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Coconut Balls

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How to make the best homemade coconut balls recipe, with just three ingredients and no oven required!

Coconut Balls In Coconut Shell

Easy coconut balls recipe

These no bake coconut balls are the perfect chewy, soft, sweet, and completely delicious dessert for any true coconut lover.

Serve them at a party, and watch as the entire tray disappears in seconds!

All of your guests will be asking you for the recipe, and no one can ever believe how ridiculously easy they are to make.

*For a baked version, try my popular Snowball Cookies, which were recently featured by People Magazine.

Chocolate Covered Coconut Balls

Chocolate coconut balls

While you can serve the coconut balls plain, I think they are even more delicious dipped in melted chocolate!

Use semi sweet or dark chocolate to create your very own mini Almond Joy, Bounty Bar, or chocolate coated Mounds bites.

Or the balls may be covered in melted white chocolate or even melted peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, caramel chips, or cinnamon chips.

Can’t choose just one topping? Dip in melted dark chocolate, then drizzle white and semi sweet chocolate on top. Triple chocolate covered coconut bites!

Vegan Coconut Candy Ingredients

Healthy coconut ball ingredients

To make the coconut candy recipe, you will need the following.

Shredded coconut, liquid sweetener of choice, coconut oil, and optional pure vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. That’s really it!

Unlike many other coconut ball recipes, this one contains no corn syrup, no refined sugar, and no condensed milk.

You can use your favorite all purpose liquid sweetener, such as pure maple syrup, honey, or agave. For coconut bites with no sugar, choose stevia.

I have not tried replacing the liquid with a granulated or powdered sweetener so am unable to advise on the modifications for such a substitution. Feel free to experiment.

Be sure to choose full fat, unsweetened shredded coconut or desiccated coconut for best results. Low fat or sweetened coconut flakes do not work well here.

To heighten the flavor, I like to add a fourth teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and a tiny pinch of salt. You may skip these to make three ingredient coconut balls.

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Recipe video for no bake coconut bites

Above, watch the step by step recipe video

Chocolate Coconut Bites With Shredded Coconut

Coconut candy flavor ideas

Try rolling the balls in cinnamon sugar, cocoa powder, peanut flour, or toasted coconut.

Rolled in crushed pistachios or hazelnuts, they make a wonderful Christmas treat.

Or dip each piece into freeze dried strawberry powder or raspberry powder. Box up the pretty pink coconut balls as a fun and festive Valentine’s Day gift.

I love adding a very small pinch of ground cardamom, pumpkin pie spice, or instant coffee and a few drops of vanilla extract or almond extract before rolling into balls.

Press an almond into the middles to turn them into homemade Raffaello Balls, the popular coconut candy product made by Ferrero. Unlike the famous packaged version, these bites are free of artificial colors and flavors.

To make Brazilian coconut balls or kisses (beijinho de coco) with no sweetened condensed milk, add a whole clove to the top of each bite.

For yummy lemon coconut balls, add the zest of one lemon before forming balls. The same idea works for coconut lime or coconut orange flavors as well.

If you are a mint chocolate fan, add an eighth teaspoon of pure peppermint extract. Or dip the finished balls into a bowl of melted mint chocolate candy bars.

Here’s a peanut butter version: 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Balls

Easy Coconut Ball Recipe

How to make coconut balls with 3 ingredients

Add the shredded coconut, sweetener, and softened coconut oil to a blender or food processor, along with the optional salt and vanilla extract.

Blend everything together until it forms an even dough that resembles cookie dough.

It is important to use a blender or food processor. Do not try to simply stir the ingredients by hand, which would result in balls that fall apart or are not easy to form.

Roll the mixture into balls, or press it into bars (your choice).

Coconut oil, a common ingredient in beauty products, has moisturizing properties. So embrace the oil that gets on your hands as you roll the balls.

Place the coconut treats on a plate. First line the plate with parchment paper or wax paper if you will be dipping them in chocolate.

Add optional toppings of choice, then refrigerate or freeze until hard. If covering the healthy coconut balls in chocolate, do so once the candies are cold.

Homemade Coconut Balls Snack With Coconut Oil

Serving suggestions

For a fancy party dessert serving dish, cut a raw coconut shell in half.

Use the homemade coconut candies to decorate bakery worthy birthday cakes, chocolate cupcakes, cheesecakes, or this Easter favorite Vegan Carrot Cake.

Garish with coffee beans, crushed Oreo cookies, or rainbow sprinkles.

Or impress all of your guests by creating a show stopping party dessert tray with coconut balls, Chocolate Truffles, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

The balls can be left out in a cool room for a few hours, making them great for serving at birthday parties, book clubs, or other events.

For longer storage, refrigerate or freeze leftovers so the balls do not melt. They will last in the refrigerator for up to two weeks or in the freezer for three months or more. Thaw frozen coconut bites before serving.

No Bake Coconut Truffles

Sugar free keto coconut balls

The naturally gluten free, raw, soy free, tree nut free, and vegan coconut balls can easily also be suitable for paleo, low carb, low calorie, and keto diets.

Simply replace the three tablespoons of liquid sweetener called for in the recipe with an equal amount of water.

Add just under one fourth teaspoon of powdered pure stevia (the kind where stevia is the only ingredient).

Use them to decorate a Keto Cheesecake

Healthy Coconut Candy Bites
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Coconut Balls

This no bake coconut balls recipe is the perfect soft, sweet, and delicious easy dessert for any true coconut lover.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 10 – 12 balls
5 from 46 votes


  • 1 1/2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 3 tbsp pure maple syrup or honey or agave (a keto option is included above)
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional)
  • 1/8 tsp salt (optional)


  • Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor (not by hand or they’ll fall apart). Roll into balls. Coconut oil has been proven to be good for soft skin, which is why it’s in so many beauty products, so embrace the oil that gets on your hands! Roll in shredded coconut if desired. Set on a parchment or wax-lined plate, and refrigerate or freeze until hard. Once hardened, dip in melted chocolate if you wish. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers.
    View Nutrition Facts


Add leftover coconut to these Banana Oatmeal Cookies.

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  1. Erica says

    What is it about the blender or processor that helps them to stay together better? I think my processor is too big, because it didn’t seem to blend it correctly. So I did get a bit of crumbliness. At the end. Secondly, what size should they come out as? I made them about the size one of the Ferrero candies. But I had enough to make 7 of them. It probably would have helped if I had actually used 3 Tbsp rather than 2 of Maple syrup. But even with that the nutritional facts say 12,and I don’t think this would be enough for 12. These look so good, though, so Hopefully I do better next time around.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! For 12, it would be about 10-g sized balls (the size of the ones in the photos). What size processor do you have? Maybe just they need longer processing?

  2. Sabrina says

    really nice recipe, thank you, love that you were able to remove even more sugar than the prior version of this fun recipe, coconut chocolate combination is a throw back for me that I haven’t had in a while, so thank you for that too!

  3. Ashley says

    Made these for my treat over Christmas, oh my, so good! Planning to make them again tonight. I can’t eat just one, and because of the ingredients, I can eat more! Thank you!

    • youmomma says

      yeah but it’s nice when you’re searching by keyword for keto stuff cause it makes it easier to find yummy stuff you can actually eat

  4. youmomma says

    I made this in my (really crappy) blender so they were really chunky but absolutely delicious!! I don’t even know if it’d be any better blending it more thoroughly because they were super tasty but I’d suggest doing a double batch cause it doesn’t make many. I looooove this recipe and I can make it with my lactose-intolerant student so that’s a bonus and I didn’t dip it in chocolate cause I don’t really like it with coconut and they were absolutely delicious so thank you.

  5. Jen says

    Could you use coconut sugar for the sweetener? Or maybe fruit juice? Or does it need to be something stickier as a binding agent?

  6. Manisha says

    Luv this Simple n Sweet Recipe but if I want to make it more Nutritious how can I add in Oats , Peanuts, Flaxseeds?for seeds texture?

  7. Kathy says

    5 stars
    Thank you for this delicious recipe!
    I modified by using 2 C of unsweetened coconut, along with 2 TBS of raw honey and 3 TBS of pure maple syrup since I doubled the recipe. I found that I needed to use 2C of the shredded coconut to come up with 12 balls. It does look a little crumbly once put through the food processor, but it packs together nicely!

    Can’t wait to dip these in chocolate as part of the next/last step.

  8. tori says

    4 stars
    These tasted great and were surprisingly sweet for having such a low amount of maple syrup. Mine ended up a little chalkey/dry, though. I was hoping for something a little smoother/more buttery in texture. Are they supposed to be like this or did I not blend long enough? I considered adding more coconut oil, but I thought it might make it harder to roll them into balls (perhaps not though).

  9. Kayla says

    5 stars
    These are AMAZING!! They taste like Girl Scout Samoa cookies!! I am so happy to have found this recipe. I’m especially grateful for the clean ingredients- thank you! This is a print asap and never lose it recipe! I have already sent it to a friend that loves coconut and healthy treats as much as I do.

  10. Alexa says

    5 stars
    Oh my gosh these were out of this world amazing! I really loved your suggestion to add vanilla extract, it was so perfect. Every little ingredient made little balls of heaven lol. Will definitely be making these again, they were gone so fast! Thank you so much!!!

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