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Brownie Baked Oatmeal

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This delicious chocolate brownie baked oatmeal recipe is ultra rich, gooey, fudgy, easy to make, super filling, and secretly healthy at the same time!

Chocolate Brownie Baked Oatmeal

Healthy chocolate breakfast oatmeal

Cook just once, and you get an indulgent, healthy breakfast for the entire week!

The recipe can easily be prepared the night before, giving you an instant morning meal any time you are craving a sweet and chocolatey breakfast.

It’s perfect for taking on the go and yields a large number of servings. So it’s a great option for feeding a large family or serving to overnight guests.

And leftovers freeze well too!

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Breakfast Brownie Oatmeal Bars

Recipe flavor variations

Mocha baked oats: Substitute half the water or milk of choice with brewed coffee or espresso. Alternatively, you can stir a teaspoon of instant coffee (regular or decaf) in with the dry ingredients.

Protein brownie oatmeal: Swap the cocoa powder with your favorite chocolate protein powder. Use peanut butter or another high protein nut butter.

Mint chocolate chip: Add half a teaspoon of pure peppermint extract and a handful of mini chocolate chips. Garnish with fresh mint leaves if you wish.

Chocolate coconut: Stir in half a cup of shredded coconut. Use canned coconut milk as your milk of choice in the recipe.

You may also add in a handful of peanut butter chips, chia seeds or hemp seeds, raisins, dried dates, chopped walnuts, pecans, or almonds, or a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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Brownie oatmeal recipe video

Above, watch the step by step video showing how to make the recipe

Brownie Baked Oatmeal Ingredients

Ingredients for brownie baked oatmeal

The chocolate peanut butter baked oatmeal can be low fat, low calorie, gluten free, soy free, egg free, refined sugar free, nondairy, and vegan, with just eight ingredients.

Here’s everything you need to make it:

Gather together rolled oats, unsweetened cocoa powder, milk of choice or water, peanut butter (or your favorite nut or seed butter), pure vanilla extract, liquid sweetener of choice, salt, banana, and optional chocolate chips.

There is also a version without banana included below.

If you prefer to use quick oats instead of rolled oats, that is perfectly fine. Spelt flakes, kamut flakes, or quinoa flakes work as well. I do not recommend using steel cut oats here and have not tried oat flour.

Liquid sweetener options include pure maple syrup, honey, agave, date syrup, or sugar free maple syrup. Using granulated sugar will result in a more crumbly texture.

I like to use half unsweetened cocoa powder and half Dutch cocoa powder. Feel free to substitute raw cacao powder, hot chocolate powder, chocolate protein powder, or sweetened cocoa powder for the unsweetened cocoa if desired.

If using peanut butter, the recipe will taste like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, with a strong peanut butter flavor. Almond butter, cashew butter, Coconut Butter, pecan butter, or sunflower butter are all great alternatives to peanut butter if you prefer a more neutral flavor.

Frozen bananas or roasted sweet potato or kabocha squash puree can be substituted in an equal amount for the ripe bananas.

Fudge Brownie Baked Oats

How to make brownie baked oats

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Line the bottom of a nine by thirteen inch baking dish with parchment paper, or grease the bottom and sides of the pan with oil spray or oil.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the peanut butter, milk of choice, pure vanilla extract, mashed overripe bananas, and sweetener. Whisk until well mixed.

Stir in the rolled oats, cocoa powder, salt, and any optional add ins.

Smooth the oatmeal brownie batter into the prepared pan with a spoon or spatula.

Place the baking pan on the oven’s center rack, and bake for thirty five minutes without ever opening the oven door.

Once time is up, remove the pan from the oven using pot holders. Let the baked oatmeal cool on the counter before slicing and serving.

To serve, garnish with additional peanut butter, maple syrup or pancake syrup, and chocolate chips if desired. Serve hot or cold.

If you can wait, I like to very loosely cover the cooled pan with a towel and refrigerate overnight, because the flavors develop and the rich chocolate taste becomes more pronounced by the next morning!

Leftovers should keep in the refrigerator for up to a week. They can also be sliced and frozen for up to three months. Thaw frozen brownie baked oatmeal in the microwave or on the stovetop or a warm oven before serving.

Healthy Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal

Brownie baked oatmeal with no banana

Whether you do not like banana or simply do not want a banana flavor in your brownie baked oats, the following recipe without banana is just as tasty as the original!

In a large bowl, whisk together half a cup of peanut butter, two cups of plain or Greek yogurt (dairy free yogurt works too), one cup milk of choice, half a cup of pure maple syrup, and two and a half teaspoons of pure vanilla extract.

Add three cups of rolled oats, half a cup of cocoa powder, a teaspoon of salt, and a generous handful of chocolate chips.

Follow the same preparation and baking instructions as the instructions for the banana brownie baked oatmeal version in the recipe box below.

Acai Bowl Ingredients Toppings

Chocolate brownie baked oatmeal toppings

The baked oats are wonderful on their own or topped with sliced strawberries or raspberries, bananas, and Coconut Whipped Cream.

My favorite way to top the recipe is with a swirl of melted peanut butter and sprinkle of chocolate chips. Chocolate peanut butter brownie baked oatmeal for the win.

Or slice and serve the bars with Coconut Butter or Homemade Nutella.

Other topping ideas include fresh or frozen blueberries, sliced apples, roasted hazelnuts, blackberries, cacao nibs, granola, mini marshmallows…

Have fun creating your perfect chocolate oatmeal breakfast. The sky is the limit!

Chocolate Baked Oatmeal Batter

Recipe tips and tricks

If you’d like to use a food scale, here are the amounts to measure:

80 grams peanut butter, 360 grams mashed banana, 270 grams rolled oats, 40 grams cocoa powder, 240 grams milk of choice, 60 grams pure maple syrup, 10 grams pure vanilla extract, 6 grams salt, and there’s no need to measure the chocolate chips.

If you are making the banana version of the recipe, make sure your bananas are ripe. The peels should be at least partially brown and spotted before peeling.

The recipe can easily be made dairy free. For vegan brownie baked oatmeal, simply use your favorite nondairy milk (such as almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk). Choose plant based chocolate chips if you will be adding those. And go with pure maple syrup or agave instead of honey.

To save time in the morning, you may either bake the recipe the night before or prepare the batter and spread it into the pan, then refrigerate overnight and bake in the morning so the chocolate brownie oats are hot for breakfast.

Brownie Baked Oatmeal Bars

Health benefits of brownie baked oats

The healthy recipe is packed with protein, iron, fiber, and potassium.

It is naturally sweetened and low in sugar and saturated fat, with no eggs, no cholesterol, and no dairy required.

And at just 100 calories per square, the baked oats are great for Weight Watcher’s or a weight loss diet. Or the low calorie base can be bulked up with extra chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and additional toppings for those who are not counting calories.

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Brownie Baked Oats Recipe

The recipe was inspired by my Chocolate Baked Oats and Chocolate Overnight Oats.

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Brownie Baked Oatmeal

This chocolate brownie baked oatmeal recipe is a healthy breakfast that tastes like dessert.
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Yield 12 bars or 18 squares
5 from 166 votes


  • 1/3 cup peanut butter or allergy friendly sub
  • 3 cups mashed banana (there's a banana free version above!)
  • 1 cup milk of choice or water
  • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup or honey or agave
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 3 cups rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder or chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips (optional)


  • Preheat oven to 350 F. Line or grease a 9×13 inch pan. Whisk all ingredients in a large bowl to form a batter. Smooth into the pan, and bake for 35 minutes. Let cool, then serve hot or cold. If you can wait, the flavor is even richer the next day!
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  1. Azure says

    You could honestly pick any holiday, at some point in time 🙁 I’ve always forgotten something and had to make a mad dash to the store. Pretty sure milk wasn’t the only thing I forgot lol. Love your recipes though, it’s honestly going to take me a long time to try it all.

  2. Dana says

    This looks SOOO DELICIOUS!!!! Plus I think it’s brilliant to keep a container of almond milk in the cabinet for emergencies. I’d never bought the non-refrigerated ones because the cold ones are cheaper but I never thought about the fact that then you’d have one on hand if you run out during baking, which has happened to me before. Hopefully I win, but if not then I’m still going to buy an “emergency” almond milk any way 🙂

  3. Claudette says

    I ran out of plain, unsweetened almond milk in the middle of making mac and cheese and had to substitute vanilla almond milk…I though I might have gotten away with it but the result was not good. Vanilla mac and cheese is a no go!

    • Dee says

      Ha…I’ve done the same thing and my family was like this mac n cheeze is sweeter than normal…..I had to check the container in the fridge because I wasn’t aware I did it myself….but we still ate it!

  4. Brittany Audra @ Audra's Appetite says

    Can’t get over how delicious these look!! And I love how it makes a large batch; perfect for meal-prep to have on hand for the week! The time that sticks out the most about running out of milk was last summer when I was making homemade roasted tomato creamy soup with tons of tomatoes from my garden. I have brought the shelf-stable Almond Breeze milks before on camping trips…so handy!

  5. Sarah says

    I’m thinking of going vegan (thanks mostly to your blog), and milk is one of the last things I haven’t given up yet. I’ve never bought almond milk yet so I’ll have to look for this one next time I’m at the store. If I win the almond milk, that would just be the perfect incentive to go vegan!

    • Nancy Brady RN says

      5 stars
      My only suggestion would be to buy the UNSWEETENED and if you don’t like one brand, then try another. For instance, we love soy milk (yes, it’s good for you) and when we buy the UNSWEETENED one at Tesco, it tastes great, but when we buy a major brand like Alpo is it? (Sorry, can’t remember the exact name), then it tastes awful…it says unsweetened, but they’re putting something in it that tastes awful. You can also make your own almond milk, soy milk, oat milk…and very easily…just with a blender, a bit of a sweetener and a pinch of salt. You can search this site – I believe she has come recipes for it.♥️

  6. Kaitlyn says

    Just yesterday I ran out of almond milk mid-smoothie making. I thought there was a little more left in the carton than there was. Needless to say, I had a verrry thick smoothie!!

  7. Katrina says

    That looks delish…. I need to make those.
    As for a time we ran out of milk.. All 4 boys poured a bowl of cereal and then got to the fridge and was like woah, now what do we do?

  8. Katy says

    I ran out of milk one morning and didn’t notice until I’d already poured my bowl of muesli and had let the last 2 TBSP of milk trickle over it! 🙁 No going back at that point. I had 0 options and time so….I added a bit of water and tried to pretend it was milk. Shelf stable almond milk is a brilliant solution!!! Making that happen on my next grocery run!

  9. Lauren says

    Love Diamond Breeze’s almond and cashew milks! They’re the best for baking! I once ran out of almond milk when I was preparing my overnight oats to have for breakfast the next morning. My favourite way to start the work day is blueberry overnight oats in my office – it was so upsetting! I made absolute sure to buy two cartons the next time 🙂

  10. Tyffany says

    I’d made chocolate chip cookies, and there was only a tiny bit of milk left in the container! Everyone knows you can’t have cookies without milk! If I’d had a supply of shelf stable almond milk, it would have made me so happy!

  11. Mandy says

    Oooooh I will have to try this brand! Normally my milk of choice is soy milk, but if the one YOU use in your recipes is almond, then I want to try it your way. Love all your recipes!

    • Joy says

      Approximately how many bananas does it take to get 2 2/3 cups? That would be quite a few wouldn’t it? Do you think you could sub applesauce for part of it?

  12. Margery H. says

    My teenage son can only drink dairy-free milk, and do you know how much milk a teen can drink? I have three teens at home. I’m always running out, even when I buy TWO GALLONS at the store every week. His favorite is chocolate almond, but we use a ton of unsweetened original for smoothies and other recipes!

  13. Katie M says

    It always seems when I haven’t planned out my breakfasts and I end up wanting my go to breakfast meal (oatmeal) I always end up not having almond milk. Such a pain in the butt! Thanks for the opportunity to win a years supply. I can’t wait to try this recipe with some almond butter!

  14. Kristen says

    I ran out of milk last night while making Mac and cheese for my boys. The sauce was just extra thick! :). Looove your recipes…especially the oatmeal ones! I’ve been making banana oatmeal a lot.

  15. Jennifer M says

    Interesting. I’ve been drinking Silk ever since I went vegan and haven’t ever tried any others because I am a creature of habit. But if you say Almond Breeze is better, I will make sure to give that one a try next time. Is there much of a difference in taste?

    I can’t think of a specific time when I’ve run out of milk but I’m sure it’s happened before. I’d love to win a whole year supply!

  16. Andrea says

    I make smoothies, açaí bowls, non-dairy ice cream, oatmeal, overnight oats, etc… pretty much daily. Not all at once mind you, I rotate through a cycle of recipes to prevent boredom. I cringe at the thought of running out of almond milk. It’s happened and I’ve had to use tinned coconut milk but the flavor is odd, even comparing it to carton coconut milk. I definitely prefer almond milk in my daily adventures (due to food intolerance and allergy issues) and for the subtle flavor.

  17. faith heitman says

    I’ve used shelf stable almond and other milk for many years. It’s quite common in Europe, and after a trip with family, I decided to keep some on hand in my pantry. They come in handy most often when we return from a trip, and I don’t have time to hit the grocery and restock the essentials right away.

  18. Jordan Storz says

    My dear, loving husband used up all our almond milk with his bowl of cereal. That’s ok honey. I’m sure it was worth it instead of the delicious dairy-free cheese sauce over pasta. Love you! 😉
    Lol but seriously, he felt really bad about it. Not our first rodeo with him eating my ingredients, but he’s a lot better now and always asks before chowing down!

  19. Crystal Carey says

    There’s nothing worse than running out of milk. It’s happened to me while trying to make a smoothie. Shelf stable Almond Breeze would save the day. I love your recipes!

  20. Karen says

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! It looks super simple and anything with peanut butter is a winner. I seem to always run out of almond milk when its time for my smoothie. Good thing I prefer my smoothies on the thicker side!

  21. Zoe says

    I always have a few boxes of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond milk in my pantry. I use it for everything since we don’t use cow milk in our house. I was making a post-workout smoothie and discovered I had run out of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk. After a few tears (especially when I was looking forward to this my entire 20-mile run) I used water and it was not even near as tasty or satisfying. Lesson learned….never run out of Almond Milk!

  22. stephanie ferris says

    This recipe is awesome! i always keep almond milk on hand as my daughter is a vegan and will use nothing else. every recipe i make-i cant even tell the difference!

  23. Nicole says

    I love having shelf-stable Almond Breeze milk on hand for savory recipes as oftentimes I only have vanilla varieties in the fridge. Having the unflavored, unsweetened backup has saved me many last minute grocery trips, especially when I want to make cheezy sauces.
    Your Oatmeal Brownies look divine – I cannot wait to make these.
    I adore your recipes. Whenever I want to look at just one recipe, I end up getting carried away for half an hour browsing and printing countless recipes, as they all look so irresistible!!!

  24. Becca B says

    I make a breakfast that’s a cut up apple, handful of oats, cinnamon, nuts, dried fruit, coconut, and then almond milk on top and I put all of it together and then was out of milk! I considered for two seconds putting orange juice on it. Hahaha.

  25. Naomi Michaelis says

    I love almond milk but of course I always run out of at the worst time! Getting ready to make mac and cheese, baking a cake, wanting a bowl of cereal… the list goes on and on!

  26. Chana says

    I always buy almond milk in bulk. At first it was just for me, the only vegan in an omnivore household , but one day my son’s dairy milk went bad, and desperate for his cereal, he tried my almond milk. He was SOLD! Thanks to always having it around, almond milk has become the only milk we ever keep in our home. Nobody will drink dairy milk anymore now that they’re all tried almond milk!
    I would LOVE to win A year’s supply!

  27. Kat @ Kat's 9 Lives says

    I actually do keep shelf-stable milk for this reason! It’s always handy when I decide at the last minute to make pudding or smoothies.

    When I worked at camp last summer, I didn’t have a way to store milk, but I would buy shelf-stable milk and drink it by the carton!

  28. Ellen says

    I always wish I had another carton whenever I wake up in the morning and have a craving for pancakes or waffles or french toast, but I didn’t think of buying one the day before!

  29. Amanda says

    I was just trying to figure out what to feed my picky omnivorous in-laws for breakfast when they visit next week. Ding ding ding!!

    Running out of milk while baking is my go-to emergency situation. I also on more than one occasion have run out of almond milk on Christmas Eve while pouring milk for Santa. Then there’s nothing left for the kiddos to drink for breakfast on Christmas morning!

  30. Jim Landelius says

    Not all of us drink Almond milk. I poured myself a bowl cereal and went to get some milk. All there was in the fridge was cow’s milk. Cereal went back in the container for another day. Sadness.

  31. Linda Hamel Windsor says

    Whenc I run out of milk, it’s almond milk! Good thing Sprouts is nearby to pick up my Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla! (I’ve used it as a sub for almost in broccoli salad dressing, smoothies, cookies, overnight and regular oatmeal, etc.

  32. Michelle says

    I’m not a vegan, but I buy Blue Diamond Almond Breeze because I was making one of your recipes (with cauliflower sauce) where you said to use unsweetened milk, so I bought some almond milk because cow’s milk does have sugar and I wasn’t sure if that counted. I liked it so much that now it’s all I drink even though I’m not even a vegan!

  33. Kathryn Beckett says

    My daughter-in-law is mildly allergic to dairy so I try to cut it out of recipes as often as possible. I can’t count the number of times that I have forgotten To have almond milk on hand until I’m in the middle of the recipe. Having the shelf-stable almond milk in the cabinet will be my plan From now on!

  34. Anna says

    The most notable time in my mind that I ran out of milk, though it has happened OFTEN, is while making boxes mac n cheese. When it was time to pour the milk in, I realized there was almost none! I had to blend water with unflavored protein powder. It worked, but wasn’t very good!

  35. Heather Rexon says

    Every time I think about having a nice mug of chai tea, which I prefer vanilla almond milk in to make it more of a latte, I seem to be out of it. Of course, I realize this after the tea has been steeping and I’m about to drink it. Un-creamy chai is no fun.

  36. Candace says

    I was making a curry the other day that I had bought a bunch of special ingredients for and I went to add the cup of almond milk the recipe called for and I had used up the rest in my coffee the day before. I thought about adding water but ended up calling it a stir fry. It was still pretty tasty!

  37. Cindy says

    I LOVE almond milk! it is so smooth and having “come over from the milk side” I honestly don’t think I can tell the difference.
    On hot summer day I
    wanted to make ice cream and freeze it to make the next day…… Only about a cup of almond milk was in the box!! Whaaaaaah!!!!!
    I love your posts and make many of them, being a chocoholic myself!! One can NEVER have too much chocolate!! Oh, and the darker the better!!

  38. Becky Chevalier says

    Yes!! I have servers cartons of shelf stable almond milk in my pantry right now. It has saved the day many times. Most recently when my toddler wanted to make cupcakes. “Mommy where’s the milk” ummmmm uh oh we do t have any. Oh but wait yes we do. Almond milk for the win.

  39. Svenja Evans says

    I always buy the Blue Diamond shelf-stable almond milk when I travel, because I’ve walked into peoples8 kitchens multiple times expecting them to have plant milk for me.. And they didn’t. So now it’s a travel prep staple!

  40. Abby Heugel says

    Such a great giveaway! I have to be honest though, that I never run out of almond milk. I always have at least three half gallons in my fridge because I use it every morning in my oatmeal (with pumpkin and tahini.) I would love to win!

  41. Tara Hatch says

    I NEVER run out of Blue Diamond Almond milk. I always have shelf stable cartons on hand. Newer cartons go in the back of the cabinet and older ones move to the front. If I’m down to 3 cartons, it’s time to buy! My favorite is the unsweetened chocolate. Drink it every day with some instant espresso, bit of sweetner and ice-YUMMY! And by the way, love the one pan method of this baked oatmeal. Love your muffins but will be fun to try doing it this way instead.

  42. Nina says

    I love this post. I agree having shelf stable milk available makes sense when coming back from a vacation. I need milk for my morning coffee and having a container at home means I do not have to stop at the store.

  43. Valeria Graves says

    Yum! This looks SO good! I ran out of almond milk once when i went to pour a bottle of milk for my toddler and only 2 ounces came out! He normally drinks 6 ounces at a time. I had to make my husband run to the store and get some more! It would be so nice to have some ready in the pantry for emergencies like this! Everyone in our family drinks almond milk, so it goes FAST.

  44. Carla says

    Wow, Katie! Looks like you’ve hit another one out of the park! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into those! But, guess what. I just looked, and there’s only about half a cup of Almond Breeze almond milk left in my fridge! I’ve made a lot of chia pudding with it, in the last few days, and don’t have any of the shelf stable variety in my cupboard, so I’ll have to wait on making them, until I can get to the store, tomorrow. 🙁 The sad thing is that it’s not the first time this has happened. Of our 5 ‘kids’ and 2 kids-in-law, a whopping 4 of them are lactose intolerant! When they come to visit, I almost always run out. But, I’d forgotten about the shelf stable product. (No grandkids yet, & when that happens, I might just have to have it shipped by the pallet!)
    Come to think of it, I think it would be a great idea to have some in ore 72hour emergency kits, too.

  45. Bianca De La Rosa says

    Having a carton of shelf-stable milk is always a life savor for when I need something quick and fast for either a recipe or a quick serving of cereal in the morning. I constantly run out of milk and I always keep 2-3 boxes of almond milk in the pantry. I tend to use both refrigerated and shelf almond milk because I probably tend to go through about 3 boxes per week between my boyfriend and I!

  46. Lydia says

    I ran out one time on a hot summer day when I really wanted a vanilla egg cream (sugar, milk and carbonated water; a NYC classic) for a cool refreshing drink.

  47. Dawn M Smith says

    I love Almond Breeze Almond Milk, I use it in my coffee and all of my recipes including making mashed potatoes. One time I was going to make macaroni and Cheese and didn’t have any milk and so I used a little bit of sour cream and ended up burning it. I have a picture of it burnt. I was terrible and funny at the same time. I can’t wait to make this tho and not burn it 🙂

  48. Angela says

    When I’m craving cereal for dinner, pour the cereal into the bowl, open the fridge to *GASP!* no almond breeze almond milk!!

    Or in the mornings when i want to add some almond breeze to my coffee and am forced to drink it black because I’ve run out of the good stuff!

  49. Kathryn says

    I was out of almond milk today when I made my morning smoothie! Tap water just doesn’t give it the same creaminess. I used to keep shelf-stable almond milk around, and I need to get back in that habit!

  50. Lea says

    I really missed my evening ritual of golden milk last night as I ran out of almond milk earlier in the day. I used to keep a box of shelf stable milk in the pantry, but somehow forgot to replace the last one when I used it! Will be getting it today!

  51. Kelly says

    I always seem to run out of milk *just* when I see a great recipe – like this one – that I want to try. Luckily, I just got a carton last night, so whew, I’m good! What a fun giveaway! Whoever wins is such a lucky duck! (Crossing my fingers it might be me)

  52. Aimee B. says

    Surprisingly, that’s one thing I don’t run out of because I buy quite a few quarts at a time, lol! Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  53. Amanda says

    I make smoothies at least twice a week. I’ve definitely had times when I’ve started getting my smoothie ready and I don’t have any almond milk left.

  54. Emily S says

    Literally me today! I went to bake banana bread, realized there was only a dribble left, and my kids are napping ? Definitely need to plan ahead more!

  55. Toni says

    Can’t wait to make these! Made your chocolate chip cookies! Yum!
    Thank you so much for all of your recipes.

  56. Karmela Padavic says

    Shelf-stable nutmilk is such a life-saver. I definitely try to always have one in the pantry in case I find myself wanting a smoothie in the morning or when I feel indulgent and want to have a bowl of granola and berries with it at night.

  57. Bethany says

    This past weekend we lost power from some pretty big storms. There were at least ten poles down and several lines compromised from felled trees. We were only out of power for six hours but realized we should have been prepared for it to be out several days. It would have been great to have some shelf stable milk on hand for breakfasts.

  58. Honey says

    I run out of milk all the time when baking. My go-to is to mix a tablespoon of nut butter or tahini int a cup of water and use that. Works well in all the baking recipes I’ve had to use it for! Not so good if you want some milk with cereal, though, haha.
    By the way, I made this baked oatmeal already, it’s in the oven and will be breakfast for tomorrow, yay! I just happened to have all the ingredients and no breakfast for the next day, so yay!

  59. LARK says

    The last time I wondered if I should have bought almondmilk was when I decided ‘no milk, no problem,’ and attempted blender oatmilk resulting in a sticky slurry. Homemade is great, but Breeze does it best.

  60. Joanna says

    I always have almond milk in the fridge but when I run out, I usually have to finish the recipe with canned coconut milk!

  61. Jen says

    With 3 kiddos in this house, running out of almond milk is a weekly occurrence! I’d love to be able to always have a supply in the pantry!

  62. Tiffany Perdue says

    There have been plenty of times when I ran out of milk! Usually I’m preparing to make some snacks for the week and I realize I’m out. ? then I make granola instead lol

  63. Alyssa says

    I wished I had some shelf stable Almond Breeze when I was making a bowl of cereal and ran out of enough milk for it. I like my cereal with a lot of almond milk so it gets soggy 🙂

  64. Bianca T says

    my favorite cereal is frosted shredded mini wheats and those are a NIGHTMARE to eat dry!!! i have run out more times than i would have liked. a year’s supply of almond milk sounds like a dream come true

  65. Robyn says

    I discovered Almond Breeze cartons many years ago, before I even realized they had a dairy aisle version. I used to keep some handy, in my cabinet, but with the dairy version often on sale, or with coupons available, I had to switch to those. I’m disabled, on a limited income, and need to save $ wherever I can. I would love to win the shelf stable kind, so I’d never have to worry about running out.

  66. casey says

    It was super hot out the other day and coming back from a run I was so excited to make myself a cold and refreshing smoothie only to fins I had no almond milk left in the fridge! Had to use just water and it did not taste so good… Shelf stable milk would have really come to the rescue!

  67. Adeline Jasinski says

    I always keep shelf-stable almond milk on hand–with 4 kids, we have run out halfway through breakfast!

  68. Rachel says

    Ooh, this looks so good! I have some overripe bananas just waiting to be made into this. Except I’m running out of almond milk RIGHT NOW! I don’t have a full cup, so have to make a grocery run before I can try this recipe.

  69. Hannah Haslam says

    My husband and I are Almond Breeze loyalists- we used to buy the shelf-stable Almond Breeze at Costco by the case and we never ran out! But now Costco doesn’t sell it anymore (at least ours doesn’t) :(. I recently got home from a vacation and was halfway through prepping a bunch of overnight oats for my week back to work, before I realized I didn’t have any almond milk in the fridge! Never missed my cases of shelf-stable Almond Breeze more! We still buy a gallon or two of Almond Breeze every week though- our current favorite is the almond coconut blend-so delicious!

  70. Rosa says

    I’ve had my chocolate granola with orange juice before due to having ran out of milk… I mean, it’s edible, but definitely not 5 star worthy! Haha

  71. Carol Piegorsch says

    Almond Breeze is always my go-to. One of the worst times was when the kids used it up on their cereal, and then I sat down for breakfast. I was really hungry so I tried my cereal with water. Sadly, not at all the same 🙁

  72. Jason Grasso says

    I love Katie’s recipes. This one looks amazing. The only thing better than chocolate is chocolate with peanut butter. I can’t wait to try these. I’ve been making the black bean brownies and adding peanut butter. Anyway, here’s my Almond Breeze tragedy:

    One morning, I awoke long before the time my alarm typically rips me from sleep, so I had excess time to prepare for work. I’m a firm believer that a hearty and healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I hopped out of bed straight into my slippers and marched into the kitchen to cook my usual oatmeal, chock-full of (among other nutritious ingredients) the all-important flavorful staple: Almond Breeze. Since I had the house to myself, I didn’t bother throwing on sweatpants or a t-shirt, boxer shorts and slippers would suffice.

    In the kitchen, I gathered items and ingredients: a bowl, spoons, measuring cups, flax meal, chia seeds, walnuts, a banana, blueberries, and of course, the oatmeal and Almond Breeze. I cracked my knuckles. Now, I’m ready to make this breakfast happen, I thought, smiling. My mouth watered at the sight of the ingredients.

    My cat, Jerry, walked by and meowed. I leaned down to pet him, and he purred. He was ready too.

    I scooped some oatmeal into the bowl, and then, I shook the Almond Breeze.

    “It feels a bit light, Jerry.” I frowned. Jerry walked away, tail in the air. Oh well. I poured the milk into the measuring cup anyway—What! No! This can’t be happening. Not now.

    There was less than a fourth of a cup. I needed at least a cup to make my oatmeal.

    How could I go to work, tutoring college students in writing for eight hours, on an empty stomach?

    I couldn’t.

    My frown expanded. Looking at the clock, it struck me: It was still early. I had time to make it to the store and purchase more Almond Breeze. I could save breakfast. Almond Breeze would save the day!

    I grabbed a t-shirt, tossed it over my body, wiggling my head arms, and shoulders through the holes, and poked my fingers through the loop on my keyring. With that, I was out the door.

    As I hustled toward my car, I froze. Across the street, my neighbor, Jessica, was walking her dog, Simba. Oh, how I love Jessica. My heart beats for her. It has since I first saw her. Many times, I’ve tried to woo her, but I’m always too awkward and embarrass myself.

    Once, I even baked her cookies, using Almond Breeze as the milk, of course. When I gave them to her, I stumbled over a rock, tripped, bit my tongue, and made a fool of myself. She got a good laugh, though.

    Simba noticed me first and barked. Jessica turned and looked, squinting, leaning back, and shaking her head.

    “Hi, Jessica!” I shouted, waving my hand quickly in an almost Jazz Hands fashion.

    For a moment that seemed to last an eternity, Jessica just stared. “Dude are you being serious right now?” she giggled, turned, and walked away, laughing the whole way. My Jazz Handing slowed to a crawl, and with my head, my arm lowered in shame.

    While I can’t know for sure, I’m fairly certain that Simba was laughing as well, the way he pranced away, bouncing with each step. Hehe. Haha.

    “Whatever.” I shrugged, brushing her off as I opened my car door and got in. I simply cannot win with that girl.

    After making it to my favorite local grocery store in record time, I leapt from the car, ready to march into that store and get the Almond Breeze I needed to complete my breakfast and send me on my day properly.

    The manager, Robert, was also arriving. He stopped me in the parking lot.

    “Hey, Jason.” He waved and laughed.

    “Morning, Robert.” I kept moving. There was no time for small talk—not now.

    He laughed harder. “Forget something?” He was almost hooting with laughter. A deep bellowing laugh from the lower reaches of the abdomen.

    “What are you talking about, Robert?”

    He pointed at my legs. I looked down.

    My pants! I had forgotten to put on my pants. I stood there in front of Robert, the manager of the grocery store I have frequented for at least 20 years in a t-shirt, slippers, and boxer shorts. I had grabbed a shirt but had forgotten my pants! I ran back into my car, practically disappearing into my own dust, and drove out of there.

    That day, I went to work without breakfast. However, a day without breakfast was the least of my concerns because I had larger issues to deal with: finding a new grocery store and moving to a different neighborhood.
    If I had a year’s supply of Almond Breeze, none of this would have ever happened.

  73. Elaine says

    A couple of weeks ago. My kids love it when I make homemade banana ice cream. This recipe always needs a little almond milk, my go to, almond breeze unsweetened original, this way I can control the sweetness of anything I make, including my banana ice cream with almond milk, frozen bananas and a little raw cacao. Kids always top with chocolate chips. If I had shelf-stable almond milk my kids wouldn’t have been disappointed when I said I didn’t have all the ingredients 🙁

    My kids fave almond breeze is chocolate!

  74. Paula says

    The worst was when my friends and I just polished off an entire package of Oreos, and when we were parched and our mouths were like dry chocolate desserts, we realized we had no vegan milk. Awful.

  75. andrew finnestad says

    I Ran out of almond milk, and milk and was in the middle of making waffles. I used water and olive oil, and the recipe looked like it worked. Tasted really bad, and I had to run out and get some almond milk to save the day.

  76. Renee says

    I only keep unsweetened almond milk in my pantry but once in awhile I have to buy vanilla unsweetened because not every store carries the plain version, or else the plain version is sweetened! It’s not fun to run to more than one store just to find the right unsweetened almond milk. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  77. katherine says

    Ran out while trying to make a cheese sauce for dinner… would have been so nice to have some shelf stable milk on hand!

  78. Poppy says

    I rarely run out of milk because I love walking and live within walking distance of several grocery stores. I do always keep shelf-stable almond milk on hand, though, because I can’t always make it to the store in the winter or when I’ve got waaay too much work for a leisurely walk to the grocery.

  79. Michelle says

    I have ran out of almond milk three times in the past month and it’s the worst!! I finally stocked up on the pantry version so that I have back ups- we use almond milk for essentially everything! It’s our go-to for coffee and I use it daily to make smoothie bowls. I also make all my sweets like protein muffins with it!

  80. Emily says

    We are cereal for dinner kind of people and we always run out of milk because of it. So happy to have back up right on our shelf. Also, am excited to bring it camping and feeling safe knowing it won’t spoil on the trip out! Perks of nut milks!

  81. Kasey says

    This is pretty ironic….. Last night I had this monster of an urge to bake (which is weird because I rarely ever bake) however every recipe I wanted to make needed almond milk- which also happened to be the one ingredient I was lacking. So, since I didn’t satisfy my craving to bake I have spent my entire day at work looking up recipes to try and make without milk… until I found this. So I have decided to make the 30 minute extra trip to the grocery store after my 12 hour work day to make these! Even though it is an inconvenience but I. Need. To. Make. These!!!

  82. Kimberly says

    On chilly winter morning when my son was 4, (right in the madness of early morning rush hour at our house!)… I poured cereal in a bowl in front of him and only then discovered… NOT a drop of milk in the frig : (
    So…I had a can of lite coconut milk and told him it was a “new milk” we were going to try ! He took one bite and announced, rather firmly, he didn’t like the new milk … it tasted like mud !
    Lesson learned….I too always have a box on the shelf : )

  83. Elle Melvin says

    Somehow I always seem to run out of almond milk right when i’m in the middle of making breakfast – I never realize it until the cereal is already poured or the pancakes are already half-made! Note to self: stock up on almond breeze so I can make this delicious looking PB brownie baked oatmeal ASAP! ?

  84. Sarah says

    Being a mom of two daughters, I always run out of milk. I would love to have the pantry friendly almond milk for breakfasts (oatmeal, cereal, pancakes…), lunches (to drink with PB&J, of course!), and dinners when the kiddos are thirsty and need some extra protein. : )
    Oh, and of course for desserts too! Thanks for all of your amazing recipes. I can’t wait to try this one.

  85. Anna Tobias says

    I wish I had the almond breeze milk at the moment because I want to make this bownie recipe right now! It looks so delocious!

  86. sienna says

    Love Love Love Almond Breeze! The unsweetened almond milk is the only milk we’ve been using for years. Luckily I have a fear of running out of ingredients so this always leads me to be over prepared! I keep a few cartons in my basement so I know I always have a supply.

  87. Barbara G says

    I’m an impromptu kind of cook, choosing recipes as per the whim of my taste buds in the moment. I never seem to purchase enough almond milk although it definitely fits so well into many, many recipes.

    I ran out of milk recently and, as my lack of luck would have it, my local grocery store was sold out that afternoon. Their whole milk section needed re-stocking. It definitely would have been a saving grace if I had some shelf-stable almond milk on hand.

    Keeping shelf-stable cartons of almond milk in my pantry is a GR8 idea. I could then readily prepare a sweet or even a savory recipe, as per my preferences on a particular day.

    Today is a beautiful summer day and, if only I had some almond milk available, I would whip up some berries, cherries and almond milk and fill my popsicle molds. What a cool treat that would be for my family.

  88. Jennifer says

    I once realized I had ran out of milk after pouring my cereal into a bowl. Luckily, not a big deal. Unfortunately, I was really craving cereal.

  89. Elizabeth says

    We use the same Unsweetened Almond Breeze at home and have definitely gotten into a bind by running out. I, too have started keeping a stock of shelf-stable cartons in the pantry. No one wants to have to hunt and gather before work or when you are partway into a recipe and realize you’ve run out of Almond Breeze!

  90. Emily says

    I had people coming over and I messed up the Alfredo sauce. It was Sunday and we don’t shop on Sundays and I was SOL

  91. Kat says

    I ran out of almond milk once after already having poured my cereal that morning. I opened the carton to see about a tablespoon of milk sadly lurking in the very bottom of the carton and wondered what kind of dinglehopper left such a skimpy amount of milk left instead of just finishing it off.
    Then I remembered that my roommates were out of town that week. I. I was that dinglehopper.
    Anyway, I eyed my boyfriend’s half gallon of 2%. A risky business for sure – but dry cereal? Gross. Anyway, a little occasional milk can’t hurt, right?
    Turns out that when you lack the enzyme to digest lactose, it can!

  92. irene says

    It never fails, that whenever I’m sick and the children decide to have cold cereal for breakfast- THAT is when we run out of nut milk! I definitely need to get some shelf stable but milk for the pantry.
    I love almond breeze milk. I started drinking it in the 90’s. I’m so glad it’s easier to find now!

  93. Eva says

    These look delicious and I’ll absolutely make these for brekkie for my bf (which is just an excuse to make them, because I’m gonna have most of them anyway)
    I found milk going bad so often in the morning. Had to have my oats with water several times before which is just sad. And almond milk is one of those things, vegans and non-vegans can definitely agree upon! Thanks for sharing another glorious recipe, Katie!

  94. Sophie says

    I run out of milk a lot, probably because my family drinks more than one jug of milk a week but not enough to finish two… and with my rekindling love and joy for baking, often I find there isn’t enough milk for oatmeal or cereal!

  95. Sunny says

    oh gosh, which of many times i’ve run out of almond milk? I was upset in May when my return home flight got painfully delayed and I got home at 2:30am. Hangry, I really wanted to make a bedtime smoothie (nearly always make) but I didn’t have any 🙁 thus, I’ve started keeping almond milk cubes in the freezer to remedy these crises! I recommend that to anyone.

  96. Jessica Petty says

    I always use Blue Diamond Almond milk to make protein shakes when I come home from the gym. There is nothing worse than being hungry for your favorite shake after a hard workout and running out of the refrigerated Almond Milk!! Having the shelf stable type on backup is always handy!

  97. Tiffany says

    This looks SO good!! I love the original unsweetened Almond Breeze almond milk, and have been using it in almost every recipe that I make recently! It is always such a let down when I get started on a delicious recipe and realize that I’m out of milk! The shelf milk is such a great idea!

  98. Kelli says

    We were making cornbread cake a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t read the entire recipe so I didn’t see that milk was one of the ingredients until I was reading the instructions. The milk wasn’t listed at the top with the other ingredients…

  99. Robyn says

    Let’s be real, I never run out of milk because I’m always always stocked up on my favorite almond milk! I buy large quantities at a time because I love that I can have extras on hand so it’s always there when I need it! It’s such a life saver! It comes in handy for my family too when they run out of their milk and don’t want to go to the store last minute, then they use mine! ? love it!

  100. Cl says

    The worst is when I simply want a cup of coffee but find that I’ve run out of my almond milk! Almond Breeze is also my favorite almond milk brand- I’ve been using it for years now!

  101. Jordan Miller says

    This is the only brand of almond milk I will drink! I’ve run out once and didn’t have any for my coffe and it was the worst morning ever! I always try to have a couple jugs in my fridge at all times!

  102. Nancy says

    When we have planned for a simple bowl of cereal for breakfast – only to discover we are out of milk – having the carton of shelf-stable Almond Breeze almond milk on hand in the pantry would be a lifesaver!

  103. Sharon says

    My favorite way to substitute eggs in baking recipes is to use 1/4 cup nut milk per egg–the cookies always turn out perfectly fudgy and dense, just the way I like em. (; So one time I’d already started creaming my sugar and vegan butter when I realized I was out of nut milk. I used a flax egg, but it just wasn’t the same. </3 I sure would've loved to have some Almond Breeze almond milk in my pantry that day!

  104. Esther Ehrenpreis says

    I absolutely love your recipes!! I’m totally dairy free, and I try to be gentle with the gluten and sugar content in what I make. Your recipes totally cater to everyone’s dietary needs with so many options! I just made the blueberry overnight oats recipe which was amazing! Mid-way, I realized I had run out of my awesome go to unsweetened almond milk and it was pretty late at night with zero interest to run out to a store to get more. It would have been amazing to have a years supply of shelf stable almond milk to make sure that would not have happened again! Thank you for the opportunity!

  105. Fifi says

    I’ve craved a banana oatmeal like crazy in the mornings – only to discover I was out of non-dairy milk to make it creamy and delicious. Almond milk would’ve been a lifesaver during those times!

  106. Hannah Faulconer says

    This happens to me so often! The other day I had every ingredient ready to make some vegan strawberry shortcakes— but I forgot the milk! I had to wait a couple days before I could make them. I didn’t know you could buy the shelf-stable stuff and just use it the same way! I’ll have to try it out!

  107. Melody says

    I always have Almond Breeze or equivalent handy just in case I run out of milk! The last time this happened was just last week, when I wanted to make baked oatmeal for Father’s day, and ran out of milk. Good thing I had an extra waiting!

  108. Karen W. says

    This looks decadent. I can’t wait to try it. I love having shelf stable almond milk in the pantry for when we go out of town. It’s nice to know I won’t have to run out to the store if we get back late at night since there will be milk in the pantry.

  109. Shanna says

    Actually last year during Hurricane Irma, I specifically bought shelf stable almond breeze, because I knew we’d loose power. And we did. Being able to still have yummy oatmeal kept the two weeks without power feeling normal. I’ll be doing the same this year.

  110. Susan Kaltenbach says

    I went to make my morning smoothie today and realized I had no almond milk (or any milk) to use! Normally I have shelf stable almond milk in my pantry but I took it camping and used it and had forgotten to replace it. Thanks for the new recipe Katie. Out of bananas as I use them in my smoothies normally and only have enough in freezer for tomorrow’s smoothie. So need to shop for bananas and almond or coconut milk for rest of week.

  111. Leslie says

    I found I prefer the Almond Milk in my tea in the morning. I ran out of milk and found that I had almond milk . What a difference in my tea! Now I use it in my overnight oats too! Delicious! I even got my husband using it.

  112. Sally Z. says

    I vividly remember a time when I ran out of milk and was lucky because I did have some shelf stable Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk to save an otherwise miserable experience. It was Thanksgiving time, and I was traveling to Chicago from the east coast to spend the holiday with my family. Since I was going to be gone for several days, I had drank all my almond milk and eaten most of my food. I had an early flight, but the weather ended up delaying the flight all day and after waiting in the airport for about 10 hours, they finally canceled the flight and booked me on a flight the next day. It had been an absolutely horrible day, but at least when I got home that night, I had my shelf stable Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk in the cupboard to put in the cereal I ate for dinner that night and for my cereal for breakfast the next morning before my make up flight.

  113. Kane says

    Just a few days ago, I went to pour almond milk in my cereal and realized I only had enough for about half a bowl. I ended up topping it off with some water rather than settling for dry cereal, but having some emergency almond milk would have been a lot better.

  114. Caroline L says

    Well since it used to happen a lot, i now almost always have a stock of shelf-stable milk in the pantry. Worst case was when I was making instant mashed potatoes years ago and had to use vanilla flavored! Like the mac and cheese in another comment : no go!!!

  115. Sherwood says

    I’ve miscalculated how much almond milk I have in the fridge on a few occasions, so when I was making overnight oats I had to use water to make up the difference. The resulting oats were a little bland.

  116. Natalie says

    My kids are milk addicts, and almost rely on it at bedtime. When we go on vacation, we finish off all fridge food before we leave. Usually we remember to pick up some milk and almond milk on the way home. But after traveling difficulties delaying our arrival home till after most stores were closed, coming home without milk on hand turned a bad day even worse!

  117. Tatiana says

    These look so unbelievably good! The last time I made banana bread, I went to grab my almond breeze and discovered my roommate had pushed it to the back of the fridge. Unfortunately, the temp was a bit off and it was frozen solid! Wish I had had some stocked on a shelf… Maybe with a year’s supply 🙂

  118. Gigi Lee says

    This recipe looks delicious! I will definitley try to make it this weekend. It would very nice to have a stack of almond breeze in my pantry since every time I know for sure I have some left in my house… somebody jn the house finished and I cry inside a little bit… 🙁

  119. Christine Wastila says

    Haven’t we all been in that situation where we pour some cereal, get ready to devour, but open the fridge to find that we’re out of almond milk? Or we’re about to try a new Chocolate Covered Katie recipe and realize we don’t have any?

  120. Chantal Wendell says

    My husband will be so happy you made this recipe. I make chocolate peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast every morning. He does the dishes and he hates cleaning my oatmeal bowl! Now i can just make it all in one go once a week lol

    Im constantly running out of milk! Its one of those things I always think I have but don’t. The worst is when you’ve already poured a bowl of cereal!

  121. Chantal Wendell says

    My husband will be so happy you made this recipe. I make chocolate peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast every morning. He does the dishes and he hates cleaning my oatmeal bowl! Now i can just make it all in one go once a week lol

    Im constantly running out of milk! Its one of those things I always think I have but don’t. The worst is when you’ve already poured a bowl of cereal.

  122. Amanda Caston says

    Anytime I make brownies I have to have a glass of almond milk. Once I tragically running out of almond milk while a plate of warm brownies was before me. I’ve wised up and now I check the milk status before making brownies!

  123. Crystal G says

    We buy their almond milk from Costco so we always seem to miss when we are on the last box because we start with a lot of it… I use almond milk in my smoothies every morning so the worst is when I assume we have one more box left and we are out! It has happened a few times so now I try to monitor when I pull the last box out of the larger box and get more from the store ASAP!

  124. Terri Cole says

    I keep powdered coconut milk in hand, because I tend to run out of milk just when I have a craving for mac and cheeeze.

  125. Scottie says

    This looks like the perfect recipe for when I have guests over! Thanks for sharing. I agree on how important shelf stable milk is. I ran out of the milk in my fridge on Thanksgiving Day while making green bean casserole. Shelf stable milk to the rescue!

  126. Bethany Martinez says

    I’ve got 6 kids at home and we go through milk fast. I LOVE almond milk, especially almond breeze. My kids don’t like almond milk, so I usually get it to myself. When I run out, it’s always my fault! A carton of shelf-stable almond breeze is a genius idea!

  127. Kaleigh says

    I wanted to make vegan brownies so I started searching for ingredients and couldn’t find any milk. I didn’t want to go to the grocery store so I think I ended up using water.

  128. Hiccup says

    I run out of almond milk whenever I truly need it. It always seems to happen when I’ve promised to make someone baked goods, or whenever I need it for cereal when I don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning.

  129. Saskia says

    After using a lot of different nut milks I have ended up sticking with unsweetened almond milk, I love it and use at least a carton every week in my oats and other recipes

  130. Hannah says

    Almond Breeze is so good! What I wouldn’t give for a year’s supply. 🙂 Where I live, good fresh milk is hard to come by. Having Almond Breeze always available in my pantry would be awesome!

  131. Grace says

    I ran out of almond milk while making overnight oatmeal. I used water instead, which is less flavorful. Keeping a shelf stable carton is always helpful.

  132. Jennifer says

    I have run out of milk more than one time but one time I had just poured a bowl of cereal and so sad no milk so had to eat something else. A shelf stable Blue Diamond Almond milk would have been awesome!

  133. angela says

    I run out of milk all the time. I would love to win some almond milk. It sounds like a great brand to try!

  134. Pixie @ Cheerfully Vegan says

    Probably the WORST thing is making mashed potatoes and you run out of plain flavored milk. Do you know how bad vanilla milk tastes in mashed potatoes?? Homemade tomato soup isn’t much better. I’ve had both happen and having a shelf-stable carton at the ready would have saved me from these dilemmas!

  135. Marie says

    I could have used shelf stable almond milk on vacation. It would have packed well and I would not have had to run to the store before breakfast the next morning.

  136. Kirsten Landon says

    I am constantly looking for ways to eat baked oatmeal since I can’t deal with the texture of warm, wet oatmeal. I want to try this recipe! Does anyone know if flax milk will work? I’m allergic to tree nuts and cannot have soy–so none of those milks are an option.
    I’d really love to see more recipes that are diabetic friendly with no nut substitutes. I might be willing to beg.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Yup, flaxmilk is fine in any of Katie’s recipes that say “milk of choice” 🙂
      It’s only when a recipe specifies “canned coconut milk” that another type shouldn’t be subbed. But here in this recipe, it is definitely fine!

  137. Emma Rina says

    I always run out of almond milk! I need to get some shelf stable cartons in my pantry for emergencies!

  138. Stephanie T says

    I went to make my morning smoothie and realized I was out of milk. I had a big pity party then had to figure out what I was going to have instead. Now I keep stocked up!!

  139. Manda Maki says

    I (almost) always have an emergency box of shelf-stable Almond Breeze in my pantry!! Last time I ran out and DIDN’T have it 🙁 was when making pancakes for supper. We are a family of 8, which means making A LOT of pancakes. As in, I use the WHOLE BOX of milk for my recipe. (So, we freeze some, too, but seriously, it takes a mountain of those things!) So, mid-recipe, I sent my husband to the store for 2 boxes, as I didn’t need that to happen again!

    This baked oatmeal looks delicious!! I can’t wait to try it!

  140. Barbara says

    I miss having shelf stable almond milk available especially when I am taking care of a loved one and get little sleep … reminding myself to set out almonds to soak overnight is no longer a priority when I am taking care of someone else’s needs. Also, you cannot understand how handy having shelf stable milk is until you get osteoarthritis in your thumb joint. It becomes nearly impossible to squeeze out the nut milk bags when you have pain in your thumb joints.

  141. Jessica says

    So this one time I was really and I mean REALLY craving an iced coffee. However of course you need almond milk to make it… and well I just happened to be out of almond milk. So as it was craving it so much I jumped in the car and drove to the shop to get some almond milk and of course…. the shop was all out of it !!!! So the end of the story is that basically I drove for over 2 hours just to get some almond milk…. and ended up getting cashew milk ?

  142. Melissa says

    I was making cookies and doubling the recipe, but forgot to double the milk amount in my head. So I didn’t have enough! Had to stop mid-recipe and run to the store. Shelf-stable milk would have solved that!

  143. Chris W. says

    I love making pancakes and waffles for breakfast and hate it when I am out of milk and can’t have any. Would love to win! Have shelf-stable almond milk on hand would save the day!

  144. Sherri says

    I almost exclusively buy shelf stable milk. I don’t think it’s more expensive than refrigerated, and I don’t ever have to worry about running out because I buy several at a time and will check my supply before going to the store.
    This brownie baked oatmeal looks simply delicious! I will definitely be making soon!

  145. Amy V. says

    I actually needed my spare Almond Breeze from the back of my refrigerator that I always keep cold and for those just-in-case moments to make this recipe! I did modify the recipe so I cannot wait to see how it turns out. I only put 1/4 cup Cacao powder, used frozen bananas to room temperature, and Mara Natha Raw Maple Almond Butter. I can’t wait!

  146. Karla says

    OMG I’m definitely making this for breakfast! I’m not a big fan of oatmeal, but I LOVE baked oatmeal (I’ve made your cookie dough oatmeal many times). My milk alternative of choice is Almond Breeze’s Unsweetened Almond Coconut Blend and I get VERY unhappy when my store is out of it (it’s richer than just almond milk and, to me, more versatile). I have on occasion bought the vanilla variety, but then I only use it for smoothies, pancakes, etc. I’m nut sure if this variety comes in the shelf-stable carton, but that would be very handy! I use it every day for iced coffee, pancakes, smoothies, oatmeal for the kids, soups, casseroles, etc. If I run out between grocery runs I panic and need to re-think my meals!

  147. Carolyn Kreuzer says

    Whenever I run out of milk, I’m unable to make my breakfast smoothie, and I go to bed looking forward to it, so almond milk would be wonderful!

  148. Elizabeth says

    This recipe looks delicious.
    One time I put all of my smoothie ingredients in a blender and then I went to add the milk there was none. I used water instead and it was not bad thanks to the frozen bananas.

  149. Emma says

    Honestly, I never run out of milk, but almond milk is super-expensive where I live and making it homemade isn’t hard, but almonds are pretty expensive too! Great giveaway!

  150. Jennifer says

    I just came from the grocery store with a new box of my favorite cereal and realized i didn’t have almond milk..

  151. Sarah says

    Thanks Katie for the great recipe! I always love trying new baked oatmeal variations. Just curious, what is the purpose of leaving the oatmeal in the oven an extra 20min after baking? Thanks!

  152. Cerrin Toh says

    I am looking forward to trying this recipe! I always wish for more unsweetened almond milk because I have a tendency to switch from savory to sweet recipes too (I always end up using the whole carton before the week ends too…). Recently I have been interested in trying savory oatmeal. ?

  153. Sarah says

    My little sister, who’s gotten into baking already (she’s 7!), was making a recipe from your cookbook when she found out we had run out of milk! She threw quite a tantrum as she wanted to make the recipe exactly as written and my mom wasn’t home at the time to get us some milk! Haha the cupcakes came out awesome as usual, but having a shelf stable milk pm hand would’ve helped!

  154. Michal Shelton says

    As a college student living in a dorm the past 3 years I can easily run out of milk for breakfast and finding boxes of almond milk stashed away under my bed makes me really happy.

  155. Lori says

    I have tried almond milk for baking, but also drink cow’s milk. I am another one of your readers who would like to go vegan and this giveaway would be a great jump start!

  156. Lori says

    I have tried almond milk for baking, and also drink cow’s milk. I am another one of your readers who would like to go vegan and this giveaway would be a great jump start!

  157. Vera says

    Hi Katie! I’m a bit late to the party (yay for vacations with no internet access!) but here’s my submission for the almond milk contest:

    {The wind was howling outside, and the rain pounded down across the windows like the furious tears of a wrathful deity who had just finished reading a book in which the dog dies. I was in the kitchen, feeling hungry for something sweet and preferably chocolatey. I impatiently tapped on my phone screen, bringing up my gallery and my screenshots of recipes. I selected a recipe for an almond-milk based hot cocoa recipe. “Oh boy,” I thought. “This is gonna be good!” As I spooned cocoa and sugar into a saucepan, a cold prick of apprehension stabbed my guts. The world came to a standstill and the sky fell into ominous silence as I slowly walked towards the fridge. I placed my hand on the handle and paused. Could it be true? Surely I was wrong, right?
    I jerked open the refrigerator door and felt my heart wither and die.

    I was out of almond milk.

    My palms began to sweat uncomfortably as I realized the gravity of the situation. No almond milk equaled no cocoa. I half-heartedly glanced at the pantry, knowing instinctively that I did not have any Almond Breese in it. I fell to my knees in defeat.

    Outside, the heavens howled in despair.}

    That’s that. Again, hope I’m not too late, lol.

    P.S I’m reluctant to say this in the same comment as a contest submission out of fear it might look like I’m sucking up, but gosh darn do I like your recipes.

  158. Paula says

    Mmmm… looks so delicious. Can’t wait to try it!

    Reminds me of the desserts that Kelley Herring makes. You remind me of her style since she’s really into making healthy desserts as well.

    I’ve been wanting to buy one her books but the reviews seem a bit biased, e.g:

    If anyone has checked out her book let me know what you think! I’m a total dessert addict so it looks great to me, but I’m not sure if the price is worth it. It’s not too bad but still want to make sure it’s better than the free stuff I can get online!

  159. Stephanie, One Caring Mom says

    Oh my goodness!!! These look amazing. I’ve made a baked oatmeal bar before that was good, but these sound like the absolute perfect combination! I have to say, I’m a huge fan of the unsweetened Blue Diamond almond milk as well.

  160. Doug Tozier says

    We always have multiple cartons of Almond milk on hand and use it for everything from cereal to baking. It tastes great and works perfectly in all our recipes. With 5 kids in the home and all of us using Almond milk, it is almost impossible to have enough in the house! Thank you for all your great recipes and this opportunity to win a year’s supply of Almond Breeze Milk!

  161. MichelleS says

    The last time I wished I had extra milk on-hand was when I was supposed to make my nephew’s birthday cake two weeks ago and milk was the only ingredient I was missing! We ended up having (vegan) ice cream sundaes instead…whoops!

  162. Josette says

    This looks incredible! I can’t wait to make it. I would really seriously discourage vegans from using almond milk or other almond products though. They’re pollinated by having over 80% of commercially kept beehives across the country shipped to California. The almond trees produce more pollen than nectar so the bees expend more energy pollinating them than they take in. They’re therefore given sugar and medications to prevent them from catching diseases from having so many bee colonies together in one location. The problem is the nature of the crop and not just the industry itself.

  163. Lisa Hatch says

    It was about one year ago. I DID run out of Milk at home and wished I had some Almond Breeze Milk in my Pantry.
    I have a large pantry so I knew that it was silly of me to NOT have this shelf stable Almond Milk at home for times when I ran out. So, I made it a point to get one of the Milks in a box for my pantry for just an emergency. Now, whenever I’ve run out…which has been a few times, since then, I’ve only had to reach for the one Almond Breeze box in my pantry to SAVE THE DAY!
    There is now ALWAYS one in my pantry!! ♥

  164. Emily says

    Wish I had Almond Breeze in my pantry when relatives came to town and had nothing to put in their coffee!

  165. Mary says

    Hey, this is a great recipe, thank you! I love the large serving size option. I’ve run out of almond milk many times and my daughter is allergic to dairy. I hate having to drink black coffee! We love Blue Diamond & would love to be able to stock pile almond milk.

  166. Jessica Marquis says

    I can’t tell you how many times I went to go make some vegan mac & cheese only to find that I had no plant milk on hand or only vanilla flavored so this definitely would have been nice for those times. (In case you are wondering, yes I have a few times tried to make vegan mac and cheese with unsweetened vanilla almond milk in a pinch and I’m afraid I can’t recommend it lol!)

  167. Kate says

    I ran out of unsweetened almond/nut milk when making a lazy pasta side (from a bag lol, teach me to use shortcuts). Tried a dairy-free creamer in its place and it was NASTY. Made me wish I had some unsweetened Almond Breeze in my pantry!

    Also, Katie, this recipe looks AMAZING. I’m drooling at work.

  168. Jessica says

    I love almond milk in my coffee and running out I the morning is the worst! This recipe looks awesome. I love baked oatmeal. And thanks for the giveaway.

  169. Makayla says

    My daughter refuses to eat oatmeal for breakfast unless I bake it. No joke, I’ve made your baked oatmeal every morning for about a week. This looks delicious and I was planning on making it in the am but I seriously don’t think I have enough almond milk. Shelf stable back up would be awesome.

  170. Millie says

    I’m excited to try the recipe! ?

    My parents live about an hour from the nearest grocery store, so I always make sure they have a few almond milk UHTs handy, after learning the hard way! Although the lack of almond milk was my first initiation to long blacks! ☕️

  171. Patty says

    Oh my, I ran out of almond milk on the last recipe I made. I threw the bowl in the fridge, ran to the store and finished it up rather than trying to substitute that’s how much I love using it! Shelf stable unsweetened almond milk saves the day SO often. My fav though is Blue Diamond’s Unsweetened Almond Cashew Milk!!! Would love to win a supply

  172. Katie M says

    Hi Katie! I love your site. I tried these and they are awesome. Just to double check I’m doing it right, 2 and 2.3c mashed banana was about 5-6 good sized bananas. Is this right? Plan on making another batch this week. Thanks!

  173. Evelyn Mae Ridley says

    I too buy multiple cartons of unsweetened almond milk… but hadn’t thought of the brillinat idea of keeping the shelf stable styple for “when I run out emergencies”!! And I live in the middle of NO WHERE so the option to run out and get more is non-existant! Would LOVE to win a year’s worth of almond milk!! I go through many cartons a month!!

  174. Lorraine F says

    I made these yesterday. Honestly, they were rather bland, which is a shame, since it made such a huge amount. I used 5 or 6 mashed up overripe bananas, and followed the recipe. I didn’t taste any peanut butter in the finished bars, since the banana and cocoa flavors overpowered the tiny bit of peanut butter in it. Also, it desperately needs more sugar! I am by no means addicted to sugar, but I even added about 1/3 cup of brown sugar, and it still needed flavor. I ended up having to mix up some almond butter with honey to be able to eat these. I do enjoy most of your recipes, but this one is a “miss” in my book. I hope you take this as helpful constructive criticism, and not personally.

  175. Shawna Hicks says

    This recipe looks delicious. My kids will love the idea of chocolate for breakfast!
    I do not like to run out of almond milk. We live a long way from the grocery store, so when I get to a Costco I usually stock up on Almond milk.
    My husband isn’t especially pleased when he finds a nearly empty box of Almond milk in the fridge and has to get a “warm” box from the pantry for his breakfast.

  176. Vava says

    Running out of milk is very definitely near the top of the list of kitchen disaster, just below setting your oven on fire.That one’s hard to top. Imagine this: having planned to make what is known as “milk pudding,” having everything prepped and ready and your whole family excited and then… You realise that you are out of milk. In some recipes milk can be subbed, but *milk* pudding is quite an apt description.

  177. Lorraine says

    I am pretty sure that I commented on this, but I must have been mistaken. Anyway, I did make this a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t very good, unfortunately. It was bland and needed more sweetener. I couldn’t even taste the peanut butter, and it had no brownie taste to it whatsoever. Most of the recipes that I have made from this website have been at least good, if not great. I hope that people are allowed to leave honest, and therefore, sometimes negative, reviews on here, and that they aren’t erased. I hope that mine wasn’t, and that it just somehow didn’t go through for whatever reason. Thank you!

  178. Isabella Graber says

    Looks delicious as do all of your recipes! I have to try this! My little girl is allergic to milk, so we have been drinking almond and cashew milk for a few years now. I would love to win because we go through so many cartons of it! It’s delcious from the glass, but also great for cooking and baking.

  179. Chris says

    ok i don’t normally post things but not sure if it’s in no way supposed to be sweet but it’s not and i normally demolish baking like there is no tomorrow and keep it for myself but will be sharing this one so others can eat it for me 🙁

  180. Julie H says

    We made this and 5/5 for it. I did use 1% cow milk, and honey instead of maple syrup, but the substitutions worked. Even my “I don’t like baked oatmeal” daughter loved it. Thanks Katie, and team!

  181. Henry says

    Love this recipe! So convenient for weekdays when I don’t have time to make breakfast before school. My mother loved them as well; she said they reminded her of preacher cookies. I will definitely be making these again!

  182. Kimberly says

    Just made this tonight & it is AHMAZING! It’s like dessert but you can eat it for breakfast! And very filling too. Thanks for another great recipe!

  183. H+H says

    Since some reviewers said there wasn’t enough peanut butter flavour, we tried doubling the amount (we used soy butter). The flavour still didn’t come through, but it still tasted great as a chocolate banana oatmeal! We baked it in individual ramekins for 30 minutes, and we didn’t rest for the 20 minutes afterward (it still worked). We would definitely make this again!

  184. Abbie says

    I tried the banana free version with yogurt and it was so good! I made it into muffins and baked for 20 minutes and they turned out perfect.

  185. San says

    5 stars
    I made half of this recipe in 8 muffin cases. I added chocolate casein protein powder to increase the protein content and reduced the maple syrup by half.
    It’s so easy and yummy!

  186. Almonds Roasted Salted says

    5 stars
    Thank You For Sharing Such A Wonderful Information. I still didn’t get any chocolate banana flavor, but overall, it tasted awesome

  187. Gabrielle says

    4 stars
    I made this for a work breakfast and it turned out pretty good. I did omit the cocoa powder for a more traditional oatmeal. The texture and consistency was good, I was worried about that considering I had never made baked oatmeal before but it was slightly chewy, firm, but not hard or dry. I do think the recipe needs a bit more sweetness to it. I added 1/4 cup brown sugar and it still wasn’t at the level of sweetness I prefer. I warmed up peanut butter to drizzle on top and added sliced bananas, which I highly recommend. I would definitely make this again!

  188. TAMMY M FONTANA says

    5 stars
    Really great. I made it just as directed and turned out great. I cut into 6 pieces so 300 calories each will make a great breakfast. Stores well. Yummy

  189. Laurie says

    I wish the “review” section was respected for posts only from those who tried or tested the recipe. I really wanted to read reviews about the RECIPE from people who ACTUALLY made it! Instead, there’s a huge numbers of comments from people who like how it LOOKS and therefore give no review of the recipe. This doesn’t count as a recipe review! Also, an overwhelming number of comments about almond milk with no reference to the recipe whatsoever – which turns the thread into a chat forum of sorts because people share personal stories irrelevant to the recipe! Please, review only if you’ve made the recipe.

    • Pat says

      5 stars
      Thank you for posting that suggestion! It’s something I always think too. People posting about how delicious a recipe looks in print isn’t what I’m looking for in a recipe rating!

  190. Nancy says

    5 stars
    Hi, this is wonderful room temp or cold but warmed up is like a decadent desert!! Great recipe!

    *CAN I REPLACE THE BANANAS WITH CANNED PUMPKIN OR APPLESAUCE? Just hard sometimes to have 3 cups of bananas.

    thank you, Nancy

    • CCK Media Team says

      Thank you for making it! We have not tried this one with applesauce or pumpkin, but be sure to report back if you experiment. Or you can go with the banana free recipe under the heading “Brownie baked oatmeal with no banana” above the recipe box 🙂

  191. Audrey Bean says

    5 stars
    Thank you, Katie, for yet another brilliant recipe. I just made this with bananas, oatmilk and agave. I added 1 tbs extra oil and extra chocolate chips since it’s our cheat night. 😉 They’re warm right now and fudgy.

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