure about the 380 degrees?
    i had it in the oven at 280 degrees and they got all burned after 5 minutes :(

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Sounds like you are not cooking in Fahrenheit…

  189. Carolina Lucía says:

    What kind of Chocolate Chips do you use? Do you buy a specific type/brand?

    Thank you!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I know she has said before that she likes Enjoy Life as well as Equal Exchange. Trader Joe’s brand is good too!

      1. Carolina Lucía says:

        Thank you! I’ve tried Enjoy Life and really like them…I’ll have to try the others as well :)

  190. carissa says:

    I just want to say that I love all of your recipes! I think they are all amazing! And that you’re just as amazing. . I was saddened by the comments I came across while searching for recipes. Those people should get a life. And Katie, even if it was true, that is your battle and yours alone. have faith! Be well.

  191. Malin says:

    These are the first healthy cookies that I ever made, and I must say that I am a bit confused about the texture.. Mine did not at all look like yours. I have two questions:
    1. Did you bake the cookie from when it was a ball, or did you flatten it out? I tried both, and when I did the ball, it did not float out at all but just stayed being a baked ball and not a flat cookie. When I flattened it it was really crumbly… Since there is no butter to melt out, how can the cookie melt? (I used oil and not melted coconut oil. Could this be why??)
    2. How could you get the cookie to me more cookie like in the texture? Maybe more oil? I felt like the texture was a bit strange… Maybe I would like to get the cookie to bind together better, but I have a hard time explaining what I miss with the cookie…
    I did like it though, but I feel like mine did not come out like yours….

  192. Ksenia says:

    Just pulled these out of the oven and they taste great. I’m pretending they’re just as healthy as my morning oatmeal and subbing them :)
    A few notes: I used only 1tbsp coconut sugar and can’t imagine these being any sweeter than they are! I’m not sure, it may have changed the consistency a bit (made them more crumbly?) but they’re still great.
    I also refrigerated mine to make soft cookies and just a warning, it is a huge hard lump when it first comes out of the fridge – don’t worry, a few minutes on the counter and they will be workable.

    P.S. This cookie dough is just as amazing eaten before the oven. Cold. With milk.

  193. Becki M says:

    It’s me again – two questions in one day; I promise I’m not a crazy stalker! 😉 I was wondering, do you think these cookies would work with a mixture of coconut flour, flaxseed meal and pumpkin seed flour? I’m unable to eat any grains right now and so am trying to experiment and see what works! These look INCREDIBLE <3

  194. Rachel says:

    Will whole wheat flour work?

  195. Angela says:

    I just made these. I prefer them crunchy so I went with all raw sugar as opposed to white or brown. I added an egg for texture. I used an entire cup of chocolate chips because I’m bad.

    Turned out excellent.

    What I like the most about these cookies is that you’re not using as much sugar OR oil/margarine/butter as all other chocolate chip cookie recipes I see around. I never understood using 2 cups of sugar to make cookies loaded with chocolate chips!! And I use 60% + cacao chips and the cookies I just made are STILL very very sweet.

  196. Liane Blanco says:

    I am a cookie person, they are an important food group for me. :) I’ve made these several times, and they are more delicious than Tollhouse. I love your Oatmeal Raisin cookies too. Thanks for the great recipes!

  197. Pam says:

    I just made these….they are fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us!

  198. Jean Seal says:

    I just made the cookies and although they tasted great, they came out really flat.
    The only change I had to make was using Pamela’s baking mix instead of oat flour as I was all out. Pamela’s baking mix is made predominantly from brown and white rice flour. I’ll try it next time with Oat flour. I did not refrigerate and the cookies were very soft…difficult to get off sheet.
    I look forward to having my cookies look like yours next time. Thanks for the recipe and any tips you can give me!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Definitely try the recipe as written. They are delicious!

  199. Bonnie says:

    You claim to be a healthy cooking site, and yet you recommend margarine, which is now known to be very unhealthy, containing trans fats which he body cannot metabolize. Vegetable oils also are not healthy, containing too much omega-6. Better choices include coconut oil, and butter (especially from grass-fed cows). They taste better too!

  200. Edie says:

    I made this recipe and doubled it. I ground rolled oats in my Vitamix dry grain container, used 4 Tbsp. coconut sugar, 4 Tbsp. Sucanat, and in place of the Xylitol I used 4 Tbsp. organic cane sugar and 4 Tbsp. unsweetened applesauce. I also used coconut oil rather than vegetable oil. They turned out perfectly!! They have the texture of the junky Nabisco soft-baked chocolate chip cookies I consumed many a year ago, but these are much more delicious, and I love knowing they’re made with quality ingredients. The kids loved them!

    1. Thank you so much for making them! :)

  201. Edie says:

    I forgot to say that a double batch made exactly 30 cookies, made with a small-size cookie scoop. I did smash them down a little after they came out of the oven because they were really poofy, and I prefer flat cookies!

    1. Safina says:

      You can flatten the cookie dough out before you bake the cookies, too.

  202. Zosia Religa says:

    Hi Katie
    Love your site. You prolly know everything there is to know about food photography but I found this free link that is good only for this week so maybe you’ll be interested….and others can get it too! Enjoy

  203. jan says:

    i just made this! halved the recipe to fit my tiny oven and managed to get 10 med size cookies. Subbed for grapeseed oil and walnuts cause thats what i have. love it. Although i think i could have grounded my oats more finely but its gives it a nice texture.

    This one is almost as good as the other coconut oil cookie recipes i have tried that used twice the amount of oil.

    Baked for 9min cause i wanted a crunchier cookie. Turned out crunchy on the outside, chewy inside!

    I highly recommend this healthier cookie recipe!

  204. Jenn says:

    You know they are good when 3 boys, ages 7,10, and 11 devoured them!! They are also so easy to make!! Will be making these into little balls and putting them in the freezer to pull out when a chocolate fix is needed :)

  205. paola bernal says:

    Hi Katie, What other choice instead of regular sugar can I use when a recipe calls for Xilitol?? In my country xilitol it`s very hard to find and also expensive, but I don`t want to add more calories to the recipe. Thanks

    1. Safina says:

      You can use evaporated cane juice or you could even use stevia or some type of stevia baking mix. Stevia is 0 calories and all natural! It comes from the stevia plant and is not processed, it also has no additives or chemicals most of the time :)

  206. Heidi says:

    Hands down, the BEST healthy cookies I’ve ever tasted. EVER. Thank you, CCK!!

  207. Angela Patterson says:

    Possibly the best cookies I’ve ever eaten. Just came out of the oven & I couldn’t wait. Used brown rice flour instead of oat so they are a little crumbly.

  208. Marisa says:

    Just made these and they are one of the best choco chip cookies I have tasted and the best part is there is no butter ! Quick, easy, delicious! Followed the recipe and used spelt flour.

  209. Chocolate says:

    I made these and they were AWESOME!! :)

  210. Alice says:

    So I made these for my daughter’s Valentine’s party. They were a huge hit. I left out the nuts, used pink sugar in place of white sugar, the dough was really sticky, and the chocolate chips wouldn’t stay “in” the dough. But I also was forming them into hearts. It took FOREVER, but it was just what my gluten free daughter wanted. Love your recipes!

  211. Tsermaa dalai says:

    Katie, this is second time I have used your recipes. First time when I was searching healthy Nutella recipe I found your recipes. My Nutella came out great :-)! Now I have made 2 batches of your Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies! The dough became very sticky, I think I put too much milk. But managed to make small balls; they did not really spread much. But taste so yummy! Thank you for sharing your recipes and your experiences :-)!

  212. Jasmijn says:

    Hey Katie,
    Thank you for sharing the recipe for the most delicious chocolat chip cookies.
    These honestly taste like heaven. I mean even the dough is to die for.
    Every time i make these they come out perfectly yummie.
    I have to force myself not to eat them all.
    Everyone please make these asap!
    Xx from Holland

  213. nora says:

    hello katie,
    just a few months ago i have stumbled upon this post and entered a whole new world of healthy baking. i just wanted to say, thank you! i have spent way too much time (at work especially) browsing your website and testing all sorts of wonderful recipes. although, i have to say, this chocolate chip recipe is the best i have ever had (this isn’t only coming from me, but a whole lot of people whom I’ve baked this for). therefore, i should give credit where credit is due. also, because of you i have been resorting to many healthy baking recipes and nutritional ingredients. and again, thank you for sharing this recipe.
    sending love all the way from Kuwait xx

  214. pat newsom says:

    im baking these chocolate chip cookies, but i used coconut flour & i had to keep adding milk to get the mixture to stick. im sure they are good, but there isnt much liquid in the cookies. thanks

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      If you used coconut flour, then you didn’t follow the recipe. How on earth can you blame the recipe for not working if you didn’t even follow it at all??

    2. Jaims says:

      It must be the coconut flour. I made my cookies the same way you did and they were soooo dry and crumbly! I too added a lot of extra milk and they still fell apart after baking. Kind of a shame because the coconut flour does taste good in the recipe! Maybe Katie can figure out a way for these ingredients to work together?

      1. Farah says:

        Coconut flour can not be equally substituted for oat flour- or any flour for that matter!
        If you use coconut flour you’d have to add a lot of emulsifiers & liquid. It would basically be a whole different recipe.
        If you make a major swap like that, you should really look to the ingredients you subbed instead of the recipe when things don’t turn out.

  215. Sara says:

    Can anyone give me doubled version of these? I do not have time to do the conversion. I guess mostly the tablespoons…how do tablespoons convert to cups?

    1. Tejal says:

      4 tablespoons is a quarter of a cup. I use this the most because I lost my quarter cup :)

  216. KRISTEL says:

    the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe ever!!!

  217. KRISTEL says:

    the 70 calories per cookie is for how many? 14 or 20?

  218. Jaims says:

    So I made these tonight. Didn’t have oat flour so I used coconut flour. Maybe that was the problem or I don’t understand what 3/4 cup plus 1/2 cup means? The cookies were so dry and crumbly! They taste good but I ended up using a fork to eat the little pieces that fell apart. :(

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Coconut flour is very different from other flours and cannot be subbed in an equal amount in recipes.

  219. ora says:

    Hi just made those cookies, and they are delicious but mine might have turned too wet. they are falling apart as I am trying to scrape them off the parchment. any recommendations for next time? the batter didn’t quite turn into a ball. less milk possibly?? tnx

    1. ora says:

      to add to my previous comment, I didn’t refrigerate them. Is that the problem? also do you think the white sugar can be omitted? tnx

  220. Kayla says:

    I just made these and OH MY GOODNESS. They tasted EXACTLY like a Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie!! Thank you so much! I absolutely adore your blog.

  221. Zainab says:

    Hello Katie. Can I sub w.w flour or white flour for the oats flour? And thank you for this wonderful recipe

  222. Pooja says:

    Katie- I came across your blog while randomly surfing for healthy baking recipes. And am so glad I did!!! Bookmarking this recipe & your blog to go through at leisure ☺

  223. Kylie says:

    Hi Katie!

    How many cookies should this batch yield? Just curious how many cookies the 70 calorie per cookie measurement was based on so I could know when baking to allot that many.


  224. Comment says:

    Hi Katie! I have a question: is coconut sugar/ honey/agave/maple syrup unhealthy? I see them in a lot of your recipes and a quick search on the internet shows me that despite the “low GI” of coconut sugar or the health benefits in these “healthy” alternatives of sugar, they are ultimately bad :(

  225. Larry Moore says:

    What exactly is the nutrition info per serving and such?

  226. Beth says:


    I love your website and would love to make some of your recipes, however I am allergic to nuts (except almonds strangely!) and was wondering if there was a healthy alternative to the nuts in some of your recipes?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Definitely! Which recipes specifically, as the substitution will depend on the recipe?
      Or for many of the ones calling for peanut butter, have you tried Sunbutter?

      1. Beth says:

        I haven’t tried sun butter, where can I get it from? it’s mainly the ice creams that call for nuts that I am upset at being unable to try! There are no specific recipes that I can think of at the moment but I would eat pretty much anything in here so chuck a few at me with substitutions and I would be extremely grateful! Thank you!

        1. Tara says:

          I was wondering what kind of adjustments that I would need to make if I wanted to use almond flour?



        2. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

          I’ve seen it at regular grocery stores! Giant, Safeway, Trader Joes, and of course natural food stores as well.

  227. Stephanie says:




  228. Tracey says:

    These were so good! Substituted butter for coconut oil and trivia baking blend for xylitol. Made the cookies VERY small so ended up with over 30 of them. Even our guests liked them! Good recipe!