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Keto Cake – The BEST Chocolate Recipe

4.98 from 4452 votes

This rich and decadent chocolate keto cake is shockingly delicious… Every time I serve it, people always ask for the recipe!

Secretly Vegan Low Carb Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

The Ultimate Flourless Chocolate Cake

Why should you make this chocolate cake?

Simply put, because it is quite possibly the best chocolate cake you will ever make, even if you aren’t on a keto diet.

The first time I made the recipe was for a friend’s birthday party, where not a single person in attendance aside from the host was on a low carb diet, and yet people went absolutely crazy for this ultra fudgy chocolate cake. In just a single night, I was already asked by three more friends to make cakes for their birthdays too!

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Easy Low Carb Chocolate Keto Cake Recipe

Keto Death By Chocolate Cake

No Flour

Easy To Make

Great For Parties

Just 7 Ingredients

It’s almost too good to believe!

This exceptionally bold chocolate cake recipe—without any flour to get in the way of the soft texture and intense chocolatey flavor—will change everything you thought you knew about chocolate cake. There’s no oil required, and NO coconut flour either!

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Low Carb Keto Chocolate Cake

Easy Low Carb Chocolate Cake

The simple keto cake recipe can absolutely hold its own against any cake mix or bakery style chocolate cake.

Super dense and fudgy, it can be naturally gluten free, dairy free, oil free, and vegan… and I’ve served it to enough people by now who aren’t on any kind of special diet that I can confidently say: even if you’re used to traditional sugar-and-flour desserts, you will fall completely in love with this delicious and moist chocolate cake. Just try it and see!

Want a single serving version? Try this Keto Mug Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cake Ingredients

The Best Chocolate Flourless Cake

Keto Frosting Recipes

For the chocolate cake in the photos, I used this Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting recipe.

Feel free to use your favorite vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting, homemade or store-bought.

Or change up the flavor by topping the cake with cream cheese frosting, peanut butter frosting, whipped cream, ice cream, sliced strawberries, or coconut frosting. Just be sure to let the cake cool completely before spreading icing on top.

It’s also really good topped with Coconut Whipped Cream!

Chocolate Covered Katie Chocolate Cake

Can You Use Regular Sugar?

Yes, if you’re not counting carbs, the cake recipe works just fine with regular granulated sugar as well. I know this because I tested it on myself (the things I have to do for my job…).

Even if you use real sugar, you still only need 2/3 cup total for an entire double layer cake, which is crazy low in comparison to traditional chocolate cake recipes that often have at least double that amount!

For A Vegan Keto Cake

While flourless chocolate cake recipes usually call for eggs, making a vegan version was surprisingly easy. I simply mixed three tbsp Bob’s egg replacer with 150g water (half cup plus two tablespoons), let it sit for a few minutes to thicken, and then used that as my three eggs in the recipe.

If you need six eggs for a double layer cake, just use six tablespoons of the egg replacer mixed with 1 1/4 cup water instead. I haven’t tried making a version using flax egg yet, but be sure to report back if you experiment!

For A Paleo Or Gluten Free Cake

For a paleo cake, sweeten with either the erythritol option listed in the recipe or use 1/2 cup date or coconut sugar instead. The low carb cake recipe is naturally gluten free, no substitutions necessary. It’s made with almond flour, which is simply ground up almond meal. (For a cake that’s made with regular flour, I recommend this Vegan Chocolate Cake.)

(Above – watch the video of how to make the keto cake)

The Best Homemade Low Carb Keto Chocolate Cake Recipe

The recipe was adapted from these Keto Muffins

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Chocolate Keto Cake

This rich and decadent chocolate keto cake is shockingly delicious and secretly low carb.
Cook Time 14 minutes
Total Time 14 minutes
Yield 8 servings
5 from 4452 votes


  • 1 1/2 cups fine almond flour
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp dutch cocoa or additional regular
  • 2 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/3 cup water or milk of choice
  • 3 eggs (including the vegan option listed earlier in the post)
  • 1/3 cup granulated erythritol or regular sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • *For a double layer cake, simply double the recipe and bake in two 8-inch pans. I listed a few keto frosting ideas above in the post. And if you're a visual person, be sure to check out the recipe video above!
    Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease an 8-inch pan, and line with parchment. Stir all ingredients together very well, then spread into the pan. If needed, use a second sheet of parchment to smooth down. Bake 14 minutes on the center rack (some ovens require more baking time, so continue cooking until firm if needed). Let cool completely before frosting. If you try the recipe, please feel free to leave a comment or rate it below!
    View Nutrition Facts


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Have you made this recipe?

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    • Andrea B says

      Okay, so I’ve had trouble finding ANYTHING to crave my sweet tooth that’s low carb/keto friendly. After reading the tips and trying this I was skeptical because nothing has EVER actually tasted good so far or has even turned out right. I made this and let me tell you, it’s. To. Die. For. Instead of using Dutch chocolate I added two tablespoons of Lily’s baking choc chips and for the frosting I added a little heavy whipping cream and the rest almond milk and sprinkled a few Lily’s choc chips on top. SO GOOD. My mom said it was the best cake she’s had and she hates anything sugar free! She couldn’t even tell! I will be forwarding everyone this recipe because it’s THAT good! I’m not one to leave comments but I had to THANK YOU!

      • Lensi says

        Yesss…my biggest problem with keto/low carb is CAKE! I am addicted. Well…I finally tried this recipe and it’s perfect!!! I’m making it for myself for my birthday!! Yum!!

          • CCK Media Team says

            Thank you so much for making it! Nutrition facts are linked under the ingredients/ instructions 🙂

      • Susie M says

        This makes me really hopeful, and will give this recipe a try. What is the difference between Lily’s chocolate and other brand of baking choc chips? I’ve never heard of Lily’s but I haven’t been baking for 3 years so haven’t been down the aisle too much. I live in Dallas, hope I can find them. Thanks for the helpful comment!

      • kathy ann moilanen says

        I am not one to comment either, and also have had bad luck with no-sugar desserts. I was SO hopeful with this one, based on the great comments here. HOWEVER, I subbed powdered Stevia for the sweetener–could that be my issue? The result was so bitter….blah. Ruined my daughter’s birthday. I guess I need to find somewhere that sells Erythritol…? That ingredient just sounds so ”chemically’ to me I didn’t want to purchase it…

        • CCK Media Team says

          Hi Kathy Ann, yes the recipe doesn’t call for stevia because that isn’t a good option here. You are absolutely free to experiment with recipes! But if you want a good turnout without the risk, be sure to only use ingredients (flours, sweeteners, etc.) listed as options because it means those are the only ones we have tried or know will work well.

          • kathy ann moilanen says

            I am trying again right now with the prescribed ingredients…fingers crossed 🙂

        • Candy cake says

          5 stars
          I’ve been using this recipe for over a year and my husband loves it. I use Monk Fruit erythritol and it tastes sweet, granulated not powdered. I also found that doing a 6 inch 2 layer cake fits this recipe perfect. Since we started a keto diet I only make mini deserts! I do put Lilly’s baking chips in the batter for a surprise. 17 minutes for my oven. It firms up as it cools, let it rest completely is the key.

          • christy shultz says

            I love this cake recipe. Tonight I made mini cupcakes. I don’t even bother to frost them. I use lakanto powered Monkfruit sweetener in the mix. Yum!

        • Sonya says

          Stevia is known for having a weird aftertaste which tastes bitter to many people. It rarely works as a sweetener on its own, so my guess would be that it’s absolutely the stevia that ruined the recipe.

          Erythritol is perfectly to use. You can find a lot of information on it with a quick Google search. It’s a sugar alcohol, like xylitol. In very large quantities it can cause an upset stomach, but it would have to be A LOT. It has a slight cooling effect taste-wise that some people find a bit strange, but I personally kind of like it. It’s supposedly a 1:1 substitution for actual sugar, but I tend to use as little as half or even less of the amount that any given recipe calls for.

          Lakanto is a great brand that sells an erythritol and monk fruit blend. This is what I would use in this recipe.

        • Madeline says

          I thinks it’s known to cause heart attack and stroke… but I think it’s probably OK? I didn’t know either so I looked it up 👍

    • Amber says

      Has anyone made this cake and it came out a lot funnier than the video. I did everything as followed in the recipe. Mine is in the oven. I checked it at 15 min and only the sides were done. I’m curious to know where I messed up?? Someone help.

        • Melissa says

          I’m confused as to the carb/nutrition facts.
          Are the nutrition facts listed INCLUDING the frosting? And if not, what are the nutrition facts for the frosting. I could not find that anywhere.
          Thank you & cant wait to try it

          • Ruth says

            Your recipe says to stir all ingredients. So, no mixer? How smooth should it be? This sounds yummy and is going to be my Christmas dinner cake! Thank you!

          • CCK Media Team says

            Hi! No mixer required, just stir it until even and smooth like cake batter – there’s no gluten so no worry about overmixing 🙂

      • Amy Franklin says

        I’ve just done it and didnt have any issues… it was done in about 17 minutes. Did you miss something out? Like baking powder?

      • Daniela says

        I was the same. Mine was more runny than hers in the video. I checked at 13 mins and I think I kept it in for another 9ish mins. And the middle still wasn’t perfect. But I’m letting it cool to see if it sets. Hopefully it turns out good!

        • Norma Aitken says

          I thought it looked a a bit undercooked at 14 minutes so left it a bit longer. Then left it to cool in the tin for 25 minutes. Then turned it out on a cooling tray. Fudgy but held together and was delicious with frosting and ice cream…..

        • Emily says

          I did 2.5 times the recipe and baked 2 nine inch layers. Perfect at 16 minutes! Best cake ever with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting! Thank you

      • Sara says

        Well mine has become runny too, I think that’s because in the video she hasn’t add any eggs, but with 3 eggs it becomes runny and doesn’t cook in 15 minutes, mine is still in the oven

        • CCK Media Team says

          Some people have reported that their ovens take longer, while others are finding it done in the 15 minutes, maybe because of a difference in humidity, climate, or uncalibrated ovens. Just bake until a toothpick comes out mostly clean!

          • Sara says

            I wish I could post the photo of my cake, looks fantastic, I haven’t tasted it yet but I’m sure it’s delicious too

          • Shane s says

            It’s a kind of cocoa powder. It will give the cake a darker brown color and will add a small amount of flavor. But in all honesty, you can probably leave it out.

          • Mick says

            5 stars
            It’s a process of making cocoa that adds an alkali to it to remove the acidity of the cocoa and neutralise the pH. The process has been around since the late 19th century I believe.

        • Rhonda Bolt Chesson says

          yes! i din’t see any eggs go into the video demo! Mine coming out of oven now. Fingers crossed!

          • Amy says

            Planning on making this for an Easter cake. Does anyone know how long it keeps after baking? Can I make it a couple of days in advance? X

      • Bella says

        Mine was not cooked through at 14 minutes either but she mentioned that it may need longer, ovens vary etc. I cooked an additional 7 minutes which was a bit much – so add maybe 4-5 more minutes if yours comes out with some liquid in middle like mine did. Also like Katie mentioned, let it cool, this helps also. Hope that helps 😊 I would LOVE to know if someone comes up with a pure stevia version of this not any of the mixed powdered sweeteners sit well with me.

        • Nancy says

          Have you tried PureCane? They offer powdered, erythritol granulated and brown sugar. I LOVE the brown sugar and can even use the granulated white to make sweetened tea. My fam can’t tell the difference. The powdered is delish as well.

      • Summer G says

        My batter was wayyyyy less thick than hers. I’m not sure what milk of choice she used but it’s obvious it’s a thicker type of milk. It was more the consistency of sweetened condensed milk. I’m hoping mine turns out, but almond milk definitely made it a lot thinner of a batter.

      • Allison says

        I have just made this cake for my daughter’s 50th.. the video doesn’t show milk/water but the recipe calls for 1/3 cup of your choice..and mine was the same as yours.. took another 20 minutes for it to bake.. I am confused also..

      • Tracy McG says

        5 stars
        I had to bake mine for 25 min with my propane oven. I did the initial 15 min then 5 minute intervals. Turned out great. I have a diabetic mom and keto sister so this recipe is perfect.

      • Pam says

        Yes, mine was was runny too. Nothing like the video that shows packing down into the pan. So I added another 1/2-3/4 of almond flour to firm it up a bit. Doubled the cooking time and it turned out fine. I thought I had the measurements correct the first time but who knows.

      • Frank says

        I had the same experience – the 14 minutes given in the recipe isn’t nearly enough time. I wonder if the author cooked it in a convection oven instead of a regular oven? I had to cook almost 20 minutes to get it to test done.

        • Tarabelle says

          Never bake in a convection oven. Your cakes, baked goods will not bake evenly. I’ve taken classes at a local bakery & that was their #1 baking warning. All ovens vary in temp. I keep an oven thermometer in mine to make sure it’s the right temp. Do remember that every single time you open your oven, you lose massive heat and that will impact your baking outcome and time.

    • Stephanie Conte says

      I am not clear on if the nutrition info is for a single layer or double, as show in the picture? I read were it said you can double the recipe to make a layer cake. That would lead me to believe that it’s only for a single layer. Also didn’t see nutrition info for the frosting either. Looks delicious!

    • Michelle says

      I don’t know what version her pictures used but I made this last night using eggs (organic, free range) and it turned out fabulously. Except for not being frosted as professionally, it looks like the photos (I did the double layer option). 10/10 would recommend.

  1. Michelle says

    I came here to say thank you for creating this fabulous cake recipe. It could not have come at a better time. We have company coming into town tonight and I was browsing your blog for a recipe when I stumbled across this one right on the homepage. I had all of the ingredients and it was quick to whip up.
    This is the fourth or fifth recipe I’ve tried from your site and all have turned out really well.

      • Jenn M says

        We made it too! Absolutely delicious recipe! We used real eggs and cream cheese in ours, but I also sent the recipe to my sister in law who’s a vegan so that she can try it too. I love how versatile it can be to fit different diets. We will definitely be making this again.

          • Tiffany says

            I would also really love to know how much cream cheese you use 🙂 Some people reported the cake was dry so I was thinking cream cheese/ sour cream might help with that.

        • Amy says

          Absolute life saver. I have been on the brink of quitting keto for lack of chocolate in my life. This cake is so dodgy and moist! It’s better than any regular one I’ve made! I messed up the icing a little, but it tastes like milk chocolate so I’m happy 😋 x

        • Lena G. Nutrition says

          What’s the vegan alternative for eggs here please? i am blind to find it on the page^^THANKS!

      • Jason Sanford says

        We don’t see why it wouldn’t be fine to sub here! It would be the same amount. Be sure to report back if you try!
        Jason (media relations)

        • Regina Kunschman says

          Hi! I would like to make this recipe in a standard size cupcake pan using foil (with paper attached inside) cupcake cups. I am soooooo not a baker!!! So I am wondering if it’s even possible? How many cupcakes would this make? I don’t mind making them shorter than regular cupcakes because I am planning on slathering on piped Swiss Buttercream Frosting anyway!!! Depending on the number of cupcakes and their depth… How long should I bake them? Thanks for your time!!!

    • Jason Sanford says

      We haven’t tested monk fruit as an option, but it looks like a product such as this one should work, since the product description says it can be subbed for sugar:
      Is that what you mean? If you try it, be sure to report back for other readers!
      Jason (media relations)

      • Christine T. says

        I haven’t made this cake yet, which looks fabulous by the way, but use Lakanto most of the time and it does sub one for one with sugar. Lakanto is erythritol and monkfruit. Also, the brand referenced also makes a erythritol/monkfruit blend which I have used in powdered form.
        By the way, thank you, Katie, for an egg free version. I do the special baking, usually, for our extended family celebrations, so need to have some tested egg free recipes that I can use.

      • Bella says

        Celine, you said you used monk fruit, was it a pure liquid or powder version? The swerve and combo sweeteners don’t sit well with me unfortunately so all I have been able to use is a pure stevia powder or drops by stevia Select. It’s so hard to make these with so little sweeter and is really discouraging.

  2. Gi says

    It looks yummy, but I miss the time when you added also the ingredient quantities in grams! It is more difficult for us European folks over here ?
    Still, looking delicious!

    • Jason Sanford says

      She stopped because without all the extra parenthesis and numbers, the recipes look less cluttered (and thus look easier to make / less daunting of an undertaking), but we always have those numbers on hand since Katie prefers to measure in grams too. 1 1/2 cup of almond flour is about 180g, each tbsp cocoa weighs around 5g, 1/3 cup liquid (water or milk) is 80g, and each tbsp of regular granulated sugar weighs about 12g. Hope that helps!
      Jason (media relations)

      • Tricia Dubasov says

        I’ve always used 100g per cup for almond flour- would the measurements given here (180g for 1.5 cups) be the equivalent used in all of her recipes?

      • Zahraa says

        5 stars
        Hi, our family have been using this recipe for 2 years now and we love it..I’m going to make it again today for a friends birthday party and have been reading through the comments for any improvements and noticed you had included the weight of some of the ingredients. Could you also tell us what is the weight in grams is for 1/3 cup of erythritol and the weight in grams for the 1/4 cup of coco powder. I know you have mentioned the equivelant weights per table spoons but that is not what the recipe calls for. Also it would be great to add all the weights on the actuall recipe and have a jump to recipe button so we can get to the recipe quickly.


      • Mike says

        We used stevia and it was not good. We’ve never made the cake before, but we followed the recipe except for stevia. After 2 bites we threw the entire cake out.

        • Jason Sanford says

          Thanks so much for experimenting and reporting back! I guess that sounds from your experience like it can’t really be subbed!

        • Rusty says

          Never use stevia for baking anything. Steve is a great sweetener for coffee, tea, or homemade keto hot chocolate. Stevia will not taste right in baking goods. Terrible after taste and will ruin your efforts to make a low carb baked good. I have found Swerve to be the best for baking. Some of my non-keto friends didn’t even notice my cake was sugar free.

          • Stephanie R says

            Used a combo of half flax eggs and half aquafaba for the eggs and it turned out very well. In the interest of full disclosure, I also added in 2 tbsp GF flour blend to the batter because I’m @ high altitude (over 8000ft) but that shouldn’t be necessary at lower altitudes.

    • Karen says

      I tried it with stevia but it tasted terrible. Very bitter not sweet at all. I even checked the conversion rates on line. I haven’t had success with any sweet keto cakes.

      • Amanda says

        Honestly don’t use stevia in this recipe. It tastes horrid, like tasting burning chemicals. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted.

  3. Robin says

    Hi. This looks great, but we have nut allergies in our household, so almond flour is out. If we want to keep it Keto, what can we substitute for almond flour?

    • Jason Sanford says

      We haven’t tried it with anything else and therefore can’t know what the results would be, but the only other keto flour I can even think of that *might* work and is tree nut free is sunflower meal. If you experiment with that or something else, be sure to report back!

      • LJ says

        The problem with sunflower flour/meal is that it can turn green and (since you can’t see it with the cocoa) it can get a weird taste. May I recommend Gerbs pumpkin seed flour if you want to try nut free.

      • Courtney says

        Could 1/2 cup coconut flour work? I’ll try and see and report back. I have nut, dairy AND egg allergies in my home 🙁

        • Erica says

          Hi Courtney, did you try this with coconut flour? My daughter can’t have almond flour either so was hoping to know if coconut flour was an option since I have it on hand.

        • margaret villari says

          4 stars
          Courtney, Lol I just noticed the date on your comment so I’m a little late to tell you yes, coconut flour works great.

    • Shannon says

      Mine is in the oven now. I made it with sunflower seed flour. My daughter has a severe and airborne nut allergy. The package says substitute 1:1 for almond flour.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Dutch cocoa has a deeper flavor that will give the cake more of a brownie-like taste and is recommended if you can find it. Most store brand box cake or brownie mixes will have dutch cocoa. But if you don’t have dutch cocoa on hand, it’s still good if you just use two tbsp additional regular.

  4. Christina M Simmons says

    Enjoyed in single layer form. Excellent flavor on the cake and the frosting. I think I will cook a little bit less than the 14 minutes in my oven as it was a little dry but the frosting helped that out alot. I shared on Facebook as I have friends always looking for low carb/keto gluten free recipes all the time.

  5. Mayerling says

    I would love to try this recipe, I have tried several of Katie’s vegan recipes and they’ve all been amazing! Just wondering if the liquid is aditional to the water used for the egg replacer

  6. Darla says

    Just tried this recipe! Delicious! I did add the cream cheese icing but I used 1 1/2 cups of swerve powdered sugar and it was amazing!

    • Jason Sanford says

      It’s on our list of things to try! If you experiment before Katie does, be sure to report back :).
      Jason (media relations)

  7. Krysta says

    Well. I tried to comment and attach a photo of my cake and got a message I’d been blocked (Cloudflare Ray ID: 5203050ce8b4a074 )…maybe shouldn’t have an “upload photo” prompt if it’s automatically going to trigger your website’s security. :/ Without a picture, I can say that this is a decent recipe with good texture. I’m not going to retype everything from my original comment that was lost, so in a nutshell:
    I made one 9″ round cake, baked for 24 minutes. Will test it at 20 minutes next time as it was possibly slightly over-baked. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, and we are so sorry about that! We had no idea Cloudflare even would do that to a commenter, and Katie is going in to her account to see if there’s a way to change the settings. The whole reason we have the photo option is because we love seeing peoples’ pictures of the recipes!
      Jason (media relations)

  8. Ana says

    Uau! I really have to make this cake!! My husband’s birthday is coming up and I’m sure he is going to love it!
    Is it better to buy almond flour or can I course the almonds myself?
    Also, can I freeze the cake?
    Thank you so much!!

    • Jason Sanford says

      You can do either, but if you are able to buy almond flour then you know it’s already finely ground so you don’t have to worry about that. I haven’t tried freezing the cake… I would think it should work but would love to know if you try!
      Jason (media relations)

  9. Olena says

    14 minutes baking time is definitely not enough, the center came out under baked even after additional 5 mins and at 375F all the way. The recipe itself is great, but I would recommend to bake it for at least 25 mins. Use toothpick method to be sure. Add 1-2 tbs of vegetable oil to the dough if you are afraid it would be dry.

    • Olena says

      ***just a notation to my own comment above*** it’s only if you use REAL EGGS you may want to increase baking time. I have not tried making it wit the “vegan eggs”

    • Lynne says

      Thanks for the clarification re time. Just baking it now and added more time. It looks perfect after 22 minutes, using the toothpick test.
      It’s cooling now and smells great!
      Used erythritol from monk fruit, eggs, and Dutch cocoa powder.
      Icing is next…

  10. KE says

    I really want to try this but would need to use another sweetener… do you think coconut sugar or honey would work? Thanks!

  11. Patricia Riley says

    OK, I was not ready for how good this recipe turned out! Made it for my birthday. I used Valrhona dutch cocoa and lakanto classic monk fruit sweetener in the cake (note: I increased the sweetener to 1/2 cup per layer.) Added 1/2 teaspoon of espresso powder per layer. Swerve confectioners in the frosting. Baked for about 17 or 18min in an 8″ round pans. Still a tiny bit jiggly in the center when I took it out but firmed to nice fudgy moist cake when it cooled. Mine was not as beautiful as the recipe pics but who cares! It was fantastic!

    • emma venter says

      Sounds good, did you add the 3 eggs as the smaller version for the mug cake had no eggs, so i am confusion.

  12. Rebecca Valentine says

    *Reposting my comment since I have no idea why my previous comment didn’t get posted*
    We are a family of three turning ketogenic for health reasons (diabetes & blood pressure). We have a series of birthdays coming up and as a daughter I really wanted to make something delicious for my parents in a bid to persue them to continue the keto diet yet enjoy their birthdays to the fullest. Its my first time baking ANYTHING and this turned out delicious, soft and airy. My parents loved it to the core. It felt great to see them devouring everything while confessing how proud they are, of me. Thank you Katie (assuming thats your good name) from the bottom of my heart for these keto recipes. Im definitely trying more of your recipes for sure. Who said keto has to be boring and dull?

  13. SB says

    I made the cake 3 times. Each time came out great. I used almond milk, 3 vegan eggs, (3T psyllium husk powder and 9T water). I used erythritol once, monk fruit once and coconut sugar once. I baked it for 14-15 minutes, (except for the one time when I baked it in my convection oven for 12 minutes). One time I added some crushed walnuts to the mix and my family went wild. This recipe is a keeper!

    • Bella says

      SB – you said you used monk fruit once. Did it happened to be a pure monk fruit liquid drop or powder (not mixed with Erithytol)? If so how much monk fruit did you use. Others that tried stevia said it turned out horrible. I’m having hard time with baked goods because I cannot use the other mixes for sugar subs out there.

  14. Simone T Major says

    I purchased 3 copies of the Breakfast Cookbook. I assumed is was like the last one I received which was hard cover. Now, I believe that it’s download only. If that’s so, I definitely OVERPAID. I should have bought only ONE copy. I would therefore like a refund for two editions. If a hard cover version is coming that is fine. I was planning on giving two copies away for the Holidays. Help Please.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Oh no, I am absolutely refunding you for the other two ASAP. And we do not want anyone stuck with a purchase they didn’t mean to get. Katie feels awful and said to please offer you a full refund for the third copy as well if you need it, because she is so appreciative that you would have wanted the book if a hardcover had been available. We really wish it could have happened for this book and were so disappointed that it wasn’t able to happen.
      Jason (media relations)

  15. Shainé says

    Do I have to make this into layers? I have a haunted house mold I wanted to use, but not sure if it would rise enough, thoughts?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Definitely no need to do layers. If you make the recipe as written (i.e. don’t double it), it makes one layer 🙂

  16. Liz says

    I am amazed at how incredibly delicious and easy to make this cake is, no weird ingredients! I’ve been keto (no sugar) for almost a full year, my hubby just kicked sugar two days ago because of a slight candida issue and he was a sugar pig – wanted to get him happy on this way of eating by having desserts available. This was perfect! It’s super rich and is a REAL cake, cake was always my downfall 90 pounds ago and now I can eat it without fear of gaining my weight back or guilt at abusing my body. I will say you do not need a very thick slice, a little goes a long way, which is great because I’m going to slice it up and freeze portions for treats later. Thank you so much, glad I found your page I’m going to be trying lots of your recipes! Oh and I shared it with a friend who is going to make it for an upcoming Halloween party, she doesn’t eat sugar and several of her guests don’t either – so how perfect!

  17. Ruth Mecredy says

    Hi I made the Ulitimate chocolate cake with frosting today. Absolutely yummy and amazing that it is healthy as well. I have one query you put the nutritional values at the bottom of the recipe, you do not say if this is for one layer or two, with or with out the frosting. I just need to get my carb count right.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi Ruth! It’s for the recipe as written, so single layer and no frosting. If you don’t have enough carbs/calories allowed for frosting, you can also always just sprinkle with sugar free powdered sugar! 🙂

  18. Lorna Boudreaux says

    How do you know when it’s cooked? It’s very soft to the touch after 14 mins. Is that right? So not like a regular cake that springs back?

  19. Talya says

    Made it yesterday, and it was amazing!
    I’m on paleo, so I used 1/2 a cup of coconut sugar, according to the paleo instructions. Now, I’m not a big fan of sweets, and for me the sweetness of the cake was juat right, but my family (not on plaeo) said they would have liked it sweeter. So, definitely make this cake, texture and taste are amazing, and if you like things on the sweeter side – consider baking a small amount of the batter in a cupcake mould and taste it, so you can add more sweetener if you want.
    Also, watch the baking time! I waited for a toothpick to come out dry, and I think I overbaked. I fixed it by poking the cake with a toothpick in several places and pouring some hot almond milk on it, but it’s probably better to just stick to the baking time…

  20. Kristine Detweiler says

    This is my first time making a keto friendly cake. I found the cake wad still very runny in the middle after baking for 14 minutes. I wasn’t sure if it would firm up as it cooled so I baked it an additional 5 minutes. Some explanation on the recipe as to how to tell when the cake is done would be helpful!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! The “toothpick” method is usually good for cakes – put a toothpick in the center and if it comes out mostly clean then it’s done. Did yours work by cooking the extra 5 minutes?

  21. Genie Paaluhi says

    I tried the recipe but converted into a rectangular 9×13 cake pan which required to triple the recipe and it was YUMMOH by it self. I think I over mixed it tho coz it wasn’t as dense as the example. Will definitely make this cake again and again and again. Truly satisfied my chocolate craving!!! THANK YOU!!!

  22. Caitlin says

    Made this cake and it was delicious! However I did have a problem with the cake crumbling as I tried to get it out of the pan. Not a problem though! I made the icing that was recommended to go with this cake, I took the crumbled cake, mixed in some diced strawberries, just enough icing to hold everything together, pressed it into a springform pan, froze for thirty minutes, then iced as normal. Not exactly what I had intended, but really dont care for cake pops and I’ll be darned if I was gonna let that delicious cake go to waste! Thank you for this wonderful recipe, I will definitely make it again! (Though perhaps next time I will use parchment paper instead of greasing the cake pan) lol.

    • Angelina says

      I used a cheap pan from Target and sprayed it with olive oil Pam. My cake came out easily after running a knife around the rim and inverting on a plate. I am awful at baking and it was the first time I’ve had a cake come out in one piece. I baked it for 16 minutes.

  23. Kathy says

    I live in Denver – are there any high altitude modifications you recommend ? I usually try a new recipe as is then adjust depending on results….

    • Jason Sanford says

      Unfortunately we don’t have any testers in high altitude locations, so we aren’t able to test the recipes that way. Hopefully someday!
      Jason (media relations)

  24. Jennifer says

    This looks amazing. I’m hoping to get on board with Keto. Im a sugar addict so hoping this recipe will finally convince me I can stay keto. I’m confused about the cake recipe saying vegan egg substitute in the actual recipe. Is that in addition to regular dairy eggs and when it says butter spread in frosting recipe is that margarine or vegetable oil? Thanks

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! The vegan egg is if you want to use that instead of chicken eggs. If you’re not vegan, just use the chicken egg option. Butter spread can be either dairy butter or a non-hydrogenated margarine like Miyokos or Earth Balance

  25. Terri Vialli-Hunt says

    Just made this today.
    Great recipe! Absolutely SMORGEOUS! Makes you want MORE! ?
    I was thinking, “a cake with no butter?”
    It’s incredibly light and totally chocolately. I used finely grated 95% dark chocolate in place of the Dutch Cocoa.
    Only butter I used was in the filling (melted dark chocolate and butter, stirred in powdered erythritol, and whisked up with a dash of hazelnut milk. Delish.
    Thank you for this recipe – it will be the only one I go to when I crave chocolate cake.

  26. Donna says

    I made this today and it was fantastic. So moist and chocolaty. I will definitely make it again and again. I liked that the recipe was for the smaller amount, as that was enough for my family.

  27. Kat says

    Ok. (& there IS cake leftover. Some anyway… lol.)
    Did recipe pretty much according to directions.
    First time for everything. 😉

    Used pie pan (9″ ?) with parchment paper.
    Used demara (?) sugar (the less processed slightly golden crystal stuff).
    3 eggs.
    Cooked in convection toaster oven at 325 (you have to drop 25 degrees)
    about 15 minutes. Toothpick test came out clean, but center, most really, was kind of like pudding. Even after let sit, for 10minutes, which was as long as I could wait, lol.
    I did sprinkle the top before baking with a tiny bit of sea salt. Tasted GREAT! Will definitely make again, but cool a little longer.
    Mom thought it wasn’t quite sweet enough, which is odd, cause she barely eats sugar anymore, and I’m usually the one saying, argh! Add some sugar! lol
    There’s half a slice I saved for the boys to try, and 3 slices, of 8, left. 😉
    Completely forgot about the pancake idea. Will have to remember that sometime…?

  28. wnedy says

    Made it in a 13 x 9 pan doubled the recipe. It came out wonderful! cooked about 22 min. added a little extra stevia because i like my cake sweeter. Thanks for the recipe. I make a ton of things from it. I really love the keto mug cake. Its my favorite.

  29. LKSilver says

    So I actually made a brownie recipe very similar to this last night except that it called for oil instead of water or milk. It had just 2 eggs instead of 3 but all other ingredients were the same. I cooked it on the low end of the recommended time and it seemed Ok when I tasted it last night. The issue I have – and I’ve made several different Keto cake recipes is that the next day, all of the baked goods are dry as can be and chalky. What can be done to avoid the post-bake dryness?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hard to say since I haven’t tried the brownie recipe you mention (is it from Katie’s site or another site?), but in general Katie says under-baking a bit (and then letting the recipe firm up in the fridge overnight) is a good way to counter baked goods turning out dry. Possibly something you can try with the brownie recipe you mentioned?

  30. Amy says

    Loved this cake recipe!
    I doubled it and made to 6” rounds and a couple of cupcakes. I doubled the chocolate icing recipe too. I used monk fruit and didn’t quite double that as I find that can be a little too sweet. For the icing I grinded the monk fruit into a powder and add stevia to it.
    It was giggly in the middle and sunk a little bit but was still really good almost fudgy. I made this so I would have cake to eat at my daughters birthday.
    I am looking forward to making this cake again and again.

  31. Monique says

    The cake was pretty good but I found the frosting to be a little grainy from the erythritol sugar! Did I do so something wrong? Or is this what it is?

    • Amy says

      I put mine in a food processor and blended it down, it was still a little grainy but pretty good. Next time I will process it longer to get it more powdered.

      • Amy says

        I used granular. At the time I couldn’t find powdered. I have powdered now and I am making this into cupcakes this weekend for my daughters birthday. I am really looking forward to having this again as it was sooo good last time.

  32. paleo diet says

    great points altogether, you just gained a logo new reader.
    What could you suggest in regards to your submit that you simply made a few days ago?
    Any sure?

  33. Jodi Bell says Ive made twice and its been too dry both times. I will try undercooking it next time and maybe adding oil and/or sour cream… practice makes perfect I guess! I did add half a tsp espresso powder as that helps deepen the chocolate flavour sometimes… mine looked great though!

  34. Alex says

    Attempted to make this cake this morning and both of the cakes studio to the pan and ruined it 🙁 I used butter to grease the pan because it wasn’t a dark non stick pan. Was I supposed to use oil??

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hmm, I don’t see that from anyone else in the comments here so am thinking it might be a specific ingredient you used? Or what type of pan did you use? And what specific ingredients? Butter should be fine to use so it’s not that!

    • Madonna says

      Alex, directions say to use parchment paper in the bottom of your pan. It’s a must for a perfect turn out of any made from scratch cake!

  35. Cynthia Pinkerton says

    This cake was sooooo delicious and the birthday boy had NO IDEA it was gluten free! I made it for my brother-in-law but my sister-in-law is gluten free, so it worked out! I used real sugar, eggs and milk. I had to bake it for about 22 minutes instead of the 14 recommended. I used a silver baking pan, lined with parchment paper then once cooled, i wrapped it up and froze it-thawed on the counter day of.
    The comments really helped me through this cake as i have NEVER baked anything gluten free before and i wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Thank you so so soooo much for the recipe! It was a hit and definitely a cake i can see myself making in the future! <3

  36. Susan says

    Halved the temperature as I’m English. So baked at 180c for 15 minutes. It wasn’t long enough. Had to put it in for another 10 mins. Only made the one portion. It didn’t rise as much as l would have thought but it tastes delicious.

  37. Sheree Lentz says

    Just made the cake … it smells divine … can’t believe I have to wait to taste till tomorrow. my question is how to store it … should it go in the fridge?

  38. Robin Quintero says

    This was easy to make and my family loved it. I used Swerve granular for cake and powdered for frosting. I took more milk to soften the frosting. I doubled it for a two-layer cake.

  39. Fredia says

    Hi there! Made this for thanksgiving and it was absolutely perfect! Better than most gluten chocolate cakes I’ve had! Perfect texture and flavor. I did sub cacao powder for the Dutch cocoa and it was still delicious. Thanks so much!

  40. Kat says

    Changed out the milk for a Sweet Red wine. ? Was Awesome!

    Other changes, real eggs, 8inch square pan (last time used 9inch round) with parchment paper, accidentally used 4tbls of oil instead of 2 – worked great! Only used 4tbls cocoa and 6tbls sugar – since mom complained last time it was too dark and not sweet enough, I think it could have stood more cocoa. Added a pinch of clove, and a squirt of molasses. Saving this recipe for sure! 🙂

    • Kat says

      Oops! Baked at 350 for 25minutes. Only the very center was still a little gooey, even though the top of center cracked, (thought it didn’t do that till all done?), Unlike first time when all but edges were basically pudding. This worked out good. Was still nice and moist, due to the accidentally added extra oil – still less oil than most cakes call for.
      Dad thought it tasted reminiscent of red velvet cake. Hmmm…

      • Tresay says

        So I made this with hot coffee and it is amazingggggg. I had everything on hand already. Back in the south we do typically use coffee because it offer unbelievable moisture but for this to be keto and taste really well.. I’m shocked! I didn’t have any more monk fruit sugar or the other faux sugar so I used regular cane sugar. Thanks so much for the recipe and for replying! I would leave a picture below but my file(s) are too big. Not sure how to fix.

  41. Carlos says

    The cake was not fully cooked after 14 minutes. I should have checked prior to taking it out of the oven. Had to put it back in to cook some more. I tried another 10 minutes and that did it.
    To everyone trying this recipe, the final cake is actually very thin, so you almost need to do 2 and stack them to have a regular size cake.
    I made the recipe just like it was stated on the website. For the Vegan audience who use egg substitutes, the cook times tend to be double or triple the regular cook times, as the center always takes a long time to finish. You’ll need to monitor it and test it every 10 minutes.

  42. Vvicky Arnesen says

    I made this cake today. And it is delicious! It was very slightly jiggly but I took it out anyway and it set up nicely after an hour. Did you intend for it to be jiggly? Also, I sifted all the dry ingredients together and also whisked them till well combined and I used superfine almond flour. It is delicious and decadent Thankyou so much!

    • Jason Sanford says

      I think yes, it’s supposed to be a little jiggly. But that’s all cakes, I think? I’m thinking of jiggly as opposed to a dense brick cake, right?

  43. Valeria Sagers says

    Hi. I am doing the keto diet and to find a delicious option is hard. I tried to make and it is just in the oven right now. I doubled the recipe, used coconut milk and real eggs, plus Truvia. My dough was just like a regular cake mix. I placed on a square glass pan and I am baking it for 24 min. I will post a pic once is done. ?

  44. Kat says

    Has anyone tried this with aquafaba for eggs?

    I need to reduce my egg use, due to sensitivity, and they don’t seem to sell golden flax here anymore. And no one else here will eat chia seeds lol. But mom & dad eat tons of beans and toss the liquid anyway, if I can just get them to save it for me I could try that occasionally.

    • Jason Sanford says

      I haven’t tried it but I bet it would work, since it works with so many other types of egg replacers we’ve tried. If you try it, be sure to report back!

  45. Di says

    Hi , I have made this cake twice now. As some of the others commented I did question the timing, the first time I baked initially for the 14. But it was way too wet so added 5 minutes, still pretty moist. The second time for a Birthday cake I went for broke & baked for 30 minutes, it was perfect! I have a convection oven, so not sure if that made a difference. The frosting was incredible & both got rave reviews. Thankyou!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Katie doesn’t have a convection oven, so different oven types could definitely change the time! Glad it turned out well!

  46. Brian T. says

    Thanks for this awesome keto chocolate cake recipe, AND the frosting recipe. I had to bake mine a little longer than the recommended 14 minutes though (20-25min). As for the frosting, I used only 2 cups of the erythritol and it was still sweet, so 4 cups would REALLY be sweet. The frosting tastes much better than store bought frosting!! Thanks again!

  47. Brian Thomas says

    Oh ….btw. I put the erythritol in my coffee grinder to make it powdered sugar for the icing. Just a little tidbit. 🙂

  48. Beverley Badger says

    In this recipe it says 3 eggs, including the vegan option. so as a non baker… do I use both or just the 3 eggs?

  49. Lillian says

    Hi! I love the look of this cake but I can’t find any granulated erythritol. So I was just wondering what the nutrition facts would be if I used regular sugar?

  50. DW says

    I love this cake. I bake for 10-12 minutes instead of 14 and it turns out perfect. Not dry at all! It also freezes and defrosts well

    • Jason Sanford says

      I think it would change the texture of the cake, and you’d use a different amount since it’s more concentrated. If you experiment, be sure to report back!

  51. Grace says

    Thank you for sharing this recipe! I’ve saved this for future bakes, which I foresee will happen every week.
    I made one batch and divided them in 6 large muffin cups, nuked them in the microwave at level 9 for 30 seconds. Took them out when they were still jiggly in the middle. Rested 5 min and the result was an even crumb that’s moist and so delicious!

  52. Paula Pope says

    I’m trying this recipe and it is still liquidy at 14mins. I’m currently at 19mins and it still pulls batter out on a toothpick. It’s not the oven temperature because it does fine with other recipes. I’m wondering if egg sizes matter this much? The recipe doesn’t specify what size egg to use and we always default to X-large. I’m no baker, by a long shot, so please, those of you that regularly bake, can you clue me in?

    • Paula Pope says

      I was able to pull one pan out at 24mins and the other out at 29mins. Now the cakes are stuck in the pans. How do I get them out? I guess I should have floured the pans, but the recipe didn’t call for it. Ugh…this is the reason I don’t bake. 🙁

    • Jason Sanford says

      Yikes, it should definitely not take 29 minutes in a calibrated oven – any recipe (not just this one) with that amount of almond flour should be burnt to a crisp by that point, so my biggest guess: is your oven calibrated? Also, what size pans did you use, and are you in a humid climate or high elevation?

      • Paula Pope says

        Hi, Jason!
        I couldn’t tell you about the calibration of my oven…it was here when I bought this house 10yrs ago. What I can tell you is that the oven temps seem to work fine for everything else I’ve cooked in there, including boxed cakes, etc. That’s why I’m leaning less towards the oven and more towards too much liquid in the recipe, hence the eggs, since the recipe didn’t specify size. I used 8″ round pans and we are near sea level…San Antonio TX.

  53. Cam says

    I’ve made this 3 times! I love the flavor of it.
    First time I made it with organic eggs and it’s turned out beautifully.
    Second time I made it with Bobs egg replacer as shown in the package and they got flat after pulling them out of the oven.
    Third time I used more water with the egg replacer like Katie mentioned and cooked them 5 mins longer and the sank even more after pulling them out.

    Should they cook longer? The vegan options for me has not worked buuuu!

      • Jason Sanford says

        Hi, all the water/milk was already added to the egg replacer powder in the video, which is why it looks like a paste. In trying to troubleshoot for you… are you at a high elevation or in a super moist climate? I’m not sure why yours would be flatter or sink in otherwise, since Katie didn’t encounter that issue when using the Bob’s egg. But if nothing else, at least the egg version worked for you! If you want to experiment with a different type of egg replacer (such as Ener-G egg replacer), maybe that would give different results too?

  54. Michele says

    I have tried so many cake, brownie, cup cake recipes. Most fall apart, either to dry or just cant get it together. This was the BESTever. I had to cook it a little longer (10 minutes) could be my oven??? Perfect texture and moistness. I made a cream cheese whip cream espresso frosting. Thank you for this recipe!!!

  55. Alice Wight says

    Made this for my boyfriends birthday and he loved it. I used whipped cream in the middle and on top with cocoa powder & Xylitol, then added some 90% chocolate shavings. I wasn’t expecting the texture of the cake to be so good. I also had to use 1/3 the quantity of bicarbonate soda rather than baking powder because I didn’t have any.

  56. Chantal Pedra says

    I just wanted to find out if the cups are American cup size? Which is equivalent to 236.6ml. I saw a post about cup to gram conversion so I will use that as my reference for now but for future reference I would like to know.

  57. Lori says

    This was absolutely delicious! I doubled the recipe for 2 layers. I used 1/3 cup water + 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream, used large eggs and all Dutch cocoa powder. I hade to bake it for 21 minutes. See the toothpick test. I also made the Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting. I used 2 cups powdered Swerve. I didn’t have enough Dutch cocoa powder so I used what I had plus 2oz. Lily’s Chocolate chip melted in 2 Tablespoons heavy whipping cream, added 2 Tablespoons more to frosting to make it more pipe-able. Even the non-keto people raved about it! Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes!!!

  58. Pam A says

    This is a great recipe. I made it tonight and instead of making the icing I sifted Swerve powdered sugar on top and cut in the shape of brownies. Thank you so much for this. I’m doing Keto and have been struggling to find a chocolate cake recipe with a texture and taste that I liked. This does it for me. I will be adding a scoop of Rebel ice cream on the side!

  59. Dianne says

    I tried this recipe this weekend and it made 11 cupcakes for me! I was so pleased with the outcome. Thank you for sharing. Will plan to make these again.

  60. Lila says

    I just made this, in muffin form. Since I didnt use a frosting, I could really taste the salt. I used powdered monk fruit, and it could have been a little sweeter. Since I omitted the frosting to keep the carbs as low as possible, in the future I will leave out the salt, and either use a different sweetener or increase just a little. All in all, it’s a great recipe. Texture is perfect, moist and not crumbly.

  61. Anig says

    I made this cake and it came out pretty good. I used xylitol instead because I can’t stand the spicy after taste of erythitol. After 14 min my cake was still pretty wet. I baked it for 20 min and the consistency was good. Not dry at all. The recipe was simple and i love that no fat was needed.

  62. Shondra Patterson says

    I just fixed this cake and the frosting is good but the cake falls apart and the texture is “grainy”. Not moist. I used super fine almond flower. Any ideas on what may have happened?

      • Shondra Patterson says

        Hi Jason, Was granular Swerve OK to use? It wasn’t expired but I also didn’t store it in the fridge after opening,,,:/ maybe my sugar was bad?

          • Shondra Patterson says

            OMG!! I just realized what I thought was Cocoa Powder is actually CACAO Powder. Could that have made it grainy?

          • Jason Sanford says

            I don’t know about grainy… I know cacao powder is supposedly more bitter than cocoa, but other than that I’m not sure!

  63. Rem says

    Hi all the way from Australia! I’m so excited to stumble across this moist delicious looking cake. Hoping to make it tomorrow morning with the variation of a vanilla cake? If I make half chocolate and leave out the cocoa on the other half of rhe batter will it still be as moist and delicious as it’s less ingredients?
    Thanks in advance Rem 😉

    • Jason Sanford says

      Katie is working on a vanilla version but hasn’t tried it yet. Maybe you could just double her Keto Muffin recipe and make that in an 8×8 pan or experiment with that one to turn it into a cake? Good luck and be sure to report back if you experiment!
      Jason (media relations)

  64. Nicole says

    So tried this cake tonight and used the Lakanto Baking Sweetener (monkfruit). The consistency of the cake was fantastic (had to bake for 20 minutes for it to seem done) but it was not sweet enough at all. Will try again with a different sweetener or maybe up the monkfruit sweetener. Thanks for the recipe!

  65. Julia says

    I made the Keto version of this cake with Swerve and made 2 mistakes. In such a rush to eat it with my Keto ice cream I didn’t mix the dry ingredients prior to adding the wet ingredients. The cake still tasted pretty good, also, I used a 9-1/2 inch round pan so it was a little flat. The cake needed to be baked a couple minutes longer. I like that it was still moist without the extra fat.

  66. Cheri Loving says

    I made this for the first ti.e and did not have success as it was not near enough time. My cake was raw in the center.
    I cooked 14 minutes at 350 in an 8 inch round pan. I have put in for additional 10 and still not done. Any help…I used almond flour and what I tasted so far taste unsweet and gritty. I even sifted the almond flour. I would really love a good chocolate cake if anyone has suggestions let me know. Is it my flour? Almond milk? Thanks

    The frosting is very good though.

  67. Vicky says

    I made this for a keto dairy intolerant fried for her birthday and I’m so happy with how it turned out! 14 minutes was fine at 175 C ( fan assisted oven). I haven’t tried it yet but it looks delicious! I used a different frosting ( using avocados) and made a double layer cake. Another triumph Katie! I will be making it again!

  68. Norma lopez says

    I am not a big fan of chocolate anything. I perfer vanilla over anything but my sweet tooth husband has been asking for chocolate cake and he would so break keto to have chocolate cake. I made this and he loved it! The craving was satisfy! Thank you! I didnt have Dutch cocoa so I just didnt add the additional 2 tbsp.

  69. Marjie says

    Made the keto chocolate cake and it’s very good! We all liked it. My sister wants me to use almond milk next time, since I used unsweetened cashew milk, and she could taste the cashew too much. I made the chocolate frosting and it made A LOT. It’s really good. You don’t need a big slice…very rich!

  70. Lunn says

    I made this per recipe. My husband took it out at 15 minutes- after passing toothpick test. After it cooled I went to add frosting & found the middle 1/2 done. How could it possibly bake in 15 minutes? I wasted all this great (expensive) ingredients!

    — Lynn

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi Lunn, it depends on climate and the type of oven (and especially if your oven isn’t calibrated? A lot of ovens aren’t!). Some commenters here found that it’s done in the specified amount of time (one commenter even said hers was overdone!), and that’s how long it takes me when I make it as well. Others say theirs needs more time, which is okay too – no need to throw it out, just put it back in and let it continue to cook until done :).

  71. Tommy D says

    Made this and it turned out like pudding. 14 minutes just doesn’t sound like a long enough time to bake anything. And the erythitol aftertaste is like a shot of vodka! It was tasty though.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi! It depends on climate and the type of oven (and especially if your oven isn’t calibrated? A lot of ovens aren’t!). Some commenters here found that it’s done in the specified amount of time (one commenter even said hers was overdone), and that’s how long it takes me when I make it as well. Others say theirs needs more time, which is okay too, just put it back in and let it continue to cook until done :).

    • Jason Sanford says

      We haven’t tried and so can’t say for sure. But it works with canned coconut milk, so I don’t see why heavy cream or half and half wouldn’t also work. If you try it, be sure to report back!
      Jason (media relations)

  72. Tracy says

    I made this cake for a birthday party last night of non-Keto’ers. It was well received. I become a bigger and bigger fan of erythritol. It’s very easy to work with. I did feel like my cake was a bit drier than it could have been. I sifted the ‘fine almond flour’ in anticipation of a drier batter. Thoughts? Maybe add an extra egg and/or up the liquid (I jused heavy cream)?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi do you live in a dry climate? The air is also much drier in general in colder months when the heat is on, so maybe that’s it? Or maybe the brand of almond flour… in any case, adding a little more liquid could definitely help!

  73. Julie says

    I doubled the recipe and made it as directed with sugar. I used two 7” pans and the cake took a little longer to bake. It was moist, rose nicely, and I used avocado chocolate frosting. Everyone enjoyed it, thank you for sharing!

  74. Adele says

    I’ve made this tonight for mum’s birthday, I’m amazed but it’s looking pretty dam good… Just one question do I need to keep refrigerated as it has cream cheese in?

    • Jason Sanford says

      I think cream cheese, because it’s a dairy product, should always be refrigerated for safety, right? I might be wrong, but that’s what I’ve always thought.

    • Jason Sanford says

      You can do mini muffins for sure. Maybe somewhat dense regular size muffins too. Just experiment with the baking time 🙂

  75. S23 says

    Wow, incredible!! I used Stevia for the recipe. Wasn’t sure what it would come out as didn’t have the right cake tin but what can I say – it is simply out of this world!!!! I am going to try it with frosting tonight – I can’t believe I’ll be able to have a completely guilt-free chocolate cake (I’m a type 1 diabetic). For my first trial of the recipe yesterday I halved the base and put crunchy peanut butter as the filling. It’s soooo tasty!!!
    And what an awesome breakfast!
    Thanks Katie!!!
    S 23 ?

  76. Nancy says

    It was perfect and delicious for Valentines Day, covered with raspberries and strawberries as accents. Thanks for a great recipe!

  77. Jana says

    Doubled the cake recipe. Used a canola oil spray for both a 9” dark metal pans and a 9” silicone pan. Cake stuck to the dark metal. Will use parchment in it next time. Took cakes out when no longer jiggling but both are dry. Next time will take out when center is only slightly jiggly. Saw an earlier comment about adding sour cream and also wondered about using shredded zucchini to add moisture. Used golden monkfruit in the cakes. The recommend frosting is delicious. Used powdered Monkfruit for frosting. Overall, I would not say it compares to a tradition bakery cake made with wheat flour, but living a ketogenic lifestyle, it was nice to have a chocolate cake. Thank you for the recipe!

    • Jason Sanford says

      I’m sure it could if you just change the baking time! Be sure to report back if you try. It’s on our list to try as well 🙂

  78. Dennis says

    VERY IMPORTANT to use parchment paper on the bottom of the pan, even if it’s nonstick. Otherwise, this is a fantastic recipe. It was a big hit for both me and my girlfriend; we had both thought chocolate cake was a thing of the past, but this is a wonderful lifeline. The frosting recipe is equally amazing!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Thanks for the feedback! Katie tried it both ways and didn’t have a problem with sticking, but it looks like other commenters who didn’t use parchment did run into that issue, so we just updated the recipe thanks to your (and their) feedback. Never a bad idea to be on the safe side!
      Jason (media relations)

  79. Shannon says

    I’m trying keto and tomorrow is my birthday. My daughter has a nut allergy. I’ve been dying to try the expensive sunflower seed flour. Cake is in the oven now. I don’t like a ton of ingredients, so this was perfect for me to whip together. Next up, frosting search! Thank you!

  80. Kamish says

    So I tried making this cake but I tried doubling it and the cake batter was a a bit more liquidy than the video and I can smell the erythritol after I ended up fully baking it. I’ve always been pretty bad at baking keto desserts, anyone know what I messed up on?

      • Kamish says

        Hi thanks for replying. I used a premade blend of dutch cocoa and regular cocoa, superfine almond flour, Anthony’s Granulated Erythritol, regular tap water ,3 eggs and replaced other 3 (bc doubled recipe) with sour cream as an egg replacement, vanilla extract, and aluminum-free baking powder.

        • Jason Sanford says

          Hi Kamish, what is sour cream egg replacement? If you just mean plain sour cream, I don’t see how that would work ?

          • Kamish says

            I just used plain sour cream. I guess I just thought that because it works in regular baking (as I have used Sour Cream in place of eggs before) I assumed it would work here’ but I guess Keto baking is a whole different beast. I will try it w/o the sour cream this time. Thanks!

  81. S23 says

    Here is my latest version of this incredibly easy and tasty cake (still no icing as I keep forgetting to get unsalted butter). This time I put loads of walnuts on top and I am just enjoying the cake with gooey peanut butter in the middle (I just cut my slices of cake in half and put dollops of peanut butter)!
    Still loving this recipe, might just have to make it every weekend as so heavenly!!!!

  82. Karen Draper says

    This really & truly is the best keto chocolate cake recipe out there. I have been following a ketogenic diet for over 2 years and in that time I have made a LOT of different keto desserts, particularly chocolate cake, and I have not found one which mimics a traditional cake so closely. THANK YOU!!

  83. Sar says

    Lily’s is not just sweetened with Stevia, it is a blend of Stevia and Erythritol…I know, because I am allergic to Erythritol (grown on corn) and cannot eat any of Lily’s products due to that 🙁

  84. Sharon Hill says

    This was delicious! I used Lakanto monk fruit sweetener golden and it was amazing. I used the frosting recipe listed. I also cooked it a little too long , I checked at 14 and it felt too soft so left it in for about 22. Next time I’ll go 19 maybe. It is very rich and very chocolatey!

  85. KAREN RUFO says

    My cake came out very crumbly and fell apart. I used Lakanto Monkfruit sweetner and used about 1 cup of it as it is supposed to be equal to sugar. Could that be what made it so crumbly? Thanks!

  86. Amy says

    I made this cake today. It smelled amazing. I ended up with way too much icing though so will be freezing it. I used almond milk instead of water and I used coconut flour instead of almond flour. It turned out very dry. So dry that we needed a glass if milk to wash it down with. Anyone know why it turned out so dry?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Unfortunately coconut flour is not something that can be subbed here, which is why it isn’t listed. It is a VERY different ingredient.

  87. AmBaker says

    Can you freeze this cake? I’d like to bake it tomorrow and wrap and freeze it for a couple days. Then ice it on Thursday to eat on Saturday. I do this with most of my cakes but wasn’t sure if it would work with this?

  88. DanaS says

    Hi there! I’m making this tomorrow for my mom’s birthday (she follows the keto diet) and would like to make it a double layer cake. Will I need to double the icing chocolate cake icing recipe also to cover it like in the photo? Can’t wait to try it!

  89. Momma says

    Just waiting for it to cool so can frost it. Needed extra cook time possibly because I used actual eggs. I didn’t have Dutch chocolate so added instant espresso coffee powder. With 2c sugar in the icing this came out to be a good dark chocolate taste.

  90. Becky says

    I’ve just made this cake for my boyfriends birthday (I’m on Keto diet, he isn’t but he doesn’t mind the food) and also used the frosting recipe, I’ve only done one layer but if I do this again will defo try out the doh me layer. First cake I’ve ever made and it looks ok, frosting tastes so good, I’m waiting for the cake to cool down so I can add the frosting and head over to my boyfriends house. Thanks so much for this recipe and all the others, will defo be using them for future references.

  91. Lisa says

    I will know tomorrow but the batter was *really* runny. There was no pressing down on it per the recipe directions to flatten it out. I triple-checked and made sure I had everything added correctly. This is for my son’s 30th birthday, so it needs to be good! 😉 I will report back. Fingers crossed.

  92. Rachel says

    This recipe is amazing! I turned it into 9 cupcakes. I had to bake them about 20 minutes. It wasn’t clear when they were done in the post, but I did the usual “when the toothpick comes out clean” test.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hmm, is it granular swerve? Or powdered? Granular swerve should be fine to use just like granulated erythritol!

      • LaShundra Woods says

        I have both but was going to use granulated for the cake and powdered for the frosting. However i also have Bochasweet so may use that instead. Thank you!

  93. Tom says

    This cake is super easy and super delicious! I love that it isn’t overly sweet. I did change up the whipped frosting, I omitted the butter, did use 2 ounces of melted Lily’s chocolate and I only used 8 Tbsp. of powdered Swerve. It is super fudge-y and tasty, with less fat and sweetener. This definitely satisfied my cake craving.

  94. Chloe Bolden says

    I admit I was skeptical when I first saw the recipe, I mean a cake with no butter? But I followed the directions exactly and it was delicious. I made it again this time with the icing and I also added instant coffee to deepen the flavor and also instead of water or milk I used Jordan’s Skinny dark chocolate espresso syrup. My kids and I loved it!

  95. Taylor says

    My 7 year old and I made this tonight! It was delicious! We used stevia but I used a bit more than the recipe said. We also added a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter! We made this in cupcake form, but the cooking time was still the same. I let my daughter put regular vanilla frosting on hers, while I topped mine with walnuts before baking. So yummy!

  96. Bella says

    Hmm, thinking of making this cake but 15 minutes cooking time?!! Seems a bit too short for it to be cooked? Every other keto cake recipe says to cook for 40 minutes but this is only 15???

  97. Dani says

    5 stars
    Ok – so I made the cake with 6 eggs and substituted buttermilk for the milk ( I also added more bu accident – I used 1 cup). I used monk fruit sweetener. I was convinced this was a big fail – but NO! It was awesome moist and not too sweet- my friends couldn’t believe it was keto

  98. Marie says

    Oh my goodness. This cake was so good! My kids gave it two thumbs up! We can’t believe it has no oil! Thank you so much for sharing! Definitely a keeper!

  99. Lici says

    I made this for my husband’s birthday. OMG! It was fantastic. Now he wants me to make this cake every week. Lol! Awesome recipe. Thank you!

  100. Jennifer Colunga says

    Can this recipe be made with another vegan egg replacer- like a flax or chia egg? I don’t have the Bob’s egg replacer on hand

  101. Saimee says

    I came to say THANK YOU! This is an amazing recipe! It didn’t taste as a diet cake. I loved it! Wow! I also made the ganache or fudge recipe and that combination was delicious! I also added slices of Strawberries to boost flavors. Congrats!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Coconut flour is very drying and so you’d have to play around a lot with the solid/liquid ratio in the recipe. But if you experiment, be sure to report back!

  102. Sanya R says

    I usually have terrible luck with cakes. They either are overcooked & dry or undercooked & gooey. This turned out perfect the first time I tried it. It wasn’t too sweet and both my husband and kid loved it. Thank you for a wonderful recipe.

  103. Daisy says

    I made this cake, as the double layer version with normal eggs, and it is really rather good. Thank you for this recipe! I loved using up the almond flour I’ve had hanging around! I made a vanilla buttercream with strawberries to frost and decorate this, this worked well because it’s definitely not an overly sweet cake. So the combination balances nicely.

  104. Ashley says

    If you’re making this cake to be low carb, I would strongly discourage using her recommended frosting recipe. Between the cake and the frosting, I used an entire bag of erythritol. For the frosting I only used 1.5 cups vs. the max recommendation of 3. For the frosting/cake, the carbs from erythritol ALONE are over 56 per slice (8 piece serving size cake). The bag has 113 servings at 4g carbohydrates per serving (452 per bag divided by 8 slices). This would not be a low carb option for anyone actually following Keto/Low carb diets. As far as the frosting goes, it was grainy made with erythritol. The cake was very cocoa powder tasting. I personally didn’t love it. I worked at a fairly prominent bakery while in college so I like to think I’m a pretty good baker…and this just didn’t wow me like the reviews claim.

    I do advise maybe Katie take new photos of the cake, sans frosting. It’s extremely misleading that the cake, as pictured, is low carb. It’s most definitely not low carb with the frosting and most people won’t do research on nutrition and will just read the title and believe it as is.

    • b says

      Carbs from erythritol are not counted in net carbs. I wanted to point that out because it negates your argument. We love the recipe both with and without frosting, but of course everyone is different.

  105. Joshua says

    It’s baking right now and I’m sure it’s going to be delicious but just be aware that if you make the cake according to the one layer ingredients amounts, it does contain over 100 grams of carbohydrates in the whole cake, just FYI. If you double it for a double decker cake, then the whole thing contains obviously over 200 grams of carbs. So although it claims to be keto friendly, one piece (depending on size) can put you way over your daily carb intake.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Just be sure to exclude all carbs from erythritol, as they aren’t counted in net carbs for keto 🙂

  106. Keddie Walker says

    I tried Katie’s Keto Choc Cake today for Easter dinner. It was fabulous! I use a lot of stevia but have learned it it not that good in some baked goods. It seems to work in most pies. As a few people said, it does not work with chocolate. BUT, I was low on erythritol and did make up the difference with stevia
    Still amazing. I frosted it with a rasberry buttercream and nothing could have been as better!

  107. AK says

    This was probably the best sugar free cake I’ve ever had. I was skeptical first because it doesn’t have any oil so I was afraid it’ll be dry but it wasn’t! And I just ate it on its own.
    Piece of advice: as the liquid, use hot almond milk with instant coffee. It’ll bring out the chocolate flavor.

    • tracy says

      Wondering how much coffee did you use with the milk? I’m guessing you used the amount of milk recommended in the recipe?

  108. Andrea B says

    Okay, so I’ve had trouble finding ANYTHING to crave my sweet tooth that’s low carb/keto friendly. After reading the tips and trying this I was skeptical because nothing has EVER actually tasted good so far or has even turned out right. I made this and let me tell you, it’s. To. Die. For. Instead of using Dutch chocolate I added two tablespoons of Lily’s baking choc chips and for the frosting I added a little heavy whipping cream and the rest almond milk and sprinkled a few Lily’s choc chips on top. SO GOOD. My mom said it was the best cake she’s had and she hates anything sugar free! She couldn’t even tell! I will be forwarding everyone this recipe because it’s THAT good! I’m not one to leave comments but I had to THANK YOU!

  109. Dale says

    Didn’t have any granulated erythritol, so I used allulose instead. Doubled the recipe. Texture was great, flavor was extremely dark chocolatey and not sweet enough for my taste — so much so that I started second-guessing myself that maybe I forgot to double the sweetener, but I’m sure I did. Someone who likes dark chocolate would probably love it. I don’t know if the lack of sweetness was from using allulose, but next time I will add more. I think I missed nailing this cake by *that* much, but the frosting helped and I think next time it will be perfect. And I WILL be making it again!

  110. Caroline M says

    This cake is soooo delicious, quick and easy to make. I topped mine with the frosting linked in the recipe as well as fresh blackberries. There is no gritty erythritol taste and it’s damn near impossible to tell that there’s no sugar! Saving this recipe for text time I want a scrumptious, fast dessert that is sure to please a crowd!

  111. jackie says

    I used heavy whipping cream instead of milk, and it is so moist and delightful! Added cream cheese frosting on top- My boyfriend just had some (and he’s not even keto) – he looooved it! Glad to have a great sugar free recipe for when I need a sweet treat. Thanks Katie

  112. Tina says

    I have just started my keto diet so I have been craving carbs and sweets. I came across this recipe and decided to try it. I have to say it is absolutely and surprisingly delicious! I have to make a few adjustments because I kind of over baked it, but other than that I honestly can not tell the difference. Thanks for this amazing recipe!

  113. Joseph loww says

    Just made this cake and wow it turned out amazing. I’m new to keto and this helped kick cravings. I used monk fruit sugar substitute (I think thats what its called) and put 2oz cream cheese in the cake mix as well as added some strong brewed coffee to the cake mix and the frosting mix. Also for the frosting I used 2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream and 2 table spoons almond milk. Frosting recipe had ALOT extra left over enough for a whole nother double layer cake.

  114. Julia says

    The cake turned out beautifully! Would it be possible to swap out cocoa power with more almond flour to make an almond or lemon flavoured cake?

  115. LULU says

    I made this cake and the fluffy chocolate cream cheese frosting. Unfortunately, I used the wrong pan to forget parchment! It turned into unexpected cake pops but they are SO GOOD! I replaced the water and milk of choice with espresso from my coffee machine and it made it so rich. Thank you for this recipe, almost everyone in my family is keto and they loved them!

  116. Tamarin Van Reenen says

    Hi there, I’m going to attempt this cake today, I wanted to ask if I could replace the almond flour with coconut flour? Thanks Tamarin

    • Jason Sanford says

      Unfortunately probably not, as coconut flour can’t really be subbed in most recipes for other flours in an equal amount without altering other ingredients in some way, especially the liquid.

  117. Tracey Marie says

    I tried the recipe with some changes. I doubled the recipe using a 9×13 cake pan. The amount of sugar suggested for the cake did not make it sweet enough for me, so I added an additional 1/2 cup of Splenda. I also added 1/2 cup of sour cream for added moistness. For the frosting I used Swerve confectioners. I added 3 cups for desired sweetness. I also added 2/3 cup of sour cream and almond milk with 2 tbsp of heavy cream, which gave it a creamy, whipped texture. The cake is tasty overall, but the frosting has an aftertaste. I will try monk fruit powdered sugar next time, because the aftertaste detracts from the overall taste of the cake.

  118. Lisa says

    Omg!! I made these into cupcakes and they were unbelievable!!! Would never know they are keto. Absolutely amazing! Thank you for the recipe!

  119. Maria says

    So I tried this reciepe today since I recently started doing Keto and already started missing the sweets. The reviews on this recipe seemed promising and I had all the ingredients minus the same type of sugar, I used Stevia in powdered form. I just made the one layer and the recommended frosting recipe. And first bite, immediately was “oh no, eww” idk if it was the Stevia or the almond flour, but it tasted almost too salty/bitter? I used exact measurements. Could it be the Stevia? Or am I too new to Keto to appreciate this? Ps, I love Dark Chocolate, it wasn’t that kind of bitter. Pls help, I want to stick to this diet, but also want to enjoy it. 😟

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, unfortunately stevia is not a listed ingredient here. If something isn’t listed as an ingredient option in a recipe, it means either we haven’t tried it or we have and it didn’t work. In this case, it was the latter.

    • Kate says

      Stevia often doesn’t do well in chocolate baked goods. I’m not sure why but it reacts with a the chocolate in a way that it winds up bitter.

  120. Stephanie C Sutton says

    For the Lemon version try lemon extract and replace the milk with lemon juice. Zest in the the frosting.
    For almond add almond extract in the cake and frosting and sliced almonds on top.
    I’m going to try this for my daughter’s 8th birthday. Instead of two layers I’m going to bake as is then cut it in half to make two layers and shape into an 8.
    Also using my hubby’s keto berry compote for the middle layer.

  121. Kimberley Reed says

    The BEST Keto cake I have ever made and I have made a lot! Soooo moist…. texture is dense. Please post more keto cake recipes. I don’t want to use anyone else’s Keto cake recipes. It’s DELICIOUS!

  122. Raiana says

    Best cake ever!!!
    I confess I made few modifications though. I didn’t have erythritol, so I substituted with my monk fruit and stevia blend.
    Also, I used 1/4 cup of coffee and 1/4 cup of heavy cream instead of 1/3 cup of milk or water. I think the coffee really brings out the chocolate flavor, and since I was looking for a very moist cake, I decided to add a little bit more liquid to it.
    The results were magnificent! It turned out very fluffy, moist and light!

    Thank you so much for this recipe!

  123. Zeynep says

    This cake is easy to make but texture wise was not right, too dry for me. I will add a little vegetable oil next time.

  124. Amy says

    Hello. Would love to try this! But I’m wondering if coconut sugar would work in place of the regular sugar?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Most likely it would! Just I’d probably pack it because coconut sugar weighs less than regular sugar 🙂

  125. Catherine says

    Katie, you’ve never let me down and this recipe is no exception!
    My sister and I made the following modifications:
    -we added ~1 1/2 tsp orange extract (SO worth it!!)
    -we added ~3 tablespoons of butter just for some more fat and flavor
    -we also made just the cake without the frosting.
    It came out SO good!!! It is very dark chocolatey (which I’m a huge fan of), super moist, and bakes remarkably quickly. It also holds up great over a few days and doesn’t dry out. Next time, we want to try it with raspberry extract.
    This is definitely going in my keto recipe book. Thank you!

  126. Olivia says

    Hello, I am unable to get almond flour, will regular or coconut flour work as a substitute? My partner and I are on the keto diet but are willing to make an exception as it’s going to be his birthday cake. Thank you in advance

    • Jason Sanford says

      Hi, sorry unfortunately coconut flour is completely different and can’t usually work in a 1-to-1 ratio in recipes that call for other flours or almond flour.

      • Catherine says

        I have found that in a lot of recipes, a 1:3 ratio (coconut flour : almond flour ) works when subsituting coconut flour for almond flour. I tried making this cake with coconut flour, but I used only 1/2 cup instead of the 1 1/2 cups of almond flour the recipe calls for. The cake doesn’t have quite the same consistency if made with coconut flour, but it still turned out very moist and delicious! Very chocolatey and buttery with the coconut flour. Hope this helps.

  127. Siobhan says

    There was no nutricion information for the frosting so now I have a layer cake with frosting all over and can’t eat it because I’m scared to throw myself out of keto. I put in all the ingredients seperate and my carb manager said it’s 65g of carbs per serving! It would be much easier if you could have included the info

    • Saritha says

      I added all ingredients in the Carb Manager app where I track my daily carbs.. one serving is 2 carbs!! The recipe is for 8 servings.

  128. Terri says

    I made this today … delicious! I did use a little NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup for some of the cocoa. Instead of cake I made mini cupcakes.

    • Sanne says

      Hi Terri, how long did you cook these for as cupcakes please? I’m baking some for a friend’s gluten-free kid and I don’t want to over cook them.

  129. Christine says

    I used coconut flour instead of almond flour and it was dry so I added more milk until it was wet enough To form a’s been cooking for like 25 mins. I hope I didn’t mess this up because the ingredients were expensive… also online it said that I could substitute with the coconut flour since there is no almond flour in stores with this pndemic sadly!

    • Jason Sanford says

      I’m not sure where you read online that coconut flour can be substituted for almond flour, but in almost all recipes this is absolutely 100% wrong (and terrible) advice. The two ingredients are completely different! For one thing, coconut flour soaks up moisture like a sponge!

  130. Carrie Mastin says

    Oh boy! I’m a diabetic with a horrible sweet tooth. This cake is amazing, delicious, decadent, and satisfying! Thank you for sharing!

  131. Saritha says

    Amazing cake for Keto diet!! I can’t believe how rich and moist it is, absolutely delicious!!
    The only change I did is first beat the wet ingredients and then add the dry ingredients. Absolutely moist and yummy:)

  132. Coe says

    Hello Katie – I was searching for a low-card flourless cake recipe and found this one. I made it exactly as specified for one layer. I used Pyure sweetener which is granulated part stevia and part erythritol. Also used Hershey’s extra dark cocoa. My mix was the consistency of a regular cake batter. I baked it for twenty-five minutes – fourteen minutes wasn’t enough IMHO, but probably twenty-five was just a bit too much (seemed a but dry after cooling). I tasted a pinch and it tasted really good and it was relatively moist. I’ll serve it later with vanilla ice cream (reduced sugar, as I’m not doing keto). Can’t wait!! I will def make this again, and shorten the bake time just a tad. Thanks so much. Coe

  133. Kirsten says

    Amazingly good cake that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty for eating! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  134. Jo Brooks says

    Absolutely delicious 😋
    I made a cream cheese peanut butter frosting for the centre and topped the cake with a Keto chocolate ganache …… pure decadence
    Thank you 🙏

  135. Anne says

    Hi! Question; When you mentioned “2 tbsp dutch cocoa or additional regular” are you saying to add another 2 TBSP to there recipe of cocoa powder if one does not have the “dutch” cocoa type?

    Thanks for your kind help. I love Katie’s recipes! They are AMAZING!!!!

    • Jason Sanford says

      Yes! The dutch cocoa will give it a brownie-like taste, but if you can’t find that then an additional 2 tbsp of regular cocoa will do.

  136. Jenna megan says

    I’m baking a cake tonight for a friend and I needed a sugar free gluten free vegan non processed cake, and yours was the only recipe that cleared all marks! Katie i always come back to your blog after all these years, you’re really the best. P.S. i would like to put a request for a vanilla rendition.

  137. William Francke says

    Would it be possible, in future (and even backdating) to use weights instead of volume in your recipes? Different flours from different manufacturers have different volumes… Thanks!

  138. Ashley says

    I love this recipe and use it ALL THE TIME!!
    Do you have nutrition facts on it? Am I missing it already posted?

  139. Karen says

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I did the vegan version and it freezes really well, great for quick snacks for the kids. I have even eaten them straight out of the freezer hahaha. It is easy which I love.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Sorry we have never tried! If you experiment, be sure to report back with results!
      Jason (media relations)

  140. Jane says

    I want to make this but as cupcakes. Would I need to change any of the measurements or can I just use the ingredients as is? Thanks

  141. Millie A says

    This way great. I only did the single later, used coconut milk and a lesser portion of monk fruit/erythritol sweetener because it was what I had. It was perfect. Made a chocolate ganache to pour over, yummy! Thank you. 🤗

  142. Ciera says

    This cake…omg, this is better than any flour cake!! Followed the recipe and made 16 mini portions but end up eating 8 of them in one go whoops…! So tasty, well done!

  143. Chrissy says

    To Christine that bbn used cocnut flour. I have heard that almond flour to cocnut flour is 3 to 1. So for 3 cups of almond u mught used 1 cup coconut flour . I plan to try this recipe with cocnut flour. But I think I might only need a half cup. Maybe less. I’m going to start with a 1/4 cup. Also I give the ingredients a few mins to set and that gives the coconut flour time to absorb a bit more and it it too thinking can add more. Add and extra egg if to think I heard also that has also helped me

  144. Marilyn says

    Baked this beautiful Keto cake in a 6 1/2 x 2 1/2 mini cake pan, sliced in half and frosted.
    My goodness it tasted as pretty as it looked! Thank you.

  145. Katie says

    Is it possible to make this cake ahead of time and freeze it…and then thaw it and frost it on the day you want to eat it? (Looking ahead to a birthday party for which I’ll have to bake 2 separate cakes and I know I won’t have enough time to do both cakes on the day of.) Thanks!

  146. Linda Whitmore says

    I had been craving cake and I happened to come across this recipe and thought I would give it a try. The cake was so easy to make and it came out perfectly. The cake was moist and delicious. I used the recipe that was posted for the chocolate frosting. This dessert was enjoyed by my boyfriend and I and I will definitely make it again.

  147. Roxana says

    This cake is awesome and you also gave a way to make it dairy free. It taste like a real chocolate cake. Trust me! I loved it. My family loved it too. You are the best baker.

  148. Sam says

    Made this today, used unsweetened almond milk and it came out absolutely beautifully! Had to bake it for 25 mins and used a loaf tin but it’s delicious.

    Even my 3 year old smashed a piece and wanted more!

  149. AJ says

    I tried it for the first time and would love your help. I am not a super baker 🙂 I followed directions and only substituted Truvia cane sugar mix. It was super thin/runny batter, cooked about 17 minutes, and it fell apart when removed from pan after cooling. It was pretty moist but would not hold at all. Suggestions?? Yes, I did grease pan 🙂

    • Jason Sanford says

      What other specific ingredients did you use? It could very well be the truvia, since that’s stevia based and readers have said this recipe does not work to sub stevia for erythritol or sugar.

      • B. Rosa says

        I used Swerve granulated, increasing recipe amount to 1/2 cup, increased vanilla to 2 tsp., and the cooking time to 30 minutes. It’s ok, but not sweet enough. Just tastes like a chocolate corn bread. Might try again.

        • Jason Sanford says

          If you want to salvage the one you made, add frosting or powdered swerve on top if you have some to add sweetness!

    • Nina says

      You need to cook it longer if it fell apart. Use a toothpick to check to see if it’s done in the center. If it comes out clean then your good to go. Also make sure it cools down before removing from the pan. You can place it in the freezer for a few to cool it down faster.

    • Rachael says

      I would just bake it in a rectangular pan and keep it in there. That’s what I did. It fell apart when I cut into it but it was still delicious.

  150. Cathy says

    I made this yesterday. The cake is pretty good. It kind of tastes like a brownie. I did have to cook to about 20 minutes like others have commented. I also made the icing that you provided the link for. It was good but my sweetener did not dissolve. So it felt like there was sand in it. I also had to add a lot more milk than specified. I don’t more exactly how much, I just kept pouring it out of the carton till I got the constituency I wanted. So the cake was good but would not do that icing next time. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Tiffany says

      I have experienced the same issue with the granular sugar. Use the confectioners sugar next time and it will dissolve. I use Swerve and 1 cup granulated equals 1 cup confectioners sugar.

  151. Craftybaker says

    I’ve made this cake numerous times. It’s the only one I use because it’s the best one I’ve found, so I stopped looking lol😊

  152. Amandeep Saini says

    I tried it today. Used unsweetened almond milk and also added 2tbs butter. I baked it for 15 minutes and it came out beautifully!

  153. Lindsay says

    Very salty! I mean, it’s still good, but I will half the salt next time around. It’s a keeper as it’s definitely the healthiest keto cake recipe I’ve found and it’s moist. I added 1/2 tsp of espresso powder to the recipe which I will definitely do again.

  154. Dana Jost says

    Made with splenda. Was a little bitter. I have a splenda and cinnamon mix that i use on stuff. Put on top, cut the bitter taste and was excellent. I only had enough cream cheese to make half the icing recipe. Maybe that’s why it was bitter.

  155. Jihan says

    Hi! I’m new to the “low carb lifestyle” & came across to this recipe! Sooooo good! Can’t help myself! Might finish the whole thing in 1 sitting even no frosting!😂 thank u so much!

  156. Linda Marsh says

    I made this recipe yesterday exactly as it was printed. I had to bake it for 20 minutes which was fine. It turned out great. The only complaint I would have is it tasted overwhelmingly salty and I felt it needed a bit more of the sweetener so I will adjust the sweetener next time as I realize that is only personal taste preference. Can you just leave out the salt completely?

    • Jason Sanford says

      Sure you definitely can! If you’re used to baked goods without salt, it’s only in there for flavor so is not a problem to omit.

  157. Gigi says

    I followed the recipe, used swerve. Made the chocolate cream cheese frosting. My family ate it, which is great, but they are not keto, and now I have to make another one for me. Can I make this in a bundt pan????

  158. Sharon Irons says

    I made this cake for a friends birthday! She doesn’t eat any carbs so it was perfect for her, she even had some! A defenite winner! The only thing is, how to keep it so that frosting doesn’t melt?

  159. Stephanie Agrella says

    We’ve made this twice already and really enjoy it. Super quick and easy and it’s so moist and delicious! Thanks so much.

  160. Carolyn Warr says

    I was hesitant on how this would turn out because my batter tasted grainy from the almond flour, but WOW! This is AMAZING! Moist, dense, and so decadent! Its so easy too! I doubled to make a double layer, used dark chocolate cocoa powder, and didnt have the dutch powder. I used a keto dark chocolate mousse for frosting. I will definitely use more of her recipes!!!

  161. Iheartketo says

    I’m shocked at how good this is! All the keto cakes I’ve tried were dry and crumbly. I always have to throw them away. This one actually tastes like a cake! I didn’t make the frosting just the cake. I used heavy whipping cream instead of milk. Also I use blue diamond fine almond flour.

  162. Noreen Ruscito says

    I made this today and it didn’t rise, it is like 1/2 inch thick, so put it in a pie plate after it cold added a layer of strawberries and finished it with sugar free chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Any ideas on why it didn’t rise?

  163. bev says

    where is the recipe for this cake please, everyone commenting how good it is, can someone please tell me where the recipe is ???

  164. Diana says

    I made this recipe and it is sooooo delicious! I used water since I didn’t have milk (thought later I could’ve probably used heavy whipping cream). I ended up cooking it for a total of 28 min. After the 14 min was up, I added 5 min (twice) after seeing the middle was still jiggly.

    For the frosting i used the chocolate cream cheese recipe with powdered Swerve and used heavy whipping cream in place of milk. It turned out perfect.

    Next time I make this cake, I want to try the chocolate whipped cream recipe. It sounds so yummy!

    You will not be disappointed with this chocolate cake. It’s absolutely to die for!

  165. Page says

    I’ve made this cake twice now and my family always loves it! I like to add a tablespoon or two of coffee grounds to bring out the chocolate and it tastes great.

  166. Rachael says

    I will eat this cake off a dirty floor it is so delicious! I used confectioners swerve because I didn’t have granulated and the cake falls apart easily but I do not care. It doesn’t even need frosting although I did make the chocolate frosting sans chocolate and added peanut butter instead. It was ok, I wasn’t a fan of the buttery taste But my fiancé loved it. I think next time I will try just confectioners sweet with peanut butter or almond butter. I will definitely make this cake again. It was super easy and the texture is unbelievable. It tastes so good cold.

  167. Becky says

    Could I use coffee in place of the water? My mother’s famous chocolate cake called for dark coffee, and it added a perfect flavor with the chocolate.

  168. Barbara Chagas says

    Hi Katie, I just came back to say your cake is really amazing!!! Tastes like a craving but healthy, nutritious! Its light, not very sweet and with the best ingredients only! I cut 1/2 cup almond flour for the combined 2 recipes and it is really light! Also, I am going to try substituting sugar for maple syrup to have it even more natural, have you tried that perhaps? But really, what I wanted to say is: your recipe is just the best! I will bake this cake for the rest of my life! Amazing!!!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hmm, we haven’t tried, but thank you so much for making it! Be sure to report back if you try subbing maple syrup 🙂

  169. Romina Simon says

    I’ve made this chocolate cake yesterday; it’s my first Keto cake so I didn’t expect much of it but to be honest I was very surprised when I ended up with the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever tasted.
    Thank you so much for this recipe. It’s a shame I can’t attach a picture…
    I can’t wait to try more recipes.

  170. fffff says

    Ive added desiccated coconut and used less than 1/3 cup of stevia…. forgot to add the salt too…. turned out great though!!!
    Thank you

  171. Joy says

    I had my doubts due to the almond flour! It is delicious! Moist and rich and chocolatey! Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely make this again and again!

  172. Lara says

    Just in case anyone wants to know, because I saw somewhere in the comments that someone wanted to make cupcake out of this and it hadn’t been tested yet. So, I did it. I followed the recipe with the swerve/erythritol and chicken eggs. i dint make this vegan but you can. doesn’t change the way I cooked it. I followed everything . You have smaller cakes and smaller cakes take less time. but you can always know I think the typical time frame is 20-25 min for cupcakes but I looked at around 15 min and I cant remember if it was done right then or if I did a few min longer but I dont think it was quite the 20 min. But just keep an eye. I used water instead of milk/milk sub and i wish I had done milk. It was good but it makes creamier cakes with milk. and I wish i had added oil to the batter. but oh well. If you dont go quite 20 min its less done like and you get it softer. So i think that helped me out. I did make a frosting and added that and it helped. it was amazing!!! 5 stars!!!

    • Michelle says

      Almond meal works 🙂
      I think it is the same thing as almond flour? In any case, it’s what I used in mine!

  173. Shane S says

    Great recipe! I got busy and lost track of time and accidentally overbaked but that was my fault! 🙂 Just remember that this cake has a lot of eggs (if baked to recipe) and eggs continue cooking even after they are removed from the oven so I wouldn’t go more than 25 mins. Look for a medium “wobble” in the batter- not loose but not firm. I used almond milk and I didn’t think it was sweet enough so I added extra sweetener. It also bakes great in silicone bakeware! I’ll be making again but watching the time closer. The recipe is loads better than any Keto “mix” I’ve bought off the internet.

    • Shane S says

      Oh! And next time I think I’ll try blending the dry ingredients into a food processor before adding the wet. The almond flour is a bit grainy and I want to try to see if I can make it a little finer as well as evenly distribute the baking powder.

  174. sheila says

    Great cake recipe! I made the frosting too, but I have a LOT left over. Do you think the frosting can be stored in the freezer?

  175. Kerryd says

    Made this recipe and divided it into 6 muffins. I used Stevia. Also topped it with a coconut frosting.
    Taste test, consistency was great, not too light and not too dense. However the coco was just too overbearing and a mouthful could only be managed if it had the frosting. Maybe it needed more stevia.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, I would try with one of the listed sweeteners, as readers (and we as well) did not report good results subbing stevia for one of the options listed in the recipe.

  176. Robert says

    Does the nutritional facts include the chocolate icing? If not do you know how many carbs are in the icing itself?

  177. Amy says

    This had to be the worst cake I have ever made. I wasted a very expensive bag of sugar for this. No one liked it. It was very dry and the icing left a terrible taste in your mouth.

    • Gayle says

      Did you use the Swerve brand icing sweetener for your frosting? Our cake was very moist and the frosting was creamy and delicious.

    • Michelle says

      Mine was really moist. We made it for 4th of July and it went over a treat.

      Did you use coconut flour instead of almond flour? It’s hard to know what you did because you didn’t leave any information about the ingredients you used.

  178. Catherine Bishop says

    I made this cake over the 4th of July. Though I do think that it is a good replacement for the sugary stuff, it is not the best cake you’ll ever taste like the post says lol. The actual cake is pretty bland. It is much better, however, with the chocolate frosting listed in post. I was fairly impressed with the frosting. Don’t make the cake thinking that it’s as good as the real thing, because it is not. Understand that this is a healthier version and be open to the new taste and texture. It won’t raise your blood sugar!

  179. Jeanie Cutler says

    Turned out fabulously, very moist and flavorful. I cooked mine for 30 mins also, just watched it and waited until the center rose up.

  180. Barb P says

    Instead of cake I made cupcakes! Both my husband and myself were amazed at how good these tasted. This is definitely a keeper recipe 👍

  181. Hannah says

    I was too exhausted to do the egg white whip leavened cakes the fancy magazines all use for their gluten free options. Found this recipe and had an awesome birthday cake in an hour and half, including cooling before frosting. The birthday girl said it was better than the last fancy egg white recipe she’d tried.

    Don’t experiment with tossing in chocolate chips like I did, you could see them dragging down the rise in little puckers where I put them. I guess find a recipe if you want something like that and it’s for an event. I was able to make it look fine with careful stacking and frosting though 😉

  182. Holly says

    I’m new to Keto and read through all the comments trying to find an answer to my question before asking, but I didn’t see it. I saw that others had the same question, so I used Google. My question was if coconut flour could be substituted instead of almond flour. Here’s what Google had to say:

    “substitute 1 cup of almond flour with 1/4 cup (1 ounce) of coconut flour. You will also need to add 1 egg for every 1/4 cup of coconut flour used in addition to the eggs called for in the original recipe.”

  183. Holly says

    Sorry, my cat sat on my keyboard and posted my comment when I wasn’t finished. Yes, she does that a lot! 😀

    “substitute 1 cup of almond flour with 1/4 cup (1 ounce) of coconut flour. You will also need to add 1 egg for every 1/4 cup of coconut flour used in addition to the eggs called for in the original recipe.”

    Additionally, once you’ve done those two things, you may notice that you need more liquid to get the batter to right consistency.

    To make your batter better, add the same amount of liquid that the recipe calls for first, and then add more as needed.

    If your mixture seems too dry, add more liquid until you get the right consistency. (In some cases, you may even need to double the amount of liquid required in the initial recipe.)

    If your batter is too wet, add coconut flour one teaspoon at a time until you get the right consistency.

    I hope this helps anyone else who had the same question. 🙂

  184. Casie says

    I am looking forward to trying this recipe but beet to know if the nutrition facts includes the frosting? If not do you have the info for the frosting 😊

  185. LC says

    I didn’t see her use the egg yolks. Did anyone use the entire egg in the recipe? I made it with just the egg whites and it taste good. I’m just wondering if it would have come out smoother with the entire egg in it?

  186. Alison Cormack says

    My mix was so much runnier than on the video, but the eggs seem to have been missed out in the video. Curious to why, I added the eggs and my mix was more like regular cake mix. It also didn’t rise as much, how can I get more rise on my cake? Chocolate frosting DELICIOUS 😋

  187. Penelope says

    THis cake was still raw after 14 min in the oven. I was reading this super click-baity recipe on my phone sonits possible I missed something.

    • CCK Media Team says

      It sounds like it just needs more time in the oven and will be fine. Not sure what you mean by click baity?

  188. Brenda W says

    My birthday is coming up and this is going to be the cake I bake for myself. I was looking for the nutritional values for the chocolate cream cheese frosting but didn’t see it. Do you have those totals?

  189. Chrissy says

    I used flax eggs in this recipe and it took forever to bake. Total time was probably about an hour. I have not cut into it, but it didn’t seem to rise at all, so very dense. I did have a bit of excess batter that I tasted and the flavor was super yummy!

  190. Chrissy says

    In the video I did not see the water/milk added. Is the liquid that is called for in the recipe, the liquid that is to be used in the egg replaced??

  191. LF says

    Just made this…so so good! I used monkfruit and followed cake/icing recipes as is. Halved the icing recipe and still had a lot left over. I left the cake in about 30min in my oven and super moist.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hmm, probably not without changing some of the other ingredients, especially the amount of liquid. But if you experiment, be sure to report back!

  192. Melanie Brown says

    So I wish I could upload a picture of this impossibly simple choc cake…..I made it so quickly I couldnt believe it, no fat and no flour? I doubled the recipe and made two cakes, using ready made liners for ease. It was in the oven and baked in under half an hour. The result, so moist, it cooked perfectly. I ended up keeping the two cakes in a tin for two days until I was ready to use them as rain prevented play as planned on day one, then I made up the frosting and added just a mere touch of expresso powder to bring out the choc flavour. WOW! It went on like a dream, JUST the right amount of frosting to give a generous inner layer and cover the top and sides. I took a leaf out of Katies book and piped some swirls on top, and it is indeed a tall and handsome cake. VERY rich, you cant eat much of it, so even though there was 7 of us, theres half a cake left. I have put this in the fridge and am being liberal with treats…Even out of the fridge it is still soft and fudgy. This is without a doubt the only chocolate cake I will ever make again. Wowser, cant wait to try some of the other recipes.

  193. Elisa V says

    Surprisingly good. My son wanted something sweet and I wanted to avoid sugar so I told him to pick anything from CCK and this is what he chose. The recommended frosting was amazing! Going to save that one for sure. The cake itself had a good texture and tasted like a rich cake, just not as sweet. Saving the frosting recipe, I’m going to try some more cake ones 🙂

  194. virginia says

    absolutely the best low carb cake ever of any flavor. i made it as written no subs and it turned out fabulous. i doubled it and baked in 9×13. great texture, great flavor.
    the search is over. thank you so very much.

  195. Hilal says

    I tried the vegan version and with coconut flour instead since very last minute I realized that I did not have almond flour anymore. The mix was extremely dry therefore I had to triple the abount of plant based milk. Still too dry but definitely delicious.

  196. Kath says

    Can I please check the nutritional calculations…when I entered all ingredients, doubled for sandwich, inclusive of frosting it total 22 net carbs per 1/8 serving Ouch!!!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! We haven’t calculated it with the frosting, but just remember to leave out the carbs from erythritol when calculating net carbs since they aren’t counted towards net carbs – that should help lower the number you got 🙂 Also this cake if you make a double layer, would probably serve more like 10-12 since it’s so rich.

  197. Kath says

    I am using carb manager to keep myself on track, but I did realise I didn’t change the servings size, so I did this to 16, but by entering all the ingredients it still calculated the net carbs at 11 per slice, and it isn’t adding anything for the sweetener. Doubling recipe for a sandwich cake you calculated 2.7 per 8 slice totaling 5.4 net carbs. Then the frosting you calculated at 4 net carbs, so somehow by ingredients, I’m still over on your calculations🤔 But, it is a lovely cake recipe, so thank you 😋 😍

  198. Jessica says

    Would this cake work as the tiers of a Black Forest Cake?
    Really love the simplicity of this recipe 🙂
    Ticks all my boxes: low carb, healthy-ish, no butter, no sugar!

  199. Bethalie Kruk says

    This is my first time baking a keto cake! I doubled the recipe to make 2 layers – I used 6 large eggs and 2/3 C. almond milk. Baking time was about 19 minutes in our 350F convection oven. The middles were ‘firm’ and a toothpick test showed a tiny bit of batter at the tip end. I plan to frost with chocolate cream cheese frosting and PB keto frosting between the layers. I hope it turns out well for a friend’s birthday today.

  200. Brittany Padilla says

    Loved this recipe so much! I did not expect this to come out so fluffy and exactly like cake made with regular wheat flour. My sister even asked me if it was made with wheat flour since the texture was exactly like regular cake lol. Definitely keeping this recipe and making again!!

  201. Amal Abed says

    I never left a comment, the cake turned out so good, it took exactly 30 minutes because I used 3 eggs. I’m impressed. I wish I can share a picture, Thanks.

    • Saira says

      Hi Amal, I just posted asking if it’s was normal for the cakes to come out quite flat when real eggs are used? My cakes didn’t seem to rise at all! Please let me know before I attempt to make it again! Lol! 🙂

  202. Saira says

    I just made this cake – I doubled the recipe so I could make 2 layers, and used 6 eggs. It took about 22 minutes to bake but the cakes are really flat! Did I mess something up, or is this normal? Help? Thanks! 🙂

  203. Nicole says

    Hi. I’m going to make this for my dad’s birthday and was wondering what is the best way to store since I’ll be making it a day ahead. Can it be stored in a cake container at room temp? Or should it be refrigerated? I want it to stay moist!

  204. Jennifer says

    Just tried this with coconut flour. I used real sugar but had to increase the amount of sugar by 2 tablespoons since I am algeric to sugar substitutes and they are much sweeter than real sugar. I also had to increase the milk as my batter came out really thick. I also made this in a mini loaf pan and cooked it twice as long. My family loved the result! I also did not use any frosting just a little chocolate syrup for presentation. Thank you for the recipe!

  205. Miriam says

    I have made this recipe twice now and both times the cake has tasted great. The first time I made it I think I needed to leave the cake in the oven a bit longer as the cake was bit too wet, soft and falling apart on me. This second time I made it I actually left it in the oven for about 17 min and it came out perfect. While the cake itself isn’t very sweet, paired with a good buttercream frosting, everything balances out and tastes great (will have to try the cream cheese frosting recommended at some point).
    I have several friends who have celiac disease and, paired with my allergy of xanthan gum, this was the perfect cake recipe for all of us to be able to enjoy together. Thank you so much for developing this recipe and this will be one of my staple chocolate cake recipes.

    • CCK Media Team says

      We honestly haven’t ever worked with that sweetener so unfortunately can’t say. But if it’s something that can be subbed in most recipes for sugar in an equal amount then it sounds like hopefully it will work!

  206. Kathleen says

    Hands down the most amazing chocolate cake I’ve ever made – and the chocolate cream cheese frosting is a must! Make the double layer and people will think you spent endless hours in the kitchen to create this to perfection. I use a stick blender to beat the eggs before combining into the dry mix. A slice of this cake is a real treat!

  207. Ashli says

    Made this tonight. It definitely curbed my chocolate craving. It’s rich, so you don’t need a big piece & I noticed an after taste, probably from the sweetener. But it’s a great sweet treat alternative for me & my son who is a type 1 diabetic.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Almond flour is not actual flour. It is simply almonds ground up (almond meal) and is sometimes called almond flour because it resembles the texture of flour.

  208. Steph says

    Really tasty.. best chocolate keto dessert I’ve made. On my second try…i sifted the almond flour. I have put it in a square pan and since it is very dense… I’m going to pass them off to my family as brownies. I sprinkled a few lily’s chocolate chips on top. The chocolate cream cheese keto frosting is also amazing. Mine did need extra time in the oven… about 22 minutes.

  209. Bonnie Bucher says

    Being a novice of keto baking, my cake was a little flat, how can I fix that, I also did the chocolate chip cookies and they are really small, maybe I made too many and do they have to be flattened a lot more than I thought as they do not look like the picture.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi! What ingredients did you use? Also, keto cakes are not supposed to rise as much as non-keto ones, so maybe you didn’t do anything wrong? The photos are of a 2-layer cake (so the doubled option). How did it taste??

  210. Jessie says

    This cake is such a hit! I’m gluten free and my boyfriends mum is pre diabetic. I made this cake for her 70th birthday and the family all loved it! I did a single cream and dark chocolate ganache with strawberries for topping soo yummy!

  211. Jan M says

    I made this cake yesterday and it is very, very good. I kept to real sugar – making one layer with only 1/3 c is really very low amount of sugar per serving. It took longer to bake – almost double. Usually, a cake will be very crumbly when almond flour is used but this cake held up extremely well – I’ll keep this recipe in my arsenal to use on a regular basis. Thanks for posting, Katie.

  212. Angel says

    I’m a 15 year old Baker, I’ve been baking for 5 or more years. I may not be the best but I always try new things. Recently my dad got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so me and my family are now on a keto diet. It is my dad’s birthday tomorrow so I’m making this cake for him! I’m excited and I really hope he like it. Thank you for this awesome recipe!

  213. Sarah Chiaro says

    Omg it was lush!
    Filling was double cream, melted 85% choc and 2 tsp ground erythritol. Frosting made with same melted choc, cream cheese, tsp erythritol and orange flavouring. Topped with walnuts and a couple of raspberries. Made it for my non keto partner’s 60th birthday and he cannot believe how amazing but healthy it is!!! Thank you ❤️

  214. Grace says

    Can I freeze one of the layers to thaw and eat later? I’m new to keto and wondering if I can treat this like I would a normal cakein that regard. Thanks! 🙂

  215. Audrey says

    I made this cake for my son’s birthday because I’m trying to cut carbs some and I want cake too!
    What I noticed, the cake bakes AMAZINGLY! It ended up being just as moist, just as fluffy as a regular cake. The cake to me seemed just a little on the bitter side. I don’t know what I could do to change that, I tried to add a little more sugar and it wound up changing the texture of the cake and making it more flat. (I used Swerve) I wonder if I could use something to “cut” the bitterness from the cake? Maybe it’s the cocoa powder, we mix our own dutch processed in this house. That could be the reason.
    Either way, with some sugar free cream cheese icing on it, still pretty amazing.
    Overall, I was pretty impressed with the cake.

  216. jacquelyn says

    Just made this with almond meal and Katie’s frosting recipe. Super moist, easy and yummy!!!! Highly recommend!

  217. Toni says

    This cake looks absolutely delicious I would like to make this as soon as possible. Can I use Truvia for the sugar?

  218. Amber says

    The flavor of this is awesome. The one thing I have had trouble with is cooking time. Mine was quite soupy for awhile. So I kept having to bake longer. I find it tricky working with almond flour to not overbake. How do you determine when to pull it? The standard toothpick method seems to overbake almond flour recipes slightly.

  219. Ann says

    I’m just starting Keto and I wanted a “go to” chocolate dessert and this one worked! I used what I had on hand so I used buttermilk and cane sugar since my husband is not a fan of sugar alcohols. So to keep my carbs in place I cut 24 small square pieces in grid formation in my 8inch round pan. The piece is just enough to satisfy without sacrificing my carb count🌞

    • emily says

      Wanted to mention from my earlier post that recipe made 22 minis and my oven cooks a bit high, so I set at 325F and cooked for 10m.

  220. Jennifer says

    Used swerve as the sweetener and water in place of milk and it was good for me. Did not do the icing as I was just looking for something simple. Made it into 8 cupcakes and it turned out really well. I can imagine making this as a cake with the icing for a birthday or holiday, it’s a good recipe.

  221. Vera E Boone says

    I have been on low carbs for 5 months, but have to watch my sugar. So my birthday is coming up and I wanted to bake me a cake. I found this chocolate keto cake and it is so good, I just made one layer. The chocolate cream cheese icing is to die for, so delicious. Not eating sweets for a long time I only put 1 & 1/2 cups of Swerve in the icing and it was just right. Thanks for sharing it !!

  222. Susan M says

    This cake is delicious. Next time I’ll triple the recipe to make a taller a cake. The original recipe makes a 1 inch high cake. Yummy though.

  223. Rachel Sessions says

    These turned out soooo…good!! Thank you for the recipe. I made cupcakes and got 9. Will definitely make again 😃

  224. Yvonne says

    Made this chocolate cake – Wow turned out exactly as described in 14mins and is one of the nicest chocolate cakes I’ve ever tasted. Even my husband loved it and he doesn’t usually like chocolate cakes! Will be making this again ! And thanksx

  225. Megan says

    Are the nutrition facts based on using erythritol or regular sugar? I would love to try making this for a family member with diabetes and want to make sure I have the nutrition info correct to pass along!

  226. Serena says

    Thank you for the recipe. Please advise the following

    1) substitute the water or milk (80g) to heavy cream or unsweetened almond milk?

    2) may I add Slight butter ? If yes what is gram?
    Thank you.

  227. Bogna says

    Oh boy, it’s sooo good. O cut mine in half and used a filling made with mascarpone, cream, Stevia, cottage cheese and a few raspberries. Melted dark chocolate with cream and gee butter. Now I can have cake on keto!

  228. Peggy West says

    I wish somebody would tell me what I did wrong. I followed the instructions to the letter and it came out like a pancake. I made it for my sons birthday tomorrow so I’m going to pass it off as a cookie. My oven is in calibration and my ingredients were fresh.
    Hope it will taste good🤭

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Peggy, what specific ingredients did you use? And what size pan?
      It isn’t supposed to rise much, so if it tastes good then maybe you didn’t do anything wrong at all? 🙂

  229. Peggy says

    My comment from yesterday didn’t get posted either,anyway I was asking about it not rising and looked more like a cookie. I was asking for help as to what I did wrong. I served it today and it really looked like a one layer cake after it was cut and it was delicious! I will definitely be making it again!

    • CCK Media Team says

      It sounds like either one of the ingredients is incorrect in their database, or they’re counting the carbs from the erythritol, which aren’t counted on keto 🙂

  230. Nicole Kyle says

    Loved loved this! I actually used this recipe to make cupcakes. It worked beautifully! And I was able to freeze some of them to keep them for later. Thanks so much!

  231. Nina says

    Great for inspiration
    Triggered my imagination
    Would like to have seen the steps of making the chocolate to spread in between layers
    It is an option I will think about :No carb cake

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi Nina! To answer your other question, what about topping it with fresh strawberries? And maybe the kind of whipped cream that’s from a can, because it’s mostly air? Or you can sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar or powdered erythritol instead of frosting 🙂

  232. Christina says

    I just made this cake for the first time and it is cooling now. I haven’t tasted it yet but I was going over the text before the recipe and I noticed it said 2/3 cup sugar or sweetener and then at the bottom on the recipe card, I see 1/3 cup sugar. Just wondering which is accurate. It looks delicious regardless and was very easy to put together. Thank you.

  233. Sarah H says

    To be honest, I never go out of my way to really review these recipes on any of the websites I frequent. However, I had to come and review this one because I have always wanted to enjoy my birthday without cheating and never thought it was actually possible. This cake is absolutely out of this world amazing. My husband and I tried the frosting and both looked at each other like no way this is keto! This is such a simple recipe and you can easily modify it to make any kind of flavor but simply trading out the melted chocolate Lily’s flavor (I used butterscotch instead of melted chocolate and left out the cocoa powder for the filing layer). This is so satisfying and it doesn’t take much at all to curb a sweet tooth! Thank you so much for this! I will be coming back to this website for sure.

    • CCK Media Team says

      The sugar is the non-keto option for people only looking for a flourless cake. The erythritol (whose carbs aren’t counted in net carbs) is the keto option.

  234. Dansramos says

    I made the chocolate keto cake and it came out amazing. However I was very disappointed with the cream cheese frosting. I added Erythritol just like the recipe said and it was completely grainy which ruined the cake. I could not get passed that.

    • CCK Media Team says

      So glad the cake was good! For the frosting, did you use powdered erythritol? Different brands of sugar-free sweeteners have different textures, and I know erythritol comes in both granulated and powdered form.

    • Antoinette MacKenzie says

      Remember if you have granulated Erythritol, you’ll need to powder it first in a coffee grinder or blender to get the powdery consistency!

  235. Kate says

    Hi! I absolutely loved this recipe and thank you so much for sharing it. I’ve been on keto for almost three weeks and the sweet cravings are the worst!

    Do you happen to know the carb and calorie count of the single layer cake with your recommended frosting please? 💕

  236. Michelle says

    I just made your Best keto Chocolate cake recipe last night. I doubled the recipe for the cake. I was about to make your Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting recipe and was wondering whether that’s recipe completely covers a double layer cake (in between layers, sides, and top)? Or is your frosting recipe only enough for a single layer cake? Basically, I need to know whether I should double the frosting recipe to cover my two layer cake? Need to make it for a birthday party at noon today. 😬

  237. Adam says

    I’ve never felt the need to leave a message before but this recipe is so damn good I had to. I don’t bake and the recipe was easy to follow, I just had an issue with cook time but that’s just up to individual ovens. I used the frosting recipe too and didn’t use anything but a fork to mix with, turned out just as good, just needed to add a couple of tbsp’s of extra milk. Is it the best chocolate cake I’ve had, no, but it comes pretty close.

  238. Crystal M says

    My husband’s birthday is tomorrow and I made this cake today. I have two 6” pie pans and increased the recipe by 50% for a double layer cake. Perfect amount. I cut the tops level and tasted it, and the cake is wonderful! Moist and not super sweet. I plan to make the cream cheese keto chocolate frosting linked to this recipe to top the cake. So excited, because I have been severely disappointed by other keto chocolate cake recipes in the past. I can tell this will be a winner! My husband is going to have an even better birthday thanks to this recipe, Katie! Much appreciated!

  239. Jacque Mishler says

    I messed up a whole cake by following your chocolate cake recipe by putting in 1&a half teaspoons baking powder when that’s what it says in the recipe….wow!

    • Jelena says

      Do you mean that you subbed baking soda by mistake? There’s nothing wrong with putting 1 1/2 tsp baking powder in a cake, many cakes call for more than that.

  240. Melva says

    I have to say best sugar free chocolate cake ever. I never open my oven but twice I’ve baked it and it falls in the center. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Not a big deal, it’s for the house but curious. I put a cream cheese frosting made with Bocha Sweet and Allulose and the family thinks they are eating hotess cupcakes cake. Really is a delicious cake. Thank you.

    • CCK Media Team says

      Unfortunately not without changing some other things in the recipe, such as the amount of liquid, flour, etc.

  241. Ray says

    I didn’t have almond flour or erythritol. I used stevia and all purpose flour. Turned out dry and almost flavorless. I’m thinking the substituting was a mistake. Next time I will follow exactly as outlined and hope for a better outcome.

  242. Yvonne says

    I put chocolate chips in the batter and then sprinkled some more over the top. I made a mocha whipped topping with cool whip, instant coffee, and a little chocolate sauce mixed together that I just dolloped on the side rather than icing. I probably ruined the keto aspect but it was good.

  243. Sugar Reyes says

    I made this cake for my birthday coz I wanted a healthy cake and I’m such a chocolate cake nut. The cake turned out so pretty even if it was my first time to frost a cake, this came out fantastic and is even better than some commercial cakes, not to mention much healthier! My first time to make a full cake and I studied all the comments…my takeaways…1. Add mct oil 4tbsp. I added just 3 and the cakes turned out moist enough, but at 4, maybe it will be more decadent. 2. I added i tsp of instant coffee, which I think added depth to the taste; 3. I put 3.5 tbsp. of milk but I think 3 tbsp. will hold the form even when left out of the fridge for a long time; I used dutch chocolate all the way coz that’s the only cocoa I have. I’m very particular with chocolate taste and texture and I’m quite proud of this cake! Wish I can post pictures!

  244. Len says

    I can’t wait to try this keto recipe, but where is the nutrition Info? How many carbs are in this recipe? Thank you

    • Ashley says

      It might alter the bake, so maybe try 1/3 coconut to 2/3 almond to start, and play around with amounts after that. I’m no pro but I’ve done this with a few recipes and it works great!

  245. pat says

    Delicious cake It was still moist a week after until the last piece.I did find it a bit strong chocolate tasting so I served it with a few tablespoons of crushed strawberries and a dollop of cool whip.My husband myself and my company loved it Will def make it again.

  246. Johanna says

    This cake is very good, with a couple of caveats. Because of the large amount of baking powder necessary, the addition of more salt makes the cake too salty. The next time I try it, I will omit additional salt. Also, the layers did not rise enough to make a two-layer cake. I had to make a third layer to create a normal size layer cake. On the positive side, the texture is great because of the almond flour, and the chocolate flavor is dense and satisfying without being too sweet.

  247. Jez says

    Turned out very well at 16 minutes, I used ground almonds but next time I’ll leave the salt out, this spoilt it, good cake tho,

  248. Susan Baker says

    I”m a type 2 diabetic of many years very overweight and finally trying to do something about(2 weeks doing good) but I want my diet to be low carb but realistic. So in looking around i found this recipe and tried it. IT is AMAZING. In 2 days I have made 3!
    One for me and 1 each for friends who are either diabetic or very careful with their diet after weight loss surgery. I asked for opinions(I always do) and both say it was fantastic.
    I realize Katie only does desserts but can she recommend a good bread recipe. When you check online its a free for all and I picked Katie because of her background.

  249. Patti Laurie says

    This was my first time doing a “keto” friendly cake! I doubled this recipe For the “2 layer” cake with just one batch of the icing! It was a great hit with our family! No left overs!

  250. Kayla says

    Does the cake nutritional facts include the frosting you made if not where can I find that at because I didn’t see it on the link for the frosting recipe

  251. Sharlene says

    Best fudgiest cake I ever made. Took it to a small event because 1 person I knew was gluten intolerant and I wanted to be sure they could have something off the dessert table. It was devoured by everyone and they all couldn’t believe it was wheatt, gluten, and dairy free. 2 thumbs up!

  252. Viki says

    This is the most amazing recipe!! I’ve baked it as a single layer and as a double which the cream cheese icing. This will definitely be my go to chocolate cake. 😊

  253. Laurie says

    I made this cake for my boyfriend’s birthday and we both couldn’t believe how incredibly delicious it was with the chocolate cream cheese frosting. I’m now making another one for my sister’s birthday. Thank you so much for the recipe!!! I love everything I have made from your recipes 🙂

  254. Littleone says

    Can I make this into cupcakes? Is so, besides adjusting baking time is there anything else I need to do differently? I have just started to make it and realize I don’t have cake pans. Yeesh.

  255. Emanuel says

    This didn’t work! The measurements for the wet ingredients are not right. I ended up with a bowl full of crumbs. I’m mad because I bought the expensive coconut flour and the plant based sugar and didn’t get the product I thought I would get. Hopefully someone will adjust the recipe to the correct measurements so no one else wastes their time and money.

    • CCK Media Team says

      The recipe does not call for coconut flour. It calls for almond flour. They are two completely different things and 100% cannot be substituted for each other in this recipe (or in most others).

    • Anushila says

      I made this and it was absolutely delicious and the ingredients and measurements worked perfectly fine! One of the best chocolate cakes I ever made. I wish I could share pics over here! Never ever use coconut flour as a substitute unless said so. The consistency is completely different and doesn’t bind and rise easily. Please try to follow instructions throughly especially when it comes to baking and more when it comes to keto.

  256. Sandra says

    YUM. This was so good!!!
    Made the frosting, too! I found i really needed to beat the frosting a lot to get the sugar to incorporate well. Is there a trick to get the sugar to incorporate fully? Seems a little gritty in the frosting. I get it if that’s a trade-off.
    Also, is the frosting included in the nutritional information?

    • CCK Media Team says

      So glad it turned out well! Did you use powdered or granulated erythritol for the frosting? Nutrition facts are just for the cake, in case people want to put on a different frosting or just sprinkle it with powdered sugar or fruit, etc.

  257. Lyn says

    I made this cake today (twice)!
    I made the first one to make sure it would work out for me. I baked it in a 9″ round cake tin. FANTASTIC!

    So, then I made a second one. So quick to mix using a hand whisk and 15 mins to cook.

    Where it said to use milk or water, I used cream with about a dessertspoon of water.

    I made the cream cheese frosting which was quick to whip up and turned out well. I did add some cream. Everyone loved it!

    I used Monkfruit with Stevia as the sweetner. Next time I will measure the quantity first and then try powdering it in my Magic Bullet to cut back on the grittiness. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL RECIPE.

  258. Cindy B says

    Oh My Gosh!!! This cake is ah-mazing!!! It totally helped my sweet tooth, it was easy to make. My hubby loves it. It may have even been better the next day! So good – this will definitely be our go to! Thanks!

  259. Gigi wark says

    OMG this recipe is not only easy but soooo delicious. I made the two layers and your icing recipe also totally awesome. I did substitute a cup of whey protein for the same amount of almond flour as I have learned this allows cake to rise more which worked beautifully. Other than that followed recipe to a key.
    I was wondering if you know if this cake can be frozen or not? I would like to bake one, freeze it and ship it as a birthday gift.
    Thanks for sharing this easy and tasty recipe.

    • CCK Media Team says

      I think we’ve seen that readers have frozen it. Katie has, but only without the frosting so we don’t know how the whole thing freezes. But sans frosting is definitely fine.

  260. Vicole says

    The recipe is so good and simple. It was my first time baking any kind of cake and it turned out wonderful! Very moist, rich and not so sweet, even though I forgot the vanilla extract. My friends couldn’t tell the difference between regular chocolate cake and this.

  261. Jennifer Belcher says

    Can you provide measurements in grams? Also, when measuring the almond flour and egg replacement powder, do you slightly pack it down into the measuring cup/tablespoon or do you scoop it and level it?

  262. Kenneth says

    Love your website for all my healthy cheat meals.

    One small suggestion if I may. It would be awesome if you would also provide the measurements in metric units.

    Anyway, keep it up. You make some really delicious stuff

  263. Teresa W says

    I made this cake and frosting today for my son’s 10th birthday and he loved it! It was really good. My cake came out a little dry but I may have overbaked it. I added more almond milk to the frosting than indicated and it came out a nice consistency. I ran out of pure vanilla extract because I used it the rest of what I had on the cake but the frosting still came out great! Thank you for this wonderful recipe! 😊

  264. Aurelie says

    I made this cake for my husband birthday because in need to be careful with carb and sugar!!
    I use xylitol instead of erythritol because I couldn’t find erythritol in the shop .
    Very moist cake!!

  265. MedicineWomanSays says

    Delicious. So easy , low carb . Satisfies my sweet chocolate cravings. Thank you so much ! Couldn’t taste the after taste with Swerve powder mixed with high quality French Valhona cacao .

    • CCK Media Team says

      You can, but baking time will probably need to be greater because it will be deeper. If you experiment, be sure to report back!

      • Jennifer says

        I doubled the recipe and baked in a 9×2 inch round pan and it looked great when I took it out of the oven. But after a few minutes of cooling, the middle sank a bit. Solution: I’ll just add frosting to the top and smooth it out! Or I can just flip the cake upside down LOL. Otherwise, it worked! Can’t wait for the birthday boy to gobble it up tomorrow.

        • CCK Media Team says

          Hi, this cake is very moist as-is, no need to add anything else :). (Just be sure to use the almond flour called for, not try to sub coconut flour.)

  266. Alessandra says

    So delicious ! I followed the recipe using almond meal (didn’t have the flour in hands) almond milk and erythritol. I had to bake for almost double the recommended time, about 28 minutes, but it came out delicious. Thanks you!

  267. GinaG says

    Yum yum this cake is delicious and satisfies my very sweet tooth 100%
    I added the creme cheese frosting which I would prob use slightly less cream cheese next time.
    The only thing I would say is it took 35 mins to cook not 14 , I followed the exact recipe but would probably leave the milk out next time as it was so liquidy.
    Delicious recipe and exactly what I needed thank you 🙂

  268. Katrina says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I made it for my partner’s birthday. He follows a strict Keto diet to help with his narcolepsy. I followed the basic instructions exactly (using erythritol for sweetener and eggs) and it came out looking super and tasting great. My partner absolutely loves it! I made it along with the cream cheese chocolate frosting recipe. Highly recommend for anyone that can’t / doesn’t eat traditional cake.

  269. Joan. says

    This is my go to cake. The family doesnt like it because they are sugar holics. Which is fine cuz I get all the cake. I have one piece a day. I am trying to very slowly trying to cut my families sugar, but its a struggle. I have to cook the cake longer around 25 minutes. Thank you for sharing it has been a life saver for my own person sweet tooth on the Keto diet.

  270. Tracy says

    This is my new favorite cake recipe, and I’ve made a lot of low-carb cakes. I love the fact that it can be low carb without having to add loads of heavy whipping cream, butter, or coconut oil. It was moist and delicious.

  271. C P says

    Texture was fine, but there was not enough sweetener. I love dark chocolate but this recipe probably needs twice the sweetener!

    • CCK Media Team says

      Hi, what specific ingredients did you use? Also, it’s not a super thick cake (if you look at the photo, that’s two layers) so it might not be anything wrong at all 🙂 How did it taste??

  272. Gissell Jimenez says

    Thank you for sharing Kathie! This is now my to go cake for special occasions celebrations now. I just cut salt in half and top it with nice cream a/or coconut caramel. Yummy, Yummy!!

  273. Gretchen says

    This was yummy! I’ve never had keto cake before. I used Splenda because that’s what I have, but I went ahead and ordered erythritol for future recipes.

    When I made this, I used the two-stage baking method popularized by Rose Levy Berenbaum’s Cake Bible.

    I mixed all the dry ingredients together with a hand mixer, then in a separate bowl whisked the eggs with the vanilla, then put about 1/4 of a milk into the egg mixture, then kept the rest of the milk separate. I put the egg mixture with the dry ingredients and mixed on a high with the hand mixer for 1 1/2 minutes. Then mixed the milk in with the rest of the batter in two batches, mixing on low with the hand mixer.

    It made a very silky batter, and the texture of the cake was wonderful. I also love that it’s not overwhelmingly sweet.

  274. Yolanda says

    I am a very young baker and this recipe is my FAVORITE. I bake for my family and every time I make it is gone by the end of the night!

    • Mary says

      You are wise beyond your years. As a very old baker, this cake is also our favorite. So clearly it is something that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

      We made both the cake and frosting from this blog, both with results that looked like the photos and tasted so wonderful that I doubt there will be any left by tomorrow.

  275. Helena says

    I am so grateful for this recipe, I have so many food sensitivities that my life is pretty miserable without any treats!! I used flax eggs and made a berry couli as I can’t have the frosting. It is so delicious and fudgey. I am eating it still warm out of the pan as I couldn’t wait. Thank you

  276. Stephanie says

    I have made this recipe twice and have quickly become obsessed! I’ve been on the keto diet for just a few months but this is the best thing I’ve tried so far in my many online and Pinterest keto recipe finds. My non-keto husband loves it too!

  277. Katie says

    I think this is a good base recipe but may need some tweaks depending on preference. I made it with real sugar as 1/3 cup was plenty sweet, and contributes less than 70 carbs in the whole cake. I do think there’s too much baking powder–I could taste it in the batter and the finished cake. Maybe letting the cake sit a few minutes before baking would help to let the reaction get started; it is not a very wet batter, and I think that slows down the reaction?