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Healthy Starbucks Frappuccino

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Starbucks is everywhere.

They are taking over the world with their muffins, their macchiatos, their passion teas… And, of course, their signature coffee Frappuccinos.

Here’s a scary fact: one Starbucks Frappuccino contains 50 grams of sugar. That’s more than twice the recommended intake for an entire day. The number is higher for a venti, and it doesn’t even include whipped cream. (According to the Starbucks website, even their lite Frappuccino somehow contains 23g of sugar.) They’re also $4 for one drink! So here is an incredibly realistic copycat healthy Starbucks Frappuccino recipe that is both cheaper and much better for you:

Healthy Starbucks Frappuccino

The best part is that these healthy Frappuccinos do not taste healthy at all!

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  • 2 cups milk of choice
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp instant coffee (I use Mt. Hagen decaf, but regular is ok too.)
  • 1/16 tsp salt (don’t omit)
  • sweetener of choice to taste, such as uncut stevia or 2-3 tbsp sugar
  • optional: a reader suggested adding 1-2 tsp fruit pectin for even extra thickness
Total Time: 5m
Yield: Makes 2 large Healthy Frappuccinos


Homemade Starbucks Frappuccino recipe: Mix the ingredients together in 1 or 2 shallow plastic containers. Freeze. (You could also use an ice cube tray.) Once frozen, pop the blocks out of the containers. Thaw until just soft enough for your blender to be able to handle it. Blend each serving individually, until desired slushiness is reached. Add extra sweetener if needed, but do NOT add ice! It will dilute the flavor. Pour into two glasses and enjoy.

*View Healthy Frappuccinos Nutrition Facts*

Also, I calculated that this recipe makes eight drinks for the price of about $3!

starbucks vegan

Feel free to add cocoa, cinnamon, berries, chai, banana, or other flavors if you wish to your healthy Starbucks Frappuccino.

homemade Frappuccino

I don’t mean to imply that it’s a sinful thing to drink a Frappuccino once in a while! I simply wanted to give out a healthier—and cheaper—alternative in case anyone is interested in a lower-sugar, cheaper healthy Frappuccino.

Even if you do try my recipe, it certainly doesn’t mean you are never allowed to indulge in a real Frappuccino ever again (although you might not want to; all of my testers said this healthy Frappuccino recipe was just as good as the real thing).

Make your own Starbucks Frappuccinos at home, with this easy step-by-step recipe!  Healthier, cheaper, much less sugar, and you don't even need to leave your pajamas!!! Full recipe--->

Have you ever had a Frappuccino?

I’ve never been one of those people who has to have a cup of coffee in the morning. But when I was in college at Bryn Mawr, my friends and I’d often walk to Starbucks after class. So I got in the habit of ordering iced coffee… until I realized the caffeine was making it hard for me to fall asleep.

P.S. Don’t forget to try out this pumpkin version!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Oh yum! Frap’s are so refreshing in the heat of the summer! And a healthier version is awesome, because then one can enjoy as many as they like :)

  2. I love coffee flavoured stuff– from bread to ice-cream EVERYTHING except coffee itself which my mum doesn’t allow me to drink (she’s afraid I’ll get addicted). But this Frappuccino sounds amazing! I’ve never had anything from Starbucks before can you believe it?! Simply because its expensive actually. They cost the equivalent of 2 regular sized meals in S’pore. I’m so going to try this… when mum’s not around… 😀 Ssshhh

    1. kerragh says:

      Thank you for emphasizing the importance of not omitting the salt. Most people don’t realize that salt can actually sweeten foods and in the case of cocoa, it removes the bitterness making for a smooth cup :)

  3. I love Starbucks coffee but it is pretty high-priced. That’s why I usually only get it when I am on vacation and stuff. Their “Java Chip Frappuccino” is my favorite! Chocolate and coffee is almost as good as chocolate and peanut butter! 😉

  4. Awesome idea and it looks delicious! Starbucks is wonderful for the taste buds but not so wonderful for the wallet or blood sugar levels!

  5. I LOVE them!!! (only get to drink them about once every three or four months) I wish I lived closer to a Starbucks but then again, it makes it easy to stay away when I have to drive 70 miles’ish to get to one….. I LOVE making them at home. I’m going to give this a try when I get back from vacation (where I will probably have one or two of the real deal…)

  6. I named one of my gerbils Frappuccino as she’s exactly that colour :)

    I very rarely buy coffee like that – they’re so expensive and I’d rather eat my calories and sugar! Your recipe looks perfect for after a workout on a warm day. In fact I think that’s what I’ll do!

  7. One of the reasons I’ve stopped drinking Frappauccinos – is the ridiculous amount of sugar in them! I love that you healthified it… I will try it soon because I miss that delicious treat!

  8. You have amazing timing! I was just trying to figure out how to make my own yesterday after craving one for daaays, I’m way too addicted! Have just put the ingredients in the freezer, literally can’t wait to blend it up. Was just wondering what the purpose of the salt is?

    1. A little salt brings out the flavor. I pretty much put a pinch in all my dessert recipes! :)

      1. Brandy says:

        Hi Katy! I love this recipe and will try it tomorrow! But I was wondering what type of milk chocolate you used? (sweetend, unsweetend, bar???) Thanks!

        1. LOL but there’s no chocolate in the recipe ;).

          1. Kathleen says:

            Maybe she means the chocolate drizzled over the top of the frappuccino?

  9. Jenny says:

    I hope I’m right when I say that, well, I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t like coffee… I have met a few others who don’t. Any other commenters out there with me on that?! I have tried it on a couple of occasions, and, honestly, I LOVE the smell of coffee… You’d think that since the senses of smell and taste are linked that I’d like the taste too, but I can’t stand it! I’m a tea-lover, and probably always will be. Love my green tea in all forms (bancha, matcha, genmaicha, sencha…), rooibos, and green tea.

    I’ve had the green tea frappucino from Starbucks. That was my one and only Starbucks purchase, and it wasn’t even me buying it, actually. It was also my first and last Starbucks, ever. I’m not the only one that doesn’t like coffee, I think, but I’ll probably be the only one who DOESN’T like Starbucks. I have a longstanding grudge against them for closing down my one favourite ice cream store in Vancouver and taking over the location, despite that ice cream store being extremely profitable and despite the fact that there is another Starbucks RIGHT on the opposite corner of the street, and four more Starbucks within six blocks. Jerks. Hmmph.

    Perhaps I will modify your frappuccino recipe and try to make a green tea one… I’m sure this will be super tasty to those that like coffee, though!

    1. Sam says:

      Definitely not the only one who doesn’t like Starbucks (and it seems a fairly common sentiment ’round where I live).

    2. Rachel says:

      Agree on not liking Starbucks. Why pay so much for crappy coffee, when there are locally owned coffee shops that serve much, much better coffee? At least that’s the case where I live. :)

      1. So true, and you get to support a local, small business!

      2. Shelley says:

        I wish we had more local coffee places that had better coffee than Starbucks! I’d love to support local businesses, but for some reason we have a lot of crappy coffee shops, and it makes me leery about going in one b/c I don’t want to risk not liking what I get.

        1. Cakes501 says:

          I truly luv Starbucks, but only have it once in while.

    3. Patrice says:

      You’re definitely not the only one who hates starbucks. I did for the longest time, because being a coffee and chicory drinker from essentially birth, starbucks reminded me of “that crappy free coffee everywhere has,” as my 13-year-old self put it.
      I’ve acquired the taste in college, but i still have to drink the sweetest flavors on the menu to balance out that nasty bitterness all starbucks inherently has. Hey! that’s probably why all their drinks have so much sugar, to mask that weird bitterness.
      I wish there was a small local coffee shop i could support, but my favorite closed down and nothing else is the same. My favorite “local” shop now is a good 30-45 minute drive from home.
      I just use my own frappuccino maker now, and my own concoctions are STILL half the calories of Starbucks’.

      1. I know this thread is a few months old, but I just stumbled across it and thought I’d offer my two cents. I just started working at Starbucks this summer and it’s been a very eye-opening experience! I enjoy the job, mostly because it’s fun to talk to the customers and make all the different kinds of drinks. However, I can’t drink any of the drip coffee; I can swallow the dark roasts if I add a generous amount of coconut milk creamer (haha!), but other than that, I think it all tastes weirdly bitter. What’s interesting, I think, is that Sbux gets their coffee beans from reputable countries (Kenya, Indonesia, Brazil, etc.) as far as coffee crops go, but it still tastes so much worse than other brands that get their beans from the same places! And as for all the sugar-laden superdrinks, even something like a “skinny” vanilla latte is still about 150 calories for a grande (medium size)! It’s a little over-the-top, for sure, but like other people have mentioned, it’s okay to indulge every once in a while. The pastries, though… eek. Don’t even get me started on how unhealthy those are! Fortunately for me (temptation-wise), the only vegan items are the plain and multigrain bagels, so I don’t have to worry about eating anything else in the store. 😉

        Oh, and the green tea frappuccinos don’t have any coffee in them. Or they shouldn’t, if they’re made correctly. If you want to try an at-home version, they’re just made with matcha powder, your choice of milk, classic syrup (which is just Simple Syrup — any liquid sweetener would work), Sbux Creme Base (more sweetener, basically), and ice. :)

    4. Cindy says:

      worst coffee EVER!!! Ha! Thought it was just me!

  10. Missy says:

    Awesome! Before I was health-conscience, I used to drink one of the grocery store ones each day. I was astounded when the realization hit as to what I was putting into my body. Thanks so much for this as I can indulge without guilt.

  11. Lauren W says:

    I want to be one of your testers! 😀

  12. I haven’t had a frap in a while, only because they are quite unhealthy, even for the lite ones. But having one once in a while is not a problem at all! I just used to have them every single day, yikes. This is a great recipe! It sounds like the perfect coffee shop breakfast with the cookie truffles :)
    And PS, love the new header!!!!

  13. I like coffee once in a while — I used to drink a ton of it in college and when I quit smoking I quit coffee too. Now I like to have some if we go out for breakfast, or on Thanksgiving — it tastes so good with a slice of pumpkin pie!

  14. Laura says:

    So excited you can make this without a vita mix! I’ll be getting some instant coffee, and them I’m making this baby ASAP!

  15. Leslie says:

    Oh yes, when Starbucks introduced vegan frapps, I knew it was bad news for my waistline AND my wallet! So excited to try your version, Miss Katie. An d by the way, the photos look FABULOUS! :)

  16. frappuccinos used to be one of my biggest weaknesses! I love coffee, and have a hard time going a day without it. I know it’s not the healthiest of things, but I limit it to one cup a day, and always cut the acid with some soy milk or something. I rarely make my own coffee drinks, though, but I may just have to give this one a try!

  17. VeggieGirl says:

    Oh yes, I used to LOVE the chocolate brownie Frappuccino at Starbucks. I love your version better :)

  18. You are brilliant. Oh and thanks for permission for the occasional Starbucks treat 😛 I kid, I used to love their frappuccinos and switched to the sugar free versions b/c the originals were so sweet. Then I realized they used Splenda which I don’t like to use AT ALL. Thanks for the alternative lady!

  19. Jen says:

    I don’t really like coffee at all anymore, with the exception of coffee flavored desserts, like ice cream. I’m definitely not a Frappuccino fan, but I would give your healthy version a try for sure! I’d probably leave out the coffee and just call it a milkshake. :)

  20. Tanya says:

    Haha! Yes, pre vegan days….one summer, while in NYC, I got hooked on the Mint Choc Chip Frappuccinos (Frappuccini??)!! They were so good. Haven’t had one in a while….I LOVE coffee but try to make at home most of the time.

  21. I do love coffee, and I’m okay with my addiction because, well I love it! It’s such a routine for me, to enjoy a cup with some cream in the morning while browsing blogs and emails. But I’ve never been one for any of those other coffee drinks, they’ve always upset my stomach way too much. This version looks divine, and I’ve been meaning to give instant coffee a try because its so darn quick!

  22. Is that a soy whip cream on top? looks delicious and just wondering…

    1. CCK says:

      Yes ma’am! Soyatoo :)

  23. Alyssa says:

    I know you can’t see me, but I am currently prostrate on the floor, worshipping you.
    Which makes it kinda hard to type…

    I NEVER drank coffee until grad school. A Starbucks opened down the street form my apartment, and with my crazy schedule I started mainlining caffeine just to get through the day (and night). But I recently stopped drinking Frappuccinos because of all the sugar.
    And now I CAN HAVE THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!!
    Mwah! Mwahmwahmwahmwahmwah!

    1. Hahahahaa this made me laugh so much. I really hope you like this version!!

    2. Christy S. Lube says:

      I’m thinkin you might need slightly less caffeine than you think you need! LOL
      (I kid, I kid!)

  24. I was a full blown Starbucks addict until I learned how to make cold pressed coffee concentrate. Happy to report I haven’t been to Starbucks in over two weeks and enjoying the savings! You should try the concentrate – it is a little more time intensive to make initially, but the flavor is amazing. There’s a recipe for it, and a long list of drinks you can make with it, on my blog :)

  25. Frappucinos were how I started drinking coffee… now I drink it black and my doctor has serious conversations with me about my stomach lining. So I guess I can legitimately say that Starbucks is a gateway drug.

    1. Hahahaha same here! Frappucinos are just one step away from the hard stuff 😉

  26. Mmmm this looks good! Starbucks fraps are sickeningly sweet so this looks like a better alternative!

  27. Mmmmm…. it’s a scorcher here today, so I’ll definitely be giving this a shot!

  28. Julia says:

    I make my own fraps all the time with a similar recipe to yours. I find that they are a bit more like the real thing if you add a pinch of xanthan gum to keep them from separating.

    I was formerly addicted to mocha lite frappucinos, and while they’re only 130 cals in a grande they are WAY to high in sugar so I’ve really been enjoying making my own with stevia.

    1. Ooh thanks, Julia. I’ll have to try your xantham idea!

  29. Because of the caffeine, I don’t drink coffee too often, but once in awhile I indulge in a steaming-hot mug of extra-dark brewed coffee. I like it bold and black, without any creamer or sweetener. The thing I like most about coffee is the SMELL. Good, fresh coffee always smells delicious. Like when you walk past a coffee shop and you can smell it. <33 Ahh, now I wish it smelled like that now…

  30. Oh, and I love your homemade Frappachinos! So simple, yet so delicious. Beautiful snapshots, by the way. You know food photography is good when it makes you want to whip up whatever is in the picture or–even better–just grab it right from the photograph. 😉
    Yes, I’ve had a few Frappachinos too, back when I wasn’t vegan. I remember I used to order the Java-Chip, and always get annoyed when the pieces got stuck in the straw. Those things are so amazingly unhealthy, though. Now I’m going to make one of these babies with cacao nibs, and it’s going to taste so much better. (-;

  31. Nichole says:

    mmmm i love coffee! I definitely don’t need it, but it gives me something to look forward to during my morning classes. It’s great that you did this swap because Starbucks frappuccinos are my FAVORITE (specifically, light java chip). I’ll definitely need to try this.

  32. YA!! I love them!! so smart to make a CCK version!! new header btw?? LOVe it! so cute!

  33. I am a coffee addict–I want it every day, all day, in an IV so that I get a constant supply. lol Not a big fan of frappucinos, though. I see it as fake coffee. It also has to do with the price. I can’t see shelling out 4-5 dollars for one drink. I will definitely try yours, though. 3 dollars for 8 servings? Sounds good to me!

  34. Lisa says:

    mmmm good idea! I go through almond milk like crazy at my house…might as well add another recipe! haha and I do love starbucks- cinnamon dolce latte is my favorite, but your right, its almost 5 dollars! Im a broke college student, i dont have that money to blow! although…I do anyway 😉

  35. Arin says:

    Not trying to discourage anyone from making their own frozen drinks, but I was told at my local Starbucks that the Frappuccino “Light” is made with a stevia sweetened base. Starbucks doesn’t seem to be pushing the Light drinks, but the calories for the Light drinks are pretty low (under 150 for the tall Java Chip light).

    1. Abby says:

      I was told that too, but its not all stevia. Its a stevia base that also has cane sugar and other flavorings. And the nutrition facts still list it as 23 grams of sugar. I don’t know how they were able to do that with stevia sweetened! I guess they subbed for just half the sugar? Still too much sugar for me, for something I’d eat in about 5 minutes!

  36. Amber K says:

    I actually hate the taste of coffee, even if tons of flavorings have been dumped in all I can taste is coffee. Blech! But I have to share this because a lot of people I know are totally coffee obsessed!

  37. Abby says:

    I am trying this FOR SURE!!!! Former frapp lover here! I gave up my one a day habit because all the sugar was making me feel crappy. But I never gave up my love for the taste! For the past few months, I’vve been settling for plain iced coffee, but now I am soooooo excited to have a frappuccino again! You are so awesome!!!!

  38. Christina says:

    for those times when you are in a bind with only a Starbucks and no vitamin in sight, a soy coffee frappucino lite(the lite syrup is made with stevia) can be quite nice :) can’t wait to try your version!

  39. Leanna says:

    As a person who works in a coffee shop and was also working on trimming her figure, I learned how to make some of my favorite drinks in healthier ways. You could blend up this drink immediately without having to freeze it if you combine 12oz of ice with 4oz of coffee and 4oz of your favorite milk – more milk to be creamier, and more coffee to be more coffee-flavored. Add in stevia, use flavored milk, dark chocolate pieces, bananas, or find another variety of low-sugar flavor, and blend! You may want to use less ice to decrease the overall iciness of the drink. (And I bet that would taste even better with your suggested pinch of salt and vanilla extract!)

    1. Karen says:

      I also work at a coffee shop and am trying to de-sugarize… In advance you could make and freeze your coffee into cubes. Into the blender- coffee cubes, milk, a banana (or half) (it smooths out the mixture and keeps it from separating) (it adds sweet too) (if you need more ice – freeze banana sections), add flavours, etc. Blend and enjoy. As far as Starbucks frappuccinos go: Ask for your frappuccino to be blended with one less pump of blending base (the sugar stuff that smooths out the mixture) and/or less pumps (or scoops) of flavour. We’re always messing with the recipes :)

  40. Gen says:

    I really loove coffee!!! We don’t even have Starbucks here, so this recipe is awesome! 😀

    1. LOL I didn’t know there was such a place that doesn’t have Starbucks! There’s one on every corner, even in China and The Philippines!

      1. Tanya says:

        We don’t have a Starbucks either 😉

  41. Kaycee says:

    omgosh yay! i love this post because whenever i go to starbucks i get a light mocha frap- it’s my fav! i am definitely trying this out whenever i get a craving :DD

  42. Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such a healthy and EASY recipe! I can’t wait to get home and try it! :-)

  43. Lilly says:

    oh yumm, how amazing would this be with full fat coconut milk – so creamy :)

  44. Sarah C says:

    Just put the base into the freezer. I wish I had an INSTA freezer!

  45. Namaste Gurl says:

    I’d take your version over Starbucks ANY ole’ day :-)
    Please, please, please open up your own bakery so I can come all the time! Hehe.

  46. I love Fraps, but the sugar content is what turns me away from them every time! These look awesome!

  47. Aja says:

    Yummy. I’ve been trying to figure out the strawberry version for a long time. Still working on it.

  48. Honestly, I can’t stand coffee! I love the smell of it, and things like coffee cream truffles and coffee ice cream I LOVE, but coffee as a drink just doesn’t work for me. However, after seeing this, I wish I DID like coffee!! :) I may have to buy some decaf instant coffee though and give it a try anyway (if they even have decaf instant coffee… I’ve never been shopping for coffee so I wouldn’t know, lol!)

    Even if I don’t make if for myself, I should make this for my mom! And maybe I would use caramel sauce for the sweetener since she really likes caramel frappuccinos :)

    Maybe I could use hot chocolate mix in place of the instant coffee and throw in some chocolate chips before blending! Chocolate chip blended cream frappuccino here I come 😀

    <3 <3

    1. Mt. Hagan (the one I use) is decaf :)

  49. Kat says:

    OMG,Katie,you’re the GODDESS of healthy & delicious recipes! 😀
    I love you page SO much,and now you’re giving me the possibility to enjoy my beloved Frappuccinos without tons of sugar AND without spending so much money!
    On top of that,I kinda have the same problem as you: My body doesn’t really tolerate caffeine,so if I drink too much coffee,I firstly cannot sleep at night,secondly,my stomach aches like hell… :(

    1. Thank goodness, mine is ok with late-night chocolate though!!! 😉

  50. Angel says:

    I have had Frappuccinos, and I used to love them. But the sugar and caffeine?!?! I cannot consume that much of either. I now make a blended drink with almond milk, cocoa powder, decaf instant coffee powder, vanilla, and cacao nibs. OH MY! I LOVE this drink. Whenever I think of yummy blended Frappuccino-type drinks now, I always mean my homemade version. I never want to pay $4 again for something that doesn’t taste as good to me as mine and leaves me feeling yucky after I drink it.

  51. When I see people ordering frapps at Starbucks and then with the whipped cream and everything else I dont think they actually realize they are eating an ice cream sundae that is disguised in the form of a “coffee shake”.

    I am not afraid of sugar and cook and use plenty of it (same with coffee!) but I know that frapps are basically dessert in a cup. I dont think the avg person realizes this though..they don’t think about it. I am headed for the airport where I know I will see this example played out about 17 times! Like you, nice for a treat, and I know that it’s loaded up with 50g’s of sugar :)

    Or I can just make your delish version. And save money. Bonus! :)

    1. Becca R. says:

      I know most of the people are getting the real version when you see them, but keep in mind that they do offer lite fraps. I’m not super concerned about how much sugar I consume as long as what I eat is low in calories (not the best logic I know), but I’ll order a coffee lite frap and get the whipped cream and it still comes in under 200 calories. Still not very low, but it’s great for a splurge. So before you judge the frap-holders, consider that today may be a splurge day for them! :)

  52. I love coffee, but I like it dark and unsweetened-just how I like my chocolate, too! I can’t imagine starting my day off with one of Starbuck’s sugary drinks…and there is no way I am spending that much money on it either!

  53. I love coffee!! But not the greatest fan of starbux sadly.

  54. Anonymous says:

    These look sooo good!
    I actually never liked the frappacinos i’ve had–to sweet!

  55. I don’t actually like coffee, but your frappuchino could convert me,

  56. These look sooo good!
    I actually never liked the frappacinos i’ve had–to sweet!

  57. you are actually a genius. just saying!

  58. Luckily, I never got to slurp down a starbucks frap before I started eating better, but I did try their choco + PB smoothie. YUM.
    I don’t even equate fraps and such with coffee though, more like milkshakes
    However, this does look amazing!

  59. Paula says:

    I frequent Starbucks all the time, and to save money, I’ve adapted to just enjoy their regular coffee with soy milk and cinnamon. Not even Splenda which I know can’t be good for you. I figure it’s just like a cappuccino but without the foamed milk, which flattens out anyway and you get more air than anything on those high-priced drinks. My beau and I actually split a Tall … we ask for a second cup, and when you add the soymilk, it’s more than enough for both of us.

    Just wish Starbucks would get some vegan pastries already!

    1. My sister says the ones in Boston have vegan cookies! Definitely not in Dallas, though!

      1. Paula says:

        Figures Boston … small college town … Boston Vegan Association is there. Starbucks could be sure there’s a market for it there. Personally I think if they picked some good recipes it would be a good bet for Starbucks. I went on their message board (don’t know if it’s there anymore) and there were thousands of hits requesting vegan products.

        I was thinking of sending their corporate office some samples with a persuasive pitch, but I’m not such an accomplished baker. CCK — an idea for you, eh? :) You have this wonderful website as your credential.

        P.S. FYI & off-topic — Michael Greger has this kick-ass new website: Check it out.

        1. Sadly, the samples would probably never make it to the head people :(.

          But seriously, some day things will change. Hey, they already are. Look at the fct that there are vegan frapps now!

  60. I live off of coffee!! I love the stuff (too much!). I used to have frapps all the time when I was only a vegetarian and still drank milk (I would get light espresso frapps, with an extra shot or two of espresso). Now even though they offer soymilk and vegan frapps, I don’t get them anymore. I really don’t want to drink 170 calories worth of sugar and ice (170 is the lowest calorie vegan frapp! That’s crazy! And it’s so small!!) I had one and only one after the introduction of the soymilk option, and it didn’t even taste good to me. Overly sweet and uber artificial.

    It’s funny…I mentioned in one of my last two posts on my blog that I want to veganize and healthify Starbuck’s dessert menu! We must be on the same (and awesome!) wavelength!!

    1. Great chocolate minds think alike? :)

  61. I’ve never had a Frappuccino, nor do I much care for coffee, but this looks to die for!! Definitely going to try. My boyfriend is a Starbucks FIEND but I can’t justify spending the money!

  62. Nathalie says:

    I like “doctored” coffee drinks, but I can’t drink black coffee. I’ll make it with “soymilk” (tofu blended with desired amount of liquid), coconut milk, cocoa, sweetener, cinnamon, etc.

    I can’t say I’ve ever had a starbucks frappaccino. There were none around where I was living until I was in college, and by then I’d gotten past the habit-forming stage, haha.

    Totally unrelated, but question for you, Katie: How the crap do you get vegan cakes to hold together and not sink upon removing them from the oven without eggs? I’ve been trying to veganize my cake-makin’, and I can omit all animal products at this point except eggs/egg whites (though I hate discarding the yolk if I’m gonna use the white anyway; seems wasteful). My creations are just flat and dense or they sink like the Titanic in the middle without them =/ I also use bananas often to add moisture, and I read that bananas can hold air the same way egg whites do to give structure, but I’m hesitant to have to choke down another disappointing turn-out (I have limited access to my ingredients, so I can’t afford to NOT eat what I make). If you or anyone else has any tips/advice/miracles up your sleeve, I’d be much obliged.

    1. Elise says:

      Try Katie’s single lady cupcakes, they’re awesome. And then if you want to experiment more buy Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World. It’s a brilliant book with loads of ideas.
      Elise x

      1. Aww thanks, Elise! And I agree about VCTOTW. I love that book!
        Also, if you’re omitting eggs, try adding egg replacer or at least baking powder/baking soda. I’m not a pro cook by any means, and each recipe is different… but baking powder makes things poof up.

        1. Nathalie says:

          Thanks for reminding me about the single lady cupcakes! If nothing else, I can make a regular-sized batch of batter and make multiple cupcakes out of it for experimentation’s sake, and then just taste and compare. That way I don’t have to make a big cake each time!

          And egg replacer is nowhere to be found here in Japan O_o I do use baking powder, but the problem’s not that the stuff doesn’t “poof”; it’s that it doesn’t retain its structure. It always sinks or collapses and has the density of a brownie after cooling. Stuff I’ve read implies that short of any jarring motion breaking the air bubbles, a possible culprit is that it’s not fully baked? But I bake it the same length as my eggs-in versions and they turn out fine (~40 minutes). You guys have any experience with needing to bake vegan stuff for longer periods of time?

          1. I honestly don’t often try to veganize non-vegan recipes. I’d much rather work from a recipe that is vegan already… or completely make one up ;).

          2. Nathalie says:

            I do look up vegan-to-begin-with recipes, but often the same thing happens, which leads me to wonder if its the fault of my “moven,” and not the recipe per se. A moven is a common appliance in Japan; a microwave with oven functionality. Since I can’t really adjust the temperature, I can’t be sure if it’s in line with the recommended baking temp the recipes state =/

          3. Elise says:

            Try this cookbook:
            It has loads of ideas for substitutuins, and hopefully you’ll be able to get some of them in Japan :)

          4. Nathalie says:

            Wow, thanks! That book looks seriously useful. Upon searching for “homemade egg replacer,” though, I found a recipe that uses potato starch, tapioca flour, baking powder and soda, all of which I can get here, so Imma try that first and see if it works. I just hope it can create structure in baked goods the way egg (white) can X_x.

            I may get that book anyway though! It looks like it has potential beyond simply vegan baking. Like for friends who might have dairy/seafood allergies.

  63. Ragnhild says:

    I havent really had coffee since I was 5.. yeah, I really liked it back then! But then I met my teacher, who smelled like old, sour coffee (yuck), and I decided to never drink it again!
    Now, I like the flavor and smell of it, but I never drink it 😀 These looks great though! And I love when you healthify treats. Why not eat healthy when it tastes better??

  64. Elise says:

    I like my coffee black and strong with no sugar, and preferably from an independant shop. Though I have been to Starbucks a few times when travelling round the country by train. Looks good though! I love that you’ve reinvented starbucks!

  65. This is going to save me a SHIT ton of money in college!!

  66. Sara N. says:

    I guess you could say I am a frappuccino virgin! I do drink a moderate amount of coffee, but have avoided the sweet, frothy concoctions due to all the added junk. My husband, however, loves them. We will be giving this one a try since it is so stinkin’ hot outside. Thanks Katie!

  67. I am not a big coffee gal but these (of course) look amazing :) you = amazing! ahah

  68. joanne says:

    hey katie i’m wondering if your nutritional stats are wrong? milk (any kind of milk) has natural sugars in it.
    in 1 cup almond milk, there’s 7g sugar
    in 1 cup skim milk, there is 12g sugar
    in 1 cup oat milk, there is 4g sugar

    1. I use Silk unsweetened almondmilk, which has 0g of sugars.

      1. Nathalie says:

        I was always a bit confused about sugars v. carbs on labels. I feel like some manufacturers only list *added* sugars as “sugar”, and everything else (aside from fiber) is just listed next to “carbohydrates.” I could easily be mistaken on that though.

      2. joanne says:

        oh i’m jealous, we don’t have that here!

  69. Tina says:

    Sounds yummy! I might have told you this before, but I do a healthy mocha frappuccino-like green smoothie. I fill my blender 2/3 full with spinach, then add 1/2 a frozen banana, 1 cup or so of Silk unsweetened almond milk, 2 tsp of cocoa powder, and 1 tsp instant decaf coffee. I love it, and it’s completely guilt-free! It’s often my breakfast!

    1. That sounds like a must try!

  70. Katherine says:

    Like coffee? LOVE IT!

  71. Katarina says:

    Yummy! I don’t drink warm coffee, but frappuccino is something I drink. Strabucks mocha frappuccino is my favorite, but I don’t drink it as often anymore :) It’s very sweet indeed!

  72. Albizia says:

    I love coffee but coffee hates me. So I am a decaf girl and make all my coffee drinks at home. I might give yours a try, too :)

  73. BroccoliHut says:

    I used to get Frapps all the time as a tween. My friends would go to the mall and hang out at the barnes and noble and slurp down Frapps every weekend!

  74. I would say I’m something of a coffee maniac. I usually take it the same way for about 2 or 3 months, and then get completely sick of it, and go in search of my new “usual.”

    Starbucks frappuccinos are pretty delicious, but I’m good for maybe 3 a year (none yet this year!). I liked the light coffee and light mocha options the most; don’t know if they even still have them. I’m usually good for an instant iced latte at home… just instant espresso, almond / soy milk, and some sweetener. So good.

  75. Luvwhatyoudo says:

    I am not a coffee drinker, but love tea. Starbucks makes some amazing tea lattes but I wait until I have a gift card : ) I always love a Starbucks makeover.

  76. I just recently got into coffee drinking actually!!! So I cannot wait to try this….and I just happen to have all these ingredients! YAY!

  77. Rebecca says:

    This sounds amazing, I’ll have to try it next time instead of heading to the local coffee shop. I love coffee and have to have it at least once a day. Fraps are a personal favorite, especially coconut mochas :)

  78. I only started drinking coffee earlier this year. At first, I tried it for the caffeine boost, but now, I love the taste!

    Iced coffee and I are serious BFF’s. Although your “frappucino” may change that :)

  79. oh I make something similar to that quite often! so delicious!!!!

  80. Kara says:

    Hi Katie,

    I saw how simple this recipe was this morning when I woke up and quickly threw it together before I went to work. I threw it into my blender when I got home – it’s fantastic! I used hazelnut flavored instant coffee and added cinnamon and a frozen banana. My blender is by no means high-power, in fact I’m fairly certain it’s at least 20 years old, so my frapp is probably thicker than yours was, but I don’t mind eating this with a spoon! Thanks for the awesome recipe :)

    1. I’m so excited you already tried it! I never thought to use hazelnut coffee powder… I’ll have to look for some!

  81. Victoria says:

    I am a coffee fiend. I like really strong coffee or espresso straight up though. I’ve never been a frappucino fan. Too much milk and sugar, not enough coffee. I might just have to try this recipe though!

  82. I love Starbucks! My favorite drink is the green tea latte. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I like trying their coffee beverages too. I think I’ve had every frappuccino thanks to their half priced happy hour promotion which happens once a year. I’m not a huge fan of the fraps but I do enjoy them sometimes I think my favorite is either vanilla bean or mocha coconut. I’ve made drinks at home before and they were pretty good. I think I’ll try out your frappuccino soon

  83. I love frappuccinos but now I think I know why….holy moly is that a lot of sugar! Your healthy version sounds much better. And my budget will be happy too :)

  84. Ashley C says:

    I am so glad you gave the Starbucks drink a makeover!! im addicted to their iced coffees!! I do always get them sugar free with but i spend so much money on them and the caffeine is so bad for me!! I love i can make this one decaf and this one is so much cheaper to make, but the recipe says it serves two but you said you can make 8 cups?? Im confused, does it serve 2 people or 8?? sorry if thats a dumb question, it has been a long day haha!! cant wait to try this :)

    1. Ashley C says:

      PS i also posted this recipe to my pinterest page, hope you dont mind!!! Dont worry ill give you full credit!!!

      1. LOL I haven’t figured out the whole Pintrest thing yet! When you post a recipe to pintrest, you’re really just posting a link and photo, right? In that case, I am completely honored!! :)

    2. No no, not dumb at all! It serves two, but I can get an 8-cup bottle of almondmilk for under $3, which is why I figured out the price for that amount ;).

  85. Marianne says:

    The sugar grams don’t necessarily mean added sugar – there are naturally occurring sugars in the milk used to make those frapp’s, hence why the light versions would still have sugar. Even your own wouldn’t technically be sugar free, because it includes some form of milk. Naturally occurring sugars & added sugars aren’t the same thing, but generally don’t get separated on a nutrition facts label.

    1. My almond milk does have 0g sugar, even on the nutrition label. But I guess that does make sense as to why even the light version at starbucks is so high! Thanks for helping me figure out that mystery :).

  86. Laura says:

    I have followed your blog for a long time and I really like it! This recipe, however, seems to be missing a key ingredient: something to hold the frappe together. I make a frappaccino every morning. I use
    3/4 cup skim milk
    1/2 – 3/4 cup extra strong coffee
    tsp fruit pectin
    1/2 cup ice
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp sweetener / 1 tbsp torani syrup
    You need the fruit pectin! It’s absolutely necessary. If your drink sits, it will hold it together. And I don’t freeze my coffee, but making it extra strong makes up for the 1/2 cup ice.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Laura! I’ll add it in as an option to the recipe right now :). I’ve never used fruit pectin… it sounds fun!

  87. Hannah says:

    I’ve made a vegan version of the Starbucks Frappucino for m blog before, because despite what you say, there ain’t no Starbucks in Australia’s national capital, Canberra! I’ll definitely try your version, though, because mine (liquid + ice) didn’t end up as thick as I remember the real deal being. And I like my smoothies thiiiiick :)

  88. Lyza says:

    Thanks for this recipe. It absolutely was one that needed a healthy make-over. Thousands of people order these every single day, in complete denial of what it’s doing to their bodies. Kind of drives me nuts. :)

  89. Lisa says:

    Mmmmm Katie, I had one this morning! It was AWESOME!!! You are my wallet’s new best friend. And it was so easy to make. I know I will be making this again and again and again!!! Thank you SO much! Mine wasn’t as pretty as yours, but it tasted soooo good. Anyone reading this: make this! It really is just like a frapuccino from Starbucks!

  90. Jennifer JCD says:

    Coffee = eeewwww…. I cannot stand the stuff, or anything with coffee flavouring. However, I will indilge in a a soy milk hot chcoolate from Starbucks once in a while – they can be pretty good on cold days or really long airport layovers.

  91. Ashley says:

    Ok this is literally probably the dumbest of dumb questions lol so please forgive me in advance!!! But ok are you supposed to dissolve the coffee granules before you freeze? Like should the coffee be liquid when you mix it with the milk? Lol I froze this last nite so I’d have it for the morning, and in my mind the blender would chop up the granules for me lol but yeah no. So should I brew a tiny pot of coffee then pour that in the milk to mix before I freeze? :-/ again I realize how dumb this sounds lol but please help! :)

    1. CCK says:

      Hey Ashley,
      Did you mix the coffee with the milk before freezing? I don’t brew mine… here’s what I do: Mix the milk, vanilla, and coffee, then add the sweetener. At this point, my coffee has dissolved (even without heating). Maybe it’s a brand thing? I use Mt. Hagen.

  92. Paula says:

    Does Starbucks give a soymilk option on these drinks? To the best of my knowledge they are cow’s milk only, and then there’s the whip cream. Please people, boycott the pain and suffering of cow’s milk … don’t buy products with cow’s milk.

    1. They actually do have a soy option… and even vegan frappuccinos now!

      1. Paula says:

        Vegan whipped cream too? I don’t think my local SB has gotten there yet … will have to check …

        Thanks CCK. By the way, a dear friend of mine went to Bryn Mawr (long before you) … she’s really smart, and the salt-of-the-earth (wink).

        1. No, no vegan whip. Maybe that’s next??? :)

  93. Zuzanna says:

    hey katie! i love the idea of “health-ifying” things at home- it’s so fun to experiment and often times the result ends up even better than the real thing! my one weakness is coffee. specifically, starbucks caramel frappuccinos. i usually get the venti caramel frappuccino light (i’m not a vegan) and even though it only packs in 190 calories, it takes a toll on my wallet haha. so i tried to mimick it at home. i use:

    2 cups ice cubes
    1/2 cup silk light soy milk original
    1/2 cup chilled coffee
    sugar (or sugar substitute) to taste (i usually use a mix of torani sugar-free syrup – which i know isn’t the best thing for you, but i have to use the batch of the bottles i got somehow! – and stevia)
    1/4th tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
    and of course, the key ingredients for the lovely frappuccino texture:
    1/4th tsp xanthan gum
    1/2 tsp guar gum

    now blend blend blend until its smooth! it tastes just like the real thing, and makes a 24 oz drink for less than 50 calories!

  94. Charissa says:

    In love with this idea! I will be making this…never fear!

  95. Much better than a starbucks drink – I bet it tastes amazing!
    I haven’t read through all of the comments, but wanted to mention that whole or ground chia seeds could be used as a thickening agent also. Being hydrophillic they attract water – the fun effect is that they thicken any liquid you add them to – Aim for about a tablespoon per person, per serving. They also give you lots of omega 3 essential fatty acids, a great amino acid profile and are incredibly high in fibre!
    I bake with them (making chia ‘eggs’ to replace eggs) add them to soups, smoothies and sprinkle over salads etc.

    1. I’m so happy you found me!!! :) And I love your chia idea. I honestly need to experiment more with chia. So far, all I’ve used them in are oatmeals and pudding!

  96. Marykate says:

    Came by to check on my favorite chocolate lover and was pretty excited to see this creation (not gonna lie!) Also, very happy that you’re not going anywhere! Follow your bliss & everything else will follow :)

  97. Valerie says:

    Just made this, and oh my goodness it really DOES taste like a Frappuccino! And that’s coming from someone who used to be addicted to Starbucks Frappuccinos. I would literally drink one every day. Now that I’ve found your version, I’ll be drinking THIS every day. YUM!!!

  98. Katrina says:

    This sounds amazing! Great idea!

  99. Cat says:

    This was SO GOOD! I have to get up very early in the mornings (which is why I’m leaving you a comment at 6am!!!) and I normally stop by Starbucks (also known as 4 bucks or $$$Bucks!). Today, though, I had your frapp base in the freezer, so all I had to do was blend it up.

    I swear, if it had been in a Starbucks cup, and if I hadn’t known better, I would NOT have been able to tell that I hadn’t gotten the drink from Starbucks itself! :)

  100. Sherri says:

    Your Frapp. looks good. And yes I’ve been to starbucks and will admit I am just a little bit addicted to there mocha coconut frappicino. Mmmm, so yummy.

  101. I saw some people talking about/requesting egg replacers – for health and ease of use you can’t go past a chia egg! 1 tbsp chia seeds, 2 tbsp water and stir briskly for 30seconds. This is equivalent to 1 egg in all your baking recipes and for binding purposes. I use them in all my recipes – gives you high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, protein and antioxidants!

    1. I still have never tried a chia egg… can you believe it?! Awful, right? I need to get on this!

  102. Laur says:

    So I finally got around to making this. Yummy! I added a little chocolate syrup to mine, just cause you know I was saving all that sugar and all ;). It was fantastic! Thanks CCK! :)

  103. Maria says:

    I am drinking one of these AMAZING frappuccinos right now and it is soo good. I have always tried mimicking the Starbucks frapps but have failed because I would add too much ice! This recipe is perfect though, ice free, fat-free, and sugar-free! I added cinnamon to mine before freezing…definitely will do that again. next time I’ll try my shot at cocoa powder…I’m guessing it will be delightful. Thanks Katie! :)

    1. I am SO SO excited you tried it! :)

  104. Lindsay says:

    I saw this post on foodgawker (beautiful photos, by the way!) and saved it right away to try, because I looooooooooooove all things coffee, especially Starbucks drinks. I am so thankful that I found this, because it was delicious! And it really wasn’t hard to make at all, even with my old blender. I’ve already whipped up another FIVE batches of the base so I can have guilt free frappuccinos (that don’t taste guilt free!) all week! Also, I’ve been browsing through your other recipes (amazing!) and am looking forward to trying more of them. You’ve gained another fan!

  105. Kate says:

    I’ve been drinking these every day for the last week! I can’t get enough. They are awesome!!!

    1. Kate says:

      Oh also, I love your blog. I found it a few weeks ago and have loved everything I’ve tried. And I have a huge list of recipes I still need to make. You have made my tummy very happy!

  106. Jessie says:

    OHMYGOSH it tastes just like a frappuccino!

  107. Laurel says:

    You always come up with such wonderful ideas. I have one too. Instead of fruit pectin for added thickness why not use ground chia for added thickness plus a bunch of healthy minerals? :-)

  108. Arusa says:

    Since I live in Canada we don’t have big Starbucks. I don’t really go there actually, I think the last time I went to Starbucks was in Malaysia about 2 or 5 years ago. Starbucks scares me kind of because of the calorie and sugar content, it’s amazing how they can squish so many calories into one drink.

    1. Or their cake balls! They are flaunting those things like it’s a GOOD thing they’re “only” 200 calories. My friend looked at me and said, “I don’t even know how they were able to get 200 calories in something so small!”

  109. Violet says:

    Mmmm with all the excitement over Starbuck’s seasonal pumpkin spice lattes, I’m definitely adapting your version with some pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice as soon as I have the time. Yum!

  110. Violet says:

    Neeeeeevermind you already have a recipe for that :) yaya

  111. I’m all for making over restaurant/cafe recipes at home! I’ve made quite a few frappuccinos at home, sugar-free (naturally, not with artificial sweeteners) and lower in fat. But I haven’t made a vegan one so for those days when I’m getting rid of dairy (I’m vegetarian and ‘part-time vegan’) I can’t wait to try out this recipe. Thank you thank you thank you!

      1. Girl, I just made your chocolate fudge pie and I am sold on the fact that you. are. a. genius! No one who tasted it could tell there was tofu in it or that it was anything less than decadent. PLUS it fills you up on its richness just as much as a 500-calorie slice of pie would so it’s not like you eat tons more of it just because it’s lower in calories. Heavenly and SO simple!

        1. Aww yay!!! So so excited you made it!

  112. Camille says:

    I use Starbucked instant coffee and it tasted even more like the original–though it upped the price slightly–I froze them in big popsicle containers too so then about 2 is just right for a single grande frap :)

  113. Missy says:

    Katie! I love your healthy Fraps and was sad when I wanted one this morning and realized I was out of vanilla extract. I have to tell you that I used a little peppermint extract and threw some cocoa powder in the mix and it turned out excellent! Your recipes rock and your photography is amazing!

    1. Oh yum, that sounds really good!!

  114. Joyce says:

    What type of non-dairy milk did you use? My husband just found out that he is diabetic and I am on a search for anything sweet he can have.

    1. Hi Joyce!

      I used Silk unsweetened almond milk, but any almond milk, soymilk, ricemilk, etc. would work (although I can’t vouch for the taste of the result with any other milk than the one I used).

  115. Dan says:

    That looks SO delicious, but I can’t drink coffee! Is there a way to make their blended creams this way? I love their strawberries & cream and green tea blended cream frappes *u*

    1. Sure thing! Maybe try one of these recipes (or add fruit or green tea to the vanilla one), but just thaw or blend a little longer so it’s frappuccino consistency instead of ice cream consistency. If you do try it, I’d love to know how it goes! :)

  116. Tatum says:

    I just read your melting banana trick thingy and I was wondering if it only works with oatmeal?Whenever your sugar free recipes say to use stevia packets, mine have added sugar in it. So the banana trick. Is it only for oatmeal?

    1. Tatum says:

      BTW this was delicious!!!!!

      1. Oh you can definitely use the banana trick for things besides oatmeal! It’s especially good blended with peanut butter (and perhaps a little cinnamon) to make “banana butter.” :)

  117. i love this recipe and i blogged about it, i did tweak it a lil’ to make it my own but i gave you credit and linked to your post! thnx for a great idea!! blessings….

  118. Need to book mark this page for sure. This is a great alternative.

    1. I gave it a try and it was excellent. I used almond milk and agave. My teenage girls gave it a thumbs up. I am glad to show them an alternative to what they are used to buying.

  119. Macy says:

    So for this recipe you don’t actually make the coffee, you just pour the ground coffee into it?

    1. Yup! :)

      I just dissolve the instant coffee granules into the milk. It makes it creamier than if you made up coffee with water. (I use Mt. Hagan brand, but there are others you could use.)

  120. Amanda says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Frappuccinos are my weakness. I am going to mix some up now!!! :)

  121. anewday says:

    What non dairy drink has 45 calories per cup? Rice Dream has 120 and I didn’t think to look until after I tried this recipe (which is delicious btw, and I am a Starbucks fanatic!).

    1. Try Almond Breeze… or even Silk unsweetened almond milk :).

  122. anewday says:

    And the rice milk also has sugar and carbs. Clearly I need another non dairy alternative. LOL

  123. Trish says:

    Katie, this was wonderful! I just had mine, cut the serving in half and used Truvia for my sweetener. I also happened to have those little single serving packets of Folgers instant coffee in the cupboard, which I usually use for baking, so one was the perfect amount. Because of the coffee actually being in the drink itself, the almond flavor didn’t come through like it normally would if I try to make a latte WITH almond milk. I love almond milk but never care for it when mixed with coffee. The coffee masked the flavor, and it tasted very rich yummy…and just perfectly sweet. I think it will be better with your coconut whipped cream next time. :-)

  124. Elena says:

    I don’t even drink coffee but that looks so delicious that I’m gonna try it.

    I think I’m gonna try every single recipe you have here.

    I’m screwed.

  125. Tracy says:


    What did you top the drink with?

  126. Lizzie says:

    I so love this site and bookmarking it now. Thanks to pinterest for showing this image of frappe. :)
    See you Katie!


  127. ashley says:

    Oh.My.Word. Just saw this in Pinterest. I have been waaaaay overindulging in my new addiction, the 9.5 oz bottled Starbucks Frap. I mixed this up immediately and tasted it before freezing. Unbelievable how similar it tastes!!! I used fat free milk and Splenda with Starbucks instant mocha coffee. Thanks so much for this recipe!!!!

  128. Shelley says:

    better than a frappuccino b/c it’s so much creamier w/o the added ice :)

  129. Shelley says:

    mmm this was so much CREAMIER than a regular frap. YUM

  130. Shelley says:

    haha oops didn’t mean to comment twice

  131. Nicole says:

    OMG… I will never buy a real frappuccino again! I made mine with starbucks instant coffee that I had sitting around and vanilla coconut milk. Yum!!!

  132. Kari Regenhardt says:

    Did this with hot chocolate powder instead of instead of coffee, super yum!

  133. Anonymous says:

    Great recipe! I added cocoa powder and coconut flavoring to mine to make a coconut mocha frappuccino and it worked out great!

  134. Donna Trull says:

    I’m a Caramel Frappacino addict. There I said it! Crazy thing is I hate coffee. But I’m a sugar addict too, so there you go. But I’ve decided to try cutting our sugar where I can and I think this is the perfect recipe for me try. I’ve made other frappacino type coffees at home before with some success at saving money but not sugar. (can you say The Pioneer Woman?) I’m going to try your recipe this week. I’ve read others comments that said it was just as good but I don’t know if they’re as addicted to Starbuck’s as I am. I will post back my finding.

    BTW, I love you blog. I’ve spent several hours this morning going thru it and I’ve made out a grocery list to try several things this week. I can feel the pounds melting away just from reading!

  135. Roxanne says:

    COFFEE!!!! I can’t live without it~!! I made my own version of a frapp yesterday before I read this. AND IT WAS GREAT!
    1 small carton MUSCLE MILK (i used the light)
    1 packet Starbucks Via ready brew House blend
    large handful of ice
    1 stevia pack
    1T flaxseed (I started using these because of your site and love them, I actually have more energy eventhough I dont think that is supposed to be a side effect)
    about a half cup soy milk or whatever milk you prefer
    Mix well in NINJA! MY NEW FAV KITCKEN APPLIANCE!!!! Its even better than my Magic Bullet
    Now thanks to your recipe and my new one I have 2 frapps to add to my repertoire

  136. Moussia says:

    First of all I LOVE your blog! I am trying to live healthier and I have the hugest sweet tooth so I was so excited to discover being those crazy tempting photos on pinterest that there were healthy recipes! I am so excited to try this because I officially quit frappachinos – too much sugar and too much money! love the soften and grind individually the ice cubes idea I’ve been making smoothies and suffering from too many icy chunks.
    xo Moussia

  137. Thank you for bringing more awareness to just how bad those things are. When I’m coaching a client who’s a coffee lover, I like to recommend a chocolate whey protein powder from grass-fed cows and mix in tea brewed from Roastaroma by Celestial Seasonings (tastes like coffee but is an herbal tea so it’s actually alkalizing for the body).

  138. Funwithfood13 says:

    I love Coffee but my Mom doesn’t let me dink it as much as i would like too
    The Recipe reminds me of an iced coffee I like to make what is the difference between Frappuccinos and Iced Coffee?

    1. Fraps are thicker and frozen :)

  139. Funwithfood13 says:

    Thanks Katie

  140. Musugonekuku says:

    Any coffee recipes where you don’t need a blender for?

  141. Shannon says:

    What can you use instead of instant coffee mix? Like if you brew some…

  142. Deborah says:

    Ironically, I just took my daughter to Starbucks today and we both had Frappucino’s. It was her first one and she fell in love. Wish I’d known the nutritional info, though! Now that my daughter is hooked, I’ll be making these for sure!

  143. Megan says:

    I had two quick questions before I try making for my husband –
    (I am not a coffee drinker so excuse me if these seem dumb).
    1) can pure maple syrup be subbed for the sweetener and if so, how much should I use?
    2) can cocoa powder be added to this? I seem to remember the drinks he ordered having chocolate in the bottom…

    1. Yes, and yes. I’m sure you can use maple syrup. Just sweeten to taste and remember that the frozen mixture will be less sweet than when it starts out (so make it a little too sweet in the beginning).

  144. Kerry says:

    I just made this, and it’s amazing! I used to like Starbucks frappucinos, but they’re just too sugary for me now. This one was perfect. I followed your recipe exactly, but I used 2 packets of stevia and 1 Tbs maple syrup for the sweetener. It was so delicious! I’ll definitely be making this over and over again. I can’t wait to try adding other flavors. Next time, I think I’ll try adding some cocoa powder. Thanks for the recipe!

  145. Jessica says:

    I don’t ever have instant coffee around, so do you know what the equivalent of brewed coffee would be?

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried it and think it would throw off the liquid ratio in this recipe.

  146. Jackie Rybeck says:

    Hahaha! Here I go again, repinning, looking at the recipe and ending up on your site…you are too cool!

  147. Tanya says:

    Just made this – mine turned out to be much smoother than yours in the picture… =)
    it was EXACTLY like a Starbucks Frappuccino!!! Honestly!
    I made one with caramel syrup and one with Vanilla extract. Both were simply delicious. OMG.
    Such an easy recipe … But I would never have gotten that idea if I hadn’t read your blog!
    Thanks for healthy frappuccinos!
    (Oh, I used self-made almond milk 😉 )

  148. Liz says:

    Milk has sugar in it

  149. Jackie R says:

    I am a Starbucks drinker, altho I try not to go too often because its expensive. I tried this today and OMG So good. Absolutely loved it and will be making many in the future!! (I used rice milk because thats just what I had around)

  150. Sue Hillard says:

    I don’t know how I found this recipe, but I’m SO happy I did. I’ve tried many copycat frapp recipes and this is the best one by far!! It’s a clone:) I didn’t have any instant coffee, so I used 1 cup of extra strong coffee and 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk. Thank you sooooo much!

  151. Jenna says:

    Does it need to be instant coffee?

    1. I’ve only tried it that way.

  152. Jenny says:

    I love your blog! This recipe looks great. I don’t ever go to Starbucks because of the cost, if I was full of money maybe I would once in a while because they do have good stuff! I had my first frappe this summer at Mc D’s because I had a coupon (I won’t pay full price for those things) and LOVED IT! I found a recipe for it that had less sugar and fat and it was great. I will try your recipe for one of my afternoon treats.

  153. Jessie says:

    Can I ask why you shouldn’t omit the salt?

  154. Kimberly says:

    I’ve noticed that if I use half frozen and half refrigerated liquid (of the mixture) it’s much easier on my blender. Also, I can drink it rather than spoon it that way. So yummy!

  155. Michael says:

    Just stumbled upon this post off of tumblr – just wanted to point out one thing about the lite frappuccinos (I’ve worked at Starbucks for almost two years now): they are of course made with nonfat milk, which has about 9g (I believe) of milk per serving, but you get most of the sugar from the flavors! Most people don’t realize that when they order a, say, caramel frappuccino lite, it is NOT being made with sugar-free caramel! I don’t know the exact amount of sugar that goes into every pump of syrup, but a grande caramel lite is still getting two full pumps of caramel, not sugar-free caramel! Just a random piece of info I don’t think anyone has pointed out to you! But this recipe looks delicious, I’ll have to try it!

  156. Aasimah says:

    So I made this today and let me tell it was way better then the actual thing; and cheaper. The only time I have had a Frappuccino is when my sister bought one for me. They are way to expensive and I prefer Ice Capps. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  157. Lauren says:

    Om nom nom. (Or should I say, “Slurrrrrrrrp”?) I added cocoa powder AND chocolate chips. :)

    I’m gonna make this for my brother soon… He’ll love it.

  158. Amy O says:

    Oh my, this was super tasty! I made it tonight b/c I was having a Starbucks craving sooo badly, and this hit the spot. I added cocoa powder and a bit of chocolate syrup. I made your vegan cool whip, I had really thick and creamy coconut milk, but when I mixed it up it was more like soupy cool whip instead of fluffy. Anyhoo, I still put it on top of my healthy mocha frap, and mixed in it tastes like the coconut mocha frappuccino they had all summer. It was delicious! Just one caution though: do not get overly excited about this drink and try to pour it out too fast, I did that and half of mine ended up on the floor because it came out too quickly and I actually wailed, “Nooooo!!”

    Also, I just have to tell you, your blog has changed my life. I have had to give up sugar cold turkey because of ovarian cysts, and in hopes that cutting it out along with dietary changes will also help DH and I get pregnant (TMI? Sorry if it is…), and your blog has helped so SO much. I still get to have my cake and eat it too, sans sugar and chemical crap! Thanks so much for all you do :)

  159. sarah says:

    Any suggestions for making a healthy double chocolate chip cream frap like the ones from starbucks?

    1. I’ve never seen those… are they just frapps with chocolate chips added? I’ll have to google it!

      1. Sarah says:

        Yes they are fraps with the chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. They are quite tasty.

  160. kristin says:

    I end up on your blog from pinterest A LOT. :) I should just subscribe :) This looks so good, but I can’t stand Stevia. It has that same horrible after taste as artificial sweetners to me. Well, guess I could make one with agave nectar…. at least it wouldn’t have high fructose corn syrup :)

    1. You definitely don’t need to use stevia! I always give options for stevia-free versions of every one of my recipes :).
      (Side note: if you haven’t, try NuNaturals stevia, as it’s the ONLY brand I’ve found to not have an aftertaste.)

  161. Gabby says:

    Just popped this in the freezer! So excited to have this for breakfast tomorrow with a banana :) YUM!

  162. Maggie says:

    Is the coffee you add prepared coffee or just the grounds?
    Also, if I want to add the chocolate etc to it when do I do that? At the same time as other ingredients or when I blend? I am new at this coffee stuff. Thanks!

    1. Just the granules :).

      Add chocolate any time!

  163. Hannah Wahington says:

    This sounds AMAZING cant wait to try it!!!

  164. R. Barton says:

    Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

    Here’s a sugar free, non-dairy version.
    About 110 calories per 12 oz.

    1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk
    1/2 cup Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer – sugar free (liquid creamer)1/3 cup powdered non-dairy coffee creamer
    2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
    2 Tbsp instant coffee crystals
    1 (3.25 oz) Jello Vanilla Pudding Snack Pack (prepared pudding cup) - sugar free
    2 cups ice cubes

    Blend on HIGH for 45-seconds or until smooth. Makes about. 48 oz.

    The Jello pudding cup makes a thick, rich, low calorie Frappuccino.

    1. Marci says:

      This recipe wouldn’t be non-dairy if you use Jello Pudding. I believe the 1st ingredient in those is milk. :(

  165. Kimberlady503 says:

    So glad I found you

  166. Lily says:

    Hi, I loved this recipe! I tried it in a blender and therefore had to add some liquid to get it to blend, but despite that it was delicious (though it didn’t look as beautiful as yours!) Thank you!

  167. Julia Smith says:

    YUM! The pictures are gorgeous! I’m sure it’d be delicious with your Vegan Whipped Cream! 😉 Is the nutrition info with the sugar? :)

  168. Julia Smith says:

    Oh my goodness this was so good! I made it one night, and I started tasting it to see if it was sweet enough, and I couldn’t stop drinking it! LOL I ended up not freezing it haha! It was DELICIOUS! I couldn’t believe how much it tasted like a starbucks drink that I used to get! Next time (since it’s winter now and cold outside) I think I might try heating it up! 😉 Thanks for the great recipe! :)

  169. Rosa says:

    Hello there,

    I tried your recipe with almond milk and added just one tablespoon of Hersey’s Dark Chocolate cocoa powder because I happen to really love that mocha flavor. =) It didn’t turn out so much as a frappucinno for me, more so of a mocha, icy, sorbet texture, which was still really good! I wonder if it’s because I didn’t allow it to thaw? I put it straight into my vitamix. In any case, I just wanted to let you adding that extra tablespoon of cocoa to the whole recipe is VERY worth trying. Thanks so much for sharing! I will be making this mocha sorbet again! Yum.

  170. Scott Inman says:

    I don’t know if this comment has been made, but you don’t have to freeze this at all for it to be a Starbucks drink. If you just mix it up and add ice then its like an Iced Coffee drink. I could make this at work (haven’t yet). I did make the frozen version this morning. It was good, but I’m too impatient to wait until its thawed some. I like just pouring the mix in a glass, mixing it, and adding ice.

    I doubled the sweetner also.

  171. Corinna says:

    Just made this and yum :) I made it a bit unhealthy by using 1 & 1/2 cup of evaporated milk + 1/2 cup of water instead of just milk, but couldn’t tell a difference. I did add ice instead of freezing and then blending but it didn’t dilute the flavor. GREAT RECIPE!!!

  172. Anonymous says:

    Katie I just tried this recipe, the frappucino is so goooddddd!!! It tastes even better than the ones in starbucks! Thank you so much for such a wonderful recipe!
    Oh yeah also, I blended in chocolate chips with it! It was amazing :)

  173. Kate says:

    I know this post is old, but I LOVE everything I’ve ever made by Katie including this frappuccino! Katie, you’re always so creative and it’s awesome to be able to find healthy versions of not-so-healthy treats. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but here’s a tip from having worked at Starbucks- add a pinch of xanthan gum with the rest of the ingredients. That’s actually one of the ingredients in the base “goo” that holds the drink’s consistency together. If you don’t, or can’t use xanthan gum, guar gum would probably work too. Give it a try- I always use xanthan gum when I make fraps at home!

  174. Can’t wait to try this! I am addicted to frapucinnos! I linked this in my blog!

  175. Rebekka says:


    this looks great, I will try it. For thickness you can also add 1/2 teaspoon of Chia seeds.

  176. Elaine says:

    I make these…and add a 1/2 tsp cocoa…and greek yogurt…great job!!!

  177. Meagan says:

    I went to Starbucks yesterday for my summer drink season Mocha Coconut frappucino and it’s GONE. I cannot even begin to explain what a travesty this is. Have you ever had or made one? I’m curious about a lighter version but wouldn’t even know where to start. There are some online but the light versions don’t come across as very light after all.

    On a side note, I would just like to say that I LOVE your blog. I have not made a single thing that I disliked and that hasn’t been a hit, and I’ve made a lot of your recipes.

  178. Abby Bean says:

    I made my own this weekend and forgot to use decaf (the caf is for company); yikes! I really dislike Starbuck’s Frappucinos; they are cloyingly sweet in a most artificial way. But this looks perfect!

  179. Tosha says:

    This was delicious! I used 4-5 dates for the sugar and coconut milk. I am not a coffee drinker but I loved this drink. Nummm!

  180. Rose says:

    You could make coffee ice cubes to add to the mix when blending.

  181. Ashley p. says:

    I really, really love Starbucks coffee. Recently though, I have gone on a major diet. So far I have lost 20 pounds! The thing is, is that I can’t have many calories any more. The only two things I drink are milk and water because other drinks have unnecessary things in it that the body doesn’t need. This makes me extremely happy that there is a low calorie drink out there! By the way, I may not eat my own desserts anymore but my family does and they love them so I started a blog. Please look me up!

    1. I will be sure to check it out! :)

  182. frraaaa says:


  183. Chantey says:

    I’m so going to try this!!!! It looks great&seems easy :) thank you so much!

  184. Ann says:

    I tried to click on the link above that says it will take me to your Chocolate Pinterest Board, but its a dead end. Did it move? No longer exist?

  185. Jacki says:

    I made these over the weekend using two full tablespoons of a Kroger brand Natural zero calorie sweetener. They were so delicious! I will be making these more often! Thanks so much. How do we hear when your cookbook comes out?

    (sweetener found here:

    1. Thank you so much for trying them, Jacki :).
      The book won’t actually be out until late 2014… I will definitely post about it closer to the date.

  186. Key says:

    That looks so good! Amazing photo !

  187. tina wells says:

    I have turned mine into a protein shake by adding silken soft tofu. To get a really rich flavor I will sometimes use coconut cream instead of coconut milk and a tablespoon of cocoa powder then blend with ice. YUM!!

  188. Bree says:

    I do this too I make blended, iced and hot mocha’s, but i use super strong brewed coffee, or espresso, half and half, sweetener and sugar free , %50 less sugar or regular chocolate syrup and blend with ice. of course its better to cool the coffee but waiting is hard lol. For iced mocha’s though i prefer Ghirardelli cocoa powder, mix with hot coffee or espresso, sweetener, ice and half and half. For hot mocha omit the ice and top with whip cream. :) there’s my secrets!

  189. Looks like a great idea. I’d need to make it with almond milk, since I’m recently lactose intolerant.

  190. Rebecca says:

    Thankyou! Thank you! Thank you! Vegan and Diabetic. The Starbucks light frapaccino mix contains milk. So not only is it still high in sugar, it isn’t vegan. Missed my Fraps. Can’t wait to try your version! Thanks again!

  191. alloyjane says:

    You are positively the best. I don’t even like coffee or coffee drinks but I love how you offer such a reasonable alternative for folks who do. I may actually try to make this just for kicks.

    I’ve never had a frappawhatever in my life. The most exciting thing I’ve ever had is a chai soy latte. The starbucks one is terrible but the coffee bean one is ok.

  192. justme says:

    hi sounds good but is it 45 cal. with the cream on top – or without? i will try it .

  193. Mel says:

    Great recipe!

    I make a similar one and add a 1/2 tsp of Xantham Gum. It helps to keep the mixture uniform whilst thickening the mixture too.

    Keep the yummies coming!

  194. Oh my this is a great recipe. I actually tried it with my OG instant black coffee. This coffee has a smooth base because of the Ganoderma mushroom extract in the coffee. Plus it made it so simple to make. Thanks for sharing. I cannot wait to share with my coffee friends. from

  195. Susan Stair says:

    Thanks for a healthier recipe! I will have to try it. I love Starbucks coffee and I only think just the regular brewed coffee is too bitter. Unfortunately,it is too expensive but tastes better than gas station coffee! Blah!

  196. Indie says:

    I’m allergic to coffee so I just left it out and made these flavors

    Cotton candy with some raspberry syrup added
    Chocolate peanut butter with chocolate PB2
    Maple brown sugar with maple syrup, brown sugar, and a bit of sea salt
    Salted caramel with caramel syrup and sea salt
    Cinnamon toast crunch with cinnamon sugar.


  197. Courtney says:

    This sounds amazing, I’m thinking blending dates in there would be a sublime thickener for extra sweetness and creaminess, specially with almond milk :)

  198. Ric Carlson says:

    Sounds great. What would you suggest to add for a chocolate FRAP????

    1. Chocolate syrup? Barleans makes a chocolate raspberry omega swirl that is healthy to boot :).

  199. Sarah says:

    I made this today and I LOVE it! Possibly even better than Starbucks (did I really say that?). The best part is that it’s pretty much guilt free and I could have one just about every day. I added cocoa powder to mine and it overpowered the coffee flavor. Next time I’ll probably just add more coffee. 😉

  200. Caroline says:

    Hi Katie!
    I am SO EXCITED to try this recipe! I was wondering how long I should put it in the freezer for. Would it be ok to keep it in overnight and blend it in the morning?
    Thanks So Much!
    -Caroline M

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:


  201. Jessica says:

    It’s better to use stevia then sugar, simply because if one tsp=4G of sugar then 1Tbl = 12G and 3T’s for this drink makes it have 36G of sugar. And while it’s still half the sugar it’s the total recomended allowance.

    I hapen to think that the stevia is fine. I like to use raw sugar but as a prediabetic i gotta keep an eye on it. Live this blog katie! Cant wait to try this!

  202. Emmie says:

    This is such a great idea, but if you add about 1-2 Tbs. of chocolate milk powder and 1 cup of vanilla ice-cream it tastes soooooo amazing:)

  203. Kerri says:

    So what gives it the mocha taste?

  204. Aubrey M says:

    Aha! I’ve been trying to figure out coffee smoothies by combing ice and coffee in the blender…. never thought to just freeze the coffee mixture, then blend! Genius!!

  205. Olivia says:

    Being the impatient person that I am, I tried this recipe as an iced coffee (basically I just didn’t freeze the mixture and ground up the iced coffee) and it was DELISH. I altered the amounts a bit and used lactose free milk instead and its my current favorite. Thanks for this recipe!

  206. Jannah says:

    This was delish!! Better than Starbucks. Thanku!’

  207. Heather says:

    Is there a dairy free whipped cream recipe too?

  208. Denise says:

    Just curious if I had to dilute the instant coffee before adding it? I can’t wait to try this recipe and thank you for posting because I wasted so much money at Starbucks

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Do not dilute.

  209. Sandra Delozier says:

    When I make your healthy Starbucks Frappuccino, I’d rather use brewed coffee. I would use double strength coffee but don’t know how much I should use. Could you give me an idea how much you would use? Thank you in advance. Sandra D.

  210. Sandra Delozier says:

    And I love your FB site. It’s my very favorite.

  211. michelle says:

    hi katie!

    i followed the exact directions-waited actually 10 mins for it to thaw a little and it was so, so thick after putting it in my vitamix. we couldn’t drink it. i had to add more almond milk. did you have to do this too? unless i waited a half hour then i could see it loosening up on its own. just wanted to let the readers know this. it tastes great!!

  212. Hanna_EP says:

    I tried this recipe and it was so good, my mom even asked me to make one for her! I am making one for her tomorrow, I hope she will like it :)

  213. grglga says:

    I should point out that milk contains about 13 grams of sugar per cup. It is more natural than adding sugar and is healthier than Starbucks. The recipe looks good. I will have to try adding pectin, a frozen half of a banana works well also.

    Sometimes I use chocolate almond milk as a base but it has 17 grams of sugar. The Starbucks frappuccino’s get worse if you get the more exotic flavors such as the mocha or java chip etc. Just stick with the coffee frappa light for fewer calories and less sugar if you do get one.

    I have used Bolthouse farms cappuccino as a base and it does not take much liquid to make the drink as it gets very frothy. It has a mild coffee taste so I add 3/4 teaspoon of instant coffee. The sugar is high at 29 grams per up but you can make 5 glasses per 32 oz which lowers the sugar to 22 grams per glass. If you get the Protein Plus that has 24 grams per 8 oz and a glass usually takes 6.4 oz so it lower the sugar to around 20 grams.

    I bought small blender a few years ago. I just fill a glass 3/4 full with ice and add the liquid then blend it shaking a few times and the consistency is perfect. I never had trouble grinding the ice cubes.