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Healthy Easter Ideas

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No carrot cake?!

When compiling my Easter recipes, the carrot-cake posts overwhelmed me… I’ve posted over ten of ’em. So, in order to not write the longest-ever blog post, I’m saving all the carrot recipes for a separate entry.

Today’s recipe round-up is just a compilation of recipes that remind me of Easter or springtime.  


Girl-Scout Samoas Truffles


Lemon Mini Muffins

chick  bun

Alternatives to dyeing eggs


Piña Colada Cupcakes


Raspberry-Marzipan Muffins


Springtime Aspari-Guac


Coconut Easter Bunnies


Lavender Parfait

Are you making anything special for Easter?
Or, what are some foods that remind you of spring?

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. The chick/egg cake is so adorable!!! Oh my gosh how cute.

    I’m going to make Peeps Smores (from on Sunday!

  2. Jojo says:

    Strawberry pie!

  3. AWW this is all so CUTE!! I love the chick and the bunny cakes- adorable!! Those truffles are calling to me though, and those mini muffins, and the cupcakes…oh just EVERYTHING!! 😛

  4. what a fun ANd TASTY roundup!! id choose….. umm all of the above?!?
    we used to celebrate easter with fun baskets and such, but not so much anymore!— i used to LOVe easter egg hunting!

  5. correction: I STILL love easter egg hunting 😉

  6. Marshmallow Peeps always remind me of Spring. My parents usually buy me a few packages. Even in college now they send them :)

  7. Strawberry shortcake and coconut cake. Those are really the only foods that say easter to me. Your eats all look amazing and perfect for this weekend! I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I’m hosting Easter for my family for the first time ever this year…I guess that means I’m all grown up? (Or something like that, haha.) I’m doing a lemon cream pasta with capers, green beans, baked tofu (my grandma is bringing chicken for the meat-eaters) and the apple braid bread that’s been floating around the blog world. The only thing I have left to decide on is a flavoring for the tofu that would complement the rest of the meal! I was thinking maybe lemon pepper, but do you think that would be lemon overload with the pasta?

    1. Hmmm… I don’t know :-?. Maybe they’d compliment each other? After all, you don’t want to introduce too many new flavors. So I think it sounds good! Otherwise, I’d go with something simple, like just a plain maple or soy sauce-based marinade… but truly, your idea sounds even yummier! (And so fancy!)

  9. A.Cook says:

    The picture of the pina colada cupcakes is so beautiful–I love the daffodils in the background!
    I need to go out and buy some flowers today to help me forget about the fact that it is still in the 40s in Boston :(

    1. LOL my sister just arrived from Boston. I told her that no matter what, she MUST leave the cold weather there! Thankfully, she obliged, and it’s warm here. (Usually, it rains every time she visits!)

  10. Yes! I am going to have to try those samoa truffles. Yum!

  11. Jess says:

    ty for the ideas; i’m not sure what my mom wants to do…typically, we have brunch, so a breakfast recipe might be good

  12. Chad says:

    Oh wow every one of these recipes look amazing – awesome post :)

  13. Anything with citrus and berries in it reminds me of spring. Also bright green salads and Green Monsters!
    This year I am in charge of making dessert for my family’s Easter gathering. I’m making an Angel Food cake, cutting it into 2 layers and filling it with pineapples, whipped cream, and strawberries. It’s a family favorite! 😀

  14. Emma says:

    I made some wild cherry truffles and rose-pistachio fudge for my friends and family- all raw and vegan :-) This post is wonderful – your photos are becoming spectacular girlie! good work :-)

    1. Awwww Emma, you are SUCH a sweetie pie! Come to Texas? (And bring some of that fudge hehe)

      1. Anonymous says:

        I’ll be there in a flash to see my favourite chocolate covered chef! Love u girlie! Happy Easter! Xx

        1. Emma says:

          Oops! That “anonymous” comment was me! Forgot to put my name in! Xx

        2. Aww yay! So excited to see you, Emma. And now that you’ve said it, you’d better come. Don’t let me down ;).

  15. Thanks for compiling a list of your most “Easter-y” Recipes. Time to get to work in the kitchen!

  16. I have never used lavender for anything before. I’ll have to try it! Thanks for the idea :)

  17. The marzipan muffind sound delicious.
    Asparagus reminds me of spring

  18. Kimberley says:

    I want to try out some easter recipes, so I will definitly try out one of these :)

  19. Gen says:

    Awww all of those look deelicious! 😀

  20. McKella says:

    I think I’m taking a salad to an Easter party but I’m not sure what it’ll be though.
    Green salads with strawberries remind me of spring. Asparagus, coleslaw, and cadbury eggs…

  21. Michal says:

    YUM! Everything looks great! :) For easter im making a chocolate pie, strawberry shortcake cupcakes and a cake shaped like an egg!

  22. Moni'sMeals says:

    Katie! I love you for this post. I am all over the samoa truffles and the lemon minis. Yippee. :) I hope to make both.

    Happy Easter to you Doll!

  23. Emilia says:

    Happy easter and earth day, sweet sweet Katie!!!! :)

  24. Not making anything special for Easter. We are spending the day together, but Scott doesn’t celebrate Easter and we dont have family out here so we are just going to do the Easter Bunny, some time with friends, and keep food the same as always: casual and easy!

    Love all our dessert ideas & Happy Easter!

  25. im going to have to make those muffins easter morning ! Thanks girl

  26. I already made a huge batch os Easter cookies that took me almost 2 days to I’m Easter-baked-out already!

  27. Rebecca says:

    For Easter this year I’m making a batch of coconut macaroons (and some will be chocolate dipped 😉

  28. Peeps will forever mean Easter haha But I don’t eat those little sugary marshmallows anymore. Everything on here looks amazing! 😀

  29. kathleen says:

    these easter ideas are great. i have been sitting around all morning wondering what treats i should make myself for easter. especially since, i just ate my last raw macaroon. sigh. i will have to try your girl scout samoas truffles.

  30. Emma says:

    I’m all about the carrots on Easter :) I like to pretend I’m the Easter bunny :p

  31. This post made me smile!! Especially the coconut bunnies :)

  32. Dalai Lina says:

    I really love the idea of a recipe for only 2 muffins, because I will eat whatever I make. You would think I grew up in the depression era.

  33. BroccoliHut says:

    Great suggestions! I still haven’t decided what I’ll make for the occasion…guess I need to get on that!
    Asparagus always makes me think of spring:)

  34. Jennifer JCD says:

    We are making homemade perogies for Easter. They are my husband’s favourite food and he requests them at every holiday. We also made some coconut fudge babies in egg shapes so they look like mini eggs. That was fun. Other springtime foods for me include banana butter ice cream (made with peabutter or frozen berries), a big salad made with sui choy, fresh salsa, and grilled asparagus. Yummy! Hurray for spring!

    1. Ooh I remember you once mentioned sweet potato perogies! Those sounded incredible!

  35. lisa says:

    honestly, you always make the best looking foods hahaha. I wanna eat all of that!

  36. Omie says:

    OMG these all look so good!!!!!!!!! I’m thinking coconut easter bunnies are a must-try, but really I just want them all!

  37. I love your recipes! I am going to make some right when I get back to NYC. The coconut Easter bunnies are adorable. Happy almost Easter!

  38. bitt of raw says:

    Hmm, comments on the carrot cake post are closed. I hate a bite of a carrot cake donut today. Gluten-free and vegan, believe it or not. So good! Happy Easter!

  39. Those look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I love how SPRINGy they make me feel. :)

  40. That lavender parfait always looks so amazing!! :)

    1. Oh, and Happy Easter, my dear! xo

  41. Happy Easter, Katie!!! Have a great day :)

    And you inspired me to make muffins for easter! Alas, we didn’t have any carrots, so I made lemon blueberry….oh well-still tasty 😛