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When food becomes Art

I have an affinity for arts and crafts. I also happen to love cake. Sometimes these two interests combine, and when they do, here is the result: Above, a cake I decorated for our new neighbors Happy Easter! A Jungle-themed party I threw Cupcakes for my mom’s class (she’s a Special Ed teacher) Red velvet […]

Nursery Rhyme Time

This little vegan went to market. This little omni stayed home. This little vegan had chocolate cake and a creme-filled cupcake. This little scavenger had none. This little vegan got 4 chocolate bars. And these little piggies got none. (Do you see a trend?)

New Start Veggie Garden

I’m hungry! What do you have for me to eat? Sorry, Henry. Nothing for you. My friend and I tried out a new vegetarian restaurant this past weekend, called New Start Veggie Garden. The small plate has noodles cooked in sesame oil, and the big plate has red bean soup with rice balls, tofu lasagna, […]

S’more Muffins/Cupcakes

S’more Muffins 2 c Graham crackers, crushed 2 t Baking powder 1 c milk of choice 1 tsp energ powder OR 1 tbsp flaxmeal 2 tbsp pure maple syrup or agave Chocolate chips Optional marshmallow fluff (Ricemellow Creme is vegan, as is Smuckers marshmallow ice cream topping) Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Grease 12 muffin […]

Ethiopian = Yum

Just had the most amazing vegan Ethiopian food! See all of this food? This is the Vegetarian Sample Platter. By the time I was done, it was ALL gone (including the rather large sourdough crepe– called “injera”– on which the food was served). I also ate some of the veggies on my dad’s plate. I […]

Easy Meals

What do you serve on those days when you’re soooo busy with everything else that there’s no time to even think about—let alone make—a gourmet meal? The following are two recipes I know I can count on; they’re both easy, quick to make, and taste delicious. (Of course, stir fries and pasta marinara are two […]

Finally, my meme

I’ve loved learning more about some of the other bloggers out there, so now it’s my turn to share about me by listing a character trait for each letter of my first name– Katie. K is for kind. As a vegan, I guess this one is a given. In my life, I’ve rescued and nursed […]

I am the QUEEN of cake

And life in the Kingdom is gooooood! Our first Royal Subjects are Mr. and Mrs. Coconut Cake, a.k.a. my snack from a few days ago. They hail from a local vegetarian restaurant. Let’s meet our other Subjects, shall we? Today’s snack– Mr. and Mrs. Chocolate-Hazelnut cake, who hail from the same county as The Coconuts. […]