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Healthy Nutella

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Healthy Nutella: My new obsession.

Homemade Nutella recipe from @choccoveredkt lets you control how much sugar goes in. Low-fat, low-sugar, vegan, gf options. Get the recipe:

Soon to be your new obsession.

Once you try this healthy Nutella chocolate spread, you’ll never want to put your spoon down. Never ever.

Unless, of course, you don’t like Nutella… Is that even possible? Is there a person in this world who can resist that velvety chocolate butter? (If it’s true, please send me your spoon. I’ll happily eat your portion of this healthy homemade nutella. I’m nice like that.)

Homemade Nutella recipe from @choccoveredkt lets you control how much sugar goes in. Low-fat, low-sugar, vegan, gf options. Get the recipe:

On Friday, I posted my blog’s 2011 Top 10 Most Popular Healthy Desserts.

The following recipe is so incredibly delicious it might just make the list for next year! Super-rich and creamy, my homemade Nutella rivals the decadence of that famous spread you find at grocery stores.

Healthy Nutella

This version is much lower in sugar (or it can even be sugar free!), is suitable for vegans or those with dairy allergies, and it’s high in Vitamin E, B vitamins, and healthy fats! My homemade healthy Nutella version also has just half the calories of store-bought Nutella, although I didn’t specifically set out to make a low-calorie homemade Nutella recipe. It just turned out that way.

vegan nutella

My first love.

Long before I discovered boys (or at least before I stopped believing they had cooties!), I gave my heart to Nutella. Back then, the spread wasn’t popular like it is now. All the kids in my class thought I was so weird for bringing Nutella sandwiches to school. Day after day, they nibbled their boring pb&js, while I blissfully devoured a chocolate sandwich. (In just a few months, I’d hooked all my friends onto this miracle spread, and soon everyone was bringing Nutella for lunch!)

I gave up eating Nutella when I went vegan, over ten years ago. They do now sell such a thing as vegan Nutella (Justin’s chocolate-hazelnut spread), and it is delicious. However it’s not silky-smooth like the Nutella I so loved as a child.

Tired of feeling left out, I took matters into my own chocolate-covered hands one day, throwing more and more ingredients into my Cuisinart until I achieved exactly what I was looking for:


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Healthy Nutella

  • 2 cups raw hazelnuts (240g)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp xylitol, or sugar, or pure maple syrup
  • pinch stevia, or 1 tbsp additional sugar
  • 1/4 tsp plus 1/8 tsp salt
  • optional: 2 tsp oil (for extra smoothness, but it's still very smooth if you leave out the oil)
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice
Total Time: 10m
Yield: 2 cups


Homemade Nutella Recipe: Roast hazelnuts for 6-8 minutes at 400 F. Rub them together in a paper towel to get the skins off. (It’s ok if a few stubborn skins won’t come off.) In a Vita-mix or food processor, blend the nuts until they’ve turned to butter, then add all other ingredients and blend a long time until it’s smooth like Nutella! (I think I blended off-and-on for a full two minutes. It’s extra-creamy in a Vita-mix, but a Cuisinart food processor works as well.)

View Healthy Nutella Nutrition Facts

The nutritional info includes the sugar/agave. For a sugar-free healthy Nutella, you can replace all of the sugar with an equal amount of xylitol.  Or, you can sweeten with stevia instead. (I haven’t personally tried this recipe using just stevia, so I can’t vouch for the resulting taste if you go that route.)

Homemade healthy Nutella recipe from @choccoveredkt lets YOU control how much sugar goes in. Low-fat, low-sugar, vegan, gf options. Get the recipe:

Have you ever tried Nutella?

I’m imagining all the possible ways I can use this healthy Nutella recipe! Homemade Nutella ice cream, pancakes, cupcakes… or if you are brave you could try it on top of my Black Bean Brownies!

Homemade Nutella recipe from @choccoveredkt lets you control how much sugar goes in. Low-fat, low-sugar, vegan, gf options. Get the recipe:

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Yum! I bet this would be great if made with peanuts too!

    Do you have any suggestions though, for someone with a weak food processor? I haven’t had much luck in the past in making nut butters :)

    1. Barb says:

      do you have a hand-held blender? these also work really well, i’ve found, for many of Katie’s recipes!

    2. If you do a lot of cooking, it really is worth investing in a good food processor. I’ve had my Cuisinart for over 7 years!

      It’s better than wasting the money on ingredients that you have to end up throwing out because the cheap machine won’t blend it :(.

      1. This question may sound like an oxymoron, but do you know of any affordable, but good quality food processors?

        Thanks, and if not, I know what I want for Christmas NEXT year :)

        1. Kim says:

          I have a black & decker. I got it from Walmart for $30. It’s really loud, but it does a good job. No idea if it will make the quality of nut butter that you are after, but it makes really good hummus.

        2. Penny Lane Knight says:

          I purchased a Black and Decker at Target and I have made many Almond butters, cashew butters, hummus, black bean brownies, avocado pudding, and even made nutella tonight and haven’t had a problem. I think mine was like 40 bucks

          1. Jamie says:

            How do you make avocado pudding???

          2. Penny Lane Knight says:

            It’s a variation of Chocolate pudding, but you use 2 avocados, 8 soaked dates (i tend to use more) cocoa powder, vanilla extract and spin until it is smooth.

          3. Anonymous says:

            What model of Black and Decker was it? Or any other recommendations under $100? I was sure that I’d have to spend $500+ on a Vitamix to make nut butters, so this is encouraging!

          4. Amy says:

            I have a basic Ninja ($40) and it can make nut butters, spinach smoothies, great frozen drinks… have owned it about 5-6 years!

          5. Casey says:

            The Ninja does this? That’s exactly what I have, but I always get worried when I’m blending for long periods of time, since it’s a pulse blender, because it gets really hot. I was afraid it was going to short out on me, but I guess it you’ve had yours for years doing stuff like this it should be fine. Do you just let it get hot or do you stop and wait for it to cool down?

          6. Anonymous says:

            The Nutri Bullet (new version of the Magic Bullet) is AWESOME! I have a VitaMix, but use the Bullet to make nut butters (and morning smoothies, and sauces, etc.). It’s the BEST $99 (less 30% at Kohl’s!!) that I have EVER spent!

          7. Anonymous says:

            Wow, I have a ninja and it won’t make nut butters or smoothies without having chunks; even after 3-5 minutes of blending. And the sucker does get hot! Saving my $$ for a Vita-mix.

          8. Sandra says:

            My regular old magic bullet will make nut butters no problem! I have a $150 Ninja that will not do anything :(

          9. Lauren says:

            My ninja is awesome. I make smoothies once or twice a day with lots of frozen stuff and spinach and it’s always super smooth very quickly.

    3. Anonymous says:

      The Nutri Bullet (new version of the Magic Bullet) is AWESOME! I have a VitaMix, but use the Bullet to make nut butters (and smoothies, sauces, salsas, etc.). It’s the BEST $99 (less 30% at Kohl’s!!) that I have EVER spent!

    4. Harriet says:

      I’ve made this Nutella before, and I have an oscar that is 20 years old or something! I find the taste is fine, but it IS a tad grainy… :( I’m making some now, and I’m going to make hazelnut meal first in a spice grinder, then try making butter. Wish me luck!

  2. Nutella is gross. The #1 ingredient is sugar, and #2 is palm oil. Nasty.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m with you on this, Nutella is disgusting. I can’t stomach how sweet it is.

    2. S. Madly says:

      Why would you even bother to post this comment?

    3. Anonymous says:

      You have no soul.

      1. Anonymous says:

        hahahahaha ^^^^^ amen to that. Nutella is the nectar of the gods!

    4. Anonymous says:

      Yes, it has too much sugar (which is why I am looking to make my own anyway)…but the palm oil is actually a GOOD thing. Tropical oils (palm, coconut) are good for you. Canola oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated oils…they’re all bad for you. Why have we been told that they’re good for us?? Because that’s where the $ is for farmers in the US. I will only use fats that can turn solid. (Butter, coconut oil & olive oil (will turn if kept cool enough)… and I only use olive oil about 10% of the time and never for skillet cooking (it oxidizes at high temps, goes rancid). So before people go batty over fat content, dig a little deeper… most of what “they” have told us is wrong. Nobody has *ever* proved that saturated fat is unhealthy!!!

      1. threenorns says:

        you’ve got that 100% correct.

        saturated fats are needed to make testosterone and bile. contrary to popular opinion, the science now shows that satfats do NOT contribute to high cholesterol. overeating on a regular basis, eating too much artificially processed food, not eating enough whole-grain and other high-soluble-fibre foods, and sitting on your butt all day is what creates high cholesterol.

      2. Claire says:

        The issue I have personally consuming palm oil has nothing to do with it’s nutritional value and everything to do with the methods by which it is produced: mass rainforest deforestation, impinging on the habitats of native animals such as orangutans…

        While hydrogenated oils (i.e. trans fats) are bad for you, the idea that unsaturated fats can be better for you than saturated is not unfounded- it’s basic chemistry. Non-animal derived saturated fats (such as coconut oil) are definitely better than butter, lard etc though. To work by the doctrine of ‘if it can’t turn solid, I won’t eat it’ is pretty redundant as any lipid will solidify if cooled enough- the ‘straight’ molecular structure of saturated fats simply allows them to do so at approximately room temperature.

        1. crosswind says:

          Agree — it’s very very sad what is happending to orangutangs. I see many stories shared on social media & photos of starving orangutangs showing up at villages starving after their trees were cut down. Some have their babies clinging to them and NO FOOD. They eat Palm FRUIT, which are being chopped down for OIL instead. Some of these orangutans are tied up and tortured in the villages. We need to use LESS PALM and palm free recipes. Coconut is def better.

      3. chelsea says:

        Palm oil isn’t very sustainable and harvesting it is causing massive deforestation. ( saturated fats are good for you in moderation, it’s much better to use coconut oil. Maybe you should dig a little deeper into the environmental impact of your decisions before lecturing others.

        1. Anonymous says:


      4. kYANNE says:

        Palm oil is a type of vegetable oil which has a very high content of saturated fat. It is derived from the palm fruit, grown on the African oil palm tree. Oil palms originated in West Africa, but can flourish wherever heat and rainfall are abundant. Today, almost all palm oil is produced in, and exported from, Indonesia and Malaysia; but most of the time not using sustainable measures.

        Thousands of kilometres of pristine rainforest is slashed and burned in order to make way for oil palm plantations. Many orangutans and other animals are killed in the process, for the production of palm oil used in many of our everyday foods and products. This large-scale deforestation is pushing orangutans to extinction, along with many other native species of Borneo and Sumatra.

      5. John says:

        Some saturated fat is needed, but the massive amounts consumed by most of western culture is unhealthy. The comment that saturated fats have never been proven unhealthy is fairly unenlightened. For instance, saturated fats bind to receptors (Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and oligomerization domain containing proteins (Nods)) which are two major pattern recognition receptors (PRR) involved in how our bodies defend against bacterial infection. This causes an inflammation response implicated in cancer, diabetes and atherosclerosis.
        So, dig a little deeper. Its complex but too much saturated fat is unhealthy.

        1. shalom says:

          Saturated fats, even animal based ones, are very healthy even eaten in large amounts. Contrary to what you have said, it is the polyunsaturated fats like canola (which is made from a toxic plant by the way) are the contributors to inflammation and diabetes.
          I control diabetes by diet only (no meds) and have done a lot of study on the topic so I can better manage diabetes. I use almost exclusively saturated fats (and a lot of it) mostly butter, some coconut/palm, some home rendered tallow/lard (to avoid the trans fats) and my cholesterol levels are lower than they were when I was using canola and vegetable oils. I do use a small amount of olive oil occasionally.
          Body organs including the brain and the heart need saturated fat to be healthy. A heart surgeon among others have said that is inflammation not cholesterol that causes atherosclerosis. He has seen the evidence. The reason they though it was cholesterol was that the inflammation causes the cholesterol to stick. The study done in the 30’s that claimed coconut oil (which is almost pure sat fat) was bad was actually done with hydrogenated coconut oil (trans fat). There are islands where coconut oil was used exclusively and they had very low heart disease and diabetes, …. When they started eating the western poly-unsat fats these diseases sky rocketed.

      6. Mama B says:

        Not the palm oil they use…Its palm kernel oil. Not good.

      7. Gem says:

        The palm oil used in commercial Nutella is hydrogenated, or they changed the wording to “modified” to be more discreet, transfer heaven. Not to mention deforestation some people care more about.

      8. Cheryl says:

        Thank you!!! you took the words right outta my mouth. And for the other posters… Palm and Palm kernel oil are fine too as long as they’re not hydrogenated or modified (with the exception of the harvesting of palm oil and deforestation… that’s bad!)

      9. Del says:

        Palm oil is not a good thing. For humans it is nutritionally ok but the cost to other species on this earth is truly appalling. Just google about palm oil production and orangutans. Prepare to be really shocked and incredibly upset at what we are doing to our very close relatives.

        1. Stephanie says:

          I’m no kin to the monkey (or orangutan)! :)

    5. kat says:

      Isn’t the point of this recipe to make it home?.. So you don’t have to put sugar in it if you don’t want to?.. Or any oil? -_- I don’t understand the reasoning that went behind your comment… You make no sense gurll

      1. Amra says:

        Instead of sugar use carob powder. Carob has many health benefits! The real nutella had msg, it’s under vanilin. I use coconut oil and almond milk.

    6. I WISH I felt this way – I can’t buy the stuff or I spoon it out until it’s gone!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I think I might have to buy some hazelnuts on the way home… :)

    Thanks, Katie!

  4. I’m in love. After I finish my $9+ jar of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut (pretty much Nutella by a different name) I’ll be making this. I’m guessing I’ll be saving some money too! :)

  5. sarah says:

    Looks like I need to go out and buy some hazelnuts today!

  6. carmen berkey says:

    hey! i am sooo glad you’ve come up with this! My kids looooove nutella so i cant wait to try it out! Could you use coconut oil as a sub for the oil you think? Also would it work in a vitamix?

    1. Yes, coconut oil will be fine! :)

      I haven’t tried it in the Vita. If you (or anyone reading this) try it, please let me know if it works!

      1. Joy says:

        I’ve made peanut butter in my Vita so I’m sure this would work. I’ll try it soon and let you know!

      2. Laura says:

        I’ve made vegan nutella in a Vitamix & it works GREAT! can’t wait to try your version!! :)

        1. Kristi says:

          Ditto – worked like a charm! And it tasted AMAZING! It’s my go-to gift for people, lately :)

        2. LJ Grant says:

          Hey y’all… I have a Vitamix, have had it for years. You say you made this in your VM’s? How on EARTH did you get it OUT of the container? If there is one thing I’ve come to loathe about my VM and using it (though of course I still do!) is that it’s so bloody difficult to get what I make out of the bottom without having to wash it down the drain. My best results come from a rubbery/silicon spatula.

          Does anyone have any better suggestions? I’d love to try this… never had Nutella, but was at a friend’s place and saw the ingredients. Blech… but I’m afraid to waste so many hazelnuts to the irretrievable pit of my VM carafe.


      3. Julia says:

        I’ve made it in my Blendtec and it works very well.

      4. Danielle says:

        Just made it in the vitamix this afternoon. It turned out great! Still not quite as creamy as the original, but that’s ok. I think the homemade version tastes just a little bit nuttier than the original as well, but that could also be because I used almond milk. Either way, it’s DELICIOUS!!

    2. Jeff Hilbrecht says:

      Will it work in a vita mix? Are you kidding?! Those things are so incredible you can practically put rocks in them to make your own sand! LOL

  7. Yvonne says:

    I LOVE nutella! I’m excited to try this as we make vegan crepes all the time and nutella used to be a favorite of ours–until the no dairy thing. I ate nutella like peanut butter when I lived in France–because I missed peanut butter but nutella was an amazing replacement. So excited to try this!

  8. Barb says:

    When I was abroad i ate nutella by the spoonful. I ate so much of it while I was there, I haven’t touched it since I’ve been back in the states (about 3 years now!) your post has made me crave it again and I can’t wait to go buy some hazelnuts!

  9. So much healthier than the nasty Nutella!

  10. Rose says:

    This is actually incredibly exciting since I have more than once sat down to a jar of nutella with nothin’ but a spoon.
    Did you use a dark cocoa powder (e.g. Hershey’s dark)? I’m curious as to how using simply an unsweetened cocoa powder would affect the taste, since I tend to find it makes things taste like chocolate cake rather than chocolate chocolate 😉

    1. Sarah M says:

      I used Hershey’s dark and I love it!!

    2. I used unsweetened (regular)… but after reading Sarah’s comment, I want to try dark someday!

  11. SugarFreeMom says:

    I loved Nutella has a kid AND adult, but said goodbye about 8 years ago when I knew I had to cut out the addictive sugar in my life. Thanks for this great recipe. I will definitely be trying it!

  12. Melanie says:

    I think you just made my decade!

  13. Jade C says:

    Oohh, well done Katie!! I might have to give this a go soon ;), thanks!!
    Also, I emailed you the other day and was just wondering why I hadn’t had a reply – did I get the email address right?? Thanks again for the recipe, it’s awesome!! Will let you know the results when I’ve made it – possibly tonight!! (( oohh, then it could go in my oatmeal tomorrow morning :D!!))
    Jade C.

    1. Hi Jade,

      Yes I did get your email :). I get a scary amount of emails every day (not to mention questions left as comments or on facebook or twitter), and there’s just one of me, so it takes me a while to answer all of them and I never actually am caught up. But I will answer you when I get to yours!

      1. Jade C says:

        Thanks Katie :).

  14. Elisabetta says:

    Ehh, of course I’ve tried Nutella! When I was young I loved it -and actually I still love it, even if I don’t eat it anymore because it’s too fat and unhealthy… I like your vegan version but I definitely don’t wanna try it cause I don’t want to become Katie’s Nutella addicted, I like my skinny aspect! By the way your recipe is gorgeous!

  15. This looks delicious! I’ve been thinking about trying to make my own for awhile now, I’m excited to try yours! I love Nutella! :)

  16. Oh em gee I am soo making this and probably not sharing with any member of my family!

  17. tea-bagginit says:

    i’ve only tried nutella in crepes (back in my college-sweet-eating days) :) i don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but i bet my bf will love these!

  18. Celina says:

    OMG. I can’t wait to make this!! I’ve tried a different version, with no success. Sounds like the milk will make it better for sure! And I’d also be curious to know if using coconut oil and the Vitamix would work…

  19. Tiffany says:

    Personally I am too addicted to sugar so this month I have gone off “intentional” sugar. I’m not fanatically reading labels, but not grabbing for the cookies and ice cream like I did all last month! I was just looking at the jar of nutella last night that my kids love so much and wishing it didn’t have so much sugar so I can start limiting their sugar intake as well. They won’t eat the Justin’s brand. I am so happy to see your post this morning and try your version with them, thanks so much!

  20. Looks great! I wish I have a food processor to make this! Maybe I’ll just use ground hazelnuts and try blending them…:D

  21. L. says:

    I’ve tried two different (blogger recipes) homemade Nutella recipes, and both were busts. They were so gritty! But yours looks smooth and amazing. I am thinking the third time’s the charm!

    And the photos are BEAUTIFUL!

  22. Better than Nutella?! That’s a bold statement! You’ve never steered me wrong before though! :-)

  23. K says:

    What kind of food processor do you have that grinds a nut butter as smooth as this?! We just moved overseas with none of our kitchen items, so please let me know, I’m in the market :)

    1. Mine is actually pretty old! It’s a Cuisinart, and I highly recommend them. I’ve had it 7 years, and it still works great!

  24. I tried nutella once a LOOOOooooong time ago, and did not like it. I can’t remember why I didn’t like it, but it was probably because it is way too sweet for me. I like mixing cocoa powder with almond butter to make a sort of bitter nutella spread. Will have to make “the real thing” with hazelnuts, though.

  25. Nutella is soooo good! Thanks for this!

  26. Yum – what a great recipe to create! I had Nutella for the first time when living in Germany for the summer in college – I actually brought home a whole Nutella cookbook. I’ll have to try this recipe out, what a great way to spice up peanut butter & banana sandwiches – add an extra spread of nutella. Yum!

  27. I love nutella but I literally start laughing at the commercials that claim how healthy it is. Now I have an actual, pseudo-healthy alternative, I’ll never go back!

  28. YUM!!! I wonder if I could use coconut sugar instead of regular sugar. Gonna have to try it out :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Beth- good idea with coconut sugar, I’m going to try it that way too.

    2. Jess says:

      Subbing with coconut sugar is a success :)

  29. Looks great and Evan made Nutella, too, today. Must be something in the water supply. Or chocolate supply :) I’ve been making chocolate nut butter with cashews and coconut for a few years and it’s great and Nutella has always been a first love. From the time I was about 7 years old and had my first spoonful!

    1. Chocolate cashew butter sounds amazing! Obviously I’ve came across choc peanut and almond butter but choc cashew butter? That sounds amazing, cashew butter is one of my faves! I’ll be trying that for sure!

  30. I made a raw version of this a little while ago and it was incredible! Just hazelnuts, raw cacao, agave and a little rapeseed oil. So addictive!

  31. You are my new favorite person! I have tried so many times to make vegan nutella, and it always turns out gritty or too sweet, but never right. For a while I would eat nutella by the spoonful, but my body certainly did not thank me for all that sugar. Now I can =D (in moderation, of course)

  32. Ashley says:

    I started eating Nutella about three years ago and I am addicted! My fave way to have it is on a granola bar or graham cracker for a sweet treat. This recipe looks amazing!

  33. Melissa says:

    You are genius, Katie! A GENIUS!!! That picture last night was such a tease! 😉

  34. Julene says:

    I absolutely *love* Nutella – but I’m curious how this would come out if I used all Stevia. I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar. Can anyone offer some insight/have you tried it?

  35. Kim says:

    OMG!! I LOVE Nutella, so I must make this! I first discovered it in 7th grade on a class trip to Europe, where it was part of our standard English breakfast each day (served with a croissant…swoon). One question though…how long does this keep? Does it need to be refrigerated??

    1. I’d fridge it, for best freshness. And I actually just made mine last Friday, so I can’t say how long it lasts… it’s lasted this long, at least ;).

  36. Kim says:

    Oops…guess that was two questions! haha

  37. Lisa says:

    yum! this looks so good. Im not a HUGE fan of nutella, especially after I found out it has more sugar than frosting (thats nuts!), but I do like it every now and then :)
    thanks for a swap!

  38. Mara says:

    I’ve tried many times to make home-made Nutella, used online recipes and did my own experimentation, and unfortunately and predictably it is never as good as the real thing. I am not a fan of Justin’s butters, and I have tried a recipe identical to the one you posted and it was a disappointment. =[ I don’t think “healthy” Nutella is possible for me – I love the taste BECAUSE of all the unhealthy that makes it magical!

    p.s. Trader Joe’s has an almond butter version (non-vegan) that tastes JUST like Nutella, pretty much because it has all the ingredients as Nutella but almonds instead of hazelnuts. It is just as difficult to put down! =P

    1. I sent you an email! Let me know if you didn’t get it :).

    2. Mara says:

      And just to clarify, I made up a fake nutella recipe that was JUST like yours – using either freshly roasted and ground hazelnuts (a pain!!) or hazelnut butter, which is easier, with almond milk as well. Since I tried very many combinations I stumbled upon one that is using exact proportions as you – maybe great minds think alike!!

      I am sorry if my comment was ignorant and made it sound like you copied someone else’s recipe – I have seen that you NEVER EVER do that and I would hate to, even unintentionally, make it sound like so. =[

    3. Mara says:

      And just to clarify, I did not in any way mean to imply that you copied someone else’s recipe for “nutella.” I experimented with many ingredient variations in my search for the perfect combination and I stumbled upon a recipe with exact amounts as yours – maybe great minds thing alike!!

      I am sorry if my comment was ignorant and implied what I know through reading your blog that you NEVER EVER do – take other people’s recipes without giving them credit, and I would hate to, even unintentionally, make it appear that’s what I meant. =[

  39. Erin says:

    I am so excited to try this, Katie! Thanks! I loooove Nutella and would dip anything in it. My friend and I once tried white cheddar rice cakes in it… it wasn’t actually too bad. It was then that we decided Nutella makes anything great. :) I can’t wait to see all the recipes you come up with!

  40. Taylor says:

    Does anyone know if this will work in the Magic Bullet Blender?

    I just got one for Christmas, so I’m not sure what it’s boundaries are. :)

    1. I doubt it. It wouldn’t be strong enough to process the raw hazelnuts.

  41. Carrie says:

    Do you how long will this keep? Thanks for sharing!

    1. I actually just made mine last Friday, so I can’t say how long it lasts… it’s lasted this long, at least. :)

  42. Bente says:

    Yummy…..have to make this :-)

  43. Sylvia says:

    Honestly? I’ll be sending you my spoon. BUT the one time I really enjoyed Nutella was when I was visiting Venice. I passed the most heavenly smelling vendor ever and discovered he was serving up HOT crepes stuffed with Nutella. Soooo delicious

  44. That reminds me of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter…Which is indeed better than Nutella and a lot healthier 😉 Your recipe sounds at least as good as Justin’s though,I love how creamy it seems to be! Because that’s the only thing I don’t like about Justin’s – it is so hard!

  45. I remember when I first discovered Nutella. I love the Justin’s version but I’m always down for homemade!

  46. vogelstar says:

    I used to bring nutella and halawa (Middle Eastern pistachio paste) sandwiches to school and some girls went around telling everyone I was eating mud sandwiches. If mud tastes like that….

  47. Danielle says:

    I only recently tried Nutella for the first time, and I don’t know why it took me so long. I’ve been tempted before, but I’ve always been iffy about hazelnuts. I saw a snack serving of Nutella with ‘breadsticks’ (the crunchy biscuit/cookie type of breadstick) so gave it a try. And it was glorious. But I’m still afraid of buying a jar of Nutella, for a completely different reason now. :)

  48. Kaleigh says:

    Well, since you asked I’ll go ahead and tell you that I don’t like Nutella
    O—— <— Here's my spoon, go for it! 😀

    But good for you for making your own version!

  49. Kelly J. R. says:

    Have I tried Nutella? LOL. HAVE I EVER! One of my favorite snacks is dipping banana chips in Nutella. Thanks for the recipe. I’ll definitely try it out!

    PS – I made your Cookie Dough Truffles over the weekend. You were right, they don’t last very long in the fridge (because they are so delicious!)

    1. Aww yay!! I am so happy you tried them!

  50. oh my goodness gracious, this looks heavenly! i LOVE nutella. so much that i rarely ever buy it because otherwise the jar will be empty within a couple days. 😉 i love how this recipe is lower in calories and sugar! can’t wait to try it out!

  51. SimplyyMeghan says:

    I am a nutella fanatic!!! I cannot wait to try this recipe…actually I can’t wait to try all your recipes haha getting your new recipes in my inbox is literally one of my favorite parts of the day! Thank you!

  52. I LOVE nutella! I discovered it in middle school during French class! Haha my teacher would bring it in with a baguette for celebrations! I love that your version has less sugar!

  53. Superfood Babe says:

    I just made this
    So Yummy!!!!! thank you Katie
    This for me made 2 jars, but only 1 and a half made it into the jar 😉

  54. Colleen says:

    Oh, thank you, Katie! I mentioned I tried this, but I was going for a “fudge baby” as you say, and it just wasn’t happening. Chick peas, wow! SO cool if this tastes like I hope, and think, it will! Maybe I can even convince my hubby to enjoy it! He is not into all the messing with healthy dessert recipes that I do. I saw the milk in the Nutella ingredients, and I think that will do the trick! SO excited!! Thank you! Just when I think you’ve thought of everything, and there you go again! AMAZING!!! Wahoo for you! Enjoy your yummy treat!

  55. YUMMMM!!! I love Nutella. I also love Justin’s chocolate nut butters, but you’re right, they aren’t quite as smooth. I’ve had Nutella ice cream – to say it was unbelievable is an understatement. Thanks for another great recipe!

  56. Yummy! That looks perfect! I’ve tried to make homemade nutella before but the texture wasn’t nearly as nice as yours. At least it tasted delicious – can’t wait to try again 😀

  57. I’m okay with Nutella, but I actually don’t love it! I went to Switzerland when I was younger, and everything came with chocolate+hazelnuts; I got a bit burnt out after a week and a half!

    Sending my spoon your way :)

  58. I made a version of this last week in my Vitamix- but I just combined hazelnuts and dairy-free chips. It was way too think and wouldn’t reach the right consistency, so I added some canola in. However, whenever I do that, I find that the canola oil takes over the entire flavor and leaves a bad aftertaste.
    I’ll have to try your version next…
    I’m a big fan of Justin’s chocolate almond butter- or the chocolate peanut butter that you grind at Whole Foods (which is just honey-roasted peanuts and chocolate chips!)

  59. I love Nutella, but since finding out I’m allergic to hazelnuts, I’ve had to avoid it. So it goes.

  60. You’ve made me so happy with this! Mainly for the sugar issue – I really can’t have simple sugars and so miss nutella on pancakes! I can’t wait to make this – the lower calories also is an added bonus!

  61. Amber K says:

    I totally need to get a Vita sometime so that I can make all sorts of smooth yummy stuff. Although I don’t like hazelnuts, so I’ve never tried Nutella or Justin’s version. But I eat chocolate peanut butter practically daily!

  62. Terri says:

    I LOVE NUTELLA on just about anything….my son-in-law and I like to try to come up with new ways to use it. I have to go out and get some hazelnuts now to try this recipe.
    Btw…I just had to replace my 1st Cuisinart only because of the plastic bowl cracked where it interlocked together. The motor still works!…..Lol……it lasted for 28 years!
    This new one’s design is better!
    Can’t wait to make this and try it out!!! Your pics are awesome!!!…(they make me drool) …lol
    Thanks Katie :-)

  63. Nessie says:

    Katie, you are my new favourite person. I can’t tell you how much I missed Nutella since becoming a vegan. I can’t wait to whip some of this up!

  64. Ashley Holm says:

    Keep it coming Kate! We (yes I speak for the others that frequent your site) love your recipes! I’m allergic to milk and chose to eat mostly vegan, thank you! Thank you for giving us options to have a similar diet to those that can eat the alternatives.

  65. Sapphire says:

    I, myself, am not a big Nutella fan. My husband and both of my boys love it. I prefer maple almond butter or Dark Chocolate Dreams from Peanut Butter & Co. Looks like a great recipe. I may try it out with walnuts instead. I wonder what chocolate walnut butter would taste like? Hmm…perhaps like brownies with walnuts? Gotta go – gonna see if I have the stuff to try it out!

  66. I love your recipe! It seems so much healthier than nutella- it is such a delicios treat though. I am wanting yours like crazy now! Mmmmmmm!

  67. Jamie @ Don't Forget the Cinnamon says:

    I hate to admit it but I am “that girl” who doesn’t particularly care for nutella :)

  68. Oh my gosh, this looks fabulous!! I love PB&Co Dark Chocolate dreams but recently had nutella and remembered just how amazing that stuff is! I went to a restaurant that had it out as an option to put on toast and you better believe i went and got myself a spoonful! I love that this is lower sugar though! I need to make this asap!

  69. Louice says:

    This is heavenly, Katie!! I was looking for something to replace using peanut butter as a spread because I’ve become peanut intolerant, and this is just the thing! It’s delicious, and much more healthy than the stuff you find at the store. I nearly crammed the whole thing down five minutes after making it! Just wondering, how long do you think this will hold in the fridge?

    1. I made mine on Friday, and it’s still good… but I can’t really say how long it’ll last since it hasn’t gone bad yet ;).

  70. I tried Nutella for the first time about a month ago and I don’t know what took me so long to try it! It’s delcious!

  71. Ruby says:

    I eat Nutella by the spoonful, YUM! Can’t wait to make this when I get home!

  72. Ann Marie says:

    Hi Katie, This looks AWESOME and am excited to give it a try! It doesn’t specify in the recipe but I assume since it has almond milk in it that this recipe should be refrigerated once it is made??? It also doesn’t specify how long it will last but manufacturers usually recommend using milk within 7 days of opening so I would also assume the same would apply here. Is there anything you could recommend to replace the almond milk(not a fan of the shelf-stabilized milk they sell in the stores) which would give this homemade Nutella a longer shelf life?

    1. Yes, fridge it after using. I made mine on Friday, and it’s still good… but I can’t really say how long it’ll last since it hasn’t gone bad yet.

      You can omit the milk, but it’ll be less smooth.

  73. Ann Marie says:

    Okay, I have 2 more questions for you….when you made your batch did you use agave or sugar(It says to use either I’m just curious which you used)…also when you say cocoa powder, does that mean the unsweetened kind Hershey makes for baking? Sorry for all the questions. :-)

    1. I actually tried it both ways! :)

      The sugar way is a bit grainier, and the agave way is a bit gummier… but most people couldn’t tell much of a difference. If I had to choose, I’d say I liked the agave way better… but it only wins by a tiny hair!

      Yes, I used unsweetened Hershey’s cocoa (or Dagoba or another cocoa like that).

      1. Ann Marie says:

        Thank you! Can’t wait to try it!

  74. Kira says:

    Oh. Em. Gee.

  75. BroccoliHut says:

    LOVE this! I went on a Nutella kick a few years ago… until I turned the jar around and saw that sugar count. Can’t wait to try this!

  76. Shannin says:

    Katie- You have no idea how excited I am to see this. I was like you too, a fan of nutella back in my childhood years. One of the drawbacks for me, being vegan now, was no nutella :( I am making this recipe ASAP. Thanks so much!!

  77. Albizia says:

    I haven’t eaten Nutella since i don’t remember when because of its price but I can’t imagine living without some kind of chocolate spread in my life. A healthier version would make it even better. I wish my blender was powerful enough for this.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The Nutri Bullet (new version of the Magic Bullet) is AWESOME! I have a VitaMix, but use the Bullet to make nut butters (and morning smoothies, and sauces, etc.). It’s the BEST $99 (less 30% at Kohl’s!!) that I have EVER spent!

  78. Aja says:

    Nuspli is better than Nutella but I bet this is delicious!

  79. That looks amazing! I have all of those ingredients in my house right now and I’m going to try it out!

  80. I’ve never tried Nutella. I’ve been meaning to, but never remember to buy it.

  81. Cupcake Kat says:

    Mmmm this looks so good! I badly want nutella I haven’t had it in months. I will be making this as soon as I buy some hazelnuts. It could work with any nuts right? Maybe I’ll use almonds

    1. If you try it with another nut, let me know how it goes! :)

  82. Yes! I am excited about trying this out. I recently saw a doughnut recipe with nutella swirled into the batter and this would be perfect!

  83. Justine says:

    You had me at Nutella! I am fasting right now, But making this ASAP!

  84. Nutella used to be my thing as a kid too! I tried Justin’s chocolate hazelnut spread, but like you said it’s not smooth enough. This looks so good! Hazelnuts and a better food processor are going on my shopping list. I need to try this!

  85. Christi says:

    Oh I am sooo happy to see this recipe. I know that you don’t need any more comments but I couldn’t help but post to say this worked perfectly for me. I was afraid to get my hopes up because I have missed Nutella since I started eating a more “clean” diet. I actually went to the store just to get hazelnuts and agave in order to make this and it was worth it for sure. I used grapeseed oil (3 tsp.) and unsweetened almond milk. It is so good! The taste is spot on, to me the only difference I can see is that it isn’t as smooth or greasy as nutella. My husband says that he would prefer it to be sweeter but it is just perfect to me. I can’t wait to eat this on bananas all this week. I can’t believe how decent it is in calories too. It seemed too good to be true so I put it into my calorie counter just to make sure and I got around 60 calories a serving as well. I hope storing it in the fridge doesn’t harden it up too much but I guess since it has the milk it will have to refrigerated. Thanks so much for making this one over, great job.

    1. Oh wow, I am so so excited you already tried it!

      (P.S. You can always add a little extra sugar/stevia as desired :).)

    2. Debbie S. says:

      Oh Christi, thanks for posting! I was born in Germany and raised on all the chocolatey goodies (Milka, Toblerone, Nutella…) from there and once moved to the States at the age of 5, my Oma sent them to us. Fast forward years later and now the US carries them and I was delighted to buy Nutella myself years ago. That was, until, like you, I started last February on a “clean” diet and never bought it again… While I don’t have time to do this weekend, I am DEFINITELY going to give this a whirl! Katie, I’ve been “quitely” following you the last week or so, and I thank God I found you as I became vegan on October 3 – just a few months ago – and with that, week to week custody, working full-time and already giving up ALL processed food, I am stressed to the max as I am “sold out” to clean eating… Seeing your recipes and posts gives me such pleasure that I might get to have some of the many things I’ve given up as being vegan AND processed food. I went the gambit of organic food, “clean” oils, organic spices, no processed food, vegetarian and then to vegan – and in that order! Never in my 40 years of living, would I have EVER guessed/thought I would be eating and changing my lifestyle as drastically as I have. THANK YOU Katie for giving us such a glimmer of hope and giddiness as we traveling down this path together. Yes, giddy it is as I’ve saved several of your recipes, but haven’t had to time to try yet with juggled work, having my son every other week, MAKING EVERYTHING we eat, and now the blessing from above… I’ll be getting remarried in a little less than 6 weeks and he currently lives 1 1/2 hours away… Even today I’m in the kitchen just finished making my own dressing, cutting up carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes for my son’s salads. About to make guacamole to head out to watch the game at friend’s house…

  86. Oh my god, NUTELLA. I love how in Europe that stuff is EVERYWHERE. It was so rare here though until commercials started popping up. This looks delicious!

  87. Emma says:

    I never liked nutella on bread as a kid, but I’d eat it with a spoon. Then my mum stopped buying it :( I reckon it’d be good made into an icing for cupcakes or something :)

  88. Sonja says:

    Hi! I really enjoy reading and trying your blog posts, but I have become concerned about something. How much have you researched agave nectar? I have found these two articles to be helpful for myself and thought I should share them with you. I don’t want to offend you or anybody, this is just to help people make wise decisions about what they put in their bodies. :)

  89. Kathryn says:

    In case anyone is doing Weight Watchers, the entire batch of this gooey goodness is 62 points. If you split it into 10 portions, they are 6 points+ each. Can’t wait to try it.

    1. Hi, I used to do WW and a 15g serving of Nutella was 2 Points + , so shouldn’t a serving of this recipe by only 1 Point +?

      1. Kathryn says:

        Well, it totally depends on your serving size! I used 10 servings at 1/5 cup each. If your servings are smaller, the points will be lower. I calculated 62 points in total using the WW recipe builder.

      2. Kathryn says:

        It depends your serving size! I went with 10 servings at 1/5 cup each and calculated 62 points for the whole batch using the WW eTools recipe builder. If your servings are smaller the points will be lower, of course. 😉 FYI, the 240 gm of nuts alone are 43 points.

        1. Kathryn says:

          Sorry for the duplicate response – it wasn’t showing up at first so I thought there was a glitch!

  90. where do you buy your hazelnuts because I find them to be SOOO expensive that I never use them! I really want to make this though!

    1. I bought the first batch at Kroger (a regular grocery store), in the baking section with the other raw nuts… they were cheaper (already cut up, too). But I ended up making two batches of this spread (one with agave, one with sugar). I found hazelnuts in the bulk aisle of Whole Foods as well.

  91. Jade C says:

    Heyy Katie,
    I tried making this tonight ((just like I said haha)), but unfortunately our processor is not NEAR powerful enough :(. Wouldn’t know where to get a Cuisinart, I will look it up :). Our poor Braun processor and blender died, but Dad just bought the same one again ((will he ever learn??.. That’s the 2nd time that’s happened, now!!)) Ahh well, for now it will have to do, until I get my own place probably 😉 ((not that in really planning to be anytime soon, of course.
    Darn, didn’t get any posts up tonight – I have a lot of work to do!!
    Good luck with your chocolate-covered adventures, Katie. Take care!! :).
    Jade C.

    1. Ruth says:

      Try soaking the nuts and reducing the milk a little :) My little food processor can’t deal with unsoaked nuts and seeds, so I do this kind of thing all the time.

    2. Janice says:

      Kohl’s.Com has Cusinart items and also in their store.

  92. Gina says:

    Wow, what a great recipe, I have all the ingredients, my daughter bought me the agave, it is a little difficult to find here in Australia. I am going to make your recipe now. We LOVE NUTELLA,
    when my daughter came back from Italy she bought back everything Nutella, even the cook book,
    over there everything is made with nutella, frappes, pizza’s, you name it and they have a Nutella version. Your recipe will really help us get onto a healthier diet, my daughter is vegan, and after sharing a book called “skinny bitch” about the plight of cows to keep producing milk, I have gone from being vegetarian to vegan also.

    1. Oh wow, a Nutella cookbook? A real chocolate-covered cookbook… that sounds really yummy! :)

  93. Wells L says:

    Just curious – could you swap out the oil for applesauce?
    I’m new to your blog but a HUGE fan!!!!!

  94. Alan Kleesattel says:


    This sounds wonderful! I see in the nutrition info you list it as 15g, I was wondering about how much is 15g? I don’t have a food scale =(

  95. Ro says:

    Katie, you are the bomb!
    I have Justin’s, but I will now be using this recipe!
    Giada once had a segment on Nutella ravioli ( it sounds so good, but would you be able to tell me if that egg is really necessary in the recipe?
    THANK YOU, you made my chocolate dreams come true 😉

    1. Oh my.

      Oh my oh my.

      LOL you are dangerous!!!
      And no, I don’t think the egg is necessary! It looks like it’s just on there to make them look shiny/glossy. Oh yes, this could be dangerous indeed…

      1. Ro says:

        LOL– ok, maybe a little dangerous 😀

        And thank you for the reply… I think I’m gonna make up a batch for my hubby and my 5-year-old this weekend!

  96. Oh my goodness, this looks divine!! I am so going to have to try this out!! Looks like you got a pretty smooth consistency with the food processor…I am always wanting to try peanut butter, but nervous it’s not going to get smooth enough. Looks like I should just do it :)

  97. Alexa says:

    How long does it take you to turn it into nut butter? I tried hazelnuts awhile ago, but I didn’t roast and I didn’t take the skin off…and after more then 10 minutes of pushing it down, still no butter. More like crumbly crumbly. Then when I tried to add chocolate, agave, oil, it remained sadly crumbly.. though it was good on some vegan waffles! The only nut butter that really has gone quick for me is peanut butter, i’ve tried almond and hazelnuts with no success. Is it the skin maybe?

    1. Definitely roast them to get them softer. It was butter in about a minute, I think (but I didn’t time it so I can’t say for sure).

      I also think adding the milk makes a huge difference in creaminess!

  98. Holy crap on a stick. I’m a Nutella junkie. Most definitely going to have to try this… YUM!

  99. Kacey says:

    Oh my gosh, this looks sooo good. I can’t wait to try it. I have hazelnut meal but not whole ones. Do you think they would still butter-ify? I have a bad feeling it wouldn’t; I should probably go out and buy some so I can make this!

    1. Hmmm… that’s an interesting question! I’d really be interested to know if it works!

  100. —I bought Nutella for my cookies and ate the entire jar before I actually made them

    I Love this stuff. I Looooooooooove it!

  101. I didn’t think it was possible, but this blog just got better. HEALTHY NUTELLA?!?!?!? You are a genius.

  102. Sarah M says:

    I LOVE this!!! I bought some hazelnuts tonight and used dark chocolate cocoa powder, homemade almond milk (sweetened with dates), just shy of the 1/4 cup agave (I ran out at that point!), and 3 packets of stevia. It is awesome. My biggest complaint with Nutella is how sweet it is. I am so happy you posted this recipe…it is such a better blend of sweet and savory. Thank you!!

    1. I am so happy you tried it! And now I want to try it with dark cocoa too :).

  103. Eleanor says:

    This might be the next best thing since… Well, Nutella!

  104. K says:

    love the idea, but not that is lower in calories…i don’t think that you or most of your readers need to eat something that has less calories than a normal product. i’m not a vegan, but i am glad that you made a vegan version that is affordable. i’m sure that your fellow vegans will thank you :)

    1. Katie said she didn’t intend for it to be lower in calories.

      And anyway, 15g is a pretty small amount, so just have double and it all works out!

      1. LOL yup, I definitely didn’t intend to make it lower-cal. But it wasn’t getting creamy, so I added all that almond milk, which bulked up the amount (and thus lowered the calories).

        1. K says:

          i don’t understand how almost every recipe you give is low in calories, intentional or not…

          1. No, just most of them have a low-calorie OPTION if people choose to use it.

          2. Megan says:

            That’s often what happens when you use whole, natural ingredients and cut out added sugars. It’s a beautiful thing! :) Many products in grocery stores aim to get the most bang (most calories) for the least amount of money, and that’s usually done with unclean sugar sources and saturated fats. :-/

  105. Ida says:

    Hey, how should this be stored?

    1. Covered container, in the fridge.

      1. Ida says:

        ok thanks!

  106. World_Runner says:

    Thank you! I was just thinking the other day, “I wonder if CCK has a recipe for Nutella.” :)

  107. Sarah the offical CCK drooler says:

    I have it almost everyday!!! I love it SO much! But hey, i’ll take the boys AND the Nutella :)

  108. LizAshlee says:

    YUM! I love nutella, I haven’t ever used hazelnuts before..first time for everything !:)

  109. Shelly says:

    I just made this and it rocks!

    1. :) :) :) I am so excited you already tried it!

  110. That looks incredibly delicious! We tried to make homemade Nutella once before and it did not turn out well. It was ok, but nothing worth trying again. I like Nutella, but I would like to try and find a better homemade version of it and this one looks very yummy!

  111. Barry G says:

    I love this recipe. But I wouldn’t roast the hazelnuts, I would keep them raw.
    The get rid of the enzymes & nutrients.
    I like a agave but I would sweeten them with
    coconut sugar, low glycemic (35) Retains high nutritional value.

    Barry G

  112. Catalina Maya says:

    Gah, I must make this recipe; I had Justin’s Hazelnut Spread for lunch today and was disappointed by the texture: not in the least bit creamy!
    Oh, and what kind of cocoa powder would work best (or, did you use)?

  113. I’ve never tried nutella before. We have always had it around the house but i’ve never actually cared to so much as look at what it even is. I will definitely try it now, thank you! :)

    1. So I tried it today and it wasn’t too bad. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t like a liquidated version of ferrero rocher.

      I don’t own a food processor, but once I get one I’m trying this recipe for sure.

  114. Saraquill says:

    As intrigued as I am, I also can’t help but flinch as I see the food processor filled with hazelnuts. I regularly grind my own nut flour, and for the harder seeds I need to cover my ears as the clacking against the blades really hurts. How do you manage?

    1. Mine actually blended pretty smoothly, without any clacking… maybe the trick is to fill the food processor up more?

      1. Saraquill says:

        If I fill it up too much, the nuts don’t grind evenly, which is why I do it in small batches.

  115. Kathryn says:

    Holly – I tried to reply to your note above but it never appeared, so hoping you’ll find this here. 😉

    re: WW points – it all depends your serving size! I went with 10 servings at 1/5 cup each and calculated 62 points for the whole batch using the WW eTools recipe builder. If you get 62 servings out of the batch then each one will be 1 pt+. FYI, the 240 gm of nuts alone are 43 points. Hope this helps!

  116. Katie says:

    So I was planning to make this recipe over the weekend but could not wait so had to make a stop at the store to get some hazelnuts after work. Wow – amazing! I followed your recipe exactly and it was easy and turned out delicious. Now I’m curious to try it with other nuts, I’m thinking almonds would be good as well. Thanks for another fantabulous recipe and keep up the great work:)

    1. Aww yay!! I am so so happy you tried it! If you try it with almonds, I’d love to know how that goes too :).

  117. Rebecca says:

    I made this just now and it’s amazing! I’ve never actually had Nutella because I’d never heard of it until recently and long after I went vegan, though I’ve had the Justin’s kind and it’s definitely better than that. I replace 2 T of sugar with more stevia, and omitted the oil. I also discovered that my food processor is powerful enough to make nut butter. I had no idea! .

  118. Lazy Susie says:

    I finally got the hazelnuts and made this on a snowy day. It is perfect except that my nuts were a little overdone after 10 minutes in the oven. And the skins were a huge pain to get off. Good though. I love Nutella, but the soy in it makes me ill. I’m delighted to have an option!!!!

  119. Robin says:

    I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want a lower calorie option for nutella…that heaven in a jar has tons of calories for how small the serving is! This came out to 2 points plus per tablespoon for weight watchers if made with agave, making 32 servings total.

  120. michelle says:

    My comment disappeared

    1. Sorry, my site crashed yesterday.

  121. michelle says:

    Could you use a vitamix?

    1. I haven’t tried it. If you do try, I would love to know if it works!! I know you can make other nut butters in there, so I would *think* it would work…

      1. Elise says:

        I used a vitamix and it turned out lovely 😀

  122. michelle says:

    I repeated a question ugh …lol sorry Katie
    My vitamix is new as of this week so I’ve not tried to much …I got them in bulk first said gilbert…then hazelnut…I had no idea they were the same thing I had to look it up…lol can’t wait to make this

  123. michelle says:

    Omg vitamix made it smooth I was try and show you but didn’t know how lol

  124. Kaycee says:

    i’m gonna try this once i get a food processor! unless it works with the magic bullet..? and i need all the ingredients as well! omg i bet if u used this with coconut butter/oil it would make magnificent cakes/fudge/chocolate :)

  125. Kaydee says:

    I bought packaged chopped hazelnuts because my store didn’t have any fresh ones. I roasted them in the oven anyways at 420 for 10 minutes and they got pretty burnt, I continued with the recipe though and it came out okay but I could definitely taste the burnt-ness. Next time, should I roast them still even though since they were packaged/the skins were already off. And if so should I just keep an eye on them so they don’t burn? Or should they get a little burnt?

    Sorry for all the questions haha.

    1. Yes, I agree with Michelle, below. Do roast (to get the flavor), but not long since they’re smaller and will thus burn more quickly.

    2. Anna says:

      Hi Kaydee, I also bought chopped hazelnuts because I couldn’t find the whole ones and I’mm wondering how many cups of the chopped hazelnuts did you put in?

  126. Elizabeth says:

    Just made this. Literally. It was amazing! I did eat a few spoon fulls, but how could you not? It tastes exactly like Nutella. Thank you so much!

  127. michelle says:

    Kaydee id roast but not as long since they are chopped already…

  128. Dani says:

    I… don’t like nuts. Or more specifically, I don’t like hazelnuts. This is a massive problem for a chocolate lover like myself when it comes to chocolate spread. Nowadays chocolate spread equates to some kind of nut spread which is very sad! :( I can’t find any recipes for a no-nuts version; is it possible to just leave nuts out of the equation??? I think that the consistency would change dramatically without the nut-butter texture, any ideas? ~Thanks!

    1. Sorry, I don’t know how you can make nut butter without nuts. :(

    2. Emily says:

      This definitely won’t taste like Nutella, but you could try sunflower seeds!
      If that’s still too nutty for you (nuts and seeds aren’t too different, after all), then I’m not sure. :(
      (Katie, please forgive me for the link party on your post!)

    3. I recommend Love Street’s Organic Raw Vegan Chocolate Spread: They also have a Chocolate Coconut Spread. Rich, pure, agave-sweetened and no nuts.

    4. dulin says:

      So, I do know of some chocolate spreads, but I don’t know exactly how to make them. Israelis are crazy about chocolate spread. You can buy a parve version, but I don’t know if it’s vegan. There are recipes for them, although they are all massively unhealthy. Anyway, searching for something based on Israeli chocolate spread might get you what you want, because chocolate spread doesn’t refer to the nut based ones for them (although they do have a bit of a nutella obsession as well…). Anyway, I hope that helps.

  129. Anonymous says:

    Where do you get Hazelnuts? I haven’t found them.

    1. Steph says:

      Try Whole Foods in the bulk section.

  130. Stephanie says:

    What kind of oil did you use?

    1. I used canola. My favorite baking oil is coconut oil, but I didn’t want the coconut flavor for this. If I’d had hazelnut oil, I might’ve tried that! :)

      1. Krystal says:

        I used macadamia oil.

  131. lindsey smith says:

    My favorite thing to make with Nutella, especially in winter, is Nutella hot chocolate! It’s pretty simple, 2 tablespoons of nutella and 1 cup milk of choice. Melt it on the stove top and whisk it until it’s hot and well blended. My roommates beg me to make it all the time :)

    1. Oh wow, that sounds so good! I still have Nutella left, so I’m going to try your recipe today! :)

  132. Katie, I love you. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  133. Steph says:

    OMG I just made this, and wow.

    So so good, I could barely get it out of the blender fast enough. You are a GENIUS!!! When’s the cookbook coming out? I must have one!

    1. Awwww thank you!! It’s a long process… apparently it takes around 2 years for a cookbook to come out after starting. Yikes lol!

      1. amanda says:

        Just a little request to make your cookbook available in pdf and/or ebook form! We move alot so paper books are too great of an expense. Since thats the way the market is going now (digital far outselling paper copies) i hope you will consider it :)

        1. Yes, it will be available as an ebook :)

  134. Christy says:

    I’m a little late here, but I just had to say that this was AMAZING and actually better than Nutella to me. I can see this being an awesome (and unique) homemade gift to give someone, also. I am so glad I just recently found your site because I’m absolutely hooked now! Thanks!

  135. Jenny says:

    Katie! I love love love your recipes and your blog!!
    I always look forward to cooking something new of yours, your like my version of julie and julia lol, I’m always following you and cooking up your newest posts!
    Quick Question, I made this recipe with no oil, what do you think the calorie stats would be per tbsp? I assume it would take it down a notch, just wondering if you know for sure? Thanks!!

  136. Kara says:

    This is delicious! I did burn some of the nuts which affected the taste, but it’s still sooo good. Be sure to watch the nuts as they roast!

  137. Jess says:

    Could I get away with not roasting the nuts? Its 40 degrees celcius in Australia this week and I don’t want to heat the house up wth the oven but I really want to make this! :(

    1. I don’t think it’d taste as good… but who knows!

  138. Sarah says:

    Oh, My, Goodness. I just tried this for the first time. WOW! It’s way better than regular Nutella. Thank you SO much!

  139. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog and I pleased to find recipes that focus on healthier alternatives to typical high calorie desserts. I have a few questions about this hazelnut spread: Does it need to be refrigerated? Could I jar it to use in the future? I don’t have much experience canning food but as a college student living in a dorm it would be cool to have this on hand. My college doesn’t have much available in terms of a kitchen. Thank you for blogging!

    1. Since it has milk (I use almond milk), I’d say it probably needs to be fridged. It’ll last… maybe a week? :)

  140. Ruby says:

    YUM. I am actually going to go make this right now. I can’t wait! Nutella was my favorite thing ever pre-veganism.

  141. Heather says:

    Does this need to be stored in the fridge? How long will it last? (Actually I think I know the answer to that one 😉

  142. Heather says:

    lol sorry just saw comment above, never mind!

  143. Ju says:

    Just made this! Delicioso! I used a bit less milk and no oil, it was still pretty creamy!

  144. Monet says:

    Does any one know if you can, can (seal) this recipe? If you can, should you use a steam or water bath? Thanks for any help, ideas!

    1. Emily says:

      I’m not sure, but my gut reaction would be no. I don’t think you would be able to a boil in order to safely seal the jars. You should call your state extension office – they have tons of information about canning and can help you out if you have any questions. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they may actually review and test recipes to see if they’re safe to can!
      (It’s probably worth it to mention that if this recipe WERE safe to can, it’d definitely be in a pressure canner. It’s nowhere near acidic enough to safely be processed in a water bath.)

  145. Ruth says:

    I am dying to try out this recipe and would welcome suggestions as I don’t have a food processor at the moment (deep sigh). I want to get a Cuisinart one and it costs a couple hundred in cash, so instead I am saving up my airmiles which I get from Safeway. Then I can redeem them for the food processor. I will probably have enough in about 4-6 months. In the meantime, I’m considering using a hand blender, as someone suggested, I have a Braun Hand Blender but I would have to halve the recipe, it’s not big enough. I also wonder if I should just buy a Magic Bullet. It’s about 30 or 40 bucks, and I do want something that will chop/shred veggies so making veggie casseroles isn’t so time consuming! Thoughts anyone? Would the Magic Bullet work better or just as good as the hand blender for the Nutella recipe do you think?

  146. Krystal says:

    Yep, I overdid the nuts too. 11 mins on 215 celcius was too much, some of them burned. I binned the darkest ones, put the medium and lighter ones into the food processor. It’s yummy but there’s a bitter undertone :( Next time I’ll halve the roasting time! Still good on toasted rye with a glass of milk to wash it down. Will try it on vanilla ice cream tonight.

  147. Sharon says:

    I made this recipe last night and it turned out AWESOME! I love it. It tastes so fresh compared to the store-bought version and it’s so easy to make. This morning I put a dollop in my smoothie (frozen banana, oats, milk, chocolate protein powder). Mmmm!

  148. Anonymous says:

    would unsweetend vanilla almond breeze work in this recipe? which kind/brand did you use?

  149. sarah says:

    how many serings does this make?like how many tablepoons?

    1. sarah says:

      nvm i found it :)

  150. Allie Finch says:

    I just made this, & it really is delicious. I should have added the liquid ingredients a little at a time though, because it is really thin. Guess my food processor really went at it.
    Any tips for yummy add-ins to thicken this back up a little? I’m out of hazelnuts or I would just do more nut butter with those. Think macadamias would be ok? I’m making this for v-day for my husband & want to hide the evidence before he gets home. He loves Nutella. Any ideas would be appreciated!

    1. Allie Finch says:

      Actually, I think it is going to thicken up just fine on its own. I think it might be the perfect consistency after setting up in the fridge. Catastrophe averted. As if chocolate & hazelnuts could ever end in catastrophe. 😉

  151. Violet says:

    Who doesn’t love Nutella? I didn’t know about it as a kid, but my own kids said their friends thought they were weird for bringing chocolate sandwiches for school lunch. Can’t wait to try this version!

  152. Julia says:

    Hi Kate,

    I’ve made your Nutella for my kids and they love. However, I am allergic to hazelnuts and was wondering if you’ve tried this with other nuts (except peanuts)?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    1. I bet you could, but I haven’t tried it.

      1. Julia says:

        Tried cashews today… not good! Almonds next…

        1. Layla says:

          Curious, did you ever make this with almonds? How’d it turn out??

          1. Julia says:

            I never tried it. Me me know if you do :)

  153. dulin says:

    Sweet! Thank for very much for this recipe. I am very fond of Nutella, but I am quite lactose intolerant (which leads to reading vegan food blogs… I cook mostly vegan food, although when I’m eating out or at someone else’s place, I’ll eat nearly anything), and the hydrogenated fats, and quantity of fat in general in Nutella made me sad. I’m the interesting cookie who finds really high fat foods gross and icky. Sugar on the other hand… Omnomnomnomnom. On top of that, I always felt like it needed more chocolate. Making it myself would let me make it nice and chocolately, instead of being all wimpy and milk chocolatey. (I may have made cookies before where I just kept adding baking chocolate and cocoa powder… They tasted like someone had slightly leavened a really dark chocolate bar. I was pretty pleased, but most of my friends found them a bit *too* dark). Anyway, thanks for the recipe and inspiration!


  155. Mozzie says:

    DELICIOUSNESS!! The only thing i did was omitting milk (it simply turned out that i didn’t have any, when i started making hazelnut butter…) but it was still delicious! 😀
    I just wish “peeling” the hazelnuts wasn’t so “messy”.. and for me it takes some time.. do you have any trick how to do it faster? :)

  156. Sonya says:

    What is the best oil to use?

    1. canola/veg, or coconut oil or even hazelnut. Or you can leave it out.

  157. Sonya says:

    Btw, LOVE your site!

  158. bronwyn says:

    does this need to be refridgerated?

    1. Allie Finch says:

      Yes, when I made this for my husband it lasted less than a week out of the fridge. I used fresh almond milk. He kept it in his office; fortunately it was only the last spoonful or so that went bad.

  159. laura says:

    I think I am in love with you :) I’ve been out of Nocciolata (an organic version with less disgusting ingredients than nutella) and the price went up and it still has more sugar than I’d like. Cannot wait to get to the store tomorrow to get hazelnuts, dates and unsweetened coconut (I found you looking for homemade lara bars).

    1. LOL aww! Hope the Larabars turn out well too!!

  160. Ashley says:

    I want to try this soooo bad but I can’t find hazelnuts ANYWHERE right now. I’m tempted to experiment with walnuts or pecans.

    1. I know others have used almonds!

  161. Ella says:

    Just woundering how long to nutella would keep for? Opened and then unopened.
    And what is the best way to store it to extend its life? thanks! :)

  162. KC says:

    Haha, I remember when I started eating pb and nutella sandwiches in high school, my dad looked at the nutrition info and said I’d be better off throwing m&ms on my sandwich.

  163. Alicia says:

    Tried this with a mix of nuts and it was delicious! Tasted just like nutella even with different nuts!

  164. MichelleH says:

    Thank you, Katie! My friend LOVES Nutella, but is allergic to soy and can’t have it. This she can eat. Thank you SO much!

  165. Raquel says:

    Nutella and peanut butter are interchangeable in pretty much everything…it’s awesome how the world works, huh? 😀

  166. Charlotte says:

    Hi there, Katie! I was on Tumblr and I noticed that a blog had copy and pasted this recipe (and used your photo) without siting you or linking you in any way (at least in no way that I can see). I was going to send them a message, but I didn’t know if you had given them permission to use the recipe/photo so I wanted to check with you.

    I just didn’t want you to not get the credit you deserve for this recipe :]

    1. Wow, thanks for letting me know :(.

      Yes, please do send a message! I can’t, because I don’t have a tumblr account. But plaigarism is NOT ok!

      1. Charlotte says:

        UPDATE: I sent the blog a message and, while they didn’t respond to me, they did add a link to your blog at the bottom of their post. Just wanted to let you know!

  167. Sharon says:

    I’m on Weight Watcher’s so any low cal version of something delicious is really appreciated!

  168. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to add- I used all splenda and a little less than a tablespoon of honey for all of the sugar. Came out perfect and delicious. Better than nutella :)

  169. Pat W says:

    Do you have any receipes for children with nut allergy?

    1. Definitely!
      Many of my recipes are nut-free :)

  170. gayle says:

    I make a version of this with almonds. really good.

  171. julie diaz says:

    I wonder if you could simply use honey instead of oil and sugar or stevia?

    1. I’m sure honey would be ok. And as for the oil, it’s optional so you can definitely omit.

  172. Annie says:

    Does roasting the nuts really make a difference to the taste?

      1. Annie says:

        oh ok thanks! I made it without roasting the nuts and it came out a little bland. Now I know why 😀 Going to make it again soon, this time the right way :) x

  173. Lindsay says:

    wow cannot wait to try this!!!!

  174. Kim says:

    SO GOOD!!!!!! Your website is fantastic… everything I have tried has been perfect. I’m happy to find yummy recipes that fit my gluten free/vegan lifestyle- thank you!!!

  175. Alicia says:

    Maybe someone suggested this already (too many comments to read!), but we cook with hazelnut oil quite often (yummy on green beans!). I bet using hazelnut oil as the oil in the recipe would enhance the flavor even more!

  176. Lo says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe!
    I can’t have dairy at all, and was desperately missing some chocolate in my life!
    Pre-skinned hazelnuts were on sale today, and I so decided to try this.
    This tastes great! The recipe made a lot, so I am gave cute little jars of it away to my friends.

    I am probably going to halve the recipe from now on. I am actually the only chocolate lover in my house.

    I also made this recipe with almonds, and the texture was really dry. So I had to add more milk and oil to get it to the consistency I like.

    Thanks again!

    1. Haha I bet it’s awesome to be the only chocolate lover in the house… you get ALL the chocolate ;).

  177. Shaylyn says:

    This is so yummy! Our family is newly vegan and recipes like this and your super delicious healthy chocolate cake(with the mousse topping :) ) have made it easy to transition! We love your website!

  178. Shelbie says:

    Not that I would expect something as decadent as this to last very long in my household but what’s the best way to store this? Should it be refrigerated or can it be kept in a jar in the pantry? Thanks!

    1. I’d say refrigerate it because of the milk!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Oh yah, thanks! :)

  179. BklynHeart says:

    Yay, a winner! Now, I was never a nutella fan (too sweet) but I had to rely on my husband’s memory as he was at one point a nutella Hoover. Not as sweet and you can actually taste the nuts, he said, which you can’t in nutella. Delicious!

    So I tried it and I have to agree… To me, it’s better than Nutella! Thank you for a wonderful recipe and one of my new favorite toast spreads!

  180. juliette says:

    can i use normal diary milk?

    1. As it says, you can use whatever milk you prefer :)

  181. Olga V.L. says:

    If you want a real help in your kitchen, much more than a food processor or blender, go for Thermomix and you´ll love it till death do you apart. Even though it´s worth every penny, start saving money, because it´s a bit expensive.Have a look here:

  182. john kang says:

    im not quite sure what the big deal is…

  183. Love this sight…I grew up in Holland and hazelnut chocolate spread was practically a staple in every household. When I brought a HCS sandwich here to school, the kids could not believe I would eat chocolate on bread!!! Was I nuts? (Yes, about hazelnuts!) That was decades ago and now look who is eating HCS on bread??? LOVE it and LOVE the great recipe!!! Thank you so much!

    1. I got the same reaction when I did this, too. We were trend setters. :)

  184. Mia says:

    This is AMAZING!!!

    Thank you!

  185. ISW1214 says:

    I’ll have to try this. I took to Trader Joe’s Cocoa-Almond spread after feeling Nutella was too sweet. But if I can make this myself with basic ingredients even better!

  186. Choco-holic ;) says:

    Katie, thanks solo much for this recipe!!!! I just made it in my magic bullet with dark chocolate cocoa powder and it is INCREDIBLE!!! I make your recipes almost everyday because I always need one little treat (ok large great) per day. I am a ballet dancer and your recipes have changed my healthy eating life!!! I have never had nutella because it is so bad for you, but your version has satisfied all of my wildest chocolate dreams! Just a little bit is enough to satisfy, but the fun part is you don’t have to stick with just a little,,, I figured that our when I ate 1/2 the recipes licking my fingers and my spoon clean!)

    Keep on blogging!!! Xoxoxoxo

    1. Haha love your comment name 😉

  187. kyleanne says:

    :) how can i make this “sugar free?”

  188. Debs says:

    Another reason to add to my list of “Why my husband should buy me a Vitamix” for my birthday :)

  189. Tina says:

    Hi Katie! Our family LOVES everything you do. I have a question about the sugars that you choose to use. I don’t have Stevia in the house so we just skip it in all of your recipes. Is there a reason that you usually add some?

    1. Stevia is a sweetener. If you skip it (without subbing the sugar noted in parenthesis), don’t the recipes you try turn out bitter?

      1. Tina says:

        Confession, I usually make everything with a little less sweetener but, as evidenced by the love my boys have for you, nothing has ever come out bitter. I knew Stevia was a sweetener, I was just curious why you add it to so many recipes in place of a little more sugar. I was wondering if I was missing some extra, special Stevia flavour of some sort.

        I used your Nutella recipe as a guide to make our Cashew Cream into a little bit of chocolate heaven today. :)

  190. Stacy says:

    Katie – have you ever had it basically seize up on you? My daughter and I made this, and I think we either blended the toasted hazelnuts too long before adding the other ingredients or blended to long afterward. Oil started to pool and it turned into fudge. Delicious fudge, but fudge nonetheless. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. We have another bag of nuts we want to try again on. Thank you.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by “seize” :-?. I’ve never had that happen. Maybe it’s the food processor you’re using? I used a Cuisinart. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

      1. Stacy says:

        I used a cuisinart, too. I’m notorious for weird things happening in the kitchen, but basically the oil from the nuts started to separate out, and my smooth mixture slowly got harder and harder. I did not use agave but stevia glycerite. Not sure if that made a difference or not. How long did you blend the nuts alone?

        1. Stacy says:

          I think I figured it out … I used stevia glycerite, which has water in it. Water will make chocolate seize up. So, I have another bag and will try with my new swerve sweetener.

      2. Mercedes Cortes says:

        This also happened to me! I did it with chocolate (semi-sweet, 60% cacao), instead of cocoa powder and after it was everything incorporated with a nice texture, I added 2 tbsp maple syrup and the oil from the hazelnuts separated and now I have a hazelnut-chocolate pulp, but I don’t want to waste it! Do you have any suggestions of what can I make with this? I don’t like to throw out any food…

        1. Kelly says:

          This also happened to me. It was fine until I added coconut milk (“milk of choice’). Hopefully I’ll figure out what to do with this stuff; as I’m not overly happy about having wasted the money. I made it in my Vitamix. Well….ATTEMPTed to make.

        2. I would follow the recipe next time if you want to try it again. Unfortunately I can’t vouch for results if you make any substitutions, because I haven’t tried them.

  191. Alan says:

    I came across this today they even have a non dairy one!

  192. margarita says:

    I just tried to make this but i burned the hazelnuts:( I did 420 for 10 minutes..would you suggest doing it on a lower temp? or a shorter time? also I made your cookie pie yesterday…my non-healthy family LOVED it thanks!

    1. Alicia says:

      I had the same problem when I cooked the hazelnuts at that that high of a temp. Maybe it’s our ovens? I tried the recipe again at 275 for about 35-45 min and they turned out beautifully!

  193. Rena says:

    Which sugar did you use? agave, xyiltol…

  194. Laura says:

    Love this! And I made mine in the vitamix… the only thing I did different was use almond butter to mimic Trader Joe’s Cocoa Almond spread … and mine was sweet enough with just the xylitol, no need for stevia. Thanks for an awesome recipe!

  195. margarita says:

    depressed:( i have tried to make this twice now and am getting a funny flavor! i followed the instructions exactly the only thing i can think of is that maybe its a taste from the skins that i did not get off of the hazelnuts. if anyone else has had this problem and knows what to do help!

    1. Alicia says:

      See my above comment! I also got a funny flavor until I tried cooking the hazelnuts at lower temperature for longer. I think it’s when the hazelnuts burn that you get that funny flavor.

  196. Where can I find hazelnuts at the grocery store? I was there today and tried to find them and I couldn’t. :( Can’t wait to try this though!

    1. I get them in the bulk aisle of Whole Foods.

    2. Lucy says:

      I couldn’t find them either, so I bought ‘Filberts’ in the bulk section. From what I’ve read, Filberts aren’t quite the same as Hazelnuts, but to me they tasted basically the same and worked well with this recipe. One word of caution though – my throat started to kind of itch after tasting the spread, which makes me think I might have a slight allergy to Filberts. I found the same reaction from someone else on another baking website, so I’m not sure if they’re quite as good a choice as Hazelnuts. My spread tasted great in the end though – thanks!

      1. Anonymous says:

        There are two species of hazelnut: cob and filbert. So, all filberts are hazelnuts, but not all hazelnuts are filberts. :)

  197. Karla says:

    Could Bob’s Hazelnut Flour be used in place of the hazelnuts? Is so, how much do you think? Thans!

  198. gracie says:

    Question on making this in my new vitamix….do I grind nuts in the dry container and then do I move it to the wet container to continue? Same as for any nut butters, do I start with the dry container?
    Thanks Katie, this sounds so yummy and I want to taste the nuts too and chocolate!
    Is there a good online source for the raw hazelnuts? also the xylitol and agave, none of these are available at my local store.

    1. Sorry, I’ve only used my Cuisinart food processor.

      And I rarely buy things online, so I can’t help on the second question. 😕

  199. Mariel says:

    hey katie! how long will this recipe last in the fridge? or on the counter? :)

    1. A few days. Yes, do fridge it!

  200. Allison says:

    this is fantastic..thankfully I have an awesome ex-boyfriend who at this very moment is bringing over his cuisinart so I can make this…I once said I could never go vegan because I would miss nutella too much…there went that excuse….. :)

  201. Rena says:

    Hi Katie,
    Have you done this with xyiltol before? Should i use powdered xyiltol or just regular? i dont want it to have cruchy peices of xyiltol in it. Thanks!! I soo badly want to make this today!

    1. I just use regular. I guess the cruncky pieces get pulverized when you food process it.

      1. Sarah says:

        I am trying out Trim Healthy Mama and they recommend Nunaturals Stevia, but I hate Stevia in general! It adds an aftertaste to me… I tried Xylitol the other day when making a chocolate ganache, but I didn’t pulverize it, so it was crunchy and a little… not minty– but I am not sure how to describe it. I know no sweetener will be able to exactly mimic sugar, but do you have another suggestion? Swerve? Erythritol? And thanks so much in advance!!

  202. nikki says:

    so would you need to keep this in the fridge because of the “milk” in it???

  203. Rena says:

    I made this and all i have to say is YUM!!!!! Just had a sandwich with it and its soo good!
    I roasted the hazelnuts in the oven on lower temp and mistakenly forgot about it and left it in a bit too long, not totally burnt, but next time i would do it bit less. Good thing i remember it before it was too late! Also next time i would blend just the nuts longer since once i added everything in, it was still a bit gritty. You cant taste the grittiness when i put it on bread, but by the spoon you can. Either way its still good and if its THIS good now i cant image how good it’ll be when i do those two things right. Thanks Katie for yet another great recipe!!! (hmm i think i’ll make myself another sandwich, so much for being a healthy snack!)

  204. Ysabelle says:

    I just made this for my 5 year old sister who is very addicted to Nutella. She likes the flavour although says that ‘real Nutella’ is still creamier. Not complaining, if she won’t eat it that just means more for me! Definitely my new nut butter obsession(after peanut butter, of course). :)

  205. Rachel S says:

    I tried making these and I burnt the hazelnuts. I think my oven is just really strong, how do I know when they are ready?

    1. Maybe just do them a little shorter!

  206. Kimberli says:

    I was looking in the freezer today when I saw the little bag of hazelnuts that I have been saving for this or The Gracious Pantry’s version and decided that today was the day to make it!

    I chose to make your recipe for my first homemade Nutella batch even if I had to half the recipe and use my blender instead of my food processor. The boys I live with though didn’t seem to mind as they enjoyed your version very much! Thank you for posting yours, Katie! A great addition to homemade bread! 😀


  207. Jenna says:

    I just made this and it’s my first disappointment from your site :( It just wasn’t sweet enough for me. I ended up adding tonnes of maple syrup and sugar but it just wouldn’t reach the sweetness I wanted :(

    1. maybe you mis-measured something? It should be as sweet as regular Nutella.

    2. panna says:

      Jenna, xylitol takes sometime to give you the sweetness. let it sit in the fridge couple hours. It might help. It has this coolness when eaten directly coz which sweetness goes undetected. Always combine xylitol with sugar to enhance its sweetness.

  208. Rachel B says:

    This was awesome! I added some espresso powder to intensify the chocolatey flavor and omitted the milk which made it a bit dry but I was ok with that. Munched on it with some Dave’s Killer Bread. Lovely.

  209. Taylor says:

    Katie, after trying my hand at a few different vegan nutella recipes, without a doubt I have to say your recipe wins! You’re the only one who really got the consistency right! I just used this to make a batch of chocolate nutella cookiess – YUM! Thanks again, girl!

  210. Trudy Ghiselin says:

    Do you have a recipe without using Xyletol? That stuff works like a laxative. It can cause great intestinal reactions, and really bad gas.
    I would much prefer using Splenda.

    1. Susie says:

      Interesting fact, Splenda, despite all the good publicity it has been getting, is actually really bad for you. I have read many articles on this topic and have found that it is basically a bleached sugar with chemicals added to reduce the calories. It is something that I used to adore, and after learning the facts, I have learned that Xyletol is actually much, much better for your body and for your health.

      1. panna says:

        I know xylitol is a laxative in larger (more than 3 tsp) quantities at a time. But in this recipe its 18 tsp approx, so distributed over 2 C of nuts its negligible even for 2 tbsp of spread. Believe me I had severe reaction trying to use xylitol in butter icing. I stayed away for a long time. Hope that helps.

        I ordered hazelnuts and xylitol on amazon.

  211. jane says:

    this is sooo. so yummy and definitely better than nutella in regards to sugar content and just the flavor! and it was so easy to make. i loved it thanks a lot :)

  212. Suzette says:

    I just got turned onto your blog today and, boy, am I happy that I did! I chuckled when I first read your story because my husband also used to take Nutella sandwiches to school as a kid and his schoolmates thought it was so weird, until they tried it!! I first tried Nutella in 1986 when I started dating my husband and it was love at first spoonful!! We travel to Italy every summer for vacation and always bring back with us 2 of the largest jars we can find…..either 750 grams or 1000 grams if we can find it. We also have my mother-in-law bring us a jar when she visits us in January. The Nutella you get here in the U.S., which is made in Canada, tastes different….probably because in Italy they use vegetable oil instead of the Palm Oil. Not sure what other differences there are. Also, one serving of the Nutella in Italy is 8.5g of sugar; not sure if that’s the same or less than the one made in Canada. Our daughter doesn’t like it which is okay with us because otherwise she’d eat it all on us. We just ran out of Nutella yesterday so now I have to go buy the lesser-quality one which will do us until we go to Italy in August and can replenish our supply. I really want to try your recipe but have to wait until I get a food processor…..probably in the fall (I know you have a Cuisinart and that’s what I want). If you have a panini press, I have a great recipe for you using Nutella but you’ll have to email me for it!! :-)

    Also, I have one request….is there any way you can add a print option to your recipes? I love printing recipes but it’s a nuisance when I have to print out the entire page instead of just the recipe. Thanks for your consideration.

    1. I really want to! Unfortunately, I have a corrupt plugin at the moment, and it’s made it impossible to add any other plugins (like the “print it” plugin). I’m trying to fix the corrupt plugin, and as soon as I figure out how to do that, I’ll definitely install the print function!

      1. Emily says:

        Just copy and paste the recipe it into a word processor page, or even an email, then print that.

  213. Suzette says:

    Aaaaaahhhhhhh……okay. Hopefully you can get that fixed soon. :-)

  214. Grace says:

    We just made this and oh my goodness!! So good! Had to hide it from my 12 year old. She loves nutella and I thought this might be a tough sell, but she is in love! Did not need or use the oil and used xylitol and just a smidge of pure stevia powder. We are on our way to deliver some to a friend. So far we LOVE everything we have made from your website! Only thing we had a problem with was the single lady cupcake. But we are going to try again :0) Our favorite is still the deep dish cookie. Next recipe to try is the cookie dough dip.

    Have a great day! Grace, Marsha and Madeline…The flavor seekers!

    1. Aw thanks, Grace. What problems are you having with the cupcake? Maybe I can help figure it out? What flour are you using, and what’s the problem you’re having?

      1. Grace says:

        Thank you!!!! We made it with spelt flour and it turned out kind of gummy and it didn’t rise.  Flavor was good :0 Oh yeah, we did it in the microwave also. Will try again in the oven but we were looking for a late night treat :0)

        1. Baked goods are gummier in the microwave. Do try in the oven :).

  215. Healthy person who has gone too long without Dessert says:

    You have made my dreams come true.
    Dessert here I come! I’M SO EXCITED!
    Also, when’s the book coming out?? Can’t wait!

    1. lol I love your comment name :).

      I’ve just started the actual writing of the book, so it’ll be awhile. But I’m working on it!

  216. Aurélie says:

    Wouah ! I have been searching for such a receipe for months ! I tried it and could not help eating it out a spoon and taste it again. I could not believe this was THE recipe I was searching! It is so tasty ! And on the contrary to Nutella, the main ingredient is nuts !! Nuts and nuts ! Just a small quantity of agave and an optional quantity of oil. Not only sugar and fat as Nutella is. No palm oil ! Thank you so much. This is already the 3rd time I am doing it ! I am going to try other of your recipeq because if there are as delicious as this one is, whaouh ! I admire !

  217. SDC says:

    I noticed the xylitol on your ingredient list and wanted to leave a note for all dog lovers (as I can see you are) that xylitol is HIGHLY TOXIC to dogs (not sure about cats) even in very small amounts. It was news to me, so I thought perhaps it might be important info. to pass on. Xylitol is in so many products now, even toothpaste. So, if you use it, make sure you don’t accidentally share any goodies with your furry friends.

    1. Thanks, SDC!
      Same thing with chocolate… and raisins! 😕

  218. Betsy says:

    Once I added the milk, I used like 1/4 cup of regular milk, something went wrong, it became a big greasy mess, not sure why? This is why I didn’t add the rest of the milk as in the recipe. It’s like the milk took out all the oils from the nuts and brought them to the top. The whole thing looked shiny and greasy, tasted this way too, the texture changed from creamy to clumpy. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Yours looks so different. Any advice appreciated, thank you!

  219. Suzette says:

    This is referring to things that are toxic to dogs… can add grapes (which makes sense because of the raisins) and garlic to that list. I didn’t know about xylitol. I’ve never actually used xylitol but it’s good info to have…..thanks!!

    1. Wow, garlic? Maybe I should do a whole post on this…

  220. Suzette says:

    Maybe you should!! :))

  221. Nykole says:

    What’s the best way to store this? Does it need to be refrigerated? I made one batch and stored it in the fridge and it got kinda hard :(

    1. Aurélie says:

      Well I am quite surprise to read this. This is one of the great advantage of this marvellous receipe : it does not get hard in the fridge ! It just has the perfect consistency. Have you used chocolate instead of cocoa powder ?

      1. Nykole says:

        Nope I used cocoa powder… Might be my fridge though, my freezer turns things into blocks of ice and the fridge sometimes goes on the fritz… I’ll take that as it needs to be stored in the refrigerator then?

  222. Samantha says:

    I FINALLLLY bought hazelnuts so I can try this..I am so excited!! 😀

  223. Samantha says:

    this was almost too chocolately for me..almost..i dont think i’ve ever said that in my life! I really wish I could have gotten it smooth like nutella too. Any advice?

  224. Deena says:

    Ground the nuts in the coffee grinder and then made the rest in my blender! Sooooooo good! Thank you for sharing this! This goes great on those new Coco lite wafers that are popping up all over our area!

    1. Sophie says:

      YES! Glad I saw this about grinding the nuts beforehand. Thanks!!

  225. Cierra says:

    Do you think that if I used this sort of concept to make a pecan coconut frosting, that it would be good for a German chocolate cake? Im thinking of using pecans instead of hazelnuts and coconut flakes/flour instead of cocoa powder… Is that reaching a bit? Haha. Your blog is a godsend when people ask me to make them birthday desserts! They’re always so impressed :) thanks!!

    1. It sounds like a really terrific idea! I’ve done it with peanuts (not posted yet), and I had to add a little extra salt and cocoa, but otherwise it worked. I love your idea to use pecans… Let me know if you try!

  226. Courtney says:

    Just made this and I’m obsessed! I used my Vitamix and accidentally only used one cup of hazlenuts. No oil. It was still the best EVER!

  227. Jen says:

    I made this today using 1/2 portions (as didn’t know how it would turn out with Splenda only)…and it turned out great!

    I roasted the 1 cup of hazelnuts (bought “blanched hazelnuts” (only version I could find), already skinned) in my NuWave oven (5 min on HI on 4 inch rack), then blended nuts in my Bullet blender, using Splenda for the sugars, and didn’t add any oil.

  228. Louise says:

    You are a genius, thank you soooo much for this recipe!

  229. Mary says:

    Why don’t you have a printer-friendly version? I wanted to print it but I couldn’t figure out how to print just the recipe without umpteen pages of comments etc.

    1. Highlight just the recipe, then hit “control c” and paste into a word document. I can’t add the plugin at the moment due to a corrupt file on my site :(.

  230. Betsy says:

    I never received a response from my question a while back and I have had no success trying to unsubscribe myself. I tried it again today by clicking the “manage subscriptions” link in the email we get when someone posts a message. I went and this is what it says:

    “Manage subscriptions Thank you for using our subscription service. Your request has been completed, and you should receive an email with the management link in a few minutes.

    But I never had any opportunity to request not to receive more email. Chocolate covered Katie, can you please help me by taking care of it on your end? I would really appreciate it, thank you!

    1. CCK says:

      I took you off. :)

  231. christina says:

    hello, and thank you for this great idea!!! I have one question: did you try to see how long it lasts before it goes bad? Nothing worries me but the milk!
    I will let you know how it turned out – sounds really, really good!!!
    Thank You!!!

  232. Betsy says:

    Katie I still am getting emails despite trying to unsubscribe and you said you unsubscribed me too, not sure what to do?

  233. Michelle says:

    Stupid question, I have a kitchenaid food chopper, can I safely attempt to make nut butters in it?


  234. Connie says:

    OK, I must make this! I love that your homemade Nutella is a bit chunky – I love crunchy peanut butter so why wouldn’t I love crunchy Nutella? YES!

  235. SophieD says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    SO DELICIOUS! 😀 Just made it with my boyfriend, and we both loved it! Thank you so much for this AMAZING recipe :)

    We didn’t use the oil and it turned out wonderfully :)

  236. Angela E says:

    My daughter is allergic to nuts but she just tried cookie dough dip (nutfree: I made with earth balance) and loved it.

    I wondered if anyone has tried to make a nut-free nutella. I’m thinking using garbanzos instead of the hazelnuts and omitting the milk because of the extra moisture from the nuts.

    1. Stacy says:

      Perhaps you can you use a jar of nice sunbutter as the base and add the rest of the ingredients to make it like nutella.

  237. Shani says:

    I was just wondering, as I am from Australia, do you use metric or imperial cup/tablespoon/teaspoon measurements for your recipes? I am only getting confused because sometimes you put ounces in your recipes and sometimes grams 😛

    1. I try to include both American cups and the standard gram amounts in as many recipes as possible. If it says “g” it’s regular old grams.

      1. Shani says:

        ok, sounds good :) sorry to be a pain, but are american cups the same as australian? (250mL = one cup; 20mL = 1 tablespoon; 5mL = 1 teaspoon)

  238. lia says:

    I just made this by toasting 2 cups of bob’s red mill hazelnut flour in a heavt dutch oven. While that was gently toasting i melted coconut oil and cacao butter. I poured agave, vanilla extract, stevia, salt, cocona powder and homemade coconut milk into my vitamix in between stirring the hazelnuts. I mixed that up and poured in the oils. Then i slowly added the hazelnuts. I had to stop and scrape down the blender jar and added more coconut milk, a lot more. By the time i jad added all of the nuts i probably had 10 ounces of mylk added. It came out pretty smooth because i added the solids to the liquids. I scooped it into a 500 ml french jelly jar and popped it in the feidge. Then i cleaned the blender with cashew milk and stevia to make a great shake! :)

  239. Liz says:

    I don’t want to read through the hundreds of comments to find if this has been answered–does this need to be refrigerated after it’s done? I finally ordered raw hazelnuts so I made this and it’s delicious, but I want to store it properly. I hate how some nut butters get all solid and chunky when stored in the fridge…I hope this one can stay smooth and creamy.

    1. SophieD says:

      I refrigerated mine because it contains milk, but it still stayed smooth and creamy :) I even froze some and it was fudgy and delicious! Hope this helps. :)

  240. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to substitute dates for the sugar in this recipe? I just made it for my kiddos and it was shockingly sweet to me…. (I also totally burnt my first batch of hazelnuts, watch them carefully after 10 minutes!)

    1. I bet you could but I haven’t tried it.

  241. SSalo says:

    How would you store this? How long is it good for? (assuming it doesn’t last in a cupboard so long!) Should it be stored at a certain temp? Is there a way to jar it and seal it?

    1. Fridge… at least a few days!

  242. Violet says:

    Yum I’ll make this when I win the lottery and can spend $20 on nuts. Has anyone tried this with hazelnut extract? And maybe using 2 cups of almonds… I might try it

  243. B-Mac says:

    Quick question, since this is made w/ milk (Almond Milk, etc) how do you recommend storing the yummy nutella? In the fridge? on the shelf? Any suggestions?

      1. Jennifer says:

        oh I see half the the answer to the question I posted here. Now how long does it keep or does it never last long enough to know? LOL

        1. Mine’s lasted a week before. After that, who knows? 😉

  244. Heatherdee says:

    Hi Katie. I’ve been really enjoying looking through all of your amazing recipes. Have you thought about using dates to sweeten your sweets? I just thought I’d ask, as I’ve been having some really great results with them, but would love some more recipe inspiration using dates as the sweetener. Thank you for all of your sharing!

  245. Jennifer says:

    I tried this recipe, but I found that it did not taste like nutella. Did anyone else have this problem?

    1. It sounds like you may have mis-measured an ingredient… if you follow the recipe correctly, it WILL taste like Nutella. I used to be the world’s biggest Nutella fan ;).

      1. Jennifer says:

        I may have. I could eat a whole container of nutella, which is really bad for the hip action!! I may try the recipe again.
        Oh! Did it matter that I used a vitamix instead of a food processor? I’ve been wondering if that makes a difference.

        1. Jennifer says:

          One more thing. I made the recipe in canada, but I’ve been having a hard time finding hazelnuts in NC. Where do you buy them?

  246. lisa says:

    BEST THING I have ever EATEN!!!

  247. ChocolateForLife says:

    WOW I’ve made this twice and it is amaaaaazing i can’t help from eating it with a spoon :p
    i subbed hazelnuts for almonds as i live in indonesia and its hard to find them, and i added lots of shredded coconut at the end. Totally addictive.

  248. arlene says:

    I just made my homemade Nutella and it is yummy! Though not what I was expecting. Maybe too many of my hazelnut skins were left one, but mine has a super nutty taste! And I made this batch with all xylitol and coconut oil but it didn’t come out very sweet at all…. I may have to switch it up next time and try some different sweeteners like agave or even coconut sugar perhaps?

    1. arlene says:

      PS- Someone earlier asked about using a Magic Bullet and I did use a Magic Bullet for this one and it actually worked! It didn’t enjoy it but got the job done!

  249. Jaimi says:

    You can also use rice malt syrup as the sweetener. Rice malt is free of fructose- so a much better option than maple or agave which are both quite high in fructose (one half of sucrose/table sugar). I’m no sure how readily available it is in the states but in Australia you can get it in all supermarkets now! It’s cheaper than buying honey too! I tastes very similar to honey and is the same consistency so is very easy to substitute. You can read a little more about it here.

    This nutella is deeeelicious!! Will never buy the supermarket stuff again! I can wait to have it on everything!

  250. Mab says:

    I’m going to make this, and wondering if I could slip a bit of Katie’s Coconut Butter in it instead of the sugar… or would that overpower the hazelnuts? Hmmmm. I think I’ll try it. 😀

  251. fenirall says:

    I’m glad to have found something that gives me something similar to Nutella but not as excessively sweet. Hazelnuts showed up again this week at my local market, so I dove for them.

    I did have one issue, though: mine ended up somewhat bitter (not too bitter, but definitely noticeably so). Is that just a side-effect of taking away the tongue-numbing sweetness and oils, or did I do something wrong?


    1. Nope, definitely shouldn’t be bitter. Maybe your nuts were rancid. 😕

  252. Danielle says:

    Shoveling spoon fulls of homemade nutella into my mouth as I type. This recipe is awesome! I was horrified to give up the original when I realized my nursing son has a cows milk allergy. I had already cut out most dairy when I became vegetarian, but I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye to my milk chocolate goodness they call nutella. Thanks so much for this recipe!!!

    1. My favorite part of blogging is when someone actually tries one of the things I’ve posted. Thank YOU! :)

  253. Carola says:

    Dear Katie,
    my boyfriend and I absolutely loved this recipe! Since I run a German food blog, I’s like to ask whether it is O.K. for you if I posted a German version of this recipe there, of course with a link back to your site!
    Carola :)

    1. Sure… thank you for even asking! :)

  254. Mab says:

    Oooooo…. instead of sugar…. maybe DATES!

    1. Mab says:

      Oh DUH! This was already suggested; lol

    2. Heatherdee says:

      I love using dates to sweeten things – love the idea of whole food sweeteners. I haven’t tried it for this recipe yet. Let us know if you do and how much to put in!

  255. Jenny says:

    First I made this with Hazlenuts from Whole Foods which were super expensive, I think I might have paid $12 for two cups worth of nuts. It was good but had a bit of an odd taste to me, maybe I burned the nuts a little when I roasted them, not sure. Figured I’d try it with Almonds before trying again with hazlenuts since I can get a big bag of almonds from Costco for much less $$$. I have to say, I completely prefer the almond one over the hazlenut version and the fact that it’s so much cheaper to make is a big bonus too. The almonds never turned into a paste like the hazlenuts did but once I started adding the other ingridents it all worked out.

  256. Angie says:

    Never tried Nutella, fortunatley I read the label first! I am excited to try this and hopefully my son who has an allergy disease will one day be able to eat this with me! Thx!

  257. Sanna says:

    Ugh, I don’t like nutella at all. I have no problem with chocolate and I have no problem with hazelnuts, it’s just the combination of the two that doesn’t please me. But I could definitely try this recipe but by replacing the hazelnuts with peanuts. I’ll feed it to my friend if I don’t like it either, she’ll eat anything with chocolate.

  258. susan says:

    I’ve got BIG problems … I have a Blendtec and I guess I blended too much because it separated! I didn’t know that would happen. I’m going to eat it because there is about $14 or more of quality food in there, but I’m scared to try this again. I don’t have time to read ALL of these comments … has this occurred to anyone else and what do I do? Hand mix after I get the hazelnut butter made? I’m tempted to just fugetaboutit :(

  259. Jenny says:

    I’m trying to eat more vegan, but once I discovered Nutella, it became my achilles heel. Hot damn Nutella is like my secret lover. So satisfying. But I know I cannot indulge forever without feeling some guilt… I really really hope Nutella makes a vegan version some day. Until then I’m going to attempt this!

  260. Julia says:

    Just made it, yum! But how do you store it?

  261. Jinnie says:

    Hi Katie,

    I would like to give you a virtual hug for coming up with so many AMAZINGGGGG Recipes!!! You’ve saved my life from certain unhealthy cravings and i am eternally greatful hahaha. Keep up the awesome work!!! 😉

  262. Alex says:

    I didn’t have any hazelnuts, but REALLY wanted to make this! So, I used peanuts and it turned out YUMMY. It didn’t quite have the taste that Nutella has(I figured since I was being so impatient,)But, I must say, It still turned out amazing. Thank you, Katie! :)

  263. Stephanie says:

    I think the recipe should be modified so the hazelnuts don’t burn. I used the lower time (10 minutes) and they were too done, so it has a burnt flavor, even though I will be using it so it doesn’t go to waste. These ingredients are SO expensive, so I’m very disappointed, but will try again when I can get some more hazelnuts. They really only need about 5 minutes at 400 degrees. I used regular sugar and chocolate almond milk in my Vitamix and the consistency is amazing – very smooth and creamy. I didn’t use any oil as it wasn’t needed.

  264. jonas says:

    Nutella has a modified palm oil. A natural form would be preferred – maybe even a combo with coconut oil, raw shea butter, even peanut oil like Nutella used to have.

    I don’t know what you could add to prevent rancidity from setting in too quickly – all those nuts and oils. Would you heat pasteurize the final product by standing the jar in simmering water?

    It bugs me how good a bad thing can taste. The only real solution may be don’t buy Nutella.

  265. Anne says:

    How long will this Nutella stay fresh before going bad?

  266. katie says:

    Can i use stevia instead of the xylitol?

  267. laura says:

    how long will this Healthy Nutella last for? how do u storage? in cupboard or refrig?

  268. Amy says:

    Do you roast these before or after cracking them out of their shell?? I just roasted in their shell and when I cracked and tried to get the skins off using a paper towel, my fingers, a knife, anything none would come off without basically losing half the hazelnut. I’m very frustrated. Any tips?

    1. Jennifer says:

      You should unshell them first.

  269. Amy says:

    Min me turned out the consistency of milk. I followed everything exactly. Any ideas?

    1. Jennifer says:

      Possibly you blended it so long you make hazelnut milk…It’s probably delicious! Hahaha

  270. katie dyas says:

    Hi Katie!!
    I just made some of this and it came out amazing!! i used stevia instead of the xyitol and agave and still tastes great!! I just wanted to know what you used to calculate the calories as i used about 200g of nuts and 1 tsp of coconut oil is there a website you used??

  271. Jennifer says:

    I’d like to know how long this keeps and do you need to refrigerate it because of the milk ingredient. I will be using probable almond milk or soy.

  272. Roy says:

    No Palm Oil!! I have always loved Nutella since I was little but after learning that Nutella was made with palm tree oil and the devastation Palm oil plantations have on rainforest and orangutans I was hesitant to by my next jar of Nutella. Now I can enjoy it all over again, all without destroying the rainforests to make room for palm oil plantations!! Thanks!

  273. Kristi says:

    Can anyone help? Mine turned out horrible! Just bought a vitamix and tried the recipe and the oil separated and it turned into a big thick glob of mashed hazelnuts in a pool of oil. The consistency was ok until I added the agave, vanilla, and little coconut oil. Then the more I blended it the more oil started releasing. I even poured out about a half cup of oil and blended more but no luck. I tried this once before with a regular food processor and same thing happened.
    I left out the salt, and forgot to add the milk. Would that be the problem? Any suggestions?

  274. Anne says:

    Try the Ninja blender. I like it better than my old food processor. Works faster. Great for lots of things. I don’t know where all you can buy them, online I know but Walmart also carries them.

  275. Marla says:

    As a Nutella lover I had to try this!!!! I did, but had no luck. It did not taste anything like the Nutella that I love!!!!!! What did I do wrong????

    1. It’s impossible to know unless you give me more specifics of what you did and what ingredients you used.

  276. C.B. says:

    Oh. My. Goodness! Just made this using maple syrup, cacao powder and almond milk and it was DIVINE!!! I used our Ninja blender and it came out very smooth.Thank you so much for this recipe.

    1. Stormrage says:

      Hi, glad to hear it worked out. May i ask, what type of vanilla essence you used ? Pure or Imitation ? And how long did you roast the hazelnuts ?

  277. Maria Serra says:

    I love you, Chocolate-covered-Katie!

  278. Gigi says:

    Wow! Just made this today and I can’t believe how good this is! I like the flavor of Nutella, but it has always made my teeth hurt because it is so sweet. This is perfect because I can control how much sweetener to put in. This will be addicting!

  279. Maria says:

    i tried it with coconut instead of hazelnuts and, Katie..oh my god! And if you add more milk it’s like an awesome chocolate mousse

  280. Stormrage says:

    Hi, I tried this recipe out 3 times, and all three came out with a bitter,aftertaste that just felt weird to me, it made me go dizzy a few times. I dont know what it is, i followed the recipe to the letter, My mom thiknks it mightb e from overroasting the hazelnuts, though im sure i didnt burn them, do u think burnt hazelnuts would have this effect ?

    Also, may i ask what the tablespoon of vannila does, maybe thats supposed to counter the aftertaste ?

    I’ll probably try Raw hazelnuts next time, thanks for the recipe anyway, 4th times the charm.

    1. Did you use pure vanilla extract or imitation? Also, what sweetener?

      1. Stormrage says:

        I used imitation, and sugar.

        I saw a post which suggested to roast for only 5 minutes, might try that next time.

        1. That’s your funny taste. You need to use pure extract.

  281. Teresa says:

    The jars that you use for your butters are adorable! I am trying to do a lot more with homemade gifts this year and would love to make some of the butters and put them in cute jars. Do I have to “process” them like one does with canning? I’m not good at that and I don’t have the supplies!

    1. Try Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I didn’t process anything… just made the Nutella and stuck it in the jar.

  282. Irene says:

    How long can this nutella be storaged? I am asking this, because I noticed that the recipe contains milk.

  283. Teresa says:

    Wow! That was so much fun to make. Watching it turn to butter was cool (I don’t get out much!). And the taste is wonderful. I am not a big fan of Nutella, but my family likes it. Great gift idea!

  284. angela says:

    Where do you buy agave

    1. walmart and most grocery stores have it in the sugar aisle and itll be in a bottle

      1. trajayjay says:

        Yes, it’ll be in the baking aisle next to the sugar.

  285. I got a mini food processor for Christmas, hallelujah! I made this with almonds instead of hazelnuts and stevia instead of sugar and it made some dang good chocolate almond butter!

  286. Chrissy says:

    i always loved Nutella but never on bread.. Only right out of the jar or my fav taking a big spoon of nutella and put it in the freezer for a while an then licking it of..ohhh is that good.. i will try your version

  287. Wendy says:

    I took half of al the ingredient, expect the milk (not on purpose!). But it was really creamy and had a rich taste. So either way…great.

  288. Cathy says:

    I made this for my very picky 13 year old Nutella expert. It was given 2 thumbs up! Yay! Also I made it sugar free using the Xylitol version with Stevia. So good! My kids will be having this for breakfast with Coconut flour waffles. Lucky kids! : ) Thanks!

  289. Medha says:

    Katie, this is perfect! I just made and blogged about your healthy Nutella. It tastes like Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolates had a lovechild, in my opinion!

    blogged here:

    I love your blog and have made so many of your recipes with great success. Thanks for all your efforts!


    1. I loved your post! Couldn’t comment on it because I don’t have a google or open id account, but I loved it :).

      1. Medha says:

        Aw, thanks! That means so much :)

  290. Anne says:

    I have moved away from Nutella, (a bit slimy for me) and on to Jif Chocolate flavored Hazelnut spread. Mmmmm.

  291. Britt says:

    Do you store room temperature or fridge?

  292. trajayjay says:

    Nutella is a food that is screaming for a healthy makeover, especially because it seems like a healthy food at first glance. “Made with real hazelnuts, skim milk, and a touch of cocoa”, the advertisers make it seem like a pretty healthy spread. Perfect way of starting off a busy day. But after reading the nutrition label, it has 20 grams of sugar and sugar is first on the ingredient list! Not, hazelnuts, they’re not even second, they come after palm oil (not very unhealthy, but still, more oil than the actual nut, I thought this was a hazelnut spread, not a sugar spread). So, what you’ve done is a great deed. It’s so sinful how a company could put sugar in such good light, oh well, that’s what they’re paid to do.

  293. Gaby says:

    I just made this Nutella & it tastes awesome. I had to use 110g of peanuts though because I didn’t have enough hazelnuts! I can’t even taste the peanuts & the down side to using them is my daughter can’t eat it at school due to but allergy kids :( That aside, I think my kids will love it!

  294. kitty says:

    I made this on Friday (I didn’t use the oil and used maple syrup). It is really tasty although I probably should have ground the nuts for a bit longer. I gave some to my brother and mum yesterday and they thought it was tastier than the usual nutella. Thanks for the recipe!

  295. Kelly says:

    I just made this using raw cacao powder and agave nectar, and it turned out great! I even have a little of the “real” Nutella on hand and did a taste test. They taste almost exactly the same. Thanks for a great recipe!

  296. Marie says:


    I was wondering if anyone has used Almonds instead? And if you followed the same steps?

  297. ianna says:

    I halved the recipe because I knew that if I had a bunch of nutella laying around I’d eat a spoonful every half hour! I cut way down on the sweetness, I only used 1.5 TB, and I upped the cocoa by 1TB. I also used about half a tsp of coconut oil as the optional oil. Hazelnuts roasted beautifully at 400˚ for 15 minutes, and boy oh boy…..I’m in nutella heaven!!!! I think this is even better than nutella! Not too disgustingly sweet and doesn’t have palm oil and dairy, way too much good is happening here : ))))) Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  298. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this recipe! I love it and my husband loves it too!!!

  299. Cappy says:

    Just made this today and gave my husband a taste. He declared it “better than Nutella”, which made me giggle. :) I doubled the amount of cocoa (because I love dark chocolate). Stupidly I started this in my Bullet blender, which didn’t work at all, so I had to transfer it to my food processor. So very yummy! Thank you!

  300. Shyanne says:

    Quick question! How long will this typically stay fresh? Does it need to be refrigerated?

  301. Caroline says:

    I love this recipe! I’ve made it a couple times and was very happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, I didn’t have hazelnuts tonight but I did have blanched almonds. I toasted those up and used them in this recipe with fantastic results! Very smooth. I used only the Xylitol without the stevia and It was the right amount of sweetness for us. It’s not Nutella but it took care of that chocolate and nut craving I was having.
    Thank you for creating this fantastic blog. I tell everyone I know about it.

  302. Benji says:

    Any of you fine folks know how long this will last after it’s been made? Thanks.

  303. Kalina says:

    Just tried this recipe using natvia instead of sugar and two tablespoons of queens sugar free maple syrup and skim milk and it turned out awesome! Question for you though… how long will this last and i should store it in the fridge to make it last longer?

  304. Hannah says:

    Can you make a healthy version of cookie butter?

  305. Hannah says:

    I tried Nutella when I was a little kid, but I hardly remembered, and I didn’t like it much. But I just tried it today, and I adore it! So. Good.

    And now, since I don’t like processed and granulated sugars, I’m going to find time for your recipe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  306. Klaus says:

    I wonder, how it works with coconut oil 😉

    1. Yvonne says:

      I added coconut oil to mine and it’s awesome.

  307. Darcy says:

    you mention oil for extra smoothness, but don’t say what kind?
    I saw mention of a recipe for making your own coconut butter (on another of your pages) for this recipe, yet I don’t see coconut butter as an ingredient. Help-I want to try this recipe but don’t want to mess it up!

    1. Coconut oil would be fine, as would hazelnut oil. But really, the nuts should provide enough oil on their own, without needing any extra.

  308. Yvonne says:

    Katie, Just made this nutella. Absolutely awesome. Oh, and I also linked my pics of the nutella I made, to your website. All my friends should be visiting :)

  309. Sancia says:

    I made this last night using xylitol and it was amazing! It was actually better than nutella! Thank you so much, Katie!

  310. heather says:

    yum! There are alternative brands to nutella, and some ‘organic’ brands, but still have too much sugar and use soybean oil or soy additives. If it weren’t for all the sugar, nutella would be okay. Gosh, the other day I saw some cute tiny jar of nutella and got one. I ate it all by the spoonful in less than 2 days! Hazelnut butter is expensive, but could you buy some and add cocoa to it and eat it? One thing I love is spreading some natural peanut butter on a bit of chocolate, and there are chocolate peanut butter blends out there. Much better than reese peanut butter cups.

  311. Sara says:

    Hi Katie,
    I was introduced to your website a couple of months ago and have tried numerous recipes with great results. Thanks for that! I would like to try this nutella, kindly advise if it has to be refrigerated and how long it will last.

  312. Bonnie says:

    Katie you are a genius. I tell everyone about your blog. One of my hard-to-sell friends just wouldn’t visit your blog. She has celiac and just couldn’t believe healthy desserts could exist that are gluten free-and taste good. She finally visited your site and you know what she said…”She’s a genius! She is going to be famous someday!” I already knew that. Thanks for yet another genius recipe that I will be using every day.

  313. AmeliaS says:

    This looks amazing!

    Does anyone know how long this keeps in a sterilized jar?

  314. Lee says:

    Hi there! If you dont mind, would you please let me know about how you counted the nutritional information of your nut butter ? I wish to calculate the calories of a homemade chocolate almond butter .

    1. Carla says:

      Not sure how she counted the calories, but this is what I use to get the nutritional info for a recipe:
      You can copy the ingredients and paste it into the box. If the recipe analyzer doesn’t understand the ingredient, then it will be highlighted and you can search for the right match. It even gives a rating and tells you what’s good or bad about the recipe.

  315. ChocoChic says:

    You should try making your own nutella pop tarts!

  316. Holly says:

    How should this be stored? And how long will it stay good?

  317. Charlotte says:

    This is absolutely delicious! I added about 1/2 of a cup to 3 frozen bananas in my food processor along with a couple splashes of almond milk and maybe a tablespoon of extra cocoa powder and made AH-MAZ-ING soft-serve that reminds me of baci gelato! It also keeps really well in the freezer, and hasn’t iced up like banana soft serve can tend to do. I think I may have found two new staples in my kitchen (your nutella and the soft serve). Thank you so much for this recipe!

  318. Carla says:

    My nonni always had Nutella when I’d come to visit when I was little. It was always a treat. However, I’ve abstained from eating it as an adult because of how bad it is. I never thought to make it at home!

    I made a batch up last night. Some insights: (1) I roasted the hazelnuts for 12 minutes, but they burned a bit. I believe this was why there was a slight bitterness to the resulting Nutella. (2) I used Splenda as the sweetener, but ended up having to add a couple tbsp of Agave Nectar to cover the bitterness. Next time I’ll probably use one of the suggested sweeteners. (3) Other ingredients I used were: safflower oil, Almond Breeze, and artificial vanilla extract. (4) The Nutella tasted better the day after having been refrigerated overnight.

    This morning I put about a tbsp of the Nutella in both a strawberry/oatmeal/Almond Breeze smoothie and a berries/cherries/pomegranate/oatmeal/Almond Breeze smoothie. My fiance said they were the best smoothies I’ve made so far.

  319. Judy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your Nutella recipe! It is sooooooo delicious!

    Notes: roasted at 400 for 8 mins. I could hear the hazelnuts crackling as they continued to cook as they cooled. Used fourth cup agave and 3 tbs sugar. Did not use oil. Used 1% milk and subbed 1/8 of milk for heavy cream just because I had some leftover. Stuck the jar in the fridge and out came a thicker creamy consistency!

    I also have made your black bean brownies twice. I have some frozen black bean batter for a chocolate emergency! Absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for sharing!

  320. Noushka says:

    Just did my first batch of it this morning, and it’s amazing, thank you so much 😀
    I was surprised at how mouth-watering the blended hazelnuts smelled.
    This recipe tastes a lot more of hazelnut and cocoa than the original Nutella and it’s great! A new breakfast must have.

  321. Clint says:

    Hey Katie:
    Thanks for the recipe. I made two modifications that I wanted to share. I used raw/organic maple syrup as the sweetener and 1 cup almonds / 1 cup hazelnuts instead of the 2 cups of hazelnuts.

    It turned out to be most delicious. My kids won’t leave it alone!


  322. Alyson says:

    Wow, YUCK! I can’t believed I followed the ingredients against my better judgement. 1 and 1/2 TABLESPOONS of Vanilla Extract?? I should have known better. That is so much more that I have ever put in anything. All I could taste when it came out was the intense alcohol in the Vanilla Extract. Did you mean to put 1 and 1/2 teaspoons?? Wow.

    1. Nope, 1.5 tbsp, but it must be pure.

  323. Lara says:

    Hi Katie,
    Thanks for putting this recipe up. I followed your recipe exactly except that I made the mistake of using baking cocoa which in turn made it way too rich. So you might want to put a note up in your recipe to warn people of not using baking cocoa. With your healthy Nutella recipe I went on to make your Nutella Rice Crispy Treats and Nutella Fudge Pops and it made them both way too rich (in a bad way). So next time I try and make these things I will make sure to get good quality cocoa!
    Thanks again for putting up the recipes and taking the time to take beautiful photos!

  324. Nesma says:

    i really love this! god bless u for making these! but i am wondering what is the serving portion ? and how many calories are there in it ???

    1. Nina says:

      just click on the link that says “nutella nutrition info”, under the recipe :) one serving is 15g and there are 57 calories in it (when you use the sugar or agave).

  325. Nina says:

    oh. my. god. I needed a recipe for a vegan nutella (I wanted to make vegan chocolate pull-apart bread and couldn’t find a vegan substitute for nutella – urgh germany! -.- and then I remembered your healthy nutella recipe and decided to try it. I’m SO glad I did!
    first of all: I never managed to make my own nut butter. I tried several times but all it did was clump together and stay really dry no matter how long or fast I blended them (I have a thermomix). so I was so surprised when I found out I had made hazelnut butter after only 1,5 minutes! 😀 then I added the other ingredients and blended until smooth, opened the lid and smelled: nutella. I never really liked it as a kid because it was so sweet but when I dipped my spoon in this heavenly chocolatey mousse, I couldn’t help but smile! this is so perfect! this is how nutella should taste! thank you SOSOSOSO much for this recipe! :)))))

    1. Vegan chocolate pull apart bread? That sounds even better than the nutella! When you make it, please send me a slice through the computer screen ;).

  326. ginny says:

    is there any way that your recipes in a print form without all the commentary? I am not a vegan but I have enjoyed your site.

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I’ve printed a bunch of Katie’s recipes. Here’s what I do: hi-light the recipe (and any photos or other comments–just the parts I want), then right-click and hit “save.” I then open a new Word document, position the mouse on that empty doc, and right-click and hit “Paste.” I then re-name the document, save it in my “CCK Recipes” folder, and use it again and again whenever I need it!

  327. Christy says:

    I love the idea of making my own Nutella, as I put it on FAR too many things (pancakes, waffles, in cupcakes, brownies, cheesecake, etc). I was just wondering how long it keeps and whether it needs to be stored in the refrigerator or not.

  328. Anne says:

    Thanks for the recipe! It’s really great, I love it!!
    But in my opinion it doesn’t taste too much like Nutella, more like Rocher (maybe you know it…), a praliné – that I really love, so it’s still really, really great!!
    Maybe this is because there is no nougat in there?

  329. Laura says:

    I wonder,how many sevings this make?i mean,how many tablespoons?

  330. Lora says:

    Katie,i really like your blog and every post in it, it made my day!This nutella is an awesome reciepe i tried and it came out an really tasty sweet for my mouth:)Whish you were my sis and made these reciepes for me everyday<3

  331. BakeMeABallerina says:

    Does it need to be stored in the fridge? How long does it last?

  332. Alison says:

    What’s the best way to store this? I would think you refrigerate it (because of the milk), but I don’t want to risk messing up the texture. So I figured I’d ask. :)

    My hazelnuts are roasting as we speak! We LOVE Nutella and can’t wait to try this healthier version!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:


  333. Alice says:

    I made this today in a regular blender and it worked very well!
    I used only stevia and also replaced about half of the nuts with shredded coconut. Instead of the hazelnuts I used almonds.
    So I pretty much changed the whole recipe, but it turned out AWESOME!

  334. Lynne Brownridge says:

    Where do you buy hazelnuts? My local supermarkets carries all kinds of nuts….
    EXCEPT hazelnuts! Thanks……..

  335. Gabriela says:

    This recipe is sooooooooo good. When finished I divided it into two small jars- for me I only used stevia as a sweetener as I did not want anything over sweet and it actually tastes more as “dark chocolate nutella” and to the second jar I added maple sirup. My Italian boyfriend eats the sweeter version and of course he says that nutella is only one and nothing can replace it etc… :) but he still likes this healthier version. Thank you so much for the recipe!!!

  336. Evy says:

    What’s the serving size? :)

  337. Anna says:

    My boyfriend LOVES Nutella. I made this hoping he would like it enough to substitute it for Nutella. When I tried it I liked it but didn’t really think it tasted like Nutella. When I gave it to him to try he said “oh wow this tastes exactly like Nutella!” And that is coming from a real Nutella addict! I guess I just didn’t remember what Nutella tasted like! Thanks for an awesome recipe!

  338. David says:

    Have tried this recipe several times now, twice with regular sugar and once with agave, GREAT.

    However a few tips:

    Use the baking soda and boiling water method to remove the skins from the hazelnuts before roasting. I found the bake and rub method caused a slight burning of the skins and since it is really hard to get them 100% clean it translates into a slightly burnt taste to the final product.

    On the last batch I got impatient waiting for the hazelnuts to cool and put them in nearly right out of the oven, SO much smoother. Not sure why but blending them hot made the consistency of final product almost indistinguishable from store bought version, whereas previous versions were less smooth.

    I used the vitamix.

    Great recipe, thank you!

  339. Jennifer says:

    I just love this recipe. I made the full-size recipe today for the first time (previously made half using my Bullet) and used a standard Black and Decker food processor and it is very smooth. I also used xylitol for first time and worked well. I also used Hazelnut milk (from store, I didn’t make it) for first time, and I think it made flavor even better. I used regular cocoa – I’ve made with dark cocoa in the past and it was too bitter even though I love dark chocolate.

  340. Lauren says:

    Hi! Love the recipe! So delicious- thank you! I’m wondering what you’d estimated the shelf-life to be once refrigerated? Thanks!

    1. At least a week, in the fridge.

  341. Lauren says:

    Thank you! Do you think it’d freeze alright?

  342. Sara says:

    This was absolutely beautiful!! Thank you 😀

  343. Nader says:

    Anything that will substitute for vanilla extract or any extract?

    1. Vanilla bean paste or split vanilla beans.

  344. Jaclyn says:

    Made this last night. Doesn’t taste much like nutella to me because of the lack of sugar, but it does taste like baci chocolate which is quite deadly and heavenly as well. Thanks for the recipe! Delicious

  345. amy says:

    can’t wait to make this! how do you store it and how long will it keep?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Fridge; a few weeks.

  346. Maria says:

    Would this work in a blender? I don’t cook very often but I’ve found that some recipes I want to cook require a food processor. Would I be able to find a good food processor for under 30$

  347. Dawn says:

    How long will this spread keep?

  348. Dulcie says:

    I am going to try this in my vitamix in just a few mins. Is there an easy way to print just the recipe?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You can high-light just the recipe, then right click and hit copy. Then open a new Word document and hit paste to create the recipe in a new doc. You can then give it a name and hit save and move it into a folder for CCK recipes, as I’ve done.

  349. Angie says:

    I think i died and went to heaven. What an amazing recipe.

    Question???? Do you keep it in the fridge or simly in the cupboard?

  350. Elisabetta says:

    Do you store it in the fridge? how long can it last? Thank you!

    1. Elisabetta says:

      I’m sorry I just noticed you already answered that question many times :)

  351. Helen says:

    HMMMMM.. That’s on my very soon to do list! Will it work if I use my regular blender for this? I’m afraid the nuts won’t turn into butter..

  352. Rachel says:

    This is great, it is so good. One question I have thought before when I have made your ketchup, or now this or even your cookie dough dip is how long does it keep and how to store? For the cookie dough I did a week (consume or toss if not eaten in 7 days, because thats what my store bought hummus says) however, for the other items I’m lost, help!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      This will keep for up to two weeks, fridged.

  353. Laura says:

    can this be frozen? We must be totally crazy, but there’s no way we’ll go through all of it in a week! :-)

    1. I haven’t tried it, but some of the commenters say it can be done.

  354. Nadia says:

    Hey Katie,
    am just about to make this recipe, so excited!! would you suggest I use dutch processed cocoa powder, or the natural kind? would it make much difference?
    Thanks, absolutely LOVE your recipes btw, you’re a true genius!

    1. I usually use plain unsweetened (non-dutch) but either should work.

  355. Sophie says:

    Hi Katie! I love your blog and am so excited I found this recipe- I’ve been looking for a way to make homemade nutella without all that added crap that’s in the store brand. Do you think I could make it using a standard blender since I don’t have a food processor? Thanks! :)

  356. Umay says:

    I just made this and it turned out amazing!! I used hazelnut milk for an ultimate hazelnut overload 😀 I think cacao was a bit too much but i like it anyway. My mum is totally crazy about nutella and she LOVED it!!! Thank you very much for the recipe!

  357. Kristie says:

    I just finished making this in the VitaMix and it is hella good! Amazing, actually, I’m not sure anyone else will get to taste it… 😉 I’m not even certain it will make it into a container if the rate at which my spoon is dipping into the VitaMix continues.

  358. Zoe says:

    Hi katie, im a bit confused its says 1/4 Cup plus 2 tbsp of xylitol.have you missed a word out or is that all of just xylitol?

  359. HASSIM says:

    Hi Katie.



  360. Kathleen Calvert says:

    I just took my new Kitchen Aid food processor on it’s maiden voyage to make your nutella…. I’m in love !!!! I can’t believe how good this is and also psyched with my new Kitchen Aid toy- it made butter out of those hazelnuts quickly !
    It made enough to fill an 8oz jelly jar and the little half size jar. Might have made 2 of the 8oz size but I was eating quite a bit along the way.
    Question- how do you store this? Must it be refrigerated, & do you know how long it will keep? I’m thinking about Christmas presents to go along with homemade bread ; )
    Thank you Katie !!

    1. Kathleen Calvert says:

      sorry Katie- I just read above where you said 2 weeks in the fridge. Also I added one tsp of coconut oil and just a couple drops of chocolate extract- really, really good. thanks again ; )

      1. Emily says:

        This information .. “Store in the fridge for a week” should be clearly stated as part of the recipe. A good place would be just under the title, and at the end. It would save a lot of people a lot of “grief” and it would save you, Kate, from answering the question so often.

  361. Emily says:

    Very nice, but …doesn’t the milk in there mean it all has to be consumed in a couple of days? I made a full batch .. cost me lots of $$$ for the nuts, and it was covered in white mould within a couple of days. I scooped that off and ate a bit, but a day or so later, it tastes rather “off” . What a waste. Waste of ingredients and waste of my hard earned cash. I’ve made nutella before but without the milk. I think I’ll go back to my old recipe next time. I’m disappointed.

    1. The recipe needs to be refrigerated, and it will last at least a week.

      1. panna says:

        Hi katie,
        I wonder if we add milk powder instead of milk and hot water it might stay longer. Ofcourse this will not be completely vegan though. We can give it a try though.

  362. Alison says:

    This was quicker and easier than I expected. I have a KitchenAid blender which worked surprisingly well. I had never made nuts into nut butter before. The consistency of this Nutella is good. It isn’t as smooth as store bought Nutella which I expected from other comments and because I am using a blender not whatever heavy duty factory equipment Ferrero Co. uses. I used Chatfields Cocoa Powder and the sugar option on the recipe as I only have liquid stevia, not packets. My only problem is that I must have burned the hazelnuts when I roasted them. It was 8 minutes at 400F but they were pretty brown when they came out. So everything about the Nutella is great except a burnt taste :-(
    I added more cocoa and sugar and some agave. So, this recipe is good, I will make it again, but will watch the roasting more closely.

  363. Tammy says:

    Holy c@#p that tastes like Nutella! I cheated and used a 250g jar of hazelnut butter and it worked out perfectly.

  364. Maya says:

    this recipe is fab and it’s great to have a less sugary spread! Where would you recommend storing it though?

  365. Åsa says:

    Awesome recipe! The kids loved it and now it can ditch store- bought Nutella for good. I replaced the milk in the recipe for coconut cream and it added a nice coconutty flavour to it. Love the blog, keep it going!!

  366. panna says:

    how long does it stay in fridge

    1. Vance says:

      And I just finished making it with sunflower seeds so my wee little ones can bring it to school. We enjoy all your recipes, thanks so much!!!

  367. Shira says:

    This unfortunately was not a hit with my kids. It was too “nutty” for their taste. I’m wondering if it would be okay to use raw hazelnuts? I thought it came out tasty, but the point of making this was to replace store bought nutella.

  368. Danielle says:

    Thanks Katie for the recipe!! I just finished making it and my whole family loves it. I’ve decided I’m going to make small jars for all my colleagues for X-Mas.

    One thing I did different though is I didn’t roast the hazelnuts to take off the skin, because I read somewhere that the skin contains antioxidants.

  369. Carissa says:

    I’m planning to make this and put in small mason jars for gifts for the holidays this year. Does it need to be refrigerated?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Yes it does.

  370. tania says:

    Hi, how long can you store it? I was thinking making this to give as christmas gifts but i’m afraid they won’t last because of the milk..

  371. Karina Griffiths says:

    Just made this and it is soooo good!
    Nutella is way too sweet for me, but this is perfect.

  372. Theresa says:

    I just received some of your Healthy Nutella as part of a Christmas gift, and it was absolutely deadly delicious! Thanks for figuring it out. :)

  373. Linda Hamilton says:

    Have u try ed putting instant Hazelnut cappuccino in with it, I like it with that in it.

  374. For Ever Melody says:

    Oh my god, I’m sooo dying right now! I hope my blender is ready for the nut butter I’m gonna make tonight 😉 Thank you for this great recipe! Much love from Germany <3

  375. Una Bear says:

    Thanks for putting up the recipe.
    I just made the nutella recipe using only 1/4 of golden unrefined caster sugar, I didnt bother removing the skins or adding oil. The result is amazing!! It tastes like the inside bits of a ferrero rocher. Delicious!!!

  376. Una Bear says:

    A further edit to my above comment;
    I ran out of vanilla extract so I’d say I used under 1 tablespoon and it turned out great.
    I think its great that Katie listed sugar & alternatives to give people the choice of what they want to use. I made this for my daughter & I to use so I used sugar as I find agave & maple syrup can be overpowering but thats just my opinion.

  377. JSparrow says:

    I just made this, it is so good, the first vegan nutella that is truly reminiscent of the original, to the point where I ate 3 slices of toast with it…

    I halved the recipe and am glad I did, I have a good sized jar of it still.

    I used coconut oil when I blended the hazelnuts, I found this made it easier to do in my nutribullet blender and added a tasty creaminess to it. I also used maple syrup as my sweetener and found it worked quite well

    8-10 minutes is wayyy too long for roasting the hazelnuts, my first batch came out totally scorched and I had to do a new one

  378. Karen w says:

    I just made this for the first time because we are running out of our jar of Justen’s chocolate hazelnut butter and I thought it would be fun to make my own. It is so so so so so so so so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so silky and smooth, the same texture as real Nutella and much smother than Justin’s. And it tastes better than both of them!!!!! Just like you said in the post, this is my new obsession! I just have one question, are you supposed to store this in the fridge or at room temp in the cabinet?

    1. Karen w says:

      Sorry, I just read through the comments and noticed that my question about refrigeration has already been answered.

  379. Joe says:

    Hi Katie:

    Do I have to cool the hazelnuts before I put them in the processor or can I (should I?) put them in while still hot??

    Thanks for this awesome recipe!

    1. Tori Lorvig says:

      I don’t wait for them to cool, but I don’t bother with the paper towels, either!

  380. Nancy says:

    Do you know if this will work with hazelnut meal? How would it covert to already ground hazelnuts!

    1. Jeff says:

      The recipe lists the quantity by mass, so I assume it would be a drop-in replacement.

  381. Tori Lorvig says:

    I like to add the peel of 1 orange to the food processor so I get a orangey-chocolate spread. Then I spread it on a spoon and chow down.

  382. Jenny says:

    Love this!! I made it with xylitol, and when I was finished, I weighed it – I have 240 grams of “nutella” which means for a 15g serving its about 85calories, I’m curious how yours is under 60 calories when using agave? Believe me, its delicious and thank you so much for the recipe, I love it! Just curious how you calculate your calories for it?

  383. Vance says:

    How long does this keep and should it be kept in the fridge? It tastes fantastic by the way. My kids love it!

    1. Vance says:

      Oops, just seen the answer to my question on an older post. Keep up the great work

  384. Kerstin says:

    your nutella recipe is simply amazing!
    It is so easy and soooo tasty! I wish I had never find it, because
    it isn’t possible to stop eating..;) Thanks for sharing
    your recipe….

  385. Anonymous says:

    Can I use honey instead of agave or maple syrup?I am a honey lover and I would love to use honey,but I am afraid that it will change the taste and the texture too much.

  386. Jeff says:

    Thank you, Katie, this is marvellous! I was going to make a chocolate peanut cake today, but decided to pick up hazelnuts instead. Then it hit me that I was essentially making a Nutella cake by accident, so I found your recipe and ditched the “cake” part entirely.
    As a child, I was never allowed Nutella, and only discovered it once I’d gotten to university. I went through a bit of a binge phase, then swore off it. Finding something rather healthier and just as tasty is a wonderful thing.
    Also, to chime in on the food processor discussion, I have a 4-cup Cuisinart chopper/grinder (~$60) that worked well for this. I’ve mostly used it for curries and jams, though. One caveat with this model is that the bowl lock is just a spring clip, so you should hold onto the handle when you’re using it in grind mode – otherwise it can actually jump out of the clip and spin around and chip the bowl. This is a design flaw, though, that’s easy to work around – the actual materials and build quality is high.

  387. dolphin12969 says:

    I made this & it has a weird bitter chemical flavor. I love Nutella so I was really looking forward a much healthier recipe. I don’t know what went wrong :-( Any suggestions on how to fix it?

    1. JCR2013 says:

      could add a bit more sugar or milk… that’s what I did.. thoguh I did use a bit more hazelnuts as wel

  388. Christine says:

    Made this and my son loved it. thank you for a great healthy recipe.

  389. lizzie says:

    Looks lovely! Does this need to be kept in the fridge, seeing as it has milk in it or is the sugar content enough to preserve it?

  390. JCR2013 says:

    how am I to store this? Just in a jar, and on the shelf like normal nutella, or should it go in the fridge?

  391. Liv says:

    Ooo! I’ll try this one. I prefer a Norwegian creation called Nugatti, myself. Its less creamy, more nougat. But I’d eat tubs of it if left alone at home with it. (Also delicious with cucumbers in the sandwich, don’t judge until you try – the crunchy fresh with the sweet dark chocolate taste… yum!)

  392. ciara says:

    hi Katie,
    just wondering how do you store this yummy spread n about how long do you have to eat it after its been made before it goes Off?? Thanks:)

  393. Claudine says:

    Katie, my daughter is a nutella lover although I don’t allow her to eat often at all. I have JUST finished making your Healthy Nutella and have to stop myself eating spoonfuls of it as I spoon into a jar. OH my god it is incredibly good. My daughter is going to love you, thank you x

  394. Bianca says:

    I saw this last night just before I was going to bed. My dreams, needless to say, were filled with thoughts of the sweet, divine creaminess of homemade – and dare I say, kind of healthy – Nutella. :) What? How come I never thought of making my own?

    I’m been wanting to ask: is the consistency of homemade Nutella similar to that of the original? I want to try using this to make cookies/brownies.

    Last thing I want to say: Katie, you are an absolute genius! Thank you so much for blessing my life with this blissful chocolate-hazelnut spread!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I think because it has less fat, baking with it might not turn out the same. But in terms of using it in no-bake recipes you should be fine.

  395. Victoria says:

    Ok no posts here since 2012 but thought I’d give it a try anyway!

    Would the recipe work with powdered milk? That way the Nutella could maybe last longer than the week or two it does with milk? If so, how much?

    And to everyone using a food processor or who doesn’t have one- I just bought organic hazelnut butter. The oil separates while it is in the jar so you can either mix it back into the hazelnuts before using in the recipe (that way you don’t have to add oil later) or you can pour the oil off the top and you’re left with just hazelnuts “butter”! Effort-free!

    Thank-you for all of your recipes CCK!! I really enjoy them :)

  396. Bianca says:

    Katie, you have turned me into a savage, licking the insides of my blender for the last traces of your lovely chocolate-hazelnut spread. 😉 It may have took me a lot of time and effort, but the end results were so worth it! I used my Magic Bullet, and I was really worried as the hazelnuts remained a slightly oily clump. Nonetheless, I decided to add the rest of the ingredients. To my great surprise and relief, the clump turned into the most beautiful, chocolate-ty, smooth spread I have ever seen in my life, that I didn’t eve use any oil! Thanks for the recipe!

  397. Aimee says:

    I apologize if this had been answered but entirely too many comments to read just to check if this has been answered. I just stumbled across your site for the first time! Your recipes look amazing and I am really excited to try this Nutella. My question is how do you store it and how long do you think it would last?

  398. Lauren says:

    Do you refridgerate? Made this today… could hardly transfer to a container without devouring by the spoonful!

    1. Michelle says:

      Have you tried it, I’m trying to figure out how to store it this very moment. Please let me know.

      1. Lauren says:

        Yes in the fridge I believe

  399. Vicky says:

    Love the sound of this! I just made a nutella banana smoothie and somebody commented on facebook mentioning that nutella isn’t healthy for anybody so I was on the lookout for a healthier home made nutella and this is definitely it!!!

  400. Laura Holland says:

    This recipe is great, thank you! Just made a pot full. Can it be frozen? How long does it last in the fridge? Thanks! Laura

  401. Meredith says:

    Were you using the dry grinding or the normal Vita-mix container to make the nut butter?

  402. Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets
    I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.
    I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time
    and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this.
    Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I
    look forward to your new updates.

  403. Julie says:

    I want to make this healthy nutella! What cuisineart product do you need to make this?

  404. Sarah says:

    Hi Katie, can you make choc spread without nuts?
    Thank you

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Just look to the right of Katie’s blog and there should be a little picture for Chocolate Frosting Shots. Click on that picture to go to the recipe. It’s completely nut free!

  405. Kathryn says:

    I made this a couple days ago, and it is fantastic! I put it in my oatmeal , on a peanut butter-nutella-banana sandwich, and just enjoy it with a spoon. It’s almost gone now; I need to get more hazelnuts!

  406. Cen says:

    How long does it keep fresh in the fridge?

  407. Karen Smith says:

    Wow, so happy to have found this alternative for Nutella. I won’t buy Nutella because they use palm oil which is destroying rain forests etc. (not to mention the genetically modified soy lecithin in it YUK!) it is a toxic, unethical substance! So thank you, you have made my day!

  408. Libby says:

    What is the shelf life of this if you keep it in the fridge?

  409. Judith says:

    Second time doing it and oh my this is GOOD! You’re gifted, Katie 😉

  410. adi says:

    Hi Katie,
    concistancy question:
    I have tryed this recipe twice now in a vitamix 5200 and it doesnt reach the spreadable concistancy i see in your pics. I tastes great but its more of a batter that I could probably roll into nutella balls. The first time I thought I perhaps over burned the nuts, or that the nuts weren’t fress or that perhaps I over blended but this time I did everything as you wrote (1/4 cup maple and 4 tbls organic cane sugar) and still not spreadable. When I keep blending it seems to be watery… what do you think? keep blending? Nuts not good? I read another blogger who wrote about nut butters and claims you HAVE to dehydrate but you didn’t did you??? help! my experiments are getting expensive!
    and at this oppertunity…. ill also say thank you for this blog… my kids thank you too!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Judging by the other comments on here, as well as my own personal experience, you do not need to dehydrate anything in order to get a smooth result. So I’d just keep blending, I guess if I were you, until a smooth result is reached.

  411. Eva Hatch says:

    Sounds wonderful.

  412. Vivi says:

    I toasted my hazelnuts in a dry pan instead of using the oven and it worked great! I also had success with my magic bullet :p probably not as creamy but still delish

  413. benh xuong khop says:

    I love Nutella , THANK YOU KATIE!

  414. Joyce says:

    Was skeptical it would be like nutella, but used the same ingredients as above but added the ingredient to taste (and used hazelnut oil… probably unnecessary). It was very close to nutella in texture and color. At first it tasted quite bitter/strong hazelnut (mine were slightly over-roasted)/nut buttery: my stomach wouldn’t handle too many spoons… But: soy milk powder and extended refrigeration took away the bitterness, changed the color, and gave it that bite that nutella has. Vitamix instructions were to turn it on and immediately to 10, then variable, and wait until runs smoothly through blades, making sure to stop a minute after that as to not overheat the machine. I. Thanks for the positivity… I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

    1. Joyce says:

      Oops I *ingredients* to taste, and high, not variable.

    2. Joyce says:

      Oops, I meant added other *ingredients* and turn on, immediately to 10 then *high*, etc.

  415. Pam says:

    Can this be frozen?

  416. Ana Carol says:

    I Love it!!! May do it soon! Tks!

  417. Sophie says:

    Hi Katie,

    First time poster but big fan of your blog!! Just wanted to let you know that I made this recipe today… but instead of using cocoa powder I used matcha powder!! It was awesome!!

    Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!!

  418. Jan Kercher says:

    Hi–what is the life span of Healthy Nutella and must it be refrigerated? Two cups is a lot of Nutella–I made the recipe today and it is wonderfully rich. So I have it in a glass hat in the fridge but need to date it and determine how long it will remain “healthy”. Thanks!

  419. Vanessa M. says:

    Someone has probably already asked and I missed it, BUUUUUUT…

    I don’t have hazelnuts, but I do have hazelnut butter. Do you know how much would be equivalent to the 2 cups of hazelnuts? Thanks!

  420. saira says:

    heyy…wanted to know instead of the extra sugar can I add anothet tbsp of maple syrup? thanks !!

  421. Anonymous says:

    YUM! I used a mix of Truvia/liquid stevia and it came out perfect. No yucky fake sugar after-taste either. I have gestational diabetes and this totally satisfies my sugar cravings and then some! THANK YOU for this recipe and for your website. Will definitely be trying some more recipes!

  422. Marcela says:

    By accident I used cashews and a little more milk, is very liquidy don’t want to waste the ingredients can I use them for another recipe. I am not very creative. Help

  423. Leslie says:

    How long does this keep in the fridge? Thanks!

  424. Kerstin Decker says:

    I love your recipes and make them often for my very sweet husband, thank you♥

  425. Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore says:

    Wow, getting the skins off took a LONG time!! The flavor is decent, not sure if I’ll try again or not, but if I do I’ll get ones that already have their skin off.

  426. Alicia says:

    Hi Katie! I love your blog
    I rather use real chocolate than cocoa powder, so i tried making the Nutella with it but it came way too thick. Do you have any advice? I also added more milk

  427. Eveline says:

    I just made this… And it is, wait for it….. AMAZING!! Really omg, this was what I was missing in my life! I always felt so guilty eating chocolate spread and now I CAN eat it 😀
    Thank you!!! And Thank you for your blog since someone showed it to me I can’t stop making things :) All so delicious and healty :)

  428. Aikee says:

    I love your blog, Katie! I’m just new here and I find your blog very interesting, considering the nutrition we may get in all your recipes. I look forward to more of your yummy and nutri-filled recipes.

  429. Shannon says:

    Yummy! It is better than another recipe that I was using-much smoother. I am wondering, does this have to be stored in the fridge?

  430. jennifer says:

    This really taste amazing!!

  431. David says:

    Hi Katie.

    As a vegan I assume that you use a non dairy milk?
    Could you let me know please which “milk” is your favorite for this recipe ?
    Also, do you have an approximate idea of how long the recipe would last after opening on the shelf without refrigeration?

    Thank you very much,

  432. Jennifer says:

    I just tried this recipe and it was a huge hit! I don’t do well with sugar so this was a fantastic recipe and the family loved it. Skinning the hazelnuts took forever and I used xylitol and maple syrup for the sugar component. I used Coconut milk instead of regular milk. Thank you for this new family favorite!

    1. Jennifer says:

      Oh and I forgot to mention that I used my food possessor and it worked just fine :)

  433. Chris says:

    Hello and thank you ! Fantastic recipe .
    I would like to ask , as there is milk in it , for how many days you can keep nutella in the fridge ? ( especially if you don’t use the extra oil )

  434. Betty says:

    The best cocoa I have ever tried is Organic Traditions cacao powder. I use it for hot chocolate and find I don’t need sugar as it isn’t bitter some cocoa’s are. The blendtec recipe on line has the same ingredients but not the same proportions. I must try yours–sounds terrific. If you process it for two min. I worry that the machine heats up too much in the blendtec. Does it do so in the vita mix? I always worry that the heat will effect the quality of the nut butter.

  435. Betty says:

    I like organic traditions cacao powder. It is not bitter at all. Blendtec has the same ingredients in their recipe but not the same proportions . I will try yours–sounds great. The blendtec seems to heat up and make it warm. Will that effect the quality of the nut butter. Does the vita mix heat up the nut butter?.

  436. A Fan says:

    This is what I was looking for all those years of my life!!!! So stoked to try this out!!!

    Question: One probably needs to refrigerate this due to the milk part in it, right?

  437. angie says:

    Katie, do you have a recommendation of where to buy hazelnuts?? I can’t find them locally in my area so will have to order online.

  438. Laura says:

    I made this the other day, and it’s amazing!! The best recipe ever!! 😀 I had this recipe in mind for a long time, but I’m currently living in Japan and hazelnuts are not easily accessible. So I waited until I went back to my country for a visit and bought a lot of hazelnuts!! Just to make this recipe! Fortunately, I still have some left.

    I used maple syrup, and some stevia. Do you think dates will work with this? :)

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes!

  439. Stacey says:

    Hi Katie, I made this today with sugar, cashew milk and no oil. It is very delicious, but time consuming. I was wondering if it needs refrigeration due to the milk. Thanks!

  440. Liz says:

    This recipe is absolutely perfect. I’m obsessed with it. From now until forever, there will always be a batch in my kitchen. THANK YOU!

  441. rosie says:

    recipe looks lovely! how long does it keep for and in the fridge or cupboard? thank you :)

  442. Connie says:

    would love to try this but wanted to know how long it will keep and how to store it!?

  443. Lushi says:

    This is amazing!!! I LOVE nutella and I had to stop eating it because I am too fat now :( And I am on a diet. But my dietitian is so understanding and she lets me eat some amount of sweet every day.. I must try this!! <3

    You are amazing Katie.. I love your site :) <3

  444. Beverly says:

    Can this be canned to it can be stored on a pantry shelf without going bad. & how would you do it?
    Thanks in Advance

  445. Ivette says:

    Oooh my!!!Super yuuumy! It’s a MUST, I’ll have to make it. :) If you have any curiosity about Spanish food, check me out!:)

  446. Harriet says:

    How is it best to store this? I have made it before but it went moldy in 2 week in the cupboard. Is it best to refrigerate?

    Storing advice would be great on your recipes- like what freezes well too! Thanks

  447. Stephanie says:

    Can we leave this in the pantry or does it need to be put in the fridge?

  448. Kim says:

    could you use cashews instead of hazelnuts if they’re soaked first? Also, I have the Ninja System and it won’t make nut butters either :(

  449. Cait says:

    Help, I made this and now I can’t stop eating it.
    What do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  450. Daviana says:

    Hello katie! Wich preservative can I add to the nutella and other desserts to last longer? Thank you!

  451. Sofia says:

    Tried this today and oh my this is amazing.

    I did try this once before with my old blender (OBH Nordica Blender Master Chilli). I had had some luck with almond butter, though the process was very slow, but for this recipe the blender wasn’t good enough. Now I have a Vitamix and I was amazed how quick this was to make! I got the smooth texture I wanted even though I omitted the oil. I used half cane sugar and half agave.

    As with all nutbutters, it is hard to get the last teaspoons of nutella out of a Vitamix. I solved this problem by making nice cream in the same container (after popping the jug to the fridge for it to cool down first). I added some frozen banana and little bit of ice – and voilá, a delicious little treat for me and no nutella gone to waiste!

  452. Mia says:

    I gotta say….I just made this and the amount of vanilla the recipe calls for is too much. It’s just a little too overpowering. Maybe just a half tablespoon instead of 1 and a half. Other than that, I love this recipe and will definitely make it again!

  453. kaytee says:

    Katie you are a genius! I never believed home made nutella could be as good as the real thing, but it is! And healthier is a bonus :-)

  454. Ada says:

    How fast does this go off?

  455. Kristine says:

    OMG, I just found your blog and love, love it! Easy recipe and delicious.



  456. Yum says:




  457. Beth says:

    This is so good. My kids love it and it makes an easy lunch. I can’t thank you enough.



  458. Eleni says:

    How long can I keep it in the fridge before it turns bad

  459. Eleni says:

    How long can i keep it in the fridge before it turns bad????????😊

  460. Joanna says:

    I just made this! It’s delicious! Next time I will cut sugar in half, it’s still a little too sweet for me. But I have a question… Do you refrigerate this after making it? How long is it good for? I certainly won’t be able to eat this amount quickly! 😉

  461. Melissa says:

    How long will this last in the pantry? My kids love nutella and it makes me feel oh so guilty feeding it to them so often..

  462. Claire says:

    Yum! made it this afternoon!! :)

  463. Alissa says:

    Katie, thank you for this recipe! I used Stevia, coconut oil, and silk coconut milk, and it turned out delicious. I am so happy that I found this recipe because store bought nutella is way too sweet. This homemade recipe is perfect.



  464. Jennifer says:

    Hi, do the hazelnuts have to be raw? It is really hard to find those where I live. Thanks.,

    1. Jennifer says:

      oh pft…NM…I should have read the directions first!

  465. Carolyn says:

    My comment is on your photography. I think you really do an excellent job. Really makes me want to try every recipe. The pictures are beautiful



  466. Rose Strazisar says:

    Do you know the shelf life on this? Should it be kept in the fridge?



  467. Jamie says:

    Made this last night and I will never buy jarred nutella or any of the nutella substitutes for sale again. The homemade nutella is even better than I remember the original!